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Hello! I'm Jones! and if you stumbled upon my page, I must have struck your interest!

I like to think that I'm a storyteller. I joined this site to create characters, and worlds I can put myself in. Every post I make will be to the best of my ability, and I hope anyone who stumbles upon my name can see that :D

Just a few things about me if you couldn't tell already by just glancing at my profile haha:

-I LOVE anything Captain America or Marvel related

-My top list of books and series are: The Martian, The Bourne Trilogy (books and movies), The Witcher, and the Harry Potter books!

- I do my best to try and have a wide range of RP genres

-I'm mostly do 1X1's and Casual RP's

-I'm an American citizen in my 20's that travels a lot

- I love meeting new RP'ers and seeing what we can create together!

There are specific times of the year where I get bombarded with things so I might not be on for a couple days, and if that's the case I'm trying to let anyone know so they aren't left wondering.

But like I said I love it when people contact me and ask if I want to RP with them, or have an idea and want my skills, and odds are I love the same thing, so If anyone wants to collab just shoot me a PM!

Subjects I love to RP

-Anything Marvel Related, Especially Cap!

-The Percy Jackson Series

-The Witcher

-Avatar the Last Airbender

-Anything Sci-Fi

-Harry Potter

- 1X1 Romances

-Modern day life

-Star Wars

-Fairy Tail

Those are pretty much my go to's, but I'm willing to hear out any idea and think about it!

Here's an example of my writing to give you a sense of my "skill" I guess... I keep trying to get better and better so bear with me!

If you have any questions about my RP's, or future ones just shoot me a PM!

Writers I adore



Nightwing95 ((We need to start a project sometime!))


EasilyAmused ((My oldest and best friend on the site :D ))


All of these people are amazing writers and friends and if you happen to RP with them consider yourself lucky! XD

and for a final note: THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A HOBBY, NOT A CHORE! I never want to put pressure on you, or myself and make any RP feel like you NEED to post, or have to force yourself to write. This is supposed to be fun, and I'll do anything to make sure it feels that way :)

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Most of the crew was awake, which made Ray somewhat relieved. Even though they had a crazy night, he still had to make sure that this ship was operational. He had worked hard to gain the respect of his crew, and hopefully this was a sign of it. Maybe after refueling the crew could get some much deserved rest. Raymond smirked at Astrid's hungover voice, and at Josk's threat towards the AI. "Those drugs will kick in a few minutes and you'll be praising the damn thing."

Tony's voice was next to fill the voice chat. "Yeah, I'd like to stay a couple steps ahead of the Committee on this one. I'm hoping Valanx can find something from that pod. It's only a matter of time before the Committee knows that we were lying." Then the other voice chimed in. The Doctor had chimed in, and he suddenly remembered his jacket. It seemed some of the crew was going to the kitchen, and now was the best time to try and retrieve his article of clothing. He entered the kitchen and took a look around at the damage to see that it was non-existent. Tango and the other janitor bots on the ship must have done some work as the crew slept. Once again he would have to thank Tango for all he has done. For years the two had learned to work with one another, and it was rather interesting to see an AI start to grow a personality. He hoped that Ray didn't rub off Tango too much. That's the last thing the Committee needed.

He saw Rae with her head on the table, a feeling he knew all too well. "Morning." Ray greeted the people within the kitchen. He paced towards the stovetop to the kettle, examining the contents around it. He wasn't much of a tea drinker, but he was sure that it would help with the dull headache that had occurred. After a moment of silence from the Captain, he finally turned to face the table. "Doctor… I, er… You wouldn't happen to have my... jacket, would you?" His cheeks felt hot, but he was sure that it wouldn't be noticeable, knowing that he was still recovering from the drinks.

Suddenly, a familiar yet hated little tune echoed throughout the ship. It was the opening theme to the Galactic Committee, and very rarely was it used aboard the Monroe unless absolutely necessary. "Crew of the Monroe, this is Admiral Tori V'sul." The heavenly yet strong voice echoed throughout the ship. "I'm sorry to do this, but the Galactic Committee has sent out a Code: Velvet."

