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Current Unfortunately posting will slow down from here on out as my studies begin again this year.
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I really hated having my blood taken. And now I have the joy of it being done every damn week!
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Did someone say...[Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]!?
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My tooth hurts so much I might have to knock myself out. >.>
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Get a guard dog. I have two....although the worst they would do is lick an intruder to death...


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Been a member of the old Roleplayer Guild since 2012 - I tend to do more Advanced. My favourite lore is Angelic (you probably couldnt tell by my name!) and Norse mythology. My fave writing genre is sci-fi and fantasy but I like drama, comedy, suspense with a little bit of romance thrown in!

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Victoria leaned against Vail as she got more upset, she cried into her hands and then slowly turned to bury herself in his chest and cry against him instead. She trembled in his grasp. He needed him, more than as just a friend or even a shoulder to cry on. She needed him as a protector. And she wanted him as a lover, no matter how impossible it might be to succeed. She had never been soothed like he had soothed her by gently running his hand up and down her delicate back.

After a few minutes her sobbing had almost ceased to a sniffle. “Vail…” She managed to grasp just enough at the sides of his shirt, though her fingers still weak and shaky. She slowly looked up at him, her eyes reddened with tears and her cheeks wet. “…You’re…serious?” She had to ask and double check what he just snarled. She saw the anger behind his eyes. He was really upset by what she told him. More than he should be. “…Why?” She had to hear it from him, she surmised it was his possessiveness over her blood. But was there more reasoning behind his quiet fury? She’d never seen him like this before. And why didn’t he care about the danger of attempting to kill Spencer? A Wynter no less. He would spur the entire Wynter clan against him and his family? It must be a big enough deal to warrant such a vow of vengeance.

He also mentioned he would end him for this specific act of violence toward Lady Crest. She blinked at him slowly, examining his face carefully. “You would really incur the wrath of the Wynters…for me?” She seemed perplexed, as if she didn’t understand his motivation. Was he really just that addicted to her blood, that he meant that he would kill Spencer for draining her of so much blood to a dangerous level? He was only here for one thing surely – her blood. If she had not seduced him on their previous encounter, then he would not have known such carnal pleasures of her flesh. Perhaps he wanted more, like she did. She knew that she could not stop thinking about that night they laid together. It was the most she had felt alive in her life.
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Victoria could feel his hand on her back. It did bring her out of her reckless flurry. She took a deep breath as he asked her to slow down. His attempt to catch her gaze was met with success as she slowly looked up at him. “Spencer…he….smelled you on me…” She began to explain, her voice started out slightly shaky. “I was so stupid…..he caught me by surprise, I couldn’t….hide it in time.” She continued as she wiped her eyes dry. “H-he…” She couldn’t bring herself to tell Vail what he had done to her. She trembled visibly more, he’d be able to feel it on her back.

She took a deep breath, and gulped and she had to avert her gaze from his mesmerising hazel eyes. “He…” Her voice was but a whimper. “He stripped me….saw the marks and…..he….” She gripped the gun tightly and made it shake more. “The next thing I knew I was…..on the floor…pain surging through me.” She rasped steadily and took a deeper breath. “When I next awoke I was… bed.” She couldn’t quite remember how she got there and had a perplexed expression. She glanced at Vail. The next part was even harder to tell him. She had to admit she was weak and unable to handle herself.

“I couldn’t move.” She decided to explain it from her timeline of recollection. “I noticed…my blood was being…drained. Severely.” She revealed that would explain her body’s weakness and its frailty to the cold. “Then…later….Spencer was there and…..I was……unclothed.” She got shakier as she went on to explain it to him. “He told me….that I was his, my blood was to be enjoyed by the Wynters by the bottle…..and that my body….shouldn’t be marked or branded…especially by a Hygrace. Then he….” She trembled and sniffled. “He tried to……” She put her hand over her mouth, she felt sickened. “…Rape me…” She said it and burst into tears as she couldn’t keep it bottled up. She was still traumatised by that moment. Thank God for Ray’s intervention.
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Victoria shivered under his coat but as soon as his hand had touched her side, she seemed to stop as it brought her some comfort. As he said she wasn’t dreaming, she sighed and almost shed tears but she refrained and shut her eyes tight. Figures. She was still in this hell. She pushed herself up as Vail explained he in fact did come to find her. No doubt he had those cravings for her blood. If that was what he came for he would be sorely disappointed that her blood would not be as easily drawn from lack of it.

