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𝙾𝚑, 𝚢𝚎𝚜, 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚊𝚛𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚟𝚎𝚜. 𝙸 𝚠𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚙𝚞𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚞𝚙 𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝 𝚊𝚠𝚊𝚢. 𝙿𝚛𝚎𝚙𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚋𝚎 𝚒𝚖𝚖𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚎𝚍 𝚒𝚗 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠𝚕𝚎𝚍𝚐𝚎, 𝙰𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚝.


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It didn’t take long for Binx’ good mood, from MacMahon’s shop to Nadia stopping her in the corridor, to turn sour. Even though she didn’t have anything to base this change of mood upon, something in her gut told her that it wasn’t gonna be a normal chat.

“Agent Dutton,” her accent thick, her eyes narrowed, “I have something specific in mind for you and Agent Crawford. This dossier has all the information on your target that wasn’t already briefed to you and the others. I know you two are a little less...rigid...than the other agents, so I have placed this task with you. Do make sure this is a success.” After practically shoving the file into the teenagers hand, the director was off, heels clacking with authority down the tiled hall.

The most Binx could do in the moment was just stare back dumbfounded. Had the director of Promenade seriously just given her the green light to do what she thinks she did? There’s no way. However, Binx wasn’t going to squander this opportunity by asking questions. No, no, no, no, no. That’s not how this was going to work. Instead the Texas native ran with it. Literally.

Down the hall, taking a left turn, she nearly tackled Alice to the ground in her attempt to find the sniper. “Alice get this! Sokolova just passed me this file and practically gave us the green light to– what in the hell are you wearin’?” It was only then that she was able to scan the brunette’s frame and take in exactly what she was placed in for this mission.

While everyone was winding down from their exercise, Alice slipped away as soon as she knew the mission details. Assassination, infiltration, the usual. This Red Dragon casino was going to be well regulated, meaning guards everywhere, guards everywhere meant you can’t just stroll in with a combat bow under your shirt, this was one of those times where an actual firearm - a concealable one - would be better. Alice spent a little time getting presentable, winged eyeliner and lipstick black as coal with her usual coat. Funnily enough, she spent more time on discreet weaponry than her appearance which Binx would inevitably hound her for.

Alice was found in the Promenade armory taking a view of the small arms she had in front of her, even running things by HIRAM to make sure she could make the most out of the guns and suppressors there. Alice deliberately avoided bringing her gauntlets, thinking she’d be in no situation to use them at a casino, and the rest of her gear was left behind in favor of a singular gun and some bullets. Alice was going to be out of her element in this mission, ordinarily she would be far away from the high traffic and simply shoot someone from a distance while scanning the area for overwatch. This was not one of those times, now, she had to be right in front of someone, and hope she could run when she needed to. She was almost ready when she heard her friend, agent Rocket, barrel down the hallway right as she picked up a deck of strangely stiff and strangely sharp playing cards from MacMahon’s table.

”Binx? What, this? This is what I’m wearing over there, what’d Nadia have us do?” Alice asked as she stuffed the weird cards into her pocket, sure she didn’t exactly look dressed to kill, but it beats wearing ordinary clothes to a Chinese casino, right? ”It’s not fancy but it’s the best I got.” She said plainly.

Binx was floored, her jaw slacked before composing herself and shaking her head at the teen before her, “Uh, nah. We’re gonna getcha set up with some new threads. Gonna attract too much unwanted attention lookin’ the way ya are…” as she spoke, Binx had grabbed Alice by the arm and was dragging her back towards the area that housed a sort of dressing room for the agents to assemble their ensembles before heading out to missions.

Adjacent to this small room were cubbies that were marked with the agent’s names, housing personal items and such. Opening up her own compartment she couldn’t afford to be embarrassed at the items inside. Instead she shuffled through the layers of fabric and tossed aside the materials that weren’t fitting the situation. “Sokolova gave us the job of gettin’ in close with Lucy, daughter of Alan Chow - the right hand guy. Since she’s a party lovin’ club gal, means we gotta look and act the part. Here. Try these on. Make sure to come out an show me.” Without waiting for Alice to interject, Binx was shoving some outfits into her hands and pushing her to change.

