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Hiya, AChronum here! Although I'm relatively new to rping, I have plenty of writing experience and love trying new genres and styles. I absolutely love high magic fantasy RPs and am pretty much willing to do anything so long as I can create a charaxter, not play an existing one, and develop lots and lots of backstory! I'm perfectly comfortable with all mature themes as well, although smut for smut's sake is out of the question.

Interested in an RP? Send me a PM and have a magically marvelous day!

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The general din of the inn had settled a little as people’s adrenaline highs wore off and the alcohol and the warmth started settling in their bones. People chatted much more pleasantly, a pleased buzz running through the room, and Anu was chatting with Drash but turned around when he gave a nod and a wave at the newcomer’s entrance. The girl beamed and made her way over.

“Welcome to the Tipsy Troodon.” Anu said cheerfully. ”You lookin’ for a meal, a room, or both? We got a seat open at the counter if you’d like.”

The town was still quiet, most of its NPCs turned in for the night. A few guards patrolled the area, throwing wary looks at the new adventurers but otherwise leaving them alone so long as they weren’t too rowdy. The clouds had mostly disappeared by now and a full moon and a black sea of stars shone down on Reliquia. Here in the dark of the forests, the entire sky was flooded with speckles of light.

Approaching the bridge that spanned the mouth of the river as it deposited into the delta, Aura would see another girl standing on it and muttering irritably as her fingers danced in the air. She was likely messaging someone. A closer look would show her name Whispering Willow < Last Genesis >.

The man accepted both person’s money happily and rowed them across the delta. It was a short trip but what had originally been a small island rapidly grew into a large piece of land and the word hut was rather misleading. The circular building took up almost all of the land space, a few shamans outside staring at the sky. They made no move to greet the new arrivals as they would pass by past the animal skins that hung in the doorway.

Inside, a bonfire dominated the center and its smoke curled up through a hole in the domed ceiling. Various people lounged inside, some weaving baskets, some telling stories, and a few passing around a long pipe. A hummingbird zipped past the pair that entered and shimmered, shifting into Rania who looked at them curiously.
“Why have two bothrian made there way here?” The woman’s posture was calm and collected but her tone held an edge to it.

“You may need to consider refining that vision, my boy. Saying you wish to produce things of grandeur and actually creating something are two entirely different things.” Winston proclaimed. “But of course I shall guide you on your path! But you’ll first need an idea, a base from which your inspiration to grow and shape, to expand outside your own mind and take on a life of its own!”

Quest Complete: A Mechanist’s Life for Me!
Mechanist Subclass
2500 EXP
2 Silver Coins

Yes No
[sub]Please be aware that accepting this subclass will stop you from accepting other subclass of your class[/sub]

With Cecelia’s proclamation, the group she gathered burst into the Arena behind her and the sound bounced around the vaulted ceiling. The Arena dominated the majority of the tower’s height, a large pit covered in a thin layer of sand dug a bit below sea level and tiers of seating rising almost as high as the ceiling. Hundred of cut gems glowed with near natural light, illuminating the space perfectly. There were few shadows available for those who’s magic relied on them.

The NPC had no issue agreeing to hold onto their coin, procuring a small pot from somewhere in the Arena for everyone to put their coin in. 1700 Renn clinked as she carried it around after she sealed it with a wooden top and several feet of rope. She called in a few other guards, all eager to see some of the new arrivals show off their skills, and no one complained when they were asked to take positions around the arena to make sure they could catch all the bouts.

“I think I’ve already claimed this dance first.” Gauis slid right up to Cecelia, a 3 barreled steel flintlock pistol in hand and a smirk on his face. “Let’s see if I’m as fast as lightning.” Off to the side, a woman in heavy robes and a staff leaned against the wall, waiting her turn.

“Hm, perhaps you should.” Varis agreed with Eris’s suggestion, raising an eyebrow expectantly. “One of my vassel’s was prattling on about it a decade or two ago and now that you’ve reminded me, it would be an interesting experience. Probably wouldn’t have to wait more than an hour either.” Varis contemplated the idea seriously. The vampire probably hadn’t expected Varis to react, much less like this, but catching the actor by surprise was always amusing. The corner of his mouth twitched upward in brief amusement. And if the actor followed through... well, Varis wouldn’t waste the opportunity.

Alderman’s comments caught his attention quickly after that though, eyebrows shot up in surprise. His words, if genuine, wouldn't have caught his attention but the insolence in his tone grated on the Sinnenodel’s nerves. The Starag boy may be incompetent but at least he knew how to keep his tongue still. Varis eyed the waif critically. While normally he could just allow Eris to handle his own problems, blatantly disrespecting a vampire known to be in regular contact with himself would be paramount to approval.

