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Current Status update: staying up all n8ght fuckin sucks and procrastination is a vile temptress.
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4 months into this hole 'being a responsible adult thing' and I've come to a conclusion: It sucks and I want to go back to the days where I didn't have to plan out my game time.
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Was supposed to be productive tonight. . . will try to be productive in the morning
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Taking a short break from posting till Monday/Tuesday, hopefully will feel more creative and less brain-dead
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That feeling when you want to post, but you're brain just doesn't feel like cooperating.


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And so the Emir Julian Ambrose Khan the First and Only, Bearer of the Sacred Key, Custodian of the Great Games, the Wisest and Noblest Ruler of All Suldan, died for the 17th time that could be remembered.

Three of the deaths had been assassinations, before would-be assassins finally learned that corporeal death was but a trifling matter to His Majesty. Several others had been sporting accidents. One was a duel that the Emir had insisted be to the death (he had later had the other duelist executed and their family sentenced to hard labor, for this was the Emir's way). Three of his deaths had been so unseemly that none dared speak of them even in whispers, for the walls of the royal palace had many ears.

This death however was from an overdose, his seventh such untimely demise. The Emir was a man of boundless appetites and little restraint, and he indulged in the all the worldly pleasures his station afforded him with the zest of one for whom death had no everlasting sting. However when he emerged from the decanting berth this 17th time it was immediately apparent that something had gone terribly wrong. The Sacred Key had been corrupted, bent and twisted by a viral agent, and the Emir's glorious form was desecrated beyond repair.

Worse than even that, though, was without the Sacred Key the planet's many defenses which had been constructed to keep Suldan safe from those who might oppose the Emir's glorious rule lay dormant and inoperable. In a panic the gilded Lords and Ladies who had built their court around the Emir's magnificence attempted the impossible, thinking to break their way past the security locks like craven thieves in order to save themselves, but the Emir's defense grid was far more cunning than any of them and it was just as ruthless as its master.

Reprisal was swift and thorough. Even as the defense grid chastised them for their hubris it turned its tungsten spears against them, raining destruction from on high. Within minutes the royal palace was no more, a cloud of dust and flame rising above the shining city of Hadiqa, capital of Suldan and seat of all light and culture. More spears fell shortly thereafter, shaking the foundations of the city in an admonition to those who also might think themselves above the Emir's unassailable law.

And so with his body broken but his noble spirit undiminished, the Emir and those still loyal to him left Hadiqa ahead of the ravening wolves howling at the gates, retreating into the badlands beyond the city to gather his strength and plan for his eventual return.

War does not determine who is right — only who is left.



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Seo watched the crowd, no, the mob with a mixture of amusement and exasperation, adjusting the carrier bag with all of his supplies slightly as it dug into his shoulder. Dressed in his usual clothes, he was under no worries of the mob suddenly turning their frustrations on him as he observed, looking to all the world as just another curious onlooker. The trouble at the gates was pretty much going as most would expect, but it seemed that one of the students heading for the side gates had gotten into a bit of an altercation with a few of the seniors. While Seo was too far away to see what was said, he could hazard a guess, and chuckled as the potential thugs were sent scattering when the student exploded into a torrent of fire. Little overkill, but whatever it takes to send the message, I guess.

"At least I know this year won't be dull." The youth muttered, taking a moment to stretch out before making his way to the side gate where they were all supposed to go, twirling a few strands of hair between his fingers as he idly wondered what kind of circus had been gathered so far.

Seo couldn't help but raise an eye at some of the others but held his tongue for the moment as he let people introduce themselves. The teacher themselves seemed. . . odd, to say the least, but given the nature of the class, it was really to be expected. He dragged slowly behind one girl, giving her time to introduce herself before stepping forward himself. Once he was within talking range, however, he'd merely give a short wave to them all(more of a mock salute really) with his ID in hand before falling into the seat next to the girl who'd arrived before him. Riffling through one of his pockets, he pulled out a sucker to pop into his mouth, before opening his bag to pull out a book. Flipping it open to he found a dog-eared page, licking his thumb before he set to straightening it back out. Once he'd done that, he set himself to the task of picking up where he'd last left off in the story, absently beginning to chew on his bottom lip as he threw himself into whatever the story was.


Yakushi Residence, Konohagakure--->Path to Academy, Konogakure
Daybreak, Present Day

Tsume let out a light yawn, the rhythmic tapping of fat raindrops on her umbrella proving an effective sleep-aid for the energetic girl, the dreariness of the day compounding with the exhaustion brought about by her fight with Sawako earlier.

"Stupid Sawako-san, making me wear this tight thing for my graduation. . . I bet no one else is going to be weary stuff like this. . . . ugggh." The young kunoichi groaned in distress at her predicament, feet stomping angrily against the dirt road when she spotted a familiar figure through the rain. It took her a second to recognize them, though once she did, a loud cheer would follow as she jogged over to catch her white-haired classmate in a one-armed headlock. "HIIIII Peichan!! I see you're on your way to the graduation ceremony too, right!?"