”Uh, I- what-” Alice’s hands were suddenly shoved full of a dress and herself into a room. Were they really about to have a fashion show right before a mission? ”Well, just don’t look until I’m out okay?” She pulled the coat off and started changing one by one. Frankly, every single one of them looked weird to Alice. All of them didn’t really cover her up, was Binx just looking for eye candy? ”Okay...let’s try this one…” a few minutes later she stepped out feeling embarrassed at how little she had on. This...feels like it’s going to just fall off…” she said as she walked out in front of Binx.

As the young woman walked out Binx cocked her head to the side, observing the way the material clung to the archer. "Nah, don't think that'd be much help if we needed to run. Too long and it'll trip ya up. Though it don't look too terrible on ya." Binx couldn't help but end it with a wink before shooing her back in to try on another. As an after thought she called out to her above the doorway, "Find whichever is most comfortable for ya, darlin'!"

Alice really didn’t want to wear something as revealing as that. ”Not this. No.” Of course, she still let Binx see, since she clearly was the fashion expert here.

She pulled it off awkwardly in the changing room and tossed it off to the side in a separate place from what she came in with. None of them really looked appealing, she’d prefer something that actually covered her body, but Promenade didn’t exactly run a JCPennies. ”Uh...what about this one…” She came out once again in something rather revealing for her. The colors were fine but the look was off to her. Binx probably liked it though.

”I feel like I’m about to choke or something. I dunno…I’m not really good at wearing this stuff, never really needed to.” If her family were to catch her even implying wearing something like this she would be guilted into covering up, so she doesn’t ever bother with experimenting with fashion style. They weren’t really here to see, but it still was unusual for Alice. The getup she had on now just felt tight on her more than anything.

Binx stood there, mouth agape before quickly fixing her posture, as she observed Alice in the newest outfit. It was more modest that the others, so she believed Nightstalker to be a bit more comfortable. Though she didn’t factor in the clingy-ness of the material and how it could be a bit… constricting for some. To be honest, Binx wasn’t opposed to this look on the brunette however she wasn’t gonna force her to wear it if she didn’t want to.

“As much as I’m likin’ it on ya, don’t think you’d be terribly comfortable,” she thought a moment before snapping her fingers an idea coming to her, “I’ve got it though!” Rummaging through the other outfits that were stashed in her corner she pulled more black fabric out and handed it to her.

She couldn’t pass up the quick touch of their fingers as Alice grabbed the newest dress and Binx for sure didn’t miss the opportunity to shoot a wink her way, “This. I just gotta feelin’ that this is gonna be the one.”

”Okay, I’ll try it then.” In the middle of tugging at the collar of the one she had on with one hand she went in and fidgeted with it to get it off. She definitely couldn’t stand to wear that one for very long. Once she had it off she stared at the other one. It looked really similar to the other one, sort of. Oh well, here goes nothing. The dress went on pretty easily. It didn’t look like it was gonna make her fall over, and it didn’t suffocate her either even though it was showing an awful lot of skin, more than she was used to showing. It felt comfortable to wear however, and looking at herself in the mirror? She had seen worse. ”Huh...This is...nice.” She stepped out of the room and let Binx see it herself.

”I actually sort of like this one, this feels right.” Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all. Alice didn’t feel so bad like this, she wasn’t used to wearing things so revealing but now? She actually felt okay with it. Maybe it was because she knew Binx wouldn’t sell her out to her family, but this was just right for Alice. She actually felt confident in the way she was dressed. Alice wasn’t used to feeling this way about her appearance and yet Binx came in and fixed that. This was pretty unusual for her, and would probably be one of the only times she ever had the chance to look this incredibly stunning. This was amazing.

If Binx thought that the last outfit did wonders to Alice’s body, she wasn’t ready at all for the next number. Being a good few inches taller than the native Texan the black dress did wonders to accentuate Nightstalker’s long, toned legs. So much so Binx found herself beginning to drool and had to look away with a swipe to her lips.

“Wow, erm. It looks great on ya. And the fact that you like it too just makes it official~” She hadn’t given much thought in the way of attractiveness towards Alice before. Mostly due to the fact she kept herself hidden behind all the layers her trench coat provided her. Though now that she was comfortable exposing so much of herself it was hard not to see her in a different light.

