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Current happy lunar new year, everyone!
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you realize people have things to do other than RPing, right? not everyone can afford to devote so much time to a hobby.
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it doesn't make any sense because the party members can just use a revival bead on joker... or is joker somehow not affected by revival beads?
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how about we all just chill the fuck out ok
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RPG has become sentient
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Valentina rolled her eyes as Zoe continued to go on about whatever it was she was going on about. Eventually Valentina was going to cool down, but right now Valentina figured that Zoe wouldn't really catch onto the fact that she wasn't entirely interested in talking. She was just going to keep going on and on like the Energizer bunny. Zoe never really knew when to stop when it came to talking, no matter how Zoe was feeling.

The concept of a propelled wingsuit intrigued Valentina, but it was going to be a while before she did some crazy shit with it. "A propelled wingsuit?" Valentina sat back and looked at Zoe, "I'm not hopping in one of those until I get more comfortable in it." Something like that could turn Valentina into a pancake pretty quickly, hence her not being very privy towards piloting such a thing. "You get me some sessions learning how to use it and maybe I'll think about it."
Anna didn't think about how it was best to get a little bit of everything at the buffet. It was a buffet, after all and pretty much everything was free game. Anna wasn't much of a picky eater but she figured she didn't want to look like a glutton in front of her peers. Then again, who cared what they thought? They were the ones who lost and she and Jett were the ones who came out victorious in the end. No amount of slander these people could ever throw at them would ever take away the fact that they won. They were the ones who were victorious in the end. At least, for now.

Anna trailed behind Jett as he continued to pile on food on his plate. He wasn't kidding when he said when he said he was going to have a little bit of everything. It dwarfed Anna's own plate in comparison, which had a relatively measly serving of white rice, teriyaki chicken, Kahlua pork, and other sorts of Hawaiian delicacies. Once it was all said and done, Jett's plate practically towered over Anna's own plate. Though, there was always the possibility of seconds so Anna wasn't too worried about her plate.

Holding her plate out with an arm, Anna was already starting to slightly regret her decision doing it with just the singular arm with how it was trembling. Maybe she should've swapped arms or two armed it. However, by the time Anna reached a decision, Jett had offered to take her plate. "Oh. Uh- yeah. Yeah that sounds good!" Anna nodded, flashing a small smile, "I'll know if you take something anyway." The Ukrainian winked, before handing her plate over to Jett and walking off to her room. She didn't really plan anything fancy, not like it was the time and place to do so after all. Just whatever she found out of her closet would do.

Stepping into her room, Anna went head first into her closet and grabbed two random articles of clothing that she deemed appropriate for hanging out at the fireplace with Jett. It took a few minutes, but Anna emerged from her room dressed in a blue tanktop paired with a pair of simple gray shorts. Stepping back out into the backyard, Anna immediately spotted Jett and walked over to him, sitting down next to him. "Thanks for guarding my food." Anna smiled, before grabbing her fork. "It doesn't look like you took anything either." Anna laughed, before glancing over at his plate. "You enjoying your food so far?"

In that Jo had gotten into her hijinks, Sam may or may not have gotten slightly more inebriated. The Streamer was about as red as a tomato at this point and had just about finished her cup of whatever it was Jo had made. When Jo came by, Samantha looked up at her friend. ”Suuup. Nice song.” Samantha slurred.

Jo could not help but chuckle at the sight of her friend being this hammered, she placed her hand on her shoulder and gave her a warm smile, she took the cup from her hand and placed it on the table next to her.

Jesus, I think you’ve had enough don’t you think?” she asked, jokingly, kneeling down in front of her making sure she is okay. “Glad you liked the song though, you okay?

”I’m totally finnnee, dude…” Samantha smiled, ”How come we never sing songs together?”

I didn’t know you were the singing type,” she moved her finger to the bottom of the girl’s chin and nodded at her, “I promise we’ll sing together if that’s what you want.

Samantha put her hands on Jo’s shoulders, a smile on her face. ”Really? Can we sing one of those duo song thingies? The ones where you’re all like woohoo and I’m like yeehaw!”

W-What?” She asked, laughing at how she phrased her sentence, she found it cute that she was this inebriated. “We’ll do anything you want, okay?” She placed her hand on Sam’s and rubbed the girl’s arm to try and at least calm her down from how drunk she was.

