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This is an awesome site that uses an A.I. to create Waifu portraits. Enjoy <3

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Location: Personal Containment Hall [Yellow ward]

The trio hadn’t even been walking for a handful of seconds before they were stopped in their tracks by yet another source of heavy banging noises that left a light ringing aloft in the air. Then there was a pause.

Casey felt his heart thumping in his chest during the silence. Those other sounds from a few moments ago, they’d been in the distance. But these were coming from somewhere ahead of them, down the very hall in which they were standing. He felt his foot shift an inch backwards as the noises continued, but this time with a metallic screeching filling the air. He moved his hand back, only to find that it was now empty - his young companion has slipped away and was moving behind the girl with them.

Wasn’t he scared? No, Casey could feel that he was scared. But if that was the case, why had the boy moved forward when Casey’s own feet wanted to move backwards? He hesitated, but eventually forced himself to move forward, stepping to stand beside the two other individuals he shared the hall with. They moved forward step-by-step until finally the visage of a young girl came into view.

Casey’s head tilted up slightly, his large white pupil-less eyes moving past the girl and to the door behind her -- or rather, what used to be a door. It looked very broken. She There had to have been a malfunction or something. His eyes turned down to his hands, looking at the inky wisps flowing hesitantly around his wrists and hands. What the hell was going on?

His face turned up again to look at the new figure. Were they.. they weren’t normal, were they? He clearly wasn’t. His gaze shifted once again to the boy in front of him. Was he abnormal? And what about the woman? Where’d she get that weapon?? She seemed just as clueless as he was. His thoughts were racing, and he honestly didn’t know what to even do at this point. All he knew was that the three figures standing in front of him all seemed to be in the same boat - at least he assumed so for the young girl; she had come from a room similar to theirs after all.

Well, there was another thing he knew. They had to find someone to tell them what was going on and where they were.

He felt his gaze pull from those in front of him and to a shape in the corner of his eye. A wide corridor. He looked between his companions and the corridor, hesitantly stepping forward to try and get a good look at what was there. He half-turned back as he began walking, motioning for the three of them to come along. He didn’t know who any of them were, but two of them seemed to young to know any more than he did, and the woman didn’t seem to be hiding anything - so it made sense for them to stick together. He just hoped they weren’t freaking out internally about his appearan-


He paused, tilting his head ever so slightly. Did he hear...voices? It took him a few more hesitant steps before he was in motion again, lulling the length of his steps so the group could stick close together. Were those voices someone who could help them? Or were they more people like them, not knowing where the hell they were or why?

He slowed as he approached a turn in the corridor, looking back behind him at his companions to make sure they were still close. He turned forward, peeking his head out to see what was there.

He felt his heart skip a beat as the short tendrils on his head laid back and wiggled anxiously. Four figures. He could hear their voices well enough to discern what they were saying now, but he wasn’t paying attention much. What his brain focused on was that they were dressed the exactly the same as he and his companions - like prisoners of some sort. There was no doubt about it with the matching clothes and the wrist/neck manacles - they were definitely meant to be contained or something. But why? Maybe it didn’t matter, because he felt his muscles relax somewhat.

If they were in the same situation as him, they wouldn’t know anything either, presumably. The term ‘safety in numbers’ popped into his head. It made enough sense. He looked to the three other people he’d been traveling the halls with, motioning encouragingly as he stepped side ways away from the ‘concealment’ that the corner offered.

He turned his gaze to the hall where the four other individuals were - it seemed they’d found what seemed to be the cafeteria. He couldn’t exactly see what it looked like inside unless he approached, but he was sure it’d look just like any normal cafeteria would.

He raised a hand to wave and let out a call on instinct, but once again came up without success. Not being able to speak was really limiting, he had come to realize. He hoped this new group wouldn’t be phased by his appearance - it was a stroke of luck that the two young ones and the long-haired woman he’d already met hadn’t ran away, considering he couldn’t put them at ease verbally.
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Cash Kattner

Location: Stockbridge Academy, Teacher’s Lounge
Date: March 6th, 2019

Cash sighed as he stood up.

He supposed it was to be expected - the quarrel their group was undergoing. Everyone’s nerves were shocked. They were all on edge. Even him, he noticed, as his hands continued to tremble. He’d seen some shit before, but the scene that played out moments before he would find himself in the teacher’s lounge was gruesome. He shook the thought from his head.

