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Current Agreed. I saw the first episode and was kinda meh, then I saw it had a super popular fanbase on twitter develop basically overnight so I gave it another chance. Quality show!
3 mos ago
Dude fuck Leo Dan Brock
3 mos ago
Warhammer Total War 3 is lots of fun, but goddamn the Realm of Chaos campaign mechanics... Well after the first time they lose their appeal... I can't wait for Immortal Empires!
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4 mos ago
If my life was a movie the viewers would have dozed off by now.
10 mos ago
We JUST had someone in my work come down with COVID despite being vaccinated. Delta probably.


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Bumping. Looking for this or something similarly smutty to kill time
Bumping this again. Although if you've got other pitches I'm down to hear them atm.
Another bump methinks.
I... this is probably a mistake, but mark me down as potentially interested depending on character restrictions and magick
Gonna give this a bump and see what becomes of it.
Bumping this again.
The fact that they claim to be an Evangelical Christian Church disgusts me. This is not a Godly church, this is a cult pure and simple. Same as Westboro Baptist.

@Smike@Stern Algorithm@Letter Bee@Aqutanama@Rune_Alchemist@Zoey White@Landaus Five-One@Solaris@jdh97@MagusDream:

And that's me done. Sorry, but this RP just got too big for me. I prefer my nice, small, 1x1s or 3-4 person group RPs. You all have fun though! I'm off to try and write a novel... Yeah that'll take a bit. Thanks for the fun whilst it lasted though!
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