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I passed my exams!
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Reminder that dogs exist
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It's 2:46AM and instead of studying for my exam like I was supposed to I'm crying over pictures of dogs. What has my life come to?
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That great feeling you get when your friends are happy ❤


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In front of Lucas was a shut door with signs haphazardly hammered to the wood, each sign making up a single statement: Enter at your own peril. His hands were bolted to the metal bar in front of him, and his legs were cramped in the little cart he had been forced into by the carnage sisters. Part of him knew he had no way to escape, but Lucas couldn't help but struggle against his bonds, making him miss the low whirring of machinery behind the wooden door.

The cart jolted, causing Lucas to rock in his place uncomfortably as the gates slowly opened to reveal nothing but darkness ahead. Only once he was fully inside, the door shut to encase him in the darkness. His skin crawled as the cart remained in place. He could hear nothing other than his heavy breathing and the occasional whirring of the ride he was on. Lucas didn't know for how long he was sat waiting for something to happen, but he almost missed the silence when the sudden sound of a witch giggling filled the air around them. A dim light to the left of Lucas turned on, revealing Killgood behind bars, the walls behind the plush dirtied. The bear looked up at Lucas, and the lights suddenly began flickering as maniacal laughing could be heard from the direction of the cage.

The cart began moving again, forcing Lucas to look away from Monokuma. The lights around him were still flickering around him, and there was a sudden release of fog just as his cart passed an oversized skeleton cramped inside a cage suspended from the ceiling. The paranormal investigator flinched as he felt something brush his restrained hands.

As the fog began to disappear, letting Lucas see around him again, he saw... a ghost!

At least... it looked like a ghost. It was pale and ethereal, and Lucas was scared. The cart kept rolling forwards, bringing him closer and closer to the ghost until everything went black...

The wooden doors opened once again, revealing the same cart Lucas was occupying: only this time, Lucas was dead. His skin ghostly pale, and his eyes widened and mouth dropped, in an eternal scream.

It was over. Lucas remained quiet as his lies began to unravel right before his eyes. After Krista ripped his shirt open, revealing the proof of his crimes to the court, Alice had taken the honour to do the same to Calvin which only reinforced his fate. There was no way out of it now as Davis recapped the events of the crime.

Krista returned to her podium, still angry but keeping her eyes averted from Bliss and Aleecia's direction. She felt relieved when everyone has dressed up once again, her cheeks slowly returning to normal. She had nothing to say to Lucas once the jackpot was hit. She looked visibly hurt, almost as if she had been wishing it wasn't Lucas until now.

"Well, Cyrus is right." There was no point in lying anymore. His mouth twitched downwards at Noel's words but decided not to dignify that stupid comment with a response. "I just wanted to get out of here. I don't give a damn about any phone call, but I knew Krista would so it only made sense to take advantage of that. Why suspect the one with no motive?" He looked bitter for a split second before washing the expression off his face. "Though it appears that did not work out in my favour."

"I have no defence. I simply don't give a fuck about whether you idiots live or die. The only important person to me is me. If that meant killing you all to save myself, then I would do it again in a heartbeat." He didn't sound very remorseful. Krista cringed and Lucas noticed. "What? You really thought I cared? If you hadn't been so trusting we wouldn't be in this situation." She looked away, looking uncomfortable at the shift in blame.

"Anyway," He carried on, crossing his arms against his chest. "At least prove that you're not an idiot by not using up your one chance at escape." At Krista's confused expression, Lucas sighed impatiently. "That phone call. Use it to call the mastermind. Don't waste it on your brother. He's probably dead." He turned to Calvin, "your sister too, she's probably just as dead as all of your families left out there." He looked at everyone else for that final part.

"And what if he's not?! You don't know what has happened outside!" Krista almost cried. "Maybe he doesn't know what's going on and when I tell him he can call the police! Or the army! Or anyone!"

"And if he is? You'd be wasting your opportunity to help your 'friends' out of this mess." She didn't respond and Lucas looked satisfied with himself. "If the police could do anything, they'd have done something by now. You've been missing for... what, almost a week now? Surely if your brother cared he would've alerted the authorities by now, and he hasn't so we can safely assume he's dead and gone."

Krista wrapped her arms around herself. "Please stop talking..."

  • Is almost a carnivore, though his favorite thing to eat in the world is strawberries.

He and Krista will get along very well.

