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I’ve been on and off the Guild for 9 years now, since before old guild died. It’s been many years and I’m still not over it. Anyways, hi.

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Eli listened to the two beings answer the rest of the group. So, they were aware that some one had been behind the breakout. Big news. As if everyone believed that it had just been a technical error. They also wanted a shared network of information, but surely they understood that it would put the group's safety at risk if the rest of The Promise staff knew they were snooping around. That is if these two weren't here to dig up dirt on the group either.

Eli was watching the friendly girl as she asked her round of questions. This girl was smart. Was she already investigating on the side? She was just as ballsy as Eli, too. Absolutely no parahuman was ever granted access to cameras or files, unless they'd been given a job by The Promise staff. She liked to assume that Noelle, the woman with metal arms, was probably one of those persons. Her eyes moved onto Radvi, and then slowly turned towards the LED-display-for-a-head. The guy hadn't even said anything yet.

“A party concerned for the future of both the Promise and beyond.”

“As well, wishing to remain unidentified, and we intend to respect said wish.”

“We understand this answer is unsatisfactory.”

“But even we have rules we must abide by.”

Eli frowned as she looked back at the pair of monochrome men. It was true. The answer was extremely unsatisfactory. Why would the "party concerned for the future of both the Promise and beyond" want to hide in the dark? If they had sent these two here to act as information gatherers, why were they afraid to show their faces?

“We understand trust is an issue, and of course, we don’t expect all of you to trust us right away. Miss Wessex and Agent Radvi have their own opinions by now.”

Eli looked back at Radvi. She didn't have a clue how Radvi felt about Misters Black and White. She definitely trusted Radvi. Could she trust that he would be right about the men, no matter what he thought about them? She really didn't know. She wasn't that close to him, but he was the only human on board she truly respected.

“What about you, Agent Radvi?”

“Is there anything you’d like to share?”

The officer pulled out his phone, and Eli immediately thought of the blue goop. Maybe she'd hear his opinion and hear about the remains of the culprit at the same time. He and Freaky-D exchanged looks, and the latter suddenly stood and changed the image on his helmet.

Eli leaned forwards as she became absorbed by the footage on his helmet. A woman stood in front of a bloody man, and then a second later the camera was quickly advancing upon the same woman. Holy shit. He fought this chick? Her mouth dropped open a bit as she watched the woman's body morph and contract in the same plasma shape as the goop. How did he do that to her? Was it the vibrations from the music? The video stopped after helmet handed Radvi the mason jar.

Giving herself a moment to collect her thoughts, Eli sat back in her seat and took a deep breath. She looked around at the others, her gaze remaining on Radvi and helmet for a few seconds longer than Natalie and the smart girl.

“We are individuals concerned with the safety of this station’s inhabitants, and we feel - given the events you’ve all been involved in - that you will ultimately end up in better positions than most to aid said inhabitants.”

Eli understood what they meant, now. Somehow, each of them were connected. This encounter with Misters Black and White somehow brought all of the evidence out into the open. The friendly girl asked about the missing professor, helmet had footage of the blue goo woman murdering him, and Radvi was the one who ended up with the mason jar. So, where did Eli fit in? Was she simply there because she had been with Radvi that day, or was it because Misters Black and White sincerely thought she would help them?

"So, that woman is the one that has been causing trouble?" She asked helmet. After seeing this footage, she was definitely taking him more seriously. He was more than just a rollerskating bobble head. She then looked at Radvi and finally asked him the question she'd been waiting for. "What did you do with the jar after that day?"

Elara Wessex

Location: Last Known Location of Rogue Team
Skills: N/A

The ride to the rogue team was blissfully short. Elara was feeling much better about this mission now that they had arrived at their destination. She disembarked the plane, getting a good look at the building in front of them. It looked eerie. Like something out of a movie. What brought the team here?

“So, I forgot to ask. Who exactly are we looking for? I’m super new and don’t know anyone yet.”

Elara looked over at the source of the voice; the other person who had worn a mask out in the field. She glanced towards Psylocke in hopes of an answer, but another voice drew her attention. It was from the expressionless woman in the conference room.

