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Jokes on you! I hate all of myself!
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As a Chicago-ian......that is exactly how we sound. Add in something about Deep Dish Pizza and that is 95% of our conversations.
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Well now that I got the customary "post once" requirement out of the way....


Welcome to my safe space. Well, about as safe as one space can be, I guess. If you are here looking for something, I am very sorry to disappoint you, but I made fresh cookies! Come sit a spell.

I guess I'll do some more in-depth stuff about myself. My name is Nick and I am 32 years old living in Illinois. I am a therapist and clinical responder (which is a fancy way of saying I go out on police calls to provide mental health assistance). Been doing therapy for a few years now and I absolutely love it!

I am a gay, cisgender man. I came out last year in January (smack dab in the middle of a pandemic. Timing was always my downfall). There is still much I am learning, but I am proud and happy to be who I really am and not have to hide it anymore!

I am an avid gamer, especially roleplaying games (cue surprised and shock noises). I also enjoy writing and reading, especially mysteries. I am not new to roleplay, I promise. I have been doing it for years now in different formats. I am experienced, even if it doesn't seem like it.

I use humor as a coping mechanism for sure, but I also like laughing and enjoying myself. Life can be pretty sad and upsetting for the most part and I don't want to add to it.

Whew! That got deep!

I will be poking my nose around in spaces and hoping to jump headfirst into this. Some interests I have in terms of roleplay settings include superheroes, DnD, science fiction/fantasy, mysteries, thrillers, horror stuffs, apocolypse, and espionage. And I am a fan of most things pop culture. If you have any suggestions or possible roleplays you think I would love, please let me know.

Otherwise, stick around! This is gonna get wild!

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Peregrine Mayfield

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Fit Of The Day

Right, splitting up. Because that ALWAYS worked out in movies. Why was it that a group of intelligent people or those with superhuman abilities always wanted to split up when it was obvious to everyone and their mothers that they were stronger together? Well, it was too late now. She was grouped up with Mary, Ed, and Flynn. Though at least she got to ogle Flynn a bit more (a girl can look and not touch after all).

Though, if she were being honest, she kind of liked the ones on the opposite team more. If for no other reason than she got to know Mira and Neil a bit more. "All right, guess we're splitting up. Who needs to listen to horror movie logic anyway? Everyone be careful then and, if all else fails, scream. Mira's got that locked down, but even those without a super voice, screaming is annoying and will drive people up a wall and, hopefully, away from you. Or punch them in the face. People hate that. Especially people with punchable faces like dickhead who just left."

She turned and walked with her group. "So, anyone got juicy stories to share?"

Location: Pacific Royal Collegiate & University - Dundas Islands, Pacific Ocean
First Class #2.26: New Foes, Old Friends

Interaction(s):Coop (@psych0pomp)
Previously: Protection

Calli took a moment to take all that was being said in. Let it never be said she didn't allow everyone a fair shake. Granted, she was more inclined to believe Luce and Haleigh over Rory and Trace (of all people, Calli never expected Trace to be on the side of not stirring up trouble). And Mackenna was Mackenna. Calli rolled her eyes, but even she had a point. That didn't matter though. Calli still wanted Hyperion's head on a pike and if the school wasn't going to do anything about it, she was. "Evil wins when good people do nothing. Isn't that a saying? I don't advocate going in blind but I sure as hell am not going to sit on my ass twiddling my thumbs and pretending to be an average student in a school of kids with mind-bending powers. I'm doing something about it. Luce was right, there are sides and we'll need to make a choice."

After Calliope spoke she heard her name, but it wasn't from any of her teammates. And it invoked a sense of nostalgia. She turned to look at who was calling her and saw a figure she didn't expect. Dash Cooper. Granted, he had grown up, but it was him. She recalled pleasant moments with him growing up, her one safe haven from her father. "Dash Cooper? What the heck?" Calliope also opened her arms for a hug and it felt good to see a familiar face. Once free, she led him away from the others. If she was going to open up about her past again, she didn't want everyone to know. "What are you doing here? Well, I can hazard a guess, but still. How have you been?"

