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Current Hello people of the status sidebar! I would like your opinions on a poll please! Thanks in advance!!
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For some reason, for the past week my mood has been supremely positive, and I've actually been happy constantly for seemingly no reason :3
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When you're already in more RPs than you think you can handle, but a bunch of really good shit keeps popping up...
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The Basics

You may call me,

I'll point out the things that are more likely to be relevant to you, then I'll move on to the personal stuff.

Grading The more bars, the more I like it, though these are all pluses. Max 4.


Roleplaying Subjects -
Fullmetal Alchemist

Roleplaying Styles -
Open World/Sandbox
Story oriented + Combat

My writing form: I consider myself a High Casual-Low Advanced writer. This may fluctuate- but if it does it is almost always positively.
Experience: Around 3.5 years ago, I wandered this site on the arena scene. Looking back now, I see that my writing was poor, naive, and just plain didn't make sense. My mind, and attention to detail and balance, has developed a great deal since then, and I may look to trying my hand at it once more. Hopefully none of you dig to find that was, to say the least, unfathomably bad. >.> Pls don't.

Personal Things and Stuff

Things I like -
Music(Metal/Rock, I'm very specific)

Things I dislike -
People who allow Metagaming/Godmodding
Uhhh...not much >.>

--In progress--

What I am is not who I am,
I'm buried in this suit of skin,
What you see is not what you get,

I'm drowning here, deep within.

My appearance casts no shade,
I am a blue sky that turned to gray,
I am not thunder, nor am I rain,
I'm not a Golem but still made out of clay.

The Day of Judgement,
Cursing loud at the sky,
Screaming "Why?"

The Day of Judgement,
Had no purpose, see? no goal,
I turn black into coal.

What I am is contradiction in terms,
My apparition still unseen,
Monochromatic, not black or white,
Please hear my silent scream.

Who I am is not for me to say,
Her belly shivers as I walk in shame,
I am a clown, but without relief,
What you get is who I became.

The Day of Judgement,
Cursing loud at the sky,
Screaming "Why?"

The Day of Judgement,
Had no purpose, see? no goal,
I turn black into coal.

A picture clear as the day,
Came to me, that's where I heard you say,
You were chosen, but not the one,
You were ripped, but you came undone.

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Aram could hear Rurik, albeit barely, from his position behind the stone pillar. It seemed he was making a plan to flush Aram out, from the sound of things. He'd have to come up with a plan fast.

It grew silent. And then... BOOM!

The big one looked like she had some of those missile-launcher thingamajigs-

Whoosh.. BOOM!

Those probably launch at a handsome speed-

Thud.. BOOM!

And I think the chunking pebbles? That's what I thought I spec'd out before Brutus went boom... those are gonna be much slower he thought, And if they're taking turns-

Whoosh.. BOOM!

-then I'll have to wait until pebble boy is the one guarding the sides...

Thud.. BOOM!

Here we go... he said inwardly as he changed his stance to a sprinting one.


He took off full-speed, heading straight for the hall's doorway.

But unfortunately for Aram, the pillar he was hiding behind was the one Bak had been aiming for. Shit. The missile soared through the air to his left until it impacted behind him as he ran, the resulting explosion sending him into a semi-controlled tumble towards the entrance.

His tumble was short, leaving Aram in a half-lying, half-sitting position a few feet from the doorway. Wait-

The boy barely had enough time to raise an edge of his shield into the path of Rurik's pebble, the small object coating him and his shield in a blast of force then sent him rolling a couple more times.

He would be groaning if he could. He rolled his left shoulder and wrist this time - the explosion had jarred his arm a bit through the shield, which obviously wasn't comfortable. Not to mention than it had messed up his hair and sent his hat flying.

He stumbled to his feet as quickly as he could.

This is no fun...I can't even jeer at them because of this damned silence! he complained.

He turned towards the two Mephisto students, and held up his index finger in a "one moment" gesture, before turning towards his hat that was a few feet away.

He wobbly-walked over to it, and picked it up, before dusting it off, placing it on his head, and squaring it with his left hand.

