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Current people who say that new vegas is better than 4 are OBVIOUSLY looking at the story and gameplay elements and everything that isn't the quality of your character's ass


Awmost heaven, west viwginia

bwue ridge mountains, shenandoah rivew

life is owd thewe, owdew than the twees

youngew than the mountains, bwowing wike a bweeze

countwy woads, take me home

to the pwace i bewong

west viwginia, mountain mama

take me home, countwy woads

aww my memowies gathew wound hew

minew's wady, stwangew to bwue watew

dawk and dusty, painted on the sky

misty taste of moonshine, teawdwop in my eye

countwy woads, take me home

to the pwace i bewong

west viwginia, mountain mama

take me home, countwy woads

i heaw hew voice, in the mowning houw she cawws me

the wadio weminds me of my home faw away

and dwiving down the woad i get a feewing

that i shouwd have been home yestewday, yestewday

countwy woads, take me home

to the pwace i bewong

west viwginia, mountain mama

take me home, countwy woads

countwy woads, take me home

to the pwace i bewong

west viwginia, mountain mama

take me home, countwy woads

take me home, down countwy woads

take me home, down countwy woads

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The Sharkman had asked Quinn a 'friendly' question. A simple how have you been. Well, the gesture was weird. They were villains bound by a common goal, not friends who entered summer camp. He had inquired about Jackie and asked her if they were to break out the chainsaw freak. Probably not, Quinn thought. She gave him a nonverbal shrug and lightly shook her head. Really, if Sharkman wanted to break her out, that was his prerogative. Quinn didn't feel like risking her life for Jackie, though. Muscle was, as always, a dime-a-dozen. A brainless brute was easy to get and use. Just point them in a direction which they can smash, then accept whatever happens. The others should have known this. Noxious, however, gave them their next job.

They were to bust out Sana. That was the next job, anyways. A simple prisoner transfer to be ruined by the gang with the assistance of fresh blood. Noxious herself wasn't coming, which meant that one of them would have to fill in the gaps. Someone would have to lead a group of... three plus the fresh blood. Between Dean, Ryan, and Quinn...

Well it wasn't going to be Ryan.

And with the (only temporary) losses of the chainsaw wielding freak and the burnin' bitch, their new allies had arrived. Whatever was Noxious recruitment technique, it worked. Really, had she not been a crime boss/supervillain/all-around baddie, then she would have made for an excellent recruiter. With them entering, Quinn silently judged them the same way that she silently judged her teammates.

First up to her proverbial chopping block was a woman that seemed to learn to walk at Jeffery Dunningham's school puppeteering. Her costume was... something. The best thing Quinn could say about it was that she had an idea of what she wanted. An aesthetic. While Corvus wore his suit, sharkman with his cringe inducing weebshit, and herself with reinforced punk aesthetic, the marionette had a combat dress. Well, at least it had a little black on it. Showing up to bombings like you're dressed for a wedding would be incredibly bizarre.

She had entered with a movie-like entrance. She employed the old trope of entering the scene with something perfectly timed to say. White vaudevillian as hell, it was also incredibly sad because Quinn could guess that she was just standing outside waiting for the perfect time to enter instead of actually being a normal person. Well, asking a bunch of villains to be normal was a bit of a high standard. Her name was Marionetta and... was a marionette.

Man, she could have at least entered with a gat or something. That would have made things interesting.

The second (and by extension, last) person to enter was a touch more interesting. He was high energy; wheezing and dying from running whatever distance, but still trying to make jokes. Well, Quinn liked his effort. At least he wasn't super serious to the point of being a bore, while not being silly enough to make Quinn want to disassociate with him. As far as his entrance was concerned: 4/10.

Which was pretty good, considering how the highest in the group was a 6.

