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Welp, I'm still kicking. As long as this thing keeps running, I've got at least this arc to finish up. I also have another arc or two relatively planned out, but we'll see what happens.


Issue #12: Towerfall Part 3: Cool Million

Staten Island, New York City

December 31st, 2018 | 7:05pm | Outside of Rand Tower

Once the elevator reached the 86th floor, Danny stepped out looking like he had just been mugged... which he sort of was. The two guards standing outside raised their eyebrows until they saw the unconscious body in the elevator. He nodded his head. "Jumped me in the elevator... I'm fine, just going to go freshen up." Before the guards could respond, Daniel pushed his way into the men's restroom. He made his way to the sinks, loosening his tie and examining his neck to notice the bruising on his neck. Even for someone like Danny, it would take a couple hours to clear up.

There was a distinct click and flush as a man emerged from one of the "rooms" that passed as stalls. It was a rather large man in an expensive Italian suit wearing shades indoors. That was always a sign of trouble. His five o'clock shadow and long, jet black hair weren't exactly welcoming either. Danny's eyes remained focused on the individual in the mirror as he spat out a few drops of blood in the sink.

In the blink of an eye, things changed. Drastically. The figure had a silent pistol in his hand and was raising it towards his target's head. Danny's head. In that blink of an eye, instincts took over. Daniel Rand quickly stepped towards the right and ducked out of the way of the first bullet as it pierced the mirror. The second bullet impacted the wall where Danny had moved to, but the Iron Fist was nimble enough and smart enough to move his head just enough to the left as he lunged for the assassin, fist extended and glowing. The third bullet impacted against the glowing fist, and there wasn't time for a fourth bullet. The gun was crumpled up in the assassin's hand, and a swift move of the Fist to his stomach knocked the opponent back through the doorway of the stall he exited. A loud crack filled the bathroom as the hitman bounced off the brick wall and fell to the ground, creating a spider fracture in the brick work like it was glass.

Danny walked slowly towards his opponent, circling around him before lifting him up by the back of the shirt and lifting him up to lean against the wall. The assassin was in serious pain, blood slowly drooling out of the corners of his mouth. The Iron Fist squatted down in front of him, fists clenched but no longer glowing, as his words dripped with anger through gritted teeth. "Who are you? Why is everyone trying to kill me?"

The hitman had trouble staying conscious, his head bobbing around sluggishly as he attempted to fight off the pain. "It'll cost ya."

Danny gave a small smile. "Are you seriously expecting me to pay you? In case you haven't noticed, I could..." He found he couldn't finish the sentence. He wasn't a killer, or a masochist.

"You aren't gonna kill me. And I've got information that could keep you alive to see the new year, Mister Rand."

Danny sighed, reaching to his back pocket and pulling out his wallet. He pulled out a couple twenties. The hitman shook his head in response, and Danny sighed as he pulled out a few hundred dollar bills and tossed it onto the man's lap. The hitman grinned. "They call me Cool Million. The bounty on your head was a million dollars. I typically don't pick up these short term contracts, as I'm better under pressure... but I thought you were just some rich punk who tipped off the wrong person. Maybe a corporate thing. Didn't expect ya to be some sort of whitewashed Jackie Chan."

"Someone is offering a million dollars to kill me? Who was it?"

Cool shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno. We don't do names in my business. Contract on ya is open, which means anyone from the local street toughs to the heavy hitters are coming after ya. When I was doing some surveying, I noticed that there are a lot of interested parties. Even the League of Shadows."

Danny's head turned slightly, his attention hyper-focused at the mention of that organization. He had heard rumors in K'un-Lun... myths about a group of assassins with the power of immortality. Enemies to the light of K'un-Lun. A league that had killed the former Iron Fist. Now... a league that wanted to kill him. "I need to get everyone out of here... but first..." Daniel struck Cool in the cheek, knocking the assassin unconscious. The Iron Fist removed his suit coat and kicked off his socks and shoes, before reaching to his shoulders and ripping off the sleeves of his dress shirt. He wrapped his tie around the knuckles of his left hand and up his wrist. He took a deep breath before opening the door to get back out into the hallway.

