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Current my account is six years old today holy shit
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yeah and you've still managed to chase 100% of that 1% away
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gee i wonder why
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bruh everyone can see your bitching. you've dug yourself into a very deep hole. as a matter of fact, i'm certain that few, if any, will want to RP with you after seeing how you talk about your peers.
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bruh you gotta chill



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In Sentaku 2 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
John watched the woman, who was known as Juliet, apparently, glance over at her little buddy and then back at him, before walking toward him. What was she doing? Was she going to take his stuff? Search him? Stab him in the gut? People said a lot of things these days, and John had very little reason to trust what this Juliet person was saying right now. The last Juliet he knew, as far as he knew, was long gone. At least, that was what he made up in his mind to keep the pain of losing her and being separated from her from hurting too much. It was what numbed the pain the best for him.

But instead, she showed him something. Glancing over to the wrist, the amount of shock struck him like a lightning bolt as he processed wha was happening. There was absolutely no way that was what he was actually seeing. There was no way this girl, who just so happened to look like Juliet, had a tattoo that looked just like his. The two had gotten matching dandelion tattoos way, way back as a sign of their friendship. The two had been inseparable until the bombs had dropped, and he had never seen her again.

There was no way. There was absolutely no way. It was too good to be true, and there was no way that this was, in fact, Juliet. Was this some sort of hallucination? Was this a sick joke? Had the radiation finally gotten to him? Was the radiation getting to people and turning them into things? John had so many questions, and there was no way he was going to be trusting this. For all he knew, this was someone who looked just like Juliet and the tattoo was a cult or something. No fucking way. The sheer shock was preventing him from processing and accept that was, in fact, Juliet in front of him. "W-What are you showing me? I don't... get it."
"Oh you bet I will!" Anna beamed, resting her hands on her thighs as she waited for Ashley and Nathan to get set up again. It took one more defeat to send Anna and Jett to the next round. Hopefully Ashley didn't catch onto Anna's strategy, because that was precisely the same thing she was going to try to do to get the easy victory. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Anna took a deep breath as Ashley clambered onto Nathan's shoulders again, an obviously very dissatisfied look on her face as she realized that one more loss would send her into elimination contention. Nobody in the pool, let alone around the pool wanted to be eliminated. They wanted to stay and show the world what they got and what they were made of.

The host made the proper preparations again, the same "ready, set, go!" as last time as the two went forward and clashed yet again. Locking hands, it was the same old. Pushing and pulling. It seemed Ashley had figured out what Anna was trying to do and trying to adopt it into her own. Anna had to figure out how to get her off. Pushing and pulling toward one side wasn't going to work. As the two were at a stalemate because the both of them had effectively canceled each other out, Anna suddenly figured out a plan. What if she just... pulled? No pushing, just pulling. The sudden motion of pulling would probably knock her off.

It was worth a shot. As she felt Ashley starting to push and pull at the same time, she simply pulled on her wrists at the same time as hard as she could, and yanked her off of Nathan's shoulders, surprisingly enough. Anna made a happy shriek as she realized her plan work. "Oh shit! We did it! Oh shit!" She was surely going to be censored, but it didn't matter. She and Jett had advanced!
Sighing softly to herself, Val revved her bike and held the throttle down as far as she could. Zoe was always up to the craziest plans, but damn it if it wasn't wasn't the sweetest shit that had ever made its way through her brain. Launching that bike of hers off of a sweet jump was very Zoe for sure. Val, in the meantime, was quickly carving her way through the roads that lead to the very beach that they were due to be on. There was a chance that Zoe was reduced to a pile of guts and flesh, but knowing Zoe, she was probably standing on the beach, or just about to make contact with ground level. That bike, not as much. That bike was going to be written off. Hopefully the money they got from pulling off insane shit like this would suffice.

