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Awmost heaven, west viwginia

bwue ridge mountains, shenandoah rivew

life is owd thewe, owdew than the twees

youngew than the mountains, bwowing wike a bweeze

countwy woads, take me home

to the pwace i bewong

west viwginia, mountain mama

take me home, countwy woads

aww my memowies gathew wound hew

minew's wady, stwangew to bwue watew

dawk and dusty, painted on the sky

misty taste of moonshine, teawdwop in my eye

countwy woads, take me home

to the pwace i bewong

west viwginia, mountain mama

take me home, countwy woads

i heaw hew voice, in the mowning houw she cawws me

the wadio weminds me of my home faw away

and dwiving down the woad i get a feewing

that i shouwd have been home yestewday, yestewday

countwy woads, take me home

to the pwace i bewong

west viwginia, mountain mama

take me home, countwy woads

countwy woads, take me home

to the pwace i bewong

west viwginia, mountain mama

take me home, countwy woads

take me home, down countwy woads

take me home, down countwy woads

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The red light district was Marina's cage. No matter how far she went, she always returned to the skeevy daylife and scummy nightlife. But her days spent there weren't out of nostalgia and sweet memories of her mother. Rather, she had a duty to complete. A compulsion that drove her. For that, she needed as much information as she could gather. After all, blindly running into danger always ended up in hitting brick walls. Her mission wasn't terribly time sensitive. She could bide her time to make sure it happened perfectly. Preparations were important, after all.

With the drizzle turning her fishtail parka and face-mask from anti-social streetwear to inconspicuous daily wear, the daylit streets of the red light district paid no attention to the tall woman. Not that they would pay much attention in the first place, though. Most people who came through the district during the day were either transient or permanent fixtures. Nobody that would remember and want to talk about everything that happened, especially about something as innocuous as someone who didn't want to be seen. The only people out during the daylight hours were the slightly less skeezy characters that looked at outsiders for quick meals. Case in point, a young, thin, and neurotic woman being accosted by a host that seemed to think obviously highly of himself.

Curiosity filled Marina. A neurotic woman with a large suitcase and the salt of the red light district host that looked for easy marks to trick into ordering overpriced drinks. She never really liked it. The exploitative nature of the place, that is. It always felt unclean to her. For a while, she listened to the lies the man spouted. To anyone familiar with (or who were) scum, it was obvious what he was doing. The neurotic woman didn't quite have the willpower to say no or run. Simply letting it happen would have left a bad taste in Marina's mouth, so she stepped in.

"Hey," she demanded his attention, "what are you doing?" She was rather close to his back. Uncomfortably close, even. She didn't even bother to turn her face down at the man. She just sharply glared at him from her advantageous position, like a lion eyeing their prey.
Marina could be someone she bumped into while she did her call-girl things. This is, of course, assuming Asuras and OwO don't mind these respective relations. Cause otherwise Tsurushi will have no frens. Which will be sad :C

thawt's so sad awexa pway despacito

yea that sounds good

It had been a day or two after their first, real, mission. A day or two that Rin spend mostly sleeping. Partly because of her wounds but also because of the natural tiredness coming with using her ability. Indeed, for as much as Yui could still be considered a stranger, the raven-haired girl used her powers quite extensively on her and others. In the end she hasn't even been able to see her teammates flashy finisher!

As usual, what followed after a long and good nap with just minimal nutritional intake was the feeling of having a black hole inside her stomach. Thus, it could be considered lucky, for Rin-Rin who was finally dismissed from the medical wing, that she caught Yui sleeping in their shared dormitory room.

"Hmpf." There were decisions to make, but ultimately, food was expensive. A lot of food was more expensive. Thus, the decision was easy enough for Rin-Rin to. "SUPER RIN-RIN TACKLE JUMP!" Jump onto the snoozing Yui! Good thing the Yui Gang's Linker was a light-weight!

