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Interacting with | Aleks @Plank Sinatra
Mentions | AJ @TootsiePop

Aleks was an interesting character. Ellie was expecting a brief backstory about how he got bored one day and accidentally learned how to do this, but no. Aleks had quite a story behind his ability with cards, and Ellie was nothing short of amazed. It wasn't just for his own entertainment, but to Ellie's understanding, it was to hustle a man out of his money and Ellie had nothing but respect for that. Hustling, no matter how scummy it was, took skill to pull off. Would she be mad if someone did it to her? Absolutely, but she had to respect it as well. A small smile grew on Ellie's face as Aleks finished up the story behind his cards.

"Dude. That's dope as fuck." Ellie exclaimed, giving him a light punch on the arm to show her affection. The Gearheads were a bunch she was incredibly glad to meet. They gave her life more purpose than it did previously. Before them, it was just floating around and looking forward to sitting in her car. But now, she looked forward to hanging out with her fellow Gearheads, getting rowdy with them and getting into all sorts of hijinks. That was why she was here, but Ellie also knew that those times were coming to an end very, very soon. Soon, everyone was going to be going on their separate ways. School was no longer around to bring them together, and everyone was going to branch off in their own lives. Some would definitely stay, but some would definitely go, and that terrified poor Ellie.

However, there was no use in worrying about those sort of things. Especially since she had other things to worry about, like the recent incident with AJ. "Oh yeah, dude. It's a mess." Ellie shrugged, glancing behind her shoulder to see if anyone would be joining them. "But what can we do? That's what happens when two fiery people get together. You're just gonna get more and more fire."

Featuring: Ariana Song and Sarah Rosen

"That's why you don't play monk!"

"You put it on Torment 14, and I'm missing a piece of my set!" Sarah replied, her hands slamming down on the desk they were sharing, "What made you think that was a good idea? I can't even breathe here."

The two gamer girls were posted up in Ariana's room, sitting in front of their screens as they tackled the wonderful game known as Diablo 3 together. Currently they were playing adventure mode, where the goal was to simply go into a rift and kill all the monsters as quickly as they could. Ariana was currently using her demon hunter to boost Sarah, who was trying to set up her monk but wasn't exactly having an easy time doing so. It didn't help that Sarah was trying a class she didn't know at all. Usually she played as a Crusader or a Demon Hunter, but some persuasion on Ariana's part (the fact that she was the one playing a demon hunter and having two of the same build made no sense) helped her decide to play monk instead, which wasn't exactly going well.

After the encounter in the coffee shop, the two girls had agreed to hang out together and play something. They had burned through and won a couple games of Counter Strike and League, although it wasn't easy. It was what happened when you had two Master Guardian Elites and two Masters play together. On one hand you had some top talents, but on the other hand you were also playing against top talents as well. it wasn't exactly steamrolls, but they managed to eek out some VERY close wins. But, after having to deal with the upmost stress and gaming their asses off, they decided to wind down and play some Diablo. There was way less brainpower involved with the dungeon crawler than there was with the other games. As some would say, it wasn't as much of a big-brain game as it was to CSGO and League of Legends.

At least, to most people anyway.

"You're not that weak. Are your binds set up correctly? You should be able to hang with these dudes."

"I am hanging..." Sarah paused momentarily to run away from a demon that was about to deal upwards of 1.4 billion points of damage to her, "...from a noose."

Ariana groaned in the back. She was enjoying hitting a button and one shotting everyone around her, but if Sarah was miserable some things were going to have to change so she could have a better time. The obliteration of demons and monsters was one thing, but a miserable Sarah was an entirely different thing. "Alright buddy. After this rift... we can fuckin'... uh- lower the torment. Torment V. I promise." Ariana glanced up from behind her screen, raising her eyebrows so her fellow gamer could see.

"Okay..." Sarah shrugged, holding down her mouse so her little monk could run away for dear life. Without the piece of her armor set, she couldn't really be competitive at all. It was boring watching Ariana run around and one shot everything while everything was one shotting her and hiding out in a corner while Ariana cleared rooms out for her. It wasn't fun at all, and it was the result of one singular item. It was a measly ring that she needed to obtain in order to complete her build and do damage in the billions.

Looking at the purple meter on the side of the screen, it was filling up at a great rate for soloing it. But, it would've been faster if Sarah was in on the fun. Hiding out in the corner of the room, Sarah took out her phone to take a look at it while Ariana was doing her thing. However, she was startled once she heard the noise that signaled the arrival of the rift boss. It was loud, and it was scary considering Sarah had lost track of how much progress Ariana was making. She yelped a bit before she got back to the game.

"Oooohhhh shit. Yoooo Sarah, come help!" Turns out bosses on Torment XIV were a lot harder than she had expected, especially doing it one on one. Ariana was mashing her buttons as hard as she could, but she only had so much hatred to go off of before she ran out. Sarah, in the meantime, was making her way to Ariana. Sarah was fulling expecting to get yeeted on, but she couldn't just leave Ariana hanging. Running as fast as she could, she could hear the sounds of knives been thrown and thunder booming get louder and louder.