EDIT: Here's the link to our discord chat, btw

Neither Krista nor Lucas glanced at Mary. Krista out of respect for the streamer, and Lucas... well, he was too busy looking away. Krista watched Lucas, her eyebrows furrowed. She crossed her arms, "No. Mondatta was not there. It was his turn to sleep and it was just Bliss and me in the break room. And Calvin too." She answered Cyrus for Calvin, looking unimpressed in Lucas's direction.

Lucas leant forward, his hands gripping the podium tightly. "You guys are truly moronic if you believe I've done it." He looked at Caora specifically, the almost naked boy pissing him off the most. "I have no reason to take off my clothes, unlike some, I still wish to preserve my dignity."

"This is not about dignity! Caora thinks you killed Mondatta!" Krista cried out, "so why don't you prove him wrong, huh?! Prove it that it wasn't you!"

"I fell asleep in my room instead, when I woke up I realised I was late for the meeting and so I left my room without my equipment. You cannot blame me for the death of that monk just because I was sleeping."

"Why not say that instead of telling us you were getting your equipment?!" Lucas shrugged in response. His knuckles were turning white from the strain. "You said you never visited the caves until before asking me to check it out with you. Why would you—"

"I simply made a mistake. I thought I told Mondatta during breakfast, but I was wrong for that." Lucas carried on as if Krista wasn't speaking. The blonde violinist growled, and slowly stepped back from her podium. "I have no reason to harm anybody. I wish to leave this place as much as any of you, but why would I kill for it? Especially for a phone call? I have nobody to care about outside, why risk my life to take away another?" Lucas then grinned, though it was strained.

"Calvin though, doesn't he have a sister outside waiting for him? A precious girl that he would kill to return to? Surely that means that he had reason to do it! Tell me Calvin, where were you when—!" Lucas was cut short by Krista. The blonde had limped to the other side of the court whilst Lucas was talking, her fists clenched tightly at her sides. Her heel clicked against the floor, but her shoes seemed to be tied in an awkward manner. The violinist approached him, her hand reaching up to his shirt to rip the garment open.

A normal Krista would have been too mortified to do such a thing, but this Krista was too enraged. Lucas's eyes grew wide, and beneath the shirt revealed black and blue bruises along his chest. The investigator immediately covered his chest again, but Krista had ripped out the buttons as well. "What the hell?!"

"You killed Mondatta!" The violinist took a wobbly step back. The investigator shook his head, his grin forming into a scowl.

"You daft bimbo, do you really not understand what is going on here?!" Lucas started to step forward and close the gap, only to pause. "Do you not realise we are in a fucking hospital? Why the fuck do you think I'm here in the first place?! I knew you were a fucking idiot but I didn't realise how useless that tiny brain of yours is—!"

Krista looked at Calvin instead. "Looks like we've found a snare in his plan, why don't we prove that he's a lyre once and for all?" She glared at Lucas. "Calvin, please take off your shirt."


"So... How is it over there?"

There was an irritated grumble in response, but Analise took that in her stride. She kept one eye on the man on her laptop screen, whilst the other fiddled around with her earring. "Fine, tell me. Have you met any friends?"

"No." The voice was gruff, and filled with just as much irritation. "Why would I want to do that?"

"Why not?" Analise looked confused, her full attention diverted to the laptop now. "Benji! come on, you know having some friends with you will help! Time goes faster when you're en-"

"Enjoying myself, yes, I know. Tell me, Anna, do you really think this is the time and place for me to enjoy myself?" Anna opened her mouth immediately, ready to cut in, only to not say anything. Benji humphed. "You know mother dearest does not want that to happen." Benji sounded bitter. Anna watched as Benji adjusted himself in his bed, the screen shaking almost violently until he found a better position.

The boy on screen looked like nothing Anna remembered him to be. He was gone for almost five months, yet he somehow looked worse than before he had left. The dark circles under his eyes, the permanent frown on his face, Anna didn't like it. She tried asking her parents to let Benji come back home, that he had done enough, but Cassandra wasn't having any of it. Anna understood why, Benji needed to grow out of his rebellious habits and their mother was only trying to help, but it still broke Anna's heart to see her brother look so tired.

"Benji... you know she isn't like that..." Anna said, sadly. She just received another scoff in response, and Anna knew the conversation was over. Anna glanced at her phone, the screen flashing to show her the time. Her eyes widened and she stood up quickly, almost knocking her laptop off the desk in her haste. "Oh no, we're going to be late...!" Anna scurried back towards her bed, on top of which was a small grey and white Shih Tzu lying on the sheets. Anna reached out to touch the dog's head, only for the dog to bury himself deeper into the comfortable bed. Analise heard a laugh from her laptop, and she gave Benji a pout as she reached down beside her bed to grab a discarded shoe box.

