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Hey, hi, I'm MK, and I'm a roleplayer so, this looks like the right place! I love to GM, kick plots around and talk character concepts. I'm a collaborative writer at heart, and I like a lot of different genres. I'm into Sci-Fi to Supernatural, Avengers to Apocalypse, Wizards to Westerns, Zombies to Zootopia. Not really Zootopia. I panicked and needed something that started with a Z for alliteration. Nothing against Zootopia - I'm more an Emperor's New Groove sort. Cyberpunk is up there too. I'm a gamer - a PC Gamer, we're like the vegans of the gaming world. I quote movies. I binge Netflix. I hang out with my dog. I have a lot of different interests, but I'm not afraid to do research - I'll gladly write anywhere with engaging characters and plotlines.

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I'm a pretty big SPN fan. Would you be open to a small group, as I know another pretty big SPN fan, or are you looking strictly for 1X1?
Shared Space Part 4

Lunar Veil | Cargo Bay


Kinneas adjusts to his situation.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

Vas wrinkled his nose at pet name and then frowned at the adult flirting with his teenage sister as if he needed further confirmation Goldilocks was a creep. "Bleeders or Pilots?" He asked, casually tossing a wood knife at Serena to catch.

“It’s a wood knife,” Serena said pragmatically holding it up for Kinneas to see. “No blood. Just splinters.”

"Anything can make someone bleed if you try hard enough." Kinneas said after giving the wooden blade a once over before turning his attention back to the bar above him.

Vas gave the peacock a flat look, noting how his question was brushed off. "You gonna stand there all moon brained cuz if you are …" Vas said to Serena letting his threat hang.

Serena’s cheeks turned red with embarrassment at Vas’ comment, but she knew his tone well enough to refocus on the task at hand, trailing after him. “See ya later Kinneas,” she said brightly, ignoring the pilot.

Kinneas gave a short flick of his wrist after setting the bar back. He looked over to Tim, stage whispering as he watched the pair begin their training. "What's their deal? The kid - Pigtails - said they're siblings, but not or something? That was a really hazy first day, and she wasn't helping with her chattering." He rubbed at his head, a phantom of a dull ache beneath his fingertips. "And they are… knife fighters? Circus act?" He chuckled at the idea of Vas’ expression in regards to spandex would look like.

“He belongs to some temple, as far as she tells it, monks of some sort.” Tim explained, letting himself slide off the back of the treadmill for a water break. .”They go back whenever we’re near Lilac. He’s either showing her the ropes, or maybe just a little zealous, wants to make sure she can take care of herself, because the verse isn’t exactly a forgiving place. I figure war orphans, there’s plenty of ‘em out there, sticking together, I’m not 100% sure on that, it hasn’t much come up. The both of ‘em sometimes go off, do their own thing, Jago don’t much mind if you want to freelance as long as you don’t track shit in with you. You know?” He tossed a towel over to Kinneas, picking up his own as well.

"Trying to lift my spirits with that last bit after the sad orphan story?" Kinneas smirked after catching the towel just as he sat up. "I've already tracked more than my fair share while unconscious so I can't really say it's a good time to tempt fate, and Fox is the only one who knows where I am." He rubbed at his forehead and neck with the towel, speaking speculatively again as if mulling it over and still coming to terms. He looked up with a smirk though. "I'm back on that companion idea - or the off-brand one anyway. Could find out if any big to-dos are going on and see if anyone needs an escort. Figure everyone needs company for those shindigs."

Shared Space Part 2

Lunar Veil | Cargo Bay


Kinneas adjusts to his situation.

OOC: JP between @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

“Making yourself at home?” Tim asked, taking a break to spend some time on the treadmill. He prided himself on his swimmer’s body, and it didn’t just maintain itself. Plus you never know when being chased might become a reality for one reason or another, and when it did, there was no time to get winded. The pilot draped a towel around his neck, partially covering the white tank he wore to stay cool when working out.

