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"What's Death Stranding about?" Yes.



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Touching down on the outer perimeter of the compound, Ellie quickly packed up her parachute and put away her wingsuit. She didn't want to be burdened down by the extra drag and attention something like a parachute would bring. Creeping up along the wall, Ellie tried her absolute best NOT to look down. Sure, Ellie was no stranger to heights, but for some reason this was different. It was probably the men with guns literally feet away from her, it was probably the sharp drop to a rocky death below her, or maybe it was a man she had barely just met watching over her with a high powered rifle, who just so happened to be a criminal.

She was trying not to show it, but Ellie was incredibly nervous. Pressing up against the wall, she shimmied to the front entrance, where there were quite a high number of armed men with big guns in front. Fortunately, there was a brief hole in the wall where Ellie could take a glance of. Hoping that Mark had her back, she could see about a majority of the buildings in the compound. This was a good angle. Lucky landing, most likely.

Ellie looked at the people in front and backed away a bit, before speaking into her comms. "I see four buildings, and there's most likely a fifth one not too far away." Ellie looked up once again, "I don't think I can get in without some help, though. Unless you see something else."

Athena had eventually taken the Jeep as far as it could go up the hill, before it was time for the not-as-long hike up to the rally point. The nice foliage of the forest surrounding the compound did more than enough to hide wherever she was shooting from. They were gonna do this guerilla style. Hopefully Mark packed the right kind of guns. Climbing up the hill, Athena kept low and steady, maintaining a pace that was slow enough not to disturb the foliage around her. The bag of weapons and whatnot hung on her back. There was probably enough ammunition between the two of them to do some serious damage.

Settling down on top of a hill, Athena had a clear view, and shot of the compound below them. Taking the bag off, she lied down and pulled out a Heckler and Koch G28 sniper rifle from the bag. Getting settled in, Athena turned to Ross. "I hope you can use a gun. It's about to get fishy." Turning back, Athena peered down the sight, looking for a perfect spot to begin the assault. She figured she should work her way from the top to the bottom. If the guards up top were taken out, then Ellie would have an easier time sneaking inside. Looking up, she found a sniper nest in the center of the compound.

"I'm gonna start picking people off. When you hear shooting, that's when you know we did our part."

Athena placed the crosshair on the sniper's head. Taking a deep breath, she squeezed the trigger and felt the sniper kick back against her shoulder. Watching the sniper's head explode in a red mist, Athena then moved her crosshair to the next highest guards. They were watching from atop a rooftop. There were two on the rooftop. She decided to let Ross pick off the rest on the rooftops, before she puled the trigger twice in the blink of an eye.

Let's just say that marksmanship was one of Athena's strongest suits.

Then came the shot to kick everything off. Who was going to be the lucky person? Athena put her sights on one person holding what she assumed to be a machine gun. Perfect. "You guys ready?" Athena asked, taking a few seconds for everyone to respond. Once she felt satisfied with what she had, she pulled the trigger.

"Okay, Ross, let's pick off as many people as we can before we move away!"

Rousing awake at the wee hours of the morning, Jane lied in her bed for a couple of minutes. It was nothing but the gray darkness, but Jane was still trying to process her new environment and the undertaking that had finally happened. Well, as much as she would've liked, nothing was going to get done from her bed, especially in a place like this where everyone was most likely up and at them already. Rolling out of bed, she quickly made her bed and proceeded to take care of her morning routine. A shower, freshening up, breakfast, and some time in the firing range were in order.

Jet lag was definitely present, but right now it was the least of Jane's concerns. There was a training exercise today, and that meant Jane had to be sharper than a blade to put on a good showing for the leader of Rainbow. Not like that would be a difficult feat to accomplish, anyway. It didn't take her long to get her shower and her breakfast consisting of tea and toast in, so most of her morning was going to be spent in the firing range. Checking out her signature MP5, she proceeded to a booth and got ready to fire some rounds down the range. Taking a deep breath, she hunched forward and held the MP5 out so that the sling was fully extended. The SAS training roots of the SDU was very evident when watching someone like Jane Feng operate. In a way, Jane was at a second home, but there was nothing like Hong Kong.

