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“What’s up marks? It’s your girl, Gwen coming at you live however you listen or watch this thing. Before we get started, a few messages from our sponsors...who am I kidding? Nobody is sponsoring this fucking mess. Though I do have a message from everyone’s favourite hustler; a reminder The Presidents Game starts live on Twitch at Midnight tomorrow, make sure you’re tuned in. Also Dare Night is fast approaching, are you all in yet? I know I am. Now onto the gossip, the summer has already started with a bang for the Misfits, quite literally actually. When last we left our heroes they were travelling deep into the Nevada desert only for a certain Gearhead to run them off the road. Accidentally I’m told but with AJ fucking Tyler you never can tell. Seems our two road crews met on a lonely stretch of highway in the twilight zone and had a few crossed words. All is well now though apparently, a tow truck got them out of there but I’m told the Misfit RV is pretty much toast. How are they gonna get out of this one? If I had a drone, I’d send it to Red Rock to try and find out. Last thing I heard, both of our intrepid traveler groups were at a campground outside of Vegas, breaking bread, eggs and downing tequila body shots, color me jealous. Could this be the start of a supergroup? Beverly Hills answer to the Avengers perhaps? I can’t wait to find out. This next one goes out to my dearest road warriors, you hear me babies? The sun is setting and the world is yours; this is Paint the Silence by South
Written by BrutalBx

The last few hours had been long and arduous. A tow truck had arrived and taken the RV to a nearby town and the Misfits albeit reluctantly hitched a ride with the gearheads. Unfortunately the RV was toast and there was no way to fix it. A grand start to their summer adventure, that’s what he was hoping for and in a roundabout way that’s what they got. By chance the GH were also heading to Red Rock Canyon so the Misfits hitches a ride to the campgrounds to weigh out their options. They could go home, well some of them could. Sami didn’t have a home, not anymore. He had no intention of returning to LA after this journey. This was a one way trip for him. He had no idea where he was going to end up he just knew that Santa Monica was not it.

As the others gathered around the fire listening to the velvet tones of the rock n roll queen herself Gwen Morgan, there was a burning sun slowly giving way to moonlight and dark skies above them. Samuel sat on the edge of the world staring out into the Nevada abyss. Beyond the tree line we’re some simple wooden cabins which the group were using for however long they were in Red Rock and a few miles beyond that was Sin City itself Las Vegas. He had planned to surprise everyone with a trip to the strip with some money he had won at McCarthy’s last poker game. He could still do that or he could use the money to find a new set of wheels. He wasn’t sure what his next move would be as his mind was clouded with a thousand other thought clouds.

The meds were doing nothing to stop Sami's Mind from racing or his heart from pulsing. Awashed with a feeling of regret he hung his beaten head in shame. The party was over before it had even started. No. The Misfits weren’t going out like this. Not with a whimper, if they were going out they were going out with bigger bang than an RV engine. What do we say to the God of Death?

Not today.

Emerging from his secluded area with conviction, Sami positioned himself at the centre of the group. ”Dip into your trust funds kids, put on your finest gear and get rid of all of your fear. We’re going to Vegas and we’re going to take the house for all it’s worth”

Sami’s fist was clenched and all but ready to knock the already dim lights out of AJ’s skull. As much as he knew he would regret his actions later, such was the malfunction currently in his brain but even he had to admit there was a certain satisfaction to beating the golden shit out of those Beverly Hills brats. Sam did not run in the same sorts of circles as AJ and his like; not for his families lack of trying. A few good deals and well placed investments landed the Alejandro’s in good stead financially...the ties to the mob also helped but we digress. They wanted him to transfer to BHHS but it wasn’t for him. He knew that. It was a different world and not one he longed to be a part of. So public school and the title of King of Misfits beckoned.

The banshee scream of Valeria Alexandria Drake could break through solid ice at the best of times, in this instant it would be used to pierce the eardrums of both AJ and Sami. The vivacious Val’s fury was enough to even startle him! She used her short arms to push the pair apart and in that moment, Samuel was struck by a bolt of clarity, dispersing his rage for a moment. Val was going to handle this ten times better than he could. He bit his tongue to stop a toxic rebuttal and took a step back ”He’s all yours” He said raising his hands in neutrality. Val had just saved AJ fucking Tyler from a Cuban ass whooping.

