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Current For some reason, for the past week my mood has been supremely positive, and I've actually been happy constantly for seemingly no reason :3
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When you're already in more RPs than you think you can handle, but a bunch of really good shit keeps popping up...
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When you eat more brownies than your body is capable of holding.. D:
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The Basics

You may call me,

I'll point out the things that are more likely to be relevant to you, then I'll move on to the personal stuff.

Grading The more bars, the more I like it, though these are all pluses. Max 4.


Roleplaying Subjects -
Fullmetal Alchemist

Roleplaying Styles -
Open World/Sandbox
Story oriented + Combat

My writing form: I consider myself a High Casual-Low Advanced writer. This may fluctuate- but if it does it is almost always positively.
Experience: Around 3.5 years ago, I wandered this site on the arena scene. Looking back now, I see that my writing was poor, naive, and just plain didn't make sense. My mind, and attention to detail and balance, has developed a great deal since then, and I may look to trying my hand at it once more. Hopefully none of you dig to find that was, to say the least, unfathomably bad. >.> Pls don't.

Personal Things and Stuff

Things I like -
Music(Metal/Rock, I'm very specific)

Things I dislike -
People who allow Metagaming/Godmodding
Uhhh...not much >.>

--In progress--

What I am is not who I am,
I'm buried in this suit of skin,
What you see is not what you get,

I'm drowning here, deep within.

My appearance casts no shade,
I am a blue sky that turned to gray,
I am not thunder, nor am I rain,
I'm not a Golem but still made out of clay.

The Day of Judgement,
Cursing loud at the sky,
Screaming "Why?"

The Day of Judgement,
Had no purpose, see? no goal,
I turn black into coal.

What I am is contradiction in terms,
My apparition still unseen,
Monochromatic, not black or white,
Please hear my silent scream.

Who I am is not for me to say,
Her belly shivers as I walk in shame,
I am a clown, but without relief,
What you get is who I became.

The Day of Judgement,
Cursing loud at the sky,
Screaming "Why?"

The Day of Judgement,
Had no purpose, see? no goal,
I turn black into coal.

A picture clear as the day,
Came to me, that's where I heard you say,
You were chosen, but not the one,
You were ripped, but you came undone.

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Once again, terribly sorry for delayed response.
It had been some time since Okiron had left the regions of his people. He was now in some unknown quarter of the universe that he'd never seen or heard of before-yet it was, oddly enough, somehow familiar to him. It was a temple. But the architecture here was different than those he had seen of his home; it was larger than the average monastery.

The Spiritshaper had been trekking up towards the temple for many minutes now, meeting various sets of stone steps, naturals steps, and old, short bridges as he did so. The gusts tugging at his cloth mantle felt comfortable to him- they felt like home; as the regions of the Northern territories of his home were much like this place, if not more populated. He took the journey slow, admiring the architecture and the subtle differences it held between itself and those he was used to.

But unfortunately, he couldn't walk in place. He eventually reached what seemed to be the intended entrance to the temple, after crossing a long bridge which would merge into a set of steps that led up to said entrance. He stepped over the threshold, studying his surroundings as he walked through the cold halls of the had-been monastery, his footsteps tapping with the sound of leather against stone.

Soon enough, he heard a faint, muffled crunching sound. The only sound one would hear besides the slow footsteps, and maybe the occasional howling gust. He made his way towards the direction of the sound- that had ceased now- at his comfortable pace. He soon drew upon the chamber.

They first thing he saw was the remains of what was easily hundreds of what he assumed were corpses of monks, mummified and arrayed within the chamber of their temple. But what drew his attention more was the single figure separate from the rest. The lonely, horribly disfigured, figure. Okiron slid the pack on his back from his shoulders and gently laid it to the floor. He would examine the man from where he stood.

"I'm sure the crunching your doing is very comforting to the dead, stranger." he said, with no hint of sarcasm in his voice. He would examine the mummified corpses loosely as he did so, taking in his surroundings.
I may be interested. Idk what Nexus of worlds is though.
The normal crew visits afterwards, no?
Reisus is going to attempt to forego visiting the robot. Don’t suppose I need a post for that.

Khall sat and watched from under his hood as the others came from their rooms and gathered around the center of the room. While they were all gathering, a pungent odor reached his nose and he glanced over to see Agnes smoking. Her name was easy to remember because of her personality. At least to Khall.

He nonchalantly covered his nose with his hand, as the smell was really bothering his heightened sense. But Elias' suggestion distracted him from it for the time being. It was a very good suggested, supplies were what they needed. You couldn't declare a war without making sure your soldiers were fed. He nodded as the other boy finished his words.

"I've never stolen before...but I bet I'm pretty good at it considering my...abilities." he said as he looked at Elias. He wasn't for stealing out of greed. But this was stealing for survival. If they didn't do this, he had no doubt in his mind that they would be killed. They would not get the food they needed, and they'd be too weak to escape the people who were assuredly hunting them down.

Maybe one of the others had a different way of getting the things they needed to survive. Maybe a relative who the government wouldn't think to spy on? They may be difficult to make contact with, but it was possible.
@StreetViper I think LeeRoy is looking for a little more info than "guy that wears red armor and fights real good with a sword". Maybe I'm wrong, but that's what I'd look for x3

Maybe add more description such as how powerful, fast, and tall they are, their age, personality, other skills besides just sword fighting, etc.
Sorry for my delay, I'll get a post up soon as I can.

Reisus paused at Kelan's inquiry, turning around in place and eyeing Stella briefly as he had caught a glimpse of movement while turning.

"I'm guessing the fun stuff coming at the end of our briefings will be a theme to keep me engaged." he said, referring to Kelan's question. "I fit the bill" he stated simply as he turned his gaze to the man.

It seemed only a handful of them were good at slinking around places they weren't supposed to be. Hopefully those who claimed the were actually were and aren't just trying to show off. "Why do you ask..?" he queried. He'd always been partial to an effective ops job. They were quick, efficient, and most importantly, didn't draw attention.

He especially liked that last part.
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