"Current members unaccounted for who took the jet are, Demetria Clarke also known as Sapphire, John Watts who goes by Mercury, Belladonna, and Evelyn Holder also known as Nightingale."

Elara nodded in response, looking back at the building. There were a few entrances, but it would be hard to tell where the team went inside of such a large building. That didn't even account for what they might encounter from the staff of this building, too.

She thought about the team members listed. They were mostly comprised of senior members of Serval Industries. They had to have a good reason to go rogue. It couldn't be blamed solely on their grief for Harrison Snow's death. Did they resent the new CEO, Rae Gardner? Is that why they didn't consult her before taking off?

The girl with the journal began speaking to the masked man, but Elara didn't think it was the time to make friends. This was a serious mission, no matter what the premise was. They had no idea what they were walking into. Just like any other mission, really, but this was against some of their own people. She hoped it would go well.

"Should we head in as a team, or split up?" She said aloud, mostly aiming it towards Psylocke. "The team could be anywhere inside of this building."

Eli's smile remained as the super young looking girl stared her down, but on the inside she couldn't help but feel tense. They don't believe a thing I just said. What the hell am I gonna do? The blonde nodded, but gave no indication that she was going to speak. Maybe I should have told Archie to run. These girls mean business.

Sure, Eli knew that most of the parahumans that ended up on The Promise weren't goody two shoes, but she'd always managed to steer clear of the nasty ones. Well, there was that one "fight" she had with another girl her age in her freshman year of secondary school but that was nothing. Had her luck finally run out? These girls didn't appear to be the nasty type, but appearances meant nothing on the boat.

"Uh..." Radvi began. He hadn't even been acknowledged by the three girls yet. Eli looked over at him and she knew by the look in his eyes that he was going to leave. "Yeah, Eli, I’ll talk to you later when you’re free, I should just get back to my patrol." Eli felt disappointed. Now she'd never get to hear about the goop. It had taken a month to see him, and she was trapped by this awkward situation now. For a second she felt like ditching Archie and his friends. She could just walk with Radvi and ask her questions. What did these girls offer Eli other than hard stares and scrutinizing eyes?

She was just about to get up and follow Radvi when the entire group was startled by another sudden appearance. Misters Black and White stood two feet from Radvi, facing the entire group as if they knew that they would gather here at this time. Eli froze in her seat, shivers crawling down her spine. She stared at the faceless men. In the four years Eli had been on board The Promise, she'd only seen these men (if they even were men) a few times. Each time they'd given her the creeps. They always seemed to appear when she least expected; when she was at her most vulnerable. The first time she'd met them, she had just begun counseling. It wasn't a fun introduction. Even so, the two were always harmless; they even guided her into realizing a few things about herself. But why did she always feel so uneasy around them?

The resulting chaos of the black and white men's appearance snapped Eli back into a state of awareness. Radvi cussed them out, which normally would have gotten a chuckle from Eli. Archie nearly threw himself out of his seat, his fight or flight response battling for control. The blonde girl's forearms began to glow like nightlights and she nearly attacked Radvi, "What the fuck is this shit, Anderson?" Wait, is she blaming this on Archie? She looked like she was, and Archie looked terrified.

“We apologize for our sudden appearance.”

“Didn’t mean to startle you.”

“But we wanted to address all of you while you were still in one place.”

“Given everything that’s happened of late, it’s a rare occurrence.”

Eli's brows furrowed as she stared at the two. The creepy feeling these two gave her increased, with a little apprehension mixed in there too. While all of us are in one place? We just met.

The two continued, explaining to the newcomers who they were and what they did. Eli knew that this is what they did, but she always had a feeling that they were reporting their "attendant duties" to someone higher up. Someone that didn't want them to know who they were.

“We have taken a special interest in the lot of you due to the events that took place a month ago - and shortly further back, on your first day aboard this station. We‘ve read all of the reports, you see.”

