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The Caduceus Memorial Medical Center was busy as it always was. People were coming in and out with every second that passed, and it didn't seem like it was going to let up either. Some people came in, and didn't come back out. For some people, this was their first endeavor into the world. The cycle of life and death was a constant factor here. With every life that was introduced in the world, another one was taken as somewhere else as a result. Life didn't stop for anyone, whether it'd be for the baby that was born mere seconds ago, or the loved ones of an individual who had just departed the world, life just kept going. No matter what happened to you or anyone else, the globe was going to keep spinning on itself and around the sun.

Doctors everywhere, let alone the CMMC, knew just how harsh life could be. There were people who were in peak physical shape and had completely healthy diets... who were dying at the age of 50 as a result of Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer that had been caught too far late. There were people who were smoking nine packs a day and eating fried grease, yet they were still living and breathing nearly a hundred years later. Life wasn't fair, and every single person who worked for this hospital was more than aware what this hospital could contain.

Sometimes, even the latest, cutting edge medical technology can't save someone. New cures for various diseases were being developed every day, but sometimes some things just couldn't be cured.

Which was why being a doctor was such a hard thing to be. It wasn't the fact that you had to spend eight years of your life in school, or the fact that you had to work such long hours coming up through the system. It was the fact that no matter how much you knew or how much information you had stuffed in that likely bright mind of yours, sometimes it just wasn't enough. A 110% of your effort just wasn't enough to save that poor person from dying.

Doctors were often the person to blame, even if they put in all of their effort. Why couldn't they have done more? Why couldn't they have done this? Or that? There was no consoling a person in grief, especially as a doctor. The fact that so many depended on you to make magic happen had made it that much harder to deal with when the magic didn't work. It was hard to face reality that the sixteen year old girl with the hole in her aorta wasn't going to make it through the night before a much needed heart transplant.

But yet, people still kept coming. People still wanted to be doctors despite the often bleak circumstances and outcomes. Why did they keep coming? It wasn't for the pay, that was for sure. As ridiculous as a job like this was, there were still some people in the world who actually wanted to save some lives, and make a difference in the world. It was a noble thing to do, and despite the shit that doctors got on a daily basis, they were considered some of the biggest heroes in the entire world.

Which was why the incoming class of new doctors was so important. Many classes had come and gone through this hospital, but it didn't mean that there was one that was any less important than another. There was no telling what this incoming class could have contained. Sure, they had combed through their files like a hawk, but that didn't mean that they could predict what they would turn out to. More than likely, most of this class wouldn't amount to much. After their time at this hospital, they'll likely go off to do other things and have a rather uneventful career as a doctor or surgeon. However, this class could have contained the next Chief of Surgery, the inventor of a cure for cancer, or a surgeon who successfully completes a procedure previously thought to be impossible. That was why the Caduceus Memorial Medical Center kept taking in so many people.

Currently, the chiefs of the hospital were standing in the auditorium waiting to greet the newest class of interns. Dr. Jack Mayhew was the current Chief of Surgery. Dr. Francine Bell was the Chief of Medicine, and Dr. Veronica Roberts was the Chief of Staff. They had all taken the time out of their busy schedule to make sure they were going to be the first people they were going to interact with. All three of the chiefs were excited to see what this class held, and what untapped potential they all had.

They all had a good feeling about this.
<Snipped quote by Bee>
Outside of the microtransactions and disingenuous business practices, nah, it's a pretty strong outing as far as I can tell. I even like this year's career story.

the microtransactions are a bit egregious, but it's definitely an improvement over 2k18. i have friends who are already mid-70 overall, whereas in 2k18 they would still be in the 60s at this point in time.

the story is a LOT better as well. i highly recommend you give the cutscenes a watch on youtube if you're curious
not the same.
nba 2k19 really ain't that bad, y'all.

A Collaboration Between: @Bee and @Silver Carrot
Featuring: Camille Winters and Panda

After the cocaine fueled debauchery that took place on the boat, Camille really didn’t remember most of her night after that point. There was something about more drinks and hooking up with some other stranger, but other than that she couldn’t tell you even if you pointed a gun to her head. Today, though, much like the others, Camille was a walking shell of herself. At least, for the first couple of hours. When she woke up at the crack of dawn, a headache with the might and strength of a thousand Hulks was bearing down on her like her brain was Loki or something.

However, it soon went away after Camille got herself familiar with the toilet. What happened there wasn’t beautiful, but at least it banished her headache back to the shadow realm, where it belonged. Figuring she had the strength to actually show up to school for once, she actually made her way to school. As expected, her fellow party-goers from last night were easily identifiable with their attire. Whether it’d be the obligatory hoodie with the hood draped over their heads, or the sunglasses on even in areas darker than Pan’s Labyrinth.

Camille felt totally fine. As bad as she felt for her peers, she was more focused on herself, and the amazing feat of not having to suffer the consequences of not knowing her limits for a long time. Granted, even she didn’t know her limits, but she knew the right tricks to make it so that she didn’t have to suffer the next day. With her earphones in her ears. her music was playing as she made her way to her free period.

