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Current climate change is perpetuated by lizard people to make the world more habitable to their species ๐ŸฆŽ
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our favorite states of matter; solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and dwad
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๐“ƒ๐‘œ ๐“ˆ๐“Š๐’ธ๐’ฝ ๐“‰๐’ฝ๐’พ๐“ƒ๐‘” ๐’ถ๐“ˆ ๐’ป๐“‡๐‘’๐‘’๐’น๐‘œ๐“‚
Jupiter's Charity Event

October 9, 2020
To: Moon Hater๐ŸŒ™โœจ 7:36am
make sure to swing by my place later. gotta job for you

The Alfรถรฐr was pleased with his rhetoric when it came to texting those that openly despised him and loathed his entire being. Not like it affected him at all. Small inconveniences. Water off a ducks back or some such thing...

When the young wolf received a text message from Odin it took everything within him to not chuck the cellular device into the river beside the trail in which he found himself running along. As he took the time to examine the article once more he observed the pack of dogs that had decided to tag-along. Though one, happy go lucky pup was missing from his general vicinity and Hati had to curse aloud, causing the animals to scatter back to their owners. "Skรถll." The name was like gravel behind his teeth, placing his phone into a secure pocket he began his morning run, hoping to come across the sun chaser sooner rather than later. Odin would just have to wait.


Evening came sooner than Hati would have expected, but he wasn't upset by it. On the contrary, he valued the sight of the moon hanging high in the sky and was content with sitting there at the window in the belly of the beast as Odin paraded around his home, a couple of drinks in hand. "Here, drink up." When Hati just eyed the beverage the Allfather could do nothing more than roll his own icy blues before taking a sip from the both of them and shoving a glass into the wolf pup's hands.

"If I were to end you, I would have done so long ago. Besides, this is too good to ruin." As if to punctuate the statement he took a long swig of the amber inebriant. Hati on the other hand just sat there, long legs sprawled out in the rugged space between them. Always he had told himself, that once he was rid of his ties with Odin he would never come back. He would never again find himself in the Allfather's presence. Not unless absolutely necessary. This was not one of those times.

A small sip from his own rock's glass and he was holding it in front of him, a false shield wall between the two. The ticking of a clock somewhere within the confines of his home was delayed. Hati's impeccable hearing could pick up on the water traveling through the pipes in the walls from the other occupants on the floor beneath them. How the home settled like old bones, creaking and moaning under the lack of presence of use. Leaning forward placing elbows to knees, his voice called out, husky and dark, "My, my what a spacious home you have carved out for yourself, Alfรถรฐr. Shame really, that there isn't a soul willing to occupy it." Subtly wasn't really something that Hati had perfected in his repertoire, but anything was possible when he was pitted in the same room as Odin.

Nothing seemed to phase the older male as he sat there, leg propped up upon the other, relaxing posture in his leather back chair. Fingers idly tapping at the rivets hammered into the fabric and frame. A simple nod was his only given reply to the wolf cub as he leisurely continued to sip his drink. "Spit it out already, what am I doing here? What's the job?" Hati wasn't one for speeding up processes, he liked to take his time, enjoy the chase, relish in the thrill of the kill. Mother always did warn him not to play with his food... this however was different.

Licking his lips after an annoying 'pop' away from the rim of the glass and Odin was ready to get down to business. Stormy blues raging like a hurricane off the coast of the fjords, glaring down into the could of the man before him. 'No. Not man. Not wholly.' Odin stood from his comfortable chair, his favorite if he were being truthful, a timeless piece in his home away from home. One of the few things he carries with him through all the traveling the Colossus had impeded on him. "I need an escort to Jupiter's fancy eventโ€”"

"Why not employ your oh so loyal son? Or any number of the mortals on his payroll?" at the mention of loyal and thor in the same breath caused a rumble in Odin's chest that couldn't be quelled with some cheap liquor. Two words he wouldn't place next to one another if given the chance. But he let it fade, somewhat, and reminded himself that Hati was still just a pup comparatively to himself and the world as a whole.

"Because I need someone that will provide decent company while there," his tone was even, with an air of playfulness that only would come from the mouth of someone up to something. As he began to pour himself another glass, this time more heavy handed than before, his eyes burned an even more crystalline blue, a scene, a thought crossing his mind, 'Besides, it seemed he's got his hands full enough as is...' Huginn and Muninn helped immensely in gathering information on the topic of those near to him. His son and ex were not excluded from this. "โ€”and anyways I need someone willing and charismatic. A go getter, someone hungry for a better future-"

"Someone you can manipulate you mean." It wasn't a question, but it wasn't something the Valfather hadn't expected. He still had his ways and wits about him. Odin tried to hide the ever growing smirk that attempted to split his mouth in two. He had to turn around, his back to an enemy, a little bit of show to appease the wolf's distrusting nature, as he refilled his glass with more of the peated malt. A trusted decadence of his. The distillery, once started up by he himself many, many lifetimes ago, steeped in the roots of his lineage had served the founders and their ancestor proud. The black glass of the decanter where it sat was sleek, adorned in gold inlay and a number of knots and the axe head logo laser scribed into the cruet just lifted his spirits. The sherry seasoned oak casks that this particular bottle was matured it added to give the whiskey its smoky, sweet flavor that would have had any mortal watering at the mouth. "I mean, if you think you're so easily manipulated, you're free to walk out that door."

The added stress on the young wolf's trigger word was too delicious to pass up. The younger male shifted in his windowed seat, glancing up at the moon every so often, fiddling with the rim of the lowball in his hands liquid having already been drained long ago. Odin strode across the room, snatched the drink ware from his unsuspecting grasp and was already back in front of the bar pouring another glass for his guest, a quiet, 'One for the road' slipping out before passing it back to Hati. "But just know this. You would be foolish to refuse an order from me."

