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Putting down tentative interest. Don’t have a fc or colour claim but I have ideas for an English inspired kingdom.

"Oh wow, your daughter looks lovely. When did they get married?" Willow smiled kindly as the portly older woman beside her excitedly held her cell phone too close to Willow's face, showing her a professionally taken picture of a tall man in a well-tailored suit holding onto his beautiful blushing bride, surrounded by their wedding party.

The conversation began after the lady, a sixty-seven-year-old widower named Judy had inquired about Willow's flight nerves after observing her ordering a second whiskey after downing her first fairly quickly. Judy had remarked her deceased husband had also been terrified of flying. Willow did not have the heart to tell her that she wasn't anxious over flying, but was instead dreading the next coming days as she reunites with her past classmates of 2009.

To distract herself from the nearly four-hour flight from Newark International airport to Key West International, Willow humoured the kind lady with her small talk. First, she learned that dear Judy had been over at Newark to take care of her daughter, who had recently given birth to her only grandchild after being married for nearly three years. Judy had been enthusiastic, and Willow's listening ear had only encouraged Judy to share the good news with anyone that would listen. When Judy asked Willow about her husband, pointing at the modest band around her ring finger, Willow covered her hand in shame.

"Ah, I must have forgotten to take it off before leaving the apartment..." Willow laughed, sounding a little hollow. When Judy tilted her head, questioning her silently, Willow hesitantly explained. "I'm divorced. I... Wearing this thing is just a force of habit." To make a point, Willow pulled off the offending jewellery off her hand and slipped it into her purse that was tucked between her foot.

"I'm sorry to hear that, dear." It was clear the glum answer had only served to swallow the happy mood Judy had been in. Willow smiled again as the familiar sound of the seatbelt warning switched on. When she looked around Judy towards the window beside her, Willow noticed that they were preparing for landing. It was a sign from whatever deity above was watching, allowing the brunette to gradually excuse herself from the conversation.

Perhaps this is the reaction Willow should prepare herself for, she thought to herself as she collected her hand luggage from the overhead bin. Although she left Kings Academy with more friends than enemies, she could say with certainty that most of those friendships were now casual acquaintances at most. Perhaps old friends like Alex and Tara wouldn't even recognise her now, given that its been years since she's spoken to either of them. The pit in her stomach grew larger, and she knew it wasn't the whiskey begging to come back out.

Faces flashed in her mind as she absentmindedly waited for her Uber to take her to the hotel. Teddy and Grace came first, the two people she was still in touch with. It was a relief knowing they were also coming, a few friendly faces would help with her developing anxiety. Amanda was the next face she saw, the primary reason why she decided facing her high school demons would be on her agenda this weekend. A couple more faces came too; Allison, Caden, friends of the past that she had nearly forgotten. Even Grayson's face dared to show up in her traitorous mind, reminding Willow that thinking was not her forte. It was pathetic, but part of her hoped that at least he wouldn't show up. She couldn't expect the deity in the sky to supply her with luck twice in a row, but a girl could hope.

Willow chewed on her lower lip as her hand slipped into her purse again, fingers brushing around her cold wedding band before she caught herself again. She chided herself as the Uber pulled up at the resort. It was too late to turn back now. No matter who comes to the reunion, Willow cannot change things now. It was only a three-day affair, what's the worst that could happen?

At least, that is what Willow was telling herself as her stomach churned again upon entering her hotel room after checking in.

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Nate @Melo and Theo @spooner mentioned

“Hey Blake, how're you doing on this absolutely wonderful evening?” Indie crooned, her head bobbing to the sound of the music playing nearby. Sitting alone at the bar was totally not how Indie thought she wanted the evening to go, but she couldn't help it once the urge kicked in as she noticed a seat by the bar available to everyone at the party. She had her hand carefully holding her phone, angled to show her best assets: her face, body and personality.

Instead of mingling at the VIP tent like anyone would expect the sociable girl to do, Indie was busy entertaining her followers on Instagram live while downing a couple shots. Why not take advantage of being at the great Rachel Ashford's party while you can? She was clearly gaining the attention of Rachel's avid followers, especially those that couldn't attend for whatever reason. Taking advantage of people's FOMO was totally a great idea, because her usual hundred or so viewers had since skyrocketed to over five hundred.