Moving over to look at the damaged space shuttle, he breathed in the steaming mess of steel, rust and guyliner (here’s looking at you, Jules) and sighed. Sure, the RV was in an whole heap of trouble (pun intended) but for those few seconds it wasn’t about that, Sami needed to calm himself. This was exactly what he was worried about all the time, losing it, losing control, losing composure. It was getting worse. The pounding of his heart and his head were completely out of sync as he tried to control his shallow breathing and stop his hands from shaking. He allowed his dark eyes to glance over at Aleks, he knew him vaguely. He was like AJ’s minder. If something went tits up, the Russian was brought in to fix it. He was essentially the Gearheads version of Sam. From what he could recall he was a good dude, so he wasn’t going to snap at him for fiddling with the RV, instead a courteous nod would suffice until his venom filled self could manage any more words. Aleks was soon joined by a handful of other Gearheads all talking about how fucked the RV was.

Kim soon exited the RV and Sami soon found her standing by his side, as she always was. Be it the beach, a party or anywhere else she was always there. ”I’m not sure, mami. I’m not sure I can fix this one” Fixing problems was Sam’s forte. It what he was known for. Most of the time that was with his fists but there were times, lots of times actually where he carried the emotions of those around him like St Christopher carrying the world. The sight of Emi in tears again didn’t help matters at all. She was a sensitive soul, the angelic blonde and Sami didn’t want to do anything to upset her.

”I’m sorry Kim, I guess I fucked this one up”

Jules rant was nothing new. From the outside looking in, most would think that Jules and Sami had beef. It was actually the complete opposite. The respect the two had for one another and the high regard that they held each other in as men with Savior complexes meant that any fuck up seemed ten times worse than it actually was. More often than not, Sami was the one doing the actual fucking up of the two and he knew that that pissed J-Boi off more than anything else. It was an interesting friendship to say the least, if that indeed was what it was.

Glancing over to the nearby picnic table, Sami watched Kim slip into her own world as she often did. He still hadn’t quite figured that one out yet. A gentle breeze carried her words to the Cubano’s ears and he smiled. ”I’ll miss it too mami, yet there’s a great blue yonder out there for us to explore” The thought of the beach, the truck and the bench, all misfit owned and branded lingered in his mind for a second. It was true. This would most likely be the last time they would ever share this air, they all would head off and reach their amazing potential. Sam didn’t have the same certainty for himself.

Emi spoke of her feelings and it hurt; mostly because she was right. Sami hadn’t really given any thought to the consequences for his friends if someone found out the RV was stolen. In the moment of the theft, Sami’s anger and rage towards his bastard of a father outweighed his love for his chosen familia and it wouldn’t be the first time. For most people, Havana Alejandro was the DILF car salesman with charm to spare. To the Misfits, he was a serial womaniser, abusive father and overall scum of the Earth. To Sam, he was the El Diablo.

”I’m sorry Em, I really didn’t think” As he finished taking, the blonde had hurried herself into the RV along with the most of the others. Placing his hands on his hips, Sami looked over to Val and sighed. ”Vamos, hermana”

Sami entered their new home, walked to the front and sat in the driver's seat, taking it all in. Maybe this was a mistake? They crew were risking a lot joining him on this self indulgent adventure. Maybe he should just cut his losses, throw them off and ride off into the sunset himself. He could go from town to town solving problems like a Latino Incredible Hulk! He could even write his own theme song! His dark eyes fell to his hands on the steering wheel, his knuckles were busted to match his face, actually they were a little worse. He had to control it, there was no choice in the matter. He had to protect them and he had to control it, he just had to.

The crash of Umbra through the door was a welcome one as it was enough to snap Sami from his daze.Reaching into the broken glove compartment that didn’t close, Sam pulled a semi cool Monster energy drink and cracked it open like a 90’a Stone Cold Steve Austin and took a great swig.

”La Bruja is here. Fantastic. I guess it’s time we get this piece of glorious shit moving baybay!” With Umbra’s arrival a grin crossed his face. Sami did not wait for anything in his life and this would be no different. He turned the ignition key, turned up Ace’s Asylum to eleven and put his foot on the old gas peddle.

The Misfits adventure had begun.

On a nearby bench. Mr Goode watched from afar, holding an ice cream in one hand and his other in his Armani suit pocket.

