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Current Remember secrets? Remember when people kept those?
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Every Villain Is Lemons!
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Another depressive spell fam. Hoping to crank out posts this week.
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Happy New Year!
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Or as a desire to help others because they know what it's like to want help and not be able to get it. Speaking from experience.
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Well now that I got the customary "post once" requirement out of the way....


Welcome to my safe space. Well, about as safe as one space can be, I guess. If you are here looking for something, I am very sorry to disappoint you, but I made fresh cookies! Come sit a spell.

I guess I'll do some more in-depth stuff about myself. My name is Nick and I am 31 years old living in Illinois. I am a therapist and clinical responder (which is a fancy way of saying I go out on police calls to provide mental health assistance). Been doing therapy for a few years now and I absolutely love it!

I am a gay, cisgender man. I came out last year in January (smack dab in the middle of a pandemic. Timing was always my downfall). There is still much I am learning, but I am proud and happy to be who I really am and not have to hide it anymore!

I am an avid gamer, especially roleplaying games (cue surprised and shock noises). I also enjoy writing and reading, especially mysteries. I am not new to roleplay, I promise. I have been doing it for years now in different formats. I am experienced, even if it doesn't seem like it.

I use humor as a coping mechanism for sure, but I also like laughing and enjoying myself. Life can be pretty sad and upsetting for the most part and I don't want to add to it.

Whew! That got deep!

I will be poking my nose around in spaces and hoping to jump headfirst into this. Some interests I have in terms of roleplay settings include superheroes, DnD, science fiction/fantasy, mysteries, thrillers, horror stuffs, apocolypse, and espionage. And I am a fan of most things pop culture. If you have any suggestions or possible roleplays you think I would love, please let me know.

Otherwise, stick around! This is gonna get wild!

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Sabine Bassard

Location: The Field (School Carnival)
Skills: N/A
First Day Fit

Sabine was not high enough for this. If she had known she would be engulfed in this absolute clusterfuck of human interaction, she would have made her way to the carnival proper and ignored it all. But she wouldn't leave Danny behind, the lucky bastard. First things first, addressing the elephant in the room. Leah. She hadn't intended to interact with the girl, in fact, she hoped that Leah would just fuck off and kick rocks (ha!) but she had to make a comment. "The fiery depths of hell, of course. The same hole your future is in. And your fashion sense. Did you get in a fight with a thrift shop and lose?" With that swiftly said, and Leah finally fucking off, Sabine tended to the other matters.

For a split second, the flame-grilled freshie popped out of existence and then swiftly came back. Impressive, perhaps, but the little twerp was acting like all of this was intentional. And, apparently, Danny has possessed him? Things were getting more and more tragic. Soon, Casper the Bitch Ghost started wailing about his birthday being ruined before poofing off, leaving a trail of snacks behind. "Did he just shit treats as he left?" With wonder in her eyes, Danny immediately clung to her, asking her to fix it or what to do. Diana, another person she tolerated, offered no help. "First, if I altered his memory there would be nothing to forgive so that point is moot. Second, Danny, why do you care if some dumb freshman doesn't like you? Regardless of what happened, they aren't worth the dirt we are currently standing on. And third, that was a badass fire trick, but maybe hold off on the fireworks until later or at least until we can crowd a group of the fresh meat freshman."

Before she could continue, in swooped a giant of a man along with an attachment of sorts, which turned out to be Mai. The last of the people she gave any semblance of a fuck about. "Mai, perfect timing. I believe Danny is fine. physically at least. I was about to suggest we go into this carnival they got and see if we can forget about the whole thing. Anything you want to do Danny. Within reason, of course. I am not getting this ensemble dirty, even for you." Sabine glanced over at the dude Mai rode in on. He looked familiar, she was sure she saw him around (I mean, it was kind of hard to miss him), but that didn't matter.

Then her eyes fell on April, who seemed embarrassed by the whole situation. "Same goes for you too, gorgeous. Don't let the whims of those beneath you get to you. Everyone comes after those at the top. It is only natural." With that said, Sabine turned back to Danny and Mai. "So, shall we go see what all the fuss is about?"

