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Current Merry Christmas boyos, don't forget to, like, be a good person and stuff. Also start thinkin of a new years resolution you'll actually go through with.
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Status update: staying up all n8ght fuckin sucks and procrastination is a vile temptress.
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4 months into this hole 'being a responsible adult thing' and I've come to a conclusion: It sucks and I want to go back to the days where I didn't have to plan out my game time.
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Was supposed to be productive tonight. . . will try to be productive in the morning
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Taking a short break from posting till Monday/Tuesday, hopefully will feel more creative and less brain-dead


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Avaddon did not stop in his savaging attacks as the creature reared in pain from the combined assault, continuing to move along the beast's body as he noted the strange dark protrusions with some concern. However as he heard the rumbling gurgle of the beast's breath forming within the gullet, the monk knew he needed to act fast. Picking up speed as he clawed his way up the creature, he soon made it to the top of the beast, heaving himself up with a flip to land on its head with a feral grin. As the scales along his shoulders once more rattled, he gathered his inner power into him with a low breath. Taking a firm stance, he dug low, resisting the movements of the creatures writhing as best he could.

After this brief silence, the monk would let out a bellowing scream as his fingers curled into a fist and slammed down into the creature's head.Hard. And so would every blow that comes after the first, a successive exclamation to accentuate the force of every fire-infused blow into the creature's upper half would have all of Avaddon's strength put into it. His goal was to either disorient or otherwise disable its ability to effectively deal with the others by focusing it's attention on the one up above. If it continued to ignore him, it would be at the beast's own peril.
Yasuhide Seo

Seo had woken up in not the best of moods. The episode from the previous day and how . . . awkward the interaction with Namie had been the other day had hung in his mind deep into the night, and as such he and his boy scout of a dormmate hadn't done much in the way of talking. They'd gotten across some basic things but he'd been too distracted to really get to know the guy.

And as he entered the classroom full of people, he continued to not really pay all the much attention to those around him. He gave the odd nod here and there, but it all served as just a way for him to get into his seat faster without any real interactions. Absently, he felt at his neck, the aching of his scar still seeming to resonate as it had been doing on and off the whole day yesterday. Luckily, it didn't grow into anything more than that, though the medications he had taken once his dormmate had left did make him feel somewhat woozy this early in the morning. It was a common side-effect and faded with time, but he still couldn't help but hate the sensation. It was like cotton and fog filling his brain, a stuffy feeling the made everything just a little harder to process.

Falling into his seat with a groan, he hung his school bag of his chair and wrote a quick little blurb on his white-board before laying his head down. The whiteboard was left leaning against his resting head, reading a simple message:

~Feeling a little tired this morning. If you need me, just tap my shoulder, kay?~
Unfortunately, Avaddon's scouting venture proved a little less than useful as it seemed their prey were fleeing from something else entirely: Their mother. As the large Malboro tore down his perch and sent him tumbling to the ground, the large man did his best to absorb the impact as he crouched into the fall, rolling to a slight halt someway from the group. Luckily, it's attention was more focus on the others than himself, so he was afforded the time to catch his breath and pick himself back up.

As Avaddon rose to his feet, cracking his neck and shoulders, he sized up the beast before him. It was a rather large one, that was to be certain, but the lack of care it showed towards it's young meant they likely didn't have to worry about it receiving any reinforcements. As it focused on the party's frontline, Avaddon took a moment to circle round its backside as the others held it's attention. Once he was free of possibly getting hit, the monk took a crouching stance, hands before him in a clawed motion as he focused. A single step forth, then another, and soon he was surging forward in a pouncing strike at the creature from behind. As Artemisa pummeled the beast from the front, he sought to dig into its flesh from behind. Through the mass of coiling tendrils and eyes, he latched on, launched a quick barrage of strikes, and then moved elsewhere to begin the process anew, doing his best to divert the monster's attention and perhaps find a weak spot where he could do some real damage.
Bludmach: Outskirts

Kvasir attack drew a screech from the smokey creature holding him, the blades of crimson ichor cutting through it’s weakened form with no issue. Unlike the main creature, this one seemed to struggle to pull it’s body together, following after the Godslayer even as its body struggled to remained connected to the dull red stone at it core. Klaus, meanwhile, would struggle to stand as the creature attacking him sought to drag him deep into the toxic muck. Luckily, his size and strength proved enough to keep him upright for the moment. As a result, the creature changed tactics, forming two ethereal looking tendrils over Klaus’ head which took the form of blades as they prepped to plunge into the wolfman’s back.

