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Victoria nodded after her fellow agent's response. Additionally, there were more and more issues being mounted onto the team as they investigated further. They had no way of getting communications with everyone inside the castle. That was rather inconvenient, to say the least. They might as well have gone in guns blazing, because there was no way that things would've gone well with a severe lack of information as they were being posed with right now.

"There's gotta be a way to reestablish communications. Right now the both of us are sitting ducks... are we sure everything is fried?" Victoria grimaced momentarily, "Hopefully you can get us back online, McCormick. There's no telling what's happening over there."
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Well, itโ€™s be like a war-type RP. Soldiers out on mission. That kind of thing.

well then...

how does a call of duty RP work
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hey y'all! @Hey Im Jordan and I are trying to organize a night for fighting games! Our plan is to play games like Soul Calibur 6 or Tekken 7 every Friday night and just have a good time beating each other up.

If you're interested, let one of us know and we'll get you set up! :)

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Victoria's experience with SHIELD had been far beyond her dreams. Just a few years ago to this date, Victoria was in Afghanistan carrying out god knows what with her unit. She was wielding guns with actual bullets that were capable of killing. There was a helmet on her head to keep that brain of hers safe, and there ceramic plates covering every single inch of her torso to keep her organs safe as well. But there she was today, her head free of the extra weight a standard issue helmet came with. Gone was the standard issue camouflaged battle dress uniforms and in was the much tighter uniforms that SHIELD agents wore. Gun to her head, Victoria honestly preferred this over what she wore in her time in the military. Something about the conforming nature of the uniform made her feel more comfortable, despite wearing the older uniform for a much larger portion of her life.

Today Agent Victoria Thompson was accompanying Hawkeye in an effort to backup the previously deployed SHIELD agents who had been dealing with HYDRA agents for the time being. Now that the coast was clear, it was safe for backup to deploy. Honest to god, Victoria forgot from time to time that there were many SHIELD operatives that had powers and abilities far beyond the scope of a normal human. It made their jobs a lot easier than it would be with just the firearms that agents like she and Hawkeye had on their person. Victoria didn't know what kind of chance they stood if it was them in that room. Based on what had she had heard, it sounded like a sticky situation. She was glad to be assisting in some way -- even if she wasn't exactly on the frontlines like the rest of these agents were. She was currently a part of the backup squad; it was better that the mutants handle situations like this anyway, Victoria figured.

Boarding the ship with her superior, Victoria stepped in the middle of a rather grisly scene. There were bodies laying around everywhere. But as far as she could see, they didn't look like SHIELD agents which was a very good thing. She was thankful that there weren't any casualties on their side. Bodies of HYDRA agents lay strewn about the floor, and upon further inspection she could find that it was the doing of a certain Agent Reed among many others. Victoria was glad that people like her were on her side... she wouldn't know what she would do against someone as powerful as them.

As the agents got linked up, Victoria took the time to look around and inspect for anything fishy. It seemed like quite a lot of had gone in here. Now the question was... how did this happen? How did someone manage to get this far? There were a lot of questions posed about the events that had just went down. Some of which that couldn't be answered except for Agent Reed and the others. For now, she was just here to do her job and provide backup. It wasn't her place to investigate right now. Looking down at a body once more, she glanced at it briefly to examine it before turning her attention to the group congregating. Agent Flynn had brought up a fair point. There was another team in the castle that needed to be checked up on. There probably wasn't much time to do so after the engagement that had just occurred. "Agent Flynn brings up a good point. We need to find out what's going on over there. We wouldn't want another one of these to happen again, would we?"

Location: Dining Pavilion
Interacting With: BFFL Brynn Knowles @Tonks, and by proxy, Alana Colt @Rivaan

Peckish. Famished. Emaciated. Starving. All of those words could be used to describe what the poor daughter of Athena was feeling. She had gone into her morning training without having the proper nourishment to do so, and as a result she was paying dearly for it. There was a caloric deficit that Zoey's body was desperately crying out for her to eliminate -- by way of her stomach growling. All this breakfast talk was making her hungry. She gingerly placed a hand on her belly as she walked along with her best friend, who had taken her in gracefully. At least Brynn seemed to be in her typical good mood. That was something she could use to sustain her during the rather long five hundred foot journey to the dining hall. It felt like she was trekking across the entire country with how ravenous her hunger was.

She had been so enveloped in her own hunger that she failed to notice the fact that something was different about Brynn. Blinking twice, Zoey realized that Brynn had actually changed her hair color. She was blonde now, and that was a huge shocker. She had joined the ranks of blondes in the Athena cabin. Now it was only Ericka and a select other few that weren't blonde. "Oh hey... your hair... it's blonde! Zoey beamed, reaching out to touch a lock. It was so soft, yet so shiny. It was like the sun was reflecting off of it with how lustrous it was. It definitely brightened her day... maybe a little physically considering the sun was being reflected into her eyes. She dropped the lock before she eyed another person in. If it wasn't the local gun chick. Personally, Zoey didn't mind Alana's affection for guns. She admired it, actually. Firearms were an underappreciated form of combat here as ironic was it was. It was the most prominent tool for combat these days yet it was underrepresented here.

Zoey blushed a bit at the mention of her crush, however. Every day she regretted letting Brynn know about her rather childish crush on the child of Hecate. "S-stop!" Zoey blushed, gently slapping Brynn on the arm. Of course she didn't see Rebecca. Otherwise there would've been more of a pep in her step... or the opposite of that depending on how the interaction went. "I wish..." Unfortunately, it seemed to be more of the latter recently considering how often interactions between the two fell flat on their face. It was just a mess. It was something that would make kids in elementary school look like love gurus. Sighing, she finally made her way closer to the dining pavilion, where the ever-so-familiar scent of breakfast food wafted to her nose. There seemed to be something new to her senses. She could smell it.

"I smell eggs... some cinnamon... sausage... turkey bacon? I wonder why there isn't any regular bacon today. And of course - bread. I think there's a fresh batch out of the oven." That was what Zoey's nose told her. The accuracy of her prediction was up in the air though. Was there really everything that Zoey had just listed off in there? Only time could tell. Passing by a pack of Aphrodite girls/a bunch of Marco's sisters, Zoey's ears caught mentions of CTF. Oh yeah... that was a thing tonight. Zoey once again tapped Brynn on the arm. "Oh yeah, you guys remember there's CTF tonight? I didn't..." Zoey shrugged, before she lunged forward for the wooden door handle that separated the friends from the contents of the dining pavilion. Pulling it open, she held it open for Brynn and Alana. "...I, for one, can't wait to tackle Ryland if we're on different teams. Heck, even if we're on the same teams -- I'll still tackle him 'by accident.'"
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