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Hiya, AChronum here! Although I'm relatively new to rping, I have plenty of writing experience and love trying new genres and styles. I absolutely love high magic fantasy RPs and am pretty much willing to do anything so long as I can create a charaxter, not play an existing one, and develop lots and lots of backstory! I'm perfectly comfortable with all mature themes as well, although smut for smut's sake is out of the question.

Interested in an RP? Send me a PM and have a magically marvelous day!

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Let the Dance Begin.

Varis listened to Salem’s wandering explanation. Did the boy just add words for the fun of it? No wonder Salem didn’t want him around the business. The clientele would fall asleep before the boy reached his point. The personal products briefly caught his interest, a little research for later, but otherwise Salem bored him. “Nobles have little use for drug store remedies when we have the means and resources to afford life mages.” Varis dismissed the product, further disappointed in Salem. The little spitfire outside vanished, leaving this husk of a plant mage who walked right into Varis’s palm and handed the Count a variety of ways to gut the boy’s ambition. Varis almost didn’t want to bother. Almost.

“We’ve always told Anastasia she should let her minnows swim with the sharks. No better way to learn.” The mage laughed. “We are pleased you agree. We imagine your progress will be of great entertainment. We’ll endeavour to keep an eye on you although Varis does enjoy his secrets. He does impeccable work most of the time so we afford him the luxury. He trained Vanessa here for us quite nicely so we are confident you will benefit from your time with him. In fact…” The mage waited for a moment as Varis finished his comment to Salem. “Where exactly is Mr. Starag in your little regimen, Varis?”

“A one and a half.” Varis said without hesitation. The doors opened again and two servants carrying trays came in with glasses of Lillet Blanc and orange. Isadora set one in front of the Queen first, allowing her to sip at it and approve it, before the others were passed around to everyone but Varis. “Originally, I thought the boy less than one. He failed to follow instructions punctually, more concerned about his public image than his obedience, but his use of free questions under pressure caused me to reevaluate and I scored him a two. Unfortunately, the boy requires strict external guidelines and has proven incapable of extrapolating meaning from his environment. Struggle with breaches of routine, I believe were his words. He has been assigned standard lines to complete thus far. Hopefully, they'll have their intended affect."

“Anastasia does enjoy everything proper and in place. Mr. Starag will find our house far less predictable however.” The mage’s smile disappeared. “Varis’s lessons will smooth your transition. We recommend you learn quickly. Our House tends to tilt every few years. It would be a shame to lose you in it.” Varis kept his face pleasant but his mouth tightened slightly at the mention.

“Enough, Sybil.” The Queen spoke. Her words were slow and heavy, burdened with millennia of experience. Her movements kept pace, slow and steady as if her arms were weighted with boulders. “I would like. To hear what. The mages believe. Is an. Appropriate. Solution to our. Current topic. At Council.”

“Mother means to ask, what are your opinions on the Mage Breeding rights amendment on the council table right now.” Ryner clarified, particularly for Salem. She sent him a reassuring smile. “After I introduced the measure, there has been no shortage of bickering on the subject and the Council has hit a bit of a stand still.”
Let the Dance Begin.

“I look forward to taking advantage of it.” Varis lifted his eyebrow at the phrase. Hopefully, though the Count doubted it, the boy considered how that phrase may draw her attention. Considering the rest of his response perfectly dull, Varis expected a bit more squirming from his mage before the first course was served. Salem’s comment caught his attention however.

“A non-profit still requires funds.” Varis pointed out. “Human blood banks sell blood to hospitals, a necessity to cover operating costs, and are still considered non-profit. Your business model demands dependency on other financial entities, rendering your clinic incapable of independent functions. How do you plan to handle a poor year for your Mother’s company? I imagine a good number of your clients have no other options and turn into regulars quickly, not to mention the number that likely abuse your family’s charity.”

As Varis spoke to Salem, the mage directed her attention back to Aaron once more. “Taking advantage?” She repeated. “How do you intend to take advantage of this experience?”

The Queen nodded her approval at one of the boxes and the servant bowed before flicking his wrist. Cutlery, napkins, plates, and classes went whizzing around the room, all set with a blue and gold tree motif, as the servant set the table. The Queen turned her attention back to the conversations at hand, seeming to particular focus on Aaron.
Let the Dance Begin.

