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Hello! If you haven't been informed about this RP, please message us for the discord link if you're interested. There people have reserved face claims, colors, and concepts. This RP has been in the works since before Christmas, so there are a few people who have known about this for awhile. Finally, we're live. We are open for others to join we just thought it was silly to make an interest check when we already have a handful of people who know. Please don't be afraid to join! We will make sure to accommodate you and ease your way in. Nothing has been established aside from our Mean Girls clique and the newspaper club.
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First Week
DAY 1 │ Saturday, Aug. 24th - Move in Day - Current Day.

DAY 2 │ Monday, Aug. 26th - Orientation Day (Assembly & Sports/Club Fair) - Not Completed.

DAY 3 │ Tuesday, Aug. 27th - First Day of Classes - Not Completed.

Saturday, August 24, 2019.

Weather forecast: To be added.

Here we will write a little about the current scene.
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Active Characters
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We will keep note of staff members you create along with us, that way there isn't any discrepancies.


Once we have our cast and school groups are made, I'll do my best to give a short summary here!



@Hey Im Jordan & @LovelyComplex

Some people sat still during long car rides, but Christopher Robin Bishop was not some people. He was something else entirely, and as he cruised down the open Washington road, CR was hanging out of the window and enjoying the crisp air, drumming his hands on the door along to the beat of the song that was playing from the speakers. CR’s hands stopped and he pulled himself back into the moving car, having a sudden realization as he spun the volume knob to turn it down low so he could talk.

“Yo, Jay. Bro, I got a question for you.” CR pulled his sunglasses off and looked up at the roof of the car as he thought about how to say the question that was clearly burning in his chest. It could have been the weed, but CR seemed to be taking even longer than he normally did to ask the question. Finally, he started to speak, “alright, so… let’s say you had to…”

He again paused as he scratched at his beanie, before finishing the question. “Let’s say you had to fight fifty duck sized horses or one horse sized duck, which one would you take? I can’t decide.”

“Man, I’d fight the duck sized horses. Do you know why ducks go aggro?” With his left hand on the wheel, leaning back with swagger, Jay Nixon used his free hand to grab his redbull, slurped the energy that gave him wings, and once the can left his lips, he continued, “Two reasons. The duck wants to be dom ‘cuz he’s the boss, or he wants to fuck you. I’d rather not risk being fucked by a duck. Don’t matter if this a male or female duck, they’re going to assert their dominance by pecking the shit out of you.” Yeah, no. Placing his can down, Jay nodded to himself at his answer. He would rather get kicked by tiny horses than have a boss duck with a big dick try to body slam him.

Jay definitely had a point, didn’t he? Personally, CR was thinking about fighting the horse sized duck, but CR hadn’t thought about the duck-horse’s dick… wait, CR had to think about something else. Why was Jay thinking about the horse-duck’s dick? “You right though, I didn’t think about gettin pecked. I guess you could just kick the duck sized horses, huh? That’s not too bad. Aight, aight. I think you win, I think the duck sized horses are the way to go, dude.” CR had strong legs — kicking tiny horses would be easy, so he could pull that off. “Thanks, dude. I been wondering about that since we got into Washington.”

“I got one for you. It’s been on my mind since we left your house,” Jay swiped his turn signal on and slowly merged off the highway. It was time to cruise the side roads until they reached the mountains. “So like, you in the shower right? You drop the soap on the floor. Does that mean the floor is clean or the soap dirty?”

CR had to pause and think about that. The answer to that question was situational, he thought. Was it a clena floor? That was the real question, because some floors were dirty. Like, for example… “Well, if it’s on the floor at my house, dude, that soap dirty as well. You probably pick it up and there’s like… stuff on it, y’know? Like, hair and shit. But like, if you drop it on a clean ass floor?” CR paused long enough to pick up his own thermos, and took a sip of it. “Like, a McDonald’s kitchen after they clean it up for the day before an audit? Then the soap is clean and the floor is clean.” He nodded his head. In Christopher Robin’s mind, it made perfect sense — and he certainly wasn’t thinking about if it made sense in someone else’s head.

Hm. That was some interesting food for thought. “So what you’re trying to say is if the soap was found in a dump and dropped on dirt, it’s definitely dirty, but if it was never soiled and the person, like a staff member of McDonald’s before an audit, cleaned the floor real good, it’s clean?” Woah. This was a lot to take in. Maybe they were overthinking it… this felt far more complex than it needed to be. “Wouldn’t you think once the soap is used… it’s just dirty, though?”