Eli gripped the back of her chair, her body tensing. She never wanted to be on these two's "radar"; it worried her that she was drawing the attention of the higher ups. When the people around her started to draw too much attention, they tended to disappear. Where they went, Eli had no idea. Maybe they were sent to a "stronger rehabilitation sector", or maybe they were just put in jail. Either way, Eli always feared that it would one day happen to her. Was this because she used her powers against the escaped inmates? That was self-defense, so that surely wasn't the reason... right?

And now the rollerskating bobble head fell from the sky and crashed into a table. What the hell was he doing up there? Was he following Radvi? Did he have the same questions for him as Eli did? She stared him down as he sat in a chair near Radvi. This was the second time she'd been this close to him. Something about him gave her the creeps like Misters Black and White did, but a part of him didn't seem threatening. I really need to find that article about this guy again.

“...Right, then. Moving on...”

Black and White returned to facing the group.

“We consider matters that affect the Promise as a whole as matters that we must see to personally.”

“We apologize that this may come to you as an abrupt invasion of privacy, but we decided it best to be upfront in our conduct.”

“We see all of you, Mister Anderson…”

“Miss Holmes…”

“Miss Plasse…”

“Miss Ellis…”

“Miss Wessex…”

Eli held her breath after her name was mentioned.

“ ‘core components’ in these events.”

Core components??

“Things are happening aboard this station that have resulted in great harm, and even death, befalling its inhabitants.”

“It is in our best interests to assist in bringing this matter at large to a close, though we cannot act directly against it due to certain… physical, non-physical, limitations.”

“To be brief, we are incorporeal.”

Eli released an incredulous puff of air, staring as the two phased right through each other. Her suspicions were right. These holograms, if they were holograms, were nothing but two faceless pawns.

“We cannot harm, and we cannot be harmed.”

“We can do nothing substantial to prevent further disaster from striking the Promise. The security force is also lacking in this capability, from what we’ve seen.”

“Not you Jacob, we know you’re trying your best.”

Eli looked over at Radvi with one eyebrow raised. Did he think that this was the weirdest situation he's ever been in too? That these two were just stating facts? Eli certainly felt that way.

By the time the two finished their little "speech", Eli didn't know what to think of them. Could she really trust them? Well, not them, but the person controlling them? The wizard behind closed curtains? That was the only question she wanted to ask them.

The blonde girl suddenly released a slew of accusations, questions, facts, and a few cuss words in the mix. Actually, there were a lot of cuss words. Eli stared at her, in awe of her confidence to speak out against these two "authority" figures. She made some extremely good points in the literal heat of her argument. Eli's eyes darted towards the bobble head when the blonde accused him of assaulting kids, which explained why Archie looked like he was going to explode when he saw him. That must be how the others were connected, but where did Eli fit in here? Yeah, she'd met bobble head on the day of the prison break, but it was just a handshake. He knew Radvi much better.

The blonde grabbed Archie's shoulder and Eli prepared for the worst. To her relief, the angsty teen relaxed. "The disaster is everyone in this shopping mall dying because you dipshits thought it would be a good idea to jumpscare the human T. rex." Eli stared at Archie for a moment before looking around at the girls who knew him.

Did she just say human T-Rex??

The girl spouted a few more things before storming off. Eli blinked for a few moments, as if stuck in a daze from the whirlwind of information that had just assaulted her peaceful evening. The girl had reasons to be distrustful of Misters Black and White. Really good reasons. Was this what Eli needed to hear to realize how she felt about the two? Or was this girl just blaming The Promise's mistakes on a pair of incorporeal men? She stared at the two as her curiosity grew. What was the truth, and what were lies?

"I don't know anything that you don't. You already know so much. Why do you need our help? I came here because I'm mentally sick! Because I need help!"

Eli's attention slowly moved onto Archie's crush, who looked distraught.

"I came here to get treatment! Because there was nothing Earth could do for me anymore! How am I going to be of any help to anyone else?! That's supposed to be your job!"

Her words made Eli's heart twinge. She was suddenly filled with empathy for this girl. What had happened to her to make her this way? Why did these two pawns think that she was going to team up and fight The Promise when she was fighting her own battles alone? Eli looked back at the two. It was just herself, Radvi, and Natalie now. Was it her turn to speak? She felt like it was.