Eyes traveled the expanse of her form, moving to circle her as if to critique her, though there were clearly some other intentions present in the back of her mind, [color=#C14025]”Beautiful,”[color] and with a slight cough to clear her throat she reiterated, ”You, the uh, the dress. It all looks beautiful.”

Honestly, being talked to like that - from Binx no less - was something new. Alice and Binx were always pretty good friends at school, and working for Promenade only pushed them a little closer together, but she wasn’t used to Binx praising her appearance this much, or anyone for that matter. ”Hm, thanks” Alice stepped a bit closer to the visibly shorter girl to close the door behind her. ”You should try something on to, I’m sure you’d look pretty good in one of those- She proceeded to pull out a tube of shiny black lipstick to apply it to her face. Needless to say, she was dressed to kill someone today, probably Binx. ”-But I guess you’d wear something a bit flashier.” She didn’t really have anywhere to store stuff, so she stuffed the tube and the deck of razor cards somewhere no one would look if they got searched...The only place a dress like that would allow a girl to store anything without suspicion. Of course, Binx was already in a bit of a flustered moment, so that’d be a real wonder. Not that Alice was actively trying to give Binx more eye candy, but that deck was invisible now...Wait, what about her gun?

Clearly unused to the roles being switched Binx cleared her throat and took a step back from the taller girl. A little bit if space was enough, right? She nodded along with the notion of donning something that would indeed be flashier and she had the perfect dress in mind.

Rummaging through the wardrobe she plucked the powdered pink and iridescent sequins dress and side stepped into the booth, changing in record time. They'd already spent a good chunk of it playing runway and she's sure to get chewed out by Kingfisher at some point. 'might as well speed it up' the blonde thought begrudgingly before stepping out.

The dress was on the shorter side but perfect for blending in at a club scene in a foreign city. Strapped heels were secured in place and an overnight bag was waiting for her near her partner.

"I reckon it's time for us to join the others?" A wink shot in Alice's direction, somewhat back to her normal self. So long as she didn't look at her legs for too long.

”You look amazing, but we should get going…” With both of them ready Alice turned and left with Binx in tow. The teleportation sequence over to the casino was unusual, it always was, and Alice went from floating to dropping into a lavish room with everyone else ready around her. Erik had gone to do his thing, and the Turtleduck duo had gone off as well, probably planning to pose as each other’s lover. Alice looked around and took things in, it wasn’t anything like what she was used to, but surely it wouldn’t be that hard right? ”Okay, let’s find this Lucy girl and do what we can.”

don't panic
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ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ꜰᴜᴄᴋ ᴀʀᴇ ꜰᴇᴇʟɪɴɢꜱ

After such a dramatic entrance, Ollie was expecting a lot more trouble to come his way. He was surprised to find that it was awfully quiet. Well that was just a bit awkward wasn’t it. Had they found Vanessa already? No it couldn’t be, after such great lengths to get her in undetected it was impossible. Maybe Ben and Carmen were doing their job well. Either way Ollie looked to his left and right, making sure no one was after him. He blinked a bit in surprise but he had to move sometime. Stepping back from the camera, Ollie gave a confused smile to Bug then waved goodbye as he went to case out the rest of the second floor.

The floor was a maze with the occasional claymore trap around the corner. Ollie was grateful that he had studied Binx’s previous placements because he was now able to avoid activating them effectively. While the corridor was generally pretty quiet, he could hear a voice and was slowly approaching it. Ollie was now just a wall over, putting his ear up to the wall he could hear who was talking.

"Well, HAH, jokes on you dude..."

Well that was definitely Binx, but he had to see what she had in the room. Using a tunnel cam Ollie got a visual on the area. Binx, a few claymores, and… the bomb!? Had they really placed the bomb smack bang in the middle of the second floor? Ollie had thought it would be higher and had sent Vanessa too far up. The real target was so close to the entrance all along. He thought about saying it over the comms, but stopped himself. Against his better judgment he wanted to take on Binx himself.

Ollie threw his final EMP grenade hoping to fry the claymores inside. Better yet, maybe trigger them and take out Binx.