”You heard me!” Samantha tried to stand up as she talked to her bestie, Jo. ”C’mon! Let’s go sing some songs. Maybe that dude you sang with… would he be down?”

He probably ran off or something, he was looking at some girl the same way I was looking at you earl- he-... He’s with some girl.” She replied. Once she saw how wobbly and stable Sam was on her feet, she got under her arm, and tried to support her best she could. “If you can get to the mic without falling over, I’ll sing with you.

”Bet.” Samantha said, before Samantha’s legs suddenly decided they were jello. Samantha damn well nearly toppled over and ate shit. ”Whoopsie.”

Alright spaghetti legs, let’s sit you down.” Said Jo, getting under her arm and moving her back on the couch, “We can sing some other time.” Said Jo, she placed her hand on her cheek and felt the heat from how drunk she was, “Wow, you’re hammered.

”No, you’re hammered!” Samantha protested, before sitting back down. ”I do like spaghetti tho…” Samantha looked right into Jo’s eyes. ”Can we get spaghetti? I’m craving some pasta.”

Alright, you’re cute and all but I don’t think pasta is going to help in this situation.” Said Jo, as her eyes met with Sam’s and her world shifted, suddenly her chest felt lighter. She leaned into Sam but pulled back after she realised what her drunk brain was doing. “S-So… Uh… Let’s just calm down for a little, okay Sam?

”Why? I’m totally calm!” Samantha hiccuped a bit. ”I’m cool. Like a cucumber. Now, let’s go get some pasta.” Samantha tried to stand up again, blissfully unaware that her legs were just as jello-y, if not even more jello-y than earlier.

Honey, no-” Jo said, catching Sam before she falls, “I can guarantee you, you’re going to throw up the moment you even take a bite of pasta, and I highly doubt there are any here.” Said Jo, she pointed to where the grill was and continued, “They’re serving burgers out there, heard it was good from the grapevine.

”Burgers?!” Samantha’s eyes widened. ”What kind of burgers? Can I have one?”

I don’t know, but I heard they’re the bomb.” Jo replied, “Since you’re definitely not gonna let up, let’s go get you one.” With that Jo then started supporting Sam again, heading over to the grill. Jo felt her stomach grumble a little, maybe she was a little hungrier than she thought.

For what it was worth, Jo sure did know how to have a good time even if she came from Rosefell. That little alcoholic Tootsie Roll concoction had really piqued Samantha's interest and she couldn't get enough of it. Who knew that Rosefell kids knew how to make drinks? It was definitely better than the drinks she'd had in other places. Unfortunately, much to the misfortune of one Ms. Samantha Queen, she was also a lot more of a lightweight than she'd previously anticipated, which may or may not have lead to a couple of issues once Samantha had downed one and a half cups of this.

By the time she sniffed her second cup, Samantha had already turned a light shade of pink. Either Jo had packed a lot more alcohol into this drink than she had thought or she was probably the lightest of weights in this entire school. Either way, she felt buzzed, at least so she thought. She was clutching her cup with two hands, fearful she might somehow fumble it and spill it on the ground. At this moment, this was something she desired to protect with every single fiber of her being. This was like God's nectar to her.

However, if Samantha stood any longer she probably might fall on her face. More of the alcohol was starting to kick in and Samantha's ability to stand was diminishing with it. "I think I need to sit down." Samantha commented, before finding a place to sit. "I feel like I'm gonna eat shit if I keep on sipping and standing." The continually drunker girl mentioned. "Protect me, Jo... guard me like Leona..."
i've always wanted to do a political thriller rp but i dont know enough about politics to do it properly nor do i think there'd be enough interest or commitment for it :(

Anna tilted her head curiously at Jett's comment, "Nothing will work without a solid foundation -- and that was exactly what you were for me." Anna shrugged, "You can't build a skyscraper without laying down the foundation, y'know?" Anna threw her hair behind her shoulders, the blonde hair still damp from the games of chicken that they played and won earlier. It was a bit surreal that the man she had a bit of an argument with earlier was now the very man she just won the first challenge of this show with. Despite their earlier butting of heads, it seemed like they made a pretty decent team, which was something the Anna of a few hours ago wouldn't have anticipated to happen.

