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Mentions: Jasmine, Lee, Stella

”Kicked out of two schools for violent conduct, arrested multiple times for umpteen misdemeanours, charged with assault and robbery. I must say Mr Hyde, I have no idea why your transfer to this school was accepted. You must have some powerful friends”

The blue eyed demon grinned, quietly musing over the guidance counsellors sheer confusion at his late transfer to Beverly Hills High School. Hyde sat there, bruised eyes, split lip and scratched up hands folded across his chest, a far cry from the faces in the hall behind him. It was bemusing to think that this man had so little idea what his wealthy charges in this school actually did in their spare time; some of the actions of the elite were far worse than the stuff Cameron did. At least when he did his shit, he was honest about it. The move to the 90210 was not initially a choice of Hyde’s; it was a dare gone wild.

During their time at the Chapter Six, Cam and Jasmine were starting to find their rhythm together on the dance floor, drenched in neon lights and seduced by a sensual saxophone, the feeling that whirled around them was utterly terrifying but also so desperately exhilarating that they couldn’t get enough, like the drugs he so readily supplies to the rich bitches he was surrounded by. Then came the moment his North Star ran out on him, of course he gave chase but she was gone, the girl hopped her bike and rode off into the night, leaving him alone. Leaving Cameron Hyde alone was dangerous; without a guiding light, the dark can become way to appealing and on a day like Dare Night, there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do. That’s how he wound up in a bathroom stall with a rather influential board member, a line of coke and a hidden camera. Someone had orchestrated this, of course they had. They wanted blackmail material and the monster from maple was the perfect guy to get it. Getting himself enrolled into BHHS was a bonus.

”What is it you actually want to do with your life, Cameron? What’s the goal?”

”I’m not sure” Hyde feigned interest of course. ”I don’t really think too far ahead”

”Why is that?”

Cameron scoffed as if it was insulting that this over paid and under educated nanny didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. It was extremely clear in these few quiet moments that regardless of how they pretend, the people here were from a whole other world. ”Where I come from, it’s not about what you want, it’s about what you got to do to survive. A man must have a code”

”And what’s your code?”

The demon with the face of an angel lifted his baby blues to match the counsellors inquisitive gaze, a very real, palpable hint of menace in them. ”Fuck everyone”

”I was just like you, I grew up hard and I grew up with a chip on my shoulder but then someone took a chance on me. Showed me that I was more than where I came from. I’m gonna give you that chance, Cameron but I need you to work for it. You think you can do that? You think you can be perfect? Go show me”

Leaving the guidance counsellors office, Hyde room a deep breath. This was a different world, it wasn’t dogtown, his old tactics wouldn’t work here. Before he could threaten and beat his way to the top, down by the water he was number one, he wasn’t that here, not yet. He had to be smart, Lee wasn’t going to help him here, he had his hands full with that prissy bitch, Stella. No, the dark passenger had to find new friends, people who could and would get him to where he needed to be; the fucking top. He had to be number one.

This election everyone and their mothers seemed to be talking about, this was the perfect opportunity for the antagonist to make his mark in this brand new world. He couldn’t run for President, that was just idiotic but he could “offer” his services to the right candidate. Someone would know how to use his animalistic nature to their advantage. Evil walked the halls of this school, evil of a different malevolence to his own and he just had to find it.

He stood for second, gazing upon the student body running around the halls and with every passing student, further dangerous ideas of what he could do to them plagued Hyde’s troubled mind. These ideas were so very far from anything that they had experienced before; they were blood soaked and glowing in violence. The night was dark and full of terrors and now so was this place. It had thought it had seen everything, wait until they got a load of him.

”Take a picture, handsome. It’ll last longer” The girl said as she slammed closed her locker, startling Cameron from the awful day dream he dare not share with anyone else. She fearlessly sauntered up to the towering youth and shoved a piece of paper into his hand. ”Come to this, you can stare and take all the pictures you want” she spun on her conversed heel and headed off into the crowded halls.

Hyde opened up the folded sheet and scanned it: it was a poster for a gig ”The Last Saints in Hollywood”

There were no saints in this world of sinners.

Featuring: Gwen Morgan & Cameron Hyde
Mentions: Riley@TootsiePop, Brynn@Melissa & Chris@GhostMami

Monday Morning


“Hey there marks it’s your girl, the one, the only Ace’s Morgan streaming live from my bedroom in all my glory. As you can see, today I’m repping the latest in AWE merchandise, the Gethin Rhys End Waltz shirt available on AWE’s official merch store to celebrate is third world title. Congrats Uncle G. Now onto the important stuff, Dare Night was a huge success. Many a shenanigans took place all in the hopes of winning that hefty sum of prize money. In the end though there could only be one winner and that was, le gasp, one Jasmine Fulton. Word on the street is that she made a deal with the devil in order to get ahead. Don’t worry my dear pets, I’ll get the scoop. On the flip reverse, some of you may know, most of you will not but today is a day to mark on your calendars. Today; hells favourite harlot is joining the BHHS Morning Show. Don’t worry babies, I ain’t going too commercial just yet. There’s still a little indie rock n roll left in this gorgeous bodess. Well, no time like the present so I’m heading out guys, allow me as always to leave you with a new banger to start your day off right: this is Strangers by City and Colour
Written by BrutalBx

After finishing the latest instalment of the Asylum, Gwen closed her webcam and returned to planning her outfit for the day. Her gothic room of red pain was a fucking shit hole, clothes and vinyl records littered the floor and the distinct smell of her favourite weed and booze permiated the air.

She sat down at her desk and began to apply some makeup, dark smoky eyes, of course this was a given, some black lipstick was always nice. She looked hot, she knew this, people also needed to know this. Grabbing her phone, the pulled down her new shirt to teasingly cover herself up and bit the bottom of her perfect DSL’s. Snapping a seductive selfie, she scrolled her phone for her boi and quickly hit the send button. Everything was new with Chris and it was exciting. She hasn’t felt like this in a long time, if ever at all.

Gwen finally decided on some leather shorts with a bullet belt, some knee high socks and her favourite doc martens. It was time to make her second sensual appearance on the morning show, this was going to be fun. Riley and Brynn were strangers to her; faces in the hall, names in the mouths of acquaintances and whispers in the ever gossiping halls of Beverly Hills High School. The irony that she, the heavy metal queen would be joining such a thing as the Morning show was not lost on Ace at all. Needs must and she needed to get her name out there if she was ever going to get out of this thing alive. The Morning Show was a way to do that.

Driving her Stingray to school, a feeling of nervousness and anxiety washed over Gwen like a violent downpour. It had nothing to do with the show however, no it was something else entirely. It was something she could see pulling into the school parking lot: Cameron Hyde. She had not forgotten about their run in on the boat a while back. She still had nightmares about his angelic face glaring down at her like a rabid dog, his strong hands forcing her against the wall as he snarled in her ear. The memory sent cold shivers down her spine like nothing else could. He was pure evil hiding behind a beautiful mask.

