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Kare adjusted the delivery uniform. She wasn't fond of being in the fray of her own plan, but something about the Mandalorians and their bravery (or insanity) had convinced the Rebel agent to get her hands slightly dirty. So here she was, driving a speeder truck with a bunch of armed killers hiding under a tarp right near the drop point. Kare, whilst guiding the truck, was making a few last second taps on the datapad leaning against the front console. The final signals were coming through, right on schedule. Things were going according to plan, which started to make the Twi'lek jumpy. The other shoe was going to drop, she just hoped it would be after the mission was over. With a quick, final tap on the datapad, the sound of blaster-fire rocked the relatively quiet atmosphere.

Kare stopped the truck and quickly pulled the tarp as the Mandalorians jumped into action. She gave a small smile as she watched them glide into the air, some more graceful than others in her mind. But the smile faded as the agent noticed a truck ahead of her, around a bend in the road and just in view of what had happened. The glistening white armor made Kare's heart stop. Luckily, the training kicked in subconsciously. She bolted out of the truck, hearing the sound of the Stormtroopers' armor clank as they began their own pursuit. The foliage was particularly helpful in covering Kare as she attempted her escape, quickly tapping away at her comlink. The screen flashed with confirmations of casualties, calls for backup, and chaotic transmissions from the Empire. As much as she wanted to aid the rebels in their aid, there was nothing she could do for them from here that the cell couldn't manage themselves. The best she could do was send out contradicting reports using an Imperial Officer's stolen ID to try and confuse the Imperial forces. It would buy the insurgents and the Mandalorians time, the only currency that mattered in these types of operations.

A blaster bolt whizzed by Kare's ear as she had been trudging through the brush, finishing up the last report. She wasn't excited about engaging the enemy, but she wasn't a bad shot herself. The Twi'lek ducked into a roll as more shots were fired in her direction, managing to prevent a blow as she drew out her blaster pistol. The Stormtroopers were unable to adjust their aim by the time two quick shots impacted into the white armor. The two Stormtroopers fell, and the rebel agent fired two more shots to confirm the kills. She wasn't far from the overwatch position, as she had been moving up a small overhang near the Palace. Kare got into her position, setting down a holoprojector next to her that sprung to life with an active map of the Palace. The proper navpoints were marked, and Kare watched the Mandalorians progressing into the Palace with almost textbook form. They may not look like proper soldiers to most, but she could recognize the training and discipline of proper warriors.

It took only a minute to set up the A280-CFE into its sniper configuration. Kare began to scan the environment through the scope of the sniper. She wasn't a particularly great shot, but luckily the upgraded scope did most of the heavy lifting in accurately assessing the path her potential shots would take. Who needs skill when you have technology? The Rebel Agent watched the Imperials attempting to regroup. Nothing seemed to be particularly amiss, so Kare took her eyes off the scope and instead focused on pulling out the datapad and getting to work. She typed away, managing to get into the system quicker than she expected. Lock outside entrances to slow reinforcements... open up the path for the operatives. Piece of cake. A quick tap on the comlink patched her in to the Mandalorians. "Resol Squad, your path is unlocked. Watch your corners and watch for hostiles. I'll patch into the feeds to provide Overwatch." With a few more taps, Kare did her best to patch into the security feed to keep a close eye on her new operatives, and to get visual confirmation on the asset they were risking so much to attain...

It was dark outside, and the roads were quiet. Sling drove alone in his van, rock tunes fading in and out as he was on the border of competing radio waves. Annoyed with the inability for a stable sound, he turned the radio off. He hadn't slept well the night before, was up early in the morning for a meeting with Mayers... God Sling was tired. His eyes drooped slightly, the adrenaline rush of the night's actions fading. Joc hadn't responded, but luckily the SHIELD training had kicked in. Of course he placed a tracker in the phone. He had forwarded the coordinates of the tracker to Alistar and Draku. They needed to meet up, given Ava was most likely still being hunted...

Sling gave a small smile. He had been too tired to actually piece together that the same car was keeping the exact same distance behind him, around when he had gotten on the freeway. The night seemed like it would get interesting. Sling noticed a small stop up ahead where he could refill on gas, and made sure to pull into the nearly abandoned gas station. Sure enough, the car following him pulled in as well. The former SHIELD agent, like a machine, was already loading up his sidearm and had it drawn. With one hand on the door and one hand holding the firearm, Sling watched the Black SUV pull up to a pump behind him. Out came a man in a suit... anxiously speaking on the phone and angrily filling up his car. Sling watched in strange amusement, chuckling at himself. He was getting paranoid.

Sling got out and filled up the Van with gas, leaving the nozzle in as he went into the small store accompanying it. The gas station had plenty of snacks and drinks, and Sling got a coffee and a bag of Bugles. The weird corn-chips were a favorite of his, mostly for the memories they brought of his childhood... but that was a story for another night. Sling mechanically pulled out a credit card to pay for the items, practically in a daze until the card reader gave back a strange message. His card had been denied... and Sling gave a sigh. The card was tied to a SHIELD account Mayers had set up under one of the dozens of aliases Sling had used over the years. Mayers must have worked fast to cancel his ties to the "deserter." Sling pulled out a few bucks and paid for his items before returning to the van to continue his journey to reunite with the others.

