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Current Conspiracy Theory: Mahz will never return from vacation.
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I already want to take a nap tomorrow.
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Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. ~~Oprah Winfrey
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Merry Christmas!
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I’ve been on and off the Guild for 9 years now, since before old guild died. It’s been many years and I’m still not over it. Anyways, hi.

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Moments before Be Somebody

"Number 58?"

Eli's hooded face looked up from the tacky maneki neko figurine on the counter; she'd been transfixed on the bobbing paw of the cat for the past five minutes. Even as she handed over a twenty dollar bill, she was still aware of the figure's movements. When the takeout bag was finally handed over Eli was quick to take it and make her way out of the richly colored shop.

She turned to the right, placing an earbud into her ear as she made her way towards her apartment. With such heavy rain Eli usually would have had her food delivered, but tonight she needed some air. She'd been going non-stop for the past few days, much like the lucky cat from the store. Ever since she missed a day of work, she was taking on extra assignments as a way to make up for the vanishing act. Dr. Matt was a busy man; after his morning therapy sessions, he headed to Santa Celia University to give lessons. As a matter of fact, Eli was once one of his students. So as an act of gratitude that the doctor hadn't taken the assistant position away from her, Eli agreed to grade the papers from all fifty of his psych students by next week.

Unfortunately for Eli, this meant that most nights she didn't have time to take to the streets. In a way she was grateful for the break. Her world had changed so quickly in the span of one day that she felt it was necessary. She needed to ground herself, and what better way to do that than to read fifty papers on Erikson's stages of psycho-social development. She'd been so busy grading the papers that she hadn't even thought once of putting on the lace mas-

The loud noise startled Eli, and she instinctively raised her free hand to cover her head as her feet halted to a stop. A few moments passed before Eli turned back to face the direction she had come from. Five blocks down from where she stood, a giant ball of fire was engulfing the street. Its light illuminated the dark clouds above. Eli's mouth hung agape in shock and she stood still as the distant plume dissipated in the rain until all that was left was the wreckage: a tanker truck lodged into the side of a building now engulfed in flame. Eli took a step towards the scene, but as three patrol cars raced by in the same direction she realized that soon every news channel would be broadcasting the accident. There was no way she could get involved without being seen, and her mask was at home on her nightstand.

Eli stood there for a few minutes, watching the distant chaos unfold. Her attention was drawn to the sky as the clouds became the color of merlot; the rain soon changed its hue. She held her hand into the rain, her brows creasing as the strange droplets fell into her palm. The ominous rain only peaked her curiosity. She quickly turned around, briskly making her way back to her apartment.

Soon she was standing in front of the TV, the layers of wet clothing and her soaked sneakers sitting in a pile in the hallway. Just as she had expected every inch of the scene was displayed across the screen. She sat down on the couch, slowly pulling her takeout into her lap. She took absentminded bites of her meal, setting her fork down every now and then to listen to key bits of information. Not only had a tanker crashed into the side of the number one restaurant in downtown SC, but it had been the one restaurant that the mayor had chosen to visit on the same night. There was still no word of any survivors within the restaurant yet.

The footage of the wreckage seemed devastating, but no evidence of foul play was being reported. She paused the TV as the camera panned over the wreckage of the truck, squinting as she saw an image of a three headed beast emblazoned on its side. She grabbed her phone from the coffee table and with one click she'd taken a photo of the logo. It was rare for a truck that size to make its way through that area of downtown, and- now that she thought of it- the logo on the truck had never surfaced anywhere in SC before.

She slowly chewed on a dumpling as she examined the logo closer. Was it the connection between the chaos, or just an unfortunate accident? With a frown, she set her phone down and engrossed herself in the news once more. All suspicions set aside, Eli was just hoping that everyone in that restaurant would make it out safely.
Or I will
@Dusksong Hey, everything ok? I was looking forward to your next post.
Hello! Welcome to the Guild.
Eli, Kyle, and Kayla

ELI: Hello, Foster. Its Eli. Give me a call whenever you need help.
KYLE: Sorry for late response.
KYLE: Currently working.
KYLE: Will keep you updated regarding help.
ELI: Vampires or the other case?
KYLE: Latter.
KYLE: Murderer is different from normal vampires.
ELI: Could it be another franken-vamp, or some other creature?
KYLE: Sister calls it an aswang.
KYLE: Awful name, I know.
KYLE: Shapeshifting vampiric crwature.
KYLE: *creature
ELI: I’m not even going to attempt to pronounce that.
ELI: Are you drinking on the job, Foster?
KYLE: Actually, yes.
KYLE: Sister believes the aswang primarily targrts drunk people.
KYLE: *targets
KYLE: So we are, as she puts it, ‘baiting the trap’.
ELI: I hope you can handle your liquor. What’s your choice of drink?
KYLE: Tonight, jagerbombs apparwntly.
KYLE: Taking a tpll you see.
ELI: Those are pretty lethal. I’m having a manhattan at the moment. Just taking the edge off.
ELI: Have you ever been to the Tír Na NÓg?
KYLE: That’w actually where we are right now.
ELI: Well, there’s a couple sitting to your left enjoying a hefty amount of jagerbombs. You might want to get on their level.

