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Merc’s Of The Not Round Table Part 4

Lunar Veil | Galley


Kinneas meets the crew. Wish him luck!

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

"Well, excuse me for being a bit curious on why the hell a little girl hit me over the head with what feels like was a two-by-four and waking up in the black with a band of apple-loving mercs that are acting like letting their captive wander freely is just part of the day." Kinneas said with clear annoyance as his head throbbed. "Especially when said captive - me - is apparently so dangerous Interpol is interested in me for a crime I didn't commit."

"She didn't hit you on the head …" Vas stated. "... In spite of how hilarious it would have been." He added in a smaller voice.

"Calm yourself Goldielocks. No one said you were a captive but you and the only folk who might think you're dangerous is Interpol." Jago assured Man-Bun.

"She thought I'd shoot her." Kinneas pointed at Serena, instinctively defending his pride while barely managing to not bristle.

"And?" Vas asked, crunching on an apple slice. He wasn't seeing the point of that statement.

“You were putting together a gun,” Serena said defensively, “and the sheriff said you’d sooner shoot me than say hello,” She deepended her voice to mimic the Sheriff and his accent. “And you didn’t say hello, so…” she held her hands out, as if the obvious conclusion was that he’d shoot.

Vas motioned to Serena as if that was perfect justification to think someone might get shot.

"See? Dangerous." Kinneas grinned before finally taking a bite of apple.

“Besides,” Serena offered. “You’re not a captive. It’s just that if you leave right now there’s no atmosphere and you’d be better off waitin’ til we land.”

"What else are you supposed to call someone who is moved somewhere while they're unconscious that they have no way of escaping in the moment if they wanted?" He posed, pausing from chewing the piece he'd bitten and tucked away in his cheek to speak, since they were taking semantics. "It wasn't like I was asked. Kidnapped? By kids. And, their old man."

He gave another barked laugh, finding it hilarious considering what that scene must've looked like.

Unfortunately no one else was laughing.

Serena took half a step behind Vas.

"If you rather then we can just turn back around and drop you at Interpol's feet. Then you can suss out the difference between a rescue and captivity then." Jago offered.

Merc’s Of The Not Round Table Part 1

Lunar Veil | Galley


Kinneas meets the crew. Wish him luck!

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

The remainder of the crew were gathered around the table in the galley laughing and chatting. Vas had smugly claimed his win and was cutting up an apple into slices. He broke out his stash of cinnamon to sprinkle on.

"You think with all that hair it might have softened …" Vas cleared his throat. "... Whatever might have nailed him in the head." He said, chuckling.

"Well he's awake so it couldn't have been too bad. You plan on sharing that or just showing off and forcing us to find it and use it later." Jago asked, eyeing the precious spice.

"Good luck finding it." Vas said with a crooked smile sliding the jar to Jago. "Don't go and use it all either."

Serena had used the tongue depressor to spear the apple like the caramel coated ones she’d gotten at a fair not long ago, taking a break from nibbling now and then for Vas to sprinkle on some cinnamon until Vas gave the jar to Jago. She knew where he hid it, but wild horses couldn’t make her tell. Unless they asked politely. She decided she’d definitely give a talking horse cinnamon if it asked, and in her head, it was perfectly justified.

“Probably with all them romance novels you “don’t read”,” Tim added, throwing in a set of air-quotes for good measure.

"...and no cinnamon for Tim." Vas stated, reaching out to drag the jar back. "Also. I have no idea what you're talking about."

“He means those books you read with the steamy covers and names like “A Week to be Wicked,” Serena clarified, crunching through a bite of apple. “The ones you keep saying aren’t yours.”

Vas tightened the lid on his jar of cinnamon. "That a hint you're looking for something more challenging to read?" He said slowly staring down Serena.

Jago tried to keep a lockdown on his chuckling. He didn't want to be included on growing cinnamon embargo forming.

Serena helped herself to one of Vas’ cinnamon sprinkled apple slices. “Nuh-uh,” she said with a shake of her pigtailed head. “We have no idea what you’re talking about, Tim. “ She added for good measure.

