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“Hello, campers! Welcome one, and welcome all to another beautiful summer at Camp Red Arrow. We’re happy to have you, and believe me, we know you’re happy to be here.” There was an intentional pause, as if Mike Oxmaul was waiting for a reaction. When he received none, he charged on. “Some of you, I’ve seen before. Some of you I haven’t, but I’m happy to see all of you now! If you’ll look around, you’ll see that Camp Red Arrow is just as beautiful as it’s always been — this year we even have a new net for badminton…” Mike Oxmaul checked his watch and tapped on it. “For our twentieth anniversary, we’re going to have a fireworks show midway through the summer… there’s an ice cream freezer, but don’t eat it all. Restocking is hard.”

There was another pause, before Mike shook his head, “can we cut? Let’s just do the whole thing over again. That sucked.”


Josh flipped the ancient TV off, and looked at the campers and other counselors, who were gathered in the rec room for the ‘opening ceremony,’ if it could be called a ceremony. Once upon a time, it had be more… ceremonious, but now it was kind of pathetic. Which, in and of itself, was kind of pathetic. Shaking his head, Josh ripped the ‘free’ sticker that was still on the side of the TV (the last TV had an unfortunate incident with a bat, and Mike had found this on the side of the road when he was coming by the camp; all in all? A net improvement).

“Yeah… That’s not the best intro, but ol Mike didn’t want to come this year... so he just recorded that video like two days ago…” Josh explained, shrugging his shoulders, as he crunched on a Funyun from the bag in his hand — one of the bags he’d brought along with him for the summer. Last year, the counselor stash had ran lower faster than he’d thought, and well… there were some mistakes you just didn’t make twice. “I thought he re-recorded it, but I guess not? Before anyone asks, no, you can’t have the fireworks. I’m not even going to make references to where they are.”

Josh knew the people he was playing with — one or two of them were people that had been coming here for a while. Joshua had no earthly idea how Camp Red Arrow got away with the shit it did, but… somehow, Mike Oxmaul pulled it off each and everytime… Of course, pulling the deception off wasn’t without effort! Mike knew what he was doing, he even created trophies for the Red Arrow Sports Tournament that they advertised, but didn’t actually exist. Every camper got one.

“Look, I get it. A lot of you probably don’t wanna be here. You were sent here by your parents who didn’t wanna bother with you all summer, and they didn’t trust you to be alone, or want to pay for a babysitter. But this isn’t as bad as you think it’s gonna be trust me. There’s a lake, there’s free food… We have double the amount of ice cream we usually do, because we got a new freezer. Trust me, this is gonna go great.” Well, it was no Captain America esque revitalizing speech, but it wasn’t his worst work! Besides, Josh didn’t get paid enough to try and make every camper happy. That just left his closing remarks, to cover what he expected of the campers.

“You guys can go to your cabins, get situated, and dinner’s at six thirty. Other than that? Don’t burn the place down, and NOBODY die. Try not to sit in the rec room all summer, it gets hot and the TV gets hot and if the backlight blows out because it’s hot we’re fucked because I don’t have another one, and I don’t think there’s a store that’s within walking distance, so… Try to play elsewhere. There’s only one rule, and that rule is ‘don’t fist fight within line of sight of a counselor.’ We don’t condone violence here at Camp Red Arrow, but we condone pretty much everything else. The people that are legacy campers? Make sure you help the newbies feel welcome.”

Josh should have given the speech from the goddamn beginning. Why did he even have to play the fucking video tape? Not only was it shitty; they had to cram everyone into the tiny ass rec room. “We’re gonna be stuck here for at least three months, so try, please try to get along. It isn’t as bad as you think it is, I promise.” Josh said, before giving the group one last not-so-comforting smile (he wasn’t the best smiler), and holding both thumbs up, the bag of chips crunching in his hand as he made a fist; something he seemed to immediately regret.