The smell of food started to make its way to Anna's nose as well, and it reminded her of just how hungry she actually was. She had gotten too far caught up in the heat of competition to realize that she hadn't eaten in a while. Her stomach grumbled as soon as she realized that was food she was smelling. Anna turned to Jett, who had just offered to go hit up the buffet line with her. "You know what, that sounds great!" Anna smiled, before she realized that she was still in her bathing suit.

"I think I'm gonna grab a plate, set it down somewhere, and then go inside and change real quick. I'm already getting cold." Anna laughed, before shivering a bit. Standing up, Anna offered a hand to Jett. "Looks like the line isn't very long. Looks like a few staff members have already gotten there but it seems like there's still a lot of good food there." Anna said, before opening the door for Jett. "What do you have your eyes on right now?" Anna asked, "I, myself, have my eyes on the spam musubi -- same with the barbecue chicken. With a side of white rice? Can't ever go wrong with that."
The trek down the forest had allowed for more than ample time for Valentina to cool down. Maybe a bit literally considering how much snow was around. As explosive and volatile as Valentina's temper was, it was entirely in the range of possibility for her to cool down somewhat quickly. At the end of the day, Zoe was going to Zoe and there wasn't much that Val could realistically do to alleviate the Zoe things that Zoe did, much to her annoyance. As much as it annoyed her it was just one of the things that came with working with Zoe. Considering the antics they got up to, her annoying little idiosyncrasies were something she was more than willing to deal with.

Eventually they got down to the G-Wagon that Zoe rented, and much to Valentina's relief, Zoe decided she was the one to drive. Which was great, since Valentina wasn't entirely in the mood to drive right now. It gave her an ample opportunity to just sit back and unwind while Zoe drove them back to the hotel. A hot, steamy shower at near boiling temperatures sounded absolutely divine right now. Chucking her stuff into the back seat, she closed the door and she climbed into the passenger seat, before the car eventually rolled off.

"Yeah.... yeah..." Valentina rolled her eyes, "Just drive. We'll talk about this later."

Currently, Samantha had a tad bit of resentment toward her friend, Jo, for dragging her along to some stupid Rosefell party. Originally, Samantha had planned to relax with her crowd and play some League of Legends for her subscribers and followers to enjoy and watch. But instead, due to Jo’s insistence, she agreed to attend this party on the stipulation that Jo queue up with her when this party ended.

Samantha didn’t plan on staying long, but she wanted to at least humor Jo.

”So remind me… why are we going to this party, again? Full of people I don’t know?

Jo looked up at Sam and gave her this big ol’ grin, this is going to be the biggest party in the world, so not going would make them outcasts. She fixed the sleeves of her black jacket which was over her gray hoodie, then patted her ripped black jeans, and tapped her white rubber shoes on the concrete.

Come on, this is the biggest party in all of Rosefell and it’s hosted by a Liberty guy so you probably know him.

Jo then moved to be face to face with Sam and held her by her wrists, she pulled her down a little bit with little to no force and smiled at her.

Who knows what will happen? Sometimes you just gotta go and see what happens.


Who would be hosting a party of this magnitude for Rosefell kids of all people? Samantha rolled her eyes, trying to process the audacity of such a bizarre gesture.

”Well… I guess Rosefell kids should see how we party… even if they’re from Rosefell….”

That’s the spirit!” Jo called out.

Jo raised her fist in the air and wrapped her arms around her to give her a hug since she agreed to do so. Jo’s smile just grew and as soon as she pulled away from Sam she continued.

Show me how Liberty parties go! Rosefell parties are 50/50… Well 60/40-... 70/30… Big chance it sucks… 90/10.

Jo then started leading Sam towards the sea of people and she really wishes that she is going to have fun.

At this point Samantha just felt plain bad for Jo, considering she had likely never experienced what an actual party was like. The hug was a nice touch, and definitely did contribute a bit when it came to Samantha’s mood. It was hard to be frustrated around someone as spunky and energetic as Jo, and eventually her insistence wore down at her lack of enthusiasm and pumped just a tinge of excitement into Jo.

”Alright, alright. Just… bring us to your friends and I’ll try to show you a good time.” Samantha laughed, ”But you guys will have a good time without me. We know how to party anyway.”

