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“And when I asked you how you’d been, I meant I missed you more than I’ve ever missed anything before.”
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As a Seahawks fan, it’s always a good day when the Niners lose
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“I wish time was kind to you. There is so much I wanted to tell you. So much I wish i said. Now I tell it to the stars, hoping you’re there.”


Hello! I'm Jones! and if you stumbled upon my page, I must have struck your interest!

I like to think that I'm a storyteller. I joined this site to create characters, and worlds I can put myself in. Every post I make will be to the best of my ability, and I hope anyone who stumbles upon my name can see that :D

Just a few things about me if you couldn't tell already by just glancing at my profile haha:

-I LOVE anything Captain America or Marvel related

-I have been RP'ing for over ten years now so I got some experience

- I do my best to try and have a wide range of RP genres

-I'm mostly do 1X1's and Casual/advanced RP's

-I'm a 20 something year old male living in the Pacific North West in the good ole US of A!

- I love meeting new RP'ers and seeing what we can create together!

- I'm a sucker for romance <3

There are specific times of the year where I get bombarded with things so I might not be on for a couple days, and if that's the case I'm trying to let anyone know so they aren't left wondering.

But like I said I love it when people contact me and ask if I want to RP with them, or have an idea and want my skills, and odds are I love the same thing, so If anyone wants to collab just shoot me a PM!

Subjects I love to RP

-Anything Marvel Related, Especially Cap!

-The Percy Jackson Series

-The Witcher

-Avatar the Last Airbender

-Anything Sci-Fi

-Harry Potter

- 1X1 Romances

-Modern day life

-Star Wars

-Fairy Tail

Those are pretty much my go to's, but I'm willing to hear out any idea and think about it!

Here's an example of my writing to give you a sense of my "skill" I guess... I keep trying to get better and better so bear with me!

If you have any questions about my RP's, or future ones just shoot me a PM!

Writers I adore




Nightwing95 ((We need to start a project sometime!))



EasilyAmused ((My oldest and best friend on the site :D ))


All of these people are amazing writers and friends and if you happen to RP with them consider yourself lucky! XD

and for a final note: THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A HOBBY, NOT A CHORE! I never want to put pressure on you, or myself and make any RP feel like you NEED to post, or have to force yourself to write. This is supposed to be fun, and I'll do anything to make sure it feels that way :)

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Hello, I’m Jones! I’ve been on this site for a very long time, but for the past couple years all I’ve really done is watch and post quotes. Writing stories and collaborating with people used to be one of my favorite hobbies, but life can take a toll on ya. Long story short my passion for RP’ing died and I tried to fix it by just focusing on the more pressing matters, and that left me ghosting a lot of people or just not showing up on the site for months and coming back acting like nothing happened. I’m learning to balance my work and real life and hobbies in a healthy way, and this is the start of me trying to get back into what makes me happy :)

My bio on my page has a lot of information about me, but here’s a “spark notes” version:

-I’m a 28 year old male teacher that lives in the North West of the USA

-I’m a sucker for romance, so you’ll notice that in a lot of my plots (most of these don’t necessarily have to be a romantic one, so anyone is welcome!)

-I like to think of myself as a more advanced writer, but I definitely prefer quality over quantity. I understand if at a point in in the RP where we can’t write multiple paragraphs, as long as we’re having fun!

-I typically prefer PM RP’s, but don’t mind thread posting either

-I like to explore deep and mature concepts in my stories, but it has to make sense. Smut, gore, violence only happens when the story allows it, you know?

-I LOVE everything Marvel, The Witcher (books), Star Wars, historical fiction, etc, so if that catches your eye shoot me a PM and we can work on something together :)

-Like I said, I am a teacher so my writing schedule is all sorts of crazy depending on the year. I had a really bad habit of unintentionally “ghosting” people for a length of time, and then being too embarrassed to tell them when I come back. I am NOT going to do that anymore, and will definitely keep people updated on when they can expect posts from me. No more leaving people in the dark!

With all that being said, here are some ideas I had! Some of these are old forgotten ones that I had from years ago that I’d like to explore again, some of newer ideas, so if any of these interest you please let me know, shoot me a PM, and we can get to making cool stories and characters! :)

Fallen Angels: This RP would be a crime/drama RP set in a modern-day fantasy world, if that makes any sense xD It takes place in a world where humans, “angels”, and “demons” all live together. Obviously the angels would be higher up on the social ladder, and the demons would be lower. Each “race” would have certain abilities and traits that define them, and in order to keep peace, there are police officers, and then Archangels that are peacekeepers for all of them. They’re elite detectives/crime fighters that are either loved or hated.

