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What If...



“-I mean, I like learning and even I don’t think all those classes were necessary,” Danny’s long rant wound down as he dangled by his arms from a tree branch, having given up on any more chin ups two minutes in. He blew his dark blonde curls out of his face, only to roll his eyes as they sprung up just to fall right back where they’d been at the start. Between skipping a year in highschool and all his accelerated classes, the almost-twenty one year old was already a college graduate with Bachelors in both Finance and Social Work, having graduated alongside Maya who got her own Bachelor in Finance and was currently waiting to hear back if she’d received a position as a Loan Officer at Edenridge National Bank, where she is currently a teller.

Decky, who’d been lying on his back on the bench closest to his brother’s climbing tree while they waited for two of the three Dawson brothers to arrive, tilted his head back in his hands and looked up at Danny, squinting as his form was silhouetted by the midday sun. His baby brother had grown so much over the years, but Decky was happy to announce that he was still an inch taller than Danny and when the kid got smart he could still win their brotherly wrestling matches. With him and Maya returning home from Boston U for good, their house on the Southside would finally be full, full-time. While they had completely renovated it when they got it, including breaking down walls and building others, the foundation was still that of the Boaz brothers’ childhood home, sitting right next to the Cernis’ on Cherry Street. When Decky and Danny found out that Beni had OD’d and left no will while Alana survived but was no longer able to care for herself, their first thought was ‘why are we being contacted?’ while the second was ‘No fucking way,’ when it was revealed that Alana had a living will.

She had left everything to them. The house, what little remained of Beni’s inheritance, and a packet of information on Beni’s brother, and her own three brothers, uncles that the boys never knew they had. Decky had been a month away from eighteen at the time and still living in the Serpent Dorms at the Edge with Danny- and Sunshine when the ornery boy got in a fight with Lacey, which was often- and he’d immediately turned to the people in his life that he knew could guide him. Beau, Phil, and Demo had all helped him immensely, both emotionally and educationally, and by the time he turned eighteen he was ready to accept the keys to his childhood home, secure in the knowledge that he had people to go to when he needed help. When Decky and Danny talked about renovating it, Danny was the one that brought up the savings Decky had started as a college fund for his little brother, and when the older tried to argue he was firmly reminded that Danny was already on a fast track to scholarships with several grants he was looking into.

He’d all but pushed for the money to be used in this way, and he’d spent almost a full hour laying out an incredibly detailed argument that could ultimately be boiled down to his closing statement of, “This is a fresh start through the reclamation of what was always meant ta be a safe and secure place for us, our childhood home. Let’s raze it ta the fuckin’ ground and then build a real home on the foundation of what should have already been that!” And really. How could he argue with that? How could he argue with Danny at all about how he wanted to use the money that Decky had set aside for him? It had been when they were designing the new floor plan that they brought up the idea of both Sonny and Maya moving in as well, and that the master bedroom would probably take up at least a third of the top floor to compensate for three residents. Everyone had moved in as soon as things were finished and they’d been there since.

And now Maya and Danny were back home for good and fully unpacked just in time for the day of Beau’s party, meaning Decky was taking Danny to the park so they could get in some bonding time while waiting for Chase and Conan, but also because Danny obviously needed to get excess energy out and Decky never stopped acting like his parent so a trip to the parked seemed aces. Sometimes the younger man’s energy levels would just skyrocket and on days like those, Decky had to make sure Danny and Rye didn’t get together too long because it was like trying to keep up with two hyperactive speedsters with four brains between the two.

“So,” Decky finally answered as Danny lifted himself further in the tree and almost kicked Decky in the face when he was swinging his leg up onto the branch. “You’re sayin’ college was a waste and ya decided ta just come work for me and Phil instead?” Danny rolled his eyes down at his older brother from where he was now crouched in the lowest branch of the trees, shaking his head. “What? That’s not what that hour long rant about the oversaturation of non related requirements for specialized fields was about?”

“Sorry Decky, but I didn’t spend five years doing a horrifyingly non-linear amalgamation of high school and college classes to still just be a mechanic, no offense-”

“Ah, ooh, the pain, like gettin’ stabbed all over agai-”

“Shut up ya drama queen,” Another eyeroll was sent his way from his baby brother, the younger man showing no remorse for his words after the older’s theatrics. “If I wanna be a damn good Financial Analyst and Advisor, especially if I wanna work for myself, I’ve at least gotta go into the field I studied my ass off for. Can ya imagine what Beau would say if I walked up ta him tonight and went, ‘Hey! Thanks for the encouragement all these years, but I decided ta dial it back-”

“Slum it with the mechanics, not even engineers-”

“Slum it with the mechanics,” Danny echoed his brother while shaking his head, derisive tone and all, before he burst out laughing, causing all the leaves to shake on the branch that was supporting him. Decky laughed back and closed his eyes again once he saw his brother was stable, imagining Beau’s reaction. That would not go over even as a joke without a meaningful speech from the warm man.

“Ok fine, go get a big boy job in the white collar sector or some shit, come back and see me when your car needs work,” Decky sighed dramatically, not even opening his eyes when he heard footsteps crunching in their direction. He raised his voice so the joining brothers could hear. “Y’all hear that? Danny’s too good ta hang around Phil’s now that he’s got a fancy degree.”

“That is not what I said,” Danny countered, fond exasperation in his tone. He grinned down at Chase and Conan from his spot in the tree, unwilling to touch the ground again at the moment. Conan could climb up after him if he wanted a hug hello. “Hey guys! And sorry I missed watching you practice Co, we didn’t unpack the last box until an hour ago. How was it? Y’all crush it?”

“He’s hyper today,” Decky stated needlessly, grinning as he finally sat up from the bench.

