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Awmost heaven, west viwginia

bwue ridge mountains, shenandoah rivew

life is owd thewe, owdew than the twees

youngew than the mountains, bwowing wike a bweeze

countwy woads, take me home

to the pwace i bewong

west viwginia, mountain mama

take me home, countwy woads

aww my memowies gathew wound hew

minew's wady, stwangew to bwue watew

dawk and dusty, painted on the sky

misty taste of moonshine, teawdwop in my eye

countwy woads, take me home

to the pwace i bewong

west viwginia, mountain mama

take me home, countwy woads

i heaw hew voice, in the mowning houw she cawws me

the wadio weminds me of my home faw away

and dwiving down the woad i get a feewing

that i shouwd have been home yestewday, yestewday

countwy woads, take me home

to the pwace i bewong

west viwginia, mountain mama

take me home, countwy woads

countwy woads, take me home

to the pwace i bewong

west viwginia, mountain mama

take me home, countwy woads

take me home, down countwy woads

take me home, down countwy woads

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Her plan failed. Skeletons were much tougher than she had thought. They were unstoppable forces of malediction. Her plan instantly went into stage two. Discarding her bow to the ground (as it as entirely useless), she leapt to Gwyn's aid. If Gwyn needed the time to bless the 'un' out of undeath, then Ash would buy her that time. Sword vs Machete wasn't the most difficult match up. The large size of the sword made it easier to block, as compared to the dagger of a goblin. Even if the blows were harder, she would stop them. She could do that much, at least. After all, she considered herself stronger than the healer. If they were evenly matched, then Ash could easily deal with the sword skeleton. Enough time, at least, for Gwyn to do what she had to do.

"Thanks," Marina told Kenshin, "you've been a great help."

With her hail-mary attempt to gather information a surprising success, she had left the hostess club feeling a bit better than she came in. She had left enough money to cover the bottle of sake, but didn't even bother to drink any more than that one glass. Back into the drizzling streets of the red light district, she pulled out her phone. It was cheap and obviously prepaid. In an attempt to see if what Kenshin had said was true, she searched up what he had told her. The Quartermasters, Galaxy, and everything else. He wasn't lying. While the pictures on the internet weren't conclusive, they were similar enough. She needed to confirm it was him. Face to face. Tapping a number into the phone, she held it up to her ear as it rang.

Then it clicked with a characteristic hello.

"Hey, Yasuo. Ever hear about a place called Galaxy?"

She needed supplies for her afternoon with Yasuo. After all, just walking and going to town on someone's torso with a knife wasn't a very effective strategy. Well, historically it was. The problem was that it worked just once. But that was besides the point. Her goals lied with revenge first and foremost. An incomplete revenge was better than no revenge, but total revenge was better than incomplete. So she entered a convenience store on her way to Tenoroshi North Park—the place where she would meet Yasuo.

From the stands of magazines and books, she chose two thick magazines without caring about the contents. She made sure that they were the cheapest magazines possible. Not out of any frugal desires. Rather, it was the result of needing a specific kind of paper. Paper made to hold colour and retain the quality of images were out. The paper was too waxy, plastic, or whatever they were coated with. The best choices—and the ones she took—were two of the same puzzle book. A book filled with Sudoku that was made for people who actually enjoyed filling in numbers.

To her surprise, she found a familiar brand of vodka in the drink cooler. It kind of brought back a few memories. It was the same brand that she and Yasuo had drank the night after they had graduated from middle school. They hid behind a concrete jump and took turns swigging it straight from the bottle. It tasted nasty and made them sick with alcohol poisoning from two kids swigging too much, but it was still something that brought a slight smile to Marina's face. She grabbed two bottles and prepared to check out.

At the cashier, she grabbed two cheap, disposable lighters from a small stand by the checkout. The cashier rung up the items and put them in a small bag. Marina paid the apathetic cashier, who didn't really care enough to card her, and headed down south to meet with Yasuo a bit early. He probably would have got a few kicks from swigging that terrible vodka again.

Arriving at the elf on a shelf—er, on a log—Erin wasn't the first to arrive. A handful of people had already arrived. A really short woman (had she been more stout, Erin would have considered her a dwarf!), a teenager who managed to keep the bright look in his eyes, a wildfire looking fellow whose hair managed to be practically standing straight up (even without product), a boomer with a Clint Eastwood inspo, a—as the Japanese would say—nekomimi, a small womanly lookin' dude that reminded Erin of a RPG/lifesim she played, one horny girl, a very sad elf screeching about things such as bowing and emperors, and a bear.

