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I’ve been on and off the Guild for 9 years now, since before old guild died. It’s been many years and I’m still not over it. Anyways, hi.

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Lyss took her exit at a much more casual pace than the rest. She was silent as she descended the stairs. The meeting had gone much differently than she'd planned. She thought over every question Blake had asked them, and thought of every answer she'd given to him. Yes, she'd revealed a few certain details that could have been left out, but in the game of business one had to woo the buyer a little. It was working, until Blake erupted because of his wife's tussle with Maya. The only action she'd taken that she actually regretted was removing her shades. Her identity was a secret, and she didn't like the idea that Blake's security cameras would have her face on recording. Yet, there was nothing she could do about that now. She could only hope that he'd want to forget everything about the meeting.

Ten minutes later, Lyss was pulling into the abandoned Fantasy Land. She parked right at their usual spot among the labyrinth of rollercoasters and remained on her speedster instead of standing. She leaned forwards, resting her elbows on the handlebars. As she listened to the girls, she couldn't help but frown at their comments. Is the whole meeting just a joke to them now?

Lyss's plans were to just go home and do research on their new acquaintance, but Maya's offer to pay for their drinks was enough to change her mind. Herik suggested dinner and Lyss wasn't against that either. Her eyes moved over the rest of the Coven to see who would agree to what, but then she caught sight of the briefcase in Emily's hands.

"How about Emily treats us to dinner and drinks? She can't keep all of that cash to herself, now can she?" Her voice was overall friendly, but had a bitter undertone to it. She nodded towards the briefcase in her hands. "It would only put a little dent into your savings."

Lyss raised an eyebrow as Blake took some time to think. "I want all of the power in the world!" She could hear him thinking. The answer he gave her was different, of course. Lyss smirked lightly. Red lux? How dull. The idea of being Blake's dirty workers didn't sound appealing, but then she thought of the briefcase full of cash. She wasn't one to pass up a load of money to work for some scumbag again. Plus, the Coven wouldn't put up with Blake pushing them around.

She was just about to reconfirm their arranged contract write-up, but then she followed Blake's gaze towards his disarranged wife. Are you fucking kidding me? He'll really think we're sluts, now. Her disdain was evident across her face. It was the greatest expression of emotion she'd shown the entire meeting. Lyss uncrossed her legs. Things were about to get way too dramatic, and she was prepared to walk away before Blake awakened from his rage. Maybe you'll get your red lux after all.

She watched the exchange between Schmidty and his wife and knew immediately that it was time to go when his wife displayed her new abilities. She was like a walking rave. Lyss sighed and downed the whiskey in her glass. It's warmth filled her stomach and fueled her exit strategy. Down the stairs, out the back, and straight to the getaway bike.

"And it gave you powers?"

Lyss's frowned deepened. She's a human being, scumbag. She stood the moment Blake started shaking. It looked like the vein in his forehead was about to burst. The glass of wine he so smugly drank from shattered within his hand and Lyss grimaced. She didn't even flinch when Blake unleashed his anger upon them all. It was disappointing that the deal was off, but Lyss was glad that she wouldn't have to work for such a mess of a man.


Lyss smirked and shot Kayla a knowing glance. She turned away from the steaming millionaire and stepped over to the fallen briefcase on the ground. Holding it in her hand she considered taking it as a reparation to their broken deal, but she knew better than to take an angry man's money. She held the handle with both hands as she turned to face the Schmidts again. At least Kayla was trying to regain some respect with her implied apology. Lyss doubted that Schmidty would want to see them again for a while. As pleasing as it sounded to never see this prick again, Lyss had an inkling that she should keep an eye on him from afar. He knew enough now to get what he wanted on his own.

When Kayla had finished speaking, Lyss made her way over to stand at the bar near Blake. She set the briefcase down between herself and Schmidt. "I would say it has been a pleasure to meet you, but I've been cursed to never tell a lie." She said before smiling. "Have a good evening, Mr. Schmidt."