The crowd of campers, was, understandably awkwardly silent at first, and Josh did what most of them were waiting for: “You’re all dismissed. See you at dinner. If you’re late you can eat cold.” At that, there was finally a reaction from at least one camper.

“Yeah! Go Josh! Hell yeah!” Ever burning with the power of positivity and overwhelming optimism, as soon as the counselor said they were dismissed, Christopher Robin exploded into applause and cheers that were perhaps too enthusiastic.

For your starter posts, please feel free to write your character’s arrival to the camp, and then what they do immediately after this little introduction! There are only two cabins, and they’re split by gender. Your character will get to claim either a top or a bottom bunk in the barracks-esque cabins. Find a bunkmate! It’ll be fun, I promise.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to @me in the OOC, PM me on the guild, DM me on Discord, or @me on the Discord server! The same goes for my two GM buddies, @Fabricant451 and @TootsiePop.
The Monday after Friday date night specifically.
January 12th.
Collab with @TootsiePop

To: Cyn
meet at cuddles
bring weed i dont have any in this jacket
will buy u pizza

The text was simple. It was straight forward, it was easy. Or, at least that’s what Henry had thought. Did Cyndi… did she even know what weed was? That was a possibility he hadn’t thought about… what if she didn’t? Surely, she’d text back then, right? She sure as shit hadn’t yet. How long had he been sitting here? How many orders of (extra well done) fries had he eaten so far?

He couldn’t count. He didn’t even care. This was just for his mother, again. Henry did everything for that woman, and all she did was cry and think he hated her. He didn’t get it, but he’d do what he could to help her get over that. Keeping her happy was kind of a priority, especially after talking to his father.

Henry threw the last fry in the basket in his mouth and sighed, checking his phone again. Still nothing from Cyndi. Did she have something MORE IMPORTANT than randomly supplying her brother with weed at Captain Cuddles to do? Christ. Henry held up the basket. “Yo, waiter. Another round please.”

“Fuck off, Henry.” The waiter said, rolling his eyes as he stepped down the bar to grab the basket from Henry, before returning with another one and setting it in front of Henry, who immediately started munching. All this so he could involve his sister in stuff…

This last minute sibling date was annoying, especially since it was right after Cyndi’s first day of classes at Beverly Hills High. She had so much to catch up on to get up to speed with the rest of her peers. Her new curriculum was incredibly different than what she had in Seoul. While her butler drove, she clenched her teeth at her phone, “Why the hell does he think I know how and where to get weed? What the heck!” She wanted to toss her phone, but instead she tightly held it in her grasp.

“I know where we can get some, if that’s what you’d like me to do, Cyndi.” Xander offered, while driving side roads toward their destination. His duties had picked up ever since Cyndi came back home. Family troubles, boy troubles, personal troubles. He seemed to have the most emotional Green in the book, but then again, after that dinner… he didn’t know anymore. Everyone’s emotions were heightened that night. “Don’t worry about your homework, I’ll help you when I come back to pick you up, alright? You’ll be fine. Relax.”

“Brother can live without weed for ONE night.” Cyndi scoffed, glancing over to her backpack filled with books that weighed a ton. “Being a fulltime student is bullshit.” She would rather focus on her career than study!

Tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, the butler cleared his throat, “Try to not give your brother attitude, I’m sure he has a reason for calling you. Also, just order the five dollar pineapple special if he really wants his fix. I’m surprised Henry doesn’t know about that one.” Pulling up to the curb, he parked the car, got out, and opened the door for his Green. “I’ll be around.”

“Yeah, I know. See you later.” After waving Xander goodbye, she used the walk to Captain Cuddles to find her zen. Her peace. Pushing the door open, she went to the hostess and politely asked, “Henry Green?”

