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When you're so stressed out with irl stuff that you get behind on RPs, but still wanna join more because it calms you down. ;-;
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*Wants to do an Zombie Apocalypse RP and has good ideas, but feels like he will be a shitty GM* I cry.
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I think I'm obsessed with rain.


Alright, so you're probably reading this because I said something stupid or caught your interest in an RP thread. Maybe looking for a RP Partner? Maybe you came to the right place. So let's get right to it.
Color Coding:
Yellow = Pretty Good
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Red = Love it!
RP Subjects-
Shifters and Neko(jin)
Full Metal Alchemist
Fairy Tail

RP Styles-

Story oriented with Decent amount of combat
18+/18+ Anime


-My name comes from a book series known as "The Bartimaeus Trilogy" that I read when I was around 14. From what I remember, it was a fantastic read. Recommended.
-I enjoy creating characters a lot. I also enjoy discussing balance issues, and especially constructive criticism.

RPs I'm in:
Essence of the World: Flesh Reborn (Hiatus)
Royal Rumble(High School Powers RP)
Every Shifter Bears Fangs

...I'll add more as it comes to me.

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Masami left Andras and Ascot after assisting them as she could. She was making friends much faster than she had anticipated upon her arrival in Rhea. Not that she ever had trouble with making friends. People usually seemed to be naturally drawn to her, even if she wouldn't admit such an un-humble fact. But it wasn't like she got out much anyways.

These wandering thoughts were interrupted as the bright pink-haired, perky individual she had met before named Euphoria, caught her eye, the notions dashed from her consciousness as she remembered she wasn't yet done fighting. Her muscles had long been relaxed, as she had been in the company of her new-found friends, and she now felt reinvigorated.

She approached the girl, "Hey Euphoria!" she called. She had never been given her name vocally, but she remembered seeing it on some board somewhere. She would then inquiry about her next fight in the tournament, and be presumably led to the correct ring.

Masami really enjoyed a friendly sparring match. It invigorated the senses, and sharpened the skills. Both things that she highly enjoyed experiencing. She wasn't much for showmanship, but considering her style and appearance, she didn't need to be. Again, people were naturally drawn to her.
Even here, as she approached the ring-side, she heard hushed tones from the crowd. Those who had watched her earlier mentioned the previous fight, betting and bickering to themselves over one question; Who would win next?

Aram slid swiftly down the thin pole he had created, quickly surveying his surroundings as he descended past the second floor, to the first. Nasaraph followed suit, grasping the beam and descending himself.

The Alchemist's passing of the first ceiling was met by a cacophonous eruption of rubble which send large and varying amounts of debris his way. This worried Aram, as he need both hands to perform alchemy, which he currently didn't have available to him. Meaning he was pretty much entirely defenseless. Luckily for him, Nasaraph was capable of providing his own support, and expelled a blast of stored energy his body, smashing the larger debris into smaller pieces as they both dropped to the floor, their grips on the pole each released.

Aram landed unsteadily, falling forward and tumbling over to sprawl out on the floor. He pushed himself up from the ground to stand, a moderate pain spiking from his ankle which caused him to distort his face slightly in pain. That would be a problem. If it weren't for the fact that it seemed the fight was already dispersing. It seemed our side had won. Or at least the side Michael was fighting for. Speaking of the fellow Vigilante, Aram spotted him, accompanied by a man who was seemed to be supplying him with first-aid attention.

He took a step forward to go over and see the state of Michael's injuries when the man looked back, and called him. "Hey, Alchemist!"
He came over hurriedly as Alexander told him of his friend's acid burns. He drew the acid from the student's body with his water manipulation as he listened to the officer's proposal. Protect someone? For two months? He pondered, a little confused by the request. He nodded ever so slighty, thinking. "Odd proposal, but... you did say it was a job. So that means money... and depending on the amount, King could be very pleased." he thought out loud. It seemed like an odd request to him, but he would put it through, nonetheless.

Aram nodded. "Alright. I'll put it through to King, our leader. I'm sure you'll know how to contact him with any follow-up requests."
He put his hand on Michael's shoulder, easing to help him up after cleansing his acid wounds. He would indeed put the request through to King, including the part about Andras.

