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it depends on which board ur on. i got banned from /vp/ for requesting nsfw drawthread stuff
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play zyra or something d00d
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reminder to play fighting games and support your local fgc.
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hey y'all! @Hey Im Jordan and I are trying to organize a night for fighting games! Our plan is to play games like Soul Calibur 6 or Tekken 7 every Friday night and just have a good time beating each other up.

If you're interested, let one of us know and we'll get you set up! :)

Yeah this! You can get me on Discord at Jordan#0570. We're hoping to play around 5PM PST (8PM EST).
@Hey Im Jordan

Is the roleplay going to start this week? :)
Since you said 'the first week of December' ;)

As it stands, I'm not completely sure! We've ran into some sickness on the GM team, and if I'm honest? The holidays were at busier than I anticipated! We're gonna try, but I'm purposely not making any promises right this second because I'm not exactly sure. We are working on it though.
I need help guys. I had to buy a new ps4 (my old one died. It was tragic, tears were shed). So I picked up the current bundle which was Spider-Man. Now, I don't care for Spider-Man and I haven't done any looking into the game. Is it worth it to play or to just sell it unused to someone?

play it unless you actively hate spider-man. it's very very good and will probably make you a spider-man fan.…

fighting ex layer is out.

buy it, or don't.

i don't care.
@Fabricant451 @Hey Im Jordan @CaptainMarvel Any spots still open?

You are free to apply. :)
everyone knew it was going to flop
Featuring: Hailey Green, An Unsuspecting Video Merchant, Butler, Daddy, and Mother
Location: A video store —> The Stentorian Estate’s Kitchen
Interacting with: Hopefully no one for a while.
Time: Thursday after dropping Hana off.

Yep, it’s a flashback post. Eat me.

Hailey Green was angry.

And that was to say the least. A better suite of words might have been things like ‘furious,’ ‘enraged,’ ‘heated,’ or perhaps even… ‘triggered.’ It wasn’t the first time she’d felt this way, but it was far from a ‘good look’ for her. The source of her ire? New Release Video, the last remaining video rental place in Los Angeles — and more importantly the one she had been renting videos from every Friday for the past 15 years of her life had a sign hanging on the front that said, in big letters: ‘CLOSING SALE.’

Hailey had been driving home after dropping her girlfriend off for a playdate when they’d passed by the building and seen the sign. Immediately yelling for her Butler to stop the car, Hailey was now walking into the store with Butler by her side, whispering in her ear about how this was probably poor tact. Hailey, though, didn’t care. She didn’t like change, and the removal of something she’d done for years and years was certainly change.

As such, Hailey’s mind was already made up before the car had even stopped. “I can’t believe the audacity. How dare they shut down? Do they not understand that they have faithful customers? Honestly. I can’t believe the state of this country.”

“I want to make it clear that this is not the fault of the person behind the counter, Hailey.”

“I’m going to be gentle.” Hailey scoffed, glancing over at Butler as she waited for him to open the door for her. Butler sighed, muttering.

“I doubt that very strongly…”

Hailey marched across the way toward her target of the day, the young man behind the counter. Hailey rung the bell, and the boy turned around, staring at her. As it clicked that he was with a customer, the boy started to speak, but he was, unluckily for him, cut off by the already salty Hailey. “Excuse me. Do you know what that sign outside the building is about? The one about closing.”

“Uh, yeah. The store is closing down at the end of next week — I guess running a video rental place isn’t a very profitable enterprise in the year of 2043.”

“Firstly! Are you aware that New Release Video is the last remaining movie rental place in Los Angeles? Are you aware that you have dedicated customers that have been faithfully coming here once a week for the past fifteen years? Do you not understand the severity of what you’re implying? The closing of this store might as well be the destruction of a historical landmark.” Hailey was talking quickly and in a raised voice, full of ire. The young man looked at Butler, assuming he was a father or someone that could tug the leash and get the dog to back down, but Butler did nothing. Instead, she just went on, “do you even know what’s going to replace this store!?”