Without bothering to see his reaction, Lyss grabbed her sunglasses from the bar and put them on before making her way towards the exit. She stopped by the door and looked back to make sure that the rest of the gang were following. She wasn't leaving anyone up here. Even Kayla. Blake was one order away from siccing security on them. The last thing she needed was to be thrown out of the building by some sweaty men.
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Oh, for satan's sake! It was as if Mr. Schmidt hadn't heard a word she said. He's thinking with his other head. Is that how he's always made decisions? Lyss watched his wife strut off with Maya. Oh, great. Another "demonstration" for the Schmidts. She was steaming on the inside.

Then Babylon had to pipe up in her ear. Lyss frowned. She shot the spirit a cold glance. Even if Blake had the "smart" idea to go after a powerful apparition for powers, there was no way to find the cursed music box. Not even the Burns family knew where it had been disposed, and they had been a part of the ritual to seal the bastard in it's cage.

Blake's questions brought her attention back to him. Oh, so he had been listening. She thought bitterly. His last question was offensive, to say the least. It didn't do anything for Lyss's sour mood. Her frown deepened and she looked him over. She avoided his pant area lest her eyes would be burned by his bulge.

"You do not want to have anything to do with The Hound. Yes, he is powerful, but he will cross you as quickly as he can and guide your soul straight into the pits."

At least he didn't directly ask me about necromancy.

"My family has been feared in the past. Before we started focusing less on necromancy and more on apparitions, people would avoid the Burns name like the plague. My family has and always will be a statement of power, but with power like this there are many consequences." She narrowed her eyes at him. "If you should seek any lux of your own, I would advise you to look in the opposite direction of the Black Lux."

Deciding to give him other harmless options, Lyss sat back in her seat and gestured to the bartender for another glass.

"Your family name is another type of power in this world. You could have anything if you wanted it. I don't see why you want to join our part of the world, but to each their own.

So, I'd like to ask what kind of power you seek? While we've made it clear that we will not help you gain any extra-normal abilities, I'm curious what you had in mind if we'd accepted."

She looked back at Blake once her drink had been place in her hand.

"I've met men like you before, and every answer is generally the same. I want to know if you're different than the rest."

Mr. Schmidt soaked up every word Lyss said. She could see the hunger in his eyes. If the Coven couldn't give him what he wanted he would get it some other way. Her words of caution hadn't hindered his plans. He was a smart guy. He would find the loophole somehow. His question about apparitions would be easy to answer, but Lyss felt herself tense when he specifically asked about her own extra-normal qualities. She didn't want to give him that knowledge. He was a man of power, and all men of power could find their way to the black market eventually. While there was a low chance that he'd speak with anyone that would know her name, she didn't want to risk anyone on the market knowing about her deal with Blake fucking Schmidt.

Thankfully, Izzy returned from wherever she'd gone just in time to draw Blake's attention. Lyss took a moment to reground herself as Izzy moved to give Schmidty a "demonstration." She picked up the glass beside her and took a sip. Her gaze moved to watch Izzy's performance just in time to see her take Blake fucking Schmidt's finger into her mouth. She almost choked. Instead, she finished off the glass and refrained from expressing her disdain. What the fuck is with these girls? I don't give a shit if they're sluts. Just have a little class with it.

She set the empty glass down and pushed it away from her. The bartender looked at her, silently wondering if she needed another drink, but Lyss waved him off. She turned back to face the millionaire as Izzy took a seat. She could barely look at him now. He's going to think we're easy now. No fucking way in hell I'm going to let that happen.

She frowned as she looked him in the eyes.

"Well, now that you've got a glimpse of magic," she started, her tone expressing her irritation, "I'll answer your questions."

She crossed her legs and removed the sunglasses from her face. After she'd set them down on the bar, she turned her flat stare towards him. "The Blind are only 40% correct about ghosts or spirits. Apparitions can take the form of the deceased, but only if there is a powerful emotion that existed within them or another that knew them before their death. Even so, the Blind cannot see them because they are made of the same spiritual energy that the Extra-Normal harness to produce their magic. Most Apparitions are born of beliefs or emotions. As long as people continue to feel that emotion, or believe in their existence, they exist."

