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Current I am drunk for the first time in my life and I am having the best time.
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Posts will be slower for a bit. Just tired after a huge day out.
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Went yardsaling. Got about $200 worth of mostly-complete Bionicle sets for $60
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Just finshed watching all three How to Train your Dragon movies. Is it bad that now I really want to play Monster Hunter World?
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Why is it I feel my most lonely while out with friends?


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Bumping this again.
The fact that they claim to be an Evangelical Christian Church disgusts me. This is not a Godly church, this is a cult pure and simple. Same as Westboro Baptist.

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And that's me done. Sorry, but this RP just got too big for me. I prefer my nice, small, 1x1s or 3-4 person group RPs. You all have fun though! I'm off to try and write a novel... Yeah that'll take a bit. Thanks for the fun whilst it lasted though!
Mergoux glared down at the girl, then turned on the Mercs. "Leave her be." she said.

And with that, the Warrior walked away, vanishing into the crowds, ne'er to be seen again.
@Landaus Five-One @Letter Bee @Zoey White

I MESSED UP. I'M SORRY. I GOTTA RE-DO MY POST. I didn't realize the fire mage had just immediately surrendered.
The ambush started, and immediately Mergoux went into action. Six crossbow bolts were fired at the girl, and six crossbow bolts were deflected. The girl's fire magic was powerful, and it seemed there was no chance to beat her in an open battle, at least not at first.

But that it appeared would not be the case, as the girl just... tossed the stones to the ground in front of Mergoux. The Half-Elf stopped, blinked in surprise and picked up the two rocks. She glanced at the equally surprised Mercs, then calmly tossed Jehenne and Rote as she walked up to the woman, carefully doing her best to avoid the smoldering earth.

She clenched one armored fist, staring down at the young girl. "You're young, you can change. Become better than this. Better than another slaver." she said, finishing her speech with a single blow aimed squarely at Louise's nose. Should her armored gauntlet connect, a concussion would certainly happen, followed by swift unconsciousness.

@letter bee @landaus five-one @Zoey White @jdh97
Like a hunter, Mergoux stalked her prey. She moved through the crowds with ease, seeming to vanish in one place, only to appear in another, such was the degree of her proficiency towards catlike stealth. Despite her gliding through the crowd, her eyes never left her targets for long. Only a few seconds at a time could she not see them. The two slaves and their new owner. They were headed towards the main exit, an unfortunate thing. She'd hoped that the ambush would take place in a smaller alleyway, somewhere she could trap the mage. Then again, with her display of fire magic, perhaps it was better to have room to maneuver.

The butcher followed them out of the marketplace, into the streets of the city where the Mercenaries hired by the Lord who'd spoken her in her head were lying in wait. Probably, she assumed, the Lord had spoken to them in the same manner, informing them of her arrival and her allegiance. She nearly spat at that. The idea of working with mercs never excited her, far from it she would rather take the girl alone. At least that way she could assure the young woman wouldn't be killed. With the company of unknown hired goons she couldn't be sure.

Her trained eyes kept watch both on her prey now, but also on the buildings to either side, watching for any signs of her new allies. Of their ambush. She wasn't sure of the exact location, but where they were now would do just fine. The crowds were thinning as Mergoux increased her pace, striding towards the unaware fire-mage, coincidentally at the same time the Mercs began their attack

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Gonna try bumping this hesitantly. I'm gonna be picky about partners
@Landaus Five-One

Oops! Yeah I took that from @letter bee's post from Kaspar. And yeah to an extent she would look super young. I mean Mergoux is almost four times her age...
Mergoux mulled over the offer in her mind. Ten thousand was a lot of money. So much, in fact, that carrying that amount wouldn't be practical. Gold was heavy, and it wasn't like she could just open a bank account here. Still, to be paid for something she'd planned on doing anyways was always a bonus. She could get some new and better gear, keep some for the road and give the rest away. She nodded once to herself then 'addressed' the voice in her head. <Done. Which exit?> she thought.

Even as she 'spoke' to the voice, she had to wonder if she hadn't finally snapped, and was indeed speaking with a voice in her head. Looking over at the platform though, she was almost certain the voice was not one of her own creation. She moved closer to the stage, in time to overhear names. Indeed they matched the ones she was told by the voice, which was not something she could have known on her own. Reassured for the time being, Mergoux used her skills of stealth to blend in better with the crowd. She was much better at sneaking around, and one couldn't exactly hide out inconspicuously in a spiked helmet, but by bowing her head and turning away, using her exceptional hearing to keep tabs on the young girl and her magical talking staff, she managed not to look so conspicuous.

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