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Current God, why are cat buttholes so magnetic to the eyes.
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Shop Authentic & Natural Loose Toenail Clippings outside in my trash cans.
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gamers are wack, man. when china literally forces dozens of corporations to bend the knee, they don't bat an eye. when a video game company does the same, suddenly they're the devil. capitalism is poo
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short people probably type with their hands and keyboard above their head
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Following Sorano was pretty easy. Her brisk pace was nothing compared to her own menace of a hallway ass hustling. In fact, it was actually considerably slower. Though the speed at which she left the classroom was noteworthy. Usually, people stood around for a considerable amount of time, like some sort middle-class family that had just finished their meal at a restaurant. The jeep that Sorano took the two of them two was similar to her, in some respects. It was probably chosen for purely its utility. But it was pretty weird how there was one in Ayabukuro, considering how rare import cars were. It would have probably made sense to use a T*yota H*lux. Those things were even used in wars.

Of course, her ground rules were simple. Don't be turd was a pretty easy instruction to follow. Yayoi may have been a slob, but she wasn't a goober that disregarded all rules.

After a brief crumb dust-off outside, she entered the backseat of the jeep. She was instantly greeted by the hardhitting disrespect of the punk. In an effort of not getting booted from the car, she put on the seatbelt and lifted her hands up in surrender. It was as if she was saying "I have nothing to do with this man". Though, her face still looked as though she were a dead fish. Body language was hard when one's face constantly was the visual representation of white noise.

"Pickled plum and spicy marinara fell out of production a month ago," she corrected Keiji with a mouthful of crumbs. As she spoke, the now truly empty bag slipped off, resulting in Yayoi snatching it out of the air. Back into her front pouch it went, as though she was some kind of garbage kangaroo.

The old man teacher introduced himself and declared himself as a nega-fan of routine introductions. Thank goodness, Yayoi thought. If she had to sit through one more of those games where someone introduces and says a fact about themselves and then everyone else had to repeat it, she would have straight up dipped until it was over. With such a simple introduction out of the way, it was apparent that they were going out of a job as soon as possible.

Well, that was a rapid pace. Not much time to sit down and enjoy the roses. While she received a handout, she didn't put in much effort to read. Beat up Yokai that refuse to cooperate, that was the only official instruction that she needed.

Despite her fear of Sorano, she still needed a ride. The last time she went on public transit, she woke up two hours away from her destination. If the limited edition flavour of 'extreme caffeine chocolate marshmallow cream blitz' canned coffee didn't have its reputation of being pure caffeine mixed with sugar, they might have run out by the time she arrived at the mall.

"Yes, me." Yayoi answered Sorano. While being utter emasculated by the sheer amount of effort Sorano put in, Yayoi would not refuse a free ride.

It was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the worst pain of his life. The moment Muu's leg met Renauld's manhood, what felt like a bolt of lightning passed through his body. It struck his gut first. By some miracle, he managed to keep the ass-meat down. Then it moved to his lungs. He released a great exhalation as his spine crumpled and he fell towards the water. Next was his ears, which had their natural hearing replaced by a deafening ringing. Then his brain no word good.

There was no pride to be had to tough this one out. Any male would understand the pain he was in.

He screamed at the top of his lungs. The shriek of pain quickly vanished as his face slumped into the hot water. Muffled gargling rose from the bubbling water. His tears mixed with the hot spring's water. Once he had finally run out of breath, he had managed the willpower to surface.

Miraculously, he didn't become a eunuch. His balls managed to not fall out of his mouth when he screamed. Thankfully, Argen came along and dragged him to the edge of the hot spring to ensure he didn't drown from ball trauma related drowning.

After Muu offered her half-hearted apology, Renauld simply nodded to her. As much as he tried to say "It's okay, it was an accident", he couldn't muster out the words. 50% because it wasn't okay because he was now suffering from getting his gnards pushed into his body, 50% because he physically couldn't speak without screaming again.

His mood in the hot springs had instantly soured. Rest and relaxation had been turned into nut nursing as he managed to crawl out of the pool and dry in the cold air. Back went on his garments and to the camp he went. He would assume his position by the fire once more, trying to take his mind off of his aching groin as asking a healer to assist was incredibly uncomfortable. Though, having a lap pillow from Muu supporting his head helped considerably. He was feeling as though he was kicked in the gnards.

