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I am currently craving a captured x capturer RP. This particular plot I had in mind takes place during the Roman Empire era.

In this plot, a girl is from a tribe that is under the Roman Empire's rule. This particular girl works for the seer of the village, and is often involved with her bouts of visualizing the future.

One day she is with this particular seer, and the old woman tells the girl that her downfall will come in the shape of a Roman soldier. A Titan. When the girl asks the seer what she means, the seer doesn't say anything other than that the girl must run when the Roman Army shows up. But the girl decides not to listen. She sticks around while all the other women and children leave.

She stays behind by climbing up a tree and watching the war below her feet. She sees the Roman Army and her tribe's army, and before the battle ensues, a particular Roman soldier emerges from the battle front. He's tall, standing well over a foot above the other soldiers. He is obviously very well toned and active. But despite what she sees body wise, she can't help but look at his face. It's covered in scars.

Titans don't get scars.

The war ensues and her tribe's army is completely diminished, with the Titan killing a majority of them.

She tries to flee but ends up falling out of the tree, landing right in front of the army.

Right in front of him. ‚Äč
Hi! You can call me Ghost. I'm 26 and a stay-at-home wife.

I consider myself a multiple paragraphs/novella style-type writer. I love detail and detail descriptions and delve deep into a character's emotions, as well as surroundings. But don't be afraid. Not every reply will be novella length. If there is a lot of action or dialogue, I do tend to do shorter lengths to keep the RP going.

As stated in the title, I only do MxF. I do not care what role I play, although, it would be nice to play female. I am also a complete NPC nerd, because I feel like NPC's help move the story along. I do not care what gender you are, as long as you can play either a male or female.

Along with that, I really hope to find some kind of friendship. I want someone who can contribute to our story, and someone who wants a long-term connection. I find it quite difficult to write with someone who doesn't put any effort into the conversation. Or I feel like I am the only one who is fangirling over our characters. I want someone open, who loves to talk about ideas and most importantly, wants to have fun!

I do have a discord for OOC chat. If you are into that, then shoot me a PM letting me know and I will send you my username.

I am a stay-at-home wife, so I do have quite a bit of time on my hands. I can respond once a day to multiple times a day, it honestly depends on how I feel. If I am really into our RP, I will do everything in my power to respond as much as I can. But there are days where I will be burnt out and need a day or two to rejuvenate my creative juices. I hope you can understand.

With that being said - I do not expect you to be on all the time. I know everybody has a different life and it is not the same as mine. Just as long as I can get a response from you either once a day or once a week - it does not matter to me. Communication is key to me in a partnership. If you are not able to respond for a certain amount of time, please let me know, that way I don't think you hate me. I will do the same in return.

Searching For:

- 20+ partners only

- Has a good grasp on punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. I don't expect you to be an English major. Just try your best and I will try mine.

- I write mature themes. One of them being sex. But I prefer plot before smut. I want a good chemistry between our characters. If that is not your cup of tea, then I am not your person.

- Someone who is willing to do fantasy, historical, medieval, and modern.

- Romance is a MUST. I must have romance! Give me all the romance!

- I want someone enthusiastic about our characters. I want to crush them and bring them back to life. I want dramatic and fluffy moments. I want to cry and scream into the void over them, while melt and combust from moments of cuteness. I want us to love our characters like they are our children. Pinterest boards, spotify playlists, graphics, and headcanons are a must in this partnership.

- I don't want you to hesitate telling me your ideas. I am here to hear your thoughts as you are here to hear mine. I want us to bounce back and forth in all hours of the night, telling one another "Good idea!" or "What do you think about this?" There is nothing worse than having a doormat partner who just agrees with everything you say. Tell me what you think!

- I prefer character sheets and real life face claims. If that is something you don't like, then that's fine. Just as long as I can get a picture, a real life one, then I am content.

