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Interactions (direct): Nico @Karisma, Elysia @alexfangtalon

Kassandra was running a tad behind schedule. With the summer months, she’d turned off her alarm, and had yet to adjust it properly for the school year — despite arriving about a week early. Kass had a tendency to show up early to Wellington Academy to get to know her cottage leader for the year, and sort of take a leadership role in the place. Kassandra liked structure, and order, and she was happy to find out that Nico, the man who’d be overseeing the cottage she was staying in for now, was much like her. He took it seriously, perhaps too seriously, but Kass would be lying if she said she didn’t like that about him. It was a serious deal!

Unfortunately, Kass was lagging too far behind to leave right when Nico passed by. It wasn’t like she could follow after him then and there. She’d hardly woken up twenty minutes ago, and despite her best attempts to freshen up with a shower and vigorous moisturizing afterward… Kassandra was hardly awake. She was awake, but there was really nobody behind the wheel, at least not yet. She needed coffee. As ashamed as she was to admit it, Kassandra was somewhat reliant, even addicted to the stuff. All she could do was offer Nico a wave of apology as he passed by, and glance at the Keurig that was currently filling her mug.

Internally, Kass was cringing. It was embarrassing, an awful showing for day one of what was supposed to be a good year. How was she supposed to leave a good impression now? She already knew Nico planned to walk down to the gate, instead of driving — could she catch up? Would he accept her apology?

Stupid, stupid. Forget to set the alarm, really? You’re better than that, Kassandra. Way to look bad.

She would have to think of something to make it up to him, because simply showing up late wasn’t going to do it from her perspective. As the last of the coffee dripped into the cup, Kassandra took the steaming mug from its plate, and took a huge gulp without waiting for it to cool down. It wasn’t her normal method, but the burn to her tastebuds was like a self-punishment for messing up. At least once she’d taken the gulp, she could feel the warmth radiate through her body and her mind start to come to life.

Looking back at the Keurig, she shrugged her shoulders and did the only thing she could think of, setting a thermos on it, and flicking it back on… It was the best she could think of.

7:03 AM

Before long, Kass was hurrying along the trail, and as she looked at the scenery, she could tell why Nico preferred this method to taking the golf carts down. If only she didn’t have to rush quite so much… but Kass wasn’t going to be that late, not to something as important as this. Even looking beyond her failure, and the potential let down she’d left Nico with, Kass still wanted to hurry. This was a big day; there were new students coming! It was, for some lucky young (and some older) students, the first time they’d lay eyes on the grounds… and she wanted to see their reactions!

Between Kass hurrying, and Nico taking a somewhat leisurely pace, she was able to make it there just a few minutes after he’d arrived — but too late to talk to the new kids. With a wave and a smile, Kass pushed away the harsh thoughts floating in her head, and instead walked toward Nico as he headed back up the trail, and thrust the thermos out to him. “Sorry I’m late… I overslept a bit. I made you some tea, though.” Kass’s apology was stuck inside the thermos, and she turned her attention to the more pressing matter once Nico took the damn thing: the new kids. Ramona, and Ely she believed. She’d spent enough time peering over Nico’s shoulder at paperwork to know who was who.

“Elysia, right?” She asked, glancing at the ever so slightly smaller girl. Geeze… she looked soft. Kass would have to be careful when making sure she was comfortable. The girl looked like if Kassandra spoke too loudly, she might explode. “My name’s Kassandra. I’ll be your roommate for this year, okay? Let’s make sure it’s a good one!” She gave a thumbs up, and then took another gulp of coffee. At least it had cooled down to… ‘not molten.’

Time: 5:30 AM - 7:00 AM
Interactions: JD @Torack

Zerged out on the bed was where Bee belonged.

Her parents disagreed, they thought she could be a doctor, a software engineer, a lawyer like her father… someone who was successful, who mattered. However, Bee disagreed. Why work so hard when she could coast through life? Plenty of people made it in the world without so much effort. Imagine trying, imagine spending six years of your life just to be stuck with years of student loan debt, and then in like forty more years, whatever profession she chose would just give her a watch and kick her down the road with a quiet ‘fuck you.’

Abigail wasn’t about that. She had no lofty goals in life, whatever ambitions she’d had (when she was nine, she wanted to be an astronaut) had been drained out of her by things that were beyond her control. Now, she at least had a safe space. Wellington Academy wasn’t so bad, and the only real rule here was quite simple: just don’t get caught.

Bee had gotten caught one damn time, and for fuck’s sake it was during the summer so what the hell was that all about? Was she not free to do what she wanted during the summer!? It was the summer! Her vacation! Why did none of the cottage leaders understand that she couldn’t go home? It wasn’t that she didn’t want to — oh, she did. She missed her house, her neighborhood, and the skate park (especially the skate park), but Bee was at war.

