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If there is anybody I owe a lot to after the week I've had, it's definitely @Melo. He's been patiently dealing with whatever life has been throwing my way and I could never ask for a better significant other. Thanks lovely.
And here's my character!

Well it didn't take me very long to think of a talent.

I'll reserve one Ultimate Oneirologist please!

Apparently this field of studying dreams is an actual thing in science... I'm shocked.
Just posting my interest here. Got a few ideas, but very little in terms of a fleshed out character but I'll say when I have a talent in mind!
We have a distinct lack of males. Typical.

I got a solution:

I can't wait to ship you all

Erica calmly responded in stead for Braden. “Look around us: I’m here, Krista isn’t. I may not be useful, but at least I am smart.” Braden looked irritated - no surprise there, that was his default expression anyway. “I do not care if you’d like to avoid me: I’m here to survive, not make friends, cuck.” Erica scoffed, using the insult thrown at Zachary during the trial for good measure.

It was obvious that this debate was going nowhere: the room was split on opinion and people were talking in circles rather than responding to each other. Erica’s voice was undoubtedly drowned out by the vocal players of either side that were busy debating their side was the wisest choice. Monokuma was able to physically split the group depending on their view on the situation, and Braden stepped up to the podium. He had very little to say, but the least he could do was stick by what he thought even if the group wanted to commit suicide together in the end.

The podium opposite to Braden was occupied by Mary. Interesting. Braden had talked to the streamer back when he had first arrived at the killing game, never seeing her since until the trials. He gave the girl a respectful nod.

Braden started first. “So you acknowledge we’d be slaughtered if we try going against the carnage sisters, so why are you willing to be a part of such madness? Something like this has happened before, no? Something about a Shona? Why not learn from your mistakes and play to survive?”

Mary's eyes lit up fiercely when the former Ultimate Knight was mentioned. Her hands clenched into fists, and she glared at Braden. "Shona sacrificed herself to save all of us! We have to keep her memory alive by saving those we can! Even if it's risky, it's meaningless if you don't try!" She took a deep breath. "Playing to survive is exactly what the mastermind wants. He preys on our feelings of weakness, and uses that to turn us against each other. Don't you see, Braden? If you're going to ignore Krista, you'll be continuing the cycle!"

“She sacrificed herself to save us all, huh? Sounds to me like it was in vain. The killing game is still happening and people are still dying. That’s what this is. A killing game, and unless you’re smart about things, you are not going to live. I’ve only been here for a short time and I’ve seen Krista defend a blackened without even considering any other option and now she has gone off trusting a carnage sister and here she is. She is getting herself into these situations and we cannot clean up her and Bill Clinton’s mess just because he wants a bit of Monica Lew-” Erica was interrupted by Elias, who made an uncomfortable coughing sound.

"It's only in vain if we let it be!" Mary responded clutching for her heart. "Krista may be a bit ditzy, and has poor word choices for her jokes, but she doesn't deserve to be abandoned! Just as she has helped others, so should we help her. I know I can't let her die," she said, looking aside briefly. "I still have something I need to tell her. The only way we can continue, the road to hope, is in saving her."

“Alright. So we go save Krista, and say we lose a couple people in this room.” Erica gestured around herself wildly. “Would that really be worth it? The life of Krista, who has done nothing but lie and keep things from you, as well as defend the blackened and get herself into trouble, for the life of say… Max. He’s strong, can fight and looks like he has a brain that skull of his, even if he’s not using it right now. He can apprehend the blackened should he find them and knows how to solve crimes. Would that really be worth it?” Braden shrugged. “I’d rather have Max who can figure out whatever the fuck is going on in a trial than somebody that will blindly trust the first person they see in a case. We’ll survive longer that way.”

Erica scoffed. “You talk about these guys praying on a moment of weakness… Do you not see what you’re suggesting? These stupid robots KNOW that people like you will go out of your way to protect damsels like Krista. By coming out and showing you’re willing to be a knight in shining armour each time, you’re showing them your weaknesses!”

Mary puffed her cheeks, annoyed that Braden wasn't listening, and used his damn sock puppets to taunt her on top of that. She knew she didn't have to take it personally, but she was miffed nonetheless. "Fine! Let's agree to disagree then. I know I'm right on this matter, I don't need your approval for it."

Braden had been in the dining room ever since returning from the disaster of a meeting with Parker at the library vault. After being ditched by Cyrus for his arm candy, Braden decided to give his puppets a look over to check for damages.

Soon enough, he heard the familiar voice of the politician over the speakers, urgently calling for everybody to meet at the dining hall. Well, he was already here, so why not guess what was going on?

Body discovery? Not possible. Cyrus would have called people to the site instead, plus there was no body discovery announcement like last time. Sure, he could just call for a meeting at the dining hall but that’s a stupid idea and his husbando is not stupid. Stupidly hot, sure…—

Moving on…

Maybe he found something cool? Maybe that his sexuality included men too? Okay, maybe the latter was too much of a stretch, but he could feel his puppet’s hope filling himself too.

As Braden kept himself entertained, the dining hall slowly began to pile up with many of the infinites, some even arriving moments after Cyrus. Following Cyrus’s arrival was the knowledge that a certain violinist has been kidnapped.

Oh, what a joy…

From what little he knew of the blonde musician, trouble (er, treble?) seemed to follow her everywhere. She wasn’t much use in the trial either, but neither was Braden so who was he to judge? Was it really such a bad idea to let the carnage sister off Krista and herself tonight? It would mean one less dead weight in the group, and one less carnage sister to worry about even it was possibly temporary.

It seemed as if he was in the minority here. He didn’t care much for the blind girl, but it looked like a lot of the others did. Her talent may be interesting, but a blind girl in a killing game? Easy victim. But she seems to have survived this long without being kidnapped so maybe she had some skill?

With Monokuma’s arrival came Davis very shortly after, revealing that not only did Krista hide something from the rest of the group, but she had willingly wandered into the lion’s den with Cyrus around. Oh hon, you've fucked up now…

“You’re telling us that Krista got kidnapped, yes? But didn’t we just hear that she went to Nariko’s room? And you were there?” If Erica could roll her eyes, she would have done so. “So we’re basically fixing your mistake? And for what, a violinist that can give us nada in return? I don’t know about you guys but the lives of the people in this room seem so much more valuable than that of one violinist. Especially one that likes to keep stuff from the group. If there’s no trust, how do you expect to get outta here? She blindly trusted the blackened, can’t she trust the rest of us?” Erica gave a nod in Jezabel’s direction, backing the trickster in the case for doing nothing.

Elias, who had been uncharacteristically sitting quietly on Braden’s other hand finally spoke up. “But she’s a cute damsel in distress! Didn’t momma teach us to save the princesses in the towers?”

“At least those princesses can give you a kingdom to rule. Krista doesn't even trust us so why should we care? I say we don’t risk losing the lives of the people in this room for one person.” Erica sniffed. Elias would have responded in return, however, Braden decided to push the puppet back into his pocket in an attempt to silence him. “We find another way to get to the third floor and get the tapes. We just don't have to risk our lives for nothing.”

EDIT: especially with a shoddy rhetoric of someone basically going “look i virtually destroyed the rp i wasn’t even in, and made people consider leaving RPG but rly guys i did it for the organic confrontation,” which is straight dogshit reasoning.

Nobody sat behind a monitor thinking 'Oh let me make somebody feel like shit.', at least not that I am aware of. Players reached their boiling point, and instead of it being listened to privately, it was forced to be aired out in the form of a rant.

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