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Current Got a crazy busy week this week with work and studies, replies will be slower unfortunately. Thanks for the patience in advance!
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Will be visiting family all weekend, no replies til late Sunday sorry.
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@JunkMail - what has the moon ever done to you! You want to kick its ass and kill it. Poor Moon. :(
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Having a really chaotic week, unable to post much.
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Know how you feel @Candle. I'm being ghosted too even just checking to see how they are.


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As expected, the Lady’s efforts to fight Caleb off were of no use. Her heart pounded and she panted rapidly as Caleb’s fangs drew nearer to her neck. He could feel his hot breath upon her skin just as the door opened and Vail barked at him. It startled her and caused her body to jump in reaction at the sudden noise. But also, she was filled with immense relief at the same time. As soon as Caleb’s hand was away from her mouth, she began her own onslaught. She may have physical weakness, but her mind was still sharp.

“Don’t you dare come near me again!” She shouted at Caleb as Vail shoved him out the door. Victoria was shaking, she hated feeling so weak and helpless. Tears fell from her eyes, she was so frightened. She thought Caleb was going to drain what was left of her blood and finish her off. She wiped away her tears quickly before Vail returned to her side. She didn’t want to seem pathetic and weak to him. She wanted him to see she was still strong spirited.

Thank God that Vail had returned just in time to stop his cousin. She was trembling when he placed his hand around her back an helped her sit up. She pushed herself up, however her arms were so weak from the burst of adrenaline without much energy in the first place. Humans could be resilient sometimes but only for so long. She quickly took the glass and gulped some water to help calm her down. She gasped for air and looked up at Vail. “Thank you…you keep rescuing me lately. I’m just a burden to you like this.” She sighed and closed her eyes before coughing into her hand.

Her throat was irritated every time she spoke. She then took a long breath. “Don’t apologise for him…” She coughed. “You were like him the first time….” She coughed again. “…You bit me. Remember?” She could understand why Caleb did what he did, even with her sickly blood, it was still alluring to their sense of smell. It wouldn’t have tasted nearly as good, nor invigorated them half as much. He had that same feral look in his eye. “You defied your father too…he told you…to stay away from me…” She coughed a bit more. “But you didn’t.” She tried to chuckle, but it ended in more coughing.
Still looking for dominant male character types.
In ~Bonsoir~ 22 hrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
With her condition as frail as she was, Vail would do well to research more upon the ailments of humans. And in the risk that Victoria may day, it would do him good to research the ancient vampiric rituals that changed humans into vampires if he didn’t want his time with her cut short. She smiled weakly as he squeezed her hand, she didn’t think the Hygrace heir would have fallen for her like this. Yet he did. And she was grateful. He got her out of an awful situation and saved her from the brink of hypothermia.

He seemed confused when she spoke about her possible diagnosis and the need for medication that could help her fight it off. Sure it would make her feel sick and she may struggle to eat whilst on the medication but it was better than organ failure. As long as she kept in taking lots of water. She knew he would oblige her the request. She hadn’t ever seen him eat or drink anything other than her blood, she wondered if they really needed to.

Her cheeks flushed and she felt her heart skip a beat as he planted a delicate kiss to her pale cheek. She still felt that same level of desire, if not more so than when they had fist touched. He just did something to her that she couldn’t describe and it wasn’t just his pheromones taking their effect on her senses. This was something much deeper, what they called being in love. A chemical concoction of hormones and emotional feelings of the mind.

As Vail left to say he would return shortly, she knew he would keep his promise as he had done thus far. So she had nothing to fear and fell back into a light slumber until he returned. She thought she heard the door open and close quietly, she assumed it was Vail returning to her with some water so didn’t need to wake straight away. Her eyelids were too heavy to open, she fought to open them. As she felt the pillow beside her head lower due to pressure, she assumed Vail was peaking over her to check if she were awake. She smiled as she slowly opened her eyes to look at him.