The people who had already arrived were talking about things. Erin didn't really interject herself into the conversation, as introducing yourself to a group before everyone was there was a pretty r00d move. You'd have to introduce yourself again later, and that was dumb as heck. Plus, she wasn't really able to read the room—er, clearing—over all of the screeching. As more people arrived after Erin, she decided that she would converse with people... a bit after? Whenever the womanly man elf was finished talking.

With his quick introduction out of the way and a portal opening up to a new place, it was obvious that this wasn't Earth. Well, it had been obvious since the entire 'reincarnated as a squirrel girl' thing, but this was confirmation that it was a fantasy world. As opposed to a futuristic world in which Erin was transported into a terrarium for the enjoyment of the future overlord that went by Alaela. Well, a wormhole was hardly a fantasy marker. Maybe it was some future tech. Erin kept the thought in her mind. Even if she didn't tell anyone her crackpot one in a trillion theory, she would know deep down that she was right. If she was wrong? Well she'd forget the theory in 5 minutes so it didn't matter.

The short green-haired woman and a few others remained in a strange conversation as the sad elf girl had her bizarre spiel about being emperor and doing things first. Something about touching the bear moose's fur. Erin snubbed the idea. Her tail was at least 50 times better. It was like having Mike Tyson in his prime fight an elementary school child; her tail was Mike Tyson, of course. The sad elf girl bravely leapt first into the portal, resulting in Clint Boomwood to disapprove of her actions. He immediately implied he should have went first because he had a gun. Ignoring the fact that Aloe Vera went in first and if it was a trap, he probably wouldn't have bothered to open the portal in the first place.

He must have been from the USA, Erin thought as she ignored the entire 'is that just a Texas thing' comment. Normal people didn't enter wormholes with the plan to shoot whatever threats popped up. Normal people also didn't really enter wormholes, so there was really no standard for behaviour.

"I'm, uh, going to make sure this boomer," she worryingly assured the others with a dab to enunciate 'boomer', "doesn't shoot friendly elves." Actually kind of worried that the man would actually shoot the first thing he saw as a threat, Erin ran into the portal. The time to talk was later; she had elf children to protect.
Quinn Leiurus || Anarchy Red

With the rest of the villains arriving at the hideout, Quinn began to size up her future compatriots. After all, trusting people you instantly met were the actions of a fool. The first to arrive after her was a woman who wore coveralls. She seemed to be a bit more normal than the average villain and raised regular concerns about trust. A more typical villain would have run in with a bloody weapon out talking about darkness or something of that sort; maybe they would have brought a vaudeville act along. Then again, most people who wanted All-Might dead weren't theatre kids who went bad. From the woman in the jumpsuit burning her garbage in an act of environmentally friendly posturing, it was obvious the woman had some sort of control over fire.

The second to arrive was more of the same sort. Cautious, smart thinking. He either sent in some dumb bird first to scope the room out or it was some coincidence. Highly likely to be the former, Quinn could surmise that he could control a bird. Either that or he trained a bird to scout things out for him. Either way was weird. When he came in, he was really well dressed. In fact, he wore a top hat. In this modern age. Seeing how he wasn't some theatre kid who went bad, he probably wore it unironically. Yikes, was Quinn's only thought.

The third to arrive was... a villain alright. Preceded by the sounds of a chainsaw, she certainly was edgier than everyone else. Actually, incredibly edgier. She entered the room with a chainsaw revved up only to power it down when she arrived. Her outfit seemed to be something that was meant to be a touch scary, but in all honesty, it wasn't. Quinn thought it was more similar to babby's first murder outing. Like some child who lacked social skills, she didn't say anything when she entered. However, unlike herself who did the same, her silence was practically audible. In some laughable move, she revved up her chainsaw again in an act of posturing. Quinn instantly let a chortle out, trying her best to conceal it as she looked away from her.

The final one who entered was another edgy boy. In fact, they were all pretty edgy with the exception of the woman's bright orange jumpsuit. The old man had his Victorian edge, the chainsaw girl had whatever was going on with her, and this new boy wore a high collared black jacket. Quinn's clothing was also afflicted by a certain level of edge, but at least she was somewhat punk. This boy who entered, also with a mask that only covered his mouth, was instantly talking about murder. That was kind of sad, in all honesty. His attempt to make small talk was a humble brag on how he's wanted for murder. Strange flex, but okay.

Their fearless leader had handwaived whatever opening each of them had. She instantly derided them for not being professionals; this was a sentiment that almost shot Quinn into rapid laughter. Imagine not expecting a bunch of villains to be the dregs of society. Still though, she did her best not to die from laughing too hard. Her little speech wasn't that much. It wasn't some amazing speech in which she managed to rally every villain on to her side. Rather, it simply stated the truth. They were all there because they had a reason to be. To get rid of Enterprise in order to further their ideals.

And that's all that Quinn needed for a reason to stay.

