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Hiya, AChronum here! Although I'm relatively new to rping, I have plenty of writing experience and love trying new genres and styles. I absolutely love high magic fantasy RPs and am pretty much willing to do anything so long as I can create a charaxter, not play an existing one, and develop lots and lots of backstory! I'm perfectly comfortable with all mature themes as well, although smut for smut's sake is out of the question.

Interested in an RP? Send me a PM and have a magically marvelous day!

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James Kingston

Location: The Apartment
Skills: N/A

James traced a simple pattern over where his hand rested on Casper's. He gladly sank into the couch once they were shut away from all the commotion and he smiled contently as Casper joined him. He took in the sight of everyone in the apartment and he felt himself choke up a little bit, tightening his hold on Casper. It was one thing to see everyone up and about, talking and moving and breathing, but it hit differently seeing them in the space he called home. It was the final confirmation and it took a lot to keep himself from weeping in relief that at least one nightmare hadn't crept into reality.

The relief twisted into resignation as Veil brought the conversation around to something he wasn't ready to discuss. He understood, he really did. They just woke up from a five month coma, stepping from their last day at the Underground right into this strange situation. It wasn't unreasonable that all of the survival instincts they'd developed at the Mutant Underground and beyond were screaming. They hadn't had time to process or explore their issues and new environment. It was to be expected.

And at the end of the day, James agreed. A terrorist group ran the island and he wasn't naive enough to believe this would satisfy the Quiet Council. Magneto alone aspired to global power, considering Princess Wanda’s reality. It'd take very little to whip the mutants of the island into a frenzy if he decided to actualize that reality and with all the frantic motivation of a homeland and new, experimental power combinations behind them, Magneto would turn the world on its head. And that was just what he knew; with the ethical limitations of their brand of freedom fighting non-existent, any number of dark, underhanded plots could be boiling in the Council.

As the inevitable and endless bickering started up, James couldn’t help but chuckle at Max’s outburst. “Don’t worry, Max. One in four dudes suffer the same problem. Stress has that effect sometimes.” James offered before turning to more serious matters. “Guys, it’s been all of two hours since you’ve woken up. Yes, the Hellfire club runs this place and yes, they have a nasty habit of violently ruining everything for us eventually. But can’t this discussion wait until you’ve had a few days to process and relax? I know it's not a luxury we’ve had but Sunshine, Jack, and I have been up for three or four months already and we’re not being manipulated into anything, we’re not being forced to do anything we don’t want to, so I think a few days of just downtime isn’t unreasonable. Anything you decide on is going to be based on what you woke up from because for you guys, that was yesterday but the situation has changed, where we are and what’s going on is entirely different from the terrorist act we tried to prevent.” James sighed.

“And we went for a long time honestly believing you guys would never be able to wake up. I bothered them a lot about the process, about the cryostasis, about the challenges of maintaining you guys and waking you guys up. I’m grateful they were as honest about it as they were but until a month ago, maybe a little bit less, I honestly believed you guys were never waking up. It was just dumb luck that you guys did.” James stared around the room, his fingers tapping anxiously. “I just think everyone needs a moment to get their feet under them. Do whatever you want, check out the island or hide away and sulk or just chill and talk, but everyone should have a chance to take some time before any decisions are made.”
James Kingston

Location: Carousel
Skills: N/A

James tucked the box under one arm and turned to Max now that everything was finally coming to an end. This could have easily been a telepathic message honestly but it wouldn’t have painted the big and powerful in the image they wanted. James was glad it was over. He bumped shoulders with Max briefly, sending him a smile as he did. “I can hear the gears turning in your head, my dude, and I’d like to gently remind you we are on an island so we have nowhere to run if you accidentally conjure a flaming space rock.” James teased, recalling the “helpful” time Max sent the roof on fire. “But seriously, tell me you have something useful to do with these because this is just going to sit around my apartment and collect dust. Maybe make a paperweight if I’m ever an actual adult who uses-”

James stopped speaking as he watched his boyfriend, the love of his life and the child of Professor Xavier, sass the fuck out of Magneto. Which on one hand, hilarious. James didn’t think most people could stand face to face with a cold blooded killer and joke at them but on the other hand, terrifying because if Magneto decided it was Casper’s day to die, there were not a lot of people here who could stop that. “One second.” He said to Max. James made his way to Casper with exasperated fondness written across his face and fitted his fingers between Casper’s. “Babes, darling, love of my life, please don’t endanger yourself already. I just got you back.” James laughed, leaving forward to press a quick kiss to Casper’s cheek. “Come chill with me for a second and then maybe we can check out those places I wanted to show you.” James suggested as he made his way back to Max.