As everyone settled, Isadora took her place behind the Queen with her hands neatly behind behind her. Another servant came out with a tray of boxes and the Queen inspected each one, opening them and lifting cutlery out one at a time for a while. A tiny smile ghosted over Lady Sinnenodel’s lips.

“While Anastasia selects our dinnerware, why don’t we make introductions?” the blindfolded mage spoke. She looked directly at Salem and considered him a moment. “Salem Spellman, son of Salem Spellman and Alice Spellman, age 21, plant affinity. We spent a few hours looking into you before arrival. Owner and operator of Magi Care, a free clinic offering a variety of magical services. Your family, and its ambition, is commendable for mages. We are curious as to the nature of your income for the clinic.” She looked at Aaron next.

“Aaron Starag of the vaulted line Starag, age 20, light affinity. Close to Landar’s affinity but a touch off, hm? Excels in swordsmanship and etiquette. Little exposure to the outside world until now.” She cocked her head slightly. “And how do you find the outside world, Mr. Starag? We are quite interested in your view so far.”

Collision Course

Interacting with: @Scribe of Thoth

The girl watched Maxwell threaten the poor boy, unimpressed. She reached out a plucked in Max’s direction. His skin heated momentarily and then returned to normal. The other mage seemed to vanish away in the middle of stuttering out a hasity apology.

“How about not being a dick next time? It's all the rage these days.” The girl drawled as she adjusted her bag and headed away. “Have a nice night.”
James Kingston

Location: Dunkin Donuts, Millennium Plaza
Skills: N/A

James turned his head at the sound of the alarm after waving hello to the cashier greeting him. He would be the first to admit that he had a tiny, miniscule, virtually non-existent tendency to stick his nose where it didn’t belong and it took a good portion of his self control not to stick his head back out and find the source of the sound. James stepped quickly into line as the officers stood and looked about ready to jump into action. It would probably be better to make himself scarce after his coffee, just in case.

James chatted briefly with the cashier, again commenting on the business and asking about the alarm. He didn’t find anything much, the alarm only recently set off after all, and ordered a small iced coffee. He thanked them and made his way out, throwing a quick glance to see where the alarm was coming from before hurrying back he originally came. It seemed the alarm came from a Boutique. A robbery maybe? Again, his curiosity reared its head but he waved it away firmly. The cops were involved and he didn’t need to get caught up in that. They’d probably be checking for mutants and he fit that bill real easy. He hurried away from the strip mall the way he came and made a mental note, that would likely be forgotten before he found his way home, to check the news later that night,.
Collision Course

Interacting with: @Scribe of Thoth

“Just leave me alone Jordan.” The other mage, hurriedly picking up his things, said as he stood.

“But we’re partners. We’re stuck together from now until you die. You should be grateful I’m even willing to put up with you.” Jordan laughed. “Here I hoped you changed over the break but you’re still just as useless as last year.” Jordan snapped in Max’s direction while addressing the terrified mage. His little group sauntered along aside Max before cutting off his escape route all together.

A whisper reached Maxwell, barely even recognizable as more than just a noise. The feeling of a cool breeze swept over him and the rushed away. His own image was sprinting off along with the mage who toppled him moments before. Jordan swore and spinted off after them, his lackeys close behind. They bolted through the housing area and disappeared from sight.

“I could only give you an hour or so.” A voice spoke softly from between them. Fingertips appeared and plucked at the air like pulling at spiderwebs, revealing a mage with deep circles under her eyes and a weary smile. Her hair was cut short and she hefted a bag of equipment with the Arena’s stamp on it. A pin of a gold shield was on her shirt. “Do with it what you will. Just remember, you aren’t actually invisible. People just don’t realize they’ve seen you.”

“Yes, it’ll be-” Ryner’s reply was cut short as a familiar voice, to Aaron at the very least, carried over the yard, “Princess, the Queen and Lady Sinnenodel are ready for you.” Ryner smiled at Aaron.

“Your aunt, Isadora, is attending Mother this evening. Alder can handle himself for a few hours.” Ryner said, winding her arm into Varis’s as the vampire’s smile curled into a smug grin. “Varis and I have Council business to discuss after this. I’m sure we could find some time for you and Isadora to be alone if you wished to talk for awhile.” She steered the group towards the door.

