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In Rangers 5 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Downtown || Interactions: Really everyone

As she stood there, in the clouds and waiting for the most delicious quesadilla she’d ever had in her life, it dawned on Ji-Su just how good of friends Jackson and Dre really were. She made a note to tell them later, but the idea of them paying for lunch was one that made her feel warm inside. She totally could have paid for all three of them, but before she even had a chance to offer, Jackson had already agreed to pay. At least they weren’t hanging out with her for the money. A smile found its way to her face, but as far as anyone knew? It could have been the weed, or even the cashews she was still dumping in her mouth.

Before they had a chance to get their hands on the quesadillas she was craving though, Jackson started rambling about going to Mexico. She wasn’t that interested when he started - what reason was there to travel from here to there? She had everything she wanted around Angel Grove! But then Jackson closed his suggestion by mentioning girls in bikinis. Now that? That was something that Ji-Su was definitely interested in.

“Yo, maybe going to Mexico wouldn’t be too bad. We could probably take a trip down, right? I mean, you probably don’t need your passport if you stay within like, eyesight of the border.” The more she spoke, the more she believed what she was laying down. It made sense to her - if they just went down to, like, a beach near the border, they could probably pull that off…. but couldn’t she just go to a beach near Angel Grove and get the same thing? Maybe, but Ji-Su had heard that foreign girls were something else - and that was something she hadn’t had a chance to test out yet.

Ji-Su had only a few seconds to ponder the validity of traveling to another country to kiss girls before all hell broke loose. It happened fast, or at least she thought it was pretty rushed. A boom, some yelling, and then her two friends were knocked on their ass. She looked between Dre and Jackson on the ground, before pausing on Jackson briefly. “Assflowers? Really? Shit.” Ji-Su wasn’t sure she could take these… guys? Things? Creatures? Off to the side, she saw some blonde girl dodging side to side before she got put on her ass.

Everyone was throwing quips out like they were Spider-Man; even Dre tried to throw something out there. The same girl who was flipping around made a Halloween joke!

“Shit!” Ji-Su managed to only narrowly move out of the way as a spear was thrust in her face. Ji-Su quickly lifted her left leg up to her waist and then shot it out like a gun at the creature. She landed what felt like a solid hit and advanced on her left foot as it came back down, pivoting to kick with her right foot — but this one wasn’t so lucky, instead Ji-Su’s foot was caught out of the air, and then she was flipped and slammed into the ground.

Ji-Su had been slammed down like that before, and it was made immediately clear this wasn’t a normal opponent she was facing. Ji-Su could only think about two things as her body made solid contact with the ground: everything hurt, and she probably had a broken rib… and more importantly…

“My Ray-Bans, dude!” The cry had came out as Ji-Su was flying through the air, and the sunglasses she thought she’d kept secure and safe hanging off of the collar of her shirt were flung through the air, bouncing on the ground - and sure to be squashed by stampeding pedestrians.

“Fuck, there goes my high too…” Make that three things. “Guess we ain’t goin’ to Mexico, Jackson.” Ji-Su mused to her fallen companion, watching as the creatures continued to swarm them - but they weren't without saviors, as a new girl showed up to supply Andre with a bandaid, and then head over to...

The cute, blonde flippy girl.

“Yeah, no. I'm fine, I'll just lay here." Stubbornly, Ji-Su gave a thumbs up toward the other Korean girl who seemed to be helping everyone but her.



In Rangers 22 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Location: Her Downtown Apartment & The Food Truck Station
Interactions: @OGSG @metanoia

After moving from the city so nice, it got named twice to sunny California, Ji-Su had quickly realized the songs about California were right. The weed was smoother, the sun never set and it was always warm… most importantly though? That Katy Perry song was right down to a T; a couple years in, and Ji-Su truly believed that it had to be something in the water. California girls, from their sun-kissed skin to Daisy Dukes and bikini tops in the summer really were just… unforgettable. Ji-Su hadn’t expected to be one of ‘those’ university students, but by the end of her fourth month at Angel Grove University, she’d had a body count of eight, and that number certainly didn’t slow down as her time there continued. Around here, girls were into the ‘exotic’ beauty and the ‘tomboy’ personality. Was she even a tomboy? She didn’t think so.

