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Mason Aspen and Laurel Evanson
A @Melissa and @Universorum Collab

Mason honestly didn’t have very strong feelings toward parties, one way or the other. They were alright! He liked to drink, he liked to socialize, and he liked to hang. They had their downsides, though. Sometimes, people were fucking assholes at parties; they fought, they yelled, they threw hands, they threw drinks — which wasted perfectly good alcohol, by the way — and they were just all around fuckers.

In Mason’s opinion, the faults could be looked past, if the party had the right ambience, and the right location. Luckily for him, this party certainly ticked both boxes. The ambience was there, from the dope lights beneath his feet that changed and reacted to each and every footstep, to the soft hum of music that followed him wherever he went. As for the location? He was on a super yacht, in the Pacific Ocean surrounded by his peers. It was a good party! It was chill, maybe too chill, but hey he didn’t mind.

He took a sip from the shot glass in his hand, filled with a bourbon of some kind that he didn’t catch the name of, and looked around the ship with a satisfied smile on his lips. This was a good use of his Tuesday! Sure, he could have done something else if he was at Dreamland, but it might not have been something better. This was alright.

He just needed a cute girl to talk to, and things would be lit.

Laurel was not exactly thrilled with the situation at hand. Sure, things could have been worse, but walking around a party only in her bra and underwear was definitely not ideal. She and Olivia had departed the game room only a few minutes previous and were beginning the man-hunt for their articles of clothing. The hoodie that Honey had gifted her wasn’t exactly made of the best material for its purpose so she tied the sheer fabric around her hips to somewhat cover up her bottom half. Laurel had a sick feeling that this was some Senior trying to put the Junior girls in their place, but she couldn’t be sure until they found the culprit. Her pace quickened, the blonde girl tried to survey the crowd of people quickly to see if anyone was holding their shirts and skirts.

With no avail, Laurel turned around to tell Olivia, but just like their clothes, she had vanished. Great, not only was she nearly naked, but she was now alone! In a huff, Laur spun around to go find another room to look in, but instead of gracefully continuing her search, she slammed right into someone- a tall someone. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry.” The blonde apologized profusely, feeling like an absolute idiot for not watching where she was going.

Mason very suddenly stumbled forward, watching as his drink spilled out of his shot glass. He spun around on his heel to tell the person that it was alright and not really a big deal that he’d been ran into. However, once he turned around to see a girl in the absolute bare minimum of clothing, and he raised his eyebrows. “No big deal. You’re not wearing any clothes, I see. I dig it.” He held out his shot glass, shaking it to rattle the ice, and show that there wasn’t much drink left in it. “Normally, I’d say let’s drink to that, but, it seems like I spilled it for some reason…” His lips curled into a smile, and he winked his left eye at her.

Of course the very first thing this guy had to point out was the fact she wasn’t wearing anything! Nice. Replying to Captain Obvious, Laurel shrugged. “It wasn’t intentional, but I appreciate the support. Strip poker game gone wrong….it seems we have a clothing thief on our hands.” The blonde explained, running a hand through her straw locks. As he motioned to his drink which she made him spill, she sighed, a smirk popping onto her face. “I wonder what that reason could be… but I’d be happy to get you another. The last thing I would want to do is deprive a man of his bourbon.”

“A classy woman. I like that.” He chuckled to himself, and with his free hand pulled the zipper down on his jacket. Unlike the sort of, sort of not, hoodie-esque piece of fabric she wore now, his jacket was closer to being a Carhartt, thicker and warmer. He peeled it off and handed it to her. “Here, don’t freeze to death before I get my drink, yeah? You can keep it until you have your clothes back. Just make sure you give it back.”

Laurel was a little taken back that a random guy would just give up his jacket- especially since she had just slammed into him and spilled his drink everywhere- but nonetheless, she appreciated the gesture. Slipping it on, she absentmindedly inhaled the manly musk of cologne coming off of the jacket. It was woodsy; she liked it. “Smart logic. Thanks.” She stated, a small chuckle escaping her lips. Laurel didn’t zip up the jacket though... after all, she did play strip poker for a reason. The blonde nodded towards the bar indicating for the mystery boy to follow. She had probably seen him around school, but then again she didn’t really try to make the effort to get to know everyone. “Another bourbon?”

“Damn skippy. My dad would have my head if I drank anything else, champ.” He said as they headed toward the bar together. Mason glanced her up and down again, which may have seemed like he was checking her out, which was only half the truth! He was trying to place a name to her face, which he quickly found impossible. Deciding to mentally blame it on weed, Mason went ahead and asked. “So, what’s your name? I’m Mason. You may have seen me around campus, or on YouTube doing something dumb. Well, ballsy; but I’ve learned that sometimes ‘ballsy’ and ‘dumb’ are synonyms.”

The girl turned to the bartender, propping herself on the bar, “I’ll take a bourbon on the rocks and a vodka tonic. Thanks.” Laurel stated curtly, and watched as their drinks were beginning to be made. Looking over her shoulder at Mason, she smirked as he described himself. “No I haven’t, but from what it sounds like, I’ve been missing out. I’m Laurel, and as you may probably guess from my lack of outfit, I air on the ballsier side of life.” The blonde replied, handing him his drink as soon as the bartender slid it down the bar.