He had a feeling it was going to be a long night.
It unfortunately looks that way. Had my next post near completion, and a plan on how to finish the mini-arc I started.
Nikolai "Demo" Markov & Nathan Caldwell

Location: Avalon

Interactions: Each other, Drake Edwards @Marrok

Mention: The Monster @Almalthia

As soon as he saw the others get into the action, Nik immediately began to encircle the beast. He made his way around and dove behind the DJ booth, still holding onto the scraps of wood. He needed something to work with when things went down. The beast seemed to be paying attention to Drake, who was good at getting its attention but seemed unable to flame on so far. Demo took a deep breath as he looked at the booth he was hiding behind, and gave a small smile as he began fiddling around with the controls.

Nathan had finished ushering people out of the building, his teeth unknowingly grinding together as he began to make his way back into the club. He rushed down to the lower level watching as Drake laid into the monster with flame. For a moment, Nathan stood there silently and watched. He didn’t want to rush headlong into danger. That’s how Una always got in trouble. It’s the thing he hated about Nik. It always seemed to get people hurt. In this moment… however… Nathan knew he needed to do something.

He walked towards the bodies of the dead enforcers, his mind almost going blank as he began to focus in on his powers. He needed to let just a little of the control go, just for a moment. A few drops of blood rose from the open wounds of the guards… and then a few more… until a stream began to rise up to Nathan’s fingers and extended out into a single blade like shape in his right hand. He turned his gaze towards the beast, grasped his hands around the created weapon, and charged towards it while it was distracted, raising the blade up to stab into the beast’s flesh.

As Nathan’s feet pounded to the ground to get closer to the beast, an electronic beat began to pulse from one of the speakers. A familiar start to a song. Each sequence of rising beats came from a different speaker, a fun modification to the song the DJ put together. Nik watched Nathan moving in from behind the DJ booth and smiled. He couldn’t let Nathan have all the fun. Nik stepped to the side of the booth, trying his best to flank Nathan’s attack as he charged up one of his scraps of wood, launching it towards the beast to impact with an incendiary burst of wooden shrapnel. Nik called out as loud as he could over the music. "I don't know if we can kill this thing! Last time... we woke Una."

11:15 a.m. | Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City

The sun peeked through the tattered blinds, pouring random and scattered rays of sunlight across the abysmally cramped “studio apartment.” Sitting on the edge of the rugged mattress was a kid no older than seventeen, his crop of long orange hair spilled out to his shoulders. Roy’s tongue was sticking out the corner of his lip as he was hunched over a small, homemade workbench. He finished tightening the final screw on a block-like arrowhead before holding it up towards a ray of sunlight to examine his work. He gave the faintest of smiles at his work before gingerly placing it into the quiver next to him. In a smooth motion, Roy was able to stand in a small square of free floorspace, slide his jacket on, flick his motorcycle helmet into his left hand, and hoist the quiver onto his right shoulder. He carefully navigated the cluttered floorspace filled with spare piles of metal scraps and wires as he exited his apartment.

He exited his building through the back door and out into the back alley and immediately made his way towards a pile of garbage and tarp tucked away in the corner. With a flick of his right hand, the tarp swung out over the bags of garbage and revealed a sleek red motorcycle. It was a little gaudy, and that was almost the point. He pulled the helmet over his head while he stepped over a few bags to mount the bike. He felt a slight buzz emanating from his pocket, and pulled out a cheap flip phone. He checked it, giving a slight sigh. Dinah… He sent the call to voicemail and shoved the phone back in his pocket. He knew he could expect a message to listen to later.

Roy shot out of the back alley and slid into the New York traffic. It wasn’t long before he pulled to a stop in a parking spot across from a familiar pizza place. Through the visor hiding his face, Roy spotted some old friends, though Dick was obviously not present. They looked the same as he remembered. Wally was excitedly digging into his slices, Babs was taking everything in, Donna seemed slightly peeved by the delicacies of the Big Apple, and Garth... well, he was a fish out of water. Part of Roy wanted to just turn his bike off and walk inside, but he held back the impulse. He wasn't ready. Not yet. As if on cue, a bit of static in his helmet proceeded a call on the police scanner. Roy revved his engine and shot off into traffic, his red leather jacket becoming nearly a blur. He had to get to work.
In Teen Titans 11 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

| Character You're Applying For |
Red Arrow // Roy Harper

| Age |

| Powers And Abilities |

Expert Marksman:
The defining skill of the Red Arrow is his skill in archery. Years of training in the bow and arrow mixed with a naturally sharp eye have made Roy Harper an excellent shot with the Bow and Arrow, allowing him to hit a moving target three hundred feet away without much effort.

