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Timestamp: Right after "Skill Issue"
Location: Jade's House -> Beverly Hills High School

Luckily for Oliver, he had nothing to worry about with his girlfriend’s radio silence this morning. As soon as he arrived in front of her house she came prancing out of the door with her Cinnamoroll backpack and helmet in hand. He shook his head with a chuckle. Her gear was… extra, but it made her smile. And if Jade Nguyen was happy, Oli was happy, simple as.

Oli gave her a big good morning squeeze when she greeted him with a hug. Once she put on her helmet, he pressed two fingers to his helmet, above where his mouth was, and then proceeded to press those fingers to her helmet above where her own lips would be — an indirect kiss, as was their morning routine. Jade then hopped onto the seat behind Oli and held him tight around the waist as he sped them off towards BHHS — going significantly closer to the speed limit with precious cargo on board.

Arriving at the school, Oli killed the engine and kicked the stand out to steady his bike. While Jade stepped off the back, he removed his helmet and then followed suit. He roughed up his split-dyed black and blond hair to get rid of the helmet head and grinned stupidly at Jade, eagerly awaiting a proper good morning kiss. “Mornin’, kitten.”

As the motorcycle came to a stop, and finally shut off, Jade’s helmet came off and was met with that damned smile that she fell in love with. She couldn’t help but to smile back. “Hi, Oli Woli :3” Jade mused, as she went on her tippy toes to meet Oli’s lips with her own.

“Sorry, I forgot to respond. I was playing solo queue all night.” Jade ran her fingers through her hair, shaking it a bit to also get it untangled from being under a helmet for so long. “You wouldn’t believe who I had to deal with today.”

All night? For real?” Oliver watched as she shook out her dark locks, wafting the fruity scent of her shampoo towards him. Strawberries and cream, if Oli were to try and guess the aroma. It was pretty and sweet, and it made him want to kiss her again. Instead, he listened to her rev up to a potential rant, and pulled her closer to him by her waist.

“You should get better sleep, babe.” The gentle command was spoken like warm, melted chocolate as he held their bodies close together. “Who’d you have to deal with?”

“You know me!” Jade put her arms out, before curling up to Oli’s chest and looking up at him, her big ol’ eyes staring right into Oli’s.

“See, I tried to sleep. But I couldn’t. I got trouble sleeping.” Jade shrugged, before pulling them along (slowly) toward campus. Jade had always claimed that she had insomnia, but really she just loved to stay up really late and sleep minimally so she can enjoy the peace and quiet of the deep night. It didn’t make much of a difference since her house was mostly empty, but she could still enjoy whatever control she had left on her day.

“I had to deal with this Jinx - two items - and just as many kills, kept initiating fights he shouldn’t have! Typical AD Carry shit, dude!” Jade complained, putting her hands out as she complained about yet another shitty player in League. She put her face closer into Oli’s chest, taking a big ol’ whiff of him as well.


“Smurfing or on your main?” Oli inquired. It could really go either way, shitters still existed in higher elos. “What was the lane state like? Did your jungler suck?” The gamer’s mind slipped effortlessly into coach mode, eager to analyze what could have gone wrong in a game hadn’t even watched let alone been a part of. Jade cared just as much about her ranking as he did his, albeit for different reasons, and as her boyfriend, he was always looking to see her improve as much as possible. But sometimes, Jade just wanted to complain for the sake of venting — unfortunately for her, Oli had a hard time separating those moments from the coachable ones.

“Smurfing.” Jade replied, “Queue times are too long on my main.” Jade’s main had peaked at challenger as recently as last season, but this season was giving her a little more difficulty. Compounded with the absurdly long time it took for her to get into the game and she instead played on her other account.

“Every lane was pushed to their tower except mine. Yet, Jinx just walked past the wave and started fights. The jungler kept failing his insecs. He put the ward too far so he would try to do it and then fuck it up and then stand there with his dick in his hand as our teammates would die!” Jade frowned, continuing to walk at an angle as she continued to complain to Oli.

“See,” Oli tsked his tongue in mock disappointment. “This is what you get for staying up too late and playing without your challenger-ranked boyfriend.” He glanced to the side to give her a playful smirk. Despite the fact that he was just teasing her, she really did look tired. “And now my unhinged gremlin is rocking some serious raccoon eyes. You didn’t even respond to my texts.” There was the slightest of pouts on his lips as he led them towards Jade’s homeroom.

“I forgot! I thought I replied.” Jade frowned again, before going on her tippy toes to plant a kiss on Oli’s cheek, “Does that help you feel better? 🥺” The unhinged gremlin used her other hand to rub a circle on her eyes. Were they really that bad? Was she full raccoon right now?

