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1 yr ago
Current 4 months into this hole 'being a responsible adult thing' and I've come to a conclusion: It sucks and I want to go back to the days where I didn't have to plan out my game time.
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1 yr ago
Was supposed to be productive tonight. . . will try to be productive in the morning
1 yr ago
Taking a short break from posting till Monday/Tuesday, hopefully will feel more creative and less brain-dead
1 yr ago
That feeling when you want to post, but you're brain just doesn't feel like cooperating.
2 yrs ago
I've finished my Play through of Pokemon Sun, so expect me to actually make Posts soon. . . hopefully
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@Etrangeroooooh. Great concept, and definitely one that fits the setting really well, and i can already see some good conflicts brewing from it.
@JELDareYe, still open. Feel free to app something and the GM's will get to it when they're able to look at the currents apps.
@ShizuochanWelcome aboard man. Mifune looks neat from the quick glimpse i got of him. Also, ye, on RPG, posting the CS in the OOC is the standard if they haven't pre-approved. Keeps the Char tab from being cluttered since they can't just be deleted if they weren't selected.
@InkarnateThat is the reason y I put it up finally, as i know the magic is in need of tweaks and maybe another re-work.

Edit: If anyone else has any suggestions about how to improv the magic or alter it, feel free to share them. I need all the help i can get when it comes to this kind of stuff.
I got the beginnings of my third rendition of the backstory for this version of Laz, plus a set of magic that I think should be good enough for now for the role I have in mind for him.

• The Eoldysseus - Top Deck, Ifrise Forest, Sovereignty of Dryadalis •

"Well excuuuuse me, Red." Lazulin muttered under his breath, though it was plenty loud enough for the dimunitive girl to hear as she walked off to assist Etoile. Part of Laz wonder why he even gave a shit about the inquistor-looking girl's well-being. Something about the way she carried herself, perhap, or maybe that she gave a damn about the people on deck in the first place. Whatever the case, he could figure out later once this avian menance had be-

The sound of footsteps behind him cut of his train of thought, a set pace of hurried steps, marching to a hidden beat. Trained soliders. Guards. Inquisitors If Etoile's uniform had ignite a slight warmth in his belly, the sight that befouled his eyes now brought forth a raging inferno into his limbs. His entire body seemed to shake for a moment as his hands clenched into tight fists, his eyes turning towards the ground. Slowly, he counted down from 10, keeping his breathing nice and ste-


The roar of gunfire shook him from his attempted mediation, and the voice that followed it made made attempting to slip back into it impossible. He sounded every bit like the kind of snobby, pretentious Inquisitors that Lazulin had grown to hate. With great difficulty, Lazulin stowed all of the hatred on his face away into a small place in his subconscious mind, putting up his usual facade as he walked up to the Inquisitor as the apparent leader asked for volunteers.

"Wild and Crazy, you say? Well, I think you've got one man willing to take that title." The smile on his scarred-face may have come easily, but it didn't make the sting of kow-towing to these glorified thugs burn any less as the words left his throat. "I'd rather try my hand at shutting this thing down then end up as bird feed when you all run out of bullets." He walked past the group of guards and inquisitors towards the edge of the barge, a hand keeping his cloak wound close to his body despite the best efforts of the winds grasping fingers.

"So, Mr. Boss Inquisitor, what direction do you think the damn thing is? Ain't going to do nobody no good if I get stuck walking in the wrong direction." Lazulin spoke without turning back to face the man, letting his face rest a bit from the fake smile, but still keeping up the cheery tone none the less.

That question has to be a trap to see if any of us know anything about magic. Anyone with even passing training in magic would likely be bale to feel their way to the focus by seeing how the magic in their body reacts to the environment, only to come back to face either chains or a firing squad. Depends on the Inquisitor in charge, and despite the cheery smile and demeanor, I doubt that this man is the merciful type.
@InkarnateI mean, he wouldn't be wrong, tho he doesn't know it yet. And yes, because it's an apt meme.
Laz to Pythia:
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