"Heh. I wasn't aware you were in the business of making demands of others. you couldn't keep that pretty little wife of yours for long. Tired of being commanded around? Thanks but no thanks." Setting the rich colored drink down, Hati pushes to a standing position, rotating his shoulder from lack of use and sitting tense the entire time. As he makes a few strides across the floor he is stopped by Odin's voice calling out to him.

Wolf or not, no one would be so ignorant and disdainful to ignore a good deal when it comes around, especially not from the Allfather. His voice was commanding, threatening, booming even without the volume. It was there, plain as they were standing only a mere feet from one another. "It's a shame you have forgotten the consequences of the last time you disobeyed a directive." How easily he could reach out and reprimand this pup as if he were his own offspring. In another time, perhaps. But as it stood with the new day in age assaultโ€”no matter how warranted wasn't something that boded well with others. Instead, subtle threats that could and would be acted upon without any proof of their existence was something else entirely.

Nothing more was needed. The unspoken threat that hung in the air was heavy laced with truth. It would have only been a matter of time before Odin made good on it, and who was to say that he wouldn't turn his ire towards Skรถll in order to harm Hati? He wouldn't put it past the geezer. He wouldn't gamble Skรถll's life or freedom and happiness for one more job. That's what he told himself to help him swallow the acid that wanted to surface, "Fine, but I'm driving gamall maรฐur."
"Wouldn't have it any other way, รบlfur hvolpur"


The night of October 16th

Who in their right mind would chose to go to some stuffy event and believe it to be fun? Apparently Odin. Once a mighty silver wolf, tearing across the skies giving chase the Moon in hopes that he would be on time more often than he was, now reduced to being trapped in a mortal frame and playing guard dog to the man who cursed him and his family in the first place. A heavy sigh breached his lips as he stalked out of the Audi R8. The black matte finish making the powerful car stand out more against those that shone under the street lights and whatever remaining sunlight that had decided to linger on the horizon just a tad bit longer than need be. Thought of how Skรถll wasn't keeping to his job of keeping Sunna on task popped into his mind and his sigh veered into a low, dark chuckle.

After circling the vehicle and passing the keys to the valet, a mild threat on his lips and posture warning the mortal to take care of her, he was opening the door for Odin to emerge. 'How the mighty have fallen,' Hati thinks crestfallen more to himself, seeing as how Odin had not a worry in the world it seemed. Regardless of how close to his breast he kept an enemy. Hati refused to bear his teeth. Not yet. His time would soon come. It was only for the night. Only for tonight.

After the appropriate amount of pictures and questions answered on Odin's part, some directed to the silver wolf of the night though he was adept enough to dodge or ignore them completely, and they were passing through the threshold of the white building. If anything came from this evening it was that they both enjoyed the speed with which brought them hereโ€”Hati had a need for speed and Odin was always one to partake in adrenaline chasingโ€”and that they both agreed that the aesthetics of the place were nothing to be desired. Snatching up a pair of flutes from the passing waitstaff Odin held one out to his detail, of which he just scoffed and turned a quarter of an inch away from the incoming arm.

"Stubbornness brings either greater humiliation or greater honor, do well to remember that, Hati."

"And hungry dogs are never loyal, Alfรถรฐr. You do well to remember yourself. Even you can only retain so much knowledge before you are forced to lose it all to old age and time." Hati hummed, his response low and gravely. A bite and edge to his words, though he refused to mask any intention behind the words spat. Hunched shoulders as he scanned the room in search of a familiar face that could pull him away from the burden that was the Allfather.

Odin disregarded the disrespect with which Hati threw around like air. It was inevitable that he would garner so much hatred for him. He had no delusion otherwise. His calling and utilizing the young wolf's presence was not entirely for a security detailโ€”he was sure he could handle that on his ownโ€”but more for the sake of getting him out and reconnect with the family he so desperately clings to. Regardless of how desperately he tries to come off as cold and distant. Odin snorted at the thought. Sure, Hati was prickly, but he wasn't so cut and dry like some of the others. In response the Allfather downed the bubbly, setting the empty glass on a different tray and clutching the remaining in his hands, "Then you should feast." Last words before the Norseman left a wild and famished wolf behind in search of a familiar red headed, silver tongued devil.

Jupiter's Charity Event
๐’พ๐“ƒ๐“ˆ๐“‰๐’พ๐“ƒ๐’ธ๐“‰๐“Š ๐“‚๐’ถ๐“‰๐“‡๐’พ๐“ˆ

It was a long time coming, her re-obtained freedom from her pseudo-self containment. Sure, Regina Pavo was still able to have connections with the outside world, but at what cost? Her freedom was squashed. She had no family to speak of, rather lacked the means of locating them, and so the once glorious ruler was reduced to little more than a glorified inmate. And who was to blame for such a thing but Mercury himself. The trickster was a thorn in the queen's side for too long, however relations had been civil enough, up until a few years ago when he threw her under the bus and dodged the lawsuit she was slapped with. A roll of her eyes as she finished applying her mascara and she was scowling into the mirror before her, "Breathe. As much of a shit Mercury undeniably is, he was able to help," she couldn't help but glance to her left where a letter sat opened and creased, as if it had been read and reread a thousand times. The contents, sprawled out in ink, an art lost to time 'No one writes anymore' safer that way though if one needed to pass information along that needn't be tracked. Seeing as how she had just been cleared of all charges she would like to keep her nose clean. At least for the time being.

