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Current Oh boy, here i go writing again
4 mos ago
Slava Ukraini
4 mos ago
I havent been around for years so, this is still more rp potential than I've had lately :D
4 mos ago
Wow, great to see the guild is going strong! Lots of things have changed since I was last here xD I love it!


Hello there good people!

So, here I am again in this den of thieves, killers and saucy ninjas. How I have missed it!

I like to write for fun and to explore stories and worlds that can make us hope and laugh and love. I am interested in a whole slew of genres, my favourites being:
- Sci fi (high or low tech, other subgenres like steampunk etc is also fine)
- fantasy (high and low)
- Medieval (fictional locations and names for empires and people)

I don't do superhero or real world people, but I could be convinced to do at least superhero. I also prefer you to make your own character, someone you can put your heart and soul into.

I'm big on romance in my RP's and if you want to add smut, I am fine with that. I prefer to keep my rp's in PM and 1x1.

There is more to a person than I will share here, if you want to ask me a question feel free to drop me a message, otherwise, I wish you well in your RP endeavour!

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Thank you all, appreciate the welcoming 😊
Hello, you've got a nice amount of interests that line up with mine. If you're still looking to write out some of these id love to join you. I used to rp a while ago but had to take time away from it all to save the world from a virus but, im back! hurray! xD So any of the following sounds great

Princess/Queen* x Knight/Thief
Prince/King/Emperor x Knight*
Conqueror x Queen/Noblewoman*
Templar* x Assassin/Thief/Pirate
Priestess* x Rogue/Knight/Barbarian
Roman Gladiator x Lady*
Werewolf x Human
Star Ship/Pirate Ship Captain x First Mate
Student x Teacher
Step/adopted/half/full siblings
Abused Wife* x Neighbour
Boss x Employee
Mafia boss x Rival Gang leader's daughter*
Cop x Mafia Boss's daughter*
Cop's daughter* x Gang leader/member
Twin brothers (Siamese twins also welcome) x shared girlfriend*
Student Nun* x Reformed Convict/Soldier
Student Priest x Trapped Prostitute*

if you want to try any of those or new ideas, leave me a message and we can work it out :)
*feels the love*
thank you, nice to meet you both
Hi there! I joined many years ago but then life turned up. I had no time but these days things are calm and I can resume my unsuccessful career in writing! Yay! But for real, looking forward to more roleplays :)

I am male, he/him, 32 and unmarried. And that's probably too much info. Ill stop. Now. Okay done.

edit: corrected an auto correct
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