Two shots, then one. Two in center mass, and one in the head. The Mozambique Drill. That was the ideal shot to land. It was guaranteed to neutralize any tango that was unfortunate enough to be the recipient of it. However, it wasn't going to happen most of the time, but it was good practice. Jane spent the rest of the time in the range swapping through drills and patterns. It was a great way to sharpen her skills despite most of these drills not being applicable in the real world. As a matter of fact, the Asian operator had lost track of time, and before she knew it, she was five minutes over the call time. Damn it. Not a good thing to do on the first day with this unit. Fortunately, she wasn't too far from the armory, which was a short distance away from where she was currently.

Unloading her MP5, she exchanged it for a version more suitable to handle training rounds, as well her Glock and her Welrod. There wasn't enough time for her to get fully dressed in her BDU. Thus, she scooped up a Kevlar vest, some gloves, and some kneepads and made her way to the training grounds. Hopefully she wasn't too late. But knowing the nature of special forces like this, she probably was late. Not a good start at all.

Much to her delight, though, there were still operators making their way to the rendezvous as she arrived. Settling down, Jane took a moment to double check her weapons. They were all loaded with the appropriate rounds. Her special Welrod had been outfitted with a round that had a lesser version of the poison. It was going to fuck someone up, but after some rest and some water they'd be just fine in a few hours. Looking around, she had noticed that there was another Asian female. Looking a bit closer, she came to the realization that this wasn't just any Asian female.

It was Ella Tam. The third female to make it past the SDU selection progress. So the SDU had decided to send all of their females here, hm? Well, she was a good operator, Jane didn't see a reason for her not to be here. They'd never worked together directly, but if she was here then she must have been good. She wanted to introduce herself. Walking over to the girl, she noticed that there was another woman there. Oh no. This was going to create an awkward situation. Finding an appropriate in to the conversation, Jane made her presence known and introduced herself to the conversing girls.

"Hi there, I'm Jane, but you can call me Trojan." Reaching a hand out to greet the ladies, Jane then turned to the fellow SDU operator. "I didn't know the SDU decided to send you out as well. I wasn't told that there was going to be more than one of us here. It's great that there's more of us here, though."
honest to god I was about to put horizon: zero dawn as an overrated game. it didn't really grab me at first but I still kept pushing on despite me being bored with it at first. after taking the time to sit down and pound out the rest of the game in one sitting I fell in love with it. that game really does deserve all the praise it gets. everything is fantastic, besides the fast traveling system (it's really hard for me to find rich meat, okay?). the story really roped me in at the halfway point and I could not put the game down when I was actually able to trudge through the story. I did play on "normal difficulty", but I ended up spending an hour battling a rockbreaker not too long ago. overall, it's a super good game that deserves an even better sequel.

also, another underrated game is need for speed: payback. yeah, it's an EA game, but it's a LOT of fun despite what people say about it. the lootbox problem is more than exaggerated in this game. it is entirely possible for you to make your car super duper fast if you know how to use the trade-in system and have a little patience. does it have its flaws? yes, it does. there's the blatant rubberbanding on hard mode (but let's be honest, most, if not all racing games have rubberbanding on harder difficulties). there is also the lack of fun police chases and the shoehorning of point-to-point routes even for the most menial of tasks (the game literally has you race through checkpoints just to take your character home). but, the game is still really fun and does its job as an arcade racer very nicely. no fancy gimmicks, no bullshit, just you, your car, and the other car(s). nobody plays racing games for their story, so I pushed their thinly-veiled and rather poor attempt at being like fast and furious aside and just enjoyed the game for what it was. it suffers from the same problem as mass effect: andromeda, only this time the game lasted longer. I'm excited to see what the next need for speed installment will be like, and hopefully it'll be much better the next time around.
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