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So tired, sleep why do you spurn me?!
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Hiya, AChronum here! Although I'm relatively new to rping, I have plenty of writing experience and love trying new genres and styles. I absolutely love high magic fantasy RPs and am pretty much willing to do anything so long as I can create a charaxter, not play an existing one, and develop lots and lots of backstory! I'm perfectly comfortable with all mature themes as well, although smut for smut's sake is out of the question.

Interested in an RP? Send me a PM and have a magically marvelous day!

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Renji Altha

"Slow down? Please. You could barely keep up!" Renji threw himself into the fray after throwing an excited grin at Misha. He launched a finto one of the goblin's face and followed it up with a sharp jab to the stomach. He whirled around and kicked another one in the stomach and lashed out towards its face.

He loved the thrill of battle, the satisfying crunch beneath his fists and the need for constant movement. No wonder adventurers loved what they did! He shook his head and stopped thinking, riding the high of the fight.

Interacting with:@Ithradine


Interacting with:@Ithradine

Xenos grumbled to himself as he awoke, feeling barely rested and sore everywhere after the scouting mission. 'Never say yes to River again. Noted.' The tinkerer thought irritably as he stretched, his body more than happy to remind him exactly where he belonged. Anywhere but a god damned scouting mission. He'll leave that to the rogues next time. And River, the hyper active child he is. Maybe going alone would help burn off some of that boundless energy. He sighed, resigned to the fact he wasn't going to drift back to sleep, and wriggled his way out of the bed, careful not to wake up River.

“I need a bath. I feel so gross.” He muttered, grabbing his stuff and heading down the hall. He had dropped into bed without bothering to eat or wash up and he regretted it. Missing meals for projects and fun is one thing, missing meals for actual work is an entirely other apparently. At least yesterday wasn't a complete bust. Simple dungeon, right out of the cliché low level dungeon list--Tons of trash mobs, railroad track path, big evil boss thing, big pile o' treasure.

He sighed again as he finished up his hygiene routine, the haunting image of his undoubtedly useful passive from two nights ago floating into his thoughts. “Would you like to trigger Curiosity over Money?” the prompt had asked. He remembered hesitating, the sixty odd Renn itself not much of an issue but the potential for loss stilling his hand. How do you price a point in tinkering? Sure it was sixty something Renn this time but what happens when he has to burn a few hundred? A few thousand? But, he told himself, this was a problem for future Xenos and not present Xenos! With a quick confirmation, he watched a fourth of his awarded Renn disappear into the system and a single up tick in his tinkering skill appear. What he does for skill points.

His stomach interrupted his pity party, reminding him loudly that breakfast was necessary and soon. He hurried down into the dining area and ordered the first thing on the menu and water. He tucked himself into a corner to enjoy it, letting his thoughts wander back to the dungeon yesterday. Trash mobs galore man. Level ones, threes, and fives littered the path to the door and that was basically it. The dungeon itself wasn't complicated, just annoyingly packed. And he, Xenos realized,was going to be completely useless. Reloading this rifle took so damn long, the party would have probably wiped a good chunk of enemies off the floor by the time he got out. He pulled out his book as he ate, chewing slower now that the edge of his hunger had been dulled. He started brainstorming, jutting random words that came to mind.

Goblins. Weak. Lots. Mobs. AoE. Magic? Machine gun? Fire? He lookedat the last word and quickly pulled up the main screen's data base. He was sure he'd seen... Ah! A shit eating grin spread across his face. Grenade Oh now wasn't that an interesting little thing. Sounds like possibly a grenade launcher might be just what the party needs. Plus some upgrades but he'll work on that later too. Xenos started a to do list on the next page.

Return books to library.
Work on creating a grenade launcher.
Upgrade everyone's equipment at least to a +1 if possible.
Actually create grenade launcher.
Rain death upon those bitches!!!!

Content with his plans, he sent a message out to Reylan before sketching a few ideas about a launcher while finishing his food.

Woke up
Decided blowing things up is always a good idea

Renji Altha

“I knew it was there. I put it there.” Renji grumbled at the Spirit and turned to snatch up the crystals that had fallen. He threw the one due to the others at them before tucking his own away into its pouch. The adrenaline still pumping in his veins, he fidgeted as he looked from werewolf to spirit and back. He wasn’t prepared to be part of a group and he was a bit thrown off by the sudden invitation. Should he do it? Should he hang out by himself for a bit longer? His ears still rang a little from the magic. He shook his head. He just wanted to get going again.