At Kvasir’s current pace, he would likely be unable to catch up with the flying monster despite his efforts, as the treacherous ground of the Marsh sabotaged his every step. However, the matter of catching the creature was soon handled as the sound of an explosion sounded from behind him, followed soon by the streaking jet of flame that was Eldrid as the Dragonslayer launched herself at the beast.

Right before impact, Eldrid would see the creature look first behind it then follow the trail of smoke up until it saw her much too late. As she crashed into the mass of writhing shadow, it quickly lost altitude as all three tumbled end over end in a screeching mess of tendrils and body parts as she bit, clawed, and burned the thing. Before long, they would make impact with the ground with an eruption of mud and loose rocks. Luckily for Eldrid and the guide she came to save, the crash was in a relatively stable section of the marsh.

Unluckily, however, the creature was still very much alive. With a final screech, it shifted its formless body in such a way that the masked face of the creature was before her, it’s rubbery mass opening wide to show a maw of shadowy teeth as it surged forward to consume her entire upper body in a mass of shadows. Within the darkness, she’d feel herself being subjected to what felt like hundreds of pinpricks and slashes as the shadows attempted to cut her to ribbons.

White Harbor

Team Bessie:First Encounter

As Ria life she was used to. Before her being banned from taking a swim, the sea was often filled with fish both big and small, darting about the brief section of shallows that the docks rested upon. . . and the yawning abyss into the ocean depths that stretched out before the town of White Harbour.

Now, it was only home to soft silence broken by the keening call of her target. From her vantage beneath the waves, she could see Bessie’s large form swimming through the ocean depths, diving down towards the depths as she completed another breaching of the ocean’s surfaces, likely having snagged another snack from the betting fisherman up above.

On the dock, some of the other fishermen noted Vectis and Cade getting ready to set out and, as bored fishermen were like to do, soon started taking bets on the group. The exactitudes of the wager were likely easy to figure out, especially as one man started to make a gesture of prayer before bursting into laughter as he slammed his money down. Clearly, they were the underdogs in this instance.
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Aiden’s face didn’t express much of anything at first as Kim came clean, only a slight raise of his head as he scratched as his chin in absent thought.

“Well. . . looks like we’ll need to work out a reason for him to not be too with us both, huh?” Aiden’s cold stare turned into a grin as he reached knelt down to russle the young lad’s hair. “Also, you shouldn’t call your elder’s rude names like ‘Old bat’. Mrs. Bloomberg is a nagging sort, but she only does so because she cares. . . well, that and because her husband doesn’t listen otherwise.”

Rising up, the Guild Master shrugged his shoulders, dispersing his ice-make creations with a grand swing of his arm, each bursting into an array of fine ice particles and sending another rush of cold air through the guild as he walked towards the doors.

“Now then, I hope you’ve taken what Serena’s been helping you with to heart because this is going to be a tad bit harder to pull off if we can’t convince him that you being here is still good for your education. Not impossible, mind, but much harder.”
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Northern Glade

After exchanging the mirror and Claire doing a final check through her archives to see if she could pull anything up about the runes at all, the group entered the forest in search of their kidnapped suspect. Arc and Claire searched towards the western half of the Glade, while Karna and Nia exploring the eastern half. However, it would only be after a moment into the wood that something rather strange occurred.

