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@Altered Tundra @Hey Im Jordan

Okay, I don't want to half-ass this, so I'm going to ask a series of questions.

1. If a normal-looking Inhuman woman, for example, marries a normal man, is there a possibility that their child is born as a monstrous inhuman? I know there are genetic 'castes' among the inhumans and I wasn't sure if monstrous deformities could come from the offspring of 'purer' lineages.

2. Conversely, if a very tolerant, very body-positive man marries a 'lower' caste inhuman woman with monstrous deformities, then I assume their child will likely have monstrous deformities too. Would the child's deformities have to match the mothers?

3. I assume that in the age where the majority of the population has superpowers, mutants and inhumans are no longer shunned, and are welcome in broader society. Is this true?

4. Since Terrigen Mist can have such an irreversible effect on Inhumans (and depowered mutants, apparently), and there are a lot of inhumans and mutants mingling in the world population (assuming question 3 is true), then Terrigen Mist would be a highly controlled substance right? I ask this because I don't want to have a cop-out origin story where my character has a random 'whoops! exposure to Terrigen Mist!' moment, and bam! suddenly has deformities and powers.

With the answers to most of these questions, I can hopefully massage the character's origin/history into something that is acceptable.

1/2 Answered Together. The results of Terragenesis are, as far as I know, pretty much completely random, and not always subject to the 'castes.' Also in our universe, the Royal Family doesn't really have as much power of Inhumans as a whole as they do in 616/the comics; this is because Terragenesis has happened around the world and is happening more frequently.

3. Yeah, pretty much! There are still some haters, but they're mostly just pricks. Fucking pricks.

4. To be honest, I hadn't really thought about the details! In my head, there was something similar to the T-Bomb that happened, causing more or less global Terragenesis in years prior! For now, let's go with yes: Terragenesis is currently a controlled substance, and someone -- maybe Karnak as a government official, or whatever -- gives parents the option to expose their children to T-Mist early on in their lives.

I hope that covers everything! If it didn't, we can discuss more or whatever, I definitely don't mind! I also dragged the talk over here because I want to unsubscribe from the interest check LOL
I don't have any specific links for you off the top of my head, but I know if you google 'fc helper tumblr' there are a bunch of blogs that have potential FCs organized by gender/race/age/etc. Might be worth a shot!…

The OOC is up! It's under construction, but please feel free to post sheets so we can look at them for approval purposes!

Tentatively I'm going to create an Eternal with powers similar to Hyperion and Sentry. If we are not permitted to create Eternals then I will change the species of my character to something more fitting for the game. Basically, I trying to create a character similar to DC's Supergirl set in a Marvel Universe.

I think an Eternal should be fine. I'll wait to see your sheet, but I'm sure it'll be fine!

@Stern Algorithm Ken and I looked over your sheet together, and I think it looks fine! I do have one request. Due to how different your character looks (i.e., being part shrimp), do you think you could change from a mutant to an Inhuman? I know the OOC is up, but don't post in the char tab quite yet.
IC Rules
  • There will not be a paragraph minimum per post. We only encourage you to write what you need for whatever post you might be writing.
  • Though there will be no posting deadlines, if inactive or silent for x-amount of time, we will poke you to check up on you.
  • There will be slice of life themes as well as heavy comic and such themes/events present throughout the roleplay.
  • No Posting Orders will be present here. Just don’t machine-gun post too often. Collabs exist for a reason. And speaking of…
    • If you are to do collabs, if you think they might take a while, let the GMs know. And if you happen to wait for someone for an unknown amount of time, close it off the best that you can and post what you have so it is not to hold up anyone else.
Character Guidelines
  • Each player will be allowed up to three characters max but are free to make only one or two. Our hope is players will opt for what they feel they can handle.
  • Submitted characters can either be the children of established heroes or their protege/students.
    • Example: One character might be the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane and another might be the next Iron [enter gender here] under the tutelage of Tony Stark.
  • For this Roleplay, we will be only accepting Real Life face claims for characters. That means no drawn images, no realistic images that are still drawn but less artsy, and definitely no anime-styled images. Models, actors, singers -- basically any sort of famous or real person is preferred.
  • Lengthy details aren’t important. Whether you need ten paragraphs in total to sell us your character or ten sentences, we just want you to be able to sell your character and the concept.
  • Characters will be aged 18-19
  • Like one of Mobius' main inspirations, suits will be decided ICly.


Genre: Superhero || Time Period: Modern || Writing Level: High Casual || GMs: @Hey Im Jordan & @Altered Tundra

In the world of heroes, everyone wants to be an Avenger. The #1 Hero Team on the planet, and captained by the #1 and #2 heroes, who wouldn’t want to? World renowned — hell, in some cases even known across the universe — the Avengers are the ultimate Hero Team, and they have been almost since they were founded. The Avengers keep the peace by being the symbol of peace throughout the world. Famously, when asked what the goal of the team was, one of the two captains, and the current #2 hero worldwide, Iron Man had a simple sentence to say in reply.

“Peace in our time.”

That was over two decades ago, and the Avengers have grown as a team since. They’ve expanded and cover more and more ground, both on earth and elsewhere. Some smaller teams are considered — or were, in some cases; ideological differences with the Avengers have ended more than one mutually beneficial team relationship — a subset of the Avengers, though they stand on the rankings on their own, like the Guardians of the Galaxy, who help patrol the cosmic side of things.

Over the years, ‘hero’ has become more than just a word, or a symbol of justice. It’s become a career. Each team is paid a stipend by the government, based on their popularity and effectiveness, and each hero gets a percentage of that based, again, on popularity and effectiveness. With empowered children being born and appearing more frequently — thanks to the massive, alarming (and depending on who you ask, terrifying) influx of the mutant X-Gene, and the terragenesis happening in rapid succession a few years after the founding of the Avengers — schools began popping up to train those in the art of heroism. The biggest of these schools was Mobius, a massive, flying, stealthed campus where the students could flex their superpowered muscles and find their way under the tutelage of some of the best heroes out there — former Avengers for the most part, after all the founder of Mobius is none other than Tony Stark: Iron Man himself.

Even so, some people chose not to pursue the career of a hero, instead using their powers for their normal jobs, while others still… fell prey to their vices and became evil. Villains, a whole league of them even. This spawned the creation of a villain list that mimicked the hero rankings, one where villains that seemed to never stay down could be ranked by danger levels…

Our story will focus on a class of Mobius students, who are shooting for their hero license and the chance to join a Hero Team where they can be part of the hand of justice on planet earth, and even further out in the far reaches of the galaxy.

OOC Rules
  • Only two things here. Number one, our biggest OOC/DIscord rule is not bring outside/site drama to the roleplay. We are going to be a fairly light-hearted roleplay, so we would like to keep the chat that way as well! Our second thing will be to post the characters in the OOC, tagging both of the GMs before you submit the sheet.
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