Kinneas hadnt had a spotter, so instead of bench pressing, Tim found him doing frontal squats with the barbell instead. He grunted as lifted to place the weights back on the rack, having just finished a set. A little breather than casual, given the work out he'd just given himself, he said: "As cozy a place as any on this ship." He'd given a wave with the back of his hand at the collection of exercise equipment. It wasn't anything spectacular, but broke up his boredom some and kept him in shape. "Nǐ de dú shì shénme? (What's your poison?)"

“Cardio, Pilates, treadmill man myself - I don’t lift weights,” Tim said with a tsk of his head, “I avoid heavy lifting, it carries over into more of a life mantra. Get a jog on, you forget you’re out in the black and could potentially hit an asteroid or be boarded by pirates, or run into some trouble of the purple persuasion and just take a stroll. You?” He asked while stretching out his hamstrings.

The sense of levity came a fresh break as Kinneas couldn't help the easy chuckle at the pilot's demeanor. It was how he usually operated as well, though lately self-pity was making him bitter again onboard the Lunar Veil. "You're in the minority of not being able to look at me and make an assumption here, you know?" Kinneas sat on the bench for a rest as he wiped sweat from his brow. He grinned. "Or you keep it to yourself, at least." He stretched out his left forearm by pulling it across his chest and holding it at the elbow with his right forearm, keeping up the idle chatter he found welcome once again. "I learned I was well-rounded on (insert planet name) in officer camp. Used to be for the look till then. Keep it up for practical purposes now - not that it'd do much good against an asteroid."

“I’m not big on assumptions, best way to know something is ask. Too many people in the verse just feel they inherently know something or someone, then puff up with pride on their instincts. Way I see it, you wanna look for good or bad, you’re always gonna find it.” Tim replied, starting out on the manual treadmill.

"Yeah, that - or jealousy." Kinneas said with a grin before waving in indication of his own build. "I mean, c'mon. I don't have to work hard." The amusement didn't leave his eyes though he knew Tim's words could apply to the easy life he'd had as well. He chose to stay with levity. "Speaking of, you'd come to my rescue me if I fail in an attempt to do some lifting here?" He indicated the bench he sat on.

“Sure thing, K-Guns,” Tim teased, picking up the pace. “Just keep in mind my stance on heavy lifting.”

Mi Galley es Su Galley Part 5

Lunar Veil | Galley


Kinnease finally comes out of his room, shares a drink and a game of tall card with Tim.

OOC: JP between @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

“Then I claim tall.” Kinneas said, his jaw setting a little as he thought more than he shared. He blink it away once with a smile returning, leaning back slightly. It was done in sequence with the hand he looked at, but other thoughts were at play. “The Skyes talked me up, huh? I’ll have to remember that. Got a card to swap, two actually.”

“Two for the player, dealer takes three,” Tim decided. “They’re good people. I mean, for bad people, depending on what lens you’re looking through. Fox wouldn’t keep ‘em around otherwise. And he wouldn’t be so concerned ‘bout clearing your name if he didn’t think you were good people. And Fox wouldn’t keep sendin’ work our way if he didn’t think kindly of us. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that everyone Fox works with gets along, but he’s pretty thorough ‘bout vetting people out. ‘Sides, it’s a big boat. Plenty of elbow room for everyone.”

“So you’re saying to play it like cards.” Kinneas said slowly, laying down four shiny dragons and the berries. “Play the hand you're dealt strategically the best you can and hope luck's on your side for the rest."

“I’ll throw in a sugar scrub,” Tim said, laying out a cratemaker countdown. “And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure where I was going with that or if I was making any sort of metaphor, but sometimes I get lucky.”

"Lucky sans sugar scrub. Guess it can be a peace offering for the kid." Kinneas said, finishing off his decidedly last glass. If he had any more, he'd probably go make things worse when it was starting to look marginally better. "Going to need it if I'm putting off finding that rich old lady on Pelorum for now." He picked up his glass, motioning to Tim's in asking if he were done, to be washed. He glanced at the chore list in passing, one he'd pointedly ignored until now. "Gotta say, half this stuff, you all would regret me doing and the other half I've never done."

