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Current NO EXCUSES! RAAGHAAHAHARPIOUBGPIAE *Rages in over the top fashion*
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12 hrs ago
Constant cycle of taking on more and more 1x1 partners leads to entire days with only one or two PMs. PLEASE I MUST HAVE MOAR!
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3 days ago
...Otaku Hang in there, the awkwardness will fade in a few decades
4 days ago
To all my partners, I probably won't be posting until Sunday. Going to an all nighter tonight and will probably spend most of Saturday sleeping
5 days ago
Got my first Tattoo! Quetzalcoatl on my wrist!


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Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy your stay. There's lots to do around here, especially with regards to worldbuilding (Also a hobby of mine). Originality is the spice of life in my opinion, and I'm sure you have tons of it!

I have space available! Just please shoot me a PM! I prefer not to clog with thread up with discussion and plotting.
In The Room 24 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Xan sits idly at the table, humming softly to herself. After some time she gets up, hugs both women and goes to her room to take a long nap.

Jilial is a whole different story. Her soul is crushed, complete hopelessness fills her soul. She lays on the couch, not caring for herself or anything around her. Should someone try to move her, help her, or do something to her, she doesn't react, as if she's in a catatonic state. Left like this she will waste away and die of thirst or starvation.

@Aristocles PM me the details please! We'll see from there!

@sleepingsilence Thanks for your help! But again I don't think that's it! Thank you for at least trying and I hope I get my answer as well!
It's not World of Tanks, I'm sure of that. In the title of this thread here it says "All of the WoT", but I have no idea what that means. I'm just wondering as I see it on 1x1 titles from time to time.

What the blazes does "All the WoT" stand for!?
A tall man in a mask steps into vision. He's wearing converse high tops, pale blue jeans and a letter jacket over his bright teal t-shirt. On his head is a rooster mask, in his wrapped hands is a baseball bat, both bat, hands and shoes are covered in fresh blood. The man pulls a tape recorder from his pocket and presses the play button. "Hello." says a soft female voice. "Do you know what time it is?" the voice asks
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