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The last few hours had been a blur for Ellie. If you put a gun to her head and asked her what had just happened, she honestly wouldn't be able to give you the answer that you probably wanted. Time had flown so quickly, that she failed to really remember what was going on and what she was doing. It was a ferocious rush to get ready, considering she wasn't exactly the most ready person on this roadtrip. Luckily, Ellie had the amazing ability to pack light.

One minute she was at In-N-Out and the next she was in her car trailing behind an RV that was admittedly no longer operational.

Pulling over at the side of the road, the gang had made a momentary stop in order to see what exactly was up with that aptly assigned RV of the Misfits. The sun was beating down on the gang like a teenager who had just figured out how to lock the bathroom door. It was hot, it was sweaty, and it was mucky. But, people were in need of assistance. There was no better crowd to break down next to than the gearheads. Who better to ask than the people who literally lived and breathed oil and petroleum? Okay maybe not literally but the point still stands.

Ellie was idly standing by the engine, trying to locate the source of the rather noxious liquids that had escaped the confines of their container. Admittedly, it was a little difficult to try to figure out what was going on. She wasn't entirely used to the layout of the RV's engine bay, considering that it was arranged a little differently than say, her Nissan GT-R. Maybe it was coolant? Maybe the oil sump had busted and starved the engine of much needed oil. In either case, it was severe enough to render the RV inoperable, and in a place like this, it was practically a death sentence.

Speaking of death sentences, however, Ellie was snapped out of her problem solving process when she heard some yelling behind her. It wasn't the good kind of yelling, either. Turning around, she saw a couple of bodies hit the ground with a lot of yelling and commotion coming from it. Ellie's eyes widened as much as they could, before she rushed in and tried to save them. But as soon as she got there, she only managed to run up behind Matt before they were separated. AJ had quite the shiner already... or was that the sun reflecting off of the road or something? Ellie wasn't sure what was on his face, but she did know that an assault had just taken place.

Before she could really say anything herself, Matt interjected with his own opinion, which pretty much lined up with what she was about to say. It was like he took the words out of her mind - but nobody could prove it considering she stayed quiet. Silence had fallen onto the crowd, which gave Ellie the perfect time to add her two cents in, and maybe start getting more involved with whatever the group was doing.

"Yeah... you guys definitely need some time apart from each other." Ellie trailed, before glancing back at her car and back at the RV. "If uh... one of you guys needs a ride.. there's a seat in my car.

Hearing Jett respond to Nina's question didn't really evoke a response from Anna. She looked up, fork stuffed in her mouth as she peeled the egg off the prongs. At this point, you could've replaced the fork with a foot and it wouldn't have made a single difference in the world. Nina, on the other hand, was more than ecstatic at Jett's response. Anna glanced at Nina and Jett, before feeling a slight stabbing pain in her chest and looking down. This was a mistake. Why would she bring herself closer to the person with whom she practically poured kerosene on and lit a match with? Nina had no idea that there was already some sort of tension on the show, but right now all she wanted to do was get to know Jett. Anna was there too, she guessed.

"Right?" Nina exclaimed, biting off another piece of her sausage in the meantime, "If I knew things were this comfortable and the food was free earlier? I would've signed up for other shows way, way long ago." Nina was very happy with the accommodations, which if you thought about it, was kinda sad if this was all it took to really win the young, perky girl over. "It's like I'm sleeping on a cloud, dude!" Nina was in love with the special mattresses, even if they were just your run of the mill memory foam mattresses. It sure beat the shit out of whatever Nina slept on back at her home.

Nina then noticed Anna, who was still poking at her food. Maybe she wanted to say something? Nina turned to Anna, before clearing her throat, "What about you? How do you like it here?" Nina asked. It took Anna a while to realize that a question was for her, so as she looked up to see at least one pair of eyes trained on her, she was a little surprised, to say the least. "Uh, me?" She asked, before swallowing the eggs in her mouth. "I guess... it's nice? The view's cool..." She trailed, looking down at her plate. She couldn't bear to look at Jett right now.