“You briefed Aaron?” Ryner said quietly as they approached. A middle-aged woman stood at the door, golden-blonde hair done up in braids starting to show streaks of silver and covered with a thin blue lace veil adorned with gold beading. She wore a conservative blue dress, high collared and long sleeved, with gold trim and dipped into a curtsy as the party approached.

“The boy has his instructions. I expect you will handle the other?” Varis said, matching her tone. The boy was fun to play with but he expected better from Salem’s son. Rule number one when playing the game, responses must be consistent. And his response to the half hearted threat to his mother was far more revealing than the cool and collected cut about his father’s business. Varis couldn’t wait to see how long the boy would last under his attention.

“Yes. And I expect whatever plan you’re hatching for Salem not to interfere with tonight.” Ryner said sternly before offering Isadora a warm smile. “How is she this evening?”

“As best as can be expected considering the circumstances, your royal highness.” Isadora spoke softly. Ryner sighed and nodded. Varis glared at the Princess with a irritably muttered “Of course” and the Princess shrugged sheepishly. Isadora smiled at her nephew briefly before turning and guiding the group to the dining room. Ryner addressed the mages as they walked through the manor.

“When we reach the dining room, I will enter first, followed by Varis and finally you two. It is incredibly important you stay as close to Varis as possible until you need to separate for the table. Salem, you will be on my right in the seat next to me. Aaron, you will be across from Salem and Varis will be to your left.” Ryner said but paused a moment to turn and address the mages directly. “I cannot emphasize enough the importance of staying close to Varis until the last possible moment.” Ryner held each mage’s gaze for a moment, reinforcing the point rather than enthralling them, before turning back to Varis. They arrived at the double doors and Isadora knocked once, stepping aside and curtsying again.

A few moments passed and the doors opened inwards, two servants bowing to the group as they entered. The room features several paintings of those in the Noila line, including a few mages. Geoffrey Noila, the Queen’s Sire and predecessor, stared solemnly down from behind the Queen as he sat on the throne and Landar Starag stood behind the man, looking down sterny at the assembly. A large crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling and a group of musicians played soft music in the corner.

The Queen sat on the right side of the table head, tracking the group’s movements with beady eyes. She wore a gold cotte and a dark blue high collared chemise. A thin white veil covered her translucent hair, just a dash of black standing out under the cloth. She wore little in the way of jewelry, only one ring and a brooch with the Noalia crest. The Queen’s eyes were sunken in and her skin snow white. Deep frown lines stretched around her mouth, deepening as the Princess’s attire caught her eye. It was barely audible but the vampires in the room could hear the faint tsk.

Against the wall behind her, Lady Sinnenodel lounged on a grecian couch with soft green cushions and gold designs on the dark wood trimming. Her skin and eyes were in a similar state as the Queen’s but her eyes were clear and her gaze seemingly vacant. The sides of her head were shaved, leaving a wispy spiked mohawk down the center of her head, and several piercings decorated her nose, ears, and lips. The woman wore spike covered leather, her undershirt and pants torn in several places. Heavy combat boots finished off her look. Two men stood next to her in similar attire scowling. A petite woman sat next to the Queen, where Lady Sinnenodel should sit, in a backless black dress. Black rose piercings followed the shell of her ear. She shifted slightly in her seat, a corset piercing on display as she faced her Lady then turned to face the newcomers once again. A thin black cloth covered her eyes as she settled her hands in her lap. She looked at the mages in the group and tilted head with a faint frown.

Princess Ryner curtsied and took her place. Varis stopped for a moment next to the Princess, bowing for the Queen and then deeper to Lady Sinnenodel before he sat and took his place. The mage woman leaned towards Varis and whispered into his ear, a smile on her lips as Varis smiled fondly with a slightest shake of his head.


Health: 2700/2700
Mana: 3300/3550(+450)

Willow watched on with a kind of fascinated horror, the fury catching her off guard. The damage it- It just wouldn’t stop. As equipment shatter and health bars continued to plummet, she thought for a moment they had lost someone but his health stopped around a third of the way down. She released a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. She refocused quickly, eyes narrowing down on the shaman. They needed to shut that shit down yesterday and she knew just the person to do it.