By the time Sarah got there, both Ariana and the boss were a tick away from defeating each other. It was just a matter of luck, and as it had turned out Ariana had pulled the short straw. Just as soon as Sarah had gotten in range, Ariana's Demon Hunter had turned into a gravestone, and the boss was just about to aggro onto her. "Sarah! Run!" On cue, Sarah turned back the other way and tried to get to the level entrance, where Ariana would be respawning. However, the boss teleported in front of her and cut her off. If she got any closer, she ran a HUGE risk of being killed. On instinct, Sarah hit a button in a mad dash of abilities. A hail mary, if you will. Something had to work and do something so she could stay alive long enough for Ariana to come back.

Lo and behold, the boss disappeared in a giant glow. Dissolving into a pool of blood and being replaced with a plethora of loot and gems and whatnot. "Oh SHIT." Ariana stood up and raised her arms in victory. "Oh my god! Sarah, you did it!" Ariana had a look of astonishment on her face as she took off her headset, getting out of her seat to congratulate Sarah on her improbable victory, even if it was just a bit of luck. Sarah, having processed what had just happened, was also surprised and quite frankly couldn't handle what happened. It was such a stupid thing to be excited over, but she was so happy she had clutched the rift. The odds were stacked against her. She was a squishy target against a boss with over a billion points of health, and to do a critical shot to finish off the boss was something that was more than extraordinary.

"I did it, oh my god I did it!" Sarah jumped out of her seat as well, giggling deliriously as she stood up to meet Ariana halfway. "Dude that was fucking awesome! I can't believe it! Hoooly shit!" Ariana cheered, "You're the best, Sarah. Oh my god. I've never seen anything like it..." Ariana was truly stunned, and she was excited just from seeing it. Being caught up in the happiness and the positive attention from Ariana, Sarah couldn't help but to get caught up in it. It was one thing to be praised by her teammates online, but to be praised by Ariana in this fashion for such a play... Sarah just couldn't help herself.

Sarah got caught up in the praise, and as a result, when she and Ariana made contact, she kissed her. Didn't even hesitate. Sarah just WENT for it, which definitely caught Ariana off guard. It was waaaaaaaaaay out of left field and was more unexpected than the Spanish Inquisition.

Breaking the kiss, Ariana was left standing there, eyes wider than ever. "Uh..."

"...uh oh?"

Featuring: Olivia Lee and Benjamin Webb
A collaboration between: @Bee and @TootsiePop with a small feature from @Hey Im Jordan

So, their last encounter hadn’t gone so well. The awkward encounter between Olivia and Benjamin had been less than ideal. As a matter of fact, it was probably one of the worst moments of Olivia’s life. She hadn’t really had a good string of days, lately. There was the fact that she lost her clothes (although they were recovered) and now the awkward encounter. Luckily, a special someone had tipped Olivia off as to where Ben worked out.

Stepping into the 365 Club, the sounds of weights slamming onto the floor echoed throughout the gym as Olivia looked around. Not many people were in here. Hopefully there was someone that could get her access inside and see if Ben was around.

The gym, a place that soothes the soul. A place where Benjamin Webb could be as selfish as he wanted. As prideful as he wanted. The one place where it was okay to make everything about him. The zone. His zone. Benjamin loved the gym, more than he loved a lot of things. It kept him focused. Taught him subject matters that people thought he couldn’t do because he was labeled ‘stupid’ at school. Just because he wasn’t an ace in books, didn’t mean he wasn’t an ace in life. He learned how to count, how to plan, how to perform, and how to endure. Lifelong skills that would take him far. Exercising was no joke to him. This was not a game. This was his life.

When he gets bigger, he gets better. When he gets better, he turns into the swole beast he loves to see. He wasn’t doing this for anyone but himself and it was all business. He didn’t seek attention. He wasn’t showboating. This was for him. No one else mattered when he wasn’t thinking about anything else or anyone else.

There was so much discipline that went into working out and the gym was the place where he could put his body into action and his mind at its side. Feeling powerless. Feeling dumb. Feeling negativity. These feelings were unnecessary and completely undone here. His safe place. His haven.

Working out, it gave him narcotics in the form of energy, endurance, and edge. Defined muscle tone and strength. Full control over what was happening to him and his body. Smarts he didn’t think he had when he was doing his homework. An addictive hobby.

Yeah, this was the best.

Bigger, better.

Down the Beast’s forehead, a salty droplet made its way from top to bottom, like summer rain. Once it reached his chin, it dripped off and fell onto the ground. With his earbuds on, and completely shirtless, he listened to Remember the Name by Fort Minor. It was right after school, on Friday. Prior to coming here, his classmate, Marissa, a cute mouse-like girl, who was also considered ‘special ed’, showed him a recording of Cyndi Green rapping at the Underground. Her last line made him think of one song on repeat until he made his way to the gym. Now, he was listening to it.

Cardio and shoulders day. Benjamin went to the gym everyday, usually in the morning, but today he didn’t wake up early enough (damn his bed, damn it to hell). So, he had to go after school.

