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@feyblue. I'm more frustrated by promises of fast replies that come much much later than expected. (I.E, saying a person can post twice a week and I only get one post ever 10 days or so)
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Work's coming to an end for a while, so I'm gonna be free/bored while I look for a job again, anyone got any good Casual fantasy RP's goin' on? Lookin' to join somthin' more


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In The Room 4 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Jilail stares at Horus's body as fresh tears roll her scaled cheeks to sizzle in the grass. She moves towards him weakly, ruined hands dragging useless over the ground as most of the propulsion comes from wriggling almost like a snake.*

In The Room 6 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Xan nods, but doesn't hold back her questions, for she is now insanely curious. She stands up and shuffles her feet awkwardly for a moment before looking at Zeta*
Xan: He tried to kill you... but he be your friend? How be that? Friends do not kill each other...
*She sighs sadly*
Xan: I think him bad... your enemy.. but he save my life, I am confused Zeta...
In The Room 8 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Xan tentatively follows after Beatrix, also wanting to talk to Zeta and tell her the man who nearly killed her is dead. She pauses when she sees the group hug and is rather confused. She backs away a bit into the corner and sits down patiently, not wanting to intrude on whatever is going on, but still wanting to talk with Zeta*

*Mergoux pulls herself up into a sitting position and groans. She looks around at the devastation and sighs then goes to bar *
In The Room 9 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Xan backs away when her hand is shaken off, not wanting to invade Beatrix's space, but still wanting to show comfort. She looks around, shuffling her feet again as she tries to find something to help, then remembers Eustace and Zeta. She is about to run off to find them when Beatrix asks her a question. Xan turns and is taken aback by the cold fury in Beatrix's eyes. She's only seen on gaze like that before, from the hazel eyes of a Half-Elven warrior.*
Xan: I- Man, but not man. His face... split apart... Looked like mech-can-ee-kal bits inside instead of bone and brain. Your friend tackled him through the wall, then I hear big boom and now... I think he dead. I think your friend make him go boom and... he take your friend with him when he crossed the wall... I be sorry... he be brave man, but gone now...
*She looks over at the remains of Vaseraga and cringes at the mess of gore.*
Xan: If he not dead, then he badhurt. Sasha stab, I bite. He badhurt.
*She gives a physical description of Gordon, just in case her intuition about him blowing up is wrong.*
In The Room 14 hrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Xan opens her eyes and cautiously removes her hands from covering her ears. She peers around, blinking dust from her eyes as it settles from when Vaseraga smashed though a wall.*
Xan: All be good now? No more- Oh...
*She spots Beatrix, and judging by the shaking shoulders she thinks her to be weeping.*
Xan: No...
*She gets up and walks to the hole in the wall, then sees remains of Vaseraga*
Xan:...I cannot be helping that...
*She turns to Beatrix and shuffles her feet awkwardly, not knowing entirely what to do. After several seconds of deliberation she crouches down next to Beatrix and puts a hand on her shoulder*
Xan: He be brave. He be saving many lives this day. He be your friend?

*Jilial weakly takes the canteen offered and drinks from it greedily, gulping down the water quickly. She coughs and chokes a little but looks better for it*
Jilial: T-thank you... Must.. Must get Horus...
*She begins to try and claw her way forwards after dropping the canteen, now stained with blood, on the ground carelessly. It's clear her mindset is singularly directed as she wriggles her way towards the door.*
In The Room 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Mergoux staggers and falls back from the shockwave. She grunts as she lands hard on her butt and makes sure her helm hasn't slipped. She watches the chaos with mild horror, not having seen tech like this before, or indeed a real explosion like this.*
*After several moments she gets to her feet and staggers towards the chaos, trying to see if maybe there's something she can do.*

*Xan screams at the explosion, more out of fear and panic than actual hurt, though her arm still burns immensely. She huddles and transforms back into human form, trying to make herself as small a target as possible*
Xan: No! Loud!

@Overlord ThrakaSorry, man, was out for the weekend, will get right to it.

No worries bud! We all get busy! Just trying to keep the topic up and going while our GM is out for a few days (According to his status)
While the GM is away! The characters will play! @tybalt Capulet waitin' on you bud! Mira's got Gharn practically eating out of her palm! All you gotta do is make her ask!
In The Room 1 day ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
*Xan screams in agony as the laser passes over her arm. The air fills with the stench of burnt flesh and fur as a nasty burn eats into her arm*
*She scrambles away from the huge man tackling the robot through a wall and ends up near Sasha. She's holding her arm and breathing heavily, her eyes wide with shock and panic.*

*Mergoux is roused by the wall smashing and wakes up disorientated. She stares at the giant and robot fighting to the death not 30 feet away from her and groans.*
Mergoux: I'm too old for this s*#&...
*She struggles to her feet, leaning heavily on the wall and backs away, knowing in her current state of health she'd be near useless, not to mention she has no idea who's side to take.*

*Jilial doesn't seem to acknowledge Elewynn, and just keeps trying to move towards the door, weakly clawing at the grass in an attempt to drag herself along. Every pass her hand makes over the ground leaves a trail of smeared blood*
Jilial: Horus.... Horus....
*Her voice is barely above a whisper and croaks feebly, utterly gone and spent.*
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