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The worst part about November? Getting sick pretty much every single day.
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There’s a guy that gets on my bus every morning at 8:45 without fail, and just before getting off the bus he’ll take all the free newspapers with him. This has been going on for two months now.
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@Erotic thank you, but I just want to forget the last few days ever happened
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If you haven't drank enough to forget it's your own birthday, have you even lived?


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Feeling agitated, Braden paced around Shaun’s room, trying to be useful. His puppets were tucked safely in his pockets - he had made sure of it when he’d heard the commotion during the search for Shaun’s handbook. The puppets soothed him, but only for a moment until Braden would turn around to pace again in the direction of Marianne’s body. He kept a close eye on Bliss and Cyrus as they pulled the lifeless body down. He touched Elias’s hair from inside his pocket, almost hearing Elias chiding him for remaining when countless others seemed to have paired up and left.

So why hadn’t he?

For one, he didn’t know anybody here well enough to want to approach them himself. That felt too forward, and he wasn’t even sure what to do after that. Was it normal to approach somebody to ask if they want to join you with the investigation? Hopefully not, that would definitely be cause for concern.

Instead, Braden reasoned, he was going to guard the scene. That’s something he could do, right? What was there to guard anyway, the room was a mess and the body was retrieved. But it was the closest to being useful he could get, so he kept pacing.

"Hey, did anyone find evidence back here?" Mercy asked, appearing from the doorway. When she noticed Braden though, the plague doctor quickly elbowed Alice on her head when the recon tried to peak inside Shaun's room. "Ahaha, excuse me for a moment..." She told the three inside the room, before moving away from the door.

"Doc, what the hell?" Alice asked Mercy, rubbing her head. With a deep breath, Mercy turned around to answer.

"I'm not sure if I saw correctly, but I think your brother is here."

With a genuinely supprised expression being her response, Alice moved past the plague doctor, and went inside Shaun's room. "What are you doing here? I thought you were in a different hospital!" The recon unknowingly asked Braden, tapping his shoulder.

Different hospital? Braden inwardly scoffed. Was this really the time to joke around now? He pulled out the two puppets from either pocket, turning around to face the girl who poked his shoulder and disrupted his ‘investigation’. “You and me both, pirate lady. Wanted to be in Axis Mundi, now I'm in hell.” It was Elias’s irritatingly higher pitched voice that spoke. “Gotta say though, that’s a wicked eye patch even if you don’t look as hot with it on.”

And that was when Alice knew she made a mistake.

Her supprised expression turning to a mortified expression, the recon slowly turned her head over to Mercy, who was lightly snickering at her problem.

"Heheheh... uh, I gotta go now. Bye!"

"MERCY I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!!" Alice yelled, chasing Mercy out of the room. Once the plague doctor was out of sight, she turned back to Braden, holding her head in frustration. "Sorry about that. My old friend back there thought you were my brother..." She apologized to the ventriloquist.

“Be glad you’re not Grumpy Cat’s sister over here, his real one is already sick of him as it is—”

“Shut up you pathetic waste of cotton! She doesn’t need to know that!” Erica’s puppet was held up between Elias and Alice, almost in the latter’s face as Elias recoiled slightly from surprise. Braden kept an eye on Alice’s reaction.

"Wait, really..?" Alice asked Elias with concern. "What's wrong with her...?"

“None of your business you Captain Hook reject.” Erica harrumphed, her small arms folded across her body.

From behind Erica, Elias spoke. “Forget about what I said! Tell me ‘bout you, why’s your bro in hospital?”

"Uh... Do you know about the infinite pianist..?" Alice asked back, scratching her head. She hadn't had the time to talk about herself and her family, so she was a bit nervous.

Braden and the two puppets shook their head.

"Ah, well... he's my brother, Henry. But he's called Deimo." The recon explained to Braden. "During one of his performances, he was crushed under an unstable piano..." Alice crossed her arms, lowering her head. "He's alright though, just broke one of his legs..."

Braden looked between her and Cyrus’s back awkwardly. There’s a dead body in the same room as them, was this really the time to be discussing family? Elias didn’t seem to mind whilst Erica seethed at being ignored. “Whoa! No way! But if he’s an infinite, why isn’t he in Axis Mundi? Abbie did say it was the best place to be for us talented folks?”

Noticing the ventriloquist was getting uncomfortable at her conversation with the puppet, Alice decided to cut it short. "We didnt exactly have a Axis Mundi near us in England, so Henry was taken to the next best option." She told Eilas, before looking back to Braden. "I should properly introduce myself though. I'm Alice."

“Elias! And this guy is Braden Clarke, the infinite ventriloquist! Thouuugh,” The puppet drew out the final word as he leaned closer towards the recon, “I’m totally the real deal.”

