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Current 4 months into this hole 'being a responsible adult thing' and I've come to a conclusion: It sucks and I want to go back to the days where I didn't have to plan out my game time.
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Was supposed to be productive tonight. . . will try to be productive in the morning
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Taking a short break from posting till Monday/Tuesday, hopefully will feel more creative and less brain-dead
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That feeling when you want to post, but you're brain just doesn't feel like cooperating.
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I've finished my Play through of Pokemon Sun, so expect me to actually make Posts soon. . . hopefully
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After an eternity and a half, I post. Also, @Asura because I missed you and @Inkarnate I fucked up your mention. Aside from that, I hope you all enjoy the post.

• Ishin Academy, Sapporo (Japan) •
April 7th -- School Grounds

bolded spoken words are in English

Isabelle merely nodded at the gelatinous girl's explanation, shifting an eye over to the conversation to her the was happening beside her with only slight interest. Whatever had happened seemed to be rapping up very nicely, so she decided against getting any further involved. She'd have plenty of time to get to know these people, so there was no need to rush things. However, as she made her way around the group and for the classroom(where another had already seemed to have taken her seat during all of the chaos), she couldn't help but halt at the loud shout that filled the hallway. Despite her better judgement, she turned to see who made such a bold declaration, only to see the boy slam into the ground with a mighty thud hard enough to crack the floor. She raised a singular eyebrow at this, but made no comment or motion to continue as she watched another boy, seemingly familiar with the first boy, pick him up and introduce the two of them to the rest of the class.

Hmmm. . . A weight-based quirk of some kind, and possibly a strength quirk for the second boy, unless the first one deactivated his. Interesting, if somewhat basic, quirks. The first one,(Hirohiko was how the other one introduced him) seemed to lack a precise control of his quirk if his reaction is anything to go by. Well, at least they seem pleasant.

With this in mind, Isabelle walked into the classroom, ignoring the other voices that echoed from the hallway as she went to find her seat, giving a slight nod to the other girls who had already entered. Unlike the other students, she knew exactly what the seat positioning meant, and as such, immediately began to look over the red-eyed girl who sat in a row all her own. While it wouldn't be quite correct to say that Isabelle was competitive, her father had instilled in her the need to constantly be aware of two facts of life: First, there was always someone better than you, and Second, that they were always the ones you can learn the most from. As such, she would be watching this girl very closely, for if she was to achieve her goal in life, she needed to take every chance she could to improve.

Moving on from the the pig-tailed girl, Isabelle moved to take her seat near the back of the class, a small frown forming on her face as she saw herself seated in the eighth spot. Fist clenched tight in the face of how all of her effort and training had only brought her this far in the eyes of Academy's instructors, a wave of nausea swept through her. Was this all she was worth? All her effort, all of her training, all of it meant this little. As she stood there, staring at her desk with an unreadable expression, a low growl would rumble throughout the classroom. Her jacket seem to rustle as if something was squirming beneath it, but before it grew to violent, the foreign girl took a deep breath. First In, then out, calming Akira's outrage as much as she could.

It's fine. I won't stay here. I can't stay here.

With this simple directive stated firmly in mind, Isabelle calming took her seat, removing the drawstring bag that she had with her and placing before her. Already she could feel the pangs of hunger start to ache within her stomach, and now was as good a time as any to get it out of the way. Reaching into the back, she pulled out a few protein bars, specifically made by a man her father knew who researched quirks to more easily fulfill the energy requirements of her body between meals. While not enough to really fill her up, it took the edge off.

If only they didn't taste absolutely awful, though she was more than used to the sterile and dry flavor of the bars already. As she absentmindedly chewed on the bar, she turned her attention to the classroom door, wondering both why it was taking the rest of the class so long to enter the room and when their homeroom teacher was going to show up. The sooner things got started, the better, as the anticipation was beginning to eat at her, especially after knowing how she ranked on the placement exam. She knew full well Isshin's stance on foreigners, and thus expected very little in the way of assistance from the school and it's staff, despite her father's words to the contrary.

The attitude of the school had been made quite clear during the exam that her presence in this school was neither welcome nor desired. For a second, she wonder if her low ranking was, at least partially, due to this bias against her nationality. . . but was quick to dismiss it. Whether or not it did have an effect, she doubted it was by any significant amount. Whatever bias the school board held against her, the thing they had come to judge were her skills and they had seen them as barely enough for acceptance. She had to accept this, and then focus on how she would prove each and every one of them wrong. Biting down into the final pieces of the bar with a angered ferocity, her brown eyes once again focusing on the pig-tailed girl who sat alone at the head of the class, if for but a moment, before she reclined in her chair slightly closing her eyes in thought as she considered ways she could improve her training regimen and what she could've possibly been lacking in the exam to score so low in placement.

@GreyIf Nobu notices the unintentional diss of ignoring his declaration

As Jaiden slowly regained his senses, the monstrous biological constructs that surrounded him quickly began to deconstruct themselves, returning to the large pool of blood that was now being washed away by the citrus-tinged waters that rained down from the sprinklers up above. Wiping at his eyes, which seemed to be watering and stinging a good amount for some reason, Jaiden looked around to see Sam in his boxers, some blue-haired chick(?) walking in on the scene, and Ashley leaving for the door. Looking down at his hole ridden shirt, Jaiden then recalled what had just fuckin' happened in the last 5 minutes or so, and from that recollection, made a choice.

