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Looking forward, Anna was about as stonefaced as ever. As the pairs clashed and started to fight with each other, Anna was looking carefully to see who had the natural advantage right now. Right now, her bet was on Nina and Luke since Nina was on the heavier side. It was fierce, a lot more fierce than it had any right to be. For being suspended in water, it sure felt like these duos were colliding with every single ounce of force they had. It was actually pretty entertaining, and Anna found herself smiling when the first round ended. Something about seeing Traci tumble into the water was pretty funny, until Anna had gotten some of that water on her face and hair. She took a moment to wipe it off her face, before realizing it was rather futile.

Watching the duos set up for the next round, Anna glanced back at Jett momentarily. There was still a high amount of tension between them, despite them being paired up together for this challenge. Anna was somewhat hoping that she would be able to get around whatever tension they had through this challenge. Anna wasn't one to apologize and she certainly wasn't going to start now. It was hard as hell for her to apologize, especially if she didn't feel she was in the wrong, which she didn't. That sort of stuff sort of got her into some deep shit with some people, but it was just the way she was.

They were at it again, and oddly enough, Traci had managed to get Nina off Luke's shoulders rather quickly. Hm, so her bet was off. Thankfully she didn't actually make that bet, though. She would've been out some money. Speaking of things being off, however, it took Nina a little too long to get back on Luke. Seeing crew members race closer and cameras point onto Nina, Anna soon saw what exactly was the commotion. Getting a better glance at her as she twisted, she saw a not-so-little something form an outline on her bathing suit. Anna's eyes widened as she realized what exactly that was. Putting her hand on her chin, she turned back to Jett, shooting him a look that was more of "you seeing this shit?!".

"None of us..." Anna replied, before glancing back over to Nina, "Hope she's okay though. Seems rough." Nina was kneeled over and had to be escorted off by some crew members to examine her a little more closely. Maybe she hurt herself a little worse than she had let on. In any case, once Nina was clear of the cameras and off somewhere, the host came back in and proceeded to try to clear the awkward aura that had fallen over the cast as one of their own had been hurt. "Unfortunately, due to Nina's injury, Adam and Traci automatically move onto the next round!" She said, before turning to the screen. " next up, we're going to have Ashley and Nathan against... Jett and Anna!"

Anna turned around and looked at Jett in light of the news that they were going up next, raising an eyebrow at him. "You ready? It's showtime." Anna stood up, glancing back at Jett one more time before she started heading toward the pool. She hoped to god they made it through, as she wasn't entirely looking forward to leaving just two days into this thing.
a post! hope it's okay!
It was rare to find established settlements these days, and when there were establishments, they never lasted for long. John Woods had learned that lesson pretty quickly over the years, being a part of a couple of them as he started off in what was left of society. Things often quickly turned south whenever he had the displeasure of being tangled up in bands of survivors. Whether it'd be personal disagreements, disagreements about how the group was ran, or simply just resources running out and tensions running high. Someone would end up dead and the others would be nowhere to be found. John had quickly learned that it was better that he fend for himself.

He was a lone wanderer. Once in a blue moon he ran into a group of survivors, but it was better that he stay out of their way. You never really could tell what the intentions of everyone was. He made the mistake of trusting them and he had just barely to managed to escape with his life as a result. After one too many close calls, it was time to call it quits. Any group, he tried his best to stay away from. Numbers were important in an environment like this, and he was never ahead in the numbers game. Though, sometimes, he just had to engage. He needed to survive, and if taking out a group was something he needed to do to survive, he was going to do it.

Right now was one of those instances. John was running dry on supplies. At most, three days worth before he ran out. Coming across this settlement of sorts was a great stroke of luck for John. Now came the challenge of coming in and trying to get as much as he could. Communities like these were often very protective, and not very welcoming to visitors. It was more likely that they hold him hostage and take his stuff, and maybe even his life. John had very little reason to trust that a settlement like this would welcome his company. He valued his life way too much to even think about taking that risk.

