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psa: if you own resident evil 2 remake on pc - there is now a mod that replaces mr.x's music with dmx's "x gon' give it to ya"…




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Figured some of y'all might want to read this.

as someone who bought the MCC on xbox one i REALLY hope they put it in the play anywhere program. i'm not particularly interested in re-buying a game i've already bought.

i'll be more keen to buy if there were more to it though. if it was a substantial and thorough port and remaster and not just taking what is on the xbox one and moving it over
Anna, being the lovely girl that she was, had managed to space out despite the massive amount of people that just so happened to be around. More and more people were spilling in as time passed -- but Anna couldn't have really paid them any less attention. She had briefly forgotten that she was, in fact, on a reality television show and not just at home. Forgetting that would eventually be something that she would pay dearly for. For right now, given that it was pretty early in the process and that the so-called "regular people" were still adjusting to being in front of a camera, it was totally excusable. Lord knows that everyone that wasn't Anna were probably still finding their way to the kitchen. More than likely they had gotten lost right outside of their door.

Also, not to mention, Anna wasn't really the type to talk before she had her breakfast. That was the way she'd always liked it. Her mantra belonged on a coffee mug that middle-aged soccer mom with three kids and a crumbling marriage would own, but it was pretty much her. She didn't want to interact with anyone. That was hopefully communicated through her body language, where she was hunched over and tapping idly on the countertop. It was situations like these where she missed having her phone. There was literally nothing else for her to do than to just wait and see what was going to happen. Her food was being made, sure, but other than having to interact with people, Anna really didn't know what to do. That was, until her food was bestowed onto her after a relatively quick wait. Her food was still steaming, which indicated that it was really fresh and not just some refrigerated, defrosted shit.

Grabbing a fork from nearby, Anna flashed a smile and thanked the chef, before she stabbed a piece of scrambled egg and placed it in her mouth. For such a simple dish, this chef really knew what the fuck she was doing and had made it taste incredible. It was so fluffy yet you could taste more than just the egg. There was some seasoning in there that she couldn't really identify, but damn did it taste good. She was sitting idly by, eating her food before she heard some footsteps behind her, and that unmistakeable, familiar voice that she could not forget from the night before, despite how fucking wasted she got. Swallowing her food, she turned around and smiled. Lo and behold, it was Jett. One out of two people she had remembered from last night. Flashing a small smile, she nodded toward Jett. She'd say something, but she was kind of in the process of eating her food. But before she could really think of what to say, Jett was already perusing the menu.

In the meantime, Anna just scarfed down her food. The eggs were way too good to neglect, and the hotter they were the better they were. Was Anna gonna burn her throat? More than likely. Was it worth it? Definitely. However, even as she ate, she couldn't help but to overhear Jett's order. She wanted to know what kind of food a man like him ate. Probably caviar on top of caviar... as overrated that caviar was. Eggs and bacon, she heard? That... wasn't exactly what she was expecting. In fact, it was incredibly similar to her order. But then, there was the kicker. Mimosas at... ten o'clock in the morning? Who does that? Apparently Jett did. Anna looked up at him with a weird look, indicating to him that she found it rather weird that he was drinking as soon as he got up.

Following him with her eyes, Anna smirked as she was asked about that stunning ocean view that was bestowed onto them. Apparently she and Jett were on the same side. That meant he would know what exactly she was talking about. "It's great. I wish I had a view like that back home. I could just grab a chair and put it outside the window and stare at it for hours." Anna added, using her fork to draw little pictures in the air that were solely for the purpose of driving the point home. "What about you, Mr. Mimosa at Ten O'Clock Man? How do you like the view?"
Anna bit her lip and looked at Ashley curiously as she started to act a little differently all of a sudden. If she had to guess, this was her way of flirting and she wanted her to make a move. But -- Anna wasn't entirely in the business of rushing things. She had the summer, it wasn't like she needed to make a move now otherwise she was going to lose this girl. Instead, Anna decided it would be a far better option to simply string her along and see what she would be getting in this girl. Anna smiled coyly, before reaching up to brush Ashley's cheek with the back of her hand. "We'll see about that." She trailed, before slowly backing away and winking. That was definitely going to leave an impression on the girl for sure. What would come after it, however, was up in the air.

The night was rather eventful and full of new experiences that Anna would definitely remember for quite a while. It wasn't every day that you got introduced to a bunch of celebrities and had drinks with them. It also wasn't every morning that you woke up in one of Malibu's finest properties in your new home for the summer. What had happened the previous night had happened -- but today was an entirely new day with completely new prospects ahead of her. It was also the first full day in this house, after spending half of it at home and getting transported to the venue. She didn't know what was going to happen today.

