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In Ju-V 28 days ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay

Haven watched her roommate with thoughtful eyes. It was hard to imagine what it felt like to have such a dangerous ability. Zee would try her best not to be a threat? The fact that she had to say that aloud made Haven think that Zee never meant to harm anyone in the first place. Yet a voice in the back of her mind had to chime in. To remind her that she'd just met Zee, and that she shouldn't let her guard down yet. Even around her other new friends. It had been too long since she'd been around a kind soul to forget how cruel people could be.

"And don't worry. I don't have the emotional capacity to have enemies."

Haven's brows rose, but the hidden humor behind Zee's words was enough to keep her from asking any questions. Haven grinned. "Looks like we'll get along great, then."

Even if she couldn't fully trust Zee, Haven decided that what she knew about her roommate was enough to truly relax around her. She lifted her wings from the bed, which took more of an effort for her tired muscles than she'd like, and turned to lay on her stomach. She hugged the pillow underneath her, her head resting on it's side to face Zee. A sigh of relief left her as she let her wings rest beside her.

"Did you have to travel far to get here?" She asked. Zee didn't look tired, but then again Zee didn't look anything. "They put me on a plane." Her nose wrinkled as she remembered the experience. "It was awful."

In Ju-V 1 mo ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay

"Planes go up, like, five miles into the air."

Haven smiled in response. A sort of dreamy smile that also held some pride. She remembered how elated she felt when she realized just how high she had gone. It had been incredibly tempting not to race the shiny machine through the clouds.

She was pulled from her memories when Zee confirmed her theory. Haven's brows lifted a fraction, and she sat up a little straighter as the girl reached for a bottle of water. It was hard not to show her interest. What kind of ability did she have that would need gloves to contain it?

Haven was already impressed as she watched Zee's breath chill the air as it left her lungs. So by the time the bottle froze with a single touch, little snowflakes that were once condensation falling from the it, Haven was in awe. With her vision, she'd seen exactly where the ice began at Zee's fingertips and travelled through. She even heard the pop as the bottle expanded around it's solid contents. It left a chill on the back of her neck.

Even in her amazement, she noticed how quickly Zee put the glove back on. Haven held back her praise long enough to hear the reason behind her caution. For Zee to know that she could freeze people as well... It meant that she must have learned the hard way.

Haven bit her lip, and her eyes moved to the frozen bottle in the sun so Zee couldn't see the trouble in her eyes. She couldn't imagine what it felt like to have an ability capable of that much harm. To discover that through experience must have been hard for Zee. Haven mulled over what she could say for a moment, before she pushed the sympathy down to the pit of her stomach and looked back at her roommate.

"I'm sorry... if you found out the hard way." She nodded to the gloves. "I hope that they can teach you to control it here."

"And I won't say anything to the others. It's not my business, and I'm not here to make any enemies either." She gave Zee a small, albeit a bit awkward smile despite the heavy conversation they were having. "I definitely don't wanna piss off someone I have to sleep around."

In Ju-V 1 mo ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay

"Maybe, but let's not sugarcoat it, we are trouble."

Haven tilted her head to the right in response. Zee had a point, but Haven didn't really see herself as trouble. Then again, the incident with the thief had certainly proven she was prone to it. Now that she thought of it, her obvious truancy record, disregard for the law, and petty crimes had Haven questioning how much trouble she really was. Compared to the four who had already been detained, she assumed she was still among the lowest percentage of this institution.

"...So what kind of trouble are you? What can you do?"

Zee's stare wasn't demanding. It didn't feel casual either. Haven pressed her lips together. She felt a familiar urge to shut down any questions aimed at her personal life. Yet... Why should she bother trying to hide? It felt like hiding who she was would only make life here difficult and isolated. So, fuck it.

"Well," she began slowly, deciding to at least give short descriptions for now. "I'm a flight risk. Have been since I grew these." She couldn't help but grin a little as she lifted a wing behind her. It promptly slumped back onto the bed.

"Never really had a home." Except for with Isabel. "I've flown across the country and back by now. If they knew how many vacation homes I've broken into, I'd be considered a criminal case of breaking and entering." She shrugged. The feds would probably figure it out soon enough. "A park ranger with an anger problem caught me a few days ago and here I am." She twisted her lips now, trying to ignore the rage that bubbled in her stomach when she thought of that prick. Moving on from that thought quickly, she decided to give a short description of her other qualities.

"Along with the feathers, I have better eyes and ears than most people. The cold doesn't bother me as much, either. I've gone as high in the air as planes with no issues."

Haven figured that was enough information without droning on or sounding self-centered. So she decided to ask her roommate the same question.

"How about you? Does it have to do with the gloves?"

In Ju-V 2 mos ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay

Haven looked back at her roommate as she spoke. Zelda, Zee, whatever? Zelda's tone was flat, walking the line between indifferent and cold. Haven felt a chill in the air between them that made her cramped wings shift. Was it just her imagination?

"Neither do I. I can sleep on the floor if you want both beds."

The humor was unexpected. Even if it was in the same tone as before, Haven felt it break the ice between them. The right side of her mouth quirked and she found herself feeling much more at ease with the stranger in front of her.

"As nice as that sounds, I don't think I could do that to you." She moved her way into the room, figuring that she could be the one to pick instead. "I guess I'll take the left side, then." She said as she looked between the beds. The orientation of the light coming through the small window in the room looked like the sunrise would hit her bed first. It would be comforting to wake up to natural lighting, since she'd never really used an alarm clock anyways.

To make the claim official, Haven stepped over to it and set her backpack on the end of the bed. She picked up the plastic bag and examined it's contents. Inside it was just her well worn clothes; the sewing kit was nowhere in sight. With a soft sigh she set it aside and turned to sit down on the bed.

