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Current free ralts
7 mos ago
oh understandable good luck bud
7 mos ago
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7 mos ago
fuck u crocker i hope you have a nice weekend
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Dark Cloud 7 mos ago
Well your a...Uh, a...Uh your the letter B!
CaughtInTheRiddle 3 yrs ago
Oh, look who we have here <3
Ejected 3 yrs ago
I love you so much for your new avi lmao
Seance 3 yrs ago
DClassified 4 yrs ago
That Avatar killed me bruh. XD

Ariel said fuck them hoes.
nodogs 4 yrs ago
bitch since when did u like half•alive
nodogs 4 yrs ago
>ultra settings on games

hope u don't wanna play anything post-2010
Odxn 4 yrs ago
Mistiel 5 yrs ago
You may like this YouTube channel: youtube.com/user/HeyImBee/playlists
SirSqueakalot91 5 yrs ago
Hey, I saw your post about not being able to change your name on PlayStation. I think either this past system update or an update that is coming soon is going to let you change your name.
Persona 5 yrs ago
*Thumbs up for the appreciation station*
SconesAndEvil 5 yrs ago
So you're the one who had the username I usually take! *shakes fist* :)
TGM 5 yrs ago
Mistiel 5 yrs ago
@StatusReply: Or if you're the type of person who gets fiance and fiancee confused. xD
Christmas Gnome 5 yrs ago
Tulpa 5 yrs ago
grandia20 5 yrs ago
232 ÷ 13 is 17.846153846
Gowi 6 yrs ago
@Status: Well, that's how I tend to do things. ;)
Volenvradica 7 yrs ago
Is the gif in your signature from Red vs. Blue? If so, what episode?
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