”Run little rabbits, run”

”Language, Jules”

Of course they would react like this. No matter how many times Sami turned up with a new bruise or cut, they always had to pry. He knew it was only because they cared but that didn’t make it less annoying. He didn’t like them getting into his business, it certainly wasn’t for everyone let alone his crew. They were cool and he loved them but Sami knew that his world would just swallow them up and never spit them back out again.

He took the ice that Jules had roughly stuffed against his chest and placed it over his swollen lips for only a brief moment before walking to the far side of the RV, disappearing for a minute before returning with a beer cooler and pouring the ice into it. ”Appreciate that, now the drinks will stay cold longer” Latino Heat quipped. He wasn’t really going to get out of this one. They were going to have to know what happened, with him whisking them off on an adventure, they were putting a lot of faith in him.

”So here’s the deal; the RV, it’s from my Dad’s lot ok? He was going to junk it and it was just sitting there. So yeah, I took it. It’s not the worst thing let's be honest? Yes, my face is a little busted up for the rent-a-cop but I’m fine. He came off a lot worse than I did. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this? Then I understand, there’s no hard feelings and I’ll see you when I get back. Otherwise, get your asses in gear, get on the RV and enjoy the ride”

Finished with his venting, Sami Havana Jr took off his oil covers shirt to reveal his deceptively impressive tattooed physique. ”I’m gonna change and then we’re gonna get started” He turned and looked at Emi and offered her a soft smile ”Umbra has some stuff to deal with. We’re gonna swing by her place and see if she still wants to tag along” He then quickly entered into the RV to change his shirt, replacing his grey sweatshirt with dark floral button down.

”Time to go baybay”

Meanwhile: Somewhere in Venice Beach

Havana Motor Emporium; a glorious place of cheap automobiles and a welcoming atmosphere that makes any client feel like a number one. The shop floor and offices used for many a deal on a used or cheap car. The back room was also used for deals but of a different kind; drug running, home invasion, the occasional murder, no big deal.

”Entiendo, señor estrada, la mercancía se encontrará puntualmente”
(I understand Mr Estrada, the merchandise will be found promptly)

As the line went dead, Hector “Havana” Alejandro looked over to his trusted ally Mr Goode and sighed. ”Our friend isn’t taking no for an answer. He wants his product and he wants it quickly. I don’t care who you have to use Mr Goode, the Iron Tribe, the Samoan SWAT team, it doesn’t matter. Find my son, find that RV and get everything back, by any means necessary”

Mr Goode bowed his head in compliance and made his way from the office with a smirk across his face

Conrad Wu

Location: The Playground - Meeting Room

”Of course, I’m all yours”

Conrad looked down as the Goose mulled around his feet, putting all kinds of ginger cat hair all over his beautiful Gucci slacks. This certainly wasn’t ideal. He looked up, listening to the woman speaking but was slightly distracted by the constant noises and movements coming from the little ginger tabby that was making a nuisances itself at his feet. God he really disliked cats. God’s purest messengers of death. Then again, as an agent he too was also an instrument of death. It was something he had to get used to fairly quickly and although he did, it isn’t something he’s terribly proud of.

Reaching into the bag by his feet, doing his best to avoid Goose, Conrad rummaged around through his designer clothes until he felt the cold grip of steel and a small smirked crossed his lips. The Walther PPK. It was not a standard issue firearm for a SHIELD field agent, it was in fact Conrad’s own licensed firearm. It was a small connection to his life before being recruited and it was also the closest he would ever get to being James Bond. He was a British spy after all. Whether he was going to have to use the gun at this point, Conrad didn’t know but he felt that it was better to be prepared than get caught unawares with your pants down and nothing in your mouth to bite down on.

”So where do we start?”

”Hey girl, Val’s in the water. The others should be arriving any minute” Sami responded to Kim. He didn’t remove his head from the RV just yet as he tinkered away. He wanted to make sure everything was in perfect condition, not that this shit heap was ever going to get there but he could get it close neighbor. The skills of high school shop class motherfucker. He loved Kim, she was a sweetheart. They didn’t talk a lot and they didn’t need to. Silence was the perfect conversation for these two dreamers.