Ray tapped his comms to interrupt the transmission. "With all due respect, Admiral, we have just finished a Code: Silver priority that got one of my men killed--" Raymond started, but he was cut off. "I am sorry for your loss, Captain, but you and your crew are the only ones close enough to respond to this threat. Fortunately it's on the planet of your refueling schedule. I need everyone in the briefing room as soon as possible for a briefing. Admiral out." The comms clicked, and Raymond frowned in thought.

Code: Velvet was not a protocol used lightly. Mostly it was used for highly sensitive cases, with extremely dangerous matters. "It's been a while since we've had a Velvet on our hands... Sorry, folks, but we got one more job before we can hibernate. You heard the Admiral, get to the briefing room... Drink your tea fast, get dressed up, We'll question our newest recruit after all this shit is over with."
I’ll be getting a post up tonight! And once I get on a laptop I’ll take another look on Nate’s CS!
"Checkpoint Alpha this is The Atlas requesting liftoff from the lower sector."

"Copy Atlas, standby..."

Leigh fell back in his seat, blowing out a heavy sigh, and staring at the slowly moving walls. He could practically fell the air get lighter and less smelly. Granted that the whole planet smelled of smog and pollution, but even a bantha fart would smell better than the lower levels of Coruscant. Leigh was on edge, but he didn't show it. He sat in the pilot's chair, completely still and as calm as he could. This was always the part he feared the most when he sunk low into the planet. Getting out was not easy, it never was. It was where some people went to die. He always planned on leaving but this was all too sudden. He didn't even say goodbye to Bin.

its better that way.

"Atlas, please state the business of your departure." The voice was different. The hairs on Leigh's back started to stand up. Very slowly he pressed the button on the comms, leaning in. "I was gained access to leave for work-related duties. I have a mechanic job in the Arkanis sector." Another pause that felt like it lasted a lifetime. "Atlas you have been selected for a random vessel inspection. Please stand by."

Leigh cursed slightly but bit his tongue. Instead he stood from his seat and immediately went to check on things. He knew that the Empire was good at spotting smuggling holes. He spent his entire career to make sure they could barely be seen... He went in to the area of the small compartment holding his past once again and inspected every part of it. Even as he placed his hand on the cold metal he could practically feel the energy it radiated from behind. He then moved towards the cargo bay where his faux hiding spots were, making sure they were hidden but easy for someone to find if they knew what they were looking for. You can't be committed of possibly smuggling in the future. Finally he went to the final smuggling spot in the hallway in between his kitchen and small sleeping quarters. He stood in front of it, and even himself had difficulty finding where the hidden latch was against the wall. Of course behind the wall was just another latch to open up the actual compartment. Leigh spent a lot of time making sure that what he did was solid. He couldn't have a fool like Russ ruin his income.

Suddenly Leigh felt the Atlas stop moving. The platform had stopped, and it was only a matter of time before he would be in the presence of the Empire. Leigh moved back to the entrance of his ship, and waited. When the doors opened, he once again felt the hairs on his body tingle. You've fought these men before, but a long time ago, and in different armor. The storm troopers started to walk in, and pushed Leigh aside. It didn't take long to find the leader of the group. The gray suited woman walked in and took a quick look around. "This will only take a moment, Mister Roto." She didn't seem to care about his patience. The more she looked, the more her expression was twisted. "Tell me, where did you buy this ship?" She asked.

Leigh looked at her but kept an eye on the troopers inspecting his ship. "Some junker."

"Hmmm." Was her only response. "This mechanic job... I'm assuming it's paying well?" She waved her hand around and gave a small grin, but nothing about this was humorous. "After all, you managed to buy a Mandalorian assault vessel..." A mental curse went through his mind. she knows something's not right. "Mandalorian?" Leigh looked at her with a quizzical look. "I bought it because of the design. The junker was desperate to get rid of it... I guess that's why." He pulled off the lie rather well, but he was sure the officer didn't buy it fully. "Nothing here, Ma'am." One of the troopers came back. Leigh hid the smirk on his face, and looked back at the officer. "So does that mean I can leave?"