With their plans unfurled on the table and their fearless leader asking for questions, Quinn let the bird man ask his bizarre question of 'will we fight school children'? and followed up.

"Ignoring what this guy thinks is important, don't you all think that there's a bigger issue pressing us right now?" Her tone was drenched in a thick layer of sarcasm. "None of us know each other's names~!" She joked with a gross level of false pleasentries. Almost instantly, her tone turned back to snark. "I think we should go around and say our names and a fun fact about ourselves." She clapped, enunciating whatever point she was making. "After all, why would we all go and risk our lives with people we don't even know the names of? I'll go first," she took a brief bow, "My name, or at least what I go by, is Quinn. What media likes to call me is Anarchy Red, so that's my super villain act now. All about anarchy! That little fun fact about me... Hmmm... I would say that I want All-Might and his influence gone, but that's a bit obvious, don't you think?" Her vaudevillian act completely dropped. "I have 'demolished' and sabotaged enough infrastructure to know how to permanently cripple a municipality. Anyways, who wants to go next? Chainsaw girl, shark twunk, old man, jumpsuit, or our fearless leader?"

Strikers lead the way. Or was that the rangers? Really, it didn't matter too much. The well timed R&R had been replaced by another mission. This time, it was actually serious. Rather than the bog standard training missions, they were to sortie into a search and rescue. 12 officers and 30 technicians, meaning 42 in all. If Yui had to do the math, it would turn out to be... some number of people that every group had to rescue. After the briefing, they were to rappel downwards onto the rig in the middle of a typhoon. Tian-Gui had leapt off. Yui was not to be outdone by this man's brazen danger seeking. Well, that and Yui wanted to catch her boy's transformation.

With her sword in hand and a hop, skip, and a jump, Yui leapt off of the helicopter in similar fashion to everyone's favourite sentai. Rather than having some extremely cool glowing transformation that everyone loved, she just fell through the air. Her technique was fine, but compared to getting a super suit in mid-air, it was rather lacklustre. Thankfully, Yui wasn't hit by her boy's flashbang of friendship this time, as she managed to block it out with her hat.

Her landing was kind of depressing, compared to Tian-gui's. She just landed on bent legs and rolled forwards. It wasn't anything flashy. It certainly faster than her boy's landing, but it was considerably less cool. Which sucked. With Tian-gui surveying their landing zone, Yui followed suit. With a swing of her blade, the sheath slid off. She was combat ready. Ready to rescue some nerds who made it their job to be nerds and beat up some nerds who she just labelled as nerds (they were in fact death robots from another dimension or something like that).

She was part of the vanguard. The mission was to rescue as many people as possible, smash as many invaders up as needed, and help team senpai get whatever they were looking for. Simple enough.

What a beautiful forest! That was Erin's first thought. Really, rather than do anything of note, her first instincts were to gauge the new world she was in. What better way to test the water than literally test the water? With her feet, now without shoes, letting water wash over them, she relaxed in this new world. Whatever threat the goddess had described obviously didn't affect this creek? That was to say, unless the water was some sort of clear blood that looked and smelt like water. That would be incredibly awkward, but super unlikely. Though... Maybe it was better to not drink the water. Not yet, anyways.

Her patient bathing had been interrupted, though. Breaking the treeline, a pillar of light projected into the sky. Was it the call from the goddess telling them where to go? Maybe. It might have also just been part of her terrible evil world theory. That pillar of light was actually calling down was actually an orbital strike meant to demolish the world. Erin waited for a few seconds. Well, there wasn't an earth-shattering kaboom. Her theory was bunk. Thus, it was probably a good idea to head towards the light. It was probably a waypoint of some sort.
"If the spear and axe rush Ettamri and the sword goes for Gwyn and I," Ash whispered to her cohorts, "rush the mage. Matteo, try to sneak around to the mage anyways."

The natural quiet of the rain was a great way to remain unnoticed. Abusing Ettamri's wild charge towards the part of undead, Ash quickly dashed towards the next shanty. Gwyn took the vanguard alone there. With Ash there, she could protect both Gwyn and Ettamri. Hurriedly, she drew her bow and nocked an arrow. This one was meant for the mage. However, it wasn't meant to kill the mage. Ash was unsure if a simple hunting bow could pierce the skull of an undead, or even if it would damage it. Instead, it was meant to interrupt whatever magic it would cast. The second she saw the mage cast something, she would fire the arrow. In case the undead with the sword charged at her and Gwyn, she would drop the bow and defend their healer.

Ettamri's armour could probably take a few blows of an axe and spear. Magic was an entirely different story. If it was a powerful spell or debilitating effect, that would mean that Ettamri would be harmed enough for the axe and spear user to clean up.

