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I passed my exams!
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Reminder that dogs exist
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It's 2:46AM and instead of studying for my exam like I was supposed to I'm crying over pictures of dogs. What has my life come to?
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That great feeling you get when your friends are happy ❤


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Collab with @Melo, interacting with each other, Harvey @Grim327 and Ava @Altered Tundra.

“Please, the pleasure of meeting you all is mine. Ophelia hasn’t told me too much about you all, but I assure you, nothing negative was said.” Anna noticed the twitch, but she barely had time to glance over her shoulder to check in the direction of the twitch. It did not look good, but she thought it was not her place to comment on.

Just keep smiling.

“I like to think I haven’t given Phe any reason to say something negative,” Analise laughed. “It seems like she doesn’t like to talk about the people in her life.” She gave Ophelia a teasing grin.

At that moment, Harvey excused himself to take a phone call. Anna stepped aside to give Harvey enough space to leave, leaving just Christian, Delilah, Ophelia and Anna remaining beside the column. With Harvey gone, Anna pounced.

“If I had known you already had your eyes set on someone I wouldn’t have been so pushy about you going on a date with Mason from theatre class!” It sounded like Anna was chiding Ophelia, and Anna realised it a little too late. She clicked her tongue, shaking her head. “No worries, I really do think you and Harvey look super cute together— did you see the way he looked at you? He seems like such a prince!”

Ophelia sighed inwardly at the mere mention of Anna’s prior attempt at matchmaking. Ophelia didn’t want to seem too condescending, but she couldn’t really muster much respect for a guy following theatre class of all things. For a moment she thought of her father, and how the guy would likely never see the light of day ever again for touching his daughter when he had so little going for him. Harvey, on the other hand, had a lot more charm to him, not to mention an actual brain. A lot of guys seemed to lack this as of late.

Ophie made a dismissive gesture at her friend’s comment. ”I appreciate your attempts. Truly.” She said, though it was a half-truth. She did appreciate her efforts, but the quality of her matches tended to be...wanting. ”Harvery’s nice, definitely.” She admitted. ”But it is a first date, so you know… we’ll see how things go.”

She then grinned at Anna ”What about your prince? Have you already found one?” She teased.

Anna pouted. ”My prince is waiting at home, probably in my bed with no care in the world.” It was too bad she could not bring Winston to the party. In all seriousness, Anna was yet to find someone she truly cared about, someone to sweep her off her feet like an actual prince from a Disney movie. But it was fine, it just meant she could devote her time to helping others finding their prince (or princess!) charming.

”Winston is a pretty dashing prince, I’d say.” She said with a soft chuckle before putting her hand on Anna’s shoulder. ”Don’t let it bother you. I know, how about we dance together for a bit later? I’m sure Harvey can miss me for a few minutes.” She winked. ”How about it?”

Anna was not the type to turn down an offer to dance. She nodded, giving Ophie a funny look. "As long as it doesn't make Harvey jealous." Anna wiped the funny look off her face, replacing it with a warm smile. "But really... I'm seriously rooting for you two. I really hope everything goes well for you guys."

Ophelia gave Anna an appreciative look.

Anna quickly hushed herself as Harvey rejoined the group, shaking her head with an innocent look on her face, but the grin on her face betrayed what joy she was feeling for her friends. Everything was going so well for everybody! When Harvey asked if he missed anything, Anna responded. “Absolutely nothing! Oh, I’m getting a little thirsty from all this talking… maybe I should-” Analise was interrupted as she felt somebody walk into her, almost causing somebody to tumble to the floor.

You could say Anna almost freaked out.

Analise waved off the brunette’s apology and hurriedly interjected her own. “O-oh my god, I’m so sorry!” She was aware that it was actually the brunette that had walked into her but it was very likely Anna’s fault for being so excited over Harvey and Ophelia in the first place. She could almost hear Benji telling her to cut down on the sugar.

As the brunette introduced herself as Ava, Anna began noticing a few similarities between Ava and the confident stranger from earlier that evening. Were they related, or was Anna officially seeing things? Maybe it really was time to cut down on that sugar… “I hope you are okay, Ava.” Anna chewed on her lower lip worriedly before realising she hadn't introduced herself or her group of friends.

"My name is Analise Arnette, but Anna will do fine." Pointing at Ophelia first, she began listing the people in the group one by one. "This is Ophelia Bergman, Harvey Rayner, Delilah Duclerc and Christian Maxwell." She ended it with a smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ava!"

The peaceful atmosphere did not last very long. Despite Mercy taking care of Alice's wounds, things in the break room changed once Cyrus arrived in the break room bearing more information. Krista took a seat away from the group, far enough to be out of sight but not enough to be unable to hear what was being discussed. And unfortunately, Krista wished she had.

There was a traitor amongst them, and it could have been any one of them. Krista reacted poorly to Cyrus's suggestion. If there was a traitor amongst them, she was not going to open her room to anybody. What was to stop the traitor from planting things in her room? After all, it wouldn't be the first time someone would betray her trust. Krista did not know who to suspect, but she didn't know who to trust either. She remained in the break room as Zachary and Jezebel bantered between each other until Zach finally yielded and asked for the infinite clown to follow.

However, soon Isaiah had joined the remaining Infinites in the break room. Krista had rarely seen him attend the morning meetings so to see him in the break room suddenly was a surprise. And, of course, didn't bode well for the rest of them. Ice called for them to follow him to Aleecia's room, and when they had gathered around her quarters, he began to explain everything.

Aleecia was the next motive, according to Ice. Or conquest, but Krista didn't believe for a second they'd be able to defeat Alexandria's carnage chassis. The infinites didn't seem to care, and Krista grew frustrated.