"So," she began quietly, staring at the two beings standing before her. "You've been watching us, as you always have. You've taken interest in the way we've reacted to the absolutely terrible things we've seen here. You think we can dig up some dirt on The Promise because you can't. Even though you technically could because you've already snuck your way into the human space heater's interrogation?"

She shook her head and sat back in her chair. Her arms crossed in front of her, and she adjusted her jaw as she looked between Mister Black and Mister White. "I have questions. I've had a million questions in my mind since the day I came aboard. You know that. But-" She paused, hesitating for a brief moment.

"I want to ask the person that you answer to."

Eli was still chewing. The chicken wasn’t spectacular. Nothing like what an authentic earth restaurant would have been. Yet she still craved it every now and then; after eating it, she wouldn’t want it for another month or so. She looked back up at Radvi, expecting his response instead of Archie’s.

But, before Radvi could speak the center of Archie’s life stepped into view. Eli looked up at her, deciding she was just as dramatically pretty up close as she was from afar.

Hi, I'm Natalie. I don't think we've ever met. You are?” Oh god. She might have looked friendly, but she didn’t sound friendly. Was she jealous? Eli did appear to be hitting on her man. She sort of did that when she first smiled at him. Time to play it cool and let the jealousy affirm Natalie’s feelings for Archie.

Then two extra girls appeared with pretzels. Eli glanced at them as well. Man, how many girls does this guy hang around? She felt a little shy in front of three new people. But, she was always happy to make more friends. The most important part about The Promise was her connection to other parahumans on board. They were her people.

“Hey, I’m Eli,” she said with a casual smile, glancing between the three girls. “I was just saying hi to Archie. He had a question about the food around here.” She looked at the two newcomers. “What are your names?”

Eli decided to chow down on some of her meal as she gave the guy some time to speak. She looked up at him as she chewed, a casual expression on her face. “Oh, uh,” He began, but he was staring at the screen of his phone with a blank expression. Eli glanced between the look in his eyes, the slightly agape mouth, and the tense way he was holding his phone. She guessed that he’d been staring at the messaging app; maybe at the girl’s empty inbox. “Sorry.” He said as he put his phone away and looked up at her. Although it felt like he wasn’t really looking at her. His eyes had this faraway look to them.

I'm Archie. Archie Anderson." He grinned sheepishly. Eli took his hand, giving it a gentle shake. One side of her lips curled into an amused smile as she did so. "I've been aboard about a month and a half. The doctors back home said I gots a condition and all." Eli grinned and shook her head at his joke. Didn’t everyone have a “condition” on this boat?

She noticed the faraway look in his eyes turn into panick and her eyebrows rose slightly in an expression of concern. What is this guy thinking? He doesn’t think I’m hitting on him, right?

And you? It's nice to meet you.

Eli smiled and nodded her head as a subtle bow. She opened her mouth to introduce herself, but was stopped short by the arrival of none other but Radvi. She stared at the officer for a moment, barely noticing that Archie had scattered his phone once more. After all the time Eli spent searching for Radvi, he was going to show up at the mall? With his fancy tech glasses and casual smile. As if he didn’t know Eli had a million questions to ask him.

Officer Radvi, sir.” Her new buddy Archie said after grabbing his phone from the ground. Eli glanced between the two. How did these two know each other? Archie must be quite a little troublemaker if he had already met one of The Promise’s finest.

Eli took a moment to give Radvi a confused look before shrugging it off. “You’re a hard man to find, Radvi.” She felt no difference between calling him Officer Radvi and Radvi. They were two in the same. “Your cheek is looking better. Would you like to grab a coffee tomorrow to catch up?”

She was just about to mention the blue goop when she noticed Archie staring past Radvi. Her eyes followed his gaze to a girl only a little their junior walking towards them. She had raven black hair, a short but lean build, and walked like she was bearing a heavy weight on her shoulders. Her clothes were dark, but she wore it in a way that made it work. She was a dark type of beautiful, and she could definitely picture Archie with this girl.