“You can mark your name down for Trash detail, owe you that fair and square. My advice, never sign up for anything with an L - Latrine, laundry, pass. Never wash dishes if drying is an option, there’s more dignity in drying.”

Standing and focusing on the list, Kinneas started to feel those three drinks turn his brain as he read what passed as usual ship chores. Sweeping up the cargo bay and cleaning the toilets writing in utilitarian scrawl were a big ‘no thanks.’ He wrote a captain ‘K’ next to trash. “Dishes aren’t so bad - but I’m guessing laundry is mass done to save on water? That’s unfortunate. I’d rather not deal with anyone else’s dirty sheets. Yours included, ace, and you seem best stocked on hygiene products.”

“No offense taken,” Tim chuckled, putting the deck aside. “I seen what goes on in my bunk. I do my own laundry, my shorts are my business, and anything that close to my best bits, I don’t entrust my crown jewels to just anyone. Breakfast isn’t a bad gig if you’re an early riser. I’ve made Tim Toast Tuesdays a staple.”

Mi Galley es Su Galley Part 3

Lunar Veil | Galley


Kinnease finally comes out of his room, shares a drink and a game of tall card with Tim.

OOC: JP between @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

“Dealer claims the tall.” Tim said with a smile in return. “Player what’s your hand?”

“Two Shiney Dancing Pairs,” Kinneas said as he laid the cards down, a stray apricot tagging along. “Nǐ ne? (And you?)”

Tim tsk’d and tossed his hand down. “High and Mighty Dragon, player takes the hand, dealer takes the trash. Another drink, another hand?”

“Can’t rightly leave when luck is in my favor.” Kinneas said as he moved his glass within reach of the bottle, two of his long list of vices aligning to make him feel a bit more relaxed. “I’ll take you up on that offer, though I don't have much to bet… hell, I don't even have a razor at the moment thanks to your rescue.”

“I should have an extra sundry bag,” the pilot said, tapping a thumb to his chin to think. “Never know when a better way to unwind may come a callin’ at port, so I try an’ have some spares on hand, toothbrush, razor, soaps and scrubs, that sort of thing. Sorry we can’t send for your things, Interpol’s likely crawling all over ‘em, but maybe the Skye kids’ll be able to liberate some of it when they hit Silverhold. Send Matty a list, when you get the notion.” He poured the man another drink, then dealt out the cards.

Kinneas sighed with a wistful smirk playing at his lips, "It's all likely to be gone - those men there haven't come into contact with a decent straight razor or exfoliant in their lives." He started shuffling the deck, trying not to think on which one of the fellas was flaunting the last of his custom cologne from Bellerophon. "I'll replace it - ya know, when I make it big as some wealthy old lady's paramore." He started dealing out the new hand. "Back to inner core worlds. Fresh water and air, fruit and cake every day, a lively nightlife... Civilization. That's where you're from, isn't it?"

“Ariel,” Tim confessed. “Grew up on Ariel, thought I was core for life, but,” he flipped over a card, making a face when it wasn’t one of the ones he were looking for, “wasn’t in the cards. Learned to make due.”

"Eh, Ariel is too straight-laced anyway. Great food, but that can be said about several core worlds. I've discovered a few border planets that know how to have a good time. More wild, even." There may have been a story there, but Kinneas wasn't going to dredge up anything. Plus, he thought it was weird to get a life story from a guy he just met. His separation of place was coming more back into focus now that he was more in his element. Speaking of, he took a sip of his second glass of bourbon and leaned on the table with his forearms as he studied his cards. "Tall is orange this hand."

“Tall is orange,” Tim repeated, nodding his head in agreement. “Do you like traveling? … Two.” He asked as he put two cards face down on the table, “or just been a lot of places?”

Mi Galley es Su Galley Part 1

Lunar Veil | Galley


Kinneas finally comes out of his room, shares a drink and a game of tall card with Tim.

OOC: JP between @MK Blitzen, @Aalakrys

Once he managed to force himself to eat the unappetizing lot, which was sadly easier than it should have been given he hadn’t eaten since the apple, Kinneas actually did take the dishes to the sink in the galley to wash and put away, along with the other mug if it was still around.

