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Anyone remember the Millennium Bug? XD
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Exhausted already from work this week and its only Tuesday... X_x
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Nobody has the right to make anyone feel worthless on this site or anywhere else for that matter. Humans can be mean to each other, but especially now we should be kinder than ever. Ignore them.
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So my dog headbutted me during a cuddle and my nose bled. First time he's done that to me. Love really does hurt!


~Angel Vicky~

Been a member of the old Roleplayer Guild since 2012 - I tend to do more Advanced. My favourite lore is Angelic (you probably couldnt tell by my name!), medieval, Ancient Rome/Egypt and Norse mythology. My fave writing genre is sci-fi and fantasy but I like drama, comedy, suspense and angst with a bit of romance thrown in!

I tend to do only 1x1 rps nowadays as they are less chaotic with less people, as they say "too many cooks around the pot". Here is my current interest check.

My Hobbies include: roleplaying (obviously!), astronomy, writing poetry, dance electronica music and raving, pets, video gaming, cosplaying.

Current Roleplays:

~Bonsoir~ - Victorian era vampire roleplay with Dagger.

If you'd like to get in touch and be friends my discord is: Angel Vicky#0260

I also have a deviant art, though I don't do any artworks anymore: Angel Vicky's Deviant Art Gallery

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In ~Bonsoir~ 4 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Victoria felt Vail’s eyes shift away from her when she hoped the Saints were okay. It seemed he was the pessimist right now and her the optimist. She knew by that shift in his actions that it was bad news and she felt her heart drop a little. What had everyone gone through while she was asleep? She felt guilty for not being there for anyone. But it could not be helped since she was dying and had to be turned.

As Vail came to join her on the seat she smiled weakly at him, he appeared weary in his mental state rather than physical. His eye no longer shined as brightly when she looked into them. His heart was heavy with burden, she could see that and she squeezed his hand softly in return when he stroked hers with his thumb. As soon as he mentioned that her estate wasn’t the only one attacked, she knew it meant his. She knew the Hygrace and the Wynters were enemies in the past.

He searched her eyes for a way to cope with telling her what happened. Reliving it in one’s mind was cruel enough without having to openly recite it. Speaking of atrocities somehow made it seem more real…it dragged up those raw emotions having to go through the pain all over again. Her bright eyes widened even more to seem even brighter but she was in shock. A small gasp escaped her lips as he revealed more than half his clan was murdered. She felt her hands squeezing his all the more, showing that she was there for him in this difficult time. It was still heart wrenching to hear of his family’s tragedy. “Oh no…I am so sorry. If they weren’t after me in the first place, they’d never have attacked your family.” She felt guilty like it was her fault to begin with.

Thank god some of them managed to escape Mikael. The fact Vail escaped unscathed going up against him was nothing short of a miracle. As he leaned forward, she leaned a little more toward him in return. “They’re here?” She wondered why they came with them here. She couldn’t imagine his father wanting them to go with the Crests and Moncouriers. She furrowed her eyebrows as he stated his father was now permanently crippled. Could vampires even be permanently crippled? As Vail frowned, Victoria cupped his cheek gently and caressed his perfect skin, she still couldn’t believe he didn’t feel as cold. His father did not sound himself at all. It was all left to him and his mother.“How is Katherine doing?”She asked as he brushed her lock of hair behind her ear and leaned in to put her forehead against him. She couldn’t imagine his mother was fairing that well with such a heavy burden on her now. “And more are you feeling my love?” She asked and nuzzled her nose against his affectionately. “It cannot be easy seeing your father this way.”
In ~Bonsoir~ 5 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Oh yeah sure. Shall try to post tomorrow.
If any of my partners need to get in touch my discord is: Angel Vicky#0260
In ~Bonsoir~ 5 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
If you need to get in touch my discord is: Angel Vicky#0260
In ~Bonsoir~ 8 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
I'll try to post by the weekend if I get chance.
In ~Bonsoir~ 13 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Haha I hate driving, I didn't even pass my test I was so nervous. I enjoy being the passenger and my bf chauffering me round :P. Delivery drivers are always in demand too.
In ~Bonsoir~ 13 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Make some face masks!
In ~Bonsoir~ 13 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Man I wish mine had that...

Now I only have my final exam to prepare for and then I'll be done this year. Might go to back into work on 1st June if they let me use public transport.

And I hope your job lead goes well. *fingers crossed*
In ~Bonsoir~ 13 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Nothing more embarrassing than submitting the wrong files for my assignment D: Luckily my tutor rang me to let me know so I could submit the right ones.
In ~Bonsoir~ 16 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Diana looked at Varia sadly. “I’m afraid they…didn’t make it here.” She revealed. “We were ambushed as we tried to escape the manor to the carriage...Gerald and Ray stayed behind to cover our escape. I’m not sure what happened to them as we sped away…we haven’t heard from the Saints since we arrived. But your brother is here, safe. Along with Jean-Claude.” Diana sighed as she explained to a disheartened Victoria.

“Oh….I see…well maybe they…survived?” Victoria looked at Diana, trying to keep hope alive in her eyes.

Diana stroked her hair. “Maybe, maybe….” She smiled softly as she inspected her lighter brown strands of hair. Then she looked into her daughter’s amethyst eyes. “You look more stunning…as a vampire.” She had to admit that it was becoming of her. Victoria smiled brighter and her fangs were slightly elongated as the blood in her veins slowly transformed her bone structure to produce stronger teeth. It took Diana back by surprise, she glanced up at Vail. “Well…I’ll leave you to rest and….get used to your new…gifts.” She felt rather uncomfortable and intimidated around those sharper teeth of hers and she wasn’t sure how lustful for blood she would be. “Can I get you anything love?”

“Just some water please.” Victoria asked of her mother, Diana nodded lightly and poured her a glass of water and handed it to her, which she gulped down the whole glass in no time. Diana kissed her on the head and took her leave, leaving Vail and Victoria alone once again. She looked visibly worried about the welfare of her comrades. She looked over at Vail hesitantly. She dreaded what news he brought of his family. She thought she had heard Mikael taunt him about his family before she was hurt. “Vail? Did something bad happen?” She asked him with a concerned tone and her eyebrows furrowed worriedly. She reached out with her hand toward him to gesture to come sit and hold her hand.
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