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4 months into this hole 'being a responsible adult thing' and I've come to a conclusion: It sucks and I want to go back to the days where I didn't have to plan out my game time.
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Team FRSK:Bunker

"Rio, I understand the impulse," Nivea places a hand gingerly on the boy's shoulder, urging him away from the tunnel. "But don't underestimate the tricks and deceptions of the creatures of Grimm. This is a task for much more experienced Huntsmen, and I'm sorry for bringing you into this place. If I had known. . ."

The Huntress lets the words hang in the air, breathing a silent sigh of relief that the others hadn't tried to follow the headstrong boy. However, before she could speak again, the halls of the bunker suddenly became flooded with blinding white. Eyes adjusted to softly illuminated gloom became overwhelmed by the sudden snap to artificial light, the droning hum of the electrical overhead filling the silence with an ominous buzz. As sight returns, the veteran Huntress notes something in the distance. Humanoid shapes rising slowly and silently from the black liquid that drenches them. But they were not Grimm. . . at least, not in body. They may have moved in jerking, unnatural ways, may have born deep pits of darkness in the sockets of their heads, but the bodies that slunk towards the group had been human once. The very sight set her blood cold in her veins, the fate of this Bunker's residents dawning as she curses under her breath.

"We're being watched. . . Rio, take point and lead the others out of here." Once kind eyes hardening to cold steel as she stares at her wards, tone emphasizing what she didn’t have time to explain. "I'll handle things here, but you all need to leave. N-Duck!"

With a surprising amount of strength, Nivea yanks Rio to the side as a black tendril by his head, embedding itself into the concrete. In a single movement, the huntress tosses the boy to his peers and severs the thing with a flash of green light and a blade of wind. A shriek howls from the darkness of the tunnel, silencing the cries they had been hearing this whole time as a deep growl resonates through the hall. The animate corpses in the hall chose now to leap forward towards her, inhuman screeches tearing from their throats as the Grimm puppeteering their bodies urge them forth. Scurrying could be heard from the tunnel as well as it seemed some level of reinforcements were crawling their way up from deep within.

Team TVSC:Scrapyard

Auron lets a moment of silence go by after Slate gives his reply, golden eyes scanning over each student in turn before he finally decides to speak up.

Does it even matter? The Huntsman mutters the words more than he repeats them, saying them more for his own sake before focusing his attention back to the students. With his cigarette held between his fingers, the man makes a gesture to the scrapyard around them. “I’d say that for the men, women, and children who go out every day confident that we Huntsmen do our jobs, it matters quite a bit why we’re doing it."

“To the people who are going to be watching your back and expecting the same in return as you deal with the bloodthirsty creatures of the wastes out there, be they Grimm, normal beasties, or bandit scum, it matters.” The light of his cigarette glows long and bright as he takes another slow drag of it, smoke rolling out of his mouth like a river as he locks his gaze with them all. “Serving as the rule of law is a heavy responsibility, not to mention that you all probably know family members who speak Shade Academy’s name with disgust and derision. You will risk life and limb for people who may very well spit on you as soon as speak to you. Literally, in some places.”

Auron’s eyes linger on Caroline as he speaks for just a moment longer than the others, a slight flash of some emotion crossing his features. Whether it was a look of concern, fear, . . . or even anger, it vanishes too quickly beneath the stern mask the old Huntsman put on to properly gauge.

“To put a pin on the whole thing, make sure this is the kind of life you want before you commit to it. It’s not easy and it can be pretty thankless at times.” With another drag of his cigarette, the man rises up from his seat on the ‘cycle, his eyes drifting up to the horizon. Anyone following his gaze would see what looked like vultures circling way up high in the Vacuan sky. “ But you all have a few years before you’re locked into this life, so don’t feel pressured to decide right away. I’ve just taught a bunch of kids in my time as a Huntsman. . . and I think a fair few of them would have been much happier doing something else.”

Once more, Auron seems to be lost in some haze of nostalgia as he kept his gaze skyward. As he stares into the distance, however, something odd occurs.