This story would focus on an ex archangel who “lost their wings.” They were highly regarded as the best of the best, but now he lives in infamy and is kinda in this limbo state of hitting rock bottom. When the archangel gets a lead on the man who took his wings, one of the most sinister crime lords he had ever witnessed, he needs the help from an old friend to help take the person down.

Here's a plot that I whipped up (but it absolutely can be changed!)

and a more descriptive characteristics of the "Angels" and "Demons"

Looking for a Female role, and maybe the two become romantically involved, or during the whole plot reconnect from a previous romantic relationship! I am absolutely willing to brainstorm :)

The Phantom Detective: This one I thought of recently and I would love to brainstorm with ideas and plot! I was essentially thinking of having a 50's themed detective noire type of RP. A washed up detective has been taking a loss in his family hard, and although his detective skills are incredible, he has lost his passion. When he picks up a case to find a lost boy, he finds out that the boy has a gift: to talk to the dead. Seeing as how the child has no living family, he takes him in and together they solve difficult detective cases that most couldn't. As their fame gains, a mysterious couple claiming to be his parents try to kidnap him and take him away. As a more sinister plot is unfolding, the Detective must do everything he can to protect the child; even if he has to go to *her* for help.

Also looking for a female role to come into play here, maybe a lost flame, or childhood sweethearts, etc. Again, willing to brainstorm and modify the plot :D

The Pianist: This is more of an abstract, Slice-of-Life Romance RP. Set in modern day, a washed out and rather famous jazz pianist has lost his job and passion after letting the fame and talent get to him. His life is completely turned upside down, however, when his sister dies unexpectedly, and left her daughter in his custody. Completely unexpected by everyone, he agrees to take her in. Soon he finds out that she is a prodigy at the piano. Amazed by her gifts, he takes her to the only person he knows that could help her with her abilities; another pianist whom he had a very intimate relationship with.

The Dark Arts Destroyers (Harry Potter RP): Set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, this RP will deal with two individuals that work for a very small and discreet part of the Ministry of Magic. The Dark Arts Destroyers are tasked with helping people- both wizards and muggles- who are in possession of artifacts that contain high levels of dark magic. From "possessed" dolls, to ancient cursed rings, to even monstrous beasts hiding in plain sight, the D.A.D. will take care of it all... but it isn't for everyone. When the leader of the Dark Arts Destroyers passes away, a young but experienced wizard loses a friend, and mentor. Leaving only himself in the Department, the Ministry hires a rookie Auror to join the ranks. With just the two of them, they must continue to help the people from Dark Magic, as well as find the person- or thing- responsible for killing the man's mentor.

This role doesn't have to be a romantic RP, but like I said before I'm a sucker for romance, so I'm looking for a Female character if you're interested in that, or if you just want a creepy and dark adventure in the HP world, let me know :)

Space Pirates! : Kinda like a Treasure Planet/ Mass Effect/ One Piece type feel. With a mix of sci-fi and the 1700's pirate aesthetic! An infamous Pirate Bounty Hunter comes across a dying old pirate, a map, and one last request: to find his granddaughter and give her the mysterious map within the chip. In return, he promised the bounty hunter riches that he could only dream of. Curious, the man tracks down the granddaughter to reveal that she is one of the newest generations of pirates reeking havoc across the galaxy, and not only does the chip contain a map, but it also contains her destiny: To find the planet of treasure and unite the dystopian, lawless galaxy.

Looking for a female role in this one too!

The Protectors: In the dense forests of the Rocky Mountains, a small town in Colorado has a dark secret. There have been rumors that the small town of Rhodes is home to fairy tale creatures... namely vampires. Tales and stories turned the town into a spooky destination for hikers and tourists, and while they believe it is all made up; it is very much real. For centuries the town has been protected by a secret society known as the Protectors, and their main job is to make sure the townspeople live life normally, and never face the terrifying reality. For years the sheriff of the town is also in charge of the Protectors. He has been one of the few humans to make peace with vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night... but tensions has risen. As he gets older, some younger protectors doubt his judgement, and it will only be a matter of time before the town is attacked. When a strange and mysterious woman is found dead near the entrance to the town, it is up to the Sheriff and his crew to find out who did it, and why.

I'm looking for this to be a romance RP as well, but it doesn't have to be! Also this role is a lot more free to what your character can be. A new Protector, a vampire that is allied with the Sheriff, etc.


