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location: The Olympic Club
interactions: Hathor & Tlazōlteōtl
mentions: Phobos@Danvers | Ares@Legion02

There was a look in those dark eyes that told Tlazōlteōtl that Hathor had something on her mind completely unrelated to the intimate conversation she was pulled from. Even as they walked away Hath still held her hand in her own, a constricting grip that refused to let go until they were out of sight and earshot from her reunited lover.

Tlazōlteōtl wanted so much to look back at him, to see if he was pursuing, but deep down she knew the answer already. Instead she turned her attention to her closest friend, returning a reassuring squeeze of her own. "Tell me, yolicniuhtli," a smile ever present on her face as well as her voice, "Was you pulling me from Ares more than a ruse?" It was a blessing and a curse to be pulled from him so soon, however with the amount of information dropped on her all at once Tlaz couldn’t wait for an out. Not to dismiss him, more to collect herself and mull over the words she needed to choose carefully. The Egyptian's company she currently found herself in was much appreciated and it felt like they hadn't seen too much of the other in recent moons; regardless of them working together.

There was a moment of hesitation, a sense of dread in her aura as her gaze scanned the area as if trying to debate if this was the best time or place to have this conversation before answering in a hushed tone. ”There was an incident. Phobos assisted me in…handling the situation but Kristy won’t be in for a while.”, Hathor paused, taking a deep breath as she held Tlaz's hand a bit tighter and shaking slightly with unresolved rage as well as pain. She had gotten revenge for the woman but in all honesty, Hath wasn’t happy she had to deal with the man so fast as to not miss the event in its entirety.

At the mention of one of her… employees being out of commission the Aztec saw red because there were only so many instances where Kristy would be off. And even fewer so with the mention of Phobos in the same breath. Instead of lashing out, for there was no need, she turned to her closest friend, guiding her to the nearest seat once inside the banquet hall. Her hand still clasped in Hathor's, rubbing circles into the top of her skin, alternating different amounts of pressure, she made the beauty look at her. "How are you my friend? You must be drained."

”Far from just drained,”, she started with a sigh and used her free hand to rake it through her hair but instantly regretting the action so she gently took it away to tap her fingers against the table and using her clasped hand to give the other goddess a comforting squeeze. ”Physically, I’m not in the best shape since I made sure Kristy stayed comfortable for a while. Emotionally, I’m conflicted.”, Hath said, letting her eyes drift over to the bar and stopping on the man that had not long ago watched the aftermath of her rampage without disgust of her actions. Phobos didn’t feel fear and had watched his father’s work which was in her favor when showing the less than beautiful sides of her but it didn’t stop her from the nervousness at introducing another person to a part that had been judged so harshly in the past. It had caused a few to be more cautious once her work had been seen.

It was why she had waited so long before hunting down and dealing with Hebe’s problem. The young goddess only got told that he would no longer be a problem or contact her. She had let the other believe she had ‘talked some sense into him’ and that was just better all around. Hathor would be more weary of Pho if it hadn’t been for…well, she wasn’t sure what had happened. It was a new development that was for sure. She watched as the three talked at the bar, more pointedly, she watched Phobos and Mel as there was something there that they both refused to acknowledge and she wasn’t sure how deep it ran. It made her hesitant to follow the path and see if the new development was worth following. As if not being able to keep it to herself and needing a bit of guidance, she blurted out quietly, ”I flirted with Phobos.”

Tlazōlteōtl was taken aback at the confession and worked hard to keep the surprise from showing on her face, though she knew better. It wasn't a feeling of disgust or shock in the sense that it was something bad, more elation than anything. In the moment the filth goddess clasped her hands together in glee and pulled her friend in for a tight squeeze. "Hath! This is exciting!" While the woman next to her spoke quietly, Tlazōlteōtl couldn't be bothered to contain the joy bubbling forth from her.

"It's about damn time," she spoke, a sly grin decorating her painted lips as her eyes roamed the room for the god who has Hathor so smitten. Not a lie, Hathor deserved to find love, to love and be loved in return. A much different connection than the one she knew so long ago at the hands of Ra. She was a warrior goddess and deserved to be worshiped as such. Who better than a War God? But as she turned in her seat to lay her gaze upon Phobos she was greeted with the sight of him surrounded by the wolf and madness herself and that joy that was present turned sour in her gut.