“Now, I know it was probably an accident but what do I need to do to get you do fuck with Havoic like that again?” James asked Max, only half joking. He held one hell of a grudge against the man and he wasn’t feeling particularly mature about handling it. Havoc fucking up his name to a crowd and then dangling in front of them helplessly was incredibly therapeutic and he wasn’t above manufacturing another slip up for the sake of his own pettiness right now.

Early mornings were no stranger to Clarissa, waking before or with the sun since she was a child, and her usual morning energy bubbled with excitement at the prospect of Arena training. She found it a pleasant surprise that Professor Michail was so eager at the early hour; while she conceded his expertise in the manner of war, she’d found his personality and attitude lacking overall. Perhaps it was how eerily similar he and Jorah were and if that were the case, she had only had room for one of that sort and Jorah had long claimed that spot.

And as if on cue, Professor Michail swore in front of an arena full of nobles and Clarissa sighed. Was she unfamiliar with foul mouthed, crude language that seemed to pervade the masses? No, of course not. She’d walked the streets of her home and not everyone guards their tongue so well when they think they’re out of sight around a corner or down the street but she disliked the vulgarity. There were so many other ways to express yourself with a similar intensity that it baffled her that anyone chose such impropriety, especially in front of an assembly of students promised a high standard of learning.

While waiting for Professor Roland to set up the targets, Clarissa considered Professor Malathice's advice. He’s said r runes were drawn well and reasonably paced, if the lack of criticism was anything to go by, but she’d clearly spent too much time focusing on her restorative magic if her Nosferatu spell was noticeably weaker than her restorative magic. She wasn’t entirely sure the best way to go about that but with both Professor Malathice and Professor Simeon in attendance, she was certain she’d have it figured out by the end of the day. She made her way to the cluster of training targets dedicated to magical practice and picked one, drawing heavily on the familiar well of righteous indignation.

Only to startle at the sudden appearance of the newest member of the Unit. Honestly, she’d all but forgotten about him in the emotional turbulence of the past few days which was strange. Rarely did she find herself so inattentive that she missed an entire person’s presence, much less someone she was unfamiliar with in a group she was around regularly. She recalled a similar experience when he was introduced. Did he really have such little presence that he could just vanish?

What a strange boy.

Shaking herself out of her contemplation of Rudolf’s oddity, she turned to focus on her own target. She focused on her movements, runes of light dancing from the tips of her fingers to swirl in front of her, and drew on the familiar font of faith and determination that fueled all her magic before she released the spell with a flick of her wrist. Light burst out from beneath the target and she smiled at the pleasant feeling of shimmer light soaking into her skin like a warm hug on a cold night.

“I don’t think I’ve had an opportunity to introduce myself yet. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, outside of Professor Michail’s brief introduction.” Clarissa offered Rudolf a curtsy once she'd completed her spell. The battle had distracted her from her original goal; make connections and allies and while training wasn’t enough time for anything remotely resembling a decent conversation, she wasn’t about to let him fade away before she got something rolling. “I’m Clarissa von Edmund.”
James Kingston

Location: Outside Renegade’s apartment -> Carousel
Skills: N/A

James watched as the introductions continued, huffing out a laugh as Jack’s name rang out. Max drew out another laugh, Havok and him dangling in the air. If anything was the perfect symbol of the Underground and their efforts, it was Max’s powers; always a little wrong but they got there in the end. Harry was just the opposite, hurrying from the stage. There was a lot hanging over everyone right now, James knew, and a little bit of positive attention wasn’t going to fix everything but hopefully, Harry would realize he was somewhere he could actually take his time and heal.