“Heyyy,” Tim said lazily, a lopsided grin crossing his face as the new guy stepped in the galley. He made a show of sniffing the air near his own armpit. “Do I offend?”

"You're wondering why I didn't choose to demean myself further?" Kinneas' brow lifted as he turned on the spout to rinse off the dish, his eyes going to the task rather than engaging.

Tim sniffed again, deciding a shower wouldn’t hurt, his skin was in the need of a good moisturizing anyway, the air in the black was so dry. “Sorry?” The pilot asked, a slight rim planet accent lilt in his voice. “Demean yourself? With dinner, or with me? Just know in advance one of them answers is likely to hurt my feelings some.” Confusion crossed his brow, but his expression was more bemused than bewildered or begrudging.

Kinneas gave the pilot a blank look for a moment, then tilted his head slightly in consideration before shrugging a shoulder. “I don’t make a habit of sharing a meal with people who send invitations following a death threat. Sense of self-preservation and all.”

“I didn’t have a death threat scheduled, but I could probably pencil one in, I’m free up tomorrow morning,” Tim quipped, checking an imaginary schedule. “Come, sit. You play?” He took a deck of cards from the cargo pocket of his pants, slapping it face down on the table. “Name your game.”

Kinneas flicked the water off the plate once, glancing over at the table to see what the guy was talking about before looking where the plate was supposed to go. Cards. That got a hint of a smirk as the dish clinked into place on a drying rack. He dried his hands off and went around to join the pilot, against his better judgment. “You said something about tall card earlier. Guess it wouldn’t hurt to play a few. Though, if you plan on wagering your chores, I can’t promise me losing on purpose would save you since I’m getting off at the satellite stop.”

“It’s okay,” Tim replied, sliding the deck to the center of the table. He tapped the top card twice for Kinneas to cut the deck. “I don’t have to be a better player than you, I just have to be better than someone else. So what’s your play?”

"You don't think I have options?" Kinneas asked as he leaned back into the chair and reached out to cut the deck. "I have friends. Could get a fake ID and finally achieve my dream of becoming a companion. Not a bad gig, a lot more pleasurable."

“Male companion,” Tim said, bobbing his head to the side while giving it some thought. “I see it. Could be a lucrative career path for you, you’ve got the look, but you’re a little mature to start training with the guild, I think they start ‘em young. They’ll go an’ try an’ black list you, but Inamorato has a certain ring to it.” He took the cards back to thoughtfully shuffle them. “Course, face like that people are bound to remember.” He dealt out the first hand of tall card, “but most likely no one’ll be interested in any sorta reward interpol is offering, so ‘least that’s in your favor.”

Green Light Part 3

Lunar Veil | Jat’s Bunk


Serena gets her first mission.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen

“I wish you were going with me.” She said, sitting back down next to him. “We’re a team. You’re my somebody.”

"I will be there, just not in the same room. Think about this way if this goes well you will play a much more active role with me on my missions. No more watching and observing from a distance." Vas pointed out with a bright smile.

Serena put her head on his shoulder. “I like how things are,” she admitted. “But I was hoping, I mean… if…we’re good at the same thing, they’ll split us up.“

"We're not though." Vas reminded cheek resting on the top of her head. "I don't want you worrying about that. That's my job and you're not going to stop being my apprentice after one job." He chuckled. "But I do need you to stay focused and be prepared. I can't stress how hard this is going to be and not in the getting in and out part, not even the fighting part."

“Then what part?” She asked.

"It'll be the first time it ain't self defense or you being backed into a corner. It'll be the first time you do it like I do. This time you're going to be the aggressor." Vas beating around the bush a bit.

“I can,” she assured him, trying to assure herself as well.

"I know. But … " Vas took a deep breath. " … Stabbing a guy till he's dead while he begging for his life squealing like a stuck pig with blood splashing your in the face and watching him expire? I know, for a fact, you ain't done that before and I know, for a fact, how hard that can hit you." Vas said in one breath. "You're going to be at your most vulnerable right before and right after."

