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uhhhh, hi there

I am here and I sorta exist so yes this is my ‘bio’ and it will probably be rather brief and suck and be sloppy, just like me.
So, without further ado..

stuff about me

Most people call me Barti or Bart as well as a few other things since it’s just easier or meaner than the actual thing - I invite you to do so as well.

I’m a 23-year-old (bday June 20th!) Texan who enjoys thunderstorms and rain far too much, and likes anime, running, metal music, and copious amounts of DRUGS candy, among many other cool things - like DnD and MTG.

I enjoy group rps as well as 1x1s. For groups I have what I think is a decent array of interests, most of it being profusely weeb-y. I like Fantasystuffs (Modern especially), supernatural themes, pretty much all Japanese stuff - including historically accurate settings - as well as general dark/grim themes, comedic slice of life trash, academy rps, unique plots, etc. etc. As for 1x1s I pretty much do romance, but I can do non-romantic stuff too if you give me something to work with xP
The only genre I find myself not entirely comfortable with is really sci-fi stuff, but, if the plot/idea catches me enough it can hold my interest. Oh, and my writing level is high casual to low advanced.

I’m a sarcastic, snarky, bipolar-depressed, degenerate garbage can, but generally people seem to like me (I don’t know why in the hot hell you would) - but if you would also like to be my friendo lemme know.
I don’t bite.
Usually owo xd rawr

welppp...I guess that’s okay for now
thanks for reading, you potatoes

Discord: Bartimaeus Blackmaw#7904

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Ripley Lennox

Mentions: Clarissa (@Crusader Lord) Location: Wailord's Rest Cafe

The prospect of starting off their journey by challenging a gym leader like Tuule was an.. interesting one, to say the least. Ripley had, in honesty, thought about it briefly before the offer was even given. But, while he was often one to move before thinking, there was something about the proposition that made him pause. He looked down at Zorua as the dark Pokémon intently watched their companions start to leave the table. For all the battling they'd done to get them this far, he wasn't sure if they were really ready to take on Tuule, of all people.

But it seemed Clarissa and Sir Lopsalot didn't have similar reservations. Rip watched in turn as they got up. He offered a smile at Clarissa's request. "Sure thing! I won't let Zorua eat it all, I swear.." He said, glancing down at the Pokémon as it licked its lips.

Either way, he'd watch on as his friends approached the gym leader, leaning back in the booth to watch the interaction with a hint of suspense. Part of him wanted to accompany them right away, but he figured, at least, they had all the time in the world to commit to such a challenge. At any rate, it was sure to be a great show - and a good opportunity to see what sort of battle prowess the duo could muster up. It seemed Zorua was equally excited to see what happened as it stared intently from the booth, eyes glued to their new friends as they approached Tuule.
Eksa Thresh

Mentions: Everyone Location: Flowers and Canvases

It really was chaos.

Not only was nobody on the same track, but a hostile tension was thick in the air. Not to mention, there was a seemingly endless stream of former coven members making their individual entrances - though this last bit was to be expected. Maybe they should've held their meeting somewhere larger, or more.. secluded, for all these people. But, they were here now. The series of entrances and arguments at hand could've given anybody a headache, at this point. Luckily, Eksa was someone accustomed to a degree of chaos. Working in labs or various universities acclimated one to an environment where many people were hustling about endlessly like ants - and this seemed not-too-different, minus whatever hostility was afoot.

In truth, Eksa would've been content to let the rest of her former companions iron out their grievances with eachother, one way or another. But part of her had a feeling that it would've taken them longer to do so than it would've taken Father Wolf to claim his next victim - meaning time was of the essence, one could only assume. Luckily, Auri and Kali didn't take too long with their discussion in the back room. Upon their return, Kali announced his intent to explain himself which, to Eksa, seemed pretty reasonable. One had to admit though, that she had no problem with the United States' Government. Having lived in the U.S. for only a few years, she had never interacted with the FBI, and didn't know much about them. She did gather, through television and movies, that they were roughly equivalent to the UK's NCA.

But it seemed almost everybody else had an issue. So much so that some of them didn't even want to hear Kali out. Which was.. kinda unfair, at least in Eksa's eyes. Things would work best if they allowed communication between eachother without letting emotions cloud their judgement. She'd been happy to know, at least, that there was no attention on her - luckily enough, their coven had always been full of a buncha weirdos, so that was reassuring in the least. But.. there seemed to be a distinct lack of level-headed stoicism in the mix. Eksa felt a light stinging in her nose as she felt the need to speak up - or maybe the stinging was Everleigh's cigarette. Either way, she felt her nerves climbing up into her throat as she tried to convince herself it'd all work itself out..

But.. in the end, they needed a mediator.