From the hallway she could hear the last roommates get dropped at their room. Doors were shutting, and it seemed like the dorm had settled into a peaceful state. The sign that she could finally rest after such a long day.

With a roll of her shoulders, her wings slowly unfurled behind her. They stretched out to the length of the bed before unceremoniously sagging onto the sheets. The relief was instant, and clearly displayed on her face. She even took a moment to stretch her neck out before she remembered that she wasn't alone.

"This is... a lot cushier than I expected." She thought aloud as she nodded her head to the TV. "Guess they think we won't cause as much trouble if we're entertained."

In Ju-V 2 mos ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay

A uniform in the room announced their next destination. The relief that Haven felt was visible in the way her shoulders sagged. I might have to thank the redhead for taking one for the team. She thought as she lowered her arms to her side and grabbed her backpack. As she was walking through the door she overheard the medics discussion. The dickhead would live.

Haven mulled over why she felt relieved that he hadn't passed away. She noted the way to the residential area, emergency exits, other juvee's room assignments, as she came to the conclusion that perhaps she just didn't want her first day here to end in a funeral. Even if it was for a stranger.

On a deeper level, Haven didn't wish death upon anyone. Even the worst of the lot deserved to live, but only so they could face their consequences. She just wanted justice. In her eyes, Billy's oncoming concussion was only a slice of a punishment cake. She doubted Rowell would give him anything more than a week in solitary and a slap on the wrist, but Haven guessed that there was more coming for him. One day someone was going to shove the whole bakery down Billy's throat.

The girls separated from the boys, heading down a hall opposite them. Haven began to feel that ever present anxiety begin to creep in again as the girls were being paired off. Who was she going to be paired with? She glanced at the remaining girls. Sophia had already been paired up with the girl who could disappear, so that ruled out the only other person she knew on this side of the dorm.

"Room 110 for Haven Barnes and Zelda DiAngelo."

Haven blinked as the group stopped once more, her last name hitting her like a cold drop of rain. The uniform continued on, along with the other girls. Haven stood by the door until someone lingered behind with her. She looked over at Zelda, a shorter girl with white hair and the palest skin she had ever seen.

"Hey," Haven began with less confidence behind her voice than she would have liked. She cleared her throat and started again. "You can just call me Haven. I don't... really use my last name." She glanced into the room, and was glad to see that it wasn't going to be a cramped situation. "Do you want to pick what side you want? I don't really mind what I get."

In Ju-V 3 mos ago Forum: Advanced Roleplay

The small blonde walked away from the table, and Haven didn't feel any suspicion that the girl had been pulling her wing the whole time. Which, in Haven's opinion, meant that Sophia was another person she could see becoming a friend here. The word friend felt foreign. Jumping from zero to two in one day felt a little bit like having whiplash of the soul.

Speaking of whiplash.

Haven caught sight of red hair flashing. Her eyes locked on the two in time to catch her salute, and Billy's hands reaching... A shiver ran up her spine and ruffled her feathers. Her hands clenched into fists beneath the table as her mind tried to process what his second hand had been reaching for. Fortunately for her psyche, his hand never found it's destination. Haven's fists loosened. What stopped him?

The dickhead seemed to wonder the same thing. Until his face twisted into something raw and vulnerable. Fear. Was it because this was the first time his plans had gone wrong, or because he knew what it felt like to lose the advantage? Or was it because of the look of pure feminine rage on the redhead's face?

"You really fucked with the wrong one." Haven heard over the long haired boy's videogame.


Haven moved swiftly, shoving the stool out from underneath of her before she ducked beneath the table. She could only hope that had been enough of a warning to the others. She had no clue what ability the girl had, but she wasn't going to find out the hard way. An explosion erupted from the corner of the room as if it was an answer to her paranoia. Her immediate reaction was to shove her hands against her ears; just in time to give her eardrums extra padding before the sound hit her. She grimaced as the awful crack of wood being torn apart shot right through her hands and earplugs. The thump of a body sounded muted, but was still loud enough to draw Haven's eyes back to the scene.

Splintered wood lay scattered on the ground around Billy's slumped body. His lacerated skin already bleeding. The wounds didn't look fatal, although she guessed he'd have a nasty concussion and find it difficult to sit comfortably for a while.

The redhead stood unharmed above him, as if the explosion hadn't reached her. Haven noted her body language. The fear of what she had just done clearly displayed. The guard, who had been willfully ignorant or completely oblivious to their interaction, jumped into action by barking orders. She could hear some large body pushing it's way through the rec room to get to Billy and the girl. Bulk came into view just in time for more guards to pour into the room.

They went for Bulk first. Haven wasn't surprised that it took four guards to take him down. The guy was like an angry bull, still putting up a fight even on the ground. She looked back to the redhead, currently getting her wrists zip tied behind her back, and watched as they took her from the room.

Haven slowly stood to her feet and dared to look around the room. No one seemed harmed but Billy, fortunately. The girl's power was... she couldn't think of any word but explosive at the moment. She had a right to be, the way the unconscious prick had attacked her.

So as Haven reluctantly turned her back to the room, she figured karma had done it's work today. He obviously had it coming. She placed her hands behind her head and stared forward. Out into the blue skies of San Francisco again. As intimidating as The Kid presented Billy, this proved that he was still just a human with human flaws. She knew without a doubt that if he ever pulled that shit on her, he'd get what was coming to him again.

She laced her fingers together behind her head as the guards began to address the bystanders. She'd see it as a blessing if they were sent to their rooms now. She could stretch her wings, take the earplugs out in the quiet of it, and maybe even get a nap in. She was sure that the second her head hit the pillow she'd be out. Her dreams would take her into the mountains, and she could forget about the last day and a half for a few hours.

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