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Hey, hi, I'm MK, and I'm a roleplayer so, this looks like the right place! I love to GM, kick plots around and talk character concepts. I'm a collaborative writer at heart, and I like a lot of different genres. I'm into Sci-Fi to Supernatural, Avengers to Apocalypse, Wizards to Westerns, Zombies to Zootopia. Not really Zootopia. I panicked and needed something that started with a Z for alliteration. Nothing against Zootopia - I'm more an Emperor's New Groove sort. Cyberpunk is up there too. I'm a gamer - a PC Gamer, we're like the vegans of the gaming world. I quote movies. I binge Netflix. I hang out with my dog. I have a lot of different interests, but I'm not afraid to do research - I'll gladly write anywhere with engaging characters and plotlines.

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Table Talk Part 3

Lunar Veil | Galley


The Skye and the crew chill out and hang expecting an easy hop to the next planet.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Yule

“It’s true,” Serena agreed with a nod. “You do not wanna go to the med bay ‘less you absolutely have to on account of it’s not safe. Everything there is sharp, pinchy, or stings.”

"Not what I was talking about …" Mathais chuckled.

"Yea we long stopped wondering how you keep doing … this … " Vas said, waving at the whole of Isaac, "... to yourself."

"Let's be honest this isn't even the worst." Mathias pointed out.

For a moment Isaac considered being offended, but then simply shrugged in agreement and prepared another cracker.

“Definitely not the worst,” Cyd added, joining the party in the galley, helping herself to the cracker Isaac had just meticulously spread peanut butter on. “Did you have Doc take a look at that hand yet?” She asked Mathias, raising an eyebrow.

"The one we just finished talking about that has nothing in her place isn't sharp, pinchy, or stings?" Mathias asked innocently.

"She only amputates when absolutely necessary," Vas assured pouring hot water into his mug to let his tea brew.

“Are we sure about that, Onii?” Serena asked warily.

"No." Vas said with a shrug.

"Oooooohhhh!" Isaac turned to Mathias, his eyes widened as he hatched what he presumed was a brilliant idea. "If she has to cut off your hand, we should totally pickle it and say it's a cursed monkey's paw and sell tickets!"

Mathias turned to Cyd. "What's safe to throw at his head."

Cyd gave her twin a wry look. “What if it makes him worse?”

"Oh, we have long passed worse." Mathias chortled.

Familiar Faces, Going Places

The Black

Just After Noon

Vas catches up with an old friend

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen

The click of lighter and the whiff of cloves crossed Cyd’s nose. “There’s always work to do.” Vas said exhaling a puff of smoke. “Want one?” He offered.

“Ja, cuz,” the girl said with a nod, helping herself to the one the punk smoked, grabbing his wrist so he held the burning cloves as she took a long inhale. Vas looked the same as always, just maybe a little more filled out, no more scrawny street rat. He had the same babyish face which was a stark contrast to the mohawked hairstyle he favored, but, Cyd noted, it worked for him. His mocha skin was a shade darker, kissed by the sun, most likely.

She exhaled. The cloves were sweet and warm, comforting as a blanket fresh pulled from the dryer. The Lunar Veil just felt like home. Even though she knew it wasn’t a long stay, it was a welcome respite to be back in their element with like-minded skollies.

“How are you guys really though, you look … stressed.” Vas prodded. Outside of the Temple there was only Serena so having an impromptu run-in with his ‘cousins’ was often a comfort. Less reason to be on guard. More reason to relax. They were as close to family as it could get.

“More stressed than the first time we met?” Cyd teased, taking the cigarette from him for another inhale of cloves. “Long job. Merch is hot, buyer backed out, baddies closing in,” Cyd confessed with a shake of her head. “But cuz, we just got back, I don’t want to waste what time I have here being negative. I’ll figure it out. How about you, all been lekker?”

Vas snorted. “It’s all good, the job ain’t easy and I know there is hardly ever anyone to talk about the nitty-gritty with. It’s been as good as it can be, it’s been more about Serena than me but that never stops them from throwing jobs my way. At least you're not in a mask and armor every time rain or shine.” The punk smiled taking in a long drag of a new clove cig.

“No,” Cyd agreed with a chuckle, “You have a point, but at least you didn’t have to share space with Mathias and Isaac." She giggled about the close quarters. "Truth be told, I’d have gone crazy without the sibs,” Cyd admitted. “Glad you two have each other. “

"Me too but seriously who would have thunk it." Vas gave a wry smile exhaling a cloud of scented smoke. "Me with an apprentice."

