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Current While this might be sad to my friends, I think I might finally retire. I’m not passionate about writing anymore.
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RIP Sean Connery
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Thank you :)
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Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate.
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Quality over quantity. How long it takes to get to a milestone doesn’t matter, the dedicated writers of PBR are awesome. Congrats fam. Guild members need to learn to support one another.




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Cole & Delaney Helmsley
@LovelyComplex & @Melissa Collaboration


The San Francisco skyline seemed to glisten in the mid-morning sun as the Helmsley siblings made their way up the coast for yet another year at Marble Heights Academy. Although their mother had insisted they take the jet to campus from their Beverly Hills abode, the two refused and opted to drive. They had sent the majority of their belongings ahead of them, which would be present upon their arrival at school, so all they needed to do was cruise from origin to destination.

Delaney sat in the passenger’s seat of Cole’s Black Dodge Challenger SRT Demon scrolling mindlessly on her phone as the engine hummed and music filled the rest of the silence that hung between them. Most of her feed was fellow classmates who had already gotten settled or were in the process of setting up in the brand new and shiny Oaklands high rise, which was making her more anxious about getting there and finding out who her suitemates would be. She wasn’t a fan of this random living situation bullshit, since she would have loved nothing more than to live with Addie, Annabelle, or Avery, but unfortunately for how much money they paid in tuition their requests weren’t taken into consideration. “Forging new friendships” her ass.

The brunette turned to her brother, who’s eyes were focused on the road. “Let’s place bets. How long will it take for my new roommates to get on my nerves? I’m gonna give it a week, but even that’s generous.” Delaney mused as she continued to watch her feed as they got off the highway.

“For you? I don’t think you’ll last a day,” Cole Helmsley took in the background noise of Go Flex by Post Malone, as his car breathed and ran on meditative bliss. The blacktop flow leading them to his final year at MHA and this, this drive? From Los Angeles to San Francisco was the beginning of the end for him. With purpose, the Helmsley heir smiled in the warmth of the sun ready to begin a new adventure at his home away from home.

Cole was aware after this year he would extensively work at his mother’s side to prepare for his birthright. He knew the responsibilities waiting for him after he grabbed his diploma and honestly? He was excited for that chapter. His mother would likely give him more time to ‘be young’ but to him, he lived free and happily for almost eighteen years. He didn’t want to waste anymore time and while he was young, he needed to make moves for him, for his family, and for their legacy. No time worth wasting. That’s why he did whatever he could to seek thrills and go wild before graduation.

He had the money and he made sure to use it. On the way, he found a sweet sense of freedom, he found lifelong friends, and he found honest love, even though that last one… he decided to let go. He knew he needed to let go. Now Cole was approaching the year he would transition from child to man. His boyfriend, while he adored him, and who was someone that matched him intellectually, could never be happy with him. Not truly.

Jamie would compare himself to the standards of the Helmsleys, which was not an easy obstacle. It could either make you or break you. Jamie would realize he could never be with someone who lives for a business. Someone forced to social climb, someone who has to topple the competition not as a choice but as an obligation, and someone who can’t give him constant time, energy, and attention. There needed to be a line of trust that Cole knew Jamie could not give, at least not right now.

Cole knew Jamie had his own ambitions and their ambitions wouldn’t align up. He had enough time to size Jamie up and saw something in him that he had in himself. A ruthless drive and a self-serving nature that would never accept being in the shadow of someone else. This didn’t mean Cole didn’t want a partner, but he knew that Jamie was not the one. It would be too messy and more effort than not to make it a possibility with higher probability. He needed someone that was helplessly in love with him and would compromise their future so they could work.

In Helmsley fashion, Cole made the decision for them both. To end things. To let Jamie Callaghan go because Cole refused to be the person to change Jamie’s future. Jamie had too much talent and potential, and perhaps this was his way of showing he cared, because he knew Jamie deserved better. He deserved the future he wanted and that just didn’t add up with Cole’s.

Breaking out of his train of thought, Cole glanced over to his sister and mischievously teased, “This is why I’m better than you. I’ve pulled some strings,” nodding his head to the music, he turned his gaze back to the road and disclosed, “It’s just me and Anna-banana this year. Perfect case scenario. No bullshit, no drama, just me and the best of us all.”