One moment the wood was, if eerie, well-lit by the early morning sun with trees barely taller than any of the houses back in White Harbour. The next. . . the sun had vanished behind the leafy boughs of trees so tall you couldn’t even see the tops of them, the only illumination coming from a number of dim glowing orbs of light that floated overhead as if carried by the breeze. Mist pooled around their feet and, deep within the wood, one could hear the creaking snap of something moving. Multiple somethings. Nothing could be seen of the other group either, despite them only just having stepped passed the threshold of the forest.

Glade Group 1

“Ooooookay. . . should I be, like, concerned about this?” Claire did her best to keep a straight face as she looked around the sudden gloom, trying her best to ignore all the sounds of shuffling that echoed around her in the gloom. “You’ve dealt with stuff like this before, right? It’s just a common trick or something. . . . right?”

Glade Group 2

For Nia and Karna, the wood would soon seem to wake as , off in the distance, a light started to flicker to life. It bounced on the winds for a few seconds, before flickering off and reappearing a little further into the forest, bobbing once more. Wanting them to follow after.
Yasuhide Seo

To his credit, Seo's face remained perfectly in his calculated expression of happiness and interest, even as he cursed it with everything he had. He could sense the distance growing between them, could feel the discomfort in Namie's words as she let awkward pauses punctuate the conversation, he own fake smiles cracking underneath the weight of. . . concern? Disappointment? The mute boy couldn't tell, and it ate him up inside as he wiped his board, clean, the empty smile on his face staying in place despite his best efforts to let it fall. He had an old friend from way back just asking for him to chat like the old days, but he couldn't open up to her. couldn't even begin to drop the mask, despite how glad he was to see her, how glad he was that she didn't seem to pity him, how glad just. . . standing by her made him. He couldn't convey any of that, the kanji he started to write down seeming to be as empty as his smile.

Luckily, the attention was torn away from him for a moment as Namie called out to Osamu. Unfortunately, that meant he'd have to interact with the stick in the mud as well. Turning around, Seo would produce his intro card with a sleight of hand flourish, holding out behind his fingers for Osamu to take and read. As he did so, he once more wiped his board free of what had been written won't prior and penned a new message.

~So. . . how did you guys take to the presentation? Kinda boring towards the end, am I right?~ He playfully gave Namie a punch in the arm as he showed off the message, perhaps a tad harder than he meant to. But it's fine, he'd done it like that before, right? This is what she wanted him to act like, the old joker that took nothing seriously.

What do you mean 'act'? That's what you're like. It's who you are, stop overthinking it. Don't let that dumb hallucination shake you u, Seo. You're fine. You don't need to worry about it, you don't need those fuckin' pills to feel normal. You are norms. You're just an normal, average kid trying to make friends and get by. . .

A v a d d o n

Avaddon couldn't help but let his grin soften as he listened to his compatriots' chatter amongst themselves behind him. He had been a tad bit worried that the lot of them would likely stay quiet and subdued in dour seriousness the whole length fo their journey given how little most of them seemed interested in conversing in the Guild Hall. But he was glad to be proven wrong in this instance, though he chose to keep his words to himself as he continued to keep an eye out for their prey.

Like the others, he noted the change in the air, the miasma growing thicker as they approached the lair but while they felt nervous and apprehensive at the thought of approaching battle. . . Avaddon relished it. The scales that lined his neck and shoulders were now standing up at their full height as he lumbered forward, ember-lit eyes darting this way and that at every flash of movement he could spot. One could liken his gait and readiness to be akin to that of a tiger slowly stalking his way through the underbrush, jaws open ever so slightly in anticipation for the strike.

It did not take long for the prey to show itself, however, as a miniboro scuttled out of the brush to face the party, tendrils flailing and eyes scanning them. It was the next action, however, that gave Avaddon pause. The creature, with neither brainpower to recognize it's own disadvantage nor a sense of self-preservation, ran away? Like Baldr, the large monk did not trust this development, his scales lowering slightly as he cast his eyes upward at the many trees that surrounded them. He'd little familiarity with such terrain but with how easily the bark gave way beneath his fingers. . .