Second only to the girls, the best part of California was definitely the weed. In New York, it’d been hard to get her hands on anything, and what she did get her hands on wasn’t even that good! Once she arrived in California though? It was like they threw the fucking shit at you as soon as you stepped off the plane, and it hit like a truck. Ji-Su had quickly gone from a casual burner to a ‘smoke enough weed to kill Willie fucking Nelson every other weekend’ type.

Fortunately, she was only enjoying one of her vices on the night of New Year’s Eve. Truth be told she’d forgotten completely about the upcoming party, even before she’d gotten stoned. By the time Andre’s first text came in, Ji-Su was sunken into a beanbag, staring at a TV older than she was that was way too close to her face, and playing Sonic & Knuckles on a Sega Genesis. It would have been a lie to say her response was even ‘timely,’ let alone ‘quick.’ Ji-Su heard her phone buzz, but hardly even grabbed at it for a few minutes. When she lifted it up, and checked the messages in the group chat, she could only blink and stare at it, slowly processing.

I swear you two would be late to your own funeral.

Which reminds me: Ji-Su, what sort of bags of chips do you want at your grave, yo?


It was the only proper response, Ji-Su had been about ten minutes and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos from passing out in her beanbag. And if that had happened? Well, then there was no result other than her flaking on her boys and the promise of food truck food. She sat the controller down and willed herself out of the beanbag and wandered over to her closet. As she walked, she tapped out a message on her iPhone.

yo, omw. i forgor. just leave me a variety pack man, how ya gonna ask me to choose? thats like a sophie’s choice.

Satisfied with her response, she quickly pulled on an outfit of a hoodie, a pair of jeans, a pair of Vans, and most importantly a pair of sunglasses (yeah, she wore them at night) to block her bloodshot eyes. After getting dressed, she quickly headed out of her apartment and toward downtown. Luckily for Ji-Su, she was fortunate enough to have an apartment downtown… unluckily for Ji-Su, downtown was packed. She reached into the hoodie pocket and pulled out a bag of cashews, tore it open and dumped some in her mouth.

It was fine, she could make her way through the crowd and find the boys easily enough. It only took her a few minutes of patient dodging and twisting to get through the crowd and toward the food trucks. While she was crunching on her cashews and making her way to the food trucks, Ji-Su could hear Jackson’s roaring greeting to Andre, and it made her smile. How she’d wound up with the pair of them as friends… she wasn’t sure, but she was definitely happy about it.

Ji-Su was only a little bit behind Jackson’s arrival, and she returned Andre’s fist bump before she spoke, “Namaste, my brothers.” She said, grinning at both of them as she pulled her sunglasses off and hung them on her hoodie’s collar while listening to Andre talk about the state of how crowded it was. “No worries my man.” She poured what was left of her cashews in her mouth, crunched them down and crumbled the bag up before stuffing it in her hoodie pocket.

“Yo, is the quesadilla truck here? I wanna get a triple threat.” Ji-Su suggested, looking at the long lines winding from the different trucks. “You’d think shrimp, steak, and chicken would be kinda wild if you stuffed it all in one quesadilla, but I hear it’s pretty fire!” Ji-Su was getting herself a little excited as she talked about one of her main passions in life: food.
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this is the last one from me
In Rangers 24 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay



In Rangers 25 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Now I'm nervous ^^;

But hey may the best ranger win!

I feel that dude. I'm nervous, but definitely super excited to see if I get in.
In Digidestined 27 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
@metanoia @Fabricant451

I did it. I'm gonna add some aesthetics and stuff later to 0th post and maybe here. Haven't decided yet. but here's our thread so we can slam our notes and they don't get lost in our Group GM. Gonna brainstorm some different names tomorrow lol... I have some ideas.

For a brief character sheet I'm just thinking:


We can keep it nice and short and sweet.
@Hey Im Jordan

Just a few corrections needed for Tyler:

1. Needs to have gender put in. Just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean it’s not there for a reason

2. Ethnicity needs to be filled out

3. Eyes and body in appearance section seem more like questions and not answers. It’s fine to add how they view it but a straight answer would be nice

4. Likes and dislikes are a bit low. We put a few slots so people could get a feel for the character. Please add a few more to this section.



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