Serena balked, and chewed the inside of her lip. “It… said… dead or alive,” she reminded him.

"That's the official bounty but he's a Tong." Vas stated. "The Jo Long are in active war with them on multiple planets in multiple cities. The Jo Long? Don't want him alive. That's why this is such a big deal."

“But… “ she started, not able to finish the sentence. “But I’m… not…”

"You are more prepared than I ever was." Vas interjected, finishing her sentence.

Serema nodded. “I know, on account of you said, and you wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true.”

"It's not the mission I would have picked for you if I had my way but I am definitely biased. I'm happy they think highly enough of you be givin it." Vas stopped for a moment taking a deep breath. "But your first is going to be nothing like mine so … that at least is assuring."

“So til then, I need to focus and concentrate.” She said, closing her eyes.

"So go on … get some sleep, we have training and we have your information package to go over tomorrow." Vas said, nudging Serena with his shoulder.

Serena stayed with him a few seconds longer, before letting out a deep sigh. “Yep"! She said, standing up next to his bunk. There was a mistake. They would realize it tomorrow, and give her another job to do. “Bright and early.” She put one foot on his knee, and the other on his shoulder, like climbing stairs up to her bunk.

"And here I was worried about you." Vas joked as he flopped back to bed.

Green Light Part 1

Lunar Veil | Jat’s Bunk


Serena gets her first mission.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen
It was early in the next cycle when an obnoxious blinking green light flashed from the Jats PREN.

Vas in typical fashion rolled over and put the pillow over his head. In his head it could wait till he finished getting real sleep. It didn't get them anywhere any faster after all.

Serena on the other hand, quirked her head inquisitively. “I’ll get it!” She offered, scooting off the side of her bed to grab the beeping device. “Serena Jat,” She said proudly, answering the wave.

The vision blinked to life revealing someone in a panda mask. "Serena Jat. Your first mission has been chosen. Your information package will be sent shortly. Good luck Apprentice." Then the wave cut off as she received a file package on their PREN.

“It’s here!” She said, hopping onto her brother’s bunk, shaking his shoulders. “It’s here, Onii San!”

"Merciful Buddha, it's worse than Christmas." Vas said, getting up rubbing his eyes. There would be no settling her down now. "I'm up … I'm up!" He said as Serena jackrabbited up and down.

"How are you so excited?" Vas chuckled.

“On account of it’s my first solo, look at how far I’ve come!” She said. “I could hardly remember one kata and now I know near 8. And as soon as I get this one under my belt, I can breathe a little better.”

"Ah, to be young again." Vas joked with a bright smirk. "Go on, open it up." He nudged.

“Nuh-uh, You open it!” She giggled. “I’m too nervacited!”

"Hell no! It was sent to you! It's all on you now." Vas prodded the girl in the ribs.

“Reading,” Serena frowned with a roll of her eyes. She sat crosslegged on his bunk and tapped open the folder, her eyes moving right to left while reading. The more she read, the more ashen her face became, the excitement draining replaced by disappointment and dread.

Vas peeked over reading over her shoulder. "Well it could be worse. I will say they must have high expectations of you." He said as Serena scrolled through the information.

Serena dropped her shoulders. “It’s the Tong,” she said, dejectedly.

"Like I said, high expectations. It's a big honor." Vas said keeping it positive. It wouldn't have been something he would have picked for her for a first mission but nonetheless here they were. "It also means you are going to have to be more careful."

Ready Or Not Part 8

Lunar Veil | Cargo Bay


Vas and Serena are training in the Cargo Bay. Vas is worked up and on edge and Serena works to sus out why.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen

"See. Already thinking the way you should." Vas said, sitting next to the growing apprentice. "Soon you'll be jetting off on your own exploring the 'Verse starting your own ear collection."

Serena crinkled her nose and shook her head. Her Onni’s collection was gross enough without her adding to it. “How about I collect somethin’ else, Onni? Like… shoelaces.”

"You can collect whatever you want. I don't recommend fingers. That's just messy and awkward." Vas smirked.

