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Current Merry Christmas boyos, don't forget to, like, be a good person and stuff. Also start thinkin of a new years resolution you'll actually go through with.
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Status update: staying up all n8ght fuckin sucks and procrastination is a vile temptress.
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4 months into this hole 'being a responsible adult thing' and I've come to a conclusion: It sucks and I want to go back to the days where I didn't have to plan out my game time.
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Was supposed to be productive tonight. . . will try to be productive in the morning
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Taking a short break from posting till Monday/Tuesday, hopefully will feel more creative and less brain-dead


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Yeah, that'd be appreciated thank ya very much.
This RP still closed?

Again sensations trembled through the earth, rousing the being as it felt something coil through its formless consciousness.


Shifting and writhing within the land's veins of magic, it lashes out. Mana surges forth, twisting and tearing at the earth, winds, and sky with its rage.

Action: Shape Climate

I4- Eternal Storm raging over the entire square, with only a single center of calm within the center

H21- Wild Magic pours into the area, dangerous and uncontained it lashes out at anything and everything, causing strange disfigurations within the area. A very hazardous place.

Action: Shape Land

P6- Rising upward into the sky and down into the earth are strange black crystals that spread like a disease. The largest of these crystals is an ebon spire that can be seen from miles upon miles away. From time to time, the stones pulse with red and golden energy, as if about to burst, before soon settling once more.

S5- A massive canyon range is carved into the earth, possessing cavernous caves within the rock faces that reached deep into the bowels of the land.

Points remaining: 1 of 11
Within the bowels of the land . . . something stirs. It is slight, with little purpose or direction, reacting to something it does not know. Yet from the veins of the world, pulsing with the rush of magival power, it begins to think. It begins to wonder. It begins to form.

Nothing happens . . ..for now.
Bludmach: Outskirts

As things seemed to settle into quiet. All that could be heard between the 4 was the gurgling of swamp gas and the ethereal creak of Klaus’ spiritual vessel sinking into the displaced muck of the marsh. As Kvasir stomped over to the finish of the creature, however, he’d find nothing but a few small red beads that seemed to have adorned the monster, cracked from the force of the impact.

Malon, lifting himself up with a pained groan as he did his best to get the most of the caustic gunk off of any exposed part of himself as he could with a gloved hand, looked around with a rather nervous energy.

“Hey, uh. . . Mr. Wolfman? Can that ship of yours fly by any chance? I don’t think the cart is going to be in proper shape af-GACK.” The soft-spoken Marsh Runners' words were cut off as a black tendril wrapped itself around his neck and slammed his head down onto the ground with a hard thud. His body went limp as from beneath him, the creature rose, though it’s figure was more. . .transparent than it had before. For Kvasir and Klaus, however, very little time would be afforded to ponder such things, as a sudden pressure around their ankles was all the warning they’d get before their legs were ripped out from underneath them, two more figures rising above them. Amorphous blobs of transparent mist and shadows with a pulsating red core at their center, the surprise attack would be followed by even more tendrils coiling around the two men in an attempt to push them into the caustic muck.

The most solid one, however, did not seem intent on staying. With a swiftness, it gathered up the limp body of Malon and started to fly across the Marsh in a jet of inky blackness, aiming to leave with the Runner rather than continue the fight.

White Harbor

Team Bessie: Quest Start

As Serena gives a wave to see you on your quest, the three of you make your way to the docks. The sounds of waves breaking against the dock supports are nearly masked by the hustle and bustle of the excited fisherman looking eagerly towards the water and busy dock workers moving to and fro.

The reasoning for this excitement was quick to show itself, however, as from the depths of the bay a rather large creature sprung forth from the water jaws snapping at something overhead before it fell back into the waves. Waves that now rushed towards the dock, building up into some rather massive crests as they surged forth. However, before they could even get close, an array of runic sigils would pop up a little distance away from the docs, holding the massive surge of water back. If they looked, the group would see that on little rowboats not to far away from the barrier were a few men holding out there hands, likely the ones maintaining the barrier.

One such rowboat was pulling up to dock now, carrying in a rather exhausted looking young man who barely seemed to manage enough strength to tie his boat to the supports.

@Sanguine Rose@j8cob@pkken
Bludmach: Outskirts

Klaus’ maneuver proved more than enough to protect the Marsh runner from a grisly fate, though the surge of muck that followed his ghostly vessel launching itself forward from below did send him flying once more with a very audible scream. To his credit, the man did manage to act on Klaus’s words as he soared, tucking himself into a ball-shape so as to minimize both exposure and impact damage if he did make an impact with the ground.

