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Current “The person you think of when you stand in front of the ocean. That’s the person you’re in love with.”
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“So this was how you died, in whispers that you did not hear.”
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“I can’t exactly describe how I feel but it’s not quite right. And it leaves me cold.”
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“You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering.”
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“Sometimes I look in her eyes and that’s where I find a glimpse of us.”


Hello! I'm Jones! and if you stumbled upon my page, I must have struck your interest!

I like to think that I'm a storyteller. I joined this site to create characters, and worlds I can put myself in. Every post I make will be to the best of my ability, and I hope anyone who stumbles upon my name can see that :D

Just a few things about me if you couldn't tell already by just glancing at my profile haha:

-I LOVE anything Captain America or Marvel related

-I have been RP'ing for over ten years now so I got some experience

- I do my best to try and have a wide range of RP genres

-I'm mostly do 1X1's and Casual/advanced RP's

-I'm a 20 something year old male living in the Pacific North West in the good ole US of A!

- I love meeting new RP'ers and seeing what we can create together!

- I'm a sucker for romance <3

There are specific times of the year where I get bombarded with things so I might not be on for a couple days, and if that's the case I'm trying to let anyone know so they aren't left wondering.

But like I said I love it when people contact me and ask if I want to RP with them, or have an idea and want my skills, and odds are I love the same thing, so If anyone wants to collab just shoot me a PM!

Subjects I love to RP

-Anything Marvel Related, Especially Cap!

-The Percy Jackson Series

-The Witcher

-Avatar the Last Airbender

-Anything Sci-Fi

-Harry Potter

- 1X1 Romances

-Modern day life

-Star Wars

-Fairy Tail

Those are pretty much my go to's, but I'm willing to hear out any idea and think about it!

Here's an example of my writing to give you a sense of my "skill" I guess... I keep trying to get better and better so bear with me!

If you have any questions about my RP's, or future ones just shoot me a PM!

Writers I adore



Nightwing95 ((We need to start a project sometime!))


EasilyAmused ((My oldest and best friend on the site :D ))


All of these people are amazing writers and friends and if you happen to RP with them consider yourself lucky! XD

and for a final note: THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A HOBBY, NOT A CHORE! I never want to put pressure on you, or myself and make any RP feel like you NEED to post, or have to force yourself to write. This is supposed to be fun, and I'll do anything to make sure it feels that way :)

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Finally got a post up!! So sorry for the delay, It won’t take me that long to post again! Haha
Raymond’s mind was swimming in memories as he drove down the tattered old roads of the small town. It was funny; it had been ten years and yet he knew these streets like the back of his hand. He could practically drive with his eyes closed… which he almost did from the lack of sleep, but he shook his head to keep the thought of sleeping away. Soon enough he drove to a modest little house with a single front porch light on, and a bittersweet smile filled his face. After all these years he was finally home. Raymond turned off the car and gave a light sigh and rub of his eyes. Was he really ready to go through all of this? To hear the questions, the anger, the sadness, the pain of everything going on in this town? He wasn’t exactly sure, but he knew Austin wouldn’t hesitate, so he wouldn’t either. Ray climbed out of the car, and as soon as the door slammed shut he could hear the squeak of the front door.

Out came a woman with graying brown hair and brilliant green eyes. She looked like she was on the verge of tears, and it was no wonder why. “Ray-Ray…” The woman choked back a sob, and immediately threw her arms around him. “Hi momma.” Ray said softly, holding her tight. although he talked to his parents the most in this town, they had never pried on him coming back. He would send gifts and photos and letters every now and then to them, and besides the few trips to paid for them to visit him in LA, this was the first time in years that he’s been face to face with his parents. “Oh, you’ve gotten so handsome!” Maggie Chase exclaimed, putting a hand to her son’s face, and soon the smile turned to sadness, and she shook her head. “I’m so sorry about Austin.” She spoke softly, but Ray shook his head, trying to give a brave smile. “it’s alright, Ma… Have you talked to his parents?”

“Every now and then when they aren’t busy. The funeral will be in a couple days, and they mentioned something about you taking a trip with everyone up to the lake house.” she trailed off, looking up at her son quizzically to see what exactly he was thinking. “Is everyone coming, or—“

“I don’t know. Honestly haven’t heard much of the plan except from Jimmy.” It was clear that she was asking if everyone was going to be there- including the woman he had spent a decade trying to forget… but as he looked over at the house next door, his heart felt a pang of sadness and guilt. No, he could never forget about her. “Hey, son.” A gruff voice said, and next to him was a large man in a baseball cap and overalls. Robert Chase hesitated to go in for a hug, but did so eventually. Even though he had aged a bit since he last saw him, he was still as strong as ever. It was only natural since he was the only mechanic in town.

