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Current Yeet-eth thine self into the void.
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Going through some depressing stuff...forgive me, anyone who becomes inconvenienced.
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4+ hour drive with two Mastiffs in the vehicle. This is gonna be a long ride...
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I’ll take a parfait.
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Sure thing ^^
How fond are you towards a Noncon Nekomimi/Shifter concept? 😅 If you don't mind me asking - been craving one of those for a while.
Beep boop.
I don't remember if this was asked or not 😅 but, are AEDs especially resistant to being destroyed? I would imagine the mana bolsters their durability somehow, if so.

@VitaVitaAR @RolePlayerRoxas
xD We shall see then!
@Tomaru Oh? How’s that? xP
To anybody it matters to - I'm thinking Mimir tries to hide the limits of his abilities (as any sane student might do), but anyone who pays attention to who the top 1/3rd of the school are would likely know what his powers are. So they would have an advantage in that aspect.
@TruthHurts22 We do have a newly acquired vacancy.
Mimir Kamiya

The student finished his meal as the two combatants rounded off their battle. It was common sight to see, indeed, but Mimir always found interest in gauging students who were not 'top of the food chain', so-to-speak. Something about watching them got his gears turning - provided him inspirations on how he could improve himself. He'd developed more than a few ways to enhance his own abilities in mundane ways over the years he'd attended. Not to say that the top 10-placed students don't inspire him - they do. But everyone knows everything about them, for the most part. Battles as a whole got him pumped, regardless of the participants.

He replaced his lunch kit into his hat before unnecessarily flipping it around, placing it on his head in what he thought was a cool display of dexterity - not that anybody was watching him, but he mostly did it for himself. He then proceeded to head towards the doors leading into the school, not without noticing the good sportsmanship of the Thai student. He nodded before pushing the doors open and strolling casually through the halls, as he normally did when he finished his lunch before the period was over.

On the subject of low-ranked students, Mimir thought, I should really think about joining one of these clubs they have.

He was aware that not all students who joined clubs were of the weak variety - but it was commonplace for those who were less-capable individually to band together. In his first year at Shiroyama, he'd tried multiple clubs, but none of them seemed to really fit him at the time. The only exception was possibly the Kendo club, but he held off until his second year - where he found it also wasn't great for him. It was too restricted in form.

It was his third year, now. I might as well try again..

There were a few clubs always looking for new recruits, though.

Delinquents club? ...he considered himself a prankster, but not one to go out of his way to deal out misfortune. So no.

Baseball club? He'd already considered it in his two previous years, and he know his father would probably be excited by the prospect - but it really just didn't interest him that much.

Drama club? could be...interesting? He'd never participated in acting, or even thought about doing so. He might have to check it out one day.

Repair club. Now that could be something worth looking into. Although he had almost zero experience, he did replace a tire on a bicycle once. That was sorta fun. He'd have to ask around. Innovating new gear to compliment his abilities sounded amazing - probably better than the system he already had in place.

He continued to stroll through the halls as these thoughts wandered through his brain, just passing time until something interesting happened, or the next round of classes started.
Dang. Good to have had you here anyways, Rofls. ✌️
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