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Current Ahh depression while finding out you're being ghosted. <3 the best
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That feel when you’re craving a super specific RP..
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I wish there was a search bar to search for things I 've previously said in the PMs; so I can reference things in the RP for the RP.. Just me? Got it.
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If I'm slow to reply, it's cause I'm working on my IRL store things I need to do to get it up and running. <3
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Happy birthday to me! 3/20!


Heyo! Lovely Azure Dragon here!

I've been roleplaying for 15+ years, and haven't stopped. Absolutely love it!

I'm pretty adaptable, except I struggle with super duper long posts.
3rd person is my go to, as to me, it gives more freedom of description.
I've roleplayed most genres, but my favorites involve romance with supernatural conflicts, as well as fantasy!

No interests yet, but should be soon! Hit me up if you're interested! I love plot discussing!

My downtime is usually between 1am-9am EST. My UTC is UTC -5. If I’m offline any other time, I’ve gone into town.


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Roxas moved over quickly to assess Stephan. She helped pull or cut the webbing to get to him easier. She moved him to lay on his back, already looking for serious injuries. If he didn't have any, she would move on to the next cocoon and start getting it open. "Get these cocoons open! If it's still bleeding, it's a serious injury. If not, put some pressure on it to stop the bleeding!"

The elven healer gave a heavy sigh. "Give me a damn moment then." She clicked her tongue lightly and continued working on Dimitri. Once she felt he was safe enough to move, she picked him up bridal style and moved back to the camp and set him down. She talked to Forbann quickly, giving him some clean cloth.

She moved back to the others and looked up to Gray. "He'll either be dead when we get back, or somehow survive." She looked to Vesemir with a awkward smile. "I tried my best, but without time to help, I did what I could." She looked to Gray and Engelbert. "I'm ready as I can be without mana."
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Miriam, the Pure
Miriam, the Punishment

Miriam Engberg

"Excuse me, where do you think you're going?
We aren't done yet."

"Well, aren't you just.... lovely."

"Be purged and know our wrath!"


24 prior Slumber ─ July 22 (Cancer)

Female ─ Cis Female ─ She/Her

5’2” ─ 150 bs ─ Blood type: B-


The soft golden of her hair is always up in either double braids or a half wreath. Her next feature to be striking is the bright blue of her eyes, but what's different is the seeping purple that seems to come from her pupil. Some could swear it had never been like that before. She loves to wear whites with bright blue accents, keeping her clothes simple but modest. She can always been seen wearing an earring on her right ear; the matching on her twin.


Kind ─ Observant ─ EmpatheticPassionate ─ Overwhelming ─ Manic

Before the slumber, Miriam has been kind and even empathetic towards others. She always favored children; using playing tag or hide and seek, knowing they were the purest and most innocent of the world. Miriam was also very observant of everything around her, making sure people were taken care of and she could help guide her fellow knights to give guidance as well.

After the slumber, the corruption twisted her to believe you were either pure, or you should be judged harshly; by her. Her once passionate faith would now be what would set her aside from before. The passion would transfer into her "punishments" as she called them. Not only that, but she would nearly turn her mood at a moment's notice and may be overwhelming for some.

Pansexual - Demiromantic

Flowers ─ Gifts ─ Softer Music - Rabbits

Canines Beasts ─ Summer Heat ─ Mess


Sewing ─ Gardening ─ Swimming

Nyctophobia ─ Becoming Mute ─ Seeing Merete's Death

Allergic to Strawberries - Merete is her twin - Hates being crept up on and touched from behind

Breath; minor in Blood

Miriam found Breath came to her easier than all the other elements. She used the notes Drift and Range more than Loose. It allows to carry her voice farther than she's physically able and gives her the means to talk to more than one person at a time if she needs to. Her minor in Blood allows her to use Pitch to give her range the ability to either console the people or rally her allies.

After the slumber, her voice is used as a means of.. deception. She uses it to tease and suggest to people,
then instantly turn on them and punish them for going along with the suggestion; still believing Chastity is everything.