“Uh… some kind of sandwich shop? I don’t know. The company that’s buying this place sounds like a sandwich one to me…”

“A sandwich shop!? Brilliant. Just. Brilliant. You’re lucky that my friend here asked me to be nice. I’m going to leave now, but I will be back tomorrow night, and if what I want isn’t here… then I’ll not play so nicely. By the way? You ought to work on your personal hygiene” With that, Hailey spun on her heel and stormed out of the building. Butler was right, the person behind the counter had no power here, and was as useless as he looked. He even smelled like the garbage he obviously was.

Butler looked at the young man and shrugged. She was gentle, he had to give her that. Following Hailey out to the car, Butler sat down inside and started the machine, adjusting the rearview to look at his charge in the backseat. “I see you’re in a bit of a mood—” Hailey scowled. “—we can go get Hana.”

“No! Hana is on a playdate and enjoying herself. Take me home, Butler.” Hailey snapped. Yes, Butler did have something of a point — Hailey could have very easily taken her frustrations out on Hana, and Hana probably would have kissed her and asked her if she felt better yet. But, Hailey had no intention of doing so. Hana was off with a friend, one that Hailey happened to like.

That Kit girl had guts — she was tenacious, and Hailey approved. If Kit wanted to be friends with Hana, then Hailey had no problem puppeteering that to happen. Hailey could go home and calm down by watching Gundam; that was healthier than slapping her girlfriend around, anyway.

Once Hailey arrived home, though, she found her plans to watch anime somewhat… delayed, as she walked into the kitchen to see her mother, Alyssa, and her father, Ty, standing there. Undeniably ominously. “Mother. Daddy. What’s wrong?” She asked, looking between the two of them. Standing behind, eyeing the situation, Butler frowned. This seemed like it was going to end poorly.

“Hailey. I brought your father here with the unfortunately accurate idea that he can talk some sense into you better than I can.” Alyssa sipped at her drink as Hailey walked up to Ty, squeezing him in a tight hug and kissing both his cheeks. “While I suppose in some ways that it’s my fault, you have overstepped your bounds.”

At this, Hailey took a step back and arched an eyebrow, looking between the two assembled parents. “I’m sorry?”

“Hails… Belle called me.”

Mmm. Oh.

“Mmm. Oh. And what did she have to say? I understand Beatrix’s parents are coming to visit… Is Belle trying to plan some kind of get together? I’ll make it happen, so long as it isn’t our day.” Hailey was playing coy. She knew what this was going to be about almost immediately. Ophelia, Trixie, Owen. “I know how much of a socialite she is…”

“That’s not what this is about. Hailey, Belle said that you… orchestrated Owen and Trixie breaking up?”

Well, there it was. Hailey understood now why her mother and father were standing united against her. Freezing up, Hailey felt herself ice over slightly. She hadn’t expected to have this conversation, at least not anytime soon. “I saw problem, and I extracted the problem. It was a bit painful, but that’s in the word, don’t you think? ‘Extract’ doesn’t exactly imply a painless operation. Trixie was unfortunately caught in the crossfire, yes. But I have no regrets.” Hailey took a step back, away from her father and beside Butler. At least Butler was going to be on his side — he was paid a handsome sum to do so, after all. Hailey kept her eyes trained on her father, and what she saw made her heart sank.

Actual, real, true disappointment.

Alyssa’s eyes were boring into her too, but Hailey was used to that look. Herself, and her siblings alike were all too used to it. Cold green eyes drilling a hole into your head and doing their best to find your every thought. Hailey handled it better than the other two; she had learned long ago the best way to deal with Alyssa was to be as icy as she was. That… that didn’t work with Daddy.

“Hails… why exactly was Owen a problem?”

Hailey didn’t think she’d have to stand here and defend a decision she’d made. She hadn’t been considering this when thinking about what she wanted to do when she got home. She wasn’t planning on doing anything when she got home; especially not this. She hated seeing her father look like that, and hated hearing the tone of his voice. Did he hate her now? Had she erred?