He quizzed her why she was out here in the middle of the night. She suddenly remembered everything. She tried to push herself off the seat. “Have to…find weapons…” She dizzily stood up and looked around the lodge. She spotted the crossbow in the corner. Claiming she’d used it for hunting out in the grounds was a good enough story but her mother never came out here anymore anyway. Only she used this space recently. She panted and hobbled to the crossbow. She bent down but it was a lot heavier than usual and she couldn’t even pick it up. “Not safe…” She rambled on then ventured to the box under the table to get her new gun out. She opened the box to reveal the silver bullet arsenal.

She trembled as she picked up the gun, then shut the box so it wouldn’t sting Vail’s senses. She held the gun shakily as she panted for energy. “It’s not safe…for you…here. He’ll be…back soon..” She fell to her knees trying to get the gun barrel open without much grip in her cold fingers. “He knows….Spencer knows about us!” She couldn’t help the tears fall from her eyes and they trickled down her soft cheeks. “He’ll kill you…I won’t…let him….” She sniffled. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing Vail. Not seeing his face, not hearing his voice. He even brought her out from the cold and warmed her up. She hated to admit it, but he was her weakness.

Despite her weakness and the fact she was mere mortal, here she was vowing to protect Vail, a strong vampire capable of protecting himself, because she wanted to. She had to.
In ~Bonsoir~ 3 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
All Victoria could do was murmur in her dazed state of drifting in and out of consciousness. She should not be out in the cold in this condition. She had no idea what was going on by the time Vail had got to her. His voice sounded distant and foggy. She could barely open her eyes. Her body shook constantly in attempts to warm itself. She was now in the danger zone of acquiring hypothermia.

She felt limp in Vail’s arms. As he’d set her down on the chaise lounge seat, she would remain mumbling to herself as if fighting it. Nothing seemed to make sense as she put random words together. “Ger………kill…….blood……….stop…….” She was trying to fight the effects of the cold. Her mind hadn’t given up as much as her frail body had. Vail would need to light the fire, keep candles near her and cover her up with anything he could find, even if that were his own clothing. She needed him now more than she ever did before.

It would take some time for her to come around to any decent state of consciousness. As she did, her vision remained somewhat blurry until she blinked a good few times. She slowly moved a hand up to her pounding head. She looked around slowly and would see Vail was in the room with her. Then she noticed she was in the summer house. She didn’t have the energy to gasp. She didn’t remember getting here. Or sending for him.

“Am I….dreaming…?” She managed to piece a coherent sentence together as she felt the warmth spreading throughout her pale body. She looked over at Vail with her darkened eyes, she really didn’t look healthy like the last time he had seen her. “Did you…come for me?” the last thing she remembered was asking why God had forsaken her. Did he send Vail to her rescue? If he hadn’t gotten to her in time, then perhaps she wouldn’t have made it.
~Varia Crest~

Varia visibly blushed hen Raphael kissed the back of her hand. She didn’t think there was anything special about her noble status. She was just Varia. Not that she was ashamed of her title, but once people knew that about her, it was how they came to define her. Like how most people judge others on professions. If one were to be a doctor or lawyer, it was looked upon as more favourably than a waiter(ess). Why should she let her title or occupation define who she was? Maybe it was a good idea to shed Lady Varia Crest of her heritage and let the girl inside shine. The woman who loved animals and nature, cared about recycling and waste reduction and wanted to make a difference in the world and help save the planet from human consumption.

