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Hiya, AChronum here! Although I'm relatively new to rping, I have plenty of writing experience and love trying new genres and styles. I absolutely love high magic fantasy RPs and am pretty much willing to do anything so long as I can create a charaxter, not play an existing one, and develop lots and lots of backstory! I'm perfectly comfortable with all mature themes as well, although smut for smut's sake is out of the question.

Interested in an RP? Send me a PM and have a magically marvelous day!

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Danny Kingston

Shields: 55% - Hull: Mild damage sustained - Turret: Mild Damage
Engines: Full Power - Life Support System: Oxygen Recycling at 90% - Sensors: Online

"You know, wonderin' why th'e fuck our favorite grease monkey hates us right now!" Danni responded to April with a heavy dose of fake cheer. Danni loved Dee, they'd been in each other's lives since they were literal babies, but when he pulled shit like this, it made Danni feel like Dee cared more about his toys than them. Like yes, maintaining the Excelsior was important, but a huge amount of this damage could have been avoided if they'd just left. They were flying through this just fine before the Ravagers, and they could have already been partially fused or whatever it was and been on their way out. Instead, there was a crack in the gunnery, the life support system was damaged, the shields were in bad shape, and Dorian couldn't find it in himself to abandon the shit that nearly killed them in the name of repair materials. Dee was always complaining about preventative maintenance, why couldn't he see stalling in this damn field was a horrible way to prevent anything?

Danni sighed as Dee narrated his series of unfortunate events. Since he seemed… determined, and April was able to get a way cleared, Danni decided to help Dee out a little. The longer they were in here, the worse shit got. Danni threw the thrusters into reverse, whipping the ship backwards as he hit his turn a little too hard and bounced one of the few rocks still clearing the area. Thankfully, the shields were able to absorb all of it, flashing a warning at him that he promptly ignored.

"Okay, we're 'eading ta you, Dee." Danni sighed, savoring how easily the ship moved through the cleared space and settling just above it. "All you 'ave ta do is activate t'e mag-grip and you should be all good ta board after you kill t'e bastard you're in and t'en we'll be on our way."

Danny Kingston

Shields: 70% - Hull: Mild damage sustained - Turret: Mild Damage - Engines: Full Power - Life Support System: Oxygen Recycling at 90% - Sensors: Online

See, Danni had a number of sins tucked neatly under his belt. He knew he acquired his Papa's fondness for a drink over a decade and a half of murder and mayhem (thankfully, he had two amazing partners that didn't let him get anywhere as wild as the stories Pops and Papa used to tell him), he could get lazy when they were in between jobs and even sometimes when they were on one, he liked to chat with everyone and maybe sorta accidently spilled some secrets when the conversation just got too good. He knew that. Everyone had flaws, everyone had issues post Nemo jump- their friends scattering or dying, their parents obliterated in a beam of unholy light or whatever happened. It left a weight on your soul that you couldn't very well just therapy away. But Danni was rarely mad. Stressed, sure. Depressed, check. But truly and honestly angry? Nah, he'd rather just joke about it until he could nurse the bottom of a bottle in the next shifty space port they hit.

But with the shields taking a beating, every indicator screaming something at him, the asteroid field whirling around him like a miles high meat pulverized, April admitting to making a hard journey near damn impossible (fair, it was an accident, Danni was just stressed), and Dee insisting on getting a barely functional hunk of junk out of one of the most difficult fucking runs in this solar system, even Danni reached his limit. "Dorian Stephen Gray." Danni seethed over the comms, trying to turn the Excelsior around to get back to the dead Ravagers ship. "If you do not get your sorry ass back into t'is-" He bit his tongue as he jerked in his seat, another asteroid coming out of nowhere to hit them hard. Another light started flashing, warning of panel damage above the life support systems. Danni tried to get their spiraling back under control, but before he could even get his hands back on the throttle, they hot another object. It felt like a chunk of metal, and the life support system monitor started blinking too, showing something inside had jostled hard enough to damage their oxygen recycling system.

