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Like this if I should stay awake despite my body's cries for sleep.
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Gotta love rain in Texas
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Does anyone actually remember ever being taught sarcasm?
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Found some great RPs to keep me busy. Great players too! :P


Alright, so you're probably reading this because I said something stupid or caught or interest in an RP thread. Maybe looking for a RP Partner? Maybe you came to the right place. So let's get right to it.
Color Coding:
Yellow = Pretty Good
Green = Very Good
Red = Love it!
RP Subjects-
Shifters and Neko(jin)
Full Metal Alchemist
Fairy Tail

RP Styles-

Story oriented with Decent amount of combat
18+/18+ Anime

..I'll add more as it comes to me.


-My name comes from a book series known as "The Bartimaeus Trilogy" that I read when I was around 14. From what I remember, it was a fantastic read. Recommended.
-I enjoy creating characters a lot. I also enjoy discussing balance issues, and especially constructive criticism.

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nvm >.>
Alright, so essentially what I wanted to do:
I have this RP character named Demono, and he can channel his energy through two steam-punk-esque arms that he hides under his coat(not wanted to be hid in the photo). The arms have multiple gears protruding at the major joints, presumably allowing them to bend and maneuver like his own arms. When he flows his energy through them, he can cause the to hover near his torso, over the rib area on each side of his body, under his normal limbs. When he does so, the portion of the steampunk limbs that would be attached to his body radiate a bright blue energy.
Another note, when he uses his own energy in the form of an attack through his fleshy limbs, they radiate a black energy(which I would like depicted in the drawing).
Reference images:

I am aware that you may be busy or swamped. I do not, however know how difficult this drawing will be compared to your other projects, but know there is no rush :D I am patient.
Thanks for reading.
Mehh, I changed the concept that I wanted, but it should be much easier than the other one if you ever do get around to it. I'll edit this post to attach reference images shortly :P
Boom! Less than one fourth the size of the above post! I feel so accomplished!

When you forget to join the seemingly only remotely active arena RP on the site.
When you forget to join the seemingly only remotely active arena RP on the site.
ehh..I think ima have to retract my interest, as i'm currently in an Open world sand box, plus 3 other RPs. too much on my plate i think. sorry for that
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