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Squirrels are cute.
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Hope everyone is having a nice day. And if you aren’t, I hope it improves :)
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Last of Us II day, biatches c:<
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Been pretty inactive over the last few months due to bad mental space. Still don’t feel great, but I’m currently dying of boredom so I may try to ease back in sometime. Hopefully.
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When you can’t find the font you used for a character’s header ;-;


uhhhh, hi there

I am here and I sorta exist so yes this is my ‘bio’ and it will probably be rather brief and suck and be sloppy, just like me.
So, without further ado..

stuff about me

Most people call me Barti or Bart as well as a few other things since it’s just easier or meaner than the actual thing - I invite you to do so as well.

I’m a 20-year-old (bday June 20th!) Texan who enjoys thunderstorms and rain far too much, and likes anime, running, metal music, and copious amounts of DRUGS candy, among many other cool things - like DnD and MTG.

I enjoy group rps as well as 1x1s. For groups I have what I think is a decent array of interests, most of it being profusely weeb-y. I like Fantasystuffs (Modern especially), supernatural themes, pretty much all Japanese stuff - including historically accurate settings - as well as general dark/grim themes, comedic slice of life trash, academy rps, unique plots, etc. etc. As for 1x1s I pretty much do romance, but I can do non-romantic stuff too if you give me something to work with xP
The only genre I find myself not entirely comfortable with is really sci-fi stuff, but, if the plot/idea catches me enough it can hold my interest. Oh, and my writing level is high casual to low advanced.

I’m a sarcastic, snarky, bipolar-depressed, degenerate garbage can, but generally people seem to like me (I don’t know why in the hot hell you would) - but if you would also like to be my friendo lemme know.
I don’t bite.
Usually owo xd rawr

welppp...I guess that’s okay for now
thanks for reading, you potatoes

Discord: Bartimaeus, Depression Miser#7904

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Yup, still here.
I dunno much about ArKnights, but this seems fun. N’I love me some furries animal people, so I’m subscribed.
I’ll live. How are you?
Sounds coolio. Will keep my eye on this. My first inclination is to think up a Cybernetic Nartaki-turned-ghoul, if something that outlandish would be permitted. Either way I’m subscribing.
Naisu. Good lorestuffs.

In regards to squad leader, I have no outstanding preference for or against Ruxie holding that position ^^
the fact that catgirls definitely make the best striketeam leaders should totally be ignored
Darn, that’s a shame. But I understand x3
I’d probably be up for it whenever(if) you bring it back. But until then, good luck with life stuff ^^

I hope she is alright >x<

@SadistPoet not sure if it’s mentioned anywhere, but about how long is the training leading up to graduation?
Lilliana and Cloven
Mentions: Cloven (@Renny), Lilliana (@Bartimaeus)
Location: Crocus Forest

The Dragon Slayer stood awkwardly as she waited for a response, resisting the urge to walk back to her cloak and throw it on to conceal herself despite their seclusion. She eyed the younger mage herself as he spoke, likely surprised to find her here of all places - and it seemed so, as he asked what exactly she was doing. Her own response seemed less.. measured than usual - it was a noticeably more comforting locale than what she was used to. She didn’t feel the need to throw glances over her shoulder as often as she normally did.

“Was just looking for a quiet place.. the guild has been hectic lately. As you know.” She explained, pulling her right arm behind her back and curling her clawed fingers into a fist. “What about you?”

Cloven eyed her for a second more. Her answer wasn’t suspicious at all and the red tree forest had, in a way, become a source of calm to him. It was home, for the time being. His gaze softened and the truth felt right to tell. “I’m staying out here now. Mostly because of our guildmates. The new ones anyway.”

Lies, he thought in a voice not his own.

His breathing became shaky, a shuddering fear threatened to rake itself out his mouth. He unclenched his hand and carefully placed it over his mouth. I gotta conceal it, gotta try.

Lilliana nodded to herself as she looked off to the side in a moment of thought - his response wasn’t exactly what she had expected - but what surprise was there didn’t show on her face.

“You have been pretty scarce around the guild lately.” She paused for a moment. “But I suppose I can’t blame you.” She said as her eyes moved back to the younger mage as his hand crept to his mouth. He More than normal. She spoke again, her tone retaining its lack of carefulness that it usually held. Despite the rumbling sound of it, she sounded oddly - softer. But not by much. “I can say from experience that covering your face is more comfortable with a mask than with a hand. But, why do you hide yours now?” She said, the latter part sounding more like a statement than a question.