Coop followed her, only throwing a passing glance over his shoulder as the conversation started to heat up behind him. It seemed wildly personal, and he was glad not to have anything to do with it. He focused back on Callope, his smile hadn't faded yet. It was nice to get a hug from someone familiar. Not that he'd gotten hugs from the unfamiliar. Just that--you know, not important. "Oh, I just stopped by for a look around. You know, marvel at all the Canadian architecture and landscaping. It's giving me YA-supernatural-love triangle vibes. If I see one more 'I got a dark secret' hairstyle, then I'm, 100% sure I'm the other other love interest." He rubbed the back of his head at that moment, almost forgetting that he'd been wounded. He winced. "Bad joke. I'm here for the same reason as you. Something which I'm sure our parents are on a text chain about how awful it is to have a 'broken child.'" He rolled his eyes. "I'm doing alright, considering. How about you? You were in class with the guy. That can't be easy--but I get it if you don't want to talk about it. We can always discuss which emojis our dads are using incorrectly."

Calliope winced as Coop brought up their fathers. She hadn't spoken to her father for a while now. Did he know what happened? Did he care? "I'm fairing as well as can be, I suppose. I didn't know him well, but in the limited interactions I did have with him he seemed sweet. Another of ours got severely injured. He's in the hospital and they won't let me see him."

Calliope decided not to disclose what her and Banjo were, if anything. She didn't even know yet. "But anyway, it's nice to have someone I know here! Especially you. I'm sorry we kind of lost touch after a while. You know how it goes."

"I'm sure if they won't let you see him it has less to do with you, and more to do with him. He's probably just asleep, or on like a lot of morphine. One time when I was on pain relievers I thought I was Nic Cage, and I was out to get the Declaration of Independence. The nurses were not happy that I found a marker and had written my plan all over the wall." He pushed his hands into his pockets and smiled when she remarked that it was nice to have someone here that she knew.

"I wouldn't... worry about it. These things happen. We have so many options to talk to so many people, that sometimes we don't check up on the people we know the best. Hell, I can't talk. I didn't reach out to you." He drew his lips into a thin line. "I thought about it, y'know, after I read about what happened. But at that moment, I hadn't really had my shit happen to me... so... what would I have said. 'Hey Calli, can you like... make an ice sculpture of the President kissing a hedgehog that's dressed up as a small businessman?' Which now that I say that... I really want to know if you can."

Calliope laughed. It had been a while since she was put at ease by someone. "Yeah, you're right. I know it's in his best interest. I just want to know he's ok. He was really hurt." Calliope hadn't thought about it much, but her explosive reveal had to make local news. A senator's daughter unleashing icy hell? Hell, she was probably national news.

"As for the ice sculpture, I am sure I can whip something up. Bygones, also. We are here now in the same place, weirdly enough. It was nice to see you again Coop. A little reminder of home that's actually positive. I needed that more than you could ever know."

Coop smiled, understanding that Calliope was quite done with their conversation. He could practically see the edges of her lips turn in the same direction as her feet as she spoke. "Same. I guess it's just a reminder that no matter how big the world is. It can get pretty small sometimes. It's good to see you, and if you ever want to get together and braid each other's hair sometimes. I can try and you burn your hair off later, and can just make the world's smallest braids in mine. Or just knot up the hair real good." He laughed. "Unfortunately, I was an only child and never learned how to braid anything. Have a good day, Calli." He pulled his hands from his pockets and waved at her, heading off to... he didn't know where. He just knew how to read body language. And body language said there was a world of worry on her shoulders and she wanted some time to deal with it.

Calliope left Coop there, feeling kind of bad on ditching him. As nice as it was to see an old friend, her mind was a cavalcade of different emotions. She was not at her best. Hell, what WAS her best anymore? Letting people she knew die or get hurt? Letting herself get so worked up she panicked and passed out.

"You're pathetic. Look at you. Little Miss Senator's Daughter is off on her own and still fucking things up."

No, not here. Not now.

"Yeah, thought you could get rid of me? I'm your inner voice, bitch! That little pestering voice that tells you like it is. You're a failure. Cass is dead. Banjo is injured. Blackjack is all but traumatized and what did you do? Have a panic attack and pass out. Real strong efforts there."

Calliope stopped walking, clinging one hand to her wrist. "You can't hide the scars. They will always be there."

Calliope closed her eyes and counted to 20, taking deep breaths. Eventually, she calmed down. She looked around, hoping no one saw her nearly have another panic attack.

Calliope debated on what to do next. Perhaps she would go to the ICU after Luce. Maybe the girl would have better luck than she did.

Location: Pacific Royal Collegiate & University - Dundas Islands, Pacific Ocean
The Homecoming Trials #2.12: Drop The Act

Interaction(s): N/A
Previously: N/A

It should have been a fun night.

Instead, the night left invisible scars. On some more than others.