"Ah. That," Tlaz waved her hand as if to dismiss the vision before them and sat in Hath's line of sight, "Do you want there to be something more going on there? With you two? What did he say? How'd he react?" Among all the things Tlazōlteōtl was, a slut for gossip and other's love affairs was one of them.

Hath found herself chuckling at her best friend’s excitement, not even bothered by the tight squeeze and not having the heart to let her know that she might as well be crushing her to death. The loudness of her excitement however caused a slight blush to rise on her face but it was nice to see the other woman so happy for her. Tlaz knew better than anyone else that she kept others at a certain distance in the romance department so it was only fair to let her be over the moon about the small occurrence. She couldn’t stop her attention from drifting again, landing once more on the trio but the goddess made sure to put an end to that as if reading her thoughts and concern on the matter. She bit her lip, leaning back into her chair at the multitude of probing questions while she thought it over for a bit, knowing there was no way she was avoiding the gossip queen and especially not when it was about love or even the possibility of it leading in that direction.

”Maybe? I’ve never really thought about it before and then this sort of just happened. I’m definitely not against the possibility.”, Hathor replied to her first few questions, still trying to wrap her head around why she had gone along with the teasing comment and pushed it into actual flirting when he left it open to do so. ”He just teased me, warning more or less that my innocent comment of ‘I could kiss you’ might be taken as flirting…and that he might not be able to resist such charms. I could have let it go but I didn’t want to so I pushed the line. Tlaz, I almost kissed him and I don’t think he would have stopped me, actually it seemed like he wanted me to since he leaned in just as much as I did until there was barely an inch between us but…..I don’t know, I kissed his cheek and implied that I was only pulling away this time. If we hadn’t been at this ridiculous luncheon, I have a feeling I might not have been able to resist the temptation that was offered but at the same time I don’t want to complicate what has been a pleasant friendship so far.”

If Tlazōlteōtl was a squealing kind of woman she would have at the pure adorableness Hathor was giving her. "That's the best kind of situation, Hath. Besides, with the way you two get along like kindling and fire I don't think you'd have anything to worry about in that department, love." Her smile seemed wicked in the best sort of way as her eyes flitted between the two. If a little push was wanted she would give it willingly. Who could resist a little sin in their lives? Especially ones as long as theirs. "Just say the word and it'll be so~"

She raised a brow at the wickedly sinful smile painted on her friends lips, a small smile pulling at the corners of her own because of it. Tlaz always had a way of warming her heart and she felt extremely lucky to have someone so amazing to support her when she started to falter. ”It is a rather tempting offer, not going to lie but I don’t know, Tlaz. It honestly could have just been a spur of the moment thing. If I’m going to give another god a shot at some sort of romantic relationship, I would rather not be a fling or a brief temptation. I’m not lacking for mortal company if I want to go in that direction and it’s a lot less permanent if it gets fucked up.”

The Aztec hummed in acknowledgement, she knew a thing or two of mortal companions, godly ones too, especially after Ares abandoned her in Madrid. So who better to know and understand Hathor's plight than she? "Understandable. But I doubt it was a spur of the moment incident. Besides, won't truly know unless you try~" She still couldn't help but nudge her in the right direction of love. It rang true with anyone involved if time has taught her anything. There were many instances where she didn't jump at an opportunity and it weighed heavy on her; never knowing what could have been. Tlazōlteōtl would hate to see the same eat away at her closest companion.

Clapping her hands together and flagging down the nearest server she alleviated them of a few glasses of champagne, holding one out for the Egyptian, "Enough of this what if and let's drink and cause a scene. This place is becoming far too stifling for the likes of us, don't you think?

Hathor took the offered glass with a smile, clanking them together for a small toast before raising it slightly as a nod to the Aztec goddess.”I’ll drink to that!”, she chuckled softly, taking a sip from her newly acquired drink as she let her gaze wander again, watching with amusement as poor Pasi tried to wait and join in on the group that held her attention. There would be time to think over what Tlazōlteōtl was saying later, not letting the what ifs and maybes get to her even if her friend was absolutely right about not knowing until you try. She wasn’t sure about trying but then again, she wasn’t one to let opportunities be missed. After all, one should seize every opportunity along the way, for how sad it would be if the road chosen became the road not taken. ”So, what kind of scene did you have in mind?”, Hath questioned with a playful smirk.

i would be down for sk8te personally but i could make a cred dancer - someone who works closely with sk8te?
this sounds sick!

show & tell

location: The Olympic Club
interactions: Hati | Melinoë
mentions: Isabel @Legion02 | Loki @fledermaus | Phobos @Danvers | Apollo @smarty0114

After sitting in the shrubbery for longer than seemed necessary, Hati wanted to make sure he didn't run into the War god after all, the White Wolf composed himself and took a stroll through the begonias, tapping away on his phone. His mini stakeout proved to be well worth the headache he received from the mortal woman who called herself his "employer". Yet, here he was being as dutiful as he was back in Asgard, at the beck and call of Odin. A snarl plastered on his face as he let loose a small growl.