The reward for this could please King. It could provide them the money they needed for access to the upcoming tournaments, in conjunction with the exorcism and cat missions. It was perfect!

But what Aram didn't consider... Who or what were they protecting this brother from...?
Grav M.
Fear/Illus./Fo Chain/Dem.

Michael? Aram looked down the whole to spot the boy within the midst of the fight. "That is Michael! What is he doing down there with those people??" he exclaimed. "We have to go help him."

He turned to Brutus and Nasarath, in turn. "You guys will help me, right?"
Whatever the answer, Aram would clasp his hands together abruptly, and then lay them against the floor near the hole. Bits and pieces of hanging rubble, and nearby furniture such as table lamps and side tables would soon dissolve into the floor, appearing in his hand, that Aram now held out above the hole, in the form of a steel pole several inches in diameter. It quickly expanded past the floor below, absorbing mass from surrounded furniture and debris.

It quickly reached the first floor, then welding itself to the ground. Aram looked back to Nasaraph and Brutus, while securing the Bing Bong sword on his back. He turned back to the pole and grasped it firmly, then jumped off the edge, and begun sliding down it. He had to help Michael, and no one would convince him otherwise.

Masami was worried that the current situation would become one that would require more violence. She was about to try and talk her and her new acquaintances out of it, when Galbrek began speaking directly to this "Vernon", but was soon seemingly interrupted by his own inability to move.
He just...fell over.

One of the people who looked to be accompanying him shouted, and caught him before he fell. Another one, this one much smaller, then began channeling a dark energy into her hands. "Oh...this escalated quickly." Masami thought. "But at least we outnumber them four to-"

Her thought was interrupted by a shout coming across the park. "You better stop that! We would hate having to hurt you!" The man yelled, taking a silly action pose like you saw in the movies, while another girl stood beside him, with a grave expression. "-four.." The stupid pose didn't mean they weren't dangerous.

"No need to get hostile now!" she shouted to the dolls both closer and farther from them as she backed towards Andras and William. "Your "Master" was just being a bit too aggressive. But we'll be leaving now, maybe some other time! she exclaimed.

She was now directly beside Andras. "Good idea. Let's get out of here. she said as she continued to back up, turning her head towards the girl. Masami didn't know exactly how much juice the card-slinger had remaining, but it probably wasn't enough to get this fight over with. She hadn't known William's or Vernon's powers, but even so, they were essentially outnumbered if Andras was too tired to fight. Their would-be opponents were seemingly unhindered by fatigue at the moment.

Masami was close to the group now, not well within human hearing range. She stopped a couple yards from them, as Andras demurred from Galbrek's approach.

The card-slinger summoned such entities to her hand, objecting to the new arrival's seemingly notional action. "What did you try to do just now?" she exclaimed.

Masami stepped closer to Andras and William, the other new arrival, and felt a solicitous feeling wash over her as she watched Galbrek interact rather sourly with William.

She came within about a yard of William, and faced Galbrek with her hand rested on the hilt at her hip. Her mask was now gone, as she had caught her breath within the break of action they had received. "Is there a problem here? she said in a cheery tone. It would have sounded threatening from someone else, but from her it just sounded like a question from a genuinely concerned person.

She would look to Andras, eyeing the reaction the entity covering her faced had proposed, and then to Galbrek. "If there's something you want to talk about, I'm sure we can do so without any..trickery." she offered.

He Starballs were floating between herself and Galbrek, staying close to her. Yet, they were still fluctuating in color, but now with more intensity. Something wasn't right.

Aram's muscles were tense as the scene played out before him. This wasn't how this was supposed to go. The ghosts weren't supposed to be so intimidating., he thought, watching Vittorio closely, and with a slight twinge of horror.

But we had someone who didn't care. Nasaraph would willingly face this abomination. They were just about to go at it too, when two other people arrived. They ran, ignoring the group of Vigilantes as well as Vittorio, but before they could get very far, there were loud crashings and creakings; and the floor beneath them began to crumble. They both plummeted downwards, and as they did so Aram recognized one of them; Lady Liselotte. He couldn't quite tell who the other person had been, but Liselotte was seemingly one of the more standing-out first years from St. Laurel's, given her attire and royal mannerisms.