“Hello? You’re not gonna introduce me?” Erica asked, incensed. When she was still ignored by Elias, Erica harrumphed again. “And I’m Erica.”

Alice couldn't help but chuckle at the puppets' antics. "Nice to meet you three." She said, with a small smirk on her face.

“Trust me, it’s a pleasure to meet you—” Elias was interrupted by Erica, who made a gagging sound. Seeing Elias return to his flirtatious comments, Erica took charge.

“Did you know the dead girl? Did she have any enemies? Friends? Boyfriends?” She asked.

"Not really, I haven't got to know her since i've arrived here." Alice answered, pulling up the monokuma file in her E-handbook. "The only person here she seemed to hate was Bliss over there, but that could have been just pressure over the trial."

"Trial?" Erica asked, urging Alice to tell her more.

"After we gather enough evidence, a trial is held in the Court of Carnage. There, we debate and decide on who the blackened, or murderer, is. If we chose correctly, the blacked is executed, and we live another day. If we chose the wrong infinite however..." Alice explained to Erica, heistating on the last detail.

"We all get executed, and the blackened is freed."

The puppets did not have a funny comment for once. They, along with their master looked at Alice in stunned silence. Was that really expected of them? Suddenly Braden didn't feel so good anymore... Elias gave Braden a quick glance back before looking at Alice. "I... guess we'll make sure that we don't have to die! I know I'm not dying cus of some stupid guy that couldn't get the girl!"

"God he's an idiot..." Erica mumbled.

The ringing continued, vibrating in his ears long after the body was discovered. Somewhere along the line, someone lifted him off the ground and took him away from the scene. Or... did he get up and walk? He couldn't exactly remember. In either case, he found himself sat, back to the wall, knees to his chest and face, crying.

Why did somebody else have to die? After Lucas and Mondatta, he had been sure nobody would be stupid enough to attempt to escape again, even with the added motive. Although he hadn't checked his, reason told him it was going to be something stupid since it was divvied out by the Carnage Sisters; their ways thus far in the game, save the murder of Shona, seemed to suggest as much.

Shaun lifted his head slightly, and through the mire of tears, he could see the other Infinites reeling, discussing, and entering his room to deal with and investigate the body. But, he also caught glimpse of something else. He let his gaze trial back towards it, and up towards the ceiling, whereupon he found the face of Krista - immediately making him remember that she had pulled him aside.

"Th...thank you..." he whispered, before looking back down.

Krista gave him a comforting smile, but anybody could tell it was hard to muster up the strength to do so. Somebody was dead, and Krista’s heart was hurting too much. She rest a hand on Shaun’s shoulder to keep herself steady in her crouched position opposite to him. “Everything will be okay… We’ll find out who did this…” She tried to comfort him further with her words before going quiet again. She took that moment to look Shaun over, still pale and looking like a scared rabbit. Her heart twisted again in pity for the web designer.

“Come on, let’s get you to the dining hall. You need a drink.”

The comforting barely helped. They had already defeated one killer, but they were just people. There was no guarantee that they could do it again. He didn't want to die... What would his girlfriend think? Would she ever even find out? Or would he just be considered missing, and never found again? And how disappointed would his parents be if their son died so young, at the hands of someone like Davis?

Shaun lifted a hand to his eye and wiped it, trying to clear it of tears, and then proceeded to do the same with the other. They were all Infinites. Krista was right, they could do it... they could win. "O-okay..." he said, and nodded his head slowly, before standing up somewhat unsteadily next to her, and following along behind her towards the dining hall.

Krista didn’t let Shaun remain behind her for very long. Once they crossed by Shaun’s still crowded room, Krista slowed her pace so she could walk between him and the door into his room. Fearing that Shaun was still weak from the anaesthetic earlier, Krista held onto his elbow to keep him standing as they approached the stairs to the first floor resort. She felt the silence between them to be too uncomfortable, so she tried filling it with talking. Who knows? Maybe her questions could help with the trial? “Did you get to open your note?” She asked as the crossed they monoshoppe.

Walking past his room, Shaun instinctively averted his eyes as best he could. He didn't wanna have to see that sight again, not unless he had to. At the very least, he was grateful to Krista for helping him; to think that someone could still be selfless in a time of crisis such as this gave him just the tiniest amount of hope, and for that he was happy.

"I... n-no..." he stuttered, slightly flustered at the sudden question amidst the quiet on their excursion. "I... a-assumed they would be st-stupid, or... d-designed to divide us, s-so I-I didn't read i-it..." he trailed off, thinking about who could have possibly had something worth killing over in the notes.

So Shaun didn’t look at his note. Krista hummed to herself. “I guess that’s a good call… Going by what Ice found when he opened his… sounds like lies made up by the carnage sisters.” Then she went quiet again. What now? “How are you feeling? Do you still feel ill?”