There was no response after that. A moment passed as Eli sat and waited for Kyle to message something back, instead being met with the man himself, getting up and wandering over to her table after searching the bar for a moment.

“So you are here.” He said.

“I hadn’t realized either,” Eli explained, smiling up at Kyle. “I just stopped in for some dinner and spirits.”

“I feel I should-” Kyle began, covering his mouth as he coughed a bit due to his earlier consumptions, “A-hapologize, for… how unprofessional this looks. I will reiterate that it was… not my idea.” He turned and pointed towards his sister, still talking with the bartender.

Eli turned her head to follow his gesture, observing the two by the bar for a moment before she turned her attention back to him. “So you’re supposed to fight off a monster in this condition?” She raised her eyebrow slightly, a smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth.

“It…” Kyle began, “Does sound pretty foolish, when you say it out loud.” After a brief pause and looking about the room, he turned back to Eli and said, “We might… we could actually use your help, maybe.”

Eli glanced around as well, before gesturing for him to join her in the booth. “Tell me what you know about this thing.”

As he sat, Kyle began, “It’s a… well, a vampiric creature, as I said. Whip-tongue, mor-... morphing abilities. I’m sorry, I’m fumbling my words. I’m not the real expert on the monsters, my sis-”


Kayla just about materialized next to Kyle. She was instantly looking Eli over, before reaching her hand out to shake Eli’s hand. The alcohol, despite having had more than Kyle, had yet to hit her fully. While he was almost twice her size, Kyle was a lightweight.

“Kayla Foster. I take it you’re Kyle’s special friend. How- uh-” Kayla said, catching a slur before it escaped her mouth. “How old are you anyway?” Kayla asks, “25, 26...?”

Eli smiled as she shook Kayla’s hand, but it faded as she glanced between Kyle and Kayla. “22?”

Kayla gasped and then smacked Kyle’s shoulder, who himself also seemed a little surprised to hear the number. “Slummin’ it are we?” Kayla said.

“Stop.” Kyle replied, shaking his head, “Just- stop.”

Kayla gave him a huge grin that was all teeth, but didn’t say anything to him, instead turning to Eli. “It’s nice to put a face to a name.”

Eli cleared her throat, smiling politely although clearly a little uncomfortable by Kayla’s assumption. “It’s nice to meet you, as well. Kyle was just telling me about this creature you’re baiting.” She slid over in her seat. “Would you like to sit?”

Kayla pulled a chair out and sat down, suddenly all business. “I take it my brother has er-” she caught herself again. She’d had too many jagerbombs. “Has uh, mentioned what we’re up against?”

Eli nodded. “How do you plan to fight it? I’m sure Kyle has mentioned my… skills.”

Kayla gave Kyle a pointed look. “He hasn’t told me much, to be honest. He said you disoriented the vampires he went for. Don’t know how, though.” she answered. “At the end of the day this a vampire, just of a more monstrous variety. It’s got claws and teeth. Combating it is like a game of tag except we have a gun. Just don’t get touched, ya feel me?”

“I have a question.” Kyle said to Eli, “What can you do beyond disorienting a-” He slurred again, “A-a person’s mind?”

Eli lifted her glass, taking a long sip before setting it down. “Well, I’m not exactly sure how I do it, but I can access people’s perceptions and alter them. It’s all really an illusion, but their mind thinks that it's real.” She glanced between them.

“Could you…” Kyle began to ask, “Alter them in a… more beneficial manner? Say…” He waved his finger between himself and his sister. “Alleviate the effects of a few shots on someone’s mind?”

Eli pursed her lips, thinking for a moment before nodding. “Yes. I’ll need to stay within a certain distance, and I’ll only be able to hold it for about thirty minutes for the both of you.” She looked at them both. “Will that give you enough time?”

“Yes.” Kyle replied, “If, we actually do get found by this thing of course, i-it’s a gamble. You’ll follow as far beside as you can to still have us in your range. If and... when things get messy, that’s when you act.” Kayla simply nodded in response to her brother’s plan. “One, uh… one more thing.” He said, “Do you have any way to defend yourself, physically? If, the aswang comes after you?”

