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As the checkered flag came down, Valkyrie Racing's first ever race had surpassed the expectations of many. All the pundits had anticipated for them to finish at the very bottom of the pecking order. Rightfully so, as they were Formula 1's newest and youngest team. But they didn't. They hadn't touched the points just yet, but they had finished a respectable 13th and 14th.

Parking the car after their cooldown lap, Kasumi climbed out of the car, taking her helmet, gloves, and balaclava off as she watched the rest of the grid mingle about as they watched the podium setters celebrate. It was Hamilton, Bottas, and Verstappen, as almost everyone and their mother had anticipated. Kasumi turned around and looked at her car, resting as it had just completed its first race in Formula 1.

There was more to come, and much more in store.

Kaitlyn was squatted in front of her car, examining the front splitter of her car that had taken some damage after the other day's ordeal. There was definitely some damage, but none severe enough to prompt a total replacement of the piece of aero. For now, Kaitlyn would just have to compensate for the loss of front downforce one way or another. She shook her head as she sat up, looking over her Mitsubishi as her phone vibrated in her pocket.

It was the guy from the other day, and it was definitely a welcome surprise. One that was needed after checking over her car for the past few days and realizing just how much of a toll racing of that caliber took on a vehicle. It wasn't as severe as, say, what a Formula 1 car went through, but it was definitely stressful on the car. Luckily, Kaitlyn determined that nothing was worthy of replacement just yet. So that was money that was going to rightfully remain in her pocket.

Apparently this guy wanted to get some coffee with her... Kaitlyn smiled and shook her head. Might as well humor him, right? Tapping on the box, Kaitlyn started to type away. "Sure, but since you're not gonna be in your car... do you need a ride?"
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Anna reciprocated the high five almost immediately from Jett, as the next events were set in motion and the show continued to proceed. Anna was glad that she and Jett had won the challenge, because she couldn't imagine the amount of anxiety she would have if she were to actually be in contention for elimination, and she was sure that anxiety was inhabiting everyone else. Anna looked down at her slip of paper and cast her vote for Madison. She had clearly demonstrated that she wasn't someone that was going to be pleasant to be around whatsoever. The sooner that she was out of here, the better. Even though this was a reality show, keeping the drama to a minimum was ideal for people like Anna, who weren't exactly used to being in these sorts of situations.

After putting her slip in the box, Anna sauntered on over to where Jett, Bella, and a few others were congregated. Sitting down, she heard Bella mentioning something about a lawsuit should someone be eliminated. Anna laughed and shook her head, "She can try. I doubt she'd get anywhere though." The thought of someone like Madison trying to sue an entire production company on her own was amusing, but definitely in character for someone of her stature.

A few more minutes had elapsed, and the host had come out to get everyone's attention, the box full of slips in hand as everyone looked over to her. "Votes are in! Now we will see... who will be the first person eliminated tonight?" Anna glanced towards Jett, smirking as she looked toward the host, who was opening the box and shuffling through the slips before pulling one out. "Our first vote is for... Madison." The host said, as she continued to reveal the votes casted. At the end of it all, it was revealed that Madison had garnered the most votes. It seemed like she rubbed a lot of people the wrong way in her rather short time here.

The cameras pointed in Madison's direction as she had a shocked look on her face, almost as if she was surprised that so many people had voted to kick her out of the competition. "I'm sorry Madison, it is your time to go. Please pack your things." The hostess said, as a few snickers rang out from some members of the cast.

Madison shook her head, "No, this is bullshit! This shit is fucking rigged. This shit is NOT the last you will see of me. Absolutely not." Madison grunted, standing up. "You'll be hearing from me soon." If it was up to her, she wouldn't budge, but even she knew that she didn't want to be filmed being thrown out of the house. She wanted to go out her own way.

"Someone isn't happy." Anna snickered.
After nursing the medium tires for as long as she could, Kasumi was feeling the degradation of the tires coming on a bit earlier than she was expecting. Kasumi knew how to manage her tires from her experience in motorsport, and it was obvious that the original plan wasn't going to work out after all. There was still many laps of the race to go, longer than the softs would've lasted without having to prompt a two-stopper. She looked down at her steering wheel and hit the radio button, "Let's go to plan B. I'm not confident that we can stretch the softs to the end of the race." Kasumi let go of the radio button, hearing her engineer chime back in on the radio. "Copy, Kasumi. Copy. Pit for hards." The driver hit the pit confirm button on her steering wheel as she came up on the last chicane.

Turning into the pit lane, Kasumi mashed the pit limiter button to put a cap on the car's maximum speed, rolling past the many stalls of the Formula 1 teams that lined the pit lane as she pulled into the stall for Valkyrie Racing, the pit crew members immediately raising the car and replacing the worn yellow walled tires with brand new white walled tires. As soon as the car dropped onto the ground, Kasumi let go of the clutch and launched the car forward, leaving a trail behind as she came across the exit.

Leaving the pit lane, Kasumi slotted herself in front of Hugo. He had previously pit, but his tires were warm and broken in whereas Kasumi's were fresh but cold. It was an interesting dilemma, but the both of them knew that mutual cooperation was going to be necessary to make sure that they didn't end up out of contention and potentially DNF. But, they were at least allowed to race each other. That was the understanding unless said otherwise, and Kasumi was going to race her race and hopefully finish Valkyrie's first race in F1 in a respectable position.
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