"Dorian, get t'e fuckin' nav data, and we'll sell it off on Titan for repairs. I get it, you want ta take care of t'e ship, but t'e longer we're in 'ere, t'e more damage we're takin' and I literally cannot drive t'at 'unk of junk and us out safely." Danni bit out. Thankfully, it seemed the asteroid field was settling, the hunks of rock and ice settling a little. "We need you 'ere, now. Our life support is startin' ta fail." He could feel the frustrated tears start prickling at the edges of his eyes, but he wiped them away as he tried to keep the ship in a safe position for Dorian to come back. "'ow you 'olding up back t'ere, Princess?"

Meanwhile, the chunk of metal that the ship hit was about the size of a car and impacted directly into the Gunnery window after bouncing off one of the turrets. Some spider webbing had formed on the outer layer of glass, but thankfully it looked like it shouldn't get any worse… as long as nothing large hit it again.
Danny Kingston

Location: The Field (School Carnival)
Skills: N/A
First Day Fit

Danni blinked at Maddie as she offered suggestions, face scrunching up in confusion. "Game of T'rones, 'ouse of Dragons? Are t'ose like, video games or somet'in'? Sounds like we have t'e same idea t'ough. A little warm t'in'y for t'e baby." Danni cooed at the bundle in his hands. He held it a little closer, rocking it happily. "And you t'ink t'e Nemo guy who lies about bein' a fish is goin' to 'ave answers, Dee? I guess it's wort' a shot, but it sounds… fishy." Danni giggled at his own joke. Sure, he panicked at first, but the longer he held a dragon egg, the more excitement replaced panic. He beamed at Sabine, who immediately soothed his concerns about narc teachers. "Oh, t'ats true! Technically, she was a professor 'ere, so anyt'in' she gives me is school approved, right? You're so smart, Beanie! Once April comes back and t'e birt'day boy decides on t'e flow of t'e day, we'll go see t'e ot'er clubs!" He attempted to pat her arm in a comforting manner with his elbow.

Danni sent a kiss after April as she promised to get some more info on dragon handling, frowning as he marched through Dee's reasoning. "But I don't want ta be grounded! I just want ta enjoy 'avin' a dragon, and bein' a 'ero! It's not fair t'at I'm gettin' grounded for it." Danni pouted. He wasn't giving up his new baby for anything, he just didn't see why he couldn't talk his way out if being grounded! He had a whole technique that usually worked, unless Pops was really upset and Danni learned to give up when the cold, sharp voice came out instead of just the disappointed looks. Why was a thing he got from a professor making that happen?! Ugh, he was working himself back up, so instead he leaned back on Dee.

"Actually, t'at's a good point, Beanie. Did everyone practice all summer for t'eir audtions? Should we do a last run just ta 'ave anot'er set of eyes on it? Or should we just do t'at tomorrow?" Danni wondered, nerves that the events of the day pushed aside returning in full force. "Like, originally I was just goin' ta do explosions cause who doesn't like explosions? And just like do some dancin', but t'en Pops got involved and it got prettier but God it's complicated because t'e judges might care an itty, bitty, tiny bit about control. So, you know Dee, if you get put on t'e worst team, I'll probably be right t'ere wit' you!" Danni was suddenly not nervous anymore. If Dee thought he was going to be on the worst team, Danni was definitely going to be on the worst team, and then it would be the best team because they would be together! Hopefully, April would be with them too, because even then the Young Avengers wouldn't stand a chance.

Danni eyed Maddie's cards, an idea popping into his head about his sticky situation. "Ooooh, Maddie I want anot'er reading later! Maybe you can tell me 'ow ta not get grounded because of my baby!" It was a brilliant idea! It must be so useful to be able to read the future! Maxie tried to explain these things once, but it was boring and it went in one ear and out the other. And speaking of cards…

He bounded back to Sabine, getting real close to whisper in her ear. "So, you and Princess, 'uh? Is t'is like… a real thin'? A gunna be t'ing? Danni asked, something dark and nasty in his chest. He ignored that, though. He was definitely just doing this to make sure Sabine wasn't just messing with April. April was a little… fragile and although he knows he can be a little airheaded when it comes to other people's emotional states, he had to make sure he and Dee were ready to catch her if she fell. And if he had to do a little snooping, and more a little later, then he would. He wouldn't be a good friend if he didn't!
The Snakeburrow Woods

16th of the Full Autumn Moon, 1698 P.A.
Midday - Overcast skies

Amidst the stench of fetid corpses and blood, the blazing pyre that was once a wolf stood out starkly in its foulness. The stench of boiling flesh, burning fur, tar, and rancid ichor filled the area in a thick black haze from the immolated remains of the wolf attacking Liliann, making Esvelee gag and cough, fighting back the urge to vomit. The horse quivered against Ceolfirc’s command at the putrid smell, the overwhelming panic and its base survival instincts eating away at the mercenary’s control.