When her eyes turned to lock with Archie’s, Eli worried for a moment if he was going to pass out. From far away he would appear to be having a casual chat, but up close she could see how scared he was. He made a noise that sounded like all of the air rushed out of his lungs and spoke. Thank god he didn’t pass out.That’s her.

Eli couldn’t help but smile. Love. This guy’s in love. Probably his first, by the looks of it. The first time Eli felt in love with someone, which was a loong, long time ago, she’d felt like there were butterflies in her stomach and a bomb in her heart set to explode in t-minus one second. God, this is painful to see. How can I help this guy out? I don’t know anything about this girl, and by the looks of it I only have a minute to give him advice.

She decided to just tell him what she wished someone had told her a long time ago. “Look, Archie. You’re never going to know if she likes you unless you tell her how you feel.” She leaned in a little so he could hear her clearly.

“Be yourself around her. And be confident too. Girls like guys that are sure about how they feel. You just need to show her. Get her alone, somewhere peaceful, tell her that you feel something towards her, and ask her out.” She gave him a reassuring smile. “I’m Eli by the way. I wish you all of the luck in the world. She’ll say yes. I can feel it in my bones.”

She slowly sat back in her chair and took a bite of her food. Her eyes glanced up at Radvi and she hoped that he understood the situation as well. If he didn’t, then he would in a moment. Hopefully he would respond to her earlier comments.

This tall, handsome guy, who looked like he should have been pretty confident for his age, came barreling towards Eli as if the world would explode if he didn't. She'd barely reached the beginning of the line, so when he almost crashed into her they were right in the middle of the walkway.


Eli was looking towards his fallen phone, a worried look on her face for his tech. She looked back up at him to speak before he continued. He was this flustered because he wanted to ask a girl out? She groaned inwardly. If this was about the homecoming dance, she was going to barf. She wanted to ask if it was, but when she saw his pleading expression she decided to put her own feelings aside. She remembered how awkward she had been with her first crush. It would have been pretty beneficial to get advice from someone experienced. Plus, some people on The Promise needed little things like dances to get them through the day.

"Okay, okay. Take a big breath," she said while holding her hands up, a warm smile lighting up her features. It amused her that he was so desperate. This crush must be huge. She bent down to pick up his phone before someone stepped on it. "You're lucky there's no crack on this thing."

"So, how about we chat over some food? I'd wait until after but I'm starving. Is that okay? It should only take a minute." She would have normally waited for an answer, but the guy looked lost. After a small chuckle, Eli pointed towards the table he had just ran from. "Go sit, loverboy. I'll be there soon."

After placing the phone in his hand, she turned and got into the line. A few minutes later, she was setting her tray down across from this endearing stranger. She took her seat, taking her time to break her chopsticks in two before looking up at him.

"So, what's your name? How long have you been aboard The Promise?"

One month later.


Things had relatively gone back to normal on The Promise. The few days after the labeled "security breach incident" were chaotic. Classes were cancelled, memorials were held for the fallen, and the people aboard The Promise were given time off of work to grieve. The confident ones aboard the space boat spoke in outrage, questioning The Promise for allowing something like this to happen under their watch. The biggest question of all, the one that everyone was asking, was how this breach had even happened in the first place.

Still, just as Eli expected, the news of the breach never reached the Earth. The personnel on the boat stopped speaking about it after five days, the last memorial on The Promise was held a week and a half later, and the shrines for the lost lives were removed after three weeks. Apparently the pictures, flowers, and candles for the dead were "cluttering" the street. Even though every trace of the carnage had been erased, the people aboard The Promise hadn't forgotten.

Eli certainly hadn't. The moment she'd returned to her apartment she sat in front of her laptop and typed up a total recollection of the horrible day she had just been dealt. The next day she walked through the streets, quietly listening to the chatter of The Promise’s security officers to gather intel. She was hoping to bump into Radvi. He was always honest with her, and she wanted to know what he did with the blue goop. She never found him.

