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melanie martinez was a weirdo originally and these recent allegations have made her image so much worse
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Sliding to a stop as well, Ellie took a deep breath and put her goggles up as she looked around for Seb. Locating him, she smiled and embraced him. She hadn't had this much fun with another person in such a long time, and to do it with someone like Seb, it was just phenomenal. The chemistry these two had already, and they hadn't even known each other for that long at all. But, for something like this to form. There was already something special in there for them. Ellie could tell that this was going to be the start of something special and beautiful.

Part 7: Royale

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7:00 PM, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

A few weeks after the proceedings in Los Angeles, Ross and Kimberly had found themselves in their suite in the Wynn. Their boss had kindly set them up with a higher class suite for them to stay in and get situated as they were carrying out the job that they were assigned. As it had turned out, it was not an actual heist, not wanting to risk the established family's reputation. It was, as she put it, "transportation of highly sensitive materials". Tonight they were due to head to a party at Caesar's Palace, where they were instructed to stay put until the boss sent them a text to head out to the location, which she would also disclose. The cars were already set up to direct them to the drop-off point, which was great for the two.

At the moment, Kimberly was finishing off the final touches on her makeup. The last time Kimberly had put on this much makeup, it was at her relatively extravagant wedding. On a totally unrelated note, Mia was the very first daughter in entire Rossi family line to attend her mom's first wedding. She was wearing a totally custom tailored dress with a split at the bottom, per the request of Kimberly, matching heels, and her signature red lipstick on top of a whole bunch of floofy bullshit. Her now blonde hair dangled on her shoulders, pinned back behind her ear as she was trying to put on her gold earrings. Looking good wasn't as easy as it sounded. The whole process of looking this good took hours, easily. Meanwhile, there was Ross, who only needed about forty five minutes worth of preparation to get totally ready.

After getting her jewelry on, she looked at her phone to check the time. Based on the pace they were getting ready at, they were on pace to be there right on time. She got up and sent a text to the chauffeur that would be picking them up, before grabbing her clutch and walking up to her husband. Hooking her arm onto his, she smiled and planted a kiss on his cheek. "Shall we?" She asked, before pulling him toward the door.

A comfortable, but short limo ride later, they were inside an extravagant party. The combined net worth of every single person in this room was enough to buy an entire country for themselves. There was some serious firepower at this party, and Kimberly didn't really know what she was doing here. Why couldn't they have just waited at the cars? Maybe the boss wanted them to get a taste of the .00001%? Maybe there was something else in store for them? Kimberly hung toward the side, sipping on a Shirley Temple (not a Dirty Shirley, as she was driving) and keeping an eye on her phone as she tried her absolute best to carry herself with the snootiness and uppity that every single person in the room seemed to be carrying themselves with.

Sure, there was a LOT of money in their bank accounts now, but at the same time, it was pocket change to everyone in this room. She had no idea where Ross had gone off to, but she still carried on as usual. Just until her phone flashed at her. She read the text that she was just sent. "In just a few moments, you will be seeing a man coming over to you. Distract him, talk to him, woo him. Just do it until we send you another text. Your husband will be doing the same to his wife." Kimberly was looking at her phone, not knowing how to feel about this before looking up and seeing a big, tall man with rather tidy blonde hair and an even tidier beard. Walking up to her, he reached out a hand.

"Hello there... you must be new to these parties. I've never seen someone as beautiful as you are here. I'm Carter."

Kimberly gulped, and glanced at her other hand, keeping it low and below with her clutch as she shook his hand with her right hand.

"Kimberly. It's good to meet you."

"Likewise. So, what brings you to someplace like this? This isn't exactly a party you can just show up to. Lot of money here."

Kimberly looked into his eyes for just a few seconds, before formulating a response that she would be able to say.

"Same thing that brings you to this place. Got a few sources that got me here, so now I'm just looking to network."

The man nodded, before getting a little closer and putting a hand on her arm.

"Mmm. I'm sure a lady like you has some great skills if you're here. I've got no doubt about it." He started to stroke it softly, "Why don't you say we take this somewhere private?"

Trying to avert eye contact, Kimberly very reluctantly agreed, before traveling to a more private corner of the ballroom.

"Tell me what you're into, Kimberly. Cars? Real estate? Other things? If I like you enough, I can make it happen."

Kimberly really didn't know how he wasn't seeing her ring, but she still had to play along, until her phone vibrated, which was most definitely her boss. Taking the out, she started to get up and walk away.

"Sorry, business calls!" She chuckled, before waving and walking away as fast as possible. Looking down at her phone, she saw the instructions and started to haul ass to the back of the hotel, toward the loading bay where there would be black Ford Focus RS's waiting for them. She made her way to where all the waiters were coming out of, and she would be cutting through there. Hopefully Ross followed suit.
Zoey learned of the little challenge that Diego had set up and she sighed, finishing off her coconut before throwing into a nearby garbage can. Looks like she was going to have to go through a little test. She didn't want to use her gun, the more attention she drew to herself the worse off she was overall. She stayed where she was as she watched Diego put on his jacket and head to the dock in an SUV. She assumed she'd have to get there by foot. It was like something out of Bloodsport. Having to go through a series of Thai gangsters was definitely going to be a lot of fun.

