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@Tex. No. No you are not.
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Really craving a New World RP! Please PM if interested!
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Still looking for partners!
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Well hello there! Thanks fer stoppin' by! My name's Overlord Thraka, but you can call me Overlord or OT. I've been RPin' fer about 3 years now, ever since I joined a random forum game on, but that's not important right now.

What IS important is a proposal I got fer ya. A proposal for an RP I have been cravin' t'do fer ages! See, I've always been a mighty big fan of The Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel book series by Micheal Scott. It gave me most of my RP characters in th' early times, and even still a few t'day.

But here's th' thing, when I first started incorperatin' his stuff into my RP life, it was pretty much Fandom type crap, but that was a loooong time ago m'friend. Since then I've adapted it, branched it out, expanded it and added in a few of my own little touches. So while now the basic concept, and a few of the details might be straight up borrowed from th' man, th' end result is something pretty different and fairly original if I do say so m'self.

So here's th' pitch. You play as an everyday human bein' just yer average, run o' th' mill guy or gal. They live an ordinary life, but then somethin' comes along that changes all that. They end up bein' dragged, perhaps by force, into the world of Magick, fer y'see, history ain't exactly how we tell it. 10,000 years ago, sure humans were bangin' rocks together, but they wasn't the only life forms on this rock. 10,000 years ago, there were the Elders. Ancient beings of great power, that ruled from the city of Danu Talis, what's now recalled as Atlantis. But 10,000 years ago, their empire fell to infightin' and corruption, and the humans picked up the pieces and rebuilt civilization.

There are Elders still today who want to rule again, and then there are those who recognize their time on this here planet is done, an' so they try and protect the everyday humans from the Dark Elders, who want all you suckers dead. This is the basic premise of both the Novels and the RP. You will play your everyday character, who's found to have powers they knew not. Along the way you'll encounter many Immortal humans, for the Elders don't stoop t'doin' their own dirty work, so they take humans of exceptionalness and make 'em their Immortal servants.

I say you will play alongside my starting character, who can either be an Immortal of some kind, or we can start the RP off like another one of my interest checks from the same universe, The Goddess In the Locket. (

Fer context on Immortals, they're generally semi-famous historical people, who when they 'died', actually faked their deaths and went underground, workin' fer their Elder Masters. Examples might be Attila the Hun, Danial Boone, William Wallace, ETC.

It's up t'you to uncover the many conspiracies made by th' Elders on both sides, th' Immortals who serve them, and whatever else you may discover along the way. You will discover ancient artifacts, make new friends and enemies, fight monsters, demons and Gods of Old, and hopefully you th' player will have fun doin' so!


Okay, description aside, here's what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a partner who can write 2+ preferably longer posts with good detail. A partner who can come up with a plot with me, who can take a lead despite this being a setting I'm more familiar with. Someone who's not going to let me do all the planning, plotting and every little detail, but someone who will contribute just as much in ideas as I am.

This is an Urban Fantasy RP, but there's not going to be tons of modern military stuff. The Immortals like to work from the shadows, lest the world find out about them and kill them, so that's where the conspiracy stuff comes in. Things like various deaths in history not quite happening how you think. Things like Billy the Kid not being shot dead by Pat Garret, but instead faking his death with him, allowing Pat to claim he'd shot Billy dead when in fact Billy had slipped away to quietly assume another identity.

Immortals slipping in and out of history, manipulating behind the scenes, working undercover. Not spies exactly, but more almost an Illuminati type situation to some extent.

I'm looking for a partner who can upkeep that kind if ideal.

Also a few RULES before you PM me.
1: 18+ only please. This will likely have scenes not appropriate for children, aside from violent ones.
2: If you're going to suggest Immortals, please be a little... sensitive about it to some extent. I wouldn't appreciate it if you said Martin Luther King Jr was one, or other more recent, tragic deaths of people like him. Others, such as Elvis though, go for it. I think that could be a bit of a laugh if the myth that Elvis isn't dead was in fact true in our RP!
3: I'm not about to just accept anyone who PM's me saying "I'm interested!" No no no, you put some EFFORT into your introduction. Say hi, explain a little about yourself, your posting habits, what you want to get out of this RP, what you look to DO in the RP, what you'll bring to the table and any ideas you have off the bat. Do that, and even if I don't like your ideas, or whatever else may have you, I'll still be much more inclined to say yes than I would to someone who just said "Hey I'm interested"

WITH ALL THAT SAID, I await your responses. Thank you for reading my rambly, overly long introductory post and I look forwards to the world we build together.
@pyroman Please PM me!
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