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Current 4 months into this hole 'being a responsible adult thing' and I've come to a conclusion: It sucks and I want to go back to the days where I didn't have to plan out my game time.
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Was supposed to be productive tonight. . . will try to be productive in the morning
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Taking a short break from posting till Monday/Tuesday, hopefully will feel more creative and less brain-dead
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That feeling when you want to post, but you're brain just doesn't feel like cooperating.
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I've finished my Play through of Pokemon Sun, so expect me to actually make Posts soon. . . hopefully
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Guild Airship, Top Deck
Banksia Skyline Route # 14: En route to the 5th Hierarchical Realm, Suphlatus

Laz didn't say anything in response Adelyn's initial response, though not for lack of wanting. Even in the silence that ticked afterward, he felt that impulsive, angry side of him wanting to jump out yelling and cursing like he usually did. But he didn't. He bit his tongue, kept still and just. . . waited. If she didn't respond, then she didn't respond but. . . it was clear to him that she wasn't as alright as she was trying to seem. The captain's words had gotten to her and Laz knew that reminders of what you'd lost were never pleasant, especially if they're done as part of an insult.

After a time, his patience was award with an opening, if a small one. Despite the distance and substances between them, Laz heard the girl's words with little difficulty. He heard the frustration and anger behind them, the slight tinge of loss and fresh grief and felt. . . guilty. Prob more than anyone else on the ship, he had been trying to get her to go along with the program, partly out of annoyance, but mostly just. . . because. . . it just. . .he'd thought he knew better.

With a sigh and a breath the young mage rose from his seat of the steps, turning his magic off as he made his way from the trapdoor to sit next to the white haired girl. He kept a distance between them, his back to hers as he sat in a cross-legged position, body bowed low as he tried to think of something to say. Several times he'd make a sound, as if about to say something before letting the silence draag on as the words fell back into his mind, either not feeling right or just. . . seeming to die in his throat. Until finally. . .

"I'm sorry."

The words were simple and to the point, but the tone in which they were said was different from how Laz usually sounded. There was no confidence, no brash enthusiasm. . . no warmth o r passion. . . as if all the traits that defined the young mage had been drained right out of him. Or, perhaps, had never truly been there to begin with.

"I can't speak for the captain or anyone else on board but. . . I want to apologize for my part in making you feel as you do. I've pushed you and berated you to just get with the program and join with us. To stop worrying about things, stop 'being difficult'. I've. . . been a jerk to you. And I'm sorry about it." Taking a deep breath, Laz kept himself bowed as he rested his palms on his knees, eyes kept downward as he continued speaking. "I just thought that you'd, ya know, be like me. After losing everything like that. . . I wish I'd had people like the Cloud Chasers around. Instead, I was left alone, in the dark, with no one. I just thought that, maybe. . . maybe i could do my best to make you see that being alone just. . . really sucks. . . but I never really thought about your position. About your thoughts. I just thought I knew you and. . . I don't. That's my mistake and I'll own up to it."

"The captain was a right prick to say what he did and I was equally at fault for cheering it on like I did. Maybe he could've specified a bit more, do something to let the crew know your family was good folk but. . . he didn't. A captain should look out for everyone aboard his ship as best he can, and if he doesn't than, well. . . you should have the right to leave. And while I doubt the captain will do so, at least easily. . . I'm down to sneak you off at the next opportunity." It was a this point that Laz's voice regained some of it's fire again, though still much more subdued than was the norm for the young pirate. "I got some pay from my time here, not much but should be enough to get you a ferry ride to whereever you might need to go with some chang eto spare, mind you don't let the ferrymen gip ya. And I know my way around a glider so sneaking you off when we're near a port shouldn't be too hard. Just have to get past Alex sometimes, and all that takes is a bit of good Inquistor booze I find from time to time on the ships we wreck . . . and maybe a tinse of specially made sleeping powder mixed in."

Laz chuckled a bit at that, remembering the times when he'd slipped his special little concoction into a few of the medic's drinks. He doubted many of the crew, if any, knew about his skill in makingneat little poisons and concoctions like that, but when you spend your life living in the middle of a jungle, you tend to pick up a few things. But the laughter grew silent as Laz grew serious more, with only one thing left to say.