Unbeknownst to him, someone had spotted him while he was scouting out the settlement. John was in the middle of looking for weak points, potential locations to get supplies, and just how many people were there. It didn't seem like that big of a group. Maybe less than ten people? If he came during the night time and played his cards right, there was a very good chance he could've gone in and out without anyone even noticing until he was long, long gone. All he wanted was some food and water, and maybe some ammunition if he could find any. He didn't want to take any lives or hurt anyone. He just wanted to take some things and be on his merry way.

He had determined that he was going to go through the rear. Getting in through a hole and onto the compound so he could duck and weave in and out of buildings. Staying low and staying out of sight, it should not be a rough undertaking. The guise of night should be more than enough to keep him concealed. The moon was his friend, and he was more than willing to use what it gave him for his own benefit. John was situated on a nearby hill, keeping an eye on the compound and watching people coming and going. If stuff got rough, John had a pistol and rifle handy to hold his own.

Granted, he didn't have much ammunition left for it. He was hoping he wouldn't have to use any of it before he would hopefully get replenished. John didn't like having to take lives, but if he had to, he would.

In the power rankings of Tara’s emotions at that moment, anger and resentment were quickly being pushed down in favor of horror and despair. As Willow struggled to get out the news that not only did the marriage not go well, it was over, she immediately was horrified at the way she flippantly referenced the wedding. As her high school bestie quickly finished her drink and beat a hasty retreat from the bar, Rocky tried to call out to her. “Willow, wait…” It was way too late for that though, as Willow followed through on her actions and headed over to who Tara believed was Grace Pruett. It was hard to remember, especially since there were bigger things to worry about.

It was enough to send Tara straight to her requested bottle of Jameson with reckless abandon. She screwed off the top of the bottle and took a big gulp to try and steady herself after what she had just done. She looked over at Allison and commented, “Fuck, I can’t believe we just did that…”

Yikes. Allison nearly choked on her drink as she heard Willow reveal what became of the wedding she attended. To hear such an unfortunate end to what was supposed to be cherished and happy event was rather tragic for Allison. She couldn’t help but feel secondhand embarrassment and shame for bringing up such a touchy subject. By the time Allison stopped coughing and drowning on mojito, Willow had ran off and it was just her and Tara.

Allison glanced over to Tara, and she felt what she was doing with the Jameson. If she didn’t still have mojito to drink, she honestly would’ve taken a large sip of it herself. Nothing could’ve made this situation any more disastrous. Allison shook her head, sighing. ”Tell me about it… Allison sipped on her mojito some more, ”I can’t believe that fucking clown tried to apologize to us. Can you imagine? Walk up after ten years like it’s nothing. Yeah, it’s been ten years, but holy shit…”

That comment was enough to bring the resentment back up to the surface as Tara took another swig of the water of life. “I… I don’t even know what that was supposed to be. At least I know what it attempted to be. It’s a shame it just didn’t work. And then completely turned to garbage. I mean, you would think, you would hope, that getting popped in the face would knock some sense into someone, but he still sounds like that same stupid kid who would chase Amanda’s tail to the end of the earth and then off it.” She shook her head. “He just added an undeserved heap of smug self-satisfaction on top of it.”

”All that… for what?” Allison mused, ”A drop of clout? Fuck, Tara, I wish you popped him. You might get kicked out but honestly? It’d be worth it. I’d do it myself, but I don’t know how to punch nearly as hard as you do.” Allison shrugged, sipping on more of her mojito, ”You’d think someone with parents like mine would be better at punching people.”

When Allison talked about Tara’s combat skills, the O’Leary woman knew exactly how Willow felt when Lucas came up. It was a punch to the gut, much like it was when Grayson brought it up in the first place. Or even when she brought it up a moment ago. The fact that nothing had come of it. The failed dream that she was reminded of basically every day at work. It was good work. Definitely funded this trip pretty well. But it was still that constant example of what she couldn’t be. Shit, even Tsunami was still going at it in her 50s and she couldn’t get a sniff at 27.