The whiskey in her stomach burned, but its warmth spread throughout her body. It was easier to relax now, after such an embarrassing act by the Coven's very own love aberration.

"Only the Extra-Normal can harm an Apparition. We can even destroy them with our magic, but if their source of energy still remains, they will reappear after a certain time. Apparitions have powers, as well. Their abilities reflect the emotion of belief behind them. Almost like a lux. Izumi's Apparition is the condensed energy of love, and she can therefore grant Izumi the power to heal through these acts of... kindness." Ugh.

"The most ancient Apparition known to our kind is the embodiment of death. It's name is The Hound. It has this name because of it's form: a large black wolf of smoke with red eyes that peer into your very soul." She couldn't imagine seeing the beast in person.

"The Hound is only seen by the Extra-Normal at their time of death, but it can appear when you summon him as well. Still, The Hound is always there for the Blind at their last breath. He is the balance between life and death. He cannot decide when, where, or how you will die, but he knows when it will happen. There are also rare cases when people die sooner than he expected. So, to fix the balance between life and death he hunts anyone who cheats him. There is no running from death. He is the most powerful of all Apparitions."

She took a deep breath and held her head high.

"To answer your second question, I am an Adept. My blood runs generations into the past. Our Black Lux was granted by The Hound himself to the beings from Glint, and passed onto many families. My family name was one of the first."

She held up her hand to showcase the antique ring on her right ring finger. "This ring has been passed down within my family for centuries. It is the means to which I harness the Black Light. Our lux was given the name of the Necromancery Lux, because we can manipulate the dead. Many of my ancestors could raise the dead from their graves, and many could manipulate Apparitions as well."

She rested her hand back in her lap.

"I can specifically ward, trap, and seal Apparitions. There have been a few times that I have also released an Apparition from it's cage, but I am aware of the dangers of doing so and I've chosen not to do so again."

She raised an eyebrow. "Does that answer your questions?" If he asks me about the necromancy, I'm going to need the bartender.

Blake fucking Schmidt. Basically the human version of Megamind, but the big head was just a metaphor. From what Lyss had heard about him (and read about him when she looked the guy up), he was just another big money man with no real criminal allegations against him. Well, none that could be traced back to him. The fact that he'd contacted the Coven to "gain" supernatural abilities wasn't out of the ordinary for men like him. Lyss certainly didn't peg him as the Batman type, but that was besides the point.

Lyss was highly aware of men like this. There were many Blind buyers in the market. Blake was just another millionaire that wanted a little more excitement in his life. Would he perhaps use his gained abilities for the wrong purpose? Would this backfire on the Coven, in any way? It was possible. And yet, the suitcase full of cash was incredibly tempting. Lyss eyed it through her sunglasses as they stood in the elevator. She wasn't happy to be even meeting Blake, or even attempting to give him magical abilities... but the second she stepped out onto the private rooftop bar she laid her eyes on Blake. The way he and his wife were dressed. The way they sat at the bar. It was like they owned Tampa. They screamed money.

If this went through, and the Coven didn't immediately regret their decision to "help" him, she might just be set for the rest of her life. Enough money to survive. Enough money to move as far away from Miami as possible. Maybe even enough to pay back her former partners if they ever caught up with her. While the morality of this situation was debatable, the reward was just too high. So, Lyss approached Blake the same way she approached any of her buyers from the market. Head held high, shoulders back and loose, and an air of skepticism. He'd need to sell himself pretty well, if the group was to go through with this. She shared Kayla's caution, there was no doubt about that. She'd just gone through enough of these deals to think that this wasn't that much of a problem.