Kinneas watched the exchange from the landing uninterrupted. If it were some sort of long-con, it was a damn good one. The crew’s interaction was casual, like he had witnessed between the miners who would been working the same shifts for ages. They described it as familial, which he had to take their word for given his family life hadn’t been normal for most.

Wakey Wakey Part 5

Lunar Veil | Medbay


Kinneas wakes up on the Lunar Veil. This should go over well.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Yule, @Aalakrys

“And he never had a red apple,” Serena said with a sad shake of her head. “Don’t worry, I’ll change that - stat! That means right away - but I’m not a nurse either.”

"Mild concussion is still a concussion … sweet." Vas said walking off to the galley. "Serena you coming or what?"

“Yep! Before Tim eats them all. You coming Kinneas?” She asked, emphasizing his name. “Do you need someone to help you walk? You can lean on me, I’m a lot stronger than I look.”

"I don't doubt that." Kinneas said, rubbing the knot on his scalp once more. "I think I'm fine to walk, though."

Serena scowled, and her shoulders dropped. “Okay, but I’ll be close in case you change your mind,” She offered.

Somehow, that did not bring him any comfort what-so-ever. Kinneas was determined to stay steady, so that meant taking a little more care than usual since he felt slightly off-balance simply sitting. Though he didn’t think she’d take him up on it, he offered with a reassuring grin: “Go on ahead - I can catch up. You can save me an apple.”

"Why's it every time someone gets stabbed, shot or clunked, this place becomes so damn popular?" Doc's annoyed voice came into the room from behind the punk matched by her equally annoyed expression that he was blocking the doorway to her medbay. She gave Vas a shooing motion for him to step aside so she could make her way to her patient.

"Maybe you should have chosen a less … people oriented profession?" Vas suggested making sure he was out of striking distance before making his comment.

Kinneas found himself silently agreeing with the punk kid as he caught sight of the apparent doctor. Not at all what he had envisioned when he thought ‘doctor.’

"And maybe you should shut yer ass." Doc retorted, giving the ship's hand a side-eye as she passed him. She went straight to work checking on Kinneas. She held the man's head at the temples and slowly rotated it to the left and then to the right as she looked down her nose very thoughtfully at him, taking in any response or reaction. "Fact is", she continued, her tone more thoughtful as she examined her patient, "your guts don't give a rat's pìgu about whether or not my tone hurts your precious fee-fees."

"Don't worry Doc … my fee-fees are fine, we have been long vaccinated to your demeanor." Vas assured the Doctor as she worked. "By now most of us find it endearing. That or one too many shots to the head and none of us know better now. I choose to remain positive.”

Wakey Wakey Part 3

Lunar Veil | Medbay


Kinneas wakes up on the Lunar Veil. This should go over well.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

“I said that too,” Serena agreed. “On account of you’re too pretty to be blowin’ up a mine. The sheriff in Black Burrow didn’t seem to like you too much. I betcha he put the notion in their head. But you’re in the black and safe now, ‘cept for the ghost on account of Tim says the ship is haunted but my Onii says there’s no such thing as ghosts, and since you’re the religious sort, you should be okay.”

The sheriff. That made sense. But something else didn't, at least as far as he could tell. "Why do you keep saying I'm religious, Serena?"

Serena looked confused. “On account of… “ She stopped, and tilted her head to listen.

The sound of boot steps could be heard growing louder as they approached the med bay. "... Maybe she thinks you saw God when you got clocked on the head." Vas snorted. He was tall, and lean with mocha skin and blue eyes and his hair done up in a mohawk. He could have been older but he had a baby face that made him look not much older than Serena.

“That’s my onii, Vas,” Serena reminded him. “It’s easy to spell.” And this is the future Mr. Serena Jat, She told herself.

"Tea's up if you want any. Tim got some nice red apples. A whole bowlful." The punk-looking crew mate said with a bright grin. "Hey and Sleeping Beauty is up. Any vomiting, nausea, blurry vision …" Vas asked.

