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Current I'm half crazy all for the love of you
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@Tundra it's me, I'm just jealous of your bod
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I was not aware anyone still used twitter
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needs more blackjack and hookers
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sounds like you need your own vc chat, with blackjack and hookers


Current RPs:

A now-less-stressed university student who loves to write. Timezone: Atlantic, GMT-4

My memory sucks! Don't be afraid to ping/repeatedly PM me if Iโ€™m holding you up.

If you've RP'd with me before, you'll notice that I have a collection of stock characters that I tend to adapt to different universes when needed. You'll also know that I'm not opposed to making new characters; there are just a few stock ones that I love to play ^_^

As for me:
  • Since I'll never remember to update this, my birth year is 1998. Figure out my age from there XD (TL;DR I'm not a minor)
  • As you can see from the symbol by my name, I'm one of the ladyfolk
  • I'm from Canada, specifically Nova Scotia (home of the world's largest non-nuclear explosion, baby!)
  • I'm a university student, and will remain so for the foreseeable future (even longer now since I've decided to shoot for law school)
  • Huge fan of classic literature, fountain pens, fancy stationery and anything that can be done by hand
  • Seriously, anything that can be done by hand. Knitting, embroidery, cross-stitch, anything. My current vice is quilting.

RP wise:
  • I have weaknesses for gladiators, mythical creatures and status/class differences
  • I'm comfortable playing whatever gender/orientation and a wide range of personality types
  • LOVE character and world building
  • Wish I could find a 1x1 that I wouldn't lose interest in (ayy I think I did it)
  • Active in the OOC - I like to know the people I write with! (add me on Discord Obscene#1925)
  • My scratchpad in the character sheet section is where I put my WIPs and reference content. Youโ€™re welcome to lurk, but donโ€™t expect it to make sense.

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KingOfTheSkies 7 mos ago
Dolerman 8 mos ago

I was listening to the Zombie Island soundtrack as I was posting my Horror RP. Hope you like it!
Jurassic Weeb 1 yr ago
"Can, open; worms, everywhere!"

Tracyarmav 1 yr ago
I have been instructed to poke thee and demand an invitation to thy Discord... regarding the A Prized Bride reboot. @Obscene Symphony
WilsonTurner 3 yrs ago
You're pretty cool, you know. No one else even recognizes that I made these little animations, but you always acknowledge.

Dream good dreams, mate.
Obscene Symphony 4 yrs ago
The shit is a visitor message
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