The black beast, however, would find itself getting properly keel-hauled as the ethereal vessel ran aground on top of it with a rather nasty crunch. The ship would slide forward a few feet before coming to a halt, the short burst of excitement quickly falling into silence as nothing seemed to happen in the wake of the ambush.

Was it dead?
White Harbor


“A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Arc,” Clara said, though somewhat distracted by the slight commotion going on back at the guildhall. It seemed like someone had gotten into a fair spot of trouble with their. . . Aunt? The reporter couldn’t quite tell but pushed the event out of her mind, for now, and focusing her attention on the small group that seemed to have formed around her. “So, if we’ve got nothing to talk about while we walk. . . how about a little impromptu interview? No hard questions, I promise, but now that I don’t have to worry about that Serena hovering over me, I feel a bit more free to ask a few.”

“For example. . . how did all of you come to join Winter’s Blade? Most of you don’t seem like Harborites. . . at least, not to me.”
Serena and Aiden

“Well now, looks like the lot of you have a proper plan going.”Serena chuckled, taking the glass back from Cade with a nod. At Ria’s little speech, her smile tapered off a bit, but only for a moment before she continued speaking. “Now then, since the reporter has gone and run off with Nia and Star boy, I guess I’m going to have to tell Aiden he can st-”

Before she could finish her sentence, the doors to the Guild Master’s office blew open with a burst of frigid air that coursed through the whole of the guildhall and giving everyone, even the newly protected party, a bit of a shiver. That was not all the came, however, as the gust was followed by a squad of flying shapes that darted and swooped around the hall to spread a faint dusting of glistening ice particles to fall gently through the air like a rain of sparkles(to the delight of children in the hall and the mumbled groan of a few adults as they hugged their coats tighter). The flying shapes would land, one after another, on the banister before the guild master’s office, revealing themselves to be rather immaculately carved dynamic Ice-Make sculptures of Falcons as Aiden made his entrance. Dressed in a large fur white fur coat that melded with his own mane of white locks so well it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began, with some rather fine clothes presented underneath, he nearly looked the part of a regal guild master.

Almost. . . if not for the child-like grin that broke his face apart as he set one foot on the railing, whipping a hand out in greeting as he made prepared himself to make an announcement.

Peeeeeople of Winter’s Blade!! I would like you all to wel-”

“She’s gone.” You could hear a pin drop in the silence that followed Serena’s statement as Aiden hung there, mid-pose.

“She’s . . . huh?

“She’s gone. Left to follow a request with Arc, Nia, and a few others. . . I think I might’ve scared her off, not gunna lie.”

An audible groan followed shortly after Serena’s statement as the guild master let his arm drop limply to his side, blowing a stray strand of hair from his face.

“Well. . . at least she’s in good company. I trust that whoever she’s with will give her a great impression of us.” With a slight shake of his head and a light tap to the cheek, Aiden regained his good mood and continued his momentum. With a strange level of grace for the towering man, he flipped over the railing as his Ice-make creations took flight behind him, each one moving to just where he’s about to land before he gets there to act as another jumping-off point as he traversed across the breadth of the hall in a matter of moments before finally landing down at his destination: right beside Kim to watch Mrs. Bloomberg make her exit.

“Which means I can take a moment to ask what seems to be the problem between you and Mrs. Bloomberg?” He knelt down beside the boy, taking a look towards the door, then Serena before settling back to Kim with an almost expectant glance. “Something you want to tell me?”
@Sanguine Rose@j8cob@pkken@Leslie Hall

Beast of the Bludmach
In recent times, a string of assaults have taken place within the Marshes of Bludmach, leading to severe food and water shortages. Head to the City and find out who or what is behind these attacks.ELDRID, KLAUS, KVASIRIN PROGRESS
A Light in the Dark
White Harbor is no stranger to bizarre happenings or disappearances, to many it's just part of life here. However, Thoronia Whitecliff's son has gone missing and she won't just sit down and accept it.ARTURUIS, LEE, KARNA, NIAIN PROGRESS
A local tradesman would like to have some added security as he travels to Hilgerd. Talk of bandits along those roads.TRIXIAIN PROGRESS
Pop Goes the Weasel
A pest infestation has come along with the spring time weather. Give these White Harbor men a hand at getting rid of 'em.---PENDING
Drive off Big Bessie
Big Bessie has come around for her yearly frolick, but the sea hasn't been as plentiful as we like with her bounty this season. It's been two weeks, so if you could drive her off for a bit, it'd be great.RIA, WILL, CADEIN PROGRESS

Credit to Hero


"Give the kid a break, grumpy." Serena rolled her eyes as Caderyn glared down Arc as if he wanted to vaporize him with the strength of his gaze along. "I don't get what you have against the kid. He's a bit loud, sure, but harmless for the most part. . . and makes for good eye candy for a few of the village girls if the rumor mill is anything to go by. Makes good business when they come and try to talk to the dolt."

