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Samuel half-knelt down to the two heavily damaged automatons that laid on the ground only a couple feet away. Much to his surprise, naturally, both of them seemed to be amassing pools of blood as they shifted around on the ground. His faced darkened.

He placed a hand on each of their heads before whispering a short phrase, "Pente", and removing his hands as their struggling ceased.

"I suppose you are correct, Lady Grain..." he said as he stood and circled around the two bodies, visibly inspecting them "...they were not interested in negotiation." he said solemnly. The other machines had been dismantled already by his partners.

Samuel was not exactly sure why these machines had attacked them, but he had an idea as to why they were seemingly pooling blood. He wedged the end of his shoe under one of the bodies and rolled it over, revealing a large gash on its chest.

There were organs inside.

He turned and stepped away from the bodies, his arms crossed and head down as thoughts raced through his head.

No respect for the dead whatsoever.

That simple thought had his blood boiling. Whoever did this had no concerns for anyone except themselves. They had not even a drop of empathy in their entire body. They weren't human.

He tried to calm himself inwardly as he turned back to his two companions.

"Well...I think we've found the organs."


An upheld hand. A small, ambiguous gesture - but all that was needed for the Druddigon to slow its gait to a halt. The hooded figure that made the gesture lowered her hand to the quiver at her side, before slowly drawing an arrow from the half-dozen or so left over. The hand brought the arrow up to notching position, resting above the grip as the hunter maneuvered ever so slowly to acquire a better angle.

Short, rough grunts almost couldn't be heard from ahead, accompanied by ever-so-soft rustling. The arrow settled more rigidly into place as the hunter gripped its shaft and raised the weapon, rapidly but smoothly increasing the tension of the string as it was pulled back. If one were to look at the scene they could swear it were a moving art piece, as neither the hunter nor the bow made so much as a squeak.

But all was interrupted by a sound some distance away, further into the woodland.

The hunter's head swiftly turned towards the sound at the same time the waiting Druddigon emitted a soft grunt of warning - which earned a fit of rustling in response from ahead. Sure enough, a lone Sawsbuck bounded deeper into the foliage, its antlers bobbing up and down as it fled. The hunter still held the bow tightly drawn as she scanned the vegetation and the woods beyond it for movement.

She lowered the bow as she rose from her squat and reconvened with the Druddigon. They looked at each other as if to communicate without actually speaking. Normally, Jirai would not even consider such a risk to be worth the thought. The call was obviously human - or something trying to sound like one. But something in her gut, perhaps, influenced her. She nodded to the winged creature beside her and patted his shoulder with a leather-clad palm before turning back into the woods.

There couldn't be too much of a risk, right? At worst, some bandits could spot her and she could just sprint away. Couldn't hurt to check it out..

Another call as she drew closer, this time easily recognizable as a voice. Potentially a different one from the first.

A conversation carries some distance in the silence of the woods - seemingly even further at night.

The hunter once again took a stalking stance, staying low and on the balls of her feet as she carefully prodded the treeline with her presence. She could see the outlines of three figures - two likely human and one more spherical in stature - at the edge of what was seemingly a clearing of some sort, if not a small one. And then a fourth, accompanied by a fifth, in the clearing itself.

It seemed at least the one figure with the roundish Pokemon was unknown to the others, based on their inquiry.

This could get ugly, quickly.

Jirai decided to simply watch those present, as from her concealment in the woods it would be quite difficult for anyone to acquire the knowledge of her presence. And if they somehow did, well...she still had her bow in hand.
Currently waiting for @Anza in my group. I can post anyways if we want.

Here we are!! Hope I did not forget anything, though I feel I have xD If there is anything off, don't hesitate to inquiry! ^^
Update for me: Almost done with my character! Just have to fill out the background ^^
Great! Thank you very much for the quick and informative response ^^
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