Lyss took the seat between Kayla and Emily. She turned to the bartender and asked for a glass of top shelf whiskey on the rocks as she listened to Emily, Maya, and Blake banter. She sat back in her seat, but didn't slouch because she was a goddamn professional, and gave Blake a nod when her name was mentioned. Second in command. Shoot me in the face. The bartender slid her glass over, Lyss nodded a thanks, and took a sip. The smooth liquor slid down her throat and warmed her belly. Thank you, Mr. Schmidt.

Just when she thought that Kayla would start the meeting, she heard Maya speak up. She said what most of them were thinking, although Lyss would have said it in a much subtle way. Lyss shot her a glance through her shades, but she turned her head back towards the man in an expensive polo. At least they would get their answers up front.

Lyss watched him closely as he spoke. If he lied, she would know. Flaunting? The corners of her lips turned into a small frown. Has everyone in Tampa seen that damn video from Greenwood? Better yet. Had anyone outside of Tampa seen it too? Which gave Lyss even more of a reason to need this deal to go through. Blake mentioned "enforcers" and Lyss immediately saw their way out of giving him powers while still getting paid. She glanced at Kayla and trusted her to see the better deal here.

Yeah, but what other supernatural "organizations" are as batshit as we are? Certainly not the DENs. They'd deny all involvement.

Lyss suppressed a smile when Kayla denied Blake's magical gifting. Then she smirked when Kayla suggested to go the personal protection route. Come on, Blake. Take the deal. How else will you protect yourself when your plans go awry? A demonstration of her own abilities would be... difficult. Which made her wonder if Blake had already gotten his hands dirty with apparitions and other magical beings? Paragon Lab Corps was a large business. With many buildings scattered across Tampa. Any one of them could be a secret hold of supernatural experiments. It also brought another question to mind. If he was as rich as the media made him to be, why hadn't he just gone to the black market for his needs? Why bother with the Coven at all? Was it because they appeared reckless? Did he think them desperate? Lyss, you are desperate.

Lyss took another sip of her whiskey. The commotion in the corner, by the Coven's one and only alcoholic, definitely didn't help their impression.

"We don't need a contract for that, right?"

Lyss set her glass down and turned to face him. The terms were set. If Blake kept his word, they'd seal it in writing by Monday. Now, it was time to convince him that this was worth his time too.

"Mr. Schmidt." Schmidty. "I'd be happy to answer any questions you have related to the supernatural."

"There are many things that exist in this world that the blind cannot see. The Blind being, you and your wife or any non-magical being.

There are Blind that have been exposed to extra-normal elements and have gained the sight to see magic. We call them One-Eyes. One of them is among us today as a member of our group." She didn't bother to point Herik out. If Blake was curious, he'd ask. "Next, there are the Awakened. The Awakened were blind, but through a traumatic experience they have gained their abstraction. An abstraction is the term we've given to our abilities. Each abstraction is unique to the owner."

She gave Blake a moment to think as she took a sip of her whiskey, and then continued.

"Next, we have those known as Aberrations. They manifest when they have encountered an apparition- a spirit, as you'd call it. There are multiple types of Aberrations. The Afflicted are Blind who have encountered an apparition, whether a Casper or a foe, and have been given a blessing or a curse." She shook her head slightly. "I personally think that the gifts cannot be defined as either. It is up to the Aberration to decide if they have gained or lost by becoming a part of our world." She thought about Vashti for a second, and almost wished that the girl had been around to hear her say this. Then she thought of the scales on her arm. "All magic comes with a cost. It is what you do with it that defines you and your ability."

She eyed Blake and gave her words a moment of gravity. How would you use your ability, Mr. Schmidt?

Then, she took a breath and continued on. "An affixed aberration have been bound to apparitions. The spirits rest within their bodies and can have symbiotic or parasitic relationships with their hosts." Emily walks a fine line here. "The apparition can even manifest in person, like the spirit beside Emily."