Another pull at the bottle of whiskey came quickly. It was not going to last very long at this rate. “Like I said, Allison, I don’t punch people anymore,” Tara glumly admitted. “Barely even fake punch people. I don’t have it in me. People don’t seem to think I have it in me. Except here apparently. Fucking Amanda. Fucking...everything. Fucking hell. I’m such a damn screw up, Ally. The only thing I can actually do anymore is fix it so your moms can keep punching people. And even that, I’m pretty sure can be done by someone else. I just… fuck, I knew this was gonna happen. I don’t know why I came here.”

Listening to Tara suddenly start spewing a whole lot of sad, Allison squinted. How much did she have to drink? It couldn’t be that much. Why was Tara already so sad? Allison didn’t like it. Allison felt that Tara really had no reason to whine at all, considering it was the first few hours into this event, but she was a little more sober than Tara was at the moment. Maybe with a few more drinks in her, that would change for Allison as well. ”You’re really going to let that asshole ruin the reunion for you?” Allison sighed, ”Don’t get in your feelings just because of what one dude caused. Fuck that. You’re better than this.”

“It’s not just him, Ally,” Tara confided in her drinking buddy. “It just seems like it’s everything, and I don’t know. I mean, shit, look at me. I’m so far from everything now. So far from what I fought for, I don’t even know myself anymore. Like shit, when did I start philosophizing this much about my own life? That’s the state of me now! It just, I don’t know. It makes me feel like I have nothing, and then there’s a shot at getting at least something back, and of course I wreck it. Because that’s what I do. I wreck stuff.” If Disney heard Tara’s speech, they might have sued her for copyright infringement, but they wouldn’t have had much of a case. Probably. This did seem to be a uniquely Tara problem.

Allison tilted her head in confusion. Where was this coming from? How did Tara’s mood tank so hard? Hell, a few minutes ago, she was happy and giddy as she can be. But now it was rather weird to witness. ”How much have you had to drink?” Allison asked, ”Because a few minutes ago you were just fine. There’s a reason why you’re the one working on my moms and not some jackass out of some other place. There’s a reason it’s you, and it ain’t me. You got more going for you than you think, Tara.”
At least Tara wasn’t crying. She had trained herself a long time ago to avoid tears whenever possible, and if nothing else, it was saving her from looking even more like a mess now. Of course, this was still another fine situation she had gotten herself into. Allison was pretty low on the list of people she thought she would be having this conversation with, through no fault of her own. It was just a lot of gut punches adding up and Ms. Bentley-Song happened to be the one in her corner. “I’m sorry, Ally. I shouldn’t be unloading all this on you. This isn’t your battle. Although I appreciate the pep talk.” Another sip of whiskey hit her tongue. “I just, I dunno. Maybe it is the booze. I did come out here pretty early.”

Allison put a hand on Tara’s shoulder and squeezed a bit, trying to comfort her. That was what people did to comfort people, right? Allison wasn’t good at that sort of thing, but she saw people do it. It must’ve worked, right? But it wasn’t like she was just going to let Tara be miserable by herself. It was like they always said. Misery loves company. ”Nah, it’s fine. It happens.” Allison said, before glancing at the bottle. ”Mind if I take a swig too? I’m not letting you drink all that by yourself.”

“Be my guest,” Tara replied as she handed Allison the bottle. “So anyway, how are you doing? I mean, Tsunami has been talking you up. I know you’re doing the doctor thing too. I mean, fancier than mine, but whatever. Shit, I should make people call me Dr. TKO. That’s a hell of a wrestling name…”

Allison smiled and took the bottle, ”Thanks!” The doctor took a large swig out of the bottle, before putting it back on the counter. She had to think about the answer to Tara’s question, because she wanted to word it in a way that didn’t make her come off as entirely arrogant. ”Me? I’m doing alright. I’m surprised my mom still talks about me though. I thought she’d be too busy throwing people off a cage or something. But yeah, yeah, I’m doing the doctor thing. They call me Dr. Bentley-Song now, actually.” Allison mused over the Dr. TKO name, smiling to herself, ”You should make them call you that. My mom would looove that. How are you doing in that avenue, or… just in general?”