With his feet hip-width apart, he held the barbell in front of his chest. His arms bent and his hands were shoulder-width apart. Barbell shoulder press. Objective? To increase strength and density throughout his core complex and upper back. Bracing his abs, he pressed the barbell overhead, locking his arms and standing tall. Yeah, boi. Feel the burn. Man, he loved this.
It didn’t take long for Olivia to figure out where exactly the boy she met a few days ago was. He was the shirtless man going hard in the middle of the gym with sweat practically pouring off his body. Going hard was an understatement, to say the least once she got a better look of how much weight he was pushing on that barbell.

Olivia, luckily, was dressed for the gym and to work out. Since she was coming in there she might as well make her time worthwhile instead of going there for one dude in her street clothes. Putting her bags down, she started walking toward an empty squat rack to get warmed up. It was a good way to get around having to directly talk to Benjamin. Things were still a little awkward and Olivia wasn’t particularly interested in directly engaging with him just yet.

He was probably far too busy to notice anyway.

Owen was like the all seeing eye from the Lord of the Rings. Anything that happened within his domain, he saw; and his domain was the 365 Combat Club. He saw when people needed help with their equipment, he saw when people were getting a little too rowdy, and when they could use critique on their technique. In this case, it was the latter. He knew he’d have to step in, or the girl at the squat rack would keep stealing looks at his lovable oaf Benji.

Owen hated doing this, he hated having to do anything, including something as simple or straightforward as wing-manning. He wanted to sit in his chair and observe his kingdom, and watch P.R.D. on variety shows on his phone, but nooo. People needed him to do stuff.

Without even standing up from his chair, Owen popped the ball he had in his hands over the room, and watched it soar until it hit its mark (he should have been the quarterback, eat your heart out Damian), and bounced off of Benji’s big ass head. When the other boy looked up at him, Owen shook his head, and instead just pointed at Olivia, mouthing ‘nah that was here.’

With that, Owen shifted in his chair, readjusted his earbuds, and looked back down at his phone just in time to see the start of the next segment. Mission accomplished.

In response, the Beast placed the barbell back on its stand. After, he reached for his towel and water. Once the towel was placed on his sweaty shoulders, he started guzzling down the clear liquid in his 2.2 liter bottle. Refreshing. Just what the doctor ordered. Quickly, he wiped his lips, put his water back on the counter table, and grabbed the ball. With heavy steps, he was a big dude, he made his way to the girl who had called him retarded recently and examed her form, her assets, [il]mildly[/i] impressed, before holding the ball up, “You threw the world at me.”

Olivia had no idea what Owen was even up to as she was busy warming up at the squat rack. She didn’t put the weights on yet as it was an incredibly stupid idea to start going hard without warming up. But, she figured once she started putting on the weights, the amount she would push was definitely something to be impressed with. Not like, it mattered, anyway.

She was mid-rep before she was yanked from the zone by a voice behind her. Olivia didn’t bother answering until she finished the rep, putting the bar where it was supposed to be before she turned around. Did someone else come in while she was warming up?

As it turned out, nobody came in.

But, Olivia had no idea what Ben was talking about. ”I did?” Olivia looked at the ball, rather confused as to what he was referring to.

“Yeah. You did.” It hit him right in the head. She must’ve wanted to grab his attention for something. Now she’s playing dumb? Is this to make up for calling him one of those people when he was in special classes? That’s a weird way to apologize but okay. Whatever floats her boat. Putting the large ball on the floor, he sat on it, staring at her with contemplation. Asians were kind of pretty. This must be the first time she’s come to the gym because he has never seen her here before. “Do.. do you come here often?”

Deciding to let the completely false accusation go, she blinked twice and took a moment to process Benji’s question. ”N-No, I don’t come here often.” Olivia shrugged, ”I should start coming here more often though.” Olivia rested her arms on the barbell, deciding to inquire more with Benji since the two were talking now anyway. Might have not been on her terms, but it was whatever.

”You a regular here?”

“Yeh.” His lips curved into a childish smile, as he bounced in front of her. “You know when you’re really good at something, like it might be the only thing you’re good at, but you’re good at it? Being at the gym, exercising, training, hitting things. That makes me feel good. My dad owns a comic store and, like, when I’m here I feel super, just like all the characters I read about. If I could live here, I would but Owen would hate babysitting me.”

Olivia watched and listened to Benji intently. She knew exactly where he was coming from, considering sports and fighting was the one thing she was good at. The fighter found solace in exercise when other things failed to. She nodded as he spoke about how much the gym made him happy. Olivia understood that as well.

”Hitting things and exercising makes me feel good too.” The girl smiled, moving herself so that she barely hanging on the barbell with her hands. ”Ain’t nothing like punching someone in the face.”

Maybe not the face unless it was part of the rules, but hey, she was aggressive and he kind of liked it. Maybe he should use the rest of his gym time to watch her punch the bag. “Well… I don’t want to keep you from feeling good. So, uh. See you.” Anxiously, the big guy got off the World ball and started retreating away. However, when he walked a few steps, he turned back and stutteringly asked, “D-do you want to eat, eat, uh eat lunch together? Sometime? Anytime? You choose the time? At school. Uh, I mean. During lunch period. You can’t really choose lunch time. But, like, in my mom’s office? It’s, uh, c-cozy.”