No. She couldn’t have — she was right, because she had to be. Her position didn’t exactly leave much room for error. If that made her father wrong, then… so be it. “Owen became a problem some time ago; around the same time that Jennifer girl was rearing her head thinking she could… pull a coup so to speak. School politics, I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty. While I was handling my problem, Owen stuck his nose in my business and told him that he thought I was doing wrong. He said I was being too harsh. I disagreed. It was then that I told Ophelia that Owen had to be dealt with.” She watched as Daddy seemed to get even more and more upset. Hailey, for the first time in a while, very very much wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

“Hailey, do you understand how much that messed Trixie up? It basically threw her into depress—”

“It is not my fault that Trixie couldn’t handle it! My cousin being an overly emotional bitch is not my fault. I shouldn’t have had to account for that! It’s not my fault she has no control over that. Call Isabel, not me.” Pushed back against the wall, Hailey lashed out on the offensive. “I’m not sure what the point is here. Why are you attack—”

“Because I taught you better than this! You’re supposed to be good. Lead by example, not as a dictator. They’re supposed to want to be led, not be controlled by fear! I know what your mother wants, but you shouldn’t forget about the me part!”

At this, Hailey stuck her finger out at her mother, “maybe you did, but she taught me otherwise! She taught me to win by any means necessary! I can’t win by being nice, and I have to win. I have to be perfect, Daddy. I have to be perfect for you, I have to be perfect for Mother, I have to be perfect for Mom. I have to find the best way to do that, don’t you understand? This isn’t easy. I made a call! That’s what I’m SUPPOSED TO DO!

Having nearly spat out her drink at Hailey’s sudden accusation, Alyssa glanced at the Butler standing behind Hailey, but Butler didn’t seem like he was going to step in. Apparently, Alyssa had to handle this on her own as well. “Excuse you, young lady —”

“Shut your mouth!” Hailey was physically shaking as she attempted to regain her composure. She wasn’t doing a very good job, with angry tears welling up in her eyes. “Do you understand how impossibly stupid the ‘politics’ and the ‘social ladder’ is? Yet, I have to be at the top. I have to be the best. Because you wouldn’t accept anything else! And now Daddy hates me! This is YOUR FAULT!” Hailey had seemingly cracked — between this and the realization that she was going to have to give up her ritual of going to the movie store, she had exploded. “You all three set standards for me that I can’t meet! No one can meet them! It’s stupid and retarded and so many other words. NO ONE CAN BE PERFECT!”

Hailey accented her final words by screaming, before she spun on her heel and stomped out of the room. Butler waited until she stepped away, and looked at Alyssa and Ty. “Truly monumental.” He muttered, before following after Hailey as she stomped off to her room, in the throes of a proper temper tantrum for the first time since she was nine years old.

Featuring: Read and find out?
Location: Mirage
Time: Post Captain Cuddles, Friday Night
Interacting with: No one yet.

Zach was happy that he was finally getting some time to play games, even if it was at almost midnight on a Friday night. Sure, he was playing alone, sure he was probably going to regret it in the morning — did people work out on Saturday? He figured he’d soon know the answer to that question, for better or worse. He wasn’t about to not play video games. Who knew the next chance he’d get?

That was why he was up and queueing for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Mirage, of course. Who played different maps? Mirage was core — if you weren’t a pro and didn’t play like ESL or one of the other premium leagues, but nobody had money for that shit.

Waiting for the queue to pop, Zach took a sip from his trusty water bottle. Zach was used to the queues taking a long time, it was just part of the game. CS:GO had staying power — it’d been around for years now (and it didn’t seem like it was ever getting updated), sure, but it also didn’t exactly have an active community… especially not in the higher ranks that Zach was stuck in. ‘Stuck’ was a questionable word, since being in the higher ranks was a good thing, with the only downside being the queue lengths…

Which weren't very long tonight? Apparently, most people played CS:GO at midnight. Who knew? Zach clicked the accept button, and waited for the game to load up into the warmup round. Once the game started, Zach popped up in the voice chat, “mic check?” He said, trying to see if anyone else on his team had a mic. And they’d better, considering he was Eagle Rank. He was met with silence… which didn’t bode well for the game itself.