"Aw, you got a view of the beach? I don't have that!" Nina frowned. "It's something." Anna replied. Nina shrugged again before deciding to propose another question to the group. "What do you guys think will happen over this summer? I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what happens between people. I know some things have happened already." Nina said, glancing quickly at Jett, before back at the both of them. Anna looked up again, inhaling deeply. "Well... I'm in the camp of whatever happens, happens. I'm not really... forcing anything, if that makes sense."
Watching Jett walk away was something she wasn't quite sure she knew how to feel about. On one hand, her game was effective and it sort of worked? On the other hand, she was by herself, left to her own accord and to her own vices at the breakfast. Poking at some eggs, she started to mull over what she did to make Jett walk away. Did it really work? Well, she was sitting here by herself and Jett was over there with the other people. She had forgotten that she didn't know Jett like that just yet, and Jett wasn't entirely just some regular guy. She had forgotten that this wasn't Creepo Steve from the bar. This was Jett Ollison, a real life, high caliber musician who was worth his weight in gold.

Poking at an egg, she was starting to feel somewhat guilty about what she did. Anna was that bitch, but she also wasn't that bitch. Usually she wouldn't give half a shit about watching this guy walk away, but something about Jett walking away harshed her vibe. Considering that he was the first connection she made at this show, and to already light the bridge on fire was something that only Anna could accomplish. She looked back at the couch, where he sat down and joined the other people, people who weren't pulling shit like that. Anna sighed, poking at her eggs.

Meanwhile, as Jett sat down, Nina, who was busy chewing on a sausage, had perked up upon seeing the musician. "Hey!" She beamed, her smile practically lighting up the entire room. Nina scooted over to make some room for Jett, before letting him sit down. "Good morning! How'd you sleep?" She asked, holding the brown sausage in her hand, "The beds here are soooooo comfy. I can't believe we have stuff as cool as this!" The girl beamed. But before Jett could really answer, the sounds of footsteps could be heard nearby. "Oh, hey there!" Nina beamed, again.

Anna nodded, before taking a seat around the table. She didn't really want to look Jett in the eye right now, but she figured this gesture would at least do something, even if she didn't really wanna say anything. "Hey." She uttered, before looking down at her eggs. Nina turned back to Jett, before manipulating her body language to make the others feel more included, "What do you guys think of the house so far? I love it, personally."
Anna raised an eyebrow at the rather odd suggestion from Jett. It seemed like he was trying to play games, games that a petulant, petty high schooler that would play. Anna saw right through it, and knew exactly what he was trying to do with that. She knew - because did the same exact thing to people. It drove her nuts, yet it was hypocritical because she pulled that stuff all the time to get what she wanted. Was it manipulative? Yes. Was it shitty? Yes. Did Anna give a rat's ass? No, she didn't. It worked like a charm, especially with men who she wanted to string along. If they were going to try to rob her of her dignity, she might as well get something out of it in return. That was the way Anna played these games. What comes around, goes around. An eye for an eye.

The Ukrainian made a pouty face and put a hand on Jett's shoulder, her fingers digging into his sleeve as she looked into his eyes. "Nooo.. please don't go!" Anna made a point to sound as fake and insincere as possible, "Don't go! I need you here, Jett with two Ts..." Anna whined, before letting go of Jett's shirt. It was a really shitty attempt at reverse psychology, but attempts even worse than what she'd just pulled were successful. Maybe he'd stay, maybe he'd go. Subconsciously, she wanted him to stay, but she tried to make it seem like she didn't have a care in the world about his decision.

A man from Manhattan? Anna raised in eyebrow in intrigue. At the same time, however, Anna completely understood where he was coming from. Manhattan was one thing. The city, the skyline, the bustling streets that never seemed to stop. She understood why it would be quite the place to be in. On the other hand, it had nothing on Mother Nature. The beach, the waves, the natural cascading of the tide was something that couldn't be beaten by man-made means. They were both views Anna appreciated, but gun to the head, Anna would pick the beach.

The focus was cast back onto Jett and his early drinking tendencies. She still felt 10:00 AM in the morning was much too early to be drinking, despite this being a reality show with really no rules on it. Anna still had her morals, and if she was drinking before noon then something was seriously wrong in her life. But then again, she was on a reality show. Morals and rules and order were among some of the last when it came to priorities. Time and time again Anna had to remind herself that the producers were interested in crazy shit. Shit that would get them views, scandalous shit, shit that would get people talking. Not to mention that everything within the confines of this household was practically free of charge. She wouldn't be losing anything (besides her dignity, but that's a story for later) by consuming alcohol. She really didn't have any reason as to not consume any, besides her own moral code.