Luckily, it wasn’t very hard to find Henry — not that it ever was. Henry was currently arguing with the waiter that had brought him the fries, “what do you mean you’re cutting me off, dude!? They’re fries, not fuckin’ rum! And besides, my dad IS Captain Cuddles! How the fuck you gonna cut me off of fries? You get your ass back there and you get me another basket! Don’t you make me hop that bar I’m waiting for a guest —” Henry paused and looked back toward the door, where he noticed Cyndi. Henry looked away from the waiter, though he held up his hand and extended his middle finger the whole time while doing so.

“And there she is. You better get back there and get my shit, Jayce.” Henry warned, and the waiter shook his head and finally walked off, returning the middle finger that Henry had so graciously extended. He had to admit one thing, it was nice to see Henry Green doing something other than bringing new girl after new girl here so he could pump and dump them. That Korean girl, it seemed, really was hitting different. “Cyndi, come here. We gotta talk.”

“That wasn’t very kind of you, Henry.” Cyndi thanked the hostess, even if they didn’t help her at all, and made her way to the booth that her brother was sitting at. Taking a seat, she stared at him in judgement, “Do you always talk to the wait staff like that?” She placed her purse beside her, closer to the window.

“Only when they try to stop giving me endless fries after four baskets. The word ‘endless’ used to mean something in this town, Cyndi. Used to.” Henry grumbled, pouring some dark, amber liquid out of the pitcher and into the two glasses, complete with ice, that were sitting at the table. “It’s just vanilla root beer.” Henry wasn’t drinking during the week anymore. His life was kind of boring, but he kept going home and getting love and attention from Min and it was nice and it made him feel nice so he was… sort of happy? It was almost disappointing.

“We need to talk. Did you bring weed?”

“No.” Was all she said in response, before grabbing the glass filled with supposed soda. She stared down at it and then pushed it aside, deciding against it, “I want water.” Soda was bad for her, especially since she danced as a hobby. Absentmindedly, she looked down to her phone and scrolled through Instagram, hearting pictures and commenting on some that she really liked while she half paid attention to her brother.

If she wanted to be a cunt, then she could be a cunt. Henry didn’t give a fuck, he had no time for this shit — he had half a mind to tell Cyndi to go fuck herself and then tell his mom to get bent, and that she could figure out how to help the friendless bitch herself. Henry had never been so disrespected in his entire life. Did she think she was cute, checking her phone while they were supposed to talking? Did she think she was cute, not doing the one thing he asked her to do when he did everything for her? He was supposed to supply friends for her?

Cyndi was ungrateful and spoiled, and Henry hated his mother ever more for making his sister even worse than he remembered her being. As the waiter returned with a fresh basket of fries, Henry picked up the glass of root beer he had poured for Cyndi, and drank it until it was nothing but ice, before he did the same with the other one. “What you’re gonna want to do —” Henry said with a mouthful of french fry, wondering why he even bothered trying to do this. He shouldn’t even had helped her with the Dragon Ball song. He should have kept that a secret. “ — is stop being such an insufferable cunt, and put that goddamn phone down so we can talk about the birthday party I secured for us, before if I didn’t make sure you had guests for your birthday party you’d be celebrating with Xander and Mother. But, no, go ahead, be disrespectful.”

Henry threw another handful of fries in his mouth, munching and washing it down with root beer — this time straight from the pitcher. If she didn’t want any, then fuck her dude. “I really appreciate it.” Ol bitch ass.

Rolling her eyes, she placed her phone face down on the table, before crossing her arms, “I’m the cunt? Did you forget this was my first day back to school? Unlike some people, I actually care about my grades, Henry. Things always have to be under YOUR time and that’s kind of selfish of you! Also, you have too much faith in me to know how to get the ‘thing’ for you. I don’t do THAT. Why don’t you just get THAT from the kitchen here? Out of all people you should know they have it!” Calling her an insufferable cunt, what? It wasn’t fun and games for her today. Today she was trying to get back into the swing of things. But nah man. That didn’t matter to her brother.

