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I would love to give this one a try with someone. :-)
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Bump. :-)
I would love to give this one a try. :-)
Outer Banks is a show on Netflix, and I have watched a few episodes of the show. I do like the setting of this island, where you either have two jobs or two houses. What I am looking for is the feeling of the first forty seconds of the official trailer and the opening scene, while exploring the dynamics between the three groups of youths on the island. The working class, the rich and the tourists.

What I am looking for is someone to build upon this world and make it into our own. The setting will be realistic/slice of life and the time period would be current time. One really important thing is that you are comfortable and enjoy writing multiple characters, including a group of main characters as well as minor characters and NPCs. Wanting to plot and move the story along are also very important. Lastly, mature themes will be included. I am not a fan of fading to black, and that goes not only for sex scene but also other mature themes. Therefore you must be at least 18 years old, and preferably older.

If this sounds interesting at all, shoot me a PM or let me know in this thread.

Official trailer (first forty seconds are what I am looking for):

Opening scene:
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