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Current very busy today. sorry for not replying. will reply tomorrow. have a lot of things to do, today
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i want to write a story so bad


hi, i'm summer. i'm a tomboyish girl sorta and i love playing video games
I have a computer that's been broken for 4 months and now that I can't play any games, i'm back to roleplaying
I trade stocks and write books on the side
i once got into a dungeon and dragon's game (Might and Magic VII) that i lost so much track of time that i peed myself
i shoot lightning bolts when i'm asleep, so nobody dares to wake me
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i want to make a gay nation. is that ok? all the members are homosexual and they reproduce by artificial wombs
wow! can't wait!
is this rp on break, again?
i would like to say i really enjoy what you all are writing here. very fun reading
is this rp dead?
where is the ooc and ic for this?
posted my character sheet! hope you like it!
Name: Rakkaus, The Burning Heart

Species: Magmadon (Giant Magma Serpent)

Appearance: Rakkaus is a massive serpent composed of shifting molten rock, molten iron, and bright, incandescent magma coursing through its body. It has three massive, horn-like protrusions on its head that resemble a crown, each glowing white-hot, and a pair of piercing, smoky quartz eyes. Its body leaves a trail of solidifying lava in its wake, making its movement evident even from afar.

Height/Length: 80 feet tall (standing upright), 250 feet long

Weight: 60,000 tons

Consumption Rate: Rakkaus doesn’t consume traditional food; instead, it absorbs raw minerals from the earth and energy from volcanic activities to maintain its molten form.

Lair: The Great Caldera, a vast volcanic landscape full of smoking vents, boiling lava lakes, and jagged obsidian structures. The lair is located near the Earth's equator, providing it with immense heat.

Affiliation: Destructive

Domain: Volcanism and Magma

Followers: The Flamebound Tribe, a group of humans who have adapted to live near volcanic areas, taking advantage of the abundant geothermal energy and mineral-rich soil. They worship Rakkaus as a god of creation and destruction, fearing its wrath and respecting its power.

Chieftain: Ignatius, the Flamebound Leader - A charismatic and courageous leader who has earned the trust of the Flamebound Tribe through his tenacity and understanding of Rakkaus. Ignatius communicates with Rakkaus through complex rituals involving fire and volcanic offerings.

Bio: Born from the core of the Earth, Rakkaus is an embodiment of the planet's fiery wrath. Its awakening was heralded by violent earthquakes and the subsequent eruption of dormant volcanoes across the globe, creating a chain reaction of seismic events that have reshaped the landscape. The embodiment of Urth's destructive nature, Rakkaus seeks to expand its territory, taking over regions where tectonic activities are prevalent and thus increasing its power. It views the other DinoBeasts as challengers to its supremacy, rivals that must be subdued to establish its dominance. Rakkaus is temperamental, often causing seismic activities in its rage. Its unpredictability is feared by all, even its followers. Yet, it possesses a sense of fierce protectiveness over its territory and followers, viewing them as extensions of itself.

Upon awakening, Rakkaus initially saw humans as insignificant. However, upon coming across the Flamebound Tribe offering prayers and sacrifices to quell its wrath, it understood their reverence and deemed them worthy of its protection. The tribe's chieftain, Ignatius, showed both fear and respect, promising loyalty in exchange for their safety.

RAGE- Rakkaus is a force to be reckoned with in combat. It utilizes its serpentine body for powerful slams and constricting maneuvers. It can also manipulate molten rocks, using them as projectiles or shields. Its control over volcanic energies allows it to create localized eruptions and magma flows to attack opponents or alter the battlefield.

General Combat:

Low Attacks - Rakkaus can sweep its tail with unrivaled force along the ground, causing the earth to crack and shake, and fling molten debris towards opponents.

High Attacks - Using its formidable height, Rakkaus can crash down onto opponents with earth-shattering impact, or spit balls of fiery magma from its maw.

Quick Attacks - Rakkaus swiftly slithers across the battlefield, allowing for rapid strikes using its tail or jaws.

Fierce Attacks - By using its powerful body, Rakkaus delivers blows that can create shockwaves, cause mini-eruptions, or even change the shape of the battlefield.

Power Attacks - After a significant wind-up, Rakkaus can lash out with the entire weight of its body, or cause a localized volcanic eruption beneath the opponent.


Magma Blast - Rakkaus spews a jet of superheated magma, capable of melting most defenses.

Eruption Shards - Rakkaus causes a small eruption, sending sharp, molten rocks flying in all directions.

Pyroclastic Surge - Rakkaus charges forward, enveloped in a cloud of ash and fiery debris.

Lava Lash - Rakkaus's tail becomes a whip of molten rock, scorching and slashing foes.

Tectonic Shift - Rakkaus can cause the ground to split and shake, disorienting opponents.

Constricting Coils - Rakkaus can envelop an enemy in its body, squeezing and burning them with its molten exterior.

Iron Crown - Rakkaus's crown glows white-hot, radiating an intense heat wave that can cause burns and ignite flammable materials.


Firestorm Decree - Rakkaus's body ignites into a blinding firestorm, burning brighter and hotter than the sun. This terrifying spectacle of power commands respect and fear, drawing more followers to its cause.

Earth's Wrath Unleashed - Rakkaus causes a massive volcanic eruption, the sheer destructive force serves as a testament to its dominance, attracting awestruck survivors of the destruction to worship Rakkaus.

Upon victory, Rakkaus bellows a roar that echoes through the mountains and valleys, a terrifying proclamation of its dominance. Defeated DinoBeasts are given a choice: bow to Rakkaus's supremacy, or be forever banished from its territory. The chieftain, Ignatius, serves as the bridge between Rakkaus and the Flamebound Tribe, interpreting its will to the people. They celebrate their god's victories with fiery festivals, their belief in Rakkaus burning as intensely as the magma flowing through its body.
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