“Because I don’t like going back there! Remy makes me do shit.” Henry barked, slurping down more of the root beer, before nodding his head. “Yeah, you are, because it’s pretty simple to be like ‘hey, maybe not tonight, why don’t we get together another time,’ but… oh wait.” Henry had a lot more to say, but he had to steady himself for his Moms’s sake. The last thing he wanted was for Pops to come by and be like ‘yo, she drank herself to death and it’s all your fault for not handling your younger sister very well.’ Henry had to remind himself that Cyndi was a girl. She was unnecessarily emotional by default. Factor in an explosive confrontation with her (and Henry would mostly agree here) kind of scary older sister, and it lead to a volatile person, but Henry didn’t get why he had to tank it. Wasn’t this what the girls had butlers for? To complain to them?

“Do you want to help or not? Because with or without you, I’m gonna throw a party, and I thought I would be nice and let you help.” But no, you’re an asshole. Henry stared at her as he lifted the pitcher up and poured more of the root beer into his mouth, and then sat it down. “I don’t care either way.”

“Since when did I have any say for parties? Mom assumes what I want and you? You really don’t want my help, do you? Isn’t that your thing? Throwing bangers? Wouldn’t I, your loser sister, just ruin that for you?” Cyndi didn’t understand why her brother was trying so hard to help her with… whatever he was trying to help her with. The fact that he wanted her involved in his life, even in the slightest, was weird. The whole dragon ball thing and giving her advice on how to approach Hailey was weird! Henry was never this nice to her and if she knew better, he wasn’t doing this because he actually cared.

“No, idiot! Moms throws those stupid ass duo parties for the two of us and I fucking hate it so much that I told her to just NOT this year, and she was like ‘but you have to, because if you don’t then your sister won’t have a party,’ so I said fine, but I want Stentoria for a weekend so I can throw the party my gotdamn self.” Henry paused to eat another handful of fries. After he swallowed them down he start rambling again, “so then once I got her to agree to that shit, I thought I’d see if you wanted to help plan it, since I know you’ve never had any control in your entire life and I’m so sick of you being a baby, but fine. If you wanna keep being babied, then I’ll do it myself, dude.”

“Wait… so are you seriously going to let me do what I want for this party? Like I can say I want this and it’ll happen?” Cyndi’s face shifted from annoyance to shock. “So say, I don’t know, I want Starlight to fly here that weekend and perform, you can make that happen?” She raised an eyebrow, not knowing how to react to this kind of freedom.

“Now hold on, player, don’t get ahead of yourself. We can do it together, but I ain’t lettin’ you pick the music without me vetting it.” Henry leaned in close, with a raised eyebrow. “I don’t know the fuck ‘Starlight’ is, but that sounds hella gay. So why don’t we start somewhere easier, huh? How ‘bout food? What kinda food do you want?” Henry would start her somewhere easy before she got too far.

“Toxic Waste sour candy! A fountain filled with all the sour candy in the world.” That wasn’t necessarily food, but hey. It was her birthday party and that would be the one time she let herself eat all the bad things for her little body, like sour candy. She loved sour things.

“That sounds doable. We can do that.” There, now she was off the music, thank god. Henry would handle that, that was more his department, and he’d have to do his best to keep her as far away from it as he could. Starlight? The fuck does that even mean? Henry wasn’t about to fuck around and get some dumbass shit at his party. It was still his party, after all. “Oh, and don’t tell Mother.”

This was awesome, she’d have a fountain full of candy to swim in. Ah-ha. She childishly clapped her hands, before halting herself, “Wait why? Didn’t you get permission? Did you not get permission?! We can’t have this party Henry! It’s okay. I don’t need a party.” Her anxiety peaked with the possibility of them lying to Alyssa.

“Shut up, dumbass. We’re gonna have the party, and it’s gonna be the sickest party of the summer. It’s gonna start Friday and end when we get the last, drunken, barely able to stand degenerate out of our fuckin’ house. This? This is what being a kid is like, Cyndi. Shut up and dig it, because it’s the best damn thing we got. It’s the best part of being rich, dude.”