The girl tore her eyes away from her phone as her brother revealed his adjusted accommodations for the upcoming year. Here she was thinking that he’d be suffering the same fate as her, but of course, he had other plans- as always. “You’re kidding me.” Delaney’s face contorted into one of pure disbelief. “So you and Annabelle are going to be living like kings in a dorm made for four and you're throwing me to the dogs? Unbelievable…”

“You’ll be okay.”

She shook her head in disapproval, returning her gaze to her Instagram feed before voicing her next thought completely unfiltered. “‘Does Jamie know about this little plan of yours? I’m sure he’s thrilled- he’ll be able to stay over as many nights as he wants to and not need to worry about bothering your roommates.”

“I’m sure after today Jamie won’t care,” sighing to himself, Cole knew his sister would press on for details. She was nosy like that. Rather than waste either of their time and drawing out his response, he added, “I’m breaking up with him, Lainey.” Knowing Delaney, she would assume the worst of her brother, like he already found another piece of meat and was discarding Jamie like trash. This wasn’t the case and quite frankly, he didn’t need to explain himself to her, only for her to give him grief when she hasn’t held a long term relationship; her longest being three months. “No bullshit. No drama. No dating.”

The brunette raised an eyebrow, putting down her phone in order to give full attention to her brother and the situation. She was a little shocked, seeing as how Cole and Jamie had been going pretty hot and heavy since the spring, but if she were being truly honest with herself, the girl knew that her brother was focusing on the long haul as opposed to the short term. “And you waited until the first day of school to do this because?...” Delaney begged the question, wondering why if her brother knew where his intentions lay that he didn’t end things before the beginning of the semester.

There was never a right time to break up with someone. If Cole did it before the summer, Jamie had his family sure, but what other distractions? This was a new year full of new adventures and a new chapter to be written. More importantly though? Jamie had his newspaper club to keep him occupied and he had his friends. Sometimes friends were better than family, but if Jamie did need support from family, Katie wouldn’t be too far away. Just in the auditorium, being a goddamn diva.

Shrugging, Cole shifted to the right lane and unhesitantly answered, “Because I wasn’t ready to let him go. How about you? You haven’t told me anything interesting in a minute. The life of Delaney Helmsley isn’t this boring. You got fuck buddies? An eye sore? Someone you want to stab with a pencil?”

“Don’t you dare try and flip this on me, Coco.” Del accused boldly, her lips settling into a thin line as her brother attempted to deflect. He had a knack for avoiding problems and things weighing on his heart like the back of his hand, which made it difficult to get to the bottom of how he was truly feeling sometimes. But the brunette knew that if this was truly hurting him, he’d tell her, so she went along with his ploy and appeased him. “But since you asked…” Delaney took the free moment as they reached the topic to check her phone and see if she had any new messages, and when her notifications returned blank, she continued. “There is this one guy- the one I hooked up with at the end of last semester- but he is no eye sore or shockingly not someone I’d like to stab with a pencil.”

“So what you’re saying is you’re going to hook up with him again,” Clearly if this ‘one guy’ was worth bringing up in conversation, she was likely thinking about going for seconds, or thirds, or whatever number she was on. With Del, one could never truly know. She was a Helmsley and a teenager, so he had a hunch there was more to her life than she was willing to disclose. “And don’t call me that. You know I hate that.”

“I’m not saying anything!” Delaney blurted.

“Yeah, definitely going to fuck him again.”

“COLE!” The brunette reprimanded, dissolving into a somewhat anxious laugh. As much as she wanted to disclose to her brother about how she was feeling, this situation was a little bit… different. The guy in question wasn’t necessarily someone who her brother would approve of, nor someone who anyone would really give the thumbs up to. Lincoln Darby had a reputation, one that preceded him and definitely left a lasting impression. Even though he and Del weren’t anything serious as of the current moment, if her brother caught wind of the fact that she was getting involved with Marble Heights’ notorious bad boy, there would be no getting serious at all.

“What I’m trying to say is that I have no expectations and I am just going to see where it goes.”