Liliann’s quick thinking saw the wolf and cloak fly off Kyreth and hit the ground next to him; unfortunately, with so much behind the command, it kept going down off the road, into the brush. Thankfully, recent rain kept the area from catching immediately, but lighter smoke began to curl up from around the flaming remains and leaves around the bushes slowly curled inwards, green leaving for brown along the tips. Thankfully, the Tainted duo came out with only some injuries: Kyreth’s hands and a splotch on his cheek were red and white, blisters already forming from the heat, and the front of his clothes were blacker than they had been moments ago. Liliann got away with little more than some reddening on her hand, just stinging from the exposure.

“Bubble.” Cerric swished his wrist and a small orb of water popped up above the flames, no larger than a marble. The water in it whirled aggressively as it expanded, growing larger and larger until it was the size of the carriage, the ashy remains of the cloak and wolf caught in the whirlpool. With another flick and a word, the bubble popped and water rushed away from the carriage, taking the victims of Kyreth’s poor control deeper into the forest. He still hadn’t moved from the wagon, but he’d turned his attention away to their last remaining ambusher.

The wolf scrambled as it hit the ground, still pawing at the thing wrapped around it’s snout. It took barely a second though, for it to climb back to its feet and evaluate the two in front of it. One was ready, body language poised for a fight. The other…

Eila was distracted.

It lunged again, claws catching Eila deep in the calf and slashing around towards the shin. It’s depth perception left it off balance and it stumbled after the attack, stumbling past Eila and slamming heavily into the cart, Esvelee grabbing the sides as she jostled. “The cargo is delicate! Keep these bastards away from the cart!” The wolf steadied itself and readied to lunge at Eila again.

Danny Kingston

Shields: 80% power - Hull: Mild damage sustained - Turret: Online

Engines: Online - Life Support System: Online - Sensors: Online

The Scrapper droids, unbothered by the conflicts happening around them, continued to attack their shields. The one bot got its laser cutter working and scanned for the weakest portion of shielding nearby before starting. The other managed to pierce a hole in the shield and the outer layer of the ship's paneling began to melt. Danni chewed his lip nervously as Dee disappeared. He agreed the Ravagers wouldn't put them in a escape pod- they were going to slit their throats and leave their corpses in the rubble.

However, this issue suddenly took a back burner as the entire landscape of the Belt began to move. April's first ice chunk slammed into a number of rocks on the way, causing this section of the Belt to suddenly come alive. Rocks smashed into each other, pulverizing broken dreams and hopes further, bouncing off each other at weird slants and angles. "Oh fucking sons of a b-" Danni screamed, both hands on the grips as he tried to navigate this changing hellscape.

It was a rock from the right that did them in. With his sensors down, he'd been 99.9% certain he cleared that area but he was quickly corrected when they was thrown violently right and the ship started spinning out of control. "What t'e fuck?! What are these jackasses doin'?! Are they controllin' t'e asteroids? Are t'ey mutants or somet'in', cause t'at's our shtick!" Something had cracked in his neck as he was tossed around in his chair like a ragdoll, but Danni didn't give a shit about the awkward pain in his neck now. He grabbed the steering grip, toggled all engine power into the left thruster, and hit it as hard as he could to get them under control. As he did, they barely skimmed the surface of another ice chuck, the shields taking all the impact for the ship.

The bots were not so lucky, a few sad beeps between them as they were crushed on the unforgiving icy surface.

Behind them, the Ravager ship wasn't nearly as lucky. The shifting rock garden sent a nasty jagged piece straight through one of their thrusters and took out one of their laser turrets, the ship sparking and the lights inside flickering ominously. Already loaded, the missiles shot out at The Excelsior, but swung high, disappearing into the expansive void of space. They tried to back out of the chase, but another rock crashed into them, leaving the ship hurtling further down and away from the Excelsior. It seemed to be on its last legs.