Not only had Binx successfully armed the package, but she was able to make slight adjustments in the timer department speeding up the process to a nice and tight time frame of no longer than five minutes. Atop of it all, one of the vent claymores went off, alerting her to the enemies presence. However, with her having been a little too focused she was completely vulnerable to the surprise EMP being tossed into the room. All that hard work. Gone. Fuck.

In one swift movement she was able to grab hold of the fridge handle and pull the door open, using it as a shield, protecting herself from any and all debris that came as an effect of whoever threw the grenade into her cove.

The bomb had not exploded, that was good. Some bombs once activated will also detonate on power loss. It was good that Nadia hadn’t been so unforgiving on that end. Some of the claymores Binx had set up went off as a result of the EMP’s trajectory, the rest had their circuitry fried as the result of its detonation. There didn’t appear to be camera coverage in this room, but he may have just not seen them. Either way, they wouldn’t take long to come back online and when hearing a beeping come back, neither did the bomb apparently. Nadia didn’t make it too easy for him.

From her hiding spot Binx caught a glimpse of a mess of curly locks, "Ollie! You fucker!" She chucked the visor from Nightstalker directly at the male's face peeking partially around the homemade barricade.

While Ollie doubted that Binx had been taken out by her own explosives triggering, curiosity got the better of him and he snuck a peak… Only to have some visor apparatus chucked at his head. Quickly taking cover again behind the doorway wall, Ollie responded in the most endearing way possible “yeah fuck you too Binx.” He let out a chuckle and couldn’t get the smile off his face.

Ollie wasn’t one to miss an opportunity or advantage however, his hands were already at work setting up the comms jammer just outside the room. While doing so he thought about telling the others about the bomb’s location but decided against it. Sure Nox and Wahrheit would be great with the information, but he wasn’t certain that Ben or Carmen could keep that information when subject to ‘convincing’. Quite simply, Ollie couldn’t risk communicating it over comms. Because if the other team knew that they knew where the bomb was, it would mean losing.

The comms jammer was now up and a harsh static noise will both be received and transmitted by Binx and teammates in the immediate area. This effectively made communication to her team impossible for Binx.

“Your bombs are gone and now you can’t let the others know what's happening. What's your next move Binx? You knew I was able to do this, did you let the others know? Was there any plan at all for this?” Ollie genuinely felt mean for what he was saying. But he had to throw Binx off balance like that or else he had zero chance of coming out of it the winner. So he doubled down on the taunt. “I’ve still got plenty of EMPs and have back up on the way.” The last part was a lie of course, he was completely out of EMP grenades and there was no one coming to back him up.

Cursing under her breath, more so at the fact that no one else was here as the original plan called for. Ollie would be setting up a jammer, and as if on cue he announced that he had. Welp. Hopefully Nightstalker was able to take a peek with the visor cam before it fried and maybe, just maybe, assistance was on the way. Highly unlikely. Just as it was highly unlikely that Wahrheit was on his way. ‘He wouldn’t risk giving away his perched position yet.’ And there was no reason for her to concern herself with Nox.

“Aiight, I’mma call your bluff, Ollie. Ya weren’t ever the best of liars.” She called up and over the barricade towards him. Still sitting on her person was all the weapons and gadgets she needed. It wouldn’t take her too long to come up with something, so she set to work. Making sure to chat it up with her friend, now enemy.

“I don’t think you got as many EMPs left as you think you do. Also you know I don’t ever have a plan in mind when I do shit. I’mma bit hurt at that, Ol. You should know me better than that.” The false hurt in her voice made it clear of her sarcastic intentions. As quiet as she could be, with the natural noises going on around them, she was able to lead a wire from the bomb to a levered switch in hand.

Binx hoped with her own well placed taunt she could get him to come out. At least to show his face. Besides, even with her manual, mechanical updates to a fried system, it was still going to take a minute or so. Might as well make it enjoyable. “C’mon Ol, ain’t you gonna show me that pretty face of yours?”

Fuck. Binx was right. She had called his entire bluff. There were no more tricks he could pull. He simply loaded his paint shotgun and watched the feed from his burrow cams. Binx was tinkering around with the main bomb. He would stop it if he were able but the shotgun still needed loading. Still the point remained that she was looking to use the bomb to win this fight.

