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Hiya, AChronum here! Although I'm relatively new to rping, I have plenty of writing experience and love trying new genres and styles. I absolutely love high magic fantasy RPs and am pretty much willing to do anything so long as I can create a charaxter, not play an existing one, and develop lots and lots of backstory! I'm perfectly comfortable with all mature themes as well, although smut for smut's sake is out of the question.

Interested in an RP? Send me a PM and have a magically marvelous day!

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While heading to wherever Xenos was trying to meet him up with his guild, Steven noticed something.

”One moment, if you don’t mind.” He stopped right at the clothing store, as he looked over the samples. His eyes glanced briefly through the sections, seemingly assessing them in his mind. Shortly after he eyes on only one item.

”I wish to buy the white one please, thank you.” He politely requested, as the NPC smiled with courtesy.

”Fancy Clothes? That would be 70 Renn please.”

No big deal.

A message popped up in front of him, notifying him of the purchase. Without much hesitation, he clicked yes. Immediately, another message popped up, confirming the purchase. He quickly got into the menu and went into his profile. Soon, he was flashing up like a wisp for a brief moment before fading back into normal, this time donning a serious-looking yet grand white cloak and suit that merely served as cosmetic. Quite a bit for investment, but Steven just shrugged it off with the explanation

”It feels good to be nicely dressed when you are about to meet someone.”

“Looking snazzy!” Xenos flashed him a grin and a thumbs up and typed out a message to the guild.

”Okay, let's head over towards our usual Inn and see who we can find!” Xenos wrapped his arm back into Steven’s and headed off.

Still hunting down a co-GM and players!


Alphonse stayed silent during the drive, focused on the destination and their upcoming battle. If all turned out well, the Stray would be dealt with quickly and without much surprises. The edges of his mouth twitched in a brief flash of humor. The only suprise should be the one he set up. He pulled up to the front gate and rolled down his window as the guard approached them cautiously. With barely a a thought, Alphonse settled the memory of the previous shift mentioning a representative from a major consulting firm and the student government of Reinfield college would be appraising the property for possible purchase. Alfonse flashed his company ID and they were waved in by a slightly dazed guard.

He putlled the car to a stop in front of the building and stepped out, favoring a critical eye over the location rather than watch Desmond open Alice’s door. The less damage the better so he marked places that may need to be reinforced before the fight. He turned back to the group.

“Very well, my liege. How would you care to go about this tonight?”
Still looking for players and a Co-GM!

"Any of you wanna wipe his ass too? Jeez, let the man think for five seconds before y’all throw yourselves at him.” Alisaie said irritably as she finished her food. She tossed the container in the trash a few feet away, grimacing when it bounced off the edge but rolling to her feet and enthusiastically dunking it instead. She perked up at the phrase “Mock Battles.”

“Yes, finally someone that isn't my familiar! You might be a devil Raith but I’ve been doing this for most of my life.” She said cheekily, a confident grin on her face. “If you think you’re gonna take me down easy devil boy, you got another thing coming. Let's get this show on the road people!” She dashed out the door to the forest, adrenaline already pumping. Having someone other than Anaja, though a fantastic sparring partner, would help immensely. She was afraid her skills had been stagnating in the repetition that is fighting the same person repeatedly.

Interacting with:@TaroAndSelia@Ithradine

Xenos nodded in approval as Reylan voiced his dissent. Now that's he confirmed the leader of the guild he joined wouldn't be bowled over by popular opinion, he decided it was best to skip the rest of the meeting. Finishing his project would hopefully put him in better spirits for the festival. Though still no alcohol tonight. If things went the way he wanted, he’d have plenty of work to do tomorrow. He pulled up his messages, quickly sent short PMs to Reylan and Alisea, and left the square whistling, not quite out of his funk but definitely on the up and up.

@ConscriptsTinker Buddies!

Actually, we should get together at some point and discuss what direction to take the class so we can diversify our toolkits!
@Conscripts Welcome! I saw you on my interest check and we are excited to have you join! Do you have an idea for character creation? We do need some Frontline strength so a maurader or a lancer would be really helpful but don't feel like you have to be those!!!!!
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