Eli blinked. “Well, I have a police baton I usually carry with me… but as of this moment no. I know how to use a pistol or shotgun, if you have a spare.”

Without a word, Kyle reached into his coat, fumbling around with an inner pocket. He pulled out a small felt pouch with an elastic string holding it closed. Awfully small to hold any sort of weapon. Eli looked somewhat confused as she watched Kyle subtly open the pouch, just barely lifting the grip-end of a handgun out of it, and then dropping it back into the pouch and closing it up. He handed the pouch to her. “You can borrow this one. It’s already- loaded with silver bullets.”

With a nod, Eli took the pouch. She pulled the string, curiously looking inside before tucking it into her jacket pocket. “It must pay off to have a bit of magic everywhere you go,” she said, smiling at Kayla. She picked her glass up one last time and finished the whiskey, feeling that it would give her some liquid courage. “Alright. Let’s test this out somewhere private before we jump into anything.”

“What do you mean by test it?” Kayla questioned. “As in firing the g-un? Mighta- um, might spook our target.”

Eli chuckled, looking at the drunk Tourists. “I meant-uh, I want to make sure that I can alleviate the jagerbombs’ effects.”

“Oh.” Kayla said dumbly, pinching the bridge of her nose and smiling. “I guess go for it?”

Eli smiled before sitting back in her seat, relaxing her shoulders. She glanced at the other patrons in the bar before closing her eyes. “You might feel a little strange at first, but tap my hand when you feel sober. I’ve cured quite a few of my own hangovers with this.” In a few moments, Eli was already affecting their brain’s receptors - reducing the slowing effects of alcohol on their systems.

Kyle reared his head back a bit, raising his brows slightly. He inhaled through his nose and exhaled through his mouth. “That is…” He said, nodding, “Very good.”

“Seconded,” Kayla said, tapping Eli’s hand. “I’m feeling a lot better about this.”

“Alright, but…” Kyle said, waving his finger for a moment, “Gotta stay drunk though. To lure this thing out in the first place. Do you just…” He turned to Eli. “Let it go, then?”

Eli opened her eyes and looked up at Kyle, releasing her hold on their minds as she blinked. They both looked somewhat visibly hit by the return of their inebriation, but promptly recovered. “Basically. It’s like a muscle. I can stretch it, but there is a breaking point.” She smirked. “Should I get you two another round of shots?”

Kyle and Kayla passed each other rather questionable looks at the sound of Eli’s offer. And Kayla smiled.
<Snipped quote by Skai>

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Tbh your signatures are a perfect example of the humor in the Discord.
@DocRock Welcome to the Guild! Please don’t feel nervous about joining the Discord. It’s mostly shitposting. RP discussion happens every now and then as well.

Can’t wait to see what character you create!
Anyone want to make a Sanctuary spinoff?


The bright afternoon sun shone high in the sky. Santa Celia's lunch rush was well under way as the bustle of the city filled the streets. Eli would have been walking down the same street she walked along now had she started her day with work instead of a vampire hunt. Any other day, Eli would have turned left at the next street and headed towards the park to enjoy the sunny day. Instead Eli continued forwards towards her apartment. She desperately wanted to take the long route home so she could think, but she could feel that her body and mind needed rest after her 12+ hour crusade.

Despite her exhaustion, Eli walked at a casual pace. The people around her seemed to blend into the background as she kept her eyes on the ground in front of her. Her right hand was inside of her jacket's pocket, gently grasping the lace mask. Touching it anchored her to reality; her mind was consumed with thoughts. She was going over everything that had happened last night, taking mental notes about certain details that hadn't struck her interest in the moment.

She barely noticed that she had arrived home until she found herself stepping into the alley next to the building. She glanced around to ensure that she was alone before she climbed up the fire escape to the third floor. Once there, she slowly raised her apartment's window and stepped into her kitchen. Eli promptly shut and locked the window before heading into a small hallway which simply held the front door. From there she turned right into the only other room.

She now stepped into her bedroom, which also served as a living area. She headed towards the closet, peeling off every layer of black clothing on her body. The mask she set down on her dresser. After lazily pulling on a t-shirt and sweats, Eli crawled into her bed and grabbed her phone from the nightstand.

There were only two notifications displayed on her screen. The first, an email from her boss. The second, a text from her mother. She huffed and set the phone back down. Either message was too much for her to handle at the moment. She would take care of everything later, after a decent moment of rest. With a sigh Eli pulled her comforter up over her head. She was fast asleep the second her eyes closed.

