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Home from vacation, should be catching up on all my roleplays over the next few days :)
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Don't read through old stuff you wrote, just don't
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Should have a post up for all my RPs today :)


Heya! I'm Smarty and I'm just a dude who likes to write. That's really about it. I'll pretty much join anything and everything if I'm being honest, as long as it looks interesting. Don't hesitate to PM me if you wanna chat or something :) I promise I don't bite, I'm just very awkward that's all :D

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Starring: Katie Callaghan
With Special Guest Appearances by: Jamie Callaghan and Allison Callaghan

Katie’s Fit | Mood Music

“You dumped Carter? Over text? Katie, what the fuck? He was taking you to fucking Paris! To fuck, in Paris!” Jamie Callaghan’s face gazed out from Katie’s phone, eyes tracking her from his vantage point on her vanity while she rushed around her room, throwing items into a large, black suitcase. Behind him, a white sand beach extended out, and tourists clad in swimsuits walked behind. He was tanner than when she’d seen him a few weeks ago, a result of the Grecian sun that she was certain her brother found very pleasant.

She winced at his words. It sounded a lot worse when Jamie said it. “Don’t get yourself worked up yet. It gets better,” Katie said, approaching the phone so that she and Jamie were face to face. “I’m going on AJ’s roadtrip.” The twins froze for a moment, one gripped by shock, the other by her own anxieties.

“Katie Callaghan, you’re an idiot,” Jamie said, after his eyebrows had returned to their normal position on his face. “How did you even get invited? You guys haven’t had a nice thing to say to each other in like, two years.”

Katie’s fingers began tracing lines across her bare arm, her eyes avoiding her brother’s stare. “So, funny story… I wasn’t really invited…” Katie said. Jamie’s shocked expression returned, and Katie rushed to explain her side of the story before her brother could pass more judgement than he already had. “I called Ivy and asked her for the plan, and she was totally down to help me out. Plus, I told Ava I might be showing up. I’m just like, the plus one.”

Jamie groaned, exasperated by his sister’s fuck-all attitude towards the world. Before he could say anything though, he turned around, and then turned back to the camera. “Okay, Marshall’s coming back with drinks so I’ve got to go, but, please reconsider like… everything.”

“It’ll be fine Jamie.” She wasn’t sure if she was trying to convince him, or herself. “Tell Marshall I said hi, enjoy Greece, and don’t worry about me,” Katie said, beaming. Jamie rolled his eyes, but nevertheless, the duo waved goodbye to one another before ending the call.

As the phone screen went dark, Katie dropped her head into a pillow and screamed. She would never tell him so, but Jamie was right. What the hell was she thinking? While she lay there, awash in her own self-loathing and pity, Carter slipped his way back into her thoughts. She could see him, standing in front of her, begging her for a reason with those stupid, beautiful, puppy dog eyes. Despite it all, she could not give him one.

Everytime she had imagined their breakup, that had been the scene that flashed, and she’d never had a reason. That was why she’d done it over text. She knew she wouldn’t be able to look him in the eyes and tell him that there was no good reason. It just wasn’t him anymore. For a moment, she thought desperately about taking it all back. Texting Carter and telling him that she’d been freaking out, and it was dumb, and that she loved him, more than anything, and that they should just run off to some island and never come back. He would agree to it. He loved her. Too much for his own good.

Sighing, Katie rolled over and got off her bed, shoving any thoughts of Carter from her mind. She had brought herself this far. She would not turn back now.

A half hour late, Katie had a suitcase packed, a backpack filled with necessities like snacks, and movies, and she was standing in front of the door, wrapped up in her mother’s constricting embrace.

“Be. Good. And be safe. And don’t do anything Jamie wouldn’t do,” Allison Callaghan murmured into her daughter’s ear.

Katie extracted herself from her mother’s arms and playfully rolled her eyes. “I’m always good, I’m always safe, but I think if I restrict myself to things that Jamie would do, I’d spend the entire trip in the RV.” She and her mom shared a smirk at Jamie’s expense.

“Call me, if you need anything! And just to talk. I’ll miss you.” Allison looked up slightly at her daughter’s face, taking it in for what felt like one last time. She’d just watched her walk across the stage, and now she was leaving for the rest of the summer. When Katie came back, she would be going off to college. This was Allison’s last moment with her little girl. She held back her tears. She didn’t want Katie to start crying.

Katie, young and very much unsure where the next few hours would take her, let alone the next few weeks, waved one final goodbye to her mom, before heading out to the driveway. She hauled her suitcase out to her ride, popping the trunk and pushing the case in. Technically, the car was Jamie’s. Katie’s car was in the shop, and while she was well aware that showing up in her brother’s car was an even bigger middle finger to AJ, she really couldn’t do much about it. Whatever deity is currently watching me, please, please don’t fuck this up.

