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Current it doesn't make any sense because the party members can just use a revival bead on joker... or is joker somehow not affected by revival beads?
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how about we all just chill the fuck out ok
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RPG has become sentient
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tell me why
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what the fuck lmao



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Samantha only laughed as she watched Jo moonwalk away. She really did love that girl. It wasn’t even a minute after she had left before Samantha had gotten a case of the I-miss-yous, given that Jo was the only person nearby that she knew and could actually interact with. Now, where was her tour guide? Samantha had looked down at her phone to check the time to see where this Sean dude was. Maybe he had found someone else named Samantha and gave them a tour guide instead? It was a possibility -- a rather insulting one to Samantha, but she couldn’t just straight up ignore that.

The streamer was glancing off into the distance before a voice yanked her attention elsewhere. Turning toward the location of the voice, she found a dude dressed in what she was 99% sure to be a Tuxedo Mask cosplay, complete with the rose. Samantha was a little skeptical of the whole getup and whatnot, but she found it hard to turn down a rose, considering she loved roses. She took the rose out of his gloved hand, before catching a glance of his nickname.

So… this was Sean? Out of all of the people on campus they had to pair her with Tuxedo Mask? He sure tried his damndest to make sure that he was

”Well… thank… you...?” Samantha glanced at the rose, before back at Sean, ”Do you give everyone you come across roses?”

Sean straightened back up while answering her with a smile, ”To all the Liberty students I passed who wanted to take them.” He gestured to the real rose in her hands with his own and a small tilt of his head.

”I thought the person who I’d actually be giving a tour to should be the only one to get a real flower at least. It, plus the costume, just seemed like a nice way to welcome you here to Rosefell and break the ice a little bit.” With that he stepped back, pausing as he checked the time from a nearby clock, humming in thought. ”Where would you like to be shown first?” The cosplaying male asked, shifting his attention back to Samantha and casually offering his arm like a gentleman if she wanted to link them. Or not, it was her choice, he was there just to show her around and put a good start to her first day. Well at least he hoped it would end up being like that.

Samantha took the flower and ran it up against her nose, at least the stem of it. Smelled like a real rose, alright. Not like Samantha actually knew what real roses smelled like but if it smelled like anything Samantha was pretty sure it smelled like that. ”Well, that’s nice of you.” Samantha took a moment to glance at Sean’s arm, which was clearly being held out for Samantha to link. She thought about it, her rose in hand as she mulled over the implications of this.

If Sean was willing to go through so much effort for all this, then there was no harm and no foul in linking arms, right? Samantha smiled and put her arm around his, wrapping it semi-tightly around his. ”Just take me wherever you’d like. You know this place better than I do.”

The tour Samantha took with Sean was a very enlightening tour. The tuxedo mask flair that he added to the tour made it a lot more enjoyable than it should’ve been, and Samantha didn’t mind it a single bit. She’d rather be stimulated and engaged with Tuxedo Mask than bored to death by… pretty much anyone else.

At the end of the tour, Samantha made sure to give Sean a proper goodbye, before heading off to her first class that she was pretty sure was halfway across campus. Samantha very much remembered the tour Sean gave her, but whether or not she remembered where everything was a question only time could answer.

Valentina really couldn't believe what she was listening to right now. Why was Zoe so calm and lackadaisical about nearly causing a collision between the two? Valentina didn't understand, and it certainly didn't help that her face, among many other things, were hurting right now. She scoffed as she looked around to find if she'd dropped anything. An impact like that definitely meant that she was going to lose a few things. Just looking down she spotted that her shoulder camera had become dislodged in her fall, leading to her bending down and picking it up as she looked for other things.

She hadn't heard half of what Zoe had said as she was busy looking around in the snow for her lost parts. It didn't seem like anything else was lost, somehow, besides some things she wouldn't really miss. Valentina knew that Zoe should have known that it was not smart to piss Val off, let alone try to interact with her after you've pissed her off. Zoe certainly had a bit of audacity and tenacity to her, one that Val was not very keen to deal with right now.

"Fun?" Valentina turned to Zoe, a thousand bladed glare coming from her eyes. "Yeah, it was fun up until you decided to be an idiot and stand in my way." Valentina grunted, as she dismounted all of her cameras off of their mounts. "Seriously. What were you thinking?" Val sighed.

Today had felt a little surreal for Alexandra. In the past, she'd been the one on the bus, but today she was the one waiting for the kids to step off of a bus. Could they even be considered kids? Alexandra was almost certain that the people on the bus were more teenagers if anything. But, regardless of age, they were going to be Alexandra and her fellow counselors' responsibility for the next few weeks. Second Horizons didn't fuck around when it came to this sort of stuff, and that was something Alexandra didn't mind whatsoever. It was like finding out a forbidden secret, figuring out what made Second Horizons the enjoyable experience that it was and why it was that way.

There was a lot of training to be had for sure. There was some of the usual shit, like CPR and first-aid. Nothing surprising, everyone in the same position as the Second Horizons staff should heed the same training. But, the further she got into her training the more she really realized just how much work went into making the camp what it was. As a younger girl, Alexandra had nothing but fond memories of camps like this as she grew up. Her parents thought it'd be a great way for Alexandra to spend her time and exude her seemingly boundless energy at the time. It worked, to an extent. Alexandra was always a little tough to contain in her earlier years.

Standing in the arrival area, Alexandra was also feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety. The two often went hand in hand these days, but Alexandra figured she could channel that anxious, nervous energy into something that would hopefully make her kids' experience much better. Even today, Alexandra didn't have a very clear idea as to how she was going to conduct herself. The counselors she appreciated the most growing up were often the really chill ones, the ones that were okay with her and her fellow campers doing god knew what just as long as they were careful about it. A lot of memories were made when her counselors let her do stuff like that, and she would always appreciate it.

On the other hand, she also had to be careful. There were a lot of things that could happen in an environment like this, and being too relaxed could spell danger. Especially in the winter, where it was hypothermia galore and snow as far as the eye could see. Alexandra expected some interactions with nature at some point, that was inevitable. She had to make sure that these kids weren't gonna get hurt or do anything too stupid, because only god knew what was going to happen if she let one of her campers get hurt under her watch. Just the sheer thought made Alexandra shudder -- or was that the Washington cold?

Regardless, that was something she could figure out soon. Now was showtime, as the bus stopped in their designated drop-off point for the campers. The counselor took a deep breath as she got ready to meet the kids. Alexandra was assigned the very cool Howling Wolf Cabin, and she was dressed in a blue shirt with their very sweet logo plastered all over it. It was hard to miss, especially compared to the other cabins' colors. Hopefully Fiona had the same idea -- because Alexandra wasn't sure whether or not these kids were going to need some help finding their cabins.

As the kids poured out, Alexandra put her hand on her hip and took a sip of her coffee, before taking a deep breath. "It's showtime." She said to herself, before stepping towards the pack of kids gathering.
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