Andy’s declaration of her name made James think. He’d never bought into the code name business; he agreed it was necessary while out but plenty of them used the names even in private, safe settings. He understood why they found it appealing. Separating themselves from trauma and suffering and establishing an identity that gave them autonomy and control over themselves and their situation was normal and here they could officially shed the one given to them in favor of the one they’d chosen. He didn’t feel the need. Life had taken a lot away from him now―Family, friends, stability and safety―but he wouldn’t let them take away this. James was who he was and Caduceus only ever a name. He’d need to make a note of exactly what everyone said.

Though The Thundering Champion was certainly memorable.

Casper’s wink drew him from his considerations, James’ brow quirking in response. Casper wasn’t being particularly flirty so that meant he was plotting something and James only hoped it wouldn’t end in a trip to the hospital. There was a moment of panic when Casper suddenly launched himself in the crowd but after him squealing, James only laughed and clapped as the crowd bore him around. He’d laughed more today than he had in the past few months and he could feel a little bit of the tension in him ease away. It’d take more than the Underground waking up and a moderately uncomfortable but hilarious public event to make up for everything that had happened but at least it was a start.

And then it was time for… a gift? James was confused but accepted the meteorite with a quick thanks.He felt distinctly uncomfortable and stared at it, concern quickly bubbling up. A meteor colliding with a planet to wipe out a species was violent and destructive and with individuals so intelligent choosing this as a gift sent shivers down his spine. Somehow, James felt that what they held now was more a promise for the future than a reward for the past.

James Kingston

Location: Outside Renegade’s apartment -> Carousel
Skills: N/A

“Babe!” James laughed as he pushed Casper away halfheartedly, pointedly ignoring the hiss that escaped him at Casper’s antics, and briefly debated how bad it would look if they skipped out on the ceremony. Yes, he said earlier that they should attend but he had plenty of time to explore and meet people already, four months more exactly. That was plenty… James knew he wouldn’t just blow it off; it wasn’t particularly in his nature and while he didn’t really care for whatever attention this would bring, he at least wanted to support the Underground. And maybe, despite all the Doctor’s assurances, he was afraid someone was going to collapse. “Once we’re done with all this official stuff, we can definitely make that happen.” He melted into Casper, savouring the way they fit together while they waited for everyone to head out.

And damn, James could only wish he’d decided to ditch this. He didn’t usually experience stage fright but he really felt like thousands of people watching them after spending so much time running, hiding, and doing just about anything to keep attention off of them lent his sudden queasiness credence. But despite his nerves, James found comfort in all of these people living and thriving away from the cruelty of purifiers and politicians and all the other tragedies mutants and their allies suffered. He’d been far too deep in his own thoughts, drowning in his guilt and tears, but now, with his family awake and safe, James could let himself fully appreciate the implications of this new world. His experiences in the Underground and the alternate reality all made his instincts scream, rally against trusting this new arrangement, but James was tired of fighting for his life, for his family’s life, for every mutant as best he could.

So he took a deep breath and ignored it all. Hellfire club or not, they’d created somewhere safe and so James beamed at Sunshine, clapping as she introduced herself with a display of power, watched Casper throw himself out there with disgusting fondness, and laughed so hard at Havok’s fuck up that he doubled over in pain, tears spilling out as he struggled to reign himself in. He managed to get himself under control as Callie and Kristina introduced themselves and he took one last wheezing breath before waving at the crowd. “I’m James. Nice to meet everyone.”
James Kingston

Location: The Magda Eisenhardt Memorial Housing Complex - Omega Building: Outside Renegade's Apartment
Skills: N/A

James hadn't realized how far he'd fallen into his own head, staring at Casper without really seeing him. Harry had shown up at some point too and Andy was hovering, apparently decided that she was ready to be out from whatever was happening inside the apartment. James grinned at Casper wearing the familiar coat, just another thing to remind him that everyone waking up was real, but he immediately noticed there was far too much space between them and that was quite frankly unacceptable. So he fixed that, pulling Casper to him by the waist and snuggling into his side with a satisfied little sigh.