Well, he was kicked in the gnards.
Orsender's inspection of the obelisk had revealed the numerous carvings etched in the square stone's surfaces. Formed from an odd grey stone, streaks of an opalescent blue shimmered against the light. Simple artwork depicting unknown events were visible, but too esoteric for one not versed in artifacts to understand. It wasn't a matter of cavemen drawing or abstraction. Rather, the obelisk was etched with thick, diagonal lines. The only thing that Orsender could make out within the complex imagery was that there was never an end. Like a corkscrew, the artwork stretched diagonally and rested ontop of itself. As the obelisk narrowed, the imagery only shrank. They also carried into the ground, making it unknown how large this pillar actually was.

Most odd about it all, he could feel the invisible hairs on his arm raise towards the obelisk.

After Orsender introduced himself, the young Lord's face instantly shifted once more. His sudden deviousness became obvious with his words. "Oh, but I wouldn't mind if you ate me..."

To those who paid attention to the still kowtowing Yda, they could visible see her shudder when he said those words. Luckily, they were unable to see her face. Cringing hard enough to form a singularity did not make for an appealing look.

As always, he quickly reverted to an amiable smile. When Cinder asked about the creepy skull guy for a second time, he remained his usual self for once.

"There are two gods that come to mind for having skulls. One of the tribal gods worshiped by the Oni and one of the kingdom's gods. Emet'etal is the patron of the hunt for many Oni tribes. He wears a deer skull on his head and carries a spear, but there really isn't much I can tell you about him. Most of the Oni's traditions are oral. The other is Yoraganos, who is the god of... He looked at the young Cinder. "Well, let's just say that he isn't exactly a god that would be interested in giving his blessing to any of you. But this fracturing... It's rare for a god to directly speak to someone. I might know someone who knows more about this, so I'll call him over."

With the final member introducing themself (and also saying that he wouldn't eat him), Siris paused. He looked to Sayako and, even if just barely, his smile increased and he gave her a subtle wink.

Every single alarm went off.

"Yda, lead these visitors to the estate if they so choose. They are free to cross our lands in the mean time. I still have some unfinished business around here, so don't wait for me."

"But young ma-"

"Also, please do not engage the bears. The bears around here are indeed 'shit'."

And with that, Siris gave a polite bow to the now-introduced strangers and mounted his horse. With a healthy gait, the horse trotted back onto a forest path with Siris not looking back.

Yda rose from her grovelling and gave the young lord's back a blank stare of contempt and defeat. Taking a deep breath, her mood instantly shifted from worried-guard to amiable host. It was actually kind of gross to see her suddenly shift from 'Oi, lezzgo kill all da oni' to 'Dearie me, welcome to our estate~'. The act would have probably been better had she not possessed twigs in her hair.

"Well, if you so choose, you may follow me for some rest at the estate. It's merely a short walk away."

With that, she turned her back to the group and walked on a forest path opposite of the way Siris went.

The path was to the estate was pleasant, to say the least. Sun danced between the leaves as wind blew through the trees. Despite the overgrown nature of the forest, the path had been used enough to keep a solid and firm dirt foundation. Peaceful was really the only way to describe it. But the trees, grass, and brush that stood at your side soon made way as a great stone manor came into view. In the middle of a cleared section of the forest, the manor sat. To those who cared about architecture back on their old world, the manor resembled one from the 16th century. Its stone walls were clear of any sign of age. The many windows were filled with geometric diamonds. The size of it all, however, was what made it so impressive. It was practically a fortress in the middle of nowhere.

"The house staff will take care of you if you so care. I will remain outside, should you need me for anything."

The distinct crunch of potato chips and wrinkling of a foil bag filled Yayoi's ears. As the sun beamed down on her, she pondered the same two questions she always had. First, why was snacking on the school's rooftop exit always so enjoyable? Second (and more importantly), why were chili squid chicken and beef potato chips top tier? In fact, they were so good that Yayoi always kept a bag of them in her pack. Maybe it was the spiciness of it all, or perhaps the fact that it contained the power of the sea, sky, and land. Whatever the case was, the local conbini always contained had a shelf full of them. It was as though nobody ever bought them, but that couldn't be the case, right? They were good chips.

As she munched and lounged, she suddenly shot up. Wasn't she supposed to be at her club? She took a deep breath and put the mostly empty back in her pack.