A true, handsome devil.

Normally, the only time you would see the dogtown psycho in Beverly Hills was if he was with McCarthy doing business but rumour has it that he was transferring. God help them all if that was the case. Gwen made the decision then that if he was here to stay, then they needed to become strangers.

Hyde climbed out of his Jeep Wrangler, cigarette in his mouth and bad intentions in his pretty blue eyes. Joining the kids of BH was nothing short of a genius stroke. Tuition was no issue thanks to Lee’s Dare Night shenanigans and now he could be here with his North Star, Jasmine as well as the other fine student bodies that the dirty filthy rich had to offer. He cared about her sure but there were many fine wine collections in the world and Beverly Hills just had so much to offer. Not to mention the business opportunities; these kids had too much money and not enough sense and Cameron Hyde was the perfect person to exploit them. He threw his cigarette onto the floor before checking his reflection in the driver side mirror. His face was a little beat up as usual but other than that he knew he looked like one sexy motherfucker. The monster glanced over the parking lot to see Aces Morgan gawking at him, terrified of course, as she should be. He smiled at her, waving mockingly to her as he did. It was time to see just how fucked up this side of the tracks truly was. He leaned into the back of the jeep, grabbed his bag and headed into the building.

Climbing back into her car, Aces grabbed hold of the steering wheel as tightly as she could in an attempt to control her breathing and force herself passed the panic she was feeling. Eventually she found herself in the studio with R and B and it wasn’t as awkward as she had anticipated, in fact it was actually quite light and easy. A good thing of course, it helped her brush away the dread that Hyde has ushered upon her. That said, Gwen knew so very little about the election. The midnight girl often considered herself well in the know when it came to the drama’s of BHHS but as far as this thing was concerned, the suicide blonde was as clueless as Alicia Silverstone.

”So, what do we need to know?”

Interacting with @spooner@Kitty@TootsiePop

As the shot of good old fashioned whiskey burned his throat like a round of bad toast, Dusty felt someone sit next to him, yet it wasn’t just any someone. He knew this presence, even in his semi permanent drunken haze he knew what was going on around him. This was a talent he had mastered during his hard partying days as a Gatling superstar. Dusty took off his ten gallon and placed it on the bar, causing his chestnut coloured bangs to fall and frame his devilishly handsome face. He exalted through his nose before sliding the second beer he had ordered over to Elias. ”Hey hoss, yeah it’s been a while”

Elias Hellqvist; Dustin’s high school therapist and the closest thing he had during those days to a best friend. To the untrained eye, Dusty was of course a jock. He was the star running back of the football team, he was unfathomably good looking, he could sing better than Bieber and he just had that IT factor. What most didn’t realise was that Dusty Rockhold was a lonely son of a bitch (Mrs Rockhold was actually a saint but I digress). In their many many talks over the years, Elias had made no secret of the fact that Dusty was the son that his father had always wanted and in hindsight it made the cowboy feel awful. Eli was a good person who didn’t deserve to be made to feel second best. Dusty raised his glass to his old friend before downing the amber ale in three seconds flat. ”Another”

As Dolores, whose apparent immortality was one of Gatlings greatest ghost stories, poured the former RB1 his next drink, a familiar voice pierced its way through the hustle and bustle of the wake. Glancing to his right side, Dusty saw the all too familiar porcelain features of one Hana Cheong. It had been a little while since he’d seen her in person. She had definitely blossomed since high school, most everybody does. The last time he saw her was probably at her wedding. He had decided to surprise her with the gift of learning Korean so he could sing her and her new husband a song. It went off like a house on fire that night. In the split second he had seen her, deep in her eye still sat the look of a stranger in a strange land that had no idea what she was doing. ”Hey little sis”, he said placing a comforting hand on her demure shoulder.

Mere seconds passed before even more of there once merry group of misfits landed in the Tavern. Finally succumbing to social norms, Dusty turned on the ancient, rusty stool to face the gathering of what the beautiful dead considered her best friends. What a mess they were. None of them spoke or kept in touch, if they did it was barely more than a general catch up, any meaningful conversations ended on that first Stampede weekend the year after graduation when only Roxanne turned up and the rest of them gave a smorgasbord of excuses. Bless her she always continues to try but high school friends are high school friends, when the big bad world comes calling, it was every man and woman for themselves.

Cyrus and Diana, a couple no one could have foreseen. Cy had always been a great friend, a good guy so when he and Diana started hooking up he made a point to let Dusty know. At the time he was in Iraq, so the idea brushed off of his broad shoulders with little problem. It wasn’t until after he got home and the weight of his reality began to set in that the thought of Diana, a girl he loved so intently falling for someone else and that someone else being a close friend, that stung, like a punch in the gut. It also didn’t help when he watched Diana’s Dreamhomes on repeat for nights on end. She still looked amazing and her scent was exactly the same. Her waves of blonde hair framing her face like a portrait. He tightened his already firm grip on his glass just a little bit more. ”Ain’t you two looking nice? Welcome back”

From the shit stained back room that Dolores had decided to clean for the first time in ten years, Jack emerged into the crowded Tavern. Damn, his ex wife sure was popular. They had been separated for about a year, divorced only a month when he found her body. Half of the town didn’t even know that so to some he was a widowed father and damned he would be if he didn’t play up to that. The image of her sitting there, like a Madam Tussaud waxwork was seared into his memory. Every time he closed his eyes she was there, staring at him with that literally dead stare. He wasn’t staying; a move some would consider to be dickish but Jackie Palminteri had an epiphany a long time ago; someone was always going to be the dick, it didn’t matter if it was him or not, he was always going to be about number one.

Jack looked up at the large picture of Roxanne that they had placed over the back wall and sighed. What a waste. With those teasing hazel eyes, that shock of red hair and a jawline that could shave ice she was beauty personified; a man was a liar if he didn’t say he fell in love with her just a little bit when he saw her. He glanced over at a group that had amassed at the bar whilst he was in the other room; it was a whose who of Roxy’s friends from high school, no doubt they would play the dutiful friend roles now but where were they the past ten years whilst she struggled? Things may have gone sour but at least Jackie was always there. He scowled lightly for a second before switching back to his usual lackadaisical shit eating grin. He had to go, it was game day after all and not even death could stop football. Leaving the Tavern, Jack caught the glimpse of Helene Perfect; yeah maybe not then but now? Yeah now she wasn’t too far from Perfect. He gave her wink before brushing past to climb into his car.

As Jackie left, the high pitched wine of a broken old tannoy system stabbed through the bustling noise of the bar. The picture of Roxy shot upwards to reveal a screen with another image of the grateful dead, only this one was moving.

