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Current “ Cowards die a thousand deaths, but the Brave only die once.”
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“ You’ll ache. And you’re going to love it. It will crush you. And you’re still going to love all of it. Doesn’t it sound lovely beyond belief?”
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"For you, I was a chapter. For me, you were the book."
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"One should always be drunk. That's all that matters... But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you choose. But get drunk."
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“Look, let me put it this way: with me, you’re number one and there isn’t even a number two.”
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Hello! I'm Jones! and if you stumbled upon my page, I must have struck your interest!

I like to think that I'm a storyteller. I joined this site to create characters, and worlds I can put myself in. Every post I make will be to the best of my ability, and I hope anyone who stumbles upon my name can see that :D

Just a few things about me if you couldn't tell already by just glancing at my profile haha:

-I LOVE anything Captain America or Marvel related

-I have been RP'ing for over ten years now so I got some experience

- I do my best to try and have a wide range of RP genres

-I'm mostly do 1X1's and Casual/advanced RP's

-I'm a 20 something year old male living in the Pacific North West in the good ole US of A!

- I love meeting new RP'ers and seeing what we can create together!

- I'm a sucker for romance <3

There are specific times of the year where I get bombarded with things so I might not be on for a couple days, and if that's the case I'm trying to let anyone know so they aren't left wondering.

But like I said I love it when people contact me and ask if I want to RP with them, or have an idea and want my skills, and odds are I love the same thing, so If anyone wants to collab just shoot me a PM!

Subjects I love to RP

-Anything Marvel Related, Especially Cap!

-The Percy Jackson Series

-The Witcher

-Avatar the Last Airbender

-Anything Sci-Fi

-Harry Potter

- 1X1 Romances

-Modern day life

-Star Wars

-Fairy Tail

Those are pretty much my go to's, but I'm willing to hear out any idea and think about it!

Here's an example of my writing to give you a sense of my "skill" I guess... I keep trying to get better and better so bear with me!

If you have any questions about my RP's, or future ones just shoot me a PM!

Writers I adore



Nightwing95 ((We need to start a project sometime!))


EasilyAmused ((My oldest and best friend on the site :D ))


All of these people are amazing writers and friends and if you happen to RP with them consider yourself lucky! XD

and for a final note: THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A HOBBY, NOT A CHORE! I never want to put pressure on you, or myself and make any RP feel like you NEED to post, or have to force yourself to write. This is supposed to be fun, and I'll do anything to make sure it feels that way :)

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Hey there! I'm Jones, and I'm back with a couple of ideas that have been swirling in my head! I've been on and off this site for the past year now (I'm a teacher in the US, so the pandemic has my schedule all mixed up) and I'm looking to just shoot some of my ideas out there and see if they catch any interest :) Most of these will be in the universe of certain famous fandoms, and a disclaimer: I'm a huge sucker for romance XD I'm mostly looking for female roles that don't mind Mature, 18+ stuff!

The Dark Arts Destroyers (Harry Potter RP): Set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, this RP will deal with two individuals that work for a very small and discreet part of the Ministry of Magic. The Dark Arts Destroyers are tasked with helping people- both wizards and muggles- who are in possession of artifacts that contain high levels of dark magic. From "possessed" dolls, to ancient cursed rings, to even monstrous beasts hiding in plain sight, the D.A.D. will take care of it all... but it isn't for everyone. When the leader of the Dark Arts Destroyers passes away, a young but experienced wizard loses a friend, and mentor. Leaving only himself in the Department, the Ministry hires a rookie Auror to join the ranks. With just the two of them, they must continue to help the people from Dark Magic, as well as find the person- or thing- responsible for killing the man's mentor.