He was glad at least that those of the group weren’t completely debilitated by their fear - well, most of them. They seemed like a reasonably tough bunch. He turned to face the middle of room, having kept an ear open as he mingled amongst the outskirts of the group. Personally, he wouldn’t mind gathering their sanity for a little while before making a decisive movement - but it seemed the group had mostly decided their course of action.

He’d join them, of course - they didn’t say strength in numbers for no reason. But how much that mattered when they were - assumedly — outnumbered themselves...well, he didn’t want to think about it. Plans were all fine and dandy, but when shit hit the fan anything could happen.

At this point -- he only had one plan - survive.

Easier said than done.

Location: Stockbridge Academy, Hallways
Date: March 6th, 2019

Cash crept forward, the sole of his sneaker pushing against the floor as he peered cautiously around a wall full of lockers.


He felt himself release a quiet breath he hadn’t even realized he was holding. He motioned behind him that that hallway seemed clear, aside from a haphazardly placed stray shoe. Unfortunately for them, there were far more halls than just the one.

Cash had taken a more helpful role in their departure from the teacher’s lounge - having taken up a table leg from the local soda-puncher - and assuming one of the frontmost positions of their trepidatiously-moving formation. Brave, one might think - but his heart was beating just as fast as anyone else’s.

What would they even do if they saw something in these halls? Sneaking past them didn't seem likely considering there was more than a couple of them. And fighting them wasn’t something he wanted to do. Especially not with a flimsy table leg from a highschool teacher’s lounge. Although, even if it was a rather unsubstantial weapon, it at least gave him something to do with his hands. He gripped the piece of metal tightly.

Despite the current situation they were in, he found his mind wander elsewhere. The group wasn’t entirely together anymore - some had opted to stay behind in the lounge. He’d attempted to talk them out of their decision - but they’d been adamant. He felt a wrong feeling in the pit of his stomach, leaving them there. But even so, he wasn’t going to risk himself if they wanted to stay behind while the rest of the group tried to escape.

His mind was brought back to the hallway as he heard a voice from behind him. Kaylee, she had said her name was. He wasn’t sure about the proposition. She was right - the food containers would probably be quite cumbersome. But searching the classrooms was dangerous. They could make too much noise - or one of the...’zombies’ could be inside one of the rooms. Well, that was assuming someone had managed to get inside one of the rooms - they could very well be locked due to the situation beforehand.

But, if even one saw them it could easily turn into a shitshow.

He turned his head to the side, keeping his eyes ahead as he spoke in a low, husky tone.

“Er, well.. it might be dangerous. We’d have to be real quiet.”

His mind wandered to the cafeteria. He could maybe fit like, one, maybe two of those cans in his backpack, if he left it open. They’d not be able to take many even if- wait.

“Wait, do y’all think they have some carts sitting around in there? If the casters are quiet enough, we could get a ton of those cans to anywhere in the school.”

Maybe someone had a better idea - but it didn’t hurt to spitball. Plus, even if they did get some workable carts and got caught, those that were unarmed could grab a couple of the supplies during the escape and leave the carts behind.

He hadn’t been very vocal before - in the lounge - but he hoped nobody would hold it against him. He had just seen some poor sons of bitches get their faces eaten off, after all. Any idea was worth discussing - unless they just wanted to end up getting their Halloween costumes super early. And permanently.

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I shouldn’t, but I think I shall :1

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INTERACTING WITH: @Ambra, @King Kindred
LOCATION: New Bark Town

The only sound in the small, well-lit room was the soft scratching of a pencil against a sheet paper. Katalya held the note steady with one hand as she slowly wrote what she wanted to say in her neat, slightly curved script.


Even if I’d rather stay by your side and take care of you while you’re sick, I am so grateful that you support my dream. You have been the best mother I could ever dream of having. You’re always so understanding, wise, and helpful no matter what kind of trouble I find myself in, and I appreciate you more than you know for always taking care of me over the years.

Don’t worry about us while we’re gone, Lily and I will take great care of each other. And I will write you letters whenever you send buckethead to check on us - I promise. I love you so much.

Your daughter,

Kat set down her pencil, reading the note over again to make sure it was perfect.

She glanced over to the slowly rising and falling shape of her mother under the thick comforter that laid upon the bed she was sitting at the foot of. Only a couple feet away sat the silhouette of a completely still Bisharp, chin tucked downwards and eyes closed.

