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I have no idea who sent me the candy cane. I have no idea who it could be but I would love to know. I don't really celebrate christmas but thank you. It cheered me up a bunch. <3
Freedom bump.
There is one person on here who I used to play with who died but his account still exists so it makes me sad when I go back in my PMs and see his username, but at the same time it feels wrong to put the conversations in the trash.

I also had one really awesome and creative GM on here who quit because his girlfriend (whom he met on here) got jealous of all the other women players in his group RP and forced him to leave the site.
Hello friends!

I am currently DMing a DnD 5e tabletop game with 5 players. This is not my first DnD game by a long shot, but it's my first 5e game and probably the most intricate game I've ever run, plot-wise. I have a lot of ideas for encounters and a good idea of how I want things to go, but lately I have been struggling to link individual encounters together into a story that is building towards the more intense reveals later on. Things like fore-shadowing and turning happenstance into important plot devices on the fly to make things more engaging are not my strong suit. In short, I'm much more of a pre-planner than anything else. Right now the game has a more "monster of the week" feel than what I wanted.

I haven't had any complaints from my players and individual gaming sessions are still going well, but I am hoping to find someone on here who might be interesting in letting me unload this story and look at my notes to maybe help me make things appear more cohesive/interesting. Help me identify plot holes, expand on less developed areas and things like that. I am not interested in making it public so PMs or Discord would be preferred. Hoping for someone who is an experienced DM and familiar with 5e, and obviously wants to nerd out with me for fun rather than as a chore. Especially since I don't really have anything to offer in return except my gratitude. Normally I might ask someone I already know for help, unfortunately everyone I know seems pretty busy lately. ^^;

If you have any comments or suggestions please direct them to my inbox instead of posting on this thread, thank you!
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