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Do you like Pokemon? Do you like Ryan Reynolds? Would you like to see Ryan Reynolds BECOME Pikachu!? WELL NOW YOU CAN!
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Why is it whenever I get the random urge to clean, it's in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep and I have to be ultra quiet?
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Replies will come in time my friends, I promise. But I've kept someone waiting a long time for one, and I need to get to her first.
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As much as I love Marvel, I'm kinda sick of the over-saturation of Superhero films. I want the return of Westerns or Medieval action films!
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As Mergoux walked down the overgrown, winding trail that could pass for the road into town, she felt her heart go out to the people here. Starving, dying, with little hope for survival. She just hoped she could help a few of them at least. She was dressed in half-armor of older times. Greaves, bracers, a chestplate and pauldrons. Her spiked helmet was tucked away in her bag, but she openly wore her weapons. Two odd looking daggers, with blades about a foot long and handles that had knuckle-dusters built into them, along with her enormous two-handed claymore she wore strapped to her back.

She carried no gunpowder, no firearms of any kind. She dismissed such weapons as powerful, lethal, but entirely beneath her. She didn't like using them, they were too quick. Slung also over her back was her bag, another relic of ancient times, it was massive, and obviously packed to overflowing, but yet it's weight seemed not to burden her in the slightest, indeed that was it's gift, to carry much, but never grow heavy. It was here that were packed the entirety of her crop for the year, everything she could have gathered in the time needed and a great deal more purchased. Fruit, bread, vegetables, roots, berries and a few chickens, part for her, part to share. She had enough supplies to hold herself over for months, were at least they not to spoil. As it was, on her long trip most of the food had only two weeks before it was rendered barely edible. Still, she could trade most of it here, and be on her way.

Her heavily decorated ears jingled softly as she walked, attracting the attention of several former farmers turned murderers and thieves. "Look Grindle!" whispered one to his companion, pointing to the Half-Elf's ears as she walked by. "Her ears!" he whispered, all to unaware of the fact that Elven ears were more than just cosmetic, Mergoux heard every word they were saying. "Slice 'em an' sell 'em" muttered the other, and together, along with three others they climbed from the filthy pile of rags and broken boxes nailed together to make a crude shelter.

Mergoux stopped in her tracks and turned, surprising the men, all of which quickly drew their weapons, which varied from a short sword to a kitchen knife less than five inches long. "Hungry?" asked Mergoux, her hard gaze conflicting what came next. Reaching into her bag she pulled forth a large loaf of bread and several apples. "Take it and leave me alone." she said firmly, her hazel gaze scanning over her would-be attackers.

That however, appeared to be the wrong move as it only encouraged them further. "She's got food!" shouted one, rushing at her with his little kitchen knife. Mergoux quickly stowed the food as he crossed the distance, then side-swiped his clumsy knife attack. "Not for you!" she said coldly, ramming one elbow into the back of his skull, dropping him like a sack of potatoes.

This encouraged the others to strike, seeing their comrade downed, and they closed in around her. Mergoux sighed, shrugged her pack off her shoulders, and drew forth her twin daggers. "One chance. Leave, or die." she said, her soft voice void of any ounce of sympathy. While this made one man hesitate, the others rushed her as one, forgoing the ancient cliche of only attacking one at a time, not that it did them any good.

Mergoux was a professional, and these men were not. She didn't brace for their charge, but instead met it with a ferocity that made the hesitant man flee for his own life as he saw his comrades lose theirs. Mergoux parried she shortsword with one blade, a large knife with the other, then lashed out a kick at the man in the middle, sending him sprawling to the ground with a cracked rib or two. From there she slid her dagger down onto the knife man's hand and he screamed as he lost several fingers. Collapsing to the ground to cradle his hand allowed Mergoux to focus her entire attention on the man with the short sword. Just in time too, for he'd been attempting another slow, clumsy, sweeping blow. Again it was blocked with ease by a single dagger's blade. Mergoux took a single step forwards, into the man's swing as she stabbed out with her other blade. The man's expression of pain lingered as he fell back, blood spurting from the stab wound that had penetrated his throat.