That’s all I have for now, but if you like any of these ideas, or have ideas of your own and want to collab with me, please send me a message and I’ll reply as soon as I possibly can! thank you :)
He wanted to run after her. Hell, he probably should have, but once again he was struck with fear and uncertainty- the same fear and uncertainty that made him leave so long ago. With a frustrated sigh and turned back towards the bar to try and calm down the mess that was transpiring at Jimmy’s bar. Turns out Val was right, and she had no sign of stopping. As soon as Raymond came in he heard her scoff. “Wow, didn’t run away this time, good job, Ray!” She shot at him, “Leigh, come on-“ Jimmy started, but she spoke up again. “Stop trying to defend the two, Jimmy! For fuck’s sake he’s done nothing to keep you as a friend. He’s just here because he feels guilty about Austin.” She took another sip of her drink, and Jimmy gently took it from her grasp. “Yeah, not a good time for that.” He looked at Ray with a look of apology, but also another glance. Raymond had been pretty good at reading facial expressions after his years acting, and he could tell that some of the things that Ryleigh was saying, Jimmy agreed with. He couldn’t blame them.

“Leigh.” Raymond began.

“Oh no, not this time! You always got what you wanted by giving us your puppy dog eyes, I’m not falling for it now, Raymond Chase! Especially since you’ve only gotten hotter and taller since you left us for Hollywood!” It seemed the alcohol was taking effect.

Raymond sighed and shook his head. “I’m not doing this right now. Can you grab her some water, Jimmy?” “Gonna run away again Ray without saying anything? Or are you actually going to be around?”

“Leigh, you’re drunk, I’m not going to talk to you—“

“Oh, more excuses from you and Val, big shocker!” She shot back, which made Ray’s blood boil. She always had to edge things on. She seemed just as feisty as she was when she was younger.

“I’ll see you when you’re sober.” Ray waved her off, tired of not getting anywhere with her, plus she didn’t want to start a fight with her in that state. As he turned and started for the door, she called out again. “There he goes! Running away from it all! Hey, when it’s time for Austin’s funeral are you going to run away for another ten years or just not come back at all?” Ray stopped and turned, visibly angry now.

“Fine, Leigh. Fine. Let’s talk. This is what you wanted, right? For me to be here, so we can all talk and figure this shit out? Then let me talk! I get that you’re hurting about Austin. I get that you’re angry with me for leaving, but Val has been here with you every goddamn second of the grieving too. You’re not angry with her. You’re angry with me for packing up and not looking back. She’s grieving, just like you. She’s hurting, and angry, and confused with all this shit and it doesn’t help that she has to deal with comments and back handed remarks to things that she’s trying to move on from!” Ray shouted. “What happened between Val and I is between us, but I’m the one who left. Not her. So hate me, resent me, throw things at me, whatever… just stop pushing away Val and help her through this like we all used to. I’m here now. And you might not believe me, but I’ve missed ya’ll so much and want… to try and work it all out. If you’ll let me.”

It was silent for a moment, until Ryleigh stood up and walked towards him. “You have no idea what we’ve been through these past ten years… Fuck you, Ray.” And with that, she stumbled out of Jimmy’s bar. He turned to follow after her, but Jimmy stopped him with a quick whistle, holding up her keys. “She’s stumbled her way home more than once, Ray… You said your piece for now. Just let her think on it.” Jimmy looked around and then down at his watch. “Wanna help me set up?”


It was a nice change of pace for Raymond to work again like he used to. Ever since he made it successfully in Hollywood he’s had people do almost everything for him, which he hated. He missed working on cars for the older folks in their town during the summers with Austin and Jimmy. He missed helping his dad, the local handyman in the town, with random requests and favors. He missed the feeling of going to the lake house after a long week’s work of school and other jobs to relax with his friends. As he pulled out a case of beer from the cooler he smiled faintly at the thought of going back there… but now he wasn’t so sure if anyone would want to go. Not only did he fuck up with Val, but he seems he made a mess of the conversation with Ryleigh, but helping serve drinks and maintain a bar with Jimmy took his mind off of it.

It was only a matter of time before people realized that Raymond Chase, hometown delinquent and Hollywood star was serving drinks at the bar. It brought in a pretty big crowd with a lot of people he hadn’t seen in years asking how he was. He liked reminiscing on old stories that they had, laughing at how much of a wild child he was, and every now and then was asked if he had seen Val yet. He hid the pain and nodded, and went to “grab some drinks” in the back whenever the older women gossiped that she was seeing someone now.