But Yui was ready. Maybe it was being born into a spartan family or maybeit was just her uncanny ability to be absurdly effective. With an iconic, ear piercing sound that was palpable to even the most culturally unaware soul, Yui erupted from her slumber. Within a split second, her blanket flew into the air and she grabbed the airborne Rin-Rin by her arm and leg. In a simple spin, she redirected the miniature love missile back towards her own bed.

“Hnernrrrrrgggghhmmppphhh,” the barely conscious Yui sputtered out. Every single muscle in her body was sore. While she wasn’t wounded enough to receive medical treatment, her entire body was still reeling from unleashing 10% of her (self perceived) power. “Whasisat for?”

"Mmppff..." Luckily for Rin, she landed comfortable in a rather soft place, instead of the ground. "Mmmhh hnnnug" The raven-hair replied with muffled sounds, before raising up and looking at Yui with a beaming smile. "Good Morning, Sunshine! Feed Rin-Rin!"

Yui paused for a moment to process what was going on. Feed the small child? Wasn’t that a callback to last night when she demanded to be taken out in exchange for going to hard on her power? Didn’t she just pass out without even hearing if Yui actually would take her out or not? Well, it didn’t really matter. She wouldn’t be a good teammate if she didn’t keep the little goblin’s appetite sated.

“Nnnnngggg whatcha feel like?” She asked as she fell flat on her bed. “Korean, breakfast diner, American, continental, sushi, Chinese, Italian, French, English—wait, English sucks don’t choose it—Lithuanian or what?”

Decisions, decisions, and more decisions! There were a few things to consider here. Not too expensive, no home cuisine, something she could eat lots of without dying... too much. "Continental?" Rin-Rin repeated Yui's words to herself, what did it even mean?

Ultimately, though, her decision was rather easy. A single word was all needed. "Burgers." Duh. The first time she had eaten those was shortly after arriving in Neo Kyoto, and even now there were still new variations to discover.

“It’s like uh, bread, jam, coffee, and fruit. Continental Europe, or something.” She shrugged as she lazily rolled out of bed. Like a snail combined with an earthworm—a snearthwail—she lazily dragged on an outer layer of clothes: athletic shorts and a zip-up hoodie that had the zipper broken off at some point. “Get ready and we can pop off and get some grub.” With her iconic hat being placed atop her head and her small backpack, she was ready to go out.

“I know a good place.”

"Oh... right." Rin nodded before pretty much undressing her who-knows-how-many-days old clothes all over the place and changing into some denim skirts and a plain 'in pizza we crust' sweater. Just about right for eating burgers. It was nearly frightening how fast she was, in comparison to Yui anyway. "Your good place better be a new place!" With that, she was all ready to go.

Yui had brought the little food goblin to a small burger shop. Nestled between two department stores, the burger shop was barely wide enough to fit three people across, unless you walked on the tables against the wall. Save for a single person who sat alone at the farthest end and a chunky man at the grill, it was completely empty. The smell of beef, potatoes, and spices filled the small restaurant. Yui waltzed up to man at the grill and spoke for the two of them.

“Two number nines,” she ordered. With a silent nod, the man slammed two thick patties onto the grill. With expert precision, he applied spices perfectly. All the two of them had to do was sit at a table and wait.

'Two number nines', Yui said. For just a second, Rin felt something akin to dread, but quickly recovered by following up with. "One of each on the menu for me!" If Yui was okay with only two number nines, so be it.

With a look of shock, Yui stared at Rin-Rin for a hot second. She truly was a gremlin. Shrugging it off, she sat down at the table. The chunky man obliged Rin-Rin’s whim, placing a baker’s dozen more patties on the grill. Despite the sudden addition, his grilling stride never changed. The man was truly a grill master.

With apparently no objections from Yui, Rin-Rin seated herself happily opposite of Yui. "So, your last move. Did you get that baddie good? I didn't get to see it. Something something stupid backlash!"

“Yep. Pretty safe to say that I absolutely dunked it,” Yui replied as she flexed her arm and instantly recoiled in pain. “Hit him up into the air and did a coolio aerial combo. But uh, how are you holding up?”