By this point, the man who'd been kicked was back to his feet, as was the man now short a few digits. The one clutching his ribs turned to flee, but Mergoux wasn't having that. He wasn't going to hurt any one else. She flipped one of the heavy daggers so that the blade rested in the palm of her hand, then hurled it end over end so that it buried in the man's back. He fell to the ground, screaming in agony, mortally wounded, but still a good long bleed-out from death.

The final man started at the Half-Elf who'd just butchered two of his friends, and a stain slowly spread on the front of his trousers. Never-the-less he picked up his knife with his good hand, and screamed at the top of his lungs. "DIE BITCH!" As he charged forwards, the Warrior's second dagger fell to the ground and two strong hands wrapped around her greatsword. The special sheath she carried allowed her not only to draw it when it was slung over her back, but with it hung like this she could being it over her shoulder and down in a massive overhead swing while she drew it, and that's what she did. There were several soft clicks as the snaps holding the weapon in place opened and a great woosh as the blade cut first through the air, then into her foe. There was the grisly sound of metal rending through flesh and bone, along with a great spurt of blood as the headless corpse crumpled to the ground.

Calmly, Mergoux walked over to the unconscious man and wiped her greatsword on his back, sheathing it once more as the magnets went back into place, keeping the steel firmly secured to her back. The next moments were spent recovering her daggers and giving them the same treatment, after of course she slit the man's throat. Her daggers clicked back into place in their respective sheaths on either side of her hips, and she walked on, her grumpy demeanor having worsened. This town was worse than she'd thought... she'd come to help, but if that's the reaction she got... perhaps it would be better to burn it down and start anew.

Regardless, she had a mission to attend, and so she marched on, searching for the Recruiter, or any other who looked out of place in this dreary town.
Hello there! My name is Overlord Thraka but you can just call me OT for short!

I'm a 21 year old guy from NY (Not the city, shut up.) I like long walks on the bea- Wait, wrong site. Basically I'm a high-casual/advanced writer who enjoys dark themes, adult orientated RPs with plenty of grisly violence, harsh language and other adulty-type things, but I like it to feel real. I don't want some uber-angst RP, I want a world to feel real, characters to feel real with the way they talk and act. I usually post between 2-5 paragraphs depending on what's required, and I'm open to MxF and Fxf, I can play male and female characters and encourage doubling when the time is right! Finally I tend to post at least once every three days. Usually I post daily, but I give myself time if I'm having an off day or just to exhausted to post for you that day.

Now onto the good stuff!

Quite simply put I've been craving this RP for quite some time and while it is in my standard interest check, I think perhaps it's in need of it's own as well. So simply put here goes!

Your character is a person from a pretty standard fantasy world. Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and Goblins. Basically take your standard DnD world and make two slight changes, in that Magick users are incredibly rare and insanely powerful, while simple magick items are incredibly common. The second change is that there are no Wereanimals of any kind. No Werewolves, Werebears, WereTigers, any of that jazz. That's about all that makes that world special. Now here's where it gets interesting!

Your character sets sail with a group of explorers setting out to cross the vast expanse of the Endless Ocean, determined to find something on the other side or die trying. Your motivation for joining this quest could be any number of things! Perhaps you're a criminal and you feel that this is the best chance you've got of evading the law. Perhaps you're a thrill-seeker or explorer in search of new lands. Or perhaps you're just a hired grunt who just got paid a lot of money.

Time passes and your ship sails and sails and sails, with no land in sight. The crew grows restless, wanting to turn back before the supplies are half-way gone. But in an act of trickery, the captain and a few loyal men dump just enough supplies overboard in the middle of the night that you would never make it back to port alive. Despite this, the crew now knows that they have no choice but to speed on, and so you and the rest of the ship's occupants, that being soldiers, sailors, farmers and settlers, explorers and the odd mercenary are now destined for greatness

Finally in the distance a new land it spotted, great mountains rising above dense jungles, strange animal and plantlife the likes of which you've never seen! What a land to explore! But most oddly it seems unpopulated... So you make camp for the night, burning fires of the junglewood, you laugh and cheer and make merry with your fellow travelers, knowing that while you were not the first to set sail, you had to have been the first to land.

