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Hello! I'm Jones! and if you stumbled upon my page, I must have struck your interest!

I like to think that I'm a storyteller. I joined this site to create characters, and worlds I can put myself in. Every post I make will be to the best of my ability, and I hope anyone who stumbles upon my name can see that :D

Just a few things about me if you couldn't tell already by just glancing at my profile haha:

-I LOVE anything Captain America or Marvel related

-My top list of books and series are: The Martian, The Bourne Trilogy (books and movies), The Witcher, and the Harry Potter books!

- I do my best to try and have a wide range of RP genres

-I'm mostly do 1X1's and Casual RP's

-I'm an American citizen in my 20's that travels a lot

- I love meeting new RP'ers and seeing what we can create together!

There are specific times of the year where I get bombarded with things so I might not be on for a couple days, and if that's the case I'm trying to let anyone know so they aren't left wondering.

But like I said I love it when people contact me and ask if I want to RP with them, or have an idea and want my skills, and odds are I love the same thing, so If anyone wants to collab just shoot me a PM!

Subjects I love to RP

-Anything Marvel Related, Especially Cap!

-The Percy Jackson Series

-The Witcher

-Avatar the Last Airbender

-Anything Sci-Fi

-Harry Potter

- 1X1 Romances

-Modern day life

-Star Wars

-Fairy Tail

Those are pretty much my go to's, but I'm willing to hear out any idea and think about it!

Here's an example of my writing to give you a sense of my "skill" I guess... I keep trying to get better and better so bear with me!

If you have any questions about my RP's, or future ones just shoot me a PM!

Writers I adore



Nightwing95 ((We need to start a project sometime!))


EasilyAmused ((My oldest and best friend on the site :D ))


All of these people are amazing writers and friends and if you happen to RP with them consider yourself lucky! XD

and for a final note: THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A HOBBY, NOT A CHORE! I never want to put pressure on you, or myself and make any RP feel like you NEED to post, or have to force yourself to write. This is supposed to be fun, and I'll do anything to make sure it feels that way :)

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Yeah, non human characters are welcomed!

And as for a villain character, as long as it’s not the primary focus on everything it’s good. We’ve had too many people try to be the main protagonist when Akaya and I do have a long term goal. As long as the villain character supports or deepens your main character we will most likely accept it :D

I like the character! If Akaya is good with it, I say welcome aboard!

Is there a way you want to introduce your character? We can have them just joining for the first time, or have them come back after a long recon mission XD

We are planning on having the crew stop on a planet for fuel so it might be a good time to bring in Jane?
@Starlance @Akayaofthemoon

As someone who has had some drunk nights, your guys' posts were perfect XD

And no worries about the specifics on the Monroe, it was a perfect response and I'll take note on the fuel in the Monroe tab :)



Hi there! I'm glad you're interested! I'm all about the background of your character!

As for the role, I think that could totally work! If your character is specialized in interrogations and a rifleman, I'm assuming they've had some sort of military or mercenary work?

If that's the case, I was thinking we could add a new role to the team: Reconnaissance or Covert-Operations? On the Monroe you would intercept any illegal communication within the range of the ship, you'd be the first to scout out an area or just scan it with the equipment aboard the ship, and obviously be lead interrogator to any threats that enter the ship (with the Security officer and captain being there of course).

Just a suggestion though, and something I could see being fun to play with in the RP!
If the crew had been more aware about what was happening at this moment, this would have been a very strong clue as to why the Committee wanted the Ulnar's cargo. There were very rare cases in the known galaxy where species of any kind could talk telepathically. The only one Raymond could think of was a rather ancient race that just seemed to appear itself to the Committee. From what Ray heard about them, they could read your thoughts and emotions, and use a voice from someone most dear to you to help negate hostility... They scared the Committee, to say the least, and the race keeps to itself, and almost never interacts with any other race unless they have to. Raymond always thought it was because they were very aware of their abilities, that if they showed the galaxy what they could truly do, they would be killed to extinction.