“A ugly bark fitting an ugly mutt. Here I thought you merely had the good sense to keep your council but I was mistaken. Hold your tongue in the future otherwise you’ll find yourself without the choice to loose it. Whatever insolence you had the opportunity to develop should be quelled now.” Varis warned the mage before turning back to Eris. “You have some work cut out for you with this one. I recommend investing in a muzzle for the mage straight away. If he continues to act like this, we can have his magic artificially bound over his breaks. Deprive the boy of his reprieves until he behaves.”

“Let’s be about getting your mage his toy. The sooner we do that, the sooner we can rid ourselves of mages for a while.” Varis sighed. Frankly, he wanted to leave as soon as he dropped off the boy. It was the whole reason he gave him the night off despite his performance issues.Varis would be more than happy just to leave Alderman here to find his own if it meant leaving sooner but he understood leaving a dog without its master on the first day was never a good way to establish the relationship.

Meanwhile, Jory receives a very angry text message response.

“What do you mean, what do we need you for? Remember, we were supposed to talk at lunch but we couldn’t find you? And now you’ve disappeared into the wind again? You know, the whole you have to help us or the Hive digs through your head deal? Ring a bell?”

Plenty of students made their way around campus now that their last class was done for the evening. Mages and vampires roamed in groups in various degrees of haste, the newer students clearly a little overwhelmed by everything they’ve gone through today. Students separated for various extracurricular activities, some heading towards the arena and others heading back into the halls. As she often did, Ryner could be seen walking around campus and talking excitedly with various staff and students with Sariel and William trailing close behind her.

Salem’s next class was held in the Library’s Study Room 1, easily found on the side of the massive room. His name and another, Julian Noila, were written in neat script on the marker next to the door. Various sconces glowed along the walls covered in soft tapestries depicting various scenes from history and a fire crackled on the back wall. Plush carpet muffled the sound of footsteps and the various chairs from the room were lining the walls. On the far end of the room, a small round side table held a ruler and a metal rod. A stool sat in the middle of the room.

But perhaps most noticeably, the walls rose and rose without end and faded into the sky to reveal a million stars shining down softly. This would be the sky above the academy without lights, without civilization, as if the room hovered ten thousand feet in the air. It was one of the most popular ones, especially with astronomy students, and plenty of people just came in to star gaze for an hour.

Far less exciting, a vampire stood on the back wall. Hands clasped behind his back, his face neutral as he awaited his newest pupil, Julian Noila instructed every Noila and every Starag to grace the royal household in the past 300 years in manners and etiquette. The man towered over most, looking down with a haughty expression at those who didn’t reach his standards and incorrect behaviors were quickly met with a swift snap of a ruler or, if the individual was particularly stubborn, a metal rod. The man wore a simple three piece suit, hair pulled back tightly and just the hint of a scowl twisted his otherwise blank expression.
James Kingston

Location: The Mutant Underground, Washington D.C. Station
Skills: Strategy

James nodded as he acknowledged Collusus’s instructions, eyeing the playing field. What could they do against an experienced opponent? He’d call this sparring so James would try to think of it like any other match and that meant changing the rules of the encounter. So what could they do? Ringing the bell was the objective. Changing that would require either shifting the man’s priorities or knocking him out, neither of which seemed the easiest way of handling that. No, they had the numbers which meant that was the easiest way to change the tide. James eyes narrowed as Leighton tried a trick. Well, that was an idea.

“We need to change the flow of this. We have the numbers so let’s use that to our advantage. If some of us dive bomb past him on her ice and the others take long edges of the room around, maybe our momentum will knock him to the ground and those who get past can help those who didn’t?” James suggested quietly to the group. This wasn’t meant for anyone to get significantly hurt if it really was just sparring so he imagined the instructor would take care not to just topple on top of people, giving them a spare moment to react.


Location: The Hellfire Club
Skills: N/A

“Probably wise. Unfortunately, it is a vice I can’t seem to relinquish.” Requiem chuckled, refilling his own glass and sipping at it as he did. “And yourself, Ms. Frost would you care for a glass? A pleasant drink after a stressful day always puts me in a better mood.” He smiled politely, ignoring Jinx’s disrespect and the not so subtle jab from Anastasia. If this was how this little group would act, he was going to have a stress headache everyday when he woke up. He would rather not deal with two infants unable to put aside their differences and pride to work together but it seemed the fates were cruel these days. They had been for a long time.