“But… why do we have to lie?”

“I dunno, it’s part of the fun. Why are you still playing with Justin? These are the questions, dude. Don’t worry about it, if she even finds out, there’s like a 99% chance I’m takin’ the fall. I always do.” Henry shrugged nonchalantly. Not like it mattered to him.

The shift in subjects baffled her. She was legitimately shocked with his choice of words. “What do you mean playing with Justin? I’m not playing anyone.” That sounded so unlady-like and she was nothing but a lady!

“Whatever. We’ll have the first official party planning get together soon. Min-seo will probably be there. You’re gonna have to deal. We have a lot to decide. Music, food, games, amusement. Party favors. I’m gonna have to hit Hana up, which is… spooky.” Henry tapped his chin, and wondered if he had a better in with drugs… not exactly, Hana was essentially his best bet. He knew that Cyndi didn’t have anything, so he didn’t even bother asking. “Don’t worry too much, I can get us whatever we want.”

The mention of Min reminded Cyndi of her request she had asked about earlier on in this discussion. Partially to herself, partially to Henry, she spoke, “I wonder if she knows about Starlight. She probably does. Henry! You should find out if Min likes Starlight. I’d love a friend to talk to about them.”

“I mean, it’s hard to talk when her tongue is in my mouth, but I’ll do what I can.”

I haven't thought about it very much yet.
I'm still thinking about what I want to do, I wanna see some more members of the cast so I know what I'm playing off of before I commit to something one way or the other.
I settled that we won't be having a discord group, guys. ^^

Oh dang, I was just about to DM you and ask for the link haha.
The question everyone must ask themselves is axes or dark magic

but there are swords dude

The weekend before the timeskip, at INITIATE.
@TootsiePop & @Hey Im Jordan

With her fitness wear on, tailored for a specific activity, Meg requested the pole dance studio at INITIATE for an hour so she could practice (though usually dancers are only permitted entrance during open hours). Because of her new connection, she was granted private time without an instructor. Holding tightly on the pole, she pushed her shoulder blades down to her back pocket and started climbing it. They’d been here ten minutes and so far she focused on warming up, doing floor work, and getting in the zone.

If there was one good quality about her, it was definitely her body. She wanted to impress her teacher for her next class, so practice, practice, practice. Not one to waste any of her free time, time was money, she invited her pretend boyfriend to participate, or watch, while they discussed rules for when she transfers into his elitist school and their three week dating period starts. Most people never looked beyond what she presented on the surface which was pure sex and she was okay with that. Who cares about the actual person! If people knew her, they’d probably not like her anyways. Honestly, there was less of a chance to get hurt if she filtered information.

Something about the expressions in her face, releasing teasing pleasure, and the control she had when she directed her body one way or another — pirouetted, dip turned, back spun — there was no doubt that Meg knew her body better than anyone else. As she did an aerial invert, which was her upside down with her legs wide open going around the pole in circles, she started their conversation, “First off, I’m not calling you baby. If you want a pet name, it isn’t going to be that one. Secondly, I don’t mind PDA but if you touch my ass in the hall, I will cut your balls off. You want me to be your girlfriend? Respect me because once you treat me one way or another, other people will get ideas and I will literally kill them if they get handsy.” Twirling her body upright once more, she continued to slowly spin around the pole and think about the next position she wanted to do. Well as she was waiting, she might as well do the elbow grip, “I’m yours, no one else’s.”

This was Owen’s ‘great idea?’ Sure, Sebastian had like, not that much time to think of a plan, but he was pretty sure he could have come up with something better than this. She seemed like a… very passionate person. He watched her spin around the pole in front of him.

A very passionate person with a whole lot of ass.