“Oh, you must be exhausted, come in! We made your room nice and clean, and we made your favorite fried okra roasted chicken!” As Ray grabbed his luggage, he took one last look at the neighbor’s house. He was sure that she probably didn’t live there anymore, he was sure that she tried to get as far away from his place as she could… but he couldn’t help but imagine seeing the brunette peak out the window, giving him the smile he had fallen for again… With a sigh he turned away and entered the house.


Ray tried to get as much sleep as he couldn’t, but he didn’t seem to work. He got up early to help his parents around the house- noticing his room was exactly how he left it. Movie and band posters, an assortment of toys and nicknacks he had collected in his childhood, and on the walls were pictures of him and his friends that they had taken with polaroids. He smiled faintly at them, gently placing his fingertips on some of them, and stopped as soon as he came across a certain one. Raymond had just pushed Jimmy into the lake. He had a fear of the water when he was younger. Raymond was laughing with a few missing teeth, Austin shaking his head but laughing with him with a hand on his shoulder, and in the background the two girls were desperately trying to get the young Jimmy out of the water. Ray’s eyes flickered to look at the brunette with the braided hair and looking over at him in the picture mid yell. He could practically hear her scream. “Raymond Chase you better help him!”

After a moment of staring at the picture, the smile on Raymond’s face turned into a twisted contortion of pain. He put his hand over his eyes and sobbed quietly, but soon stopped, trying to get his composure. With a few deep breaths and wipes of his eyes, he turned to get ready for the day- he had to meet Jimmy at his bar. Apparently he makes “the best burgers in town.” Jimmy Hayes was many things, but a cook he was not.

This should be interesting. Little did he know that Jimmy had talked to Ryleigh on the phone and tried to surprise him with the gang around- he wasn’t sure if Val would even humor the thought of coming, but Jimmy had asked if Leigh could somehow convince the brunette. The sooner they meet, the sooner the trip to the lake house will be less awkward.
The lights flicked on in the lavish Los Angeles apartment as a figure walked in. The man was holding a bag of groceries, leaning his ear to his shoulder as he listened in on the conversation. Green eyes flicked around, trying to find a place to set his groceries down, trying to find anything to do to occupy himself during this call. It was a small phone conference with his managers, and they just have him on the call to interject with anything. This was the less glamorous side of being a famous Hollywood actor, but Raymond Chase wasn’t complaining- at least not right now. “…very nice to be working with Raymond Chase himself!” Raymond’s attention moved back to the phone at the sound of his name. “Pleasure’s all mine.” Was his response, just wanting to hang up and sleep. He had been talking with all sorts of studios about potential roles. He had just got done shooting a recent film, and rewarded himself by doing something “human.”

While many celebrities get engulfed in the luxurious life, Raymond did try to treat himself to just doing something normal like get his own groceries or drive himself somewhere or even just take a weekend to camp or fish or something like that. Sometimes he wished that he was back in his hometown sitting on the lake with a beer just… relax. His mind started to wander back to Rhodes, which wasn’t too rare for the man. He often thought back on his youth and the days worrying about school and what he and his friends were going to get into. Jimmy would probably steal some beer from his dad’s bar, Austin would shake his head in disapproval while Leigh would laugh and peer pressure Austin while he and Val—

“Raymond, you there?”

“Uh, yeah, sorry. It all sounds great! If you just want to send Ryan the details and we can look it over…” Suddenly he felt his phone vibrate against his cheek. Pulling it away, he looked to see a name that send chills down his spine. “hey, guys, I’m really sorry but I gotta go. It’s an emergency.” Before he could even get a response he hung up and answered the other line. “Hello?” Ray asked, trying to keep his voice from cracking. “Ray… buddy.” A familiar yet older voice filled his ear; Jimmy Hayes was on the other line, and he didn’t sound like himself. Normally the two would talk every now and then, but it was rare to not have it on a holiday or something. “How’re you doing, man?” Ray asked. There was a pause on the phone and then a sigh. “I… uh, not good. Ray… I don’t know how to tell you this but—Austin died.”


Raymond rubbed his eyes with one hand while the other was on the wheel of the rental car. It was late at night. He was driving down the old rural roads he knew all too well as a kid, but now it seemed to haunt him. Ever since he got the call, he tried to immediately fly out of LA and to the closest Airport to Rhodes. Unfortunately Atlanta was a few hours away. He had eaten, hadn’t slept, all he could think about was getting back home… He was angry, scared, confused, frustrated, but more than anything: guilty. He should have visited at least once. He should have called Austin more, be more present to his friends and family- god, he hadn’t even seen his parents in over ten years! He slammed his hand against the wheel, frustrated with himself. If he had just put his damn pride away… He sighed and looked on, thinking about the reasons why he left. He wanted to do more than just sit in Rhodes his whole life- or so he thought to himself. He would have been completely happy with doing that if he just had that one person, and suddenly, the realization came in.