She nodded at Raphael in agreement when he suggested she could be just another Fragmented here to take a chance. She was taking a big chance, risking everything to be here. Her parents forbade this. Her fiancé would not be too pleased if she were to reunite romantically with someone here and call off the wedding. As he mentioned the dog was beautiful, she concurred. He went on to say that his brother preferred cats. She shrugged. “Some people are cat people, some are dog people. I would say I’m both. I’d love to see his cats whilst I am here. I bet they are just adorable.” She surmised, of course not all cats were nice. Yet the mean cats people owned who hated everyone, always seemed to like Varia for some reason. She attracted them and they liked to cuddle up to her. She never really understood why they had an affinity for her.

All at once, a clicking noise sounded through every guest’s translator, pausing any translations in progress so a monotone female voice could relay a message.

“Good evening. We the staff of The Winds are pleased to inform you that your guest houses are ready for occupation. When you wish to retire, simply speak to an attendant at any door, corridor, or in the gardens, and you will be guided to the house assigned to you. We invite you to take advantage of any and all amenities provided and welcome you warmly to The Winds. Have a pleasant evening.”

Varia turned her head upward to listen to the message. She was having a pleasant time chatting with the host, yet she supposed she should let him go to mingle with all the other guests, there were more than just a few here for his attention. She didn’t wish to hog all his time selfishly. She had to at least make effort with the other Fragmented here, after all one of them could be her soulmate and she was letting them slip through her fingers. “Well, I shall let you go back to the other guests, I’m sure you want to see as many of them as possible.” She would if she were the hostess, which she had done many a time. It was nice to be on the other side of the spectrum occasionally. She gave Raphael a polite courtesy, something seldom seen among commoners. "I bid you a good evening." She almost cringed at herself. Something would have to be done about her over politeness that upper class upbringing gave her. She wasn't likely to fit in here if she kept her posh side up. Maybe she could try some fun slang words or improper grammar to disguise her nobility.

As Varia traversed the ballroom, a yawn escaped her lips. It had been a terribly long day and a fifteen-hour journey to get here. She supposed there would be a chance to mingle with more people at tomorrow’s brunch. She set her empty champagne glass on the bar counter and decided to find the nearest attendant to be escorted to her guest house.
In ~Bonsoir~ 4 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Over those two days, Lady Crest had been laid up in bed recovering from her severe blood drain. She had been so weak that her whole body pretty much filled with pins and needles. She was managing to hobble around the mansion this time. Gerald had ordered the vampire Lord off the premises while she recovered. He had taken four pints of her blood, half of her energy, with him to the Wynter clan to distribute freely like a fine wine. The thought made her sick.

Victoria had been so grateful to Ray for thwarting Spencer’s evil doings. She was beginning to think he wasn’t so bad after all. For a Saint. It didn’t mean she forgave him for bruising her cheek when he butted her with the handle of his pistol. She ventured down the stairs in search of food. She was hungrier than ever trying to make up for the loss of nutrients. She was thirstier due to the dehydration. She was still pale and weak. She shakily took each step slowly and grasped onto the hand rails. She noticed there was a lack of Saints this evening. She looked around as she reached the foot of the stairwell.

“Where’s everyone?” Even Spencer and his cronies had departed. “There has been no Hygrace activity for over a week so the high alert has been reduced to medium for now.” Ray explained as he was sat at the chess table. “Care for a game?” He offered to her as she shook her head. “Maybe later...” Her priority was ravishing a whole roast chicken at this rate. She wandered into the kitchen and asked for some supper. The maidens agreed even though they were due to finish up now and go home, a couple stayed behind to fulfil their Lady’s wishes. The Crest’s had always treated staff well, paid them well above what they were owed and treated them as part of the family. Thankful, Victoria took a seat at the table and waited whilst sipping on water. She avoided any alcohol for the time being and focused on getting healthier and fast so that next time, she will be prepared for the blood drain and to lure Spencer into a false sense of security and finaly finish him off. She’d need to start gathering provisions and an escape plan to run as soon as it was done. She’d take Phillipe far, far, away before the Wynters would ever know that Spencer was dead. Not after making sure Ray and Gerald stayed and protected her mother from their wrath. With any luck, she’ll be long gone with a cold trail.