Being the somewhat bashful person that he was, Zach wasn’t sure he had it in him to shotcall an entire game by himself. It was a somewhat intimidating task… Recomposing himself, though, Zach prepared for the worst. It was Mirage, he was CT. It was gonna be an easy game, right? Disregarding the fact that he’d not played in almost two weeks, Zach decided to speak into the mic again. “I’m gonna go to A site, I guess?”

“Fuck off, retard, I’m going A. I wanna play stairs.”

“There’s plenty of room on the site for two people. I’m gonna go mid.”

Well, that was at least confirmed one thing for Zach: he at least two people on his team had mics. That was a good sign, right? “Does anyone know any CT smokes?”

“CT Smokes are gay. No one ever throws them, it’s just a waste of four hundred money. That’s like two kills, idiot.” The voice in the mic from before sounded off again, and Zach wondered if the next half hour or so of his life was going to involving being subjected to this.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re kind of toxic?” Maybe if he pointed it out… she’d stop. It didn’t seem likely, and Zach found himself not only waiting for the enemy to appear on his screen, but also for another uninspired quip.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re kinda GAY? Get off me, rocky.” Kit snapped into the microphone, drumming her fingers between W and D to move her character up and down the stairs. “Quit your whinin’ and hop in my backpack, ya? I’ll boost you, du— Hey there’s one palace.” Pop. “Nevermind, I popped his ass.” Pop. “I got his buddy too. You’re gonna be talking about my one taps.” Pop. Pop. “LET ME KNIFE THE LAST GUY FOR THE ACE, DUDE.” She yelled as she saw her teammate running up to the same place she was going. Kit rushed the enemy and succeeded in stabbing him in the face.

Kit moved her mouse around wildly as she hopped around on the map, having clinched the round with nothing but one taps. Her MVP theme played in the background, as a harmony to her while she sang.“One tap, two tap, three tap, four tap, MORE.” Kit said, knifing one of the terrorist's bodies as she hit the control key to crouch on top of him. “Easy game, BOYS. Don’t you worry, you mute monkeys. Me and yellow and blue will carry you. I mean, mostly me, but they have mics so I have to include them — I feel like yellow would cry like a bitch if I didn’t.”

“I would not!”

“Everybody calm down. We won one round, there’s still twenty-nine to go — you can still thro— Did Green just buy an AWP?” Brett frowned as he stared at the screen, looking across the way at the most talkative member of his team. She was loud — and annoying, but he could overlook that if she was good. Still, spending all the money she’d gotten on the first round was… questionable at best.

“Hell yeah I did, I’M GOING MID.”

“You sound like you’re twelve, holy shit. I never asked for this. Okay, fine. I’ll take your spot A…” Brett sighed, but turned his character’s head, to head toward the site while Green took his position from the last round. “Just don’t die, okay?”

“yOu sOuNd lIke YoU’Re tWeLvE. Fuck outta here, I just crushed them, I’m about to do it again. Who died and made you king? SHIT. You distracted me!”

As she was talking, Green got shot in the face, and Brett had to concentrate. “Shhhh. They’re connector maybe?” Laying off of the push to talk button, Brett muttered to himself, “is this girl for real? Holy shit, this sucks.” He squeezed mouse one and managed to kill two of the enemies before he died himself. “Okay, uh, I saw two more in connector, so there might be one jungle with Green’s AWP.”

Brett was more comfortable being dead anyway. CS:GO wasn’t his main game, but he was pretty good at it. Gamesense was sort of his thing, and he wasn’t half bad at the main rifles, which was the only reason he’d made it as far as he had, but CS still wasn’t what he was best at. He could relay information and make calls all day, though. He was born to call shots.

“Okay, purple got the guy in jungle with the AWP, but he’s lit. So, it’s up to you, Yellow and Orange. Oooh, good shot, Yellow. See, Green, you could have just bought a Deagle and been just as effective. Yellow can get one deags, why can’t you?” Brett was almost certainly spoiling for a fight as he picked on the girl who’d been shown to be


That one caused Brett to pause for a second. “Wait… was that a…”

“...GTA V reference? That’s old school.” Zach said, shaking his head as he dashed over to try and get an AK-47. He wasn’t even sure that they had one, but maybe he’d get lucky. Some people force bought second round, right? “Ooh, it’s my lucky day.” They had indeed force bought!