Was this man asking her on a date? She was as shocked as ever, but holy moly was she surprised. She felt something tickle in her belly, and it resulted in the goofiest smile that Olivia could have ever mustered. She was smiling like an idiot, and she could feel her cheeks get a little red. ”Yeah, yeah sure! We can totally have lunch in your mom’s office or something. That’d be nice.” Olivia smiled, ”Sometime next week sound good?”

“Yeah! Great! Awesome.” Suddenly, and more prepared, he could feel something darting to his head again. This time he was ready and with quick reflexes he caught a… marker! Looking around, with a perplexed look on his face, he tried to find the culprit. Everyone looked too busy. Maybe markers had magical properties or something. It was really convenient! He handed it to her and offered his hand, or arm, or whatever she wanted to write on, for her… “N-num...ber.”

Was this place cursed or something? All of a sudden a marker came out of nowhere for Benji to catch. It was like he casted “accio marker” or something like that. That definitely meant that Olivia wasn’t the one to throw the ball that started this whole thing in the first place. Olivia wasn’t tripping after all! Her brain wasn’t entirely mush.

Taking the marker from Benji’s hands, she pulled off the cap and decided to write on his arm. The hand was going to get mad sweaty which was going to smear the number. The arm was pretty much the best place save for an actual piece of paper. Chuckling softly, Olivia gripped Benjamin’s arm lightly and wrote her number down. She added a little heart at the end just for a nice touch. ”You can call me or text me. I respond quicker through text though.”

After that, a faint blush fell on Benjamin’s cheeks. All he could do was eagerly, and with great speed, nod and then speed walk away to the punching bag. He made sure to go on the other side to hide himself, even if she could still see his big muscle body. Being big had its downsides.

A Collaboration Between: @Bee and @TootsiePop
Featuring: Justin Quentin and Cyndi Green

Hearing the soft notes of a piano nearby, Justin turned toward the source of the noise. There was only one plausible explanation for the beautiful sounds that traveled down the hallways. He was drawn toward it, the beautiful notes pulling at his heart. It was practically begging for Justin to come, and it was something he could not back down from.

Turning around a corner, he found her. Cyndi. Sitting by her lonesome in front of what he assumed to be a grand piano. Stepping in slowly, he was careful to not disturb her focus. Stepping softly against the hardwood floor, he only watched as he closed in slowly. It wasn’t until he was close before he said something. ”Hey.”

Justin was careful to be soft. ”You okay?” Justin asked, slowly making his way over to the bench and taking a seat next to her. ”Look, I’m sorry things went poorly down there. It… it sucks, and I’m sorry you had to deal with that.”

“Everyone in my family has strong personalities. It’s a lot in comparison to me.” She softly responded back, her voice shaking. Her eyes were begging to release her guilt, regret, and sadness with tears, but she kept her attention to the piano. If she looked at the boy that took interest in her, she would cry. He was in over his head. “My mother will be here soon. I did a bad thing. I was unpleasant and I made things worse. I let my emotions get the better of me and that has never been a good thing in this family. Especially because I know Hailey was trying to do something that would make mama happy. I knew that.”

She wasn’t sure if Justin was aware of her family dynamic. That Alyssa and Evelyn were married. That Alyssa and Ty were half-siblings. That Evelyn and Ty made each of the Green kids so that there was Green blood in them. That Ty was married to Julianna and had his own family, while still being romantically involved with Eve. It was confusing to an outsider, but to her, that was her normal. A family with a lot of love, even if at times, they wanted to cut each other’s throats. The Greens were complicated, as she was sure other families were too. “You should go home, Justin.”

Her music stirred wonders in others’ souls, just like her mother Evelyn did. She shimmered under the dim light. Breathtaking. “I don’t think this is going to work out. Me and you.” She sadly admitted. If there was someone not worth the chase, it was her. She was nothing. A disgrace to her family name. Cyndi wanted to stop while she was ahead. A coward. Silly her for thinking she could catch up to her older siblings in experience. Silly her for thinking she could live in the moment when she was stuck in both the past and the future. What she was battling everyday and what she wished she could be.

Hailey was right. She was always right. It was because of her Min-seo would get sent back home, ultimately making Henry hate her more than he already did. It was her lack of clarity and confidence that she couldn’t tell if Justin was a right fit or not, like how Hailey knew her and Hana belonged together and Henry and Min, all the same. She didn’t know if she had the courage to fight this battle of having Justin win her mother’s approval. Her sister was right. Her mother would never trust her judgement ever again. Why did she even try? She wasn’t meant to think for herself. She wasn’t meant to stray too far from the nest… she wasn’t meant to take risks. It would only lead to her upsetting everyone and getting hurt. Cyndi Green was a failure. A complete disappointment.

