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Current Merry Christmas boyos, don't forget to, like, be a good person and stuff. Also start thinkin of a new years resolution you'll actually go through with.
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Status update: staying up all n8ght fuckin sucks and procrastination is a vile temptress.
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4 months into this hole 'being a responsible adult thing' and I've come to a conclusion: It sucks and I want to go back to the days where I didn't have to plan out my game time.
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Was supposed to be productive tonight. . . will try to be productive in the morning
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Taking a short break from posting till Monday/Tuesday, hopefully will feel more creative and less brain-dead


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heroically addressing: @LemonsKayo, @FeyblueIzuna

"After you, Nishikiyama-san." Justice returns Izuna's grin with one of his own, quickly falling in step with the group as they made their way into the auditorium. He had to hold back a chuckle at the sudden flash and dim of the fishy student's bioluminesence spots. While he thought it was a little cute, it didn't take a genius to figuree that she seemed a bit anxious right now and making a comment about them might not be the best thing to do right now. She was already half-way into becoming a fish popsicle after all.

"Oh, I'm a local, born and raised." Justice's response is follwed by a quick glance back to Kayo, looking the shorter student over with some curiosity. She seemed to be a happy go lucky sort, given how much she was smiling. She also must not have been used to the snow, given she seemed to have an errant twitch on her face every now and then. Justice wonders, briefly, if her Quirk had anything to do with her serpentine eyes, given they seemed to be the most visually striking aspect of her appearance, which was a common trait among certain quirk types.Not that it could really tell him much, of course. "The cold honestly isn't too bad, all things considered. A few months here and you'll probably barely even notice it. And if not, I could try to find make some warmer stuff for you if you'd like. I'm a bit of a hobby tailor, after all, and I think I have a good idea for fashion and outfits."
heroically addressing: @LemonsKayo, @FeyblueIzuna

"Ahhhhh, yeah that'd make sense. Was a little hard to tell if it was all the 1st years heading that way from up on the building." Justice didn't say anything about the taller student's face slapping or wide-mouth staring. She had likely been stunned by his entrance and needed to take a moment to compose herself, unlike the green-eyed girl she had been talking with before his arrival. In her seemed to be a kindred spirit, given her earnest, but respectful, applause, earning them a wide grin from the flamboyant young man as he sought to give a bit of an encoure.

With a flourish, Justice twirls out a small flashlight from his blazer pocket, flicking it on to reveal a surprisingly intense beam to shine into his palm. Rather than making a small spotlight, however, the two girls would see the light waves seem to almost split around his hand, colaescing into thin strands of light that quickly began to soldify into a soft neon white rod about the size of a ruler before the boy flips it off. Flipping it between his fingers for an added bit of showmanship, he uses it to point the way to the assembly hall while giving a short bow. "Glad you liked it, Mi-Me and I look forward to being in a class with you both."

"But enough of that, we should prob get going, yeah? Our tall friend here can't be having a good time out in the cold like that." Justice gestures to the taller of them with the light rod as he takes a step towards the hall, though his eyes glaze over briefly as he seems to lose himself in thought for a moment. The smile on his face fading into a look of deep concentration as his attention focuses on something in the distance. Suddenly, the light rod in his hand begins to rapidly dim, it's form rippling and shaking until it suddenly bursts into pieces in his hand. As if on que, the young man seems to come out of his stupor, shaking his head and rubbing his eyes as he quickly turns away with a sudden laugh. "Sorry, lost focus there for a moment, what was I saying. . . oh, assembly hall, right? Getting out of the chill, maybe getting . . . I'm sorry, I don't think I either of your names? I've been really. . . really rude, haven't I?"

When Justice turns back to the two, his smile seems a bit. . . less than before.


The call, no, the maddened scream came from above as a figure launches itself from one of the nearby buildings towards the school grounds. Flipping in the air with a joyful abandon, their peril was quick to tuirn to spectacle as an object in hand burst into a flash of bright golden light that soon formed into a curved hook to catch onto one of the decrated tree limbs that lined the streets.