"So, a nurse." Kinneas said, pointing at the punk with a look to Serena for the answer. "Not the doctor."

"Ta ma de no. I was betting you had a concussion." Vas rolled his eyes as if that should have been obvious.

Serena giggled. “He’s just my onii,” she reminded her future husband. “Tim got red apples, do you want me to bring you one? Can you eat yet? Are you hungry? Do you like red apples? And tea? Course you like tea, everyone likes tea, but do you like red apples?” she questioned, rapid-fire.

"... I am not sure I've ever had one." His first entirely complete lie, and he didn't feel any remorse about it. It was likely he had tried every type of red apple in the entire 'Verse. "But, if the nurse is done with his assessment, I can get one myself?"

"Not a nurse don't give a houzi pigu and you never answered my question so if you fall flat on your face I win ten credits." Vas said dryly crossing his arms
"Someone is betting in my favor." Kinneas grinned, then he admitted: "Dizziness, some. The vision cleared up almost immediately. No nausea."

Enemy Mine Part 5

Silverhold | Barnett Silver Mines


Jagos crew goes in with a plan, what could go wrong.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Yule, @Aalakrys

"Let's be prudent and say it's both." Jago snarked the chatter of his crew in his ear keeping him up to date.

"Either he's farther out or you're in a bad position." Vas huffed as he helped haul Barrnet out of the back of the trailer window, Serena on the other side pushed while he pulled. Seriously, how difficult was it for someone to climb out a gorram window? It was practically a childhood rite of passage! "Just keep us covered till we get the 'em clear and then we can extract Captain." Vas said keeping them on mission as another shot was fired. Thankfully not at them. For now, the pandemonium was working to their advantage.

Barnet fought like a cat trying to avoid a bath. Serena put her shoulder into it. “You’re makin’ this harder than it’s gotta be,” she told him. “We’re the good guys! Or… I mean, we’re the less bad then these guys!” She tried to push at Barnet’s feet to get him through the window.

"Nǐ zhège chòu jīdàn (You rotten egg) Barnett! Suck it in!" Vas hissed trying to lever to man out.

The man’s willingness to admit duplicity, even if caustic, got a short laugh from Kinneas. “Will do. The shooter is up on that ridge. Not an ideal spot. Too far for their skill, and a little too low. Concealment is good though. Don’t suppose you got a rifle under that snazzy hat of yours you managed to keep?”

"Now I'm regretting my choice in hats." Jago snorted. "Though if I know if there is a weapons locker nearby I might be able to call in some cover."

“Imagine that.” Kinneas said as he rocked back on his heels, leaning against the crate to point towards a pallet of crates and boxes similar but much further away. No one had run that way for a reason. “Get your pals to take a shot at the small box over there and we’ll have cloud cover long enough to get to my bunk. The only weapons these guys have don’t have the range we’d need.”

The additional round of fire have Doc what she needed to get a bead on the shooter. She spotted the muzzle flash during her last sweep and focused in on it. "Got 'em", she said into her earpiece, "uhh…3 o'clock from my position?" She wasn't exactly versed in calling out sniper's nests. "Above those damn red barrels by the latrine. I dunno…say, 15 meters up?" she added as she took a shot. The shot went wide right of the shooter, hitting a rock a few feet beside him which shattered off little pieces. Didn't hurt him, but she definitely got his attention. "Aw hell", she said, annoyed at her damned luck.

"Can you at least hit this?" Jago said in his comm painting the indicated box Kinnas had pointed out with a laser pen in a big circle.

"You hired me to save 'em, not send 'em, ya jackass!" Doc retorted, clearly annoyed as she chambered another round. She wheeled the rifle around and leveled it on the small box. "And why in the holy hell am I the only member of this crew that owns a gorram rifle?!" Her list of grievances continued to air as she took the shot, which ate dirt just short of the box. "Oh come on!!" The medic exclaimed.