Still holding the boy in a tight grip, she looked around, the excited grin turning into a rather mystified look as she released him so they could talk properly.

"Hey, where's the, uh, the redhead that's always stuck to your side like glue? Not often I see ya by yourself."


Piazza d'acero, a shopping mall adjacent to Cafe Dumonte
Somewhere in Switzerland

August 12th, Present day, Afternoon
Tags: @Demon Shinobi@Kyouki@Ambra

Caterina was almost unrecognizable as she strode beside Kurune. The dulcet brown of her hair replaced by a rather impressive looking blonde wig(though she still had a green highlight dye applied to the bangs that contrasted nicely with the fierce amber of her eyes. Her outfit was a casual thing, a light blue skirt that just skimmed the top of her knees matched with a dark aquamarine top and an olive half jacket to pull the whole thing together. There were already several bags held in hand over her shoulder as she seemed to be in the middle of a call with someone, chatting and giggling about something or other before hanging up the call with a pantomime kiss and a tap of her thumb. She did indeed catch the other girl's glance, placing a free hand on her hip as she returned Kurune's smile with a sly wink as she blew a little kiss her way.

Before she could say anything, however, Yoshi's voice crackled through their earpieces to inform them of the change in the situation. rather than respond to her "boss's" cry for info, Caterina merely grinned as she stepped up to Kurune, taking her hand with a girlish chuckle as she pulled the violet-haired girl along.

"Come on Kurune, I heard there was a boutique this way that was utterly to die for. Plus," A this point Caterina seemed to take over-dramatic pause, looking this way and that before leaning in to whisper into her partner's ear. . . or at least that is what it would seem to onlookers.

"Me and Kurune are keeping an eye on them, no need to get out of sorts Mr. Bossman. Oh, and Cyril? Fall asleep on this mission, and you and Kurune are getting double training afterward for the next two weeks, okay?" Quickly pulling away, she'd mime a kiss on either side of Kurune's face before backing away with a giggle that seemed to hold a little bit more malice than her other ones. She continued to pull them in the general direction of their targets, talking idly about nothing as she kept stopping at every store along the way so as to better hide their tailing.
Name:Kajiya Katsuya
Age: 14
Rank: Genin
First Element: Earth
Second Element: N/A
Clan: Kajiya
Ketsui: A sword of his own making, it has been enhanced by Kajiya smithing technique to be rather durable yet light and balanced to wield. Not only that, but it acts a chakra battery, enabling the user to store a small amount of chakra into the blade for later use. While it has even a small amount of chakra stored within, the blade uses it to perform self-maintenance, meaning it never needs to be sharpened or cleaned, though this does cause a small chakra drain from the stores.
Kajiya Forge Tools: Special equipment needed to perform Kajiya Seal Smithing.
Seal Expolosives:
10x Concussive bombs
10X Flashbangs
10X Smokebombs
10x Incendiary bombs
Fuinjutsu Supplies
30x Blank Tags
3X Storage Seals
Family: Kajiya Yo(Father)
Kajiya Yumeko(Mother)
Kajiya Masae(Older Sister)
Teacher: (i will decide this part.)
Past: Katsuya's childhood life was . . . simple. He had a home to come to, a loving carin family, a life devoid of much tragedy, strife, or even discomfort. The kajiya clan were, by and large, mainly a civilian clan of skilled smiths and craftsman, providing weapons and tools of exceptional quality to the Shinobi of Kumo through their specialized sealing techniques in exchange for the protection they recieve within it's borders. And Katsuya likely would have been just another one of them, despite his highly apparent fuinjutsu skill in his early years, if not for his siter deciding to buck convention. Instead of following in the footsteps of their father and taking up the ways of a smith, she pursued a career as a Shinobi of Kumo, quickly advancing up the ranks at an almost metoeric pace.

By the time Katsuya was old enough to have memories, his sister was already a well-reknowned Chunin, with a bevy of successful missions under her belt, powerful techniques that she often showed off to her younger sibling and, most importantly, more than a few war stories about her time on the field. From these stories, Katsuya found the sparks of inspiration that lit his imagination. It;s because of his sister that he wants to not only be a great blacksmith, but a great shinobi as well, using his experiences to craft the greatest Shinobi tools the world has ever seen.
Personality: Katsuya is, for lack of a better word, simple. When it comes to most things, he'll often have a hard time looking deeper than surface level, tends to be almost stupidly trusting of all people, and couldn't hold a grudge against even the worst of people. While not the excitable sort, he can very much give off an aura of positive energy. While prone to frustration and anger like anyone else, Katsuya seems the type to lack a single hint of malicious intent towards anyone, and often takes a rather pacifistic approach to conflict in most cases.

However, despite his simple attitude, one would be very mistaken to consider him an idiot of any kind. While uncaring of social norms in most cases, that can is something most caused by eccentricity rather than simple ignorance or lack of awareness. In most cases, Katsuya is fully aware that he is either being used by some or possibly intruding on others but simply doesn't care about these rules or standards. In his own words " I do what I want and what will make people happy. That's really all I care about doing." A quote that, while accurate, isn't entirely true.