“Let Karuu finish the shaman off for a skill boost!” Willow shouted to the party. “Telekinetic move!” With the snap of her fingers, the shaman zipped over to the marauder. The bing of Mind’s Eye refreshing was a welcomed sound as she prepared to heal. “River, AoE heal and then focus heal Tower please.”

“Restore Vitality!” She cast the AoE heal, the pulse of light restoring 626 HP to the party.


  • Cast Telekinetic Move on the Shaman. -100 MP
  • Cast Restore Vitality, healing 626 on the party. -250 MP
  • Essence Gain Triggers. +100 MP

James Kingston

Location: Subway, Millennium Plaza
Skills: N/A

“May I have a six inch cold cut on wheat please?” He asked the woman. He pointed out a few toppings, cucumbers and tomatoes drowned in chipotle and spicy mustard, and paid as he talked to the employees briefly about the weather and their day. The cookies next to the counter presented a tempting offer but the coffee prevailed. Sure, he could order Subway coffee but why do that when a perfectly good Dunkin was within a few seconds walking distance. He thanked the employees, wished them a great day, and headed back out of the store.

Stepping back outside, James felt himself wishing for the cooler weather back home again. This time of year, Astoria chilled comfortably just under 70. Acclimating to the heat in D.C. was taking longer than he liked. Maybe he should get one of those little spritz fans travel ads always showed. He chuckled at the thought, heading to Dunkin as the absurd idea settled itself in the back of his head.

Mentioning the Astorio’s made Varis want to tear the mage limb from limb but he maintain his composure, instead watching the mages interact. The paper mill the Astorio’s kept snatching from his fingers was key to a massive market share for all the nobles and his Lady was incredibly displeased after his latest failure. Varis rubbed at his hip absently, almost shivering at the slight bump he felt. He did not appreciate the slap in the face.

Varis turned to the boy, a pleasant smile on his lips and eyes darkening. He took a moment to reevaluate the mage. His initial thoughts suggested him as insignificant but if he was willing to play, then perhaps he warranted further investigation. He made a mental note to start looking into the boy later. For now… Varis watched the boy fidget. Perhaps not as confident without a vampire to hide behind.

“Please, by all means. And when you do, give my regards to your mother as well. I heard from a little birdie she had terrible indigestion one year and I forgot to send a card. Your father and I trying to finish a deal after all. Perhaps I should send her an invitation to something of mine to make up for it.”

The vampire slammed his bedroom door open right before they had to leave. Varis’s hair matched Aaron’s, stylishly mussed. A ripped long black coat snapped behind him, silver designs along the collar and cuffs. Tight black pants stopped just short of black oxfords. the red v-neck shirt gave him the only splash of color. A silver choker wrapped itself around his neck. His eyes were solid black.

Varis paused next to Aaron’s desk, gesturing for him to move his hands away. He picked up the pages and read them over, sneering. “Handwriting speaks volumes about a person. Yours matches you perfectly. Elegant and composed, superficially. Scratch off the the gilded exterior and you find the dull, brittle core. Uncreative, inflexible, and entirely uninspiring. And unable to even brush my expectations apparently.” Varis ripped the pages and left the shreds on Aaron’s desk. “Tomorrow you’ll strive to complete more in this time frame and be thankful I only started you from the beginning.” Varis turned on his heel and stormed out the door, nearly clipping Aaron with it as he slammed it shut and locked it.

Varis remained silent the entire way across campus. The Princess was hosting the dinner at her mansion, tucked back into the forest. A few students walked the paths, escorted by heavily armed Noilan guards. Most made a brief movement to intercept Varis but, after a quick glance at his face, hurried away. Those who didn’t stepped off the path and bowed to the pair as Varis stormed by. All the while, Varis seethed. ‘My hair is a disaster, these clothes are hideous, and I have to tramp all the way across campus looking like a human tween posting poorly written emo poetry because Ryner didn’t bother to send a car.’ He halted at the edge of the forest abruptly and whirled on Aaron, yanking him close and cupping his hand around Aaron’s ear to shield his lips from sight.

“I will give you one warning despite your abysmal performances this evening. My Lady employs only mages skilled in the art of telepathy. If you do not wish your secrets and insecurities laid bare to her in the easiest fashion, I advise you stay within three steps of me. Outside of that and my presence will not protect you.” Varis released the boy, smoothed out the section of clothing he grabbed, and resumed walking as if nothing happened.