Shaun gave a gentle nod and glanced over towards Krista. "Y-yes..." he said, somewhat quietly, and continued walking, before quickly amending his mistake, "Wh-wh-what about you..? A-are you okay a-as well..? I-I'm... s-sorry for not a-asking..."

Krista tilted her head in confusion. “Me?” She opened the door into the dining room once arriving on the second floor. “I’m… okay.” As okay as they could be in this situation. She guided Shaun to a seat close to the kitchen, finally releasing her light grip on Shaun’s elbow once she saw him sit down. She told him to wait for a moment as she disappeared into the kitchen, emerging once she got Shaun a cold glass of water.

She took a seat in the booth, only now taking the time to check out the dining hall. Who would’ve thought a vintage diner was still popular enough to be a theme in a place like this? “Are you hurting anywhere else? You took quite the fall from the stairs…”

Taking the glass, Shaun took a light sip, feeling the cold water against his dry tongue, washing away the lingering taste of vomit from earlier. Being in the dining hall made him fall a tad hungry, after all, he hadn't eaten all day, however he knew he couldn't stomach anything - not in the situation they were in.

At Krista's question, he looked up from the glass and drank down another glassful. "N-no... I d-don't think so." he tone sounded somewhat calmer and more refreshed now that he was away from the scene, but even still his voice was shaky, "I-I guess I got l-lucky..."

Krista smiled again. “We should get Mercy to check you later, just to be sure. But at least you’re looking better now!” At this point, Krista was certain that the investigation was commencing. She knew she was going to be of no use during the investigation but at least she could be sure Shaun was taken care of. “Do you really not remember anything before you were attacked?” Krista rubbed the back of her head. ”I’m sorry if it seems like I’m questioning you too much… I just think that your memory could help this case… But I don’t think you’re the killer! You’re not that sort of person… I think...”

Shaun smiled back, if only slightly, and listened on to what she had to say. He nodded gently at the idea of Mercy checking him out - it was best to be certain he wasn't injured, after all, even if he didn't feel like he was. But, his eyes widened at her last comment. "N-no..! I-I... I could n-never... n-not to a-anyone, e-especially not s-someone as nice as M-M-Marianne..."

But even with his protests, he knew people would suspect him. His head dropped, realising the implications. The murder had occurred in his room. It was only natural to suspect him...
"I-I'm sorry... I-I d-don't remember m-much..." he started, "I was l-looking around th-the s-second floor, and I-I was g-gonna head back t-to my room..." as he spoke, his voice seemed to grow more strained, "...b-but I remembered A-Aleecia was sick, s-so I was g-gonna visit her... wh-when I got there, she w-was already in... st-stasis..? A-and Ice was looking a-after her... W-we talked f-for a bit - h-he said it was st-strange I-I was there, c-cause I didn't t-talk to her much at all... I-I said I just w-wanted to see she w-was okay... Wh-when I w-went to leave, I-I decided to t-take the stairs to the f-first floor hospital, b-because it seemed f-faster, b-but..." his voice seemed to catch, "I-I remember being gr-grabbed, a-and... th-thats it... I-I'm sorry..."

Krista’s reached out to touch his shoulder, shaking her head. “It’s fine, I really don’t think you’re the killer! I’d lose faith in humanity if you were!” Despite what she was saying, Krista took a mental note of Shaun’s testimony. She gave him another smile. ”Thank you for telling me what you can remember, I just want to help you when the trial comes around.” Her smile faltered a bit at the thought.

Lifting his head slightly, a tear rolled down Shaun's cheek, finally feeling the effect of the encouragement. As guilty as the thought made him feel... Deep down he was glad that it wasn't Krista who had died. Where he'd be without cheering up he wasn't sure, especially since the scenario seemed mounted against him.

"I... th-thank you... I-I mean it..." as quickly as he said so, he averted his gaze and shuffled slightly awkwardly in an attempt to remove Krista's hand from his shoulder in embarrassment.

She pulled her hand away quickly after feeling him shift. “Ah, sorry about that… my way of comforting someone can be a bit more… touchy than others…” She laughed awkwardly as she passed him a tissue from the tissue box in the middle of the table. “Anyway… So just to be clear. You did have your handbook with you before you were attacked, right? You didn’t just… leave it somewhere?”

Shaun took a tissue and dabbed at his eyes with it, and murmured "Th-that's okay..." under his breath. At her question, he shyly shook his head, and his eyes began to train on the floor.
"N-no... I-I didn't... I n-needed to h-have it on me..." he trailed off, before clenching his eyes shut, "B-b-because... I-I was s-supposed to meet M-Marianne at my room..."

The revelation was definitely shocking for Krista. She remained quiet for a few moments, letting it sink in. “Were you planning to…?” She didn’t want to ask if he intended to kill Marianne, she knew he couldn’t do it… But it was important for the case to know for sure...

