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Current God, why are cat buttholes so magnetic to the eyes.
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Shop Authentic & Natural Loose Toenail Clippings outside in my trash cans.
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gamers are wack, man. when china literally forces dozens of corporations to bend the knee, they don't bat an eye. when a video game company does the same, suddenly they're the devil. capitalism is poo
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short people probably type with their hands and keyboard above their head
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Speaking of the fairies... How big are they? Are they targetable by enenmies? Do they last until dimissed, or do they have a timer or upkeep associated with them?

About as tall as the length of a human adult male's head. They are generally immune to most most magic. Physical attacks can still banish them, but they fly and are harder to hit. Under the Fae Queen's blessing, they can just come back whenever if they do get hit. They can last indefinitely, but they constantly drain his mana. If he's knocked out or becomes otherwise incapacitated, the fairy is sent back.
Huh.... Apart from some minor alchemists and our Casanova-Paladin, we sure are lacking in the healing department... Oh well! If you DPS all the baddies to death before they can hurt you, you don't need healing, right? :D

healin fairies

they're like the swiss army knife of classes
(Also how the heck do people resize images, mine are huge :v)

paintdotnet is a good, lightweight option that's free, or you can upload it onto something like pixlr and resize it that way
Overall Locke seems fine, however, i can't accept him just yet.

The sumamry-like parts of his equipment and skills are not in line with how the CS is supposed to be laid out. Please don't lump everything together, seperate each thing and describe them appropriately, like everyone else.

Once you've done that, let me know, I'll look it over and then I can give you the green light. ^^

As of now, with the exception of Click This, this roleplay is now currently FULL and we won't be accepting new applicants until/if a spot becomes vacant.

Wait, for absolutely everyone even if they put a character in the interest check?

With Chloe taking the vanguard, Lilliane was caught aback by what appeared behind her. Her rousing speech did little for the french spy, but at least she was making herself useful now. The sudden appearance of the porcelain figure flooded the spy's mind with quick thoughts. English wonder weapon? A hero flying in like one of those American graphic frame. No, it was more familiar than that. Panic quickly fell to acknowledgement as Lilianne was forced to rely on these strangers.

Tch. No time to think about that. She could question whatever was going on later.

The pallets were more important. For the large man—Tupolev as Chloe called him—to leave the supplies was understandable; if the person firing the mortars knew where they were, then they would likely target him over the pallets. The chance of them targeting the pallet was still likely. If they knew about this deal, their objective might have been the supplies.

Scuttling out from her barely safe hovel, she made a mad dash towards the pallet. She could protect it. She was certain. If a mortar was coming, she could stop it. That's what she told herself, anyways. She quickly crouched above the pallet, looking up to the sky. She was ready.
You're filthy natives, brah. You only write the backstory for how things were for you while growing up in the fantasy world.

this is my penance for procrastinating my character concept for 24 hours and then choosing 3am as my perfect time to write
Just dropping this so people don't step on my toes or to make sure i didn't goof.

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