As much as Camille should’ve done something productive with her free time, her procrastinative, complacently lazy self just didn’t want to. Looks like senioritis hit her like a big rig, and came earlier than a horny teenaged boy during his first time. Stepping into the library, she didn’t want to be directly in front of the door where people could actually see her and bother her. Nuh-uh. Camille wanted her peace for once. She really didn’t feel like being disturbed, and those who were unwise to do so were going to feel the wrath of ten thousand fists.

Falling into the chair, Camille let out a sigh as she let her belongings drop to the floor next to her. She had no worries about someone stealing her shit. This was Beverly Hills. If anything, they had better shit than she did. Being the teenaged girl she was, it didn’t take long for her to be absorbed into a world full of self-absorbed superficial egomaniacsm, dumbasses who filmed dead bodies and tazed dead rats, and possibly insane psuedofamous “entertainers” looking to make a name for themselves in a dying medium as she boarded the social media train, her phone being her ticket to said world.

She would eventually snapped out of this internet-induced stupor by Panda approaching her desk, leaning against it, and waving a hand in front of Camille’s face. ”Hello? Come back to us, Camille. I’ve been looking for you for ages. Didn’t think to look in the library.”

”Huh.. wha-” Camille was taken by surprise as a random Panda showed up out of nowhere. Pulling her headphones out of her ears, Camille’s stoic face quickly turned into a smile as she realized that the famed Panda was in front of her face. ”Oh hey, Panda! How’s it going sweetie? I haven’t seen you since… last night!”

”I’m surprised you even remember, given how shitfaced we were. I can barely remember anything myself,” replied Panda quietly, as they were in the library., before leaning in and getting even quieter, and looking kinda serious. ”I actually wanted to try and fill in the blanks with you, because, uh, I can’t remember if we used protection.”

Camille blinked twice. What did Panda mean? ”Wait… we did things last night? She remembered sourcing cocaine from Marina, but that was about as far as she remembered regarding that encounter. ” know my secret?!”
Panda looked around them again, then grabbed an office chair from nearby and pulled it up to Camille’s desk so that she could have a discreet conversation. After sitting down, she sighed. ”Clearly I remember more than you do, then. But that’s okay. Maybe if we work together we can both get complete recall. So yes, we did things, and yes, hard not to notice your secret when doing those things. How far can you actually remember?”

”I remember we snorted some cocaine… and then…” Camille put a hand up to her head, rubbing her temples, ”Yeah that’s all I remember.” Whatever Camille had snorted last night must’ve been some seriously good shit, because she couldn’t remember jack fucking shit.

”I remember a lot more than that, but it’s just bits a pieces. To be honest, I don’t even remember actually doing the cocaine. Just shouting out loud later on that I did some of your body parts. Let’s just say that. You, me and Marina got pretty wild. Is any of this ringing any bells?” Panda asked hopefully.

Suddenly the image of naked people popped in her mind. It definitely rung a bell. ”O-oh. Oh yeah!” Camille definitely remembered that now. Uh oh. That meant Panda knew her secret. Her face turned a deep shade of red. ”Wait… that means you…”

”Yeah, that also means we...” Panda trailed off, blushing equally as much. ”I don’t mind. About your secret, I mean. Like I said earlier, my main concern is whether or not we used protection. That’s a rather more pressing concern to me and it’s probably high up on your list now too. If we really can’t remember between us, then we’re going to have to hope we did and assume we didn’t.”

”I didn’t come prepared… so I don’t think we used protection…” Camille rubbed her face, realizing the severity of her mistake rather quickly. ”I think I pulled out though… yeah?” Camille hoped to GOD that she didn’t just accidentally knock up Panda. The last thing she wanted to do was to have that happen.

”Blind drunk and coked up enough that you threw secrecy out the window and spent all night with me and Marina, but yes, I bet you suddenly gained a well-timed moment of clarity and pulled out,” Panda drawled, her face a mask of dread. ”I should probably get a test after school today. Anyway, on a less sober note, I doubt we can just go back to being platonic besties now, and I have no problem with that.”

”I mean… I don’t know, Panda… I don’t know what you’re trying to get at, Panda..” Camille shrugged once again, tapping her nails on the desk as she awaited Panda’s response. She had a feeling about where this convo was headed, but she wasn’t sure just yet.

”There’s no way to make this any more awkward, so I’ll just come out and say it. Wanna become a thing?”

”I…” Camille’s heart did a dive to her feet. Even though she was lowkey expecting this, it still hit her harder than Mike Tyson. ”I…” As much as Camille wanted to say something, she couldn’t find the words. Did she want to go to the next level with Panda. She didn’t know.

Panda almost immediately regretted blurting it out. She didn’t think she could make it any more awkward. She wanted to interrupt but could think of nothing to say. She didn’t want to take it back. But before either of them could say anything to address or alleviate the situation, the bell rang. Panda signed, and looked at Camille apologetically, as if the bell was her fault.

Camille was trying to make words come out of her mouth, but yet she was failing to do so. When she finally mustered up the bravado, the bell had rung, signaling the end of Camille and Panda’s open period.


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