A few minutes passed after Diego left, and now it was her turn to leave. But, her path would be radically different. Stepping outside the arena, Zoey had already spotted two gangsters eyeing her, both with machetes in hand. As soon as they spotted her in return, they unfolded their arms and stepped toward Zoey, ready to slash. She sighed and prepared herself mentally. They closed into her, and she was closing the distance as she ducked underneath the first horizontal slash at her head. Unloading a quick jab into the gangster's body, she quickly ducked out and fired a cross with her left hand at the angle she was in. Being that she had the superior angle, he was rocked and Zoey finished him off with spinning back kick to his body before moving onto the next gangster.

Shuffling backwards from the next gangster, she dodged his first slash by ducking before leaning backwards as far as she could to dodge the follow up. Raising her front leg, she threw a lunging side kick at him before following up with a spinning side kick from her other leg. Gauging the distance once again she was watching him come forward. As he swiped at her again she slipped the slash to the outside, and quickly clasped her arms around his head and his arm, putting him into a standing arm triangle, before letting it go and moving onto his back. Sinking her weight down, she dragged him down and took his back, hooking her legs and moving him onto his back. She was controlling the knife hand by grabbing his wrist. Zoey then transitioned by taking her hands and moving it over his arm, pinning his head down before creating a hammerlock. She used her legs to kick his body over and she spread her body out making it perpendicular. He didn't want to let go of the machete, so she had to take it to the next level. Stepping over his head, she sat on it and applied an extreme amount of torque to the kimura, breaking the elbow and humerus in one go. The gangster screamed in pain and let go of the knife as Zoey got off and dusted herself off and got on her way.

Walking another two blocks, she encountered a group of three gangsters looking to fuck her up. Luckily, they didn't have knives this time, but based on how one of them was huge and the other two had taped fists, it was going to be way more physical. The fat gangster charged at her and shot into her hips. She immediately dug her hips into the sprawl and applied the crossface on him. Trying to sink her weight down to gain traction, she had slid quite a bit before she neutralized the attempted double leg takedown. Putting her weight on him, she immediately span around and took his back, sinking her legs in once again. But, this was obviously an experienced grappler as he wasn't letting her sink her forearm around his throat. She started to soften him up with strikes to the back of his head, starting to get rather ruthless with them as she rained ground and pound on him. He had to cover up and when he did, she slipped her arm in and sank the choke in immediately. Pressing her weight forward, she rolled him over somehow and bridged as hard as she could and tightened the triangle she had formed around his body. Squeezing the air out of him with her legs and cutting off the circulation to his brain had done a number on the grappler, and eventually he had passed out.

Letting go and tossing him aside, she was immediately met with a flying knee to the body. She was knocked back quite a bit, not having time to regain orientation before she was met with an aggressive blitz full of punches, elbows, knees and leg kicks. She couldn't parry them all and she ate a couple elbows and punches, but once he slowed down, Zoey returned with her own blitz. Checking his leg kick, she returned with an overhand left, before following up with a right uppercut and a teep kick. Staggering him back a bit, she lunged forward with an oblique kick to his front knee, before following up with a roundhouse kick to his torso and a right cross. He was loading up for a roundhouse kick to her torso. Zoey saw it coming from a mile away, and when it inevitably came, she caught the kick and dumped him on his back, before getting into full guard and pinning him down. Posting up, she started to stack on him and and rain down ground and pound. Feeling that she had softened him up enough, she span into side control, before moving into north-south and firing knees at his head. It wasn't legal in the UFC, but you can bet it was very legal in this circumstance. Falling unconscious, Zoey moved onto the last gangster.

He was way faster than the other guys, but he lacked power which was perfect for Zoey. Parrying most of his punches, she countered with a right hook which rocked him immediately. Staggering to the side, Zoey ran toward him and finished him with a spinning heel kick to his head, sending him to the ground and rendering him unconscious as well. Watching one more guy run to the party, Zoey sighed and pulled out her pistol, firing one shot into his knee before holstering her gun and walking off like nothing had happened.

The rest of the way to the dock was relatively peaceful, she had left a wake of unconscious and moaning gangsters in her wake. Walking onto the marina, she was trying her hardest to find the boat. Luckily, Diego had found her, and she was on the boat in a matter of seconds. The first place she was directed to was the surprisingly complete armory. The permissions that Diego had given her had lit a light inside Zoey, but she figured all she needed were magazines for her Glock. She took a couple magazines and stuffed them in her pockets, before taking a seat inside the armory and sighing. "Those gangsters really need to learn how to fight."
Sipping away at her coconut, a figure pulled up aside Zoey. A quick glance revealed his signature dark brown hair and beard. Zoey immediately recognized it. The elusive Diego Montenegro had found his way to her. How, she didn't know, but she didn't really care either. All she knew was that he was here and that things could've gone one of two directions. Either Diego would actually let her work, or she'd be lying on the floor of Phuket with a bullet in her head. Hopefully it wasn't the latter, but she was prepared for both. Death didn't scare her.