Should Marina tell the truth to this stranger? Definitely not. What person would believe what she had experienced? Not to mention, who would agree to be an accessory to a murder. But it wasn't good to tell pure lies. No, if one was caught out on a lie, then the entire thing would be for naught. It was better to distort the truth. Keep extreme specifics hidden, change some motives, and add a few details here and there. Anything to get whatever information this man had.

With a pensive look, she took her cup in her fingers. She slowly moved it around, swirling the sake. Calmly, she pulled down her mask and brought the sake to her lips. She took a deep breath and slammed the cup back. The sake slid down her throat. Even though it burnt, she didn't stop. She let the entire cup of the burning liquid warm her throat. After swallowing it all, she let out a long breath. She hung her head for a brief moment, only to look back up at Kenshin.

"My sister," she hesitated, "is an idiot." She took a few deep breaths. "She's been missing for three weeks now. Lives by here. This district, I mean. She told me how she was spending time with this guy and that she was just going to a liquor store with him. Hung up the phone and never called back. Police aren't doing anything to make sure she's safe, let alone look for her." Her hand anxiously ran through her hair. "Got this photo of him by asking around the liquor store by her place. If the police can't help, the least I can do is at least ask him if he knows anything."
Quinn Leiurus || Anarchy Red

Ironic, wasn't it? The entire idea behind a group of villains hiding inside of a prison was an interesting dramatic flourish. Still though, it was a pretty big risk. A random invitation to join some group of villains. Association? Guild? Union? Really, Quinn didn't get too many details about it. What she did get - the most important part - was their goal. The goal of this group aligned perfectly with her own. If they were to be trusted, then her dreams could be realized. Trusting villains, though? Perish the thought. And if it was a sting? Well, that would really be ironic.

Dressed in what she called a costume - reinforced undershirt, gore tex jacket with a fur collar, simple pants and boots, a wig, and her notorious demon mask - she entered the room. Really, it was easier on all sides if she showed up in her costume. After all, who would trust a bunch of people she would randomly meet? She was pretty noided, after all. Lived her life as low profile as possible. With her tail outstretched and swollen, she took a seat opposite of the woman in the gas mask. Quinn's tail stretched over her back, resting on her shoulder as she waited for the rest of the members to arrive. She could have made small talk with the hooded woman. Emphasis on could. She seemed to be like-minded, after all. No normal person would have been here.
𝖤𝗋𝗂𝗇 𝖲𝗍𝗈𝗇𝖾𝗐𝖺𝗅𝗅
22? • Beastclan • 5'6"

Erin is a happy-go-lucky girl. She's a hopeless optimist, romantic, and connoisseur of only the finest memes. She's loud, brash, but above all else, headstrong. In fact, she's so headstrong that one would say that she should have been reborn a mule. She's possibly the most stubborn person one would ever meet. When she sets her sights on something, she tries to get it no matter what. Even though she's rather shortsighted in her desires, she still operates under a strict policy of niceties and joy. Though, one could consider constantly spouting random memes as a rather horrible act. In that case, she's the next coming of the demon lord. The meme-on lord.

Born as the youngest of three, Erin wasn't really the best of her siblings. Her elder brothers were both incredibly smart, strong, and above all else, better than her. They were talented. Erin wasn't. But what Erin had was determination. Well, determination and a severe give-no-shits attitude of the future that she formed as a coping mechanism for being dumb as a sack of bricks. She tried her best in everything she did. She fell in love with characters in books, only to throw them into the garbage can when she read the next series.

Compared to the strict regiment of studying, work-outs, and increasing their IRL levels her older brothers had been doing, Erin was completely happy going her own way. She loved her brothers. She felt no jealousy from their abilities. Yea, they were talented. Talent was only starting a step forward. They climbed up to the summit of ability with their own hands. Erin was happy at the base camp, working up a few steps to her next goal. Even if she would never reach that summit, her life had meaning. The same meaning as her brothers.

But brain aneurysms could happen at any time.


• Fire Plume - A roaring plume of fire is formed at the end of one's hand. The flame begins to disperse and reduce in damage at about three arm-lengths and completely disperses at thrice that.

• Inflame - By blessing an object with mana, the user infuses the object with a purifying flame. The user can enable an additional target, object or not, that will be unaffected by the flames.

• Weak Control Object - A control focused telekinesis ability, the user can control a single object within a 9 foot range of themselves. The object is unable to move faster than a languid swing of the arm and can't lift anything they can't carry with one hand, but they can control it as accurately as if they were holding it in their own hand.

• Cure Wound - A light healing spell that allows for the healing of minor wounds. Dislocated joints, broken bones, and such still need to be manually set. Blood isn't replaced.

• Cleanse - A light healing spell that cures poisons, simple sicknesses, and expels dirt and grime from objects.

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