“Apprentice,” she repeated with a nod and a quirked eyebrow, “Noticed she calls you onii now - that’s … new. Brother, aweh?”

Vas stiffened ear ringing pink. "It was her idea … and … just happened …" The assassin fumbled. " … It's not that big of a deal …" He said trying to minimize it.

“It’s good, it’s good,” she assured him, “I don’t usually say this,” she lowered her voice and glanced in both directions, conspiring. “We adopted one of my sibs. Shhhhhh.” She pressed a finger to her lips in an exaggerated fashion, before taking another drag. “It’s like they say - family don’t start or end in blood.”

"Mathias is adopted!" Vas joked with fake astonishment. "Can't say I'm too shocked."

“The height gives him away,” Cyd teased back.

That got a laugh out of the punk. “Well, you’re on the LV now, we got your back so that's at least one worry you don’t need to carry around. You hungry? I assure it’s nothing I cooked.” Vas assured.

“I know the sibs will be, Cuz,” Cyd said, bumping her shoulder into his arm. “I’ll catch up. Something I need to take care of first.”

"Arrite don't be too long Cuz. Tea 'ell get cold otherwise." Vas said finishing his smoke before ambling back into the galley.

“I’ll be along,” she promised. “Save me a cookie, I know you baked! The whole ship smells like warm vanilla.”

"I'll get my sword." Vas joked as turn the corner. "Fend off the black holes you call siblings." To be fair, the boys were hungry creatures. He would know he was one of them

Cyd smiled and shook her head, disappearing into the closet-sized room allotted to her for the trip. What the Lunar Veil lacked in luxury, she made up for in charm and familiarity that Cyd felt welcoming. Plus, the room decidedly did not smell like cheese puffs, dagga smoke and boy. She pulled the Personal Encyclopedia (PREN) tablet from her pocket and sat down on the bed. “Let’s hope for a good signal,” she said to no one in particular as she deleted some unneeded files from her device. “And then make a call.”

Welcome Welcome, Aalakrys!!!

Captain's Rules

Greenleaf | Khao Yai

Just about Noon

A rundown of what Deckard looks for when it comes to crew

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen

"No robots. No unattended children. No attended children. No one under the age of 18, 'cept me on account of I’m Grandfather clocked.” Serena began in a sing-song voice.

“Grandfather claused,” Jago corrected, not bothering to go into an explanation.

“Grandfather claused,” she corrected as she checked her nails. They were perhaps a bit too short from a nervous chewing habit, but nothing at all like old man claws. Jago himself wasn’t a fan of children, while he didn’t actively dislike them, he actively disliked being around them, but Serena came as a package deal with Vas Jat, and he- the Captain noted - had come in useful more than once. The Captain liked Vas, and Serena desperately wanted the Captain to like her too, but truth be told, she probably sparked the no-kid rule addition to the list. “No one moonbrained,” she continued. “No Preachers unless they leave their preaching at the port. No 'fanciable folk' who act like they never stunk up a latrine.”

"Exceptions?" He quizzed, crossing his arms.

“Nuh-uh,” Serena said, wagging a finger. “Trick question. Captains don’t make exceptions. No fanciable folk at all on account of they give you a rash.” She flashed him a smile, which Jago pointedly did not return."No passengers 'less there's exo .. exe... special circumstances. No purple-bellied Alliance soldiers on account of they bring trouble. No one Tim slept with and or married in a drunken stupor on account of they bring more trouble."

"Anything else?

Serena’s white tennis shoe kicked at the ground as her face scrunched up into a frown. "No gorram pets," She recited sadness in her voice.

"That one's on you." Jago reminded her. "What kind of Sha Gwa don't know a polecat's just another name for a skunk?"

"This kind.” Serena jerked a thumb towards herself, her voice pitching in a way that made Jago’s skin crawl. “I still think the ship needs a kitten, please?”

“Add no whiners to the list,” Jago snapped, wondering what was taking Tim and the new charges so gorram long.

“And no whiners,” Serena repeated as her brow furrowed, mentally adding that to the list. Something always got added to the list when she was with Jago. Always.

>wonders where we got the giant shears?<
So long, and thanks for all the fish…. sticks.