“As I said the other day, we are more than pleased to work in tandem with you Ms. Frost. I wouldn’t dare to endanger such an arraignment by denying you access to our conversation. I was only catching Ms. Reinhardt up on what information we gleaned from yesterday’s tour of your facilities. And discovering that she doesn’t care to drink, a fact I’ll keep in mind so as not to offend her in the future.” He nodded politely at Anastasia before returning his attention to Emma. “We were just about to hear her thoughts on the matter. Since you were present for our findings yesterday, perhaps you’d care to share your insight as well. We’re all after the same culprit after all.”
James Kingston

Location: Outside the Banner Residence
Skills: N/A

Kingson let out a yelp and a strangled curse as the bolt of energy slammed him to the ground. Stars danced in front of his eyes and he gasped, the throbbing pain in the back of his head making it hard to concentrate on more than just what the fresh fuck just happened? He groaned as he struggled to sit up, pleased to find his legs unstuck and even more pleased to find the portal shut. Frankly, he didn’t want to go with them but Niah made him completely confused. As much as it sucked getting tossed around like a rag doll, at least James’s head was clearer now and the plan was back on track. Speaking of which…

“God fucking damn it. Clarke, get your ass in gear. Assholes sided with Banner so we need to get back to base and get our shit together. Don’t get on the Quinjet. They were talking about exploding it over the ocean and fiddled with it.” James grumbled as he hauled himself up off the ground with a grunt. He limped over to Mystique’s unconscious corpse and he tried to revive her, only partially disappointed when he failed. It was better he didn’t have to listen to her incompetence more than he needed. “I’m going inside to contact headquarters. Keep a watch out or drag her inside, I don’t care. I just want out of this heat at this point.” James muttered angrily as he limped inside. The pain in his back was slowly fading and his strides becoming more even with every step.
Can't waiiiit! Good job :D
@Nallore Here we go!

Interacting with: @Hero@Scribe of Thoth

Varis had all but forgotten Eris had a waif following him. He took the time to cast a critical eye back over the mage, once again disappointed in Alderman. Dark, brooding, and probably more than content to fade into the background. Not without its charm for some, Varis wouldn’t have tolerated that behavior longer than it took Aldeman to introduce himself. He felt something akin to jealousy. Breaking that mage would have been far more challenging than the boy. Maybe he’d borrow Alderman when he was in a particularly good mood. Eris would be more than happy to occupy the boy for a day or two while Varis picked this one apart.

Varis was shaken from his musing when Eris reintroduced his agent, eyebrow cocked in disapproval at the overbearing expression on the man’s face. Coupled with the distasteful outfit the man seemed determined to flaunt―never mind Eris spent an entire evening detailing why this look was far more practical during events. Eris indulged the modern world far too much as it was in the Count’s opinion―Varis couldn’t help but wonder why it was this sibling that made the delivery. At least the other one knew how to mind her manners in public. How they act behind closed doors in the Samael household was one thing; doing it in public was an entirely different story.

“Was there a reason you didn’t send for the quality sibling?” Varis asked the actor dryly as the duffle bag passed hands. Varis originally assumed it was some new designer toy the actor got his hands on but that would be too simple for Eris. No. Instead, Varis mustered every ounce of strength he had not to bear fangs at the thing Eris dragged out of the bag. He did let a sneer make it’s way onto his lips and a scoff wormed its way out of his throat. “While I have a few concerns about your new interest in rats, I concur with your courier selection.”

“You lot are all the same.” Rowina sighed, opening the door to let the Tinker in. The space beyond the immediate entrance was a small living room, a couch and two chairs around a small coffee table. Two bookshelves framed a window and a fireplace recently quit sat smoldering still. The kitchen could be seen to the right and a short flight of stairs would take people up to a study and a bedroom or down into what was presumably a basement. Rowina tugged on a thick rope just barely in reach of the fire place as she stocked it back to life. Muted jingling could be heard upstairs, scuffling and muttering accompanying the sound.

“You’re the one we’ll see tonight. Can’t be up at all hours and still put things together without them exploding after all.” The woman sighed as she got a fire going. “Now what exactly are you looking for? If you’re coming to us, you’re looking to specialize but we each have our methods. Guns and explosives? I can teach you a trick or two. Something a bit bigger, more complex? My husband can- Speak of the devil.”

“Yes, enlighten us my dear boy. What grandeur do you plan to provide this poor world?” Winston Ratshrew clumped heavily down the stairs, a delighted smile on his face at the sight of a fellow Tinker, drawing another sigh from his wife. Even if the boy only wanted Rowena’s expertise, it would be with a hovering husband and another hour of work to get him back into bed. “Are you trying to reach the heights of the Windswpet Ribbons or dive to the depths of the Viscken Whirl? Survive the tempestuous Friliand Flames? Come come. Tell us what majesty you intend to impart with vision, imagination, and gusto!”