“You know Binx, you could take me out with that bomb pretty easily. But I don’t imagine that it would be worth the wrath of Nadia for setting it off early.”

“You were right about the bluff by the way, I don’t have anything and I didn’t call for backup. That makes two of us. How about let's not go for the nuclear option and settle this another way. Sounds good?”

‘Setting it off early? Psht.’ There weren’t any stipulations on how or when the bomb went off. Any normal person would have let it slide. Water off a duck’s back an all. Binx was no normal person and she definitely wasn't going to just let the little jab slide. Quickly scanning the area around her, the fridge door still agape - on the off chance he would move in - for something to catch her eye.

Knowing Ollie, he would be monitoring her with some kinda cam, burrow or otherwise. If she could pinpoint where the camera was and block it’s feed, she would then be able to take him out. At least that’s the idea. Otherwise she blows them both up. A move she’s sure he isn’t willing to indulge in. “Oh? What way is that,” anything to buy time as she continued to scour the dim kitchen she holed up in.

Ollie could see Binx’s movements quicken a bit. She was looking around and it was more than likely she was trying to scout the camera. There were a few times she looked past it but it was only a matter of time before it was covered in paint.

“Alright Binx, I’m out.” Ollie moved into the doorway with his shotgun pointed. While he could fire, it would be extremely bad if Binx pulled the trigger on the bomb. “Just put down the detonator slowly. It would mean a loss and some bad times if you pulled it.” He started lowering his shotgun and was approaching. He just needed to disconnect the bomb’s wire, then it was time to fire.

With a quirked brow she peeked around at him, “What’s the catch, Ol?” Again something was up. Something was wrong. Of course there was. This was a simulation, there was supposed to be something wrong. But knowing her opponent, as he crept up on her like a caged beast, where the hairs along her arms and back of neck stood at attention, a telltale sign that something is amiss, Binx couldn’t help but feel the blood boil.

She had hoped that people wouldn’t think her unintelligent just because of her brash nature. Hell, she’s proved time and time again that she isn’t; but in moments like this with a near death grip on the switch Binx was once again forced to retreat into that stubborn shell of hers.

“What makes you think I’mma listen? You ever known me to be reasonable?” In an instant she was coming around from her cover, her own shotgun tossed somewhere in a corner and the lever thrown to the side, that wasn’t going to do her any good. Instead she lunged at his approaching figure and tackled him to the ground as quickly as she could. Binx thought that if could subdue him long enough it would buy her just enough time to get to the lever and detonate the bomb.

Ollie prided himself on knowing what people would do before they do it. It was a habit of his and he enjoyed doing it immensely. However, one concept that arises when attempting it is chaos factor. This is someone's tendency to be unpredictable and volatile in their approach. Ultimately, no matter how much you know someone you can never truly know what they will do exactly. Some parts are just a coin flip and it has to be accepted. Most of the time that chaos factor can be more than accounted for, while broad stroke action is predictable. Not against Binx. First the bomb and now this tackle. Ollie is continuously surprised by Binx’s actions. If you were to ask him, she is someone who is entirely made of this chaos factor and foolishly Ollie assumes different. She cannot be predicted.

Ollie was knocked on his ass with that tackle. Hand to hand was neither of their specialties and he was only just able to turn a one sided pin into a wrestle, but sure as hell Binx had the upper hand for multiple reasons. She took him by surprise, she had gotten close enough to where he couldn’t read her moves, and… well, he was flustered. He hadn’t fought hand to hand with a girl before, much less being pinned down by one. His cheeks started going a bit red and he couldn’t keep eye contact with her. “Get off me Binx.” While that was said in earnest, Ollie could only feel a little bit of shame for letting that out. He was just going to ask Binx to get off of him, in a training exercise. Stupid.

The tackle was completely spur of the moment, but it seemed to have paid off as she sat atop him, his cheeks tinged with blush no doubt matching her own. Though Binx was able to recover a little quicker than him. "Aw, what's the matter Ollie~ embarrassed?" Who was she to pass up the opportunity to tease the shit outta him. Instead of removing herself from straddling him, Binx pinned him further to the ground, nudging his weapon further from his grip.