More time was wasted, in her opinion, as she paced around her home. She would have thought that she would want to spend the least amount of time within these walls as soon as her house arrest was uplifted. However, she found it to be a tad bit difficult to do so. Call it lackadaisical, foolish, insane, call it whatever is needed to help the pill go down easier but what it boils down to is cowardice. A sense of apprehensiveness that settled in the pit of her stomach like sand shifting under the weight of a home on a windy day. It had been too long, far too long, since she last laid eyes on her family. Since last she held them, could brush the dark locks of Rome from their hardened gazes, always focused on the future. The pressure in her chest tightened and constricted her movements, halting her in her fifth go around of her home. Juno is a queen. Not just a queen, but the queen. To be fearful of reuniting with her family once more is so esoteric. This is her pride, something that brings her so much joy, is the cause for her existence and all that she has worked towards. Absurd to believe that she could be easily dissuaded.

With the sun hardly peeking over the horizon at this point, and shot of liquid courage โ€” or six โ€” Juno was pulling her clutch from the counter and sauntering out to the awaiting car, poised and at the ready to take her anywhere she had her heart set on. "Jones," a motherly smile upon her lips was something she only reserved for those that deserved it. And though Jones had been nothing but a loyal and trustworthy employee in her care for the last eight years he did not receive the matronly gesture. "You will escort me to the Fugalia Charity event, the address was sent to your phone." Jones helped her into the back of the 2021 Yukon XL Denali before situating himself in the driver's side "Yes, Ms. Pavo." Effective, sharp and quick to action. Just the way Juno liked.

. * ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ โœฆ . ใ€€โบ ใ€€ .. * ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ โœฆ . ใ€€โบ ใ€€ .. * ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ โœฆ . ใ€€โบ ใ€€ .. * ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ โœฆ . ใ€€โบ ใ€€ .. * ใ€€ใ€€ใ€€ โœฆ . ใ€€โบ ใ€€ .

Driving along at night always brought about a sense of calm to the Roman Queen in a way that wasn't too dissimilar to relaxation. It was a feeling that teetered on the edge of calm, relaxation and buzzing productivity. An emotion that lended itself to some of her greatest accomplishments. Solatium was just a little blip in her mind on a clear, winter evening. Chilling breezes had picked up the fabric around her and swirled it in the gusts of wind. The stars had been shining and twinkling down at her that fateful night, as if they knew the secret of her success before she did. Mars' nascency into the world was on a night, not unlike the one she found herself traveling through. A simpler time all things considered. A jealous shell of a woman scorned. Ripped away from her the chance to bear fruit with her husband, but not the chance to embrace the role of mother. Her precious boy, strong, handsome, devoted. All the qualities a child of the queen should have embodied, Mars procured tenfold. The ancient memories of her tending to him when he was but a child still willing and able to sit with her in the meadows as she carded through his dark locks, reading aloud to her as the sun shone down on them, gracing them with it's warmth. How she longed to hold him once more.

A dab of her fingers lightly beneath her lash line were successful in catching stray moisture, preventing the clinging tears from smearing her makeup. Unfit of a queen to not look the part of one, especially in the presence of others. Juno had an image to uphold, even if that image had not been viewed in a millennia. Absentmindedly, Juno touched the place just above her heart, a heavy sigh on her breast. Releasing it helped to relieve her of some of the impending tension that had crawled up her spine and settled into her bones. 'Doesn't matter how you feel, it only matters how you look, wasn't that the age old verbiage.' a final thought to cross her mind before being thrown into the den of lions.

Cameras shutter and flashes were going off as the SUV pulled up beside the sidewalk, even more once Jones held open the large door for his employer. Juno, with all the grace and poise of the queen she is, descended to the carpeted concrete beneath her heels. Once straightened to her full height, shoulders rolled back and exposed to the element of the crisp, night air, Jones offered his hand to help stabilize only for it to be brushed aside. Juno wasn't completely heartless as she offered him a gentle pat to his broad shoulder. Her gait was purposeful, long strides carrying her towards the front doors to be halted by the incessant questions pouring from the mortals' mouths around her.

โ€œMs. Pavo!? Hello, quick question," Juno kept her eyes in place though she wanted to scoff and roll her eyes before the question was even uttered. She was sure it was going to be something inane and purely... mortal. However, she stepped closer nodding for them to continue, cameras still going off around her, making sure to gather complete shots of the space around their lenses as well as the people of some category of stardom. All in the hopes of their merchandise being snatched up and profiting off a few simple photographs. "Since your acquittal of the charges against you for your alleged hand in stealing valuable intel from Energence Corp. you have been keeping out of the spotlight. Care to elaborate on why this is? Is there any particular reason as to why someone, so evidently innocent as you, and after so long, would be hiding away from the public? Could it be, in fact, that the courts have their information jumbled and there is more to this case than meets the eyes?"

The reporter was even audacious enough to shove the recording device up under her nose, all in the hopes of gathering a story that would no doubt skyrocket their career. So long as Juno's response was one that favored their distorted end goal. She was not so self-destructive as to admit to something that would have her enemies rallying for her head on a spike. Instead she greeted the question with a level head and plastic smile, one that had been cultivated to perfection. "Most would assume it's because I enjoy my privacy. After having my name and photo plastered across all the different media platforms I had hoped for a little me time. As for anything in regards to recent unfortunate events, well, divulging anything would be a breach of the NDA. If you would like to know more about Solatium and the 80% occupational growth we have achieved for women 25 and up, or that our contribution to STEM positions has outpaced most other growths, I'd be more than happy to pencil you in for an interview."