More than anything else, Katsuya loves Fuinjutsu, to what some could consider an unhealthy degree. It's not uncommon to find the boy working hours into the wee hours of morning on a new sealing formula he wishes to test out in his latest weapon designs, eager to prove his mastery over his Clan's techniques over and over, with every failure only pushing him onward to learn from his mistakes and push his knowledge to it's limits.


Ninjutsu:5 (E-Rank)
Kenjutsu:15 (E-Rank)
Fuuinjutsu:30 (D-Rank)

---Clan Skills---
Kajiya Seal-Smithing Techniques: The Kajiya clan, while small in comparison to others, are well-known for their abilities to craft extra-ordinary weapons and ninja tools through the mixing of their Hiden Smithing and Fuinjutsu techniques. For most practioners, this simple means making blades with minor, but impactful effects such as increased durability, improved chakra flow, a honed cutting edge that never dulls, and the like. But for those with exceptional skill and dedication, they can access twist the clan techniques in wild new directions, forging truly special weapons with effects unlike anything ever seen before.

For Katsuya, he sits at a bit of a mid-point between the upper tier of what his clan usually stays at and the beginning of making weapons with truly innovative effects, but he's confident that he'll one day create something magnificient. That being said, when compared to a normal blacksmith, he's proven to be an excellant craftsman, with the use of fuinjutsu techniques along with his forging helping to drastically speed up the process without risking the integrity or qualiyt of his creations.


Kawarimi (cost's 20 Chakra)
Bunshin (cost's 10 Chakra and requires 20% Chakra Control.)
Henge (cost's 5 Chakra.)
Earth Release:Subterran Voyage
Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique


Strength: 15 (Your physical strength)
Speed: 10 (Your physical speed)
Handseal Speed: 1 (How quickly you can form handseals.)
Agility: 10 (encompasses Flexibility and Reflex's)
Intelligence: 10 (Your technical knowledge, aka book smarts.)
Wisdom: 5 (Your physical knowledge, aka street smarts.)
Chakra Control: (7) 35% (1 point = +5% Chakra Control)
Chakra: (10) 200 (1 point = +20 Chakra)
Finesse: 10 (how Fluidly you can use your physical Skills like Taijutsu and Shurikenjutsu.)
Stamina: 15 (How long your character can last)
Ryo (Money): 2,000
will post a thing later today
After the first 3 volunteers went up, the rest generally fell in-line with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Noir seemed pleased none the less for the participation clapping his hand together after the last first years went.

"Ah yes, yes. It's a wonder to meet you all. Now then, with that out of the way, I should probably tell yo-"

"Actually, Noir," The silver-haired youth appeared next to his dark-haired compatriot in what seemed like an instant, lightly pushing him to the side as he took center stage before the crowd. "I think I'll be the one to tell them what we're doing. After all, it was partly my suggestion to the headmaster that them here." Silme's chuckle earned a confused frown from Noir, clearly not accustomed to the wolf Faunus offering to do, well, anything. That being said, he quickly stepped back and watched, looking unsure of whether or not Silme could be trusted to not pull some wild stunt.

"Now then, greenhorns, the test is pretty damn simple: We've noticed a gathering of Grimm out in the desert recently. Nothing too sizable, but definitely enough to be strange and worrisome to the nearby villages and what have you." Reaching into his pocket, Silme pulled out his scroll to casually tap a button. Soon after, a ringing came from every first year's scroll, the screen lighting up with first a document on the environmental conditions of the area and the types of Grimm that had been spotted among the gathering. It was mostly just your basic Creepers and Beowulves, though some reports talk of the possibilities of other kinds being present, so keep an eye out.. . oh, almost forgot about the Garuda. They'll make the landing a bit difficult ". . . but you're all huntsman, right? You all should be fine if you're worth your salt."

"Wait, what do you mean by 'landing'?" Noir's protest was quickly barreled over as Silme talked over him, gesturing towards a few people within the crowd.

"Okay so. . . my group of newbies was. . . Opal, Cherry, Orchard, and Caramel. . . that doesn't seem right, does it? Amara!"

"Opal's right, the rest are so off that I know you're just fucking with them, so don't waste our time with the schtick."

"Yes, hilarious really, but is no one going to bring up him using the word 'landing'?"

"Ahh, you're no fun, Amara. Wouldn't be proper of us Upperclassmen to let the freshies off without a little hazing." Silme waved the pink-ish red girl off before turning his attention back to the crowd. "Fine. Opal, Cerry, Ochre, and Carobelle. The lot of you are with me, so let me let you in on something. Us Third years aren't just here to make sure none of you kick the bucket, but we'll be the ones who decide whether you pass or fail based on what you see of your performance and how well you listen to our directions. And I'm a pretty strict grader, so you all best give it your best if you don't want to be sent packing after this is all over."

Silme let his words hang in the air for a moment as he went over to one of the windows, gazing out into the wide blue yonder with a sly grin before turning his eyes towards the ground. The intercom burst to life as a slight rising sensation was felt by everyone inside as the aircraft gained altittude

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