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Current For some reason, for the past week my mood has been supremely positive, and I've actually been happy constantly for seemingly no reason :3
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When you're already in more RPs than you think you can handle, but a bunch of really good shit keeps popping up...
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When you eat more brownies than your body is capable of holding.. D:
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The Basics

You may call me,

I'll point out the things that are more likely to be relevant to you, then I'll move on to the personal stuff.

Grading The more bars, the more I like it, though these are all pluses. Max 4.


Roleplaying Subjects -
Fullmetal Alchemist

Roleplaying Styles -
Open World/Sandbox
Story oriented + Combat

My writing form: I consider myself a High Casual-Low Advanced writer. This may fluctuate- but if it does it is almost always positively.
Experience: Around 3.5 years ago, I wandered this site on the arena scene. Looking back now, I see that my writing was poor, naive, and just plain didn't make sense. My mind, and attention to detail and balance, has developed a great deal since then, and I may look to trying my hand at it once more. Hopefully none of you dig to find that was, to say the least, unfathomably bad. >.> Pls don't.

Personal Things and Stuff

Things I like -
Music(Metal/Rock, I'm very specific)

Things I dislike -
People who allow Metagaming/Godmodding
Uhhh...not much >.>

--In progress--

What I am is not who I am,
I'm buried in this suit of skin,
What you see is not what you get,

I'm drowning here, deep within.

My appearance casts no shade,
I am a blue sky that turned to gray,
I am not thunder, nor am I rain,
I'm not a Golem but still made out of clay.

The Day of Judgement,
Cursing loud at the sky,
Screaming "Why?"

The Day of Judgement,
Had no purpose, see? no goal,
I turn black into coal.

What I am is contradiction in terms,
My apparition still unseen,
Monochromatic, not black or white,
Please hear my silent scream.

Who I am is not for me to say,
Her belly shivers as I walk in shame,
I am a clown, but without relief,
What you get is who I became.

The Day of Judgement,
Cursing loud at the sky,
Screaming "Why?"

The Day of Judgement,
Had no purpose, see? no goal,
I turn black into coal.

A picture clear as the day,
Came to me, that's where I heard you say,
You were chosen, but not the one,
You were ripped, but you came undone.

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@Araby264We are mostly active in our discord server, so if it looks kinda silent here, that’s where all the talkin’ is goin’ on.

It wouldn't be an understatement to say Reisus was impressed. With Kelan's entrance that is. Though it would've been safer to tell them it was going to happen so they didn't accidentally get crushed, but nevertheless, bad-ass. In any case, it seemed Kelan was separating from the group shortly after joining them, as it seemed the Decoy team was doing its job. The commotion could be heard from inside the sheep, though advancing further into the bowels of the craft could potentially obscure such ruckus, considering there seemed to something else making its own array of distracting noises. And these noises were much less pleasant...

The partially muffled moans and wails of the damned permeated the air around him, assaulting his ears with unpleasant thoughts. Whatever was causing this, whoever was causing this, obviously had no problem with such distractions. Which was worrying, to say the least. And they wouldn't have to wait long before they found out the apparent source, as they traveled down the halls, ever-increasing amounts of blood and gore surrounding them as they did so.

And that's when they saw...something at the end of the hall. It was eerie, really. It seemed to float. Potentially magic, or technology. It was hard to tell due to the fact that it/their entire form was clad in a dark cloak, which revealed no facet of its body, barring the single, red, glowing eye. Which stared directly at them. Reisus doubted this was-

A blade, coated in shining light, shot forth from the hand of his concealed teammate, Stella.

...It seemed she was taking the initiative. Reisus didn't disapprove, as he doubted they were an ally, and he didn't really want to find out the hard way. This way at least assured they weren't caught off guard. Reisus wielded his coilgun in his right hand, placing the opposite hand on his chest, activating his Graviton Touch power to lighten his body. He then posed his left hand to the side of his body, preparing to use the thrusters on his armor to dodge any ranged attacks he saw coming, as he leveled his gun at the opponent, readying a interception shot if they tried anything.
Graham Booke

"Would you like me to help you with that?" A young voice sounded.

"Why, how kind of you. But no thank you, I can carry it myself." said Graham, adjusting the decently sized bag he had shouldered as he left his quarters. The aid closed the door behind him. "I hope you don't mind. One must take a delicate hand when it comes to canvas.", he said as he patted the leather bag with a shaky hand.

"Of course, Sir. Now, if you will follow me right this way I can help you to the common room."

