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Anna looked over at Jett as he slotted in between the two of them as they walked over to the fire pit. The host wanted to do something with them, but on a show like this, there was no telling what exactly was going to happen. She smiled and looked over at Jett. "I'd bet my whole life that they're going to have us do that. They're probably going to make us spend a looooot of time as a pair together. Maybe not us specifically, but paired off with other people, absolutely." Anna laughed, as they eventually arrived at the fire pit.

The host stood before the fire pit, with cameras and crew scattered all over as the entire cast of the show stood there. Some were still dressed in their swimsuits, as they spent more time in the pool, others were more dressed for the night as it appeared that they were about to go to bed. Regardless, this took priority, and with the look on some people's faces, it was hard to tell what was going to happen.

"Today was a great first day! We saw some bonds develop, people getting to know each other, and the start of something beautiful." The host smiled, before quickly wiping it off of her face, "Unfortunately, for one, that bond will come to an end today. Today is the first elimination. The entire cast must vote on who to eliminate. Jett, Anna - as the winners of the first challenge, you are protected from elimination for today. So you guys can rest easy knowing that you're safe. However, for the rest of you, it could be any of your last days. Have your votes in by ten minutes from now." The host said, before turning around and walking off.

Anna turned to Jett, "Thank god we won."
As the first laps came to a close, Kasumi had slotted herself in nicely in P18, right behind Raikkonen as he punched a hole for her. With every second that passed, Kasumi continued to get closer and closer to the Alfa Romeo. She was about 1.5 seconds back from the experienced Finnish driver, and with the activation of DRS, it was likely that Kasumi would be able to pass him within the next lap or so. Kasumi's prediction was correct, as the delta between her and Raikonnen continued to decrease, especially on the straights as they got into the next DRS zone. A combination of DRS and overtake mode propelled her forward, being close enough to inhale Kimi's exhaust as they went into the last chicane before the next lap.

As Kasumi powered out, the car got a little squirrely, but Kasumi remedied that immediately and straightened the car out as she and Kimi went down the straight. Activating DRS, the flap on the spoiler went down, allowing for the car to be able to capitalize and gain more ground on Kimi. Eventually, as the straight came to an end, Kasumi pulled out to the right and stomped hard on the brakes, overtaking Kimi and taking P17 behind Hugo as she made now focused on making up ground on him.

"How do the tires feel, Kasumi?" Her engineer asked on the radio. "They feel good." Kasumi said, her eyes glancing at the mediums attached to the car. "Should be able to stick to the plan." The plan for Kasumi was to stick to the mediums as long as she could, before switching over to the softs and making up as much ground as she can. It was a very bold plan, especially for rookie drivers like Kasumi, but if it worked out, they could very well have a very impressive showing for their first race in Formula 1.

It had been years since Luna had last been to Florida. Ever since she became an alumni of King's Academy, Florida was but a memory from her past. It was her roots, no doubt, but she had little interest in remaining in the sunshine state. However, a reunion was an entirely different story. The marketing executive was on board as soon as she received the invite. It had been many years since she'd seen many of her old friends in person - Yasmin, Jin, Lili, Kim, and Frankie. After dealing with the monotony of meetings, schmoozing up to clients, and dealing with people with sticks up their ass, some time with people she knew for sure were chill was something that needed to be in order for Luna.

And there she was, on a flight from LAX to Palm Beach - first class, because she was always down for the bougie shit. Even if she was going to be asleep for some (most) of it, there was no way she wasn't going to make the most out of the reunion. It wasn't often that opportunities like this came up. The thought of seeing her old friends was filling the woman with excitement, even if it was still ungodly early in the morning and she was trapped in a metal tube for upwards of five hours until it was wheels down in Florida. As she laid in her comfy, cushy seat on the airplane with her eyes closed, Luna reminisced on her memories.

From prom with Jin, to gossiping and bullshitting with her group of her friends during lunchtime and after school - they were all memories that Luna held dear to her heart. But at the same time, she knew that it wasn't going to be the same. Everyone, including her, was all grown up and had careers and families. There were a few text conversations here and there, but the in-person dynamic, well that was something that dwelled within Luna. She knew that she still had the ability to bring the energy, but whether or not they would receive it, that was the million dollar question on her mind right now.

A few hours later, the plane had finally landed in Florida. It was still as humid, sticky, and wet as ever. As soon as she stepped foot outside of the air-conditioned airport, Luna was reminded as to what Florida was really all about. "God. How did I do this? It feels like I'm walking in a bowl of soup." Luna sighed, as she looked around for the car that was to take her to the H2O Suites. It was only a matter of less than an hour before she'd be within the vicinity of her old classmates again. The prospect filled Luna with a mixture of optimistic energy, yet anxiety. Eventually, the car was spotted and Luna clambered in, luggage and whatnot in hand as it drove off to the H2O suites.

Pulling up on the resort, Luna climbed out and made her way to the receptionist's desk to check in. It was a smooth process, and Luna swiftly received the key to her room. It was a nice suite, even though she knew she wasn't going to be spending much time in it anyway. She had a feeling that some people were already there. It wouldn't be long until she'd run into someone she knew. Slinging her bag across her body once again, she smiled and nodded at the receptionist, before making her way down to the elevator. The rolling wheels of the luggage bag echoed throughout the hallway, in tandem with Luna's footsteps.

However, as she looked up and zoned back in, Luna saw a familiar face, and her lips split into a smile.

"Jin? Is that you, homeboy?"
30 hours in an RPG that’s been out for less than a week here is not bad at all lmao
@fledermaus your sheet is so fucking pretty
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