Several of the junkyard workers seem to be messing around with several trash piles around the edges of the makeshift arena, not really taking anything away as much as just digging through it like they were looking for something. Not only that, but the building where Auron had sent the one worker after their test seemed to have its windows tinted black. While such a feature was not uncommon, none of them would remember the windows being tinted that darkly beforehand.
Nivea Lanatae

As the group follows after Rio into the bunker depths, they'd notice more of those creeping tendrils spreading along the walls, the air coalescing before their faces as the chill grew in intensity the further in they went. The black puddles soon spread across the floor until everywhere they stepped was covered in the foul liquid, which in the dull red light that surrounded them, could almost be mistaken for blood. A number of side rooms to their sides revealed more remnants of former inhabitants, tainted by the black touch of the Grimm. For the Vacuan natives, however, a certain bit of imagery began to stick out amongst the desecrated refuse. Plastered along the walls in ever-increasing frequency was a symbol of three sharp lines forming a helmet-like sigil, done in a deep red paint. Some of these marks seemed to cover that of a cruder marking, that of a swirl with eye-like holes in the center and a fanged mouth.

While only Kohaku had the knowledge to recognize the swirling sigil as that of the Dust Devils, the other symbol was one well-known to the people of Vacuo, having heralded much bloodshed and terror in the decade since its inception.

The Wild Hunt.

After a few brief minutes of exploration, the group would find themselves come face to face with a rather telling clue as to exactly how this place was overrun and why only the lower levels seemed to be so thoroughly tainted. A jagged hole, about as wide around as a man is tall, was torn through a wall towards what felt like the rear of the bunker. The thickest of the tendrils coiled out between the sharp metal fragments like the fat tongues of some fell beast, pulsing in slow rhythm as a hint of metallic scent now mixes with the stale air of this tainted crypt. Rio could sense the droplets of water a bit deeper into the hole, circling ever so slightly in place. Waiting.

"Let's turn back." Nivea broke her silence with a tone that did not broker argument, gazing into the dark depths with a worried look. "This has gone far beyond the purview of just a test and I . . . I've never seen a Grimm nest like this. At least. . . not one where the biggest threat is just a pack of Beowolves. Besides, it's clear from the look of this place that no one has survi-"

The Huntress was cut off from her command as a sudden outroar of Beowulf laughter resonated from within the dark hole, distorted and excited, and the reason soon follows as a distinctly human cry of pain sounded out. Undistorted, filled with fear and pain. More Grimm laughter followed the cry as the first voice was soon accompanied by more. There were people down there, alive and in danger. Nivea, for her part, kept a stonecold look on her face, though her staff was held in a white-knuckled grip as she struggled with her duty as a Huntress and the tight knot in her gut telling her this was too dangerous for her students.

What will the students do in the face of this predicament?
Auron Carver
@Cello@The Irish Tree@Eisenhorn@TGM

Just like her father. Auron chuckles as he picks himself off the ground, not missing the rebellious intonations in Caramelle’s voice. Taking a moment to work the cricks out of his neck as the other students came over to see if their little test was over that easily. It almost brought a smile to his face. . . until an unbidden memory washes over the scene.

Were you taking it easy on us, gramps?

Absently reaching up to feel something underneath his shirt, a shadow passes over the Huntsman’s gaze, but he shakes it off almost as soon as it comes.

“Easy there Turq. Just because I called doesn’t mean you brats beat me. I got my pride on the line, after all. Besides, there’s more to being a Huntsman than just knowing your way around a fight.” Walking over to his motorcycle, the old man takes a seat, reaching into his pocket to pull out another cigarette to place between his lips. “But we have the rest of the year to go over the particulars of that. First, I’m going to give you all a quick assessment. Save all complaints till I’m done, else I will pipe you again.”

“Caramelle and Turq, you both showed an impressive amount of fighting skill between the former’s semblance and the latter’s ability to use such a tricky weapon effectively. However, you both need to work on your teamwork, especially you Caramelle. Instead of hopping on Turq, you could have tried to help him out considering you had Slate and Veloce covering your flanks from up high.” Auron kept his eyes focused on the girl as he spoke, wanting to drill the seriousness of what he was staying right into her skull. “I may have joked a little bit in the fight, but Huntsmen work in teams for a reason. You have teammates, and they were the only reason you were able to touch me. And unlike me, the Grimm and bandits out there won’t hesitate to take advantage of your openings.”