“Yeah, lets do it. Lets see how far we can get!” Renji grinned as his ears twitched towards the nearest hall. “But you gotta keep up or I’ll leave you in the dust!” And with that Renji was off, darting down the closest opening and laughing all the way.
Lilianna watched the fight with disinterest, making note of things and prioritizing them for the post combat examinations. River was in play here somewhere, his magic moving water and ice around the monster. They would need to talk. She would meet up with him at the giant's corpse and discuss what he learned after her evaluation of the monster. Two Inquisitor's went flying as the beast flailed about and, although the hist seemed relatively ineffective, she'd spare a moment or two looking over them. She'd brushed off seemingly inconsequential injuries before. She still took flowers to graves for that.

The beast's chanting grabbed her attention and she frowned. Father of blood, granter of life, strength, and resolve. Not a deity she was familiar with but she also ignored all her religious training. Lilianna made a mental note to send an inquiry home. Maybe this entity showed up in their mythology as well. She watched as Gil shoved a spear into its chest but more importantly, she watched as it worked its way into the beast and subsequently righted itself.

Lilianna waited a few moments as the dust settled, moving immediately on command towards it. She gathered her magic and paused as a voice ripped through her mind. She snapped her mannerisms into professional detachment, despite the cold dread at its words. It called out the Inquisition and insisted that they knew it. For a force dedicated to combating the quintessence of evil and corruption, that couldn't bode well for the world. She feared the worst but the Beast had been slain ages ago. Right?

“We are checking out you injuries before we move out. Keep that in mind.” She responded to Ardur as she moved towards the monster again, gathering the air around her and speaking into it. “Anyone who maintained injuries from the fight, remove yourself from the field until myself or another medic clears you. All other Inquisitors need join me at the monster's corpse. I will be debriefing as I examine. Any other information will be discussed afterwards.” She released the air around her with a gentle push. It wound around the field, carrying her words-sharp and precise, leaving no room for discussion-to everyone involved. She stood over the creature's corpse and spent a few moments looking it over as she waited for her fellow Inquisitors.

Once appeased most of her comrades had arrived, Lilianna positioned herself to touch the exposed portion of the creature. Light shone brightly at her hand before receding into the creature itself. Her magic tapped at the spear as it sank into the creature's flesh, immediately recoiling before carefully poking it once again. Power thrummed within it, warped and off. It seemed... out of place. Not in the sense that one found their belongs rearranged with no memory of moving them but rather out of place in a sense that it has stopped in a place where movement is expected but everything has stilled for far too long. It felt like a long stretch of road, with only a single home near its edge, in the middle of the night. It felt like the shadows between the trees that only play when there is nothing else to see.

Lilianna yanked her magic away from it and sent it through the creature. She fought the urge to frown as her magic tapped and tugged and zipped through it.

“Initial examination reveals the subject's skin has fused with the inner plating of the armor. Most organs present severe scarring, similar to rapid growth corruption victims. Muscles have experienced severe atrophy, suggesting the subject has failed to move in an indeterminable amount of time. Despite this, the subject's arteries have been artificially enlarged in order to accommodate an increased blood flow and new growth veins and capillaries are fortified against bursting. The skeletal structure seems as little more than a place to anchor the internal organs. Nearly every bone suffers from multiple stress fractures, with the exception of the skull and spine. Both are abnormally strong, likely reinforced through similar means to the arteries. The subject is male and human. Age is currently indeterminable without further examination.” She drew back and turned to the other Inquisitors.

“In short, looking in this man's direction should have killed him. And yet he lasted against a unit of trained soldiers and massacred an entire city. The only explanation I can offer is that the magic that protected him must have also sustained him in some fashion. That being said, what insight do we have on the magics that have been employed thus far?”

Renji Altha

“Bringing knives to a fist fight? Bring it on losers!” Renji taunted as he snatched up the wrist of one of the goblins with a knife and yanked the creature towards him, driving his elbow into the thing’s throat and driving his knee into it's stomach. He took a quick step towards the other goblin and threw as many punches as it took to kill the creature.
“What, do we sail the seven seas now?” Lilianna responded dryly as Ardur turned his attention away. All hands on deck indeed. She watched it turn from attacker to attacker as they assaulted it, her interest in it waning quickly. Nothing more than a nuisance really. Its only strength seemed to be its size.

“I’ll let the others handle that then. No need to burn my magic with plenty of others here.” Lilianna stood back to observe, sword in hand just in case. She was much more interested in examining the bodies littering the field and what may lie inside. After of course she made sure their headstrong commander got himself proper attention.

Renji Altha

Six goblins huh? Renji though as he rolled his neck and shoulders. Boooooooring! Renji sighed and then clasped his hands together and bowed his head. "Transcend mine mortal limitations and cast me hurtling forward, O Turbulent Wind!" A smile crossed his face as he finished his chant. With the hiss of the wind and the lightness of his step, he launched himself at the goblins.

He kicked the first goblin in the chest, intending to knock it back into a few others. He threw his elbow into the face if the closest goblin and followed it up with a jab to it's stomach before lashing out with his foot at the next one.
@Champion Sounds good, just make sure to read everything and then check in with @HueMan!
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