They proceeded to travel down the stairs to the common room, the younger man remaining close to the painter in case he needed assistance. "I've never abode in a building as large as this very gracious of your employers to allow us to house here." he said, continuing the small-talk as they progressed down the stairs. He had only been living in this new building for a few days. Only a few days after the death of his beloved brother had he moved in here, and as such the pain still weighed down in his mind. But he had to look past it. Dwelling on what could not be changed would only make things worse, or so it was his philosophy.

"Yes Sir. Very gracious." the aid said as he remembered his wallet. He brought his attention back to his surroundings as they drew close to the common room. "Here you are Sir. Right over there is where your presence is requested."

Graham looked over to the middle of the common room as he made his last step down the stairs. A group was now forming there. He had aimed to come a few minutes early, but seeing as he was not used to living in a home with more than a single group of steps, he seemed to misjudge his time of arrival. At least he wasn't late, though. "Thank you, young man." he spoke as he shouldered the bag more correctly again, and made his way towards the center of the common room.

The first person he noticed was potentially the oldest present man, besides himself, who adorned bright shades of various colors, and a turban upon his head. His tone seemed light-hearted, and he was being very friendly to everyone, despite the bad news that they would be late. Then the man asked that they all joined hands in prayer. Graham was never a god-fearing man, but he was never one to make rude gestures, or seem rude due to lack of gesture, either. He approached closer, making his place among the others. He lightly held out his unsteady hand to one of the people there, a young blonde woman who a moment ago had blurted out. She seemed on edge. Perhaps the hand of an elderly man could calm her spirit, Graham thought. He left his other hand free to join with others.

Then there was a question: "What kind of game are you playing here?"

"Now, now. Who doesn't like games? I know I sure do." Graham said with a friendly smile.
Wow, this got a lot of interest. 19 people I think I counted. How many are you accepting? @Sazama

EDIT: I'll PM you some of my thoughts.

It was time to begin. He placed his hands on his chest, the symbol on the back of his suit sending out crackling black energy. The energy traveled through his body and to the dirt below him as his teammates advanced towards the other side of the field. Soon, patches of ground around the flag's "bunker" would seem to melt and flow into themselves, slowly growing in heat and emitting a soft light as they converted into boiling magma. After the pools formed, each one would have a short cone of rocky earth rise from the ground around them, protecting them from the wind and snow.

Aram admired his handiwork, which looked like a field of mini-volcanoes. "Nice and toasty over here.." he said to himself. This array would keep this area warm, warding off the effects of the cold, and give him a reliable way to deal with the ice-abuser if he needed to fight her on their turf. As for the artillery- a shell exploded nearby, chipping off a small piece of rocky stone from one of the volcanoes- he'd have to figure something out for her.

He dusted off his gloves(even though they were perfectly clean), but he wasn't done yet. He would make a shield for himself, pulling some material from the earth and transmuting it into thick steel, then strapping it to his left arm. He left his hands unburdened though, as he would approach with his allies until they reached the pillars on their side of the field. Here there were fewer volcanoes than farther back, but still a couple. Here he would set a trap for his enemies. He got to work transmuting, a drop of sweat forming on his brow.

"Let's beat feet. We wouldn't want to keep our new friends waiting, would we?" he said with a smirk.

Reisus felt a pair of eyes on his back. He turned towards the sound of Stella's voice as she addressed him.

"Not quite." he said shortly, examining Stella with a hint of curiosity. She acted much like a human, but wasn't. She still had the mind of a younger person, he assumed, and someone had made a body to fit. When you think about it, she had great potential to be a super soldier.

This is where the one they called Eldrid interrupted.

"As long as you don't blow the mission and have the entire regime called down on us, I don't care who is coming along. More than us few will be pushing it, though." the older man responded. "And I won't be needing any flight enchantments." he said as he opened a compartment on the forearm of his torso suit. He tapped in a few commands, re-calibrating it since it had been out of use for a couple days. He snapped the panel shut afterwards, all the while listening to the in-part breifing Stella provided. It sounded simple enough.

Reisus thought shortly over Stella's question. "I assume you're pretty good at throwing those knives of yours, and I don't want to take one to the back; so you can take point. I'll be close behind. And if you have any fancy magic that I need to know not to get in the way of, it wouldn't be unwise to warn me of it." his words not quite curt, but his tone was serious.

He hoped what the kids had gone through during their forced training would be enough to keep them alive. But if he had to, he would take a bullet for any one of them. He felt he owed his life to them, after all. "I'm ready."
Wanted to say I'm very sorry for lack of posting. School, as well as other things in my life, have been much more busy than I've expected or want them to be. Haven't had very much free time.. ;-;

I can concede if you want, I'm not sure when I'll have the time to put out semi-frequent posts for this along with my other RP commitments(which tbh are also really slow too) at the moment..
No problem. We're on somewhat of a hiatus at the moment because both of our GMs are occupied, so feel free to take your time x3
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