Before anyone could answer, a chill entered the ship. All turned their attention, and everyone fell silent. A figure stood in all black armor, a giant glossy helmet covered its identity, and the dull red eyes scanned the area. A cape fell on one shoulder and went down to its legs, and on the other side of the body was a lightsaber. "Inquisitor Tu'ul…" The officer began to speak, but fell silent as a hand was raised. "I sense them..." Was all the figure said. inquisitor... Jedi Hunters. He had heard the stories of the legendary killers. They were a group of old jedis, force sensitive beings, anything that could connect to the force would join to hunt down and kill the remaining Jedi in the galaxy. Leigh was sure that all of them had been wiped out, but it seems that he was very, very wrong... What did he get himself in to?

The Inquisitor turned to Leigh. "This is your ship?" The voice asked. The man nodded. It looked away, and suddenly it was on the move. Soon Leigh was being escorted into the same area that hid the special cargo. The Inquisitor stood in front of the wall, staring at it for quite some time before he heard the voice called again. "Open it." All heads turned to Leigh. "What?" The figure turned and faced him. "Your compartment. Open it now."

Leigh stared at the two glowing eyes for a few moments. Even that act was stupid in its own right, but years of battle made him afraid of very little. Although he wasn't afraid... he wasn't stupid either. Leigh slowly stepped forward to the wall, running his fingers gently against the smooth metal before he pushed in, an audible click erupted. He then used his other hand to reach lower on the wall, and smacked hard on the surface, and the wall gave way... to nothing.

The smuggler was pulled back and the inquisitor moved to take a look inside. The figure stepped back, turned back to Leigh and with a grunt of frustration, it raised its hand and swung it, using the force to tear apart the secret compartment, revealing the cargo that he hadn't seen until now... and it was a woman?

Not just any woman, someone he's seen before. But where? He couldn't let those questions confuse him. His instincts kicked in. Leigh knelt down and gave a quick jab at a trooper's stomach, grabbing his rifle and using the butt end to smack him across the helmet. He had just become a fugitive, and he hoped that the woman that was now exposed knew how to fight for both of their sakes.
"They set up another damn security checkpoint."

"Another one? In the lower levels?"

"Yeah. They keep catching amateurs. Some kid got caught trying to smuggle death sticks out of the planet."

"So? They're putting thousands of credits into pointless security checkpoints because of a few rookies?"

"They found something else with the death sticks. A Wookie... With a lightsaber."

"Shit... Two of the Empire's favorite things... Doing our job is going to be a little bit more challenging."

"If you were good at what you do, then it wouldn't be... What do you think, Leigh?"

The smuggler looked up into the smoke-filled cantina. He had been lost in thought, barely listening to the two bicker. "Bin is right, Russ. If you're going to let a couple checkpoints get in your way of work, then you might as well turn yourself in now." Bin, the Twi'lek, smirked and looked over at Russ who rolled his eyes. "Out of all the years we've worked together, Roto, you've never given me the credit I deserve."

"Well that's because I don't work with you. I work with Bin. Bin is reliable, and won't crack under pressure. You're her annoying boyfriend that I have to deal with." Bin patted Russ' arm gently as her boyfriend glared at Leigh. The smuggler usually did missions by himself, but as he grew in his career, a lot of suspicion started to circulate around him. The last thing he needed was for people to know who he is--or what he was. Having someone like Bin has had its benefits. He knew she had his back, there was a sense of loyalty in the smuggler's code. Leigh was a good judge of character.

I won't stay long, though. I just need one more good gig. One more, and I can leave this place for good. You've been grounded for too long.

"He doesn't mean it, dear." She stole a glance at Leigh who seemed to agree sometimes. "You have any job offers, by the way?" She leaned back, taking a sip of her drink. "No... No, ever since that Cantina fight on level 8 I've been trying to lay low." It had been a few weeks, but the lower levels were still talking about that brawl.

No one knew who started it, but they knew who ended it. That girl had a good swing... "We'll get something soon." Russ assured them. "Come on, let's get some drinks, I think we can join in on the next sabacc game."


Leigh had a little bit more credits than what he came in with. Somewhat satisfied, he pulled the collar up on his dark blue pilot jacket, and made his way through the smog filled streets of the lower levels of Coruscant. He had been down here for so long that he had forgotten what the sky looked like up above... He doubted that it would be what he had hoped. The streets were deserted, but after a while of walking to his apartment Leigh stopped in his tracks. Instead of acting like he had heard something, he went down to fix his boots, but managed to steal a glance from behind... Nothing.