Harlowe didn't know anyone on the other team. She didn't know who the boy was who was killed. Who the boy was who was flung up and severely injured. She didn't know the man who disappeared or any of those who betrayed the school. She didn't know who Hyperion was until that night.

And yet, she felt those scars all the same. She was brought to this school to help her be amongst others like herself, to learn what she needed to so that she could have a future. And tonight threatened that.

Harlowe was sure she was going to be pulled out immediately. Surely if a terrorist attacks the school you are staying in you aren't kept there. But no one showed up for her. Instead, it was recommended she get counseling for what she witnessed. Harlowe dismissed it almost immediately. The other team needed it more than her. Yeah, she was sorry someone died and another got hurt, but she figured a school like this, it was par for the course. Harlowe wasn't dumb. This wasn't just some school that happened to have Hyperhumans as its main cohort. Paint whatever colors you wanted over it, it was a school that was training them for something more. She was sure of it.

She wondered if the others felt the same. Those on her team were kind of all there. She spoke to Coop and Yuri, sure, but she didn't know the others well and any chance to form those relationships was destroyed.

So Harlowe sat in the quad, journal in her lap. She had begun taking notes on her suspicions for the school. They had to know more than they were letting on. Word didn't get out and it would take some serious power to prevent that. And if students did tell others, why weren't there riots or parents pulling their kids out? What stopped the other students from texting what happened to the news?

Could this get her in trouble? Sure. It wasn't like she wasn't used to that before. New school, same bullshit.
If you want a power, go for that power. Everyone will have moments to shine.
As this has been discussed before, this is a large school. It is very likely you will run into someone with similar powers to yours. Harlowe and Mackenna as an example.
Calli took a moment in the tent to put on clothes. It wouldn't do well to stifle rumors if she ran out after Banjo in nothing but her underwear. Later, she would think back to that split decision, even though it took her roughly a few minutes, and feel guilt. What if she had left sooner? What if she hadn't let Banjo walk out alone? Would things have been different?

Once outside, it was clear something was off. Almost like the air was charged with intensity. Perhaps that was the lingering effects of the storm, but Calli could feel the charge. It seemed the others had also, because she was not alone at the campsite. What she saw though altered herself.

She quickly noted the feelings were the loss of her powers. How long had she been dreaming of not having her powers anymore? To be normal? Ever since she found out about her powers she longed for them to disappear and now that her wish was granted she felt....empty. Like a significant part of herself was taken and she felt hollow. In a matter of moments that seemed to take forever, the threat was revealed.

Betrayal. She knew the feeling well. What were her father's actions if not a form of betrayal? She knew very little about the other students, but even so, weren't they here to do better? Instead, they fueled the hatred of Hyperhumans.

The hooded figure took time to address of few of their own. Haleigh, Rory. Calli felt herself grow angry at the hooded figure's comments. Calli looked around to see where Banjo was and quickly locked on to him. However, she was too late to do anything to stop Banjo from opening his mouth. "What are you doing you idiot?" she thought to herself. She felt herself get riled up as Hyperion chattered away, doing their best to get Banjo to join them. Calli would later also think back to this moment, knowing full well that Banjo would do no such thing, but also admitting she couldn't be 100% sure. And that moment of falter would undo her.

As quick as it was to see him it took Hyperion mere seconds to launch him in the air. "NO!" she screamed, starting to run forward before she felt arms around her, grappling her in her spot. She turned to look at who had the audacity to step in and saw some woman she did not recognize at first. "There's nothing you can do! You need to hold back." Calli recognized the woman as Jessica, the student mentor for another team. Even still, Calli's first thought was to deck the woman, instead, opting to get out of the hold. "Let go of me! I need to..." Calli turned and fought the woman off, but she was too late. The figure had targeted Cass, who had a gun, and impaled him. Calli stumbled forward, falling to the ground on her knees. She looked up to see Banjo falling. In that moment, she felt fear. Intense fear. She felt herself tune out everyone talking. She was sure Jessica was trying to speak to her, but Calli couldn't hear it. She felt her heart race and, ironically, grow colder. The edges of her vision began to darken. Her breathing grew heavy and pained. She knew the symptoms well, though in the past she got these attacks when her grades at school were being threatened or when she had to make public appearances for her father.

"Keep it together Calliope. Keep it together." Her thoughts were not connecting to her body. Eventually, a cocktail of fear, panic, and exhaustion took over and Calli felt herself slip, landing on the cold ground.

