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2 yrs ago
Current 4 months into this hole 'being a responsible adult thing' and I've come to a conclusion: It sucks and I want to go back to the days where I didn't have to plan out my game time.
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2 yrs ago
Was supposed to be productive tonight. . . will try to be productive in the morning
2 yrs ago
Taking a short break from posting till Monday/Tuesday, hopefully will feel more creative and less brain-dead
2 yrs ago
That feeling when you want to post, but you're brain just doesn't feel like cooperating.
2 yrs ago
I've finished my Play through of Pokemon Sun, so expect me to actually make Posts soon. . . hopefully
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As the members of the Dragon Heart guild were thrown back into their usual buzz of activity, a rather exasperated figure walked through the doors running a hand through his hair and with a sigh on his lips. Argus had been just about to enter the hall when the Guild Master had made what had probably been his 100th such proclamation since he'd joined the guild. Family this, Magic Council that, and the main troublemakers lacking any sense of actual remorse for whatever action spurred Kulkan's rant completing the whole song and dance routine that the red-haired mage had almost grown numb to at this point.

"I swear, if the Magic council ever does decide to actually do something besides throw papers at us because of those two," He muttered, adjusting his pack as he made his way to the person at the guild desk. "I'll personally plant my foot up each of their asses." An empty threat, given the fact that Argus had about as much hope of beating either asshole as he did of winning a swimsuit competition among the guild members, but it at least made him feel a bit better if nothing else.

After he finished turning in the documents for his completed quest, a simple job of bodyguarding some landed lord's kids that had gone off without a hitch, the young man took a seat near the front of the guild with a mug of ale in hand. While the main focus of the job had been easy, the brats he'd been sent to 'guard'had been some real pieces of work. Honestly, he felt the noble had been just looking for someone to babysit the gremlins because he saw not hide nor hair of the man until the last day of 'guarding'. He'd eventually managed to get them to settle down by then though through a mix of party tricks and showing them how little of their shit he was willing to put up with, but he had the feeling the noble would be calling for his service again. . . especially given how even though he seemed to be lacking a wife, he had been seeing Argus off with a woman on his arm.

"Well, at least it paid well. . . and the brats were cute enough once they actually behaved for 2 seconds." Letting out another sigh, Argus took a slow sip of his drink, eyes scanning the crowds around him. Tall, Dark and Metal was busy 'asking'(read commanding) people to help her with something, Vega and Muzo were heading up to the Guild Master's office, and so on and so forth. Nothing, in particular, caught his eye until he heard a familiarly bubbly voice chime up somewhere to his right. Glancing over, he saw the Guild's resident Celestial Mage talking to some others that he recognized but didn't know too well, apparently gathering them all a request as well.

"Wonder what they're all up to?" He took another sip, wondering if he should run up another quest himself after he visited Juno. She'd prob yell at him for starting on another job so soon, but he figured he could head that off by getting her some scones. His sister was a sucker for pastries, and assuming he got enough, she'd probably be too occupied devouring them all to chew him out for it.

"Probably best if I keep it short and close by though, or I'll probably get the silent treatment again. Didn't talk to me for a whole month last time I pisssed her off." Argus couldn't help but shiver, remembering the various other things that his sister often did to show her displeasure with him, like when she replaced his entire wardrobe with pink. That . . . that had been a dark day for him, and he was certain some members of the guild would never let him live it down. Kind as his sister tended to be, nobody held a grudge or got even quite like she did. It was really rather terrifying.

Yeeet, will get on that as soon as I can.
@Hitman Okay, changes have been made to the secret magic, as well as one little trick added to his requip. Should be all good now, yeah?
"Look, I'm just here for the paycheck, so don't try to get all chummy."

And there we go, a new twist on an old charrie of mine. Hope it's at the very least interesting to some degree.
Sweet. I'm just working out how to rework Argus only. . . not terrible. Think I have a good thing going atm with my W.I.P. but still need to tweak it.
@Crimson Raven Yo, how goes?
"Look, I'm just here for the paycheck, so don't try to get all chummy."

RWBY: Fallen Embers

[i]Welcome, Huntress and Huntsman-to-be, to Shade Academy! My name is Silme Raana, a 3rd year here, and it's my job to help you all get in the zone for Professor Aurum's little test. So, first things first: Anyone here who isn't ready to go head to head with Grim, who wants a little more time to ready up and prepare before facing of against the beasts they'll be tackling day in and day out: Don't even bother getting out of your seats. THis ship will be glad to take you yelloed-bellied wastes of space back to trash pile where you belong.

Listen here, brats, and listen well. Vacuo is a shithole of a City, but it's our shithole and we'll be damned if we let the Grimm or the mangy bandits that roam the desserts take us out. That's why Shade Academy exists, and we expect every student to pull their own damn weight the moment they apply. Now, that doesn't mean we're tossing you to the Beowulves, but if any instructor has to come save your asses during the test, don't expect to be greeted with band-aids and warm meals. If you think that's tough, then you obviously ain't from around here. Vacuo is a tough place to live, and needs tougher Huntsman to keep all it's rusted gears spinning.

Oh, looks like we're here. In that case, if you're ready to take your first step to being real Huntsman, follow me out of the ship and
Yo, so I was wondering if I could run a Godslayer for this? Prob around Low A-High B as far as Rank goes, but is there only 1 spot open? I don't wanna mess someone else's chance to get accepted or anything.
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