"Next, there are Agents, Abscised, and Adjoined. Abcised are those who have been possessed by an apparition. Agents are Blind that have come in contact with an apparition that was sealed inside of an object. Adjoined are those Agents who have agreed to fuse with their spirits and become one." She briefly thought of those who'd bought objects like this from her group. Hand sealed and delivered by none other than herself. If Blake was smart, he'd just get an object like this himself. If he was willing to fork over a large amount of cash. "While purchasing a sealed object may seem like the easiest option, there is a danger to submitting yourself to magic in that way. There are legends about an apparition named The Outsider in our lore."

"The Outsider once appeared in our world a long time ago. It is an ancient apparition that threatened our world's very existence. It took many of our kind to seal it away. Many died doing so. The term Pandora's Box is a reference to the very music box they trapped it within. If anyone were to ever find this box and open it, the world would surely be lost." She hoped that this little lesson would resonate with the man in front of her. She remembered hearing it from her grandmother when she was little. She remembered the fear that she felt thinking about such a spirit. Hopefully Blake felt it too.

She leant back in her chair, and decided to finish her little description of the Extra-Normal. "Lastly, there are the Adepts. Adepts are the oldest Extra-Normal beings. They descend from long lines of power and history. Magic was first given to them by beings from an alternate universe called Glint. Their magic is given to their children, and passed on down the bloodline. Their abstractions are unique to the Glint that gifted their blood. Each being from Glint had a specific type of lux: the lights that each are connected to and can harness. Each lux is connected to certain magical abilities based upon emotion."

"For example, a Red Lux experiences anger. With this anger, they are able to manipulate the elements. A Yellow Lux can create spells to shield or provide stealth. An Orange Lux can imbue objects with Extra-Normal energy as long as they are casting their spells. The list goes on, but I will continue if you'd like."

She took another sip of her whiskey now that she was done. "If you have any specific questions to ask me, now is your chance."

Lyss's expression didn't change as Taylor turned her intense eyes her way. There was something wild about her. Looking into her eyes, it was like looking at an angry spirit. This chick had two of them, but it was like an odd mish-mosh of color. Two souls intertwined. Like Kayla. Even so, Kayla's energy was far more docile with a deepness to it. Taylor's just had an intensity to it. Like a swollen red giant about to go supernova and destroy anything in it's path. Lyss was wary of this girl, but she knew not to see raw power like this as a threat. It would be better to have it on their side, and not as their enemy.

Taylor wasn't even trying to hide her dual-spirituality. She used the pronoun "we're" instead of "I" like it wasn't a secret. As Lyss listened to her speak of her shared childhood with Kim, she couldn't help but wonder how much her old buddies could get out of harvesting the apparitions within her. Shut up, Lyss. That's not you... anymore. Taylor narrowed her eyes and Lyss shrugged. She couldn't give less of a shit why this girl wanted to be in the Coven. Everyone had their own reasons. She just wanted to know why Agatha had made an alliance with Kimberly before taking off.

Before Lyss could even bother to respond, she heard the soft padding of paws approach from behind. Thank satan Kayla can handle the rest of this. She thought as she turned to see Kayla sliding into the table beside Herik. It was a funny sight to see two girls and one hunk in one seat. They locked eyes for a moment, and Kayla's sly smile drew Lyss's own smirk out of her usual blank face. Good luck, fearless leader.

So, the interview began. Well, it was more of a negotiation from the way Kayla put it, but Lyss knew that Kayla wasn't one to beat around the bush with niceties. Lyss pulled up a chair from a nearby table and set herself down in it. She sat back and preferred to listen and observe these girls as they answered Kayla's "demands." It was like watching a movie, but instead of popcorn Lyss lazily savoured the rest of her sundae.

Vashti didn't react well. Lyss watched in fascination as she saw the woman's pupils narrow into slits. Lyss could only smile when Vashti directed an incredulous question her way. In this particular case, Lyss agreed with both Vashti and Kayla. Yeah, it was rude to just outright ask these girls to spill their darkest secrets and abilities, but the Coven had fallen into dangerous waters and only the strong would stay aboard the boat to help withstand the currents. Agatha had already hopped ship. Would any of these girls do the same if the DENs came back to cash in the IOU?

