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Current hey, i'm busy right now. I really will reply later
2 mos ago
i want to write a story so bad


hi, i'm summer. i'm a tomboyish girl sorta and i love playing video games
I have a computer that's been broken for 4 months and now that I can't play any games, i'm back to roleplaying
I trade stocks and write books on the side
i once got into a dungeon and dragon's game (Might and Magic VII) that i lost so much track of time that i peed myself
i shoot lightning bolts when i'm asleep, so nobody dares to wake me
That's all for now!

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bump; still looking, however, I have only one requirement, that we start immediately with minimum planning

i'm gonna try this for once. i'm not used to 1v1 but here we go!

I'm currently in the mood to do a fandom roleplay. here are the universes I know of:

lord of the rings
star trek
star wars
magic the gathering
elder scrolls
mobile suit gundam
dungeons and dragons
forgotten realms
wheel of time
game of thrones (asoiaf)
honor Harrington
master of orion
sid Meyer's civilization
total war games
MechWarrior (BattleTech)
shining force
final fantasy
command and conquer
total annihilation
frank Herbert's dune
stargate sg1/atlantis

if none of these interest you, we can make up a world/universe and roleplay that. but I'd prefer that we make it fast. for some reason, every time I make up a universe with someone, it takes forever and the interest dies before the roleplay even starts

if we do get into a roleplay, please forgive me if I don't post a reply for a few days, I am a full time writer and I have to keep writing to meet my daily word count goals so I can make a living

PM me if ur interested

if I have 3 or more people, I am going to write (at the top of this page) that i'm no longer soliciting 1v1 roleplayers. I don't think I can manage more than 3 1v1 roleplays at once

Is this rp dead?
why is everyone "population: 12"? is 12 some number to mean around 10 million? or is there really just 12 of them?
can there be a seventh?
Hey! While dreaming yesterday, I came upon the basics of an idea of a game I call "The Voting Game". I spent the whole morning developing it into a forum based game.

The rules are very simple:
There are no limits to how many people can start per game.
Each round, a person has 3 votes.
There are 4 rounds per game.
The player at the end of all 4 rounds with the highest score (votes) wins.
This game is fascinating in that it has a lot of politics going into the game, and agreements with everyone else. A lot of interpersonal relationships come to play.
Each round lasts 3 days. At the end of the round, if you haven’t voted, your votes are void. However, even if you didn't vote the previous round, you get 3 new votes at the start of every round.
Also, you cannot rescind your votes. If you spend 1 vote for someone, and you happen to change your mind, you can only alter your other 2 unused votes.

If you win a game, you get to start with +30 in the next game
Any takers?
This game will start in 6 days, with however many people we have.
@Danelaw which roles are open as of right now?
i wanna play game of thrones! i've never read the books, but i watched the show, is that ok?
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