The mention of this not working out stabbed Justin in the heart just a bit, causing him to look away for just a second until he realized she wasn’t thinking rationally. It was clear that Cyndi was hurting, and hurt people tend to talk out of a place that didn’t necessarily reflect what they actually felt. Words were thrown around without actually meaning them.

”Come on now.” Justin reassured, ”You’re only saying that because of what just happened. I’d feel the exact same way if I was in your position. But, I’m not scared. I’m not worried at all.” Justin was definitely lying, but it didn’t matter to him. He wanted to make Cyndi happier, and more confident in the situation they were in right now, at least in terms of their relationship. There wasn’t much, if at all anything, that he could do about the family.

”All this’ll be is one speedbump. All it is - nothing more.”

“I guess so…” She stopped playing the piano and turned her body to look at him. Her watery eyes undeniably visible. “We can try. But know this is only the start. Things will get worse before they get good and I cannot promise you I will always be the nicest. I can’t promise you I will make you happy. I will try. I will give you a chance. But I’m far from worth it.” The tears started rolling down her face and she stood up, retreating to the large window that peered into the darkness of the front of her house. The long driveway. The shrubbery. The castle gates. “Now, Justin. Please, before my mother comes. Leave. Text me when you’re home.”

Justin stood up as Cyndi left her seat, watching her walk up to the window and stare out. He was about to follow and embrace her, but the words that followed soon after had dissuaded whatever intentions he had shortly afterwards. The situation had taken too much of a toll on Cyndi, apparently. He wanted to give her more reassurance, but he couldn’t. Cyndi had wanted him to go home, and he had to respect that. It didn’t matter if he wanted to do something else. In this situation, and at this stage in their relationship, it was far better that he respected her wishes.

Slowly stepping backwards toward the door, he nodded. ”Okay, Cyndi... “ He trailed, ”I-I’ll text you when I get home. I hope you feel better…” Space. Space was the best option right now. He didn’t want to suffocate her and be overbearing.

Featuring: Yung Steve & Allison Bentley

"What should I do, Allison?"

Yung Steve cried out, his hands in his hair as he paced back and forth in his room, frantically. There was a distraught look on his face, one that clearly showed that he was in distress. But what could Steven of the Youth be so torn up about? It was like his life was on the line, dancing on top of the thinnest of ice. Life was good for him! He had a killer performance not too long ago and he had fans hopping on his social media faster than rabbits on Easter. It was the most exposure he'd ever had, that actually did him favors and not just turned him into a laughingstock among his peers.

But there he was, practically tearing his hair out over something, and Allison was huddled in a corner with a notebook on her knees. Her big blue eyes was tracking the Asian rapper, who was grunting and fuming over what appeared to be a life-changing decision. Allison was simply tapping a pen against her chin, glancing up and down from her notebook and Yung Steve. The freshman had no idea what she was doing in a place like this, but the phone rang and a phone call from Yung Steve wasn't something she could turn down. Not while the Yung Steve Signal was going off!

"I don't know, dude. What do you want to do?"

"Dude! That's what I'm asking you! I don't know what I want to do!"

Yung Steve was getting increasingly frustrated with everything that was happening, with Allison's inability to think to his own inability to decide. The frustration was bothering him so much that he decided to flop onto his bed. A big poofing noise came from the bed as he fell onto it, rubbing the bridge of his nose in the meantime. He stared at his dark blue ceiling, before deciding to let his hands fall to the side.

"Should I do it, Allison? Should I really do it?!"

Allison was in the middle of scribbling something on her notebook before Yung Steve interrupted her. She clicked her pen before using it to scratch her temple. Allison was lost. The poor girl was starting to regret responding to the Yung Steve Signal, but if she didn't come over her phone would've been blown into an entirely different continent. She really had no choice, if you thought about it.


"Yung Steve."

"Right..." Allison rolled her eyes, "Wait. Hold on. I've known you since before I could even walk. Why can't I call you Steven anymore?"

Having wrestler parents did that to you. Yung Steve and Allison were around each other long before Yung Steve was even a thing. As a matter of fact, if you dug close enough on episodes of AWE, you could spot Yung Steve and Allison hanging around backstage with their parents. Their friendship went back a long way, to say the least.

"People don't call Snoop Dogg "Calvin". Respect the game, Allie-son."

"That isn't my name!"

"Neither is Steve or Steven."

"...yes it is!"

"...shut up. That ain't the issue here, Alls!"

Yung Steve took a moment to grab a pillow off of his bed and chuck it at Allison. Luckily for her, the pillow was a mile off of her head, so Allison didn't move a single inch nor did she even flinch. She knew Yung Steve wasn't going to do hit her with a pillow, and even if he did it wasn't going to be hard nor was it going to hurt.

"If you want to run for the student body, go for it. There's nobody that can stop you, not even me. Not even my mom."

"Which one? Wait- y'know what? They're both pretty scary."

Yung Steve shook his head. He always had a fear of Death Adder and Tsunami, even though they were far from the feuding wrestlers they were many years ago. Allison still didn't understand why he was so scared of her parents.

"You think I'll win, though?"