"I'm not offering this lightly, Adelyn. But I swear to you, by the names of the Earth Mother Alexandria and Sky Father Malkuth I swear it, that if you do not wish to be with us than I will do everything in my power to help you leave. But. . . just. . . give it a chance. An honest chance. Because being alone. . . with no friends. . . no family. . . no one to talk to or confide in. . . it really sucks. it sucks realy. . . really bad and . . . I don't want anyone to suffer like that if i can help it.


Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy
Interacting with: Chen@floodtalon

"Ah, uh. . .nice to meet you as well, Adachi-san. My name is Camilla Yumi." Camilla did her best to keep a polite smile even as her ears quickly showed her discomfort with the situation, noticeably lowering after having been called an 'exotic beauty'by her fellow classmate. While she was sure that they had meant it as some form of compliment, all it really did was make the foreign student feel as if he was only being polite to her because of how she looked. She'd often heard about the fetishization of foreigners in Japan, and couldn't help but wonder if this Chen was simply being overly complimentary or trying to put the moves on her because she was so 'exotic'. Whatever the case, she decided it would probably best to move on. She had her dorms to get to and she'd have the rest of the school year to get to know this guy if they were in the same class. . . for better or for worse.

"No need to worry about it, I should have been paying better attention myself, really. Just those. . . uh. . . first day jitters, you know? Anyway, I'm really sorry for bothering and will be on my way so, um, bye now." Camilla mentally chided herself as her words quickly rushed into each other while she made her way past the short boi, giving a small wave before turning around a walking away at a somewhat quick pace. She felt bad for essentially running away, but she wasn't really here to deal with that kind of stuff right now. She had enough jitters from the thought of rooming with someone else that wasn't related to her, so a guy who thought hitting on the nervous foreign girl was the best way to make a first impression. . . ye, best to just not deal with that for now. One thing to stress over at a time. This didn't stop the lines of red microbes making from spreading across her arms, forming random patterns over and over in response to her internal distress.

Guild Airship, Top Deck
Banksia Skyline Route # 14: En route to the 5th Hierarchical Realm, Suphlatus

Laz, for once, didn't jump at the first chance to enter a brawl as the crew of disorderly pirates descended into chaos, instead choosing to quietly follow Adelynn as she made her way out. Making his way up the steps, he cursed as the wood beneath him suddenly shook as if the ship had run aground on something, barely able to keep himself from falling down the stairs.

"Damn bastard. . . I know you're trying to keep people in check, but can ya do it without nearly breaking the damn thing apart while you're at it." The young Underworlder looked down the steps with a scowl as he continued his way to the upper deck. When he made it to the top of the steps, he'd keep his head ducked low so nothing but perhaps the very top of his head would be exposed through the trap door as he took a seat. With a whisper, he activated his magic, the black mist of magic forming into the familiar eye-like sigil, rising up out of the trapdoor to look at the distraught girl.

"Soooooo. . . . wanna talk? You seem. . . upset."

Lazulin Mulciber

•Ifrise Forest Proper, Sovereignty of Dryadalis •

"My, how noble of you Sir Pagonia. If I were a dear young maiden, I might've become smitten with you." Lazulin chuckled as he Pagonia protected him and others from the lethal barrage of spikes. Despite his relaxed posture, his entire body was surrounded by an aura of Malefic energy as he set his sights on the creature in question. HIs red eye gleamed in excitement for a moment as thoughts of blood and gorging filled his mind, the hunger he'd felt rising up with his anger at meeting the Inquisitors sending another painful twist through his body. Instead of caving to his baser nature, however, he simply focused his energies into his hand as he drew forth his custom-made pistol with a flourish. As the magic flowed into the weapon, the barrel taking on purplish-blue illumination, he'd take aim at the creature. "Anyhow, let's be done with this obstacle. I'm very much interested in having a chat with whoever was behind those demonic birds."

Methods aside, anyone who's attempting to disrupt the Ecclesiae has the potential to be an ally. But best to keep that thought to myself for now.

With these thoughts in mind, Lazulin fired a quick barrage of 6 malum-infused ether bolts at the monstrosity before them, aiming to hit it at various spots along it's front in order to maximize the spread of malum that would begin working to degrade the beast's thick hide, and mayhaps even dismantle one or two of the launching mechanisms for its spikes if he was lucky. Anywhere the bolts would land would be tinged with crackling hotspots of necrotic energy, making for very visible targets in conjunction with his following statement.

"My magic is rather good at breaking down the physical toughness of most things, so if you wish to take him down quickly, I suggest you aim for them."