Location: Pacific Royal Collegiate & University - Dundas Islands, Pacific Ocean
First Class #2.09: Protection

Interaction(s):Team Blackjack
Previously: N/A

Calliope had woken up in the school's medical facility. She was out for a good couple of hours. The staff there recommended she remain there to check. Each medical personnel gave her a warm smile that didn't meet their eyes. Calli knew it wasn't some nightmare she had. Cass was dead. Banjo was killed or hurt. Tad was missing. And who knows what the other students were feeling. Calli closed her eyes, attempting to block out everything around her. She didn't want to smile back. She didn't want to heal up. She thought of nothing more than meeting that hooded figure and the students who betrayed the school and freezing their blood from within until their bones cracked. The machine she was connected to started beeping due to her elevated heart rate and one of the staff came over. Calli opened her eyes and calmed down. Now wasn't the time.

"Hello Ms. de Leon. My name is Dr. Fiona Arthur. How are you feeling today?"


Dr. Arthur wrote something down in her notebook. Probably that Calli was anything but fine. "That's good, but you know it is all right if you aren't feeling fine. Especially given the things you've seen. We all grieve in different ways."

"Tell me then doctor. Is planning homicide a way to grieve?"

To her credit, Dr. Arthur did not display any shock to her question. "Do you plan on following through with your plan?"

Calliope knew therapists and other medical professionals were mandated reporters. She knew if she laid out everything she had been thinking about, it would be reported. Which was funny since she only planned on harming terrorists. Surely the authorities would turn a blind eye to that?

"Of course not."

"It's rational to be angry. You experienced something traumatic. The school recommends therapy following something like this. Did you know the boy well? Cassander?"

Calliope closed her eyes, picturing the first time she spoke to Cass. Then following it up with his face as he was impaled. Everything in between was a blur. Fuzzy. Like a TV screen when it's not on the right channel and it is nothing but static.

"Not well enough. And now I never will."

Dr. Arthur wrote something else down. "Though you did not know him well, he was a part of your team. I imagine you aren't alone in your feelings."

"With all due respect, fuck feelings."

"Feelings have a habit of coming, even when we don't want them. Tell me, how long have you had panic attacks?"

Calli figured this was coming. Of course the school knew about her attacks. Hell, it was how she got to come to the school in the first place. "For as long as I can remember."

Dr. Arthur wrote something down. "Ever since you were a child? Or later on?

"Child. I can handle them."

"Ms. de Leon, how come you aren't taking your medication?"

Calli tensed up. "How do you know about that?"

Dr. Arthur put her notebook down, now looking directly into Calli's eyes. "I know about a lot more than you might think. That's why I am here. I know about your family. I know about your upbringing. About what happened that got you here. I know the choice of taking medication was stolen from you. If you want, I can write you a prescript..."

Calli stood up, taking Dr. Arthur back. "I'm fine! I don't need pills! I can handle it! You don't know me, you know what's on whatever fucking report the school gave you has on me." Calli stormed towards the door. "Anger is normal. We can talk..."

"I am done talking."

Calli opened the door and slammed it shut. Dr. Arthur messaged her secretary, "Pencil Ms. de Leon for next week, same time."

Calliope had attempted to see Banjo at the hospital, but every time she walked up, she was met with the same nurse who looked like she had been on rotation for three weeks straight. "Honey, I don't know how many times I have to tell you. Family only."

Biting her tongue, Calli stopped trying. She made her way back to the school, where the funeral for Cass was quickly underway. There, along with her fellow students, they grieved for the loss of life. The others on her team were there. She could hear them talking. Haleigh especially. She could echo Haleigh's feelings. She too wanted nothing more than to find those that hurt them, hurt Banjo, killed Cass, and see them suffer.

Trace and Rory had spoken up, consoling Haleigh. Trace had a point. Why? That question wracked her own brain. "Hyperion is going to pay." Calli let her words hang there. She wanted to let this be about Cass' memory and not her own plans for vengeance. She got a notice that she was scheduled for therapy the following week. She felt her heart race again. She wrapped one hand around her wrist and took some deep breaths.




She quickly calmed down. See, Dr. Arthur. She was fine.

She had to be.....

Peregrine Mayfield

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Fit Of The Day

Perry was confused. So they weren't going to punch the guy with the extremely punchable face? Perry was annoyed, but she guessed she understood. "So next time we get to know the clearly evil guy before we punch him. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan." At least Neil seemed to be on her side, given his reactions to her.

So the game plan was to....what? Look around the place they know very little about in the hopes of finding some way to escape? "As good a plan as any. Are we going to make nice with the bad guys here who don't like us and want us dead? The winners of their respective fights? Gonna go out on a limb and say they will probably throw fists first and have tea and scones second. So maybe it is best if we prepare for confrontation, regardless."