“I can tell,” Conan slid his headphones off his head, resting it behind his neck and on his shoulders. “You want to talk about fancy shit?” The brown-eyed boy’s gaze went from Mordechai to his best friend before gesturing to his brother. TNT had claimed the rest of the picnic table Decky was at, and started setting a surprise afternoon meal. “Look at this guy, in his chef uni, looking hella’ clean, hella’ fly and hella’ expensive. Cee!” Conan called out, looking over his shoulder as he did so, “You working at the Ivy today or Faith’s Fishhouse, or a bit of both? I never know with you.”

This guy, like Danny, was on the fast track of being the best at his chosen career. No one expected Chase to grab onto cooking like his life depended on it but then he found a bodacious blonde who loved pink and who loved to eat. Cooking for her led to him learning how to cook first at the pizza joint, then at the diner, then with the locals, like Big Mama Nesta and Beau, which led to Jade setting up a gathering and asking Chase to ‘cook something nice’. Well, it turns out Jade invited Bluejay and her family, which included a culinary Hotshot, especially for Edenridge’s standards. Blue’s dad. The big chef guy who somehow got away with having two families at one time, but who was he to judge? Still a better parent than his birth parents would ever be. One thing led to another and before Chase realized it, he had already graduated culinary school, thanks to the Irvine Food Dreams program and his promising, raw talent, gained an apprenticeship under the dad rock old man, Lance Irvine, which includes a stable, constant flow of income, and got MARRIED. What a fucking time! Neither of them expected that. Hell, Conan didn’t even expect to live past eighteen and be the founder of Phantom Menace, the Gallows legacy band, but the world works in mysterious ways. Thank the cosmos for that.

Playfully, Conan gave Danny a love tap where his boy crouched on the low branch. Danny in response laid across its length like a large cat and dangled his hand down towards his best friend. “Practice was chill. Lala’s vocals were sick. If you want me to be honest, real honest though, she shouldn’t be in this band. She’s better than all of us combined. Her voice gives me fucking chills. Yeah, I got the dream, continuing Gallow’s legacy, rest in peace Rusty, a FUCKING SERPENT LEGEND. But Lala? Fuck. She got a gift. She got the talent. I’m just tenacious and crazy. Let me be like Dimebag or Randyyyyy. I’ll die a legend but until then, I’m here waiting on a prayer to maybe make it somewhere. Or just chill here and be gold dust in the air.”

“That rhymed,” Chase looked up from setting up the table, some fish and chips for his family, mentally reminding himself to text Tov and Ransom that he had some food in his fridge for them too. “Hungry?” He asked the band of brothers.

“That did rhyme, that was good shit,” Danny agreed, grinning down at Conan excitedly and suggesting, “New song?”

“I’m hungry,” Decky answered Chase’s question with a sigh when Danny didn’t, grunting as he leveraged himself back up into a sitting position on the bench. He cracked his back and glared at Danny when the younger man laughed at another escaping groan. “Don’t.”

“I’m gonna.”

Boychik I swear ta-”

“You’re old.”

Decky gave the boy a deadpan stare as he stood up, catching Conan’s eye as he advanced. He nodded at Danny and made sure that Conan was on the other side of the branch and prepared for what happened next.



“Snap, crackle, pop! Your body- Ah!” Danny laughed as he was shoved backwards out of the tree, not even worrying about the landing.

One reason he didn’t have to worry was because someone was always watching out for him. If it wasn’t his brother, it was Sonny. If it wasn’t Sonny, it was Maya. If it wasn’t Maya, it was Lacey. If it wasn’t Lacey, it was Jokes or Creed. So on and forth. And yet, more often than not, the go to person that would take mere seconds to be at his side, always alert, was his best friend. Sure, Decky gave him a clear warning with his eyes but CT was already in a position to catch the falling boy. While he wasn’t necessarily bulk like the standard jock — Danny Belmonte for example — he was fit and slim underneath his hoodie. Demo would say all his energy would’ve made him a great athlete. Still, his father was not one to forcibly suggest a path on his children. He let them explore and figure it out. In time, they all did just that. They figured it out.

Instead of shooting hoops or running track, Conan chose to grow as a musician and occasionally jump fences and do dumb shit with his friends. His favorite hobby in the world though? Being there for Danny in whatever capacity he could. Conan couldn’t imagine a life without his friend. Not only did their lives have parallels but their minds moved in tandem, constantly on the same wavelength. There were some people that just got each other and Danny was that person for him. As morbid as this sounded, Conan had a feeling, even after all the success he and his brother have experienced thanks to Lady Luck, that his days were numbered. Whether it was his upbringing or the fact that no matter how much time passes, he believes that the picture he paints in his head is a requiem for a dream, Conan knew deep down he would die sooner rather than later.

Until then…

Thump! The two boys fell on the ground, Conan’s mind having drifted for a moment before the sudden force of his friend brought him back to reality.

“You’re so fucking graceful,” Conan groaned, letting the weight of his friend bury him.

To the side by the food, TNT sat there waiting for everyone to join him, not touching the food out of courtesy and respect for them (it's what he did; he chose to be the last one to take a bite because he enjoyed seeing others savor his food). He received a text from his wife of one year (crazy, right?). His shoulders relaxed and his mood brightened even more. He was already in a good mood but the thought of Tiffannie put him in an even better mood. A gentle smile appeared on his face as he zoned in on their conversation, the others fading in the background. He needed to remind her about Beau’s party tonight. He hated engaging at large parties and social gatherings. Doesn’t matter how functional he was as a growing chef, knowing how to network and charm people when he needed to. Chase Warren was still one hell of an introvert and he needed his wife.

