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Current To my people: I LIVE! I have been incredibly overworked for the past month (3 jobs plus a summer class’ll do that) but while I’m still busy I’m also excited to write! Poke me if you need me!!
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"Weel Ray, there were these things called "dinosaurs," and when they died, they turned into oil (somehow) and that's what your car uses for food."
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help help help craftsy is having a SALE
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And, with that, my semester is done with! Yay two weeks of freedom before hell class starts!
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It looks like I'm online all day because I obsessively refresh even though I don't actually have time to respond XD


Wouldn't it be a cool RP idea to have a character who isn't really possessed, but has a ghost who follows them and talks to them? Could be Ava's Demon on the bad end, and that one scene from Friends on the good end, haha!

- GMing A Prized Bride

A now-less-stressed university student who loves to write. Timezone: Atlantic, GMT-4

My memory sucks! Don't be afraid to ping/repeatedly PM me if I’m holding you up.

If you've RP'd with me before, you'll notice that I have a collection of stock characters that I tend to adapt to different universes when needed. You'll also know that I'm not opposed to making new characters; there are just a few stock ones that I love to play ^_^

As for me:
- Since I'll never remember to update this, my birth year is 1998.
- As you can see from the symbol by my name, I'm one of the ladyfolk
- I'm from Canada, specifically Nova Scotia (home of the world's largest non-nuclear explosion, baby!)
- I'm a university student, and will remain so for the foreseeable future (even longer now since I've decided to shoot for law school)
- Huge fan of classic literature, fountain pens, fancy stationery and anything that can be done by hand
- Seriously, anything that can be done by hand. Knitting, embroidery, oragami, anything. My current vice is quilting.

RP wise:
- I have weaknesses for gladiators, mythical creatures and status/class differences
- I'm comfortable playing any gender/orientation and a wide range of personality types
- LOVE character and world building
- Wish I could find a 1x1 that I wouldn't lose interest in :/
- Active in the OOC - I like to know the people I write with!
- My scratchpad in the character sheet section is where I put my WIPs and reference content. You’re welcome to lurk, but don’t expect it to make sense.

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Bride of Morganna? @WeepingLiberty, sister-bride to Rya Mire? @Ellion
Interacting with: The Fam (TM) and Rynek Darion

“They’re yours. Now get out before I change my mind.”

Suddenly, Lienna and Rya both were shoved toward the intruders, out of the crowd and into the open. Lienna's head spun, her vision swam. Her whole body was rocked by the shock of what she'd just done. She didn't breathe.

The few seconds that the intruder's minions hesitated felt like hours. Lienna could feel their eyes on them, feel the tension between them and the rest of the room. The Drakkan woman had been right; it was like being faced with a pack of wolves.

In reality, it didn't take long for the minions to come to their senses. They rushed forward and seized the girls, one each grabbing them by the arms and half-dragging, half-carrying them out. Outwardly, and by Drakkan standards, the exit would have been surprisingly calm, far from the explosive ending many of them - Lienna included - had been expecting. But to Lienna, it was chaotic indeed. The group converged around them as they exited, clanking and tinkling of mail and metal all around as they sank into a small ocean of tall bodies. The intruder himself, Rynek, said something in his ringing voice as they left, but Lienna didn't catch what it was.

Once outside in the remnants of the rain, Lienna was thrown over the shoulder of the Drakkan who had grabbed her as he mounted a horse. Soon the whole party had mounted and they were on their way... somewhere.

Lienna, facing backward over the shoulder of the hulking rider, couldn't see where they were going; of course, she wasn't sure it would matter if she had. All she could see was the city walls as they shrunk in the distance and the mop of white hair riding at the rear of the group. She couldn't make out his eyes, but she felt like he was watching her.

It wasn't long before the band came to a stop in a small encampment near what appeared to be the main road in and out of the city. The camp consisted of a cluster of several animal skin tents, with the largest being situated in the centre, presumably the tent belonging to the group's commander. Lienna's suspicions were confirmed when the Drakken holding her and Rya wasted no time dismounting and dragging them to the largest tent, unceremoniously throwing them inside. Luckily the two brutes didn't follow them in, but Lienna could hear that they didn't go far. Standing guard, probably.

The tent could have been considered spacious, though to Lienna's eyes it just looked like it would be difficult to heat. The ground was covered with various carpets and skins, and there was a space in the middle of the tent that was thickly padded with furs. Lienna recognized the spot to be a bed, and a nice one at that. Off to one side was a plain wooden trunk, before which Rya sat, leaning back onto it.

"You coward," Rya spat, "So timid are you that you grovel at the feet of the bear just to escape the fox?" Her voice took on a high, mocking pitch. "Yes, there are no safe places in Drakka, and now we die for your lust."

Lienna glared daggers at Rya, but opted not to respond. Inwardly, a storm raged. A coward? She was surprised Rya could muster those words without laughing at the irony of them coming from her mouth. Still, Lienna couldn't help but be angry at herself. What on earth had come over her? Had it truly been lust? If so, it was not what she'd expected. If not, it had been some sort of adrenaline-fueled haze she'd rather not be clouded by again.