The Galley, Lost track of time

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen @Yule

Cyd’s cortex rang just as Mathias put the first pieces of bacon in the preheating pan. He swears that keeps it from shrinking, and at the prices of actual pork bacon, there wasn’t a carnivorous soul who could blame him. Isaac salivated at the first sound of sizzling, the sweet maple scent wafting through to his nose. The youngest Skye sibling all but floated through the air with hearts on his eyes like a Saturday morning cartoon dog.

Cyd actually hoped it was one of Isaac’s female friends, even though the pit of her stomach, churning with anticipation of breakfast, she knew it wouldn’t be. Not after the last message.

You’ve been compromised. They were careful, but apparently not careful enough. Shit had gone sideways, fast, and the siblings always knew this could be a possibility, a probability, even if she hoped for a different outcome. “Whatever the ship’s vrot – ” she said half-heartedly, letting the words hang.

Mathias nodded understandably and took the frypan off the stove. It was time to go. Isaac’s bottom lip practically quivered.

“But… the bacon!” he lamented.

“I’ll miss the food too,” Mathias said, tousling the boy’s hair. Isaac playfully slapped his hands away.

The Skye’s were packed long before anyone else arrived in the galley. Cyd took one last look around the China Doll’s shuttle. It’d only been home for a few days, but it was pretty nice, she thought, while it lasted. She took the sign welcoming the crew in from the cold as a memento and made sure the dongle was safely tucked in her pocket.

Mathias nudged her shoulder and ticked his head towards the door. “Time?” He asked.

“It’s time,” she confirmed.

“Are we leaving all the fish sticks?” Isaac asked, his eyes wide.

"What are we going to do with a dozen boxes of fish sticks?" Cyd chuckled. “It's kind of like payment. We never did find anyone to take rent."

Wish you all the best, China Doll.

You Bellowed?

The Galley, Sometime morningish, Greenleaf Day 4

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen @Yule

“It’s hard to say,” Cyd chuffed, giving another dejected look to the cortex. “It all depends on our next destination. Pen didn’t say where we were headed, and I don’t want to trip anything up jacking into the navigation system. I can ask her when she gets back from this meet-up with her Dad.”

“You would think someone would give us a head up on where the ship was gorram heading.” Mathias groused. “When is Pen anyway? I didn’t hear any flitting and I didn’t smell any patchouli and I’m pretty sure we take off soon.” He pointed out rolling a coin between his fingers. “Kinda need a pilot for that.”

"Pen, Pen, Pen." Isaac rolled his eyes as he came out from behind the dressing curtain the trio set up in the shuttle. "Ever since this whole…" he waved his hand trying to think of the word, "puma thing…or-" He paused, not feeling like that was right. "Or...Dad? I dunno, that night was fuzzy. Point is, she's all you guys talk about ever since." he griped.

“One day you’ll learn to appreciate it when you meet folk that don’t talk down at you like kak on the bottom of their boot, or with suspicion for no reason other than you exist. She is nice to us. I respect that.” Mathias explained.

"Great, can we meet those folk after breakfast? I'm starving!" The youngest Skye whined.

“Attention, all hands, and passengers. This is the First Mate. The Captain’s called for a meeting, fifteen minutes from now, in the galley. Be there.”

"But breakfast!" Isaac gasped in dismay, seeing his dream of waffles, sausage, and strawberry shortcake evaporated before his eyes.

“Do we spoil him? I feel like we spoil him …” Mathias chuckled looking to his twin.

“Ja nee,” Cyd said with a wry grin. “We spoil him. Breakfast is one of your four favorite meals of the day, Yobo. Is everyone presentable?” She eyed over the sibs. Isaac looked like he’d gone one-on-one with a Python, like anyone not from Greenleaf would believe that. And Mathias - she’d rewrapped his hand that morning, the eggshell membrane was working its magic but it’d still need time to heal up.

“By presentable do you mean no one in this room smells like sex, vomit, or puma piss then yes … we are presentable.” Mathias nodded.

"Keepin' the the bar loooooow!" Isaac concurred with pride as he slid his flat palm outwards in a smooth motion.

Cyd sniffed the air just to make sure, grimacing, then deciding it wasn’t bad, it was just boy. She nodded in approval. “Lekker. Let’s see what’s bosbefok, and get Isaac something to eat. Maybe it’s about the next hop, so we can firm up the job,” she added hopefully as she slipped the datapad into her thigh pocket for safekeeping.