The Captain of the Marauders would relate his crew to that race, but knew that there were far different circumstances. The Crew of the Monroe were talented, they had their abilities and Raymond did his best to utilize them, but at the same time they were marked for death. For some of them, that's what they expected. They weren't suited to live a "Normal" life. It was the people like Rae, Tony, and now even Tango that he felt bad for. They were willing to jump aboard... So as Josk would do her signature flirting/insulting,Astrid bantered with the crew, Rae did her best to keep her newfound emotions in check, and the rest of them idled by, Raymond couldn't help but feel pity for Rendyl; the new Outcast that would only seem to fit in on a ship like this.

"You don't need a mind reader to know what everyone's thinking, Josk. We're all thinking that you have such a beautiful way with words." Ray teased right back after her comment about his plans. With every glance she gave he could practically sense the pheromones her body was producing. God help whoever fell into that trap, even if it was unintentional. He was going to ask another question to Rendyl before Rae had delcared that she was leaving.

Ray immediately stood, a wave of dizziness hitting himself as well, but nonetheless trying to help her to the door. Ray decided it was best if he just sat down, seeing how the Doctor had managed to make it by herself. "Fuck..." It all hit him at once. The nicotine buzz from the cigar and the alcohol attacking his liver had officially spread through his whole body. "Tango... escort Rendyl to an open bedroom... Valanx, Tony, we need to figure out who the hell she is. We might be in real trouble if we keep turning a blind eye." Ray once again stood, his hands on the table, and looking over at the mystery woman they had just picked up.

As he made eye contact, she would see a man that was scared. Scared for the safety of his crew, and her especially, despite his actions earlier that day. There was a subtle statement that Raymond would not hand her over to the Committee. Until the crew found her family, or a good place for her, she was doomed to be a part of the Marauders. If there was anything she could decipher from the Captain's tired and intoxicated eyes, it would be the phrase "I'm sorry."


"Good morning, Captain."

Raymond felt a sharp pain on his side. He shot up with so many feelings and emotions that it almost made him throw up. A crippling headache smashed into his temples, his throat and mouth were dry and reeked of cigar smoke. His stomach churned, his vision entered in and out of focus, but then suddenly, his senses somewhat cleared up. The Captain looked down to see that a metal arm had injected him with a shot, and retreated back into the wall next to his bed. "I'm sorry, Captain, but I was told to wake you up that way."

"What? By who?"

"By you, sir, last night. You said after eight hours of sleep I should give you a shot. I injected you with a number of helpful fast-acting concoctions that should help treat you with... hanging over." Tango's robotic voice obviously didn't know much about drinking and its effects. Despite the dull pain that was now on his rib cage, he was grateful he set that up. He wasn't 100 percent, but Raymond was sure that he would have spent a very long time with his head in the toilet. "You have a number of things to do today. The Admiral also sent you a message saying to contact her as soon as possible."

Ray rubbed his face in his palms, and sighed. "Thanks, Tango. Hey, if you have any more of that stuff, make sure to tell the crew to use it."

"Yes, Captain."

Raymond stood, ignoring the small pain in his head, and the slight dizziness as he stumbled to his bathroom to take a shower, hopeful that that would help with recovery. He had to meet up with Rendyl, Tony, and Valanx so they can get more questions. "Josk, Astrid." Ray tapped his ear to open his open comms after taking his shower. Hopefully the two would start to be coming to, or at least hear him. Last night was a little crazy. "Are we still on course for the fuel depot? Will we have enough fuel to get there?"

