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Current The Purge has begun already?
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Anyone remember the Millennium Bug? XD
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15 days ago
Nobody has the right to make anyone feel worthless on this site or anywhere else for that matter. Humans can be mean to each other, but especially now we should be kinder than ever. Ignore them.
17 days ago
So my dog headbutted me during a cuddle and my nose bled. First time he's done that to me. Love really does hurt!


~Angel Vicky~

Been a member of the old Roleplayer Guild since 2012 - I tend to do more Advanced. My favourite lore is Angelic (you probably couldnt tell by my name!), medieval, Ancient Rome/Egypt and Norse mythology. My fave writing genre is sci-fi and fantasy but I like drama, comedy, suspense and angst with a bit of romance thrown in!

I tend to do only 1x1 rps nowadays as they are less chaotic with less people, as they say "too many cooks around the pot". Here is my current interest check.

My Hobbies include: roleplaying (obviously!), astronomy, writing poetry, dance electronica music and raving, pets, video gaming, cosplaying.

Current Roleplays:

~Bonsoir~ - Victorian era vampire roleplay with Dagger.

If you'd like to get in touch and be friends my discord is: Angel Vicky#0260

I also have a deviant art, though I don't do any artworks anymore: Angel Vicky's Deviant Art Gallery
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