Tara shrugged. “Can’t be throwing people of cages when you’re on the therapist’s table. So we talk.” The second Allison put the bottle back down on the table, Tara reclaimed it as her own. “Like I said, it hasn’t been great. I can’t even get looks at freaking NXT anymore. They haven’t even let me come to the ring as an acting therapist in months.” She tossed her flowing locks forward with her free hand. “I’m growing my freaking hair out for them, Ally! I didn’t even know it got this wavy all the way down! Just, I dunno. I think it’s done. Maybe I should find someone to pump a baby in me or something, I dunno.”

”Girl, what?! They’re not letting you outside? What?!” Allison was bewildered with this news, ”There’s no way that should be happening. My mom loves you! She should be getting you more involved… especially if they’re making you grow your hair out.” Allison grimaced, ”I should talk to her.”

“I mean… the hair thing might have been my idea,” Tara sheepishly admitted. “If they want fucking pretty girls, I can try to give them that. But yeah, I dunno. If you want to talk to her, that would be cool. Just, don’t tell her I got all mushy and shit, OK?”

”Why not? I’ve been mushy with my mom hella times. She doesn’t give a shit!” Allison mused, ”Does she even know you’re here?”

Tara shook her head no and added another sip to her tally. “I wasn’t even gonna come until Tessa told me she had dresses and shit and she talked me into it. I guess this chat makes it worth it though,” she told Allison as she waived her hand between the two of them to indicate it was this chat she was talking about. “Fuck, we should probably have done this more, Ally! When the fuck did you get good at talking and shit?”

The mention of Tessa was a rather sore subject at the moment, considering she’d just accused Allison of being an addy-head in high school. But, she needed to trek on. This was far better than standing in the corner and sipping on whatever. ”Me? I had to learn how to talk to people, being a doctor and all. You don’t really get anywhere by being all quiet and shit.” Allison shrugged, ”Believe me, I’m still awful at it, I just know what to say... Allison took another swig of whiskey once Tara was done with it, ”Have you kept in contact with anyone else after high school?”

Once again, Tara nodded in the negative, but she quickly amended herself as she nodded towards the reunited King’s Men. “Brent, a couple times. He’ll come up for like cardio and shit, so that’s a hang. But other than that, nothing. Most people dropped me off their radar after the prom punchout, and most other people after Wills’ wedding… including you, I guess. Sorry bout that, Ally.”

”Brent? I bought a car from him! So that’s why he looks… better” Allison laughed, before remembering that time Tara kicked Grayson’s ass. ”OH YEAH. I totally forgot you kicked that dude’s ass! Imagine that… being knocked out by TKO... couldn’t be me.”

Tara shrugged. “We all had our strengths, girl. You were smart as fuck, and I just… punched people. Should just put that on my Tinder bio, I guess. ‘My idea of a first date? Punching out your ex.’ I’d probably get some hits then, huh?”

”Nothing wrong with punching some people.” Allison sipped some more whiskey, totally oblivious to how much she was taking in, ”Some people are into that. Getting their ass kicked by a woman. I know I am…”

It was a good thing Tara wasn’t taking another shot of whiskey at that point because she was liable to have coated the bar floor with the spittake she would have done. Is fucking Ally into BDSM shit? Or is this just like, the wrestling family shit? There was a lot of alcohol coursing through her at this point. Both of them, it had to be. The Jameson bottle looked like it was going to be down for the count soon. it the bullying thing? Fucking hell… You think you know a person...But what do I say to this? Tara thought for a second before measuring up, as best she could in her current state, what she was gonna say. “Um...I…” Apparently she needed a few more seconds. “I hope you can find someone to do that for you, Ally. I think, if that’s what you’re getting at. I just, I don’t do that anymore. Like I said.” Tara started looking around. Air was sounding like a good idea.

