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The name's CosmicCowgirl, feel free to call me Cosmo or Cowgirl! ♡
♘ currently open to RPs! Pms only ♡ RT is here!
♘ MxF pairings, multi-para posts, regular replies
♘ fantasy, romance, modern, supernatural, drama, mature themes, DRAGONS always ♡

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        Hello, hello! The name's CosmicCowgirl, but feel free to call me Cosmo or Cowgirl! <3 I suppose I'll get right down to it. I know this will be somewhat specific and picky,
        but I thought I'd test the waters anyway just to see if I could find some like-minded individuals! ^_^

          ☆ I'm a 21 yr old female with about 7 years' experience in RP!

          ☆ I write advanced/highly literate/novella RPs mostly (that's 200-2000+ words per post!); I often like falling
          into a manageable range of 200-700 words/2-7 paragraphs. I'm not looking for less than 100 words or one-liners,
          sorry! While I won't demand you match my length or anything like that, I do ask that you put the same effort
          into your posts that I do <3

          ☆ I'm currently interested in an MxF RP with myself in the F role, but here's the first kicker...
          I'm really only interested in writing with another female RPer. I know there's not too many ladies out there
          who like playing the M role, but I do know they exist (and honestly they're some of the best partners I've ever
          had, so kudos to you!). Writing with males/men makes me rather uncomfortable due to past experiences, so at this
          time I'm only looking for female partners. ^_^'

          ☆ Here's the second kicker... I'm not looking for smut/sex. More specifically, I don't write smut/sex. I'm strictly
          f2b/fade to black
          when it comes to sexual things -- again, due to past experiences, it makes me very uncomfortable
          to write intimate encounters. (This doesn't mean I'm opposed to romance/romantic themes! I'm happy to clarify and discuss
          more in PMs <3)

          ☆ I strongly prefer realistic face claims, be it real photos or realistic art! Unfortunately I have a hard time
          getting my muse behind anime/cartoon/unrealistic face claims (with the exception of monsters/aliens/etc.), even
          though the art can be very pretty.

          ☆ I'm looking for regular posts; I am a college student and have a job, so I'd like to say posts will be
          daily but realistically I'd shoot for every other day/every couple of days, just to be safe. If I'm going to be
          too busy to post for more than a week, I'll let you know, and I'd appreciate the same in return!

          ☆ I write through PMs only at this time!

          ☆ I need someone who will help with brainstorming! I don't want to do this all by myself, but I do love to
          brainstorm and bounce ideas around, so I'll never leave you to do all the plotting on your own.

          Communication is important! I can be a little chatty OOC, but that just means I like to share headcanons
          and memes and songs that I think of in relation to our RP and/or characters ^_^' Mostly I just want to make
          sure we both know what we want, where we're going, and when we're going to be gone/need a break.

        If you made it past all that and are still interested in writing together, fantastic! Below are some plots/ideas I'm looking to explore... if none of these catch your interest but you'd still like to try something, feel free to reach out with your own ideas! Inquiries through PMs, please <3

        Thank you so much for reading! If anything caught your eye please feel free to reach out via PMs <3 Happy RP Hunting!
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