Leaning into the bike and pressing the weight forward, she continued to tear her way down to the beach. The bridge was coming up, and a choice for Valentina was coming up. Was she going to take the same path as Zoe and launch off the ramp? Or go down the long way in hopes that she'll catch her? With how things were looking, she might as well take that bridge too. There was no way she was going to beat a flying Zoe the further down the road she got. There was more road between her and the beach than there was air between the ramp and beach. Take it slow, Zoe said. Take it slow. Inhaling deeply, Valentina let off the throttle as the ramp got into closer view.

Taking off the throttle completely, Valentina found that her bike simply went down onto a little service road onto the beach. Val was expecting something way more spectacular, but this would work. A downhill road all the way to the beach. Flooring it, accumulating speed was much, much easier for her and it wasn't long until she was hitting 160-170 MPH and beyond. Soon, the beach was in view and Valentina had to slam on the brakes. Shifting down as fast as she could, she pulled her bike to the side, parking it to the side somewhere and deploying the kickstand. Hopefully she beat Zoe there. Taking her helmet off, she started walking onto the beach. Much to her surprise, there Zoe was. It was hard for her to tell who exactly got there first. Based on how Zoe looked, though, it seemed like her approach was a little more soaked.

"Someone looks a little wet." She laughed.

Athena took a deep breath. She was going to have to move tree to tree as fast as she could. Based on how the park was laid out, if she jumped out of the trees at the right time, she might've had a chance at making a play and nailing at least one of them. She just needed to sprint for her life and hope to god she wouldn't get hit. Taking a quick peek, the trio were running right where she wanted them to. Pulling the slide of her pistol back, she chambered a round. A Sig Sauer P226 had 15+1 rounds for her to use before she had to reload. Athena only had two mags with her, including the one already in her gun. Pulling her gun up close to her face, she started to run, pointing her gun out, she fired a few rounds randomly toward the source of the gunfire as suppressing fire of sorts.

Darting through the trees, Athena ran as fast she could before she got a bead on the trio. They were bunched together very well, which meant that Athena could very well manage to nab one of them, and that was all she needed to nail the three of them and put them away. Putting her gun in her pants, the bodyguards no doubt had lost their bead on Athena. Disappearing behind the trees along with the lack of gunfire made it hard for them to track her down, which was exactly what she wanted. Not even the trio knew where she was, which set up her play almost perfectly.

Getting closer and closer, Athena and the trio was lining up. If she kept up her current pace, she was going to be able to nail one of them. The treeline was about to end soon, and it was quickly becoming now or never. As the trio slowed down to see if they were in the clear, Athena leapt out of the trees, grabbing onto Vladimir Sobotka as they were about to run off again. The detectives were going too fast to stop in time to stop Athena. The sheer speed plus weight created enough force to topple Sobotka onto the ground, Athena landing on top of him as she rolled over him. The detectives couldn't risk shooting at Athena in fear of hitting Sobotka. If Sobotka was dead, then they were in deep shit. However, Athena had no qualms about shooting the detectives and quickly pulled the pistol out of Sobotka's pants, kneecapping the both of them and taking them out.

Athena then turned around to see the henchmen running toward her. She was about to fire back before she heard sirens get progressively louder. A sense of relief washed over her as she got into cover, pulling out her other gun to keep it on Sobotka as well as her badge as the first units came. Two uniformed NYPD officers found Athena and Vladimir, pointing their guns at them. "NYPD! Hands up!" Athena only flashed her badge, before the officers lowered their guns.


"Is... is that how you spell it?" A voice asked curiously, masked behind a black bag of sorts, "I thought people spelled it G-U-C-H-I. Why would you spell it with two Cs? I don't get it!" Nicole Milano was sitting in the living room, looking at the spoils of her raid at the mall. The holidays were kind to her. A lot of money, and a lot of presents came to the girl. There's not else that Nicole would do with the money, so why not spoil herself (even more) with it? It wasn't like it was going to hurt anyone else. Well, maybe those poor Chinese kids making these things, but other than that, nobody! She wasn't a Karen, she was actually very sympathetic to the retail workers since she felt that they worked very hard!