Benji whistled and the dog's ears perked up. "Winston!" Anna wailed as the dog raced towards her laptop, his little legs struggling to reach the table. Benji laughed again, seemingly entertained as Anna hopped on one foot towards the laptop, bringing the camera down towards the dog whilst she tried wearing her shoes.

"Why are you so dolled up anyway? What's the plan?" Anna took a moment to respond, finally slipping her feet into the heels. When she stood up, Analise gave a twirl in front of the camera. It was a strapless, sweetheart neckline with dark stones lining the neckline. The dress was almost skin toned; a reddish brown shade. Underneath was 4-inch peep-toe stiletto heels that were secured around her ankles with a cute buckle, a similar shade of nude.

"You know Audrey right? Her family is hosting a New Years Eve party, and we were all invited. Miranda Priestly will be there so I must look good." She then looked at Benji. "Do you think she'll like it?" Anna chewed at her bottom lip.

"She'll be stupid not to love it." Benji sounded sincere, and Analise gave a sigh of relief. She reached down to give Benji a flying kiss on camera, grinning widely.

"You're the best brother ever." Benji rolled his eyes and shut the feed. Anna pouted at the sudden end of the Skype call, but she noticed Benji was still typing.
I love you too.

Anna couldn't stop grinning as she logged off, shutting her laptop just as her mother and father called for her.

The smile remained throughout the ride to the party venue. She kept her phone in her hand, her nails clicking on the screen as she typed up her responses to her ever growing list of people to text. Even now, Analise was busy trying to help her friends with their New Year's Eve dates. What better role for the girl with many friends than playing the matchmaker?

"Analise, dearest. Isn't it time you put down your phone?" Cassandra finally asked, the fiftieth buzz of Anna's phone finally grating on the elder blonde's nerve. "We're here now, you don't want to be rude to our hosts, do you?"

Analise pressed the send button before locking the device and tucking it away into a clutch, finally looking at her mother. She shook her head as their chauffeur opened the door for the three of them. Being the closest to the door, Analise stepped out first, followed by her mother and then her father.

Fifteen minutes after the Hunstbergs had arrived, the Arnettes followed.

Inside, Anna spotted Audrey in the crowd with Christian and her beautiful cousin, Delilah. She excused herself from her parents' side, letting the elder Arnettes interact with the rest of the guests whilst Analise took small, hurried steps towards her best friend. "Auuuuuuuuudreeeyy!" When close enough, Anna gave all three of them a hug - Audrey obviously getting the tightest hug. "I missed you!"

Krista squealed, hiding her face as Caora and Davis began to strip. That was NOT expected, and she felt a little faint from the blood suddenly rushing to her cheeks. "W-wait! Please! Don't!" Her voice sounded muffled from behind her hands, and you could clearly hear the embarrassment.

Lucas just ignored the two, looking directly at Calvin. "There was no fight. Let's look at it this way: if Mondatta and the killer were at a stand off, wouldn't you expect there to be more... damage? It's possible to believe the killer was interrupted by Miss Müller, only to change his plan and wait for Mondatta, thus leaving Miss Müller as a scapegoat. How else would you explain the knife and lack of footprints?"

Krista perked up, just barely peeking her enflamed face through her hands to speak a little clearer. "Wait... why did you say his? Are you still pointing this all on Calvin?"

The investigator shrugged. "When I first checked the cave before asking Miss Müller and Mondatta to join me, I never saw anything indicating that somebody was planning on murdering anybody. Whatever it was, the killer began preparing only after the three of us were planning to go."
In Starkissed 14 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Starkissed 14 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Mae I told Melo this on Discord already, but I feel it'll be good to say it here as well. I think I'd like to just keep the illusions at three simple ones instead of one complicated one. What could possibly go wrong?

Also, clarified the healing fire ability. And I had some details about the Bellcairn tribe in a hider below, is that enough or would you like me to add more detail?
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<Snipped quote by 13org>

Life expectancies were usually early thirties. But the thing was: You either died below the age of 10... or your life expectancy went up by a lot (40-50)

This makes me wonder what happened to those gods that didn't make it past the age of 10 o.o
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@Mae@Melo Here we go! Special shout out to Melo for all his help ❤

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