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hey there, im nacho. ive been roleplaying for near on 10 years on various sites. i recently took a little step back from roleplaying due to some real life issues but im back now and currently looking for something to sink my teeth into seems i have a bit more free time.

• posts can range from one a week to one (or several) a day. im super patient and as long as we are both still interested, i dont mind waiting. but some quick back and fourth is always appreciated.
• my post length averages anywhere from 3 - 8 paragraphs. sometimes it’s quality over quantity but i won’t deliver you one liners.
• i believe i deliver a decent level of grammar, spelling, literacy, etc. please do the same.
• my roleplays will involve sex, drugs, alcohol, mature themes & more, so please be over 18. over 21? even better.
• i enjoy creating character sheets & using real life face claims.
• happy to play either gender but have a preference for female leads. pairings can be m x f or f x f.
• playing multiple characters is fine by me.
• pms or googledocs for the ic and discord for the ooc chat is preferred. ❤️

• teacher x student
• roommates
• ex military x childhood friend
• ex lovers reunited
• barista x returning customer
• fake relationship
• drug and alcohol abuse
• forbidden romances
• bad guy x good girl
• age gaps
• post apocalyptic
• christmas!!

i’ll keep this updated as new plots and ideas come to me. hopefully something here catches your interest, drop me a PM if it does. don’t like any of my ideas but think we’d make good partners? shoot me a PM and let’s brainstorm something up together.
with love,
nacho ❤️
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