“I never claimed grace,” Danny replied with a groan of his own, making no effort to adjust his dead weight across Conan, more than happy to be sprawled out across his best friend. “Pangerz manages grace, even Zion manages grace, you can’t expect it from all of us. That’s just unfair.”

“He really did inherit that grace from Auntie Dev, you know it’s not a Goldstein trait,” Decky gave his two cents as he reached down and grabbed his baby brother by the front of the shirt, lifting him up just enough to drag him off of his friend’s chest before he promptly released the fabric and allowed Danny to thump down to the ground beside Conan instead. “Let him breathe, Boychik, y’all are practically joined at the hip as is.”

Despite the pout he sent his older brother in response, Danny sat up soon after and dusted off his clothes before reaching out to his best friend in an offer to help him up. As much as Conan and Danny have caught each other as they fell, there were just as many times where they’ve had to help pick each other up when they were down. Danny couldn’t imagine life without his bestie blazing a trail by his side, didn’t even want to, he could barely stand staying in the dorms when he had to. There were quite a few late night phone calls from the fairer haired boy just needing to hear his friend’s voice, and several times where a few hours after he hung up he’d hear the roar of Decky’s motorcycle. He fling open his curtains in his little shoebox of a room, and Decky would be putting down his kickstand while Conan almost unbalanced them both with how fast he flew off the back seat. On bad occasions, Zion would be pulling up right beside them with Topanga as his backpack. Decky would send Topanga off to grab Maya from the girls dorm and they’d all sneak up into Danny’s room together. Without fail, the nights where they all slept in a pile on the floor were some of the best sleeps he’s ever had.

Two sets of brothers, both born into unfortunate circumstances, clawed their way out of their misfortunes with help from their found families. With similar traumas that were only really understood amongst them and the Cernis siblings, however, the relationships forged between the four men currently in the park was one that came from some of the harshest pressures and stresses. Out of all the pain and darkness of their childhoods, each boy managed to find a way to come out a diamond. They were still raw, roughened around the edges and with sharp lines you’d do well to watch out for, but they always seem to smoothen out and shine brightest when they were together, amplifying each other’s internal light.

“So…” Decky spoke up again with a little clap, eyebrow raised at his little brother and his best friend who, despite both standing and balanced, had forgotten the next step of letting go of each other’s hands. “Food?”

“About damn time,” TNT grunted back, texting a black heart emoji to his girl before facing his phone down. “Food’s probably cold by now,” he complained and grumbled, crossing his arms, pretending to be grumpy but really just fooling around. He was in good spirits, even if exhausted from the double shifts he’d been picking up lately. Five years ago he wouldn’t imagine where he was. Hell, even three years ago. Or two! So much has changed and all for the better. For once he could say he was happy. Not only because he was doing well for himself, with a cute and supportive woman at his side, and a doting father constantly rooting him on, but all those he loved were doing great, better than great, too. Especially his brother by blood and his brothers (and sisters) by bond. Conan, Tov, Jade, Ransom, Decky, Danny, Sunshine, Jokes, Creed, Charlie & Poppy. It was a surreal feeling to see their growth and the look on their faces as they saw into the future and dreamed.

To dream… it wasn’t something a southie usually did. How fortunate they all were to be able to dream and continue to dream. Their life was like a dream and none of them wanted to wake up from it.

Grabbing Danny’s hand, CT was pulled up with ease. They stared at each other for a longing moment. Their gaze said enough without any words leaving their lips. There was so much love between the boys. Romantic or not, that was up for interpretation but there was one thing that was undeniable about them. Their souls were woven together and together, they were whole. A true Southside story. Throwing his arm around his dearest friend, his better half, Conan chuckled as he locked eyes with his older brother, “It’s all good.” He began walking with his friend closer to the table. “You know we’ll eat it. We’re skinny fucks. Flesh and bone, man. I’ll eat just about anything.”

“I’ve been surviving off of vending machine snacks for the past few years, anything Chase cooks is gonna blow my mind regardless of temperature,” Danny agreed, a wild grin on his face as he and Conan sat on the bench in unison. He rolled his eyes fondly at the older men as each pushed a full plate in front of the younger two, well used to the parental habits.

As they all dug in, Decky took a moment to just watch the scene. It was such a nice day, everyone was smiling and looking forward to Beau’s party. He wondered what all the anxiety buzzing in his chest was about, because it couldn’t be caused by anything happening now. Things were as perfect as they could get for a group of Southies, it was almost unreal, so he must be getting anxious about talking at the party. Public speaking and personal speeches were different things, and Beau helped the boys through a lot, so it must just be his old worries about being vulnerable creeping up on him.

“Decky? You gonna eat?” Danny was staring at him intently, as if reading the thoughts off the surface of his mind, and it would have looked pretty serious if not for his cheeks bulging with food.

“‘Course I am, focus on your own damn plate,” Decky replied as he broke from his daze and focused back in on the table. He shoved a handful of food in his mouth as if to prove his point to his little brother, and after another moment of intense searching the blonde let his eyes fall back to his best friend beside him, nudging his arm just as Conan was about to put a piece of food in his mouth and making him smear it across his face.

The sound of playful whining and banter carried off on the breeze and through the small area of Lyon park, alerting those nearby that the Boaz and Dawson brothers had been reunited once more, returning balance back as it should be.

Location: On the boat
Introducing: Amalee Kay Brooke, Asher Silverstein & Ty Locke
Small intro/Video chat: Aurora Zayani

@LovelyComplex @Aces Away @Hey Im Jordan

Amalee Brook’s blue, expressive eyes were as if the ocean and the dancing sky became a tapestry woven. Serene, peaceful and full of newborn light. After all these years, from when she was Amanda Lee to now a household name, Amalee Kay, she still looked at the world with a certain innocence and wonder. She still had unquenchable curiosity, a sense of adventure and an indisputably playful nature. Although she was no longer a caterpillar, timidly crawling down a branch, although she was no longer cocooned and reflecting on her journey and the many places she would go, and although her butterfly wings had unfolded, revealing a beauty untold, Amanda and Amalee were one of the same.

