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Hiya, AChronum here! Although I'm relatively new to rping, I have plenty of writing experience and love trying new genres and styles. I absolutely love high magic fantasy RPs and am pretty much willing to do anything so long as I can create a charaxter, not play an existing one, and develop lots and lots of backstory! I'm perfectly comfortable with all mature themes as well, although smut for smut's sake is out of the question.

Interested in an RP? Send me a PM and have a magically marvelous day!

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The Academy seemed almost empty as Lucan led the way through the halls, only stopping to greet one of the passing guards whom he recognized. He kept a close eye on Morrigan as they walked, making sure that the fledgeling didn’t get separated from him. He had considered making small talk but truthfully didn’t know what to say and Morrigan seemed content just to walk, without asking any questions. Soon enough they reached the lunchroom and its corresponding building where Lucan admired the architecture before he walked up to the entry and held the door open for his fellow vampire before entering in himself. He let a ghost of a smile hit his face as he took the familiar sight in.

The room was set up with multiple stations around the wall for those who wanted food. One had a carving station where chefs would carve turkey, roast beef and ham while another had a wide variety of vegetables prepared to order as one wished. There were a few long bench tables set close to the stations, but six person round tables filled most of the area while soft lighting and a relaxing colours completed the room’s environment. Lucan himself wandered up to one of the round tables and sat down quietly, sending a small smile and incline of his head to signal Morrigan to also take a seat if he wished.

Morrigan shifted nervously on the balls of his feet, even back in his human days school lunchrooms always felt awkward to him. He noted the small nod and moved forward with a small grunt before sliding into the seat next to Lucan. ”Is it always like this?” He asked Lucan with a wave of his hand. The room was noisy as students chattered with their mates, his eyes scanning for Max.

Luc glanced around the room and almost chuckled, it wasn’t even that crowded yet. He considered the fledgling and then nodded the affirmative, glancing down at his phone and shooting a text to Aaron. ”Once it gets busy you’ll sort of see what’s ‘normal’ for lunch. Right now it seems to just be upperclassmen.”

Hey, where are you? Did Sariel go over with her talk or something? I’m in the lunchroom now, I’ll meet you and Salem at one of the tables I have reserved.


“And this!” Sariel paused dramatically as she threw open the cafeteria doors, “Is the cafeteria! The only place to eat out your feelings and stresses! This’ll be your best friend come exam time.” She chuckled back at the group. Sariel tagged along with the group, deciding to lead the way across the unfamiliar grounds. Did she take a few… unnecessary turns and twists as part of an impromptu tour? Yes. Did she talk their ears off the whole time about her experiences at school? Yes. Did she feel bad about it? Nope! Her phone binged in her pocket and she fished it out before rolling her eyes.

“Well, that seems to be the end of our day together. Duty calls after all.” She whirled to face the group and smiled. “Now, Aaron over there has my number so I expect each and everyone of you to get it and send me a text sometime. I might not always be around but having someone in your corner when shit hits the fan isn’t ever a bad thing. And even if it isn’t very big, make sure if you need help you reach out.” Her face grew serious with her last remark, underscoring the weight of the statement as her eyes flickered to Aaron and then across the group. But she was back to her smiling self with a quick clap of her hands. She blew a kiss and waved before heading out the doors she brought them in. She brought the phone to her ear as she walked out, nodding as she listened to something.

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Volaris nodded sympathetically at the last admission. Feeling adrift in a world you no longer know-Volaris could empathize. However, it was odd not experiencing panic or dismay. His emotions were blunted; they felt secondhand at best. And oddly, he found a sense of comfort in that fact. It was easier without the raging of the human condition distracting him.

“Rather, I have a request. Some rest would do you well I think and my granddaughter wishes to spend some time with you. Would it be safe for you to accompany her to the nearest town? We could hide your appearances in an illusion long enough to get you clothes to disguise your traits if necessary.” Volaris sighed. “I need to return home for a day and make sure my overeagerness didn’t disrupt a few of my experiments. Magic is so temperamental and it would be years of work gone and frankly I’m not sure I have enough time left. I feel it would be detrimental to her development to drag her back and forth so much in such a short time. I would let her go by herself, she certainly can defend herself better than most, but her lack of social skills could land her in some… unsavory situations. Some hooligan might try to swindle her and I cannot have that nonsense!”

