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Current It's been a long time
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2 mos ago
And with that also the last RPs seem dead. Time for an extended break.
2 mos ago
I'm sorry I need a little break, been on here way much and it's messing with my head. I'll still reply here and there to RPs.
3 mos ago
Details matter -Reacher
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Male, have some decent experience in writing RPs and stories in general. English is my second language so please excuse some minor errors sometimes. Oh and might be useful to note I'm from the CET or GMT +1 timezone

I've written a few smut/18+ stories and a post apocalyptic story in the past and maybe a 100 or so different RPs over the years.

I like to write modern day / (post) apocalyptic stories, or at least nothing with too much fantasy.

Also I write short to medium posts to keep the momentum in the story going. Oh and there is only one thing I definitely don't like, that's when my RP partner takes over my characters.

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I promise she doesn't bite as well!
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Updated starter post. Been craving some sol rp.
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