Jo then sped up the pace, moving forward deeper into the crowd of people, she stopped in place for a moment after finding themselves a little place to breathe in. She stood on the tips of her toes and moved around to see if she could see anyone she knew.

Uhh...” She let out, “I can’t see anyone I know…

That was not exactly the truth since he saw her boys Dee and JJ pull up with the other boys and she knew all too well to not break up that band.

Maybe we can just mess about and see what happens…?” Jo said, not entirely sure what to do in this situation.

Samantha looked at Jo curiously. Messing about? What did Jo have in mind when it came to that? Samantha put her hands on her hips, tilting her head slightly.

”What did you have in mind? What’s your definition of ‘messing about’?”

You know...” She then swayed from side to side gesturing over to the drinks table. “You know, just… Get… Hammered.” She said, wiggling her shoulders a little, Jo did not take too much to get drunk but she is not as much of a lightweight compared to others. She started moving towards the drinks table, hoping Sam was right behind her.

If I get drunk… Uh… Sorry.” She said, followed by a soft laugh, she already knew how much of a mess she will be if she gets hammered.

”You can’t be that bad drunk.” Samantha laughed, before coming up behind Jo at the drinks table. She took a look at the table, wondering what exactly could be made or drank from this table.

”How about you… make me a drink? We can have our first Rosefell party drink together?”

You’d be surprised.

She moved to the table and looked around, when Sam asked her to make her a drink, she was quite unsure since most of her drinks were just the ones she picked up. She picked up this and that and ended up with two cups of some weird concoction. She looked at it before taking a sip, she expected the worst but was greeted with something sweet.

Here, don’t know what it could be but, Hey! I made you a drink and that’s what you asked me to do!” she exclaimed, handing her the cup of the Jocohol™ and laughed as she kept sipping at it. She then looked up and Sam and had the brilliant idea of, “You met my friends! Can I meet yours?” She asked, raising her voice so she could hear her over the music.

Watching Jo make the drinks, Sam couldn’t help but to peer over her shoulder to see what exactly was happening. Jo definitely seemed like she was hard at work, too hard at work… as a matter of fact Sam felt like Jo was unsure what she was doing. But, nevertheless, she did ask Jo for a drink at the end of the day.

Taking the drink from Jo’s hands once she was done, Sam took a sip and immediately started coughing. Good lord, what did Jo put in this? ”Oh my god.” Samantha coughed, What the fuck did you put in here… holy shit!” Samantha continued to cough as she heard something about meeting some Liberty people.

”If they’re here, sure. But I wanna know what the hell you put in here first.”

Uhh… Kahlua, rootbeer...A-A… A tootsie roll.” She replied, laughing her ass off at this point, that drink was so stupid but it surprisingly was not bad. Her laugh was contagious as she kept at it, she then asked, “You don’t like it? I’ll take it.” She added, holding out her hand, she was getting hammered earlier than expected. She hoped her aunt would not care too much.

”So that’s what it tastes like?” Samantha nodded, before looking at Jo. Samantha simply put a hand out gently push her hand away, ”I never said I wasn’t-cough-a fan.”

You’re coughing like you’ve been smoking for 15 years straight.” Jo joked, was it because Sam could not handle her drinks? If that was the case, that is pretty cute.

Well then superstar, can you take one sip without coughing?” She challenged, hoping to see if Sam is a bigger lightweight than Jo.

”Shut up, Jo!” Samantha chuckled, before hearing about Jo’s challenge. It was a dangerous challenge for her to undertake considering the (not so) possibility that Samantha was not able to handle her alcohol. ”Bet.” Samantha said, before clutching the cup in her hands and taking a sip. Approximately two seconds passed after Samantha took the sip before she immediately started coughing.

Jo is just having a good time, Samantha is great company and she wishes that everyone has someone like her in their lives. Jo felt full, full of love and for that moment, all her troubles were going away, and it was all thanks to this one person. Jo watched as Sam failed the challenge and she shook her head.

Alright superstar, you’re turning out to be a bigger lightweight than I am.

Samantha sarcastically sneered at Jo, before giggling.

”Listen, that just means I need less booze to have fun. Nothing wrong with that!”

Alright then! Let’s get hella hammered!” She replied, Jo took her cup and took the largest swig anyone should ever take.

Woooo!” She yelled out, raising her arms, everything was starting to get a little hazy now and Jo did not care.

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