"Blaike, your idea sounds good. . . but I think only one of us should move ahead." Avaddon motioned a hand upward as he began to stretch his arms and calves, not even glancing at his other companions nor leaving the decision up to them as he already began tracing a path through the treetops. "You, Baldr, Mitra, and Ianthe are the best candidates to keep the others safe in case this does end up a trap of some kind, what with your combined skills in magic and martial prowess." Having stretched to his heart's content and feeling properly warmed up, Avaddon walked backward towards the Rearguard, stopping just momentarily to cast a glance towards Luna.

"You're right. Stand up, breathe deep, and face it proudly, or stay hunkered down. I doubt that this will be the worst experience you'll ever experience if you continue down this path." With his peace said, Avaddon cracked his neck, taking a breath to ready himself before he burst into forward in a blur of action. In one instant he was in front of Baldr and Blaike, body lowered and tightened like a spring, in the next he was airborne launching himself at the base of one of the many trees that surrounded them. With a shuddering crack, the monk slammed into the bark, using his feet and clawed grip in the wood to steady himself as he took a moment to see if his new height advantage told him anything new. If so, he would report it to the group, but if not, he'd line up his next leap to the nearest tree forward, taking a moment to call back to the party if he felt the way ahead was clear or not. He never stayed still for too long, knowing that his weight would likely prove to be a mighty strain if he simply hung off it, so he made sure to keep his center of gravity as close to the tree as possible, to lessen the effect of his mass on his handholds as much as could.
A v a d d o n

"Same here for me, though given the nature of our target. . . it'll likely blend in with all of this greenery." Avaddon walked with Balder towards the head of the pack, finishing up the last few details of his own weapon maintenance. Rather than the battle gloves or tiger claws that many of his profession tended to go with, the Fabulian Monk wore only a set of hand-wraps. Tough ivory colored fabric clashed with the orange-red of his skin as it coiled around his hands and forearms, ending with a corded threat that hung down for his elbows. At the end of this cord sat the Aldite which he'd been given, casting a dull red glow as if it were a dying ember. Tightening his wraps with a single tug each, the large man gave a contented nod.

As the group came to a halt, Avaddon took a relaxed stance, arms raised high and fingers curved inward in a clawed fashion. The first few strikes struck at naught but air, distorting it as it passed through due to the heat being generated by the Aldite placed in their sockets. Mostly satisfied at seeing that his wraps were functioning properly, the Monk would strike once more. This time, with a target in mind.

The poor tree had no chance to defend itself as Avaddon's fingers tore into its bark, the acrid smell of burning wood flowing into the air as he left the strike to sit for a moment, then tearing the chunk of charred bark he'd created out, smiling in anticipation. Tossing the charred would back and forth in between his hands, he turned his attention out to the forest proper. With an almost nonchalant air, he tossed the charred lump out into the side forest, falling into a stance in tune to the soft rattle of his scales clattering against each other.

This is what he loved more than anything else. . . the quiet before the storm, where everyone was on a razor's edge. He had nothing to say, nothing to proclaim, only a desire that was barely held back by his years of experience in the Fabul deserts. In situations like these, the one who acted first was the one who exposed the biggest opening.
Yasuhide Seo

Seo barely paid attention as the others were called up to meet their roommates, still thinking on his little episode from before. As such, it took him a moment to realize that someone was talking to him, another to realize it was Namie, and a third to quell the flood of emotions that threaten to spread across his face as he quite literally froze up. He opened his mouth absently, as if to speak but snapped it shut before he could embarrass himself further in front of his former friend. Clearing his head with a shake, the young boy was quick to slip into the usual mask. As he started to write up a response, however, he couldn't help but curse the slight shake to his hold on the whiteboard. Of all the times to get hit with a surprise visit from his old life, it had to be after he was already put off by his stupid brain playing tricks on him.