“Nah, dude, cuz you can wash the soap off with water. Soap can always be saved. It’s soap.” CR explained, nodding his head, in a way to kind of reaffirm his own words. Was he certain? Kind of, but his nodding definitely made him feel more certain. Cr tapped his head and reiterated what he’d said before. “Dirt just washes off of soap, y’know? That’s how soap works.” CR frowned as he looked out at the terrain, slowly growing more mountainous as they drove deeper and deeper toward the camp. “Hey, why are we talkin’ about soap anyway? We both use fuckin’ body wash anyway, don’t we?”

CR was right. They did use body wash and Jay couldn’t remember how they got this far, both in driving and conversation. Instead of responding to his friend, his attention went to the random shuffle switch from Hopsin to (G)I-DLE. After downing the rest of his Redbull, he reached behind his seat to put the can in a plastic bag he dubbed as the trash bag. Once his drink was no longer in his hand, Jay turned up the music to let the hype set in. Internally, he was incredibly excited but on the outside, he was stoned and stoic. That is until Soyeon started to rap and he joined her, motioning his free hand to the song. Expectantly, he looked at his friend to sing the refrain part where Miyeon and Minnie come in.

CR grabbed his thermos and took another drink. He smacked his lips and made a face, then put it back down. The premade stuff would never be the same as the chocolate milk someone made for him — but this was his life now. He returned the look Jay gave him, but the truth was? CR couldn’t sing in Korean; to be totally fair, he couldn’t even sing in English, but… he did his best. And his best? His best consisted of off-key belting the bits and pieces of the song that were in English. Was it good? Absolutely not. Was it fun? Yes, a lot.

Even if CR was god awful at singing, Jay couldn’t help but smile. Not widely, since he rarely beamed big like his friend, but enough to show he enjoyed his company. His eyes hidden by sunglasses did fall on the thermo. After a moment or two, he turned his head to look back on the road and went silent. They hadn’t talked about that. Was he a bad friend for avoiding the topic? He didn’t even know if CR wanted to talk about her...

If there was one thing Jay was trying to understand better, it was other people’s feelings and how to help. So instead of bringing up her name or asking if he was doing okay, he decided to go the Jay route. Avoid thinking about it. Turning down the music so CR could hear his low voice, he asked, “Ready to hit the slopes? I was thinking I’d record some freestyle today. Keep it chill, nothing too planned, just b-roll shots. And hey, maybe there will be someone with actual talent this year that isn’t just you.”

“Oh yeah, that’d be cool. I tried teachin’ people, but like, I dunno. I don’t think I’m a very good teacher, dude.” Christoper Robin explained, shrugging his shoulders. He’d tried to teach before, but it wasn’t something he did very well it seemed. Either that, or there were no good students at the camp. Both options, to Christopher Robin, were equally shitty. “That sounds good. Would we have time? Don’t they usually have a like… uh, bonfire thing? And they have to feed us, right? Man, I hope there are snacks here.” CR frowned, thinking about it. What if there weren’t enough snacks? Had they brought enough snacks to sustain them for two weeks? Shit, there was no way to have enough snacks to sustain him for two weeks. They’d probably have to make runs to the store, wouldn’t they? That sucked. CR hated being stuck in a car.

“Uh, yeah. I guess we’ll play it by ear.” The mention of running out of snacks did cause Jay to frown. That was a terrible thought to think about. What if instead of a snow fight they all had to fight over the little food they had left? The snack-calypse. The end of the fucking world as we know it. “Before we lose all hope, there is the Lodge. Sure, I can drive us to town OR we can just… borrow snacks. Return the wrappers later.” Yeah, that sounded like a solid plan. He was positive the Director had a goldmine. Why wouldn’t he? To think, CR and Jay had been attending this camp for three years and they still hadn’t snuck in there. Times were changing and they could either risk running out of food and dying, or stocking up. Ah, yes, they should do a heist.

Oh, that was true. CR hadn’t thought about that, robbing the Lodge was certainly a plan he hadn’t considered. Maybe that could work… CR relaxed, giving Jay a nod. In that case, there was nothing for him to worry about! They had weed, they had snacks, they’d have a bed, there was snow. Life was good, “Yeah, my guy. You got a point, we can just rob the dude. What’s he gonna do? Eat all the snacks himself? Nah, we can do it.” CR muttered, nodding his head. Then, he shook his head as he looked around the car, and said in a kind of confused voice. “Wait, how long have we been at camp, man?”