Quill Saves The Day Pt. 1

"You want a what?"

Veronica St. Bartholemew sat across from Quill. Every inch of her was tailored for a specific purpose. How else does one become a big shot on Osiris without looking the part. Veronica was a contact from back before Quill became a Companion. Their families often dealt with each other, leaving the girls to their devices. Veronica was always the one that got them in the most trouble. Now she sat there in a business suit, glasses perched on the tip of her nose, as Quill asked for a favor.

"I need a legal document detailing how the ship I am on is legally obligated and well within its rights to transport a bunch of refugees to safety."

Verona blinked. And then blinked again. "Quill, did you hit your head on the way over here? Do I need to contact medical?"

Quill could understand the hesitancy, but time was a factor. "I have never been more serious. There's a slew of men, women, and children on that vessel and if we have no paperwork to show them, they are going to be taken back."

"Quill, I am not without sympathy, but rules are rules. What did you say these people were?"


"That's a sticky subject on an average day Quill. You want me to stick my neck out to pull roughly 10 favors I have to get you some documentation for a bunch of Anabaptists? You realize if this gets back to me my head will roll. Literally. I've fended off three assassination attempts this month alone."

"I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important. Not only that, but the crew on the ship will be in danger. And they are good people."

"This is a Firefly vessel, right?"

"I know what it sounds like, but I've seen them work. They look out for each other and, as you can see, other people as well. Especially those who need it."

Verona clicked her long fingernails on the table. "A favor like this requires a substantial one in return. A job. Get it done and I will do as you ask."

"What's the job?"

Veronica laced her fingers together. "I want you to kill a man."

Moises Arryan sat back on the couch as the club's lights pulsed and thrashed to the music. Every so often the colors would highlight the woman dancing in front of him, but he was paying her little mind. This was for show, as it always has been. The media outlets thrived on stories of him out and about, getting into light mischief, drinking and partying. That was the surface image he gave off. One that was curated by a team he paid top money for. Can't have the hounds sniffing out what he got to behind closed doors.

He stood up and finished off the glass of some top-shelf alcohol he forgot the name of as he patted the woman's hip as a signal for her to move on. He walked forward, shimmying his hips to the beat, in search of the next opportunity. As his eyes traversed the club, they landed on a figure dancing on a table. Her hair was stylishly done to accentuate her face and her dress left very little to the imagination. She moved around like she had one too many drinks and would not remember where she was when she woke up.

She was perfect.

He sidled over to her. She caught his eye and gave a drunken smile. "Hey, handsome. Like my dance moves?"

Truth be told, it made him sick thinking of being intimate with her, but he gave her his killer smile, "You bet. What's your name gorgeous?"



"A pretty name for a pretty woman," he said as he helped her off the table. "Do you come here often? I don't think I've seen you before."

"First time here! I came with some girlfriends on an extended trip during our break from school. Seems they ditched me to go back to the hotel. What losers! I don't want to stop dancing!" She accentuated this point by moving around him, letting her hands travel across his chest. He pushed back a shudder. "Their loss is my gain."

The woman gave a bubbly laugh, "So who are you?"

"Name's Moises. I own this club."

"Oh my god! No way! You must be like, a bajillionaire!"

"Not quite that, but I do well enough."

He noted her eyes grew more interested. Typical. That's all women like her cared about. A big bank account or a big.....well either way, he knew what he had to do.

"Listen, I know a place we can get to for a private after-party. You can keep dancing all night."

She nodded enthusiastically as he grabbed her hand to lead her to his car. Along the way he plotted what he would do.

They had pulled up to a building that, from the outside, looked like your typical housing unit. The girl would be none the wiser as to what was done inside. He led her up some steps, noting she was swaying. "Are we there yet?"