Her mother called the next day as part of her weekly check in, but Eli didn't say anything about the prison break. It was better that she didn't hear about her little confrontation with an inmate. She wasn't even sure what The Promise's people would do if she told someone on Earth about it.

She also heard the news that one of her good friends had died during the attack. That news was really the cherry on top. It was a rough few weeks after that. The pain was still fresh inside, but she had to carry on no matter how bad she felt. She went back to work, continued her training, and went on plenty of runs to relieve herself of the stress she felt.

So when the shrine for her murdered friend was taken down a week ago, Eli felt a wave of resentment pass through her parahuman bones. Even today, when the announcement was made to the entire space boat that there would be a boat-wide homecoming Eli felt the same spite towards The Promise. Why would anyone want to go to a dance when there was still so much to find out? She couldn't believe the directors of The Promise. They hadn't even notified the fucking planet below them. Many families probably had no idea that their family members were dead. She was surprised when so many people were eased by the news of a homecoming. The entire atmosphere of The Promise changed once people had a reason to care less. At least she knew that there would be parties that night. They hadn't thrown one in a while, and one of her friends had already sent her a save the date for the party.

When she finally was off of work, she decided to go to the mall for a new outfit. Even if she didn't find one, she just wanted a relaxing evening at the mall. She wanted to be out in public and not at home alone with her thoughts. Shopping would be a great distraction.

She arrived at the mall, dressed in her favorite slip-ons, light jeans, a plain white t-shirt and her comfiest black bomber. She'd messily thrown her hair up into a hairclip after wearing it down all day. Her favorite way to dress, and also the most relaxing. She had just finished looking through the third store of the day when she saw the Panda Express. Her stomach rumbled. Looks like it was going to be sugar chicken and chow mein for dinner. She headed towards the restaurant and smiled at a ruggedly handsome man about her age sitting outside. He looked rather brooding for such a place. Maybe he would be interested in going to the party too.

Elara Wessex

Location: Serval Industries HQ, From Conference Room to Hangar Bay
Skills: N/A

Elara kept quiet as the emotionless woman asked questions about the mission. She couldn't help but continue to observe her colleagues as Gardner and Psylocke answered them. A young woman sitting nearby caught her attention. She held a notebook in her hand. It was filled with scribbles, doodles, and what looked like honest to god witchcraft. What kind of abilities was she bringing to the table?

A late arrival caught her attention as well. He was the only other person in the room with a mask and costume besides her. She hadn't even put her mask on, either. This guy was more paranoid than she was. Maybe that was a good thing. He looked nervous as he asked Psylocke and Gardner if the rogue group posed any potential threat to their safety. Was this his first mission, too?

Pyslocke assured the group that no real harm would come to them, and with that said she headed towards the door. Elara followed the small group through the halls and to the hanger bay. She hadn't been back here since the tour of the grounds, but it still awed her to see a room so large and full of expensive tech.

Psylocke described the second jet as small and not as nice as the first, but as Eli boarded the jet she thought differently. If this was the small, shitty jet, then she really wanted to see the nicer one. These superheroes were given everything they needed, and then some.

Elara sat down in the nearest seat, beginning to feel a little nervous about the flight. Especially after Psylocke had mentioned "crashing down in a fireball." She had only flown in planes before her accident, and then the one plane ride it took to get to Virginia. While planes were nothing like riding in cars, they were basically the same. How could Eli trust that nothing like that would happen?

She absentmindedly rubbed the spot on the back of her neck, her fingers tracing over the scar. When she realized what she was doing, she pulled her hand away and attempted to clear her thoughts. She needed to focus on her first mission. Her fears weren't going to stop her today. Her jaw clenched as the jet began firing up, but she steeled her nerves. Slowly pulling her mask from her pocket, Elara tied the ribbon behind her head and secured the lace to her face. She was ready to get to work.

Radvi, composed as always, strode away from the dead scorpion-man as if nothing had happened. She watched him wipe the blood from his cheek and wondered how many times he'd killed before. In all of the four years she knew Radvi, she realized that she had never asked about his past. Usually she didn't care. She only cared about a person's present until thoughts like these crossed her mind. Most of the people she met on The Promise had similar backgrounds, which is why she never asked anymore. Officers were a different story.