Indie squinted, her eyes catching a comment flying past her screen in the midst of everyone trying to capture her attention. “Where's Natey? No clue. Haven't seen him since the party started.” Indie looked around briefly, perhaps the man was around- nope. Nate was such a frequent guest on Indira's social media that most of her followers had come to expect the duo to be together, much like her first post on the Island implied. “Hey, didja know that Natey helped me get dressed? All this is his creation, baby~” She took a moment to extend her (annoyingly short) arms out to show her audience the full outfit. “Totally had to plug, you can't blame me, looks totally cute right?”

She wore a cropped wrap top, paired with a flattering black skirt and appropriate shoes for a beach party. The top itself was from Nate's charitable project, and as a great friend of his, why not do a bit of modelling? Plus, the cut of the top allowed her to entice a few people into buying her drinks... So, win/win!

“Omigosh, I got a good idea you guys would love. How about I show you the inside of the VIP section? My treat.” Indie winked as she downed the last shot in front of her. After seeing a chorus of encouragement, Indie's plan was set in motion.

First, the bouncer. The line into the VIP tent was long, but it was moving at a quick enough pace for her to continue with the plan. She kept her followers entertained with chit chat, even pulling people around her for some fun to pass the time until Indie's hand was stamped as well. It wasn't long before Indie finally had access to the cool part of the party.

“Look around guys, this is a Rachel Ashford party!” Indie exclaimed, giving her followers a quick look around inside. She was careful not to show too much, nobody wanted a drug scandal now did they? During her little twirl, she noticed a familiar figure at the VIP bar. “Theoooooooo! Say hi to everyone!” She laughed as she quickly snatched the bar seat beside him, waiting a brief moment to make sure he was okay with being recorded before showing his face to her Live. As Lottie's best friend™, there was no way for Theo to escape Indie's antics.

“Did you really have to smile-? Ugh, no matter, I uploaded it anyway.” Indira was talking to herself at this point. She didn't even raise her head to show the boy next to her the scowl present on her face. Of course Nate had to be cheeky enough to smile last minute, making her perfected pout look out of place beside him. Unfortunately ('More like unfortu-nate-ly, right?') it was the only picture Indira was allowed to take, as she had promised Nate to stop bothering him in exchange for one picture for her followers. She took one more glance at the image, her eyes being drawn back to her lips again briefly before she clicked her tongue and moved on to check the comments again.

Her phone had been buzzing the entire time, and the social media addict was was on top of her game today. One comment stood out from the rest, making the girl almost snort in an undignified manner. Forgetting the promise momentarily, she shoved the gadget in Nate's face. “Look at that comment! I take it back, you gotta smile more. This Belladonna chick really likes you. What kinda name is Belladonna anyway? It's so Game of Thrones-y.” She mused as she proceeded to stalk Belladonna's profile. It wasn't a name she was used to seeing around, but it was cute.

However, right as she was done showing Nate her phone, she pouted at her screen. On it showed the dreaded '10% battery remaining', reminding her that she had forgotten to charge her portable charger to last the ferry trip. Quickly after checking for any Whatsapp messages and checking for any Insta DMs, Indie turned off her phone with a miserable 5% remaining.

With her phone off, Indie turned to bother Nathan once more but she was stopped by the announcement that the the ferry had docked at the pier. 'You win this time, Nate.' She thought as they followed the rest of the Krackens onto the beach and towards the giant stage, where she could just about see Rachel ready to welcome everybody onto Carnation island.

As Rachel began introducing them to the island, Indie felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning around revealed an employee with a thick envelope with her name written on it. She thanked the employee before tearing her envelope open, almost tearing the map that was tucked carefully inside.

Indira and Nate split up once Rachel was done with her announcement. Well, in reality Indie lost Nate somewhere inside the crowd, but her priority was finding her cabana. After wandering the island for a good few minutes (already forgetting about the almost torn map with her), she found the cabana assigned to her. Beside the door was a number and below that was a name plate carrying her name and...



It had been a good two weeks since Indie had talked to Lottie. She knew she couldn't avoid her best friend for long, so the events should actually be a blessing. Indie entered the cabana a little nervously, quickly rushing to the closest outlet so she could charge her phone before heading into the bathroom to freshen up. She hoped that once she was done getting ready, Lottie would join her at the cabana.
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