All she knew was that this was right about the time where everyone started to rise. Anna opened her eyes to the Southern California sun gazing into her extraordinarily gorgeous room. Her room was just as extravagant as everyone else's. Windows allowing for an incredible view of Malibu. Some got a front row seat to the Pacific Ocean, and some got a beautiful view of the road and mountain range out front. Anna was lucky enough to get one that was facing the ocean. Before Anna forced herself out of the bed, she spent a few minutes just looking at the ocean and the tide coming in and out. The waters were calm -- slowly washing away at the light beige sand that stood between it and the twelve people that inhabited this house on a regular basis.

It wasn't like there were cameras in this room anyway. At least, as far as she knew, or at the very least, ones that wouldn't be on and recording all the time. She wasn't obligated to slip out of her room right away. There was nobody watching her watch the ocean. Not to mention, there was a lack of connection to social media. Being that this was a reality show, everybody's phones were confiscated and being held elsewhere. Something about maintaining confidentiality and making sure that nobody was going to leak anything. It made sense, but it sort of drove the younger members of the cast a little crazy - considering how crazily obsessed and connected they were. To alleviate that, however, they were allowed access to production-modified devices that let them do things like create music, or browse some websites that the production company had said that they were allowed to browse. But other than that, they were practically isolated from the real world, at least on the days they had to film.

Eventually, Anna had managed to get herself out of bed and get ready for the day. Hopefully nobody would care if she slipped out in her pajamas. It was just the morning and she hadn't even had breakfast yet. It was much too early to get into her regular clothes and get into a position where she could hunker down and put on a show for the cameras. She spent a couple of minutes in the bathroom to freshen up. Brushing her teeth and washing her face so she could at least look the slightest bit presentable. She didn't want to look like what she actually looked like in the morning at home. There were still going to be cameras on her, probably the second that she stepped foot out of that room. Anna wasn't entirely too keen on disappointing the people who were going to be inevitably rooting for her, as well as those who had their eye on her.

Sighing as she stepped out of the bathroom, she made her way to the front door of her room, pinching the bridge of her nose and rubbing it as she put a hand on the brass handle. Twisting it and pulling the wooden door open, she made her debut for the day and stepped out into the hallway, a distant chatter being heard as she made her way to the kitchen. It was then where she could realize one of the advantages of living in a place like this -- it was that they would have a chef that would make basically ANYTHING they wanted. At least, until the producers decided they would pull her once it was discovered that one of them could actually cook. Stepping into the rather beautiful kitchen, a couple of people were seen leaning on the granite counters chatting idly over a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon.

However, Anna wasn't entirely sure how this worked. Did she just... walk up to the chef and ask for what she wanted? Was there a form that she had to fill out? It was a dilemma that Anna had faced, but not for very long before the chef noticed Anna's rather bewildered expression and cleared her throat. "Hello, ma'am. What would you like for breakfast, today? The menu is right here," She gestured to the little piece of paper stood up on the counter, "...and if you'd like to make any special requests, please let me know!" Anna nodded and smiled, before she leaned to glance at the menu. It didn't take long for her to come to a final decision. "I'd like some eggs - scrambled, and sausage, please." She smiled, before the chef nodded. "Right away, madam." She said, before turning to grab some more eggs out of the fridge. For the time being, though, Anna took a seat in front of the counter, waiting patiently for her food... and perhaps someone to come along and keep her company.
Superstitious or not, Nina was really into this guy. Honestly, she respected those who were more superstitious more than those who weren't. At least they were able commit to a tradition of sorts and trick themselves into believing that whatever they were doing was going to work and produce the best result imaginable. Nina was superstitious herself, but probably not on the same level as Jett. At most, she knocked on wood and she had a favorite pen and favorite tools to make drinks with, but other than that it was more than likely that it wasn't nearly as bad as Jett, considering that she was just a lowly barista/writer from Queens, NY, and he was a big time musician who was facing different situations and scenarios on a daily basis.

Speaking of knocking on wood, however, there was some wood that Nina definitely would've liked to get her hands on right now. Jett Ollison was as close to her -- closer than 99.9% of his fans would ever get. That, combined with the sweet (or not really sweet), magical substance known as alcohol could only result in something along the lines of something that Jesus would frown upon big time. The electric energy in the air had slowly melted away as the party continued. Giving these single people all sorts of alcohol and contact with each other for the first time was bound to change the tide at some point. Chloe Thomas off to the side was busy macking it up with some stranger she didn't even know prior.