Sling was disappointed when he arrived at the house and almost immediately recognized the signs of a fight. The tire tracks and voices from inside helped highten the vigilante's sense of danger, and he quickly flicked open a gun case he kept in the passenger seat. It was an HK MP7a1, sleek black with a small sight and retractable stock being the only noticeable additions. The former soldier got out of the van as quietly as possible, gingerly closing the door behind him as he then retracted the stock back and began to approach the house. When he reached the door, he recognized the familiar voices of his allies, and made his way inside with gun still in hand. He saw the others... Ava, Joc, and that guy from the bar. Ava was injured, the others looked relatively fine at the moment. But Jackson Hurley had now arrived in a leather jacket and jeans with a gun in hand. His van was deceptively fast, and he had delayed sending the location to Alistar and Draku until he knew he'd be the first to arrive, in case it was a trap. And the borderline narcissist liked to make an entrance.

"So... did y'all miss me?"

La Vida: Blake Apartment

The teenage vigilante stood in his full gear, two swords on his left side. He followed the other two, making his way up into the crime scene. The apartment was relatively clean... too clean, given how quickly the murder had taken place. No evidence he could muster had been left behind by the police, and Knight cursed the men in blue for doing their jobs correctly. There was little he could do, considering he wouldn't exactly be welcoming to the neighbors with a black ballistic gas mask on, and he couldn't do... whatever it was Wildheart was doing.

The reports from Athena and Max really helped narrow down the information Knight needed to get something done. Almost immediately, Knight disappeared out of the apartment and onto the streets. He knew where the Hellfire Gang operated, and they weren't too far away... especially not when Knight was maneuvering through the streets with purpose. The stealthy vigilante, now that it was dark out, blended into the dark alleyways and partially-lit streets of La Vida. There were a few vagabonds who managed to catch a glimpse of James, but most weren't certain their eyes weren't playing tricks on them.

There were three thugs operating out in an alleyway. Dealing Drugs, of course, seemed a little cliche as Knight watched from the fire escape above the scene. A poor kid, probably 16, stopped by for a deal. He only saw one of them, and was of course surprised when he noticed two others step out of the darkness brandishing firearms. A flashy display just to rob a kid. And that kid wanted to make a run for it. Knight couldn't blame him. As the thugs raised their guns into the air, they were surprised as cold steel cut through their hands. The guns dropped to the floor with a clang, and the two armed thugs were quickly struck down with a swipe and a thrust. As James used his foot to slide the body off his katana, the third thug was still standing in shock. He wasn't very old himself, perhaps early twenties. Knight, with a flick of his wrist, had the edge of the blade at his neck, and whispered through the mask, "What do you know about the Blake Family hit?"

The voice responded with a quiver. "T...Tension 'tween us and the Spiders. I say it's them..." Knight smiled beneath his mask, and he quickly sheathed the blade, rushing into the shadows and disappearing in the alleyway without so much a word or a gesture. The thug looked down the ground and noticed a small pool had formed at his shoes.

Knight tapped the communication device in his ear, his voice coming out somewhat muffled and reverberating at the same time. "Didn't pull out much. It's causing some tension between the Fires and the Spiders, which means my money is on the HellFires being responsible. Though I have very little to go on. If anything comes up tonight, send me a location. In the meantime, I'm gonna do a little dusting while I'm out." And with that, Knight got up from the edge of the rooftop, looking out over the cesspool he realized he'd be calling home for some time. He knew he should be keeping a low profile... but he couldn't pass up the opportunity to strike a little fear into the hearts of those that sought to hurt the city.
@lopsided When are we starting up the IC?

Got room for another? I can try and drop a character in the next 24 hours, easy.

Dev smiled as the door to the bridge was in sight, when a sudden strange presence entered into the base of his skull. It was a tingling sensation, reminiscent of the telepathy used when he had been interrogated shortly after he was caught. That feeling, and that memory, was enough to send the man tumbling to the ground momentarily. Dev scrambled to his feet quickly, entering the bridge just in time as he watched the escape pod careening towards the Ulnar ship. The demolitions expert stood in the doorway, leaning against it and propping himself up with his feet. He wasn't entirely sure what outcome his homemade explosives would have... because if they reacted with the fuel cells and the reactor in just the right way...

The explosion was a work of beauty, the colors cascading from the Ulnar ship. A single tear rolled down the cheek of the rebel as the wave of force rocked the Monroe. He had braced himself for it, and did his best to quickly wipe the tear before anyone noticed. He gave a small smile when the Captain's voice came through the comms. "Sorry Cap... needed to make sure I took out the ship in the event of a complication. That and I was only about 80% confident my little payload would interact with the other ship's tech properly." It was hard for the demolitions expert to wipe the smile off his face as he stood straight again, patting Death Whistle on his waist as he began making his way back towards his room.

And yet, Dev's curiosity was tickled by the mention of precious cargo. He wasn't a lowly thief, but the former rebel was interested to see what the Ulnar were so fond of and changed his course to the cargo bay. With a few quick taps on his datapad, Dev pulled up the sensor readouts from the destruction of the hostile ship. Higher radiation reading than he had anticipated, suggesting severe damage to the reactor prior to the incident (or poor construction). Looking back through the information Tango had gathered so instantaneously, Dev was able to begin piecing together what had happened. He almost seemed studious and academic in his approach, looking back through previous "experimental records" of his previous work. Even a psychopath like Dev, out in the vast reaches of space while a prisoner on board a ship with some of the most talented individuals in their respective fields, felt the need to improve his skills while a Marauder.
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Yeet, waiting on some posts y'all. Shit was getting good.
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I love that it looks like most people are gonna be good little schoolkids and go to school after getting sick and finding out they have super-powers.
Same. Not the highest quality, but gives ya a feel for the fighting style I'm shooting for.
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