By the time the team reached halftime, the scoreboard had Green (Kitastrophe) — who was apparently a fucking prodigy, despite her attitude — at the top, followed by Yellow (Hey I’m Zach), and then Blue (FrozenReflex) pulling up the third spot. Orange and Purple… weren’t very good — almost like they weren’t a part of the team, but they weren’t heavy either.

“Yellow, buy me a P250. No wait! Buy me a Deagle. No, wait. Buy me a TEC-9. Wait, the TEC sucks… You know what? Don’t buy me anything.” Kit decided finally, talking into the mic with a mouthful of food as she chewed one of the pizza rolls she’d made during the timeout she’d called. “I got this here Glock. Blue, do you wanna see me burst fire them? I bet I can get at least three without full auto.” Kit was bragging, but she felt like she’d kind of earned it — she had almost sixty percent of the team’s kills by herself, and was very much the reason they were winning so hard (sans that one awkward AWP incident). The team was very much, as she’d promised, in her backpack.

“Uh… Honestly? Kind of. I can smoke something. Where are we going? If we go A, I’ll smoke CT stairs.”

“Yeah, A! I’ll go palace, and you guys all go ramp. Trust me, I got this.” Kit promised, rushing away from the spawn with the bomb in her hands as she right clicked to set the gun to burst fire. “Remember… no Russian.” With that, Kit rushed them, squeezing the trigger as she jumped out of scaffolding. One kill. Two kills. “SON OF A BITCH! There’s a douchebag hiding on ticket booth, I lit ‘im, but I missed his face.” Kit grumbled into the mic, making the callout so her team could clean up her mess, finishing up the last of the group.

“Shoulda waited for the smoke to pop, maybe it could have covered you.”

“Hey, she’s doing the best on the team. Let’s just let it rock. You’re not bad at this game, despite your attitude. Do you wanna queue up after this game?”

“NO. Soloq ONLY QUEUE. Also, uh… it’s my bedtime after this.” Kit said, in a surprisingly meek voice. She had to be in bed by one AM, according to the Doc. It’d help her reset and refresh herself, following her Tekken marathon from the other day, though Kit herself felt like she was fine… The Doc was the boss in that sort of thing. Besides, they had plans for tomorrow! She didn’t wanna sleep past shopping. “You can add me, I guess.”

“Cool! Will do. I like having new people to play games with. What about you, Blue?” Zach was happy now. They only had two rounds to go before the game was over, and they could all take their weight off of Green’s shoulders. Maybe Blue would be down to play more. “Wait… I should probably head to bed too.” Ah, hell. He’d forgotten about the whole ‘workout every day to get Sam to date me’ thing.

“I guess just add me too?” Brett didn’t really understand the point of going to sleep so early, but hey. They weren’t his peers, they were just random internet people, and he didn’t really care what they did. “I don’t know. I play League more than CS, but I also play some other shit.” Brett said, while getting ready for the final round — it seemed like Green was going to pull them, kicking and screaming, across the finish line.

“Reminder to play fighting games, the truest of all video games. Buy a fightstick. Go to locals. Support your community. Help it grow. Nourish it.” Kit said into the mic, while they were on the victory screen — she’d clinched the win for them, of course. “I’ll see you guys next time! PEACE. Lataaaaa, bitch.”

Kitastrophe has disconnected.

“I don’t know if I want to add her. She seems like actually insane. Really… really… good, though.” Zach admitted into the mic, before shrugging his shoulders. He could handle that later. For now? Well, he needed sleep before he had to go do… whatever Owen had planned for him.

Hey I’m Zach has disconnected.

“Well, I guess they’re outta here. I’m still gonna play. Not like I got anything better to do… I should really look into starting an esports team at school. Maybe I’d have more people to play with at least…” Brett shrugged his shoulders and clicked the button. What could one more hurt?

FrozenReflex has entered the queue.

Stars of the show: Hey I’m Zach, Kitastrophe, and briefly introducing FrozenReflex
Featuring: Brian Helmsley, Ryan Helmsley, and Henry Green
Location: Brian’s room and The Stentorian Estate
Interacting with: Parker Ashford and probably Chae Min-seo by proxy @Fabricant451
Time: Friday Night Date Night!