The familiar sound of Jules voice was the next one to permeate Sami’s ears. Of course the high and mighty one would hate the idea of spending the summer in a monstrosity like this but Sami didn’t really care. He gave up on caring what people thought of him or his ideas a long time ago. He is just him, whoever that is. ”I’m good Jules, almost done anyway”

Sami waved his finger from beneath the hood of the tin coffin.”Do not mock me, Nathaniel or I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger” Of course he said this doubt his best Samuel L Jackson impression. I mean, they did share a name after all or surely his impression was spot on...right? ”This beautiful beast is as courtesy of my father dearest, just without him knowing” this certainly wasn’t the first time he had stolen from his father but of this trip planned out the way he hoped, it might be the last.

Emi’s voice caused Sam’s ears to perk up, as did is nose when he smelt the unmistakable aroma of coffee. ”Heya gorgeous” Sam wanted to poke his head out but he had to finish tinkering. Man loves tinker, it’s in their DNA. Val soon joined the group and straight away brought a smile to his face. ”Threeway wedding? Threeway honeymoon. Pics or it didn’t happen”

Hearing Emilia, Sami finally pulled his head from the roaming vehicle abyss and closed the hood with a smile. For the first time, the misfits as they had been dubbed could now properly see Mr Alejandro and for the first time see his black eye and burst lip. ”I’m done. Ladies, Gent and Jules whatever you are today, I give you the….erm, the misfit mobile? I don’t know”

Wherever you are hijo, please be safe. Call me when you can? Te amo

Of course his mother was worried; Sami hadn’t been home in nearly three weeks. He’d been crashing in Val’s basement on a rather pleasant leather sofa her family had neglected to get rid of. He had spent last couple of days asking himself how he had found himself in such a situation and if he was truly honest with himself it didn’t take much to figure out; he could not stand his father.

It had started out like any other day really. Sami was on his way home from school, driving his beloved mustang. The plan for the day was simple, drop his stuff off, forcibly pick up Nate and then meet the crew at the beach for a little surfing. Then a damn dog ran out into the road. Of course he swerved to avoid it and his car was totalled by an oncoming truck. Sami was fine, he was made of tougher stuff but that didn’t really matter. Havana Alejandro was pissed at his only baby boy for destroying such an extravagant gift.

The tension between father and son had been building for years really. Hector had got himself into soon deep trouble back in Cuba so he ended up sending his family to the States for their own protection. Six years Sami went without a father and even when Hector did turn up, he never really had time for his boy. They really struggled together to find any even ground that they could share and bless his mother, she did everything she could to help but it just wasn’t enough to get them onto the same page. The resulting blowout was the worst they’d ever had and it ended with Sami head butting his dad square in the temple. He then quickly packed a bag and fled his home.

Due to this, Sami graduated in absentia but hey at least he graduated! It’s been a week since then and he and Val have been toying with the idea of just hitting that open road and leaving the plastic life of LA behind them. It was within that thought that Latino heat found another; they needed a ride. Hence his current predicament, a head under the hood of a stolen RV with a wrench in one hand and his phone in the other playing Ace’s Asylum. This thing was a piece of shit but it had character or at least he thought it did, it did come from his father's lot after all.

"Love was a dream to have
Was a king-size bed
Was an escape plan
Was an open hand
Now it's a dog from hell
It's a dream you sell
It's an epitaph
It's photograph...."

Singing along to whatever track Gwen was playing was a good way to get himself out of his own head. The food truck by the beach, it was the misfits meeting place, it had been for a many years and this actually might be the last time they ever met there. Life sucked; that needed to change and maybe stealing the crew from their lives and driving them into the great yonder could do that.

”Maldito pedazo de mierda”

Conrad Wu

Location: The Playground - Meeting Room

”Resident hacker? I’m down”

Before he coupled move again, they were joined by another agent, talking of even more issues that had quickly arisen. Missing agents, Purifiers and missing files? He hadn’t even been there an hour and it was already going full throttle at the Playground. Conrad was definitely beginning to like this place. There was not much he could do in regards to helping with the files, it wasn’t his forte. Engaging the enemy? That WAS something he could help with. Even if he was exhausted, one word from his new boss and he’d grab his gun, his badge and a new shirt because, well just because he liked to look good when he shot something doesn’t make him a bad person.

”What can I do to help?”

@spoonerThey are a few randoms in the group as the island of misfit toys welcomes anyone who doesn’t fit in but I imagine the core group are quite close.
Loving the work so far guys! Keep it up!
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