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Current I’ll take a parfait.
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Hello people of the status sidebar! I would like your opinions on a poll please! Thanks in advance!!
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For some reason, for the past week my mood has been supremely positive, and I've actually been happy constantly for seemingly no reason :3
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When you're already in more RPs than you think you can handle, but a bunch of really good shit keeps popping up...
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The Basics

You may call me,

I'll point out the things that are more likely to be relevant to you, then I'll move on to the personal stuff.

Grading The more bars, the more I like it, though these are all pluses. Max 4.


Roleplaying Subjects -
Fullmetal Alchemist

Roleplaying Styles -
Open World/Sandbox
Story oriented + Combat

My writing form: I consider myself a High Casual-Low Advanced writer. This may fluctuate- but if it does it is almost always positively.
Experience: Around 3.5 years ago, I wandered this site on the arena scene. Looking back now, I see that my writing was poor, naive, and just plain didn't make sense. My mind, and attention to detail and balance, has developed a great deal since then, and I may look to trying my hand at it once more. Hopefully none of you dig to find that was, to say the least, unfathomably bad. >.> Pls don't.

Personal Things and Stuff

Things I like -
Music(Metal/Rock, I'm very specific)

Things I dislike -
People who allow Metagaming/Godmodding
Uhhh...not much >.>

--In progress--

What I am is not who I am,
I'm buried in this suit of skin,
What you see is not what you get,

I'm drowning here, deep within.

My appearance casts no shade,
I am a blue sky that turned to gray,
I am not thunder, nor am I rain,
I'm not a Golem but still made out of clay.

The Day of Judgement,
Cursing loud at the sky,
Screaming "Why?"

The Day of Judgement,
Had no purpose, see? no goal,
I turn black into coal.

What I am is contradiction in terms,
My apparition still unseen,
Monochromatic, not black or white,
Please hear my silent scream.

Who I am is not for me to say,
Her belly shivers as I walk in shame,
I am a clown, but without relief,
What you get is who I became.

The Day of Judgement,
Cursing loud at the sky,
Screaming "Why?"

The Day of Judgement,
Had no purpose, see? no goal,
I turn black into coal.

A picture clear as the day,
Came to me, that's where I heard you say,
You were chosen, but not the one,
You were ripped, but you came undone.

Most Recent Posts

Cleophas Rook

[5:30 AM]


The high-pitched tone was met with a groan of protest. "Gahhh...Whaa-whyy.."

Brrring!...Brri- Beep

"Yeah..what-what time issit..?"

"Time for you to get ready for class. It's almost 5:30."

Rook sat up stock-straight when his dad replied. "Oh! Pops why're ya callin' so early!?" he asked as he stumbled out of bed towards his bags, rubbing sleep from his eyes. He'd yet to unpack his belongings into the dorm room he'd been assigned - he simply crashed on his bed the day before, not even making sure to tidy it up. It helped that he apparently didn't have a dorm-mate, yet.

He crooked the phone between his head and shoulder as he attempted to keep his balance while jumping into his pants.

"Can't have you being late for your first day of classes, can I? And you know how you've been lately when it comes to getting to class..." he responded, the last bit tinged with the sound of disappointment.

"Yea, yea...I get it. I'll be there. On time.", the boy replied. He genuinely felt bad sometimes for disappointing his father - but the classes were just so damn boring sometimes. It was hard to feel driven to attend. But this was a new year - he had to try harder.

Bzzt. Bzzt. Cleophas looked at his phone. He'd just received two messages.

"Ah- hey pops, a'gotta go. Gonna get ready for class."

"Right! Have a good first day, son. Text me about it after, all right? Talk to you then!"


Rook picked up his tennis shoes and moved to sit on the bed as he read over the texts he had just received.

Woah...a hero? Ad'be so cool'ta meet some sorta Arms-Master Vigilante!

Rook didn't know who this person was sending the text, but it seemed the opportunity was almost too good to pass up. Ignoring the first message, he replied to the second, "I'm in."

He tucked his phone away into his pocket as he grabbed his backpack, having finished dressing, before heading out the door, closing it thoughtlessly behind him.


Minutes later, Rook came to a screeching halt as he stepped past the threshold of his homeroom class - a second after the bell sounded. Much to his chagrin, it had taken him a little time to find the correct classroom. A few students stared at his entrance as he blew a tuft of (forgettingly ungroomed) hair out of his face.

"Mawnin'..." he greeted as he waved hesitantly.


It had appeared Kheraket's magic had accomplished its task - he drew the cultist's attention away from the students. However, it also seemed the man had a contingency plan of sorts. Several bodies around the room - including a doctor's which was only a foot or so away from Kheraket - began twitching, bringing along that cold tingle that Kheraket had felt earlier. Before they pulled themselves into motion.

The smock-clad body lunged at Kheraket's ankles, causing him to stumble backwards to make an attempt to not be trapped. He lost his balance, giving him little time to prepare his stance for the other two charging thralls. But, fortunately for him, the very students he had just protected from the Draugr were taking action while their enemy was distracted. Several flashes throughout the Medical Pavilion signaled the various gifts of all of those present being utilized - one of them had summoned an elemental sword, and slashed at one of the foes. But some powers were more subtle at times.

The orb of Kheraket's staff grew dark, becoming enshrouded in a haze of shadow, before an inky, elongated arm shot out and dug wicked claws into the Pavilion's doorway, preventing his fall. The boy brought his other not-grabbed foot down on the wrist of the doctor, and although it probably wouldn't hurt, it would weaken the corpse's grasp enough for him to pull both his legs back and land him in a crouch.

But by then one of the charging zombies was upon him. Kheraket tumbled to the side, the tails of his longcoat flaying the air as he moved from the doorway. The shadowy claw flayed its own target as it withdrew from its clasp on the wall, tearing at the zombie's back as the boy attempted to avoid its rush.

The shade is a somewhat weak creature - but they are flexible. They are one of the easiest summons Kheraket traffics normally. So much so that he can summon them within seconds, and deploy them in various fashions. One of his most favored methods is to use them in combination with his staff for formidable melee reach.

But a shade was not likely to defeat the Necromancer alone. However, he was outnumbered - perhaps he would retreat.
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Welcome, Smike ^^

Due to the nagging of this little shit, @Achronum 😜, I have decided to give you folks a look at what has yet to be finished. I still have some aesthetic features to insert, and potentially a little tweaking on the powers - then it will be up for approval by the GMs.

@Dark Light just informing you that our characters shall be mortal enemies since you stole my face claim..

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Excited for this! Working on my CS. Good inspirations to y'all :P
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