Sapporo, Japan
Ishin Academy
Interacting with:Jin@Mistress Dizzy and Chen@floodtalon

Camilla's ears dropped as a pout made it's way on to her features when Jin revealed that they had been pulling her leg, but the slight was quickly forgotten as the girl continued talking about herself. Camilla wondered if Jin had many memories of her time in the states, as well as what it was like to live in New York of all places. That place was a veritable hero hotspot, jampacked with the biggest heroes( and villains) in the country. Life there must be crazy, so no wonder her parents moved back here. Even dad talks about how exhausting some of the Big Apple heroes say their job is whenever they end up on the west coast, usually when they're on break.

Her small daydream of what she imagined New York to be like was cut short, however, as Jin addressed her while showing her the number they had calculated. Camilla's ears shot up as she snapped out of her daze, trying and failing to look as if she had been paying attention the whole time as the tips of her ears began to burn with embarrassment.

"Uh, y-yeah. That is pretty neat, Ji-er, Takahashi-san." Camilla mentally scolded herself for the near slip-up. Ji-No, Takahashi-san's behavior been so unlike what she'd been expecting from this place that it caused her to drop her guard too much and slip into old mannerisms. Curling a lock of hair around one of her fingers, she looked back towards the angry girl from before, who seemed to have only gotten angrier somehow, and shrugged.

"Who knows. Some people just have a bone to pick with the world and want to take it out on those around them. If you ask me, it is probably best if we just avoid her if we can, or else we will likely be the ones with a headache." Camilla chuckled a little towards the end, imagining a scenario where she and Takashi-san were being forced to listen to the angry horned girl drone angrily about random things until she noticed movement on the stage. It seems like things were finally being set into motion.

The principle's speech was pretty much the kind of thing her father had told her to expect, but she would be lying if she still wasn't at least a little intimidated by it. Still, she was already here and she wasn't about to get sent home with her tail between her legs just because she was feeling nervous. Rising to her feet with a slight hope, she turned to Takashi-san with a small smile and upturned ears as she offered a small bow followed by an outstretched hand.

"It was a pleasure to meet you, Takashi-san, and I hope we see more of each other throughout the school year, yeah? Who knows, we might even be in the same class." Reaching down to snatch up their notebook, she quickly wrote down her cell-phone number on the page before handling it back over "But just in case we're not, here's my number so we can text each other. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go see what the dorms are like. I hope you have a nice day!"

Once the two were finished saying their goodbyes to each other, Camilla would make her way out of the assembly hall, barely able to maintain a steady walking pace as the mix of nerves, anxiety, and excitement made her want to run out the building and into the relative safety of her dorm. So focused was she on trying to keep herself from bolting and the pamphelet in her hand, that she didn't really pay attention to where she was goin-

"And don't forget! Soar Skyward!"

That was all she heard before she felt herself crash into someone, only catching a glimpse of black hair as she stumbled back, catching herself with her back foot while her arm shot out to grab the other person so as to keep them from falling to the floor. Camilla froze, feeling her face get hot and her ears begin to drop as she quickly made sure to properly right the other person while rushedly apologizing for her blunder.

"Oh, I am really, really, truly sorry about that. I was just so caught up in my own head and the speech made me nervous and I'm just really, really sorry. You are not hurt or anything, right?" Once she was certain the other person was alright, she'd release them and take a step back, her fingers once again curling themselves in locks of her colored hair as she felt as if a thousand pairs of eyes were glaring her down, judging her every single move and action as if she was on trial for some sort of crime. As sensing her distress, her quirk partially activated to cause small lines of microbes to flow up her arm, the colors shifting momentarily before taking on a shade of red equivalent to the blush that was burning at her face and ears.
Lazulin Mulciber

• Ifrise Forest Proper, Sovereignty of Dryadalis •

Laz clicked his tongue at the redhead's words. He'd hoped to get this over and done with as soon as possible, both for the sake of the civilians and himself, but it seems like he'd have to out himself a little. That said, he wasn't too eager to be the first to share, knowing that his set of abilities would draw some stares from others in the group. Hell, even his affinity would do that for some of them, as Malum users were often seen in a rather negative light.

Something that our fowl assaulter wasn't helping to alleviate with their swarms of mutated demon birds.The young man moted in his head, casting his eye over their motley crew of mages with a moderate interest in what they had to say. It was only after everyone else had spoken that he would step up, chuckling a little to himself as he noticed something the struck him as rather funny.

