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Several things happened at once, which took Oliver a good couple of seconds to process. First, Chiron had started to speak, explaining that the reason their Capture the Flag had gone so badly was because there had been a dragon. Instantly, Oliver was wondering how on earth he’d even missed seeing that thing. What had he been doing?

Then, as the dining hall practically exploded into a ruckus of murmuring, with some asking loudly about the council and the oracle, Oliver felt the hairs on the back of his neck start to rise. He frowned, looking around the relatively tiny Hecate table and trying to figure out what was going on as Chiron was answering the questions people were asking him.

Okay, those shadows were definitely moving.

Oliver’s gaze quickly flitted over to the larger Hades table, a purely confused look on his face as he scanned the crowd to see who, exactly, was trying to pull a fast one on him (or at least, he hoped it was a fast one, it was hard to tell with any of the kids from the Big Three). Then, when his attention landed on a girl who looked to be glaring at him, he blinked.

Oh, so he had been staring at someone on accident, then. Uh, he wasn’t sure if this was really the appropriate response but he wasn’t about to sit around and get swallowed up by God knows what – especially now of all times!

“Ex-cuse me, miss!” He called right over at her, hardly caring if anybody else hear him as he squirmed a bit in his seat, trying to avoid touching the creepy darkness, “Would really appreciate it if you didn’t try to kill me before breakfast!”
@Nightfury Kat Ooof, that is crazy! Don't worry about it, take your time, haha :)
@Nightfury Kat Sounds good!
@Nightfury Kat Hahaha, nope! It was just an open invitation to whomever wanted to take the bait. Feel free to have Penelope notice if you want! :)

@Gate Keeper Yeah, I agree. We just gotta get through this little bit since visiting other tables at the dining hall seems to be a taboo?
@Nightfury Kat Still around, but Oliver isn't really interacting with anyone atm
Hecate’s table was always rather empty, mostly because it didn’t seem like his mother was as keen to get it going with the humans as the other, bigger Gods. So, Oliver found himself seated at what was basically an empty table as he watched Demeter’s boisterous cabin head lead a crew of kids into the dining hall, and then as a couple of Hades’ kids trickled in, followed by Ares, the Aphrodites and so on.

Where were his siblings anyway? Sneaking off somewhere to test some highly dangerous potion? Knowing one of them, Oliver wouldn’t be surprised. The other was probably still sleeping in…and that was about all the Hecate kids that he knew about. Oh well, nothing he could do about that!

Sitting up a bit, he picked up his goblet and cleared his throat a bit. “Apple juice, please.” He said, waiting a moment for the goblet to fill up with the sweet, amber liquid before bringing it up to his lips to take a long sip.

He should have brought something to do. Now he was just getting kind of bored waiting for the food and for Chiron’s inevitable lecture. Oliver propped and elbow up on the table top and leaned his cheek against the heel of his palm, casting his bored, bespectacled gaze around the increasingly noisy dining pavilion.

Maybe he could just break custom and head over to sit at a busier table. Maybe pretend to be an Apollo kid. Zeus, if he was feeling suicidal. Nah...maybe Aphrodite? He snorted out loud at that, grinning at himself. Right, like he could ever fit in there.

Then, realizing he was smiling rather stupidly at nothing (and probably accidentally staring at someone), Oliver cleared his throat a bit, adjusted his glasses and took another sip of juice.
It felt like his legs were going to fall right out of their sockets at any given moment. It was still early in the morning, so not very many people were up yet (not that he expected very many to be, after a Capture the Flag like that). He hadn't been able to sleep in his bunk, so he'd ventured outside and was sprawled out on a spot of grass in the middle of the quiet camp. As usual, he'd been roped into the game, but had generally used his typical strategy of 'staying back and slacking', but something about yesterday seemed to spur him on more than usual.

Oliver turned onto his side and squeezed his eyes shut. His head was pounding. Too much messing around with the Mist to try and disguise himself yesterday probably. It was always harder to convince demigods as opposed to regular folk.

He stayed like that for a while, enjoying the cool air and soft warmth of the morning sun as it spilled slowly into the camp. Eventually, as more and more people emerged, toting various degrees of injuries, Oliver opened his eyes and pushed himself up. It sounded like breakfast was about to get started. He debated skipping breakfast, but his stomach gave a growl in protest to just the thought, so that was that.

Slowly, carefully, he pushed himself up onto his feet and began to follow the steady, but thin, stream of people as they headed to pavilion. He was still dressed in his pyjamas - a plain, white t-shirt and some orange Camp Half-Blood sweats - as he trudged along, bits of grass and dirt clinging onto his back and hair. Food. He just wanted food. Then probably sleep for the rest of the day.
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Oliver Yue



Oliver is generally a pretty quiet sort of guy who prefers to observe things from the side rather than actively participate. It's not that he doesn't enjoy group activities, or any of that sort of more loud and involved activities (like Capture the Flag, for instance), it's just that he happens to operate at a pace that's slower than the norm around Camp Half-Blood. He strolls rather than walk, his pace always languid and at ease. He enjoys being surrounded by his fellow camp-mates, but would much prefer to sit on the grass and read a book.

However, that is not to say that he's antisocial. On the contrary, Oliver is a very easy person to talk to, and has quite a cheeky sense of humour. He'll gladly practice sword-fighting or archery or the like, but not without a good push (or literal drag away from his damn book).

He can sometimes take things too easy, and is generally difficult to faze - which has annoyed people before. With a very go-with-the-flow attitude, he isn't competitive at all and doesn't appear to have much of a drive to do anything very productive.

Oliver's father was a traditional Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist, which often struck Oliver as kind of a weird choice of mate when he learnt that his mother was Hecate. But, after much consideration, he figured it wasn't all that surprising. All that mixing of strange herbs and animal parts, the talks about energies and the like - they all seemed right up his mom's alley in some way. Either way, Oliver was never all too bothered by it. He'd grown up as a normal kid, going to school and the like, always seeming to ace Chemistry, funny enough. He struggled in school, and would much prefer help his Dad out in their herb store in the middle of Chinatown, weighing out appropriate amounts of herbs, grinding them up into fine powders and prescribing them to customers.

When he turned fifteen, his Dad finally saw it time for him to learn of his true heritage, after realizing that conventional public school wasn't going to do his son any favours. Apparently, Hecate had left some instructions to his Dad, who then followed those instructions and carted him off to Camp Half-Blood.

Prior to arriving at Camp Half-Blood, Oliver had never encountered anything magical - which was probably thanks to his mother's less-than-major status amongst the Olympians, so he found himself caught up in some sort of a culture shock upon arrival. But even that shock only lasted a week or so before he found himself feeling more at home than anywhere else. He immediately perused the library, reading up as much as he could about his new life, his mother and, of course, what powers he was apparently born with.

Magical Potion Brewing
Control of the Mist

He really enjoys using his powers to prank people more than any actual serious, practical use. Contemplating starting an underground business of selling his home-made line of "elixirs".

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