- supernatural(werewolves, vampires, demons, angels, etc.)
- western themed (old west in particular)
- any type of fairy tale setting
- little coastal towns or little towns in the mountains (basically small town vibes)
- unresolved sexual tension/slow burn
- historical (medieval, Roman empire, 1800's America)


- veteran x civilian
- angel x demon
- werewolf x vampire
- childhood best friends to lovers
- grumpy x sunshine
- neighbors
- hurt/comfort
- height differences
- cowboy x city girl
- hitman x victim
- soul mates
- captured x capturer

- bad ass vibes
- rough around the edges, soft on the inside
- soldier
- mountain man vibe
- cowboy gentleman
- knight
- possessiveness
- domination/submissiveness
- tiny woman and big man
- forbidden relationships
- love as redemption
- opposites attract

If you are interested, and want to know a good way to catch my interest, is by simply messaging me and letting me know you are interested! Let me know what type of pairing you liked and we can come up with something!

Hope to hear from you soon!
Hello everyone!

Roleplaying has been an addiction of mine since I was around ten or eleven years old. Over the decade and a half, I have transitioned from one liners to advanced novella style. I am on the search for someone to write with that can help me create the story of a lifetime. I want twist and turns, moments where we can laugh and cry, and most importantly fan over the characters we have created together.

- Be eighteen (18) plus. I tend to delve into mature and adult topics, included: sex, graphic violence, mental health, etc. I would prefer someone who is of age. I don't and won't ever fade to black.

- I want to build a story together! I don't want to be the only one messaging you with ideas. I want your help as well. I want to hear every idea, every input, anything you have in mind - I want to hear it. I consider myself a person who can write 5 to 7 to 10 to 12 paragraphs per post. Of course it depends on what needs to be said and what is happening.

- I am a stay-at-home wife so I have some free time on my hands. But there are moments where I am burnt out and need a day or two to bring the creative juices back. I don't expect you to be online all the time, but if you are going to be gone for a long period of time - I would like to know that way I don't think you hate me, lol. I will do the same for you as well.

- Romance is a must for me. We have to have some kind of romance in the role-play or I will not be interested. But I don't want the "love at first sight" kind of love. I want the kind where our characters have to work for it, the kind where we can just feel the tension and die every time they make eye contact. I don't want to be so many paragraphs in and then have them banging one another after a few discussions. If I wanted to do that, I'd just read smut.

- Please have good grammar and spelling. Everyone makes mistakes, I know I am one of them. But just try your best and I will do the same.

- I do not care what gender you are.

- I mainly focus on MxF types. I am equal type person but I am not familiar with FxF or MxM, since I haven't roleplayed them ever in my life.

- With that being said, I do not care what gender you want me to play. I have played a handful of males, as well as a handful of females. Although, not gonna lie, I would like to take a break from being male for a little bit ;-;

- Lastly, let's be friends! I love OOC chat (either here or on discord) and fan-girling over our characters. Send me all the memes, playlists/songs, mood boards, whatever you want to send me - I will love it either way! And I will do the same back! But if I am the only one doing it, just know I will get bored easily and most likely ghost you lol.

Now lets get down to business.


I am someone who loves anything and everything medieval, fantasy, medieval/fantasy, or slice of life. If you have an idea that involves either one of those subjects, shoot me a PM and we can discuss it! If not, here are some simple ideas I had in mind:

Arranged Marriage
Forbidden Love
Childhood best friends to lovers
Enemies to lovers

If any of these peak your interest, shoot me a PM and we can figure something out! I have a couple ideas for some of the ideas I just listed.

Hope to hear from you soon! <3
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Hello all! My name is Mack and I am so excited to be a part of this community! Just a few things about myself!

I am a 26 year old female who has been role-playing for little over a decade; I started on a damn horse website lmao. I love world building and sharing ideas with other partners, and of course fan-girling over our characters; whether its playlists, mood boards, fan art, you name it! I love anything slice of life or fantasy, and of course I gotta add romance into all my rp's because I'm a softy like that lmao. I also enjoy action, adventure, horror, angst, slow burn - whatever it may be!

I am also happily married! I have one horse who is my child, and I am currently a stay-at-home wife!

If there is anything else you'd like to know, just shoot me a PM and lets get to creating!
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