Her eyes migrated over to the concoction that Jett was sipping from. It did look really good. After all, Anna was a fan of orange juice and champagne. There was no telling what would've happened when you combined the two in an environment like this food and drinks were plentiful. Anna took a moment to think, to mull over his offer. it was 10 AM and it was much too early to be drinking. That was what she was hung up on. However, it was not a regular scenario. It wasn't like she had anywhere to be besides here. It wasn't like she needed to be sober the whole day. So what if she was drunk before the moon came up? Nobody cared.

Anna glanced down at the glass, and flashed him a smile before reaching out to grab it. "Okay. I'll take a sip." She shrugged, "...only because it'll shut you up." Anna put the glass to her lips, taking a small sip.

He was right. It was delicious.
The information that Athena had just received had come across as a shock to her. She knew that Mark was a criminal, but she didn't know to what extent he was a criminal. Honestly, Mark was lucky that they were a far way from New York City, because just that admission alone would've prompted her to take action and put him and handcuffs. But they weren't. Athena couldn't do anything to Mark, even if she wanted to. As a sworn police officer of the law, she had a set of principles and laws that she was bound to. At least, when it had to do with the state of New York. But they weren't in New York.

As a matter of fact, Athena was just as guilty of crime as Mark was. No doubt the little operation that they just carried out was just as illegal as everything else in Mark's rap sheet. She realized she couldn't really say anything. Hopefully nobody was able to identify her, because she would be getting into some SERIOUS trouble if she did. Before she could really say anything back to Mark, he was gone. He had gotten in and disappeared. He was gone like the wind before the police officer could even formulate an answer. She was left bewildered. There were so many questions to think of.

Why trust her with that sort of information? Was he doing her some sort of favor? He knew damn well that she was a police officer and that she was going to do something about it. The motivation wasn't clear, but seeing as she had plenty of time ahead of her, she was going to do her due diligence. Might as well, right?

Only time would be able to tell what was to come of this information.

The prospect was tempting. Despite not doing it for over a year at this point, Mia knew full well what having her aunt come over meant. Usually when her aunt came over, that meant her mom was going out and most likely driving her car super fast. Mia didn’t really pay attention to it though, partially because she didn’t consider her mommy driving cars super fast to be a particular sin and also because having her aunt over was a fun time. Kimberly also knew that she knew what it meant, glancing at the little brown-haired girl who was stabbing at the lasagna with her fork. Kimberly put a hand up to her chin, rubbing it idly as she thought. Her eyes darted between her daughters, who were both eating their lasagna, happy as can be. Monica, the younger girl, was having a tougher time since she wasn't as proficient with utensils as he older sister was. It was going to be a hassle to clean her up afterwards, considering the girl's attitude toward getting cleaned up. Guess she got her father's tenacity.

Tapping her foot idly, Kimberly prodded at her lasagna once again. The Skyline needed to stretch its legs. Since she had regained the ability to drive, the car had been relegated to something of a daily driver. Very rarely was it able to flex its muscles and utilize all of its power. It was mostly just a commuter and something to get her to work and back, and maybe grab some groceries once in a while. She honestly didn’t know why she still had the car at this point. It would’ve been much cheaper and much more practical to sell her car and get something else, but something in her prohibited her from doing so. The Italian just couldn’t figure out what was holding her back, though.

Biting her lip, she looked down at her phone. It lit up with a picture of her family at a natural park of sorts. Kimberly tapped her fingers on the countertop, before swiping on her phone and tapping her pin code in. Her decision had been made -- and it wasn’t long until she pulled up her the conversation with her sister.

“I’ll see.”

Kimberly Rossi
”Hey, you think you can come over here in about fifteen minutes? I’m gonna go out.”

Sarah Rossi
”Oh lord. Alright. I’ll be there. I missed my girls anyway.