Enemy Mine Part 3

Silverhold | Barnett Silver Mines


Jagos crew goes in with a plan, what could go wrong.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Yule, @Aalakrys

The group of men that had gathered closer around as discussion - and a few outbursts and passionate remarks - of their rights had rekindled their spirit some. Thankfully, in a more productive way. Kinneas was thinking they had some real, legitimate demands on the list.

And then a silence so sudden, the wake of it was almost jarring. Kinneas looked up from the list he'd watched become filled with scrawled script to see a very imposing figure approaching. He stood up from his relaxed position as other men moved in anticipation of the well-dressed stranger.

The apparent transparency of the man had sent a ripple of uncertainty through the group, only shown in the way a few glanced around to the others. Kinneas remained where he'd been, next to the notetaker, but he did look to Martín Reyes and give a slight nod before his eyes turned to the perimeter.

“We can negotiate,” Reyes agreed, stepping forward when no one else did. “Martín Reyes. I suppose I’m representin’ the miners. The working folk.”

"Nice you meet you Mr. Reyes … can I call you Martin? I'm sure tempers have gotten the best of everyone that led to the current situation but I'm sure not that time and cooled things down, can we sit and talk like civilized folk?" Jago suggested.

“You can call me Martín,” Reyes agreed. “We can be civil, but words just fall on ears that don’t want to listen. “ He slightly turned to some of the other men. “Jackson, Walker, take Barnet in the trailer for safekeeping while Jago and I be civil.”

"I see yo, boys were making a list, why not come along and see what we can work out so we all walk away safe and happy." Jago waved and the Barnet was hauled by a pair of miners to one of the work site trailers.

Vas put away the binoculars. "That's our cue. In, out with none the wiser. Easy peasy."

Serena frowned as the binoculars were taken away. She found it hard to believe someone that pretty could be as bad as the sheriff was making him out to be. “What about Reed?”

“Why don’t you take the list back with you, see what Mulligan’s willin’ to meet,” Reyes retorted.

"That's hardly what's called a negotiation. More like making demands." Jago explained trying to drag out the chatter. "Right now all I'm here for is to negotiate terms for Barnet's release."

Kinneas had been listening as he scanned the perimeter. This negotiator seemed well-versed in keeping a powder keg from going off, artfully diplomatic while keeping an amiable tone. The only issue the sniper had found with the man was how he’d walked on in without any pomp. No display of a ship - hell, even a shuttle - arriving. It was too quiet of an entrance. He was just about to cast that suspicion aside when he noticed a lens flare in the distance.

Perky Perkins

Silverhold | Barnett Silver Mines


The Crew now set firmly on the ground they head into town to get the latest update on the situation.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen

Sheriff Perkins was waiting outside of his office, which, much like the rest of the city, was made of brick and wood, with any glass coated in a thick layer of dirt. He looked every bit the lawman of the west, right down to the tin star he proudly displayed on the breast pocket of his brown and gray trimmed shirt.

“You must be Jago,” he drawled, extending a hand.

“I am.” Jago said accepting the handshake. “You must be Sheriff Perkins. I see things haven't changed much since the news wave.”

“If anything,” he replied after retracting his hand, “the situation escalated itself.”

“That didn’t take long, how bad is it?” Jago asked, thinking they would be dealing with podunk miners with rifles and a liberal sense of dynamite safety.

“Well, we reckoned it was only a matter of time, once we seen Reed roll up into town. He has a way of riling folks up.”

“Reed. He was mentioned in the wave, what's his deal?” Tim had already scrounged information on the man but it was prudent to get the local opinion.

“His deal…” The sheriff said, spitting on the ground for emphasis, “ … is that he’s trouble round these parts, thinks he’s some sort of enforcer, this isn’t his first rodeo working miners into a frenzy. Haven’t been able to prove it yet, but word is he had something to do with an explosion not long ago up at the Cold Creek Mine, lost near a dozen men with the cave in. Now we have it on good authority he’s the one went and took poor Gideon Barnett hostage.”

Serena’s eyes widened.

“So there’s a ransom now?” That was news to the Captain.