“Huh.” This was a first for his sister. Raising an eyebrow, Cole pensively stared ahead, intentionally going silent. Whoever caught his sister’s eyes knew what they were doing. It was hard to catch a girl on fire, but maybe… she met her match. The thought of Del dating someone for a year or more did feel weird but if the lover was worth it, worth the fight, he wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of a Delaney tamer. Then again, her long list of past lovers were horrible and his faith was low.

Still, he wouldn’t press. He’d wait it out, maybe look into it himself. However, right now he didn’t care enough to do so. It didn’t seem too serious, yet. Plus, he had a lot on his plate, like to break up with the editor-in-chief of the GGG. Changing the subject, he gestured ahead of them, “Look.” They were on the side roads, heading near their school. From where they were, they could see the new high rise dorm buildings.

Thankful for the switch in topic, the corners of Delaney’s mouth turned up into a grin at the sight of campus looming in the distance. The drive from Los Angeles had been long and the girl was looking forward to finally being back at school and seeing her friends. Pulling out her phone and opening Snapchat, she clicked a picture and sent it to both Addie and Avery, indicating that the Helmsley siblings were nearly there. “Thank god.” She breathed, not referencing anything in particular, but just happy to have arrived.

The rest of the car ride music filled the silence between the siblings. Cole had turned up the music, returning to meditating before the inevitable task he needed to do. His sister went back to her phone and he enjoyed the ending of his joy ride. Going straight in front of the entrance, he pulled up to let his sister out without having to walk much to her destination. Before he let her walkaway, he studied her face and insisted, “Lainey,” he intensely locked his green-blue eyes with her brown, in an unnerving kind of way, “No bullshit. No drama. Whatever you don’t tell me, I will find out. I always do.”

Delaney smirked devilishly. Cole’s warning didn’t really phase her, as much as he tried to, so she simply batted her eyelashes in return. “Scout’s honor.” She playfully brought her index and middle finger to her temple, saluting like a child would with a sash of badges. “Have fun breaking Jamie’s heart, Coco.”

“You’re full of shit,” As he eased on the gas, he chuckled and teasingly retorted back, “Have fun with your roommates.” Right before he went out of sight, he winked at his adorable sister that he loved to hate and then went off to take care of business. Driving to the parking lot, behind the building, he dialed Jamie’s number. Putting his car in park, he listened to the callback ringtone, patiently humming to it, as he waited. Seemingly, Cole was relaxed.

The girl groaned as her brother’s car disappeared down the road, remembering again that she was about to meet her random roommates for the year who she may or may not kill on first glance. She exhaled audibly, “This is bullshit.” Delaney murmured, walking into the Oaklands building.


In the grand music room, Caspian Grey, now dressed in all black, no longer finding a need to brighten up his appearance since he was in the comfort of his barren, empty, and cold estate, studied the harp and its vacant seat. He sat in his designated area, across from it, letting his own graceful instrument rest between his knees. A deep resounding hum filled the room, as he dragged his bow on the strings. He was the only breathing thing in this room, in the whole Grey Manor even. Aside from the butler and maid, the rest were inanimate objects that couldn’t talk or tell him everything was going to be okay.

To break the silence, he played music. While his mood wanted to play something dark, due to the constant, lingering force pressing him down, the anvil on his chest, he decided against his negativity and let hope drive his left-hand fingers that danced at the top. In tandem, his right hand moved back and forth, working together to create the sound of beautiful Silver Linings. Thinking back of the events of today, how the WSYX ABC 6 news cast utilized his tip to disclose the merge to the public, his continued observations of the sad state of the school (but the potential it had to be something beautiful), and his talk with Alina, which ultimately led to his talk with Niki.


Caspian couldn’t say if he and them were on better terms or not. If issues had been resolved, he would know, but he was relieved he approached them, at least. Niki didn’t stay long enough to give him much of a chance to explain himself, but it was still progress. It was the first time Niki ever yelled at him like that, which shows they cared, and now he knows why they were hurt. "And if you seriously are trying to tell me that you don't remember saying any of that. Honey, I think you might need even more therapy than me."

His memory was spotty and unfortunately, he couldn’t remember last semester well. He remembered he was worried about Niki and how they didn’t keep in contact with him as much as he’d prefer, but after that? He didn’t remember the guy Niki mentioned. The guy that said things Cas did not know he was capable of saying. A side of him that shouldn’t exist, but was apparently buried deep. A side that felt like the person his father wanted him to be. The man he deliberately tries to not be.

