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Current i am a human shitpost
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Decent job and anything in fast food cancel each other out unless you're working for In N Out
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is buying hitman goty rn worth it? or should i wait for season 2?
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Happy Lunar New Year!



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Is there room for one more?

Yes there is! The more the merrier. :)
My inbox is open for relations discussions!
@Denny I fixed Elena's thing!
Just so you guys know, a two character cap has been implemented!

However, there may be a possibility that the cap may be changed. Love everything I've seen so far.

And @Pharmacy Rage, Katherine has been accepted!
All CSes up to Katherine Chinh have been accepted!

I am currently reviewing the other ones.

>Karen Gillan and Stephen Amell

god bless

In other news, if I actually get my sheet finished before Tuesday (which I doubt), I'll probably refrain from posting it here until after surgery, since there's no point posting a character if I'm not available to write for her for like 1 and a half weeks (estimated time of inactivity, can't know for sure). If you want, @Bee, I can just PM her to you if that happens.

No worries take your time my son

There's no rush for you to post anyway
What about non-medical personnel such as hospital chaplains, custodians, cooks, medical secretaries, laboratory technicians, and the like? Will you only be focusing on the behind-the-scenes of doctors and nurses or will those type of roles be acceptable?

Yes, they are allowed! We already have a lawyer and we will be having the bartender for the local bar very soon (because it's pretty important that hospitals do have a local bar for the staff to drown their sorrows in). You are free to make any sort of character so long as their presence in a hospital makes sense.
Just out of curiosity how much medical info will we need to actually Rp here? Do we depict the day to day of an actual hospital or do we have a glamorous life of tv hospital drama?

It will lean toward the latter. Some medical knowledge would be great but it isn't mandatory. It's entirely possible to RP a doctor without mentioning a single medical term.

Whatever level of medical information you have is fine! If you need help, you can always just ask someone for assistance.

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