"N-no, of c-course not!" his head snapped instinctively upwards to defend himself, his voice slightly raising. But the moment he did, his face dyed itself a red of embarrassment and he forced his gaze away, " read her note... a-and asked me to h-help f-figure out who it b-belonged to... b-but... she d-didn't tell me wh-what it said, th-though..." he trailed off once again, this time staying silent afterwards.

Krista’s hope rose only for it to crash again as Shaun admitted he did not know what was on the note. “Okay… what about where she kept it? Maybe the killer knew she had it and did not want you to help!” Krista felt like they could have a lead.

Shaun's head shook slowly. "I-I don't know... Pr-probably in her r-room, or... o-on her person..?" he questioned, not expecting much of an answer given that Krista knows even less than he did.

“This is good, I think…! If we can find the note, we can find who did this!” She smiled at Shaun again. “Now we just have to hope that someone found Marianne’s note…”

Shaun gave a small nod and smiled towards her.

"Y-yeah... o-or her handbook..? M-Monokuma might have l-left her door open for th-the investigation." he rattled off a couple ideas, trying his best to think of where it could be. He wanted to be useful... To prove he didn't do it...

Feeling encouraged, Krista hopped up from her seat. “We’ve got ourselves a start point! Let’s go to her room, even if we don’t find the note it’s possible we can find something else!” She gestured him to get up. “If you’re feeling better, we can go now and help with the investigation!”

"O-okay then..!" Shaun said with a somewhat enthusiastic tone, and stop from his seat alongside her. His hand wrapped around the glass of water, and he took another sip, before placing it back down in order to follow on behind Krista towards Marianne's room.

@Warpcircuit psssst, join us nerds

The moment Shaun mentioned his lost handbook, Krista kept trying to remember whether she had seen it when she first found him. Despite coming up with nothing, she still looked everywhere for it. Behind her, she could hear Shaun's soft and unsteady footsteps, and she slowed her hurried pace so the web designer could keep up whilst she helped him look around. She feared the worst as each place they tore apart came up with nothing until they arrived in the trash room at last.

"Aha! I found it!" Krista felt a mixture of pride and disgust as she pulled the handbook from under a pile of trash but there was no time to clean or react because she heard Ice's exclamation from all the way in the dump room. She met Shaun's eyes briefly as she got up from her crouched position shoving the newly discovered handbook into the safety of her pocket, her stomach twisting uncomfortably as it had done when she first thought Shaun was...

No, it was not the time to think about that. Krista shook her head. She would've slapped her cheeks to get herself back on track, but she was still concerned about hygiene. Unlike before, this time it was Krista following behind Shaun as he lead the charge towards the direction of Ice's cry. The patient's quarters... Krista barely had time to note that Braden was following along behind her, emerging from the break room and taking quick steps towards the quarters with her and Shaun. No puppets in sight.

When Krista joined the slowly growing crowd of people around Ice in front of what seemed to be Shaun's room, the knot in her stomach tightened. How could there be a fire inside if the handbook was discarded away? Krista barely had time to think. In the haze of panic, she could briefly remember calling out for some to check inside with her to salvage Shaun's items from the inside, and for others to call for Monokuma or Nariko's help.

Her hand slipped back into her pocket, torn cloth pressed against her nose and slid the keycard to gain access inside Shaun's room once Geina confirmed the fire was out. Expecting to see just a charred room, Krista was not ready for what greeted them inside...

Marianne Roche, the Infinite Herbalist, dead and strung up, holes pierced through her upper chest and her once beautiful locks of hair matted with blood. She stumbled in her spot at the sight of Marianne's lifeless body, her hand that was holding the torn piece of cloth up to her nose fallen to her side at the shock of it all.

Why...? Why did it have to happen again?

Why Marianne?


Her eyes stung, unclear whether it was because of the lingering smoke or the pain of watching a once lively girl now hang dead in the room of another infinite, so far from her own home. She felt like screaming; maybe she already was? She couldn't tell anymore. Her ears were ringing and the knot in her stomach wasn't going away...!

"Th-tha-n-n-" She faintly heard whimpering from behind her, and it took her entire strength to turn around to face the horror-stricken infinite behind her. She pitied the web designer. He looked like he had seen a ghost... As if hearing her inner thoughts, she watched as Shaun threw up bile from the shock of it all. Luckily it was not on anybody, but it did mean that Krista had to push past Braden, looking equally as sick, to reach Shaun to avoid stepping on the bile. Krista carefully placed her arm around his shoulder, using her body to steady his as she slowly began guiding Shaun away from the sight and just a little further down the corridor to help Shaun get everything together.