Hours later, Eli was roused from her sleep by her grumbling stomach. She groaned lightly and sat up in her bed, rubbing her tired eyes and pushing her hair back from her face. A quick glance at the clock on the wall told her it was evening and she realized that she hadn't eaten since yesterday. She shuffled her way into the kitchen and as she pulled open her fridge she also realized that she'd forgotten to get groceries as well. She'd have to go out for a bite.

Before leaving the comfort of her apartment, Eli took a hot shower to wash off the lingering smell of sweat and scorched vampire. She soon stood in front of her bathroom mirror in just a towel, looking over the scars on her shoulders from her tussle with the vampire. They'd heal soon. Aside from the cuts, Eli only sported a bruise here and there along her body- normal damage compared to the vampire's affliction.

Without putting too much effort into her outfit, Eli pulled on a pair of jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. She pulled her wet hair up into a ponytail and put on mascara and concealer to hide her tired eyes. She took a minute or so to put away the black clothes she'd left on the ground. She removed the note Kyle gave her from the pant's pocket and tucked it into the pocket of the jeans she wore now, which also reminded her to grab her phone from the night stand. On her way out of the door she grabbed a denim jacket, her keys, and her wallet.

A warm breeze greeted her as she stepped out of the complex and carried her down the street. She walked for a while, enjoying the city sights. The city seemed calm, which gave Eli a surreal feeling after this morning's events. Tonight there would no doubt be more vampires looking for a meal, but Eli wasn't sure if she could handle another night out. She'd have to get to work early tomorrow to apologize, and she planned on bringing coffee or donuts as a gift for her mentor's worries. She still wasn't sure what excuse she would use for missing work. Today had been the first time she'd ever missed. Perhaps she could forge a doctor's note and simply apologize for forgetting to call out.

Thinking of this reminded Eli that she hadn't contacted Kyle Foster yet. She pulled the note from her pocket, reading over the ten digits before she put them into her phone. She sent him a message.

"Hello, Foster. Its Eli. Give me a call whenever you need help."

After the message sent Eli checked the message from her mother. She rolled her eyes as she read it. Her stepfather would be joining them for lunch tomorrow. Something about "he wants to spend time with you" and "he's not as bad as you think he is", which honestly made Eli want to barf. In the years she'd known Hank, she had unofficially diagnosed him as narcissistic, a pathological liar, and that he had a smidge of a god complex. Basically, Hank was a total douche and she was surprised that he could even fool her mother into loving him.

Eli tucked her phone back into her pocket and shook her head. She could already tell she was going to have a fantastic day tomorrow. With that thought, Eli looked up to see a bar down the street and decided that she was going to have a drink or two with her dinner. She hadn't been to this bar yet, and the name intrigued her. Her stomach growled, as if it was saying that it didn't care where she went. So, without making her stomach wait another second, Eli stepped through the doors of the Tír na nÓg.
Vertigo and Kyle Foster

Written with @SepticGentleman

The brutish vampire charged forth towards Kyle, who reacted by ducking past the creature as it lunged forward. As the two reoriented to face each other once again, Kyle made the split second decision to jump down the hole in the floor that the vampire had made with his entrance. Not standing to lose sight of his prey, the vampire snarled loudly, spraying a bit of blood-mixed saliva out of his fetid hole of a mouth, before jumping upwards and stamping his feet hard on the wooden floor, which proceeded to break beneath him. He’d dropped to the next floor down, in pursuit of his prey.

Above them, Eli was just now regaining her composure. The monster vampire had horrified Eli into a state of frozen shock. The fact that normal vampires existed had been enough for Eli to grasp already, but the fact that things like this thing lived in the city was a bit harder to comprehend. Nonetheless, the danger that both herself and this masked man were now in filled Eli with an intense need to neutralize the threat. This monster couldn’t be set free into the city. It shouldn’t even exist!

Now awakened from her stupor, Eli dashed towards the stairs to join the man on the floor below. The dimly lit hallway hid the awaiting ambush, and just as Eli enhanced her perception of light the vampire attacked. Eli had only taken her first step into the dark stairway when out of the blue the vampire barreled into her. Sharp, claw-like nails dug into Eli’s shoulders, and the two were sent backwards into the hallway. Eli’s back took most of the impact, and Eli felt her breath leave her body for the second time.

