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1 yr ago
Current Merry Christmas boyos, don't forget to, like, be a good person and stuff. Also start thinkin of a new years resolution you'll actually go through with.
2 yrs ago
Status update: staying up all n8ght fuckin sucks and procrastination is a vile temptress.
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4 yrs ago
4 months into this hole 'being a responsible adult thing' and I've come to a conclusion: It sucks and I want to go back to the days where I didn't have to plan out my game time.
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4 yrs ago
Was supposed to be productive tonight. . . will try to be productive in the morning
4 yrs ago
Taking a short break from posting till Monday/Tuesday, hopefully will feel more creative and less brain-dead


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Silver Wolf
Silverglade Forest Outskirts

It was early in the morning when Silver Wolf arrived in the SilverGlade, his long white hair tied back in a neat bun and held in place by a simple silver pin. As much as he appreciated the energetic nature of his guildmates and the sense of community it fostered, The Path of De Shen was one best honed in isolation. And so it was in this place so deeply connected to the sensations of the earth, just far enough from the throng of civilization that its hustle and bustle was but a gentle hum in the distance, that the young Exile began his daily training rituals.

From warm-ups to Katas, from katas to shadow fighting, and so on and so forth, the entire thing took him till the sun was raised high in the sky. The forest was filled with sounds of exertion and shifting earth, as he danced between the trees, something forth spires of obsidian stone to act as shields, structures to leap off of to reach new heights, or even weapons to surprise his imaginary foes. He also took time to meditate, letting his mind connect with the flow of life that pulsed around him in this peaceful place. The heartbeat of a squirrel, the shifting struggle of baby birds in their nests, the stalking steps of a curious mountain lion who had come to investigate the disturbance he caused, all of it could be seen as through his connection to the land.

Soon, his training would be finished and his supplies packed away for the journey back to town. However, before he could leave, he had one last task that he always sought to complete, the closing to every such ritual. Before a tree, he laid down a stick of incense and maid a prayer to De Shen. A prayer for his Father, long may he reign and prosper. A prayer for his mother, who watches over him from beyond. A prayer for his brothers, may their bonds still hold strong against any foe. And. . . a prayer for another, made with regret for what once was yet could never be. All of these he sent to De Shen, writing each down on a strip of paper, presented to the 4 cardinal directions so that they may be blessed by the winds before burying them in the earth. And as he rose up from prayer, rituals finished for the day, these words were whispered as they were every time he conducted it.

“May De Shen reach each of you in good health and fortune, and may he take the strength of my blessings with you.”


Silver Wolf
Dragon Fang Guildhall

As Silver Wolf approaches the guildhall, he couldn’t help a slight chuckle as heard the sounds of energetic discussion already. It was to be expected at this time of day, of course, but it still amused him how carefree the Mages of Fiore tended to be. Back home, such jovial talk would be saved for backrooms and kept out of the public eye while on the official grounds. A difference in culture, but not one that bothered him much.

Shifting the shoulder where his bag of training supplies still hung, the tall man opened the doors to the building with a quick greeting, the top half of his training gi tied around his waist to reveal an athletic t-shirt and still carrying with him the scent of the forest.

“Many greetings, fellow guild members. I hope I’m not interrupting anything important.” He gave a small bow to the gathered procession as he set his bag down. “Anyone check the job board for new requests yet?”

@Landaus Five-One[@Black Maiden]@Silver Fox@MarshiestMallow

Argus Leandros

“Genuine huh. . . " *Argus mutters under his breath, chuckling a little at the antics of the other two. Rapping his fingers against the counter while raising up another hand to run through his hair, the young man couldn’t help the sigh that worked its way out of him as he tried to contemplate the advice given to him. “I'd need to be genuinely interesting for that to have a chance though . . .” The laughter this time was more at his own expense, leaning back on the bar stool as he started drumming up a beat with his fingers. Turning his gaze towards the job board, he couldn’t help but notice the bareness of it.

“Still nothing coming in, huh?” Argus chews the inside of his cheek while staring at the board, fingers still tapping against the bar counter.“Can’t we just ask that big guild over in Shirotsume to, like. . . source some jobs this way? At least help us advertise a bit, since most people seem to be too scared of the forest to drop on by.”

A r g u s L e a n d r o s

"I, uh. . . tried to talk to Lydia again. You know, that one guardswoman who hangs around here sometimes. I had talked to the bartender over in town about it and he'd given me a few lines to try." Argus keeps his gaze downcast, only giving a slight nod to Henri to at least acknowledge the damp man's presence before he proceeds to down the whole shot Meredith slid his way in one fell swoop. "Well, I don't know if my delivery was off or the lines weren't quite the shoe-in the Old man assured me they were. Either way, all I got was a slap to my face for my efforts and I'm pretty sure she doesn't won't be talking to me anymore."

The ginger-haired youth let his head fall onto the counter-top with a thud, pushing the glass back to Meredith as a low groan working its way through him.

"Why am I so bad at this. . ." He mutters, pushing himself up onto his elbows as he runs a hand beneath his hat, glancing side-long towards Henri, focusing mainly on the other man's rather solid frame before turning attention to his own scrawny build with a notable frown. "Maybe I should try working out. . . but I'm not out of shape, and muscle just doesn't build on me. . . uggggh." Another thud as he drops onto the counter again, clearly feeling defeated by his latest defeat on the field of courtship.

A r g u s L e a n d r o s

The doors to Wolven Pyre creak open as a young man pushes his way through with a load of boxes in hand. Each shift and movement brought with it a number of clacks and clicks as Argus slowly made his way to the bar counter, setting the box down with a grunt.

"Here are the tonics from town that you wanted Ms. Meredith." As the young man walked out from behind the boxes, a bright red hand mark could be seen plastered across the side of his face, though he didn't seem to pay it any mind as he fixed his hat and took a seat at the counter. He did angle his face in such a way that the mark was facing away from the old bartender, however. "You could've told me it'd be so heavy tho, felt like I might've pulled something hefting it all the way here."


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