Sebastian didn’t even think they really got along! She had so many rules, and he had to keep thinking of them. He wasn’t allowed to be called baby, or to touch her butt (in public)? Then what was the point of the whole operation! He was just sitting there on the floor, listening to her rattle off rules he thought were bullshit, and watching her spin around on a pole. A pole he’d worked on getting her, for the record! Sebastian had to make a few calls, but she’d wanted this and he’d gotten it for her… he’d even wasted (if you asked him) a few favors to get this far.

“So, since I can’t touch your ass in public, and I probably can’t touch your ass in private… is there just no ass touching?” Start with the important stuff, Baby Bash. You got this.

Well, at least he was honest with his priorities. Her next move was an aerial bracket grip air walk and she sassily rolled her eyes, “I never said you couldn’t touch me in private. I just don’t want you to mix business with play. And… you’re saying people at your rich-bitch-school hang all over each other and don’t care about how that affects their rep?” She had her biased opinions because she never did walk in the halls of Beverly Hills High. She couldn’t fathom they were ratchet like her school.

“I dunno, I’ve never been there. I’m transferring in, remember? But, from what Owen has told me… Yeah, that’s kind of what it’s like? The weird thing though, most of the actual couples there, have been together for at least a year or two. Then there’s the thirst traps, the sluts and stuff? They touch each other a lot.” Sebastian shrugged his shoulders. It wasn’t really his place to say one way or the other. Besides, the important thing she’d said was the bit about mixing business and play. “What were you saying about play?”

Leaning back, her hands no longer holding onto the pole, just her legs, as she continued to dance around it, Meg raised an eyebrow, “A better question should be: how experienced are you? If we want to make people believe I’ve been your girlfriend for however long you’ve talked about having one, that’s something we should get some practice in. Don’t you think?” People would know in a heartbeat if they don’t have chemistry, plus he was handsome. She could fuck him. It wasn’t like she’d get attached or anything.

The truth was, Sebastian wasn’t very experienced at all. In fact, he was a virgin. She didn’t need to know that, though, did she? The truth was a fickle thing, and if Sebastian knew one thing, it was that he was good at stretching the truth. He knew enough about sex, from talking to the others about it, to doing stuff over the internet… he had a feel for what he needed to do. He could handle it if it came to that.

Plus, she did have a point — he’d even thought about it — if they had no chemistry, then everyone on the fucking planet was going to know he was bullshitting. At least Owen and Trixie would keep it a secret (they would, right?), but Sebastian had to introduce her to his family… it would be best if they could make it seem real. That much was for sure.

“I’ve been lying about having a girlfriend for like, three years.” Oof. Felt good to get that off his chest, even if this was the world’s most expensive therapy session.

With this information, Meg found herself easing herself back to the ground and letting go of the pole. She looked at him, confused on why someone would go that far to lie about having a relationship, especially a Lyon. Making her way to him, she bent over and reached for her water, which was right beside him. After taking a swig, light sweat glistening from her chest and stomach, she asked, “Why didn’t you just get a girlfriend?”

“Because it’s not that easy. I am — or I was, anyway, until my mom and dad decided to transfer me in — homeschooled. My only friends, if you can call them that, are just friends because I pay for everything for them. I don’t really have friends.” Sebastian explained, watching as she drank from the water. A lot of people didn’t get it, and that was okay, because his position was unique. He was a rich teen, with friends that were definitely using him for clout, and absolutely no substantial relationships to show for it. “There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being a Lyon, you know! Especially being named after the head of the family… The name means a lot, okay? It does. You wouldn’t think it does, but it does. There’s expectations. I’m supposed to have like six girlfriends, but I couldn’t get one because I couldn’t trust the people that I threw money at to hang out with me. So, I just lied and said I met someone, she goes to a school a few hours up North, and went through a lot of effort to make it work. Now, my bluff’s been called… and I’m throwing money at someone to make it work.” Sebastian smirked and winked at Meg.

