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9 days ago
Current I went to Writer's Sanctum, which caters to more 18+ RP to the point where it doesn't allow for minors, but it's not a forum of pure 18+ content by a long shot.
9 days ago
I get that feeling Ambra. I actually branched out to another RP site because I was getting so little interest in anything I posted, and most of what I saw didn't interest me.
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10 days ago
Lumber is probably part of it, but even so labor costs and everything involved seems like it'd be hella hellaaa pricy, and I make less than 30k a year, so something like a 90K addition ain't doable
10 days ago
Yeah home additions. Looking to expand my gameroom/hobby space but looking like even a smaller add-on would be insanely expensive.
10 days ago
A kind offer friend, but I'm still likely years away from even being able to afford 30k. I was mostly just scouting to see what prices even were.


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Hello! I am Overlord Tenebrous or OT if you like.

I'm 25, and have been writing since my late teens. I started out just doing a silly joke on a wargaming forum, that eventually developed into a full-blown RP with plotlines and character arcs, that eventually petered out as things went on.
Since then I've moved on in my writing skill and theme, becoming more in-depth in my style and flow, further recreating a format much akin to a proper book as opposed to what I was doing before. I've always written Fantasy, and will always continue to do so. Sci-Fi generally doesn't interest me, Historical is too narrow in scope and Slice-of-Life makes me want to end my own, so Fantasy it is. I typically write in a setting of my own, but for multiple reasons I've chosen to abandon that largely for this site, so I'm open to a little more free-form type stuff.

My writing schedule is by my own admission, inconsistent, varying on how interested I am or how tired/energetic I am. Often in the beginnings of an RP I can post rapid-fire back and forth, whereas for RPs that have been going on longer I might reduce to a few times a week. I refuse to make any promises or oaths to hold myself by, but usually I'll do 1+ a week.

My style is multiple paragraphs, third-person, formatted like your average novel. This is the only style I prefer to RP with as well, so if you're more short-form then I'm sorry, I"m not the partner for you. I'll write between 400-2500 words a post, depending on what's going on in the story.

I LOVE doubling/adding on additional characters, allowing us to put aside our starting characters for a time as needed, giving us brief changes of pace and tone as needed, It keeps things fresh I find. Rarely can do an RP where I only play one major character for the whole bit. I have to switch it up a little now and then or else I'll start to get bored.

Gore and violence: Bring it. Ain't seen nothing yet than can make my stomach go all a quiver. I'd like to see you try and crack me.

Onto the sexy stuff: The RP I have in mind for this WILL involve sex, however it will largely involve that later on as opposed near the beginning. You'll see what I mean below, but in short this RP idea will contain sex, and quite a bit of it if I have my way. As for my tastes, I'm mostly vanilla, mostly, but would prefer to discuss specifics via PM.

Finally, onto the plot. Here goes. This is what I want to write at the moment:

Your character is some form of monster hunter. They could be a wandering knight sent by a noble order to slay beasts, they could be a king's ranger sent after receiving pleading letters from a township, or you could even be some manner of mercenary hired on by the villagers to stop the beast. What you know is this: In a village tucked away from most everything else, a lumber town bordering a great and dark forest, you have found work. There is a beast out there, slaying any man it can get its paws on. These men are found torn apart, ravaged by claw and tooth and most mysteriously, blade.

What manner of beast is this you cannot discern from the villagers, and so alone you venture into the forest, ready to face this terrible creature, only to find when you come across it, that it is no wicked mindless beast as so you had thought, but a Werebeast, a shape-shifting species of near humans, rare but far from unheard of. She is a werecheetah, Jirah is her name, and the villagers have not been wholly honest as to why this beastwoman is attacking them...

From there it is up to you to hear out both sides, and to decide if you will aide the lone Werecheetah, or the deceitful villagers.

This is meant to be a preliminary arc in a longer-form RP, however it could itself just fit neatly into its own story. As for what might come further, I have no clue, never got that far, so if you have suggestions for what could happen further I'm more than open to hear them, but this would be the definitive first arc to the RP.

For those interested, please PM ME. Do not reply to the thread, I will not see it and I will not reply. If you like also I do have discord strictly for OOC talk, but I will only give that out to those approaching me via PM. Thank you, and have a good day friends.
Well, this is dead. I'm out.
That definitely sounds like a seizure to me. I'd seek medical diagnosis for sure, and no worries about the starting date being pushed back.
Jeez this is getting uh... large.
@Katakuri awesome height chart! But I've got a full body of Mergoux if you like. Here.

<Snipped quote by Overlord Thraka>

Sorry, missed we already had a Death floating around. He's a psychopomp, so really there are several different guides doing the job, like Ketrak, Moddey Dhoo, Mallt-y-nos, and Muut. So I'll rename mine to Grim, but the Grim Reaper's been around for a lot longer than Terry Pratchett's been doing Discworld novels. I do like the way Terry's aspect of Death talks, but I can edit mine to set Him further apart.

No apologies needed. The point I was trying to make is I think it'd be cool/necessary to have multiple pantheons and somehow they're all real, sort of like the Riordanverse or Indiana Jones. Your death and my death can operate at the same time without issue. I also wasn't trying to be accusatory of you taking from Pratchett, just wondered if it was in part an homage?

Ooooh thanks @MagusDream. Idk if I'll use them long-term, but I'll make an effort to start off with it.

@Expendable I was discussing this with Tortoise in a PM haha. Cause Mergoux is a servant to Death as well, albeit a much different form of her. Sort of like your Death, she's not likely to do much other than maybe pass on a message or two or something, but just for kicks here's her quickie CS just for kicks. BTW, is your death based on Sir Terry Pratchett's death at all?

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