”Hey y’all! Don’t adjust your tv screens, it is I, Foxy Roxy Williams coming at you live from, well I guess the afterlife! If this video is being played for you then I’m dead, very dead. Don’t cry for me Argentina, I had a good life, a short one but a good gone. If all has gone to plan, this is the first of a fair amount of videos of the recently deceased me. Their purpose is simple; you’re about to hear the story of my good life and the days I recall being wonderful but you know me, I can’t make it that easy for you, got to make it a little bit dramatic. So scattered around Gatling are some mementos and memories of what came before, each clue will lead you to my next vid and my next memory. Fun right? I totally stole this idea from a book. Anyway, Rhea, babe, if your watching this, mommy loves you and she always will. To the island of misfit toys, this is as much your story as it is mine. We made a promise and maybe my being gone will finally make you fulfil it. I’m not perfect, I never was but you know who was? You Nellie and this first clue is for you. I left my journal for you, it’s yours to carry on the story but if I were you, where would I hide it? Start where we finished. I love you all, see you in the next one”

Kim huffed when Emi finally let go. God, that may have lasted for only a couple minutes but it may as well have been an eternity. She rolled her shoulders, scooting an inch away from Emi as she launched into a conversation with AJ. Despite being disgruntled at Emi's unexpected contact moments before, her concern spiked as AJ lead her friend away. The Gearhead's presence didn't seem to be inciting anymore breakdowns, but Kim wasn't sure how long Emi's current weird emotional high would last.

She looked on as they left, then turned away, shaking her head. Emi would be fine.

'Their loss,' she said to Sami, shrugging. 'What kind of story you got in mind?'

Most everyone seemed to be off doing their own things, she'd noticed. The air seemed lighter, the atmosphere almost passing as cheery, even, as conversation filled the space, whispers and murmurs alike. Val seemed buzzed about something, chattering excitably with Jules. At least she didn't seem pissed anymore.

Her messenger bag hadn't stopped buzzing since she'd stuffed her phone in it. The near constant vibration was rather irritating; she placed her hand on the bag, making to shift it against the log she was sitting on, away from her side. Then she paused, considering.

The buzzing was constant. Someone was calling her, not sending texts one after the other. She sighed. Her fingers clenched, twisting the bag straps in their grip. The buzzing continued, disapproving.

'Ah, sorry, I've gotta take this call first.' The apologetic smile was easy to slip on, her fingers relaxing as she took out her phone, careful to point the screen towards herself. 'I'll be right back.'

It wasn't hard to slip away from the campfire, looking to all the world as if she was taking a call from a friend. Neutrality was an expression she'd mastered, exuding false flippancy in her movements. Perhaps a little too false - her steps felt too calm, her grip on her phone too lax. None of it synced up with her rapidly beating heart and her dry mouth.

The back of the cabins was dark, dimly lit by the starscape above and light peeking through the cabin windows. Someone had left the lights on.

Kim stared down at her phone, took a breath, then accepted the call.

'Hey, mum,' she said.

The response was immediate. 'Where are you, Kimberly? Why aren't you answering my texts?'

'Red Rock Canyon. Didn't I already text you that?'

'You're still there? Please don't tell me you're staying the night.'


'Kimberly.' A frustrated sigh. Then, a muttered, 'I knew this was a bad idea.' Kim tensed but before she could respond, her mum continued, louder. Firmer. 'Look, I know I let you go on this trip, but I was expecting you to be more responsible than this.'

'I'm not the one who crashed the RV, mum.'

'That too. I've got half a mind to talk to your friend about responsible driving-'

'Mum. Don't drag him into this. He drove fine, someone else crashed into us.'

'Drag him into this? You did that when you brought up this trip, Kimberly. I'm glad you're safe, but of all the places you could have stayed at, you chose Red Rock Canyon? Cabins in the middle of who knows where? What were you thinking?!'

'I was thinking we'd have a normal camping detour like normal teenagers do,' was what Kim wanted to say, but she held her tongue. She could point out how they were only getting anywhere because of the Gearheads in the first place, or how there really wasn't anything wrong with camping at Red Rock Canyon. She could argue that her mum was being irrational, angry for reasons that only existed in her own mind. She was safe, nothing bad had happened, and they were all fine.

She did not say any of these things.


What was she thinking? She hadn't been. Not really. They were all fine. With or without her. She'd come on this trip, expecting to find something in herself that didn't exist. There was nothing deeper to be found in Kimberly Beveridge, no layers to peel back, no hidden potential to dig out. She was what she was - an average teenager with no valid interests that could possibly carry her higher in life.

There was just no changing that.

'This trip really upsets you, doesn't it?' she said.

'Of course it does! My only daughter travelling so far away from home. Do you know how worried I get? Not to mention you're spending time you could be using to prepare for college. You should make the most of this time to grow your skills and plan for the future!'

Grow. What a joke.

'I'll...go home, then.'

'What?' Why did her mum sound surprised? The least she could do was act happy that her daughter was finally listening. 'Now? Are you sure?'

'I'll wait till we get to Las Vegas, then I'll book a flight. I-you're right. This trip wasn't a good idea. I'll be home soon enough.' Kim spoke with a calmness she didn't feel, her heart clenching in her chest. Somewhere in there, a voice told her that this was ridiculous - she'd already come so far, why was she turning back now? Their adventure had barely begun!

'And it can continue without me,' her mind responded. Its tone was droll, dispassionate, and its voice was what Kim listened to. 'There's nothing here for me and nothing I have to give.'

It only made sense.

'I'm glad you're finally listening to sense,' sighed her mum. 'Call me then, okay? Let me know when you're flying off.'

'I will,' said Kim, 'Bye.'

She ended the call without waiting for a response.

The rest of the evening passed with Kim on autopilot. She listened to Sami's story, engaged in the occasional conversation, and through it all, her calm, relaxed attitude itched at her like a mask that didn't fit. She never mentioned her leave; she didn't know how to. What was she supposed to say? 'Hey guys, I feel insecure about coming along on this trip so I'm turning a 180 and heading home'? They weren't exactly in Santa Monica any more. This wasn't something easily dismissed.

'Understatement of the year. This is your last trip with them, genius.'

Now, in bed, the news still lingered behind her lips, yet to leave. She lay on her back, staring up at the ceiling in the dark. This wasn't good. She couldn't just leave out of the blue tomorrow. The others would have questions and she wouldn't be able to answer them, not without spilling everything she'd worked to keep close to her chest all these years.

Could she sneak off? No, that wouldn't be fair to them. She huffed, turning onto her side. Someone had to know. She couldn't keep quiet about this forever, not if she was set on leaving. Her fingers brushed against hard plastic beside her pillow. She frowned, contemplating. Then she wrapped her fingers around her phone, got off the bed, and left the cabin.

