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18 days ago
Current Busy all weekend with family and comic con!
20 days ago
And if you haven't got anything nice to say to people, don't say anything.
22 days ago
Best thing about Thor: Love and Thunder - the screaming goats. So gonna be my text msg sound.
24 days ago
I like the size of your ray gun ;)
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25 days ago
Every single day, I dig a grave, then I sit inside it and wonder if I'll behave.


~Angel Vicky~

Been a member of the old Roleplayer Guild since 2012 - I tend to do more Advanced. My favourite lore is Angelic (you probably couldnt tell by my name!), medieval, Ancient Rome/Greece/Egypt and Norse mythology. My fave writing genre is sci-fi and fantasy but I like drama, comedy, suspense and angst with a bit of romance thrown in!

I tend to do only 1x1 rps nowadays as they are less chaotic with less people, as they say "too many cooks around the pot". Here is my current interest check.

My Hobbies include: roleplaying (obviously!), astronomy, writing poetry, dance electronica music and raving, pets, video gaming, cosplaying.

Most Recent Posts

Looking for some superhero fun - looking for a Captain America (Steve Rogers) for my OC Valkyrie.

Welcome. Want some pizza while I report on your ninja'ing adventures?
Looking for specific anthro rp partners for:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Leo, Raphael or Mikey for my OC or April O'Neil

Biker Mice from Mars - Vinnie for Charley or my OC

Tidied up my IC by grouping all my story ideas into genre groups. It was getting to be a rather long list!
New werewolf ideas up!

Werewolves, vampires and dragons, oh my!
Sorry I am unable to take on anymore roleplays or partners currently.
Looking for a hunky Raphael/Leo from TMNT or a Vinnie from Biker Mice from Mars to play with. Or any other anthromorph beast man to rescue a beautiful human maiden for 18+ mature, gritty romance.
I myself personally love Origins and Odyssey.
Kinda in the mood for a spy thriller, rival spies or FBI versus spy, or rival FBI agents. Enemies turned lovers and very spicy romance.
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