Eksa started to stand and took a breath, readying herself to speak. "Shoul-" She was immediately interrupted before she even began, the aforementioned breath swiftly reaching her lungs and delivering a dose of air, lightly tainted by cigarette-smoke. Her face shifted downwards as she was suddenly bombarded by a series of body-racking, dry coughs. Her right hand instinctively reached forward and grasped the back of the chair in front of her as she doubled forward half-way at the cough-attack. The coughs were terrible, and wickedly dry, with a troubled rasp to them - the type of cough that sucked all breath from one's body. Eksa's grip blanched her fingertips as she gripped the chair in pain. There was a few moments where she tried to catch her breath, her hand trembling lightly as she moved it to try and waft the air around her clear, even so lightly contaminated as it was, coughing all the while.

To others it might've looked like she was choking to death, but a trembling hand rose to ensure than she was fine. "Fine", in this case, seemed to be quite subjective, but Eksa was.. accustomed to it. Such coughing fits weren't uncommon for her, but the presence of smoke or intense cardio were fail-safe evokers of such a painful response. Nevertheless, she tried her best to catch her breath while avoiding any eye-contact from the looks she was sure she'd receive from such an outburst. She held down a shaky breath as she felt the pain subside lightly in her torso, slowly straightening her posture as she was quick to try and steel herself, mentally, to speak again.

"I-I.. I think we should let 'im speak.." She started, a small bead of sweat rolling down her temple as she did. Her voice was.. not what any of them would remember. A decade ago, her voice was, well.. normal. She was upbeat, if a tad loud compared to her peers, and was pretty thickly accented, in Glaswegian fashion. Now, though.. it was a lot different. Her voice has scarred and raspy - it sounded like a voice that would hurt to use. Over the years, a good portion of the pain from speaking had, admittedly, subsided as her vocal cords grew used to working the way they now did. Now though, her accent had to work harder to push past the croaky measure of her voice. Nevertheless, it did. "He doesn't-" cough, cough "-doesn't hafta be here in capacity of an FBI agent, or whatever.. why would 'e be? They havnae a reason to care 'bout what's goin' on here, 'less I'm misunderstandin'.." She let the end of her sentence trail off.

As she finished, she dared to let her eyes eyes trail upwards to a level where she could potentially meet someone else's gaze, even as she felt her body flush with the heat of anxiety. The tip of her shoe fiddled with the back of the chair in front of her in anticipation as she stood in the middle-left of the group, feeling a bit claustrophobic after her interruption. Sure, her heartrate had probably doubled after she dared venture herself into the conversation, but the cohesion of the group was more important than her comfort. Somebody had to try and keep Kali from getting thrown out by the flock that was currently eyeing him -- he was a member of their coven, after all, even if she hadn't a direct relationship with him.

She painfully stifled a few weaker follow-up coughs, her hand rising to form a fist in front of her mouth as she did.
Eksa Thresh

Mentions: Everyone Location: Eksa's Hotel Room > Flowers and Canvases

Being back in St. Portwell was.. nostalgic - among other things. In truth, being back in the states was nostalgic in its own right, seeing as it was something Eksa hadn't done since she was seventeen. The day before, she had arrived in Oregon by plane, landing late in the evening before booking herself a hotel room in which she slept. It was, in fact, the hotel room which she occupied at this very moment.

It was early evening, nearing 6pm, and Eksa found herself in her room, getting dressed as well as mentally preparing herself for the event to come. She had spent the earlier portions of the day re-familiarizing herself, at least lightly, with the town of Portwell. She had enjoyed a nice, if slightly awkward, stop at one of the local coffee shops, and followed it with an outing to a nice little park. The park was one which she explored more than a few times as a kid, and the experience of returning to it managed to fill her with some teary-eyed recollections of her past. She tried not to think to hard on what had befell her family back then - after all, she'd had an entire decade to cope with her misfortunes. Nevertheless, her nerves were tested, if a bit.

Even as she got into her rental car and began to make her way to the meet-up place that Auri has invited her to, said nerves were tested and tweaked. It always happened. Whenever she had a meeting or some sort of greet or function she had to attend, her self-conscious nature always managed to get the better of her. What if people stared? What if people thought her a freak? What if she broke into a sweat, as she was prone to due when meeting multiple new people? Sure, these people weren't new to her, but she might as well be new to them. Her head always spun with such worries before things like this. She was fortunate that, usually, she was able to assume a professional visage that held her anxiousness at bay -- but she had never been able to channel that when things were more casual.