"Darn, if only we had a Sanctus, then we'd have the whole spectrum of Ether, wouldn't we? Ah well, I guess we will have to make do with what's available." Reaching up with his uncovered hand, Laz would pull down his hood to fully reveal his face with a wolfish grin before falling into a brief, if a tad over-dramatic, bow to the group as a whole. "I've already introduced myself to a few of you but as a refresher, the name is Lazulin Mulciber, Maleficarum extraordinaire and less than humble wanderer, at your service."

"As for what I can do, I' will have you know that I am quite well skilled in the healing arts using both my own magic and regular medicinal techniques, though I can also turn the former towards more. . . destructive purposes. as to what that means, it's probably best to leave it up to your imaginations, but taking a look at the crows that our assailant sent after us will give you a good idea." Laz gave them a moment to ponder the implications of what he said and work through whatever reactions they might have to such magic before continuing on with his explanation. "Unfortunately, I am not that skilled when using my magic for such transformations, at least on anyone other than myself, and even then I try not to rely on such things as they can be rather draining. My main way to dispatch of foes is with both my knives and a special pistol I carry, infusing them with a necrotic variant of Malum energy."

"And that's about it," he lied, " So with that out of the way, let's continue on our way, yes. I can even fix up tall, dark, and blonde's arm while we walk if he doesn't mind a little pain and fatigue. Can't go swinging your sword with just one hand now, can we?"

Guild Airship, Top Deck
Banksia Skyline Route # 14: En route to the 5th Hierarchical Realm, Suphlatus

"Really? Just a misplaced screw took the entire thing out of wack?" Laz squinted at the mechanic with arms crossed, a bit disbelieving that the issue to the situation was so simple. But, lo and behold, with a more than a few wind-snatched curses and tinkering, Mona had the thing sputtering back to life. And here he thought mechanic work was supposed to be hard. I guess I just need to be more attentive next time something is broken. I bet that would impress Mona a lot if I managed to fix something next time it breaks."

Before he could comment on his plan to Sania, who he was certain would love the idea, the lot of them were suddenly called down into the bowels of the Chaser by one of their fellow Chaser's, the infamous Silver claw. He was one of the strongest members onboard, wielding the type of power that even Huangdi couldn't deal with. He was a man to be respected as much as he was feared, and as such, he responded in the only way that was befitting.

"Why don't you say that to my face, ya fat-cat bastard!" Laz shouted after the lumbering mountain of a man, making a rather rude gesture at his retreating figure as he muttered more obscenities under his breath, before turning to Mona. "I ain't afraid of that cat-faced asshole. I don't care how tough everyone says he is, I could take him. . . eventually Lobbing a wad of spit onto the ground beside him, Laz walked forward with chest puffed out as he fiddled with the bandages around his covered eye which had become a little loose due to the harsh winds and rain. His uncovered eye, meanwhile, took some 'subtle' glances in Mona's direction as he did so, as if to make sure she had caught all of his little declaration.

That was cool, right? Or do I just look dumb. . . no, doesn't matter if it does. Remember what Hunagdi always says, have confidence and don't hesitate. not for anything."

Laz joined the rest of the crew in their riotous cheering as he the captain confirmed that they were going on a Heist, the tingling of adrenaline dancing across his spine as wondered how many Librarium stooges he'd get to beat downon this mission. He settled back down as the captain spoke up again smilie on his face only growing as he went on. . . only to immediately fall flat as teams were announced. Welp, this is going to end terribly. How am I supposed to sneak in when the bitch queen's complaining and sinsults tips off the Librarium before we even get on board. A groan left his body in a huff as he could already feel the headache starting in the base of his skull. Now he'd have to not only worry about making sure none of the Libraium fucks alert the ship, but also keeping Madame sass a lot safe while she threatens him for doing it. he considered saying something about it to the captain, but thought better of it after a moment. The captain knew what he was doing, and it wasn't his place to question him. Besides, who knows, it might not even be that bad.

A part of Laz almost believed that, while the rest cursed the fact that they couldn't steal a mug of ale to ease the coming headache that would be dealing with adelynn and her mouth.

@InkarnateWith someone like Zes, he feels that first impressions are basically all they have to offer.
@Altered Tundra Hey, Laz thinks he's a good kid. Just needs. . . well. . . some common sense. . . to think before he speaks. . . mayhap a better understanding of his surroundings. . . etc, etc.

But other than that, swell guy.
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