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Genre: Slice of Life | Setting: Modern | GMs: @Hey Im Jordan @Venus @TootsiePop

Located in northern Washington state, Second Horizons has been family run for many years. The camp is one of the most popular ones in the country, offering both winter and summer camps for campers who want to make new friends. The camp is popular for the variety of activities it offers during both seasons, and the unique color coded system it has for its cabins.

Camp cabins are separated by colors, which are said to represent the personalities of the campers that stay inside of them. To determine which cabin you stay in, campers are expected to fill out a personality test of sorts and attach it to their camp applications. In later years, the camp has allowed campers to include a ‘preference’ for their cabin. Whether or not this is acknowledged by camp officials is unknown.

  • Red: Red is the color associated with excitement and energy. A typical red camper is passionate, bold, and oftentimes short tempered and hot headed. Red campers are very much allowed to ‘do what they want,’ because no one has the energy to tell them otherwise. Red campers are thrill seekers, adventurers, and tend to bite off more than they can chew.

  • Blue: Blue is the color of stability, and peacefulness. A typical blue camper is loyal, dependable, and strong willed. They don’t like to lose, and usually bring the most effort to camp activities. If a blue camper is going to try something, they’re going to do it right, and better than you. Blue campers are a bit ambitious, and more than a little haughty — they know they’re the best.

  • Green: Green is the color of tranquility. A typical green camper attends camp not for the social aspect, but for the vibes. Relaxed and chill, a typical green camper has no time for drama or nonsense, and would sooner be found making snow angels or building a snowman than messing around with indoor activities. Unfortunately, green campers are oftentimes too chill, and it leads to them being misconstrued as ‘apathetic.’

  • Pink: Pink is the color of playfulness, love, and… immaturity. A typical pink camper enjoys teasing their fellow campers. They love to have fun, in their own whimsical ways. Pink campers are also usually creative in their own ways. Unfortunately, pink campers are sometimes childish. They can be demanding and often want to make sure they get their way, by any means necessary.

Each camp cabin is co-ed, and campers ages range from 16 - 18. Each cabin has one male and one female counselor, and campers are encouraged to take their problems to their counselor. Counselors are equipped and trusted to deal with just about any situation. Counselors are typically in their early to mid twenties, and are usually veterans of the retreat.

Second Horizons retreat offers tons of winter time activities, including snowboarding through beautiful trails on the campus, rocketing through open fields on snowmobiles, ice skating on the beautiful frozen lake, an indoor heated swimming pool, and a camp wide cabin vs cabin snowball fight. These are, of course, just the publicly offered activities. There are, of course, other ones — including a hidden, secret, and most importantly unsupervised hot spring. Campers often sneak there, where they get up to no good.

The winter retreat takes place during December, and it does include Christmas for those who’d like to celebrate away from their families.

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