She moved to situate herself more comfortably (her dress had been twisted on the trip) but it wasn't long before the door flap of the tent opened again. This time, the one who stepped through the door was none other than their apparent new "husband".

Rynek looked them over greedily, lust shining in his pale eyes. "Well, don’t my blushing brides look ravishing."

"Ravagers ravishing recklessly,” muttered Rya.

Lienna didn't know what to do. Whatever had clouded her judgement at the choosing ceremony was gone now, replaced by the visceral dread of the weight of her situation crashing down on her. She didn't know what would happen next, there was no way out, and she had dragged an innocent (if slightly mad) girl down with her.

“Well, the real prize first."

He wasted no time crossing the tent to meet Lienna. For an instant she wanted to run, but held fast. Running, she was certain, would only make things worse.

Rynek brought her to her feet with ease, only to apply a similarly minute amount of effort to tearing off her dress.

Lienna took a breath.

"Water always finds a way."
~ /// ~

The tent had no windows, so there was no way of knowing what time of day it was when the onslaught finally ceased and Rynek rolled over to rest, seemingly (hopefully) satisfied.

Lienna, on the other hand, was in much worse condition. Thoroughly exhausted, she collapsed onto the furs and did not move, dead to the world. Her skin stung, much of her was hurting, and she wasn't even confident she could stand and take a step. Never had she experienced such soreness. She could feel a hot flush in some places, surely starting to swell. It was all she could do to heave her next breath. Luckily, exhaustion soon took her and she could do nothing to resist the sleep that gripped her.

Seconds later, it seemed, she was jarred awake by the sound of clashing steel outside of the tent. Managing to crack one eye open, Lienna was relieved to see that there was no immediate danger in the tent. The sounds outside would have bothered her more if she had had, at the moment, any will to live.

In the darkness of the tent, she could just make out a figure by the trunk, rummaging through it. Assuming it was Rya, she watched as she drew something from the trunk and crossed the tent to take up a position by the door. Maybe she was poised to run, Lienna didn't care. She didn't even move, instead electing to close her eyes once more and welcome whatever fate would befall her with open arms.

At some point the sounds of fighting outside ceased, and footsteps neared the door of the tent. Lienna didn't bother to open her eyes, but heard the sickening thud-and-suction sound of something being stabbed - a sound she'd heard many a time back home when hunting.

Whose idea was it to let you play with the sharp objects?

Are you alright little Api? If that scum Lord has harmed you, I promise he has paid dearly for it.

The voice was familiar, but Lienna couldn't place it. If she hadn't known better she'd have assumed that it was her original "husband", but something about that, in her mind, seemed unlikely after he'd given them up without a fight.

Footsteps approached her, and she didn't even bother looking up. “You look like complete shit," came the voice, and of course, she didn't care enough to respond. He was probably right, anyway.

Then something was being wrapped around her and before she knew it, a pair of strong arms scooped her up, a hiss escaping her lips as the hands pressed on her various sore spots. Her eyes fluttered open, but the tent was too dark to make out the face. Realizing she didn't much care who it was, Lienna simply rested her head against his chest and offered no resistance.

Ever ridden a horse before Rya? If not, today is your lucky day. Come along, we’re going home.

Guys holy shit I'm not dead, it may have looked like it but check it out, my heart started beating again.
And my inspiration has been RENEWED!


Bride of Azilon Dantanath @WeepingLiberty, sister-bride to Rya Mire @Ellion
Reacting near Morganna @WeepingLibertyand bitching out Rya @Ellion

So entranced was Lienna by the intruder that she somehow let herself be dragged by the chain around her wrist through the crowd, all the while bobbing and weaving to keep her view as she was escorted along. Some vague chatter of some vague bribe wafted past her, but she didn't register it; someone squeezed her hand, but she wasn't concerned. She was somehow consumed by the appearance of this dangerous stranger, unable to tear her eyes away lest he make a move while her back was turned. It was not until what she could only assume was some kind of imp took her by the hair and pulled her to face a very tall, very imposing female drakkan that she snapped out of her reverie.

The drakkan was the least of Lienna's worries as she came to her senses, eyes wide and face screwed up in a mixture of anger and surprise. She turned not on the drakkan, but on her timid little sister-bride who so boldly took her like a lead. It was then, as she firmly grasped and purposefully separated Rya's hand from her hair, that she remembered what Rya had asked, and what the female had proposed.

Despite being relatively slow to anger, Lienna had quite the potent spiteful streak, and (though it rarely did) it could gather and strike her in little more than a heartbeat. So while it may have come as a surprise to any onlooker, she wasn't altogether out of her element when she turned her burning eyes on Rya instead of the drakkan.

"You coward," she spat, "So timid are you that you grovel at the feet of the bear just to escape the fox?" Her hands were collecting moisture from the air and beginning to steam; her eyes were turning an ever more saturated shade of blue.

@Belle I shall poke salty with fervour!
"Maha'as. Maha'as. Treyu, Treyu, Maha'as."

The low chanting preceded the dawn, but with luck, there would be just enough time. She was almost done.