“As for the other two, this particular test didn’t really lend itself to your strengths or to exposing any weaknesses in your forms, so I don’t have much to say to either of you. You both seem to have the teamplay thing down more so than the other two, so props for that, but I think a good area of improvement for all of you is working on your aura enhancement as well as just basic physical training.”

“So, with that out of the way. . ." Blowing out a quick ring of smoke into the sky, Auron turns to signal to one of the scrap workers, who quickly scampers off to a small ramshackle building near the clearing’s edge. “I’ve got one question for all of you: Why did you choose to be Huntsmen? No bullshit, no simple fairy tale answers. I want to know why you chose this life over any other.”

Nivea Lanatae

What Team Frisk may have lacked in coordination, they made up for with firepower and ingenuity, it seems. Rather than having to deal with two waves of Grimm bearing down on them, Kohaku’s quick thinking and proficiency with dust blocks of the pincer, forcing the horde back with earth and flame. With Fiona at her side taking out any Grimm that managed to survive the initial explosion, they held back the horde with ease despite their numbers.

Rio’s slash cut through a line of Grimm, the water particles shimmering on the blackened fur of those left alive. Each shot of his rail gun would take down one Grimm, but in their place came two more just as ferocious as the others. Luckily, Saffron cuts through them with a dance-like grace, her semblance allowing her to avoid the worst of the assault as she cuts down any Beowulf that gets close.

Within a few moments, upon seeing the tides not turn in their favor, the Grimm begin to retreat back into the darkness. Soon, naught is left of them but the disintegrating husk of their fallen. Rio could feel the faintest traces of the water at the edges of his senses, enough that he would be able to trace them through the darkness. The hall fell into silence for now, though the red light of the tendrils along the wall was dulled by the thick clouds of black smoke rising from the corpses.

"Don't breathe it in if you can," Nivea speaks up, covering her mouth as she looks around, eyeing the tendrils with growing concern. "It doesn't have any immediate negative effects, but over time it can cause a number of side effects. Depression, listlessness, despondency, even suicidal thoughts. It's one of the things that makes Grimm nest removal a rather unappealing job to most Huntsmen."
Auron Carver
@Cello@The Irish Tree@Eisenhorn@TGM

“Nice form there Caramelle,” A small chuckle comes from the veteran Huntsman as the mirthless girl launches off her squadmate, his hand shimmering with a faint golden light. “Though you seem to not be much of a team player, huh?”

With a casual air, he deflects each shot that the girl sends his way but lets out a whistle as she closes the gap, no time left to continue the playful banter before he begins to bob and weave through her focused assault. Each strike she launches his way is read seconds in advance, and despite her impressive bursts of speed, never once does she score anything more than a glancing blow. Auron notes the way she constantly tries to circle to his flanks, watching and waiting for an opening to strike.

She’s aggressive, a bit churlish, and definitely needs to work on her attitude if that stunt with Turq was anything to go by, but there is potential here. Auron ponders as he deflects another blow, almost dancing around her blades, seeming to have no trouble reading his students. Even Turq’s own attack from behind didn’t phase the man, the gilded pipe that Veloce had evaded coming back to terrorize the poor boy once more by deflecting his attacks. A bit too reliant on her semblance, however, as I can tell from these strikes that her Aura application is under-developed. Not uncommon for students with strong semblances, but still something that I’ll need to correct. Turq needs to borrow some of her restraint and she needs some of his light-hearted enthusiasm. But overall, good kids who have good heads on their shoulders.

The exchange of blows continues as Auron starts to take more aggressive action, though rather than striking his students, mostly to make them aware of the gaps in their styles without breaking them out of the flow. . . but also to tease them a little bit. Keep them from getting too big for their britches, though to their credit, he didn’t find too many opportunities to sneak them in. Between Caramelle constantly probing his defenses and Turq’s almost mindless barrage from afar, he wasn’t too ashamed to admit he felt a bit pressured. It took all of his attention to keeping ahead of them, and if they were able to coordinate their blows better, he might not have been able to achieve even that.