Oliver looked on with an amused half-smile as Jade attempted to rub the tiredness from her expression. When she took her hand away and looked back up at him with her big doe eyes and pouty lips, he tilted her chin up with two fingers. “Hmm, It makes me feel—” he began to speak before leaning in close, so that he could whisper in a lewd tone meant only for her ears. “ —like you weren’t a good enough girl to deserve what I sent you.” Oli pulled back with a devilish twinkle in his eye, leaving nothing but the ghost of his words against her cheek.

“Will you still be up for going to the game tonight, or will you need a nap?” He asked, switching back to his usual tone, as if he hadn’t just said what he did.

“What you sent me???” Jade looked down at the pocket her phone was in. There was no way in hell she’d be opening the text thread with Oli at school now. Too risky. Jade pouted again, “You hate me for real…”

The football game was absolutely something that Jade forgot about. Hell, she barely knew it was spirit week, and based on the way most people were dressed, it was school color day. There was a lot of black in her outfit, so she had at least 50% spirit. “I’ll go. Maybe I can find some time to nap in between… if not… I’m pounding a monster.” Jade blinked twice, before slapping Oli on the shoulder.

“Not like that! Pllleaaaseee don’t say ‘it’s me I’m monster’.”

“Pfft, like you’d be the one doing the pounding.” He replied with a cocky smirk. Glancing at the clock, he only had a few minutes to get from outside of Jade’s homeroom and to his own. They were practically on opposite sides of the school. “You should get to class, babe. I don’t want to be late. Again.” One too many days of getting distracted by having their tongues in each other's mouths made Oliver’s attendance record… less than ideal.

“Okay 🥺” Jade mused, continuing to walk just until they got to Jade’s homeroom. It was convenient since it was closer than Oli’s, but if the tables were turned, she would’ve made him walk the extra distance to drop her off first.

Turning around as she waited outside the door, she tippy toed one last time to give Oli a good-bye kiss. “See you laters. I love you <3”

“Bye, baby. I love you too.” Oli said as he gave her a second kiss on her forehead before turning heel to beat feet across the campus. “Try not to fall asleep in class!” He yelled over his shoulder before getting too far away.

Timestamp: 6:50 AM, October 18th, 2024
Location: Nguyen Residence -> Oli Woli’s Bike :3

‘Twas the morning of October 18th.

All through the house,

Not a single creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Except for Jade Nguyen.

She was clicking hard on her at her computer,

And she couldn't have been any more ruder.

An ally has been slain.

Jade sat at her desk, her legs up and mostly covered by the comically oversized hoodie she had on, the hood covering her disheveled hair and headset as she clicked at her mouse furiously, before stopping to start typing rather quickly, and with a lot of vinegar behind the words..

25:19 [Team] itmejade (Akali): r u fking serious rn
25:22 [Team] onepieceisreal (Jinx): wat

The cool blue lit up Jade’s face, her face slightly tensing up as she had to deal with yet another idiot on Summoner’s Rift. It had been a really poor night for her in her endeavors today. All she wanted to do was get some games in before she had to go waste her time at school, and maybe get some LP for her time and effort. But nope, there always had to be that one idiot to ruin it all.

Jade swore that it was only her games, and she had to attract some of the biggest idiots to ever grace the face of the Earth in her games. Currently, Jade was trying her hardest to carry yet another game as the midlaner of her team. She had ten of the team’s fifteen kills, yet the team was up by what was currently seven kills.

The seasoned League player knew that number was going to keep going up at this rate. She was almost checked out and nearly went into auto-pilot mode, but something about how this Jinx was playing was bothering her immensely. Maybe it was the time of day, Jade wasn’t really a morning person. She was just a really really really late night person. Maybe it was the immense amount of League she’d been playing for the past few weeks. It seemed like every waking hour of her day, she was doing something on League of Legends.

25:27 [Team] itmejade (Akali): wat u mean wat? are u stupid? lmao
25:29 [Team] itmejade (Akali): why would u go in LMAO who said u could do that
25:32 [Team] itmejade (Akali): lmfao imagine starting a fight as a 2/7 two item jinx
25:36 [Team] itmejade (Akali): are u ok, do u need help?
25:37 [Team] itmejade (Akali): no person with a brain would ever do that lmfaoooooo
25:38 [Team] itmejade (Akali): i bet ur bus to school is really short

Jade continued to type, before stopping to move her mouse around and click around to see what was going on in the rest of her game as her little ninja lady stayed in her lane and continued on her way back.