“Three years, can you believe it?” The only difference this time was a certain brunette wasn’t in the back of the car sleeping. Honestly, this ride did feel a little different and maybe that’s why they both smoked earlier than usual. There was a void without her, but Jay wasn’t comfortable bringing the topic up. Not right now at least.

“No man, I mean look around us. We’re at the camp, dude.” CR said, and pointed at the undecorated tree that was waiting for them. Maybe they’d smoked too much weed, or drank too much Red Bull, if neither of them had managed to notice that they’d arrived. “Are we too high for this?”

“We’re definitely too high,” Jay looked at his hand that was on the stick shift. The car was parked but still running. Wow, time flies by when you’re blitzed out of your goddamn mind. “Say hi to Gwen for me, I gotta… bring the car closer to the cabins.” They both had a lot of shit. There was no way in hell he was going to walk it all.

“Yeah, okay. Just be careful, right? Don’t run over nobody, or like, into the tree again. That’d suck.” CR explained, before he hopped out of the car and spun around just quickly enough to grab his thermos, and then headed toward the cabins, leaving Jay to his own devices.

“Yeah… no trees this time. Got it.” With that, Jay Nixon was easing his way through the snow, making his own path to get to the Howling Wolf cabin. Giving a quick honk when someone seemed far too close for his liking. In time, he found himself safely at his cabin, no harm done… maybe. There was a garbage can he hit, but that shouldn’t be so bad. Oh, and the Lodge’s mailbox. They’ll be okay. Regardless of the mild damage he did cause, his car was now inches away from the front door! Anymore forward movement, he would’ve hit the cabin itself, but he was too good at parking. Clearly, he knew what he was doing. Satisfied at his success, and his baller parking job that sorta-maybe was on the walkway to the entrance, Jay turned off the car and got ready to move his luggage in. CR can pick up his stuff later.

Parked in the pick up area of Bellingham International, Kimber Benson leaned back in the driver seat of one of two short buses. Today would be the beginning of an adventure, which was what the back of her pink camping shirt said. The front of her camping shirt told others she was a camp counselor, announcing her title to the world. If it wasn’t for this insulated traveling mug filled with hot coffee, she probably would be on the verge of passing out.

Sleep even before the campers arrived was not a thing for counselors because after they were done training, they would all stay up getting to know one another. As the director had told them, they had to make sure they were a ‘family’ and not coworkers. The campers were their children and it was their job to make them feel welcomed and safe.

This past week focused on going over ACA’s standards and accreditation process, plenty of group scenarios, mostly focusing on calming camper conflicts, and other highly acclaimed, practical techniques like CPR. Time went by fast and now here she was picking up some of the campers that would spend their holidays at Second Horizons with her. She wasn’t excited nor was she nervous. Honestly, she didn’t know how she was feeling. This was a new experience for her and she wasn’t sure what to expect and knew for a fact this would be nothing like writing camp. Taking one last sip out of her mug, she placed it down in the cup holder, hopped out of her seat, and exited her bus.

Walking to the second short bus right behind her, she knocked on the glass of the Amtran door and mouthed to her bus-partner-in-crime, “I’m going to get the kids now, Jackson!”

As Jackson sat in the driver’s seat, vibing to Spose’s “I’m Awesome”, he muttered some words of the chorus and hit the steering wheel in rhythm to it, bopping his head forward. It was only when he heard Kimber smack against the glass did he break himself out of the zone. “Hold up, Kimmy!” He propped up, exiting the bus.

He was rocking the homemade -- albeit cheaply-made -- red cabin shirt with the fox logo dead center. It was a maroon red and over it he had a simple black zipped down sweatshirt. “Can’t get them and expect to leave me behind! I’m coming too!” He said with a burst of energy that carried him into a jog as he caught up to Kim.

Seeing his camping shirt made Kim slightly grimace. They were given two shirts, one generic one and one with their ‘team’. Kim did not wear the shirt with a bunny on it. The message it gave was NOT cute. The campers could wear that one all they wanted but she was not going to be called a ‘little snow bunny’. Nope. There was no way in hell. When he charged out of the bus, she rolled her eyes and continued moving forward, “All that spirit is going to scare the kids. Watch.”

Jackson laughed. “Not my kids! No self-respecting Fox will be afraid of a little team spirit -- they’ll feed off of it!” Jackson stated proudly, pumping his chest as a mild holler left his lips. “But speaking of kids, you know yours don’t stand a chance this year, right? I’ve come up with a whole new game plan and I just know it’ll fucking rule!”

“We will see about that. They have me, after all. I imagine my cabin will be filled with chaotic and unpredictable personalities. Try besting that, dude.”