Once, Twice, Three times would the loud figure whirl around before momentum finally launches them forward into a rather rough looking rollalong the snow covered ground, the slick icy terrain taking them a bit further than they ended until they finally find their feet, skiding to a stop right before a green-eyed student and taller one with white hair.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannd saaaaaaaaaffffffffffffffffffffe." Justice bellows as he comes to a stop just short of crashing into the green-haired girl, arms pinwheeling a bit inan effort to balance himself out as he got toa more steady footing. Running a hand through platinum blonde hair, the student gave the two girls a dazzling smile and a snappy salute as if he hadn't been about to crash into them. "Heh, Sorry about that, misjudged my landing but I'd say that's not bad for a first try with no practice, run, huh?"

As he stood there, the two could see that while the boy had 'spruced up' his uniform, mainly in the lapel and the bottom edges all having the kanji for Justice sewn onto them in a bright gold thread. He'd also replaced the buttons to shiny golden ones as well.

"The name's Justice or Justice, take your pick really, and I . . . am a bit lost. Do either of you know where Class 1A is supposed to gather? I'm pretty sure my dad told me about it but I, uh, can't say remember much about the conversation."

Interacting with:Lienna@Obscene Symphony, Rudolf@Scribe of Thoth

As enemy forces charged forth from the thick fog in a storm of wind and flame, Ezekial could not help but mutter a curse under his breath as he quickly backsteps to protect Celeste from any coming attacks, his blade drawn and at the ready as he noted the sniveling form of the Mage scamper into the mist.

" Simpering coward. . .," The young man took advantage of the dense fog to let his disgust for the move show on his face, but didn't have the time to say more as the sound of footsteps from behind cut through the cries of battle that surrounded him.

Turning with a quickness, he barely managed to catch the blade of the footsolider attacking, deflecting it off to the side and then shoulder checking the man before he had a chance to fix his footing, making space between him and Celeste.

"Leave him to me, Celeste. Keep to the middle and watch for more attacks from the fog." *He didn't bother to made sure she heard, having to trust in her for now as he steps forth to face the soldier, who had now recovered and charge forth to swing at the Gloucester boy. He answers with a quick twist of his blade, deflecting the strike tot eh side at the last moment as he takes a quick side step.

Back straight, foot forward, breathe calm. Another strike, another deflection, the man's anger apparent in his gait as he charges now, holding his blade in two hands. The soldier swings wide. . . and Ezekial spots his opening. Drawing in a breath as the glow of his crest sparks over his forehead, the young swordsman ducks under the blade swing in a moment of superhuman speed. Before his assailant could even finish his swing, Ezekial's rapier launches out from below to pierce through his neck and turns his cry of surprise into a strangled gurgle. Ezekial klet his gaze meet the dying soldier's as their weight suddenly fell onto him, expecting some feeling of guilt, revulsion, or even fear to come over him as he made his first true kill. He'd heard time and again that such things were normal to feel, that it was no simple thing to take the life of your fellow man. But as he pushes the man off himself, the red stain that covered his gloves and armor did no more to distrub him than if they'd been the result of spilt wine.

There was nothing.

He felt nothing for this ma- no, this pile of cooling meat that had once been a man. A simple fact that left him feeling colder than the mist that seemed to cling to him so strongly now, the sounds of battle fading away as he took a moment to gather his wits. It wasn't until he heard one of the other student's yelling that he came to his sneses, looking to stare at the source of the commotion. It was a girl, he couldn't remember who she was, but she seems to have struck by a stray arrow. Her attention, however, was more focused on. . .

"By all the. . . if you're going to be a coward, at least do it properly." Ezekial once more drew a breath, digging into the power of his crest ot surge forward, moving past the caster in order to get to the mage boy. THey needed every source of firepower they had if they were going ot get out of this, and if the idipot wasn't going to hide in a corner, then Ezekial wans't about to let him die now if he could help it.

Interacting with:Albrecht@Asura, Clarissa@Achronum , Location: Garreg Mach Monastery

The young Gloucester let his hand fall as he thought a bit on Albrecht's question, tapping his fingers against the desk.

"I suppose so. it's always nice to get a wide array of contact with those you'll be dealing with in the future." Ezekial night have tried to embleish his opinion's a bit around others, but with Albrecht he was confidant enough that he didn't need to fully out on the mask around the boy. It wasn't like he was-

"Good Morning, Professors."