“Not yet,” Perkins admitted. “But they’re holding the feller for something. Maybe fer protection, who knows really? But I dealt with Reed before. If he can squeeze money outta somethin’, he’s gonna try. “

“So I guess you and Reed got some history?” Jago prodded.

“Some,” Perkins admitted. “We’ve been on opposite sides of the law for some time now.”

“Any important tidbits you can throw my way about him?” He asked curiously, he figured the sheriff probably had some time with the man and could provide some insight one couldn’t get on a dossier.

“He’s shallow as a kiddie pool.” The sheriff snorted. “Aside from that, there’s not a lot to know. He’s bad news. He’d sooner shoot you than say hello.”

“Well, hopefully, it won’t come to that. My job is just to get Mr. Barnet out whole without turning over a hornet's nest that includes a sniper and angry miners.” Jago reminded him, there was no need for the man to know “If I can do that without a body count I’ll consider that a good day.”

“I’m just saying if his is the body, I’ll consider that a better day,” Perkins scoffed. “Good luck, Mr. Deckard, and on behalf of the citizens of Black Burrow, you have our thanks.”

In Other News

Lunar Veil | Jat’s Bunk


Serena wants a pet, any pet. Vas offers a chicken.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen

“Hey Onii?” Serena asked from her bunk as her brother readied their gear.

“Hmmhmm?” Vas said checking his knives over before putting them back, putting some to the side for sharpening.

“What masks are we checking for?” She asked, leaning her head over the side of the bed.

“Rebreathers. It’s a mine, we don’t know if they got it rigged or something. Plus there also sorts of gas pockets you gotta worry about or worse, some bendan (idiot) turning off the air pump while were doing our thing … you would be surprises how quick carbon dioxide can build up.” Vas explained. “Better safe than dead right.”

“Definitely better. I thought he meant masks like at the temple,” she explained. “I was wondering what they’d be doing in an old mine on Silverhold.”

“Naw, temple masks are for temple work.” Vas reminded.”Who knows, mining silver? No real use in wondering. Less you think it’s relevant to the mission at hand or you're bored.” He chuckled.

“No. Well, maybe. I dunno. Just wondering why they were rioting over. I hope it’s pink diamonds.”

“Pink diamonds are pretty but I think it’s a silver mine. Not that it matters but mining from what I hear is dangerous work. Real dangerous, you can do everything right and the mine can still kill worse sometimes you roll unlucky and never live to your golden year's cuz of whatever sickness you might get from a lifetime underground and bad air. I mean … the poor mules …” Vas tsked shaking his head.

“And canaries,” Serena added. “Onni? If we find a canary in the mine can I keep it?”

“Do you know how to take care of birds?” Vas asked raising an eyebrow.

“What’s to know? You give it food and water and it flies around and sings pretty songs.”

“Lots, birds aren’t like cats or dogs or bunnies. I never own one but they have different needs. You should read up about it, you might find it's not for you. Besides you see a canary in a mine, it’s best to leave it where it is.” Vas said casually continuing the checks.

Serena let her head hang further, her arms following in defeat. Onii was always suggesting she read about something. “Then can I have a cat or dog or bunny since they're easier?” She asked, perking up.

“That's relative and you know it … why are you even asking me. You know this ain’t my ship to be okaying that kind of thing. Where you gonna get food or let it go to the bathroom plus ship ain’t all that big so everyone is going to have to be dealing with a critter running around.” Vas pointed out. “How about next time we're at the Temple we see about getting you a chicken?”

“On account of it won’t be my chicken,” she lamented. “If we had a cat, we wouldn’t have to worry ‘bout ship mice.”

“It would be your chicken, just one we can leave at the Temple. We can see if they got pretty one with fancy feathers and it can lay eggs for you.” Vas said cheerfully. “Besides cat’s like to wander about, what if it wandered into Jago's room?” He asked throwing the Captain under the kitty bus.

“Then there would be no mice in his cabin?” She tried.