Ollie was embarrassed but he had to try his hardest not to look it. “No I’m not embarrassed, fuck you Binx.” The way this was delivered showed anyone who was watching that he was embarrassed. The way it had come out in itself was embarrassing. His only hope is that he was right about this room having no cameras. If Bug was watching, she could and she would share the footage with everyone. That would be devastating.

All he had to do was grab the shotgun but that was proving harder to achieve by the second. Seemingly with every movement toward the gun, Binx would counter with nudging it further out of his reach. The energy was slowly leaving his body with every failed attempt. If he was going to make a move he had to make it now, otherwise Binx would have enough bragging rights to make this next year a nightmare. Gathering all his energy he made a final lunge for the shotgun, only to have it thrust out of his grip in a fumble. But he was able to pull the trigger, even if he couldn’t aim it.

Whether Ollie had actually hit Binx or if the blast had just startled her, he felt the tide of the fight turn in his favor. Taking the opportunity he rolled the two of them and took Binx into a pin. “Hah, what do you have to say now Bi…” While he said the first part with confidence and a cocky smile, then immediately faded as he had made eye contact with Binx for the first time during the fight. He gulped. Now on that he was on top of Binx, that embarrassment was taken to new heights. “Uh, so, yeah, you’re pinned so, umm, just surrender.” But that wasn’t all, what was initially a strong pin had faded in the same way his confidence did, immediate. Binx would be fully able to move against him because of it.

To say she was surprised was an understatement. Binx didn’t think he would be in the right frame of mind to flip her and turn the situation against her. But that’s what she gets for underestimating his keen strategic mindset.

As soon as her back hit the flooring beneath her she looked up and made eye contact. It was very… different to be on this end of a pin. Binx can honestly say she hasn’t been here that many times but for some reason this was different. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but it was definitely a new experience. It could be the fact that she could feel her face heating up under his gaze, or feel him pressing down on her. Either way, it wasn’t a terrible feeling. “What’re you gonna do to me if I refuse~,” even with her thrown into this new experience, there was no way she was going to pass up the opportunity to tease him.

“Uuuuuuhhhh.” Ollie was truly speechless for one of the first times in his life. Binx had found ways to surprise him but this was something else. He felt nervous, tense, and a wide range of other emotions. Usually a wave of unexpected feeling like this would be a bad thing, but he didn’t feel bad. The moment just sat there for a good few seconds, his pin loosening with every moment. Ollie had to shake his head to clear his mind, he had to focus on the mission. “Ok Binx, you can stop playing around now. I have you pinned, that means you’re out.” Even through saying that he tried and failed to keep eye contact. The force on the pin was still loose.

"Oh?" The taunt was thickly laced in her voice, "It doesn't feel like I'm out," taking the slacked grip on her, Binx was able to wrap her legs around him as best she could and flip them, once more landing atop of him. Leaning lower she placed a quick kiss to his already reddening cheeks before sitting back up to full height, "Ya know, I'm really starting to enjoy this position, Ol. Looks good on ya." Using whatever remaining moments she had left of his distorted state Binx pulled out some zip ties from her back pocket and tied his wrists together and then to a cabinet handle for extra measures before moving off of him.

"Sit back and relax, the show's gonna kick off soon~”

The whole thing had gone by in a blur for Ollie the flip, the kiss, and then before he knew it he was cable tied to a cabinet. Usually an undebatable loss like this would make him feel bad, but a release of that tension had just made him laugh. In his mind, because he had lost he could chalk up what Binx had done as being actions to win. In some regard he couldn’t quite wrap his head around there being more to the interaction. “That was a good one Binx. You caught me out with all that teasing, you have the win.” Still something was digging at the back of his mind, he knew the kiss on his cheek wasn’t necessary to win.

“Binx, I have a favour to ask.” Ollie mouthed the words ‘comms off’ and waited for Binx to comply. “Now that Nadia can’t be listening in I can talk about it. The punishment is some bullshit isn’t it? ‘Oh yeah we are going to punish the weaker spies by making them do non-spy stuff.’ That makes no sense. I think my team is going to lose, could you sneak us over some tools so we can get the job done quicker. And if by some miracle that my team wins, I’ll do the same for you. We got a deal?”