A cobblestone path wound through the forest, twisting into the darkness. Little light filtered down through the canopy, leaving most of the path in deep shadow. Varis walked steadily, unfazed by the lack of light. Periodically, patrols of mages and vampires would slink out of the darkness and back into it, the familiar prickle of magic ghosting over the vampire and mage as they did.

What caught Varis’s attention was the sound, or the lack thereof. Their footsteps made no noise as he set a brisk pace. No insects hummed in the air and no wind rustled the trees. No birds or rodents made their presence known and the air felt heavy and sluggish.

The feeling lifted as the path followed around to the front of the Princess’s mansion. A modernized tudor, the mansion glowed warmly and boasted a long driveway ending in a spectacular water feature. The cobblestone path dropped the pair off at the front gate and they were escorted to the fountain. Salem stood there speaking softly with the Princess already. The group looked up as Varis and Aaron approached.

“Varis, Aaron. Welcome to my home away from home.” She spoke softly, a warm smile on her face as she leaned forward to kiss the Count of the cheek. Anyone who knew her though could see the smirk curling at the edge of her lip and the playful sparkle in her eye at the sight of Varis. The Count turned his head, normally an affront, but the Princess instead whispered in his ear, “Bishop.” She stepped away and Varis audibly ground his teeth, staring past the woman at the fountain.

“And Aaron. It is a pleasure to see you.” She pressed a soft kiss to his cheek as well. “I cannot wait until Mother sees you in that outfit. Though she won’t dare say anything until Lady Sinnenodel departs, she’ll absolutely hate it! We’re matching that way I guess. Oh, you don’t know how much it pleases me to welcome you here as a student rather than a servant. I would love to hear about your first day of life outside of the household when we have a chance.” She sent a warm smile before turning back to the Count.

“I utterly loathe you, old hag. Not even a car and now that?” Varis said bitterly. His eyes lightened slightly however. “We are discussing this later. In length may I add. But first, I must address…” He gestured to Ryner in general, eye brows high and disgust plain on his face. “All of this. I hardly recognized you walking up the drive. I nearly thought you’d sent an Astorio’s second hand concubine to greet us.”

“The nastier you are, the more I know you like it.” Ryner laughed at him. “Maybe if you took the stick out from your ass you could enjoy your life for once, you conceited lickspittle.” Varis’s lip twitched and his eyes lightened further.

“At least I know how to handle it once it's there.” Varis shot back, pulling out a file and touching up a few uneven spots he missed in his rush. She smack him gently on the arm.

“I’m a dedicated woman. I prefer one drink, not a new one each night.” Ryner leveled him with a look. “And I would have found myself a married vampire already if you stopped interfering for a few decades.”

“They were cheating on you before me.” Varis waved the accusation off. “All I did was air out their dirty laundry. Frankly, I did you a favor.”

“Varis, it’s not a favor if you are part of the laundry.” She said dryly but held up a hand, cutting off Varis’s retort. “We’ll have plenty of time to debate the moral implications of your actions, again, after dinner. For now, introductions! Varis, this is Salem Spellman. He is the only son of the CEOs of Modern Tonics and Mystic Teas. His partner, Sir Lucan Bordeleaux, will hopefully be joining us later. Aaron spent the past five years learning swordplay under Sir Bordeleaux.”

“And Salem, this is Count Varis Sinnenodel. He is Lady Sinnenodel’s current protege and I believe he has done some business with your father recently. His partner is Aaron Starag, the youngest member of the Starag line. He is quite skilled after Lucan’s tutelage and excels easily in most areas.” Varis stared thoughtfully at Salem for a few moments.

“Modern Tonics. Ah yes, Salem Spellman. How odd. I don’t recall Salem mentioning a son.” Varis looked the plant mage over a moment more and then dismissed him, turning back to Ryner. “But omission speaks for itself. A pity Sir Bordeleaux isn’t here though. His insight could have proven useful. The boy lacks critical thinking skills and a few ideas from a former mentor could have gone a long way. Just earlier, the boy was trying to find a place to put his cufflinks after I rolled up his sleeves. It was a horrifying display of incompetence, wouldn’t you agree boy?”
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