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Do you get so invested into an RP that you think about were it will lead all day? I do....
7 days ago
To be fair, I first kept writing, then it was so much I cut off the first 182 pages and made it book one. I was already 50 pages into 2 when I did that but I edited the first one first xD
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7 RPs and not a single post yet today.. :,(
13 days ago
I'm so bored, I need to, write!


Male, have some decent experience in writing RPs and stories in general. English is my second language so please excuse some minor errors sometimes. Oh and might be useful to note I'm from the CET or GMT +1 timezone

I've written a few smut/18+ stories and a post apocalyptic story in the past and maybe a 100 or so different RPs over the years.

I like to write modern day / (post) apocalyptic stories, or at least nothing with too much fantasy.

Also I write short to medium posts to keep the momentum in the story going. Oh and there is only one thing I definitely don't like, that's when my RP partner takes over my characters.

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Fallout, yay! :D I love writing fallout, even wrote a book loosly based on the fallout setting haha.
Dropkick up
I've picked up writing again because all other hobbies failed me haha. I'm not much into videogames any more, most bore me very fast. Though I'm looking forward to Diablo 4 xD

I do like to camp often, but thats also off the table for the next few months.
@BrokenPromise Thanks for the reply, Group RP's are not really my thing, I tried them before but I find it really hard trying to make a story with a few different people. Plus I really like mature themes in my stories so that comes down to RPing in PMs anyway.

And yea I'm impatient but when the last time online is 15 days ago and the last time there was a reply on the RP was 19 days ago I call it dead xD.

Also my problem I know, but I don't like to have like 10+ RP's going at once. Then I can't even remember the character names or settings, but if all 10 just reply once a week I'm still getting bored. Maybe RPing isn't for me and I'm better off writing books again, but they take ages to write and I'm kinda over that as well haha.
Looking forward to our camper delivery set for August. I so wanna escape life 😅
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