Trick Arrows:
Much like the Green Arrow's, Roy Harper's trick arrows have always managed to be his "get out of danger free" card... usually. His trick arrows allow him to scale walls and zoom across gaps (Zip Arrows), create a smoke screen (Smoke Arrows), keep people in place with an advanced adhesive foam (Foam Arrows), blow things apart (Boom Arrows), shock targets (Zap Arrows), and nearly everything in-between. Roy currently builds each trick arrow by hand and designs them for specific missions and purposes. Needless to say, he almost always has the right arrow for the job.

Mechanical Savant:
Roy's skill with anything mechanical is perhaps the skill that has kept him alive for so long. He's worked hard to develop his ability to fix everything from a washing machine to an '86 Impala. He was the genius behind the Green Arrow's expansive arsenal of weaponry and trick arrows.

| Origin And Backstory |
Roy Harper’s life was never easy. Given up for adoption at birth in Star City, he never got to know who his real parents were. The foster family who adopted him were unable to have a child of their own, and found out a few weeks in that they were more in love with the idea of having a child than actually having one. Roy was viewed as a challenging chore, and so Roy was often left to his own devices. He had to get himself to and from school, or make his way to whatever activities he needed to attend alone. His moderately wealthy parents were willing to give him the money for public transportation and food, rarely paying attention to his actions.

That being said, the wealth and privilege of being the foster child of a wealthy family had its perks. He was enrolled in a private boarding school at the age of seven, and was able to find his true passions. He wasn't a fan of his classes, but managed to find two extracurricular activities he fell in love with: Archery and Robotics. He spent most of his afternoons practicing archery and excelling, while his nights were spent tweaking the projects for the Robotics team... without their knowledge. The administration called him in to the office and reprimanded him, accusing him of attempting to steal school property. Needless to say, his foster parents weren't happy when he was busted.

He was stuck in public school, where the school couldn't even afford to keep the band afloat let alone support a robotics or archery team. Roy's days were miserable, and his nights were spent aimlessly wandering around the city. It was on these streets that he encountered his idol, a wealthy archer who fought crime by night. Roy fearlessly attempted to aid Oliver Queen as he was attempting to stop a drug deal, and Roy was able to use Oliver's own bow to save the Green Arrow. Oliver took interest in the boy, and it wasn't long before he managed to convince the Harpers that he could adopt and help this "problem child." At the age of fourteen, Roy became the teenage sidekick to the Green Arrow.

Roy spent two years operating as the teenage vigilante "Speedy." He helped Oliver develop new trick arrows and fought by his side to take down notorious villains of Star City. But everything changed a year ago, when Roy was sixteen. He suddenly disappeared from the spotlight. Roy Harper was declared missing, and Oliver Queen seemed to place no effort in trying to find his adopted son. He's recently resurfaced, this time as taking on the mantle of the "Red Arrow" without the backup and support of his green counterpart.

| Summary of Version Differences |
The backstory has been heavily modified and modernized, while giving more motivation/backstory as to how he became the sidekick of the Green Arrow. Most importantly, though, is that this version of Roy is designed to be more lighthearted and less dark than his usual representation in the comics. That is not to say that there are demons lingering under the surface...
Honestly, happy to be back in the game here. Got a bit of a story left to tell.

Issue #11: Towerfall Part 2: The Constrictor

Staten Island, New York City

December 31st, 2018 | 7:00pm | Outside of Rand Tower

Daniel Rand stood outside of the tower that had his family's namesake, looking up in admiration at the legacy his father had left him. Everything that he had at his disposal... he was dedicated to giving it to those in need. But his mind wandered to the events that had transpired only days before, on Christmas night. His own brother...

He shook his head, placing one foot in front of the other to head in to the building. Rand-Meachem Inc. was holding a small party for the higher-ups in the company on New Years Eve. A tradition that Danny's father had started decades ago. Danny couldn't possibly miss out on this sort of party. So he waved his way past security and to the elevators, making his way up to the elevators to get to one of the upper-floor conference rooms.

Daniel entered into the elevator and leaned against the back wall, tapping his foot as he was nervous to head up there. He never really fit in with the business types. He was raised to be a warrior, not a monkey in the suit he was currently wearing. So he closed his eyes to begin calming himself down.