Noxious, like a suburban soccer mom who drank enough wine and popped enough xannies to kill a horse, gave up on trying to speak to Wonderland. The plan was simple; helicopter like before, stop the convoy, get Animus, then get the hell out of dodge with a living flamethrower in tow. Pretty simple stuff; it was like taking candy from a division of police and prison guards devoted solely to preventing extremely dangerous criminals from escaping.

What was interesting was that Quinn was the leader. Bestowed upon her was the title of team leader. It was her job to make sure that their motley band of misfits and sociopaths would complete the mission. Well, now wasn't the place to waste time. They had to yeet into a helicopter and stop the transport. Well, quick introduction time and planning. She could go over the specifics in the helicopter ride.

"Well: Corvus, Sharkman, Anarchy Red," she said as she pointed to the names she had said, "together we form Animal Planet. Don't ever call us that or acknowledge the fact that we all have animal quirks. So a convoy is pretty hard to stop. They travel across mostly empty roads from prison to prison but this one's cutting through the city, they're heavily guarded and armed, and one wrong move murder an entire bus full of people. Usually, convoys move at an uncomfortable and unstoppable 30 above posted speed limits, but they can't do that since they're in the city. Ask me anything about what we're going to do. Otherwise, it's just easier to tell you all your roles when we're in the chopper."

She paused before looking towards Corvus.

"Say, how attached are you to your birds?"
hi dad
Arachne || Judith Astera

Huh. Did that boy just 'strong independent woman' someone? Wait, that wasn't important. What was important (and considerably more interesting) was what happened. While Judith had heard a few things through the grapevine of what happened, getting the stories firsthand made the picture considerably clearer. The information that Eira had given out, unfortunately, had not been something that Judith could shed a new light on. She did know a few people that might, though. Emphasis on 'might'. The people who she knew weren't exactly reliable.

The entire internet searching of the guy wasn't going to go too hot. After all, properly using a search engine was an art form. Searching up 'bird' 'man' 'group' was infinitely more likely to show the hottest new k-pop sensation of bird quirk possessing superstars instead of a villain. Same with 'scorpion' 'girl' 'stinger' 'venom'; there was a better chance of spotting a local news article of "family shocked that girl who played with scorpion gets stung". Point is, the boy needed to empower his search with quotation marks, ORs, "-"s, and possibly even Around(x). Wait, that wasn't the point at all. He was right. Actually going and investigating would be considerably more helpful that just lazing around and doing nothing.

"Oh." Judith's head lazily straightened. "I think I miiiight know some people who can help~" She paused to find a perfect reason to third-wheel a random couple. "You'd prob-ab-ly get in trouble for going into a daaangerous area with just one person, so I'm coming along too~. Let's see if we can't fix everyone's sourness~"
Mind linkin' a bro?

this fucking CS. i have a feeling it's because of the indents and shit, but by all accounts i have no idea how it works

i have learned how it works. the [sup]_______________________________________________[/sup] is what protects the left side from being shrunk.

i have mastered tables.

i will be unstoppable.

As long as there is like, a single paragraph on the right side, it will be balanced. IE, if you delete the big lorem ipsum, it'll get fucked, but no matter how long it is, it will work.

It works on mobile, but is a tiny bit jank because of long headers with all of the -------------
honestly just learn to love vertical character sheets/posts

i've experimented and fucked around with tables for hours on end and i can say that there is no other system that's more inconvenient, inconsistent, frustrating, and confusing than tables.

brokenpromise's way of hitting enter each line works for monitors, but it's absolutely scuffed on mobile. the 'invisible text' also works, but it's slightly less scuffed on mobile.

images are decent, but they don't scale since it's raster. basically mobile gets shafted if they try to zoom in.

I also found a fucking table that has the same size no matter what text you put in it. It makes me incredibly angry because it fucking works and I don't know why.