Mathias stood up stretching. “Wonder why they're calling everyone together. You don’t think it has anything to do with the shit they tossed overboard, the dead fed, or the crazy chick who chucked herself in the middle of the ocean during a raging storm? No, I doubt it … nothing weird on this ship … like it never happened, right?” He snorted. “I bet the Captain’s mobbed up. He has to be.”

Isaac's mouth dropped open. "Oh my gawd….that would make so much sense." He whispered in astonishment.

“Right!?” Mathias said mussing Isaac’s hair.

"He is far too good looking to be mobbed up," Cyd insisted. And who among them wasn't a little skelm?

The trio piled into the galley and found it empty at the moment.

“Guess we're the first ones here. Who wants bacon!” Mathias said, arming himself with a skillet.

Isaac's hand was first to jut into the air as he waved it frantically to ensure his brother would see.
Do bop she doo

Greenleaf docks, late late late night day three

Cyd gingerly checked on the boys, who were both still sound asleep with little interest in rousing. They both groaned and protested, Mathias covering his head with Isaac’s pillow, Isaac covering his head with... Cyd briefly wondered where THAT came from. Kari, maybe? She shook her head. It definitely wasn't hers. Days and nights sometimes got a little jumbled when you’re hoog op. She managed to get some downtime sleep in after a brief exchange with the pilot and a quick cup of coffee to take the edge off. Now, hours later, sleep once again wanted to stay just out of reach, and Cyd briefly wondered how the pilot was holding up... How the pilot's pop was holding up. That had to be a shock. She hummed a few bars of Still Alive. Music. That's what was missing, She scrolled, looking for something appropriate for exploration.

The ship was quiet. “Toooo quiet,” Cyd whispered to herself, followed by a short, mischievous giggle that echoed in the cargo bay. She’d seen one or two other passengers milling around, but the entire crew had been gone unless you counted SAMANTHA. Cyd slid the length of the railing, before spinning on her toes, mulling over the benefits of being left on a ship nearly alone. Lookie, lookie. Big old empty ship at large. Lekker. Calf muscles be damned.

Thinking about it, Cyd did, in fact, count Sam, not really as a crew member, but more as a digital watchdog. All zeroes and ones, and bright, beautiful code begging to be looked at, but the next-hop should provide a bit of keyboard tap-tap time. Corridors and hallways! The rest of the crew were out and about. Pen, she knew, was visiting her father and explaining she wasn’t dead, which could take hours or minutes, depending on his reaction. Ladders and hatches! The rest of them, she’d heard had gone out to a kitsch bar, some treehouse tourist trap. Normally it would be the sort of thing she’d have pressed for. Pirate’s Cove, the Jungle Cruise tour, kitsch made the best photo ops. Bins and Boxes! But, Greenleaf photos had already been taken and sent, they were present and accounted for, so there wasn’t a real need for more, and the boys did need a little rest and recovery. Isaac was still banged up with snake hickies, riding the crash of his party favors, and Mathias’ gashed and bandaged hand wasn’t ideal for making bunny ears in photos. Catwalks and stairwells!

She scowled when the cortex rang out with a new message, cursing Isaac and his willingness to give out her number for waves until she saw the sender and subject line. It was enough to take the wind from her sails, and reluctantly she hopped down from the galley table to scroll the rest of the wave. Her shoulders dropped and she let out a puff of air, switching off the music in her headphones. “I know, I know.” Cyd said to no one in particular, filling a glass half full with water to take back to the shuttle. The sun would be coming up soon anyway. People were due to get back. She looked forward to seeing how everything went with the pilot and her papa, but that too would have to wait.

It was time to wake up the boys. “We got work to do.”
Peace Be Your Journey

Greenleaf Late Morning/Early Afternoon

OOC: JP between @Aalakrys, @MK Blitzen

Cyd kept her eyes closed. At 125 beats per minute, the repetitive melody meant to quiet her brain just wasn’t keeping up. The hot shower may have washed away the smeared make-up and tangled schlock of hair, but as Isaac snored and Mathias slept soundly, her thoughts were still stuck in overdrive.

