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Current Just learned that Bicycle once made cards for WWII soldiers which had maps printed between the paper layers, revealed if you soaked the cards in water. Cards are so cool!
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@Aelin what kinda little bitch makes their cake WITHOUT mace?
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3 weeks is better than 3 years!
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I love dear ol' Patt! He and I actually share a birthday :D
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That'll be something alright. He was pretty good in Remember Me, but that's not really the same xD
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A now-less-stressed university student who loves to write. Timezone: Atlantic, GMT-4

My memory sucks! Don't be afraid to ping/repeatedly PM me if I’m holding you up.

If you've RP'd with me before, you'll notice that I have a collection of stock characters that I tend to adapt to different universes when needed. You'll also know that I'm not opposed to making new characters; there are just a few stock ones that I love to play ^_^

As for me:
  • Since I'll never remember to update this, my birth year is 1998. Figure out my age from there XD (TL;DR I'm not a minor)
  • As you can see from the symbol by my name, I'm one of the ladyfolk
  • I'm from Canada, specifically Nova Scotia (home of the world's largest non-nuclear explosion, baby!)
  • I'm a university student, and will remain so for the foreseeable future (even longer now since I've decided to shoot for law school)
  • Huge fan of classic literature, fountain pens, fancy stationery and anything that can be done by hand
  • Seriously, anything that can be done by hand. Knitting, embroidery, cross-stitch, anything. My current vice is quilting.

RP wise:
  • I have weaknesses for gladiators, mythical creatures and status/class differences
  • I'm comfortable playing whatever gender/orientation and a wide range of personality types
  • LOVE character and world building
  • Wish I could find a 1x1 that I wouldn't lose interest in (ayy I think I did it)
  • Active in the OOC - I like to know the people I write with! (add me on Discord Obscene#1925)
  • My scratchpad in the character sheet section is where I put my WIPs and reference content. You’re welcome to lurk, but don’t expect it to make sense.

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Slow, but steady!
I think a kinda neat and apt representation of the sort of thing I do with my legacy characters is what the Archer series has been doing the past few seasons. They take the same core characters and tweak them to fit into fun new settings. It's a lot of fun to figure out how you could fit a character into an entirely new setting! The characters are the same people at their core but the setting specific parts of them have changed. It's also a really effective writing exercise and I quite enjoy it. Like, who wouldn't enjoy the challenge of turning a velociraptor trainer from a Jurassic World RP into the alpha of a pack of lycans?

I could understand why some people might not like that or it just doesn't work for them, but I think it's kind of ridiculous to act like there's an objective 'right' or 'wrong' way to create, play, or develop a character. In my opinion, that attitude shows a sort of rigidity that'll impede a writer in the long run.
I have a whole cast of old characters that I have tweaked for different settings. I usually do this when I see an RP that I think one of their personalities (or a few aspects of their personality - more on that later) would fit into well, and I take the core concept of the character and mold it in such a way that it fits the new setting. I still occasionally make new characters if I have a flash of inspiration for them, as well. It really depends on the setting and feel of an RP I'm joining. Whichever way I go, I always know immediately; somehow whenever I see a story that piques my interest I automatically know what sort of character I want to play, and that'll either be a stock character or a new build. I try not to deliberate on my characters too hard; usually whichever way my knee-jerk reaction goes, I follow it.

Now, that being said, I do have one or two characters who I think are actually too well-established in their worlds to be adapted, mostly because it would feel wrong to put them anywhere else. Likewise I have characters who started as stock characters but developed into something different enough that I consider them separate from the character they're based on. (Funnily enough, I have one character who fits into both of these criteria). Usually I find myself adapting old characters more often than making new ones, but I think that's mostly coincidence, since I've done plenty of both recently.

So yeah, for me it's kind of a knee-jerk thing, I do both. I really do like my legacy characters though, since I know them so well, and yet they still offer a new experience in every new setting I put them in. I also quite enjoy the process of adapting them, it's fun to see how set-in-stone traits can apply to new settings (ex. how can I take this character who's a priest in this world and play him in a world where religion is outlawed? How do I represent this set of twins as one character instead of two?).
Planning absolute devastation
@KiwiTime If you're going to play that sort of character you should definitely talk to me about a previously existing relationship between your old man and my character. She's been in Deadware about 5 years and I bet they'd get along!
@MK2 It's explained in the OP, but the gist is that you don't change back and forth, you just slowly change over a number of years until you're more monster than human. A more detailed description is in the first post of this thread.
@KiwiTime Clint Eastwood from Gran Torino? XD

don't mind me it's almost 4am

Aaron nodded his thanks to the professor as the lecture continued, taking a moment to write the title of that book in the margins of his notebook for later reference. He doubted he’d have time to go to the library tonight, but he definitely wanted to read more about his affinity classification. Three Conditionals and one Primary in his family, go figure. And his Ice mage grandmother had been a Secondary. In fact, aside from the Fire mages that popped up every few generations, it seemed like there weren’t a lot of Primaries in the Starag line, from what Aaron could remember.

The mention of requirements for foci piqued Aaron’s interest; his focus was apparently ideal, and his family tradition of using a focus made from one’s Awakening crystal made even more sense in that regard. A durable material with a strong emotional connection to the user, and one that could take the form of almost anything. Still, something about those parameters gave him pause, though he had to think back to Affinity Mastery to realize why. Salem had mentioned that his family used tattoos as their foci, among other things. At the time, Aaron had thought it was genius; it was a focus that couldn’t be separated from him, so he never ran the risk of being magically disarmed. But if something like cloth or even a soft metal was too delicate to be used as a focus, how could a tattoo on flesh stand up to that kind of stress?

Curious, Aaron pulled out his phone, discreetly tapping out a message to Salem before dropping it back in his pocket.

> Hey, your tattoos are your focus right? Are they done in enchanted ink or something?

Beyond that point, the lecture was less novel. Aaron had learned about the Varissean model, at least in basic detail, and he’d learned plenty about Dissonance the first time he’d experienced a mild version of it firsthand, having suffered minor burns and a major lecture after attempting magic without a focus shortly after Awakening. Luckily his link with his magic had been less solid back then, and the kickback hadn’t been too severe. He didn’t know what would happen if he tried something like that again, but he also wasn’t volunteering to find out.

Resonance sounded grisly to say the least, the idea of mages wasting away in a magic-induced high of seemingly limitless power probably enough to keep anyone up during the day. Luckily it probably wouldn’t be something Aaron had to worry about, since from his new understanding he figured his affinity presented as a Secondary, thus eliminating the risk that Primaries faced. He did take a cautious look at Lilie, though, when she asked her question. He had to contain his smirk; she sounded a little disappointed that she couldn’t exercise unlimited power, and it was endearing, if not a little concerning.

The only question Aaron could think of still had to do with Conditionals and foci, and Aaron didn’t want to waste the professor’s time on it if he could find related information in the book that he’d recommended. Besides, Aaron would have to admit he was growing a little antsy, catching himself bouncing his leg and spinning his ring. He’d never been great at staying put, but he figured the reason for his fidgeting at the moment was probably anticipation for the class that came next. As he waited for anyone else to ask their questions, his thoughts kept wandering to the prospect of getting back into the Arena and burning off some energy, already wondering what sort of techniques they’d teach in Self Defence first.
@DoomFlavored Oh yeah, it's almost a universal standard to post sheets in the OOC first, and then only in the Character tab once they're accepted. Different formats of RP like Jump-In can be different, but you don't really see those much.
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