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Current Got the flu. ;—;
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Everyone on the status bar is 0 IQ. Including me.
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"Whatever you lose, you'll find it again - but what you throw away, you'll never get back."
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I hope you all have an AWESOME day!! :D
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Pass into the Iris. Biiiatch.


Hullooo, weirdos. This isn't finished yet, but I hope you enjoy its tiny existence.

This is my Lewd interest check. Sometimes iz open, sometimes iz not.

This is an awesome site that uses an A.I. to create Waifu portraits. Enjoy <3

'Tis all..

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I do believe I have everything here except for gear, @Dark Jack, but I reckon that can be added on or just not included on the CS.
Thank you for the answer ^^
I quite enjoy how you're going about this setting, I will say. And thanks for the suggestion!

Also, if nobody takes up your offer, Ashgan, I believe I may do so.
I am interested.

I've always found the setting of Bloodborne very intriguing, despite never having finished the game nor having known a ton of the lore behind it.

I will ask if we are allowed to have multiple characters, or if we can adopt new characters if our current one were to die, @Dark Jack.

I'm leaning towards Hunter or Beast, but am considering all of the races.
@Gliding Snake Tentative interest pending your announcement on combat mechanics ^^
@Ambra@Hey Im Jordan Wee Woo
If y'all ever find yourselves having another spot vacant again, I would be glad to see if I can fill it if possible <3
Felix Kuntz, Sami Mizu, Oriro Lovice

Sami coughed and rubbed her neck. ”Oww. That was a bit rough.” Sami pursed her lips and a mist of water sprayed from her mouth right into Felix’s face. ”Bad kitty!”

“Well if I’m a kitty, then you’re food!” Felix shouted, before biting into Sami’s shoulder, utterly annoyed that she’d need to correct Sami again that nargas and nekoes are not the same, as though the wings weren’t enough of a giveaway.

Sami gasped as Felix bit her, well if she was going to play like that then Sami would have to return the favour. Sami pulled Felix’s shoulder close and bit down, injecting some of her sleep-inducing venom. ”Hawve fwon fleeping.” Sami said her mouth teeth still digging into Felix’s shoulder, waiting until Felix passed out before letting her go, although the nargacuaga’s teeth were still sunk plenty-deep through Sami’s wetsuit and into her shoulder, she was stubborn like that. The only upside being that her fangs were also plugging the wound they’d just created.

”Great…” Sami let out a sigh and headed to the mess hall, bracing Felix so that she’d not get a chuck of her shoulder ripped off. Sami slid onto a seat beside Oriro. ”You look strong. Could you help me pry this kitty off my shoulder?” Sami’s wings shifted so they wouldn’t obscure Oriro.

Oriro had been sitting at one of the many lunch tables, making a partially lucrative attempt to utilize a set of eating utensils, despite her cumbersome digits. She was definitely getting better at it, but she couldn’t focus on doing so while somebody was asking her questions. She looked up, having not heard what was asked.
”What did you-” Her eyes widened a bit as she saw the unconscious feline latched onto the other girl's shoulder via what Oriro could only assume were some sizable fangs. ”Woah. What happened?” She asked, standing up and backing out of her seat as she stared at the pair.

Sami let out a soft sigh ”Felix just can’t take a joke. Got upset when I poked fun at her about how the higher ups were gunna grill her. And I may have sprayed her face with water.” Sami shrugged as well as she could with Felix latched onto her shoulder. ”So she bit me and I knocked her ass out, now we’re here. It’s all in good fun don’t worry, we do this all the time.”

Riiight.. okay..” Oriro responded as she bent over to get a better look at Felix’s grip on the seated fish girl’s shoulder. She put her hands on either side of Felix’s sleeping face, trying to decide the best grip to take with her large hands. ”Alright...I hope this doesn’t hurt too much..” She said tentatively. Oriro applied pressure to either side of Felix’s jaw, loosening its grip as she pried the fangs out of Sami.

Sami hissed a little from the pain, letting out a sigh as she gently placed Felix’s head on the table. ”Thanks for that. Oh also the name’s Sami, Nice to meet you! Are you new around here or something?” Sami looked Oriro up and down taking note of the wings and especially the tail, that thing looked strange.

Oriro stood a little awkwardly as the other girl looked over her. "No problem. My name's Oriro.." she responded, offering one of her paws for a handshake, "..and, I guess you could call me new, yeah."
Faith is so unkind,
Love's so hard to find,
Life will wear you down,
Blind will lead the blind!
Preachers fade away,
Sinners stay the same,
I had to escape,
Cause I couldn't find my way!


Hell is what you make,
It's about how much you hate,
Trust will harm your faith,
Secrets make you break!
Victims fade away,
Martyrs stay the same,
I am due to fight
The devil inside my mind!

Days of Jupiter, Fears Come Alive

When given a multitude of choices for something completely based on preference, I generally pick the thing least-chosen by others - the reason being that it is least chosen.
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