Breathe. Four, Seven, Eight. Inhale four seconds, Hold for seven, exhale for eight. Repeat. Focus on breathing, let everything else go, simple in theory, but sometimes ‘things’ just wouldn’t leave! Inhale 3-4 Why won’t the encryption work? Hold. 2-3-4 Try the key again. 5-6-7 What is with Sam and Plan B? Exhale 3-4-5. What’s the next job going to be? 6-7-8. Repeat. What if Mathias’ hand gets infected? Inhale 3-4 Did I re-bandage it well enough? Hold 2-3-4 Where is the next job? 5-6-7 Plan B.Exhale 3-4-5. Mathias.6-7-8. Repeat. Isaac. Inhale 3-4 Gunshot. Hold. 2-3-4[ Encryption. 5-6-7 Microchips. Exhale 3-4-5 Plan B. 6-7-8. Repeat. Why this ship? Inhale. Waving cats. Hold. The fed. Exhale. Why is no one looking for the fed that was gunned down? Inhale Pen. Hold. Mathias could get caught. Exhale. Isaac’s broken heart. Inhale. 53R3N1TY Hold. The next job. Exhale. Repeat. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Plan B. Cyd’s eyes snapped back open. Sleep was being an elusive little prick. Coffee. Maybe coffee would help slow things down. There was always coffee.

“Padikos,” she whispered to her older brother when he stirred as she got up, indicating she was hungry. He mumbled something about bobotie as she pulled on a button up over her tank. Even conditioned air was lank hot on Greenleaf. “Ja, nee,” she replied, patting his arm reassuringly before slipping out of the shuttle.

Feeling refreshed after a shower that scrubbed away the sweat, remnants of paint, and jungle from her body, Penelope felt much lighter. As if all the sins of her past had been washed away with the clarity and certainty her father's words had given her. Another option than what she thought possible - what she'd not allowed herself to consider a possibility. She was just about the most cheerful picture carrying a bundle of laundry tied up in her sheets and thrown over her shoulder.

Once it was deposited, she was dressed for the weather outdoors and there she'd go. Her last day home would fully be enjoyed. At home.

Just as she crossed from the galley to the catwalk, however, Cyd was coming from the shuttle the siblings rented out. Penelope's smile brightened. "Mornin' - or afternoon, as it is. Seems we got separated last night."

“Howzit?!” Cyd greeted, slightly startled. “Sorry, that happens, lank crowded, oweh? Did you have fun though? Trade kandi?”

"I must've … things are a little fuzzy, if I'm honest. Got back in one piece though, and then some." She pulled another stray leaf from the bundle that she'd brung 'round her shoulder and rested by her foot, flashing it to Cyd with a more sheepish turn to her smile. Really, her brain still felt wobbly, like it was sloshing around this way and that. "How about you and the fellas?"

Cyd smiled and nodded. “They’re ibhabalazi,” she explained, putting prayer hands to her cheek as she tilted her head, indicating they were sleeping it off. “The DJ was lekker, he had insane drops. I hope you tag to the next one, good time for all.”

Penelope recalled the way the alcohol she'd started off with made the music curve and flow around her. There had been plenty of faceless dance partners to enjoy it with. Flashes of lights and sound captured a few moments of the night in memory, but once she tasted the first 'kandi' trade someone placed on her tongue, that's when things took on a more streaked and hazed color of rainbows across the night. Thankfully, this open invitation meant she hadn't done anything too out-there. "I just might."

There was a more appreciative turn to her soft smile a beat before she looked as if something just occurred to her. It wasn't a recollection that told her one way or another if she'd gotten more than friendly with the pretty lady before her, which had crossed her mind enough to warrant a worry, but rather that there was something special for Cyd and her brothers in her bag. Just before going to rummage in her bag with her free hand, she had given the universal 'one sec' gesture. Her fingers found purchase on the neck of a long bottle and she pulled the faux glass free. "Here, this is for you and your brothers. Thanks for having me along for'a good time."

"It's pure water, from the crystal clears further in the jungle here on Greenleaf. If you chill it, it's the most refreshin'." Penelope said as she handed the resealed bright blue bottle, chosen as a slight hommage to who she was handing it to. The surface was bare except coordinates written where a label could have been.

“Shot, mate!” Cyd exclaimed. “Err… I mean, thanks, thank you.” She couldn’t wait to share it with the boys. She took a moment to admire the bottle. Reusable! At least Greenleaf learned from the Earth that was! “I love the container! One of my favorite colors. No gifts needed though, oweh? Your company is enough. Wish I had more of it at the rave. I saw you ducked out. I know it can be loud, and crowded, and sometimes people get handsy.”

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