The outside was no more darker than it had been earlier but without the light of the campfire and friendly conversation, the air felt colder. Kim leaned against the wall of Sami's cabin, next to its door.

It took a good five minutes of staring at Sami's contact name on her screen before she actually made a move. Shutting her eyes, she released a harsh exhale. Then, she typed.

you awake?

sorry to disturb. I'm outside. There's smtg I need to tell you.

if you're sleeping, don't respond.

Almost immediately after sending the last one, Kim resisted the urge to smack herself. 'Real smooth, Kim.'

It had been a long day, there had been fights, fucks and fungus (just where did those Mushrooms come from?) but Sami’s head was feeling a little clearer now than it had been all day. He had taken to a small cabin to end the night, he was lucky or unlucky enough to have a place all to himself for the evening. This worked out fine for him as it would leave him to plot and plan for their sojourn into the lions den of Las Vegas. This was going to be the make or break moment for their group, they had to win big in the city of sin or this whole thing would be for nothing. Exercising had always been a great way for Sam to get into his own head and sort through the nonsense that was his life. As the sweat poured down his semi naked self, he noted in the corner of his eye a light flashing. Pulling himself to his feet from his push up position, the Cubans wandered over to the little bed side table where he had left his phone and glanced down at a new message; it was from Kim. All of a sudden his clear mind was cloudy once more as a thousand thoughts ran through it. He quickly grabbed a small towel to wipe away the sweat and stepped out of the cabin door, into the cool desert moonlight and in front of his friend Kim.

”You want to leave, don’t you?”

Kim raised her eyebrows, not moving from where she leaned against the wall. Her gaze flicked down Sami's bare torso, then returned to his eyes. He looked tired, but it seemed to be more from exertion than exhaustion. In the dim light, Kim could hardly make out the bruising on his face or his expression. His tone seemed resigned.

In a moment of sudden self-consciousness, Kim was acutely aware of how she was alone with Sami. In the dark. She wished she'd thought to put on her denim jacket. With just her sleeveless wool top, she felt bare.

'That obvious, huh? How'd you guess?'

”You’re one of my best friends, I can tell when something isn’t right. Besides, this late in the day, it doesn’t take a genius to work out either you’re after a booty call or you have a major problem” Sami leaned back against the wall next to her and sighed. ”You know, I had this feeling, Kimmy that something just wasn’t clicking for you, pretty much ever since we left Santa Monica. I know I should’ve approached it sooner but with the accident and trying to salvage this trip that I completely neglected you and I’m sorry for that” the latin lover repented as he gazed out across the campsite. ”I don’t need to know details of you don’t want to share them. First thing tomorrow, we’ll rent a car and I’ll take you to the airport, it’ll be quicker than driving back”

'Don't be sorry,' said Kim, 'It's not your fault.'

She nodded to his suggestion. That would be that, then. She would leave and not look back. They would part ways, unsure of what the future held for them.

The wind blew gently. The chill of the night seeped into her skin. She suppressed a shiver, crossing her arms. The heat that had chaffed uncomfortably in the daytime had no place in night's cool blanket.

Part ways, huh?

The silence stretching out between them was beginning to teeter on the edge of vague discomfort. She opened her mouth, ready to admit to everything she'd kept inside from the moment she'd gotten to know him. The way her heart fluttered when his kind eyes saw her. The quiet moments she savoured when they could just be them and not think about anything else.

'I'll see you tomorrow, then,' she said. Then, 'Thanks.'

With all her practice, she thought it'd be easy. Acting like all was right with the world while her reality was all sorts of not. Easy peasy. Except this wasn't quite the same as all the other times. This was, most likely, the very last time she'd have the chance to put up this facade in front of this group of people. Her friends.

How strange that this should be her first time not wanting to pretend either.

The morning was hard. Whatever she said to Em, Val, Jules, Nate, or Umbra felt stiff and foreign leaving her mouth and any enquiries on her wellness she deflected with a dismissive shake of her head. She was acting oddly, she knew, but she couldn't bring herself to tell them all she was leaving. Telling them would mean explanations and she knew Val would drag it out of her if she wanted to. And explaining everything right before leaving? Laying herself bare, letting them see the nothing that she was and would forever be? She couldn't do that. If this was going to be her last memories of them, she wanted it to be of them happy, in their own little ways.

It didn't change the fact it still felt like she was walking on eggshells every minute.

When it was finally just her and Sami again, on the way to the airport, relief rode through her. She wasn't sure what exactly he'd told them, but she was certain he hadn't said that she was leaving. Had he? Who knew? The others sure hadn't acted differently.

'That's because it wouldn't matter if you were there or not.'

The ride to the airport was quiet. Comfortably so. It was...familiar. The comfortable atmosphere quelled the unease in her middle more than the lights of Vegas ever could. But it couldn't last forever. Soon, she found herself staring at the hustle and bustle of the airport, just ahead. The taxi's engine rumbled behind where she stood. Her grip tightened on her suitcase handle.

She turned to Sami, flashing a smile that didn't reach her eyes.

'I should tell him.'

She stuck her hand out. Fondness, the first genuine feeling she'd felt all morning, crawled into her chest.

'Till we meet again.'

”Go ride those silver wings. I’ll be seeing you soon, Kimi” Little did either know, Sami would never make it back after this trip.

Collab with @TootsiePop

Featuring Jasmine & Hyde

It was exhilarating. The feel of a steel horse between his legs and the soft touch of the absolute babe around his waist and pressed against his back. She smelled like angels ought to smell, like the flower whose name she bore; Jasmine. Their rocket came to a screeching halt outside of the Bellerose Boutique that was the first part of their dare. Hyde had only a partial idea was to what this challenge would entail; all he knew was that they had to get into the Chapter Six club and that they had to look the part, hence their stop off at their current location.

Cameron Hyde and Jasmine Fulton were not made for the Chapter Six, one only had to look at the pair to distinguish that fact. Under their normal guise, the two would stick out like two sore thumbs, a biker girl with coloured hair and a dogtown thug with fresh battle scars; yeah they’d get into an exclusive nightclub no problem :/ Chapter Six was a den of iniquity, a filthy place for the very clean rich and famous to throw a little caution out of the window. Beverly Hills best kept dirty secret. If it wasn’t so pompous and pristine, it would be the kind of place a degenerate like Hyde would thrive.

Climbing off of the bike, Cam glances up at the store. It was getting close to closing time, so whatever they were about to do, they had to do it fast. ”How are we playing this girl?”

“Girl.” Hopping off the bike, she snatched her motorcycle key from out of his hand, “I have a name, use it.” Turning around, looking at the lavish store she has never stepped foot in, she quickly thought of a plan and looked at him from the side. She smiled, “You’re clever. I’m sure you can think of something for yourself.” No longer wasting anytime, she took her leather jacket off and the flannel tied around her waist and placed it on her bike, taking some of her ‘edge’ off.