And then he heard it.

The sharp electrical crack from the distance, ringing out across the clearing, followed soon after by a sharp metallic clang as two pieces of scrap metal flew upward into the air. Slate’s shot had landed true, the power behind it lessened by the interdiction of the gilded pipe, though as the two pieces landed in the sand by a crouching Auron, one might notice the golden luster fading back into dull rusted grey of scrap iron.

Right. . . got too cocky and forgot the sniper. Guess even I have things to work on. Auron chides himself even as he raises up his arm to fully block the next strike from Caramelle. However, before he could rebuke it, an impact hit him in the back of his head, knocking the Huntsman off balance and leaving an opening for the second strike to strike true. And so it went that the two students engaging their teacher directly would press their advantage, now landing solid blows and forcing him to properly block their combined assault. For a brief moment, they seemed to have him on the backfoot.

Auron was not one to simply sit back and let them keep control of the fight, however, quickly moving to grab one of Caramelle’s blades with his bare hands, blocking a strike from Turq’s boomerang with the other before preparing to launch a swift blow to the girl’s gut.

Good showing, kids, but if you think that’s all it takes to get the be-

A sudden bang, and what felt like a horse kicking him in the ribs, broke his train of thought. Veloce had found his own opportunity to assist, sweeping in from his vantage to land a near-point-blank shot into Auron’s side. The force of it sent the man flying across the clearing, tumbling end over end for a moment before coming to a stop.

Silence would reign over the scrapyard as the workers, who had been cheering and applauding the whole spar, grew silent. All eyes stared at Auron as he got up to one knee, his breathing coming out in a bit of a wheeze.

“Heh. . . not bad for a bunch of brats.”

Nivea Lanatae

The Huntress takes a silent sigh of relief as her students show no true apprehension towards the task laid before them, instead quickly moving to discuss the formation they’d take upon heading inside. Nivea waits patiently for them to settle on their plan of attack and, once that is done, steps to the side to allow Rio to lead them onward. As the ground heads into the depths of the bunker, she taps her staff, the lantern-like apparatus lights up with flame, a light to guide them through the dark. As they march forth, she strode behind them in relative silence.

The shift in the air was instant, the sweltering noonday heat turning to a grave-like chill. In the flickering light of Nivea’s lantern, they could see more remnants of the bunker’s former inhabitants. Ancient Atlesian desks, chairs, and crates repurposed into ramshackle barricades facing the door, with the seats of cars and ratty threadbare blankets marked out when may have been a guard post. As it had been outside, the interior shows clear signs of the Grimm raid, dark stains coating everything and the deep gouges of claws covering the floor.

Past the first room and into the bunker proper, they’d descend a flight into a labyrinth-like maze within. In every room they searched, they found the same miss-match of bandit-modified lodging, vandalized or repurposed atlesian wreckage, and many signs of violence. There was never a body, however. Bloodstains a plenty but despite Nivea’s concerns, they see no corpses even as the group pushes further into the depths. At a certain point, she’d allow them to spread out a bit more, do some investigation of their own before moving on.

On the second level is when the signs of Grim habitation became more prevalent, the chill in the air growing more intense as if the heat was being sapped from your body. Tendril-like growths spread along the walls now, radiating a chilling aura around them as they emit a dull, pulsing red glow. Every so often as they pass down hallways, thick piddles of black sludge could be seen, the slick tendrils seeming to rise up out of them and cling to any nearby surface.

As they exit one such hallway into a three-way intersection, a noise echoes from the two side passages up ahead. An almost laugh, where the pitch shifts between far too high and much too low, ringing out in a strange hitching pattern. And it was not alone, as more and more of these haggard, inhuman sounds join the first. From the shadows ahead of them, red eyes fade into sight. Stepping into the dim light to reveal glistening black bodies and cold ivory masks that they all recognize in an instant.

A creature of Grimm.