All thoughts freeze as Ezekial turns to face Clarissa with a polite and practiced smile, even if the sight of the Edmond girl did cause a sudden spike in his heart rate. What in the hell was she doing here?

"If you're offering, than who would I be to refuse?" The young noble responds easily to the invitation, though part of him wondered if pleasanties were all the girl had in mind. While not prone to dishonesty or subterfuge in all the time he'd known her, it did feel like an odd request. While their relationship was mostly cordial, she had made her position as one of the fiercest wolves out for his throat quite clear. Still, he had little reason to refuse, and didn't wish to appear needlessly rude to the new faces that started to stream in after Clarissa. "Set a time and I'll be glad for a short chat over. . . Lavender, perhaps? Or well, maybe after Lavender in this case."

Ezekial turns his attention back to the board as the teacher of the same name starts to go over their current mission: cleaning up after the church's mess it seems. Ezekial held back the urge to sigh, wondering why the such vaunted Knights couldn't handle some common dissidents themselves. For all the bluster they spew about being some of the best worries, they sure did take any opportunity to have Academy Students get involved in their business.

Still, it's the duty of the nobility to protect their vassals, so I must do my best. Still, with me, the slob, and the choir boi leading the frontlines I have to wonder-

" -- Celeste Gloucester will strengthen the backline."


Once more the noble felt as if his heart rate had doubled, this time letting out a hiss breath as it took everything he had not to let his anxiety show more than that.

It's fine, she's in the backline, she'll be safe with the teacher's, she definitely won't get lost in the mist and . . . fuck. No. No. Calm down, you knew she'd be sent out on these kinds of missions, she's being trained just as you are, and if worst comes to worst, you'll be around to make sure it doesn't.

Ezekial looks between the two volunteers for the advance unit, deciding his pride would have to take the hit here and they'd have to be enough for it. Jorah, at least, was a decent shot and had a better nose for danger than most. Still it irks him, not being part of the advance team, but he had more important priorities than cleaning up after the Church right now.


Physical Description
Justice stands at about average height for a boy of his age, standing out by sheer virtue of his brilliant platinum blonde ahir and vibrant eyes that he often styles to be as attention catching as possible. He has handsome if somewhat effeminate features, tho whichever way he wants to come off is decided on the day as he dis through his sizeable wardrobe. When it comes to fashion, he often goes for either very loud and eye-grabbing clothes or settle for loose and baggy when it comes time to jus trelax or walk around the time.

As for his physical ability, Justice always works to keep himself in peak fitness, at times tending towards over doing it which has left him in some pickles during his training. Still, that leaves him with a lean athletic build which has even started to see a bit of definition as of late, a fact that he has often bragged to his family about much to their irritation.

Personal History
Terada has never been alone. Born with a twin, living in a family of 6 tha tquickly become a family of 8 once his younger siblings were born, he has never once really known of a time where he wasn't with at least one other person at all times. Akari, his twin, has always been tinkering with gears and electronics in the bed next to his, his mother has always been hovering just out of sight, keeping an eye on her troublemaking middle child lest he cause some other incident requiring her to run damage control on.

Even when him and Akari found themselves gettiing older with no sign of a quirk popping up, the two often took solace in the fact that the misfortune was shared.

It was during typical altercation with some know-it-all older kids trying tp push Akari around, did Terada finally get a slight feeling of what it would be like to be lonely. One moment, he was swinging at the bullies ineffectually, a feeling of anger and frustration building up in him as he wanted to make this kid stop already, only for the world to be consumed in a bright flash of light. Everyone screamed out in shock, including the teacher who'd come in to break up the fight, but Terada's vision seemed to recover quicker than the others. As such, he saw, before Akari managed to hide the expression away, the most devastated expression he'd ever seen planted across his twin's face.

That look haunted Terada for a long time afterwards, evne as he tried to smile and accept the congratulations from the teachers, from his family, his parents, the face Akari had made, some mix between sorrow and outrage, really hit the boy in his core. Because it came with a question:

"What if Akari. . . doesn't want to be around me anymore?"