He took the drink and sipped from it, nodding in agreement with her. “Oh, trust me. You have been missing out. Tons of wild stunts, high jumps, going fast, and the bare minimum of safety gear. I’m living the high life. Hey, maybe sometime you can come watch a live demonstration?” Mason asked, as he tipped the glass to his lips to take another sip, smacking his lips afterwards. “Man, they have some really good booze on this ship. Long live the Helmsleys.”

“Nothing like seeing people make dumb decisions live.” Laurel laughed, reaching for her Vodka Tonic which had just been placed in front of her on the bar. Taking a large sip, she relished the drink for all that it was, even though it wasn’t much. Looking over to Mason, she nodded. “This stuff is the highest shelf you could possibly get. Not your regular high school party, shit.” She commented, taking another large sip of her drink. “You probably need a cherry picker to reach this stuff on the liquor store shelves.”

“You might be right, it’s definitely money.” He said, sipping again. It wouldn’t surprise him if some of the aged alcohol that the Helmsleys had was excavated from buried castles, or something. He shook his head and smiled to himself, the idea of Brian, Becca, and Bailee digging around in the ground in Europe, searching for alcohol stores belonging to Kings from ages past. “Anyway, thanks. You’re cool. Do you want me to hang while you try to find your clothes? Because I will. Gotta make sure you bring that jacket back, champ.” He said, emphasizing his statement with another smile and wink of his eye.

Laur smirked, “I like to think I possess some cool qualities. You’re not so shabby yourself.” She replied, taking the final swig of her drink and slamming it down on the counter. Letting out a deep exhale, she turned to Mason. “Don’t worry, love, there may be a clothing thief on this boat, but I am certainly not a jacket thief. You’ll get this back as soon as I cover up my gray lacie panties.” She stated, tugging on the bottom of the jacket for emphasis.

“That’s not going to work, you know.” He said, holding up his empty glass and tipping it in her direction. “You’re bringing up how lacie your panties are to get me to look, but unfortunately for you, my will power is too good for that. I’ll check you out when I’m damn well ready.” He said, putting the glass down on the table and standing up. “Let’s go find whoever stole your clothes, and duct tape them to the ceiling.”

“Glad your willpower is strong, cause that wasn’t an invitation.” Laurel responded, a smirk popping onto her face as she walked a few steps away from him and the bar. Her playful demeanor changed to confused as Mason offered to help find the culprit of the missing garments. Giving him an inquisitive look, Laurel paused her train of thought, “You have duct tape? Why?”

He stood up and before he followed after, he glanced over his shoulder, giving a forlorn look over his shoulder to the bartender, who rolled his eyes but poured the boy another drink. Mason accepted it, and then wandered after Laurel, “yes, I do. Duct tape is the most versatile, and useful tool in the world. With enough of it you can repair like, anything. So I always keep some on me. Go ahead, reach into the jacket pocket.” He said, pointing at the left pocket. “There’s some in there. Never leave home without it.”

Sure enough, when Laurel reached into the pocket of the jacket, she found a small roll of duct tape…. among other things. With a cheeky grin she pulled out something else she found. Holding up the single condom she discovered clear as day, she laughed. “I’m sure you never leave home without one of these either.”

Bailee & AJ
Collab with @Lovely Complex


Sometime, during this endless night, AJ grabbed the scorpion bowl away from Bailee and it ‘magically’ disappeared. Thank god this party was poppin’ because him making a big ass drink disappear would’ve been a bitch if it weren’t for all these people. He made sure to ask for a ‘sip’ when her gaze went toward the game area. There were girls stripping. Dope. Then he shoved it in some random dude’s hands and told him to finish it off, elsewhere.

Hoping Bailee was too drunk to remember the drink she was holding, AJ tapped her shoulder, “Hey, I’m kind of hungry, let’s get something to munch on.” If he made eating his idea, she wouldn’t disagree, but really, AJ wanted her to have some kind of food to absorb all the alcohol she’s been drinking. “They have your favorite.” Shit, what was her favorite? Well, either her brother or Becca did the catering, so they had to have something she liked.

Bailee remained in her own little world as she stood beside AJ. She had lost count of the drinks she had consumed… maybe six? Or even seven? But it didn’t matter how much alcohol it took to get her there, all that mattered now was that she was absolutely hammered. Everything seemed to be amplified in this state- mostly the volume of the music, but also the lights and colors surrounding her on the dancefloor- so much so that the sights and sounds were meshing and blurring together like some type of drunk synesthesia. In this intoxicated state she was oblivious to almost everything- almost was the key word in that sentence. The only thing that seemed to stick with her was her curiosity surrounding one thing.

Why was AJ being so clingy?

He hadn’t left her side since he first approached her on the dance floor, which was weird, especially considering their argument earlier in the day. In all reality, she didn’t give the subject deep thought, especially since AJ mentioned food and her mind seemed to erase everything else in order to focus on that. An in one ear and out the other mentality. “Ooh, yummy, okay!” Bailee obliged without any hesitation, as she was drunk and quite open to suggestion.

“Okay, good.” She was in full agreement. No bitching. No whining. No kicking. Total agreement. He could get behind this Bailee.

Suddenly, a little redhead came running with a bunch of shoes in her arms and a backpack on her back, looking like she would bulldoze right into Bails. Subconsciously, he slid his hand around Bailee’s waist and pulled her close to him and out of the freshman’s way. Annoyed, the ruffian yelled, “WATCH WHERE YOU’RE RUNNING!” Not having any idea that the tiny redhead was Damian's little sister. If he did, she would be higher on his priority list of making sure there was no date rape in her fun night.

