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Current Status update: staying up all n8ght fuckin sucks and procrastination is a vile temptress.
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4 months into this hole 'being a responsible adult thing' and I've come to a conclusion: It sucks and I want to go back to the days where I didn't have to plan out my game time.
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Was supposed to be productive tonight. . . will try to be productive in the morning
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Taking a short break from posting till Monday/Tuesday, hopefully will feel more creative and less brain-dead
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That feeling when you want to post, but you're brain just doesn't feel like cooperating.


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Thank ye. Could prob do with some cutting down but ech. Glad ya like it though and if ya got any ideas for the demon of the Fiance, let me know so we can woorkshop some plot stuffs.
Personality and History are as done as they're going to get. Now I just need to BS some filler techs for Wind
@ToyaI think waiting for everyone to finish would be best. At the very least people should get in a solid W.I.P in with enough info to go off of before we actually get into things.
@ToyaYe, because a demon hunter that's also the biggest target for demons seems like a fun meme
@Toya heads up, My nugget is going to be a Breath of Wind Stylist abd if you don't mind, I'm also thinking of having him be a Mareichi(probably butchered that.)
Ye, already have an idea I'm working on. Just need to flesh it out.

Seo offered the other students that came in only the briefest of glances as he flipped through the well-worn pages of his book. He wasn't really reading it though, his eyes skimming over the words without really gathering their meaning. It was an old story detailing the life of a young boy searching for his lost family, all the while avoiding the wiles of monstrous demon's looking to feast on his bones. Nothing more than a silly old folk tale, something that was read by children to teach them morals or impart lessons . . . and yet Seo probably would be lying if he hadn't felt a kinship with the young boy in the story when he was younger. Even now, as he glanced around, a slight swell of anxiety still coursed through him, though it was quickly pushed to the side as they were all called to gather with their new teachers.

The young orphan lagged behind the group as a whole, situated himself somewhere off to the side of the main group as he watched the former vigilantes introduce themselves. Seo held at least a passing familiarity with most of them, having even imitated their styles of heroism a few times himself. It had been a whim more than anything else, but apparently, it had been enough to get him noticed by this place or, at least, by Spacenaut. To say that Seo kind of idolized the man would not be incorrect, so having the recommendation to U.A. be from him was. . . strange to him. Not unpleasant, however. . .

Unless he's just trying to watch over any problematic freaks before they become a problem for him in the future. Seo couldn't help the creeping thoughts of cynical doubt that crept into his mind, souring his expression as his eyes fell back to his story, barely paying attention to the teachers after Spacenaut's first big speech. One guy was a military man, the other was a government guy, and there was some ditz of a woman that had come in late. Not really the vision of professionalism that most imagined from their teachers,

As the demonstrations started up, Seo kept inside of his bubble, glancing up every now and then while keeping most of his attention on his book. The fire guy seemed to be a blowhard, but nothing he couldn't deal with or ignore. . . at least, when he wasn't lighting up like an exposed gas line. The girl after seemed alright, if too cheery for him to want to deal with. He noted that she seemed to have better control of her quirk than most kids he'd met, however, tho he had no clue what the hell she was screaming or. He also caught that she ditzy teacher seemed to whisper to her afterward though. . . . curious.

After the punching girl, however, was a kid who Seo completely tuned out until one of the other teacher's firing a rocket. Lowering his book a bit to get a better look at the cause, he noted the wimpy-looking kid seemed to at least have good control of his quirk, which definitely seemed to be an ill-fit for such a pathetic individual. Two girls came after that didn't really do much personally to interest him aside from their quirks, one being a living slip and slide and the other a more classic manipulator type with a penchant for theatrics. And the last one was the girl who had checked in before him, seeming to have the ability to split herself in half. A neat power that would probably be more useful if she didn't seem to regress to half her size to use it.

When the next guy came up, all hyperactive and impatient, Seo couldn't help the small grimace that came over his face at the thought of dealing with them. However, when they suddenly hopped *into* the teacher, it took every ounce of his control not to jump out of sheer revulsion.

Note to self: Stay the fuck away from that kid. He shivered, closing the book for a moment as he tried to collect himself. By the time he got a hold of himself, the next person game up, a gyaru-lookin' girl who seemed content to just ramble on about something or other while she was on stage. To be honest, Seo was almost as tuned out with her as he was with the human firework show. . . until she nearly killed the lot of them by literally blowing her top mid-rant. Seo gave a sigh of relief, glad that Spacenaut was there to divert the lava spew, while also wondering what that girl was thinking. Did she have absolutely no control over her damn quirk?!?!

The armored man had been focusing on the demonstrations from the other students, but between two volunteers he had realized that Seo hadn't gone up yet and didn't look like he was going to. He had personally invited Seo to apply at UA, hoping that it would help him find his place in the world, but it wasn't going to work if he made no effort to involve himself in the program.
(ー_ー )
Spacenaut tapped his pointer finger against his wrist and out popped a spherical drone no bigger than a tennis ball. White around most of it's exterior but with a black lens similar to his helmet. It silently, subtly, weaved around the crowd to place itself in a hover in front of Seo. It spoke in a volume only audible to him.
"Hey, Yasuhide-kun. I think it's about time you went up there. You'll need to get acquainted with your classmates sooner or later, so give it a shot.

Seo didn't respond to the machine, but he didn't ignore it either as his book remained closed while it hovered in silence for a brief moment. He did refuse to look it in the eye(or lens in this case), keeping his faze low as he picked at some blades of grass. The drone gave a small nod towards the stage before zooming back to its master, the teacher probably hoping that this little nudge would help move the boy along.