Braden hated the sight of blood most. The girl had been strung up for all to see, like a puppet show. Except this was not the ending everybody hoped for. He and a couple other brave infinites wandered further into the room once Krista had left to help Shaun, but everyone was still too stunned at the sight of a dead body.

From what he had gathered so far, this was not the first time they had seen a fellow patient die in a gruesome way. Twice in fact: this had happened before, but it had all gone wrong. He scratched his elbow, nails digging into his skin roughly as his eyes remained glued to her body.

Maybe he was still at home... in his own bed and everything was fine... this was just a bad trip... a god awful dream he'd wake up from the next day and he could get some shitty coffee made by the overpriced coffee store down the street from his suite... Maybe... The sensation of something piercing his skin shook Braden out of his thoughts. His green eyes wandered to his arm, watching the blood he'd drawn make its way down his arm. He wiped it with his sleeve with a grim confirmation.

This was no dream.

Their situation was quite the downer indeed. Braden had run into none other than Jezabel Volcov, the Infinite Clown- no, Trickster. Braden had to take a moment to recognise her. The last time he'd seen the tiny woman was back when they worked together on TV and he had always seen her in her jester getup.

She began replying to his questions, giving him the basic idea of what was going on. Braden was hoping that Jezabel was just exaggerating, but going by what she was talking about... A night of carnage? A killing game? This was just too serious to be a mere prank. The puppet scratched it's head, "Can we not just... leave? The lift had to have come from somewhere?" Braden mutely pointed towards the elevator he had come out from.

“Like.” Jezebel sighed. “You'd think so, but the buttons totally don't work. Whoever is controlling them has disabled the control panels or something. They don't even open up again unless someone's coming out.” She placed her hands on her hips. “But anywho, it's been a while since the whole TV thing right, what have you been up to?” The clown's face beamed brightly with a toothy smile.

The puppet edged closer towards the clown, partially covering his mouth whilst looking back over his shoulder towards Braden. "Mister Fussy Pants right here has been staying home like a loooooooser-" Braden, who was initially looking the other way, snapped his head towards the puppet. He pulled it closer, shoving Elias into his pocket like a disposed tissue before bringing out Erica.

"I meaaan, Elias isn't wrong but he's still kinda a dumbass." Erica grew silent as she regarded Jez. "You look human. I like it. Better than the trash you'd wear on TV." Braden immediately shoved Erica back into his pocket, pulling Elias back out instead to rectify the situation.

"Just ignore Erica, she doesn't realise what a total bitch she can be! How have you been doing?" Braden looked at Jezabel mutely.

Jez giggled. “Don't get too used to the new look. I just felt so grody when I got up this morning that I didn't bother to change back.” This was not the first time Jezebel had to talk with the dolls, which was probably why she wasn't overcome by their strangeness. “Turns out my eyesight needs to get corrected. I can't even shoot a crossbow at a target twenty feet away. Everything just kinda looks hazy in the distance.” She looked over the dolls head. “Like, they could have at least corrected my vision before sticking us in here ya know?” She looked at the puppet master. “Speaking of, what did you go to Axis Mundi for?”

"You still look mighty fine, I might add. Ignore Bitchica, she's just jelly." There was an odd muffled sound coming from Braden, but it was unclear whether it was Braden himself or if it was Erica protesting her nickname.

“Well, there’s no better treatment than seeing me, of course!” If the puppet could wink, it would have done so. “So here I am! Axis Mundi’s very own hot treat~!”

Braden sighed impatiently. He wrapped a hand around Elias’s mouth (or the general region anyway) and asked the question that was bothering him. “Where are the rest of the patients? The video on the elevator said there were more people?” His voice, unlike Elias or Erica, was flat and almost monotone, but his eyes showed the confusion he was feeling.

“They're all up already.” She was about to reach for one of Braden's hands, only to realized he was using them to control and subdue his puppets. “So like.” She gestured. “Follow me, we'll find someone.”

With his hand still on Elias's mouth, Braden continued asking the important questions. "I assume we're not exactly in Axis Mundi...? I mean... it looks like it but..." He grew quiet. "Well... I don't really remember my time in Axis Mundi outside my room so..." Braden would have rubbed the back of his neck if both his hands weren't busy.

The two wandered the hallways for some time, until they found Mary, skulking around a corner. In her attempts to catch Caora, she had developed a skill for stealthy movement, and thus was often difficult to find, let alone talk to. She jumped when she heard voices behind her. "Oh damn! You scared me!" She made a puffy face and pointed at the two. "What are you two doing here?"

Braden glanced up towards the new character. He could recognise the voice, but couldn't place the face. He furrowed his eyebrows as she enthusiastically approached the two, blaming them for her fright. "Oh my~! Another pretty girl? Maybe I don't mind this after all~!" Elias eagerly gave Mary a once-over. Braden panicked. When the fuck did his hand slip?! His hand immediately shot back up to cover his puppet's mouth.

