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Current I don't even have those fucking glasses rip my retinas
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i got bored and joined like 6 different discord channels oops
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i like the people i RP with there's a reason why i stick with them so often
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Peebee and Vetra were my favorite parts of ME:A :(



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Sup? If you're here, you're probably interested in seeing what I have to offer and that's pretty cool. Take a look below and if you like what you see, hit me up.

Roleplay Deets

  • I can do anything from casual all the way to advanced. It's just a matter of how I'm feeling, the subject at hand, and what the situation wants. I'll never give a post below two paragraphs, though. I expect my partners to be around the same level. I do try my best to match post lengths no matter how long it may be.
  • No one-liners.
  • I do have a lot of free time so replies will usually come within the same day you send them. I try to match the pace at which you send posts so I don't overwhelm you with my replies. However, if for whatever reason I cannot reply within two days, I'll inform you.
  • Life is unfair. If stuff comes up and if you need to take a break or drop, lemme know. As long as you're honest it's all good.
  • Let's talk! I'm not here to just write, yo. I'd like to get to know my partners, whether it'd be little things that happened in their day or why they like whatever they like. I don't bite! Of course, if you're not comfortable with sharing, that's also cool.
  • I'm open to a variety of ideas, as long as they follow the vein of being in a modern setting with realistic roots. I don't do fantasy or history past the 20th century. If you have an idea you'd like to do with me, feel free to bring it up and I will be happy to discuss it with you.

A Word About Smut

The Fun Stuff
Here's a list of details about my roleplaying preferences.

  • All of these can be done in MxF or FxF. I do prefer playing the female character, but I am able to double! I am also willing to do plots with transgender characters.
  • Any of these can be combined, if you feel it will create a cool setting, which I am sure they will.
  • Feel free to discuss any pairings that may arise from any of these settings! More than likely I will be down.
  • I will do OC x Canon, but not Canon x Canon.

Green Light!

  • Slice of Life
  • Police
  • Military
  • Sports
  • High School
  • College
  • Celebrities

Yellow Light

  • Historical Stuff (up to 20th century)
  • Science Fiction
  • Criminals

Red Light. Stop. No go.

  • Supernatural stuff.
  • Fantasy
  • Magic
  • History past the 20th century.
  • Anything involving abuse.

Pairings I hella wanna do

  • Roommate x Roommate
  • Rival x Rival
  • Classmate x Classmate
  • Coworker x Coworker
  • Partners


  • Overwatch
  • Halo
  • Friends
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Scrubs
  • Pokemon

Well, that's all, folks! If you're interested feel free to drop a message below or send me a PM! I'll get to you as quick as I can.
I'm getting a character up soon
Hey guys,

I'm sorry to say this but I will be dropping this RP (might have gone without saying, but this clears up everything). Hopefully I'll see y'all again in the future!
@Attica love it!

Watching Jeanne's keys fly to the floor was something that brought a smile even out of Kate. It was funny to watch her go down and get her keys, even though she had literally just met her. Verne's comment had also prompted a stifled snicker from Kate. Kate's own lanyard was simply dangling from her hand, held in place due to her folded arms. Compared to Jeanne's keys, Kate's lanyard had a lot on it for someone who had just moved here. It had her car keys, home keys, keys to her work, a carabiner, and a variety of keychains. If she had dropped it she was pretty sure it was going to make a pretty loud noise.

She was about to go off on her own before Verne mentioned that she was headed downstairs to get breakfast. Breakfast sounded good. Processing the comment about her being a walking billboard - suddenly this outfit wasn't such a good idea anymore. It was too much of one brand in one place. "I'll take you up on that offer. I was just headed down there anyway. Great opportunity to advertise."
when's the OOC going up?
Totally oblivious to what Ross had did with Ellie, Kimberly eyed the unmistakable Japanese car pulling up next to her. Leaning against the dark green Mustang, she saw her husband and Ellie emerge from the car. A smile formed on her face as she saw her husband once again. But, she remained cool, and watched some other cars come in as well. There were cars like a very nice Corvette Z06, a Mitsubishi Evo IX, and a Subaru BRZ that definitely sounded like it was swapped. The racing scene had come such a long way since Kimberly had first joined it. Back then it was just her and whatever imports and domestics people could get their hands on. But now, big competitors were coming in, and the racing scene had become so large that subgroups had started to develop. There were the drag racers that were on 1320Video, drifters that were on smaller channels, and then there was them. Arguably the most selfish racers in the entire scene, the people that still bobbed and weave through traffic and made a ruckus out of the streets of Los Angeles.