The light was still low, but luckily the moon was on her side and the dew was still glistening on every surface, meaning her prey could not escape. Usually impossible to spot, the grey light of pre-dawn illuminated the moth white against the black bark beneath it, wings outstretched, waiting for the sun to dry them. It was easily as big as her hand, with a fat, fuzzy body - a perfect morning snack.

In one sudden motion, Linta snatched the moth up by the wing, stuffing it quickly into her pouch lest any of the rest of her catch escape. Finally. It had only taken all night.

"Maha'as, Maha'as. Treyu, Treyu, Maha'as."

The chanting grew louder as more voices joined in, and the first birds began to stir and sing. Pressed for time, she scrambled down the thin tree-top and made her way to the baskets, jumping from branch to swaying branch with urgency. Luckily, she was nearby, and she made it just as the others were beginning to surface above the canopy.

The baskets were set atop the trees, nested tightly in their uppermost branches, with only sky above them. Linta rushed to the one atop her tree, a flurry of motion starkly contrast to the slow approach of her neighbours. Several women had sleeping babies in slings on their backs; elders looked out from their hollows, sending younger climbers up in their stead; there were even some bleary-eyed children, quietly yawning. They all chanted in low voices as they climbed to their baskets to deposit their own offerings.

"Maha'as. Maha'as. Treyu, Treyu, Maha'as."

"Maha'as, Maha'as," Linta whispered breathlessly, in tandem with the rest, "Treyu, Treyu, Maha'as." The chanting grew louder as people made their offerings. She pulled opened the lid of her basket and put her pouch inside, shaking its contents out and quickly - quickly, now - closing the lid. Luckily this time she'd been quick enough, and none of her offerings had managed to escape. The basket lid, woven from the skinny dried leaves of wicker vines, had rather wide gaps between fibres. Still, they'd been constructed carefully, meaning that the gaps were wide enough for the tips of Treyu bills to pass through without issue, but not quite large enough for the offerings within - certain, special insects - to wriggle out.

She wound the closing-cord tightly around the handle of the basket, securing it in place, before retreating and slinking down the tree once more. "Maha'as. Maha'as. Treyu, Treyu, Maha'as."

The chanting softened once more as the offerings were completed, fading into silence just as the chorus of waking birds rose to meet it. With that, the day could begin.

~ / / / ~

The sun was higher in the sky when Linta emerged from her hollow for the second time; not afternoon yet, but well into the morning. Once again she was grateful to her past self for choosing a spot so far from the canopy. In her family's hollow, her eyes would have been stabbed by the light as soon as she emerged, but only a few direct rays managed to reach this far down. Still, she had to blink several times to adjust to the sudden light when she opened her curtain.

Unsteady from sleep, she spent a few minutes sat on the edge of her hollow before heading out. She used the time to observe the activity above her: people walking here and there along the dozens of ropes criss-crossing the trees, or climbing up and down the mighty trunks. She saw people with wide baskets on their heads, children bouncing on slack lines, even a couple whose front-most member kept up the conversation by walking backwards. They all looked strikingly like ants marching along thin branches.

Before leaving, Linta closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The morning chill had not quite gone, she could feel the cold dampness on her skin and the cool air felt clean in her lungs. Distant conversations floated down between the trees like the chattering of birds, punctuated by the occasional shout or shriek of laughter. A gentle breeze whispered through the leaves, caressing every villager with motherly gentleness. The tree itself vibrated near-imperceptibly as people climbed above.

As soon as she opened them, her eyes were pulled down, first to her feet swinging off the hollow's edge, then down, down, endlessly down to where the tree trunks faded into blackness. Unlike the view above, Linta's view below was uninterrupted by tightropes or hollows. Looking down, she could have been the only person in those trees. She'd always been told never to look down, but from the first time she'd done it, she couldn't tear her eyes away.

Newly refreshed, Linta stood up, stretched, and took to the trunk. She'd carved hand and footholds into the wood when she'd started carving out her hollow, but she rarely needed to use them. The bark of these trees was thick and strong, with cracks deep enough to easily hold onto. She had to climb a short distance to reach the first rope, which was the beginning (or end, she supposed) of the criss-cross of lines that connected the village. Once there, she took off across. She had always been faster on the lines than climbing anyway.
Name: Linta of the North Tree
Gender: Female

Race: Tree Person
Height: 5'6
Build: Lithe
Eyes: Dark, saturated green.
Hair: Sandy blonde, falls to waist.
Skin: Medium-fair, speckled in places with moles.

Notable Features: Tail is disproportionately long; tip brushes ground when upright and relaxed. Usually held wrapped loosely around one leg at rest, or hovering behind in motion. Often adorned with cord wrapping, feathers or beads.
Usually wears hair braided, with multiple feathers twisted in.

Occupation: None
Name: Linta of the North Tree
Age: 22, (Brand new adult)

Sex: Female
Race: Tree Person
Height: 5'4
Build: Lithe
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Straw-blonde, reaches waist when loose, mid-back when braided. Almost always worn braided with various feathers braided in.
Tail: Disproportionately long, capable of brushing the ground when standing. Tipped with a tuft of straw-blonde hair, often decorated with cord and feathers. She often holds it wrapped loosely around one leg while standing still.
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