Hopping off of the rooftop exit, she hit the ground running. Instantly performing a 180, she flung open the door and stormed down the stairs. Like a movie straight out of the good-vibe 80's, she slid down the railings on her posterior. Though, that was less because she was in a rush and more because it was fun. Seeing Yayoi storm through the school wasn't a new sight for the students. It usually only happened at lunch time, especially on days where they sold the mint chocolate chip and condensed milk yakisoba jumbo melon bread. Which was especially odd, since she was the only person who actually bought it.

The path to the club was filled with students shuffling to their own club after the schoolday was over.. By now, most of the students learned to get out of the way when they heard the telltale clapping and screeching of her shoes. Those who didn't were suddenly surprised by a flying Yayoi, leaping onto the ground to avoid them, only to get up and keep running. In fact, she did that twice to two freshman on the way over, landing on her pack with a unique crunch.

Her mad dashing wasn't panic, no siree. It was 100% pure and unmitigated efficiency in moving from one location to another.

When she finally reached the door, her rush instantly vanished. She carefully opened the door to an unfamiliar figure sitting where their mentor should have been.

Yayoi stared at him for a brief moment. As always, it was like a fish staring at one while in its throes of death.

And, just as slow and carefully as she opened the door, she shut it and took a few steps back. That certainly was new. Did she have the right club? It was unusual of her to mistake the entrance of her club, considering how she'd been opening the same door for the past two years. She gave the entrance an ocular pat down. It was the same as it always was, which was weird.

She carefully opened the door a second time, but stuck her head in and peered towards the students in the room. Familiar faces. She had the right room after all.

With a shrug, she walked in to her usual seat. Always exactly two seats behind Sorano. The reason? Avoidance, mostly. The pure, unadulterated lounging that Yayoi did was the exact opposite of her. Just being in her field of view made the young Kon feel pretty self-conscious about her actions. If Sorano was a hard type A, Yayoi was a type b. With a lazy peace sign shot to the teacher, Yayoi was finished her greetings to him. There were definitely new faces in the club. Well, that didn't really matter. What did matter was her bag of chips. She reached over into her front pack and pulled out the open—and now crushed—pack of chips. Now reduced to dust, she did what any aspiring patrician would do: lounge in her chair, place the foil bag over her face, and let the crumbs fall into her mouth.

The familiar smell of sulfur and other minerals filled the air. The warmth emanating from the spring was humid. Despite this, it was still pleasant. The wet, biting cold of before had been replaced. Relaxation at last~! At least, until the safety of Tithemal's aura left them. Had he been more like Ettamri, he could have sat next to Tithemal and engaged in the rowdy conversation that warriors tended to have. He wasn't like her, though. He was a, as the champion put it, coward. The thought of calling himself a coward made him chuckle. He really was. They could relax for a little while, anyways. He finally removed his layers of wool. The biting cold became apparent once more as the protection from wind he once had been removed. He slowly lowered himself into the spring. The hot water warmed him to his bones.

It really was relaxing. Almost all of his worries vanished as the warmth spread. It was as if his brain encountered an error. He simply stopped thinking of any of his worries. He was living in the moment. Without so much as a deep thought, he lifted up his left hand, the cold wind biting into it once more. The ring finger was a bit bent, alongside that small scar. Really, why was it like that? He was certain he wasn't born with it. He couldn't remember how it happened. In fact, he couldn't remember anything before he woke up in that dank, cavernlike chamber. As though born a full grown adult, he came into the walls of the city and became a soldier.

He lowered his hand back into the water and glanced to his party members. Argen was also getting into the water, though Renauld waited until he fully submersed his lower half. No matter how much he told himself not to, private parts were often the target of accidental (and embarrassing) glances. No matter how much he didn't want to admit it, they were like magnets to the eyes. The forbidden fruit, if you would. Really, he was a warrior through and through.

Then he looked towards Muu. She was a svelte bladedancer and, even though her figure was hidden by the bubbling water, she was quite an attractive woman. The girl seemed oddly at peace. Maybe Ettamri just brought out the worst in her, whatever the reason for it was. She was just so relaxed as her head slowly sunk lower and lower towards the wa—

Oh lord, was Muu drowning in the hot springs?

Indeed, she had lost consciousness. The second he had realized, his nature as a supporter for the more efficacious members of the team began to shone. Uncaring about the water level and its relation to his private concealment, he (slowly) dashed towards Muu.