“You’re on, Lola Bunny!”

Who would’ve thought she’d meet someone that basically understood her in every way that mattered?! Swaying back and forth on her heel and tiptoes, Mia Chambers beamed at a rainbow pixie with blue hair. A girl that reminded her of Ramona Flowers, but far more energetic. The small platinum-blondie stood beside her snoopy dog suitcase, with a matching duffel on top of it, and her pink backpack strapped on her back. Her new friend went by the name ‘Joey’ and she sat beside her and sissy for the WHOLE plane ride. They became super, duper besties because they liked similar things, like sweets and the interwebs, and they hated just as much! She patiently waited for the other girl to grab all her bags.

As she waited, Mia grinned at the other blonde beside her, who was less bubbly, less happy, and less… thrilled to be here. The other Chambers sister, Chloe. Biting the bottom of her lip, she thought quickly about what to ask her sister that didn’t sound annoying. Oh yes! “So sissy, are you going to skate today? I’d love to go with you if you do!”

Chloe Chambers was not enthused in the slightest. She had been dreading this day for upwards of a month; the day that she and her younger sister were being shipped off to god knows where over Christmas, and unfortunately for her it had finally arrived. Optimism was not a word in the blonde’s vocabulary- hell, not even excitement was- but, she did put on a good show at the airport for Mom, citing how much she was “looking forward” to quality time with her sister. Chlo did not need her mother’s tears on her conscience again, so she played along until her parents were out of sight and out of mind. And now, it was back to being unenthusiastic.

As Mia’s perky voice penetrated through the blonde’s headphones, Chloe pulled one ear bud out and raised an eyebrow at her kin. “Depends on how I feel when we get there. I’m not trying to get altitude sickness on my first day and screw up my training schedule that Coach made for me to follow.” She explained bluntly, the notion of spending time together immediately going right over her head. “Why don’t you see if your new little friend wants to go with you…” Chloe suggested, nodding over to where the girl called Joey stood not too far from them.

Joey was...not having an ideal time. Oh, why did she insist on bringing everything but the kitchen sink with her? Because she’s extra? Because she couldn’t bear to go anywhere without what she considered the essentials? Yes, both could be the truth, but it was most likely due to Joey being horrible at prioritizing anything related to shopping. Her punishment for this? Having to drag two large suitcases in addition to her fully loaded carry-on bag.

In short? Being a short girl with a lot of baggage was not fun.

“I’m...coming…” Joey said, grunting with each word/step as she dragged her heavy luggage, her back partially turned to Mia and Chloe.

After her sister responded, so indifferently, Mia looked away and pouted to herself. Her sister was the big stupid. All she cared about was herself. This was supposed to be their chance to have sister bonding time. It was always coach this, training that, dad said. She really had a stick up her ass and it was annoying. FINE! Grabbing her suitcase, Mia marched to Joey, who was more like a sister than her actual sister, and stopped her in her tracks, “Before you start sweating, let's take a quick selfie!”

Chloe sighed as Mia fled towards the new girl, not thinking much of it, and slipped back on her ear bud in order to continue listening to her music. Sometimes she wondered how on earth the two of them could be siblings…

Joey glanced at Chloe for a brief second as if she was partially worried about ...something. Before she could let a single thought form, her attention was literally captured by Mia and her desire for a selfie. Joey couldn’t possibly turn her down and her arm rested on the blonde’s shoulder and neck, cheek pressed against hers, and she smiled widely, pearly whites showing and everything.

Snap! Snap! Snap! Three was Mia’s lucky number, so she usually always took three consecutive selfies and during each shot she changed her facial expression. “Oh-em-gee. They’re so perfect. I’ll send you them right away!” Yes, these acquaintances had already exchanged digits. At least Joey was fun to be around, UNLIKE SOMEONE. After sending the pictures, Mia gave her sister a quick death glare, before bringing her attention back to what mattered: leaving the airport.

Hark! The herald angels did sing because here came two people with colored shirts that clearly looked like counselors. No, it wasn’t the shirt that said counselor that gave it away! “Joey, look! Big guy in red. He can totes carry your bags.”

She glanced up and eyes immediately widened at his jawline. “Oh, he’s hot!” She would say louder than she thought she would, immediately blushing for a few seconds. “I mean, he looks, uh, fit,” she said, biting her lip, sizing him up head to toe.

“You’re right, he is hot. You should totes touch his muscles. I triple dog dare you.” Mia teasingly snickered. The guy in red was definitely cute, but too blonde for her liking.

