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The SWAT truck was as bumpy as ever, but that was something that Alyssa had grown used to over her years with RPD SWAT. Another day, another call. This seemed like it was your typical barricaded suspect call. Based on what Ramirez said, there was no hope for any sort of negotiation. The goal was to get in and neutralize by any means necessary, which was something that the SWAT team had been plenty acquainted with throughout their years working together. This was pretty much routine, as high risk and volatile as this situation was. They were trained to be as efficient as they possible could've been.

"Let's hope there aren't any more civilian casualties." Alyssa muttered, before she pulled the charging handle of her MK18, chambering a round before she tapped the forward assist, securing the bolt forward and rendering the gun live. She glanced at the rest of her teammates, letting her rifle dangle just a bit by the sling as she waited for the SWAT truck to arrive at the destination. The medic was ready to get in there and take out the suspects. Hopefully, she wouldn't have had to treat any civilians or fellow officers. That was the best outcome in her mind.

Charles Mallet was busy devouring his breakfast. Eggs, bacon, and sausage with copious amounts of tapatio never tasted so good in his life. It was like he was eating a piece of heaven, even though it was practically the same sort of breakfast that they usually served. Nothing new was put into it, but god damn did it taste like an entirely new thing. Charles was enjoying himself quite a bit, a sense of satisfaction within him as he stabbed at some pieces of sausage, bacon, and eggs.

It had taken him a bit to finish up his breakfast. It was hard to pace himself to be fast enough so that he wasn't spending all of his morning free time eating breakfast, but not so fast that he couldn't enjoy what was probably one of the greatest breakfasts he'd had in a while. It was Charles's biggest dilemma of the day, or in a while, actually. He was hoping today would be as smooth as his breakfast. Maybe he just woke up on the right side of the bed today? Maybe he should've been more of a morning person, because this was a great morning so far.

As he was about to finish up, he noticed a figure take a seat in front of him. Looking up, it took him a split second to figure out who it was, but once he figured it out, a small smile lit his face up. He hadn't really talked to Talya, but if she had come to his table specifically when there were plenty of tables around, well, he wasn't going to be opposed to it. "Hey Talya, what's going on?" Charles said, as he started to organize his eggs into a neater pile to stab with his fork, "Yo, you should try these eggs sometime. They're real good."

For the time being, Jack's job was done (technically speaking). He'd managed to unite Shawna and Sunshine together. Now was for the Jack Goff special. Vibing by himself. Everyone seemed like they were busy at the moment with their dates. It wasn't like it was a completely new situation to him before, though. Jack had ways to figure out how to have fun by himself. But, at the same time, he couldn't have the same sort of fun he usually did at these parties, since he was also responsible for getting Shawna home safely.

Getting up and rolling his arm around, he decided he would at least get a break from the stuffy environment of the dance. Fresh air sounded good right now. Sighing, he made a beeline for the balcony, his drink in hand as he wanted to get some time to himself. He had to figure out how he was going to make the most out of a party where his date wasn't exactly his date, but he did it anyway because he wanted to be a homie. He never realized the situation it put him in.

Standing outside, he leaned on the balcony, sipping on his punch as he pondered how he could get turnt without getting turnt. He turned to a random dude, "You trying to figure out how to get turnt too?" Jack asked, rolling the cup in his hand. "Nah, I'm just here to get some air. I'm about to go back inside, actually. See ya dude." The random dude said, before getting off the railing and walking off. "Tough crowd tonight." Jack shrugged, before completely finishing his drink.
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i'll have a CS up soon. maybe by tuesday or wednesday?
Still interested! Just been suuuper busy atm D:

Charlie had been doing this life thing for about seventeen years now, but there wasn't a single day out of those 6200+ where he'd actually been happy to wake up in the morning. His alarm blared out at him, causing a rather annoyed Charles Mallet to roll around and open his eyes. The sun had streamed in through the blinds and illuminated what was otherwise a pitch black-adjacent dormitory. But, he had a routine he adhered to. The mantra of establishing a morning routine and sticking to it had been stuck in his head for quite a while now. As much as he would've liked to stay in bed and get just a few more minutes of sleep, he had to satiate that mantra and actually get his ass out. Much to his dismay, of course. He slid out of bed, sighing and stretching his arms behind his head, shuffling his way to the communal bathroom.

His stomach let out a rather unholy sound from it, which could only have meant one thing for him. Charlie was hungry, and there was no way for him to ignore it. If the man needed to eat, he needed to eat. Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast sounded really good right now. But first, he had to get freshened up. Charlie didn't want to walk out into the cafeteria looking like a disheveled mess and looking like he'd just emerged from a cave after a month, nor did he really want some stank mouth. And so he went, shuffling into the bathroom to brush his teeth and look presentable for the day.

A few minutes later, Charlie had emerged from his dormitory building ready to take on the day and whatever it had in store for him. Hopefully a good breakfast was in the cards for the day, because he sure had a massive craving for breakfast food for whatever reason today. Throughout the time it took for him to wake up and get ready, all he could really think about was the pile of scrambled eggs and bacon and sausage that awaited him in the cafeteria. He didn't know why he was so fixated on the sausage or the eggs, really, but he knew that he desired them rather massively. Luckily, he was now close to the cafeteria, which meant that his desired breakfast was now close by.

Walking into the cafeteria, he immediately took notice of the relatively lively environment. It was the morning, and he was positive that not everyone was 100% awake or aware, but that wasn't any of his business. All he wanted right now to get his breakfast. Walking over to the line, Charlie held his ID gingerly in his hands, awaiting his turn to scan his card in and then request his breakfast. Once he was out of that line, he went straight into another line, where he was to be served the eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast he so desired, with a side of orange juice to compliment the hearty breakfast.

But no breakfast of champions was complete without the obligatory hot sauce on the eggs. Before Charlie went to take a seat and eat his breakfast, he stopped by the table full of condiments and poured a copious amount of Tapatio on his eggs. What were eggs without Tapatio? Being content with his breakfast, Charlie carried his tray all the way to a nearby table that was empty. He didn't exactly want to intrude on the pre-existing groups. Hopefully, someone would come over and join him for breakfast. It didn't matter too much to him, but it would've been definitely been nice to spend his meal in the company of someone else. For now, he would make do with the company of his breakfast.
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