“Gross,” she giggled, swatting at him.

Vas laughed. "Don't judge, I have seen some messed up collections … one guy I know, totally cracked. Like in the worst way. Would decapitate the 'pretty ones' ripped the skin of the gorram skulls and made himself one of them shrunken heads. Had a whole head hunter collection." He said with a nod. "He had problems."

“Maybe my mission won’t have anything to do with… that,” she said, waving a hand dismissively before taking a sip of water. “I mean, there’s other stuff to do, right?”

"Like I said that guy had issues, he didn't do it for the mission he did it for fun. Like it was some kind of art project." Vas elaborate.

“I just meant in general,” Serena clarified. “I mean… there’s not always something like that to ‘collect,’ right?”

"Oh … no not like that. I mean it is not common by any stretch. I've only done two. An eye extraction and tooth, not from the same person. Missions like that are complicated, too many things can go wrong." Vas shrugged.

Serena rubbed the back of her neck. “What was your first solo mission?”

"Mine … it was … was different for me." Vas said reluctantly. "I wasn't like you. My mentor was … strict … and I was already used to this kind of thing, not nearly as skilled, I was still a messy clumsy dumbass. It was an assassination. Some mob lieutenant, no weapons, just me dressed like a waiter jumping him in the bathroom." Vas snorted. "Buddha there were probably so many better ways I could have done that."

“Yeah, but like you said. It was different. Mine won’t be like that, right?” She asked raising both eyebrows.

"No, definitely not. Not saying anything against your skill but some folk are more talented at one thing and suck at the others. No one is good at everything." Vas explained.

Ready Or Not Part 6

Lunar Veil | Cargo Bay


Vas and Serena are training in the Cargo Bay. Vas is worked up and on edge and Serena works to sus out why.

OOC: JP between @Winters, @MK Blitzen

Serena giggled. Sometimes her brother was more monk than others. She’d enjoy this while it lasted. “You think so?” She asked.

"Think what?" Vas blinked confused as he helped her up.

“Me and Kinneas?” She asked.

Vas was even more confused. "You and Kinneas what?" Feeling like he was being led along to the punchline of a joke.

“Oh, Onii,” Serena giggled. “Maybe they don’t write that in your books.”

Vas continued his streak of cluelessness. "I am so lost. Are we even speaking the same language?" He huffed.

Serena tried to take advantage, launching an attack. “Focus! Pay attention!” She chided.

Vas sidestepped, slapping Serena upside the head and poking her twice in the side with his wooden dagger. He left his foot out for her to trip on. "Guile over strength any day of the week. Congrats you are a pincushion!" He was still suspicious over what Serena had been babbling about but he would press it out of her later.

The unceremonious fall knocked the giggle out of her, and Serena cursed as she sprawled on the ground. “Next time,” she promised, picking herself back up.

"Ha! Keep dreaming Mei Mei, you still have a lot to learn. I was small too at one point, brute strength? It's not the key that always fits the lock." He said putting his wooden weapon down. "Speed, precision, deception … there will never be a fair fight. They will be bigger, meaner, they have guns and come at you in a group." Vas said taking a low stance, arms undulating slightly, his finger pointed and straight. "Would you rather a 'fair fight' or one you survive?"

“One you survive,” the teen parroted. “Like you said.”

"Survival ain't fair." Vas reminded her. "They plead their case, wave to their wife, their children, Gran Gran or whoever … they will promise you anything and everything." He said moving forward smoothly, his snake-like movement striking forward.

Serena kept her eyes on him, and backed up, away from the knife, taking a swipe at him when he came close before darting to the other side. “Because they won’t think twice about killing me.”

Vas dodged and continue to press in. Taking advantage of his long arms, he jabbed his fingers into a nerve in Serena's shoulder that made her entire arm tingle and weak. He didn't let up, he locked her other arm and instead of throwing her to the ground, held her bent over his knee to where she was on her toes and her head touching the floor, his elbow holding her in place. "Exactly. Don't give them that chance. Even a rabbit can surprise you when cornered."

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