Danni nearly cried with joy as their sensors came back online. "April, finish t'ose assholes, babes! And do we know where Dee went? Did he go try for repairs with t'ose bots fuckin' with t'e 'ull?"
Danny Kingston

Four of the six scrapper bots blew into smithereens, the remaining two managing to duck, twist, and spin their way past April's shots, using the scrap and rock as effective shields until they slammed into the ship, their protective casting retracting and their spindly legs sectioning to the side of the ship. When they weren't carving your life support systems into shambles, one could consider the little bots cute- as large as a Terran's head with four legs, a bulky body, one large visual sensor, and two arms, each equipped with powerful pincers and a laser cutter. They bots immediately got to work, lasers firing up and pressing at the translucent shields. Thankfully, they didn't seem to be in great condition, and one of the pairs of energy cutters flickered out. The bot shook its little hands in an attempt to reignite them, to no avail.

In the cockpit, Danni wasn't fully panicking, but he wasn't as cool as a cucumber either. "Ravagers?!?! T'ey're not supposed ta be in t'is system." Danni swore as he swung wide around another ice chunk and then spun to avoid two broken ships, the frozen bodies of their crews still hanging out of them. A warning alarm sounded from the dashboard as he suffered a familiar full body shiver as Dee extracted himself. "What t'e fuck! What's eatin' at our shields? We haven't even brushed an asteroid! Did any of t'em 'it t'e ship 'cause our shields are takin' a beatin' 'ere and I'm still flyin' blind on t'e sides!"

The trio's problems didn't stop there. Two volleys of energy bolts flew past them as Danni inadvertently dodged, the cloaking of the Ravager m-ship vanishing as they focused on taking down their next haul. Two aliens whooped and hollered in their ship, priming a volley of high velocity missiles next. Another indicator flashed on the dashboard. Their attackers were trying to contact them.

"W'at is goin' on? T'is was just supposed ta be fun flyin' t'rough t'e Belt, not an assault on our lives! T'e only t'in' assaulting us was supposed ta be our stupidity!" Danni whined as Dee started working on the scanners. Despite the dangers and the laser volleys around them, he couldn't help himself from reaching out and rustling one of his platonic soulmates' hair. He'd do the same to his other's but they were busy with guns and defending the ship. He flipped the comms on.

"'eeeey t'ere! What's goin' on, 'ot stuff?" Danni asked cheerily.

"We're going' to keept'his short, shit stains." The universal translator stuttered on the last part. Not an exact translation, but close enough for Danni to be mildly offended. He took good care of himself, thank you! "You cut your engines, we'll reel you in, we take your ship, your credits, yadda yadda yadda, and then we send you back to Arakko in your escape pod. You don't and we blow your ship to pieces, leave you for dead, and take anything worth some credits." The Ravager's demands echoed through the entire ship.

Danni frowned at the options. "But I like our ship! 'ow would you feel if we tried to jack your ship? You'd be kinda-" Danni grunted as he dodged another rock. "You'd be kinda pissed right? 'ow 'bout instead, you let us go and we don't send a message to t'e Val'Shan t'at you're 'iding out in the Belt, attacking t'eir favorite bounty 'unters!" Was Danni particular threatening when he didn't have a curtain of fire around him? No. Was he going to try anyways? Apparently.

All that earned him was a round of raucous laughter.

Danny Kingston

Danni reversed the engines until they drifted still, a towering wall of rock and ice chunks in front them. Periodically, bits of metal glinted from better them- a graveyard of the less fortunate, or skilled depending how you looked at it, warning anyone away who might have tried it. With the plan in motion, places had been taken and Danni basked in the familiar feeling of Dee huddled in his… mind? Soul? Somewhere in him as he switched on the intercom.

"Whelp, I was 'opin' 'ere was a Kirkwood gap but looks like we aren't 'at lucky. Still, this'll be fun!" Danni giggled over the intercom to April. It was definitely going to be an experience and even if they did get there late, Danni wasn't going to be upset if they missed the fifteen million. Dee suggested an insane ship trip and that was a treat in and of itself! Of course, he wouldn't ever say that to the other two- they might actually kill someone if they missed the fifteen million and Danni didn't think any amount of cuddle piles would save him from the disappointment.