Any remaining questions they had were dead on their tongues before ever breach their lips. A stunned silence was something she could get behind as she smirked haughtily and strode past the loiterers and into the building before her. Fabric of white shimmered beneath the low lights of the event, sashaying with every purposed step of her gait, elegance exuding from every fiber of her being. Eyes ever piercing scanned the throng of attendees, faces jumping out at her, but no names seemingly paired with them; none that were worth remembering at least. Snatching a flute of champagne from the help she need only look up in order to spot the king of all, looking none too pleased with his 'own' soiree. With all the grace bestowed upon her by her title and standing Juno sauntered towards the base of the staircase.

Jupiter didn't seem to change a bit, sure a little crinkle between his brow, Juno figured it had to do with him having to grandstand before all the other pantheons and mortals. The beings he always deemed beneath him. Below even the rest of his fellow countrymen. Though he wouldn't be so obtuse as to admit the others meant something to him, never out loud. At least, that was Jupiter then, and before her making his way down the steps was Jupiter now. The man walking in time with the King caught the breath within her by sheer surprise. Sure, with the help of Mercury Juno was able to gather what it was her family looked like, so as to be expecting their presence. However, now that she was face to face with her first born, her pride and joy, Juno was heavily reminded of how mortal she had truly become.

Words were halted on their part as the stood not but five feet from the Roman Queen. Breath still caught somewhere in her chest, refusing to resurface in the form of a suitable greeting of the words. Instead, she all but threw herself at him in a rush of fabric and limbs, throwing her lithe arms around his neck. Tears pricked at the edge of her vision, visage be damned. With cracked voice, barely audible above a whisper with words left unsaid until the very moment she made physical contact with the war god beneath her finger tips, "Inveni filium meum, ego inveni eum." Those last few steps that had separated them were nothing compared to the eons she had spent away from him, and had he been across a chasm, Juno would have jumped it. A thousand times over.

Mr. O'Malley's class โŠณ Jupiter's Charity Event
dead poet's society gala

"We don't read and write poetry because it's cute, ladies and gentlemen. But because we are members of a race that is fueled by passion. Driven by the ideology that love, romance, and beauty, sustain us. It is what we live for. It is what drives us." A loud snore cut through the silence following the Young One's words and he had to release a playful sigh to rival the noises produced by his student. In the front row no less. "Aye, even Mr. Jones, who values the love of his sleep o'er the love of the romantic language." Aengus delivered a heavy handed, resounding smack to the small desk on which Mr. Jones rested his head, effectively waking up the dazed young man.

A break in his soliloquy was just what he needed, he had been spouting off lines of literature as if it were the essence divine. Well, it was for him. Not so much for the students slumped over in the back rows of his modest room. So, to conclude his lecture he took a play from cinematic history's greatest and applied it. His words boomed across the room garnering attention from those awake, and rousing the dead. "Quick as bunny, gather 'round. Once he held their attention he delved into the words of a mortal legend with the passion only a god such as himself could conjure. Words echoed through the lecture hall, reaching the ears of the students and keeping thier focus on him. He was a performer through and through.

"Oh me! Oh life! of the questions of these recurring,
Of the endless trains of the faithless, of cities fill'd with the foolish,
.... What good amid these, O me, O life?

"That you are hereโ€”that life exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse."

The rest of the week went by in a blur and Aengus made sure to celebrate another survival by celebrating. A reminder notification dinged from his computer and he was severely prodded about the charity event being held by the Romans. "Oh, yeah. That's right..." a false sense of thoughtfulness on his part and he was opening his phone to shoot his cousin a text.
To: punchy mcpunch๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ€
oi, fancy a bit o' dancin' sweetheart ๐Ÿ˜‰

If anything, Aengus could always swing by the event, down a few drinks of the godly variety, sweep a couple of lads and lasses off their feet and then be on his way to the pub before spending the rest of the evening relaxing without the issues that typically cropped up when the pantheons crossed paths. Soon enough, threads were donned and accessories in place and the romantic rascal was headed out the door of his cozy home and taking an Uber towards the event's location. Double checking that he sent the correct address to Cu Chulainn.

The sun hung low on the horizon, winking to the Celt as he stepped out of the rented chariot. Aengus just had to wink back towards the glorious star, a simple way of him murmuring a 'goodnight' to the departing giant. Walking up the steps of the contemporary building and couldn't stop himself from grinning madly at the sheet humor of it not taking place in something Roman built. 'Tsk tsk that will never do.' He could only imagine how cantankerous the king of Rome would be this evening and it edged him to find out just how far his buttons could be pressed. With a spring in his step rivaled only by the caricatures of leprechauns he bounded up the steps and across the threshold into the main event.

Stark white would have blinded the Irishman if not for the bodies littered around the room in their differentiating colors and fabrics. The minimalistic artwork โ€” if it could even be called that - on the walls surrounding them helped in breaking up the blandness of the building, but did nothing to draw him closer to inspect them. A mortal passed him by with a tray of assorted drinks that he easily plucked two rocks glasses of whiskey and proceeded to the nearest bar top to down his drinks in preparations for the evening.


mentions: @sly13

๐•ฃ๐•–๐•—๐•๐•–๐•”๐•ฅ๐•š๐• ๐•Ÿ ๐•ฅ๐•š๐•ž๐•–
แดŠแด€แด…แด‡ แดŠแด€ษขแดœแด€ส€
สœแดแด‡s, sวซแดœแด€แด… แดœแด˜

After her well earned meal and heart to heart discussion with the Egyptian goddess, Laz found herself wandering towards the club only after shooting a text to the honorary hoe squad inviting them over for the four d's; drinks, dancing, dick and drama.

