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Alexandra Christine Rossi-Nguyen was once one of the children sitting in front of her, gazing up at the video that many of these people were seeing for the very first time. It wasn't too long ago when she was the one sitting and staring at the old-school television watching one of the most dated videos she'd ever seen in her life. However, now she was standing toward the back, leaning against the wall and being slightly illuminated by the television as she mulled over what to expect these next few weeks. It was always something she had to think about, especially considering that what most of these kids were about to see and experience for the first time, she practically knew like the back of her hand.

Oh, how times have changed.

At least this camp didn't even try to hide the fact that they were here for completely different reasons than wanting to make friends and have fun experiences and a summer full of bonding! Absolutely not. There wasn't a single kid in the known universe that wanted to genuinely do that intentionally, and if the say they did, they're lying. Not even Alex wanted to do this camp when she was little. She would have much rather spent her summers at home and around a familiar environment (but we all know she was gonna lock herself in her room and watch Sailor Moon over and over again). Much to her dismay, however, her mother had enough difficulty managing two kids around and Alex's admittedly bratty ass so her parents figured it'd be much easier on them if Alex spent the summer somewhere else so that they could raise her two half-sisters.

Luckily it got her into this position. One where she could spread the wisdom onto the kids. Well, some of it. She had to follow some guidelines as she could do some stuff the kiddies couldn't. At the same time, she didn't want to be that hard-ass counselor who was by the books. Nobody liked that person. Was it easier to do? Most likely, but it definitely didn't lend any favors in terms of building relationships with the campers. And to be quite frank, it was the relationships that made camp more fun that it had any right to be. Basketball, soccer, the blob -- they were all made better by doing it with the power of friendship! Yes, nobody wanted to actually do it, but it happened anyway.

Except this time, she couldn't have the same sort of level of relationship building. The dynamic was much different this time around. She wasn't a fellow camper anymore. She was a counselor, and there was some sort of authority and power aspect behind everything. No matter what, she was always going to have authority and power over whatever camper she bonded with. Even if she wasn't going to use aforementioned power and authority, it was always going to be there.

Then, there were the relationships with the other counselors. Admittedly, she hadn't really interacted with the other counselors, so she didn't really have time to build her relationship with the others. They seemed cool, though. Hopefully she could become chill with them.

Alex was suddenly snapped back to reality as she heard a rather rambunctious camper yell out, before she realized it was none other than CR. Chuckling, she got off the wall and gathered herself. Luckily, she had gotten there a bit before the rest of the camp, so she had taken care of unpacking and getting settled way before the rush of campers. It was still strange switching positions and becoming the one looking in. But, it was something that Alex was just going to have to get used to. For the time being, Alex was going to have to follow the girls to the female cabin, and help out anyone that needed help, because someone was going to forget what they were supposed to do and get lost.

Lord knows what happened the first time she moved in.

Anna was slightly bothered by her pairing. Out of all the people in the estate, it had to be him. The producers knew what they were doing, admittedly, but it didn't make it the slightest bit better that she was paired up by the one person who she managed to burn a bridge with. The tension was pretty thick -- thick enough to be cut through by a hot knife and be spread on a piece of toast. But, she had to bite the bullet if she wanted to stay. She didn't want to be put up for elimination. To be kicked out so quickly after coming here, that would've been embarrassing and a disgrace to the Ivanova family. As much as things were rough between her and Jett, she had to do something.

As everyone dispersed, she was about to go to Jett, only to find that he had taken the initiative and walked over to her instead. At least she didn't have to bite the bullet just yet. Now the hard part -- to talk. She looked up at him, a hand on her arm as she rubbed it slowly, to self-soothe. "Looks like we need each other." She shrugged, before glancing at the pool. "I don't want to leave, and I'm sure you don't either." Anna said, flashing an awkward smile before glancing back at everyone else.

"Just... try not to drop me okay?" Anna chuckled, "Last thing we want is to be among the first ones out. I'll try not to fall off, in return."
The morning of their first full day at this estate had been nothing short of eventful. The producers were surely very happy with what they'd just seen and were at work trying to sort everything out in time for tonight's episode. The rest of the day, at least on Anna's part, was spent on her exploring the house and getting to know some other people better. There wasn't much to really do besides get drunk and hang out with people. It could get REAL boring sometimes if you weren't interacting with people. Of course, interactions weren't exactly few and far between. Anna was probably having another conversation within twenty minutes of the last one she had.