However, it wasn’t Vail. As soon as she focused on Caleb, her body flinched as she gasped. His eyes were feral like Vail’s had been the first time he hunted her down. He indicated her to be quiet as he pressed his hand over her mouth. Her eyebrows furrowed at him to show she didn’t appreciate him leering over her. She was surprised he was so bold to want her sickly blood. Her iron count wasn’t at its highest. With his hand pressed down, she still screamed at the top of her lungs, although muffled. She hadn’t the strength to push him full away, but adrenaline surged through her to kick in the flight or fight response. Her arms both grasped his arm to pull it from her mouth, however futile against his superior strength in her fragile state.
In ~Bonsoir~ 1 day ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Uh oh. Don't know if she could even defend herself from Caleb. Does he have his whole hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming?
In ~Bonsoir~ 2 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
I have yet to see the design but I think my manager knows a thing or two about designing buildings as he is a trained engineer. It never used to get put past the H&S team previously but now it is so we can ensure its safer and not stupidly laid out either!
In ~Bonsoir~ 2 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Victoria looked up weakly as Vail got off the chaise lounge to come to her bedside. Her eyelids appeared heavy. Her eyes were unfocused and slightly glazed over, they no longer had a twinkle behind them that suggested an intelligence that dwelled within. She was tired and weak, more than yesterday. The root cause was Spencer, however Vail’s feed on her last night only accelerated her condition.

She could see the pity in his eyes as he looked her over. Had he never seen a sick human before? It was the same look of how she would look at a sick pet dog. Something smaller, weaker and that relied on her. Vampires were obviously immune to all human disease and infection. A gift most humans would kill for. Who wouldn’t want their life extended, no sickness, always healthy? But for someone like Vail, it may be a curse having lived so long for so little quality and human interactions in society had to be brief. Now she saw a glimpse of fear behind those usually steeled eyes. Fear of losing her to illness. It was always a risk for vampires, probably why they were so discouraged to bond with them.

Peter may have slowed the infection by cleaning the outer wound, but the bacteria had already entered her blood stream and she could even be on the verge of sepsis. As his hand located her hand beneath the blanket, she smiled meekly. She didn’t like to show vulnerability to anyone but to Vail, she didn’t mind so much. She would let him see her in that state and only him. As he asked her the question if he could do anything, she focused hard on his words to understand, then shook her head. She took a breath and coughed into her free hand. Even his father wasn’t able to help unless he was a trained medical professional. Which she wasn’t really sure he was. Vampires had no need for doctors.

Se took a breath to speak. “I-..” She entered a coughing fit that eventually turned into gasping for air. “Need….doctor.” She panted with exhaustion as she felt hot and sweaty but her skin was cold to the touch. She attempted to push away the bed covers and she respirated quickly as if she appeared to be too warm. “Human…Doctor.” She took a few breaths. “I think I….need penicillin.” She pointed to her sore neck. “Might have…sepsis.” She gasped and coughed again. Although there was one thing he could do for her. She looked up at him with ‘puppy dog eyes’ as it were. “Could I….have water…please?” She needed to keep her intake of fluids up. Dehydration would only add to the myriad of medical problems she faced right now.
In ~Bonsoir~ 2 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
No its where I work, someone just commissioned the new building. I think its like £2-4 million cost. Designers are working on it but they'll probably make something unsafe knowing them haha. The Project Designer messed up on the new A level centre building last time. >.>
In ~Bonsoir~ 2 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Oh no just an undergrad part time, so 3 years turns to 6 overall as I work full time.

Well the project sounds a lot of fun. Can you design our new college life sciences building for us too lol? XD
In ~Bonsoir~ 3 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
I only have 5 and a half more years left! Yay lol. XD

What's the final project about?
I had an idea to add to my rp ideas this morning, didn't have time to write it down before leaving the house and then I forgot the idea when I came home. :'(

I think it was sci-fi orientated as I just watched Terminator Dark Fate so it would be two OCs in the newer timeline of that universe. Enhanced humans, good addition!
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