She was at war with her cunt of a mom, who still refused to call her by the name she wanted. There was no respect! Wellington Academy was like her safe space. Here, she didn’t have to deal with her mom, and there weren’t daily screaming matches; instead, they were basically biweekly. During the year since she’d taken up residence in Wellington, Bee had done her best to avoid her mother — though she popped up occasionally during her video calls with her father… and that often led to a verbal brawl for all.

Bee had forsaken her home, and now this was where she belonged. It was like in the stupid Harry Potter books (Bee would never understand how they’d found so much worldwide success — cringe fanbase, honestly), where Harry never went home for the holidays because his family didn’t love him, and then like in some of the books he went home to his friend’s house to stay where the family loved him and he didn’t feel like shit — only, Bee had zero plans to go to her friend’s house. And, on top of that, Bee was pretty sure her friend didn’t have a cute sister she could hook up with. Seriously, bro code Harry. What the fuck was up with that?

For now, Bee was holed up in the safety of Wellington Academy — and honestly, depending on how the next two years went? She might never leave. She could be a cottage head herself, couldn’t she? That wouldn’t be too bad of a job — or like a janitor. Of course, she’d need to figure out a living situation that didn’t suck. These buildings were built in like, the 1800s and they were wired like. She’d had plans to bring her desktop computer, and a TV, but then her dad was like ‘you can’t.’ That made her mad. It made her more mad when she arrived and found out the bastard was telling the truth.

Bee had to scramble and order a shitty gaming laptop off of Amazon, to go with the ancient one she had for anime downloading purposes, and she used that to play games. She’d set up all her systems on the TV in the common room, but during the school year? Bee didn’t much like to go out there and use it — that might lead to, like… interacting with the nerds that went to this super school. She had her time during the summer, and then every once and a while when Freddie was over.

Right now, here in the cabin it was basically just Bee and J.D., the running man. If Bee had to guess? He was just about getting back from his run, and… yep, there it was. The scent of breakfast was wafting up to the rafters and sneaking its way into her room. She’d heard him leave the building around the same time she woke up, and she knew the drill: within two, or three episodes of whatever she wanted to watch, breakfast would be ready.

Of course, the inevitability of breakfast hadn’t stopped her from preparing a snack mix of her own. While she was laying on the bed, Bee had a bowl on her stomach — one that contained a mix and match of her favorite snacks: Hot Cheetos, Jelly Belly’s, white cheddar popcorn, M&M’s, and salt and pepper potato chips. Was it perfect? No, but nothing ever was.

Bee had started the morning watching DragonBall, but after like an episode and a half of nothing happening, she’d turned that off and resigned to scrolling around on her phone. Or, at least she was scrolling around on her phone until she scowled and dropped it. “Law? Seriously?! My ideal man from One Piece is obviously Zoro, you scumbags. Stupid Buzzfeed.” She grumbled, then watched as her phone bounced off of her bed… and flew to the ground. “Shit!” She said, scrambling over to grab the phone… and inadvertently sending the crumbs and remains of her snack bowl falling to the ground too. “What in the goddamn! FuCK!” Bee was screaming now, before she snatched her phone off the ground.

Picking it up, she was glad to see that, at the very least, her phone hadn’t sustained any injuries. “At least Korean engineering never lets me down.” She said, letting out a sigh of relief. Luckily for her, the bowl she’d been eating out of was plastic. Sighing, she got down on the floor and started to pick the Jelly Belly’s and pieces of chips remaining. There weren’t many M&M’s… Bee liked to eat those first.

I guess this is the universe’s way of saying, ‘okay, Bee, you piece of trash. It’s time to get out of bed and do something productive.’ Well, normally I’d tell the universe to get FUCKED, but today is the day. Right? All the new kids should be showing up? The bastard that replaced Freddie should be here soon… Plus, I mean, breakfast. I might as well go eat.

Bee threw the snacks that had fallen on the floor back into the bowl, and then carefully sat the bowl on her bedside table. Those were snacks for later, as far as Bee was concerned. She was the only person living here for the whole summer! What was the worst thing that could have been on her floor?

Bee had already changed and gotten ready for the day. She knew Venetia and the other cottage leaders would be down catching kids, so she’d been sure to get up early and sneak away for a wake and bake before gorging herself on snacks and Goku yelling at Frieza. Now, Bee was comfortably sky high, and hungry — even after munching on her bowl and mismatched munchies.

To: Freddie
when r we playing animal crossing
i got a gift 4 u
it made me think of u

The gift in question? It was a garbage can. Bee was already laughing to herself thinking about it as she adjusted her baseball cap (which really amounted to making sure it was turned on backwards). Freddie was gonna get owned, she was gonna get so owned. Trouncing down the stairs, Bee found her way to the cottage kitchen. “Yo! J.D.! What’s up, bro? Did you make enough for me?”
im in
shroud is coming home boys
yes, i think it would be more weird if you didn't make close friends with the community you do your hobby with wouldn't it?
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