”I was kidding, Tara.” Allison laughed, ”You thought I was being serious? Damn, Tara! I can joke around too, y’know.” Allison wasn’t completely kidding, but that was something Tara didn’t need to know. ”I don’t have time to even think about those things… you think I have time for that with med school?”

Tara breathed out a sigh of relief as Allison admitted to the joke. “Fuck, you had me going for a sec, Ally!” she laughed. “I mean, I guess that makes sense.I know I barely had time for anyone during med school. But hey, if you still want it later, just wait until I forget that joke and insult my mother, you’ll totally get it!” She continued to laugh. Somehow, Allison had snapped Tara back into a somewhat blissful state of denial about all her current problems. “Fuck, OK, I might need to slow down. Back to the mojitos for me!”

”Why would I insult your mother? I’m sure she’s a very, very nice lady.” Allison smiled, glancing over at the bottle, which was somehow empty already, ”I think… that’s a good idea… we burned through that bottle… Jesus Christ, Tara.”

Tara shrugged as she motioned for Rudy to come over, and by pointing at Allison’s glass confirmed that she was back on the bar special.

"Listen, Ricardo, all I'm saying is that this shit isn't supposed to snag on my fuckin hair!" Han Nguyen was currently situated inside her limo, fixing a rather bedazzled version of this dress that was specially tailored for her by some of the finest tailors the Kingdom of Tuyen Phu had to offer. "You think with all these fuckin' diamonds they'd figure out a way to not scalp the shit outta me." The Princess of Tuyen Phu was currently en route to the wedding that many royal figures had been invited to today. The Kingdom of Aciras was about to celebrate one of the members of their royal family being married off, and it was an event that the Nguyen family could not miss. Unfortunately, the Nguyen family had matters to attend to that were more dire than the wedding, thus leading to Han's presence at this event in lieu of her parents. Not like this was her first rodeo in a situation like this anyway. She'd been to many a wedding before. They weren't anything to her. She didn't spend the vast majority of her life in etiquette school for nothing.

"You think I'll see lil' skinny dick there, Ricardo?" Han mused, adjusting her earring in the meantime, "I miss that guy." Han may or may not have been oblivious to the fact that maybe Erik wasn't entirely fond of that moniker, but it wasn't like he was able to change her mind anyway. "Ah shit! If Erik is there then that means Ara is gonna be there, right? Shit! I swear that bitch hates me, man. It's like she think I'm encroaching her territory or something!" Han scoffed, "Like shit! My pussy pop, but my pussy don't be poppin that hard. It ain't like I want his lil' skinny dick anyway! He cool, but he ain't that cool!" Han glanced out the window, watching the always gorgeous skyline of Aciras pass by. "I've always loved it her in Aciras, though. I'll tell you this right now they got some good ass food. I ain't ever had something slap as hard outside of Asia than I did the food here. I might have to talk to someone to see about getting that shit back home, you feel?"

Ricardo honestly couldn't follow half of what Han was saying, as he was just the guy who designed the dress. The rather vulgar and straight-forward tongue of Han had come as jarring to those that were close enough to her to access it. It didn't help that Ricardo didn't exactly have the best understanding of English, so most words just went in one ear and flew out of the other. The closer they got to the venue, the distant sound of cameras snapping could be heard. This event was a paparazzi hotspot, no doubt, even in spite of the possibility of no paparazzi at the event. It wasn't hard to identify which car was Tuyen Phu's, considering it had the flag plastered on the doors, nor was it the hardest to identify. They wanted to see what Princess Han Thuy Nguyen was up to at this event. Surely, whatever material these guys would get would make their way to Tuyen Phu.

