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I have a soft spot for adventure movies or series like Indiana Jones or Relic Hunter, and I would like to do something along those lines. I would prefer to plot together with a partner instead of coming up with a plot on my own, as that means the story will be a creation by both players instead of just the one.

That being said these are a few things that I'm looking for:
- Multiple characters: I expect both of us to play more than one character. More characters mean more depth and more possible storylines, both of which are a big plus in my book. Personally I write both male and female characters, and even though this is not a must I would prefer you being able to do the same thing.
- Be over 18 years old, as I prefer writing mature storylines. This can include violence, sexual themes, dark themes etc. For this one I want to focus on the adventure of it all, but that doesn't mean the adventure can take a dark turn. Or it might not. But I want the possibility for that to happen.
- Be up for plotting, I love plotting with partners. OOC chatter is also a plus, but not a requirement. My experience is that OOC chatter makes for better communication, and the better the communication the better the roleplay tends to be.
- I'm not looking for romance here. If the story ends up having romance in it that's fine, but this is not something I'm looking for actively.
Removed an idea, but still looking for the other ones. :-)
Still interested in doing even more versions of this one. :-)
Bumping this one. :-)
Lately I've been having this itch about doing roleplays revolving around youths (18 - early 20s) that don't quite fit into the society around them, so I'm setting up a request thread specifically for these kinds of roleplays. What I am presenting here are my initial ideas that I would like to develop further with a roleplay-partner, and are in no way plots and ideas that are thought all through, they are starting points for further plotting. So if something sparks your interest or you have an idea along these lines you think I will like don't hesitate to tell me about it.

I am looking for plot and character-driven roleplays. I also enjoy more than one main character with several storylines interweaving together, but this is not a must though. I'm also flexible about the time period, if I'm looking for a specific time period I will say so.

I am looking for roleplaying-partners that are 18 years or older as there will be mature content.

In a small town in the middle of nowhere

There is something about a smalltown-setting with the freaks as the main focus that sounds like a lot of fun. Think late 80s or early 90s, before Internet to make the isolation even greater. Maybe a gang of metalheads about to finish high school or just having finished. Not going to college, so some might have a job, some don't. Ever in opposition against the small-minded town, and getting the blame for everything that happens. Maybe there is a girl from the right side of the tracks looking to do some slumming as well?

The Big City

Pretty similar to the small town-idea, only in an urban setting. We could do something with gangs, maybe something around urban decay. Anything from living on the streets to Beverly Hills could be of interest here really, as well as anything from suburbia to the inner city.

Empire Records

This will be based on the movie Empire Records, which follows a rather eventful day at a local record store. It's the feeling of the place I'm looking to recreate here, where the owner both hires those going down a bad road in an attempt to help them, as well as the prom queen, which makes them a rather eclectic group. They also have a lot of freedom at work, as long as the job gets done of course. This would be set in the mid-1990s, before downloading music from the internet killed records stores like this one.

Reality Bites

Youth without a purpose, they might be seniors in high school or just having graduated but not attending college. They don't know what they are going to do with their lives, but they have dreams. This could be their story.

Dazed and Confused

Loosely based on the movie. The last day of school and all kinds of shenanigans ensue, or another similar setting could work as well. Basically youth high on life (and more) doing stupid but fun things. It doesn't have to be set in the 1970s, it can be any era.
I'm giving this one a bump. Wouldn't mind taking on some more roleplays. :-)
I'm back, and I wouldn't mind giving this old idea another go. :-)
Still looking for someone to write this with. I don't mind writing this idea with several different people. Variations over the same idea can be a lot of fun.
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