She stood, quietly approaching the side of the bed and placing the note on the nightstand next to the sleeping form of her mother. Kat looked to her and watched for a moment as she laid there peacefully. Her eyes took on a slight shiny texture as she looked down at her, realizing that she looked tired even as she slept. She bent down and placed a gentle kiss on her hair.

After a few more moments of sitting on the end of the bed again, Kat stood once more and approached the door to the room. She paused, looking back over her shoulder as if to make sure her mother was still there.

“Hang in there, Mama.”

- - - - -

Moments later she would find herself in the living room, zipping up a stuffed duffel bag full of her tailoring gear and various articles of clothing. Nearby her Pokémon Lily could be seen carrying various objects and placing them into her trainer’s purse. After a couple minutes they seemed ready to go.

“C’mon, Lil’.” Kat said, hauling the bag up over her shoulder. It was a little heavy - she hadn’t ever had to travel before, especially not lugging her gear in a big bag - but she’d endure. She couldn’t just leave the stuff behind, after all. “Let’s get going, I’m sure some of the others are waiting already.”

The small Pokémon’s ears perked up, her bluish-black head tilting up to look over at Kat. It grabbed her friend’s purse and pattered over to her, lifting the smaller bag up to her until she took it and slung it over her shoulder as well. The two of them soon left through the front door, shutting it quietly behind them.

After a short time of walking the duo found themselves approaching the edge of their childhood town. It was a weird feeling - they’d explored the outskirts of the town and the woods around it, but they’d never planned on staying away. But now was different - she felt a slight tightening in her chest. But, the sight of her friends waiting up ahead put the feeling more at ease. She raised her hand and started waving to Cho and Dante - two of her closest friends. She would’ve took them both in a hug if her hands weren’t full due to the heavy duffel bag.

Lily followed closely behind her, her feet patting quietly against the gravelly road. Upon getting closer to the group she quickly darted her way over to the familiar Taillow perched upon the sign, and started to try poking at him with her claws.
Perfect IC Post #1 atmosphere tbh.

Mentions: @TheMushroomLord, @AelitaJezebelle
Location: Personal Containment Hall [Yellow ward]

Casey turned his eyes from the girl who had arrived in front of them, and to the ceiling. A cacophonous screeching sound met the ears of the trio, an ominous sound that he doubted any of them knew the source of. Just a moment later, all of the lights went out. Casey’s shadowy faced turned back to the girl, his vision seemingly unaffected by the lack of functioning light fixtures. She seemingly had acquired a blade of some kind from somewhere. His shadowy hand curled its fingers around the boy’s at his side - even though Casey felt rather comfortable in the dark, the boy likely would not.

As he kept his gaze on her, he felt a string of words pull against the inside of his skull, intertwining as the sensation quickly faded. “Who are you - where are we?” She would hear the words from no particular direction - not that it mattered, as she wouldn’t be able to see the source in the dark - but instead they sounded out seemingly from inside her own head.

Even still, he felt two other small tugs inside his head, each directing him towards both the young boy and the older girl. He felt a sort of...empathy for them, in the moment.
As the chugging, thrumming sound built louder in the distance, he could feel the two pulls -- they felt like - hesitation. Fear.

If the girl was scared, she was likely no threat to him or the boy. Casey felt his muscles relax a bit. Soon enough, the sound would settle, and as it did, the darkness disappeared - instead being replaced by a muted yellow hue of light. The wisps around his body, which had thickened in the darkness, seemed to crawl away into his body - though notably less so than they had in the bright white of the lights they previous had.

Moments later, an intercom sounded throughout the halls, informing them that the “facility” was now on backup power, and that staff would be working the fix the problem. Casey’s heart fluttered in his chest. Staff? There were other people somewhere who could help?? He gave the boy’s hand a light, encouraging squeeze.

Moments after the intercom had seemed to shut off, another announcement tolled breakfast time, instructing them to head to wherever the canteen might be, before shutting off. The announcement soon coaxed the kid at his side to tug on Casey’s arm, softly sharing his wishes to find the canteen. Casey took his other hand and offered a ‘thumbs up’ gesture to the boy as he felt more words form inside his head. Felix would hear a rather optimistic-sounding “Good idea.” as Casey began taking short steps forward, still holding his hand lightly.

As they got a bit closer to the girl to pass her, Casey would offer a quick ‘thumbs up’ and then a ‘come along’ gesture with his free hand.
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