"I dunno. You think I'm a fortune teller? I can't tell the future, Steve."

"YUNG STEVE. ALLISON. WE WENT OVER THIS. I'm not trying to lose! I want people to put some respek on Yung Steve's name! Unlike some people."

Yung Steve got up from his bed and glanced at Allison momentarily, before putting his hands on his head and pacing back and forth. "If I do this... will you promise to vote for me?" Yung Steve asked curiously, staring Allison down with those dark eyes of his.

"Uh, yeah. Sure." Allison wasn't really wanting to waste her vote on Yung Steve. She already knew that he didn't stand a chance against the Greens and Helmsleys that were expected to take the ballot. But she pitied the poor guy, he was probably going to have less votes than she had fingers on her hands, and she had all ten fingers.

"Real shit?!" Yung Steve exclaimed, "I'm gonna do it, then! I'm gonna run for president. King of the school. Call me President Yung Steve." Yung Steve was just about to run out of the room in celebration, before pausing mid-stride.

"How do I sign up, again?"

Allison leaned back against the wall, sighing.

"Damn it, Steven..."

"Yung. Steve."

A Collaboration Between: @Bee and @TootsiePop
Featuring: Justin Quentin and Cyndi Green

Justin was still in shock from witnessing what was probably the most G thing he had ever seen. He didn’t know that Cyndi was capable of spitting such fire. But yet, there she was, burning the place down with her words. Watching her come back up to where they were before, Justin’s eyes were wide in shock.

”Did you just do that… Cyndi Green... jesus.”

“My siblings are better than me, but my daddy is the best.” A family that raps together stays together. Cyndi nonchalantly shrugged, playing it off like she didn’t like the attention. Truth be told, Cyndi loved when she was seen. The limelight was something she sought but it was a constant battle of insecurities, doubt, and not knowing what to necessarily prioritize or not, in her young life.

No longer needing to stay here, she spoke her desire to her suitor, while Xander went behind her and put her white jacket on her shoulders, “Ice cream or froyo?” Right now, she wanted something sweet. Who cares about dinner when dessert was waiting for her somewhere! Her white jacket suited her gold dress wonderfully. She was lovely. Absolutely lovely.

“Well?” Xander muttered impatiently. He wasn’t used to being Cyndi’s date chauffeur and frankly, he preferred escorting her around. Not a plus one. But. He was the eyes and ears for her mother, Alyssa, so his attendance was mandatory. As she well knew, he’d never leave Cyndi alone, like truly alone. Her life was his responsibility and that meant he had to watch her like a hawk, while not making her feel claustrophobic because he was too close. He was her shield and sword. If Justin wanted to continue and pursue her, the boy would have to accept there were obstacles he would need to overcome and prerequisites he needed to have, to even have a chance for approval.

If Cyndi’s siblings were better than her then Justin was in some trouble. Did he just go in over his head with this girl? Was he even good enough for her? Surely the starting quarterback for the BHHS football team had some sort of ground on the talented rapper singer girl known as Cyndi Green. He felt inadequate -- but then again nobody had really seen him play. Maybe he was the Cyndi Green of the high school football world.

Being yanked back to reality after Xander asked him a question, he blinked twice and blubbered a bit. ”Uhhh… fro-yo! You can customize froyo more than ice cream. Whaddya say, Cyndi?”

“I say… that sounds perfect.” Batting her eyes, she offered her hand for him to hold. Part of her was surprised all this came natural to her, but then again, she did read many romance novels. It only made sense that she knew how to be a girlfriend!



She wasn’t his girlfriend. With the thought, Cyndi’s cheeks were kissed pink, yet she didn’t waiver from her stance of wanting to hold his hand.

Sitting at a table, with a big concation of froyo (a few things Justin picked and a few things she picked, combined into one). Cyndi was simple with her selection, which was birthday cake flavor froyo, with rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry on the top. The large cup was in between her and the boy that liked her. Sure, this might have been a bit forward on her part with them sharing a cup, but hey, if he wasn’t going to be forward, she would! Her daddy was pretty forward so it only made sense she should be too.

Cyndi scanned the room to see where Xander was hiding. Her eyes fell on the back of his hat and a faint smile graced her face. Xander was her best friend and she appreciated everything he did for her. She wondered when the last time he went on a date. For as long as she’s known him, ever since he came in after her first butler passed away, his life has always been about her. Although she liked being selfish and having him all to herself, she did pity him.

Being a butler for her family… was it lonely?

Sitting by himself, Xander was three tables away from them, playing Candy Crush on his phone. He seemed indifferent on being the third wheel of his Green’s date. None of the butlers were paid to feel. They were paid to keep their Green safe and try their best to direct them toward the path that would make them happy — as well as not upset mother dearest too much. At times, Xander felt more of an advisor than a bodyguard. This is what he signed up for.

“Is football what you want to do after you graduate? I can’t get a really good read on you besides football being your life.” Starting them off with his passion and his future could lead to finding out the things she needed to know to see if her parents would like him. Sports was also just a good conversation starter for someone like him, she assumed. After taking a spoonful of froyo, she graciously put it in her mouth and beamed in happiness. This was delicious!