"I apologise. Elias... can get excited in the presence of girls." There was a high pitched muffle that sounded suspiciously like "damn right!" coming from his pocket.

“I'm just showing the new kids around.” Jezebel placed a hand on Braden's shoulder and pulled him closer to herself, seemingly oblivious to what was going on. “Come to think of it, you've totally been here longer than I have. You could so help me show Braden around. I could get to know the other Betty hanging around these parts.” Jezebel's smile seemed to grow wider and more devious. “Maybe help you find your little Baldwin.”

Mary was a bit miffed that these guys snuck up on her. But she had to admit, she liked the attention she got, so she gave them a courteous smile. "Is that a puppet in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" She quipped, and put a hand on her hip. She then giggled a bit.
"Well, I can't say I've been here a terribly long time either. But I suppose, I've been here longer than some..." She looked aside, a frown on her face. She then brought her smile back. She had an audience after all, and she could distract herself from Cookie-hunting once in a while.

"But sure, I can give you boys a tour. And don't you call me Betty, sir; the name's Mary Hanson, the Infinite Streamer and today's internet sensation." She then leaned over a bit, just to further drive her point as a web celebrity home; give them a view to remember.

"Dear, I'd be happy if I could see you all the time." Braden inwardly groaned as the puppet still tried flirting with the giggly blonde. He looked to Jezabel for help, maybe she could distract Elias? Instead, Elias took the look of help as a sign of something else. The puppet's voice grew louder until muffling the puppet wasn't enough. The damned thing wanted to be heard. "Ooooooooh boy! Lookie here folks seems like Braden can't make up his mind~! Thoooooooough to be fair Jezzie is a hottie too, so I can't blame ya~!"

Braden spoke out before Elias could be taken seriously. "This is just the stupid puppet talking. Please ignore him when he's being stupid." The irritated man gave Elias a threatening glare until the puppet grew limp, seemingly giving up.

"Alright funs over ladies. Mr Fussy Pants looks like he's gonna have a fit." If Elias could pout, he would be doing so now. "Let's go on a little house tour, eh? Don't forget to show me your rooms too~!"

Jezebel groaned uncomfortably at the mention of rooms. “Actually, I'd like to see more of the new place first.” Her smile returned. “I think Icing and Calvo are the only ones who have been over there. You can totally show lover boy your room later.”

Mary was amused by the ventriloquist's antics. "Oh, is that how it is? Blaming your perviness on a doll with a hand up its ass? How naughty~"
She then turned to Jezebel. "Sure, I haven't been there yet either. Let's-a-go!"

Despite being the one to ask for help, Jezebel led everyone into the second-floor hospital wing.

Greeting them as they entered the hospital was a pharmacy. The front of it had fairly large windows, and one could see the hundreds of bottles of medicine contained within. “I wonder if like, someone should guard this place? Looks like a drug abuser's haven.” To the group's left was another window. Through it there was a conveyer belt holding some gel implants. The conveyer belt wasn't moving though. “Oh cool, we can get stacked!” Jezebel laughed and spun on her heel. “I don't suppose either of you have gotten that kind of operation in the past, have you?”

When the group entered the wing and saw the bottles, Mary's attention seemed to have been drawn. "Yeah, just some drugs....I bet there's no subscription-level..." She mumbled to herself. She shook her head. "Nope, these puppies are all natural!" She lifted her arms past her shoulders and bounced, grinning at Braden. "Not a single trace of silicone~"

Braden looked away, letting his hair cover most of his face whilst Mary... showed off her girls proudly. Elias on the other hand? "Nope, it's all natural" Mirroring Mary, the puppet extended the word all whilst unabashedly staring in Mary's direction. If Elias were a real guy, he would no doubt be bleeding from his nose at the sight. Braden stiffly moved towards the implant workshop to look through the window. The Ventriloquist pulled out Erica from his pocket, leaving Elias to gawk and be distracted by the Streamer whilst he talked through his female puppet.

It felt like Erica was his only chance to look normal...

"Oh hun, it's definitely not us who needs some help in that department." Erica answered Jezabel.

Yeah, he was doomed.

Jezabel scratched the back of her neck. “Right.” She looked between her companions. “Only reason why I ask is that I've totally been thinking about getting some work done. I heard that Axis Mundi has some pretty state of the art facilities. Not that I want to get anything too serious done.” She hugged herself. “But it seems like, over time, that kind of stuff just makes you super grody anyway. Like that chef on that cooking show? So not cool.”

Mary winked at Elias, sending it a flying kiss. She then heard Jezebel, and set her arms to her hips as she sighed. "Oh Jezzie, you don't need to do plastic surgery. You're beautiful as you are....But you could thin your makeup just a bit. You know, less Sun King, more Cute Fling!" She hid her smile under her hands. "Guys are not into the whole whiteface thing. I think it might offend some, too. I'd like to see you all natural."