“You’re not bad at this… sure you’re not all prissy and snobby like those folks out in LA?” Jimmy yelled out to him over the music and talking in the bar. “When I left I went to Atlanta first. Bartended for some bar for a couple years before acting really took off.” Ray explained. “Well don’t expect to be getting paid! I will say, though, this place hasn’t been this busy in a very long time.” Ray looked over to see the excitement in his eyes. Raymond slapped a hand firmly on Jimmy’s back and gave him a warm smile and nod. He knew Jimmy would never say it, but he was thankful for Ray helping out, even after all that was said and done this morning. “I missed ya, Ray.” He said before turning his attention to new patrons.

“I missed you guys, too…” Raymond softly said, thinking about Austin, Ryleigh, and Val… and how he was going to get fix all of this.
“B-list movie for sure, but you gotta make sure that there’s no olives on that everything pizza.” Robert commented back quietly, giving her glass a little cheers before taking a sip. While Robert should have been looking about for the governor, he kept his eyes on the blonde in front of him. In another life this would have been heaven. Having his job, sucking up to the elites, talking to Marian and enjoying her company… In a way it disgusted him to think that all he cared about was the money and power of this all. It’s why Marian hated him. It’s why she was still so cautious to be around him. He understood, and accepted that she may never truly change her mind about him. Still, his lips tingled from the kiss they shared at the baseball game, and he was almost positive she nearly wanted to go in for a second one… His past was his own to amend, but he’d be damned if he didn’t try and express his feelings for Marian and show her the man he had become.

I bet you she’d be all over you if you just told her the truth about being Robin Hood. He shook that thought away. She was already connected with the Merry Men in a way, and while Robert solely said yes to being her date because he liked her, there was a pang of guilt in his chest that he was here for another reason. If she knew that, he wasn’t sure she’d see a difference between the old and new Robert Locksley.

Then again, his mind rushed to what she told him about the governor and his blood boiled slightly. He had to remember that getting rid of this man, and giving back to the people was the ultimate goal. No one will be hurt and alone like he was years ago. “Eddy was looking for you, by the way. Seemed appalled that you actually asked me to this, but hey.” he shrugged. “Can’t say I don’t like being your ‘eye candy’ for the evening.” He teased, knowing very well that he wasn’t the attention getter out of the two. Even if she didn’t like it, she was the police chief’s daughter. She was smart and well spoken and honestly had the best personality in this place. “You ever thought of going into any of this?” He waved his free hand lazily across the room. “Politics? Not saying you should! Or trying to offend you, just… you’re smart, witty, charismatic and most importantly you have the biggest heart I’ve ever known. You could maybe make a difference around here.” Robert looked over at the blonde with a raised eyebrow, already knowing her answer, but the thought of her stepping up and challenging Lyon and defying her dad would be incredibly interesting.

Suddenly the crowd erupted into small murmurs as a door opened to reveal Governor Lyon. A very strong and powerful man, he gave off an aura or authority that he knew he had… and Robert hated him for it. “Likes the theatrics of this, doesn’t he? Think he was late because he was staring at his reflection for too long?” He quipped quietly to Marian. while talking his hand slyly went into his pocket to press a button.


The device on the door to the building that Robert planted clicked to life. John noticed the alert on his phone. “showtime, people!” he called, and soon the small group went to work sneaking in to the building.


“Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats, food will be presented shortly!” The crowd of people started to move to their designated seats. Robert and Marian were sat at a table with her father and a few other high ranking officials at the police department and it made Robert’s heart start to beat faster, but not out of nervousness. Once food and drinks were served Lyon would give his speech, and that is when Robert would have to find a way to leave. Soon a line of servers came ushering out into the room holding trays of food and drinks. A curly haired man with glasses slipped towards Robert and Marian’s table. “Ladies and Gentlemen. The house wine today is a Pinot noir aged for 5 years in the burgundy region.” He displayed the bottle before starting to pour the glasses.

“Thank you, sir.” Robert said with a smile, offering his hand with a sum of bills in it. As the server took his hand and bills he nodded. “Thank you so much, sir.” He leaned in with a smile, and then very quietly spoke: “15th floor.” And in a flash stood up to leave to the next table.

There it was. Robert leaned close to Marian. “Excuse me for a moment. Have to use the restroom. Don’t want to get up in the middle of his highness’ speech.” He mocked the man again, and with a wink and smile he stood to leave. As he did so, he looked over at a server standing in the corner. He was larger and taller than the rest, and as the two nodded at each other, it was clear that the Merry Men were going to subtly lock the doors, keeping those inside while other members of the gang were indisposing the guards and security.