The same girl that dreamed. That never stops dreaming. The same girl that felt restless at night and needed to put her emotion in paint strokes. The same girl that taught herself to sew and to make people feel something that she struggled feeling for many years of her life. The same girl that wanted others to feel happy in their skin, to love themselves and be liberated from the social constructs their world created. The same hopeless girl that got lucky and flew with her chance, never looking back.

The same girl…

As the sun warmed her face, Amalee turned away from it to look earnestly into the pool water. Her legs and feet made small waves, creating circles, meeting and touching one another, then leaving to do another round, left foot going counter clockwise, right foot going clockwise. Amalee thought to herself, silently and in her own world, about her life so far. In all honesty, she’s come a long way. Ten years ago she would’ve never imagined being here, on a yacht, spending the night away with her graduating class. She would’ve never imagined she’d come to this event, seeing how her memories weren’t all good. No, some of her highschool days she did a lot of crying, questioning herself and wanting to give up, never to reach the stars. Some of her highschool days she felt incredibly sad and like an outcast. Some of her highschool days she was lost, without a compass, unable to maneuver around the foreign territory that was King’s Academy. Even with all that being said, the good outweighed the bad. The good always outweighed the bad.

Ty taught her that.

She had classmates that saw her beyond her hammy downs and off brand accessories. She had classmates that marveled at her paintings and wanted her to enhance their prom dresses. She had classmates that invited her to parties and made her feel safe. She had classmates that loved her. To those that noticed the small embroidery and stitches she put on her uniform to make it subtly her own. To those that picked her up when no one else would, seeing her for who she was and not the status she was born into. To those that saw beyond themselves and showed her around, teaching her a few tricks along the way. They were her reason to chase her heart’s desires and find herself. They were the reason she became someone. They were the reason she keeps evolving and becoming more than she could’ve ever dreamed of becoming. They are the reason she believes.

“You need to send me pics of who you’re going to fuck, kay? Hate that I’m missing out but I GUESS this isn’t my graduating class. Ash, baby. Sweet Pea is in a daze again. Tell her to pay attention to me, ugh,” Aurora Zayani ranted, swaying her espresso martini glass around as she talked to her phone, which was leaned up against a vase. She was at one of her favorite brunch and watering hole spots in Beverly Hills. The Polo Lounge. For generations, this has been a hot place for stars and Hollywood deal-makers alike. Since she didn’t have her main squeezes to take, she decided to go by herself because why not? If she couldn’t go to her favorite places by herself, why bother going anywhere? If there was someone who exuded confidence and gave little to no fucks, it was without a doubt, Amalee’s business partner, Aurora. She was a force to be reckoned with and Asher Silverstein knew her well. A little too well. “I hope she took her anxiety meds, lord knows she needs to loosen up and have fun.”

Asher rolled his eyes and smiled fondly at his phone screen, well used to Rora’s antics by now. He should have known she’d have some whimsy she wanted him to fulfill for her while he wasn’t around for her to play with. Games were a recurring thing for the woman, and something Asher was often more than willing to play along with, but he had no idea who he would end up with tonight, or if he was really even feeling a one night fling with one of his old classmates, so agreeing to her demand would mean setting himself up to answer questions he wasn’t ready for. He’s always loved having fun, he has a list of flings a mile long and he’s still on good terms with most of them. He’s never had a problem finding someone for the night. Recently, however, unless he was having fun with Rora or having another rendezvous with Kole when she was in town, Asher found himself uninterested in his usual one-night stands. Sometimes he’d catch Ty and Ama doing something so damn cute and domestic that it keeps him up at night with thoughts of having someone to do the same things with. He found himself longing for a lifestyle he’s only ever been an observer of, and he doesn’t really know what to do about it. He’s already got his life pretty full, what with his job at the bank, taking care of the dogs, time allotted for friends that often get business mixed in since he handles their accounts, and running the socials and gaining partnerships for Asher’s Home For Adoptable Dogs.

Breaking himself of his thoughts before he too was as lost as Amalee, Asher asked of Aurora, “And what am I supposed to tell this potential lay when I whip out a camera to take a picture and then obviously send it in a message? Also Esty is at the house pouting with the dogs because she wasn’t invited either, if it makes you feel any better,” His little sister Esther was rather fond of Kai Qureshi, both as a friend and client of hers where she works in their banks’ travel department as an Operations Manager. The three of them have had many business lunches together before the traveler set off on another big adventure, and Esty was rather upset when she was told she couldn’t join them on the yacht and see the other woman before their next scheduled meeting. Asher had promptly patted her on the head and told her to suck it up and take care of the dogs before shouldering his bag and heading out with Ty and Ama. He might have felt bad under other circumstances, but they’d be seeing Kai together soon enough and Esty wasn’t alone, Ama’s father Adam would be helping with the dogs as well and those two had one of the weirdest but most wholesome friendships he’d ever seen. She’d get over it.

“Offering your baby sis to me? You naughty, naughty boy,” Aurora joked, taking another sip of her martini before glancing past Ash and at her best friend. She gestured for him to once again get her girl to snap out of whatever stupor she was in.

Finally getting Ama’s attention as requested, he reached out to toss his arm around Ama’s shoulder and draw her out of her reverie and further into frame, glancing over to her to relay, “Rora’s feeling left out and wants your attention, how dare you zone out and leave her with only me for entertainment, now she’s trying to get me to send pics tonight.”