Volaris wanted to return to the Citadel to check in with the other groups and Elizabeth’s desire worked perfectly into that. Worst comes to worse, a low level suggestion spell would fix the problem.

Count Varis, a pleasure indeed. I can’t say that I know what you’re talking about though. The Lord Marivaldi and I have been on excellent terms. You must have mistaken the grief for conflict, an easy mistake when you are only familiar with one.

“Conflict precipitates change. Grief paralyzes it.” Varis dismissed the insult but his smile grew wider, savoring the look in the Marivaldi’s eyes and the cloaked jabs. “Though I am glad the actions of Lord Marvialdi find themselves in your good graces. My cynicism, a flaw I’ll admit, found his origins and his recent promotion curiously connected but he is neither a pure blood nor a Sinnenodel so I’m sure mischievous machinations are not his intent.”

Varis watched as Amaris’s eyes flickered away from the conversation to a woman gliding her way towards them. She held herself regally, confident and poised, in full control of the space around her as she made her way through the thinning crowd. Varis enjoyed the theatrics of his position as much as anyone but the Eves ran with them. Varis may have been impressed with the vampiress if her entire house didn’t still exist at the whimsy of the others. Perhaps if the family spent as much time on keeping their house together as they did with their cultivating their dignity, the Eves would be more than a shadow play.

“We haven’t had an opportunity to see one another in the recent decades so I took the opportunity.” Varis responded to the Eve’s inquiry as he bowed. “I am embarrassed to admit but I don’t believe I know your name. Count Varis, student to my Lady Sinnenodel. As for your mages, I would be delighted if you would bring them. My mage seems a tad skittish with his assignment so hopefully a play date will help soothe his nerves.”

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t little Varis.” The Count, for a split second, tensed and his eyes widened at the voice. He regained his composure just a moment later and schooled his expression back into polite indifference. His eyes darkened significantly as he turned to face the woman standing at his side. The vampire stood barely two inches beneath Varis’s 5’10”, long brown hair cascading artfully down one shoulder and amusement glinted in her amber eyes. She reached up with thin fingers to tuck a loose strand back into place. “When did we last have a moment to meet? A few decades shy of a century if I recall correctly. Are you still making those absurd pillow forts whenever you want some privacy?” A chorus of expletives exploded in Varis’s head as the woman spoke but he kept his mask firmly in place.

“Exactly seventy seven exquisite years, dear cousin. Though it seems they’ve met an ill fated end.” Varis practically sighed. Of all the people to run into, Ailsalia was the last one he wanted here. How she managed to escape his notice was beyond him but he would have more than choice words for the person who emailed him the school roster. But the earlier mistake set him farther behind than he was comfortable with. The woman surprised him and, from the smugness plastered all over her face, she noticed. Even when they were younger, Ailsalia possessed a special talent to find all the right buttons to press and he didn’t need her pressing his. Ailsalia presenting herself unexpectedly in this situation bode poorly for the Count and he bit at his lip while contemplating how to handle her. He needed to deal with this quickly and disengage from this moronic event. He had one piece of business he couldn’t put off until tomorrow but then he could bolt back to his residence and adjust for the vampire’s eventually meddling until the boy’s return. But how to get her away from him? His polite smile warped into a sneer as an old memory resurfaced. He hadn’t thought about it in decades but it’d be the perfect knife to the gut. He couldn’t wait to wipe that grin off her face. And if he had a little fun twisting the knife? Well...oops. “I have found most of my childish habits have thankfully stayed in my childhood, much like your parents in yours. Now, was there something you wanted or did you come just to interrupt me?” At the mention of her parents, Ailsalia’s eyes darkened and her smile turned frigid and sharp but otherwise kept her composure.