The enemy wasn't routed; they were utterly annihilated. The sudden onslaught of every knight had completely shifted the battle from the minor advantage that the ambushing bandits possessed to the knight's massive advantage once blade met skull. The knights that fought directly alongside of her—the ones with spears—impressed Aria. Not only did they follow her (albeit ambiguous) orders, but they were wholly self-sufficient. Indeed, Aria thought that they deserved to fight alongside her in the Iron Rose knights. Not that she had any say in who was accepted in it. Still, the least she could do was remember their names had she not forgotten them in the first place. Well, she could always just reintroduce herself once the bandit king was captured or slain.

The spear-knight with sparse armour was of great assistance. Having someone watch your back was truly a pleasant thing to have. Even if the enemy bandits were so laughably weak that one could simply defend it with a fluttery cape, the peace of mind afforded to Aria was not taken for granted. The knight with the odd, twin-ended spear was a different story. Rather than the comfort of an ally, Aria had to stifle much of her laughter at his accidental piece of comedy. While in the middle of combat, he had grappled and hog-tied a bandit. Arrows were still whizzing above his head while he had done so. Really, his level of priorities made it hard for Aria to keep a straight, professional face. The poleaxe wielding knight had charged alongside him. His quick brutality was always a welcome addition; crushing one's enemy at an incredible pace always broke morale. Surprisingly, the knight who shared blood with Aria joined with them. Together, they had charged directly into the enemy. The right side of the bandit's line had crumbled beneath their advance.

"Great work," she commended those who had fought with her, "your actions make me proud to fight alongside you." Did she really mean those words? Sort of. She wouldn't have said them had she not known how important morale was for a troupe.

With the bandits crushed and those who had not suffered fatal wounds captured, Fanilly demanded information from one of the captured bandits. "Are there any further ambushes" was only the most basic of questions and she had ended it there. Not a single moment of further questioning. Such a captain disappointed Aria. Still, she wouldn't confront her about it. Not just yet. She was just inexperienced. She would get better. It was a full moon when she was born, after all. To say malarkey and disagree with her would be to spit in the face of destiny and tradition. Some of the other knights were okay with this, willing to push on with only a general idea of what they were looking for. Still, the much more veteran Aria would have to fill in the gaps that their captain made.

It was time for some battlefield diplomacy.

She walked up to the bandit that her ally had hogtied and squatted down to look him eye to eye. "Answer these few questions and you can pass peacefully with a last meal and your dignity." Her tone was stern and cold; perfect for an ad hoc interrogation. "How is your encampment defended? Why have the king's men been unable to defeat your leader? And my last question: are there hostages?"

Oh lord, they were going to fight, weren't they? What had Renauld done to deserve all of this strife? Perhaps he should have have refused the knight's demands to join. Perhaps he should have known that those willing to start shit in town would start shit outside. What was done was done, though. He had made a commitment. The trek over had been peaceful enough. Save occasional noise from someone trying to keep a bit warmer and the constant background drone that a singing Katya provided, they had been mostly silent on the way over. It was some song about something; Renauld blocked it out after the first hour.

Ettamri's orders didn't fall on deaf ears. Scouting out a way down river was a fine proposition. It made it difficult to get lost, at the very least. Argentum, his fearless partner in crime, had even already started without him. Rather than wait and stay to see what would possibly happen between the giant knight and the edgy female, he left with the shieldbearer leading the way. His gear was less of a necessity; what was in his bag was meant for him to survive if he got lost. Winter was the time for well-fed animals to hibernate... probably. If some of those wild animals weren't hibernating, that would mean that they would be hungry. A mere mage with a bunch of good-smelling and fatty foods was a great target for a wolf or a bear. It would be better if the knight protected all of their gear, so he didn't take anything with him save for what he wore and his staff.

"Say," he told Argentum as he hurriedly caught up, "if we run into trouble, we can probably make it across the river. I don't trust myself with the weight of a cart, but I'm sure I can make it so we can cross over it in a pinch."
>riding a gelding
Didn't realize this was little bitch hour

lets see whose horse runs away when shit really pops off, the young stallion who just wants to pork or the old horse with nothing to live for
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