This one fear, this early dread of being without one of the closest people in his life, is likely what drove Terada into his next action. Upon seeing the same bullies from before starting to circle Akari and pick at them, did he suddenly feela surge of outrage and . . . determination fill his chest. And in that instance, yelling at the top of his lungs for the bullies to stop, in that moment, the persona known as Justice was born and his desire to become a hero for the people.

Character Arc
Justice has no friends.

The only people he's been really "close" to are his family, and now he's away from them, in a lone apartment with a stranger, and having to deal with the fact that his closest sibling, Akari, has begun avoiding him despite all he feels like he's done to help them. Justice is, to say the least, got in a bit of a rutt emotionally and this has led him to double down on his persona even if internally he knows it's a bad move.

But going on from here, the thing Justice is hopefulyl going to learn is A)just toning it down a bit and accepting the realities of the job when compared to his fantasies about hero work. B) he needs to learn to not just hear people, but actually listen when others are speaking and take their opinions to heart, rather than only giving them some token consideration. While not exactly a bad guy, Justice has taken to a veryhead strong approach to thigns and will brute force his way through social awkwardness, a habit he needs to break. Lastly, he just needs to learn to grow up. To realize that there is only so much he can do as a person and that he can't protect everyone by himself, no matter how much he wants too.

quirk wise, Justice will likely learn to increase the size and strength of his constructs, as well as being able to manipulate them without having to be in direct contact with them. Also making solid constructs with even ambient light since currently, he's limited to more focused, high intensity light to make his stronger constructs. He alsot could learn to shift wavelengths and structure of his constructs to give them the appearance of normal objects for more sneaky uses of his abilities, tho they'd always have a bit of a tell-tale glow to them.

Quirk Description
Known by the name of BURNING JUSTICE, most will find little about the Quirk to be either firey or particualrly tuned towards Judicial process. Instead, this Emitter Quirk allows Justice to harness light into physical constructs, making for quite the diverse powerset that would make him an assesst to any Hero Agency when he grows up.

While Justice has done much to hone his Quirk, studying books on the science behind quirks and taking every opprortunity at home to train with it, he still has quite a bit to learn and master before he manages to reach the full potential of it. As such, in order to really get the full potential of his Quirk, he often carries around a number of high powered flashlights to make for an easy light source to draw from, since high intensity sources of light are easier to condense and draw from then more ambient that exists in the daytime and what not, though he is certainly able to draw from that as well. Such constructs tend to be weaker and more prone to breakage.

Another aspectof this quirk, howeever, that most are not quite aware of i sthat the strength of his constructs is also bolster by his own confidence in himself, and thus through hyping himself up he can usually make bigger or somewhat more complicated constructs the more motiviated he is, thouggh vice versa, if his will inhimself is sufficiently shaken than his ability to form things suffers as well. This has led Justice to go for a "less is more"approach to using his powers, supplementing his abilities with tech to better hide the shortcomings that may come if he's ever doubtful of himself or in a particularly funky mood. Simple geometric shapes that take relatively little mental energy to maintain are his mainstays, while the current outer limit of what he can do with some level of ease is greating and maintaing a sort of photon body armor that takes on the highly shock absorbent properties of his constructs.

Justice has rarely pushed himself ot his absolute limit when it comes to his quirk, however, so he doesn't really kow the upper limit of what he can create, self-doubt always creeping in the back of his mind often making him decide any attempts would end a bit disaterously.

Interacting with:Albrecht@Asura , Location: Garreg Mach Monastery

"A strong enough guess, I'd say. I wonder if it's that time of year."
Ezekial glances towards the map with a scanning eye, recognizing the terrain from his studies. "Magdred way, known for it's dense forestry and occasionally even denser fogs. I don't know terribly much about the area, but it would make a suitable place to train for fighting at a disadvantage if the fogs are up."

That, and provide a perfectly reasonable excuse for a little 'training accident' if one was so inclined to cause one. Anything could happen in the fog, after all. The young gloucester didn't let the sour thought show on his face, though one might notice a slight shift in his eyes as he gaze lingers on the professors. Before another moment passes, however, Ezekial merely shakes his head as he turns his attention towards the Adrestian boy's attempt at small talk.