Cloven shook his head slowly, his voice muffled “No reason.” Except that was far from the truth. There was something terribly wrong and it was poisoning him. Seeping into every bit of who he was. But he couldn’t let that be known and out here he had nowhere to run too. If he ran, it would just create concern or interest. Attention for sure. So he dug a hole inside his mind, shallow as it was, and buried his anxieties.

… So close, just hold out a little longer.

He was methodical when he moved his hand up his face and ruffled his hair. “Morning breath,” he answered. “And unfortunately I’m lacking a mask.” He fixed a smile on his face, kindly enough though weary.

Lilliana waited for a moment, her eyes gazing out from above her mask as if waiting for a better response from the boy. She wasn’t exactly sure if the attempt at a lind smile was genuine - but there was definitely a certain weariness to him. She turn and took a few steps to pick up her cloak, before turning back to the young mage. “I see.. well. If you would like one, I know a guy.” She said, her tone remaining unchanged as she draped the half-folded article of clothing over her right shoulder.

She wondered if he was just wandering the woods just before she revealed herself, or if he’d been returning to the guild. It’d be good for him to return; although it may have been somewhat hypocritical, Lil thought it was good for him to be around those who considered him family. That was the way of a traditional guild, afterall. Not that she thought she was quite ready to call him or anyone else in the guild ‘family’ quite yet, but there may have been a certain tiny degree of kinship creeping into her brain - whether she realized it or not.

She wasn’t digging? Not even prying? That was refreshing and to Cloven, a sign of someone worth their salt. A glimmer of hope twinkled for a moment. Could she be trusted to keep it to herself, cause it was becoming crippling trying to carry the secret on his own. So far away from The Son and Syra, he had no one to trust. Despite all the blabbering back at the Guild, none of them had ever felt like family, not even friends. Marduk maybe, he reconsidered.

But… admittedly shortsighted as he was at the moment, he could feel a kinship with Lilianna. She was ‘not’ human physically but in a way, she was raised to be one. One look at her face; which he had gotten a few times, rare as they were, and one could see the difference. That bright eye meant something and her voice. It’s a heated debate, Cloven bemused. A conflict between her humanity and her past.

That thought had made him realize he’d been thinking clearly for that split-second. Cloven smiled that same smile, only it had reached his eyes. I get it, just the thought, the hope of unloading this burden… The answer is right here in front of me, it's her. The void-above is marvelous.

But how to bring it up? you can’t just come out and say it. The smile was starting to fall, replaced by a thoughtful countenance. “That’s it!” he blurted out.

Then just as quick, attempting to catch the sudden outburst by the tail. “Lilly,” A bad habit of his when thoughtless or excited was shortening names. “How did you feel when you fought the dragon? Didn’t it seem off to you? And if so… how… did it seem weird?” His voice hardened near the end.

The older mage was a bit surprised by the short outburst, and for a moment thought the boy was going to accept her offer to procure him a mask, but he seemed to have his mind elsewhere. It was followed up by a line of questioning she wasn’t entirely prepared for, but one she had been thinking about for some time. She resisted the urge to correct his nickname for her, for the moment.

She thought back to that moment she had first felt the dragon’s magical reading. It was - oddly clean, in a way. Pure. She had felt it over and over again by memory since that day, trying to find out what it reminded her of. She had eventually found something. But it didn’t make sense. It felt similar to...Grasidia, in a way she couldn’t explain - a way she thought couldn’t make sense. She didn’t know why it felt that way - maybe she was seeing it wrong. But her eye had never failed her before.

“Yes,” She replied, a moment’s pause interrupting her before she continued. “its magical essence felt...pure. In a way similar to few things I have encountered. It didn’t feel like a dragon.” She finished, the thoughts that ran through her head over the past few weeks broiling up again. The Slayer pushed all the questions down - she needed to focus on Cloven for the time being. “Why do you ask?”

Cloven smiled again, the stonewall of his face and voice chipping away to gentle relief. Her question was ignored. “That’s right…” The cat was out of the bag and Lilliana had ushered it so close to the exit that his reveal was harmless; she would’ve figured it out on her own anyway. He fixed his eyes on her. “The dragon didn’t feel like a dragon. Your Dragon Slayer magic did little to nothing. It should have. You should’ve hurt it more.”

He guessed he should let that sink in but he was on a roll. He had courage built up and for once his mind wasn’t cluttering up his wants. A deep, prepping breath filled his lungs then filed out. He unclasped his cloak and stood straight in his battle gear; the black leather and brown gloves and boots he typically wore. “Look at me, what do you see, Lilliana?”