“He’s going to do it or I’m going to leak his nudes,” Rora snickered, before adding, “I’m sure you’ve seen him right Honeybun? You live together, so I’m sure you are well aware of what he’s—”

The horn sounded.

Saving her friend, Amalee leaned into his chest and grabbed his phone, “Oh you hear that? It’s time to partayyyyy. Gotta’ go babes. Love you soooo much. Kisses.”

“Wait, I’m not done—”

“Bye-bye now.”


“Just ignore her for the next ten minutes and she’ll get bored,” Amalee handed Asher back his phone, staring up at him, with those pretty blues. “So…” She tried her best to change the subject on what Ash was packing, pretending she hadn’t thought about it at all in the time she’s known him, “You excited?” She thoughtfully asked, not realizing there could be more than one meaning to her question, especially after Rora’s words.

Asher was adamantly ignoring the hot embarrassment that was sitting high on his cheeks, thankful that Amalee had taken the opportunity provided by the ship’s horn to cut Aurora off before she could get any further. He could already feel his phone buzzing from a string of messages from the other woman, and he was almost positive it was a few of his own nudes that she had stashed in her phone, just to remind him that she absolutely did have them. When Ama asked if he was excited, his mind was still focused on these thoughts.

“Excited from her sending me my own-?” He looked down into Ama’s eyes and realized that the woman was moving the conversation along and he had misinterpreted her last question, and the embarrassed blush came back in full force. “Oh you weren’t- nevermind,” He cleared his throat and scratched at the stubble on his jaw in a nervous tick before forcing himself back onto track. “It’ll be fun to see everyone, but I get to see a lot of our classmates already for work,” He thought about a certain thought-to-be-dead classmate who’s long inactive bank account has seen very recent activity, and realized he was more excited for some potential scenes that were bound to break out tonight than others. “Honestly I’m mostly thinking about how upset Ursula is going to be when she realizes we were in a pool without her.”

It was actually a secondary thought he had while lightly kicking his feet back and forth in the water, realizing the three year old Newfoundland would smell the chemicals on them once they returned to LA and would, in protest, spend the next two days turning her head away from them anytime they were in the same room. However it took more than waiting for the other party goers to arrive to get Asher excited for social events nowadays. He’s always hated galas and other events where he was expected to be on his best behavior, and while he could work a crowd with the best of them, he absolutely hated it and it drained him rather quickly. He used to party like a monster the second he’d gotten his work done for the week, practically up for the entire weekend before crashing for a few hours and starting the whole week over again, but that was back when he was expecting to take over the company from his parents instead of just doing what he wanted. Nowadays he gets teased by Ziggy for sticking mostly to weed and shrooms outside special occasions.

He knew she was nervous and trying to distract herself, but unfortunately if Ama wanted an honest answer from him that didn’t seem too bummed, she’d have to wait until he started to feel the energy of the party.

“Mm,” Ama nodded at his words, once again reflecting on the coming reunion. She needed to get a drink… ease her nerves. Truthfully, she wasn’t looking forward to this. She dealt with parties, networking and big crowds enough for work and now she had to deal with it with her former classmates. She fiddled with her fingers, anxious and wondering if coming here was even worth it. Did people even want to see her? It then dawned on her that she forgot to take her meds. She needed to run to her cabin before their class started coming onto the boat. After pulling her feet and legs out the pool, she stood up and straightened her dress, “We should prepare ourselves, Ash.”

Ash nodded and stood up alongside her, almost slipping on the now wet floor and falling straight into the pool when he jumped and turned to Ty as the man made his loud entrance.

“Yo! I’m so psyched! Everyone should be filin’ in soon and then it’s gonna be like BOOM BOOM BOOM,” Ty exploded onto the scene, poorly beatboxing dubstep loudly and bobbing his head up and down as he did so, an unlit joint hanging out of his mouth as he approached the two most important people in his life. “Kick ass, wonderful time. We’re gonna get lit, maybe there will be a fight or somethin’. That’d be pretty tight. Man overboard, spuh-LASH.” He paused as he got in front of the other two and pulled the joint out of his mouth, looking at each of them.

“Fuck. You guys are gettin’ a little anxious, huh? What do you do without me?” He shook his head and quickly flipped the j between his fingers, holding it out to Asher. “I ain’t got a lighter anyway, you should take this. You both clearly need it more than I do.” The extrovert who had adopted two introverts looked between his two precious people and then tilted his head, a thoughtful expression creeping across his face, like a child who remembered he’d done something wrong.

“By the way, I ate an ounce of shrooms earlier, so one of the two of you needs to commit to making sure I don’t drown. Who’s it gonna be, babes? Actually… I actually do wanna smoke this.” He flipped it again, bringing it back up to his lips and instead holding a hand out expectantly toward Asher, needing a light.

Asher sighed, having actually been looking forward to lighting the joint himself, but dutifully reached into the pocket of his pants to pull out his latest lighter. He always pays for the customs designs, each lighter having a picture of one of his adoptables with the business number at the bottom. He gave these fuckers out like candy but always made sure to keep one for himself. He rolled his eyes at Ty’s grabby hand, muttering, “If you think I’m letting you lose my lighter you’re sorely mistaken, sir,” and knocking the man’s limb out of the way and stepping into his space to hold the lit flame up to the end of the joint hanging from his lips. He looked into another pair of bright blue eyes and raised an eyebrow judgmentally, staring him down until Ty’s brain caught up and the other man sucked in a breath and Asher could pull the lighter away. He pocketed his lighter and stepped back before looking between his friends, seeing how Ty was already on his way to blasted and Ama was anxious enough that she’d forgotten her meds, and decided to take the hit.