Of course, it allowed her to gain some rapport with some other people. Madison and Jett were people she were sure to stay away from, as one didn't give her a good impression and one didn't exactly like her after this morning. Still, she ended up having a good time with the likes of Nina, Nathan, and Ashley. She spent a surprising amount of time around the pool table with them, bullshitting and making sure that Nathan wasn't going to hit the eight ball into the pocket again. You think he'd learn after the first time around, but they'd lost because of that more times than Anna would've liked.

Speaking of pool, once night time had rolled around everyone was instructed to change into swimwear. The reason being was unknown, but seeing the supposed host outside probably clued them off as to what was coming. Anna was wearing a white swimsuit as she stepped onto the rather astonishing infinity pool. It was a travesty that she hadn't made her way to this amazing pool before the cast was asked to gather here tonight. But, there was a first time for everything. As Anna stepped out onto the deck, she glanced around to see everyone making their way in. A lot of women had opted to go for two pieces, much like her. Only Nina, as a matter of fact, had opted to go for a one piece swimsuit instead. The men, for the most part, had opted for swim trunks. Anna couldn't see any speedos which was a blessing to her eyes.

Once everyone was settled and done for the most part, the host cleared her throat as the cameras panned onto her. "Alright ladies and gentlemen, I hope you had a very nice first day here. I know some had better days than others." She took a quick glance at Anna and Bella, before continuing on her monologue, "But now we've got our first challenge!"

She stepped aside to gesture at the pool, "Tonight, we're going to start with something simple. All you have to do is win a game of chicken. Every girl will be paired up with a guy and pairs will go one-by-one until there's a victor. The victor of tonight's challenge -- will get immunity from being voted off later tonight." The host put her hands together, before flashing a smile, "Any questions?"

Everyone looked at each other, before looking straight back at the host. It was pretty straight forward. The screen next to her switched from the show logo to what appeared to be portraits of everyone paired up with one another. "Your pairings are on the screen behind me. Find your partner, and be ready in five minutes! Good luck, everyone!" She smiled, before walking off to the side.

Anna squinted to find her portrait, and it didn't take her long until her eyes landed on it and then portrait next to her.

Much to her dismay, her partner turned out to be none other than...

So, what were your thoughts on what just happened?

"What just happened? What just happened was that people didn't understand what the [expletive] was going on. I don't get why they put regular people on here. It's like they're in over their heads. Like, seriously? Grape juice? We aren't in the fourth [expletive] grade. You gotta be kidding me with this! Where did you find these people?"

Anna glanced at Jett who asked the question about the confessionals. If it was anything like the reality shows she'd seen (and it was), they were gonna ask some questions about what just happened and record their reaction right there and then.

"Probably something like about what just happened? I have no idea how they work, but I don't think they can really ask too many questions from this."

As Madison was pulled away to do whatever bullshit confession was going to be filmed, Anna sighed, and Nina took a moment to roll her eyes as she put a hand on Bella's shoulder. Bella obviously was made very uncomfortable with what had just happened. Being berated for her choice of drink at breakfast was not the best way to start things off. She tried to stay strong for the cameras, but based on how much she was looking down at her drink and keeping her eyes away from everyone, it was really clear that she was hurt. Anna, in the meantime, was focusing on finishing up her breakfast while Nina tried to do something.

"Heeeey. Don't take it personally. She's probably got a stick up her ass. Don't take it too personally. She probably doesn't have much going on in her life."

Nina pat Bella on the shoulder a couple times, before clearing her throat once again, "Don't sweat it, dude. She'll get what's coming to her at some point."

In the meantime, Anna finished off her breakfast and decided to do something about the Bella situation. As much as she didn't want to, it was probably going to reflect even more poorly on her if she just up and left while someone was feeling down. She already got people to turn against her with her interaction with Jett, probably. It was a tough situation for her to be in. On one hand, she just wanted to be herself, but she could only relaly be so much herself before people would just start hating her. Putting her fork down, she sighed and looked at Bella. "Yeah, Nina's got a point. People like her are probably really insecure." She shrugged, "You have nothing to worry about." Anna then took the time to glance quickly at Jett, who was probably thinking up of a response. She was hoping he would take Bella's side at this little ordeal.

"I think Bella doesn't have much to worry about." Anna said, before glancing at Jett, "What do you think, Jett?"
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