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okay i got into league step one is complete
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discord is down and i can't log into league why even live
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better question is who here doesn't like snuggles?
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I'm interested in this
i wish that passengers didnt suck i do like christopher pratt

All accepted!

@BrutalBx Yours is too, but see discord! I jus thave a question I wanna ask first.
Take your time, I'm gonna look over the sheets this weekend and do approvals and whatnot.…

Hello, this took me seventeen years longer than it should have. Please forgive.

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"Annbury is alright. It’s home, I guess? There’s stuff to do, the people who live here are alright… I can’t really complain, but it smells like IPAs and bad weed… that’s just kinda California, I’ve realized."

The city of Annbury is a college town, first and foremost.

It’s populated mostly by the youth for the most part, with only a few older residents. The town is fairly modern and progressive, a product of the people who live there and vote in the elections. There are some smaller apartments off campuses existing mainly for student housing, but for the most part, the houses belong to students at the college who come from wealthy families.

Like a lot of Southern California hotspots, there are a lot of tech startups headquartered in Annbury. These often employ students from CCU as unpaid interns who are looking to pad their resume. Occasionally, this turns into a longer term employment setup, but not often.

Though there’s only one main tourist attraction (a combination zoo and amusement park, with a few roller coasters…), there are still a few things to do around town. Most of it is geared toward college students, with things like a fun center with an arcade, go-kart track, and mini-golf course, a high rate movie theater, and a skate park among other things...

"Okay, so CCU wasn’t my first choice. Or my second. Or my third, but dammit it was my seventh and they let me in pretty easy. Now, I play mini-golf so drunk I can barely stand every weekend. And that? That my friends… is living."

The student body of Cape Córdoba University is vast and varied. With a reach that goes across the world, CCU is open to student applications from all kinds of aspiring students. CCU has a lot of factors that make it an appealing university choice for both American and international students. Boasting a strong NCAA Division 1 program, CCU is a nationally accredited university, offering both law and med school. Students also typically attend the school for its popular and well regarded engineering, computer science, arts and robotics programs.

This is going to be a heavily slice of life roleplay, focusing on the students and staff of Cape Córdoba University. Taking place in the year 2019, its setting will be the aforementioned university, and the town of Annbury, in Marin County, California. Please forward any questions regarding the RP or its content to the GM team: @Hey Im Jordan, @McHaggis, and @Fabricant451.

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It's kind of a joke

i mean you probably like black and white lol
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