To: honorary hoes๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ’–
ayy, swing by the jj need some advice. dick troubles. drinks on me

Pleased with the message she soon found herself unlocking the backdoor to the club and let herself in, delighting in the mundane tasks of getting the place operational for the evening. A few notifications in the form of instagram posts and snaps told the Aztec that Herc would be throwing another one of his infamous parties. "Maybe we can head back that way later...?' the temptation was not lost on her and any form of distraction from a certain Grecian War God would do her wonders. Now all she had to do was wait on Freya and Eros and she started by pulling some whiskey off the top shelf.

To say that Freya was down in the dumps was an understatement.

After the meeting with Odin that morning and for the rest of the day, a dark, moody cloud of gloom had been hanging over the girl's head. The doubts and insecurities she fought so fiercely to keep at bay came back with a vengeance, taking the opportunity to strike now that the target's defenses had been weakened after a hit to their ego. No matter how hard she tried, the little voice in her head continued to drill the same old script... She was a goddess of war who hadn't seen combat since the siege. A goddess of fertility unable to carry her last child to term. A goddess of love having spent centuries eluded by it. The lady of the Norse pantheon had been reduced to a pitiful young woman who drowned her sorrows in strawberry cheesecake ice cream and Xanax pills, and who tried to fill the empty spaces of her heart frequenting the beds of strangers.

How fucking pathetic.

This bad mood was the reason why Freya was, surprisingly, home on a Saturday night, wearing an oversized T-shirt and curled up in bed alone watching rom-coms. She had just taken another bite of the Ben & Jerryโ€™s ice cream pint she'd been devouring when her phone chimed, signaling the arrival of a new text message. Frowning, the brunette picked up the device, ready to fling it out the window and off the balcony if it was Odin asking for another โ€˜catch-upโ€™ again. But when she realized the sender was Tlaz asking her and Eros to meet up, the young woman's mood immediately brightened.

Be there in an hr! ๐Ÿ˜˜โค Freya quickly texted back, wasting no time in jumping up from the bed and starting the preparations for a night out.

A sigh escaped Eros as he pulled his expensive, yet practical, SUV into a parking space in the empty lot. Seattleโ€™s nightlife had yet to venture out, or perhaps they had all decided to attend Jackson Drakeโ€™s impromptu rager.

โ€œFuckinโ€™ Herc. The grumble rumbled through his chest switching from his social media app to his messages, scrolling along the phone past the worried texts from his clients and network partners to the conversation with Apollo.
To: Sunshine
Looks like weโ€™ll need to rain check that hot date? Iโ€™ll be over for the party after a quick stop at JJ.

With the blue bubble sent the God of Love clambered out of his vehicle, swiping hands along the breast of his peacoat and started his way to the Jade Jaguar. The annoyance of the party, and some last minute schedule changes in his career quickly dissipated with each step forward, there wasnโ€™t time for annoyance, his friend needed his expert advice and he would gladly step up.

The doors to the Jade Jaguar were heavy, which meant they were high quality and Eros appreciated that. That fine quality extended well into the actual building, which was big without losing itโ€™s feeling of being an intimate space. Eros walked his fingers along the pristine bar that greeted him, his eyes focused on the beauty already hard at work whipping up the first of many drinks to be had in the night.

โ€œI think Iโ€™ll have to sneak in here before the doors open more often. I bet the drinks taste better without a sleaze trying to slip his fingers up the skirt of a waitress besides me, andmy knuckles would certainly fare better.โ€ A chuckle fell from his lips as he slid easily on to a plush stool, โ€œFour Dโ€™s, huh? Guess I should start with something strong then if youโ€™re having dick problems Azzy.โ€

A roll of her lips between her teeth was enough a response in itself to anyone other than Eros and she knew it. Nonetheless the old nickname brought a smile to her face and pushed the nerves of the future conversation to the back. At least for now. The whiskey helped. "You wouldn't be the first to beat the shit outta clients in recent times, had an incident just a few days ago. Kinda the reason why I needed to talk with you both," throwing back her amber liquid she reached below the counter of the bar and pulled two more glasses, filled them with a sphere of ice before eyeing the man before her all but lounged about on her stool. "Still sucking down kamikazes like they're water?" Laz didn't wait for his response, of course he did if the knowing glint in his eyes were anything to go off of. And so she climbed atop the back counter, her small stature being absolute shit when it came to grabbing anything off high shelves, and pulled down an onyx bottle, engraved in bone white letters of the brand and a number of milk thistles on the cap.

After mixing his drink, and a Love Potion for Frey, the Goddess of lust slid the drink across the bar top and placed it before his waiting grasp. Laz snatched up the bottle of Pincer Shanghai Strength and began to pour herself a more than generous dose of poison before leaning across the bar, glass hanging precariously between her fingers. "Any new dick stories you wanna share 'fore Frey gets here?"

Eros' lips slipped into a mischievous smirk, but he let her question hang in the air. The fruity mix of vodka and fruit juices beckoned to him and heโ€™d have to quench that thirst first. The sweetness was a much needed sin to satiate the woes of the day for the time being, until he could get his hands on a certain Sun God later that night. For now the alcohol provided to him by the best barkeep in Seattle would be a very suitable substitute. The glass made a small clink as the base met the surface of the bar, with his hand freed Eros reached forward to tug affectionately on a perfectly curled ringlet, โ€œLess new dick, and more reclaimed dick, nothing beats a century long reunion in the making like sex for lunch, dinner and dessert.โ€ Eros let out a wistful sigh as he leaned back away from Tlaz again, it had barely been twenty-four hours and he was yearning again for Apollo, โ€œBut I didnโ€™t come to brag about my spectacular choices. I came to hear about your terrible ones, and offer what I can to you.โ€

โ€œGossiping and judging each otherโ€™s bad choices? Sign me the fuck up!โ€

As if on queue, the missing piece of the trio had made her arrival, surprising everyone by being at least ten minutes ahead of schedule. โ€œNo need to clap, loves. Just revel in the joy of my incomparable presence,โ€ Freya declared brightly as she waltzed to the bar and gave her friends a playful little twirl, in contrast to how she was truly feeling on the inside. She hoped that the self-medication and being with her friends would help boost her spirits somewhat.