The swiftness in which AJ pulled her to the side caused Bailee’s breathing to hitch. All she could feel was his hand firmly on her waist and nothing else. Deciding to not think of it as anything, she rolled her eyes and giggled at his angry nature. “Aww calm down, AJ, she’s just a little thing.” She stated, leaning against him. “Besides, she can’t hurt me. Can I let you in on a little secret?” Without waiting for his response Bailee leaned in close towards his ear. “I’m invincible...” She whispered, dissolving into more inebriated giggles as she attempted to stand back up straight.

Her drunk giggles were cute. Her leaning on him was cute. Her whisper was… cute. What wasn’t cute was the sudden, loud, and rude burst of laughter that escaped AJ’s lips. “Ha!” He couldn’t help himself. Bailee was like the least invincible Helmsley he’s ever met. Sure, she had a bark that matched her bite, but that was only to shield her vulnerabilities. Soft skin to match her soft heart. “OK, Bailee-kins.” Whatever you say. AJ began to walk forward, all the while lifting her up so that she walked somewhat straight. Invincible, my ass.

“You know, you can let go of me now,” Bailee commented, still feeling AJ’s hand on her waist as he pulled her along. Deciding she had felt enough of his clinginess- quite literally- she slipped herself from his grasp and walked forward without him. Her pace was very shaky, but still stable- quite surprising for someone as drunk as her. With a laugh, she looked back over her shoulder at AJ. Take that! “See! Invincible!” She excitedly chimed, believing that she was independent as she felt in that moment. But then, as all good things must come to an end, she lost her footing and began to fall towards the ground. It was fun while it lasted…

“Jesus fucking—” Stopping himself from chasing her, as his hand reached out to grab her wrist, AJ thought about what his father taught him and retracted his hand. Let people learn from their mistakes. Bailee was being ungrateful and all he did was help her this entire night. Walking, not running, AJ strolled to his friend, pretending he didn’t have enough time to save her. Bailee thought she could handle this, then fine. It was all hers to handle. “How’s the floor feel?”

In a slight daze, the brunette groaned, as she simply remained down on the ground after falling and let her head rest on the linoleum. Luckily for her, she fell in a position that didn’t reveal herself to the entire party- thank goodness. Bailee looked up at AJ, who from her spot looked like an absolute giant. So much for being invincible. “Cold,” She replied to her so called ‘friend’. Why wasn’t he helping her? Meanie. Pouting her lips and batting her eyelashes she reached out her hand to him. “Help me up, please?”

Raising an eyebrow, AJ crossed his arms and mockingly chuckled, “Now you want my help? Nah man, I’ll pass.” Next time, she’ll know better. He wasn’t going to solve her problems. AJ only offered once. Throw his offer back in his face, eat shit. He had much better things to do until she got up, like watching her in pure amusement. Leaning against the wall, he checked his wrist watch, before glancing toward her, still sprawled on the ground. “That skirt of your’s is awfully short.” He taunted.

Bailee whimpered, jutting out her bottom lip and looking sad at AJ, hoping he’d take the bait. After his sassy response, she knew that he wasn’t going to bite- but that didn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t. Like her dad said, when one door closed, many, many doors open. She was wearing a really short skirt, AJ was right about that… and she planned on using it to her advantage. Sitting up and looking around, she took a piece of Becca’s advice from earlier: Find a cute boy and make everyone jealous. Spotting the first attractive guy in her reach, she tapped his leg.

“Excuse me, hi, it’s seems I’ve fallen, partially cause of alcohol and partially because of this really, really short skirt I’m wearing.” Drunkenly, she even pointed to the fabric covering her tanned legs. “Wanna help me up?” Bailee asked the rando she had found next to her. The guy’s eyes lit up, and without any hesitation, he reached out his hand and helped the poor girl to her feet. Once standing, Bailee planted a kiss on the rando’s cheek and looked over at AJ, sticking out her tongue at him like a child.

Rolling his eyes, AJ strided onward. He was ready to fucking eat. When he got near her, slowly passing her, he intentionally muttered loudly enough, “Whatever makes a hoe feel better about herself.” Yeah, he went there. The random guy was gay and probably had an STD. If she wanted to get involved with that, that was her business entirely. Why was he even babysitting this prissy bitch? She was pathetic and didn’t even care that he was going out of his way for her.

The brunette’s jaw unhinged and dropped towards the floor. What an absolute…

“DICK!” She fumed. How dare he call her a hoe! She was far from being a hoe; miles from being a hoe! He had crossed the line- no, he had ran across the line. Storming after him (more like a drunk stumble-run if we’re getting technical), she caught up with the familiar head of hair as he was passing the DJ booth, where the music was so loud she needed to scream to be heard. “What is your damage, AJ?!”

With full on sarcasm, AJ raised his hands in faux apology, “Oh dreadful etiquette of me, I’m NOT sorry!” Refusing to turn around to look at her, but speaking loud enough so she could sure as hell hear him, he rested his hands on his ruffled mane and continued on his merry way, “I should of used the term SLAG!”

“If you really meant that you’d look me in the eyes and tell me! You are nothing but a coward, AJ Tyler!” Bailee yelled, stumbling past him towards the dining room. There was nothing like a drunk cry, and even if she didn’t know that yet, she was about to have a great one.