Although her face didn’t express her thoughts, her mind was shocked out how one question led to such an emotional answer with a lot of backstory. This boy could talk and she wasn’t really used to having such an intimate conversation. Her reaction was delayed, but eventually she sat next to him, placed her water down, trying to think of a proper response, but naturally, her instincts took over and she turned toward him, leaned close, and told him to: “Kiss me.”

Well, how about that? Sebastian was nothing if not good at speaking, and he’d talked his way into a kiss if nothing else. Without too much pressure, thought, or really… idea of what she meant by ‘kiss me,’ Sebastian leaned in and gave her a quick smooch on the lips. “Thanks. It helps to talk, you know. Vent.”

“Oh fucking hell, Sebastian. Do I have to do everything?” Pulling his head back toward her, pushing her body against his chest, she feverishly pressed her lips against his and went even as far as to slip her tongue into his mouth. This was their chance to see if they had spark. She was happy he could vent, even if she didn’t necessarily know what to say, but now her mind was focused on making out and showing him how her body moved. Climbing on top of him, she ran her right hand through his hair and took in his scent.

Shit. He hadn’t really expected that. He hadn’t expected to get a kiss, let alone get her tongue shoved in his mouth. He needed to do the spiel thing more often, apparently; he knew it was successful, but he didn’t expect it to work this good. All he needed to do, really, was vent about his problems, but what he was getting instead… between Meg straddling his lap, and his hands reaching behind to grope at her… hey, he wasn’t complaining. Fake it until you make it, right?

Her lips smiled against his as she felt him explore her body. To her this signalled his permission to feel each of his crevasses and actually take in his Lyon physique. As she stared into his eyes, she felt something different with the way he looked at her. She couldn’t explain it but no one looked at her like that. Although they were letting curiosity and passion drive them, he carefully watched her with a tender gaze and this caused her to close her eyes, as her breathing went up a notch.

Maybe she had a point, maybe he should have gotten a girlfriend before. Sebastian hadn’t had sex, sure, but he wasn’t kissless. He’d just never kissed a girlfriend before, fake or otherwise… and it turned out it was pretty fantastic. He wasn’t going to get to do this for very long, so Sebastian let her hands feel him up, and let her grind against him a little… before he pulled away from her. With labored, fast paced breathing, Sebastian stared into her eyes, and the same little smirk from before crossed his lips.

“Well, I feel better…”

“Good…” She said breathlessly, while finding herself looking away from him. Clearing her throat, she got off him and as if she needed her attention on something else, she reached for her water just to hold the bottle, “You’re not bad.” She admitted, as her heart rate tried to slow down and she focused her mind on the job not the kiss. “We’ll be fine. Fake dating, I mean.”

“I mean, we’ve been at this for three years,” Sebastian chose to take in stride the fact that she hopped off of his lap so aggressively after they finished. Running a hand through his short hair, he nodded his agreement. “Yeah, I think we’ll be okay too.” At least he didn’t have anything to worry about… Unless someone saw through their lies, but what were the chances of that?

Her phone started to ring which reminded her of an important person that could blow everything simply knowing she had commitment issues. “We might need to convince someone to go to your new school or tell them our plan. My sister knows me better than I’d like to admit.” She reached for her phone, only to silence it. “I’ll call her back later.”

A sister huh? Yeah, that could come later. For now, Sebastian had more important things to worry about. More important things to worry about, like… “We should make out more before you shower and change.” Simple man. Simple needs.

Oh? He wasn’t over kissing her yet? When he pulled away for air that gave her enough time to digest the electricity coursing through her body. She had only assumed they were finished. This nervousness was unlike her and she would not let it show. She was the embodiment of vanity and pride. No boy could turn the tables on her and make all that inflate in a second. Not even Sebastian Lyon. With a sly grin, Meg innocently batted her eyes, as she placed her water back down. “Well come here and show me what you can do.”
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