He unlocked the door and pushed the button to call the lift. She was fumbling around in her purse. He figured for some lip gloss or a condom. Both of which would serve her very little. The lift pulled up and he maneuvered her inside. He reached into his pocket, fingers grasping the injection he had stashed away. "Oh poop, you know what I forgot?" the girl said. He fought off an eye roll. "What's that sweethea-" he began to say before 50,000 volts entered his body as he slumped to the ground. "Never mind. Found it!" Quill said, as Moises' vision faded.
I shall endeavor to post also

Jacqueline let her arm fall to her side, the alcohol bottle still halfway full, since no one opted to drink. Fools, she thought. They will surely relish the chance to get blind drunk after they spend hours traveling. It seemed they were all in agreement that going through the jungle was the best option. She didn't much like the idea of walking with injuries, but beggars could not be choosers. Plus, she'd dealt with worse.

Jacqueline took the map that was handed to her. She didn't understand it, but any fool could understand basic directions. Go one way until you got to a thing and then you proceeded, taking breaks on occasion. And hydrating. Which one of the others had mentioned. Smart. At least she wasn't seemingly traveling with a bunch of idiots. Though that begged to be put to the test.

With very little weaponry and most looking worse for wear, they headed onward. It wasn't long until they were met with their first issue. The wildlife was dangerous on a good day, but now they sat face-to-face with a jaguar, and one who looked very hungry. And here they were, a full course.

No one moved and Jacqueline made note that none of the menfolk offered to do much. Hell, one offered to move slowly. As if the jaguar would be settled seeing it's prey move even more slowly. Enough for it to get its teeth in all of them. "It's kill or be killed out here. We have it outnumbered. I assume you all can handle yourselves in battle, so I would ready up. I doubt the beast is going to be satisfied letting a number of potential meals just walk away." With her words, Jacqueline followed, but kept her weapon at the ready. It would not do in a long battle, but she hoped it would do enough to at least get this one off of their backs.
Sabine Bassard

Location: The Field (School Carnival)
Skills: N/A
First Day Fit

Time pressed onward as Sabine watched the events unfold. Part of her wanted to go over to ensure Danny was doing all right. In a normal school, setting another student on fire was grounds for expulsion at the best of times and incarceration at the worst. This school was different and it solidified her reasoning for hiding what school she attended from her family. She didn't want to be pestered with questions or made to feel like a freak. Her step-mother was already a monster, she didn't need to give the woman any more of a reason to hate her. The staff at the school, at least, was on board with helping her.

Sabine decided to move forward and see if Danny was all right when she spotted a young-looking red-headed girl she hadn't seen before. Given her stature and general vibe of "oh god oh no people are looking at me!" Sabine figured she was a freshman. "Better watch out freshie, it seems we like our freshman cooked well done at this school." Sabine grinned at her clever commentary before she swiftly ignored the girl.

It was then she noted another girl in her sights and this one was, at least, more pleasing to the eye. Leah. Sabine and Leah's relationship was....odd. They were roommates (and yeah, the joke writes itself with this one), so they couldn't ignore each other. Sabine wanted to hate her, and to some degree, she did, but generally, she also liked Leah's company. She would never tell her that, of course, but she made the days bearable somewhat. Given that they lived together, it was natural that they would butt heads.

Sabine shook this off and proudly strode towards Danny. "Danny, A for effort, but can we wait until we are halfway through the first quarter before we cook the freshman alive?" She grinned to show she was joking before she got serious. "Seriously, are you okay?" Sabine knew there were others around. Diana for one (another person she tolerated at the school). As well as the freshman Danny burned (though she couldn't give any less of a fuck about him presently). Danny was her closest friend here. So his well-being mattered the most.
Sabine Bassard

Location: Bassard Family Home
Skills: N/A

The clink of silverware scraped along fine china echoed through the halls of the Bassard family home. Each member sat at the table, head bent towards their plate, eyeing the chicken kiev and spring potatoes cooked up by the chef who had long since left for her own home and dinner with her family, almost as if she couldn't wait to get out of there to avoid the awkwardness.