“I take it you did it.”

Brian was heavily focused on what he was doing, but when his father appeared in the mirror he was staring into, Brian was smart enough to turn his head to acknowledge Ryan. Adjusting the cuffs on his suit jacket, Brian looked over at his father and shook his head “No, I just thought I’d dress up and look at myself in the mirror.” Brian shrugged his shoulders, rolling his eyes. “Yes, I did it.” He confirmed with a nod, turning around to face his father with a slight smile on his lips.

Ryan folded his arms over his chest and nodded, “and how did it go? You kill it?” Ryan had a way of speaking that had persisted throughout his teenage years, and while he was able to mask it in more ‘official’ meetings… talking with his son was hardly one of those. Brian responded with a nod and Ryan stepped forward, putting a hand on Brian’s shoulder and giving it a squeeze. “Good job. Though… I have to ask. Why her? You can do better, you’re a Helmsley.”

Brian should have known this was where the conversation was going. Why would it go anywhere else? No one thought Parker was ‘on his level.’ “Because she’s different. She’s interesting and different and… she’s free, and so so happy. It’s refreshing and new for me. Isn’t that enough?” Brian looked at his father and raised an eyebrow, and Ryan took his hand off of his son’s shoulder and shrugged, seemingly satisfied. “I have one stop to make before I pick her up. Did you need anything else?”

“One last thing. Why, exactly, are you dressed in a suit for this? I thought the date was at that pizza place. Not exactly a suit and tie location…”

At this, Brian simply shook his head, “I don’t know. I’m always dressed up, so I figured this was no different. I went overboard… just in case? I don’t know what she’s gonna be looking like. You know?” Brian shrugged his shoulders and his dad nodded while Brian ducked past him. “I’ll call if we need anything.”

“Don’t need anything.”

“Wasn’t planning on it!” Brian called out, glancing over his shoulder as he headed out the door. He was sixteen years old; the time for needing his parents had long since past. Was he nervous? Yes, absolutely — it was his first date, for god’s sake. But, it was a date with the only girl he had ever saw himself with, since the first time he’d met her.

Parker Ashford.

And Brian didn’t really care what the other people thought of Parker. He didn’t care that some of the people in his family didn’t necessarily approve of his love for her. That people thought she was weird was irrelevant to her, he saw her differently. Brian saw Parker for the bright, happy person that she was. She was different from almost everyone — as as far as he knew (and he knew pretty far, considering Henry was one of his friends), Parker was so happily optimistic, all the time, no matter what.

It was beautiful.

That was what attracted him to her, though no one had ever bothered to ask why he liked her, only why he didn’t pick someone ‘better.’ In his opinion, Parker was the best option — far and away; and in this situation? His was the only opinion that mattered. That was why Brian was going over the top, to show Parker how much he thought she was worth. That was why he’d put on a proper suit, and that was why he was on the way to the first stop.

The first stop? Hummingbird Creations, where Brian had put in an order the day before, for a bouquet for Parker; as well as something special, a heart shaped box of chocolates for the lucky girl. An extremely expensive box of chocolates, but hey, everything in his life was extremely expensive — that was just a natural side effect of being one of the richest families on the planet.

After picking up his package, Brian took the quickest route he knew to the Green estate, letting himself into the gate. Once he arrived at the door, Brian hit the button… and waited. It always took a while for someone to answer the door at the Stentorian Estate, a fact that was sensible given the titanic size of the home. Brian was almost certain it wasn’t going to be Parker when the door was answered, and even assumed it would be a servant of some kind.

Which was part of the reason why he was so surprised when it was in fact, Henry Green that pulled open the door. “The fuck you want, nigga? Bro, are those chocolates for me!? Oh — SHIT. I forgot! Hold up here, yeah? I’ll go get her.” Henry gave Brian a nod and turned to jog off into the house, and before long, Brian could hear his friend’s voice emanating with a small echo from deep in the halls.

“Park, let’s rock and roll! Brian’s here to pick you up.”

And all of a sudden, Brian was a mess of nerves again.
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