“I thought I’d come over and reconnect but it seems you are as unpleasant as ever.” Ailsalia scoffed at the look of disbelief that Varis blatantly sent her after her reasoning. “Unlike you cousin, I’m neither a snake nor a Sinnenodel. Your father made that distinction quite clear after my parents’ passing.” Ailsalia turned away from Varis and faced the other nobles. “And since my cousin obviously forgot his manners, my name is Ailsalia Margaux, cousin to this arrogant worm through our mage mothers.” She curtsied and smiled at the vampire, eyes still dark. Varis pulled out his pocket watch, checked it, and snapped it shut sharply.

“Well, this was fun but I believe it’s time for me to leave. I have a bit of business before our soiree this morning and what kind of host would I be if I were late to my own party?” Varis bowed to Amaris and Arianna before saying to Ailsalia sweety, “It was a displeasure as always, Lia. I do hope we don’t cross paths again.” Ailsalia’s face went blank at the name and Varis turned sharply on his heel as he left, his usual confidence replacing the tension Ailsalia’s presence brought, humming absently. Varying emotions played across Ailsalia’s face-grief, anger, sadness, fury- before it settled back into a pleasant smile.

“My, my. Never a dull moment when that worm is around.”
Still looking for a few more people, especially if you like playing rogues!!
Still looking for a few more people, especially if you like playing rogues!!

“Oh gosh, aren’t you eager? But call me Sariel. Ms. Asiree makes me sound like a functional adult and that I am not!” Sariel laughed and continued knocking her heels against the stage. She considered the question for a moment. “My Awakening showed me my affinity so I don’t have a lot of advice for figuring it out. But once you do, fall in love with your magic.” She hopped off the stage with a wink for the others who were interested in speaking with her and slipped her arm into Max’s, steering him into the cluster of tables. Several pairs of eyes watched jealousy as they departed. The breeze circling Sairel enveloped Max as well. “Take every opportunity to explore your magic, every second of every day. Most of your classmates are gonna use it when it’s convenient or when it’s right. Use your magic to turn a page, use it to get the salt shaker, use it to pick something up off the ground. Everyone thinks mastery is all about the big spells, the structure and flashy effects, but it’s the little things that make a master. And above all, enjoy it. You may hate your situation but revel in your power.” She patted Max’s arm sympathetically. “Anyways, I’ll introduce you to someone I tutored personally so he has a bit more skilled than most of your class. Once you figure out your affinity, he can help you get ahead on your control exercises.” She grinned at the boy and stopped in front of the Arena Guild table where a blond headed mage filled out some papers. “How rude. Not even going to say hello to your old tutor Aaron?” She said teasingly. “Anyways, Aaron this is…” She turned to Max, a look of horror and embarrassment on her face. “Oh gosh, I completely forgot to ask your name. I’m so sorry! I must seem like a complete airhead!”


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The woman wearing the “Plant” tag had her name written in large block letters. Scarlet May. Her red hair was pulled up in a loose bun, strands still escaping. Smudges of dirt streaked across her pale skin, under yellowed eyes. She wore comfortable clothing, a long sleeved shirt and jeans with a pair of gardener’s gloves sticking out of the back pocket. She chuckled at the boy’s predicament.

“Sorry, I just find it funny how many of us have that problem. That’s why they make sure a Plant mage is always here you know?” She held out her hand to shake his. The nails were bit short and a few flecks of dirt had made their way underneath them. “Scarlet May, plant mage and the head of the gardening association here at Noila. Your problem isn’t going to go away until your get your magic under control a bit more unfortunately. All you can do right now is figure out a few calming exercises. I have a pamphlet with a few if you’d like.”

Ms. Naomi

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“It depends on the type of administration you are interested in. We offer a variety of economic, business, and social classes that would work well towards a profession in administration Countess.” The woman bowed as she spoke. “Was there something specific you had in mind?”