Cursed to look like a reptile? Lyss mused to herself as she stared at the scales on Vashti's arm. Or is this only a small sign of a deeper vein? Lyss felt sympathy for her. Curses were nasty things. It would take a skilled magician to reverse it. Can Babylon remove a curse? As if the ghost would want to. Lyss raised her eyebrow as Ashley took her turn. So, a human version of Keisha?

At least Taylor had some humor about this situation. Both of Lyss's eyebrows rose this time, as her aura sense confirmed the girl's backstory. The Glutton, huh? No wonder she's so intense. She has two maniacs psychosis inside her head. Lyss looked Kayla's way and slowly ate the last bite of her sundae as Herik murmured into Kayla's ear. She could see the recognition in their leader's fiery eyes. This meeting was practically over. The girls would join the Coven, and hopefully there wouldn't be a brawl between the newbies and the current members. For some reason, Lyss could see Emily and Taylor fighting or becoming best friends. With no in between. Kayla did a pretty great job describing the group of outcasts.

Lyss glanced at Kayla's phone as she took a moment to send some messages. Was it one of the Coven girls? Did Kayla have friends outside of the group? Lyss certainly didn't. Well, at least she didn't think so. Not any real friends. Kayla announced that Ashley and Vashti were in, but then surprisingly gave Taylor an ultimatum. The way Kayla put her words made Lyss feel some concern for her. She remembered the way Kayla looked after she and Madison returned from their meeting with The Hound. "I don't need any more blood on my conscious." Facing death must have really gotten to her. It was hard to think that as brave and powerful as Kayla was, she was still afraid of death. Was my father afraid of death?

She set her empty sundae cup on the table in front of her and quickly pushed that thought into the dark recesses of her mind.

"I think what Kayla's trying to say here is: If you join our Coven, you have to be 100% ready to defend your friends. This group is a safe haven for all of us. We've all got our own shit to deal with, and we're all looking out for each other." She looked all three girls in the eyes, resting her gaze on Taylor in the end. "We want to help you. Are you willing to help us too?"

It was finally the weekend.

Which didn't really mean much to Lyss, since she was currently unemployed legally and illegally. What it did mean was that she wouldn't have to meet with the DENS big and bad. Whom the more Lyss spoke to, wasn't actually as big and bad as he seemed. Sure, he packed a punch and could literally blast her into space if he wanted to. Did that stop Lyss from annoying him until he could give her an honest answer? No.

Each of their meetings since the first went the same way. They'd meet at a different quiet, yet public location each day. For each of their safety, of course. Lyss would quickly brush past the "anything new to report?" questions aside and get straight to talking about the DENs number one enemy, Annabelle. While Lyss had no intentions to pursue the woman herself, she was worried about the threat it would pose to the Coven since she was reported to be in the same city. She worried that whatever cult that made a normal college student turn savage had followed her here. What if they weren't finished with just Annabelle? What if they were looking for other girls to do the same to? Lyss couldn't allow it to come anywhere near herself or her friends. What if other groups were drawn to Tampa because of the Coven's leaked footage? The snapchat of their fight in Greenwood could have gone anywhere before it was "removed". Lyss was smart enough to know that nothing was really ever deleted from the internet.

So, the two would bounce theories off of each other. In a way, Lyss thought it soothed both of their minds to think of "what ifs" and possibilities to end Annabelle's threat. She never admitted it to Max, though. They quickly ended their meetings if things got too personal. Lyss had no intentions to know the real Maximillian, and she hoped that he had no intentions to know her, either. She wasn't sure if the DENs would like an ex-black market dealer walk through Tampa freely. She hadn't been completely horrible, or involved in any real crimes. There was a point in time when she was quite popular among the market, though, and she didn't want anyone to find out. The first person to leak her location or any information about her, and she was sure that her old partners would come for her. It was already concerning that there was footage of her wielding her trusty aluminum bat. It was the one memento she kept from her market days, and it would be her downfall if someone recognized it.