"Buckle in, babes! It's goin' to be a rocky ride!" Danni let out a little whoop as he slammed the thrusters as high as they could go, thrown back into his seat with the intensity. A more cautious pilot would have eased their way into the Belt, but caution and The Thriumvirate never mixed well. Danni felt the scream of the engines in his blood as the hurtled into the Belt, and couldn't hold back the thrilled laughter as he wove between the massive rock and ice structures capable of pulverized their space home into nothing but space dust.

Despite how difficult the task, The Excelsior and its crew were handling it as perfectly as anyone could. With with Dorian's senses cast far out beyond what could be immediately seen, Danni was weaving, bobing, and pulling loops around every hazard and was already ready for the next one. April was all over the smaller ones Danni couldn't afford to weave around, expert aim blasting them into fine dust that the ship's shields weren't bothered by. Despite the herculean task ahead of them, the three were perfectly suited to the job.

Then, The Excelsior's scanners went dark.

Danni frowned and tapped at the little screen, but shrugged. "Hey, Dee, I don't know if you want ta come out, but t'e space scanners are down. Can't really tell anyt'in' going on on the sides of t'e ship." Danni whistled happily as he skimmed the surface of an ice cluster twice the size of their ship. It was so fucking pretty, all sorts of shades of green and blue, that Danni kinda wanted a piece. "But I t'ink we're okay if you want ta wait. Might just be some wierd feedback from all the asteroids and metal floatin' around, t'ough. What you guys t'ink?"

Barely registering even in Dorian's extended senses, six small metal spheres launched off the surface of a rock the size of the moon, heading directly for The Excelsior.
The Snakeburrow Woods

16th of the Full Autumn Moon, 1698 P.A.
Midday - Overcast skies

“Back into the wagon, just at the edge, Ms. Buckman.” Cerric urged their client now that the horse was no longer an immediate threat, helping her over the edge to carefully settle amongst her red fern. “I have full faith in our stalwart protectors, but just in case, it doesn’t hurt to stay out of any potential lines of fire!” Water danced in between his fingers and out in front of him, doing lazy laps as the conflict played out around him. Despite the tension at the arrival of the wolves, Cerric had since relaxed, resuming his lounging as he shuffled to provide Esvelee a little more cover.

The first wolf, now clamped in a skeletal fist, writhed and snapped at the hand holding it. It moved a little, but wasn’t able to make it out without better leverage so instead it started gnawing and scratching at the thing holding it. Cracks began to form along one of the skeletal fingers.

The second wolf paused for just a moment to snap at the waterskin, teeth tearing into it, and immediately tossed it to the side. However, the opening was enough. It let out a growl as the blade hit just past the back of its neck and pushed, legs giving out as it snapped its teeth furiously. Black spittle flew everywhere until it finally got its feet back under it and started slowly pushing back up, the blade tearing through the skin and buying itself further into the wolf’s torso. It fixed Liliann with a vacant stare, only a few more moments before the damn wolf freed itself and lunged.

The last wolf may have missed at first but in its scramble to right itself, one of its claws glanced across Eila’s shin, leaving a thin red line of broken skin. The beast lunged again, this time at Eila’s throat. Its teeth caught on the wood of her bow instead, black frothy saliva staining the wood, but it started tearing at Eila with its claws while it chewed on the offending bow.

October 9th, 528 - 12:15am

Execution level, Hallway - Hasgad Holding Facility

The door to the second level closed with barely a peep, leaving the infiltration team safe inside the stairwell without the lackluster security aware of their presence. A faint drip echoed through the stairwell, and the stench of mildew hung heavy in the stagnant air. The concrete stairs were stained and brown streaked the walls from up high, like water running down the walls.

The hallway outside the stairwell, exiting barely ten feet off the primary entrance to the execution chamber, was podmarked with sear spots and long, sharp gashes in the floor. The iron double doors sat directly across from the elevator, and were each pressed with the symbol of the Sinnenodel family. There was no other movement in the hallway and the group stepped out just in time to hear the elevator come to a halt, the floor display reading a bright red 2.