She didn't know what fuckface was talking about with Flynn, but it was another reason to punch his smug face. No one talked about Hottie McHotstuff and got away with it. This time around though, Perry inched closer to Neil, "He really did have a punchable face, right?"
Sabine Bassard

Location: Dorms
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First Day Fit

Sabine knew eyes were on them when they made their way back to their dorm. It was hard to get any privacy here and rumors spread like wildfire. It would only be a matter of time until the others heard about her and Leah walking hand-in-hand after making out in public. She decided, after seeing Leah respond to a text, to shoot one off herself.

Once she was done and Leah came back, she grabbed her hand and continued. She forgot Leah stuck around while Sabine went home. But given how Leah's home life was, she was not surprised. "It's all good. Play around with my stuff if you want. Feel what it's like to be me for a bit."

Once safely in their residence, Sabine let go of Leah's hand and faced her. "Get ready, because I am about to show you what true pleasure is like."

Location: Pacific Royal Collegiate & University - Dundas Islands, Pacific Ocean
The Homecoming Trials #1.103a: Human Connection

Interaction(s): Trace @psych0pomp
Previously: Group Therapy

Calli listened as, one by one, they all opened up. It was nice to see considering mere moments ago they were all at each other's throats. Or some of them were. Luce's story broke her heart. And it made her feel shitty for complaining about her own father. At least he was alive, even though he looked at her like he wished she would disappear.

She could feel the warmth terminating from Banjo, even with the campfire. She felt guilty. She intended it not to go further than a night in the tent together to forget she was at this stupid school. But Banjo had to be so fucking sweet. Showing her genuine care. Showing her humanity and not expecting her to be anything but who she was. Why had she jumped down Inigo and Rory's throats? Why was she so protective?

Because he expected little from her, whatever she gave him, he appreciated.

All that glitters is not gold though. Despite their quick bonding session, someone had to ruin it. Mackenna had entered the chat bragging about herself. Calliope hated and appreciated how much she liked Mackenna. Hell, Calliope knew girls like her back home. She could hardly blame her for sharing her success. But even then, Calliope got the sense the girl had deeper things going on. And even then, the bombastic side-eye coming her way could not be ignored.

Inigo came along and Banjo got up to speak to him. Hopefully, the two could hash it out and come to an understanding. Before Calliope could continue, Trace stood up and stormed off.

Admittedly, Trace was not her favorite person, but even still, they had opened up despite her initial gut reaction. "Be right back." Calli stood up and followed Trace. But they went into their tent before Calli could call out to her. They probably wanted to be alone, but despite it, Calli spoke up. "Trace? I know you probably want to be left alone, but I just wanted you to know I appreciate you opening up. Even slightly. I imagine that was not what you wanted to do, but I think it was brave. And your powers are really awesome. I hope to get to know you better, even slightly. Have a good night."

Calliope turned and walked back to the campfire. Seeing if the others wanted to continue the conversations, as heavy as they were.

Location: Team 78 Campsite - Dundas Islands, Pacific Ocean
The Homecoming Trials #1.103b: This Is Something Real

Interaction(s): Coop @psych0pomp, Yuri @Wei Wuxian
Previously: Lyrics

Before Harlowe knew it, more had come over to her. She turned the music down to hear what the others were saying. So far, no one seemed annoyed by her playlist. "Uh, not sure to be honest. Never tried. I imagine I can get it pretty loud though. I think I even hit that frequency that only dogs can hear once. Harlowe decided to keep the event that brought here here a secret. It's not like everyone else was trauma-dumping.

As Yuri spoke, the wind picked up, blowing around the guy. "So you control the wind or something? Pretty awesome power!"

Another guy came running up, this one clearly enjoying the pizza they were provided. Harlowe couldn't help but appreciate it. And he was cute. Come to think of it, so far, everyone she had seen was hot. "Hey Coop, Yuri. Name's Harlowe. I believe I am still looking for a tent buddy. Are either of you in need of one? I promise to be the best roomie for the night! Can't promise to be super great in the morning though. I hate mornings."

Harlowe decided to bite the bullet. Perhaps one of these two had more of an idea as to what was going on. "Hey, do either of you two know about this school and what's going on with these trials tomorrow? I was dropped off at the front gate literally during that opening ceremony bit and I barely had time to read up on anything before we all hiked up here."
Nevermind, I was never here

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