If he was an anime character, his veins would be showing. She was just egging him on. Always egging him on. At least this time she had the decency to use the name he preferred. “Oh is that the best you got, wannabe Helmsley?! With the people becoming fewer and fewer the closer they got to the dining hall, AJ turned around and started walking backwards, looking her dead in the eye, as he stayed absolutely steady for a ‘drunk’ person, “All you’re doing right now is pullin’ my dick, baby. News flash, the coward is you. The one that needs alcohol to have fun. Hilarious.

“I would never be caught dead anywhere near your dick, Tyler.”

Hello there! Want to request a name change if possible!

New Username = Melissa

That'd be great! Thanks!

T H E W A R N E R R E S I D E N C E:

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 07:16am | Anneliese’s Room
Anneliese was running. Sprinting down a cobblestone sidewalk in the pitch black night. Who was after her? She had no clue, but whoever or whatever it was seemed to be nipping at her heels. The petite girl wasn’t strong and sure as hell wasn’t too fast, so as she crumbled to the ground almost instantaneously, she knew it was over. Her abilities were useless here, and she was rendered powerless in the presence of the offender chasing her. As the dark figure loomed over her, having nearly won, Anneliese let out one last defensive effort, an ear piercing scream that cut through the night like glass. The man reached out towards her-

The brunette gasped for air as she abruptly sat up in bed, eyes wider than a deer in headlights. It was only a nightmare… only a nightmare she thought to herself, attempting to calm down her tense and rigid frame. Her lungs were on fire, breathing as if she had just run a marathon, and her pulse was rampant and raging. It felt so real. Clearly, she had been reading too many articles about the murder that occured only days previous. Taking some more deep breaths, she managed to slow her heart rate down just enough in order to achieve normalcy. Squinting from the rays of sunlight emitting from her window and wiping her palm across her damp forehead, Anneliese managed to turn her head just enough to catch sight of her alarm clock. The red LED numbers read 7:17, and that meant she was already running late on the first day of school. Fantastic.

“Liesey, I’m leaving in 30 minutes, and that’s either with or without you!” Her brother Louis yelled from the hallway, pounding on her door and chastising her with the nickname that she hated more than anything. Rolling her eyes, she shakily climbed out of bed, still in shock from the frightening dream she had just experienced. She could attribute it to current events all that she wanted, but deep down Anneliese truly knew what the nightmares were about. Throwing the thoughts aside, as she needed to focus on making it to school on time, the petite girl began the process of getting ready for the first day.

M A T H E R M E M O R I A L H I G H S C H O O L:

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 07:56am | Mather Memorial Parking Lot
Louis Warner pulled into his usual parking spot-closest space to the football field- with Anneliese in the passenger’s seat, music blaring loudly. She luckily had gotten ready in time, and was able to ride with him, saving her from the mile walk. The car left when Louis left, and if his sister wasn’t ready, that was too bad for her. Usually, she’d make it in time, but this morning was touch and go, as the nightmares clouded her mind and her productivity flew out the window. Turning to his sister as he cut the engine, Louis spoke while a toothpick hung out of his mouth. He was trying to cease his summer smoking habits, since that impaired him from performing at his best on the field. “I have practice after school, so you know the drill.”

The drill was that she could either wait in the stands until practice was over, catch the bus (which was a terrible form of transportation), or walk a mile back to their house. More often than not, Anneliese chose to walk, but sometimes she enjoyed staying and watching the team practice. A majority of the time she’d sit there and sketch the players, working on capturing art in motion. She never took the bus. You wouldn’t catch her on that yellow death machine with wheels anyday. “Yeah, alright.” She replied carelessly, and Louis hopped out of the car almost immediately to greet his two friends who had gathered by the side of the car. Unseen, she stepped out of the passenger seat as they bantered about their Senior year, and headed into the familiar school building.

Anneliese’s day went off without a hitch. Her classes were somewhat tolerable, and she even got to reunite with her favorite teacher, Ms. Henshaw. Everything was going smoothly until she looked at the very last class listed on her schedule...

M A T H E R M E M O R I A L H I G H S C H O O L:

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 - 02:24pm | The Loft
If she was being quite honest, Anneliese thought that “Social Conscience” sounded like a load of crap. In fact, she was a little irked that she was enrolled in this class instead of an additional art elective. What was she going to get out of it anyway? Plus, if this room was supposed to hold the best and the brightest, why not choose her brother instead of her? Maybe this was all one big mix up, and they meant to put Louis’ name instead of hers!

With a sigh, Anneliese filed into the classroom alongside the other students. Most of them she recognized, others she did not. What she did realize, was that this was a huge grab bag of people from Mather Memorial. Not just one type of person was in this room- in fact, she believed they represented almost every stereotypical archetype found in these halls. Some sort of screwed up Breakfast Club, this was.

As Mr. Lehr-Jonas spoke, Anneliese decided that she would give him the benefit of the doubt, and not completely count out this course from her other ones. Besides, he seemed nice enough. Also the promise of a letter of recommendation was too good to pass up- she would definitely have to hold him to that. In her mind, the more allies she had, the better.