The Slayer was all too aware that she had been of little importance in the fight against the dragon - honestly it bugged her. But it wasn’t the only thing that tugged at her mind. As she watched Cloven stand to present himself, she paused. He was.. her mind scoured the surface of his energy, coming back with a measure of that feeling she had been playing back over and over in her head like a tape recorder. It was similar but somehow it felt darker. It felt.. sickened.

“A boy...with a similar reading. Once again similar, but...different.” She responded, her tone now shifting to one of part confusion, part meager realization.

Cloven searched her reaction. It was hard to pinpoint it, after all her mask hid a great deal of her expression but her voice, it had wavered with confusion? Maybe, he wasn’t all that sure. Yet, he could feel his shoulders slump and he plopped down to the ground, legs casually folding, arms falling between his thighs.

“I’ll tell you something secret, something that I don’t even understand myself… but apparently, I’m the same as that dragon. Same as…” No that’s not my secret to tell. He doubled down on his confession. “I’m a… an Etherious.”

“And Lilly I know it sounds crazy, unbelievable even but you got to believe me. Grasi told me herself,” his hands clawed at the soil. “And why would she lie.”

She wasn’t sure how to respond. She was shocked. She knew there was something different about him but, being an Etherious? Not that she knew much about them, seeing as she’d never met one. But she did know that if anybody else found out, they might not be very understanding. The dragon slayer looked down at the boy sitting in the dirt, confessing something to her that he probably had never told anybody else. He didn’t seem non-human. He looked like, talked like, and acted like(mostly) anybody else.

She let a long uncertain pause permeate the air before she responded. “..I believe you. I don’t think Grasidia would lie.” She assured him, though wondering to herself how exactly Grasidia of all people would know. It got her thinking. “And I won’t tell anyone. Promise.”

An anxiety attack was sneaking up on him, the pause she left in the air was dangerous or it felt like it was. Somewhere inside, he wanted her to be okay with ‘him’, with his existence. Somewhere further down, he was sharpening his claws and preparing to defend himself.

Then when she replied, when her cool words had sunk in; he could see something beautiful, a hopeful seed being plunged into sickened soil. That image did something unnatural to him; a great mirth started to bubble inside.

It started slow.

He chuckled quietly while looking at his hands lose their tension. Then he smiled unapologetically at the ground, eyes watering and himself on the verge of crying. The reaction to this was unprecedented; a piece of him was manically searching for answers. He had been beaten and bullied into the shadows, then suddenly thrusted into the spotlight as a ‘monster’, only to come out to a stranger, a freaking stranger, and be accepted? Was that how the world worked? his past would have disagreed.

But here he sat, with a woman nearly as inhuman as him, accepting something worse and promising not to tell anyone else. It was unbelievable but it rested in front of him with neon lights framing it.

Cloven felt at peace for a moment. Yeah… peace was the perfect word. So he let his tears fall and boyishly, head tilted up at Lilliana, said, “Thanks, Lilianna. I needed that. Honestly.”

The dragon slayer responded with an awkward scratching of her head, averting her eyes as the boy cried what could only be tears of joy. It was an odd feeling to make someone happy - it had been a long, long time since she felt she had. And she also got the feeling that it had been a long, long time since this boy in front of her had been happy himself. But it seemed now that he was relieved by her acceptance. She couldn’t think of any other response she could’ve had.

Lilliana stooped and sat herself down in front of him, crossing her legs. She let another pause take place as her response, as she seemed to be deciding what she should say next. “So..” she began, sounding somewhat out of place leading a conversation, “..tell me something..”

It was some time later that Lilliana once again found herself shrouded in her cloak, walking down one of the many Crocus streets. She was alone, having left her guildmate to his own devices, but she expected to see him more often after the uncharacteristically long conversation she’d held with him. Gratefully she remained unbothered as she made her way into the alley that led to their guild, not pausing this time to check behind her. In recent weeks it became rather difficult to determine if someone misplaced was snooping around because, well, there were now way too many people to tell.

Even before entering the guild she found it too crowded for her liking. Approaching the doors, the cacophonous activity of the guild that she had hoped to escape earlier returned to her ears already. She let out a short sigh before she pushed the doors open with a hand and stepped inside. She scanned the room briefly as she walked straight to the bar, not bothering to hide under her hood anymore, and dropped herself onto one of the stools.

She needed a drink.
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