Breathless ─ Cardinal ─ Just as the name suggests, Miriam uses her focus of Breath to.. pull the air from your lungs and literally make you breathless. It pulls the air from your lungs forcefully and makes it hard to breathe.
Mist of Suggestion ─ Cardinal ─ Using her Breath focus and her minor for Blood, Miriam can emit her pheromones to give off suggestions; mostly to have people be lured to go against what she deems 'pure' and then uses that against them later as she hands out her 'punishment'.

Piercing Voice ─ Contingency ─ The Range of her Breath and the Pitch of her Blood lets her emits an ear piercing sound that can daze and deafen anyone who is within her eyesight. Sometimes, she gets the pitch wrong and can burst eardrums, rendering people permanently deaf.. or was that on purpose, oops.

Domination ─ Slumbered Celeste ─ Inhaling a hyper dose of the Mist can cause one to no longer be able to resist the suggestions and simply become 'mindless', allowing Miriam to take command and tell them to do whatever. This can be dangerous, as sometimes you don't remember the encounter afterwards.. and sometimes you do. Thankfully, having a higher will power can help you resist Domination, but who knows for how long.

Breathless ─ Using Breathless makes Miriam have vertigo for the next couple hours. She becomes insanely dizzy and usually has to rest more often than not as everything is spinning in her vision.
Mist of Suggestion ─ Use of Mist causes Miriam to get an ocular headache. It is harder to use in an open area as the natural upwind will carry her mist away from her desired target.
Piercing Voice ─ Use of Piercing Voice makes it so that Miriam loses her voice the next day. She also has extreme sensitivity to her other senses, as the pitch and frequency makes everything heightened for her; one of the causes is being using it in a closed space. It can be very exhausting and she is often seen in her 'quiet room' after using this spell.
Domination ─ Overuse of Domination has an adverse affect on Miriam, after releasing her spell; within three hours of said release, she becomes listless. She becomes what she sows, a mindless nobody. Unfortunately for her, she becomes exhausted afterwards and does not remember anything that happens within the four hour listless state she is in.

The Deliverance

The Key belonging the the Knight of Chastity is a mace; the meaning to be retribution to those who would cause pain and suffering to innocents. She uses the pain of a bludgeoning weapon to etch the same pain of the innocents into the sinners.

After the corruption, the key was twisted. Permanent eyes are etched onto both sides of the mace;
a constant reminder that the once Pure Chastity is now judging you and will no doubt punish you if you go against what she deems "the pure soul".

The downside to wielding her mace is that she must be front and center in the heat of the battle. In order to protect herself, her mace will almost instinctively shift into a shield, blocking any attacks. This also makes her weaponless and free to be surprised or ambushed.


Eh, relationship? We'll see.
Crushing on Brann and Idunn
also temperance, but we don't talk about that.

Daemonium ─ Savior/Master ─ Devoted

Merete Engberg ─ Fortitude/ ─ Twin
Idunn Matrona ─ Hope/Brightblooded ─ Very Close
Xian Haoran ─ Patience/Black Jade ─ Fair
Brann Lohgtroen ─ Faith/Everflame ─ Close
Aleksei Kovalyov ─ Kindness/Callous ─ Fair
Akuji Okes Erasmus Temperance/Nameless One─ Fair

Father Fredrick (Orphanage Headmaster) ─ Guardian ─ Okay (deceased)

Council of the Empire ─ Leaders ─ Vengeful

The Fallen Seven ─ What remains of the Seven Knights of Virtue after their fifty-year slumber ─
The Punishment
The Seven Knights of Virtue ─ An elite force of specialized knights serving the empire, each standing for one of the Seven Holy Virtues ─
The First Knight, The Knight of Chastity: The Pure

The Knights ─ The group that every knight operates under, controlled by the empire ─ The Seven (highest legion of knights)


Miriam and Merete never really knew where they came from. The orphanage headmaster never told them who their parents were; just that they had been left at the doorstep with the names they have now. Growing up in the orphanage wasn't too bad. They had shelter and food; despite being worked poorly. They mostly did the dishes, cooking and cleaning of the gravestones; no one else really wanting to be out in the creepy graveyard.