Pulling a bowl out of a bag, Nicole decided it was a good time to have a snack. The bowl was an acai bowl, filled with acai, bananas, granola, and the works. Something very trendy and modern, and thus something Nicole would be interested in. She had no idea what acai was, so naturally she was going to be ordering it, despite never hearing of the fruit before in her many years of life. The look on the worker's face as she tried to pronounce acai (without even correcting her) was a sight to behold, but someway, somehow, they got it to her. Grabbing a spoon out of the bag, Nicole scooped some out of the bowl, and ate some. It was a rather delicious treat! It was sweet, and the granola added another dimension to it. 10/10. Would eat again.

Suddenly, her sister, Emily, popped into the room. "Hey, Nic. Whatcha got there?" The elder Milano asked. Nicole smiled, as she was stabbing at the bowl. "Oh, this?" Nicole inquired, "This here is a..." Nicole looked at the bottom of the bowl to see if there was a name for this thing. Luckily there was a little tag on the bottom for the workers to look at. "An... a-kai-ee bowl." Nicole shrugged, "It's pretty tasty! It looks super pretty and I think it's good for you? It was under this superfood thingy. I don't know what a superfood is but it's gotta be good for you, right?"

Emily sputtered and blinked twice, looking at her sister in awe. "Did you just say... a-kai-ee? You know it's... a-sai-ee, right?" Nicole looked at her sister weirdly. "What? No way! It's spelled a-c-a-i, not a-s-a-i. Where does the S come from?" Emily facepalmed and shook her head. "Oh my lord..." Emily said, before whipping out her phone. She quickly entered "how to pronounce acai" into her phone, pulling up an article that distinctly said "A-SAI-EE" and not the weird way Nicole was pronouncing it. Once it was found, Emily pointed it in Nicole's face. "See?"

"O-Oh..." Nicole frowned, before pushing the phone away, "Well, at least you didn't make a meme (pronounced may-may) out of it..."[/color]
In Sentaku 6 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Just because it was winter didn't mean that it was time to take off. After all, this was Florida. It never snowed here, let alone get actually cold. The holidays were always a time for Jack Goff to be training. His blade needed to be sharpened. He couldn't let things get dull, especially with so much at stake this year. Offers were rolling in from across the country everywhere, from as far as Hawaii and as close as down the street in Miami. He had the chance to further his football or basketball career. He wasn't going to become complacent just because schools were interested in him. Complacency breeds mediocrity, and Jack Goff was anything but mediocre. He was on the field, enlisting the help of one of his cousins to throw passes at him while he ran routes.

Jack Goff couldn't be sloppy or lazy. They had to be crisp, sleek, quick, and so precise that he could cut on a dime. That was the mantra he lived by as a wide receiver, and today was just another chip at the sculpture of being the best wide receiver he could be. Standing on the left hash mark, Jack was watching his cousin, who then hiked the ball and prompted Jack to run. Fifteen yard post. Full steam ahead all the way to the thirty five yard line, then he was going to cut at a slight angle and continue to run toward the endzone. The wind whizzed past his ears, as if he was flying down the sideline. Passing the thirty yard line, he was getting ready to cut. A quick plant would be enough to change his direction and create some hypothetical separation.

Planting his foot at the 35 yard line, he was moved at the correct angle, looking back at the quarterback who had already thrown the ball at his way. Leaping up as it closed to him, Jack plucked the football out of the air and came down with it, finishing off the run before slowing down. Jogging his way back to his cousin, Jack had a smile on his face. It was a perfect route, at least in his opinion. Even though it was just him and his cousin, Jack was acting as if he had the eyes of many scouts on him. It was the perfect mentality to have, as it was motivating him to perform at his peak.

Walking back, Jack exhaled, rubbing his neck."Good throw, dude! He smiled, before turning around to the rest of the field. Taking a deep breath, he was huffing. Running at full speed took a lot out of him, but he couldn't just give up and hold back. It was balls to the wall, one hundred percent of the time. "Why don't we try a streak? Full send." Jack started to jog over to the sideline, where he would typically be assigned for a route like this. He looked at his quarterback and smiled, "Ready when you are."

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