“You guys have as much fun as you want, I’ll probably just drink and smoke tonight, maybe do a line if Ziggy’s feeling persuasive,” He’s lost count of how many times he’s babysat Ty as the other man went on his trips. Much like all their drug use, it was a lot crazier in highschool. Speaking of… Asher reached out and snagged the joint from between Ty’s lips once the man had gotten another puff in, putting it to his own lips and taking in a long drag. He blew the smoke out towards Ty’s face, taking the time before the shrooms kicked in to annoy him a bit before he was officially Asher’s charge for the night. He took another hit, the smoke falling from his lips as he spoke up. “I’m still upset that I couldn’t bring any dogs, by the way. Dogs make every party better, dude. Hammy loves it when you cuddle her while blasted out of your mind,” He sighed, exhaling the rest of the smoke and handing Ty back his joint. The basset hound in question was overfed and under-exercised in her last home, so she was the perfect size to use as a pillow, and whenever she was curled up near your head, her ears became perfect eye masks. She got extremely protective of whoever was napping with her, so if you wanted to be undisturbed then she was the dog to cuddle up to. He fumbled with his phone in his pocket for a moment before pulling it out and going to his contacts. “There’s gonna be so many angry babies when we get home, maybe I should check in with Esty again.”

Easing her way into Ty’s arms, letting him put the joint in between her lips, Ama took a small hit and let the smoke leisurely exit her mouth. As her boyfriend proceeded to take the blunt and smoke it himself, she turned to face Ash, leaning her back against her lover and wrapping his free arm around her waist. “Maybeeeeeee,” Amalee responded, trying to loosen up and not think about their lives in Cali for a moment in time. “Maybe you should get us a shot and we should start this party right. One shot can’t possibly hurt you. It’ll just ease you up as you babysit my Tiger.” Unanimously, the decision had been made that Asher was going to make sure Ty didn’t make a fool of himself at this party. This would allow her time to spend with Pau and Beck. Maybe even say hi to Babs, assuming they weren’t going to get lost at sea or do something wildly stupid with their sis, Bro. “Let’s see, maybe a B52 for each of us? A smooth shot that tastes like dessert.”

"I need to ease up? Me? Never," Asher replied with his hand held dramatically against his chest as he reluctantly returned his phone to his pocket. He hadn't even gotten to text Esty, the young woman having predicted his actions and sent a text saying: Leave me alone and I'll send dog pics, bother me and you get nothing 🖕😘. She meant it when she said things like that. Honestly, if Amalee was already prompting shots that meant she wasn't planning on taking her meds as she'd initially mentioned, so this was going to be just as much to her benefit as it was to his. "Well, I guess I literally signed up for this," Asher continued easily enough, looking his two friends in the eye with a blank stare before he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. His entire demeanor shifted just enough to be noticeable and when he opened his eyes he gave the lovers a slightly-excited smile, throwing his fists up in the air and chanting until he was out of their sight.


“Good brother Asher’s a good dude. Dunno how I got him as my bestie, but I’ll take it… Kinda balances out with the forty dogs we have livin’ in the house huh? Fuckers won’t stay off of the damn couches… They’re suede, y’know?” Ty rolled his eyes, but the smirk on his lips betrayed his true feelings. There were only two things in the world that made him as happy as rolling around with the dogs on the ground and playing fetch, and both of them were in his arms as he watched Asher walk away, chanting for shots.

With an arm around Ama’s waist, Ty watched as Asher walked away to collect the requested shots. Once their mutual friend had disappeared into the interior of the yacht, Ty planted a kiss on Ama’s cheek, “you gonna be okay, babe? I know this is a lot for you…” He gave her a squeeze and rested a cheek against hers, nuzzling in a bit. “But I’m really proud of you, and I want everyone to be jealous of how hot my girl is.”

Amalee did wonder how people would react when they realized she, the scholarship girl, got with one of the wealthiest boys in their year. Would they stir drama and say this was typical behavior for a girl of her stature? Or would they finally see how hard she worked to get where she was and that Ty was someone who supported her through it all? Not financially, but emotionally. As much as her mind was spinning, there really was no use in worrying about the what ifs or things she had no control over. Honestly, she shouldn’t care what others think of her. She shouldn’t worry about their words that used to cut her so deep. And yet she hoped people liked who she became. She hoped they admired her for proving them wrong and becoming something special. Was she special in the grand scheme of things? Probably not, but she liked to think people saw what she brought to the world, however small it may be. She liked to think people cared for her just as much as she cared about the world. She liked to think… she mattered.

“Yeah, TyTy… I’ll be okay.” She whispered, turning to him, as he nuzzled her cheek. Looking deeply into his charming, childish gaze, with endless love connecting their souls, she kissed him. Her quiet way of saying thank you, without having to say anything. It was a sweet, tender kiss, where she melted into him, every inch of her body dissolving into his tight grasp. He made her feel safe. He made her happy. She was lucky to have him, to love and to hold, and to understand her. She wondered if they could find others to add to their little family but if not, she was glad to call him her main squeeze. She was glad to call him: mine.

With Ama in his arms, Ty couldn’t help but smile wide. There was something special about finding your special someone. Ty considered himself very lucky, and oftentimes felt like he’d probably give up all the money and the comfort if it was between that or one more night with her in his arms.

To Ty, there was only one thing left that he needed to move into another day in paradise. “Let’s go get wasted, baby doll.”

“Lead the way,” she purred, matching his warmth with her own. Brushing her nose against his, she put her full trust in him that everything was going to be okay. With him being here with her, she was home and that’s all that mattered. That home was where the heart is and there was no point in running away when they had each other.

They also had Asher too.

Damn I missed the initial party.