Ssstupid human,” the woman hissed down at her prey as she straddled Eli. She dug her claws further into Eli’s shoulders and grinned when she felt them break through Eli’s clothing and into warm skin. Eli wriggled beneath her, finding it difficult to reduce her own perception of the pain. She clenched her teeth together and glared up at her attacker, sucking air back into her lungs with a grimace. ”I thought you left the party,” she grunted as she strained to move out from under the vampire.

“I brought someone to finish your friend off. I’m going to join him right after I feast on you.” The vampire ran her tongue over her razor-sharp fangs. She released Eli’s left shoulder and raised a bloody nail to her mouth. Eli huffed, her eyebrows furrowing in anger as the concentrated on the woman’s perception. When she finally tasted the blood, it would be as tasteless as water.

The vampire’s face contorted in disgust, looking down at Eli. “What the fuck?” She leant down until she was inches away from Eli’s throat and inhaled deeply through her mouth. Eli’s body was tense beneath her, but she kept her head together.

”You will never smell or taste blood again. What you enjoy the most in your wretched life has been taken away forever.” She said cooly. The vampire didn’t know that it was a lie and as her fury turned her eyes a scarlet hue Eli took advantage of her momentary lapse of control. She bucked the vampire off of her, sending the enraged female tumbling forwards and into the floor below.

The vampire landed with a thud on her back. Momentarily dazed, her view of the floor above cleared just in time to see Eli jump through the hole. She let out a murderous snarl just before the rail sunk straight into the vampire’s mouth. The sharp fangs snapped and fell into the back of the vampire’s throat, and the impact of the rail landing against her windpipe had been enough to shatter the already broken bones in her neck.

Now paralyzed, the vampire’s body twitched between Eli’s feet. She stepped away from the vamp and pushed a few stray hairs away from her face. For a moment Eli felt relief, until the weight of her actions dawned on her. She’s going to starve. She thought, regretfully releasing her abilities affect on the vampire.

And just as the brief moment of reprise began, it ended with the two downstairs bringing their fight back up to its previous elevation. Kyle, looking worse for wear, suddenly shot upwards through one of the holes in the floor, catching the edge and scrambling upwards. The moment he was free, the brute vampire followed in, looking like just as much damage had been done to him. Bullet wounds riddled his arms, as if he had been using them as a shield, and they seemed somewhat limp from all the silver stinging him from the inside. Kyle, now upright, moved away from the vampire towards Eli, and raised his gun towards the creature. As the vampire stood upright, Kyle began shooting once more. The vampire charged forward, holding his arms up to cover his head as the bullets tore through his upper body.

The brute was coming at Kyle full force, relying on pure instincts to guide him to his next meal. Suddenly a louder noise pierced his pointy ears, and it intensified until it was the only sound the monster could hear. Enraged, the monster barreled straight over Kyle. Claw marks were left inches away from the Tourist’s torso and head. The monster grabbed at the walls beside him, lurching him forwards towards the human creating the sound.

Eli immediately stopped hitting the wall with her fist, glad that her trick had worked. She stepped backwards into a room with a larger curtain than the one she awoke in. She grabbed the curtain and tore it down. The sunlight was enough to blind Eli momentarily. She turned in time for the monster reached the room, and warped his vision into seeing nothing but darkness. He burst through the doorway, leaving a large chunk missing from the frame, and dove straight into the sunlight.

Eli backed away, shielding her eyes as the monster instantly burst into flame. The monster collapsed to the ground, emitting a shriek loud enough to hurt Eli’s eardrums. It angrily started towards Eli, writhing as it drug its burning body across the floor. As it attempted to pick itself up to make one final attempt on her life, its movement - and its screams - were both halted by a barrage of bullets embedded in the creature’s back, and several in its head, rattling around in its skull and tearing its brain apart.

It went limp, falling forward. With a loud thud, all that was left of the brute was an actively burning corpse, though the flames began to wane rather quickly once the creature’s un-life came to a conclusive end. Eli’s attention was drawn away from the slain creature to the man who had slain it. Kyle lowered his gun, staring down at the vampire, no expression escaping through his mask and goggles.

With a moment to relax, Eli took a deep breath. She immediately gagged to herself and covered her mouth and nose with her hand. Ugh,” she muttered before looking over at the masked man. “Thanks.” She moved towards him, stepping around the enormous pile of burnt flesh.

“Still one more, above us,” Kyle replied, with only a nod before he spoke. “Need info out of him. C’mon.” He turned, rather confident that he and Eli were on the same proverbial page. As he went down the hallway, he didn’t give so much as a pause as he aimed his pistol down at the paralyzed female vampire, putting one bullet in her head and killing her for good. He made his way towards the greatly damaged staircase, with Eli in tow.
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