A small smile flashed on Kimberly face when she saw her sister agree to watch the kids for the night. “Guess she’s coming over in a bit.” Kimberly raised her eyebrows, before turning to her two daughters, “Hey, guys. Aunt Sarah is gonna come over in a bit and watch you guys, alright?” She said sweetly, taking a moment to tussle her daughter’s hair. They both looked at each other and shrugged.

About fifteen minutes had passed, and Kimberly’s beloved sister, Sarah had finally popped over to their house and greeted the kids. She was met with a warm reception and a toddler tsunami had overcome her, knocking her to the ground with their hugs. Once she was back on her feet, she cleared her throat and looked to Kimberly, who had slipped into something a little more appropriate for driving. A gray crewneck sweater and a pair of leggings sufficed, as well as a pair of Jordan 1s in her favorite colorway.

Before Kimberly set off, the elder Rossi sister took a moment to pull Kimberly aside. “You sure about this? It hasn’t really been that long…” Sarah whispered, before waiting for her sister’s response. “Yeah. Worst case scenario I never do this again.” Kimberly shrugged, “It won’t hurt. I never crash.” Sarah was about to interject, but Kimberly raised a finger, “I was crashed into. There’s a difference.”
Sarah sighed and shook her head. “Whatever you say. Just… stay safe, okay? I don’t need to remind you why.”

Kimberly nodded, before opening the door to the garage. “Always.”

Closing the door behind her, she could hear the distant sound of giggling behind her, before Kimberly cleared her throat and unlocked her car. Sitting inside the bucket seat, she took a deep breath, before taking the key and twisting it to turn it on. The six cylinder engine came to life, sending a giant vibration through the garage as she gave it a couple of revs. It felt so weird to her right now, knowing that she would be pushing this car to the limit once again.

Rolling the window down, she poked her head out in search of her husband.

“Babe… you ready?”

Ellie nodded and complied with Seb’s request. Checking his gear, she knew that he mostly had it down. Still, it didn’t hurt to double check. It was better to be extra safe than sorry -- especially in this line of work. After making sure every strap was pulled and things that were supposed to be secure were secured -- she gave a thumbs up. Seb was ready to fly off a cliff and carve it with his wingsuit. Giving a thumbs up, she received the peck from Seb and smiled softly, before reaching down to grab her own white helmet.

Securing it and making sure it won’t fall off while she became a bird for a few minutes, she pulled on it slightly to make sure that it wouldn’t pop off. Again, better safe than sorry. She turned around and looked down. The mountains were ripe for carving, despite it being summer. There was no snow -- just the dark face of the mountain. On one side, at least it warmer, but falls were going to be much nastier. But it was just the reality of being in a dangerous sport like this. Sometimes -- you just didn’t know what was going to happen, and when shit hit the fan -- shit REALLY hit the fan.

Preparing herself, the only words that she heard were the ones that gave her permission to kick things off. The slap on the ass was rather unnecessary, and Seb was definitely going to get chewed out afterwards. But for right now, Ellie needed to focus. She needed to get this sorted out and organized so that they could have the smoothest session. Taking a deep breath, she let gravity take effect as she stepped off the cliff, falling into a descent.

It was time.

Gina’s attention snapped from the map and onto Ryan as they mentioned something about qualifying. “Qualifying? It’s not qualifying. This is just a testing event. Season isn’t even starting until way later, dude. Right now we need to get our cars set up.” She remarked, sighing and taking her helmet. The true season wasn’t due to start until later. Right now was an organization sanctioned event where they could test their cars and stretch their legs. Many other constructors were around for the same. Plenty of Audi R8s, Ferrari 488s, McLarens, and other GT3 cars were around here.

Glancing at the clock, it was almost time for them to make their debut for the season. The stands were packed, eager to see the cars for the first time this year. There was a bunch of hype garnered behind the debut of Ryan and Gina in new cars. The two had gained popularity after terrorizing the league with their Audi R8s, and now in a completely different car, the entire racing world had their eyes on what they were going to do (as well as where Daniel Ricciardo was headed after the 2018 F1 season and Fernando Alonso’s future, but let’s not get into that)

A few minutes’ time and Gina was in her outlap. Rounding around turn 12, she was about to push the card as hard as possible on the soft tires. The goal was to see how the car behaved and tailor it to Gina’s particular driving style. Going onto the final straight, Gina swerved the car again to put some heat into the tires before making the push.