His partner strode up to the two and without looking her way asked Radvi who she was. Eli's brows furrowed and she chose to ignore the rude woman. Instead she chose to keep a lookout. There was still a chance that more inmates were coming. She had enough energy left for at least one more fight. Radvi spoke directly towards her, which drew her attention back to him. She nodded to acknowledge the thanks and glanced at the woman as she headed towards the slumped metal man behind her.

With ruthless intent, the woman finished what Eli couldn't. Eli didn't watch, her right hand curling into a fist to relieve her of the stress. A quick glance at Radvi and it seemed as if he was just as surprised that Noelle had done that.

Just then, Radvi's communicator clicked to life. It was Gennedy, the Chief officer that Eli had met only once before. The reinforcements would be here soon. The chaos was almost over. She doubted that things would return to normal afterwards. The Promise had a lot of explaining to do, and the reason why this happened wouldn't be an easy answer. Did they even know how? The world would want to know.

As if someone, somewhere knew what she was thinking, the answer arrived wearing a pair of... skates? And a huge LED display for a helmet? Whatever it was (it looked like a boy but who could be sure), it was loud and fast. Noelle even knew it. It handed Noelle weapons, and as Eli was still trying to figure out what it was it turned to her. It's hands grabbed hers in a greeting. Eli stared into the bright lights of his helmet and scrutinized the "face" looking back at her. For a moment she felt like she'd run across an image of this guy somewhere on the internet.

He pulled away before she could mention it, nonetheless form a coherent thought about this erratic helmet-guy before her. The jar he handed to Radvi drew her attention immediately.



Eli looked at Radvi's confused expression before watching the rollerskating helmet guy ride off into the streets. That was odd... She looked back at the deep blue jello inside of the mason jar. Could the mass of shit inside really lead them to whoever/whatever was behind the prison break?

"Is that guy serious?" She asked Radvi, watching him examine the contents himself. "Could that really be a lead?"

She wanted an answer, but before one could be given the reinforcements arrived. An officer immediately was upon Eli. "Eli Wessex?" Eli raised an eyebrow. "Yes?" The officer nodded and reached for her elbow in what seemed like a non-threatening way. "Come with me. All students are being processed before escorted to their rooms."

Eli frowned, pulling her arm away from his grasp. She didn't want to cause trouble, but she never liked being told what to do like this. It was one of the things that reminded her of what The Promise was really about. "I'm just fine here, but if you're going to make a scene about it I'll walk myself to the cruiser." She gave the officer a forced smile before turning to face Radvi.

"Can you believe these guys?" She aimed her thumb at her companion and shook her head. The man rolled his eyes and placed his hands on his hips. Eli sighed and waved as she began walking away. "Let me know what that stuff is, okay?" She glanced at Noelle. "It was nice meeting you."

After one more comment from her buddy, Eli turned and headed towards the cruiser with the backdoor open. She hadn't done anything wrong so she knew that they would just question her before sending her home. They'd probably just ask the questions on the ride to her apartment. She sighed for the second time that day as the door to the cruiser shut behind her. It was going to be a fun ride home. Maybe later she could let off some steam while the security team was occupied. She needed a drink. Or two. She hadn't even begun to worry about her friends. If they'd survived, she was sure that they would be yearning for the sweet release of booze later tonight.


Eli had never seen her abilities in action like this. It filled her with a great sense of purpose and pride. It was rewarding to see a security officer look grateful for her presence. Even if it was Radvi, it still felt comforting that one human out there didn't think that all parahumans were like the three stumbling creatures before them.

The creatures were clearly stunned for the moment, which left Radvi and his metal-armed friend plenty of time to gather the resources they would need to finish them off. Radvi immediately took the spike from the wall and advanced towards the scorpion, and his badass friend rushed the woman with the whip-like arms as if she didn't have blades coming out of her skin.

