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6 mos ago
Current Several RPs but no reply in 3/4/5/6 days. Thinking about giving up on this site very hard..
7 mos ago
I wish my steamy RPs didn't all die down months ago..
11 mos ago
Got a night all alone to myself, and nothing to do..
1 yr ago
Do you know the feeling of refreshing the site to see if you have a new PM?
1 yr ago
Kinda bummed most of the people here live on the other side of the world. So hard with timezone differences :(
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Male, have some decent experience in writing RPs and stories in general. English is my second language so please excuse some minor errors sometimes. Oh and might be useful to note I'm from the CET or GMT +1 timezone

I've written a few smut/18+ stories and a post apocalyptic story in the past and maybe a 100 or so different RPs over the years.

I like to write modern day / (post) apocalyptic stories, or at least nothing with too much fantasy.

Also I write short to medium posts to keep the momentum in the story going. Oh and there is only one thing I definitely don't like, that's when my RP partner takes over my characters.

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If you are ever up for a post apocalyptic RP hit me up. 21+ male, love to write good stories and detailed smut 😇. Can also write modern stuff, not to keen on fandoms or stuff, I lack knowledge or interests.
Bump, trying to get back into this after a hiatus. All my RPs died off so looking for something new.
I like the setting, and I love writing 18+ (though i had been inactive for a while..) but you really planning on RPing 5 characters at once? That seems a tall order haha. I have problems doing more then one in the same RP to be fair.
Kate sat in her small one room apartment, it wasn’t much but it was what she could afford. But to be fair she didn’t want or need more. Getting quality ammo and food was more important to her then some fancy big apartment. It had a bed in one corner, a little kitchen and fridge in the other, there was a small table and a single chair. The last corner had a toilet and a sink and a shower. And that was about it. There was a single window over the table and the rest of the walls were lined with cabinets where she stored food and ammo, and a minimal amount of clothes.

She was by herself most of the time, there were a few people she knew in the city but to say they were friends was stretching it. She knew a few people at the bar around the street where she wandered into some times. There was the man and woman who ran the gun store a few blocks away and a few people who supplied her with some bounties, she never really knew who gave the hit orders, it always came from person to person till they finally reached her. She only took the ones she wanted though even if it would mean she wouldn’t get paid for a week. She wasn’t just going to kill a random person because somebody wanted him out of the way. But on the other hand she never said no to kill somebody who was a murderer or a rapist. Luck would have it the streets were full of them.

Kate had spent most of the night on the streets and she took a cold shower before getting ready for bed. She had learned to take cold showers years ago since she didn’t want to steam up her small apartment. After checking the 6 locks on the big iron door to her place she crawled into her bed naked, she hated clothes on as she slept.
I've actually turned off notigications again 🤣. Waiting for the rp...

@ThatLostDude Everything checks out Ok. Welcome aboard.


Do I need to post the character sheet in the other page as well? (It took me a few minutes before I saw there were tabs.. never seen that on a forum haha xD)
Is it to late to join in? I never did a group RP before, mainly just been RPing in DM's for months now (cus of 18+). But I wrote books set in a post appocaliptic future and also played games like Neocron (old game I know) for years and years.. so this is up my alley.

So damn hot
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