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Why would you lie like this? Mike's guild name was Gowi, yours isn't.


Hillan, you've really gotta stop this. You're going to confuse her.
Hear, hear! I shit on my namesake practically every chance I can get now, but do you see me changing my username? No! I have brand recognition to worry about!

Who said I have completely retired it?

“Tch. Why would I hate someone so insignificant?”

Satoko Yanagi moved a strand of silver-white hair from her face as a crowd began to form around her, an unimpressed frown forming from her lips as she did so. As a newcomer to the academy, Satoko expected her first appearance to be noticed by the upperclassmen and instructors but she wasn’t exactly expecting a mob of curiosity of this nature. It was a unpleasant surprise that reminded her of her home and she personally didn’t have much of an interest in tolerating it; especially so on her first day of doing real work to further her future. After all, there was much to be done at the MSFA. She did not have the time for parades, even if they were rightly deserved; because in her point of view they were the planets and she was the sun that they owed their existence to.

But Satoko couldn’t just push herself through the crowds, no matter how much she just wanted to get on with her day. As another one of the students approached her out of their own curious interest she smiled cordially, showing to whomever was watching that she was willing to be pleasant and approachable despite the icy vibes she had given off as the crowd of students had formed.

Be mindful of your surroundings. Think before you act.

The older voice whispered in her head as she heard the student’s question and begun answering question after question as politely and succinctly as she could. Who was she? Where did she come from? What scientific interests did she have? It was all so very procedural. Her answers were as she had rehearsed for: Satoko Yanagi, from a foreign province, mechanical engineering and aviation. Just enough to answer and be left alone—or at least that was the plan.

However, Satoko Yanagi did not plan for Hayate Suzumura.

Maybelline Waters
City Harbor, Blackfinger -- Mood Music

It had been nineteen days since Maybelline Waters had seen the familiar sights of The City of Blackfinger. Nineteen days since she had been home.

For all of Maybelline’s tenacity and spirit, she was still the rambunctious little girl from Waters Street who’s capacity for adventure was equal to her familial pride. After all, Maybelline Waters was from that Waters family—the very dynasty that built Blackfinger’s harbor with their bare hands. Maybelline wasn’t one to brag too much but that kind of reputation was built for a reason and she was more than willing to live up to it. It was part of the reason she had set off downriver on the Natchez in the first place. Maybelline had never in her life forgotten her purpose or her responsibilities. Not to herself, not to Blackfinger, and not to her family.

And most definitely not to the patriarch of her family, Anderthal Waters, SR., who had joined her on the cruise southward and back.

“It’s good to be back home, wouldn’t you say, Maybelline?”

The voice was coarse albeit pleasant, dignified from several decades of experience… and whiskey. But her grandfather’s presence came no surprise as they approached the harbor, preparing to link up with the barge’s designated loading and unloading zone. “Tis a pity that we couldn’t stay in New Rojas longer, but I am happy to be back in Blackfinger none the same.”

“Baker’s Rest.” He corrected, pressing his hands down on the railing. “Blackfinger is a nickname.”

Her grandfather’s insistence was nothing new for her, but it was tiresome all the same. Such pedantry was lost on Maybelline due to the fact that she didn’t care about her grandfather’s disdain for the term. Everyone called it Blackfinger and thus that was what it was becoming. A semantic change. Though it did amuse her that this was the twelfth time she could get him to repeat himself when she mentioned the name in the last month. After all, if he was going to be pedantic then she could at the very least be amused by making a game out of it. A game that either ended in him halting his incessant need to correct people that the settlements name was Baker’s Rest rather than Blackfinger or her getting bored of the game. Whichever came first. It was safe to say, at this point in time, neither had won the game.

“Such a great nickname at that. Wouldn’t you agree, grandfather?”

Maybelline could nearly feel the internal pain she had caused her grandfather with such a comment. Had she not been pleasantly smiling beforehand she would’ve most certainly begun smugly smiling for such a ‘victory’.

“Maybelline, dear, don’t tease me so.”

It was stated politely, but Maybelline knew what the phrase meant. He was getting tired of her games and wouldn’t stand for much more of them. It was a shame, but a daring risk taker she was not—especially not when her opponent of her games had paternal superiority over her. She did not wish to be at the business end of his upset, so she decided to pause the game here for her benefit. Besides, she wasn’t sure how much more of the same monotonous game she could take before she got absolutely bored. Not only that, but they were finally back in Blackfinger and she could seek out her friend and reconvene another one of her games.

“Of course, grandfather. There is better use of your time than to tolerate my amusements. I apologize if I upset you.”

He nodded, “I trust you can find the marketplace to amuse you sufficiently until supper.”

“Indeed! Best wishes with your business in the harbor. I shall see you in the evening.”

It was here that Maybelline wondered what her good friend from the Baker family was up to. After all, they had an unfinished game to attend to.
I will be officially only responding OOCly and ICly with my new account. Just so you know.
Yo, we've got Genin Teams!

We’ll have to go over it and figure out we’re going to do about your character’s potential team since we only have enough players to meet our current limitations (we have fifteen genin). I will talk to Sloth and Ryo, and we will get back to you.
As far as I saw your sheet was not finished? I assumed you were still working on your draft (as depicted above).
Well, I don't know who's still here, but if this IS still going, I have an idea for it I've been wanting to try...

If you want to help revitalize the RP, I'd be more than happy to look at your idea.

EDIT: Unfortunately, with a decline in interest I'll be shutting down the RP and carrying on. Failed experiments are fine. Some internal thinking to consider.
You can move it on over. With 15 approved CS's I can actually start this thing!
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