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3 days ago
Current tbh i just wish i could text my dog


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haven’t bumped this for a while. looking for some new partners.
bump x
bump; updated original post and looking for a few more.
haven’t bumped this in a while. in the mood for something new. hmu bitches.
• malibu - miley cyrus
• break up with ur girlfriend, i’m bored - ariana grande
• leave me lonely - hilltop hoods
• so am i - ava max
• i’m so tired... - lauv, troye sivan
• good lord - birds of tokyo
• river - eminem, ed sheeran
• head above water - avril lavigne
• ruin my life - zara larsson
• tequila - dan + shay
bump cause i’m a needy bitch bored x
bump for da weekend
bump x
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