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Current That's a good idea. Thanks, Bango.
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It's been a bit over a year since Polymorpheus left us, and I'm really missing them right now. I hope you're doing well, wherever you are. Our hearts are still with you, always.
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I just realized you cannot un-like things you accidentally like on the status board. This is a dangerous place.
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Drugs sound pretty good right about now. Mostly copium.
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Morbing predates you. Yeah, you! You heard me!


uhhhh, hi there

I am here and I sorta exist so yes this is my ‘bio’ and it will probably be rather brief and suck and be sloppy, just like me.
So, without further ado..

stuff about me

Most people call me Barti or Bart as well as a few other things since it’s just easier or meaner than the actual thing - I invite you to do so as well.

I’m a 21-year-old (bday June 20th!) Texan who enjoys thunderstorms and rain far too much, and likes anime, running, metal music, and copious amounts of DRUGS candy, among many other cool things - like DnD and MTG.

I enjoy group rps as well as 1x1s. For groups I have what I think is a decent array of interests, most of it being profusely weeb-y. I like Fantasystuffs (Modern especially), supernatural themes, pretty much all Japanese stuff - including historically accurate settings - as well as general dark/grim themes, comedic slice of life trash, academy rps, unique plots, etc. etc. As for 1x1s I pretty much do romance, but I can do non-romantic stuff too if you give me something to work with xP
The only genre I find myself not entirely comfortable with is really sci-fi stuff, but, if the plot/idea catches me enough it can hold my interest. Oh, and my writing level is high casual to low advanced.

I’m a sarcastic, snarky, bipolar-depressed, degenerate garbage can, but generally people seem to like me (I don’t know why in the hot hell you would) - but if you would also like to be my friendo lemme know.
I don’t bite.
Usually owo xd rawr

welppp...I guess that’s okay for now
thanks for reading, you potatoes

Discord: Bartimaeus Blackmaw#7904

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Interacting with: Everyone — Location: Room C-103, Auditorium

The wet plap plap plaps of Golduck's feet pittered through the halls that were quickly drawing upon vacancy. Small puddles of water trailed behind the large, duck-like Pokémon as it trekked along in front of its trainer, mostly oblivious to its surroundings in its excitement to get where they were going. Sibyl made sure to avoid stepping in such slippery puddles - a mistake she'd made more than a few times, when Golduck had first starting walking with her from the pools to the auditorium, as per routine.

The game of dodge-puddle would soon come to an end, however, as they arrived at their destination. The trainer followed her eager Pokémon inside, content to let her lead the way considering they were both now equally accustomed to the proceedings. The Golduck scurried forth, disregarding most of anybody that it passed, until reaching a spot at the near-front of the auditorium - their usual area. It slipped into a seat and tucked its tail to its side for comfort - though being roughly 5'7", the Pokémon was accomodated by the seat rather well.

Sibyl took pause for just a moment as she entered, letting her eyes scan the room. A few familiar faces - and a couple new ones - she thought it best to continue along unless stopped. She followed to her usual seat, spotting her sister, Maris, along the way as she did. She offered a silent peace-sign-greeting as she took her spot next to Golduck, who offered a jovial wave to Maris in turn.

In truth, the trainer was more nervous than she let on. It was their last year. They needed.. something.. to go right for them here. She was honestly quite proud of Golduck's performance, but it took more than just one Pokémon to win one's battles. She didn't want to fail her Pokémon, and they didn't want to fail her.

Which was why they would win this year. Whatever it took, they'd do it.
Welcome to the site! We're glad to have you. Hope you have a great time!
Interacting with: N/A — Location: School's Pools

Sibyl lazily raked a hand through her now-damp, pearly-blonde hair as the final of the afternoon's bells finished their shrilling. She ran a towel over her head a final time as she approached the bench on which her Golduck sat, patiently waiting. Its feet swung slightly below it as it looked up and gave her its greeting. "Gol!"

She offered a smile as she tossed the towel over her shoulder and grabbed her satchel from the bench, beginning to rummage through it.


She didn't spare a glance up at her Pokémon as she pulled her sneakers from her bag and sat next to the duck as she began to slip them on.
"Nope. You're not staying - we've still got our team meeting, you know that." She deliberately avoided meeting the eyes of her life-long friend. Despite their normal piercing gaze, her Golduck somehow had a way of using those eyes to make its trainer melt and give it whatever it wanted. But the meetings were important - skipping them would be letting a lot of people down. She finished slipping her sneakers on and stood to stretch, letting out a relieved groan. She then grabbed her satchel and nodded her head for Golduck to follow as she started a stroll towards the auditorium.

She heard Golduck's feet plap against the tiles of the poolside as it slipped off the bench in turn. "Gol.. duck." It mouthed defiantly.

Sibyl froze mid-step. She couldn't help but squeeze her hand into a fist at the comment. She turned, slowly, a look of subdued frustration clear on her face. "Don't.. talk like that." She pressed. She stepped towards her Golduck once again, her hand releasing its tight grip on the air as she gently placed it upon the shoulder of her Pokémon. "We've just been.. unlucky. We can do this, alright? Improvement is always possible. Plus.." She hoisted her satchel, which held her Pokéballs, gesturing at it. "..these guys are still learning."

The Golduck paused, looking over her trainer's face, before slowly lowering its bill in shame. "G-Gol.." Sibyl was quick to nudge her bill back up again. She looked directly into her eyes now. "It's okay.. you can make it up to me by battling hard." She comforted, letting a slight smirk grace her lips. Golduck's eyes were quick to harden once again and it let out an excited "Golduck!" As it started to resume its trainer's stroll, but even faster this time.

The two made their way, excitedly now, to meet up with the rest of the team in Room C-103.
Thank y'all for being understanding<3
Also, in case anyone wanted to know: While I said I was going to go for a more NPC-ish role in this RP, I was thinking of giving my character a sibling, so HMU if you want to do any shenanigans of that nature.

I'd be open to such a thing if you wanna message me on Discord. Depends on how your character's background functions.
@Yankee@Bartimaeus Is there any specific team or play style you two were thinking of? Lems wanted to name all her pokemon after food items, Sloth was thinking of pokemon that were themed after sleep, etc.

Hmmmn. Nothing solid as of this moment, but I've been entertaining a swimmer who names their Pokémon after bodies of water and stuffs. Still more to be explored.
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