“There ain’t no mice in his cabin right now.” Vas joked. “They all know better.” He chuckled. “Learn from the mice, Serena.”

Serena slumped her head again in defeat. “Can I at least name the chicken?” She mumbled.

“It wouldn’t be your chicken if you couldn’t now would it.” Vas said as if it were obvious.
“I’m gonna name it Tim,” she decided, stifling a yawn as she settled back onto her bunk.

“Why Tim? Chickens aren't that annoying.” Vas asked scrunching his nose.

“I know,” she giggled. “It’s on account of it’ll annoy Tim.”

“Yea but why punish the chicken?” Vas laughed.

Serena giggled and rolled over to her side. “G’night, Onii,” she said, still giggling. “G’night Chicken Tim.”

“Tomorrow you're sharpening knives!” Vas added neatening his workspace.

Serena let her head drop back on the pillow, suppressing a grumble. “All right Onii. At least it beats reading, “ she said with disdain.

“We're still doing that tomorrow too.” Vas said under his breath, half hoping this would be the one time she would selectively not hear him.

Serena groaned loudly and covered her head with the pillow.

Table Talk Part 2

Lunar Veil | Galley


The Skye and the crew chill out and hang expecting an easy hop to the next planet.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Yule

“There’s peanut butter and crackers,” Tim offered. “Protein paste, some freeze-dried ready-to-eat … go on and open a can of something."

Isaac's shoulders slumped and his head hung below the fridge door as he whined. "But the last ship had cake." he groused.

"This is a Firefly, not a Five-Star restaurant." Tim reminded him with a cocked eyebrow.

Isaac sighed in resignation as visions of fancy eats fluttered tantalizingly out of his reach. "Peanut butter and crackers, please," he requested, defeated.

"I guess the magic just ran out." Mathias said with a shrug.

"What bullshittery are we talking about now?" Vas asked, going to the stove to make a round of tea.

Isaac didn't have the heart to explain to Vas the delicacies he wouldn't be having again any time soon as he gave a sad nod to the pilot in thanks, gathered up his snack and brought it to the table, finding himself a seat.

Serena took a breath in and recanted the conversation. “Mathias is magic, and since magic is real, ghosts are real and he can’t saw Tim in half but you can only then you can’t put him back together and his butt would haunt me, and Isaac was hungry but not for space food ‘cept peanut butter and crackers and it looks like Doc Pritchard got a hold of him and his hickeys.”

"You remember the last time you all brought on this nonsense?" Vas said with an arched eyebrow.

"No but I am genuinely curious now …" Mathais said with a broad grin and steepled fingers.

"Well, turns out their medic *really* likes using this stingy orange stuff." Isaac answered Mathias, his mouth full of crackers and peanut butter. "She even has a special sponge on a stick that she slathers it on with!"

Boots in the Air

Greenleaf | Khao Yai


A last-minute job and a surprise visit with old friends.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen

“I found them standing on the side of the road,” Tim kidded. “Hitch-hiking. Was gonna leave ‘em stranded there, but figured what the hell.”

“Hey Brav long time no see ne?” The tall man with reddish hair waved. “Poplap, getting taller every time we see ya.” He complimented Serena as he worked to unload their bags.

“Lekker!” Serena giggled happily. I knew I was growing taller! The teen greeted Mathias with a wave. “Hiya Cyd. Heyyy Isaac.”

“While I am all for happy reunions we do have a timetable to keep so unless you like the humidity … were are dusting off in a short.” Jago said. “Or stand there and watch as we leave y’all behind. Chop Chop ladies.” He said more urgently to hurry his crew along.

“You, me, Majong! Tonight!” Vas called back as he padded inside with the Doc.
“It’s nice to see some things don’t change.” Mathias chuckled.

“C’mon,” Serena said, linking her arm through Isaac’s crooked elbow. She eyed his dozen hickeys warily. “Let’s get you squared away. We can catch up once the Lunar Veil puts her boots in the air.”

Cyd didn’t breathe a sigh of relief until the cargo bay door shut, and Tim Casey had them back in the black.

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