Sighing to himself, Caspian knew what he needed to do, but part of him was scared to tell his therapist that he thought there was more to his problem than anger. That there was a part of him he knew nothing about and was scared to know anything about. For now, he would immerse himself in his music and not think of the future or the past.

Somewhere in him felt like his sister was playing with her harp, the one she is permitted to travel with (they have an instrument for the mansion and one for orchestra) in her new school, along with him. He missed her. He wanted to talk to her. He wanted to be with her because in these moments she would know just what to say. She would know how to push him in the direction he needed to go to feel content with himself. He hated how human he felt sometimes. Part of him wished he did become the monster that his father wanted him to be, but he knew if he succumbed to that darkness, he would never be able to change the Grey legacy for the better. The family portrait, while seemingly perfect on the outside, was peeling and needed to be restored, or better yet, renewed.

As he sailed at sea with his music, his eyes closed and the sound waves enveloped every fiber of his being, becoming one with his soul. He could feel his phone vibrate in his pant’s pocket, and yet, he needed this moment to himself before letting the reality of the world crash into him again. Before checking his phone, he let the gentle repose offer him that gateway of reflection. When he opened his eyes and his ode to himself concluded, as if he dropped the anchor and took a second to breathe in the calm of his surroundings, Caspian could see his sister’s smile, encouraging him to just keep swimming.

After breathing in, and out, he reached into his pocket to see who had texted him. To his surprise, it was none of his close friends. Instead, it was Christian. Someone he considered a friendly acquaintance, who so happens to think about even the quiet people of Liberty High. It seems that Christian wanted to see if he’d be attending the first party of the year.

Hesitant, Caspian sat still and deeply stared at the message, wondering if he should or should not go. You don’t expect to get Callie back with that attitude, do you? Go. She’d want you to. Grimacing to himself, he argued with the voice inside of his head, Me going wouldn’t make a difference. I don’t do well at parties. Not without her. Who would even notice me? Most of my friends need space or are preoccupied. Shaking his head, he continued to think to himself, Do you really think you’ll help this school with that attitude? Stop relying on Callie. You need to do this for yourself.

Leaning back in his seat, listening to both the angel and the devil on his shoulders, Caspian closed his eyes, taking in the pros and the cons, coming to a decision.

The Boys had went their separate ways and Spike was deliberately going out of his way to not be seen by Christian and Eleazar. He wasn't ready to work his night away at the grill. They should've just ordered pizza. Yeah, he loved burgers, but pizza meant he didn't' have to work. Going straight to the table with the glowy shit, Spike was quick to accessorize. Glasses that glowed, check. Necklaces that glowed, check. A lightsaber that lit up this world, fuck yeah check! Looking around him, Spike sneaked a second lightsaber and then rushed outside to be a kid.

The school mascot took time to appreciate the scenery (girls, girls were the scenery) and then exited the back door, only to immediately jump in the nearest bush when he saw the grill station. His eyes went from the boy behind the grill to a sight he didn't expect to see... a bouncy house. Tensing up, Spike recalled his dream earlier this week, which now felt like an awful premonition or some shit. "Open your eyes," Minty had said. In the beginning of the week, he would think those words would mean open your eyes and see that I love you more than any other guy. But now? She was gone. She just up and left, pushed him away, and now he knows exactly what his dream meant. Minty and him could never be. She didn't care for him. Not like he did for her.

Clenching his hold on one of the lightsabers, Spike bit the inside of his cheek. Not tonight. He wasn't going to think about her tonight. They were never an item. They slept together for funsies. Nothing more, nothing less. Gallantly, he snuck around the many people of the party, going straight to the thing that triggered his emotions. The motherfucking bouncy house. If these lightsabers were actually real, he'd destroy this omen with a stab, and a jab, and a pow. Twirling his hands around, dual-wielding the swords, Spike pretended to be a jedi going in for the kill, looking completely badass and flexing his baton skills.