25:42 [Team] onepieceisreal (Jinx): what is ur problem dude
25:44 [Team] itmejade (Akali): ur my problem
25:50 [Team] itmejade (Akali): do u need help? do you need someone to pay for your therapy? i will pay for u

Jade glanced over at the chatbox once her message was sent, before seeing that stupid magician man come up to her and try to hit her with his cards. Clicking off to the side, Jade was trying to dodge like her life depended on it (which, it sort of did).

25:53 [Team] Papas gatito (Aatrox): akali can u stfu
25:54 [Team] Papas gatito (Aatrox): you’re actually not helping.
25:56 [Team] BIG BOY (Lee Sin): lmfao right?
25:57 [Team] lil peeper (Yuumi): So fed but you’re still not doing anything for us LOL.
25:59 [Team] itmejade (Akali): stfu yuumi you're literally more useful as a walking ward that's all ur good at LOL

Jade was clenching her jaw so hard that she was practically mewing after reading the chat. However, her screen turned gray as her ninja girl yelped out and fell to the ground, followed by a blind monk as the fedora-wearing man danced in place for a good five seconds.

Enemy Double Kill!

Now that Jade was dead again, and she handed over a bounty to the other team, her (basically non-existent) mental fortitude had snapped and she immediately went back to typing.

26:05 [Team] itmejade (Akali): omg this game is actually over ff team gap
26:06 [Team] itmejade (Akali): ff
26:07 [Team] itmejade (Akali): ff
26:08 [Team] itmejade (Akali): pls ff lmao
A surrender vote has been started! Type /surrender or /nosurrender.

Enemy Triple Kill!

Your team agreed to a surrender with four votes for and one vote against.

Once she saw the boxes fill with green, Jade felt a weight lift off of her shoulders as the camera panned to the nexus. However, she had just one more thing to say.

26:20 [All] itmejade (Akali): i would literally have syphilis than play with this team again lol team gap

The game client exited, and Jade looked down to see her little black rectangle light up on her desk as her screen transitioned to the game client. She didn't even bother to look at what was on her computer monitor as she remembered there was actually a world outside of her two monitors and whatever else she was sitting in front of. Who was texting her right now?

It was none other than her precious Oli Woli (:3) and he was on his way! Jade smiled, before (mentally) replying to him and locking her phone away. Jade absolutely did not see the thirst trap that Oli had sent her either, all she had seen was the text stating he was on his way. For someone who typed so much in video games, it was very hard to be a worse texter than Jade was. She constantly claims that it’s due to her mentally replying and forgetting to actually type the response, but not even Jade knew why she kept doing that. Though, she was somewhat better with Oli, but not this time. She got too into her games.

The zealous gamer then slowly realized that she had to put on actual clothes and not just shorts and one of Oli’s hoodies. The hoodie could stay, but the shorts not so much. Nobody was worthy of seeing her in these shorts, save for one person.

Throwing on a pair of black jeans, Jade moved the pile of clothes stacked on her bed back into her computer chair, before grabbing her super dope Cinnamoroll backpack and matching helmet that Oli absolutely helped her pick out. Opening the door and leaving her room, Jade walked out to the absolutely vacant foyer of her house. The house was dead quiet as it usually was around this time - her parents had left for work a few minutes before Jade’s game had ended.

Pulling her phone out, Jade opened up her “Find My” app and immediately looked for the circle with Oli Woli’s goofy, shit-eating grin get closer and closer to her house. Plucking the keys off of the holder next to her, Jade opened the door and left her house, turning around to see her beloved boyfriend’s bike finally pull up in front of her arms.

Jade walked gleefully toward Oli, putting her arms out for a hug as she greeted her boyfriend. ”Oli! :3” Jade smiled, before climbing on the back of his bike.

post coming soon hehe
TW: Body Shaming
TIMESTAMP: 6:30 AM, October 18, 2024
LOCATION: Le Residence, Golden Triangle, Beverly Hills →
Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Hills

”...like it’s magnetic…”

Hana Le sat in front of her mirror, brushing across her face lightly with a brush to finish up the last touches of her makeup for the day. Staring at her own reflection, she made sure that every imperfection was covered up. Every time she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw herself, as well as a picture of Momo from TWICE and Chaewon from Le Sserafim staring right back at her. Hana’s light brown eyes would glance over at them every once in a while. There wasn’t a particular reason why she decided to put those two in front of her vanity mirror, but it felt… empty and hollow without having them there to stare right back at her, despite the pictures being mere pieces of paper at the end of the day.

They had no idea who she was, but yet, Hana adored them like an ant on a picnic table.

”You, you, you, you, you, you…”

The dancer was in her own little bubble on this brisk, albeit sunny morning, gently singing to herself as she applied the finishing touches on her makeup. Her Airpods were firmly secured in her ear as she further sank into her rhythm-gapped world, blasting music as loud as her iPhone would let her.