That was a lot of froyo. The stack was nearly the size of his forearm, not to mention the mountain of toppings that seemed to be on it as well. Justin was a much bigger proponent of the regular, tart flavored variant of frozen yogurt. Additionally, his contribution to the froyo mountain were a whole bunch of gummi candies. Gummi bears, gummi worms -- the works. It was a nice contrast of sweetness to the tart of the froyo.

Sticking his spoon into froyo mountain, he looked at Cyndi intently as she asked him about his football career. That was an interesting question to ask, but one he had gotten pretty often. If you asked him a few months ago, however, it would’ve been an entirely different answer. One minute he was the backup and the next he was the brand new starting quarterback after the departure of Damian.

He loved the game of football, and it was something he’d been playing his whole life. The game was something he lived and breathed, to say the least. Admittedly, the first couple of years were tough considering that he was stuck behind what might have been one of the most talented quarterbacks ever. Then, all of a sudden, he was done and out. Justin wasn’t expecting to take over so quickly, but he had to take what he was given.

”After I graduate? I just want to play football.” Justin started to take a spoonful of the frozen yogurt, simultaneously trying to get a gummi bear or two on the spoon, ”If the football thing doesn’t work out, though… maybe sports management? Something in the industry.”

Justin shrugged. His life without football wasn’t right. It was hard for him to imagine. It wasn’t something he wanted to think about, though.

”You? What’s going on with you after all this?” Hopefully she knew he was referring to high school.

“One day…” Cyndi paused, trying to gather the right words to say, “One day I’ll fly. Just like my aunty Amie. You see, I feel like right now, while I’m still so young, I shouldn’t waste time. If I want to make a statement and inspire people, may it be through my dancing, or music, or acting even, I need to work. People listen to fame, right?” That question was rhetorical. He didn’t need to answer that. “I want people to listen to me. But as far as the tabloids are concerned, I’m just the baby Green who does nothing scandalous. My main fan base are ballerinas, mothers, and their little girls. I got this ‘Disney’ image and I don’t want to be remembered like that. Not forever.” She picked at a sour worm and slurped it up before questioning him. “Is it wrong of me to want?” In reality, she was questioning herself.

”No. Not at all.”

Justin understood where Cyndi was coming from. It was clear to him that this girl was as ambitious as ever, and she had aspirations higher than the sky. But, her situation was tough. Given how powerful the Greens were, it was tough to make herself rise above one of the most known names in the world. It was one thing to be a Green, but to become Cyndi Green was about as hard as any task can be.

He wanted to reserve his judgment. He felt like he wasn’t close enough to Cyndi to really speak his mind in that fashion. ”Nobody can stop you except for you.” Justin stabbed at a mountain of what was probably the birthday cake froyo, ”The heart wants what it wants.”

“Yeah,” Bashfully, Cyndi twinkled at the boy that slid into her DMs. She was starting to believe taking a shot in the dark was incredibly worth it. It was too early to determine if this football player and her were a good fit. For now, he kept her intrigued and she did yearn for his attention. Dating and doting was exciting, as well as scary. All at the same time. Without the leap of faith, you will never know if the risk had a big reward or not. After being silent for another moment or two, she whispered the words he said, before taking another scoop of froyo, “The heart wants what it wants.” Her gaze never wavered from his face.
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A @smarty0114 & @Bee collab
Featuring: Becca Helmsley & Lawrence Townsend
Location: The Football Field, After School

Despite the chill in the air, the football team was hard at work on the field running drills. The football team had been on a winning streak like her soccer teams, and they were headed for the championships it seemed. Lawrence had said practices were getting more intense. The coaches were surely stressed about losing Damian. Scanning the field for a moment before looking away, Becca Helmsley climbed up the bleachers, where she found the closest thing she had to a best friend lounging against the metal seats, blowing pink bubbles from between her lips. Ivy Nichols smiled and waved. “Fancy seeing you here,” Becca said, taking a seat next to the blonde.

“I come here after a rough day. Watching boys work out really relieves the stress,” Ivy said casually, popping her gum while her gaze remained focused on the football team down below them. Becca laughed but didn’t disagree. “Let me guess, you’re here for Townsend?” Becca’s eyes drifted down to the field, looking for one player in particular. The long hair gave him away, and the stare Becca gave him more or less answered Ivy’s question. The blonde laughed. “I’m glad the date went well. Has he made an honest woman out of you?”

“Ivy, you know me. We’re just… having fun. Lots, of fun,” Becca said, smirking. Whatever her and Lawrence had been doing, it was fun. Was it truly just fun though? That remained to be seen.

A sharp whistle signalled the end of practice, and Ivy stood up, sighing. “Shows over,” she said, disappointment etched across her face. She started down towards the field, Becca following behind. Ivy turned at the bottom of the bleachers and gave Becca a hug. “Have fun with Townsend,” she said, winking at her friend before heading off towards the school parking lot.