Eventually she slapped herself internally in an attempt to straighten herself out. These people were her friends. Or.. at least they had been, once. She didn't really know if they counted as such, now.. especially after she ghosted any phonecalls from the U.S. after she had woken from her coma. The only contact she had had with anybody was an old series of texts that let her know they had succeeded in their battle against the Stygian Snake. Something which, she imagined, she had missed the after-party for. Though a few other texts, which she left equally unanswered, informed her of the coven breaking up. She was really missing a lot of details, but maybe it wasn't all too important. They had won, and Eksa, among others, had paid the price for that victory. A price which had made life.. hard for her, socially, but one she had been willing to pay back then.

It was a short time before Eksa's endless thoughts were interrupted by her car coming to a soft halt. She had arrived. Her subconscious driving had delivered her to a spot across the street, with a clear view of the face of the storefront - Flowers and Canvases. She managed to allow herself a deep breath. For a moment she sat behind the wheel, trying to cool off her nerves. Finally, she unlatched her seatbelt and reached across herself to open the door and step out. She checked that she had everything she needed - that being her phone - before she shut the door and locked it with a light beepbeep from her keychain, which she tucked into her front pant-pocket.

She rounded the car and ensured the street was clear before she walked across.

She was, as usual, wearing a business-casual-esque ensemble. Her top, which was mostly shrouded by the gray-threaded overcoat that hung off her shoulders, was a long-sleeved, purely black turtleneck. Her light-gray trousers matched her coat and were well-pressed. Her outfit was completed by a pair of simple, black leather shoes. She pulled her right arm across the front of her body as she walked, tugging her coat lightly to ensure it covered her left side, as she approached the front of the shop.

She opened the door and stepped inside. There were various familiar faces scattered about the shop, and she could immediately feel her heart start to thump anxiously. They all looked.. different. But that was to be expected, seeing as it had been a decade. Still, they were recognizable. She tried to render herself as overlookable as possible, only managing to make eye contact with Auri as the lass greeted her upon her entry. Eksa offered her an awkward nod and an appeasing smile that was partly-genuine. Mind you, she was not unhappy to see the lot that had congregated here today - in fact, the opposite. A part of her had always wanted to meet up again, but her apprehensions had more of a hold on her than she would ever admit. And as such, she made it her task to find a chair secluded from anybody already sitting, and take it wordlessly.

And so she did.

And after a tad bit of a wait, once enough people had arrived, Auri would begin. And Eksa would listen. The blonde laid down a couple good points to start. Points the Eksa couldn't disagree with. Ignoring the deaths that had already happened was likely to be a mistake. Even if Father Wolf, as she called the perpetrator, was done with his little spree, it would feel almost like a.. betrayal, of some kind, to leave such crimes unanswered. That wasn't something that sat well with Eksa, especially now that she was already back in St. Portwell.

She listened further as Auri spoke, finding herself nodding lightly along at her ideas. For a moment, Eksa paused. When she thought about it, in truth she had had no real say in whether the coven broke up or not. Before all the drama had really started to swelter, Eksa had been in her coma. Even well after the disbanding. Had she had a choice, she couldn't imagine herself ever giving up such a.. family, of sorts, as they had been. A family of strangers, maybe. But there was something there, at least. To be honest, she never really had many problems with the coven beforehand, though she had been a carefree soul back then - she'd just been along for the ride. Now, though, she found herself more analytical.

Nevertheless, as Eksa listened on, Auri's talk started to seem a little.. familiar. Right - it was somewhat reminiscent of the speech that Ashley had given them all those years ago, when they formed the original coven the first time. Eksa couldn't really remember much of what was said - it was a long time ago, after all - but the uplifting nature of the two were undeniably similar. Were her nerves not so on-edge, it might've drawn a smirk from her. For how much it seemed Auri was displeased with Ashley's way of leading the coven, they had their hearts in it in the same fashion - at some points, at least. While Eksa hadn't a problem with the coven during her time within it, Auri's idea of avoiding a dictatorship of sorts was admirable, at the very least.

Well.. it all sounded good to her. She was sure that she should've been thinking harder on it all, and a part of her felt a bit childish at the idea of forming a "coven" now, when they did the same exact thing as kids - but there was a good reason behind it. There were murders happening. It didn't get much more adult than that.

Were she her old self, she might've spoken up on how she liked Auri's ideas, but.. she wasn't. Speaking to a room was, honestly, somewhat terrifying. So she would relegate herself to waiting for others to speak up.

Just like.. Luke..? She felt bad that she couldn't remember the name of one of her fellow coven members, but it'd been ten years, and she was pretty sure it was Luke. Though, something about what he said concerned her.

What Britney did? What did that mean? It seemed Eksa was out of the loop, but.. surely she was misunderstanding. Britney had seemed great, at least when Eksa was around. Surely she couldn't have so drastically changed in just the months that Eksa had spent in a coma. She'd been just as much of a family member of the coven as anybody else. What did she do to him..?