From a distance, Kim looked at the campers slowly making their way toward them. Lifting up a clipboard, she reviewed all the names of people that should be arriving around this time. They were fortunate enough to be able to coordinate most of the kids around the same time and so far she didn’t get notified that there were any delayed flights. Any special cases would’ve come a day earlier. “Jackson can you help that one girl over there? She looks like she’s struggling.” Kim pointed to Joey with the pen in her hand.

“Huh?” Jackson clued himself to the two girls with the equally-cutesy bags of luggage. Aside from the hair color, the noticeable difference was the size of the blue-haired girl’s luggage. “Yeah, I’m on it!” He took to a jog and without even so much as a word to either of them, though he did give both girls a smile before lifting up one of the large suitcases in both hands.

“Oh, thanks..” Joey said lowly.

“No prob, little blue!”

He turned his eyes onto the blonde. “Do you need any help? That looks pretty big too.” He asked her.

Her friend forgot to touch the muscle! Mia was shooketh. She wasn’t used to someone with such a short attention span. Joey broke the rules of a triple dog dare! One does not simply chicken out on a triple dog dare. Did she have to do everything herself? After taking off one of her gloves, Mia, without any hesitation, reached to touch the counselor’s biceps, “Hi, I’m Mia. You can help if you want. You got big arms. I like that.”

Thinking nothing of it, Jackson flexed for Mia, looking back at a no doubt displeased Kim, mouthing “I’m sorry” at her and met Mia’s gaze almost instantaneously. “Oh yeah! I work out and shit!” I work out and shit? Talk about lame!

Meanwhile, Joey was stuck between uncertainty and mild jealousy that Mia was currently squeezing his bicep. She shook her head, and in the process, shook herself out of it and joined her new friend in admiring his muscles for herself. “I’m Joey! Nice to meat you--meet you! It’s nice to meet you!” She couldn’t help but smile at Jackson while flatly glancing at Mia as she squeezed harder as if trying to compete with Mia.

Was she being serious right now? Mia furrowed her eyebrows and decided to one up her, “Do you have a pack? Could we… see it?” Batting her eyes, she looked up at Jackson, her hands trailing down his arm in a ticklish manner.

Kim, however, was not going to let this escalate further, knowing Jackson would very well strip naked if they asked, “Okay! That’s enough.” She separated the girls from the red counselor and then flicked Jackson in the forehead, “Come on, we need to go.”

Chloe, who had been observing all of this from a few feet away just shook her head, not believing that Mia seemed to just pounce on the first guy she laid eyes on. Was she really serious? But thankfully, it seemed the female counselor was the only one to have some glimpse of sanity around here, as she reprimanded her male counterpart and tried to get them all out the door, even going so far as to flick him. The blonde liked her style… straightforward and to the point. Walking toward the older girl, Chloe pulled off her earbuds and nodded. “I’m with you on that one.”

“No one asked you, Chloe!” Mia snapped, irritated that her moment with the hot man came to a close.

“I don’t want to assume, but are you two the Chambers?” Kim looked from Chloe to Mia to Chloe again before going to her attendance list.

The elder of the Chambers sisters nodded curtly, confirming the counselor’s assumption. “That would be us.” Chloe replied with a lackluster expression, gesturing towards Mia. “Forgive my sister’s attitude, it seems I’ve come along and ruined her fun like always.” The blonde shot her kin a glance that said it all without saying anything- that she needed to be on her best behavior and not give the counselors- or her- a hard time for wanting to move things along.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Mia rolled her eyes so hard, one would think her eyes would fall out of their socket. Not enjoying her sister belittling her, Mia pulled her bags and gave a quick ‘hmpf’ before marching toward the exit, without the counselors, her sister, and her new friend.

Checking off their names, Kim looked between the sisters once more and subtly frowned. She and Gage were once estranged, but their situation was different. Two teenagers are forced to live together because their parents got married. “If this makes you feel better,” She whispered to the blonde that was clearly in a mood and didn’t want to be here, “There’s others, who had no choice but to come here this winter. I know that isn’t going to help much, but I do hope you make the most of your time. Once lost, you can never get it back.”

Chloe sighed, watching as her disgruntled sister stomped towards the automatic doors without a clue as to where she was supposed to go. Young and naive she was. The blonde glanced over at the counselor (who’s name she still didn’t know) and shrugged. “We’ll see.” The girl stated simply, before gripping her suitcase and wheeling it behind her as she walked off in the direction of Mia and towards whatever awaited them at the end of the bus ride to camp.

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