Beverly Hills High School was not far from the Callaghan’s home, and Katie wasn’t trying to arrive early, so she stopped at a nearby Starbucks to get some much needed caffeine, and a breakfast sandwhich. Facing AJ uncaffeinated and hungry was the quickest path towards a Chernobyl level incident in the middle of the BHHS parking lot. Not the ideal jumping off point for a weeks long road trip. The drive thru line was short, and soon enough, Katie was driving towards BHHS, white mocha in one hand, steering wheel in the other, egg sandwich resting gently in the passenger seat.

She spotted the RV before she even turned into the parking lot. She knew it was AJ’s, having seen it parked in front of her house once or twice, once upon a time, back when Jamie pretended to like camping because AJ’s family went so often. As she pulled in, she was struck more by the lack of cars. She clocked AJ, Aleks, and Sami. No Ivy, no Ava, no Reyna. She’d have even settled for Val.

Her gut twisted, her earlier anxiety returning in full force. Her mind sought out the worst case scenario. What if they told her to fuck off, and go back home? Would she tell them about Carter? Would that just make her look worse? She was pretty sure it would. No, if they told her to fuck off, she’d go home, and wallow the summer away, basking in the light of her fuck ups. But if she didn’t get out of the car, she’d do that anyways.

Steeling herself, she scooped up her sandwich, slung her backpack around one shoulder, and stepped out of the car, strolling over to the three boys. “Good morning, my favorite Gearheads. Morning AJ,” Katie called out, waving with her right hand despite it’s contents. That was as good a greeting as she could give, given the awkwardness of the circumstances. At least she hadn’t called him Alfie.

Alright, I think this is ready :)

I'll be hitting people up today about character relationships :)
Interested in that History of Magic spot

Featuring: Madison Nichols & Oliver Nichols
Location: Boy’s Cabin
Interacting With: Marisol @Dirty Pretty Lies, Anyone else in the boys cabin

Arms crossed and lips pursed, Madison Nichols was quite a sight as she leaned up against one of the walls in the rec center, dirty blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, a tie dye shirt proudly proclaiming the name of the establishment where she’d be spending her summer. She spotted her brother, looking smug as ever. Of course he was. This had been intended as a punishment for him, but the more time Madi spent at Camp Red Arrow, the more she realized that this was going to be less grueling for Oli than it would be for her. She’d been counting on a fun, structured, summer. This was clearly not that.

Her orientation had proven as much. While they went over a few ground rules, it became apparent that the counselors were more or less here to make sure no one died, rather than shape young minds. The young man who was currently speaking, Josh, had made it clear to her that the rules weren’t necessarily meant to be enforced. Absurdity.

Lost in her thoughts, Madi nearly missed the dismissal of the campers. She watched them meander out into the open air, some splitting off towards their respective cabins, and others finding their friends in the small crowd. Had she been in a better mood, she might have headed to the girls cabin as well, in an attempt to make a good impression on the campers she’d be overseeing. That said, she was royally perturbed, and as anyone with siblings knows, sometimes the best way to make yourself feel better, is to go and fuck with them. That base instinct drove her towards the boy’s cabin, where she figured her brother would be unpacking.

She shouldn’t have been surprised by the sight that awaited her. As she passed a dark haired boy walking out of the cabin, she entered to find Oli, bong balanced precariously between his legs as he packed a bowl to the top with ground up weed. “Oli, are you fucking kidding me?” she exclaimed, earning her a fair share of looks from the other occupants.

Oli rolled his eyes as he finished packing the bowl, and shoved the bag of weed into his pocket. In one fluid motion he slid off the top bunk, picking up the bong with one hand, and fitting the bowl into it with his other. “Madi, chilllllllll,” he said, unfazed by her outburst. Living with her for the past seventeen years had made him accustomed to her oh so righteous rage. “Me and my new best friend Marisol are gonna go take in the natural splendor of Camp Red Arrow. You should join us,” he said, looking down at his sister.

“Mom and Dad said no drugs. Or alcohol.” To the innocent bystander, the steely nature of her tone might have indicated that she wasn’t fucking around. To Oli, it just mean that he was winning.

“Well, good thing they aren’t here, because I brought copious amounts of both.” The taller Nichols twin flashed his sister a smile, playful and nonchalant, before.

“Why am I not surprised? Y’know, I could write you up,” Madi said, resorting to the only threat in her arsenal.

Oli laughed and shook his head. If he was afraid of any actual repercussions, it didn't show.“Sis, totalitarian camp counselor is not a good look for you.” He turned to Marisol, his effortlessly charming smile spreading across his face. “Don’t mind my sister, she’s all talk,” he said, before stepping around Madi and out the door. “Anyone who’s here for a good time, feel free to follow me,” he called out, before starting a trek down to the beach.

Madi fumed, but didn’t follow, stewing over the blatant disrespect that she certainly should’ve expected. This was going to be a long summer.
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