"Yeah, fuck this. I didn't sign up to this little retreat to get fucked over by robots in my sleep." Kicking aside the drone next to him, which sparked and beeped faintly in response, he walked towards the door, only to find a bombshell of a woman walk in. Where her and Blue late arrivals or something? Whatever the case, Jaiden wasn't in the mindset to gawk or hit on either of them, feeling both pissed and perturbed about the the robot attack, as well as the fact that he couldn't remember anything between getting flung off the balcony and a few moments ago. Instead, he decided to give the two newcomers some advice.

"Look, I don't know why you and Blue over there are here, but I'd leave while you can. I just got fuckin' stabbed full of holes by a weird-ass robot, and if I weren't a freak of nature, I'd be laying dead in that puddle of blood over there. So like I said, get the hell out of here if ya both know what's good for ya."

With his piece said, Jaiden walked around the woman to the garage, and his departure was soon followed by the whirr of a motorcycle engine before he could be seen driving off into the night.


*Stretches and cracks knuckles* I've been slacking in my Co-GM duties to this. Time to fix that, if possible. First, I'll be finishing up my character soon-ish, like, tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Second, @tsukune@Grey@Dblade26@Sloth, all of you guys should probs bring any relationship-building stuff to the OOC so we can make things looks a bit livelier here, not to mention that it'll help get the creative juices flowing for this for those who find them lacking in it.

That'll be all for this announcement.
Post has been posted, and just mentioned everybody because y not. Still workin' out the kinks of Isabelle's character tho.

• Ishin Academy, Sapporo (Japan) •
April 7th -- School Grounds

bolded words are in English

Sitting amidst the sea of her peers in the school's auditorium, Isabelle watched the whole procedure without her expression budging an inch. After everything her father had beaten into her head, the unwelcomingly blunt presentation was to be expected. However, not everyone had the good fortune to have family that had attended the school prior, something made clear by the mutterings of the students she could hear circulating around her. She listened a few moments more to the despaired grumblings and anxious whispers before turning her attention back to the stage, not wanting to miss out on any information that could prove important later.

Once the presentation had ended and the students left in mass to go attend their classes, Isabelle waited a tad so as to avoid getting pressed into the crush of human bodies that surged forward, fingers playing at the pleats of her skirt as her mind wandered. For a moment, the throng of humanity vanished, left only with a dark, damp back alley street, seeming isolated but for a single young boy with a mop of wild red hair.

With a slight grimace breaking her usual stoicism, Isabelle shook her head to clear her sight of the daydream, remembering her father's words. "You can't change the past, so don't let it affect your present." Taking a deep breath to steady herself, she continued forward with a sense of sureness that might've caused some to believe she was a second year rather than a freshman student. In truth, among that many things that her father had sought to cram into her head once her acceptance to Ishin had been finalized, how to get around the school was deemed one of the most important. Of course, even with this prior knowledge, she still got a little turned around on her way to her classroom(Almost forgot that Japanese school's only have the one classroom. . . that'll take a bit of getting used, but at least I don't have to worry about get getting lost to other classes.) by making a wrong turn or two on the way. Upon making it to the corner of the hallway that contained her class, however, she came to a sudden stop at the sound of something hitting the ground. This gave the young girl some pause, but her curiosity got the better of her as she slowly peeked around the corner to see what the issue was.

A girl with bright turquoise hair was helping another girl of the ground, though what had caused the girl to fall over wasn't immediately clear. A natural klutz, perhaps? Isabelle wondered, before turning her attention to the two others, a rather plain-looking boy and a girl who . . . seemed to be made out of slime. That's certainly a new one.

Watching for a little while longer, as well as doing some quick comparisons between them all, Isabelle couldn't help but let out a soft sigh as she noted that so far, she was tallest one here. By far. Again. Why couldn't I be born short, or at least average. It's hard to not draw attention when you tower over everyone else. Unconsciously playing with her skirt yet again, Isabelle couldn't help the slight nervousness that crept it's way through her as she wondered what this next year was going to be like. Harsh teachers and strict curriculums she could handle, her father may as well have been preparing her for this kind of learning environment her whole life, but if this class was anything like her last one. . .

Steeling her resolve with another deep breath, Isabelle backed away from the corner, taking a moment to straightened her uniform and preen at her hair somewhat before walking around the corner and towards the group of her peers. Her face seemed devoid of any true expression, a blank slate that gave nothing away, though her somewhat hurried pace belayed the anxiousness that ate at her from within, as to did the way her fingers continued to worry and pick away at the hem of her skirt.

Once she made to the group in question, she put a hand out towards the slime girl on the floor, doing her best to keep her tone level and devoid of any telling emotion, but also trying to keep it from coming off as overly cold either.

"Are you okay there?" Her voice ended up coming out quieter and meeker than she meant it to be(a fact which she noticed and cursed herself internally for) as she helped the pink slime girl of the ground, the texture of the girl's. . . unique body coming off as not wholly unpleasant though still a bit strange. "Could you perhaps tell me what caused you and the other girl to fall over? As well as the soft 'thump' noise I heard from down the hallway?"

@Asura@GodOfWar@Ebil Bunny@Inkarnate
@GreyOf course. Of course, he'll probably get shutdown by Knightmare for being uppity and loud, but i doubt it'll phase 'em much.
@Demon ShinobiSame, bruh, same. Curious to see how things start out. Probably with Nobu makin' some sort of Bakugo-esque declaration.
@Demon ShinobiHype is gettinh fairly high, ye. Just need to figure some backstory stuff for izxie, as well as some themes. Ink gave me a good one, but i need a few more for her general demeanor as well as fight music.
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