This role doesn't have to be a romantic RP, but like I said before I'm a sucker for romance, so I'm looking for a Female character if you're interested in that, or if you just want a creepy and dark adventure in the HP world, let me know :)

Space Pirates! : Kinda like a Treasure Planet/ Mass Effect/ One Piece type feel. With a mix of sci-fi and the 1700's pirate aesthetic! An infamous Pirate Bounty Hunter comes across a dying old pirate, a map, and one last request: to find his granddaughter and give her the mysterious map within the chip. In return, he promised the bounty hunter riches that he could only dream of. Curious, the man tracks down the granddaughter to reveal that she is one of the newest generations of pirates reeking havoc across the galaxy, and not only does the chip contain a map, but it also contains her destiny: To find the planet of treasure and unite the dystopian, lawless galaxy.

Looking for a female role in this one too!

The Protectors: In the dense forests of the Rocky Mountains, a small town in Colorado has a dark secret. There have been rumors that the small town of Rhodes is home to fairy tale creatures... namely vampires. Tales and stories turned the town into a spooky destination for hikers and tourists, and while they believe it is all made up; it is very much real. For centuries the town has been protected by a secret society known as the Protectors, and their main job is to make sure the townspeople live life normally, and never face the terrifying reality. For years the sheriff of the town is also in charge of the Protectors. He has been one of the few humans to make peace with vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night... but tensions has risen. As he gets older, some younger protectors doubt his judgement, and it will only be a matter of time before the town is attacked. When a strange and mysterious woman is found dead near the entrance to the town, it is up to the Sheriff and his crew to find out who did it, and why.

I'm looking for this to be a romance RP as well, but it doesn't have to be! Also this role is a lot more free to what your character can be. A new Protector, a vampire that is allied with the Sheriff, etc.

These are my ideas for now, but these can all be changed and adapted to make this a story for US! It'll be our story and adventure! :)

If any of these ideas interest you, just message me here or shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you soon :D
Happy belated new year everyone, once again my life took a deep dive into work and depression as a high school teacher during a pandemic, and now I got my shit together once more! hopefully this year is better has me not spending literal sleepless nights trying to work on lesson plans and grading late online school work *single tear falls down face*
Hi there! I'm Jones! I've been on this site for a while now, and if you want to know a little more about me and my writing style, you can check out my bio :)

But here's a quick crash course into who I am as a writer:

-I'm a male that prefers to write the male part, and I'm only comfortable with writing MxF
-I'm very laid back writer and flexible with ideas/posting/etc.
-I typically write high casual/low advanced depending on "inspiration" XD
-I typically write my 1x1's in PM's, and sometimes Discord
-I'm a sucker for romance, and definitely don't like to fade to black, but I will gladly do so if you're uncomfortable with it:)

Now that you know a bit about me, here's the premise I had for the plot!

My character once was a Mandalorian warrior, but due to an event that will unfold later in the RP, he is shunned and lives in the lower levels of Coruscant as a "gun for hire" type smuggler. He's hired to take something off planet, and is paid very well for it. Little does he know is that his cargo is actually a former Jedi (your character) who is desperately trying to get away from the Empire. The two manage to escape after a brawl, and the two end up making a deal with one another: if the Mandalorian can escort her to safety, he will get the rest of his reward.

As the plot goes on, the Mandalorian realizes that he's tied into this issue as well, making it impossible for him to just leave the Jedi. As the two fight their past, they eventually fall for one another, relying on their relationship in more ways than one.


With this story I definitely wouldn't mind brainstorming and sharing ideas with one another, especially with the details of the plot:) Once again, I'm looking for an 18+ Female who loves Star Wars and wants to be a badass Jedi XD If you're interested, just shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you :D

A reply to @Smystar99

There was a lot to unpack in those fifteen minutes. His head swirled with information, memories coming and going as he desperately tried to find out what the hell just happened. That couldn't have been real, that was just some stupid prank that his boss pulled on him, right? Wait... did he even have a boss? David put a hand to his head and closed his eyes, desperately trying to remember. He couldn't even remember if he had a last name! He took a deep breath, and listened to the ocean. It was rather clear that he and the beach had some sort of connection. He at first thought he was a lowlife fisherman, but it seemed he was much more. He looked back at the waters, seeing if there was any sign of that beast that attacked him. Nothing. He felt the pull within his stomach again, though, as he watched the waves. He thought back to the voice that boomed in his head, calling him--what was it?