Without waiting for Hyde, all men and women for themselves, she went into the boutique and disappeared. They might be a team now, but there could only be one winner in the end. Using her womanly charm, she immediately found herself tailing a remaining group of girls, as if she were a part of it. Before she knew it, they were upstairs near the dressing room. At this point, she was far from Hyde and setting her plan in motion.

”Well that wasn’t hot at all” Hyde rolled his eyes as she ran off to do her part. He didn’t mind, in fact it was quite the turn on being put in his place a little bit. He watched intently with his baby blues as Jasmine conned her way into the boutique in a way he certainly couldn’t. McCarthy would be proud. As she disappeared behind the glass door more expensive than his house. Cam quickly shifted gears and began to scan the area for a way for himself to get in. There was no way in hell they were going to let him with his freshly busted up face to waltz in through the front door. Not a chance in hell.

A whisp of smoke from the side alleyway alerted the demon to a possible side entrance, peering around the corner, Hyde noticed a service door with a rather ugly looking fucker smoking a cheeky joint in its frame. A dark smile crossed his angelic face as he turned on his camera and took a step into the alley. ”Hey boss, do you know where this place is? This ain’t my side of town” as the gent looked at him with disgust, Hyde cracked him with a headbutt, followed by a selfie with his unconscious victim. A reminder to the watchers about just who the fuck this particular player was.

Exiting the bathroom with a shopping bag that wasn’t her’s, technically the rules said that they had to visit here and dress for the occasion, it didn’t specify where she should get her clothes, since this outfit was not Bellerose brand, she slipped into the dressing room and swiftly, nervously, changed her outfit. Her camera having been recording since she followed these girls with a lot of shopping bags into the bathroom. “I guess this makes my first offense. Taking purchased outfits from spoiled rich girls. Shit… this girl is small.” After struggling for a bit, she grabbed the phone off the chair and looked at her new outfit, her boobs breathing for air. Wow. Okay. This look surprised her… if only she had red lipstick.

Freezing into place, she heard two girls rushing out of the bathroom. Her heart stopped. Holding her breath, she listened to them freak out. Did they notice they were missing a bag? Opening her door slightly, she peaked to see them, and even went out of her way to point the camera toward them.

“You’re NOW just telling me? We need to get there promptu! I can’t believe you would forget to tell me that girls get in for FREE!”

With a sigh of relief, Jasmine watched the girls prance off to get ready for their own nightly adventure. Well, since she was here. She might as well buy lipstick to go with her outfit. She doubted she could afford the shoes. Keeping her things in the shopping bag, like her ripped jeans, Jasmine cooly exited the room and pretended she was there all along with this outfit.

Perhaps, she could live without lipstick and expensive shoes… closing time was approaching and her insides were doing summersaults. She really didn’t want to steal from here but… her boots were not going to cut it.

She received a message from the app with a picture of red shoes and lipstick on her bike. There was a comment: Thanks for showing all that skin, baby ;). Here’s a gift. So this is how you win followers. You do dumb shit or you make your viewer horny. Got it. Well, that was easy. Now she’d just have to hope Cameron’s adventure was going successful...

Creeping into the store room, Cameron checked for cameras which surprisingly there were none, at least that he could see. Feeling like he was in Mission Impossible, the dogtown reject crept around boxes and tables doing his best Tom Cruise impression to avoid being seen. If it was any other day, Hyde would’ve just charged in swinging but this was Dare night and that wasn’t how you won this game. It was all about finesse tonight.

All the Dare said was ‘dress for the occasion’ so Cameron made sure to eye up every box he passed for something that he could work with. It wasn’t until he turned another corner that he stumbled upon some fine pressed suits which were obviously worth a ridiculous some of money. He grabbed one from the rack and dove behind a shelf to change. Emerging from his hiding space in a three piece black suit with a popping red tie, the boy worth nothing looked like a man worth a million. He followed the same route back out of the boutique but before he went back to the bike he went to the closing florist across the street and pocketed a bouquet of flowers. Once he had returned to the bike, he stood looking almost princely, awaiting his partners return.

Calm and collected, even though inside she wasn’t, she sauntered outside, having slipped her boots off and throwing them into the bag when the cashier wasn’t looking and even going out of her way of purchasing small butterfly earrings, which was most of her earnings for the past… few… months but she couldn’t resist them! She’ll just ask her dad for her allowance in advance. Yeah. It’ll be okay. This was totally worth it. Rarely does she ever treat herself and she felt nice. Beautiful. Even poor girls don’t always have the strongest willpower.

When she saw him standing there, looking oddly dashing for himself, holding flowers, she couldn’t help but crack a smile. How unlike him. Teasingly, she approached him and asked, looking at him weirdly, “Do I know you?” Shaking her head, not falling for his charm, she put her bag with her belongings in her carrier bag, and then quickly put on the heels that were hanging from the right handle. As he watched her, she hastened her speed, slipped the heels on, then looked into her bike’s mirror, bending over, and applying the red lipstick. Once she was finished, she smacked her lips and slipped the expensive makeup into her carrier. Now, she could give him her full attention: “You look good.”

“I know but not as good as you, I mean damn” This was one of the few moments that he felt like the teenage boy he was rather than the beast he tried to be. Giving her the once over and handed her the flowers ”Don’t say I never gave you anything” His eyes darted to his phone when it chimed, they had to get moving, they had spent too long at the boutique and they had a game to win. “We better get going beautiful.”

The way he was treating her caused her to raise an eyebrow. There was no time to question him or even ask why he was playing this game with her. Honestly, how did they get this far without one of them hurting the other? Brushing off these thoughts, she peered down to the flowers. A wedding bouquet…this was far too big of a gesture for a first date. “...Alright.” She responded, almost hesitatingly.

After speeding through the neon streets of LA with his North Star in tow, Hyde parked the bike a few blocks away from the Chapter Six. It was Jasmine’s after all so he didn’t want it getting stolen. Although they were in a fancy area, stranger things had happened. Now came the hard part, getting in. The Chapter Six was seriously high end and one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood. It was a club that couldn’t be found except by those that already knows where it is. A-Listers would make a point of losing any and all paparazzi before entering the premise in fear of respite in the tabloids. It was that kinda place. Sinking deep into his broken mind palace, Hyde sifted through every hustle he had learned from McCarthy to try and figure out a way inside. “I’ve got an idea, follow my lead.”

“Get on your phone, go full Candy. Trust me.” Approaching the doorman, a big sabretooth looking fucker, Hyde with his sinister blues stared him down intently.