Governor Lyon thought he was going to be giving the biggest speech of his career, when in reality it would be Robin Hood doing just that.
Raymond wasn't sure how she'd react to his ramblings. He was on edge; nervous of what he'd say. He'd spent over a decade trying to forget about the woman but he knew he couldn't. He spent decades thinking of what he'd say if they ever saw one another again, and now that he had that opportunity he felt like an idiot... but then there was a flicker of a smile. A smile that he used to love so long ago and it sent a small chill running down his spine. He listened to her response about Ryleigh. He could only imagine what she had said and done these past few years, and he was sure that if he was still in town she'd be spitting venom at him as well. She was always the hot tempered one, but also the most loyal, so it was a bit hard to hear that she turned on Valerie so viciously.

The two sat in awkward silence for a moment, not really sure how to say what they needed to, but maybe too afraid to say it. His heart hurt. He hurt for Val and how she has been attacked by Leigh for so long. He was hurt that Val was seeing a guy. He was hurt that she left him at the lake house and started this all to begin with. He hurt that he left without saying goodbye, that his pride overwhelmed his feelings towards not only her but his friends as well. She kept apologizing and he kept shaking his head, hoping that she could see in his face that he was sorry too. His question led to her joke that made him laugh slightly. Leave it to Val to try and make a joke at a time like this.

When she said that it was nice to see him, his green eyes flicked towards hers, a thin sad smile on his face. "You know I could never really stay mad at you, V..." Raymond said softly. Even when they were younger that was the case. His mother would say that she could have driven his car into a lake and all she'd have to do was smile at him and Raymond would start apologizing that his car wasn't light enough to float. Raymond bit his lip slightly. He wanted to reach out and hold her; to take her presence in and assure her that it was okay... but was it? Even when she said it was nice to see him, a part of him didn't believe it.

It would have been real nice to hear her say that in the bed of that lake house that morning.

"It's real good to see you, too... All things considered. He knew that if they stay here any longer he might saying some things that they both might regret. "I... ah, Know you got a thing with that guy so... so I don't wanna keep ya. I'll brace the fury of 'Hurricane Ryleigh' for a while." He hid his jealousy with a crappy joke and faint smile, hoping it was convincing enough for her not to feel bad. "I'll see ya tomorrow." He backed up slightly. He knew that he would see her at the funeral tomorrow, but after the exchange with Ryleigh he wasn't sure that she would make it to the lake house. Hell, he didn't know if any of them would even want to at this point. A part of him was hopeful, though.
Raymond did intend for any of this to happen. It all went by so fast that the comments from Leigh came out viciously, Jimmy's comment made Raymond look over at him with a look he hadn't given him in a decade, and then went fully back to the now argument between Valerie and Ryleigh. Raymond understood as Val explained- even if it killed him inside. He didn't even sent her a letter, or texted her, or hell, even told her that that night was the best night of his life... How many times had he gone on dates while he was in Hollywood? Granted none of them went anywhere. Most of them were attempts to feel how he did back home, assuming that Val would have moved on. Apparently she had, and Ryleigh wasn't too happy about it.

He never remembered the two going at it like this, Ryleigh yelling that she was "running off again" made his heart twist but he wasn't going to let this go any further. Before he could interject Jimmy had appeared and put his hand on his shoulder, shaking his head as if not to get involved. "Leigh--" Raymond spoke but was immediately shut out by Val's defense, and once again his heart twisted at Val saying that he wasn't around to be yelled at. Once again he wanted to intervene as soon as they started talking about them sleeping together, but was quieted by the comment that came after. Jimmy walked away a couple of steps while Raymond looked down to the ground. All he could do was listen to Val's voice. For years he had dreamed of hearing her voice again. He wanted to hear her laugh, the little squeal she would do when she got excited about something... but all he had heard since coming back was her voice on the verge of tears and anger. It broke his heart.

The two girls had always been close, or so he had remembered. There was a comradery between the only girls in the group, but it seemed that was all but gone and Raymond was absolutely to blame for some of that. Raymond was speechless. Every regret, every missed opportunity, every time he should have called but didn't. It hit him in that moment that he was to blame for this all. "Val." Raymond finally found his voice, a bit cracked as well, but she didn't stop, especially when Leigh called after her again. "God damnit, Leigh, lay off her!" Jimmy said in frustration. Raymond took off after her, and as he did he heard Ryleigh call out at him this time. "You're about ten years too late for going after her, Ray!" He shook off the ice in her tone and exited the bar, hoping to catch Valerie in time.

He glanced around the streets, barely making out her figure as she turned the corner. "Val!" Ray called after her. "V! Just- Wait! Please!"