A moment later he stood and started his walk once again. He found some hole in the wall to use as an apartment. Inside was nothing special, and he liked it that way. It reminded him of the bunkers he spent his whole childhood in. A simple bed, a small window, and a footlocker, with a small kitchen. With a sigh he tossed his jacket onto the bed, stretching, and walked towards the small fridge.

When he closed the fridge he held his blaster in his hand, pointing it at the figure that stood in the small archway. They were hooded, but he could tell the figure was at least male. "You have one minute to tell me why you've been following me."

"I'm sorry for the secrecy, Leigh Roto… I am here to hire you on behalf of my employer. We are in need of your specific skills." Leigh scoffed and shook his head, not lowering his weapon. "I'm not that special to be stalked. A simple approach in the street would have sufficed." It was the stranger's turn to shake their head. "No, too dangerous. They have eyes everywhere now. Mister Roto, I understand that you're capable of getting precious cargo off Coruscant."

Leigh laughed. "That would require credits. I don't have a lot of fuel to make a liftoff, especially from the lower sectors." "We are aware. The Atlas is a fine vessel. It's small, but strong... The ship design is--"

"Doesn't matter what it is, as long as it has its fuel. What exactly am I going to be taking off this planet?"

"In your words, it 'doesn't matter what it is.'" He couldn't see it, but the hooded figure was smiling. "Just know that it is very valuable. I will be honest. If you are caught, you will die... everyone associated with this will die." There was a moment of silence. "I won't get caught..." He lowered the gun, and for a second he asked a question he knew he shouldn't have. "This cargo... Does it mean a lot to you?"

The man chuckled, but there was no humor within it. He slowly took off his hood to reveal wounds he knew all too well that contorted his face. With a semi-toothless mouth, he gave a sad grin. "This cargo means everything to me." Leigh took in the face a bit longer before looking away and nodding. "I'll do it."

This was his chance to leave. Years ago he would have been more cautious about this deal, but there was something telling him that this was it. This was his chance of getting out of here. He couldn't turn this down. He was almost free.


It had taken a week for everything to go through. Whoever these people were, they paid very handsomely for this job. They paid him enough to get the required paperwork and fuel to exit the lower levels. The rest of his payment will be pushed through as soon as the cargo was delivered to the Yavin sector. As the anonymous employers put the cargo in his ship, he packed everything from the apartment, and made it back to his ship. It had been a little while since he had stepped foot in her. It was like visiting an old friend.

He could still hear the echoes within the walls though... the screams of the past. He pressed his hand gently on the hidden compartment near the back of the entrance where his past was hidden. He hoped he didn't need to use it any time soon. "The cargo is secure... We added the coordinates to your nav center. The rest is on you, Mr. Roto. Good luck." It sounded like the mysterious voice wanted to say more, but didn't. "Don't worry. Consider the deal as good as done." Although his voice was confident, he felt a bit of worry.

He flipped some switches, pushed a couple buttons, and the engines of The Atlas roared to life with a healthy and satisfying purr. He waited in the infinite line of ships trying to get out of the lower sector, and as he got closer to the front, he could barely make out the sunlight that escaped through the walls of concrete and metal. He was so close, but he knew that the ascension upward would be the most difficult part yet.

The Galactic Empire was on high alert ever since the Wookie. He had never failed a job, but there was a first for everything. "Stay calm, Soldier. You can't break now, not when there's so much on the line." With one last sigh, he inched his way towards the platform to rise up, clearing his throat in preparation to talk to the Empire official on the surface above.
I once again feel horrible for the sudden disappearance. Working on your masters and trying to keep a job is torture haha

I'm gonna get things rolling, and will have the crew landing on a depot where Akaya and I have something in mind, hopefully it'll pick up the pace :)

Thanks for being patient with me guys!

Name: Leigh [Lee] Roto

Age: 28


Bio: I guess you can say fighting is in my blood. I had my fair shares of brawls, fights... wars. All of them lead to the same thing: loss. Loss of innocence, morals, common sense, life. People can try to hide it all they want, but experiences like that keep a hold on you. At a young age, the fighting didn't work out. It left me with a lot to endure and think about. I took a ship from a friend of mine and took off.