As much as Han didn't want to act like she had a stick up her ass in the public eye, she had to. Censorship didn't go over so well among the citizens of Tuyen Phu. Whatever floated their way was what the public was going to get. No dictating what was to be spread on the news or what was to be posted in the newspaper. Han represented Tuyen Phu at this event, to say the least. It was a lot of pressure, but oddly enough, Han didn't feel it at all. As long as she handled herself just fine and dickhead slave-holder stayed out of her way, things would go smoothly, provided there weren't any dissidents of Tuyen Phu hiding about, because there were some. She was going to be switching the diplomatic switch real soon. The Kingdom of Aciras was nice enough to extend an invitation to them, and it would only be the right thing if she proved that it was the right choice to do so.

It wasn't too much later before she could see the rather grandeur event before her. It was about as flashy as she could've imagine, and rightfully so, as this was about as formal and flashy as an event could've gotten in this day and age. Taking a deep breath and sighing, Han rubbed the bridge of her nose as the car came to a stop. "Well shit, here we go, hm?" Han sighed, "Gotta do what I gotta do. Hopefully you'll enjoy yourself here, yeah? Don't go getting into no trouble, Ricky. I ain't tryna bust you out of Aciran jail or someshit." She laughed, before the doors were opened by Tuyen Phu officials.

Stepping out of the car, she could hear clamoring as she made her way down. Step after step, left foot after the right foot. Han had done this many, many times, and this was a breeze to her despite how many eyes were on her at this given moment. The Tuyen Phu entourage was making their way to the royal family which were no doubt there to greet everyone in attendance. Closing in on them, Han stopped in front of the royal family, before curtseying and bowing down in front of the royal family. "His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Queen, Her Royal Highness, Princess of Aciras." Han greeted, "I am Princess Han Thuy Nguyen of Tuyen Phu. On behalf of the Kingdom of Tuyen Phu, we are grateful for having us at these festivities."

After receiving the reciprocal greetings, Han made her way inside, leaving the royal family behind her as she continued inside. As she walked inside, she turned back to some of her loyal servants, winking. She mouthed at them briefly, "Fuckin' nailed it, eh?"

Oof. This was off to one of the worst starts in recent memory. The sheer bringing up of her former adderall habit had struck a nerve with her, and it was very evident that she wanted nothing to do with it. Of course, she did bring it upon herself as she very well could've just kept her mouth shut. But nope, she had decided it was worth the time and effort to be petty about it instead. All she had to do was to just follow the damn train, and go along with Willow and Tara. Instead, all she received in return of her being petty was some shots taken at her. Amanda, the organizer of this whole thing, wasn't entirely too happy with this whole thing. But with how comfy she was with Grayson, she had the feeling she was more on his side anyway.

However, she also felt that Grayson's apology was about as genuine as Kim Kardashian's ass. Something about it just felt ingenuous, like he just wanted to get it out of the way not because he genuinely felt bad, but because he wanted to absolve himself of the guilt and pain. Getting it out of the way so that he could enjoy himself thinking those girls would forgive him and let things go. Honestly? She couldn't have given any less of a fuck about what she reminded him of. Not while he reminded her of things that hit a little closer to home. At least he was out and away. Allison sneered briefly, before putting the cup back onto her lips and taking a large sip of her mojito. She couldn't believe the audacity of that man. To think he could just walk up and apologize. It didn't work like that. At least, not anymore.

It was very disheartening to hear that she was still known as that girl who popped adderalls like they were skittles. Just forget the fact that she made it all the way past medical school and that she was known as Doctor Bentley Song. No. Apparently, she was still that tweaker who just so happened to graduate second in her class. Allison never realized how much contempt she had for certain people until just now. Maybe it was all the years diluting her feelings, or maybe it was her zealot-like focus on her schoolwork, but she was suddenly starting to remember why she didn't really associate with many of these people. Maybe it was Tessa, Amanda, and Grayson's comments bothering her more than they really should've. She was here now. Allison wasn't going to waste hundreds of dollars and let a weekend be ruined a crummy moment. Tara and Willow were here. At least they could potentially salvage the event.

It wasn't going so hot for Allison so far.