Back in the day Raymond was one of the only people to cool Valerie down. There would be arguments or conflicts within the group or just in town, and while everyone expected Austin to go after her to talk her down, he would often look to Ray. 'You guys are on a same wavelength.' he would say before shrugging. It was that simple to him.

He thought Austin would say the same thing in this moment. God, he wished he was here.

"Val...!" He breathed, and finally she seemed to stop to give Raymond a little bit of her time, even though he knew he didn't deserve it.

He approached her, panting slightly, and as he looked at her he felt his throat starting to close up. This was the first time in ten years that they had been this close together alone. He could still see parts of tears dried on her face, her beautiful eyes watery and slightly puffy. How many times had the two of them looked at each other in similar situations when they were younger? That felt like a lifetime ago... and while she looked almost exactly the same, she seemed like a completely different person. Or at least that's what he thought. He never had trouble talking to Valerie, but now...

"I..." He gave a nervous chuckle, putting a hand on his face before giving a sigh. "Don't really know why I rushed out here. Figured that Austin would have told me to way back when. He always said that we shared a total of one brain cell between us." He pointed back and forth to their heads with a sad and small smile, but sighed again. "Ryleigh didn't mean that shit, and I wanted to apologize for that 'dog' comment. I truly had no idea... and I'm sure that he's- ah..." There was so much that he wanted to say. He was angry at her, confused, sorry, guilty, happy to see her in a way. "You alright?" Raymond asked, knowing that he might be on a verge of getting smacked and/or yelled at.
I am trying to find some gifs of harrison ford to try and do that gif thing that you do since it's a really cool idea... but it is very hard to find a gif of the man that isn't Star Wars or him not exposing his chest XD
The voting only lasted a few moments, but it was the tensest Ray had been in a very long time. A part of him was silently begging Leigh or Val to shake their heads and walk out so that they could all just move on with their lives and be happy... but he knew deep down that none of them have truly been happy in a while. At least, not happy enough to get rid of any doubts of "what could have been." "Thanks, guys." Jimmy spoke with a sad smile. Ray gave a weak smile to the small group of friends before taking a large gulp of his beer. "That does it then." He spoke softly, and while a part of him dreaded this moment, he'd be lying if he said that he wasn't curious on how this was going to go.

Still, memories of his last night in Rhodes lingered in his mind the more he thought about going back to that lake house. Life was so much simpler back then. If only his pride didn't get in the way, then he might have been able to see Austin one last time. Make him laugh, hear his pep talk to get the courage to talk to Val and- he didn't know- apologize? Ray had a feeling that Leigh had this anger towards Val, but if Raymond was being honest maybe leaving town and never looking back for ten years was a bit too much.

"Well, I'd hate to say it, but I open soon and I gotta sober up and clean a bit before that happens." Jimmy downed the last of his drink. Raymond looked around and chuckled a bit. "Looks like you needed to clean up a few years ago. Need any help?" Ray asked, but he knew Jimmy's answer already. "Nah. It'll keep me distracted before the funeral tomorrow. Besides, ya'll can visit later. Drinks'll be on me." Jimmy looked at Ray with protesting eyes as he saw him pull out his wallet. "Fine, fine..." Ray defeatedly put his wallet away and gave a sigh. Raymond looked over at the two girls at the bar, not exactly having a plan or anywhere to go besides back to his childhood bedroom.

"You ladies have any plans before happy hour? Was thinkin' about taking a walk around town. Wanna see what's changed and what's stayed the same." While he was talking about their small town, he also was curious on talking with his old friends some more, getting to see what had changed and what hadn't with them. Raymond had constantly glanced at Valerie's ring finger, a stupid little hope that she had no family to go back to. "I'm free, but Val might have made plans with Leo already." Leigh spoke up, finding a way to attack Val and hurt Ray at the same time, a pit in his stomach already starting to form. Ray did a good job at hiding the fear from his face, but the thought of Val being with someone always made him a bit sick to his stomach, even as kids.

"Leo? Don't know a Leo from when we were kids... he a new dog or something?" Raymond asked a bit obliviously and hopeful, but by Leigh's sudden burst of laughter, he could tell that he just made a fool of himself and Val which was the last thing he wanted to do. In Ray's defense, there have rarely ever been newcomers to their little city of Rhodes.

"I guess you could say that, Ray."