With that said, the red-haired woman looked over to see that Claire was still talking with Nia, but didn't seem to be taking down any notes like you'd expect an interviewer to do. Taking a sip from one of the glasses in front of her, Serena wondered what the spectacled reported had in mind but decided to leave her to it. She had done her part in setting everything up and telling Aiden that the girl was here, so everything else was up to him.

"Before Ria comes and collects you both, either of you wants this drink? Seems like Nia and Company are stealing our reporter away from us and I'd hate to see it go to waste."

"Glad to see you guys don't lose your sense of humor around here." Claire couldn't help but join Nia in her laughter as the strange blonde started to pose for seemingly no reason. She gave a nod of acknowledgment to Nia and Lee as she followed them over, risking a glance over at Serena as she did so. Seemed like the redhead wasn't moving to intercept her, so she was likely free to proceed with the group on their job. Glancing over at Lee, she couldn't help but notice another figure skulking around along the edges of the guildhall, with little lights that acted in a similar fashion to the stranges. . . illusions she wanted to say that the pale man had around him.

"Uh. . . excuse me for assuming but. . . do you know that little girl over there? The one with the lights popping in and out of sight over her head?"

Road to Hilsgerd

For one Trixia Blackfang, the last few days had been. . . less than stellar. Two days of nothing but watching the scenery go by, chilly nights on the roadside, a rather tasteless campfire broth, and similarly unappetizing trail rations. So far, the rest of today seemed likely to just be more of that as she sat on the back of the wagon while the trader that had requested the job managed the oxen pulling them along with nary a word to say. The entire trip he'd been fairly quiet and averse to conversation, speaking only in one or two words responses at best.

"HEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy Trixie. . . whatcha lookin' at?"

(Un)Fortunately, the man's son, Odin, proved to be much more sociable sort, having poked and prodded at the young girl for details and stories about how the guild was like, about her magic, about her life before the guild, and any other number of topics that a young merchant's son could think of as he tried his best to either get to know or irritate the girl. At present, he was sitting next to his father, turned around to give the young girl one of his beaming over-exuberant smiles.

"I can't wait to show you the sights at Hilsgerd. Most people tend to think it's just a sleepy little town, but I'm telling you that if you know where to look, it can be quiet the fun little destination." He continued without even giving her room to really answer, gesturing to the road ahead where one could just make out the signature Windmill that marked the boundary town. While explicitly on the border between this region and the rest of Fiore proper, it was the first major settlement that people from Fiore are likely to pass through and as a result, often sees quite a bit of trade flowing through it. "There's that one pie shop that mother always loved to visit, the minstrel shows that play around midday, not to mention sneaking up to the old windmill. Oh, and let's not forget. . . "

And so the boy would likely continue, spouting off about all of the mundane little pleasure to be found in the town unless Trixie saw fit to interrupt him.

Bludmach: Outskirts

As the trio got themselves sorted out after their tumble in the back of the wagon, Klaus and Eldrid both would be made privy to another noise entering the marshlands, if only just so. Hidden in between the bursts of toxic bursts. . . a low grumble that was coming from. . . below. They would have only an instant to react before the entire wagon was suddenly launched skyward, flipping end over end and sending any unable to react in time soaring as well. Where the wagon had been situated, a shadowy creature stood instead, its form flickering as if it was not but a mirage brought on by the toxic swamp gases.

But the strength which had launched the wagon was very much real and so was the toxic muck that some of the crew was about to fall into. Contact with the red mud with any exposed flesh would bring forth an almost searing pain as the caustic stuff began to eat away at their very flesh. Malone, for his part, was already getting ready to break his fall, curling into a ball to disperse as much of the force from landing as he could manage. That, mixed with the soft nature of the soil, made it so the force of the fall would not be too bad for anyone taking similar precautions, though it still knocked the wind out of him upon impact, seemingly unable to get up right away as he tried to catch his breath.

They would be given scarely a moment to breath, however, as the creature continued its assault by tearing a path straight towards the weakest link in the group: Malon.
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