~Wow, wasn't expecting to see you around here, Superstar!~ Lifting up the board for her to see, breathing an internal sigh of relief as she kept her questions somewhat general. Namie have never really been one to pry, and for that, he was grateful for. ~Oh, Isshin just seemed to be a good place to go. They take the whole hero thing really serious and you know me, I try not to do anything halfway.~

Plus it's nice and far away from her. At that thought, Seo couldn't help but feel a scowl carve itself onto his face, remembering how he'd spent this morning gearing up to leave. Her husband had seemed possibly ecstatic to see him out of the house, their kid wouldn't stop crying and clinging to him, and his mother. . . she'd stayed in her room. 'Catching up on work' her husband had said. A lie, but that's fine. It was what their relationship had been for a while now.

Lie after lie after lie. . .

It wasn't until he heard his name being called that Seo came out of his thoughts, blinking as he caught the tail end of his roommate's name. He had no clue who that was, but after taking a quick look around, it became. . . rather clear who that was.

Wow, there are a lot of girls in this class. He thought with a scratch of his chin, giving a wave of acknowledgment his dormmate, but making no effort to actually hurry over to them. He had all the time in the world to say high to fleet admiral stick-in-the-mud. Despite his somewhat shaky response to her approach, he was genuinely happy to see her., and even more so that she even wanted to talk to him. He had. . . kinda blown the whole team off after his incident, and thought they'd wanted nothing to do with him after that.

A v a d d o n

Avaddon nodded at Blaike's words, finding the reason behind his adventuring suitable if not as noble as he'd have liked. As Balder spoke up about the actual content of their mission, the giant man scratched at his chin in consideration. Malboro, even if they were only small ones, were not a creature to be underestimated. The variant he'd encountered in the desert had a breath that could blind those who did not take proper precautions, so if these miniboro were anything like that then he did not want to be near them if he could help it.

"Weeds indeed. . ." He muttered as he knelt to the ground, finally letting Luna dismount. Once that was done, he signed the needed forms, still uncharacteristically silent as he considered what would be the best way to handle this. If he was back in the desert and facing such an issue, he'd liked to use some sort of bait in order to draw them out and then. . . oh, and they just so happened to have two engineers with them.

By the time he had formed the plan, Blaike had already walked towards the exit so he simply placed a hand on Edgar's shoulder, turning the boy around as he knelt down to their level. While he'd been boisterous and extremely animated before now, his tone now was much calmer and controlled.

"Tell me, Edgar, how versed are you in the creation of explosives? Particularly small ones. . . "
A v a d d o n

Avaddon gave a grin, glad to see people getting more lively now. At Mitra's misunderstanding, however, he shook his head with a chuckle.

"As much as I hope to get to know all of you in the time to come, me and Luna here are strangers. She merely asked for directions to the Hunter's Guild and I, being on my way here already, decided that it would be faster for both of us if I carried her there." Stomping over to Blaike after his introduction, he gave the man a rough pat on the back with his giant mit of a hand, letting out a slow whistle. "A researcher of the Royal scientist, huh? Sounds like we have quite the important fellow in our midst. . . though I must wonder, why leave your work to join the Hunter's Guild? Surely someone skilled enough to receive the funding of the nation's royalty would be better off staying at their side, both financially and socially?"

Avaddon scratched at his chin as he stared down the smaller man, his skin around his neck and shoulders seeming to almost . . . ripple in undulating patterns as the scales that covered him in patches rose and fell. Before long, however, he seemed to come to an answer that suited him as he snapped his fingers, nodding in agreement with a voice only he could hear as he placed a weighty hand on Blaike's shoulder.

"Clearly, you and I are kindred spirits. More adapted to the way of wandering the earth than to stay in one place forever. Danger, Peril, the possibility of death, it only serves to enhance the feeling that comes from being alive, no? The rush of adrenaline and the warmth in your heart knowing that through your efforts, others may not have to suffer in fear of monsters and savages." Tightening his grip in a sign of camaraderie, the giant desert-dweller lifted it up to beat a closed fist against his chest, eyes positively glowing as he seemed lost in thought. "I salute men like you, who leave the comfort of assured luxury for the life along the road less traveled."
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