Tuning out the rest of his speech, she pulled out her sketchbook and her pencils and began to scribble a rough sketch of the classroom in all of its dusty glory, wanting to capture a moment in time. Inspiration was everywhere, and Anneliese never turned down an opportunity to capitalize on it. Jonas’ question piqued her interest, though. She listened to her classmates, and even managed a small laugh at one of the boy's comments about opposable thumbs. It wasn't until her memories flashed back to the nightmare from this morning that the mere recall of being chased sent shivers down her spine. It was animalistic- being chased and preyed on. While she never volunteered to speak up in her regular classes, the small class of no more than 15 intimidated her into saying something. Mumbling an answer to the question, she continued sketching while speaking.

“I see no difference half of the time. High school is a great example of humans acting like animals- there is a clear and obvious food chain.” Anneliese chuckled, dropping one of the pencils against her sketchbook resting on the table. Looking up and making eye contact with Jonas, she continued. “But if there’s one thing that makes us different, it’s that humans study themselves- they self-reflect and try to make meaning of everything. Animals couldn’t do that even if they tried.”

A N N E L I E S E - J A N E W A R N E R 0 4 / 3 0 / 2 0 0 2 ( 1 6 ) F E M A L E H E T E R O S E X U A L

"Most of the time I like that no one seems to notice I exist, it gives me more room to explore."

▼ A P P E A R A N C E:

"Everyone says that I look like my brother, but I really don't see the resemblance. What do you think?"
◼ HEIGHT | 5'2"
◼ WEIGHT | 110 lbs.
◼ HAIR COLOR | Brown
◼ EYE COLOR | Blue-ish grey
◼ ETHNICITY | Caucasian

Anneliese can easily go unnoticed in a crowd of people- especially at school. She bobs and weaves through the hallways with her slender frame and short stature, and manages to effortlessly make it seem as though she was not there. Her hair is a natural brown color (at times she considers it to be quite a mousy shade) that falls in delicate waves reaching just above her chest. Anneliese tries to pull it away from her face and usually does so by clipping it back so she will not disappear behind her locks. Her blue/grey eyes are quite striking once you get a good look at them, and are framed by delicate and expressive brows that rest high on her face and always tell a story. Her nose is small and slender and is decorated with freckles that are additionally sprinkled on her cheeks, which usually have a rosy hue to them. Anneliese's lips are quite small and skinny, and are usually upturned in a smirk or hold no expression at all. Quite often she wears a sheer lip gloss since her mother once told her it would make her lips appear fuller.

The brunette dresses modestly, routinely wearing neutrals such as black, white, brown, and beige, or pastels such as light pinks and light blues. Her wardrobe mostly consists of sweaters, cardigans, and collared shirts in the winter, and plain or striped t-shirts in the summer months paired with denim shorts. She always wears jeans, and once in a while when those are in the laundry she will don a pair of leggings. Recently Anneliese has been attempting to spruce up her style at the request of her mother, so newer items like denim jackets, patterned shirts, and neutral skirts are making an appearance in her day to day wear.

▼ B I O G R A P H Y:

"I don't normally say a lot, but when I do, it means something."

To say that Anneliese's parents were surprised to learn they were having a second child would be an understatement. One day in late October, Sophia Warner, alarmed by pain in her lower abdomen, went to the hospital and was shocked to discover that the discomfort she was experiencing was not due to a kidney stone, but was, in fact, due to the child she was carrying. Still overjoyed to discover that their family would be growing bigger, Sophia and Matthew Warner welcomed their child Anneliese-Jane to the world on a cloudy April evening with open arms.

As a baby, Anneliese was in the care of a nanny for the majority of the day, as her parents could not take off work for the duration of her early childhood. She believes that this was the early origin of the independence she currently possesses since she did not even depend on her mother and father when she was little.

Raised alongside her older brother Louis, the two became inseparable from a young age. They did almost everything together, and Anneliese thought that this would continue for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, she was mistaken.

Anneliese's childhood was scheduled from morning to evening, as her parents desired to give her the best possible chance of succeeding. She was enrolled in so many activities and extracurriculars that it made her head spin! Anneliese, along with Louis, played sports, piano, and studied other languages, all in an attempt to secure them a positive future.

It was at this point in time that Louis began to pull away from Anneliese since he began to excel and she did not. He became a star athlete with his natural physical talents, and she struggled to even make it onto the athletics field. Through team sports, Louis flourished and made many friends, and for Anneliese, well, she spent most of her time alone in the stands watching or burying her nose in a book on her own.

When they got to high school, as you can imagine, everyone knew who Louis was. He played in the starting line-ups for both Football and Basketball, and he served on the Student Council. Anneliese did attend Mather Memorial as well, but barely anyone knew that Louis had a sister. And when they did find out? They were shocked at how different they were. Even her parents acknowledge the sibling's differences, capitalizing on Louis successes and emphasizing on Anneliese's failures. A familiar trope, Anneliese lives in his shadow, and although parts of this bother her, most of the time she cannot care less. And that is because she has her art to keep her sane.

When Louis was off playing sports, Anneliese stumbled across a set of watercolor paints in the basement of their large house. It was from then on, she found a passion and a medium for her voice to shine. Even if her voice may be small and unheard in the eyes of her classmates, the narrative she creates through her paintings and sketches screams louder than anything she could ever say out loud. The bright and opaque watercolors and acrylics she uses to create her work give her to strength to be free from the shadows that her brother has cast. She marches to the beat of her own drum.