The wee hours of the morning were the only time that Hana could get some semblance of solitude before life would kick off and do its thing. The nights weren’t long for Hana, she was often asleep before they even had a chance to flourish. The way that schedules were, there was a very little chance that Hana could function properly past 10:30 PM. And given how Hana would react to caffeine sometimes, coffee and energy drinks were far from the first option to keep her awake. Hana usually just suffered and pushed through as long as she could, before inevitably falling asleep.

The student had been up for about half an hour, after her alarm for 5:45, 5:47, 5:49, 5:51, 5:53, 5:55, and 5:57 AM had blared. Even after so, she had hardly emerged from her fortress.

Not even to grab a bite to eat.

She knew that as soon as she left for the day, she’d have to face her parents, who almost always had something to say. It was never something worth hearing anyway, but it always cut deep. What was it going to be this time? Hana was hoping that they were off doing something else, but chances of that were slim.

Popping her lips, Hana looked at herself in the mirror one last time, before taking one deep breath. The cool Autumn air filled her lungs, the crisp air giving her a slight jolt of energy as she exhaled. Collecting her lilac backpack, Hana came out from her identically-painted room and proceeded down the hallway.

She passed by her older sister, Holly, as she went down the stairs. Based on the less than one second glimpse of her, she looked like hell. She looked like she’d been up for the whole night, and judging by the rather strong scent of coffee (and stench of stale air after being holed up in her room all night), she wasn’t going to be putting a stop to that anytime soon.

Turning her head back, Hana eventually emerged into the main hallway, and she could already hear the relatively loud Vietnamese news playing in the background as her parents conversed amongst themselves. She knew she was going to have to go inside to grab her lunch for the day. At the same time, her heart took a little leap down to her midsection.

What were her parents going to say today?

Walking into the kitchen, Hana took her Airpod case out and put her headphones inside, before her parents turned to look at her.

”Hana, your lunch on the table.”

Her mother said, as she was washing an apple underneath the faucet. Her dad was staring at his phone, and based on what was blaring from it, he was most definitely scrolling through Facebook, watching videos of people claiming things like mixing coke and durian would kill you, or eating snake testicle soup would make your balls bigger. Eventually, her father looked up, adjusting his glasses as looked over Hana’s outfit and scoffed.

”Hana, you look fat.” Her father remarked, continuing to scroll through his phone, before addressing Hana’s mother ”Bạn gói quá nhiều thứ vào bữa trưa của cô ấy (You pack too much in her lunch.).”

”Cô ấy chỉ ăn nhiều thôi. Có lẽ tốt hơn là chúng ta nên mang theo ít đồ hơn cho cô ấy. Tiết kiệm tiền và giảm cân. (She just eats a lot. Maybe it's better we pack her less. Save money and lose weight.)”

Hana grit her teeth as she silently grabbed her lunch. Though she had been hearing this her entire life, the words cut her hard all the same.

"Chẳng ích gì khi cô ấy ăn mặc như một con đĩ. Ở Việt Nam, cô ấy sẽ bị đánh vì ăn mặc như vậy. (It doesn't help that she dresses like a slut. Back in Vietnam, she would be beaten for dressing like that.)" Hana's father remarked, "Trẻ con ở đây hư quá (Kids here are too spoiled.).

Hana tuned out the rest of what they were saying, as she stuffed her lunch inside her backpack and made a beeline straight for her car. Along the way, she whipped her phone out, immediately pulling up the text conversation between her and Amy Kwon, her longtime friend, and began typing furiously.

”my parents called me fat again 😐”
“why are they like this”

Hana mashed on her iPhone, her heart thumping against her chest as she made straight for her car. Though she had expected this, it still managed to knock her off her rhythm, and it often had a bit of an influence on her. Once Hana made it to her car, and the door was closed, the car was turned on and idled for a few seconds as it took a few seconds before her car recognized her phone that was connected.

Hana was on her way, getting further away from her personal hell, as well as her personal haven.


Hana had made it to school (relatively) safely, not without the obligatory dodging of a few dangerously ignorant Tesla drivers that seemed to have more money than sense on the road. She was on her way to homeroom, to Ms. Belmonte’s class. It was more like Ms. Boremonte’s class to her, as the subject matter didn’t really seem to grip her. Though, it was something she felt she had to take.

Luckily, it was the first class of the day, which meant she didn’t have to spend long dreading the class. Slipping in through the door, she looked at those who were gathered in the room, before taking her seat and putting her things down, reluctantly ready to get yet another school day started.

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