A moment later, muffled screaming came from beyond the doors.

Execution Level, Execution Chamber - Hasgad Holding Facility

Inquisitor Hasgad looked downright disappointed at Roan. “Freak? I’ve killed three year olds with more creativity than that. I guess I shocked too many brain cells, hm? I always tell myself not to get so carried away, but it’s so hard to keep my composure at the end.” Hasgad sighed, patting Roan’s head like a dog before gesturing at one of the guards. The one on the interior entrance snapped to attention, scuttling over. “Hook this useless sack of shit down right in front of our VIP guest.” The guard complied, moving the broken Dylan around so we couldn’t be able to fight back. He stared at Roan with vacant eyes, dried tear tracks on his cheeks and any hope long tortured out of him.

“Since this is my last execution for a while, I need to make sure I have fond memories of my time here at my facility. Our normal methods just seemed a little boring, so I came up with something new and exciting.” Hasgad explained to Roan, sending a vicious shock through Dylan. He screamed, spasming. He slumped again when the Inquisitor moved his finger away, spitting out the blood from where he bit himself. “So I came up with a little audience participation game. This is how it goes. I keep your friend here on the verge of consciousness as I torture him for our amusement,” Hasgad gestured between himself and Roan, “And when you think he’s had enough, you beg me to kill him. Of course, it has to be convincing and eager and all those fun things, or I’ll just ignore you. I’ve been using the table over there, but I just don’t feel like Dylan here got the full experience. I wanted to make sure Dylan here knows that you’re the reason he’s in pain, or dying. I want to make sure he hears you begging for him to die, or failing to do so, in his last moments.” Hasgad placed a hand on Dylan’s shoulder, unperturbed by his prisoner’s writhing. He let it go on a little while longer than his previous zap before he took his hand away. Dylan couldn’t even raise his head as he took heaving breaths.

“Should I kill him yet, traitor?” Hasgad asked sweetly, lightning already crackling between his fingers.
AU - Bounties of Space

Spoils of War - Planets

  • Mercury - Maw
  • Venus - Mora
  • Earth - Terra
  • Mars - Arakko
  • Jupiter - Obsidia
  • Saturn - Corvu
  • Uranus - Proxima
  • Naptune - Giantus
  • Pluto - Jocas

Major Bounty Hunters of the Sol System

  • Trix - A mechanical Life Form, the Bounty hunter Trix is of unparalleled cunning and speed, making up for his lack of physical power. His frame is adamantium and hosts a nasty mix of compartment and devices dedicated to everything needed to track and subdue targets. He is capable of sudden teleport bursts and specializes in confusing his enemies before striking with precision attacks.
  • Na'ahala Quixal - A Xandarian Bounty hunter, Na'ahala is brutish and violent, with the money to replace whatever she wants. She has superhuman endurance and strength and served as a mercenary for decades before turning to a more solitary profession. She specializes in heavy weaponry, moving them with the ease of much smaller weapons. Na’ahala’s signature armor
  • Isatix - A private and reclusive individual, Isatix is a well known sharpshooter. Their signature weapon, Render, is a six barreled blaster with each chamber capable of firing one after another or all at once. Isatix is methodical in their approach, researching their subjects thoroughly and equipping themselves with their target's weaknesses in mind. Unlike most Bounty Hunters, Isatix is fiercely devoted to their code of honor and won't hunt something that has been properly claimed in a duel.

Titan, Second Moon of Corvu -

The second furthest moon from the planet, Titan's atmosphere is primarily nitrogen, followed by methane, and finally oxygen, a recent replacement from hydrogen as the Empire's decade long effort to terraform the moon have started to take root.

Relatively unmarked, the surface of Titan is largely dominated by rock and ice, with a number of bioluminescent flora growths that thrive off the nitrogen rich atmosphere, creating vibrations yellowish-green hues across the otherwise cool toned landscape. Hills and mountain ranges, deltas, river, and seas of liquid methane and ethane gave the moon a strangely similar feel to the Terra of old, wonderful landscapes lacking the warmth and colors of the world before it's transformation.