Oh interesting, which Candy should she display? The Candy Queen? The GBF? The Fashionista? So many possibilities. Although she was confused with her relationship with this boy, she was okay on playing actress for the night. “Why do I even bother.” She said matter-of-factly. While searching something on her phone, she took a moment to glare at the bouncer like she was ‘above’ him and even went out of her way to snap her gum that she had she slipped in her mouth while they walked over.

“Bud I know what you’re thinking but you need to stop right now. Do you even fucking know who this is? This is Jasmine Snow, her poster is probably on your prepubescent boys bedroom wall. Star of Biker Babes in BH, the new storm in X-Men? Are you really that out of touch? Get your manager on the phone right now. Let me speak to Havana. Sorry about this darling” Hyde placed his hand on the small of her back and switches his demeanour entirely to match that of a concerned boyfriend. “Get fucking Havana down here right now, Jas babe call him yourself. He’s being useless.” Fast talking was not his forte it was Lee’s but Cam had picked up a few tricks of the trade.The key was catching them before they could react.

“Or maybe I should just get him fired?” Snapping her gum for extra effect, she brought her phone to her ear and laughed out loud, “Can you believe this? For the first time ever I’m being questioned to come in? That’s absolutely appalling. You know, I probably could get this place shut down, since I have friends in high places. Of course, I’m better than that. I won’t get Green involved. Oh! He’s answering—” The bouncer’s head was spinning and instead of question them any further, they were talking so fast he couldn’t keep up, he just let the couple in. From the boy dropping the name ‘Havana’ to the girl dropping the word ‘Green’, these people weren’t someone he should refuse, it seemed. They also wore clothes that cost a fortune, so there was no way they could be conning him. Sure, the ‘actress’ could’ve just meant money, but she could’ve also meant having a strong connection with a filthy rich family that held influence in many industries and that have been the ruin of businesses. The ‘lover’ or ‘assistant’ or ‘bodyguard’, whatever the fuck he was, that lacked class but talked tough, either had a lucky guess name dropping the owner of the place, or they were close relations to him. Refusing them was not worth the risk, so… he’d let them in.

With a seductive smile, Jasmine cooed into the phone, “Oh, I’m sorry. I accidentally dialed your number, my apologies.” The guy gestured for them to go in and as they walked past him, she made up random chatter before saying her goodbyes and hanging up, sighing in relief when they got past him.

Once they were inside, they had truly crossed over to the dark side of Hollywood. The club was bathed in red light, gothic cages hung from the ceiling with men and women writhing around inside of them, as if to lock away their pure sensuality. Celebs were dotted around, carefree and unrepentant in their own brands of debauchery. After taking the obligatory selfie to prove they were inside, Hyde checked Fate and there were no further dares at that time, so they had time to kill. As a song began to play, Hyde’s dangerous eyes wandered and became entranced on his date.

“Wanna dance?”

Hello, I'm not sure this is accepting or not but I figured I'd fill out an application and hope I hear back, you know, like a job interview or something. Anyway sorry it's not super pretty, I'm bad with that stuff. Okay thank you.

You’re in Fab

Dead Diary...for the first time in maybe fifteen years, my hair is blonde again. I know right? Crazy! I’ve been all red everything since before I started high school. Rhea loves it. She’s all like “Mommy! Mommy! You’re blonde like me! Yeah, if it makes the little princess happy it can stay. I’ll probably be red again by next week haha!”

The pounding of little feet outside of the bedroom door forced Roxy to put her pen down and a smile to cross her face. ”Morning little one, I’ll be out in a sec” Pushing herself to her feet, the proud momma bear steadied herself somewhat, the chemo was really fucking with her balance, bit of a shit one for a former cheerleader. Once she had corrected herself, Roxanne made her way from the bedroom and down the stairs to the kitchen where her little pigtailed bundle of treasure was eagerly awaiting her breakfast. Once she had made some cereal for the munchkin, Roxy began washing up the last few dishes from her dinner party the night before and staring out of the window.

Gatling, Texas. In some ways it was straight out of a storybook. Roaming fields, farms and dirt roads, little rivers and ponds that children would use as swimming holes in the summer. Roxy was one of those kids. She was born in this place, she grew up in this place and it was likely she would die here. At least there were worse places for it to happen. It was Friday in Gatling which meant that football was going to be on everyone’s mind today, including her ex husband Jack Palminteri the current coach of the Gatling Garrison. As much as she hated that handsome piece of shit, he was a good father to Rhea and their current relationship was based solely around what was best for that little girl. They were civil and cordial and had left all the poison in the courtroom. He would be here soon to take the baby to school. Even on game days he still took time for his baby girl, at least that much Roxanne appreciated.

It was a warm humid day in West Texas, the sun was rising high, the wind was nonexistent and the town itself was getting ready for the Gatling Stampede. The Stampede was their version of a homecoming, many old faces and favourites were due a return to the town that acted as their foundation. There were a lot of old faces that Ro was looking forward to seeing again and there was just as many she was hoping would finally come home. She had reached out and hopes they would get her message but the world was the world and Gatling was Gatling. She had hope it was not high.

The doorbell rang which soon snapped Roxy out of her daydream. ”That’ll be daddy Rhea, go get your things” Roxanne made her way to the front door and opened wide to be greeted by that damned smile of Jack’s that made everyone in this devil town melt. ”Hey Jackie” the former couple kissed each other politely in greeting. ”Big game tonight Coach, what’s the play?” Jack nodded nonchalantly, a trademark of his. ”Same as of always is. Hit em hard, hit em fast. Cero Miedo”. As with most of them now, this interaction was brief and ended as soon as Rhea re-entered the room. She was soon scooped up into her father’s arms. ”I love you Mommy”. ”I love you too, squirt. Be a good girl for dad” Jack took a step back from the doorstep and smiled. ”I’ll bring her around about lunch time Sunday. My parents want to take her into Austin in the morning” Roxanne offered up a genuine smile, as much as she had grown to dislike Jackie she did love his parents ”No worries, send them my love. Good luck tonight” She waved off her family as they headed down the drive before closing the door.

Now she had peace and quiet, the bodacious new blonde made her way to her office. One of the benefits of her job was that she could work from home, which was pretty much her plan for the next few nights. With Rhea spending the weekend with Jack it meant she had the world to herself and could do with her valuable free time whatever she wanted. The evenings were for walking, the days, well they were for something else. Sitting down in her big leather recliner that she had stolen from Coach Copeland upon his retirement, Roxy turned on the video camera and flashed the bright smile that had won over the hearts of an entire town. ”Hey, so this is video number, well I’ve kind of lost count. I was never good at maths that was always Cyrus’ thing. Anyway, so this is almost everything I wish I’d said the last time I saw your face”

Sunday comes and Jack and Rhea arrive at Roxy’s place just shy of 12pm. As the little creature runs in search of her mother, a weird uneasy feeling swallows Jackie whole. Something wasn’t right. ”Ro?” He called out to no response. Wandering through the house they once shared. She was nowhere to be found until he heard the muffled sounds coming from the office. He pushed the ajar door open and covered his mouth with his hand; aghast as his daughter sat on the lap of her mother. Her eyes were closed, her hands hung at her sides and the little angel was confused.