His eyes jolted open as he heard a quiet thud right in front of him. As he opened his eyes, he noticed a man in a skintight set of armor slamming his fist into the elevator panel. The elevator screeched to a stop as the emergency brakes engaged. The assassin quickly flicked his wrist, revealing two thin whips of sorts that were hidden within the wrists of the armor.

Danny moved in to strike the opponent in the gut, only to see the assassin sidestep and flick one of the whips around that wrist. A second punch was thrown, and the second fist was caught up in the whip. The assassin kicked out Danny's right knee, forcing the millionaire to the ground and letting the assassin wrap the wrists up towards Daniel Rand's neck. It was almost too easy.

As Danny began choking for air, he managed to squeeze out one quick question. "Who... are... you?"

The assassin smiled, believing he had his target exactly where he wanted. "The Constrictor. I believe you're the one who locked up my brother."

Danny grunted in acknowledgement, remembering his fight with "Backlash" about a week prior. If he didn't act fast, he would be dead in only a few seconds. So Danny dropped his left leg and threw his weight to the side, forcing the Constrictor to lose his balance and fall as well. A swift kick to the Constrictor's left wrist short-circuited the device, releasing the grip of one of the whips.

Danny quickly untangled his throat enough that he could breath, before delivering another quick kick to the Constrictor's face, knocking him unconscious. Danny took a moment to breath before finishing untangling himself from the Constrictor's whips and standing up. Now, lying in the elevator was a ridiculously dressed assassin and the broken remnants of Danny's phone, which must have been destroyed in the scuffle. He shook his head and started the elevator again.
Nikolai "Demo" Markov & Nathan Caldwell

Location: Avalon

Interactions: Each other, Drake Edwards @Marrok

Mention: The Monster @Almalthia

The voice... the monster... Nik stood bewildered for a moment. This thing was eldritch horror level weird. So it took the mutant a moment of staring and watching it get pelted with bullets before springing into action. Nik quickly tossed the bottle towards the monster. Upon impact against its form, a small explosion was enough to rock its form and draw the attention up towards the balcony. At which point, Nik's eyes widened. He turned his eyes to Nathan momentarily. "Make sure people get out of here. I think I can keep it occupied." Nathan's expression was vicious, but all he could manage was a small nod before running to make sure the civilians in the bar were making it out alright.

Nik's eyes turned back to the horror, and it did not look pleased. His eyes then scanned the area and he saw a few men firing weapons, as well as... Drake?. Nik took the brief moment of time he had to quickly kick a nearby wooden stool. He picked up two splintered legs and jumped over the edge of the balcony, hitting a roll as he hit the ground near Drake. He gave a slight smile to his roommate. "Why don't we check if this thing is flammable?"

Nathan, in the meantime, quickly rushed towards the exit and began ushering people out, helping those who were tripping. He couldn't help that his teeth were ground together the whole time, his anger not quite subsiding over his conversation with Nik. One of these days, that cocky bastard is going to get what's coming to him.
Nikolai "Demo" Markov & Nathan Caldwell

Location: Avalon

Interactions: Each other

Mention: Una O'Brian @Almalthia

Nik leaned over the upper balcony overlooking the club, his beer loosly resting in his fingertips while dangling over the lower level. He lifted the bottle to his lips for another sip, the bitter taste causing his nose to scrunch slightly as he swallowed. He wasn't a big drinker, but tonight was an exception to the rule. His eyes scanned the dance floor below. Una had gone back to dancing apparently. And he was going to have to have an awkward conversation with her about what everything had meant. But for now, he was just trying to sip his beer in peace and enjoy the view.

Nathan looked over at Nik sipping his beer. "So what was all that about?" Nathan said as he walked up to Nik, who was swiftly becoming a pain in his ass. He sipped his water and leaned against the railing next to Nik.

Nik shrugged. ”Something Una and I talked about doing a long time ago. Finally had the opportunity to pull it off.” Nik turned around, leaning his back against the railing as he sipped his beer. ”And to be fair, she asked me to dance.” The smug grin returned as he took another swig of his beer.

Nathan glowered at him. "Yeah well doesn't mean you're out of the friend zone." Nathan looked out at the dance floor his gaze drawn to the coppery red vibrancy that was Una's hair. It took so much to not want to drag her out of there. He noticed all the attention that she got and it bothered him. He didn't like it but she seemed to. She was too friendly by half. No more than half. It was like no one was a stranger. She must have had a good childhood or be way to naive for anyone's piece of mind. "So seriously do you like her or are you just being a dog in a manger? Cause it's really starting to piss me off."