"Oh... I'm sure the military-people filmed it or something, right? Right! But of course not like we'd ever get to see it, hmpf. And don't worry about I, Rin-Rin! I'm as good as new, once that black hole inside me is filled." She gave Yui a thumbs up. "As I say, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." It was at that moment that she realized something. Something vital for her monetary fortune.

"Is my drone still, uh, intact?"

“I think it is, not sure though. I was trying my best not to die at the end of it, to be honest. My body ain’t the most suitable vessel for a dragon install.”

As their conversation slowed a bit, the burger master walked out from behind the counter. In his hands was a tray that carried ten burgers for the gremlin, two for Yui, and an extraordinary large basket of fries to share between them. He placed it down on the table and dipped back into the sanctuary of his grill, leaving nothing but enough food for 12 people to be unevenly split between the two of them.

The smell was delectable. It was greater than any burger available in Neo Kyoto. It was like that episode of that kids show where a cartoon sponge fought against Neptune in a battle of the burgers, but there were 12 of that sponge’s burgers. Without any hesitation, Yui slammed a burger into her mouth, devouring it with utter glee.

"Ahem..." Rin cleared her throat, uncertain to the fate of her borrowed drone. "Enjoy your meal...?" But Yui had already started eating. "Hmpf." The raven-hair wouldn't fall behind so easily and started eating, too.

Just how much could fit into that small mouth of hers anyway? Taking her first, big, bite, Rin-Rin's eyes lighted up, quickly chewing before swallowing and coughing a bit. "Is this what happiness tastes like!?" She asked. "Hey, Yuyu, this isn't a cursed 'This burger place is so great I won't enjoy any other places anymore' place, is it?" Because if it was, Yui was cruel in her very own way.

“Sorry, tickets to Flavourtown are one way,” she managed to say without sputtering every ounce of food from out of her mouth. She continued to devour her two burgers, occasionally taking a fry from the large stack. In this moment, all her mind could think about was food. And Yui’s train of thought was pretty much derailed 24/7.

Rin nodded. "Alright." There were times food were simple means to socialize, and other times it was meant to be eaten. Right now, Rin was eaten for the sake of eating. Thus, instead of using that bubbly mouth of hers to keep Yui from eating, she simply indulged herself in a paradise of grease and yum, occasionally ordering something to drink as well. Maybe there was still hope, somewhere out there, for a place with better fries at least.

With Yui finishing her two burgers, she stretched and groaned. “I’m so full…” Still, she rose up and waltzed over to the burger master. He placed a debit terminal in front of Yui, clicking in a few numbers. Yui placed a shiny, platinum-coloured card inside and tapped in an absurdly long pin number.

“We should really dip out before lunch rush happens. This place becomes a hellscape,” she laughed at the memory before turning to the two bystanders, “and bye Shifu. Bye Grits.” Neither one of them responded with anything more than a grunt.

“So, anything you want to do now? Hunt down other teams and then make fun of their clothing? Go to the beach and get used as a boogie board?”

"Are you rich?" Rin asked after she finished everything, her hunger finally feeling sated, as a devilish grin formed on her face that was quickly replaced by something akin to a bit of annoyance. "Boogie board? I'll have you know I, Rin-Rin, am still growing." Before grinning once again. "Or you wanna try me?"

“Eh, kinda. As my parents would say,” her voice changed into a terrible impression of a generic strict adult, “supporting local business is the duty of a citizen and is necessary for a country’s economy!” She shrugged as she left the small burger joint. “And if it’s a fight you want...” Yui slammed her fist against her palm, creating both an echoing shockwave of sound and the resultant groan of pain from her body being more sore than a pro wrestler who visits spear city on the regular.

"Eh?" Was Yui always that blood-thirsty?... Of course. It didn't matter if she had misunderstood Rin-Rin or not, the raven-hair was always open for action. Besides, asking Yui to teach her how to fight had been somewhere on, or in, her mind anyway. Mimicking Yui's fist motion, Rin nodded with a smile. "Hah! At the end of the day, I'll be boogie... boarding?... You!" Despite the clear difference in strength, the little girl was at least fearless.

