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17 Apr 2017 8:10
Current 4 months into this hole 'being a responsible adult thing' and I've come to a conclusion: It sucks and I want to go back to the days where I didn't have to plan out my game time.
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14 Feb 2017 9:33
Was supposed to be productive tonight. . . will try to be productive in the morning
25 Dec 2016 7:22
Taking a short break from posting till Monday/Tuesday, hopefully will feel more creative and less brain-dead
27 Nov 2016 3:24
That feeling when you want to post, but you're brain just doesn't feel like cooperating.
23 Nov 2016 8:17
I've finished my Play through of Pokemon Sun, so expect me to actually make Posts soon. . . hopefully
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@BlessedWrathNeat Description. I'll get to editing my post to reflect this some time tomorrow before or after work.
@BlessedWrathNo problem, take as long as you need. I'm kinda rusty myself in a fashion, as I haven't really written up an actual post that I like in a while. I feel good about this one though, even if it isn't my best by a long shot. It feels like a step in the proper direction, if ya get what I mean.
@BlessedWrathYe, sounds about right. Either way, I'm sure Terg will address it when he sees the convo. Also, post is up. Hope you enjoy it. I left the description of the craft vague since you didn't have a solid definition of what it looked like in your post, but I assume it's only a 1-person sized vessel, ye?
In the depths of the forest, Jaiden was making his way through the trees, his red-tinted eyes turned downward as he searched for signs of his current prey.

"Tch. . . Where is that damnable deer?!?! He was here just a second ago, I swear." Jaiden let out a sigh as he leaned his back against a nearby tree, looking up at the bright blue sky above with a bitter eye. Why am I even doing this? he thought, frustration and agitation causing his brow to furrow in distaste. I know I have myself under control. . . so why do I feel the need to come to this place. The platinum blonde let out a soft sigh as he ran his fingers through his hair. He had been chasing that damn dear for the better part of an hour, meaning to stock up on some more Biotic material so that conversation and the like had less chance of causing an. . . incident. And yet here he was with nothing to show for it on account of him keeping his abilities restrained, lest he get confused for some creature of sorts and attacked. Taking a moment to think about that rather terrible first meeting scenario, he couldn't help but crack a small chuckle and a smile at the ridiculousness of it.

"Welp, might as well turn back an-what the heck is that?" Jaiden's attention was struck from his musings as he saw a brilliant flash of light burst into being within the sky. From this flash, something fell rapidly from the heavens above, shooting across the sky in a veritable ball of fire. Jaiden followed it's decent as it rocketed down at an incline, clipping the treetops right above him and causing a shower of pine needles and tree limbs to rain down upon him. As Jaiden struggle not to get hit by some of the heavier branches of the decimated trees, he'd feel the jarring impact of the object smacking into the ground, the earth shaking ever so slightly beneath his feet. "Well. . . that certainly warrants investigating, don't it?"

It'd take sometime before Jaiden reached the crash site, having not only having to walk quite some distance to actually reach it, but also run damage control on any fires that had been caused by the incredible heat that re-entry had likely subjected the craft to. There weren't many, but it only took one spark to start a wild fire, and if there's one thing he didn't want to deal with at the moment, it was forest fires. As such, when he approached the rim of the crash area, seeing the long line of ravaged earth and decimated trees leading up to the cause of this devastation: a small metal craft unlike anything he'd ever seen before. Hmmm. . . people with spaceships like this are usually good at not crashing them on re-entry, so I'm either dealing with an idiot or someone in need of help.

Jaiden weighed his options in his head as he looked over the strange device, before deciding to approach it, moving at a slow and careful pace. You never knew what kind of security systems people had on these kinds of things, and he wasn't eager to see if he could heal from being disintegrated today. As he got closer and closer to the craft without any noticeable reactions from it, he became a bit more bold, taking a moment to brush his hands against the hull. Despite the time that had passed since it crashed, it was still a bit warm to the touch. Continuing to run his hand along the edge of the craft, the blonde stopped once he neared the front end of the craft as he found what could only be the door to the inside of the vessel. However, said door was currently crushed in such a way that opening it through regular means would've been nigh impossible. Luckily for the possible surviviors of this craft, Jaiden had some irregular means at his disposal to get them out of this death trap.