As Ray looked around his room, he had to stop and think where he put his... Wait, did Luirae win his jacket in a game of poker last night??
Hey guys, I finally got back home from a summer of travelling, so I should be getting some posts up today! I'll get the time jump coming, and after everyone kinda recovers I'll dive us into some action >:)
I was going to time skip when everyone had their fun with poker, but if anyone would like to post some more they're more than welcome to! I'll try to get a post up tonight if everyone's done drinking XD
Hey there, @Nate1008, welcome back! I too have been busy so I understand exactly how you feel XD

As far as the alien race goes, I think Akaya and I are still a little bit skeptical on them.

How were you planning on creating a character with the race? What role is your character going to play? I’m going to update the roster in a minute to give you more of an idea on what type of roles we are looking for!

We just want to make sure everyone’s gonna be incorporated into the story :)

Also, I’ll probably time jumping us to the morning with the next post, so be looking forward to the hangover posts XD

It was moments like these... These small moments of bickering, the teasing, the angry curses that the translator system refused to translate. Was Raymond drunk? Extremely, but the scene laid out before him was one of the few that he truly enjoyed. It was definitely interesting to see everyone climb out of their shell in a way--well, except for Josk, who always acted like this. Raymond had never seen the Doctor like this, and he felt guilty for the feelings he got at the sight of her in his jacket (which he planned on winning back, by the way).

The crew bickered and trailed off from his question, which he didn't blame them. He took a long, slow puff of the cigar in between his lips, and let the crew member before him make his move. "I'd find some shitty job on the country side of Earth... I'd work my ass off until I had enough credits to find an antique store, and buy myself an old Human Automobile." He knew the crew wasn't listening, and with his quiet tone he doubted they even cared. He looked at his pile of "winnings" and at his hand again. "I'd work night and day on that piece of shit, and when I finally get it to work, I'd buy myself some beer, drive for hours until I couldn't any longer." He tossed in a couple coins, and tossed his watch into the pot. "I'll sit in the bed of the old rusting piece of junk, and I'd drink, looking up at the night sky, and all of those stars, knowing I'd never have to travel to them again..."

There was a lot he would do if he wasn't a prisoner on the ship. Like his modest Pilot stated, they could be dealing with a lot worse. The Marauders worked hard to get to this point, though. When Raymond became Captain, he was still treated like an animal, having to follow very strict rules and guidelines. He even had to fight some of his crewmates that tried to take control from him.

The truth was, he loved the Monroe. He loved his crew, and despite being forced to be here, he was glad that he got to meet these crazy people--

A voice rang through his head, which made him stop in his tracks, and look up, the smoke from the cigar filling his eyes. He was about to say something until the drunk words of Rae beat him to it, and very casually. There was so much going on in the room, from Josk's pheromones, to the smell of booze, and smoke, and now he was hearing voices in his head? Well, it wouldn't be the first.

"Are we just going to ignore the fact that..." He looked at Rendyl, knowing he was going to sound crazy for even bringing this up. "Was... Was that you?"
Hey, @Nate1008! I'm glad this RP caught your interest, and I'm sorry that I left you waiting!

Everything @Akayaofthemoon said I completely agreed with.

The Crawl give me a creepy "Flood" vibe from Halo haha! Although it'd be interesting to see, they are also somewhat similar to the "Dread" characters Akaya and I created as the main antagonists of the RP.

Also, creating an antagonist villain would be difficult for pacing. There will be times where the crew isn't in immediate danger, like right now, and having that character put in would either force us to rush through character development moments, or having your character wait to post again.

I'm not opposed to another challenge for the Marauders, but I think the Crawl would be difficult to balance with what's going on, you know?

I suggest making "two" characters that are intertwined at that point. The main character that's a part of the crew, and a second one that's an antagonist and related to your main character (for example: Twins, and one of them was infected by a hivemind-like enemy that's trying to go after their sibling, since it feeds on their memory, maybe trying to get revenge on them for abandoning them).

Again, I don't wanna shut down your idea, but it's just not the direction Akaya and I wanna go with
Hey, when a bunch of misfits have nothing else to gamble, they result to strip poker.... we just have to make sure the Nark Committee members dont rat us out -.-
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