He yelled her name as he placed a hand on her shoulder. He certainly hoped she was okay.
The rules on the wall were quite simple and easy to follow. Simply put, follow the orders and win. That's all there was to it.

Rather than converse with the others, Mari chose to watch. With eyes opened wider than they should have been, she watched everyone else. It was wholly unenjoyable, but what else was there to do?

The girlboy introduced himself. Mari didn't care about his name or who he was. He spoke about staying calm—something Mari already was—and simply playing along for now. He also tasted the blood on the wall. An entirely unneeded act, considering how there was zero doubt on if it was blood. Each of them had already been carved and bashed on the skull.

Then the cards came down. The game ended with death every which way, so stated the first card. The second carried an order with it: cut someone.

Quickly, the buff blonde manslashed the lanky boy. He was rather polite about it, for some reason. He chose to slash a cut only slightly deeper.

Besides those things, nothing of importance happened. Only idle chitchat and a plea. The things that Mari didn't care about, nor would she remember for more than a fleeting second.

The two Asian women mostly stood and watched. Though, their reactions were completely different. One seemed constantly lost in thought, only to have sweat bead down their brow when they realized what was going on. The other was practically dead, choosing not to show anything on her face.


But so was the girl—herself—looking at everyone else with an unnatural amount of intent.

Then, a new order came alongside a pair of pliers. Tooth and nail. Proverbial, was it? Whoever was the king must have thought real long and hard on that order. That was her bitterness speaking.

Had she been a strapping young firebrand in his peak, she could have easily caved Five's jaw in and dropped the rusty nail in her pocket in. In fact, it would have been the most logical route to follow. The amount of suffering and loss would be minimized by all parties. Mari wouldn't feel pain and Five would had been too gobsmacked to suffer needlessly. Unfortunately, Mari wasn't a buff freak. Her strength was more akin to Glass Joe than Mike Tyson. Possessing an almost skeletal physique, one could make out every protrusion of bone on her body. Nonexistent muscle and pale skin did little to give her strength. Even if she charged at her with pliers in hand, she would do little more than stumble and bruise skin.

Such a hypothetical was completely meaningless. By the time she had fully thought it out, Five had grabbed the pliers and
began to tear out a nail. Rather than stop her, Mari did what she had been doing since: watched with eyes unnaturally open. And she watched as the pliers flew towards her feet.

Again, if she was strong, she could have ran over and knocked one of her teeth out. It would be easier that way. But she wasn't.

Like a cruel version of the objects that teachers passed around a classroom that designated a speaker, all eyes would have been on her. She chose to use this moment to unload all of her thoughts at once.

"The easiest way to win a game is not to play," she began, "the fastest way out would be to draw lots and just kill from there." She was entirely blunt in every way possible. Each word was as matter-of-fact as the rest, void of nearly any exertion or emotion. "One in seven the king ends up winning, one in seven that everyone else survives, five in seven that a few people survive. If I die from it, so be it."

She paused for a brief moment. In truth, she wanted to live. She wanted to see him again. She wanted him to tell her that it was all going to be okay. But just knowing that he would be safe from whatever harm the unknown malefactors brought was enough for her. As long as he was safe, she was okay with going through pain again. She was okay with never seeing him again if she knew he would be safe.

"You wouldn't get arrested for something like that, either. Extenuating circumstances."

She took a knee on the cold, rotting wood flooring. Without an ounce of hesitation, she rested the pair of pliers on her bottom lip. It pressed against her canine. The cold and bloody metal was cool to the touch. Unlike the girl before her, she wouldn't give anyone the enjoyment of her suffering. Her tongue held steady behind it all. Quickly, she took a single deep breath and plunged her face—pliers first—into the ground.

She didn't scream.

No, it was too familiar to scream. This wasn't a brand new experience for her. Unlike Five, Mari's pain was incredibly easy to handle. It was sudden, it was expected, and it was fast. Like pulling off a bandaid, her body quickly went to compensate her suffering with as many endorphins as it could. But still, it hurt like hell. Tears welled up in her eyes as her mouth opened. A glob of blood and spit fell out alongside a familiar white mass. In a pained motion, she grabbed the bloody tooth and hucked it towards the others. For now, she just lay on the ground with pliers in hand, clutching them as tight as she could with groans of pain audible between the dripping of her bloody saliva.
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