I landed on Coruscant right before the Republic fell. With my past and skills, I had to lay low for quite some time. I stayed in the lower levels for a while, until I found a profession I wasn't too bad at. My reputation as a smuggler started to grow, and with the "fame" comes curious people asking questions.

I've done a lot of things that I'm not proud of. Smuggling isn't an honest job, but I haven't had much of those in my life. I don't know what's good and what's bad anymore. I do know one thing, though. If I stick around Coruscant for too long my past will come back to haunt me, and that's bad for everyone.

Personality: Leigh is stubborn, hard headed, and quick to throw the first punch. Years of smuggling and his past has led to him having an unusual sense of humor and charm. It may be difficult to gain his trust, but he will be incredibly loyal to those who do. Those who do know Leigh would call him "crazy" "Too brave for his own good" and just plain "stupid"

Equipment: Leigh has a lot of gear from his past as wel as working in the lower levels of the city. Leigh has two DE-10 pistols by his side, as well as a rifle he usually keeps in his Ship, the Atlas

Other: There is a hidden closet onboard The Atlas, where a special set of amour he once wore is stored.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars: Outcasts

For nearly a decade the Galactic Empire has ruled over the galaxy after the sudden and swift execution of all Jedi, and with it the fall of the Galactic Republic. The galaxy has been in a state of limbo, with uncertainty, fear. Some may not have felt the impact of the new Empire... Others, however, have lost everything.

The Jedis that servived Order 66 are hunted down and killed by Elite Commandos of the Empire. Those who are force sensitive are outcasts, forced to live in exile or be hunted and killed like animals. Not all of the Jedis were as honorable, however. Some chose freedom by helping the Empire hunt down their peers, betraying everything they've ever known just to save their lives. The number of former Jedis depletes more and more with every day that pasts...

Leigh Roto, a smuggler with a quick mouth and mysterious past gets the offer of a lifetime. Spending most of his smuggling days in the lower levels of Coruscant, he has climbed the ranks and is known for his discretion and quick results. A few days after a dangerous cantina shootout, Roto finds himself in need of a job big enough to get himself off the capital of the Empire.

Little does he know that the opportunity would soon arise, starting the journey of two souls lost in the chaos of the galaxy...
Hello! I've been watching the old Star Wars films (yes, even the prequels) and missed the old feelings that it used to bring! Last night while trying to fall asleep I had an idea for a romance-style RP! I'm looking for a female role for anyone interested! Here's the loose plot!

It is 10 BBY. The Galactic Empire is at its prime, the Jedi are no more, and the galaxy is left in a limbo. On Coruscant, a man with a mysterious past has been living as a smuggler on the planet's lower levels. He has gained a reputation due to his charm and combat skills, and has been hired by a very secretive group to smuggle something off Coruscant. This gig would let him retire early. He accepts, but soon finds himself as one of the most wanted people in the galaxy when he finds out the precious cargo is none other than a Jedi outcast; or at least a powerful force user.

With a choice to make, the two set off into the galaxy to try and figure out just what exactly their part is in the age of the Empire.

So as it states, I'm looking for a female role to play a jedi, or at least a jedi user that has connections to the past jedi order! I was thinking of the two's relationship to be a bit rocky at first, but as the two get to know one another, they can't help but have some sort of feelings, and maybe something more!

I definitely want to brainstorm and create a world and plot together, so if you're interested in that, please let me know :D

I'm a huge fan of quality over quantity, and I am a very laid back person to RP with. I definitely want this to be fun, seeing as how writing is a hobby, not a chore :)

I have a sample of my writing on my user page, and a few other things if you wanna know a little more about me!

If anyone has any questions, or if I have peaked someone's interest, just post something below or send me a PM!

Yeah, non human characters are welcomed!

And as for a villain character, as long as it’s not the primary focus on everything it’s good. We’ve had too many people try to be the main protagonist when Akaya and I do have a long term goal. As long as the villain character supports or deepens your main character we will most likely accept it :D

I like the character! If Akaya is good with it, I say welcome aboard!

Is there a way you want to introduce your character? We can have them just joining for the first time, or have them come back after a long recon mission XD

We are planning on having the crew stop on a planet for fuel so it might be a good time to bring in Jane?
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