People started to pop the hoods of their car to reveal what was underneath the hood of their cars. Kimberly wouldn't have dared to do something like that especially with the newest addition to her garage. The song changed as the parking lot began to get even more packed. All of these people would be competing in the race today, the free-for-all race. She hoped her supercharged V8 could keep up with these cars. Sure, her car was pretty light, but she feared her car would have trouble getting traction and getting around corners. It wasn't as nimble as her imports, that was for sure. The weight of the car, plus Kimberly, was somewhere in the three thousand pound range. Hopefully she was able to keep it steady and figured out the optimal angles to get the car around.

Her big ol' glasses helped her see the drivers of each vehicle better, and in turn helped her evaluate the talent that she'd be surrounded by. She wanted a better idea of what she was going up against. People could have fast cars, but if they couldn't handle it then there was no use in owning such a car. Experienced drivers, like Kimberly, were able to tell if someone knew what they were doing most of the time. Sometimes there was an exception, but the chances of that happening were slim. Looking around, Kimberly could see a lot of fresh faces, and that boded well for the experienced racers. Hell, she made a mental bet that some people were already looking down on her for bringing such an old car. They were going to pay for their insolence. She whipped people even with the cute little junker she started off with, and she wasn't afraid to take on people with her Mustang.

Ellie felt a warm kiss on her cheek and looked at Ross. "Uh, lad, you've got a wife. C'mon now." Ellie chuckled, "You had your chance years ago." She exited the car and put on her sunglasses, taking in the environment. People were walking around, bringing their kids and pets and spouses and everything like that. It was a fun environment to be in. Everyone was taking in the cars around them. There seemed to be a wide variety too. More than she had seen in one place since the festival back in the United Kingdom. There were cars that only came out a few months ago, and there were cars way older than she was. According to what she had heard, all of these cars would be participating in a city-wide scramble and whoever crossed the line first would receive a nice prize.

She broke off from Ross and Kimberly and started to roam around by herself. She was much harder to recognize with her sunglasses on, and she intended to keep it that way to avoid drawing too much attention from the amazing vehicles parked here. She was seeing stuff she would've never seen in Canada or in England. Turbos with a car attached to it, little roadsters with big ol' V8s stuffed inside, and cars that were made from scratch. Ellie stayed a moment to look at a silver Evolution IX, which had an incredibly clean and pretty setup. Both in the engine bay and when it came to the aesthetic. The car was clean, from its carbon fiber hood all the way down to the 17" Volk TE37s and Advan AD08Rs that embraced them. The girl that drove it wasn't too bad either.

Walking past, the music got louder but the cars got shittier. She started to see some really regular looking cars. There was a Ford Escort just sitting there minding its own business, as well as a regular looking Honda Civic. Ellie didn't look at those much - failing to see that the Ford Escort packed a BMW six-cylinder and the Honda Civic being lighter than a feather with a 2.4 liter engine. The sightseeing was almost over as Ellie took in every car that she wanted to see. She was sure that'd she'd be able to see the cars again once the race actually started. Hopefully they'd be behind her and Ross, though.

About half an hour later, the starting grid for the cars were set. The way the cars were gonna start was gonna be a mess, which was why the fences were being pulled away to allow for a more creative approach to start the race. Everyone was in their cars and ready to go. They were just waiting for the song to start playing so that they could get racing. The destination was at the top of a parking garage near LAX. First person there would receive a handsome prize. Fortunately, there were prizes for people finishing all the way up to seventh place. Kimberly hoped that she'd be able to take first, though.

The V8 underneath the hood of her Mustang idled, revving it twice to keep the engine warmer. The announcer stood on top of the DJ's equipment, which quite frankly annoyed her but she couldn't complain as she was set to make fucking bank after the gig. "Ready... set..." Kimberly put her car into gear, holding the clutch down and giving it enough gas so that she could launch the car forward. "...GO!" The song started playing and everyone started to scramble. Kimberly let go of the clutch and shot forward, keeping one arm on the steering wheel as she made her way to the exit on the other side of the parking lot. On the way, she was bobbing and weaving around cars. A couple of them had already crashed and eliminated themselves from the race. Embarrassing.
Interested. I was just in Vietnam :P
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