Crossing the line -- Gina absolutely FLOORED it, letting the V6 bellow as she shot down the beginning straight. Hopefully Ryan wasn’t having any difficulty with his car, because already this car was feeling great for Gina.

Location | In-N-Out Burger
Los Angeles Time | 11:54 AM / London Time | 6:54 PM / Moscow Time | 9:54 PM
Interacting with | pretty much gearhead minus aj lmao


The otherwise tranquil and peaceful morning was interrupted by the violent screeching of a digital alarm. Elise Ford had been violently yanked from dreamland, her eyes erupting awake as her alarm went off. She had one just in case she got a little too carried away with sleep, and based on the fact that it managed to go off this time, she did. Ellie reached a hand over, poking her hand in the messy pile on her nightstand and sifting through the various trinkets and other items before touching the glass screen of her phone and disabling the alarm. Raising her head, all that could be seen of it was a giant, unkempt pile of light brown hair on top of the most grouchy and grumpy girl.

It was a wee bit before noon, and Ellie didn't have any plans, at least as far as she remembered. That was, until she remembered that it was today! What was today, in particular? Ellie had no idea, but she knew she had something to do. Something was tugging at her. It was strong enough to tug her out of bed and on her feet, much to the dismay of her comfort. The bed was so warm and comfortable, but she had obligations! Obligations that were called the Gearheads, and she wasn't about to let them have their fun without her for much longer. It wasn't a party without Ellie, and she knew that better than everyone and their mother.

However, she wasn't going to stroll into their hangout spot looking like a hot mess. She only wanted to look hot and that was the end of that. It took her a bit to change into something and make herself look presentable, but she managed to slip on a gray hoodie and a pair of jeans that she may or may not have worn earlier in the week. Hey, jeans were made to be worn multiple times, right? They were clean and they smelled fine. Her light brown hair hung over her shoulders as she yawned, stepping down the stairs of her parents' two story house. As always, they were nowhere to be seen. Probably at work or something like that. Psh. Work. Living that 9 to 5 life seemed sad. You wake up in the morning to spend hours and hours on end droning in front of a desk only to come home and wait until the very next day to do the same thing. It was just sad.

"Empty, empty..."

That life wasn't for Ellie. She preferred something much faster, something a little more mechanical as well. Biting her lips and making a small popping sound as she dragged her feet along, she eventually opened the door that lead into the garage. In the dimly lit room was one of the only things that she could ever depend on her life, and that was her car. Godzilla -- at least, that's what its ancestors were called back in the day. Years and years of racing heritage came up and birthed this masterpiece of a car. Ellie smiled softly as she unlocked the doors, making her way to the driver's side seat to get the car going and headed to her destination.

It didn't take much longer before she was out of the garage and on the street. Based on the time -- she didn't have much time before AJ was going to start getting mad. She was going to have to kick it into another gear -- literally -- and start hauling ass. Just the way that Ellie liked it. It gave her an excuse to start going faster. Pedal to the metal, just the way that she liked it. It took her a while to get the hang of this beast, but once she tamed it -- it was like she and the car were one. Six cylinders and six hundred horsepower were being laid onto the ground, carrying Ellie all the way to the In N Out, where everyone was.

Pulling into the parking lot, she anticipated that it was going to be a little bit more packed. It was lunch time, so there were going to be yuppies and locals out of the ass. Unless, the Gearheads made their presence known. Skirting into a nearby parking spot that she may or may not have yanked from a soccer mom that had been prowling around for nearly fifteen minutes now, Ellie shut the car off and made her way into the In N Out. The sun was glaring on the window, making it hard for her to see inside before she opened the door.

Lo and behold, she saw something rather interesting. Guess she picked the perfect time to come, because AJ Tyler was definitely doing something to be that mad. Ellie's eyes widened momentarily, before she got a little closer to see just what was happening.

"So... who set him off this time?" Ellie asked, before sliding into a seat. She glanced at Yessi, before looking at the others, Did I miss anything important?"
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