He would have to see them all again. He was scared of what they would think of him, how he had just ran off without a word… and he was terrified of seeing Her again. Valarie Johnson. He smiled slightly at the thought of her and their last night he had, but then it turned to bittersweet resentment. It didn’t mean a damn to her… If it did, she would have called at least once- or maybe he should have. He didn’t know. He was exhausted, and it wasn’t long before he saw the welcome sign into his hometown.

He rolled the windows down, taking in the views of corn fields, woods, and small streams that littered the town. His mind flashed back to his younger days where he would drive his old truck, challenging the other kids to a race before the cops chased them off the road. He remembered sitting on that corner with his friends eating candy and planning their weekend adventures. God, he had forgotten how much he had missed this place… but did Rhodes miss him?

James “Jimmy” Hayes

Age: 26

Jimmy was always the witty and comedic one of the group. Always a little too skinny and short, he would use his humor to get out of being teased in school. Still, he was incredibly loyal to his friends. Jimmy would later inherit his dad’s local bar in Rhodes, coincidentally called “Jimmy’s.” He was the closest to Austin when Raymond drove away, and kept in touch with Ray through social media and texts every now and then. When Austin passed, Jimmy was the one who called Raymond and gave him the news.

Austin Meyers

Age: 28 (deceased)

Austin was a key member of the group. Often the “voice of reason”, he was always reasonable and less “chaotic” out of the group. Always being the one there to listen and talk with you, it was no surprise that he would eventually become a teacher at Rhodes High school, and eventually the principal. He would eventually get into a fatal car accident, taking his life, and leaving a hole in the friend group forever.

Raymond Chase

Age: 28

Bio: I was always told I had my head up in the clouds. From the day I was born I had a mischievous twinkle in my eyes, and knew I wanted to do something amazing… I just didn’t know what that thing was. Luckily, I had friends to help with that. It seemed like we knew each other until birth. We were inseparable; racing bikes when we were young to racing cars on the dirt roads when we got a little older, going to Austin’s lake house during the summer to swim or fish or party… But there was someone in the group where it felt like we truly did do everything together. Valarie Johnson and I grew up right next door, and were friends practically since birth. As we grew older, our friendship only grew stronger. We would sneak out at night to go to each other’s houses to talk about literally anything. We’d take late night drives together, study at each other’s houses… While we were all a group, everyone seemed to know that we were incredibly close.

As I got older, I realized that my feelings for her turned to more than just a friendship. I started to notice the way her laugh was like music to me, how she looked at me and rolled her eyes at his bad jokes, the way she smiled… and god, those eyes. I was starting to fall for her hard. By the time we were in high school it was hard to see her talking to other guys, or having relationships with someone else. I tried to see girls too to try and hide my feelings, but they would never work out.

Often times he would watch a guy flirt with her at the lake house, praying that she would turn them down so they could hang out together. Instead of asking her out, I would just be her friend; not because I didn’t want to be with her… I just- if I screwed up, that could ruin our friendship- and I loved what we had now. I didn’t want to make anything weird or awkward between us or the group… But eventually, my feelings got the better of me.

The first day of summer after we graduated high school we had a huge party at Austin’s lake house, before we decided what we wanted to do; where we wanted to go in the world. I always wanted to move out of the town, to see the world, but there was a certain someone that kept me here… Maybe she was my future, the great adventure?

It was late, everyone went to bed, but Val and I decided to go to the dock. It was a clear night. You could see billions of stars out there, and I couldn’t help but notice how good she looked in the moonlight. We started talking, I started teasing her a little bit, and soon enough she pushed me into the water. She couldn’t help but laugh, but as she tried to help me out, I pulled her in… and that’s when I locked eyes with her and kissed her. One thing led to another, and we spent the night together. It was the greatest moment of my life.

The next morning I expected to wake up next to her only to find an empty bed. Austin and Jimmy told me that she left that morning. I felt hurt, awkward, scared, confused… What I thought was a good night ended being disastrous for us-for the group. I drove back to my house, gathered my things, told me parents I was going. Everyone begged me to stay, wanted me to think things through, but the one person that didn’t come to talk me out of it was Val… The only one that could have gotten me to stay. So, that night I left Rhodes, and never looked back.

I drove to Atlanta without a dollar to my name, but through the years I started to get recognition, building up a reputation in the acting world, and soon enough I got an audition in LA, and then the rest was history. I became an instant celebrity, giving it all into my roles, ranging from action to comedies to even a couple dramas… It was a good life, and something I loved doing, but, there was always something that was missing.