Now this place was getting busy. There were crashes and sounds running all throughout the house. But the event before them held some significance they could actually see. There was a gaping whole in the floor, leading down to previous levels.

It appeared that the ghostly abomination and Nasaraph were calling off their little confrontation...for now. The ghostly figure turned, floating over to the hole that had just been ripped through the floor, and peering down. Aram began to walk forward towards the hole, but remaining close to the wall and keeping his distance from Vittorio, while slightly beckoning the others to follow as well.

Before he could reach it however, Vittorio began speaking to his self ,in what sounded to Aram, a crazed tone. One that was full of greed, and pain. "Alto... ALTO..." he mumbled possessively. He jumped down the hole and began to fall.

Aram quickly came over to the edge, looking down. Alto?? he thought. This is getting serious.

He turned to his comrades, not being one to rush blindly in to these kind of situations. "What are we supposed to do?" he said to Brutus and Nasaraph.

Samoth sprinted away from Bak, having to leave the girl. There was no way he'd be able to fight while carrying her. Or run away for that matter. He vaulted over a couch that was in his way, splaying himself out on the ground on the other side of it. The dust was still clearing from the whole in wall, so hopefully the iron-clad Tsarevna would not notice.

"Come out to play. Come, you had such bravery a moment ago." He reached out to her with his mind. "Tsarevna." he communicated to her, "To be deterred by danger is for those who see themselves at a disadvantage. You don't think I'm at a disadvantage. Do you?" even in his thoughts, his sentences were without emotion, and began, as well as ended, abruptly.

The question wasn't much of a question for Samoth. He knew he was at a disadvantage. Bak's firepower was too rapid for him to block efficiently, and she was physically much stronger than him. He could sense her mind across the room. Thankfully, it seemed a good deal of the ghosts who were interfering with his telepathic sensory were dealt with. However, not even most Laurel's student understood Samoth's powers. Much less the walking artillery he faced now. The unknown was on his side.

He focused his mind to manifest a psychic Glaive. If he could hear, sense, or feel that Bak was approaching the couch he was hiding behind, he would leap at her, and swipe it at her legs.
But if she began shooting throughout the room, he would dive behind the nearby Granite counter that was in the kitchen.
Masami stood near the edge of a crowd, with her side facing those she was listening too, with her ears perked up. She listened the whole while as the boy explained in more detail the events to Andras.

That being said, I'm looking rather low on spells right now...
she overheard. they do have a limit.. Masami thought to herself, glancing over to see catch the twinge of embarrassment across Andras' features.

Then the "Demon" Lady began searching for something, her eyes scanning the area for whatever it was she needed. The fox watched as her eyes laid upon her. She looked away quickly,as she had noticed it must have looked like she was staring at them from a distance. Like a weirdo.

Andras wasn't slow to wave her over, to Masami's surprise. She hesitantly stepped from her watching position, walking over to the group.
Shortly after the fight, Masami was slightly swarmed by a group of eager watchers, who bombarded her with questions about her powers, where she was from, etc. etc.

The fox girl departed herself from the crowd, looking around for Andras, realizing she hadn't spoken to her after the defeat.
She spotted the card-slinger, and began to approach her. She was about to call to her, but before she could, another voice rose up. Followed by a second.

She looked towards both voices and, as expected, didn't know either of them. One of them, the younger-looking one, began shouting some nonsense(which in all honesty Masami would expect someone to not yell in the middle of a public event) about a Vittorio...and some deaths...and..a Demon.

Another Demon??, Masami thought. But wait. Why would he ask Andras for help if she herself were a Demon? Something was off, she thought.

As she approached closer to Andras, Masami's Starballs began to fluctuate in color and brightness. It was a sign Masami knew all too well. There was a Demon present. She didn't think it was Andras. She had been right next to her during the fight, and the Starballs behaved as normal.

She would linger around a dozen feet away from her, and listen to the events that unfold, as her ears perked up for more attentive hearing.
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