However as your party goes on, a little sneak thief makes their way around the edge of the camp, stealing food and trinkets with deft precision, this is Xan, the first local. When she's spotted, she's caught and is in the process of being beaten when foes come forth in great number. You see Xan only wanted to eat, or to steal. These new monsters want your blood. All around you the camp is swarmed with gigantic beasts that seem a cross between man and animal. They fall upon you with blood-lust and glee, killing indiscriminately and capturing where possible.

You manage to escape the carnage, fleeing while the screams of your comrades echo through the night, only to find Xan doing the exact same, for these new monsters are no friends of hers. Circumstance forces you to work together and the adventure starts from there.

Ideally this would be you attempting to escape and evade the monsters who slew the rest of your crew, while learning about this new world and perhaps making an attempt to escape, sail back and warn others not to go, or else to go in extreme force. Xan wants to leave her homeland and so decides to aid you. Perhaps you two slowly fall for each other, or perhaps you just remain friends. I can introduce additional characters as well, and you're certainly allowed to too! Your character may think yours is the first ship to wash up upon these shores... but they're very wrong...

So there's my rough pitch, please feel free to like and sub- No, wait, wrong site again.

Just say if ya want to RP with me via PMs, by shooting me a PM! I'm also interested to hear any variations you might have on this idea! I'm open to any ideas big or small!

I look forwards to your responses! OT!
Great story, SpeedLimit, looks like we have three partners, and room for two more.

<Snipped quote by Overlord Thraka>

The world did not uniformly enter the steam age all at once: like all technology, steam-powered tech started at one point and it spread out from there. Maybe wherever Mergoux came from only recently got the technology, within the 30-year time frame.

Gotcha. I'll make edits when I'm not emotionally and physically exhausted (I.E probably sometime tomorrow.)
I disagree respectfully, because I suggested this type of character sheet with the express goal of giving you all a chance to help build the world/lore before the RP started properly. So if that's your reservation, I say banish it: but if you simply prefer a standard character sheet, then far be it from me to tell you otherwise.


In that case I might make a few quick little edits to mine... Maybe. One of the bigger things with Mergoux is she's supposed to have been active before the industrial steampunk revolution, and retired partially because of the drastic change effecting the world. She's got age and experience on her side, but hasn't fully embraced a lot of the new tech. How long ago are we saying the Steampunk revolution started? Is 30 or so years ago workable or does it need to be earlier?
Alright here goes nothing! Let me know if this upsets any of your stuff worldwise and I'll edit it.

Ah Revenge, a tale as old as time. The Classic Story of the wronged taking vengeance upon those who wronged them. How justice often prevailed, and failing that violence succeeded. A story told by a wayward traveler in return for a drink, a night's amusement, little more than a folkstory. Oh how he had been proven wrong.

The man had told a tale of a child, enslaved by a Bandit King. Such a fanciful tale could never have rung true, except for the fact that such a King had existed... but he'd died nearly fifty years prior. Few humans outside his area of control had known him, and most of them were now dead, but the Old Man, he remembered. He remembered well.

The Recruiter felt himself drawn into the story, fascinated not by the way the story was told, or how some elements were surely exaggerated, but he could tell there was a layer of truth in them. Looking over at the wanted board, he felt his gaze rest across an old faded poster from times past, when he was little more than a young man. Thirty thousand... Quite a sum, reserved only for those who'd stolen great sums or killed important people. If memory served this person had done both, but surely they were dead by now? After all, fifty years had passed since the Bandit King's death, and she had not been seen in the last twenty or so... Still, his interest was piqued and the next morning he set out, thanking the old man slumped at the bar one last time with a small bag of coin.