Smiling, the Norse goddess took a seat on the empty stool next to Eros and addressed her beloved Tlaz. โ€œSo whatโ€™s up, Peaches? Is Sugar Bear already boring you to tears with his bragging?โ€ the brunette chuckled, shooting the handsome man beside her a wink to assure him she was just joking as per usual.

Eros raised an amused eyebrow at Freyaโ€™s jest, but calling him boring no words further from the truth could have been spoken. โ€œI could never bore Azzy. In fact I had to entertain her while we awaited your delayed arrival, darling. Incomprehensible certainly explains dressing like a slutty school girl and showing up high as a kite. Apparently the SOS wasnโ€™t just necessary for Azzy.โ€ Eros voice went from playful to worried as he looked over the woman who sat next to him, โ€œAlright, well letโ€™s intoxicate ourselves as we get on with our woes, Azzy summoned us here and I quite like hearing the sinful stories our filthy girl shares.โ€

Eyes like rich pools of honey rolled about inside the Aztec's skull, dipping her head a curtain of curls shielding her bemused smirk from the likes of them. The atrocious nicknames Fre came up with never failed to set her face alight with mirth of the most unbecoming kind. "Boring isn't the word I would have chosen to use..." muffled voice trickled from behind her lips as she straightened her spine pulling herself to her full height and sliding the pink drink towards the newcomer. This would be easier than expected, Eros seemed in high spirits-- albeit a little annoyed but overall glowing-- and Freya, well, Fre was just high.

"Alright, so," it was then she turned her full attention towards Eros more so than the Norse beauty, "Your father came onto me the other night," she couldn't help but roll her lip between her teeth, bringing her glass to her lips in another shot hitting the back of her throat. The burn doesn't even affect them, not this swill, but if enough is consumed and at the rate she's going something was bound to take effect. "And I didn't mind it, I just, I don't know what to do..." there wasnโ€™t any guilt felt within her bones as she thought there might have been, given the relationship between one of her closest friends and his father. However being the embodiment of Sin Eater relieved her of any base emotions. His response would give her everything she needed, she just prayed that it wasnโ€™t to sever his tie from her.

With a flick of her gaze, Tlaz gauged Freโ€™s reaction. She had suspicions of her previous encounters with the war god, and she was a close confidant of the priestess, it only made sense to have her there and privy to the knowledge as well.

โ€œWhat do you not mean, โ€˜you donโ€™t know what to doโ€™? You shag him, of course!โ€ Freya replied immediately, taking the pink cocktail her bestie had so lovingly made for her, downing it in a few sips and sliding it back across the bar to Tlaz for a refill. โ€œItโ€™s a no-brainer, really. The manโ€™s an absolute beast in bed: and I mean that in the best of ways. Even if it doesnโ€™t go anywhere, itโ€™s definitely a good experience to have.โ€ She was talking, of course, of the time she and Ares had spent together on Halloween many years ago. Her she-devil costume and the alcohol had lowered the manโ€™s inhibitions enough to let desire take over and consume them whole for one intense, passionate and unforgettable night.

Eros' face morphed from confusion to disgust as the conversation carried on and left little for him to question. At first he was amazed that Tlaz had found Freyaโ€™s father, but that was quickly cleared up when the sex fiend herself spoke up. Freya was a whore, everyone knew that but she didnโ€™t give off the Greek Trademark vibes, and so that meant Tlaz was talking about- โ€œARES?โ€ his voice was loud and interrupted Freyaโ€™s reminiscing of sluttier days. Just saying his name left a film of distaste on his tongue, his handsome feature screwing up into an obvious display of disagreement. There was no way, there had to be someone else in the room, someone past him that Tlaz had been focused on. Eros looked to his left and then spun on the stool to look behind him and saw a whole lot of nothing.

โ€œTlaz.โ€ His voice was accusatory as he turned back to face the Aztec, โ€œPlease tell me Iโ€™m jumping to the wrong conclusions.โ€ Eros almost begged her leaning forward to peer deeper in her eyes as if heโ€™d find Ashton Kutcher hiding in her brown irises, but there would be no โ€˜punkโ€™dโ€™ surprises jumping out at him tonight. With a groan he threw his drink back and only shook his head for a moment. What the fuck was he supposed to say?

โ€œWhat do you mean by โ€˜came onto youโ€™? And spare me the dirty details Iโ€™ll throw myself outside of the Colossusโ€™ range if you dive into them.โ€

Tawny hands, decorated with bands of tarnished metal, moved on their own shaky accord to grasp the stemless conical glass from where Freya had tossed it, setting it off to the side as she prepared another roseate drink. Of her close knit group of friends, Freya would be the one to have the most physical and intimate response to her predicament, as she expressed her notion for just getting it over and done with. It would be ignorant to dismiss the notion. Though the pure disgust and disappointment in her and the situation radiating from the blonde male was enough to make her flinch under his gaze.

A sigh upon her lips, unspoken words danced on her tongue as she rolled around the right words. Before she knew it she was confessing like all those who came before her altar to pray and ask for purification. Laz mentioned how it was only supposed to be her taking action in dressing his superficial wounds and how he spoke about Aphrodite and her mist, "Which was a shit show in it of itself," she threw the cryptic explanation to the brunette, along with her new drink, seeing as how she was not present that morning. When she got to the part where they shared a passionate lip lock she paused, she could feel her hands shaking and where her confusion took root within her chest like tangle vines seeking out a life force to smother.