It was a gloomy Friday in Gatling. The usual orange sky had been replaced by a dull grey veil which hung high above reigning down heavy showed in spaces out intervals. It was as if the heavens themselves wept for the departed Roxanne Williams. Most people had already headed off the wake or to their homes to prepare for tonight’s game, even a death such as this wouldn’t stop Gatling football.

Dustin Rockhold alone walked the streets, it was like a scene from a zombie movie or something. He had left his truck back at the ranch, he was going to get fucked up tonight, he didn’t really want to deal with life today. His black cowboy hat shielded his bearded face from the rain as he moved slowly through the main stretch of road that was the town. He looked around and of course, everywhere was littered posters and signs hyping up football or the Stampede, most stores had signs into the windows ”Closed. Gone to Game”. To an outsider, this worship would be ridiculous but to everyone in Gatling, this was a way of life.
It was always God, Football and Texas; not necessarily in that order.

The venue for the wake was the Border Tavern, of course it was; it was everyone’s favourite shithole. Apparently Roxy had left some kind video will to be played at her funeral. Dusty has been to enough funerals in his lifetime and each one was worse than the last. Beyond the horizon, the cowboy could see the feint lines of the Gatling football field where he shared so many memories with Roxanne and their friends. God, they were worlds apart from who they used to be. Everyone but Roxy, she never changed. She was always the heart and soul of everyone around her. The lord must have needed another angel to take her so soon.

Opening the door of the Tavern and stepping out of the rain, Dusty recognised too many of the faces in there and not all of them he wanted to see. He beligned for the bar and the old hag that ran the joint. ”Two shots, two beers Delores and make it your strongest shit”


This was his baby; Dare Night. Lee ran a lot of hustles, like a lot. Dare Night and the Presidents Game were his most profitable and they were also his most difficult, especially Dare Night. The location for tonight’s proceedings was the front room of the least hipster looking coffee shop he could find. The son of the owner owed him money and as payment he loaned out the shop for the night. On the other side of the door, he could hear the hustle and bustle of tonight’s group, whose number included his new girlfriend, Stella, and his right hand, Hyde. He was very dubious of letting his dream girl into the game, things could get serious very quickly and the last thing he wanted was for the princess to get sucked up into his darkness.

Meanwhile, since Jasmine wasn’t one to leave her candy purple bike behind, she had trailed behind Hyde until they got to their destination, Black Aroma. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t nervous. What was she supposed to expect from Dare Night? And why-the-hell was it so expensive to buy in? Five hundred dollars just to play?! Like damn. Rich people these days. Her heart was racing, and yet she was able to hide it behind complete and utter nonchalance. That was one of her skills, looking calm and composed when really, her insides were doing summersaults.

She was a good girl that cooked and baked. Sure, she looked the part of a bad girl, but the closest to bad she ever did was be part of an activist protest, which was approved by her parents. The next thing she knew she was standing around with a surprisingly large group and had downloaded an app called Fate on her phone. It didn’t feel the most legal. None of this felt legal. If her parents found out what she was up to, she’d surely get grounded for days. The app requested her to put her bank information and take a selfie. God, this didn’t feel safe at all. She turned her attention to the bubbly, happy-go-lucky sweetheart that was Stella Locke, who put her information in without any concern or hesitation. “Hyde, this isn’t going to fuck me over, is it?” She couldn’t afford to lose money like the rest of them could.

“As long as you don’t lose” The demon with the angel face couldn’t help but tease. Part of him wanted to leave it at that, leave her chomping at the bit and leave her pissed off for the game. The dark passenger in his head was screaming at him to keep the mocha babe in the dark but there was a different part of him working, a part he didn’t even know actually existed. “Don’t worry the entire thing is safe. As soon as the game is over all your details are wiped and it’s like the whole thing never happened. We’re monsters, not savages. Well, Lee’s not” With this response, she raised an eyebrow. He was being awfully kind, which confused her honestly. She wanted to hate him, but here she was playing a high stakes and high reward game, with him. Simply nodding at him, her eyes glinted with intrigue, she went back to her phone to put in her details.

“Am I a player or a watcher? I mean helloooooo. I’m here to play!” Stella decided her Fate and became a participant of the game. Was she really not scared of what this night could bring? What if someone gets hurt? Or… worse? Maybe, Jasmine was having second thoughts. If she wanted to back out, this was probably her chance, but Hyde made her want to play. Even if it’s to prove him wrong. To prove to him that she isn’t afraid to show him up. Why did she care so much about what he thought about her?

Lee emerged from his hiding place, dressed like a million bucks but probably costing less than a thousand, his adoring public greeting him with a not so subtle round of applause. “Welcome to the fourth annual Dare Night!” He greeted them with the same rattlesnake smile that had charmed them enough to get them here. “Now I know we’re all excited to get this party started but first a few ground rules for those of you that have never played before; By now you should have all downloaded the Fate app and put in your details. Next up are the two roles, Player and Watcher. As a player, you’re the one taking or not taking the dares and earning yourself some cash money. As a watcher, you are the eyes and ears of everyone in the game. You supply a handful of the dares, keep an eye out for cops and cheaters. Every Dare you complete must be submitted with proof, no photo or video, no cash and trust me guys, we can tell when it’s fake. If it at any point, you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you can cash out and leave the game. If you cash out, whatever points you have accumulated will be halved and the result will be your prize money. As it has just turned nine in the pm, you have eight hours to complete as many dares as possible and then return here” Lee raises his own phone in the air and started the timer in full view of the crowd.

“Have fun guys, I dare you.”

Lee made his way through his cult of followers and finally pitched himself down at the same table with his lover, his partner and a movie theatre employee. He planted a soft kiss on Stella’s forehead and smiled. “Game on then”

Before they even left the building, both Jasmine and Stella received their first dare. “That was fucking fast.” The biker girl commented. Looking at her phone, she caught the words of Stella saying out loud, “Make out with the black girl… make sure there’s tongue.” Made sense. She was the token black girl of the night, after all. Lifting up her phone, she waved it to Stella, “Yeah, mine says make out with the girl with the red dress on. Don’t go easy on her.” Well this was off to a fun start. The reward was for 50 points. Easy enough. Someone was starting small and wanted to have jerk off material.

“I’m assuming we only need to record on one phone and I’ll just tag you in it.” The first dare wasn’t intimidating at all. This was kind of easy money. Jasmine went to Hyde and gestured for him to take the phone, “Care to do the honors?” While she waited for the dark passenger to respond, she looked back at Stella and then Lee, “I hope you don’t mind.” The question was more directed to Lee than Stella.