The twins didn't mind it. It meant they could be alone to practice their abilities. Miriam showed more promise in the Air element or Breath as they came to find out and Merete showed more promise in the Earth element, or Shape. As their natural abilities progressed the older they got.. it was clear enough that Miriam had been favored a little more.

At the age of sixteen, the twins were finally separated. The headmaster thought Miriam would thrive in the general guard of the town, signing her up without her knowing and her getting taken away. It left Merete at the orphanage, where their blossomed use of Shape let them essentially become the head grave keeper.

Unfortunately, she had been told she couldn't see Merete anymore when she finally got settled. It didn't sit well in her stomach, but now that she was here, she couldn't leave and disrespect the church that raised her. She loved Merete, but she knew she would see them again. She just didn't think it would take eight years.

Miriam spent the rest of her adult life in the general guard, up until the point that she had been recruited to the Seven. She went through the training of becoming a guard, building enough muscle to chase people and to wield her chosen weapons. She favored a heavy mace when she went into the guard and the men looked at her like she had been crazy. They didn't question her again when she beat almost all of them in the sparring matches.

Unknowingly to her, her time in the town guard had caught the eye of a Capital Captain and she was recruited under their care. It allowed her a whole new world to explore and further hone her abilities. Her luck seemed to only go further the longer she stayed in the Capital. Within the first three years of her time in the Capital, she was assigned as a Personal Guard to one of the councilman.

It was a great time for her, until the attempt. She had followed dutifully her councilman and nearing the end of the day, some rebels against what the Councilmen stood for tried to take their life. With her use of Breath and Blood, she was able to save his life in a fairly peaceful way. The rebels getting executed not too soon after; not that she would know that. This save of the Councilman, is what propelled her further into her life.

Being recruited into the Seven was one of the greatest accomplishments she had been given. All her hard work in the guard and honing her Breath abilities allowed her to be seen. She hated that she couldn't share it with Merete, but her sadness was dismissed quickly when she found Merete already in the building for the Seven. Her dream to be back together with Merete had been granted, except.. she could tell they weren't the same.. Perhaps, eventually they'll finally come to ask for help. She wasn't exactly the same either, but being back together with her twin was all she cared about.
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Ooooh. I liiike that. Yes yes! Okie! I'll write my character sheet out, can't guarantee it'll be out otnight though. XD That's a lot of info!
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Mmm. mmm. Hmm. This is hard! Hahaha, I'm usually pretty good at making new characters.

I'm know I kind of play a better.. harsher, flirty, crazy person.. so.. hmm.
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Seee, this is why I asked first instead of just making a character. I very much had just.. an oblivious character in mind.. like "pure" being a straightforward word ahhahahaha.
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*hesitantly raises hand* Uhm.. I like the idea of playing a pure character.. aka Chastity? But I've only done one other Group RP. xD

Roxas looked up to everyone huddling around before still applying the pressure to stop the bleeding. "He's still bleeding. I have pretty much no mana, so if we encounter anyone else heavily wounded.. I can only apply medical knowledge. We haven't stopped to recover since the last fight. I wouldn't even be able to produce the basic healing if I wanted."

She looked up to Gray. "I'm open to suggestions, but I cant leave him and that means I can't go with you to look for others. So.." She left the option to the group, looking back to the bleeding.

Roxas grabbed Vesemir's hand, making him drop his cane and had him put pressure on the wound that was seeping blood from the man's chest. She took a deep breath before shaking her hands of access blood and then rummaging in her side pouch. She pulled out a couple items and then reached over and ripped at Dimitri's shirt. "I'll repair it if you live." She mumbled to herself.

She leaned over him, and moved her hand to feel around on his chest. The blood made it slick, but from the books she read, this should be easy. She grabbed a small knife from her pouch and cut into him. She then moved the piece she grabbed earlier and slid it into the slice a little forcefully. She waited for a moment, til the heard the hissing of the air leaving.

A relief of breath sounded and then she was going back to the wound on his chest, knowing the air would be fine for a moment. She moved Vesemir's hands to slid her fingers into the wound to see if she can feel if there was any punctures she needed to close.
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