With the hope of making this a career and a lifestyle, Anneliese plans to apply to Art school once she reaches college age.

▼ A B I L I T I E S / S K I L L S:


◼ CREATIVITY | As a budding artist, Anneliese often thinks outside the box in order to produce her paintings and sketches. This translates to her way of problem-solving and processing information, as she approaches issues and situations in a different way than most. Her creativity allows her to look at situations from a different angle and therefore help fix things in a unique way.

◼ MEMORY | Ever since she was younger, Anneliese has had the memory of an elephant. Almost a photographic memory, she is quite good at remembering codes, phone numbers, and even specific situations and what happened during them. This makes for excellent problem solving, and assists in her mental stamina.

◼ OBSERVANCY | Since Anneliese usually watches from the sidelines (quite literally), she is incredibly observant and able to pick up on small details. From what color socks you're wearing, to the exact order in which you eat your dinner, she recognizes and notices all of it. This skill goes very well with her impressive memory.


◼ SIZE | An obvious weakness of Anneliese's is her build. Of small height and small weight, she doesn't have the strength or the stature to engage in hand to hand combat or physical self-defensive measures. Usually if caught in a situation where she needs to fight, she will not be able to hold her own and battle when necessary. This only means she has to rely more on her wit and strategy than her body for protection.

▼ N O T E S:




◼ PANDORA'S WALL | Named after the famous myth where Pandora unleashes unknown evils into the world, Pandora's Wall sits underneath the Valley Bridge towards the North side of town and is the home of graffiti art in Crestwood Hollow. It is an open and free wall subject to the chaos and individuality of the artists of the town. You show up and unleash your talents on the wall by either creating thought-provoking pieces or simply leaving a tag to show you were there, hence the namesake. Each and every artist who encounters it adds something, and new work is built on top of old pieces and tags. The cycle continues endlessly, and it has been that way for many, many years. Anneliese often sits and watches other artists work, or works on her own pieces when an idea crosses her mind.

◼ ART ROOM | Anneliese spends the majority of her time at school in the Art room, otherwise known as Ms. Henshaw's room. She often will eat lunch in there in addition to spending her free periods working on her paintings and mixed media projects. She finds solace and comfort in it's quiet aside from the scratching of pencils and squeaking of erasers.

◼ SKETCHBOOK | Anneliese rarely travels anywhere without her prized sketchbook, a gift from her Art teacher after showcasing her art in front of the entire school. It is a handbound leather book that contains almost all of her ideas and drawings, from complicated pieces to daydreaming doodles she draws in Biology class.

◼ GRAPHITE PENCILS | Along with the sketchbook, you will never see Anneliese without this container of pencils, each of a different thickness and opacity to add depth and shading to even her simplest drawings. Some of the pencils are colored, and others are just regular onyx graphite.

Brynn Payne and Sean Sterling
Location: Somewhere in between the Bar and the Dance Floor
Mentions: The royal ice princess herself @Silent Observer
Collab with @Universorum

Fleeing the fight, Brynn walked (more like stumbled) with Sean, subconsciously taking him in the direction of the bar. The whole encounter made her want something else to drink even more- she couldn’t believe that the jerkoff from the Basketball team tried to humiliate her! She was polite this morning in excusing herself, but she guessed that wasn’t good enough for Tommy boy. How dare he embarrass her infront of her…. Boyfriend? Was she supposed to call him that now? The whole concept of a real significant other was foreign to her. Did Sean standing up for her like that constitute them defining the relationship for real? With a sigh, she turned to him. “Well that was something!” Brynn stated, a drunk giggle escaping her lips.

Sean gently pulled Brynn away from the bar, as he found himself of the opinion that she didn’t need more of that. Instead, he pulled her toward the food. He shook his head after she giggled, and looked over his shoulder at the crowd still formed around Tom’s unconscious body, “Yeah, it was something. Sorry you had to see that — I’m not really a fighter, I swear.” Sean explained, frowning to himself. He’d wanted to keep that part of himself underwraps for as long as possible, and there he went, blowing his load and probably ending up all over the internet. If his mother saw that, or got wind of it, Sean was certain he’d never heard the end of it.

“It’s okay-it was really hot.” Although Brynn didn’t have a filter while sober, she was even more uncensored (if that was at all possible) when she drank. As she noticed they drifted away from the bar, her lips curved into their signature pout, but that was only until food came into her line of vision and she smiled. “Ooh yummy- but it’s okay if you’re a fighter! It’s cool that you punch people.” Brynn grabbed a handful of chips and began to put one by one in her mouth. Delicious!

“I mean, I think I’m more effective with my kicks, but I guess whatever gets your panties wet.” Sean muttered, watching as Brynn slowly munched at the chips. Sean reached over her and grabbed a piece of pizza, slowly easing it into his mouth. He chewed up a huge bite of it, and swallowed it down before carrying on, “Brynn, you’re like really drunk. You sure you’re gonna make it alright?”

Rolling her eyes ever so slightly, Brynn scoffed at Sean’s comment about her being too drunk. If he thought this was bad, he should have seen her on her birthday last year (spoiler alert: she almost had to be taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning)! The brunette could stomach a lot of liquor before reaching her maximum, so she knew Sean shouldn’t be so concerned. Why was he acting so nervous anyway? “Stop being such a worry wart, I am fine. I think you are just too sober for this whole thing.” Brynn grabbed a slice of pizza, just as Sean had, and took a cheesy bite. “I really am fine.” She mumbled with her mouth full.