She pondered where she could go. Then it dawned on her, nowhere on the British Isles were safe. She’d board a ferry at Dover and make her way into mainland Europe for a start. Perhaps she could travel the world. She did want to see more of it. She contemplated this dream. She just didn’t like the idea of going through it all alone. Vail did warn her that there was nowhere she could go he would not hunt her down if she went back on her deal with him. But she couldn’t see him willingly leaving his family behind all for her. Not a chance in hell.

She practically devoured her food and made her way back to the living room. She sat down on the sofa in the living room to join Gerald and Diana’s conversation. They were laughing about some of Alex’s antics, the stories he could tell. Victoria was eager to listen to more all evening long. For hours they reminisced of her father. She began to feel like a part of her was starting to heal.

“Actually, Gerald, there was something I wanted to ask you. I seem to be missing my father’s last journal. It may have been on him the night he was killed. Would you happen to know of its whereabouts? Was it ever recovered by The Order?”

Gerald shook his head. “I don’t believe so. I assume his murderer made off with it.”

“You think Spencer has it?” She leaned in and narrowed her eyes. He shrugged. “Perhaps. If he is indeed the killer.”

“He has to be, it’s all too convenient...” Victoria sighed and folded her arms. “I’ll help you locate it, don’t worry. We will find his killer and make him pay.” Gerald gave her a reassuring nod. She smiled. Good. She believed him. Lady Crest slowly and shakily rose from the chair. “I think I shall retire.” She was sleeping more than fifteen hours each day due to the lack of energy. She couldn’t even leave the house let alone meet Vail anywhere outside.

As she walked to the stairs, something from the corner of her eye caught her attention. She turned her head fully to look over at the coat hanger by the door. Gerald’s coat hung from it and sticking out one of the pockets was a red leather-bound journal with flecks of gold. It looked very similar to Alex’s journals. She couldn’t help but wonder…it was wrong to go looking on a person’s possessions…yet…she had to know. She gently crept over to it and reached into the pocket. She quickly snatched it out and hid it underneath her skirt before taking a while to ascend the stairs. Diana offered her some help half way up which Victoria declined, she was determined to regain her strength on her own.

Closing her bedroom door behind her and locking it. She set the journal on her dresser and sat down to read it underneath a flickering candle. She opened the first page and to her horror, she discovered her father’s writing. As she read on it became clear it was her father’s last journal. She could feel her anger boiling beneath the surface. Gerald had lied to her. Why? It soon became clear when Alex began to write about his suspicions of Gerald’s involvement with the Wynters and Lord Spencer. It stopped half way through with the last entry about going to confront Gerald about it, he just had to find out and would have to turn him into the authorities. She guessed that discussion didn’t end in his favour. Tears dropped from her eyes as she realised Gerald probably killed him, he had his journal, and for good reason. To keep his secret. This deal he made with the Wynter clan that she was now caught up in.

She didn’t know what to do. Her whole world was falling apart. She couldn’t trust anyone. Nobody was who they seemed. Not even Vail had offered her sanctuary because she was a human. She couldn’t rely on anyone to get her out of this mess. Except herself. She gazed up into the mirror. She had found her father’s murderer. And she was going to make him pay dearly. Not only that, he had used her to gain favour of Spencer so The Order would be spared the Wynter Wrath. She waited until everyone had gone to sleep. There was only one Saint remaining on nightwatch and he was falling asleep.