Leaning forward against the counter she ran those same tawny fingers through her curls, tugging at the roots in order to ground her in something. "He kissed me. Something about not seeing who he was supposed to or whatever in that fucking misty visions. Of course it couldn't be me," a broken attempt at a laugh passed through her, the shaking ever present still though more so out of contempt, "Because he already has someone. Your old man just got caught up in a moment of convenience that happened to involve me since he just pushed me off and bolted..."

The Sin Eater pushed back up from the bar top, stretching like a cat in a window, rolling her neck before plopping back onto her elbows and staring at her friends with what she hoped was a mask of indifference. She was over the incident, over the feelings. She had to be. It was a mistake. "No Colossal suicides please, I need my best man to help me drown, and Freya can only do so much," it was her attempt at a blasรฉ attitude to the situation, which she punctuated with a cheeky pout while gesturing to the numerous bottles of booze behind her.

Disgust melted into an easier to digest neutrality. Eros had to remind himself that Tlaz had asked them to come here because she needed help, and it was wholly unhelpful to put his feelings for his โ€œdadโ€ onto her. So he listened, he held her gaze when she looked at him and nodded his head in encouragement for her to continue her recollection of events. Able to set aside his personal indignation, he felt a protective anger rise in him as her voice quivered with uncertainty and an insecurity flitted in her averted gaze.

โ€œYou are more than a โ€˜momentary convenienceโ€™, Tlaz. Youโ€™re a fucking goddess, literally, and someone that doesnโ€™t kiss the ground you walk on isnโ€™t deserving of you.โ€ Eros spoke with conviction but ended up chuckling at his own words, โ€œDespite me being grossed out that my โ€˜dadโ€™ is giving you the eyes, if all you want is to fuck him, then yeah, what Freya said: get it out of your system so you can move on to better. Thereโ€™s a person out there for everyone. Sometimes you find them right away, and other times you gotta try on a few before you get the perfect one. Like a great pair of jeans that hug your ass just right, it takes time.โ€ Eros gave a warm smile as he leaned forward, the bar between them prevented him from wrapping Tlaz in his arms but did not stop his affectionate tap on her nose, โ€œDonโ€™t rush into anything, and who knows your knight in shining armor might just reveal himself when you least expect it.โ€

Freya had carefully listened to Tlaz and Erosโ€™ exchange while sipping her second cocktail more slowly. She had to admit, the developing story was certainly providing plenty of entertainment already. Nothing spelled โ€˜dramaโ€™ better than one friend getting hit on and passionately kissed by the taken father of the other friend, and said friend being completely horrified by the prospect. In Erosโ€™ defense, Freya was sure she would also be put off if her father came onto one of her best friends-- especially if he was in a relationship with another woman. But in Tlazโ€™ defense, Ares had been the one to seek her out, and not the other way around. So if the chance to take things further presented itself, why not take it? Itโ€™s not like Tlaz had anything to lose. What Eros and Aresโ€™ girlfriend didnโ€™t know couldnโ€™t hurt them. What Freya did agree on, though, was the young manโ€™s statement that Tlaz would indeed find the right person for her. She was beautiful, successful, and a hell of a woman. The man that eventually got her would need to count his blessings for the rest of his existence-- be it mortal or godly.

"Damnโ€ฆ Where was this motivational speech yesterday before I ran off like a dumbass to Father Asshole's place in the middle of the night?" Freya finally spoke up with a loud cackle, hoping it would downplay just how furious at herself she really was for falling back into known toxic patterns.

โ€I donโ€™t know, I think booty call is a cute color on youโ€ฆ What do you think, Azzy?โ€ Eros replied with a cute smirk on his lips, playful mischief twinkling in his dark eyes.

Not one to pass up a good razz on one of her closest friends, Laz finished off her own drink, trying to use the glass to hide a cheeky yet telling look that slipped across her features. Licking her lips clean of the residual vodka the former priestess tilted her head in acknowledgement to the two before her, "Definitely one of the better looking colors Fre has in her ensemble of choices..."

Freya rolled her eyes at both her friendsโ€™ answer, although her smirk mirrored Erosโ€™ own. "I know itโ€™s cute! But even the best of players get tired of the game at some point,โ€ she replied matter-of-factly, once again sliding her empty glass in Tlazโ€™s direction across the bar and turning her full attention onto her friends. "And this MVPโ€™s definitely tired of it. Someone induct me to the fucking Hall Of Fame already so I can retire in peace.โ€

A prominent pout and a roll of her bottom lip between her teeth was the only indication of an answer towards her fellow brunette as Laz went about fixing her, and her company, another round of drinks. The vodka flowed freely from the neck of the bottle within her grasp and she refused to stop her words spewing from her mouth, much like she refused to stop her heavy handed pour, "How many times have you stated you were done with a man to only end up back between their sheets?" Her words weren't intended to bite but even she flinched at their misinterpreted implications. "Fre, you know how to use that cunt of yours, too well it seems. It's not like you need them. More like the opposite rings true." She punctuated her spiel with a slide of the cocktails across her bar, leaning forward with a wink before diving headfirst back into her own drink of choice.

"A shame you're wasting time on the Allfather. Isn't there like, anyone else?"