“Well, if you say so. You are your own person after all. If the movies I’ve watched are accurate, I’m supposed to hold your hair out of your face when you puke in the morning, right?” Sean asked, kissing her on the cheek as he looped his free hand around her waist. It was a party, so he figured that Brynn could do what she wanted; Wednesday might be shitty, but hey: his schedule told him that it was a late start. They had time to sleep off part of a hangover. Not all of it, but enough.

“I’m not a worry wart, I just want to make sure you’re okay. The family get togethers that I go to sometimes, people get really plastered at those, and make bad decisions and start fights. I just want a happy, beautiful, smiling Brynn on my arm. Not an angry, catty, drunk one. Just gotta tread that fine line,” Sean winked, and kissed her again, this time on the lips.

Brynn laughed- she never threw up when she drank. Unless she pulled trig, but that wasn’t often. “That won’t be necessary sir,” She faced Sean and ran a hand through his hair. “But you are a bit of a worry wart.” With a giggle, she took another bite of her pizza, pulling away from him momentarily. His family gatherings sure sounded exciting! In her mind, there was nothing better than sticking a group of people who hated each other in a room with a couple of bottles of vodka- that’s what her family gatherings were like anyway. Felix and Emerson definitely knew how to argue when drunk, that was for sure.

“What kind of family gatherings are you talking about? They sound dangerous.” Brynn commented, her drunken gaze making its way back to Sean. “Does Selena start the fights? I wouldn’t be surprised if she did…” She murmured to herself out of pure curiosity.

“Not typically. It’s usually an uncle, or a cousin. They are definitely dangerous… It’s like, you stick a bunch of angry, prideful, rich dudes in a room, give them alcohol, food, and throw in their women — who are sometimes worse than they are — and then things just sorta happen? It sometimes isn’t that bad, but for everytime it isn’t? It’s twice as bad the next time.” Sean paused, realizing that he hadn’t really answered her question, and he finished off his piece of pizza, delightedly stuffing the cheese filled crust down his throat. “They’re usually events hosted by the Helmsleys, so we go to Castle Helmsley for them, right? You’d think they’d do something super high class, and like… pompous, right? They’re just BBQs. Just like any other normal group of people. The dads argue over how to cook the meat, the moms talk about the kids, and the kids? We just kinda do whatever… They’re an experience.”

Sean looked up at the ceiling, “there was one the week I got back, but I didn’t go to it. I was busy taking depression naps, and wanting to die. But, there’s one coming up, soon. Do you wanna go with me? I figure, you’re the reason I’m not taking depression naps anymore — or at least a big part of the reason — and I wouldn’t mind being able to show off a girlfriend to the family.” Sean was brave, that was for sure. Inviting her to one of the BBQs this early on was an almost surefire way to get her to not want anything to do with him or his family ever again. But he didn’t really care. He liked Brynn, and he wanted her to experience the things that he did, and the BBQs were a big part of growing up, and he was hopeful they could be a big part of his life going forward; with Brynn, too. Preferably.

Busy taking depression naps and wanting to die. How comforting. Sometimes, Brynn did a triple take of the things that Sean said. He could be quite odd every now and again, especially with some of the things that came out of his mouth. But the family gatherings sounded exactly like hers- definitely worse though. Actually, much worse. Still, she’d have to tell him about the time that Felix almost drowned their cousin in the pool, maybe that would rival some of his horror stories. At least he confirmed that they were dating now, how thrilling!

“Yeah, of course I’ll come. I’ll be on my best behavior, I promise!” Brynn replied without much thought, just how a child would promise to behave in order to get an ice cream cone. How bad could it really be? Remind me to bring a pitchfork to ward off your witch of a sister She thought to herself as she simply smiled drunkenly at her man, placing her chin on his shoulder. Swaying slightly to the music that was playing, she gazed around, her blurred vision meshing all of the lights and colors together. “It’s loud in here.” Brynn blurted to no one in particular, her lack of filter causing her to state whatever thought seemed to drift through her mind.

Sean kept Brynn held snugly to him as she rested on his shoulder, and he swayed along with her. “I think we’ll have a good time, if you go. I mean, there’s alcohol, and that’s really all Brynn needs, right?” Sean teased, running a hand through her hair, before they fell silent for a moment and everything else took over. When she said that it was loud, Sean only had one choice: agree. “Yeah, that’s what happens when you play loud music in a small area with a bunch of people.” Sean explained, before looking toward the stairs that led to the living quarters.

“Why don’t we just go get a room?”

Brynn drunkenly giggled once more- man she was giggly tonight, wasn’t she? She bit her lip at Sean’s suggestion, picking her head up from his shoulder. “You’re reeeally smart, you know? Cause that’s what I was thinking!” Unraveling herself from his grasp, she simply took his hand and looked up at him through her long eyelashes.

“Lead the way?”

A Collaboration Between: @Bee and @melissahart
Featuring: Ariana Song and Wesley Bristow

After a few drinks, Ariana had gotten a little tipsy. Well, little was a severe understatement. She was giggling at even the tiniest of things. Hell, she even had the racially patented Asian flush™. Balance was out of the question, and so was all rational thought. That’s what tequila did to you, and it had an even bigger effect on the relatively tiny Asian girl. Alcohol was coursing through her veins, which was not the brightest idea for someone who had just recovered from alcohol poisoning.