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Ryleigh's comment stung slightly. He had it coming to him, and while she may have meant it jokingly, he knew her well enough- at least back then- to know when she was covering hurt in her voice. Top that with the look on Valerie's face and it made it even worse. His chest nearly erupted from the pain that was coming from it. Seeing his old friends in his home, knowing that he'd never see Austin again... the sound of Val's slightly trembling voice as she did her best to keep a brave face on for not him, but for her other friends hurt him more than leaving that day a decade ago. Her question felt like a slap to the face, a stab in the chest, a yearning for love all at once. He didn't know what to say at first. He swallowed hard trying to stop his own slight shaking. "It's been good." He managed to say, giving slight nervous nods.

"How are you?" His lips asked, but as he looked at her, his eyes were practically saying: "I missed you more than I've ever missed anything before."

Before he could even get a response he heard a gasp come from Ryleigh, and as he looked up he could see a cloud of smoke coming from the small kitchen window from behind the bar. "Jimmy! You alright in there?" Ray called out, moving towards the back. "Yep, yep... just forgot to clean out the grease trap from last night is all!" He called out with a cough. "God damn, Jimmy, I'm surprised you haven't burned this place to the ground yet!" Ray called out, a bit of his southern accent coming out as he rushed to help in the kitchen. Jimmy smiled slightly as he saw Ray come in. Hearing his frustration felt like a blast from the past. It always seemed to go that way when they were all together. A chaotic mess with either Austin or Val to try and calm the situation.

Once the potential fire was put out, the bar seemed to get quiet again, only the soft sound of country music filling the air. Jimmy had urged Ray to help himself to a drink at the bar where he found Ryleigh and Val again. "He hasn't changed much has he?" He laughed and shook his head, looking behind the bar for a beer. "Oh man... Haven't had a Sweet Water since I was in high school." Ray muttered, pulling out the beer from the local brewery from the layer of ice. As he popped the can he looked at the two girls with a nervous smile, not entirely sure what to say, and trying to figure out what was going on in their minds. "'Member when we all snuck into this bar with fakes, and we nearly got into a bar fight because someone was flirtin' with Ryleigh and Jimmy swung a pool cue at the guy?" Ray said with a chuckle.

"I remember almost getting free drinks for the rest of the night before Jimmy tried to swing a pool cue and he ended up hitting the stool next to the guy." Ryleigh replied. "He wouldn't've bough you nothin' but well whiskey and PBR." Jimmy came through the kitchen doors holding a tray of food. "I did you a favor."

"What about me? Damn guy broke my sideview mirror as we drove off." Ray commented, taking the basket of the burger and fries from his friend, giving a nod of thanks.

As Jimmy passed out the food, he set an extra one down towards the end of the bar with a cocktail of fireball and lemonade. "For Austin" Jimmy explained quietly. No one seemed to mind. Raymond lifted his drink in the air. "To Austin." Ray's voice cracked slightly before taking a sip. Fortunately for everyone Jimmy was good at getting people talking and easing the awkwardness out of the room. The burgers were about as good as Ray was expecting, and he wasn't sure if it was the drinking, the nerves, or both, but the burger and conversations were getting better and better as time went on. "How long you plan on stayin', Ray?" Jimmy eventually asked, pouring an unhealthy amount of ketchup next to his fries. Ray played with the beer can in his hand, shrugging a bit. "Dunno... Obviously gonna stay for the funeral, but after that... Not really sure what the plans are." Raymond stole a quick glance at Val before looking at everyone else.

"Well... I got another surprise for ya. Austin had always wanted us to all get back together- and- well, you know... spend a weekend at the lake house." Raymond's eyes went wide, and his heart started to beat faster. "I know it's a lot, but... I think it'd be good for the lot of us. Give us time to hang out and remember Austin... Give us a time to catch up, relive old times." Jimmy trailed off looking at his own drink. Ray's eyes moved to everyone. He didn't really know what to say, but he knew that he already felt immeasurable guilt for a lot of things... Letting Austin down and refusing his last wish wasn't something he wanted to do, but at the same time, the last time he set foot in that house was when-

He looked over at Valerie once more and his throat swelled. "I don't know, Jim... There's a lot of bittersweet memories in that house. Allota baggage, too." Ray said, trying to be vague and doing his best not to look over at Val. "I'm just not sure if I can get the courage to go there without Austin." Raymond finished the last of his beer with a sigh. "I get it, but to be honest with ya, I have a feelin' this will be one of the last times we can all be there as a group. Austin's still fresh in our thoughts and memories, and I don't wanna go another ten years down the road and forget him just how we forgot about y--" Jimmy had been drinking too much, and while he didn't let the whole thing slip, Raymond got the gist of what he was saying. 'We don't wanna go another yen years down the road and forget him like we did you.