Nik chuckled as he took another sip, watching Nathan fret. That is until his expression soured. The kid in front of him was jealous... and rightfully so. Nik couldn’t exactly blame him for it. ”I liked her since the moment I met her, same as you. Thing is, I pitied you when we first met. I backed off, let you sweep Una into your arms. And I regret that.” Nik turned his head away, his expression clearly one of shock. He’d said a lot of things tonight that he wouldn’t have normally. Must be these damn sleeves. Knew they were bad news.

Nathan grunted. "It's kinda hard not to like her. And pity me? Seriously? You don't know enough about me to pity me. You know what makes this situation suck even more? It's that I could see us actually getting along if we weren't after the same girl." Nathan shook his head at that knowing it was more or less true.

Nik shook his head. ”Maybe... but I know for a fact you aren’t going to see me as a friend. Especially not after what went down during and after our dance.” He took a moment to sip on his beer again, finally emptying the thing. He stared at it as he spoke, not looking at Nathan. ”She kissed me during and after the dance. And I kissed her back the second time. And I told her you weren’t right for her. Because the thing I regretted was thinking that you were the right kind of guy for her.” Nik gripped the bottle firmly. He knew he was about to have hell to pay.

Nathan pulled his gaze off the dance floor. His eyes narrowed on Nik's and his vision started to get red at the edges. He kissed her?!? His jaw clenched and he balled his hands into fists breaking the glass that held his water. His sclera bled to a blood red and his breathing was ragged. He sneered at Nik. "Who died and made you god? And what makes you think you're right for her?" He was dripping blood that never hit the floor. It seemed to hang there and start to simmer and bubble like water that was going to boil soon.

Nik rolled his eyes, the bottle in his hands beginning to crackle with red energy. ”And you do? Your focus the entire time you’ve been with her is on shaping her into the kind of person you want her to be.” He took a step away from the railing and back, his own eyes trained on Nathan. ”Don’t do something you’re going to regret, Nathan. Learning to deal with heartbreak in a healthy manner is important for kids our age.”

Nathan growled and tried to reign in his anger but it was a hard thing. "I don't know punching you sounds great right about now. Sounds like you deserve that much at least. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't regret it. But I know that would lead to using my power on you and as good as that would feel it wouldn't win me any favors. For the record you're a fucking ass most of the time." Nathan walked off from Nik and swiped a wad of napkins from a table. He blotted the wound on his hand as he came back over to Nik. "This time I'll let it go but until I hear it from her," He pointed at the dance floor not looking away from Nik. "Then I'm still in the running. And damned if I won't make this hard for you. I need her in my life."

Nik looked at the bottle as it crackled with energy. He hadn’t exactly learned the art of not making things explode yet. But as he looked up, he gave a small smile. ”It’s cute you think you could win that competition. Hell, if you really want to find out how she feels, you should ask her now. She’s been pretty honest tonight.” His somewhat friendly smile turned borderline sinister as the grin turned devilish. ”Unless you already know that she’d break up with you.” There was something about this conversation... about the way that Nathan acted around Una that was practically begging him to push Nathan to the edge. Perhaps he just wanted a fight... or maybe this was insecurity? Nik didn’t know for certain what Una wanted. Does she want to date me? Exclusively? Or does she plan on going out and cheating on me like she did with...

He couldn’t even finish the last thought. All Nik knew was that he was irrationally angry, about three beers in, and ready to see just how far his powers could go if Nathan really went at it.

Nathan smirked. He actually thought that we were officially dating. Oh this is priceless. We never made it official. Mostly because we were still getting to know each other. Oh I can press this button repeatedly. Nathan let out a soft mocking laugh. "So sure of yourself Markov? Besides she can't break up with me." Nathan left it at that. Stretch the truth a little bit but I doubt that Nik would go running to Una. Besides if he does then I know if she'd spare my feelings or tell the truth. Which it would probably be the latter. She's nothing if not truthful, even if it hurts. Which is why I always refrained from asking how she felt about Nik.

Before their argument escalated further, the screams of fear and panic jolted the two back to their setting. Una was nowhere to be seen... but a large monstrosity seeming to terrorize the environment sure as Hell was.
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