Elias finally turned to 'look' at Jezabel. "Hey come on girls, loosen up a bit. Jezzie is cute in her own way. She's totes a Betty." Elias mimicked Jezabel's way of speaking, tone suggesting that he was proud of himself. Meanwhile, Erica also peered through the window Braden was looking at.

"Can we not go inside? I'm bored of window shopping-" Braden didn't waste a minute trying to search for the door into the implant workshop. Before he could turn the corner, the sound of static filled his ears before...

"Good morning sunshine...!"It was that same cosplaying teddy bear on the screen in front of them. For once since leaving the elevators, Elias went quiet. At first, Monokuma seemed to rant about Stalin before abruptly changing the topic to Australia. It felt like a routine announcement until static filled the screen before being replaced by a carnage sister that distinctly reminded Braden of a certain puppet currently inhabiting his right hand...

When the monitors cut out, leaving a blank screen for the infinites to stare at, Braden turned to face the two girls. "What are they talking about? What motive?" Braden asked, his two puppets remaining quiet on either side, as if stunned.

It felt like something was going to go horribly wrong.

Tell me, how many times have you heard that this was not x's scene? That this was not a place they felt very comfortable in? I'm assuming a lot. If you ask Yousef directly, he'd count himself amongst that group... but it's not true. Anyone with eyes could see that Yousef was in his element, mingling amongth the posh and the pretentious.

He may not have been raised in a wealthy family, but Yousef knew how to deal with them. He smiled politely towards the families that thought him to be worth less than their shoes, and he maintained small talk towards those that weren't complete assholes. It wasn't for very long though, he could feel the unnerving stare burning the back of his neck from his boss if he lingered in one place too long.“I apologise, Mrs Baker, but I must return to my duty.” Yousef raised the almost empty tray of champagne glasses briefly, enough to bring the tray to the elderly woman’s attention.

Mrs Baker gave the tanned boy a look before digging into her clutch to pull out a few pristine bills. Before Yousef could stop her, the woman tucked the money into his blazer pocket before sending him away, only letting him go once he promised to return to continue their conversation during his break. Yousef humoured the woman before disappearing into the crowds.

Yousef counted a number of glasses still on his tray, finding only two glasses remaining. Yousef decided it was time to return to the bar where he could return the empty glasses for the filled ones. On his way to the bar, Yousef crossed by the one family he was very acquainted with, with two notable absences. ‘She’s around here somewhere, probably bothering some elderly woman by talking about her dog.’ He was certain Cassandra would never think about leaving their home without bringing darling Analise with her, but he couldn't say the same thing for her son, Benji.

He passed by Cassandra and her husband without alerting the two of his presence. The last thing he needed was for Cassandra to make a scene and bring unwanted attention towards him. Yousef took quick steps towards the bar, expertly avoiding the crowds around the bar to make his way to the front and ask for the empty glasses to be replaced. “Mr Tarhan.” Yousef froze at the sound of his black haired boss behind him. Bracing himself for a telling off for talking to Mrs Baker for too long, he was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t him Boss Lady had a problem with.

Samantha was supposed to be back from her break five minutes ago, and Boss Lady was not happy. Yousef spotted Samantha rushing from the elevators from the corner of his eye, and he inwardly sighed. “Really? I saw Samantha by the stage a few minutes ago.” Yousef lied. Boss Lady didn’t look like she believed him for a second, but Yousef was sure she had no reason not to believe him either.

Yousef wasn’t sure whether he had gotten away with his lie. Boss Lady was still hovering by the bar, rubbing her temples tiredly, but she wasn’t saying anything else to him. When the bartender tapped him on the shoulder to grab his attention, Yousef took the tray of champagne and ran.

Right into Samantha.

He shoved the tray of delicate champagne glasses in her direction. “You’re late. I told Sarah you were covering the stage area.” He gave Sammi a look. “You owe me.”
Might as well.

Name: Lucia Jane Everett (Subject to change)
FC: Daria Sidorchuk
Colour: b69683
Position: Assistant chef
@Dirty Pretty Lies Can't wait! <3

Well, this is peculiar.

Braden was certain that he had last fallen asleep on his hospital bed in Axis Mundi. This was not Axis Mundi. Or... at least that was what he thought. He let out a heavy sigh, pulling himself up to a sitting position on the floor against the elevator wall. His head felt heavy, and his stomach let out a growl, reminding him that he hadn't eaten since dinner.

Whenever that was.

Braden stood up, holding onto the handle bolted against the elevator wall for support. Opposite him was the elevator doors. That fact alone was not interesting enough, but the message drawn in blood surely was. "Abandon hope all ye— what the fuck?" Braden was not the type to dream very often, so Braden was almost sure that this was not a dream.