The onslaught came swiftly after that, the first set of monsters rushing forth to attack Rio with slavering jaws and wicked claws in a pincer-like formation. Behind them, more assailants surge forth, drawn by the sounds of their fellows being whipped into a bloody frenzy. Like a tide of black, they came to crash against Team Frisk, their endless hunger seeking to swallow them all up in a moment. And from behind the Team, Nivea stands resolute and impassive. She watches and waits, hands gripping her staff so hard that her knuckles turn white in an effort to stop herself from interfering in the test. They had to handle this by themselves.
Auron Carver
@Cello@The Irish Tree@Eisenhorn@TGM

Auron didn’t respond to Caramelle’s question, partly because two of her squadmates didn’t give him a chance, but also because it wasn’t his job to answer that question. The test had already begun, and every second mattered. Taking a small step back as Veloce and Turq charged at him, the Huntsman considered the kids he’d been given.

The girl was feisty but cautious, but perhaps to a fault? Might need to work on that, but then again, this team could use some of that.

While in his thoughts, Auron’s body moved almost on its own, tossing the now gilded pipe into the air before answering the Raven boy’s charge with an easy redirection. Rather than block or deflect the lunge, the older man grabbed the gladius by the blade and the boy by the arm, turning with their forward momentum and launching them right into the path of Turq’s projectile attack. This also helped to avoid the attempt to blind him made by the boy, though Auron gave points for creativity and cheeky thinking.

Meanwhile, the two Faunus seem quite the opposite. Headstrong and ready to run in without a second thought. Truly Vacuan, though the boomerang kid seems a bit full of himself. Confidence is great but I think I’ll need to grind that down a tad. If there’s one thing bandits love, it’s an overconfident idiot.

As Turq closes in for a slash with his pick, however, he’d find himself quickly forced to move back as the pipe Auron had thrown in the air suddenly came straight for his head. Rather than landing in the sand, however, the gilded metal scrap would begin to make an elaborate dance of blows against him, striking like a fencer’s blade from nearly every direction to push him away from their overseer, who finally spoke up now that he’d been given some space.

“I’m getting a better idea of you all now. . . and I’ll give you this. Not a total waste and I dare say you might have some tactical know-how amongst you. However,” The man cracks his knuckles in a bit of anticipation, a wave of golden energy flowing over his figure as he gets into a proper fighting stance. “I think I need to show you what a real one-man army looks like. . ."

The pipe attacking Turq flies off, hurtling instead towards Veloce in the air to commit a similar barrage, but Auron made sure the peacock Faunus wasn’t feeling left out as he appears in an instant before him. Dueling the pipe had been challenging, but manageable if he managed to focus on defense, and it was quite likely he’d managed to avoid taking a single solid hit. Against Auron himself, however, the 3 blows that would impact him were too quick to even register. Two blows from cross jabs to the face with enough force to disorient even with his Aura shield up, followed by a flash of green around the Overseer's legs as he lashes out with a front kick to the sternum. A torrent of wind and air pressure would send Turq flying towards Caramelle, revealing the secret of his ‘nice pants’ to them all.

Rather than follow up on the assault, however, Auron simply turns his gaze to Slate’s position, a sharp grin on his features as he makes a gun gesture with his fingers directly at the boy before mouthing the word ‘bang’. Was this going a bit too far? Maybe, but the wastes of Vacuo didn’t have time for people who couldn’t take the heat. They wouldn’t get any coddling from him, and he would make sure they’d be ready for what the land has to offer even if they hated him for it.

Nivea Lanatae

“It is a bit hot, isn’t it? I barely notice it most days, but my dad’s lived here for almost thirty years now and still can’t stand it.” Nivea couldn’t help the small chuckle that came after Saffron’s comment on the heat, glad that they had all found something to share. While she had hoped they’d be a bit more talkative, that was probably a bit too much to ask a bunch of kids who barely knew each other. “Though that could just be him being old.”

Nivea continues to chatter a bit as they continue on, mostly just small talk about what’s expected of Vacuan Huntsman, a couple of tips on haggling with a few of the shadier Dust sellers, and was just about to get into a story on how her old team when she noticed a rocky outcrop in the distance. Their destination, she’d explain.