She opened her mouth habitually to speak, but stopped herself. She had questions, but.. maybe later was a better time. Maybe she'd ask Britney in private, or something. For now, she absorbed what she heard and continued to listen to the conversation amongst them.
@Punished GN aye aye, cap'n
@Atrophy I absolutely adore Sloane and what you've done with her lux. I can't wait to play alongside your character, they're very unique and enjoyable to read! ^^
Alright, here we go! Created over the course of several over-nighters, so let's hope there's not too many errors in there..
I'm sure Ghost will be happy that there's no furry material inside.

@Punished GN Hit me with any thoughts, questions, or needed changes <3
Ripley Lennox

Mentions: Clarissa (@Crusader Lord) Location: Byjerlfal City Industrial District, Wailord's Rest Cafe

The interior of the cafe was.. homey. At least to Ripley. It had a decent collection of customers seated about, each discussing their own devices, hanging out, dining, etc. While Rip had never left Rivenwall before this very adventure, he might've expected little shops like this to be a bit.. different. Sure, it was different in that it was in a different city, and it was adjacent a different length of ocean, even - but the atmosphere wasn't so alien.

As his gaze shifted over to a nearby menu at the mention of food, he could feel his mouth start to water. Ripley had always been a fan of seafood. The sea was a menagerie of sorts for different tastes and experiences that Ripley thought one could never see the end of. And considering he was from the sea-side town of Rivenwall, he was one to have tasted more than a few different flavors the watery expanse had to offer. He'd never pass up the opportunity to try more. As they were led to their booth he ordered the same thing as his partner - today's special.

His face lit up at Beryl's offer to give them a discount, and he thanked her excitedly before she left, leaving her Wobbufett behind to keep them company. Rip took this as an opportunity to scan the Pokémon as well, storing its data in his pokedex. He slipped the device back into his jeans before he sat back in the booth and tucked the heel of his right sneaker just under his butt up on the seat as they waited for Beryl to return. He couldn't help but allow his gaze to explore the inside of the cafe as they sat. He took it all in - even the presence of Tuule - which was surely a surprise to him.

His face took on a brief look of surprise at sighting the Gym Leader of Rivenwall here, of all places. What a coincidence! He'd met Tuule maybe a couple times throughout Rivenwall - well, more saw than met, as he never really approached him. But still! A part of Rip's mind wanted to go bother the old guy, pester him about something. But another part of him wanted to bide his time. He had never been able to challenge the geezer, due to the fact that he had no battle experience, and no Pokémon to boot.. but something told him that he'd get his chance. Maybe soon - they'd just have to get stronger.

In any case, the smell of baking, frying, and otherwise cooking goods wafted into the area, causing Rip's mouth to water once more at the thought of a meal. "Geez, I'm more hungry than I thought - this place's gotta nice atmosphere, eh?" He pondered allowed, giving Clarissa a nudge with his left foot from across the booth.
I'll be marring this with my presence.
Ripley Lennox

Mentions: Clarissa (@Crusader Lord) Location: Byjerlfal City Industrial District

Now this was more like home. As Ripley and his psychic companion ventured after the flock of Murkrow, they happened to travel into what one would only assume was a more industrial section of Byjerlfal - and that it was. The scenery transformed as they moved onward, turning into something more similar to the busy, machinated hotspot that was Rip's hometown, Rivenwall.

Eventually, they drew to a stop as the path ahead became not-so-clear. Their target seemed to have evaded them, but there were options. A set of friendly-looking alleys lay before, but so too did a cafe. The Wailord's Rest - seemed cozy enough. Ripley's eyes were drawn to Sir Lopsalot as the small rabbit-Pokémon gestured down the alleyway towards what they could only assume was their quarry. Or something like it. Ripley peered down the alley, looking for any sign of what may be waiting for them, to little avail.

He proceeded to listen as Clarissa spoke. He himself wasn't too concerned about the safety of the alley - how bad could it really be? They had their partner Pokémon to help protect them, anyways! Either way though, Rip was more than content with deferring to whatever path Clarissa wanted to take first. Afterall, there was a big journey ahead of them, and the first city they came across was not likely to be the most exciting bit of it. Plus, once Clarissa was busy with her super-star friend, Ripley would have the run of the place to himself to do whatever he thought he missed.

"Hmmmn.." He hummed, shifting a hip to one side. "The cafe sounds good to me! Who better to ask than a local, I guess!" He replied as he started to step happily towards the front of the Wailord's Rest. "Maybe they have something interesting on the menu, too!" Zorua's eyes gleamed in delight at the mention of food as it scurried around the duo of trainers in excited circles.
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