He approached the doors, his hand reaching out to touch the cold metal before he started banging heavily against it. "Oi! Let me out!" Maybe this was all just a prank... a stupidly dangerous prank... Braden's breathing grew uneven with every bang of his fist, slowly feeling his heart drop to his stomach. The doors did not open, and all Braden got for trying to leave was two aching fists. He rubbed his hands to soothe the pain to a tolerable dull ache while looking around the rest of the elevator.

Propped up in the corner of the metal box was his two puppets. After picking up the puppets, the Infinite Ventriloquist held the puppets in each arm. The moment he did so, the monitor n the top corner of the elevator turned on. On screen was a two toned bear sitting on top of a hospital bed, the teddy bear introduced himself as Doctor Monokuma Killgood before introducing many names and faces that Braden did not recognise.

And then... it was his turn...

"Braden Carke isn't a very interesting person. I mean he has that moe appeal that makes him vaguely interesting to beat up, but that's it. And the Ventriloquist must realise it. Why else would he spend so much time pretending to be a bunch of dolls?"

"That son of a bitch..." Braden looked at Erica, who had her arms crossed in front of her tiny body. The usual smile on the puppet's face looked fake, almost irritated. Braden inwardly felt the same way towards the talking teddy bear. "That bastard is a talking teddy bear! He's no better than me." Erica would have humphed if she could. "At least I'm cute!"

The moment Erica finished speaking, the elevator doors opened for them. Looking around, Braden felt somewhat relieved that there was no one around to hear Erica. Braden wandered around the hallways, looking for any sign that would let him know where he was. The hallway looked similar to what he was familiar with from his stay at Axis Mundi, but the feeling was off.

At the sight of the first infinite, Braden held up Elias, the puppet stroking his chin before throwing his arms in the air excitedly. "Well hello there! I guess I should introduce myself." The puppet clapped his hands enthusiastically. "My name is Elias! Wait a minute..." The puppet pointed his tiny, stubby hand in Braden's face. "Braden! My name is Braden Clarke! Nice to meet you guys!"

Braden lowered the puppet for a moment, looking around at his surroundings. Seeing nothing of note, he looked at the infinite. "So... what is going on exactly?"

With the traitor stealing Krista's e-handbook during their attempt at looking for the telephone booth, Krista found herself at a loss. The night of carnage was over, yet Krista was still stranded outside her room. Up until the announcement, she had been hiding around with Jezabel and Bliss to avoid being caught by Monokuma, but with that ordeal finally over but without her e-handbook, she couldn't enter her room and she did not have the energy to deal with Monokuma or the carnage sisters after the night she had.

At least the other team was successful... Krista felt relieved to hear that Aleecia had been moved to a pod, so that meant she was safe for now. Even the news that there was no deaths made Krista happy. The plan had worried Krista - who in their right mind would confront an angry robot with a deadly killing machine?! But through some miracle there had been no casualties, and even she somehow lived to see the traitor singlehandedly destroy three of the four carnage sisters.

Krista stood up, tucking the seat under the table neatly before leaving the break room. Krista helped herself to an early breakfast in private in the break room, and now that she could hear talking down the hallway she felt it was the time to leave. She suppressed a yawn by biting down on the inside of her cheek. She tried to nap in the break room but it was just too uncomfortable to maintain the position for very long. Combined with the stressful events that occurred during the night of carnage, Krista was too terrified to fall asleep, worried that the traitor would return to take advantage of the fact that she was alone and silence her permanently. Call her paranoid, but if Lucas taught her anything it was to not trust the intentions of others as easily.

As she approached the new floor, Krista realised she was not the only one that thought it was a good idea to explore. Coming up the stairs, Krista found herself in the art plaza. As much as she found doodling on the corner of a notebook in school fun, she was no artist. The dojo and the indoor beach retreat were two places she knew she wouldn't be as interested in. The beach felt like Monokuma was mocking their desire to leave the hospital, while the dojo simply was not for her. The kitchen was exciting enough, Krista made a note to look for a cookbook inside the study so she could whip up some interesting dishes to pass the time. The music plaza... Krista couldn't hide the massive grin on her face. She explored each instrument available excitedly. There was even a recorder! "Oh my... how long has it been..."

She shook her head, trying to stop herself from thinking of the days back in Germany where she would play the flute (badly, she was no Infinite Flautist). She did not acknowledge Alice, too wrapped up by the many ideas she was having about her next piece, but she did give the Recon a nod just before leaving the music plaza. Finally, Krista checked out the last room; the zen garden. Krista was taken aback by the simplicity of the room. It was pleasant though, calming. She took a seat, her eyes following the patterns drawn on the sand with the rake, her soft breathing being the only sound in the room.
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