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1 yr ago
Current very busy today. sorry for not replying. will reply tomorrow. have a lot of things to do, today
3 yrs ago
ready and waiting! affirmative!
3 yrs ago
hey, i'm busy right now. I really will reply later
3 yrs ago
i want to write a story so bad


hi, i'm summer. i'm a tomboyish girl sorta and i love playing video games
I have a computer that's been broken for 4 months and now that I can't play any games, i'm back to roleplaying
I trade stocks and write books on the side
i once got into a dungeon and dragon's game (Might and Magic VII) that i lost so much track of time that i peed myself
i shoot lightning bolts when i'm asleep, so nobody dares to wake me
That's all for now!

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interested! i was in another fire emblem rp, but that one broke because the ppl there had their brains rewired in the process
"I'm okay with you pettying your pitifulness."

what does this mean? is this an insult?
um, i don't really understand a lot of what you said, because i think you don't have very good english, but from what i did understand....

i would be ok with using your ship. and having the ship serve as a debriefing center for all 45 of our spartans! and then we can use the ship to send us to the enemy depot or spaceship where we can begin our quest to capture the database of covenant warship production yards!
uh, let's choose a space-based area to run our quest

i haven't read any of the links you listed. i don't have the time!

edit: ok, i read some of it. it all seems a bit complicated to me. really complicated.
i've never played any halo game except halo 1. i waz thinkin uh, maybe, some type of quest or mission to retrieve a database that contains the location of all the covenant's starship production systems?

cuz that's pretty important, cuz once REACH was found by the covenant, it was pretty much gameover for humans
YES. i love halo. i would play halo CE multiplayer back in the day and no would be able to beat me. i would love to roleplay the masterchief once more!
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