In the shadow of the outcrop, a vault-like metal building seemed to be drilled into the rock, obviously very old and abandoned. The dull white uniformity of the building’s foundations clashed with the chunks of sheet metal, wood, and other scraps that made up what could only be a sort of door. Clearly a replacement, though one that hadn’t proven much use as it lay on the ground in a twisted mess about 3 meters from the building entrance, half-buried by the shifting of the sands. As they got closer, more signs of violence could be seen. Claw marks, dark brown stains, and small bits of white in the sand that could only be bone upon closer inspection.

“These old Atlas bunkers always make for perfect nests, but people never listen. Old grudges and all that. . . ” Nivea explains quietly, her bubbly nature growing a bit more subdued as she came back from the jeep after setting the alarms and kill switch. In her hand was a staff, similar to Kohaku’s but a bit more refined and with a small lantern-like construct held at the top.

Stepping up to the front, Nivea traces her fingers along some of the claw marks, a frown gracing her features as she stares into the dark depths. Hesitation kept her lips shut, and the smell that wafted up from the dark set her fears alight. She'd never forget the first time she faced it, the cold, dank scent of the Grimm. No matter the kind, no matter the type, no matter the place, it was always the same. A cold, penetrating smell of decay and rot that causes every cell in her body to shiver.

They didn’t have to go in, not now. They were just kids, they should probably get a little more training before handling a nest. I can just. . . have them wait out here while I go in and handle this. Or. . .

Nivea shook her head, stopping that thought in its tracks. It was too late for that and she had chosen this mission for a reason. She couldn’t back out now, and she had to trust that they had the skill to handle what was down there. As Huntsman, they would see places like this constantly, and she hoped that bringing them here would motivate them to work hard. To want to stop tragedies like this from taking root.

“This is a test to see how you all do in a hazardous situation. Normally, a Huntsman team would split into teams of two to cover more ground, but since this is your first expedition, we’ll be staying together.” Her tone was firm, brooking no argument nor questions and any hints of the nervous energy she had shown before were nowhere to be found. “Aside from making sure you all don’t get caught in over your heads, I will not be providing any assistance to your search than I feel is necessary as your Overseer.”

“The primary objective is a complete extermination of any of all the Grimm we find within this bunker, though in the . . . unlikely event that we come across any survivors, then we will cancel the operation to get them out. That is true no matter what forms of identifiers we find within the banner.” A nice way of saying even if they’re bandits, as would likely be the case considering the Bunker's location near a popular supply route. While the Huntress held no sympathy for such crooks and criminals, leaving anyone in the company of the creatures of Grimm was not an option she would consider. A belief she wished was more universal amongst some of the other Huntsman of Shade. “From the information of the request, it’s most likely just a pack of Beowolves within, but that doesn’t mean we should be at ease. Any Grimm can be dangerous if underestimated, and what they lack in intelligence is made up for in ferocity.”

“Any questions before we proceed?”
Auron Carver
@Cello@The Irish Tree@Eisenhorn@TGM

The day was hot, just like every day in the wastes. The noonday sun blazes over a lone scrapyard situated just outside of the city walls of Vacuo, heat waves rising off the scalding metal like writhing serpents. Men and women walk past the heaping piles of sheet metal, burned-out vehicles, and even a few desiccated robotics that stand as the remnants of Atlesian control of the area, completely stripped of useful parts but kept around as a sort of reminder.

Well, that and stress relief, if the numerous dents, scuffs, and holes in the frames were anything to go by.

At this time of day, the yard workers would usually be heading to the lunch hall in the center of the yard to take a load off and enjoy a meal in the relatively cool interior, but today was a bit different. Many were taking their meals outside, sitting amongst the scrap and debris to surround a medium-sized clearing of sand, muttering amongst each other as they all focused their attention on the five figures in the middle of the clearing. More than a few bets were being placed, and they were clearly eager for some kind of show to begin.