After glancing at Stella’s phone and confirming what the very first dare of the night was, the Wall Street baby grinned from ear to ear. That was one of the sad drawbacks of this game, too many creepers looking for some cheap thrills for their wank bank. Still the more players that played, the more money he made so let the fortnite nerds have their jollies. “Go for it. This is the game after all”

“I’ve seen Luna kiss girls ALL the time! I can do this! Is this your first time kissing a girl?” Not wanting to go too deep into it, Jasmine simply gave her a: “No.” But since she didn’t want to completely hurt the princess’ feelings, since she didn’t know if Stella would take how experience she was as an offense, she added, “But you’re my first rich girl.”

“That makes me special!” Phew. Jasmine just saved her ass. If she offended a Locke girl, that would be the end of her high school career.

Hyde took hold of Jasmine’s phone ready for the snapshot. As a teenage boy pent up with hormones, he of course was vaguely excited at the thought of two stunning creatures such as Jasmine Fulton and Stella Locke locking lips in a tender embrace. However, as always in his case, there was something ugly eating away inside of Cameron’s body. It was a fever that made him want to take Stella’s pretty little face and smash it against the goddamn table for even considering going near his Jasmine. He had chosen her, she was his North Star, someone to hold on to, someone to guide him lest the monster come out. Keep it quiet, bury it deep, don’t let it out, don’t let it hurt her.

“Let’s see it then girls, on the count of two” Jasmine took the lead and knew that this game was all about winning followers. The better the content, the higher chance of making it to the end. Pulling Stella close to her, her gaze was rich and for this moment, the princess was completely fixated on the soul in the biker girl’s eyes. It was like she was caught in a web and for the first time ever, Stella saw the talent her twin had, through another girl’s actions. The charismatic prowess and power of seduction. There were some girls that were definitely more dominant than others, and the Locke girl was not one of them.

Before their lips touched, Stella brought her eyes down to Jasmine’s full lips. This actually made her kind of nervous. This wasn’t like kissing Lee. No. This girl was a stranger. Before she knew it, Jasmine’s face was inches away from her and their kiss was nothing like what eighth graders did. No closed-mouth kisses. No cute pecks. This kind of kiss was super sexual and brought heat into the blonde’s body. Open-mouthed, tongues having a little war with each other, and the scent of the cocoa beauty’s natural aroma, kind of like cake, filling her senses and making her melt. Stella couldn’t help but play with her hair, as Jaz relented and held her tighter. When they broke free from one another, the blonde gasped for air.

Wow, that was hot.

After the sordid act was complete and the impish grin had faded from his face, Hyde turned his attention to his own phone as his own first dare arrived. “Get into the Chapter Six” That was it? Really? That was a pathetic first dare, fucking noobs. The Chapter Six was an exclusive club, somewhere between Hollywood and Vine, it was known for its strict IDing and some pretty sordid shenanigans that go on in the back rooms. “This bullshit is worth 75 points? I can do this in my sleep” Hyde turned to his group and nodded. “I mean, we’re sharing a car tonight right? Hope you all have your dancing shoes on”

Chris watched as the dares for the night began to pour in. What the hell had he gotten himself into? All because he had gotten some hero complex a few days ago and helped a hot blonde babe get a fix to calm her down, and drove her home safe from the bar. She had been a fucking mess, but she was hot as hell and Chris hoped he could get to know her sober. So, when she had mentioned how he should come to Dare Night — whatever that was — he was all ears. It wasn’t until he talked to AJ about the whole thing, and downloaded the app, that he realized the shit would cost five hundred dollars. He didn’t have that kind of money! But AJ, being the wing man that he was, spotted his friend in the hopes that he could get it in with Blondie. Oh the things we do in the hopes of getting laid.

The biker looked down at his phone and waited for his first dare to come in. As if on cue, the device chimed and the screen flashed with his first challenge of the evening: Push that bike past 100 on the Santa Monica. Going over 40mph over the speed limit on the busiest street in Beverly Hills was apparently worth 75 points. Well, whatever then, it wouldn’t be his first time speeding and his bike was tuned up to go well over 100 mph. Hell, this would be fun, he thought as he revved the bike’s engine and sped off down the streets.

“Actually, Hyde.” After grabbing her phone from him, she was immediately beeped with another dare, “They only want me to go with you, but you have to ride my bike, with me behind you. And before then, we have to stop at…” Oh god. There was a picture of the Bellerose logo, which was a high fashion brand, “We have to visit this boutique… and dress for the occasion.” Would she be able to afford the outfits in this place?!

Hyde looked down at Jasmine’s phone as she showed him the other half of their dare. Already this was out of his comfort zone, he hated rubbing shoulders with the rich with a passion and this boutique was like a Mecca for the plastic folk of the Hills. Hyde, with his current look would absolutely stick out like a sore thumb, he knew he would not be welcome there. There was no way in hell either of them could afford this place. Immediately Cam considered asked Lee to wire him some funds hit he could see that his sharp dressed friend had his own issues to deal with. ”I guess time waits for no one, good luck on your end cum buckets” Ah, Hyde, such a charmer. He took a hold of Jasmine’s hand and led her out into the night.

And while Jasmine was realizing what exactly she was getting herself into, Stella’s face dropped, realizing someone recognized her… “Baby…” For five hundred points, she and Lee had to storm her own humble abode and get ‘Bartimaeus Locke’s’ custom made sunglasses, which he has worn at every event he goes to, and for the rest of the night, Lee had to wear them. Her daddy would be so upset if she didn’t return them! Everyone knew that her dad was the babymaker of the Green children and although he wasn’t a public figure, he was still rich and eccentric. He chose to keep his life and the Locke name as low a profile as possible, especially in comparison to the Greens, and as such, at least for LA people, he was simply the owner of Captain Cuddles. “You might be meeting my daddy tonight...” Hopefully not.

Tilting his head somewhat nonchalantly, Lee placed an arm around his girlfriend's shoulder. ”Don’t worry babe, parents love me” This much was actually true, he had a talent for charming the parents. That said, he could tell from Stella’s demeanour that this was something she wasn’t ready to happen just yet and he was fine with that. ”We’ll be in an out quick babe. The sooner we do it, the sooner it’s done and we can move on to the next thing. The night is young and so are we. Let’s live like there’s no tomorrow because there isn’t want. It’s you and me kid” This was McCarthy’s biggest skill, he could talk anyone into anything; it’s how he made his living. He didn’t really like using the charm offensive on his girlfriend but needs must and like his rules state; only bet on a sure thing and if he wanted to win tonight he had to make sure Stella was a sure thing.

”Let's get going, it’s game time”

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