Kitty with Levi @The Muse
Stella with Reya & Talie @PrinceAlexus

When Levi swiftly put Kayleigh down, she watched him in silence before turning her attention to Lily who was hurriedly picking up the remains of her gift basket. She continued to observe as Lily and the new girl, Goldie, exchanged words, even catching them staring momentarily.

Lily is talking about us.

Turning back to her date, her stormy eyes fell on Levi’s shaky hand and watched him quench his thirst and bury his nerves with his beer. “Fun you say?”

Kitty tilted her head and smiled, even catching sight of Brad leaving the stage and venturing off into the festival.. If there was someone that was hard to read, it was her and maybe it was because her screws were loose. Maybe it was because she had the attention span of a squirrel. Maybe it was because she had the emotional range of a dog. Whatever it was, nothing she thought could be read on her face. If she was even thinking. Those that knew her, really knew her, knew there was an extremely intelligent girl inside there somewhere who had intention behind the chaos.

“Aren’t you supposed to be on stage soon?”

Considering his words for a moment, she released Levi’s hand in the process. He wasn't wrong. She did have somewhere to be but should she give him the satisfaction of leaving him be? Now that sounded like no fun. “Yes. I should’ve left like ages ago," she said matter-of-factly. "But," she added, hooking onto his arm and not caring for his personal space. "It’s fine. They won’t start without me. Will you be there? You should be there. I’d be so sad if you weren’t there.”

“No, I didn’t smoke weed, but B-Rad did,” Stella giggled, wondering if she was supposed to say that or keep it on the hush hush. Shrugging, as she walked beside her company and listened to their back and forth, she let the more sober people lead the way. When they reached the waffle vendor it was hard not to see Bradley from a distance. He was a giant! If she really squinted her eyes, she could even see his sister's hat.

“I think you’re the one who needs someone to keep her warm...”

Taking her eyes off of the sibling duo, she laughed, adding her two cents to the conversation happening around her, “I think we all need to. Get laid I mean!” She spoke loud enough for all those around the waffle truck to hear them and a few teens started to chuckle behind them. Oblivious to all that, she ordered her chicken and waffles. There was a feeling swirling inside her like she was forgetting something… but for once, she was unburdened by responsibility and worry. She was simply here and in the moment.

"...A little rope play perhaps?"

“Ropeplay?! Role…play?” With a shocked expression, she grabbed the container and thanked the good lad serving them food before looking at Talie. Where was this conversation going? Noticing she was holding up the line, Stella let Reya pay for her and shuffled to the side, “Sorrryyyyyy and thanks, Rey!”

As she tried to focus on the other girls, she could hear a male’s voice do a sound check with the mics. Oh that’s right. Talie thought Reya needed to get laid. And something about roleplay. Rope? Role? No matter. Reya needed cupid on her side. Cupid being her. The best friend. With a sudden mission, Stella dismissed herself from the group, “I realized… I have to pee! So hold this,” she pushed her food and drink in Reya’s hands, who was already holding a water bottle from Talie. “Take care of her, Talie, I’ll be back.” Before either girl could say anything, she scurried off, having one thing on her mind.

Zachary Snypes.

Reya has liked him for-like-ever. Maybe he can give her a shout out while he sings. Give her a suave serenade and make her heart go boom boom.

The plan was simple, she’d approach him before he even started his set list and then she’d be like hey, yeah, so do you like thirsty brunettes? Wait, no. That made it sound like SHE wanted Zack. Stopping in her tracks, out of sight of the waffle truck and the growing crowd in front of the music stage, almost tripping, she realized she didn't know how to be cupid. Rarely was she ever a wingwoman for anyone, let alone her bestie. Only a short stretch to the back stage, she decided to take a few steps back and find a patch of grass. Plopping down, she felt the grass and tried to think of the proper way to tell Reya’s crush to date her.

Think, think. As Winnie the Pooh usually says.

“Come on Leviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,” Kitty was practically dragging her friend, impatient and needing to go on stage but demanding Levi to be there, when she wanted him to. “Now, go be a good boy and sit with your friend over there.” Kitty gestured to the tall boy with waffles and for extra measure she gave Levi a friendly love tap on the booty. “I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me. It better be fun, like you promised!”

He didn’t promise.

“See you from the sky!”

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LOCATION: The Festival
Reya @The Muse & Talie @PrinceAlexus



The Auction was a much needed distraction from the events that had transpired earlier this day, with Levi. On top of that, she was finally with her best friend, especially thanks to the tall guidance of Bradley. With a water bottle in her hand, don’t ask her how she got it (it just showed up), Estella took a sip and smiled to herself, happy that another friend was back. Happy to know that she could hangout with Bradley in the future. He was sweet and kind. She hoped he knew how happy she was that he was home.

Levi and Bradley might’ve both left town for their own personal reasons, but the difference between them was Bradley kept in touch. Levi didn’t. Something that might seem small to some people left a wound in her heart she didn’t know how to heal. She thought back on Bradley’s words: Levi is looking for you, he seemed pretty concerned. And couldn’t believe how painful that sudden realization of such simple words could make her feel.

Levi kept in contact with one person and that one person wasn’t her… he didn’t even care to write to her or anything to let her know he was okay. No. What he did was show up years later out of the blue and welcome her at his cafe as if there wasn’t an elephant in the room. He pretends like everything is okay, when nothing was. Not for her. Not for Tommy. He destroyed them. While she can’t speak on Tommy’s behalf, she could speak for herself and she didn’t know if she could ever forgive him for doing exactly what her mother did to her when she was young. At least her mom made a gradual disappearance. Levi completely ghosted her.

