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Still looking. :-)
Still looking for someone to do this one. :-)
Still looking for someone for this one. :-)
Would love to find someone for this idea. :-)
Anyone up for this idea?

This is a variation of another idea of mine where a group of friends go on a road trip. This time I want a group of friends to explore the Caribbean islands. The story would be a mix of exploring the Caribbean, story and adult scenes, so you will have to be at least eighteen years old for this one. I want us to work out the details together, creating a setting together instead of it just being my vision, but I have some initial thoughts. They shouldn't be super-rich, so no huge sailboats or cruisers. I would place them age-wise around twenty years old. And it will be a group, and I would like us both to write several characters each (as well as people they meet while travelling) of both sexes.

If spending some time on a sailboat in the Caribbean surrounded by friends in minimal clothing sounds like fun to you, then send me a message and we'll talk.
Bump. :-)
Bump. :-)
Still looking for someone for this one. :-)
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