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<Snipped quote by webboysurf>

Does Bruce have the ability to revert to his human body or is he permanently in this smaller Hulk form?

That's a good question. I would prefer he have the ability to revert back into his normal form for the sake of being able to "blend in" to other realities. But I honestly feel comfortable having that vetoed and him being stuck as "Doc Green" since that is more in line with the comics.

Gave these sheets an update, and hopefully that addresses the concerns raised. At the very least, it was a fun challenge nonetheless.
Well, here's Roy's Season 2 Sheet now that his epilogue is finally taken care of. @Lord Wraith

Washington D.C. - 1 Month Post-Crisis
Issue 1.02.04: Sure Shot (Season 1 Epilogue)

Interaction(s): None
Previously: Crisis Tie-In

Roy looked down on the sheet of paper in his hands. It had been some time since he had done this cloak and dagger shit… but whoever managed to sneak a sheet of paper without getting noticed into his quarters at the Triskellion. The message had printed simply a time, an address for an apartment complex in D.C., a request to meet on the roof, and a single name. Oliver. To be safe, of course, Roy was dressed in his tactical gear and had his weapon drawn as he slowly began climbing the stairs. That is, until he heard an explosion from outside. Harper’s pace quickened as he rocketed upstairs and out of the roof access door. On the roof was nothing… except for a single arrow of Roy’s own design lying near the precipice. A look over the ledge revealed a terrible sight: on the streets below was a burnt and charred car, and lying on his back in the middle of the street was SHIELD Director Jeffrey Mace.

Roy took a moment to watch on in shock, before everything began to click in his head. Across the street was a nondescript antiques store, with apartments above. It was a SHIELD safehouse. Though, of course… whoever had just assassinated Jeffrey Mace knew that. And the assassin must have also stolen some of his supplies. Of course, before Roy could do anything more, he heard shouting from below. A few SHIELD agents had gathered around Mace’s corpse, checking for a sign of life. The other agents had easily noticed the red clad figure standing on the rooftop up above, and immediately began opening fire.

Roy made the only decision he could at this point: he ran. He managed to vault over the other side of the building and down the fire escape of the apartments he was perched upon with ease. He used the alleyway to quickly slip out onto the street, and noticed an empty cab waiting at the red light at the intersection. Roy sighed as he could practically hear the SHIELD agents shouting as they were moving in to intercept. The scarlet archer unholstered his sidearm as he reached for the handle of the back passenger door: to his luck, it was unlocked. He threw the door open, got in quickly, and pointed the gun towards the driver. ”Drive casually. I need to get to East Potomac Park. Now!”

As if on cue, the light turned green and the cab eased into normal traffic as SHIELD agents looked around, confused. Roy holstered his sidearm and quickly pulled out a small flip phone, pressing number 1 for speed dial. The phone rang three times, before a familiar voice picked up on the other end. ”Roy? What the Hell? It’s been years! Oliver’s miss-“

”John, I don’t have time to explain. I need a cloaked quadjet at East Potomac Park ASAP, you should be able to ping my location using the old Arrow protocols.” Roy paused for a moment to breath and to clear his head for a second. ”I’m fucked, John. Ollie’s alive… and the people who know where he is are trying to wipe me out. So for the love of God, hurry the fuck up!”

Washington D.C. - 24 Hours Later

Fury gripped the podium and looked out over the crowd gathered in the Triskellion briefing room. The murmurings were intense, but silenced as soon as Nick Fury opened his mouth to speak. ”24 hours ago, Director Jeffrey Mace was visiting a now defunct SHIELD safehouse here in the capitol. The purpose of his visit was classified.” Nick paused as the reporters in the room began murmuring again, impatient with the lack of answers and information. When he continued, the room fell silent. ”I am here to publicly announce that Jeffrey Mace was assassinated as of 3:14 PM yesterday afternoon while exiting the safehouse.” Fury again paused, but no one dared to speak. ”The assassination was carried out by an individual who fired a single explosive projectile at the motorcade awaiting Jeffrey Mace. A thorough autopsy this morning confirmed that Director… Former Director Mace died on impact.”

The reporters went wild at this. They began shouting over each other, until a grizzled older reporter managed to shout over all the others. ”Do you have any suspects?”

Fury gave a thoughtful nod at this, and ignored the barrage of other questions being slung in his direction. He reached towards a small remote on the podium and pressed a single button, which turned on two screens to either side of the small stage Fury was standing on. The screens seemed to show a bodycam still image taken from one of the SHIELD agents on the scene. The image showed a figure on a nearby rooftop. With another tap on the remote, the slide transitioned to a close-up shot of a figure clad in red with a quiver strapped to his back. ”Our preliminary findings suggest that the assassin was a former SHIELD agent of ours and temporary contractor who used the codename ‘Arsenal’ while in our employ. This individual fought in the Middle East as a contracted Mercenary for the United States government before being recruited by SHIELD. He had a spotless record, and earned an honorable discharge after surviving the incident on-board the UNN Aeneid some months ago in Italian air-space. He was recruited temporarily as an engineering contractor, before being mobilized to New York City during the Mutant Supremacy Front attacks.”

The reporters seemed just as dumbfounded as Fury, given by their silence when he paused. But Nick pushed ahead, and tapped the remote once more to reveal the suspect’s former SHIELD headshot.

”The suspect’s real name is Roy Harper. He is considered armed and extremely dangerous.”
<Snipped quote by webboysurf>

Alright, well, for story purposes, I need everyone to have been on Earth (or an ark where Earth formerly was, I suppose) when their abduction took place. So if you could work that in, that'd be great. Shouldn't change too much of the concept so long as the Skulls maintain control of Earth orbit, etc. Sort of like Agent of SHIELD's fifth season plot with the Kree.

I also have to admit, I'm on the fence about accepting a Hulk concept. I want to let you know now so there's time to submit a different proposal if you would prefer. Right now I'm not sure how I feel about the viability of a true Hulk in a group that will be together indefinitely. It's not the same as him making frequent Avengers appearances in comics or the team-ups over the years. It'll be an ongoing, nearly inseparable group format. I think if it was more of a Professor Hulk or Joe Fixit-esque concept I could see it being more viable, and I know I would be okay with a She-Hulk. But, while I like the concept itself, I'm just not entirely sure that a full-blown Hulk who is the dominant personality would work well for this.

I haven't made a decision one way or the other yet, as I said just want to let you know my current thoughts long before the app deadline. If you have further ideas for the concept and want to ask me about them directly, feel free to DM me.

I'll do some re-writes sometimes this week, and DM you if I have any questions. Thanks for the feedback ahead of time.
<Snipped quote by webboysurf>

Interesting concepts. A question about the Captain's world, though. Was the entire Earth destroyed and the survivors are on a Skrull world now?

Gotta fix up that sheet later. I think the plan was that Steve is surviving on a Skrull world, and the rest of humanity is stuck on an "ark" of sorts floating in space. Not much of humanity left.

Steve is one of the only humans left in Skrull captivity. There's a chance there could be more... And those that are left are in a precarious position. Not a great reality to be stuck in.

The Great Dev Arx

He's running with Goshnak currently as backup, a Trandoshan blaster for hire. Basic Equipment in his possession.
Haven't heard anything for a few days. Any questions or concerns holding back another approval?
Black Sun seemed like an easy canonical pull, since they are a relatively small and recent gang formed by local gang leaders and criminals. I don't have any plans for them, besides the stray bounty or attempt on Dev's life if he's on Coruscant again. He has no intention of "taking them out," since his business was with one man and he understands their attempts to kill him are "just business."
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