Looking around for any more figures, Allison took another giant sip of her mojito, the ice touching her lips as more of the liquid escaped from her cup. More liquid courage for Allison. Putting the cup down, she turned toward Willow. At least Willow and Tara hadn't decided to dunk on her just yet, which was nice. The mysterious disappearance of Willow's social media was something she had just remembered. Out of the blue, out of nowhere, Willow's social media suddenly stopped existing. She was wondering how her and her husband were doing at this point, and the lack of a ring on her finger was rather odd. However, there was the off chance they were just one of those couples who decided to do things differently. Now was as good of a time as any to ask, right?

"So, Willow... how are things with you and your husband?" Allison asked curiously, not aware of the minefield she had just stepped in.

Seeing the rather minty and bubbly drink placed on the counter, Allison flashed a quick smile to the bartender, thanking him for his services. Allison was eyeing the tip jar and was about to stuff a five in there, before she saw something out of the corner of her eye. Blinking twice, Allison turned her head to see just who could be waving at her. The face struck something inside her no doubt. She knew that voice almost immediately, and the identification came just a short bit later. Her blue eyes locked onto a rather familiar face, and Allison remembered that face almost immediately. It was none other than Willow Nicholson. One of the only people in the world who had the audacity to make Dr. Allison Bentley-Song their bridesmaid, let alone invite them to their wedding.

Willow was still quite the risk-taker, based on that really, really nice blue outfit she had going on. God, she was so fond of this girl. She loved being her bridesmaid. Allison honestly wondered how her and her husband were doing right now, she didn't really have the chance to keep up with her friend since then. Hopefully, things were well. Her face turned into a smile as soon as everything registered. But, just before Allison could go over and greet Willow, a green figure also appeared in her peripheral vision. Turning her head slightly, Allison knew just who exactly that was. It was just as hard to not know who that person was, considering her connection to her family as well. No, it wasn't like they hooked up or anything. Tara Kathleen O'Leary was one of the only few people to meet her mother, and still maintain contact with her today. She had the privilege of being her mother's physical therapist, helping her recuperate from injuries whenever they happened (and they happened a lot.)

But damn, did she look good.

"Guys, oh my god! You guys look great! It's so good to see you all again!" Being pulled into a hug with Willow and Tara, Allison had a smile so cheesy that the stomachs of the lactose intolerant were starting to churn. At least the first faces she interacted with were faces that she was actually fond of. Not like she had to interact with someone like Grayson. That guy had inflicted some of the worst wounds that Allison had ever experienced in her life, and it was only just a couple of sentences that poor excuse of a man had said to hurt Allison. Insinuating that she was dependent on adderall was one of the worst insults that Allison had ever encountered. The Doctor didn't pour in nights of hard work and tears just to be condensed into something like that. Absolutely not. She was smarter than that, and for Grayson to insinuate something like that was insulting.

But perhaps, Allison thought too soon. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as soon as she heard that voice. That voice.The voice she despised with intense fervor. Glancing downward, she glanced at her cup as Grayson started to speak. She couldn't have given any less of a fuck about this man right now. The words were going in through one ear, and flying straight out of the other. On one hand, this was over ten year ago, but on the other, everything she'd done since then was in spite of this comment. In a sick, twisted way, Grayson had only fueled Allison's desire even more. However, she still couldn't bring herself to express anything but disdain for this man. The words still stung, despite how long ago they were uttered.

Willow did have a point though. It was ten years ago. It was unhealthy to hold onto something like that for so long. Allison knew she was better than that. But, it didn't mean that she was obligated to give him the light of day. Allison didn't feel such a man deserved such a privilege. This wasn't high school anymore. Allison was under no obligation to give Grayson anything anymore. Apparently, Tara had the same idea as well, which was reassuring and validated her choice. Putting her cup up to her lips, she took a long sip of her mojito, mulling over her response once Tara finished speaking.

"No sunshine here either." Allison added, raising an eyebrow, "Though, I suppose that doesn't mean much coming from an adderall addict, yeah?"

So much for being the bigger, better person.
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