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Most survivor interest fell through. Still looking for any interested writers.
Anyone interested in a Big Brother showmance RP?
Still looking
Hi there.

Today I have a very random and niche desire for a Roleplay scenario. I know it's niche and won't be for everybody. But I've recently been rewatching and enjoying both the Survivor and Big Brother TV shows. And so I had an idea that there may be someone out there, like me, who would be interested in a story where we play two competitors on one of these shows.

I'm fine with either one. Though I do think Survivor would be see us having more fun and fast paced activities day to day where a Big Brother rp might require just a few small time skips to keep the pace interesting.

Also, I am fine to play as any gender pairing. I am female but I can play male characters, female characters, and trans characters just as well.

Also I do prefer to include and write out any romantic or smut scenes in my RP. I don't fade to black or skip. So please be older than 18 of you want to write with me.

So if you are interested in this idea then please send me a message. Even if we already have a story currently going, or if we recently ended one due to a loss of interest or inspiration.
I'm still looking. Will be around most of the night, so message me to get something going.
About Me:
Hi there. I'm 29. Been writing and roleplaying for most of my life. I am not new to RPguild. I had an account a few years ago. But after not using it for a while, I forgot my info. Hence the brand new account. I am looking to very much dive back into forum, text-based rp.

I don't want to use third party sites or discord. I prefer to roleplay here in PMs. I am looking for writing partners who prefer detail and quality over quantity of paragraphs. I usually write 2-5 detailed paragraphs when our characters are together in a story so that way the other character can react, without the awkwardness of retro reactions. I will write longer posts when my character is alone or I actually have something to respond to that calls for it. But it's not every post for me personally.

I do prefer to include romance or at least some smut in our story. Without fading to black. Hence the 18+ tag, as I do not roleplay with anyone under that age. I am willing to play as male, female, or any fluid between, and open to any gender pairing with your character. No wrong answers here. Just let me know your preference.

If you are interested in roleplaying the idea below then please send me a private message. Thank you.

Story Idea:
I have been playing a lot of Stalker: Gamma recently. And it has made me really desire to write a roleplay with a partner set in the exclusion zone. Now, I am personally not exceptionally versed in the lore of Stalker. But I am very interested in learning it as we write. That said, if you aren't either that is okay. We can totally learn together or make up our own lore. But if you're a purist for the canon, then we can adhere strictly to the wikis and such. Just let me know your preference.

So if you have no idea what Stalker is, it's set in a walled off zone around Chernobyl and many mutants and anomalies inhabit the zone. And in recent years a lot of "adventurers", called stalkers, have journeyed into the zone and even set up small bases and factions within. To hunt, loot, and sell whatever they find.

So I would love to discuss ideas for our characters. I am open to deciding together what factions we're from, our starting location, our meet up scenario. Please come to me with your own ideas if you have any. Or just let me know you're interested but unsure where you want to start and we can work it out together.
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