She carried this worry with her as she made her way towards the infamous fucking Dairy Queen. Of all places to meet the new Coven potentials, it just had to be the place where the DENs tagged them for the fight. Of course Agatha had been the one to pick the place, and now it was where Kayla, Lyss, and whoever else in the Coven would meet the girls. Lyss had to give Agatha credit where it was due. The woman hadn't known that their fight had been leaked online. She left before Lyss could hear it from Maximillian's big mouth and tell the group. Still, it was obviously full of cameras and just a downright horrible place anyways. Lyss didn't even like blizzards or whatever the fuck their food was made of. The place just screamed fake.

In her own sense of paranoia, thanks to the recent appearance of the DENs, Lyss arrived at the Dairy Queen before the meeting time. She parked her speedster at the consignment shop next door and walked her way over to the big corporation ice cream parlor. Since it was unreasonably hot in Florida for a Friday, Lyss walked into the joint wearing a pair of ripped black shorts, a grey t-shirt tied at the waist, white converse, and a black ball cap. She scanned the place to take note of anyone with a cellphone before making her way over to the counter.

"Just a hot fudge sundae, please," she asked the girl at the counter. She handed over exact cash and change to pay for the treat. She avoided using a card at all costs. After she received the ice cream, she gave the teen a smile and headed over to find a table in the corner and plopped herself in a chair with her back to the wall. Noting the security camera that was facing her, Lyss gave it a cheeky grin and the middle finger before sitting back to eat. The display was just for anyone that could be watching.

Lyss slowly munched on her sundae and casually noted each person that walked inside. She was leant back in the chair, her foot resting on the bar between the chair's legs in a relaxed position. She was halfway through the fudgy ice cream when her attention was brought towards two girls at a booth straight ahead.

"Are you here about the Coven too?"

Seriously, could you be any more obvious?

Another girl joined and Lyss watched them as they chatted together. Ashley, Taylor, and Vashti. Taylor was rude, but Lyss didn't let it overwhelm her judgement of the girl. She could sense the apparition within her, which meant that it would just be another Emily in the group. Lyss could also feel the apparition within Ashley. It was enough to overwhelm her, which made Lyss wonder if Ashley was an abscised or just affixed with a strong spirit. The last girl to show, Vashti, had no apparition. So, she could either be an awakened, cursed/"blessed", or a One-Eye. Either way, the three girls seemed to have some potential.

"Hottie alert." She heard Vashti say. In her own curiosity, she followed the girls gaze to the man that just walked inside. She smirked. Herik Cletis the hunk. I wonder how many girls faun over him each day? How many other girls in the Coven admire him? Lyss covered her mouth to hide the smile as Taylor began to laugh, but what Vashti said amidst her word vomit concerned her.

Kimberly and Agatha? No. Is she talking about THE Kimberly? Lyss frowned. When did fucking Kimberly Walton get in contact with Agatha, OR these girls?

It was time to get herself in there and ask some questions. Kayla hadn't arrived yet, but Lyss needed to nip this in the bud before their new leader showed. With a small huff, Lyss picked up her sundae as she stood to her feet. She walked over to the group with her eyebrow raised.

"Did you just say that Kimberly Walton was in contact with you and Agatha?"

She glanced over at Herik and nodded his way. "Hey, Herik." She greeted him before turning back to the girls.

"I think it's time I introduced myself. I'm Lyss. I've come here to meet you, too, but Agatha nor Kimberly will be joining us today." She glanced towards the parking lot outside, but didn't see Kayla's truck yet. "Agatha left us about a week ago, so you'll be meeting the new leader when she arrives." She turned back to look at each of the girls and smiled.

"Would you mind filling me in on your messages with Agatha and Kimberly as we wait?"
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For once, Herik was saying something that Lyss could appreciate. She nodded her head towards Herik to show it, before looking back at the group. Emily's comments didn't help. Of course, Babylon had to put in a few words too. Riley's agreement to name her leader only made her breathe out through her nose to keep herself calm.