Taking a step away from the craft, he removed his jacket and tossed on the ground nearby, taking a moment to stretch his arms a tad before he began the transformation. First the flesh began to twist and turn along his arms, undulating violently as the limbs began to spasm in a haphazard fashion. Jaiden's breahing became suddenly labored as he fell to a crouch, hands held out to his side as the flesh of his arms suddenly exploded into a mass of swarming tendrils. Like a nest of long, fat maggots on a carcass, they crawled and writhed over each other, altering the shape and structure of his body until the final result was created. The twisting mass of mutated flesh twitch and pulsated momentarily before settling into itself, leaving Jaden panting ever so slightly as he rose to his feet.

Taking a moment to flex his claws, he couldn't help but note how the tips seemed to be composed entirely of strange darkened ivory and yet still seemed to remain a level of flexibility equal to that of his normal fingers. Strange as it was though, it was pretty handy thing, especially when he needed to do something like this. Rearing his monstrous arms back, Jaiden took a deep breath to center himself, then launched forward to lash out against the metallic hide of the craft. He had feared his claws wouldn't be enough to pierce the hide, but upon impact, the metal gave only a middling resistance before succumbing to his strength, allowing him to get a deep grip along the top and bottom of the door. Setting his stance and squaring his shoulders, Jaiden pulled with all of his might, the metal screeching in shrill protest as it was torn out of it's place. The metal door was sent flying as Jaiden as he tossed it behind him, letting his claws disperse back into a mob of tendrils that quickly receded back into his body. And just like that, he was normal again, no sign of his transformation truly present anymore besides the damages incurred upon the craft and the look of fatigue that crept through his features.

"Well then. . . can't say this is what I expected." he muttered under his breath as he stared down into the ships cockpit to find, off all things, a girl. Judging from the hair and clothes, see seemed to be going through an emo phase, so Jaiden was personally chalking this up to her being a stupid runaway and an alien of sorts. "Bit too human-like to be an alien though. . . maybe a half-blood?" Curious of the girl's possible origins, but also cautious enough to not get to close, he settled for the next best thing.

Walking a short distance from the craft to the nearby forest area, Jaiden picked up one of the bigger, longer sticks that he could find before walking back over to where the girl lay unconscious. He'd give the stick a bit of a twirl before setting it to it's intended purpose: Poking this mystery girl awake. And poke her he did, making sure to not be too forceful so as not to hurt her too badly. If she awoke, then he'd simply wave at her. If she stayed a sleep after so many pokes, he'd simply toss the stick aside and start unbuckling her from her seat, thoughts turning towards taking her to the Lodge thing he was supposed to be at for treatment.

Here ya go, tho we should probably hold off on making a group channel till we talk to the GM and others about the idea, just so we know that most of us want to do it(as Discord can kill OOC presence, which isn't good for people who don't want/can't be involved with it.)
@BlessedWrathi dont think we have stuff like that at the moment, though you could ask the group whether we should start up a group discord or something(or not, since i just did it.)
@BlessedWrathJaiden: *is hurt* "Wow. . . do I really give off that much of a creep vibe?" goes into the corner to sulk

But ye, sounds good and Jaiden would probably think he deserved the shock if he pulled a stunt like that.
@BlessedWrathQuestion: Sam is currently passed out in a crashed Space-ship of some kind, right? Would it be cool if Damien woke sleeping beauty from her little nap by pulling her out of there?
@MatthiasAngelI've been busy with a couple things, so i haven't had the time to do either of those things, but i do plan to work on it today.

Finished. I re-worked a few things now that I'm in a better state of mind, and I can't wait to get things started.

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