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Current When you almost lose the most important thing in your start to appreciate everything.
3 mos ago
Hmm...something clever..? Eh..too much effort. x3
4 mos ago
How long is Mahz on vacay, tho? :P
4 mos ago
When you're so stressed out with irl stuff that you get behind on RPs, but still wanna join more because it calms you down. ;-;
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*Wants to do an Zombie Apocalypse RP and has good ideas, but feels like he will be a shitty GM* I cry.


Alright, so you're probably reading this because I said something stupid or caught your interest in an RP thread. Maybe looking for a RP Partner? Maybe you came to the right place. So let's get right to it.
Color Coding:
Yellow = Pretty Good
Green = Very Good
Red = Love it!
RP Subjects-
Shifters and Neko(jin)
Full Metal Alchemist
Fairy Tail

RP Styles-

Story oriented with Decent amount of combat
18+/18+ Anime


-My name comes from a book series known as "The Bartimaeus Trilogy" that I read when I was younger. From what I remember, it was a fantastic read. Recommended.

-I enjoy creating characters a lot. I also enjoy discussing balance issues, and especially constructive criticism.

-I'm quite prone to overworking myself and not sleeping as I should, so please forgive me if I fall a little behind...

-I'm an old arena player, so adjusting to extensive dialogue from a point-of-view or personality that isn't my own is not exactly my forte.


RPs I'm in:
Essence of the World: Flesh Reborn (Hiatus)
Royal Rumble(High School Powers RP)
Every Shifter Bears Fangs

...I'll add more as it comes to me.

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Might be looking to join this ^^

I'll be in the process of making my character.

I'll just put this here..
Casual/Slice of Life CS's

Character Sheet Links

Royal Rumble
xD Thank you all for your assistance, recommendations, and eyes that have slept for more than a week in their life. I will make this sheet better with the help, and continue tweaking it until it suits the needs that it has to, in a fashion people won't mind reading.
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