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Current You ever get to feeling decent+ and then get bombarded with stupid shit and start to feel like dirt? Yeah, me neither.
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1 billion lions vs 1 Shedinja
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@GreenGoat Fair, but if that thing you like is pineapple on pizza, I'm coming for you when the purge happens.
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Earth is but a nugget amongst the tendies that are the vast cosmos.
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@The Ghost Note no u


uhhhh, hi there

I am here and I sorta exist so yes this is my ‘bio’ and it will probably be rather brief and suck and be sloppy, just like me.
So, without further ado..

stuff about me

Most people call me Barti or Bart as well as a few other things since it’s just easier or meaner than the actual thing - I invite you to do so as well.

I’m a 20-year-old (bday June 20th!) Texan who enjoys thunderstorms and rain far too much, and likes anime, running, metal music, and copious amounts of DRUGS candy, among many other cool things - like DnD and MTG.

I enjoy group rps as well as 1x1s. For groups I have what I think is a decent array of interests, most of it being profusely weeb-y. I like Fantasystuffs (Modern especially), supernatural themes, pretty much all Japanese stuff - including historically accurate settings - as well as general dark/grim themes, comedic slice of life trash, academy rps, unique plots, etc. etc. As for 1x1s I pretty much do romance, but I can do non-romantic stuff too if you give me something to work with xP
The only genre I find myself not entirely comfortable with is really sci-fi stuff, but, if the plot/idea catches me enough it can hold my interest. Oh, and my writing level is high casual to low advanced.

I’m a sarcastic, snarky, bipolar-depressed, degenerate garbage can, but generally people seem to like me (I don’t know why in the hot hell you would) - but if you would also like to be my friendo lemme know.
I don’t bite.
Usually owo xd rawr

welppp...I guess that’s okay for now
thanks for reading, you potatoes

Discord: Bartimaeus, Depression Miser#7904

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I like Pokémans
I like Urban Fantasy and tabletops, but have no idea what PbtA or Urban Shadows is cx
Poly was a close friend of mine. One of my best friends. To see her pass on from this world gives me more sadness than I have felt in a long, long time. She was a kind, thoughtful, intelligent, and responsible person. She fought so hard. I have the utmost respect for her, and the utmost respect for the strength she had that I could never hope to muster myself.

Despite her condition and all that she was going through, she still had the strength of heart to help me in some of my lowest lows.
Despite her condition and all that she was going through, she still had the strength of mind to aspire to be and create greatness and loving.
Despite her condition and all that she was going through, she still had the strength of will to persevere beyond pain and heal that of others. She was a helping hand to many of her friends. She was always willing to listen and care, in spite of her pain.

I miss her so much already knwing she's passed. I knew this would come eventually, but.. I guess I just didn't expect it to come without warning. I don't know what I expected, really. You can't prepare yourself for the loss of such a close friend. I wish there were some way- any way to make it better, as childish as that may sound.
At risk of sounding cheesy, I just want to say for all of us who are grieving:

Poly may have physically passed, but she is not gone. She will remain in our hearts. I know she will in mine. We cry because we can't make any more memories with her, but the ones we already have will be cherished until we ourselves pass too. That is true for me at the least.

It's a bit hard to compose myself right now and I'm sure i've made several errors while typing this, but I just wanted to share my piece. It wouldn't feel right not to.

..We love you so, so much, and will always have you in our hearts, Poly.

I'm so sorry.
I'm good with one post a week myself. You already know of my own depression issues, GM, but only extremely rarely have I dropped things where I've already had an effect on other PCs - and only for good reason. I can take an RP being really slow, but usually not much faster than one post a week, for the moment at least.
I don't need much incentive at all really to stick to something longterm, as those are my favorite type of rps. Just all the extra time for character interaction is cool.

║ Cyprian Ashdown ║


School Year

Enchantment Smithery

Magic Affinity
Elemental [Earth]

Magic Class
Enchantment, Elemental
Cyprian uses his refined Enchantment magic to provide himself with additional melee combat abilities and various benefits based on gadgets he prepares pre-battle. When he uses his Elemental magic though, it is naturally more spontaneous, allowing him to create defenses, trap enemies, or alter his environment in unexpected ways. He is fond of using element-modifying runes to manipulate metal.
Their enchanted bladed Stave [Enhanced Defense, Shapeshifting Form] is used as their magical aide and main weapon.

At first glance, Cyprian can seem a bit difficult to read. They seem to be somewhat neutral in their personality, which sounds like an odd thing, but in truth they just happen to not be that expressive - at least initially. They're content to be left to their own devices, but aren't actually introverted at all. They'll seek friendships with those who interest them or treat them kindly, and will even crack jokes with strangers, on occasion.

Once they begin to feel a little more comfortable with a particular person they'll start to become more expressive, revealing a somewhat flirtatious nature and a proclivity for giving them a hard time - with good intentions, of course. They're also known to have somewhat of a sharp tongue and be a bit of a smartmouth, when they feel like it.

When it comes to conflict, Cyprian exhibits a stubbornness that a bull wouldn't blink at, making it unlikely that they back down from a challenge - especially since they're quite competitive. This, alongside their adventurous nature and willingness to try pretty much anything, makes it easy to get into a bit of trouble with them at your side.

Cyprian was born in Isunia to a pair of loving parents, one of whom was a 8-year Isunia graduate and Magitech Engineer, and the other one of the few individuals who had no magical affinities. His mother was a rather successful Magitech Engineer, and as such the three of them lived a rather cushy life. The woman was a proud mage, and as such, was eager to find out what her child's affinity would be from a young age. Much to her glee, it turned out that he had a proclivity towards an Elemental magic, which would make it easy for him to study Enchantment with some fluidity. And the young soul didn't mind at all that he was expected to take after his mother - he'd always been enthralled by her craft.

He caught on pretty well to the early homeschooling of his mother, developing his understanding of the runes before he was old enough to attend the institution for proper education. Once that time came, he was more than eager to participate in anything involving the technical and interesting nature of magic. He made it clear early on that he was very interested in becoming something of a magical smith of sorts, and as such advanced along the Enchantment path quickly- though not without building his familiarity with his elemental affinity, of course.

He's attending his third year at the institution of Isunia now, having acquired an apprenticeship in an Enchantment-based field that specializes in excellently enchanted weapons and similar gear.

Home Country

  • Cyprian carries various small tools and accessories with them for putting enchantments on while on the go, for himself or allies.
  • Cyprian carries a couple mana stones on his person.

Cyprian is nonbinary, and doesn't mind what pronouns are applied to them. They're usually called He/Him, They/Them.
Being airborne makes Cyprian rather uneasy, and they will avoid flying stones whenever possible.
They have bonded with a Dire Wolf that is capable of flying and changing its size to rival a Grizzly.

[PM me if you'd like ^^]
@Bartimaeus Awesome! Thank you for your interest ^-^ Also if you happen to come up with as many characters as Astolfo has "milk cartons" in your profile pic, that's totally fine too! XDD

LMAO. I'll probably stick to one, but we'll see xP

To be entirely honest I don't remember much about Rosario Vampire at all, I just remember that I thought it was real cute. Atm probably no questions from me, but I'll be sure to post any I come up with.
Seeing as a Snake Beastfolk is no longer being pursued, I reckon it couldn't hurt to post my take since I made the sheet anyways ^^

Edit: Blegh, decided I may not jump in afterall uwu
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