"Look, if one of us doesn't go, we all aren't going... But whatd'ya guys say? Hold it to a vote?" Jimmy raised his hand. "All in favor?" He looked at the three of his friends, all obviously unsure and hesitant about it, but eventually, in an act of bravery (and guilt) Raymond held up his hand while his other one reached for another beer.
Jimmy and Leigh had been making small talk while they waited for the rest of the group to arrive. The two of them making bets, talking about the gossip and wagering how Raymond would look in person after all these years. Jimmy did a dramatic and exaggerated "Hollywood" accent to mimic the man, causing the two to laugh before Valerie entered the room. Jimmy opened his arms with a huge grin. "There she is!" Jimmy's grin faded with an eye roll at her comment. "Nope, just making sure to drop your burger a time or two. Don't worry, it's nice and clean." Jimmy joked back, leaning against the bar to look at the two ladies in front of them. "Bold of ya to assume that we haven't started drinkin' already." The man slid Val's drink of choice towards him- already prepared for her. "Look. I know this is gonna be hard on all of us... but the sooner we get this outta the way, the sooner we can- I don't know? act normal? All things considered. It's what Austin would have wanted." Jimmy sighed and shrugged at the two, hoping that they somewhat agreed.

As the three started to talk, Raymond had just made his way to the bar himself. He wore an old blue t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of sneakers. As he got closer to the bar Ray took off his sunglasses, looking down at his watch, hoping he wasn't too early-or late to meet Jimmy. Should he have come sooner to seem eager? Or would that look too desperate or guilty? He shook his head slightly, either way Jimmy was going to tease him. He was ready for it; after ten years of being away he deserved any insult he could think of. He stepped into the bar, the smell of food almost covering the stench of old beer and liquor that was on the floor. Country music softly played in the background, and he could already hear the familiar laugh of Jimmy Hayes.

Ray smiled and looked over at the bar, expecting to see his friend talking with regulars... but instead he saw an even more familiar sight. Ray's smile faded very slightly; he didn't know if smiling was the right thing to do here. It was like a weird dream. Jimmy looked the same, maybe even a tiny bit taller. He was still jovial; his smile contagious and he knew he was dying to break the tension with some lame joke that he's been working on for the moment Ray came back. Ryleigh Grey looked nearly the same as she did years ago, but maybe more 'mature' which Ray would have never thought would happen. She was always the wild one, but her messy blonde hair had tamed, and her eyes seemed a bit more dimmed- he didn't know if it was the death of Austin, her growing older, or maybe a bit of both... and as his green eyes jumped to the next person, his heart nearly stopped.

Valerie Johnson. God, she looked even more beautiful than the day he last saw her. For ten years Raymond had tried to forget about Val, trying to convince himself that it was for the best for the two of them- she had left after all... after a night that Raymond thought was perfect. Even after trying to move on he couldn't get her face out of his mind. Her laugh, the way she moved her head when listening, how she'd always seemed to sing the wrong lyrics to Ray's favorite songs-- all those memories flooded his mind as he looked at her. All the happiness, and bitterness that they brought.

Jimmy was the first to greet him. "There he is!" Jimmy embraced the man in a hug. He was still a bit shorter than the man. "Jesus, did Hollywood give you another 3 feet?" The comment made Ray laugh a bit. "Nah, I think the alcoholism just stunted your growth since 7th grade." Ray teased, patting the man on the back. "You look great, Jimmy."

"Right back at ya, Hollywood. Although you look prettier in the movies." He turned to look at Leigh and Val that had gotten up to greet their old friend, grinning a bit. "Hope ya don't mind, thought you'd want to see the old gang again." Raymond was somehow caught off guard by this, even though he shouldn't have. It was totally something he should have seen coming-especially from Jimmy. Ray's heart was racing slightly, but he kept the smile on his face. He was genuinely happy to see them, but he couldn't seem to get himself to fully look over at the brunette that seemed to be cautious on walking up to him. He was genuinely shocked that Val agreed to meet up with him. A part of him was hopeful that she was here out of some sort of curiosity... to see him again, to see if she felt the same way he felt about her. Or maybe she was just here out of a favor to Austin and the rest of them.

"Miss Raleigh Grace. Really good to see ya again." Raymond looked over at Leigh with a smile, noticing a pang of bitterness in her face before she came to hug him. Letting go of the blonde, Ray's attention once again moved to Valerie, giving a small smile. "Hey, Val." His voice felt dry, but he did his best to meet her gaze.
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