"Sorry babes. Just got a little lost thinking about stuff." James apologized, placing a kiss on his cheek. It was almost surreal that he could touch Casper again; he'd spent months trying to make sure his memories with Casper were always fresh in his mind because he wasn't sure when he would get to do anything with him again that he almost felt like it was a dream. "How would you feel about slipping away from everyone once we're done with the ceremony, Casper? I'll have to show you the apartment but I've spent a good chunk of my free time finding places around the island I think you'll really like."

He sent Harry an appraising glance, the normal upbeat energy that usually wrapped around the man like a glove noticeably absent. James wasn't sure what was going on with him but he could certainly empathize; the last four months had been rough for him too. James would save that for later though; Harry probably needed sole time to adjust to this whole life change. James would step in and see if maybe Harry needed someone to talk to.

It was rare Clarissa faced a bout of restlessness she couldn’t overcome but when they’d been summoned to a meeting after classes were dismissed, she found herself letting out an irritable sigh. Her father’s letter weighed heavily on her mind even after her conversation with Auberon this morning; despite the fact they concurred that they were clearly more than ordinary bandits, Clarissa still found that the idea of an organization operating against one of the most influential and well protected institutions in modern history with little knowledge of who they were unnerving. The strategy was straight forward for all intensive purposes but that wasn’t what concerned her. Rather, she was more concerned about the depths of the atrocity they were willing to commit and the amount of resources they were capable of putting into it. Bandits or not, that kind of muscle wouldn’t have been cheap and the magic they’d employed even caught their professors off guard. And that was only half the attack. They still had the resources remaining to launch a secondary move against the Eastern Church all while they’d been handling the assault on Luin, under the noses of the Roundtable no less. What an embarrassment.

Finally, Michail burst into the classroom. Thank the Goddess because all Clarissa wanted to do was bolt out of here, change into riding clothes, and spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the land around Garreg Mach. Of course, his excuse quickly caught her attention. Lady Arainthe Styliano, the former second in command of the Church of Serios, was an instrumental figure to the stability of the Church following Archbishop Ascelpius’ death. In Clarissas’ part of the world, there was little to no information on her; apparently she was quite reserved and preferred to work behind the scenes rather than standing in the limelight. She did know that many people called for her to take up the mantle for the next Archbishop but she declined in favor of respecting Archbishop Ascelpius’ request. The restlessness shifted and Clarissa now had a new goal. She had a mile long list of questions for the woman, from the finer points of organizational management to more personal things of her life and how she found herself in her position all the way from the western church. Of course, she’d have to be more careful considering the Lady preferred her privacy but surely she could…

Clarissa shook her head, turning her attention back to Michail as he brought up their activity at Luin. She was grateful his first point was the suicide heroics the Prince had pulled, resisting the urge to send him a pointed look. The less their supporting soldiers had to rush into the thick of it, the better the entire Unit’s survivability became. Clarissa could barely hold back a shiver when she remembered that monster of a man wielding an axe with such deadly precision and speed. She kept the point in mind. She hadn’t necessarily hesitated but she had been overwhelmed at one point. She would have to make sure she kept her focus through the battle. Maybe that was something she could discuss with Euphemia later. She made a note of that one the parchment she’d been writing notes on, circling it for good measure. She nodded as Michail continued. Even if these points weren’t specifically for her, it was better to use her comrades’ failures as a lesson to improve herself.

It took everything in Clarissa not to laugh when Michail commended Jorah on his leadership abilities. She hadn’t any doubt that if he actually put effort into it, he’d excel in any leadership position much like he does with any task he sets his mind to but the simple fact of the matter was Jorah ran from the idea of responsibility and leadership as much as he could and it absolutely tickled her that once again, Jorah found himself in a position that his natural abilities shone through brighter than he’d care to admit. She managed to keep a straight face but her shoulders shook in silent laughter.

Her mirth vanished quickly as her name was called and she found herself under Michail’s scrutiny. She blinked at his feedback, eyes mistier than she cared to admit. No matter what she’d been told, the Goddess would never witness Clarissa’s back turned to those suffering if she could help them. The poor villagers, innocents in the dark designs of a larger evil, deserved more than what the world could offer in recompense and if what little aid she could offer was enough to provide some succor to them, then she would offer it until she collapsed. She didn’t feel she deserved thanks for offering what any soul with the tiniest ounce of compassion would have but whatever they’d gifted her, she’d thank them and remember why she was here-to create a world where tragedies like this never happened.