She took this chance to creep down the stairs and to the back door. She needed her weapons from the summer house. She slipped out quietly and didn’t alert anyone. She contemplated taking the horse to the summer house, but she wouldn’t be able to pull herself up onto him. So, she walked slowly into the forest grounds. It was so cold, colder than normal for her. She wasn’t able to keep warm even by the fireplace. With such lack of blood, she couldn’t retain any heat. She shivered as she tried to walk as fast as she could, but her legs were so weak. She pushed herself too hard and she eventually collapsed just short of the lodge. Landing in a soft pile of red and brown leaves of approaching winter. Some had stuck into her hair as she lifted her head weakly. She reached out with one hand to grasp at the floor and drag herself up. Her grip was barely strong enough to grab anything and her arm muscles were even thinner than they were before. With very little strength she struggled and growled in frustration. She started to weep as she felt entirely helpless and hopeless. “God! Why do you forsake me!?” She shouted out in fury and agony. “Was I not a good person?! Do I not try to do the right thing…why do you hate me so….? Please…just…end it all now. I can’t…take anymore…” She gasped for breath as she let her head rest in the leaves as she wept. If she ever made it to her weaponry she might as well do it herself. But no, Gerald needed to die first. Then Spencer. Then she could kill herself if she still wanted.
In ~Bonsoir~ 5 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
No, no, skip away. She'll be bed ridden for a while.
In ~Bonsoir~ 5 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Ray heard the screams coming from Lady Crest’s room. He practically kicked down the door to get to her. He had his guns drawn and as he entered, he saw Lord Spencer about to take advantage of the weakened woman. “Spencer stop it!” He aimed his gun at the vampire, his glare meant business, he wasn’t afraid to pull the trigger and end the Lord right here, spurring the fury of the Wynter clan.

Spencer looked over at Ray with blood red eyes, Victoria was frozen in fear beneath him, eyes wide and staring at the ceiling. Spencer looked like he was about to leap at the Saint, Ray squeezed lightly on the trigger button of the pistol. If Gerald found this, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill him now. He had put up with him far too long, throwing his weight around. Spencer growled in a feral rage, fangs fully extended and bared at the Saint ready to strike. A human had gotten in the way of his pray. He was not pleased. Spencer could rip the entire Order to shreds right now but he knew they could whisk Victoria away somewhere he’d never find her.

He contemplated the risk versus the cost. Ray also had a silver bullet that could pierce his heart no matter how fast he was. He slowly let go of the heiress and calmed himself. He refused to believe he was lowlife vampire feral scum who gave into their emotions. He was smarter than that. He retracted his fangs and got off the girl. He wiped the saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth and glanced at his prey. She shakily grabbed the cover and pulled it over herself to hide her naked form from sight. The adrenaline helped her to gain some energy.

Spencer straightened his jacket. He knew this wasn’t the way to seduce her. Not with anger. He would have to paralyse her with his pheromones when she was a little stronger to hold herself up otherwise she’d only be like a floppy puppet. He sighed and nodded to Ray, composing himself. He didn’t apologise for what he tried to do, he merely stormed out of the room. As he left, Ray kept his gun on him at all times until he left the landing entirely. He then rushed to Victoria’s side. “Are you hurt?” He asked her, she managed to shake her head. She whimpered as her lip quivered. It wasn’t the fact Spencer hit her and threw her across the room, nor that he was draining her blood. It was the fact he had tried to force himself upon her. It was the most unpleasant experience.

Ray shushed her from whimpering, which turned into sobbing. He sighed and looked around, he didn’t know how to handle the emotional woman and so gingerly took her in his arms and cradled her. She cried into his chest as he rocked her gently. She only wished it were Vail comforting her instead.
In ~Bonsoir~ 5 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
He'll have to find out otherwise he will get cravings he cant control if she cant get to him.
In ~Bonsoir~ 5 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Well Lady Crest will be deeply upset herself. And jealous too boot. She wont think she's able to compete with a female vampire.
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