Without any hesitation and ignoring the pain, Yui stepped forth. She harmlessly grabbed Rin-Rin by the arms and legs and quickly lifted her into the air. In multiple swift motions, she finagled Rin-Rin so they were back to back, Rin-Rin being stuck in the air. Rin-Rin’s arms were locked behind her with her legs practically glued to Yui’s hips. It wasn’t painful, but Rin-Rin couldn’t move at all. It was the legendary Gory special.

“Now where’s the nearest trash-can so I can put this nerd where she belongs...”
not gonna lie, i didn't even realize the OOC came out because pings don't work when they're edited in. savo saved me.

@SavoThat sounds good ye

マンション桜/Sakura Mansion and Ishikawa Gym would be in Southwest district (alongside the redlight district).
Tenoroshi North Park would be the South district.

i'll probably make a map at some point so we don't have to fumble with a bunch of hiders just to figure out where we droppin'

i'm okay with a discord or okay with not using one. it's just going to devolve into me talking about what a pathetic loser ash is
wife is nyothing but misewy

She was indeed the hunter. This was her call to make. Though, her expertise remained in the realm of "four legged mammals". Toads weren't exactly similar to a deer. She definitely couldn't gather every bit of skin off the toad. Rather, it would be better if she just gathered a few sheets of the skin. Light enough to carry, enough to use for something and not be a worthless amount to sell, but not valuable enough to risk their lives for. But before she could deal with the skin, she had to get the meat. After all, it would be better to get the meat.

Food was food. Even if there was no stream to properly gut and clean a toad, she could still avoid dealing with all of the (probably toxic) organs by gathering the leg meat. Enough for a meal, at least. She really needed a work knife, but her machete would have to do. The goblin guck had been cleaned off and it had since not seen any use, save for chopping the occasional innocuous branch. With a bizarre level of accuracy that could only be described as terribly imprecise, she chopped hunks of leg meat off the toad. Actually was it a toad or a frog? What was the differences between the two? Froad, it would be referred to henceforth. Sounded stupid, but whatever. With newly claimed hunks of meat, she began work on a fire. She tore brush from the ground, making a pit of tinder and making sure she wouldn't accidentally start a fire in the plains. Besides not having a water source, the location itself was pretty good. There was little chance of a sneak attack, and if they got in trouble, they could just run and let whatever predator eat what was left of the froad.

Using any sort of bush, grass, or stick she could find, she made the fire and began to try to cook the meat chunks on her machete. It was... something. If Ash had a backpack, this would be so much easier. She could just carry necessary supplies with her. But that was thoughts for another time. First, a meal that would have to be slowly tested. Then, she would gather the skin.
Can I get a name change to OwO

Mwy sense of humow has compwetewy devowved.
She wasn't needed. That's what Ash thought. Single-handedly, Ettamri had managed to take down the frog herself. In fact, all of them were dead weight in this fight. Though, Ash's value was slightly higher than Muu and Matteo's, considering the fact that she tracked the beast and retrieved the lance for their carry. She gave it back to Ettamri, careful not to poke the warrior, the horse, or herself with whatever caustic blood-goo was on the tip.

"Muu is," Ash cautiously said, "badly injured. Matteo is with her right now, but she needs help from you." Her demeanor was concerned, but also fearful. Less so of the now-deceased toad, more of the emboldened warrior considering those two as dead weight.

Now it was time for her to dismantle the toad. What did they need to prove that the toad was the one in the bounty? Probably the eye, right? No normal toad had an eye that big. If she got a bit of the flesh around it, that only meant they could verify the skin color too. She recovered the arrow lodged in the toad's body and began her work on carving out the creature's eye. Carefully, she sawed and cut around the eye with her machete. The arrow would act as a handle as to not touch any of the visceral goo that had damaged Muu so much. Well, even if she was hit with caustic spurts, their healer could just fix her up, right?

"Ettamri, do you want to keep the frog skin? It might be sellable, but it's also heavy and probably toxic."
Mana definitely sees smoking as a mature thing. Vaping would take away the magic to her.

she requires the all mighty JUUL
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