Placing a finger to her chin she thought on the offer. ”Yeah, alright. It only seems fair, can't believe she expects us to clean up all the fuckin' paint. Seriously..." There was no denying that even though the interaction between them had dissolved into something more friendly, as if the training session were over, there was still a form of tension that resided between them. What was she thinking? What was the kiss for? Just to tease him, yeah? Yeah. That’s totally what it was for.

Checking her wrist watch for the time, she wondered aloud how much longer this little experiment was going to take before a clear winner was decided. In the short amount of time that had passed, which felt like eons, Binx found herself constantly dragging her gaze back towards him, though never quite meeting his gaze directly. Too nervous as to what kinda emotions would be pulled from her if she did.

Unlike Binx, Ollie seemed more or less unphased from the previous events on the surface. Binx had just done all that stuff to beat him right? And sure, it sucked that he got taken out. There was no weirdness between them right? But seeing how Binx was acting, Ollie also began to grow more awkward about it as well. Maybe it wasn’t as simple as he thought.

But something else quickly took over his mind. A certain dread that made his heart sink into his shoes. How could he have not noticed it earlier? Was it out of his view? “Hey, uh, Binx. You wouldn’t happen to have any dirt on Bug would you?” He nodded over toward where the previously unseen security camera was. While it had some paint on it, it was still quite likely that Bug could have seen that whole thing. “Cause we are going to need some serious blackmail soon.” The embarrassment had returned.

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ʀᴏᴄᴋᴇᴛ ᴛɪᴍᴇ
ᴛᴀʟᴋ ᴅɪʀᴛʏ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ

"One of the bombs is down. I'm going to investigate...

Binx had to mentally curse about one of her charges being disposed of, however it gave them knowledge to someone's location. A trade-off in her book. Listening for any other sounds going on around her Binx came to find that there was none. Strange in it of itself. There should be at least Adam thunder-footing around somewhere but she couldn't even hear him. Something seemed off. The hairs on the back of her neck prickled in anticipation. There was a slight change to the atmosphere around her that wasn't attributed to the environment she found herself in. Someone was going to come crawling through vents. It was only smart seeing as they had two, three if Kingfisher was included, who could easily traverse above the rooms without being spotted. And if Binx was honest, it would be difficult to place their exact locations with how silent they could be. Though with the amount of charges placed in the vent systems it would be difficult for them to diffuse them without them going off. Hairpin triggers make for better messes.

There was too much radio silence for Binx' liking, opting to provide some commentary to her teammates, all of which just included her making random noises and complaining about how bored she was. Nothing of true substance. Nothing of importance. But it was enough to cut the edge that they were all undoubtedly experiencing. Seeing as how no one took her advice about funneling the enemy towards them and instead felt the need to go off on their own. She rolled her eyes so hard she gave herself a headache. 'This is why we fucked up last mission... does anyone wanna listen to me? Nooooooo. What does bomb girl know. Imma senior for a fuckin' reason...' Looking over to her left she spotted the observer cam passed to her by Nightstalker, "Best put it on, won't do no harm." Once it was in place and on, the gear made a soft whirring noise as it kicked on. Anyone with some EMPs would easily take out the hardware and that would leave their own sniper at a disadvantage. Binx shrugged at the thought. It wasn't gonna do the opposition any good anyways. If everything went according to plan then they would have enough time to get the bomb to detonate without issues.

Speaking of which, as she sat and waited the Texan had had enough time to go through and observe the package they had been given. No doubt as soon as she armed it it would announce her presence to the others. Enemy and friendly alike. That was fine. She had enough charges to provide a buffer before the others could come and regroup. Just need to detonate one. Upon opening the bag she took notice of all the contents. Instructions be damned as they were in German, her mind drifting over to Erik - probably in a perch - a smug grin on his face taunting her about her lack of his language. "Well, HAH, jokes on you dude..." the mutterings of a woman at work passed under her breath as she dug around the contents, glancing at the hardware before connecting wires she pulled from her bag from the timer to the choke and lever. Once satisfied it was as simple as fiddling with the lever and choke before beeps went off, signalling it was now live. As she pulled the black lever back up, "I speak bomb."

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