He walked back to the spot he had ended up in after the tumble, and then faced the two again. He smiled. And sprinted to his right, out of their view.

But he stopped shortly after, hiding behind the doorway. Hopefully Rurik would follow suit.

(feel free to interrupt hat-retrieval)
- Initial
- Needs Revision
- Needs Revision

- Something?

A bombardment of gunfire is really the exact opposite of what Aram and his team needed to hear right now. It meant the tank-girl had gotten to her feet.


Aram tilted his head as he felt quickly growing vibrations shake his feet.

Uhhh...Brutus?! - oh wait, he still couldn't make any sound. As he turned towards Brutus, the vibrations piqued, and there was a slight moment of stillness - before the wall less than a yard away from where he was taking cover exploded into a cloud of dust and rocky debris. The force of the energy from Rurik's explosion sent Aram reeling, and then the secondary explosion, apparently aimed at Brutus, boomed to his side, toppling him from his unbalanced footing.

H-Holy cow... Aram thought as he stared at Bak from his knocked-on-his-ass position, ...that was AWESOME!! he said inwardly as he grinned.

The boy scrambled to his feet, hoisting his shield, with his right arm down to his side. In this situation, he would probably try and trick Bak with his words to make her lower her guard...but unfortunately, that wasn't an option.

So instead he ran. After scooping up a handful of dirt and rocks and throwing it in both of their faces, while they were distracted.

He turned away from Bak and Rurik, and sprinted full-speed a few yards away, quickly stepping behind one of the pillars near the enemy-side doorway. The pillar was thick enough to hide him from their sight as long as he stood directly behind it...hopefully they'd think he had fled.

Aram was satisfied with the effect of his attacks. While one was quickly quelled by the opponent by the name of 'Rurik', the other one had seemingly left the other foe unable to move at all. He chuckled as he looked over to Andras.

"Who needs plans when I get results like these?!" he shouted gleefully as he threw his palms forward, face-up, in a 'look at that' gesture.

Soon after however, the girl uttered a chant, drawing one of her ethereal cards and seemingly invoking it to draw more cards - but some went to his hand instead?? And Brutus' too?

That's a wacky power she has there.. he pondered. But apparently the cards he had drawn weren't any good. "Never was very charmed when it came to card-luck.." he smirked, "but that's why I always cheat!" he jeered as the cards flew up his sleeve.

The Alchemist drew his right arm back again. This attack was sure to finish Bak off. She was completely vulnerable - immobile. There was no escaping it now. He finished the wind-up, and sent his open palm forcefully into the stonework as energy crackled over his hand.

Just as a wave of light, cool energy washed over him - and he felt the solid THRACK of his palm slamming against the stone wall.

The student folded over, clutching his wrist with his other hand, while shouting a profanity to express the splintering pain -- except no sound came out of his mouth.

What the hell?!?! he breathed sharply.

He straightened his posture enough to look around for Brutus and Andras, his face reddened from the pain of his probably-sprained wrist.

Before he could mouth the words "What just happened?", the girl was leaving her teammates to engage the enemy. Aram couldn't shout at her to wait - he could make no sound.

He tried to run after her, they needed to regroup to a strategic position , but she was already out of cover and engaging them.

Damnit!! he thought as he stared off after her, Does this dame have no sense of strategy?!

He turned back to Brutus. He wasn't going to go in without him. Andras had already played her hand and now they had to stack the cards - even if said cards had no more power left in them.

He hoisted his shield to his left arm, holding his right wrist tenderly. If he had some type of sword, he could maybe catch their opponents off-guard, even with his injured hand he could likely perform dead-weight slashes - but there was no such luck. He hadn't transmuted one.

It was looking grim for his team.
If you read the link I sent, you will find that this is the OOC section(and that has meaning), and that this particular roleplaying thread is linked to a Discord server. So naturally the OOC willnot have much posting. It is pretty much for excepting new prospective players. Our posts go in the IC section, if we are Roleplaying.

I would appreciate if you visit the link I gave, to learn not to intrude, or potentially offend, onto other members. Thank you. ^^
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