"Do you really think it will be that easy?" She finally asked. "What makes you think that Monokuma and his robots aren't already aware of this plan of yours? There are cameras everywhere so Monokuma will be ready to react to anything! We need to help Aleecia but we cannot be reckless about this." Krista wrapped her arms around herself, very aware that she wasn't giving any suggestions about what they should be doing instead.
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@Mae Noora and Fyldren already have a love relationship, so they're already plenty acquainted with each other, ahaha

It was Davis all along. It was Davis's fault that she was stuck here, and now he had the gall to try and take the conversation she had with Cyrus out of context? If Krista had any energy, she would have shouted at the monitor - broke it even. Rules be damned. All she wanted was to go home, and she knew others did too, so why? And why them? Krista pulled out her E-Handbook, looking at the ticket. Davis had advised against calling him, but she needed to know why.

It was Alice rating Lucas's execution that broke Krista. Barely suppressing the urge to throw her handbook at the infinite, Krista screamed. "Are you fucking kidding me?! Somebody just fucking died! You may not have any emotions but don't be a fucking bitch about it!" She didn't mean to be so angry at the infinite. Krista knew everyone was dealing with this their own... special way, and this could've just been Alice's "special" way of dealing. Krista wiped her eyes, drying her tears with her dirtied sleeve.

It didn't take long before Krista started to feel bad. She turned to the infinite recon, sighing. "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. We're all dealing with this our own way and... I guess I wasn't ready for morbid humour just yet." She gave a look at Caora as well, knowing that it wasn't just Alice that had made morbid comments about Lucas's execution.

The arrival of new infinites meant a reappearance from Monokuma. Krista resisted the urge to kick the nightmare away from her as he acted as if nothing had happened. As if Mondatta hadn't died and Lucas hadn't given his life because of it. She could feel her heart aching again like it had when she screamed at Alice as Monokuma turned to her. Thankfully Bliss had answered for her, so Krista just had to listen.

After a few moments, Krista looked at Alice again, her eyes hurting. "I'm sorry... I need to go..." Krista apologised once more to Alice before making her trek back to her room and passing by the new infinites without another glance.

Krista slept. It wasn't well, it wasn't fitful, it was just... sleep. As soon as Krista's bandaged head touched her pillow that night, she was out. It was the exhaustion that took her to the welcome arms of sleep, and Krista was glad for it the next day. She didn't feel fresh, but she didn't feel the urge to smother her face with her pillow at the sound of the morning Monokuma announcement, making her aware it was morning now.

After a blissful shower, Krista almost looked normal. Almost. Her head didn't need any bandages, but she could still feel a dull throb in her skull - though it was more likely due to exhaustion rather than the events that occurred the previous day. She glanced at herself in the mirror, eyeing the bags under her eyes disdainfully. She pulled at her skin, making faces into the mirror until she looked fine.

Returning back to her room, she pulled the violin case out from it's hiding spot. She took out the violin with the up most care, staring at the instrument for a moment. She didn't know what to play. Her finger brushed over the familiar name scratched into the instrument, closing her eyes and muttering a short prayer before tucking the violin back into the case again. She pulled the strap over her shoulder, letting the violin case rest against her back - a familiar weight pressing against her back as she left her room.

When she arrived at the break room, Krista looked for the unfamiliar faces. She was aware she had walked away without acknowledging any of them last night and felt bad about it. She approached Jezebel, a small smile on her face. "I'm Krista. Introductions aren't my forte."

What better than to make everyone believe she was fine than to make a stupid pun?

"Well, winter was-" There was no time to complete her sentence as a handsome stranger interrupted her. Despite the cold shoulder towards Christian, Anna offered the stranger a sweet smile. Anna knew many people, but he was not one of them - and she was not the type to forget a new face. Though Anna could faintly recall hearing about a new family in town...

Christian didn't seem to appreciate being ignored because he was the first to respond, in a similarly rude fashion. Analise caught Delilah's eye, the two girls sharing a nervous look as Audrey enjoyed the scene. "R-right." Ever the peace maker, Analise cleared her throat and flashed another smile towards the stranger. "I'm sorry, we have somewhere to be right now... I'm sure that we'll take up the offer some other time." Anna was no drinker; she avoided anything alcoholic like the plague. But Anna had to rephrase Christian's words in a more... polite way.

Anna decided to take the initiative to leave, gesturing for everyone to follow her towards the other side of the ball room where Christian wouldn't be ignored. Since she was leading the group, Anna never noticed the absence of the latina of the group. "Do you guys know who he was?" She asked, assuming the trio could hear her over the music and chatter around them.

Standing beside the column, they were soon joined by two new faces - this time mostly familiar. Anna let out a squeal of joy at the sight of Ophelia, giving the beautiful brunette a tight hug similar to what she had given Audrey moments ago. Anna had met the young Bergman through Audrey, as Anna hadn't joined any sororities and wasn't planning on doing so anytime soon with her busy college schedule.

Once Anna was done giving her friend a tight embrace, she focused on her date. "Please, just call me Anna. Miss Arnette is just too formal." Anna flashed him a welcoming smile and offered her hand for him to shake. Harvey was a good looking man, and she gave Ophelia a discreet wink of approval. They looked sweet together, and Anna was happy to see her friend looking happy.

"You've really chosen a sweet one, haven't you Phe?" Anna took on the role as the embarrassing aunt of the group, her focus entirely on the two. She turned to Harvey once more. "When did you guys meet? How long have you two been—" She pointed between the two, unsure whether if this was anything more than just a date, "Ya'know, together?"

"Don't they look so cute— oh." She turned to look at Audrey, only to see she was gone. It was then Anna realised she still hadn't gotten a chance to tell her friend about her winter break.
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