Shaking the sudden ache in her chest, Stella turned and smiled at her best friend and new friend. Maybe today would turn around for her now that she was with Reya and… Talie, was it? Who needs a dumb boy to dampen her mood when she has her girls at her side!

Levi worried about me? Yeah right.

Talie had returned to the picnic table with cocktails, and Reya was deliberate to make sure Stella was cut off. Part of Stella didn’t want her buzz to go down, because if it did, she’d get sleepy and Lord knows she didn’t need to fall asleep somewhere random like last time. As her friends made conversation, Stella looked up at the stage to where Tommy was sitting. She was worried about him and wondered if she should check on him. At the same time, she didn’t see Reya all day and today was her father’s angelversary. Hopefully… Tommy would understand. If she had her phone, she would text him but at the moment she could not. For now, she buried the worry to focus on the two around her. He was fine, right?

“Tommy is super handsome,” Stella agreed with Talie, before offering, “If you need a Tommy 101 class, lemme know. Maybe not right now. Tonight is for the GIRLS,” and she was definitely slurring her words so class could be more gibberish than not, even if to her she sounded coherent and comprehensible, “but another day, for sure. For sure. Come find me.” When Talie talked about getting Reya a date the old fashioned way, Stella couldn’t help but chuckle. For as long as she could remember, Reya liked Zachary and to this day, Reya still hadn’t gained the courage to ask him out.

Maybe having a new friend added to the mix would help inspire Reya to live a little. Take a risk and try to chase something for herself rather than for her family and the Inn. Always worried about her family and the Inn. She couldn’t judge her bestie though because she was just like her. That’s what brought them together in the first place, oh, and her cat named Pearl. Stella, like Reya, was worried about her family and the ranch more than she was worried about herself. Still, they both needed to live and chase what makes them feel. Maybe, just maybe, Talie could help them both with just that.

“Before we go,” Stella responded, jumping up and joining Reya, waiting for Talie. Her train of thought and words were interrupted by Kayleigh yelling Levi’s name and jumping off the stage into his arms. Turning her attention away from the girls, Stella found her heart sinking at the sight and to make matters worse, she saw Lily who looked absolutely devastated. Should she intervene? No. Stop that. Stop worrying. Stop thinking. Let it go.

Once again, she pulled herself out of this constant loop of focusing on him, and others, and turned back to Reya and Talie. “Right… what was I going to say?” Her amber eyes searched around aimlessly as if it was going to answer her question. She stared briefly at her hand and water bottle, when her gaze focused on the bracelet. “Oh right! Before I forget,” she cleared her throat and put the water bottle down on the table. In a quick motion she took the bracelet off her wrist and gently grabbed Reya’s hand, slipping the jewelry around her wrist. “I’ll explain what makes it special later. Right now, though?” She pulled Reya to her, holding onto her arm, before looking at Talie and playfully grinning, “Let’s go listen to some good music and maybe get some… chicken and waffles? I’m STARVING.”
LOCATION: The Festival
Bradley @Hey Im Jordan
Levi @The Muse



What an expected and unexpected turn of events. Kayleigh stood up proudly on stage to watch the audience chatter about the results. As expected, she won Bradley. Her best friend’s brother. Earlier on, Kitty caught sight of Stella on his shoulders as she and her cousins came in like a wrecking ball and from that point on the cogs started turning. How could she help Bradley get with this girl he clearly had feelings for? It only made sense to win him so she could do a good deed. That good deed was to play matchmaker and put an arrow of love right through their hearts. Bradley works too much so even if it wasn’t a love match, it certainly can be a sexual one. While she didn’t know much about Stella, she knew enough about Bradley to see how he looked at the girl. How he smiled.

Yes, this would go perfectly splendid!

All she had to do was make sure they didn’t suspect a thing.

Turning on her heels to face Bradley, she did a hop in front of him, blocking him from getting up from his chair. She playfully flicked his forehead, “Okay Bradster! I’m going to text you the deetz of when to pick me up. Day. Time. Place. Don’t care if you’re busy, make yourself unbusy. We’re going to have a day of fun, and you’re going to treat me like a QUEEN. Okay?” She grinned wildly at him, giving him a knowing look as she thought of something completely unrelated to this conversation. Unbeknownst to Bradley, she knew he frequented a site, as a viewer. A specific site for lonely people that want to feel something. How did she know this? Well, he was one of her high paying fans. He just didn’t know the person he was watching was his little sister’s best friend. Such a small world! But because of this, she knew what he needed. He needed to get laid. What better way than with a cutie with Star in her name?

Bradley seemed in a complete stone cold daze, having not answered. Tilting her head, waiting patiently, she noticed the red in his eyes and chuckled. He was high as a kite. Well that’s good. At least he wasn’t in too much distress during this event. Something like this was definitely not up Bradley’s alley but he rocked it like a champ! She was proud of him. Nerds be nerdin’. She loved this nerd and she was determined to make him have a good ass date and if the gods were on her side, the date would end with something scandalous. Juicy. Hot. DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS. She couldn’t wait.

Through her peripheral vision, Kitty could see Levi staring up at the stage, bewildered and confused. He was quick to shift his expression when he noticed she was looking at him. With her squirrel brain, she ended the conversation as quickly as it never started with one date and went to the next, “Sorry Bray-Bray! I gotta’ fly!” And with that, Kitty shifted herself so she wasn’t walking into Bradley or the other contestants. With the speed of a gold medalist for track and field, she ran toward Levi and jumped high in the air, stage diving right to him, “LEVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” And since he was already watching her, he braced himself and caught her, even if the impact did push him back a little.

Wrapping her arms around him, hanging in his hold, her feet not touching the floor, Kitty giggled, “So a date, huh? I hope you have something fun planned! It’s been so long since we got together. I’m excited. I love surprises!”

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