Only to jump (and yelp) when he saw something move in the corner of his eyes, coming from the woods that led to the lake. When did that kid get there?! A boy wearing all black with the palest of skins and prominent dark circles leaned against a tree. It was clear he didn't want to be noticed, keeping to himself and away from the crowd's eyes, while he smoked. His expression was hard to read, but his reaction of taking the cigarette out of his lips and letting the natural air extinguish it, revealed to Spike that this boy didn't like this nasty habit but needed it for one reason or another.

Awkwardly standing up, putting the lightsabers behind his back, kind of embarrassed for some reason, Spike watched the boy glide to the garbage to dispose of his cigarette, "...Liberty?" Of course he was a Liberty kid, Spike. You know basically everyone and you clearly do not know this kid. Honestly? This kid reminded him of... hm, what was he thinking about?

"Yes, what gave it away?" Making his way to the ball of energy, Caspian broke the distance between them, to introduce himself.

"Uh, probably the pants. Nice pants like that don't last too long here. Whether it's glitter or glow paint, your pants won't stay black forever." A vampire! This kid reminded him of a VAMPIRE. With widen eyes, Spike gained inspiration randomly and now needed to know his name, "Liberty, Rosefell, that shit doesn't matter anymore, right?"

Amused, yet staring at Spike with the dullest expression, it was probably because of the natural apathy he gave off, Caspian nodded in agreement, "It shouldn't."

Hopping closer to the vampire, causing Caspian to step back in caution, Spike offered the end of the lightsaber for the mysterious boy to shake, "I'm Spike!"

"Caspian." So this was Spike. The boy who talked on the intercom and the boy that everyone in Rosefell knew, for better or for worse. Looking at the lightsaber, Caspian asked, " you want to fence?" Why else would this kid be offering a glowing sword?

"What?! For real? You'll spar with me?" Shooketh. This kid who didn't look like he had a childish side was willing to swing lightsabers with him. You really shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Maybe meeting this boy was fate. Maybe they both needed a simple meeting to make them feel better. Unbeknownst to each other, they both were missing someone and somehow this first meeting brightened up their demeanor. It was like two worlds meeting and seeing that on the other side, there were people willing to meet in the middle. Smiling to himself, Spike could see the silver lining of the merge. Maybe this year wouldn't be as bad as everyone thought it would be.

Unfortunately, once Spike handed his extra lightsaber to Bloodwave, wow - he was a fucking genius, he could hear his name being called. Damn. He'd been seen. "Oh man, dude. I'mma make sure to find you later. We need to talk. Maybe after I have a shot or two, but for now... duty calls and by duty, it has nothing to do with the booty. Why don't you go to the dance floor? I'm sure someone like you got moves like Jagger. Your dark and mysterious thing is definitely cool and I'm sure a lady will want to peel all those layers off to see what's underneath the edge."

Tilting his head, holding the lightsaber now, Caspian muttered, "Thank you?"

"Or boy! I don't know your type but I can promise you someone would definitely be DTF." There was another SPIKE shouted and grumbling to himself, the mascot yelled back, "UGH, FUCK. I'M COMING, CHILL! CAN'T YOU SEE ME MAKING FRIENDS!" He was proud of himself for finding a new comic book character in his story, but now he had to work. Playtime would have to wait. Time to flip burgers.

Sad, so sad, he won't get to make out with a girl right away. Heading to Eleazor to either relieve him of the grill, or grill with him, leaving Caspian bewildered and with a lightsaber, Spike dramatically sighed, "I'm here, I'm here, I'm here. What did I miss? And bruh, we'll need to make way more than that if we want to appease the drunk people."

Bringing attention to the food, Spike went beside the other boy to get to work, when a random girl approached him, he joked, "Welcome to Good burger. Home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?"
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@Ken we are and i will pm you the discord, there is some school info there
In Paramount 21 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Hello! If you haven't been informed about this RP, please message us for the discord link if you're interested. There people have reserved face claims, colors, and concepts. This RP has been in the works since before Christmas, so there are a few people who have known about this for awhile. Finally, we're live. We are open for others to join we just thought it was silly to make an interest check when we already have a handful of people who know. Please don't be afraid to join! We will make sure to accommodate you and ease your way in. Nothing has been established aside from our Mean Girls clique and the newspaper club.
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