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Possibly interested.
Bump: Pairings and one plot still open!
Hi there.

I’m looking to start up one or two RPs. I’m pretty easygoing when it comes to requirements, but here’s a few details that should cover what you need to know off the bat:

- I like the Casual to Advanced zone. Please use correct spelling/grammar. It’s okay if you make an honest mistake. I probably will, too. I’m not looking for a novel in a reply, I’m just looking for a reply that addresses the issues at hand and keeps things interesting. No one-liners, please. 1-3 paragraphs is pretty standard, but if I feel like going above and beyond that, I will. You can, too!

- I’m an adult. I don’t shy away from adult things like language, sex, etc. However, I’m willing to accommodate and fade to black or maybe not describe in blistering detail when someone gets disemboweled. It’s fine. Just let me know what your preferences are. I do prefer people who are 18+ just because that’s where I’m at. That’s not to say smut/gore/etc. needs to happen all the time.

- Fantasy (low to high, even magical realism) is my genre of choice, but if you have an idea that falls outside of that, just let me know. I can be persuaded.

- In terms of pairings, most things are permissible. I’m comfortable with either M or F, but if I have a strong character preference, I’ll let you know.

- Forum or PMs are fine. Honestly depends on the content. I’ll probably tend to prefer PMs.

- I understand busy schedules. But I can usually churn out one or two posts a week. Any less frequently, I'll let you know. I expect the same.

- I'm not a huge fan of character sheets and don't need character pictures, but you do you.

- Err, I think that’s it? I can add to this later if I need to, and if you have any lingering questions just toss them out there.

Edit: All closed!
In Hullo 3 yrs ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hey, friends. Briiar here. Looking forward to learning more about the forum and dusting off my roleplaying skills!

I might dip my toes into the Casual, Advanced, and 1x1 sections. Most of my RP interests revolve around the fantasy genre, but occasionally I can be persuaded to wander into other territories. I prefer original premises to fandoms, but again, I can sometimes be persuaded.

Happy to be here!
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