"Ah yes. I will admit that having a chance to properly how my swordsmanship gives me a bit of exciement, even if it might not be what my family had wished for me to learn. The Leicester Alliance is known for it's bowmanship, after all, but it never really appealed to me when I was younger. Besides, by the time I grew into my title, I had already become too attached to the blade to really give it up. That said," He raises a hand to conjure a small sigil of Thunder between his fingers, letting arcs of electric energy dance between them a bit before he letting it dissipate harmlessly. "Never hurts to cover your bases if you come across a foe that you can't easily reach on foot."

"But enough about me, what kind of things have you been studying, Albrecht? You always seem to fly by most of our classes, I assume you have a free hour or two to spare for your own side interests?" Ezekial smiles as he returns the idle chatter back to Albrecht, though truthfully he didn't think the boy would have much of interest to say. While undoubtably skilled, Ezekial was certain that anything the Adrestian would dean to share with him would be very droll and typical of such a diehard devotee of Seiros. He'd met dozens of such characters before and he'd not doubt meet dozens more that would bore him to tears about praise and worship and other such things. While he did hold a grateful spirit towards the Goddess, her followers tended to be some of the most long-winded speakers he'd ever met.

Interacting with:Albrecht@Asura , Location: Garreg Mach Monastery

Breathe In

A moment of silence, soon followed by the clashing of blades in rapid succession. Thrust to counter thrust, riposte into a quick assault, a deft deflection into another parting. The swordsman held his blade at the ready, electric blue eyes never leaving the imagined opponent he faced, only letting his tension ease when he heard the toll of the bell ringing out from the Monastery's clocktower. With a twirl of the wrist, he fits the tip of the blade up to the edge of his sheath and slides it closed in a single deft motion.

Breathe out.

"That would be. . . sixth bell, I think?" Ezekial mutters to himself as he looks around the training room. Proffessor Lavender had given their class a bit of a free period for the day. . . except for him and a few others, much to the young Gloucester's slight irritation to have his studies interrupted so. But such are his duties, both as a noble and as a student, and so he cuts his training short.

Gathering up his belongings, Ezekial walks outside into the open courtyard as he heads for the classrooms wondering what errand thneir proffessor had for them now.

Ezekial came in shortly after Albrecht had arrived, having taken the time to wash the sweat and grime of training off him.

"Good Morning, Professor Lavender." The young Gloucester walked in with his finest smile, giving a small salute to the woman before moving to the other teachers in turn. "Same for you both as well Professor Tomai, Professor Michail."

Some form of soecial training exercise with another class? Odd, but not unheard of. Ezekial pondered the presence of the other faculty but didn't say much on it as he moved to a seat towards the front of the class as well nodding to Albrecht even if he wished he could afford some distance from the young man. Not out of any true distaste but just. . . something about the sincerity of the Adrestrian's manner felt so unbelivable to him every time he talked to them. Still, a distrust for sincerity was no reason to be rude or hostile, so he offered his fellow student a smile as he settled in. Besides, better to stick to someone familiar for now, rather than potentially drawing attention by avoiding him.

"Good Morning to you as well, Albrecht. Any thoughts on why Proffessor Lavender called us here today? A Mission? Maybe Training?" Perhaps roping her students into a plan to help her find a decent man for once. Ezekial chuckled to himself at the last thought, being somewhat aware that their professor's. . . assertive attitude had thrown off a few suitors. Then again, most of the suitors she tended to attracted were less than desirable so he really couldn't blame her for the poor luck. . . even if he wanted to tease her about it every now and then.

Before he'd gotten a reply, however, another familiar face walked into the room.

Ah, the busy body from Farghus is here as well, with the typical mouthful salute. Ezekial offered the girl a small polite wave as she moved to the middle of the room, wondering idly if that was her second danish, or her 22nd. If he didn't know any better, he'd have thought the girl was a starving peasant the way she horfed down anything resembling food. Honestly, he found it a wonder she managed to keep a figure with all she ate, but given the amount of work she always seems to be doing, the stress and constant momvement probaly had a hand in that.

In any case, if she didn't want to engage with him than ezekial was fine with keeping to himself as well, having done his due dilligence to at least acknowledge her.

Hello all, I'll be your Gloucester rep for this RP. Sheet's not done yet, still need to figure out the all the kinks but hope we can all have a good time.
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