There was some muttering among the forty of so adventurers milling around the guild hall, none of them immediately taking to the idea. One man however, stepped up adjacent to Cecilia and grinned. “Come on, you yellow bellied curs! Riches and war? What other ways can we work off a little stress before we lay our heads down to rest? How will you be prepared to take on the day if you don’t practice and why put off until tomorrow what can be done tonight!” The player, Gauis, grinned as fifteen others agreed, all focusing on the money.

“Lead the way, fearless leader. We’ll all be snapping at your heels on the battlefield soon enough! Gaius chuckled with a slight bow. “I can’t wait to see what confidence brought this about. I hope you can dodge a bullet.
James Kingston

Location: The Mutant Underground
Skills: N/A

James slept through most of the day, the repeated attempts at fixing his crush up taking more than he expected. When he did wake up, it was the afternoon and he groaned as he rolled out of bed. He still forced himself through stretching and several laps around the area just to stay active. His next goal was a phone, which he was temporarily side tracked from when food was announced and frankly he didn’t care what the fare was. Hunger is the best spice and was he ever starved His food disappeared almost the instant he got it and his hunt for a phone resumed after he helped clean up. He found one as the mission team assembled and James couldn’t help but poke at Max or Tome or whatever he went by.

“No fire this time, alright? You’ve got enough arson under your belt already.” He chuckled as he passed Tome before he left. “Break and leg and all that! But don’t really. Still a bit worn out. I recommend waiting til tomorrow!. James suggested as he headed over towards Colossus. He pulled out the piece of paper Casper provided and created a new contact, Casper <3. He typed out a message, still a little nervous, and turned his attention back to the group.

Hey, its James! Still not 100% about coffee since I slept through the entire day but at least we can chat through here in the meantime. I hate for you to think I ghosted you!

“I bet you’ll do great! It’s not so hard after the first few sessions and it’s easy to practice even without a partner.” James encouraged Leighton, only thinking about the sparring and not the power part of the issue. “I’m definitely down to spar. Been a few days since I could get work up a sweat not related to pissing off the authorities.


Location: The Hellfire Club
Skills: N/A

Requiem sipped at the red wine he procured earlier from the club’s reserves, a younger vintage than he normally indulged in but surprisingly pleasant nonetheless. Pleasing hints of cinnamon contrasting a silky elegance proved the wine’s vintage inconsequential. Requiem hummed as the other two spoke, ignoring Jinx as usual and affirming his opinion on the newest member of their team. Confidence and resolve etched themselves into her every movement, something Requiem could appreciate since they manifested in a far more mature manner than the brat’s, and she clearly held herself to a certain set of standards. The two were like night and day, though he wasn’t sure which would cause him a greater headache. On one hand, there was the jester whose behavior was a chronic pain and caused him to play the diplomat far more than he liked. On the other hand, there was Anastasia who seemed like the type with ambition and those with ambition often caused more problems than they solved. She’d probably push to take over the investigation and Requiem had little problem letting her.

He worked better behind the scenes anyways.

“I recommend ignoring his antics. Acknowledging the behavior is an err you will ultimately regret.” He commented amusedly after another sip of wine. “As for our discussion, Ms. Reinhardt has the right of it. We must move forward with the assumption surveillance is constant here so we’d do best to catch our newest addition up to date. After our debriefing yesterday and confirming with Mr. Shaw no investigation report was made due to the primary security contact’s death, Jinx and I made our way to Frost Headquarters where Ms. Frost intercepted us. She escorted us to the holding area for the Sentinel and after a short investigation, we discovered very little. As was to be expected. Scuff marks on the floor, metal fragments not handled in the theater, security footage showing all four of the inner circle accessing the room along with the triplets with Reeva and Mystique with Magneto. Ms. Frost and Mr. Shaw indulged in carnal pleasures, Ms. Payge and the triplets access the equipment and then made a phone call, and the last pair used the medical room before leaving for the day. The Sentinel appears up until an hour long blackout and then is missing when the footage resumes. Again, as expected. Ms. Frost is apparently running her own investigation and superficially is willing to collaborate.” Requiem explained. Although they’d discovered little, they had a few avenues available including Jinx’s little love interest. And he planned to fully take advantage of that particular little instance.

“Would you care for a glass of wine while you give your opinion on the matter, Ms. Reinhardt?”
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