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All you need to know is that 100% of my RPs contain dragons in some form or fashion.

Current RPs:

1. Tides Afire - Epic Medieval/Victorian High-Fantasy Adventure. Magic, Monsters, Pirates, Dragons. Multi-generational. Currently in its 13th year real-time. Primary throuple FxFxM (human x half-dragon x tiefling).

2. A Dragon's Treasure - High-fantasy adventure/romance. Primarily FxF and FxNB/Trans, multiple main pairs.

3. Steam! MxFxM Elemental Magic ERP. Hiatus

4. A Stitch In Time - MxM Fluffy Paranormal Romance - Medieval Hiatus

5. Sword and Thorns - MxF Medieval Adventure/Political Intrigue. Hiatus

RP Waitlist:
DeadDrop - Superhero RP
AngelBites15 - TMNT - MBverse


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Very specific request. Short and sweet.

Setting: Medieval Fantasy. Can be low or high fantasy, I don't care which.

Theme: Adventure/travel. Our RP will take place during travel from point A to point B, with as many stops and detours as we desire.

YC is a young man (or NB or intersex person) on the run. It's up to you to decide exactly what they're running from, but it could be anything from avoiding an arranged marriage to ducking an assassination attempt or something else entirely. YC is most likely used to a comfortable city life and isn't thrilled about having to trek across dangerous, unfamiliar lands on their own. Perhaps they are injured. Where they are going and why they think they will find safety there is up to you. They can be human, but other fantasy races are more than welcome, just ask. In general I was anticipating this character to not have much skill in the area of wilderness survival.

IMPORTANT: YC is either male, transmale, or intersex (I am craving an intersex character but it's not required, if you go for this I will of course use appropriate pronouns), and should have a romantic interest in men. However, part of their escape from detection is disguising themself as a woman.

MC is a male human (or other race, if you have a preference) mercenary that YC hires to escort them on their travels. He's rugged, street-smart, and worldly. He's no-nonsense, even a bit of a hard-ass, but has a soft gooey center under the gruff exterior. He's straight as can be, or so it seems. He's exactly the kind of person that YC needs to help them get to wherever they're going.

The main idea: As delays, bad weather, enemies, and obstacles complicate their journey, both characters find themselves warming up to each other on the road. They both have their reasons for not wanting to get too close, not least of which is YC's gender-related deception and both character's assumption that romantic interest won't be reciprocated, among others.

Other stuff:
Obviously this RP will be 18+ as romance and sex are anticipated. I will be happy to handle all the world-building needs and NPCs, though I hope you're open to assisting with NPCs/side characters when needed. No fading to black. PMs or Discord only. I write at an Advanced level and am hoping for someone who can type at least approximately three paragraphs per post on average. Third Person, Past Tense style only. I am planning to implement plenty of sappy fiction tropes such as bed-sharing, hurt/comfort, etc. I don't typically write character sheets before the RP starts but you are welcome to do so.

In case anyone is wondering, I will be endeavoring to present this story in a way that approaches the aforementioned gender identities and relationships in a respectful way, and I will be grateful for any constructive criticism in that regard.

Please PM if interested, do not reply to this thread for any reason.

Additional tags for fun: #SlowBurn #EstablishedWorld #LiveForTheBigReveal #DoingMyBestToRPNBCharactersRespectfully
Lost a couple of partners recently. Time to BUMP!
Lost a couple of partners recently so might as well dust this thing off. :D
I am interested. I wonder what the likelihood of a noble being a magic user would be? XD
Bump. Took down all my plot hooks. Will be working on new ones soon. Mostly just looking at genres rather than specific plots right now. Good time to get in if you have something crazy floating around the back of your brain.
Curious about the status of mine since it's been a minute. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!
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