The next month was spent interviewing locals who'd seen her in action years before, finding out everything he could about the mysterious killer they called The Butcher. A person wanted by law in multiple Kingdoms. Every villager her interviewed gave the same story, a woman in armor, brutality, violence and murder, but the stories differed often from the official Kingdom's wanted posters in some regard. Every villager spoke of the woman's bravery, and how she fought to protect them

Indeed one night, interviewing an old maid to a young Lord, he heard the most promising tale yet. She told him of her time as a young maid, and how abusive the Lord's Grandfather had been, not just to her, but to everyone outside the High Rank of Lord, Duke or Royalty. How he taxed the town dry, comparing him to a Sheriff in a folktale of a Green Cloaked Archer. But unlike that story, the ending she told was more grisly. She told how the Warrior showed up one day, and demanded to see the Lord. How she had demanded he repent of his crimes, return the money stolen and beg for forgiveness from the girls he'd taken by force. In response the Lord had merely laughed, but the laugh did not last, for the woman had shot him then and there, standing not sixty paces from him. The Crossbow bolt pierced his throat and he'd fallen, and by the time the screaming crowd had been dispersed by the Guards, the woman was gone.

"Bit of a Local Legend she is!" the old woman had said in her croaking voice. "But a right hero if'n y'ask me!"

That had sent him out, while before he had looked out of passing interest, now he knew he had to meet this woman. If nothing else she could offer sage advice in her old age.

Weeks passed and no clues, until one day a letter was sent by mail to his home. Upon opening it, he felt his hands shake with excitement, it was a letter claiming to be from the Butcher herself, a destination and meeting place, a week's ride, a command to come alone or face punishment. All thoughts of self preservation aside, he'd set off later that same day, arriving several hours early to a tiny farm in the middle of nowhere.

As confused as he was, he knew that this place was a good spot to be hiding in, and as he rode up he spotted a young woman working a patch of tomatoes. She was bent over the garden bed, trowel in one hand, a large straw had shading her face, and when he rode up to her she didn't even look up at him. "Excuse me miss" he'd asked, presuming she was the daughter or granddaughter to the woman he sought, as this one could be no older than thirty. "I'm here to see one woman identifying herself as Mergoux the Butcher? Is this the right place?"

The reply he got had been silence, the woman merely standing up and rolling her shoulders before looking at him. The gaze that fell upon him made him rethink his eagerness to meet this woman, for if this was her offspring, then what must the Elder be like? The woman before him was large, not in an obese way, but in that of the Nordic folk, easily topping six feet and built strong. Her sleeveless jerkin allowing him to see the intricate tattoos that flowed from her wrists all the way up her arms to vanish under her clothing. Shackles on her wrists, chains wrapping up her forearms until they broke away at the elbow, replaced by vines. Interwoven in the vines were 8 coins on her right shoulder, and a flower with 8 petals on her left. Her long black hair hung limp around her face, a stony glare sent his way from hazel eyes, under the left of which a terrible scare marked her cheek from eyesocket to chin.

He swallowed audibly, then his jaw fell open as she took off her hat and two long, Elven ears shot skyward, pierced so heavily that it was a wonder they didn't droop from the weight of the studs and rings in them. "You found me." said the long-lived Half-Elf "Now what do you want?"

Several hours later, they were both sitting in the shade of the modest house that lay in the center of all the plantlife cultivated over the past twenty years. The Recruiter was astounded, seeing the woman not only alive, but still so young and fit. Why had she retired? Questions he asked begot little to no answer, but questions she asked begot all he could tell her.

"You want me to explore some Island?" she had asked, to which he had explained further about the Isle itself, going on about how much Juun was apparently there, how those who managed to come away with a large chunk of it would be set for life, and there was so much there that a large chunk would only take a few months to gather, if that.

Mergoux at first seemed uninterested, not exactly happy with her life, but having been content to give up the violence of her past for a peaceful life. It was only when he mentioned the vanished prospectors, how no-one had ever returned that her hazel eyes lit up with interest. Men being lead to their deaths... Something preying on those who might be greedy, but among those there were still those who just wanted to provide for their family. Innocents being presumably killed. Perhaps it was time she came out of retirement...

Eventually they parted ways, him on his horse and her heading out to the field with a shovel. She had a past to unbury before she met him and the others at the port where they would set sail to find this mysterious isle and kill whatever may be on it.

The Recruiter had found his second "Partner" the strange half-breed, warrior from a bygone era, Mergoux the Butcher.
Is it too late to profess interest?
Bump. If you've got plot ideas suggest 'em. Looking to branch out a bit.
Gonna go ahead and give this a bump again. Looking for a new partner or two to play this with!
Drat... back to the drawing board again. Thank you though.
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