To: vile witch
I think you'll enjoy yourself quite a bit at the Jade Jaguar. Ask for Lalli.sent

As an after thought he shot one more text her way;
To: vile witch
Should have just told me he was your father 😉sent

Attaching a picture he took of the two immortals in love he sent the text, leaving it as cryptic as he possibly could. Isabel was a smart girl, 'Too smart, she'll be able to use what little information he sends her way well enough. "That should satiate her," he pocketed his phone as he strolled back into the foyer. He couldn't help but take notice of the shadow of death clinging to the sun, off to refill their drinks at the bar where there happened to be another friend of sorts, guzzling away some sort of demon. Hati saw it fit to pull her away, if just for a moment, and head towards a different set of delicious drama. The wolf wasn't much for inciting riots and causing a stir - not unless it benefited him - that was typically the child of his grandfather, but oh how it fell on him to get this place lively. Hati wasn't complaining. Quite the opposite. He was thoroughly enjoying this new personality trait and wanted to see just how far he could take it. Starting off with pulling Melinoë away from her Apollo.

Flashing his most sincere of smiles he approached the would be couple, 'Pfft,' he had to chortle to himself lest he end up on the wrong side of madness. "Excuse me, Sunshine, mind if I steal her away? Mortal business affairs and all." Hati didn't give Apollo a chance to reply before he was guiding Melinoë to a different part of the bar by the elbow.

Retching it from his grip she turned deadly eyes onto the Norseman, "Hati-" she spat, "The fuck is with that?" It was unlike Hati to seek out her opinion on matters, immortal or otherwise. While they were friendly enough towards one another it wouldn't be entirely out of the realm of possibilities that they despised one another. Occasionally. The same way one could torment the other but no one else got the privilege. Was this what close sibling relationships looked like? Or toxic ones? Instead, she was just dragged along the bar where a number of bodies were present. Hati didn't seem to notice or care and pushed them aside regardless; seeking something or someone out.

He only rolled his eyes in response, "Please, you were bored. That and you were playing a losing game, doll. You're welcome by the way. Besides, I have something else far more interesting for us to do." He reached across the bar and grabbed a bottle from behind the counter passing it off the woman beside him. In another life, he thought, there might have been something between them. Melinoë had an air about her that drew him in, she was hot, yeah, duh. But there was something else there. That is until she spoke to him and then he remembers how much a bitch she truly is. However the Nornir had other plans. Stick them in close proximity and eventually they will kill one another. Until then of course, have them amicable to one another; siblings almost. Almost. Hey, it's whatever. He always wanted a little sister to bully around.

Popping the top of the bottle of Estate Argyros VinSanto passed to her, Melinoë admired the vintage twenty year aged bottle before taking a large swig, hoping to calm the random set of nerves flooding her senses. She couldn't exactly pinpoint the cause, not until Hati had ushered the two of them closer to the source of his glee. Waving his hands, most frantically, Hati had pulled the attention of the last person Madness wanted to see. Phobos.

As they approached her eyes raked up and down the figure of Fear as he leaned over the bar top, looking a little more worse for ware than he usually did and something in her told her to care, to question him about it. Just not with Hati lurking about. He was bound to sniff out something and make it a bigger deal than it was. Rolling her eyes Melinoë tried to turn on her heel and walk away but Hati's grip only tightened as he steered them to his friend. "Pho, long time no see, running into you what a coincidence. Ah, and Melinoë is here too, man, I'm sooooooo lucky to have my friends here," he smiled so wide and so conniving his canines stuck out against the stubble he called a beard before he tilted up his own bottle of brew.

Glaring up at the man who still held her captive Melinoë stomped on her foot before yanking her arm back. "Phobos," she shot at him, not the warmest greeting she's given him, definitely not the worst. "Looking a bit peckish, love. Father running you into the ground?"

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