As the drone flew away Seo gave a sigh of his own, glancing down at the worn book in his hand for a moment more before getting up with a muttered grumble under his breath.

"Might as well get it over with." He wrung his hands a bit as he got up, mind swirling as an idea sprung to mind of how to properly introduce himself.

After a few steps, he was on the stage wearing a mask of a grin as he took off his jacket and tossed it to the floor, rolling up the sleeves of his undershirt with a bit of a showy flair. Once that was done he turned to the crowd proper with an exaggerated bow. As he rose from it, however, a slight tug from his conscious made him wonder if he should really do this right now, but he shook the thought off as quickly as it came. There was no turning back now. Besides, what he had in mind was tame compared to what he would normally due to psych his classes out.

"Name's Yasuhide WhoTheFuckEvenCares, Quirk name is unimportant, and what it does is this." With a slight flourish, he flipped his hands over in a circular motion, wincing as lines of red sprung forth along his forearms. With another motion, he caused an array of flowing sanguine spikes to spill out from the cuts, following the pattern of wounds along his arms as they undulated and pulsed in rhythm to his beating heart. "Not as fancy as explosive orbs, water skates, or volcanic zits. . . but I make do. I'll tell ya tho, hurts like a bitch."

With a snap of his fingers the spikes crystallized into a translucent crimson crystal formation, and snapping them again turned them back into their normal liquid state the slowly retreated back into Seo's body. All that was left behind was a number of crisscrossing lines of red along his arms. Wringing the numbness out of his hands, Seo walked off the stage back to his spot, hissing a bit as the cuts started to sting a bit in the open air. Sneaking a glance towards the teachers, he was glad that his powers worked the way it did so the way he winced when he saw Spacenaut's digital expression likely was seen as a reaction to his cuts instead.


Welp, I definitely made an impression on him. Seo thought with a sigh, mentally cursing his inability to just go along with the program. Another curse soon followed(this one out loud) as the Ditzy teacher soon made her own displeasure known.

Noriko gasped at the demonstration, but it wasn't the blood that made her upset. Really, it was his indifferent attitude that upset her. She seemed a lot less excited about his quirk to this end, even frowning at the boy. "Seo-kun! Language, please! Your quirk is very interesting, but you should try to take this a little more seriously! No more of this attitude in class!" It was brief and felt more like scolding than the excited rant the others had gotten, but he had earned that for himself.

Just let it go. Seo told himself, even as his steps slowed to a stop halfway back to his previous spot. Don't snark back. It'll only dig the hole deeper. His voice of reason proved ineffective in stopping the gears in his head from churning out a quick response, the grin on his face as he turned back to Noriko made it quite clear that he was not at all ashamed of his actions.

"Oh come on , uh. . . Mori right? I'm pretty sure everyone here has heard much worse language than that just from our 'fan club' outside the front gates." The red along his arms filtered back into the air, coalescing into a construct of a hand flipping the teacher the bird as he turned away, the self-satisfied mask of a smile still firmly on his face as he made his way back. "I was just trying to keep things a bit light-hearted and besides, I'm not wrong. I doubt anyone here really cared that much about my little presentation."

With his piece said Seo recalled the construct back into his body while internally smashing his head against a wall. Did I have to also flip her off? No, no I didn't. Fucking hell. . . Again the boy mentally cursed himself as he fell back into his former seat, opening his book back to its previous page while also awaiting the punishment that would surely come after that brazen act of defiance and disrespect. Well. . . at least that should serve as enough of a deterrent to keep people from bugging me. . . silver linings and all that. . . ugh, what the hell is wrong with me.

And so the Emir Julian Ambrose Khan the First and Only, Bearer of the Sacred Key, Custodian of the Great Games, the Wisest and Noblest Ruler of All Suldan, died for the 17th time that could be remembered.

Three of the deaths had been assassinations, before would-be assassins finally learned that corporeal death was but a trifling matter to His Majesty. Several others had been sporting accidents. One was a duel that the Emir had insisted be to the death (he had later had the other duelist executed and their family sentenced to hard labor, for this was the Emir's way). Three of his deaths had been so unseemly that none dared speak of them even in whispers, for the walls of the royal palace had many ears.

This death however was from an overdose, his seventh such untimely demise. The Emir was a man of boundless appetites and little restraint, and he indulged in the all the worldly pleasures his station afforded him with the zest of one for whom death had no everlasting sting. However when he emerged from the decanting berth this 17th time it was immediately apparent that something had gone terribly wrong. The Sacred Key had been corrupted, bent and twisted by a viral agent, and the Emir's glorious form was desecrated beyond repair.

Worse than even that, though, was without the Sacred Key the planet's many defenses which had been constructed to keep Suldan safe from those who might oppose the Emir's glorious rule lay dormant and inoperable. In a panic the gilded Lords and Ladies who had built their court around the Emir's magnificence attempted the impossible, thinking to break their way past the security locks like craven thieves in order to save themselves, but the Emir's defense grid was far more cunning than any of them and it was just as ruthless as its master.

Reprisal was swift and thorough. Even as the defense grid chastised them for their hubris it turned its tungsten spears against them, raining destruction from on high. Within minutes the royal palace was no more, a cloud of dust and flame rising above the shining city of Hadiqa, capital of Suldan and seat of all light and culture. More spears fell shortly thereafter, shaking the foundations of the city in an admonition to those who also might think themselves above the Emir's unassailable law.

And so with his body broken but his noble spirit undiminished, the Emir and those still loyal to him left Hadiqa ahead of the ravening wolves howling at the gates, retreating into the badlands beyond the city to gather his strength and plan for his eventual return.

War does not determine who is right — only who is left.



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