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7 hrs ago
Current so keen to roleplay the night away & pump out a heap of replies, but all my partners are asleep or working. anyone keen on a 1x1? 🌸🌸
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14 hrs ago
im so glad you guys found it as funny as i did. small things amuse small minds as they say.
14 hrs ago
haha my post count is 69
1 day ago
what the heck is one even suppose to put in their bio.
9 days ago
me: why am i always broke. also me: spends $70 on an eyebrow palette


aspiring photographer / workout guru
roleplay fanatic / animal lover
australian / leo

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bump as i have a little free time over the weekend.

current cravings:
marine x civilian
tourist x tourist (as per above.)
@Dynamo Frokane throw it at me!
bump because i always bite off more than i can chew~~ still open
weekend bump
added new parings bump
bump, because what’s one more?
I have a new pairing I really want to try out. It is basically two tourists from opposite sides of the world are holidaying in the same city and meet at a youth hostel and hit it off. They party, drink, do drugs, have a banging time, but they find themselves in trouble when they find a suspicious package and suddenly the police, bad guys, etc are after them and they have to find a way to escape the city with the package and get it to its rightful owner.

The plot is fairly open and am happy to brainstorm additional points with anyone who is interested. Please shoot me a PM :)
Bump, yo.
Bump. Still wanting to do this! :)
New Year Bump.
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