Varis struck up a conversation with the child of a vampire family living in Sinnenodel territory as they walked to orientation but dismissed them quickly once it became apparent they had no interest in the family business. Instead, he took the time to scan the orientations group. Not many of the Embraced, thankfully they had been spared from too many of the wretched creatures, and mostly pureblood filled their ranks. Even if they were commoners. Easier to manipulate at least. More importantly…

His eyes flitted briefly over a familiar figure, Amaris Marivaldi, and a smirk crossed his face before he settled his expression back into something more polite. They had the opportunity to meet briefly in the past at a few social functions their respective families held. The Marivaldi respected their mages as equals rather than things to be used. Maybe that's why an Embraced mage snatched her inheritance out from under her. Either way, he made a note to keep Aaron around for entertainment when he thought the Marivaldi would be present. Watching her lose her temper would be amusing at the very least.

His eyes picked out two other figures, none he recognized immediately, but the make of their clothes were far nicer than what most could afford and the nobility always had an air about them, trained into them since birth. The woman was confident and sure of herself but the man, oh the man was withdrawn, sullen, irritable. All the markings of an easy target. He didn’t know who he was yet but Varis would have that one under his thumb first. A little research and a few harmless questions and hopefully it’ll be as easy as the sullen vampire looks.

Through Alder’s speech, Varis fought hard not to roll his eyes. Mages were tools to be used for their short, insignificant lives. Why waste so much effort personally ensuring their success when other resources existed for that exact purpose? After all, that's what the Academy was for. He glanced down at his pocket watch and put it back with a soft click. He nearly sighed with relief when the man ceased his irritating prattle but instead he cocked his head. A Bordeleaux strode past, full family regalia on display, and Varis watched as he spoke to a counselor for a brief moment. First a Starag and now a Bordeleaux. What game requires two pieces of such magnitude in play so early on. Varis would have to reconsider a few things but his initial strategy hadn’t changed. He turned his attention away from the Bordeleaux and instead focused on Amaris Marivaldi. When he approached the other vampire, he bowed appropriately.

“It is a pleasure, Countess.” He said with a smile. “We haven’t had the opportunity to meet in recent decades. How are you and Lord Marivaldi doing? Last I heard you were still rather at odds with the man.”

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Volaris watched the pair go while he listened to the woman only half way. He hadn’t considered that Elizabeth and Megu technically hadn’t interacted with individuals outside the guild, to his memory, with the exception of slaughtering intruders. She wanted to speak with them later, hm? He would indulge her this once at the very least. He planned to keep them alive for a while anyway. He was quite interested to see if the Eldritch Horrors could still be created. He turned his attention back to the woman as she finished telling her tale. It sounded like someone was trying to cover up their tracks or perhaps the King was just paranoid. It would be lucky if he was, much easier to prey on and have one of the NPCs to replace. Maybe send Anna and have Garlock start destroying cities to turn the country’s attention inwards. Worth considering.

“My you’ve had quite the ordeal. At least you have this moment to rest.” Volaris said sympathetically. “I would appreciate the help however. In my eagerness to show the world to my granddaughter, I seemed to have over shot my desitination. Where exactly did I land?”

Talrae… A world of might and magic, of thousands of worlds and the heroes within them, of the struggle for life, liberty, and power. Challenge yourself to one hundred floors of combat and puzzles and come out victorious against Malgoth, Overlord of Talrae, in a bid to win your fame, fortune, and freedom. With 10,000 lives on the line, failure isn't an option.

Following a similar story to SAO, players will have to escape a VR-MMO death game. Death in game results in real life death. This version of the game follows the story of a group of friends who bought the game to play together and now must fight their way upwards, deafeating floor after floor in a bid to escape and earn their place in history as the Saviors of Talrae!

OoC Thread:
TM (Talrae Master): @HueMan

Talrae… A world of might and magic, of thousands of worlds and the heroes within them, of the struggle for life, liberty, and power. Challenge yourself to one hundred floors of combat and puzzles and come out victorious against Malgoth, Overlord of Talrae, in a bid to win your fame, fortune, and freedom. With 10,000 lives on the line, failure isn't an option.

Following a similar story to SAO, players will have to escape a VR-MMO death game. Death in game results in real life death. This version of the game follows the story of a group of friends who bought the game to play together and now must fight their way upwards, deafeating floor after floor in a bid to escape and earn their place in history as the Saviors of Talrae!

OoC Thread:
TM (Talrae Master): @HueMan
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