”Dude… Wesley… where have you been all my life?” Ariana slurred, slamming the shot glass down on the counter. ”You’re a lot of fun. I didn’t wanna drink today, but now… look at me!” She smiled dumbly, before ordering a couple more shots. ”I bet I can drink more than you, though. Bet on it. If you out-drink me, I will buy you more drinks. Deal?” Ariana raised an empty shot glass up for a cheers.

“Like I said, I’ve been in the shop. I hide in there.” Wesley laughed, looking down at the small Asian girl next to him. He was quite glad he had run into her at the bar- she was really funny and a blast to drink with. Seeing her pound back shots was very different from the Ariana he had met earlier who was drinking a virgin drink, and he definitely liked this version more.

Wes replaced the empty shot glass in her hand with a full one that the bartender had just brought out for them. He took one in his hand and clinked it against hers. “You’ve got yourself a deal.” He threw back the shot with ease and for good measure, downed the second one right after. Double the fun, right?

Ariana took her shots and downed them back-to-back without any qualms. Not even a flinch before she smiled and looked at her drinking partner. She signaled for four shots total. Mama didn’t raise a bitch, and Ariana wasn’t going to be backing down now. Whoever actually gave a shit about her wasn’t going to be happy about the lack of sobriety from Ariana, but she didn’t care.

All she cared about was beating Wes, and she thought she was doing so just fine. She took the shots like a champ, winking at Wes. ”Still wanna go?”

The blonde boy took another look at Ariana. He felt just fine and knew how to hold down more than six shots, but the girl looked as though her balance was beginning to falter. Although he would’ve loved to drink her under the table- and he definitely could- he didn’t feel like having a death on his conscience. After all, he didn’t think first-degree murder would look good on his college applications…. Or when he became a doctor. “Why don’t we take a break and explore a little bit, short stuff. There's a whole party to see!”

Ariana took exactly 2.3 seconds to think about the decision to start exploring before she nodded and got off her seat. Wobbling a bit, she took another brief moment to collect herself before grabbing Wes by the arm. ”Dude, I have an idea!” Ariana exclaimed, tugging his arm toward the bar/dance floor’s exit. The greatest idea of all time had popped into Ariana’s brilliant mind, and she couldn’t wait for Wes to see what she had in store. ”Let’s head to the front of the boat. You aren’t gonna believe what I have in store.

Wes had no choice but to follow the Asian girl, as she was gripping him so tightly that he felt his circulation being cut off. She was walking so fast that he nearly tripped over his own feet! “Whoa, whoa slow down Ari the party isn’t going anywhere!” He chuckled, trying to get her to slow down. They passed right by the dancefloor, which made him wonder where they were headed. “Why the front of the boat, there’s nothing happening there?”

Ariana had kept silent as she pulled him along the upper side. She was so happy with herself, that she was giggling a little bit as she sped past the very risque game of poker blackjack going on inside the game room. Her silence was supposed to indicate the sheer genius of her brilliant, brilliant idea. Drunk Ariana was the best Ariana, ”You’re gonna love it dude,” Ariana giggled, ”Bet.”

Once they arrived at the very front of the boat, Ariana let go of her death grip on Wes’s arm. She turned around and faced him, getting real close to him. She smiled, looking up and down his beautiful, blond, white boy face.

Wes looked around expectantly once they got to the front of the ship. There was nothing special going on… in fact there was almost no one there. He noticed Ariana grow closer and closer as they stood there in silence. Was she trying to make a move? Was this her trying to get him alone? In his drunkenness, he motioned around to the lack of people around them. “There’s nothing to see here, I’m confused.”

Ariana put a finger up to Wes’s lips and told him to shush. ”Just watch.” Ariana trailed… before moving up to her tippy toes and closing in very very close.

In a very unexpected fashion, Ariana turned around and stuck her arms out like she was t-posing. ”Hold me up, Wes! Hold my arms up!” Ariana felt the very cold breeze of the Pacific Ocean on her face. But at least there wasn’t an iceberg nearby, as far as Ariana could see. On her own, she started singing, starting softly and then crescendoing and decrescendoing dramatically. ”Near, far… whereEVER YOU ARE! I believe that the heart does go on…”

Oh man. It was almost a given that someone was going to recreate Titanic on this boat, but Wes didn’t know that it was going to be him. With a small anxious laugh, he looked around to make sure that no one was watching, and when the coast was clear, he swooped in without missing a beat. Holding up Ariana’s arms, he chuckled at her singing at the top of her lungs. “How does that line go again? It’s…” He spaced out, trying to remember the famous line from the movie. In all honesty, it had been ages since he had watched it.

”I’m flying, Jack! Ariana cried out, as she went on her tippie toes and felt more of the breeze on her face. Wes wasn’t exactly Leonardo DiCaprio, but he was close enough. She’d definitely be his Rose if he’d be her Jack. Turning her head, she looked at Wes in the eyes.

”Don’t ever let go… She whispered.

“That would be stupid.” Wes replied, looking at her and noticing how close they were. Deciding to close the space, he pressed his lips to hers. Retreating with a smirk, he pulled away completely. “Come on, let’s get away from the edge before you fall in…. I really hope no one has gone overboard yet…”
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