Nina put a hand up on Jett's chest, giving him a rather sultry look as she bit her lip. The music had slowed down significantly too. It was rather obvious that this was staged by the producers to start something. Get some romances sparking in order to pull viewers in. They were playing more lovey-dovey songs from the 90s in lieu of the uptempo, bass-heavy EDM songs that were pounding not too long ago. It was having its effects on everyone. Nina wanted nothing but to take Jett in right now -- even despite the fact that he was waaaay out of her league. They didn't call it liquid confidence for nothing, and Nina was more than willing to act on it.

"...why don't we go somewhere a little more... private?" Nina trailed, "Get away from everyone else, y'know?"

Meanwhile, Anna was looking at Ashley curious as she questioned why she was here instead of back at her laboratory. "Because I've done everything I can for now." Anna scoffed, "It's boring, especially when you're at the top of your league. There's no competition, y'know?" When you had the prowess for this like Anna did, tackling projects was like cutting butter with a hot knife. Nothing was going to stop her or even slow her down. Even the top minds at her company were nothing compared to hers. Things that had stumped them for what seemed like an eternity took Anna a fraction of the time to figure out. Was something going to slow her down eventually? Yes, something was, but Anna was going to make sure that it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

"Seems more interesting to be a seamstress, though. At least you get to work with your hands more and make different designs." Anna nodded, "I just sit in a lab." Anna didn't really know how to go about this conversation, since she wasn't entirely sure as to what angle she could work with Ashley. She didn't have as much experience with talking to women than she did with men. It was hard to figure out what made them tick, considering that they tended to be different every time she talked to one. Hell, Nina over there was blowing up about Jett, and there was this girl exploding about dresses. That was what made girls so hard to talk to -- but it wasn't like she could abandon. Based on what was going on around her -- she had a feeling that things were going to take a turn very soon.
Nina nodded, before taking a relatively large swig out of her drink. It was a question she had to answer every time, but every single time it came out slightly differently. How was Nina going to change her answer this time? How was she going to phrase things? Honestly, she didn't know herself, even in her inebriated state. But, she was going to give Jett the answer that he deserved. Swallowing the alcoholic liquid, she looked up to the side and tapped her chin, before looking over at Jett. "Okay... well... I'm a barista from Queens, New York. I graduated from Buffalo with a bachelor's in English, but I guess we can all see how that went, yeah?" Needless to say, Nina's degree didn't exactly get her anywhere that she wanted to be. "I wanted to be a writer... but it's hard to be a successful writer even with an English degree to your name. Do you know expensive that shit is?!" Nina scoffed, "I gotta get editors and publishers and tons of paper... and I ain't got enough money for that. I got rent to pay." Rent for her apartment back in New York was definitely no joke, and she was one of those people who had to live paycheck-to-paycheck.

"But, y'know. One of these days... I'll do something." Despite the costs of writing a book, Nina was undoubtedly still hard at work at writing her first novel, but she wasn't entirely too keen on talking about it. After all, spoilers were frowned upon and maybe at the end of this Jett would actually want to read her book. Man, that would be something if Jett Ollison, out of all the people who existed on the face of the planet, had read her book. The sheer thought was causing yet another surge of energy to wash over her, suddenly feeling reinvigorated as she continued to talk to Jett. She was starting to feel a little ballsy, to say the least. Taking another swig, she slammed the glass onto the table, before placing a finger on Jett's chest.

"So you... tell me about yourself." Nina took a moment to hold up the finger that was previously on Jett's chest, "Don't give me that rehearsed biography shit either."

Meanwhile, Anna had been hitting it off with Ashley -- at least by Anna's standards. The two had stricken a conversation about... something. It was hard to keep track of what was happening considering the conversation was moving so quickly and radically. It was definitely a major change of pace from Jett, who was more laid back and conservative compared to Ashley, who was practically flying off the walls in comparison. She wasn't as bad as say, the drunk glasses girl who was talking to Jett right now, but Ashley was still definitely something else. It was sort of endearing, as a matter of fact. Enthusiasm, especially genuine enthusiasm, was hard to come by these days. Anna couldn't help but to be drawn to Ashley's energy.

"...and yeah, I've done so many weddings. My favorite one is this sparkly dress I did for some reality TV star. It took me WEEKS to finish but it was sooooooooo worth it. She crushed it." Ashley remarked, before taking a deep breath. She had just finished winding down from geeking out about her job. A wedding dress seamstress... that was definitely something else. "So, what about you?" Ashley asked curiously. "What brings you here?" Anna shrugged, "I'm just a biological engineer from Boston. I mean, I live in Los Angeles now, but I was born and raised in Boston." Anna smiled, "I'm good at what I do, though, just like you are, I assume." Anna didn't know the first thing about making wedding dresses, but if they decided to cast Ashley, she must've been some level of good. Anna also wasn't entirely sure if she was constituted as a celebrity? Or a regular person. After all, there were even nail techs who were famous. Who was to say Ashley wasn't?
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