The name felt familiar... Almost soothing in a sense. Slowly he turned back to Manhattan. The answers to all of this was in that city. He just needed to find the names on the list, hopefully they can give him more answers than the beast.

Suddenly, he heard a dark bark, and it made his skin crawl. A Rottweiler came storming at him, and as it got closer, a sense of dread washed over him. Guardian. Hell. Death. He stepped back as the dog approached. It wasn't hostile, but it definitely gave David an uneasy feeling, as if it was speaking to him through his eyes. He knew this dog, but how was that even possible--

"Beros!" A female voice screamed. The figure ran up to him, and just the sight of her gave him a wave of nausea. He almost fell to his knees, but the sea air gave him a boost of confidence. His dark green eyes surveyed her features, and the whispering in his head got louder, reciting the words "Death" and--

"Brother." He muttered almost at the exact same time as she did. He looked away embarrassingly. Why on earth did he just say that? It was confusing to say the least, but there was something very familiar about her... He coughed slightly, looking at her, and the dog before slowly nodding, giving a weak smile. "Yeah, no. I'm completely fine just... Some excited tourists on a treasure hunt." He tried to explain the situation without sounding crazy. The dog Beros sniffed at David intensely, but he backed up hesitantly, as if knowing it would do something if he didn't keep his guard up. "I..." He started, looking at her with curiosity. "I'm sorry. Have we-have we met, before? It's just... I am have a really hard time remembering things lately, and you look very familiar." He tried to explain, but not necessarily knowing how to. He couldn't really say that a Minotaur attacked him after he woke up, and he dragged the beast into the sea.
@Crimson Flame

If you need any help on getting started let us know, I'm sure a few of us wouldn't mind brainstorming some ideas! :)
Thanks for bearing with me guys, I had a massive amount of emails and some tests to grade (kill me), and thank you @Exit for the Discord :) I think almost everyone has posted, so I'll be getting another post up later today!

That'd be a fun idea! I have to admit I don't use Discord too often, so I'll need to find my old passwords and stuff XD If someone would like to create a place to talk there, and send a link, I can post it on the Original Post and everyone can stay connected and collab :)
@Crimson Flame

I pictured it as the gods all of the sudden coming to the world, and awakening in their “natural habitat” they’re just kinda figuring out what the hell is going on, as if they woke up from a long sleep. You don’t have to fight anyone, but my next post was probably going to have a giant monster thing start to wreak havoc in downtown Manhattan, to try and lure some gods over there and get them grouped up XD

Essentially, the intro is just supposed to show what your deity is like, and how they’re reacting to it all. Hopefully that helped :D
Alright folks, the IC is up!! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! I hope you liked the first post :)
The first thing David smelled was the sea. The soft, gentle winds hit his face like a lazy wakeup call. The smell was almost intoxicating to the man, as if he hadn't smelled it in years. That wouldn't be too far off. Slowly, his eyes opened to reveal a beach. Waves gently rolled in, seagulls called out as they swept across the water. On the beach he could make out umbrellas and towels in the distance, but he was next to an old pier. He had been sitting in a beach chair, and as he rose he could feel the pain in his joints and legs.

My name is David. I live by the sea, completely happy. I'll go to work selling bait to hopeful fishermen, usually close up early to fish myself, and take a nap on the coast with my favorite chair.

His mind spoke as if he reminded himself where he was. Turning around, he could see the skyline of Manhattan, and although he knew it was New York, he wasn't quite sure he had visited. He looked around for a moment, still a little confused on where exactly he had to go. He was dressed in worn jeans, some converse sneakers, and a dark blue flannel. He definitely looked like a fisherman, alright... David noticed then a bag next to the chair, and a rusty looking fishing harpoon. Gently, the man picked it up, and a very eerie feeling swept through him. A large gust of wind flew by him, giving a stronger smell of the sea. He felt like he and this harpoon has seen a lot of things together. David smiled gently, setting it aside for now. Opening the bag, he found a notebook, a few hundred dollars in cash, some water... and an old coin.

