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Vatican City - 3 Months Ago
Issue #1: Army of Shadows

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The sound of gunfire and screams always managed to send a chill down Steve’s spine. He found his back pressed against a stray police car that had pulled into the square upon a call of open gunfire in the public space. The officers didn’t even last a minute upon their arrival. In the middle of the square, terrorists were pressed up against concrete barricades that had been set up for an event the following day. The bodies of civilians, law enforcement, and a few hostiles littered St. Peter’s Square.

Cap readjusted his shield on his left arm before pulling a sidearm from its holster with his right. After a taking a deep breath, the super soldier rose to his feet and raised the shield to cover himself. Bullets impacted against his vibranium shield with metal pangs. Captain America responded with a few gunshots of his own, and his aim was near impeccable. One by one, their numbers began to dwindle. The gunfire slowly came to a halt as the three who remained rested behind their cover.

In a swift motion, Cap managed to holster his gun and switch his shield to rest in his right hand. It remained at the ready as he dashed forward at a full sprint. They barely had time to react as the super soldier vaulted over the barricade and threw his shield into the chest of the one on the right. The force was enough to make the armed terrorist fall unconscious as the metal disk flew towards his ally only a couple feet away. With two men down, Cap clenched his left fist and the shield changed course and slide onto his forearm just in time to aid in the blocking of fire from the remaining terrorists. Steve Rogers was able to draw his own sidearm to put down one of the two who remained so that he could concentrate his attention on the last one standing. He was able to walk straight towards his enemy and knock the weapon out of his hand with a casual swipe of his shield. The super soldier grabbed his target by the collar and lifted him off the ground without so much as a bead of sweat dripping from his brow. ”I recommend you start talking, fat-head.”

The masked figure seemed to squint quizzically, before his expression slacked and his eyes stared ahead blankly. Cap sighed and tried to set the man on his feet, but his entire body seemed to have gone limp. The agent rested the dazed man against the concrete barrier and pressed his the commlink in his right ear to activate the headset. ”Carter, it appears the target is-“

There was a flash of red out of the corner of his eye, followed seconds later by a trembling boom that seemed to rock the very earth. Steve’s eyes widened in horror at the sight. The UNN Aeneid, one of the many Helicarriers in SHIELD’s fleet, was now a smoking fireball in the sky. It grew smaller and smaller in Steve’s vision as it lost altitude quickly and plummeted towards the Tyrrhenian Sea. Before he had much time to react, a black van shot up into the square, and the passenger door was pushed open from the inside. His handler, Sharon Carter, was inside and screaming for him to get in. But Steve couldn’t hear a thing as his mind wandered back to his last mission of the Second World War.
For the love of God please choose Codpiece
So, since some people(read: all of you) remain obstinately untalkative:

Is there anyone's run you're particularly excited for in this game, besides your own?

Honestly, I'm pretty stoked for @Saint Maxx's run of the X-Men. The Sample Post has me excited to see a lot of team banter and growth for the core mutant team. Of course, I'm also excited to see @Star Lord's Wonder Woman run, for the simple reason that I see that character acting as a sort of foil to the Captain America run I have planned. From what I've gathered so far, Wonder Woman is a hero who is pushing for demilitarization in the hope of attaining World Peace. Admittedly, the Cap I'm writing leans more in the direction of having a strong military presence (especially with SHIELD) to eliminate threats to security and freedom as they pop up (and cue people telling me I'm writing Cap wrong). Beyond collabs, I see that being a particularly fun story to keep an eye on.

Of course, I'm excited to see a lot of these runs. It'll be hard to keep up with all the stories, so I might not have time to appreciate all of them when things kick off here... but I'm excited to see a lot of really good character concepts so far.
I decided to look at some other sheets before working on my sample post and saw Batroc mentioned in the Nemesis sheet. Does anyone have any ideas of someone I could use to replace him in mine? Any decently skilled b to low a tier mercenary would do other than Taskmaster as if I were to use him it'd be for something bigger.

If you don’t mind, I sort of plan to use TaskMaster, as he’s one of the Howling Commandos for now. Once he becomes a proper villain, I’d be more than happy to let him loose.
Nikolai "Demo" Markov & Nathan Caldwell

Location: Avalon

Interactions: Each other, Drake Edwards @Marrok, Cleo @Damo021, Aya@c3p-0h

Mention: The Monster @Almalthia

If Nik could physically explode, he would have in that moment. His fingers seemed to crackle with red energy as his eyes darted towards his roommate. He seemed to stand still for a few moments, his mind trying to process the blind rage that was fueling him. Una... with a vampire? How did she...? Where is she? I'm going to k-

Nathan, similarly, was seething. The blood weapon in his hand seemed to grow larger and more jagged. His rage was more tame, but he too was angry. He already had Nik to worry about... now some random stranger had taken Una from right under his nose. He was going to have to have a long talk with Una after this. She got out of hand tonight, and these were the consequences. She never should have come here.

Nik's questions seemed to have an answer with Aya's arrival. His hands still crackled with raw power as he rushed forward, hopping over the railing on the side of the dance floor. The crackling energy seemed to arc towards the surface, lighting up as most things Demo activated with his power. His feet rested against the small metal frame, and it detonated after but a moment. Nik went sailing over the dance floor and towards Aya, ducking into a sloppy roll that ended with him sliding a little on his butt directly in front of his fellow classmate. He didn't seem to acknowledge the pain or embarassment of the situation as his eyes intently glared towards Aya. "We're going to find her. NOW!"
I apologize that I'm going to have to formally drop from this RP. If you want to use my character as an NPC, feel free to use him as you wish. There are just some personal things in my life that have sort of taken me by surprise. Good luck!
I apologize that I'm going to have to formally drop from this RP. If you want to use my character as an NPC, feel free to use him as you wish. There are just some personal things in my life that have sort of taken me by surprise. Good luck!

Royal blue's been snapped up by Spider-Man... and even if it wasn't it'd probably go to someone wanting Cap or Superman.

Maybe just the quote marks in royal blue then.

"One punch! ONE PUNCH!"

Checked back in to see if Cap got accepted. Now under the realization I'll probably need to change Cap's color code.
@webboysurf Well, for the GA and Hawkeye fix as well as the Ant-Man one, the team I'm working on has two characters based on them.

I'm familiar with the YA, and I still stand by my request for the real deals.
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