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Current (okay, maybe not *exploding*, but you catch my drift - poor things are out of commission in some places)
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...tree-felling, transformer-exploding storms goin' on down responses may be a little delayed, but I'll do my best!
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I’ll take a parfait.
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Hello people of the status sidebar! I would like your opinions on a poll please! Thanks in advance!!
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For some reason, for the past week my mood has been supremely positive, and I've actually been happy constantly for seemingly no reason :3


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After nodding at Effie's response, Samuel looked at the various faces in the room from his chair towards the edge of the group. His gaze passed over the woman named Selas, as recognized by the Ar-Rynesarte girl. He didn't know her - she didn't even seem familiar. Odd, considering he was pretty in-the-loop when it came to relevant figures in the various Mage circles. If they were going to work together, he'd have a couple questions for her, at the least.
His scan settled on who he guessed was "Lady Blackmore", one of the few who were late. She seemed to be among the youngest in the room.

"A solid decision, Madam Ar-Rynesarte." he said as he nodded, turning his attention back to the girl. "Covering multiple scenes at one time should expedite our investigation well."

His eyes swept over the youngest individuals in the room once more. "But you know what they say. Criminals always return to the scene of the crime." He interlaced the fingers of his clasped hands. "So be cautious - regardless of whether the statement is true or not."

He partially blocked out the shenanigans of Mr. Leonardo, considering he didn't seem to be taking the situation all too seriously. Not to mention, he isn't much of a fisherman.
Right now I'm thinking how dare you have Arinne stick Samuel with the two stuck-up ladies that I'm excited for what is to come :3

I like how we're going to get semi-split up right from the start though, can provide multiple viewpoints on the situation. Could be interesting how the cast interacts individually as well, cause with a group of 10 that'd be very difficult. So it's great so far!
@KoL Is Grain unaware that the other people in the room are royalty as well? xD

A slender, well-dressed man affixed his equally-slender glasses more securely to the bridge of his nose as he observed the others in the room. There was not much conversation; they, for the most part, seemed to be contemplating their reasons for being summoned inwardly. That is, until she entered the room.

Arinne Ar-Rynesarte.

She addressed the room curtly, before asking of them if they knew their reason for being called. A couple of the others - most notably a woman clad in dark, and a younger man with long black hair - poked at the question with their own input. Others, taking a more carefree approach. It seemed even, that one young lady was not even aware of the recent scandal that was plaguing the streets.

Samuel Kissinger stepped forward from his leaning position against the wall, opposite of Arinne's chair.

"Madam Arinne Ar-Rynesarte." he addressed the young woman, accompanying it with a deep bow; his right hand folded inward over his abdomen, the left hand half-stretched out to his side. "An honor, of course." he said as he stood again.

"It is indeed a worrying predicament our streets are in, I must say." he started, " we can see, there are quite a few of us present today. More than would be needed for a simple rogue mage." he said, raising his eyebrows at the youngest amongst them.

He placed his hands behind his back as he slowly strolled a few steps forward, meeting the edge of the crude circle the group would have formed. "And, yes...he or she does appear to be a mage, due to the nature of all the victims' wounds. Upon first hearing this odd piece of information - it seems organ displacement may be the culprit. Were it to be organ displacement, the perpetrator would need a respectable degree of medical knowledge - just like Jack the Ripper of the eighteenth century."

He circled around the nearest unoccupied chair until he stood in front of it, facing the young Ar-Rynesarte. "The targets are principally the same, demographically - as his or her moniker suggests.."

He made slightly to sit down, before stopping himself with a look of remembrance on his face. Standing straight, he turned towards the middle of the room. "If you do not know, my name is Samuel. Samuel Kissinger. A pleasure to meet each of you." he said, meeting the room with a much less showy bow than before; a slight bend forward and a head tilt, before he sat down.

"If we are intending to apprehend the culprit with as little information as we have seemingly obtained, then we will have to do some reading between the lines - despite what we have or not." he finished, folding his hands as he listened to any input the others could have.

Having been summoned so abruptly was a little perplexing, to say the least. Not to mention, it was a contract Samuel was not even aware of. It seemed his 'father' had been a bit mischievous while he was still around. Spiteful bugger.

Well, it didn't matter any way. Samuel was rarely one to turn down an opportunity to help others and potentially improve himself in the same turn. Not that this contract left him with much say in the matter - but even so. One thing you couldn't accurately say about the Kissinger family was that they half-ass'd anything.
@VitaVitaAR It’s quite alright! I’d rather write reactively anyways, no worries. I prefer not to make posts on my phone, so I can only make them at home. Which I will be in a couple hours ^^
Ooo. Was not expecting it to start off like that! I approve :3

Will start working on post for Kissinger.
I’m eager as well.

As for Arcs, I’ve none at the moment, but I've been thinking about vague ideas for some. Ill hyu if I come up with one that I think could entertain us!
We seem to have a solid cast! ^~^
Done! ^.^
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