The oldest of the five figures sat on a gilded scrap heap of a motorbike, icy blue eyes burrowing into each of the 4 students before him as he took the time to slowly, methodically light a cigarette. He was dressed as one would expect of a Vacuan, practical travel clothes covered in stitching and patches that spoke of a storied history of breaks, tears, and damage. The most decorative thing about it seemed to be the lines of green that swirl around the base of his pants, seeming to shimmer just so, though it could easily just be a trick of the light. It was only after a long inhale, followed by a derisive sigh of smoke and frustration that the man decides to speak up, having been silent and judgemental the whole way to this scrapyard.

“So. . . this is what gets past the Huntsmen exams these days, huh?” A question he didn’t bother waiting for a response to, dismounting his ride with a huff as he took another quick drag. “Honestly, I thought Theodore had a better reason to force me into babysitting than this. . . but oh well. Boss gives an order, and I’m not eager to get hit with that right hook of his for not following it through.”

“That said, Is till want to get a good idea of what kind of workload I have to deal with in getting you lot into proper shape.” Walking past the group, he approaches one of the scrap piles along the edge of the clearing, shifting around the rusted metal bits until he found what he was looking for: a bit of pipe, about a foot and a half in length and somewhat flattened towards one end. He gives it a few practice swings, testing the weight a bit before seeming to nod in satisfaction. “To that end, I’ve come up with a couple of tests. But before that, I guess we should start attaching names to faces. And do pay attention, because the people at your side are going to be watching your back. No matter how tough you think you are, no Huntsmen can stand alone forever. We have a special term in Shade for those who try it: Dead.”

Turning back around with the pipe slung over his shoulder, taking one final drag from the cigarette before flicking it onto the ground in front of him.

“Name’s Auron, but you all will call me nothing but Sir or Overseer until you prove yourselves a bit.” As he spoke, the older man began to crack a smile, a thin grin that showed little in the way of warmth but plenty of eagerness for what was to come. “Be prepared to hate me for the next year of your life, and likely for a decent amount of time after that as well, I’d wager. And as for your first test: as you introduce yourself, I want you to come at me with all you got. Let me see what I’m working with before we move onto the main event."

Nivea Lanatae

The day was hot, just like every day in the wastes. As it beat down relentlessly on the desert plains, however, a small cloud of dust could be seen traveling across it, An open-top jeep cruising along a poorly defined dirt road. At its wheel, a young woman dressed in a strangely pristine white dress spun through with designs of red, light blue, and green. It was clearly made of materials finer than most of her passengers expected a Vacuan Huntress to wear, just as Nivea was likely a nicer Overseer than they had likely expected from the rumors of other students and citizens. With light blonde, hair and sky blue eyes, the woman didn’t seem that much older than the students she had been assigned. Likely feeling their gaze on her, the Huntress turns to offer the three students in the back a warm, if apologetic smile.

“Don’t worry, you all won’t have to stay all squished in the back like that for much longer. 10, 15 minutes tops I promise.” Turning her attention back to the road, after a quick check on her scroll that they were still on course to their destination, Nivea takes a moment to take a deep breath before speaking up again. Mainly to break the somewhat awkward silence, it would seem. “So, since we’ve got some time to kill. . . let’s all try to get properly acquainted, yeah? I kinda had to rush you all on since this jeep is a rental so you didn’t get to give out your names.”

“We’ll keep it simple, just give your name and something you consider to be an interesting fact about yourself. I’ll even start us off, just so no one feels too pressured.” Tapping a finger against the wheel, Nivea took a few moments to think before nodding to herself as she seemed to think of something. “As I told you guys when I picked up, my name is Nivea Lanatae. I’ve been a Huntress for about 4 years or so, and I’m the youngest to ever be granted the position of Overseer. And as a bit of an extra fact, while I was born in Vacuo, my parents are both from Vale originally. I know that I don’t quite look the part of a local, but this is my home and just because I take after my family a bit more, doesn’t mean I love it any less, harsh as it may be at times.”