This was how dinners went at her family's house. She refused to call it home until it felt like one. Each member sat in their respective chair. Her father, Remmy, at the head. Sat close to him on his left was her stepmother Cosette. Sabine sat to his right, though she had initially been seated at the farther end of the table (her stepmother's insistence led to her moving her chair during a rather tense breakfast). Her older stepbrother, Lyam, was close by his mother. A proud mama's boy who did very little without her approval. Hell, Sabine would hazard a guess he asked her if he could take a dump. And since mommy dearest appeared constipated at all hours of the day, Sabine assumed she has never taken one. She imagined Cosette would die if she ever did.

Sabine's younger stepsister sat close to her. Panellope, who was too good and pure for this godforsaken family, followed Sabine around constantly. She modeled herself after her older stepsister, liking the same music, and wearing similar clothes. Despite her young age, Panellope was also active on social media. Her parents didn't care.

Sabine wanted to scream. If for no other reason than to fill the tense silence with some noise as proof a family lived here.

Finally, the silence was broken. "So, mon coeur, are you ready for school to start up again?" her father had asked. Sabine froze for a second, unsure what her father was insinuating. Before she attended the school, she had used her powers to alter their memories. In their mind, she was attending a prestigious academy that young, wealthy elites attended before they were scouted by colleges and prepared to essentially run the world. She had never admitted she had powers and she preferred to keep it that way.

Before Sabine could respond, Cosette needled her way into the conversation, "I can't imagine what one learns in that type of environment. I believe it just morphs young minds to be snobby and entitled. No real work ethic." Sabine choked back a retort, eyeing her stepmother wearing an all-white ensemble that cost roughly six figures. But her stepmother often made comments and digs at her disposal. Her stepmother lauded her accomplishments, growing up in a rural area of France with no money, fighting hard to do well in school, attending a university on a full-ride scholarship where she was picked out from her class of 300 students to run her own business with the backing of a big head in French politics. That was how she met her father and quickly got married.

Now she was there to torment her.

"I am looking forward to this upcoming year, father," she said, blatantly ignoring her stepmother (much to the woman's annoyance), "I believe this year will be stimulating and will set me up for my future." Her father looked coddled and decided to leave it there. Her stepmother was another matter.

"You don't need to worry about that darling. I could easily fit you into my business. You would have to work your way up though. Can't have my other employees believe I show favoritism to my own daughter."

"Stepdaughter," Sabine enunciated. Her stepmother looked appalled. "I stepped in to raise you after your mother's tragic demise and this is the thanks I get? I deserve respect and so does your father, right mon amour?" Her father, who had been looking at his phone, glanced up. "What? Yes, of course." He hadn't heard anything said. "Well your father agrees. Honestly, I don't know where you got this attitude. Probably from your moth-"

Before she could finish that sentence, Sabine stood up and knocked over the glass of cabernet in front of her stepmother, flowing the liquid right on to her top. Her stepmother also stood up, knocking the chair back. "Comment oses-tu? Toi petit...!"

Sabine stepped around, her siblings looking at her (well Panellope was, Lyam was busy grabbing napkins to fix his mother's shirt, the little brat), her father silent. "Don't ever speak about my mother like that or I will do worse than ruin a shirt. You are not my mother, you never will be. You are a parasite that latched on to my father and continues to suck him dry. I will only be content when I eliminate you." With that, she turned to get ready for school.

Sabine Bassard

Location: The Field (School Carnival)
Skills: N/A
First Day Fit

After being dropped off via helicopter, her father silent after what had occurred the following day, she made her way to her room to drop off her things. She hadn't bothered to see if Leah had arrived. She would deal with that problem later. Instead, she decided to get this stupid carnival done. This was before the showcase of her powers, which she had been planning for a few days now.

She scrambled past many other parents, ignoring the happy tears and emotional hugs. As she stepped toward the field she heard some panicked noises. In an instant, she had seen flames. On another school campus, a fire would be a bad thing. But this was not an ordinary school. Still, there was some panic from someone and she recognized the voice. She rolled her eyes playfully as she stepped towards the field. Sure enough, her eyes landed on Danny, one of the very few people here she tolerated. She had missed the lead-up but had come just in time to see the after-effects.

This was going to be more fun than she thought.
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