This left the giant cheese grater for Eli to handle. She wasn't sure if she was supposed to feel relieved that this was the inmate she'd been left with, or if she felt extremely intimidated by this 6'6" body builder. It also made her wonder when she'd last gotten a tetanus shot.

Eli made one last glance towards her two human partners to make sure that they were getting along. They seemed to be holding up, although her heart jumped as she saw the scorpion's tail wrap around Radvi's neck. She shook her head and turned away from them, allowing the illusions to fade from all three inmates so that she could focus solely on her opponent.

He was big and covered in danger, which meant that Eli wanted to stay as far away as possible from him. Close combat wouldn't be an option unless she was going for the final blow. He didn't seem to have any visible features. Did he have ears to hear with, or eyes to see with? How did this guy get around? Were his buddies his guide dogs? This made it difficult for Eli to deprive him of these senses. If he couldn't see in the first place, what was the point of making him think the world went dark?

Either way, the inmate slowly began advancing towards her. He knew somehow where she was, which was all Eli needed to know. She tested his vision by moving around, and the two began slowly circling each other. Somehow this thing could see.

A rough, grating laugh seemed to emit from the muscled metal heap. "ꜱᴄᴀʀᴇᴅ, ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ɢɪʀʟ?" It spoke, sending shiver's down Eli's spine. Her steps hesitated for a moment, but she kept moving. She couldn't be a still target. Her best chances were to keep moving and wait until the right moment to act.

"ʏᴏᴜ'ʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ʙɪᴛᴄʜ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɢᴀᴠᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴛʜɪꜱ ʜᴇᴀᴅᴀᴄʜᴇ," he continued, flexing what muscles could be seen beneath the metal shards. "ʟᴇᴛ ᴍᴇ ʀᴇᴛᴜʀɴ ᴛʜᴇ ꜰᴀᴠᴏʀ."

The metal man lunged forwards, raising his arms into the air as he prepared to tackle the young woman to the ground. Eli suddenly lost all courage at the sight of this thing running towards her. She was trapped between it and the metal door to the public shelter. She cried out in fear and immediately shrunk to the ground, covering her eyes so that she wouldn't have to see her own demise.

The creature was satisfied that his prey gave up so easily. He increased his speed and waited for the delicious squish her body would make as his body would engulf hers. A laugh erupted from the inmate's body, only to be cut immediately short as a second from impact with the girl, she disappeared right in front of him. His body made a loud ᴛʜᴜᴍᴘ as it flew straight into the door of the public shelter and he released a gargled "ᴀᴀᴄᴋ!"

Eli stood a safe ten feet away from the creature, unscathed. She'd managed to slip his eye as they circled, and had produced an illusion strong enough to make it seem like she'd stopped in front of the shelter. She watched as the metal protrusions sunk into the door. It was thick enough that the shards wouldn't reach the other side; the sheltered residents inside may have heard the impact, but they were still entirely safe. Perhaps just a little frightened, though.

The massive man jerked for a few moments, slowly wrenched his metal body from the door, and stumbled a few feet away. Eli tensed and took a step backwards. Just as she thought that she would have to face him head on, he fortunately fell to his knees and then faceplanted the ground. The impact with the door, along with the fading dizziness, had been just enough to render the inmate unconscious.

Eli immediately relaxed and released the breath she had been holding. She reached up to brush her hair from her face and realized that her hands were shaking. She hadn't felt this scared since the day she was boarded onto a shuttle and shot into space. This was obviously much, much worse than that day; she almost had to kill a man to survive. She might still have to kill him, if he didn't stay unconscious for long.

Without waiting to find out, she cautiously backed away and turned to search for Radvi. To her relief, he had emerged unscathed despite a few scratches to his face. His friend only had marks on her metal arms, and Eli didn't want to imagine what she would have looked like if she didn't have prosthetic limbs.

"Are you okay?" Her voice came out a lot smaller than she intended, and she quickly cleared her throat to regain some dignity. "I didn't... I couldn't kill him. He's just unconscious for now." She paused, glancing back at the man to make sure he was still zonked. "What should we do?"

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