Eros snickers into his glass at Tlazโ€™s word. She speaks the truth, but her question could be asked of herself as well. Odin and Ares? Apparently after some hundreds of years roaming the earth, good taste and 20-20 vision had been claimed by time. โ€œThere are plenty of โ€˜anyone elseโ€™sโ€™ for both of you-โ€œ

Tlaz could feign ignorance all she wanted but the truth was there as she mumbled into her nearly emptied glass, โ€œPoint me in their direction thenโ€ฆโ€

Eros feigns a glare at Tlaz before turning his attention to Freya, pushing her glass closer to her and raising an eyebrow, โ€œOdin is a peculiar choice, Freya-- even for a CEHoe like you. Whatโ€™s the problem? Having wet dreams about Jan again that you canโ€™t shake?โ€

The unexpected mention of Janus took Freya by surprise, and there was no way of hiding how she flinched at the sound of his name. She was thankful that there was no glass on her hands, because it wouldโ€™ve clattered to the floor and shattered into a million tiny pieces-- much like her heart had whenever the Roman Ice King had put an end to their heated affair so many centuries ago. Why Eros had chosen to bring up that particularly painful part of her life was beyond Fre, but she wasnโ€™t about to show exactly how much the topic bothered her.

โ€œJanus can go crawl into a hole and die, for all I care,โ€ Freya spat, venom dripping from her lips when speaking about the man responsible for her last big disappointment. No matter how hard she tried, there was no denying those negative feelings still bubbled underneath the surface, waiting for any and every chance to erupt. โ€œBut if you know of any available gods willing to be faithful and commit to a healthy, stable relationship with one woman, please donโ€™t hesitate to give them mine and Tlazโ€™ number. We would greatly appreciate your assistance with this matter.โ€

Eros lifted his cup in a โ€˜cheersโ€™ motion before slamming it back, โ€œThere is love in the air, ladies. Try opening your hearts instead of your legs and you might just capture it.โ€ Eros let a deep chuckle exit his parted lips as he ruffled Freyaโ€™s hair and slapped an obnoxious kiss to her cheek before turning his attention to Tlaz and giving her an equally annoying show of affection, โ€œBut I have a sun god waiting for me and alcohol only provides so much relief to my long day. Donโ€™t drink your woes away and end up in the Allfatherโ€™s bed again, Fre-- and please donโ€™t make yourself my stepmother, Tlaz.โ€ Eros made a grand gesture with his arms as he approached the doors, โ€œCall me again when youโ€™d like to hear the details of my flourishing love life. See you later!โ€

โ€œShow-offโ€ฆโ€ Freya muttered under her breath as she watched the smug Eros make his exit, leaving the two women to their own devices. Sighing, the brunette turned her attention to Tlaz again. โ€œBut seriously, though: heโ€™s got a point. We do deserve better than what weโ€™re getting. Men-- mortal and godly-- are just complete and utter pieces of shit anywayโ€ฆโ€ she declared bitterly, downing yet another Love Potion in a few gulps.

Seeing Eros strut out the heavy doors and having his words hang in the air struck a chord within the owner of the Jaguar. Laz stood there still leaning against the bar swirling the remaining contents of her glass listening to Freya and trying to intake their words and process them. It isn't like she doesn't know she can do better, she probably can. With Eros motivational yet brutally honest pep talk she definitely felt more like the goddess she is and less of the doormat that's been taking over her body for the better part of five years. It's more the fact that these feelings came out of nowhere and inserted themselves in her subconscious. But her words were true, even if they were spoken with joking intonations, 'When will I stop being some spur of the moment and find someone who wants me for me?' Immediately her memory was assaulted with flashes of faces she once believed were there to stay. The smell of roasted honey dancing before her nose, enticing her and making her long for their touch once more. Beings that held a special place in her heart, the ones she thought were going to be different. They weren't. They were gone, lost to history and she was still here.

The glass now sat there empty as Laz reached for the onyx bottle, opting to forego drinking etiquette and instead wrapped her lips around the bottle's neck, "You know, I wasn't created to find something permanent, nothing I do is to be for me alone, always answering the whims of those who seek and call," her eyes swept the length of the room before coming to rest on the woman still sitting before her, "You're right though, we deserve better and I think it's time I do something entirely for me," a renewed fire burned within her at her words and rewarded herself with another large swig.

Before Freya could do more than give her friend an appreciative grunt, her phone chimed inside her bag. Frowning in suspicion again, the young woman pulled out the device and glanced at the screen.

From:Hot Shot
If youโ€™re not too busy, letโ€™s get a drink.

A flash of excitement immediately lit up the features of Freyaโ€™s beautiful face. Leave it to her favorite Aztec to have the most impeccable timing when it came to their therapeutic meetings.

Smiling, the Norse goddess rose from her seat and turned to Tlazลlteลtl. โ€œAs much as I want to stick around to rag on those walking, talking annoyances we call men some more, duty calls...โ€ she half-explained with a little shrug, offering no more details about the plans currently in development. She was sure her friend wouldnโ€™t exactly be too happy or approving if she knew what Fre and her brother got themselves into in their spare time.

Other than the empty glasses decorating the counter top, and now the chiming of a phone going off, Tlazลlteลtl would have believed herself to be alone at closing time. However, the notification and words that soon followed after knocked the former priestess back to the present, the lingering smell of vanilla clinging to her subconscious. "Riiiight," a playful eye roll and a devilish smirk made permanent residence across her tawny features, the bottle of booze in hand ready for another tilt up to her lips, "Go. Have fun, hopefully the poor soul doesn't give you too much shit," there was no stopping the teasing lilt that pranced through the air between them. As Freya blew her a kiss and went off on her merry way, her own phone beckoned her to dive deep into her contacts and just do something, what though is the question. Laz resigned herself to not sit around idly tonight and enjoy herself.

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