I would text my friends and family every now and then, sometimes a couple calls but I could never muster up the courage to call V. I tried to date, tried to travel the world to try and get my mind off of her, but for ten years she haunted me. I could never forget how good she looked in that lake that one night.

Personality: Raymond is loyal to a fault. He’s stubborn, witty, but feels immense guilt for leaving the way he did, and for never really keeping in touch until the death of Austin
"In a small town was a small group of mischievous and loyal friends. The group did practically everything together, specifically two of the members. They were inseparable, sneaking out late to hang out, studying together, or helping one another in more personal and vulnerable moments. As the group literally grew up together, the two closest started to get feelings for one another without ever acting upon it, too afraid to possibly ruin their friendship.

Their senior year they finally give in to the romantic tension, spending a night together before... one of them leaves their small town shortly after, whether they were afraid of taking their relationship to the next level, or messing up was never known to the other...All they do know is that both regret the decision and always wondered what could have been.

Years later a sudden tragic death of one of the group members leaves the town in mourning. Word gets out of the one member that left, and now they have to come back to face their past, and their best friend and lover that they left behind.

The last final request of the passed group member was that the group would come back together for one last weekend, to catch up and bond again at their old hangout spot: his family's old lake house. Will the group accept the last request? Will the group forgive the one that left? Or will the tension be too high and cause another fallout?"
Hello, I’m Jones! I’ve had a lot of plots and ideas stuck in my head for years now, and love to write little short stories and concepts that may not necessarily fit into an RP or the story that we’re going with… So, with tht said, I thought I’d make a place where I can write and share my stories with people!

I’ll usually take a quote or theme or setting in some random world that I made and kinda just go with it to tell a story! If you like these, I’m glad I could make a connection with you :) and if not, I’m sorry I guess? Haha

This past month has been exhausting and a mess for me, so I hope you guys humor me here so I can write and express my emotions and feelings. Thank you all <3

((This is a reupload from another thread because I’m stupid and didn’t know this thread existed, whoops😬))

Hello, I’m Jones! I’ve had a lot of plots and ideas stuck in my head for years now, and love to write little short stories and concepts that may not necessarily fit into an RP or the story that we’re going with… So, with tht said, I thought I’d make a place where I can write and share my stories with people!

… I didn’t know where to put this threat, so if this isn’t the place to put short stories, then I apologize😅 (I know there’s writing competition thread somewhere, but I don’t think this counts? oh well, i can always move this!)

I’ll usually take a quote or theme or setting in some random world that I made and kinda just go with it to tell a story! If you like these, I’m glad I could make a connection with you :) and if not, I’m sorry I guess? Haha

This past month has been exhausting and a mess for me, so I hope you guys humor me here so I can write and express my emotions and feelings. Thank you all <3


Hello there! I'm Jones! I've been on the site for a little while now, and have been bombarded with real life stuff, but I think I got the time to add another RP in here :)

I'm a mostly advanced writer, but am a very strong believer in quality over quantity, I love an array of themes and genres of RP'ing, but I'm always a sucker for romance XD And Marvel! With that said, I had an idea for a fun little "what if" scenario in the Marvel world!

In short, it would be in a world where Peter Parker (AKA Spiderm-Man) would have been crime fighting for years now. He's an adult, married MJ, and had a son with her. Everything was looking great for the new Parker Family until one tragic fight with the Green Goblin ends with a fiery explosion and Spider-Man's death. While the world mourned Spider-Man, Mary Jane was left alone to raise a child. While he was too young to remember that day, Peter's son started to show great strength and powers very similar to his father.

As the years went on, his mother forbade him to use his powers for crime fighting, afraid that he would share the same fate as Peter... but that didn't stop him from testing what he can do, watching videos of his father, and feeling guilty for not being able to help the now crime filled New York. He kept a promise to his mother that he wouldn't do anything, but when he got accepted to NYU with a full ride scholarship, he was now an adult and on his own in the heart of Manhattan. When an old foe of Spidey's appears, the Son of Peter Parker would rise to the call, seeing if he can uphold his father's legacy while trying to keep his normal life from spiraling out of control.


That's the plot I have so far! What I'm looking for is a female role in this RP, and that's where we start to brainstorm :) Your character can be a childhood friend, a school project partner-turned friend, a rival of theirs, the daughter of a famous hero, etc. It's all up to you, and we can work around a better plot and backstory for our characters! Like I said earlier, I'm a sucker for romance, and while it may not be the main theme of the RP, I was thinking that the two fall for one another (if they hadn't already) and have to deal with the whole "With great power comes great responsibility" aspect of the Marvel world!

If any of this interests you, or if you have any questions, just shoot me a PM or post down below and I'll get back to you! :)
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