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5 days ago
Current Sorry my dudes but I might have to go on a short hiatus. Burnout beginning to take hold and I need to cut it off before it becomes too severe
6 days ago
@Tex. I'm not saying it does, I just want some more action-based Fantasy or Medieval films that don't suck! Like King Arthur with Clive Owen. Not a great film, but I like it. More like that please!!
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6 days ago
Honestly the last one I'd describe as 'good' for what kind of genre I'm talking about is probably the Hobbit. I'm not talking family friendly whimsy, I'm talking blood and grit and swords and steel.
6 days ago
@Jurassic Weeb: Yeah that'd be dope, but I'm talking more just... Like Lord of the Rings, or Gladiator, or just some more medieval/fantasy pieces. Like I adore Vikings, we need more films like that
6 days ago
We need more GOOD medieval and fantasy films in the world...


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