Three artificial atmospheres dot the surface of Titan, three mining cities that act as launch points for the mining companies interested in the nitrogen of Titan, but also the elemental core of Corvu. Just after the arrival of the Empire, Corvu's core was determined to have traces of Dargonite and sent a frenzy of technology companies and the Empire demanding access. Mining companies, such as Kilder Co., established the Biomes on Titan with the help of other alien species in order to launch official mining ventures into the heart of the planet. Although the presence of Dargonite was disproved, companies continued their mining operations as other important metals and gasses were harvestable, valuable in the face of Terra's rapid transition into a machine world.

Biomes - These are domes of artificial atmospheres, all with botanical gardens to brighten up the dim landscape and generate the necessary oxygen to sustain life. They're all quite large, ranging the size of a small town to a small city.
  • The Kilder Dome: Established by the late matriarch of Kilder Co. Madam Merry Kilder. The Kilder Dome is the smallest, but nicest of the three. It boasts a Kilder Co. refinery and a luxury housing district, but offers little in the way of entertainment and distractions. Space travel to and from this Biome is heavily restricted, though heavy donations often find the officials looking the other way.
  • The Nova Dome: This biome was established with the financial aid of Xandar, who was given the honor of naming it. The largest of the three, the Nova Dome is run by the Imperial military. It's the most functional of the three, as it is the base of the Empire's terraforming efforts of the moon. It features a prosperous economy focused around a number of Engineering professions, and includes one of the most infamous gambling houses in the Sol system, Last Flight.


The second largest Biome of the Titan colony, Fallow is a solid iridescent metal sphere out of sight of the other two biomes and the shuttle pads. Due to the moon's dense atmosphere, the surface is well protected from asteroids and other debris, leaving the exoskeleton of the biome mostly untarnished. Large metal pathways branch out from beneath it, acting as the Fallow space station.

Inside is an entirely different matter. After being purchased from the Commerce Guild, the Veridian Merchant purchased the biome as an investment and has been slow to release funds towards maintenance. The Veridian Merchant has built additional refineries, exceeding the biome's atmospheric filtration systems. The resulting haze forces its occupants to wear additional filtration masks in it's streets and businesses to install supplemental atmospheric filtration systems. Although there were protests and attempted sabotage of the refineries, Interplanetary Inc loaned its Mauraders to viciously put down the riots and restore order.

Fallow is composed of four districts, layered through the biome. From lowest to highest, they are: The Drag, Lower Draught, Upper Draught, Terran Greens.

The Drag is where the heavy refineries are, as well as Fallow's primary entrance. This is where the industrial manufacturers are located, as well as a number of businesses intended to lure in thirsty, irritable miners, blacksmiths, and other factory workers. Major businesses here include the Evergold (a Terran gambling house), Kol'kill (an Ab'zed inn and brothel), and Lightyear (an intergalactic supply and repair shop).

Lower Draught is where 70% of the Biome's inhabitants live. One level up, it forms a thick ring above The Drag with the lower level visible in the center. Housing here is cramped and uncomfortable, developing into small single person pods with public restrooms and community bathing areas available. A significant portion of the people here use an artificial stimulant, known as Poxy, to give them pleasant hallucinations while not on the clock. The drug was developed by The Val'shan and they deal it heavily to poor, unhappy communities like this.

The Upper Draught is home to most corporate offices and officials, with a bustling marketplace with a variety of luxuries brought in from around the solar system. It even boasts a few small parks, with artificial and organic plants breaking up the metal monotony. Celestial Looms (a popular, Xanderian fashion store), The Brews (one of the best off-planet breweries in the solar system), and The Complete Crescent (a Terran owned shop that specializes in bio-technological enhancements).

Terran Greens is a special level only the richest of the Biomes can afford to enter. It is entirely shielded off, in the center of the artificial sun that offers light and heat to the biome, and it has its own access point at the top of the Biome. Rumor has it that the Terran Greens is an actual chunk of the landmass left over from when it was simply Earth.