Claudette began to speak, and her words brought Lyss back down to a light simmer. Lyss furrowed her brows when Babylon spoke up again. She watched the apparition float into the center of the table. Does she actually think that we're all listening to this? That we all care what she has to say when she speaks this way? She found herself rolling her eyes as a response.

Still, the spirit was right. The attack could have gone much, much worse. They really were lucky to be still sitting here, in this smelly, broken casino. Lyss felt humiliated, but of course she wouldn't let it show. A show of weakness is a show of defeat. She wasn't going to let that group put her or anyone here down. Metaphorically or literally.

The doors to the casino opened and Lyss felt her heart race. It was still pounding in her ears when she realized it was just the others. The relief that they were still alive rushed over her, but she was still on edge. It would take a long hot bath to relax. By the looks of the group, it seemed like they would too.

Lyss raised her hand to wave at the beaten girls. At least we all look like trash. To her surprise, Agatha was next to speak up. Well, "speak up" was an understatement. Lyss watched in shock as Agatha melted down in front of the group, grabbed her... coat? Before she walked right out of the door without a word to Kayla, Madison, Molly, or Jess.

To be honest, Lyss wasn't surprised. If anyone other than herself were to cut and run right now she would expect it to be the paranoid one. While she wasn't going to chase after her like Herik was, Lyss was silently wishing the woman the best. Whatever it took to be safe in such a weird world like this. In a way, her exit reminded Lyss of her own exit from Miami. Grab your shit, get a ride, and don't look back. Don't even say goodbye.

Lyss was quiet as Emily and Maya took their turns recounting their experience with the feds. Emily's was completely and entirely wrong. Maya's was... well, exaggerated. Lyss pinched the bridge of her nose and took a moment to think everything over. Kayla's going to be pissed.

"You WHAT."

Yup. I was right.

At least she called out Emily's bullshit.

Lyss rubbed her sore wrist, feeling a little shameful about the cuffs marks on her own body. Especially for the red mark on her cheek. Which, unfortunately, would form into a bruise overnight. She looked over at Kayla, and her suspicions about the "FBI" were confirmed when she said that she'd had experience with the law. Pushing the thought about how she'd gotten into trouble, Lyss just sat back in her stool when Kayla assumed control.

Thank Satan it isn't me.

It was her turn to speak, now. Lyss inwardly groaned, but she assumed that she was the only one that could give a completely realistic version of events.

"I think you're right, Kayla." She started. "They might have had badges, armor, and the logo, but they certainly weren't government agents."

She placed both hands on the table and pushed herself up as she stood. Her gaze moved towards their new leader.

"Still, they were much stronger than us. They've been trained to use every bit of energy they have. They're skilled, and they had the upper hand."

She shrugged her shoulders. "Maya and I - Riley, too, put up a fight, but the others didn't handle the tear gas well." Emily tried to run, but I won't call her out because the big guy would have stopped her if she tried. Lyss sighed.

"To put it bluntly, they told us to keep our heads down. Somehow they figured out that the Greenwood Fight was on us, and they tracked us down because of the footage from Dairy Queen." Damn that ice cream craving. Why can't we just meet up at someone's apartment?

Lyss stepped out from her spot on her chair and pulled the crumpled up sticky note from her pocket. She held it into the air before holding it out towards Kayla in case she wanted to see it.

"Apparently, Maya, Riley and I are on probation now." She used her other hands to make quotation marks around the word probation. "We have to meet with one of their agents every day. If we see anything supernatural, we have to report it instead of fight it. Which, I don't plan on doing at all."

She smirked suddenly and waved the sticky note around. "I, for one, am planning to use this meeting to figure out what they're really up to. Or if they're really FBI at all."

"I'll accept your control over the Coven. I think you'll do a better job than I could. I do think that we should focus on making ourselves stronger, though. I'm not getting my ass beat again."

"I could give you a more in detail report, if you'd like. I'll answer any question you have."
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