She glanced again, sipping on her straw as she listened to his obligatory exposition. Zoey was armed, of course, but she had a feeling she wouldn't last long if she dared to try something right now. He had a point, though. They really must've not given a shit about her if she was all the way here in front of a world-renowned criminal without any backup. Hell, if the FBI were asked about her presence here, they'd probably refuse to comment and acknowledge that she even existed in the first place. This was some movie shit, but it really wasn't. It was real life and anything could've happened at this point.

After Diego finished his attempt at intimidating her, she looked back at him and scoffed. "You don't scare me. I've seen worse." Truth was she was kind of scared, but the situation she was in warranted no margin of error. She couldn't give Diego even a single centimeter, otherwise he'd eat her up alive. Out of all the agents in the FBI, she was the lucky one that got to be in this place next to Diego. Zoey took a large sip out of her coconut, looking down at the fight down below. The tides were shifting very quickly, it was back forth as roundhouse kicks and teep kicks were being exchanged.

However, Zoey had to go along with Diego's toast. She raised a coconut, before bringing it back to her body and clutching it. Watching the fight, both fighters showed no signs of giving up. The smack of shins colliding with ribcages and sweat flying all over the place was a sight that reeled Zoey in. As unethical as this was, the entertainment factor was off the charts. She leaned over to Diego, gesturing at one of the fighters. "I bet you that the kid in the red wins by knockout." She smiled, before continuing to focus on the fight down below. She eyed one of Diego's men glancing at her from time to time, "I also bet that if that guy doesn't stop looking at me he's going to miss being able to use his arm for a while."
Thailand was not something Zoey had in mind when she signed up for the FBI. When the young agent had signed up, she thought she would be taking care of things on a domestic level. Such was not the case for Special Agent Kessler. She had been everywhere outside of the United States, including places all over Europe, Africa, and especially Asia. Now, the agent had found herself in Asia once again, working with the famed Diego Montenegro. She wasn't sure how it was going to go, but she knew it was going to end with a bullet in him or herself.

Walking through the streets of Phuket, Zoey was looking down at her phone which was directing her to the meetup spot. Based on what she was briefed, it was a cultural center for Thailand. People of all ages engaging in Thai kickboxing, which was sad considering the circumstances the kids were being raised. Some had no choice, and had to put up with a whole bunch of abuse and endless injuries and whatnot. Of course, it wasn't really up to Zoey to judge the Thai culture. For now, she just had to make her way to the arena and figure out what Montenegro wanted to do with her.

She got a lot of weird looks from the locals, considering she was a non-local looking person. As she went deeper into the village she could hear the sound of the traditional muay thai music get louder and louder. Based on the tempo, things were heated and at a breakneck pace. Zoey eventually made her way inside, and she could see the trail end of a match, watching a figure crumple to the ground as the referee started to count down in Thai.

Her superiors warned her to let him come to her first. There was no telling what he'd do if she went up to him. Seeing that Zoey wanted to live and not take any chances with this Diego person, she hung back near the bar. The bartender reached out to her and tapped her on the shoulder, gesturing down to some open coconuts. Since she would be here for a while, and she wasn't even sure if Diego knew where she was at this very given moment, she had to indulge. Thailand was as humid and hot as they got, and any break from the heat was a godsend. Taking out some baht, Zoey placed it in front of the bartender and began sipping on a coconut.
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Puttering along on her snowboard, Ellie observed what Seb had to do next. There had to be an answer to her little trick. It was the way they worked in the YouTube business. All the cool little tricks they did just meant that there would be more views on their videos. More views, more money, and more that they could invest. It was a cycle that could only keep growing. Taking a position to the rear of Seb, Ellie slowed down so that she could get a better view of whatever Seb was going to do. The snow continued to kick up in her face, but she just kept on trucking along on the cold snow.

Watching him leap off the kicker, Ellie watched in astonishment as he managed to pull off a 540. Opting to take the faster route, Ellie hunched down and let herself go a little more. Letting Seb go in front of her, Ellie diverted to a quick kicker to the side. Catching some air underneath her snowboard, she reached down and grabbed her board, before landing smoothly and continuing as she was. Returning to her original serpentine pattern, she continued to eye Seb from the corner of her eye as she tried to look for more kickers to jump off of. It was exhilarating catching air on her snowboard. Very rarely was she actually able to enjoy herself in this fashion.

As the route was beginning to shorten, Ellie had leaned just a bit to make herself go faster. She wanted to get past her GoPro partner. But before she could, he pulled a 180 off a kicker. They were in a cave of sorts, but what Seb was doing was pretty much insane considering where they were and the speeds they were going. To top it all off, he was facing her half the time, before turning around and continuing on as if nothing had ever happened. The camera caught it all, which was nothing short of amazing. Emerging from the ice cave, Ellie took the speed up and went up another large kicker. The speed and subsequent momentum she got allowed her to catch some serious air. Grabbing her snowboard, she pulled off a 540. Landing, she was facing Seb and sticking her tongue out to taunt him, before turning back around and continuing on her way.
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