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7 mos ago
Current 4 months into this hole 'being a responsible adult thing' and I've come to a conclusion: It sucks and I want to go back to the days where I didn't have to plan out my game time.
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9 mos ago
Was supposed to be productive tonight. . . will try to be productive in the morning
11 mos ago
Taking a short break from posting till Monday/Tuesday, hopefully will feel more creative and less brain-dead
12 mos ago
That feeling when you want to post, but you're brain just doesn't feel like cooperating.
12 mos ago
I've finished my Play through of Pokemon Sun, so expect me to actually make Posts soon. . . hopefully
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@tobiaxSorry to do this near the start of an RP, but I'm going to have to go on a brief hiatus from RP's. I need to focuson my schoolwork for the next two weeks. @chukklehed Feel free to move Silme where ever so that Azu isn't locked into helping him or whatever. Assume he said somethig rude(which he like did). Again, sorry to do this, but my grades need some quick attention if i want to pass my classes.
@chukklehedye, it's just that Silme's changed a bit, which likely will come to a bit of a shock. Also, i'll be getting up a revised post in a few hours, since Silme was apparently ignored by Maroon. Something that irritatea hin greatly.
@chukklehed Maroon did say something to Silme, at least, and I did right tgat Silme isn't the same as when he was back at school. He's more hostile when people do things that spark his distrust, like offer to help out of seemingly nowhere with no prompting.

Edit: actually, nevermind. I misread what was written. Which makes a good chunk of my post non-existant.
@tobiaxShizz, i thought someome mentioned a door. Oh well, easy enough fix
Silme Raana

A sudden bang of the Smithy's door being kicked open would signal the arrival of Silme, his gilded eyes sweeping the inside of the forge before landing on the bulky frame of the Blacksmith, narrowing ever so slightly as he made his approach. One could tell that he was barely holding back a snarl as he slammed a pair of bulky-looking gauntlets on the counter. Clearly, he was irritated about something.

"Oi, your the blacksmith geezer I hear people talkin' about around here, right? You know anything about workin' Atlas tech? These damn gauntlets have been on the fuckin' fritz since I got here, and despite having taken 'em apart a 100 times, I've not a single, fuckin' clue what Maiden'sname is the matter with the damn things." He reached forward to flip one of the gauntlets over, showing off the brace of dust vials stored in them as well as an odd looking bit of circuitry. "I'm convinced there's some sort of issue in both the Aura transference circuits and, more importantly, the dust cartridge system. So once your finished with this ch-"

The wolf Faunus froze as he turned to see a familiar and very unexpected face, though it didn't last. His glare deepened as he addressed Azu, his distaste for the situation keenly displayed by the way his ears pressed themselves flat against his head.

"Well well. . . if it isn't Azu. Heh, Small world. . . ain't it?
@Elle Santiago It'll come up IC.
<Snipped quote by Raijinslayer>
Are you swoll bae? I didn't think so.

Silme:"Don't think I won't kick your ass because I'm just a fictional character. I will find a way."
Silme watches in slight confusion
@Turboshitter Silme: "Ya know, that might actually be threatening if I believed you could actually hit me with it. In fact, why don't you give it a try, bitch."
@Lemons Silme: "Who the fuck made you leader?!?!"
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