At the news of Raimund leaving, she frowned. What a sudden change in decisions. Perhaps the original reason for his living with the Gloucesters was finally coming to fruition or perhaps something had happened at home in response to the recent attack. Still, she couldn’t say he was heartbroken. Raimund had always left her on edge and frankly, she thought of him as a poor influence on Jorah. Jorah by himself was a handful but reasonable. Jorah and Raimund together? Clarissa could scarcely believe the trouble the pair could get into. Jorah would be sad to see his friend go, considering how long they were forced apart, but Clarissa sincerely believed that was for the better. Raimund was a distraction more than anything.

She was confused with the introduction of a newcomer. Usually, she made it a point to mark new faces in a crowd, draw connections and relations before they even spoke, but she hadn’t noticed anyone new in the classroom. Only the few absent faces but other than that―

She startled as a boy made himself known, a quiet, timid thing, in the back of the classroom. If she hadn’t known better, she’d have claimed he’d materialized out of thin air but that’d be ludicrous. She clearly only overlooked him and there was no reason for her to have not to. His eyes were fixed firmly on the ground and she was practically straining to hear him. Much in the suit of the two nobles who left, this was another weak willed noble, without a backbone nor conviction to see himself through the end of a heated discussion, much less a battle. From what they’d encountered thus far, Clarissa was developing legitimate and sincere concerns about the future of the empire. How did they believe they would keep order with leaders who were barely able to keep themselves alive, much less hundred of thousands of others?

But she supposed that none of that was her concern.

“Jorah,” She turned to her friend as Michail officially dismissed the class. “Do you have anything planned for a little later this afternoon? I thought a ride might be a nice way to clear my head and get to know the area around Garreg Mach a bit. I have to discuss something with Professor Euphemia first and I have to get changed so you’d have sometime before we set out. I just need a brief change of pace before we get back into the swing of warfare and studies.”
James Kingston

Location: The Magda Eisenhardt Memorial Housing Complex - Omega Building: Outside Renegade's Apartment
Skills: N/A

James was content to follow everyone as they went to retrieve their belongings, the familiar warmth of Casper’s hand in his soothing. He considered Veil’s question and chuckled softly at the concern behind those words. Considering their history, he wasn’t surprised at the caution. With all its beauty and splendor, it’s promises and wonder, Genosia seemed like a carefully designed farce to those so used to running and hiding and crying. He’d certainly felt that way. It seemed too good to be true, an idyllic haven far removed from the life they’d learned to accept. But the simple fact was James was fighting too many wars at the time, both inside and outside, and after a month, and a great deal of conversation with acquaintances, he let that one slide. So all he did was shrug as a response to their leader because honestly, he wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure if they could trust this place, he wasn’t sure if they were safe, he wasn’t sure if they could settle and call this home but for now, it would do.

Of course, that little piece of serenity shattered as soon as Sunshine revealed she had a fiancée. When the fucking hell had she even met someone? Did Sunshine fall in love with someone in that little group of psychos? He fucking knew he should have interfered. He should have hunted those things down and politely convinced them with a few passes of the knight to―

He took a deep breath.

When everyone went inside with Renegade, James stayed outside. He needed a moment to collect himself. He was angry about the news but anger was a secondary emotion, a result of his own inability to process something in that moment. So what was he failing to process? Sunshine, someone he cared for immensely despite their current situation, had someone close enough and important enough to her that she intended to marry them and didn’t tell him. How did that make him feel? Frustrated, scared, disappointed… Disappointed felt like the right one but what about it. Why would he be disappointed in Sunshine over that? He didn’t necessarily agree― Actually, he loathed that she connected to this type of crowd but he would never be disappointed that she found someone to love. So why the fuck was he disappointed?

He was disappointed in himself. That made much more sense. He should have been there to celebrate with her, to support her, but he wasn’t. James… wasn’t sure how to handle that news right now. He felt fragile. He felt drained. Before he had a goal, something to work towards, and now with it gone, he wasn’t sure where that left him. There was so much to do, so much to fix, and he didn’t know where to begin.

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