“So, that’s me. Anyone else want to volunteer?” She cast a glance towards the student sitting across from her in the front, softly prodding them with a look to open up a bit with their fellows. “Teamwork is an important part of a Huntsmen’s life, so it’s best you start getting to know each other sooner rather than later.”
Silver Wolf
Dragon Fang Guildhall

Silver didn't offer Prince's comment the merit of a response, cracking his knuckles one by one as Hunter gave him a nod of confirmation. While the presence of the hothead Ash was a bit of a negative, he couldn't help but feel a thrill of excitement surge through his veins. However, before he let that feeling take, a slight bit of movement caught his attention. Prowling at the edge of his vision, unseen to all but himself, a wolf slinked across the hall. Obsidian fur contrasted harshly with the silent intelligence that sat within its gilded amber eyes and while it spoke no words, he knew what it wanted. It was the same thing it always wanted.

Aside from the slight stiffening of his posture, Silver gave no indication that he was bothered by the apparition, merely nodding to Hunter's order before rising from the table with a small nod. He was used to seeing the creature by now, always showing up in moments where he might let his baser instincts take hold of him. To the exile, it was an omen of the weakness he still had to banish from his heart.

"I shouldn't be long, as I tend to travel rather light when I can." He called after the Dragonslayer as he made for his lodging in the upper floors of the Guildhall, making an effort to take the long way around the silent figure of the wolf. To Enma and Ash, he would offer a brief nod of acknowledgment. It was a group he was less than ecstatic about, to be sure, but he would still try his best to be cordial. Well, cordial with Enma at least. Ash wouldn't know how to mind her manner no matter how much he sought to hold his tongue, so he wouldn't bother wasting the effort of hiding his disdain for her if she continued her brash mannerisms.

Contemplating the thought of extended travel with said brashness, Silver couldn't help the irritable sigh that escaped his lips as he climbed the steps to his room. It was going to be a long trip, so he might as well bring a few books to read. It would help to tune her out if he had something else to focus on.

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Argus Leandros

Argus blinked as the small scene of idle chatter and waiting for food turned to a much more serious matter as Karla burst into the guildhall with a gash in her leg. Letting Meredith tend to the injury, the young man's thoughts turned to the poachers, brow furrowing as he tries to understand the situation. While he could believe a bunch of idiots would wander into the forest to poach some deer or the like, why attack a guild mage for their direwolf? Even if it was that valuable a prize, they should know that the other members wouldn't just alow this to happen. Not only that but he thought that the reputation of the guild, while somewhat unfounded, would scare off most of the criminal types that would be wandering around a forest like this. None of it sat right with him, but he kept these inclinations to himself for the time being. Right now, whatever the motive behind it, they had some intruders to apprehend and a guild member to save.

"I'll go after the Poachers." Argus was already out of his chair and heading for the door as he spoke, mind racing with plans and ideas, though nothing concrete given their lack of information. "I'll head out now and try and scout out what kind of set-up they have, maybe do a bit of distraction to lead them away from Talos while the other team gets to work. I think that someone with good restraining magic or spell should deal with Talos, or failing that, feels confident enough in taking on a giant wolf for a good bit. In either case, I'll do my best job to disrupt for the rest of the squad."

Without so much of a confirmation, Argus was already out the door, re-quipping his chameleon cloak in an instant as he broke into a mad dash towards the Crossroads area. Part of him knew he should likely wait up, form a better plan, just take a second to breathe. But the rest of him could only think about the red gash on Karla's leg, the idea of Talos chained up in pain, and what the shadowy figures in his head planned to do with the poor beast if they managed to esape. Memories flooded his mind. Some were his own, others were not, both put him on either side of the scenario. He couldn't stand the idea of it, and he wouldn't be able to keep still or pay attention if he didn't act and act now.

With a pulse of magic into the cloak, he would soon vanish into the brush and trees, invisible except for the slightest ripples of movement that pointed him out. Hopefully, it would be enough for the plan he was forming to succeed.

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And now it begins.

The application period is going to be until the 10th of March, 12 PM my time. After that, I'll start making official acceptions within the following two days. I've made a discord for the RP as well, just send a DM my way for the invite. No posting character sheets into the Char section until you're accepted(obvious, yes, but best to cover my bases).

Team Tusk [TVSC]
Overseer: Auron Carver

Team Frisk [FRSK]
Overseer: Nivea Lanatae

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