Notable locations:
  • Kol’kill - One of the least seedy taverns in the Dome-which means it has the least holes in the wall, the least broken tables and chairs, and pays their taxes most of the time-Kol’Kill is run by Sandix Rhalixx, an Ab’zed out of Messier 82, and their life partner Haxxal, a creature no one is quite certain what is. The business is both a tavern and brothel, hosting 30 rooms with a wide variety of individuals willing to sell their time. Those who are involved in the underbelly of the Sol system know Sandix and Haxxal are employed by The Val'shan.
  • Evergold - A once powerhouse of the Biomes, Evergold has lost a significant number of its bigger clientele to Last Flight in The Nova Dome. It's outside is still shiny and glittery, thanks to the gold plating that Evergold violently defends, but it's red and black luxurious interior has seen better days. Curtains are frayed, wheels stick just a bit, slot machines freeze unexpectedly, but it's still a central source of entertainment and drinking for the downtrodden and desperate looking for a moment t's reprieve from their heavy lives. Its manager, Hillock Rugford, is a blacklisted holo-star who spends most of his day reminiscing about his glory days.
  • Lightyear - Part of a chain that is present in every Sol system colony, Lightyear is a versatile mechanic shop that deals in whatever that colony needs it to. On Titan, it mostly focuses on mining and refinery equipment repair, but it also runs the spacecraft garages of the Fallow Space Port. It's head mechanic, Drell, is a violet skinned Kree with a cheery disposition, a charismatic attitude, and a secretive past.
  • Celestial Looms - Managed by twin Xandarians, Celestial Looms handcraft flashy and colorful fashion, favoritism light, breathable fabric with metal strands woven into it for support and glamor. They mass produce durable items for Lower Draught, but they ate mostly known for their high quality, high priced custom work.
  • The Brews - The building itself is a piece of art, a Terran tree twisting towards the Terran Greens. Inside, nearly 65 taps protrude from behind the bar and multi-limbed robots work the floor, whirling around on a singular wheel as they sway like tops. Their most popular brew, Liquid Nitrogen, is a foamy orange drink with yellow vapor rolling of lf the top. It has a bit of a hoppy aftertaste, but otherwise tastes strongly of mangos and oranges.
  • The Complete Crescent - its unknown what Dr. Nimja Keelixa was before her transformation. Now, she is more of a machine that person. Her office offers cybernetic alternatives and solutions, solving organic problems with machines. Arms, legs, eyes, and any organ that needs replacing, she implant a machine version for a heft price.

Major Organizations of the Sol System

  • Val'shan - When the Empire first moved in 17 years ago, existing power structures were thrown into chaos. The introduction of space technology created an entirely new war for the underbelly of the Sol system. Every criminal faction on Terra, and those outside of it like the Ravagers, involved themselves in the new territory. It was dirty, violent, and brutal - a fight the Empire seemed to ignore. However, The Val'shan emerged victorious with a legion of highly advanced robotic soliders. It was later determined that these robots were a form of machine life form. To this day, The Val'shan's origins and identities are shrouded in secrecy and those who try to determine who they are typically disappear. They've chases out most other major criminal organizations, or absorbed them, and offer rewards for evidence of others encroaching on their territory.
  • The Commerce House - A powerful conglomerate of various trade organization delegates, the House represents a variety of trade unions, ranging from the The Scapper's Guild to the various mercenary bands that have since risen, on a intergalactic scale. Although the vtrade unions have various opinions on the Empire and its actions, The Guild of Sol is aggressively loyal to the Empire and has blacklisted trade unions on a galactic scale in its efforts to keep members loyal. It's primary location is Terra, although it has outposts on all occupied planets and moons.
  • The Vaults of Sol - Although technically an Empire regulated banking system, entering the Intergalactic banking system required the bank adopt an official policy of neutrality and abide by the Intergalactic Commerce Committee's laws. Head of The Vaults of Sol is known as the Warden and has become a highly coveted position in the Empire, as they sit on a Council alongside Lord Thanos himself. Although the Vaults of Sol have locations in every major center of commerce in the system, its storehouses are on Mercury, where its highly advanced thermal protection generators are so precise, they can open sections as small as a millimeter to expose threats to the 800 degree temperatures of Mercury's surface.
  • Interplanetary Inc. - Although a number of companies revolving around space travel and Intergalactic technology have sprung up, none have become as well known as Interplanetary. They produce top of the line equipment, space vehicles, and weapons. They even have a small private army, intended to protect its investments and those of its trade partners, like Kilder Co.

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