David picked up the golden coin, wiping the dirt off the surface to see what it said. It looked foreign... Like, it was written in.

I am Poseidon. God of the Sea.

the voice boomed in his head, causing him to drop the coin. He breathed shakily, picked up the coin, and examined it. It certainly was a Greek coin, with a trident symbol on it as well as words he couldn't necessarily make out. He slid the coin in his pocket, and focused on the notebook within. The book was almost completely empty, except for one page with names:

Lilith Henderson
Blake Lou Delarose
Felicity Omen
Vanessa Onasis
Harry Corey Thompson
Robert Malek
Daciana Adila Adomi
Asha Jaziri

Eight names... And he had absolutely no correlation he could come up with. He had never heard these names before, but for some reason, he knew they meant something.

"Hey there, Friend!" Someone called out.

David turned to see a rather large man in beach attire, holding a metal detector. He smiled at David warmly. "Hello." David called before turning back to the bag, throwing it around his shoulders, and grabbing the harpoon. "You seem lost. Don't know exactly where you are or where you came from?" He called out. Chills went down David's spine. The man chuckled. "Don't worry. They'll find you, or you'll find them eventually... Hopefully soon."

David had no idea what this man was talking about, but he had a feeling it had to do with the names in the book. "Do you know where I can find them?" He walked closer to the man. "Not necessarily... They're somewhere there." He pointed towards Manhattan's skyline. "That's the problem with treasure hunting. Sometimes you find you find what you're looking for..." The man's smile turned sinister. "And sometimes you find some faulty readings."

In a swift motion the large man swung the metal detector, and in the glint of the sunlight, turned into a large axe. David luckily lifted the harpoon to deflect the blow, but sent him flying backwards. The man laughed. "You reek of the Gods..." He inhaled sharply. "I remember you, Sea God." David fought to get back up, once again holding his harpoon up to stop the blow. This time, it felt like instinct took over. In the same movement David flipped the edge of the harpoon into the man, and sliced the side of his torso. The man gave out a demonic scream, causing David to step back.

David backed up to the ocean, feeling the waves engulf his feet. The man with the metal detector started to get blurry in David's eyes. Blinking a few times, he noticed the man change shape. David was stunned to see the man's lower body stay relatively the same... but his torso and head had turned into a Bull. "The Minotaur." David breathed.

"You remember me." The beast spoke. David felt like the two had had a long history with one another, and it wasn't necessarily a friendly one. "You tricked my mother, tricked me into going into that horrible maze. Now that you are mortal, I can finally exact my revenge!" The minotaur roared and charged at David. He was beyond scared, he tried to dodge but was hit horribly in the side, flying deeper into the sea.

His head hurt, he saw stars, and the side of his torso was absolutely bleeding. He felt like giving up, but then, as he tried to inhale the water to accept defeat... He could breathe? David opened his eyes, not phased by the salty liquid going into his eyes. His clothes were completely dry, and the pain in his side slowly faded. Through his shirt, he saw that the cut had shrunk.

Rise Poseidon, God of the Sea.

David swam back up to the surface, which seemed to surprise the Minotaur. "You're not yet powerful enough to kill me, Poseidon." He bellowed. "No, but I can stop you." A feeling in his guy lurched forward, sending a large wave over the beach, engulfing the creature. As much as he tried to claw at the sand, the Minotaur was dragged into the sea. "You cannot stop us! They will come after all of you! Humanity is lost!" He screamed before being pulled underwater.

David made it back to the shore, and fell to his knees. He was exhausted. The feeling in his gut had disappeared. He panted, shaking slightly at what he had just seen. He looked at his harpoon, hearing a small hum come to it, as if trying to speak to him. He didn't know what all of this meant... but maybe, the people on the list could. Slowly rising to his feet, David placed the harpoon on the side of his backpack, wrapping it tight before he looked for a way into New York City.
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