Becca waited as players moved past her, headed to the locker room, dripping sweat even with the evening chill that had begun to set in. More than a few players gave her looks while they walked by, but she ignored them. The attention emboldened her and when she saw Lawrence was the last one of the pack, she strolled up to greet him. “Hey you,” she said, looking up into his eyes. “Nice job out there.”

Losing Damian had been less of a hit than Lawrence had previously thought. It wasn’t the level of play that was the issue, but it was the loss of leadership. However, Justin had done a good job at rising up and stepping up. Obviously not at the level of Damian, but for being the new captain for a few weeks he had made serious strides in stepping up.

Currently, the first team offense and the first team defense was on the field running one last play. One last play and they could go home. Lining up behind the quarterback, he was waiting to receive a handoff from Justin. Hearing and seeing the ball get snapped, he ran up and took the ball. Seeing the linebackers pour in had prompted him to bounce outside, which resulted in the typical and he burned them like California in the summer, taking it about fifteen yards before being pushed out of bounds.

After that, there was the same old bullshit speech from the coach about good work and about how everyone put in a good effort (which was a nice way of saying that they weren’t exactly up to his standards yet). Other than that, they were left to go to the locker room and do locker room things. Everyone, except for Lawrence who was pulled aside by none other than Becca Helmsley.

“Hey.” Lawrence smiled, “Thanks. I’m surprised you were watching. What are you up to out here?”

“I wanted to talk to you about something,” Becca said smiling. “How would you like to be my running mate in the special election? I need a running mate, and I can’t think of someone I’d rather have at my side.” She’d already pictured the next few weeks in her head a million times since this morning. She’d win this election, she knew that for certain, but a good VP would secure her spot in the hearts of the student body. Running with Bailee made it look like a Helmsley takeover, which to be fair, it was, but that didn’t sell very well. Leaving Trixie as her VP would just put an enemy in her circle that she didn’t need. Lawrence though, she could trust. He was charming, well liked, and they looked good together. He’d be the king to her queen. It was picture fucking perfect.

“Running mate?” It was an interesting proposition for sure, and one that he wasn’t really expecting to come. He wasn’t really a political person at all. Politics and all that confused him and he found it to be people pandering to whoever had the most money in their pockets, even on a high school level. However, it was Becca Helmsley. One of the most prolific women at the school. Asking him to come along was a smart move on her end, considering how prolific he was as well. But, he wasn’t sure if he was interested. “I don’t know, Becca... politics aren’t really my thing…”

“That’s okay, because they’re my thing,” Becca said. She smiled, and brought her hand up to rest on his bicep. “Just think of us running this school. Justin can be the leader out there,” she said, gesturing out to the field, “but you’ll be in charge everywhere else. I need your energy, Lawr. People look up to you. Plus, it gives us an excuse to spend some time together.” She batted her eyes and grinned. She wasn’t above using her looks to win this one, far from it in fact.

“Why me, though?” Lawrence smiled, “I’m just a football player.” Lawrence looked out at the field, watching coaches and assistants pick up the remnants of their practice. “The only running I do is out here.”

“Because, you’re my football player,” Becca said. Her lips found his, and then they were on his neck and her hands were sliding down his chest and all she could think was how lucky she’d been that the rest of the team was still showering in the locker room. She hadn’t been expecting him to take this much convincing. Pulling away, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed up against him, biting her lip. “I trust you Lawr. I could’ve asked Justin or Trevor or Damian but at the end of the day, I can’t work with them like I can with you.” It wasn’t so much a lie, only a pleasant rewording of the truth. She trusted Lawrence to do what she wanted, way more than she could any of the other boys. She liked him, and she liked the sex, but real trust wasn’t something she gave away so easily, not that he needed to know that.

“Doesn’t mean I’m school running material.” Lawrence shrugged, but what came afterwards was much more up Lawrence’s alley, and a language he was far more proficient in. God, she was so hot. Looking into those beautiful, blue eyes, he smiled. “Well, when you put it like that…” The running back’s smile grew wider, “What do you want me to do, exactly?”

She beamed at Lawrence’s question. She knew she’d won by then, and it was no wonder. She was Becca Helmsley. Winning was in her blood. “I can do all the heavy lifting. You’ll need to secure the team’s votes, but really I just need you by my side, looking your usual, dashing self. Honestly, once everybody knows we’re running together, I can’t see anyone standing in the way,” she said, planting another kiss on him. She pulled away and interlocked her fingers with his. “This is going to be amazing, I promise.”

“So all I gotta do is sit there and be pretty?” Lawrence joked, laughing lightly. He liked the idea of having Becca carry the work. Just like a group project, except there weren’t really any stakes for him other than having a sad Becca, but he knew just how to fix that.

“Exactly, and you’re very good at that. See, I can play to your strengths,” she said. She began walking towards the locker room, her hand in his. “I’ve got a meeting with Brian in an hour, but if you shower quick, I think I owe you a campaign present,” she said, spinning around to face Lawrence and giving him a wink.

“Alright. Say no more, you’ve convinced me plenty.” The running back smiled, letting the soccer player bring him along to the locker room. “I’ll be as fast as I can be.”
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