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Oh this would be a fun project!

How about "Most Creative Use of Gifs" ?

Or, for something more RP-ish, perhaps "Most Creative Character"?

Should there be categories or genres, like an awards show, or am I going way off base here from the Yearbook vibe? lol

When you say most creative use of Gifs, what you're really looking for is "Best Aesthetic."

Do the yearbook, I think it's a great idea.
Ohhhh, okay :)

Oh and I'm on DC too under Dread#0575! So friend me, so we can be friends n stuff!

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Once Brynn moved out of the way, Juliet was happy to grab at least one slice of pizza. She looked over her shoulder at the blue girl, “Thank you.” Juliet’s words were as short as ever, but that didn’t affect their sincerity. She took a bite from the slice, and seemed at peace as the others spoke. She kept her eyes focused on the President while he spoke. He was the reason that she was there, and listening to him speak was… pleasant.

Unlike the others, Juliet was comfortable with the hand she’d been dealt. As far as professions went ‘weapon’ wasn’t all that bad. The pay is okay, but the travel is… exceptional, to say the least. Besides, she was good at it, and why do anything other than what you’re good at? In fact, it was fair to say that she didn’t even really care about the conversation at hand. After the Captain had finished speaking, she tuned out everything else. For the most part, their opinions were irrelevant to her — though most of them were seeming to be relatively agreeable.

Those that had their protests, Juliet considered to be little more than… bumps in the road, than anything. With a short amount of prodding from Captain Rogers, she was sure they would come around. When Laura spoke up and put forth her part of the deal, Juliet rolled her eyes. Might as well talk now...

“Laura. You heal. You’re not going to die.”

She sighed, and finished off the last bite of her pizza, before looking over the party. “Let me start by saying, Captain Rogers, I’m in — of course I am. Now, the rest of you… You understand who this is? This is Captain fucking America, for fuck’s sake. If Captain America tells you to go and try and kill ghosts, then you go and you shoot Casper in his fucking head. Captain’s goddamn orders.” Maybe the reason Juliet never spoke was her inability to get much out without sprinkling in a swear word (or five). Continuing regardless of her language, Juliet shook her head, “If he wants to send us to find the X-Ghost, then whatever… we go find the X-Ghost. Captain’s orders.”

She scoffed as them, as if they were fools for even daring to question what was happening. Then, she turned her attention to Steve Rogers. “I want a DVR delivered to my home. As far as demands go, I think that’s fairly light, all things considered.”

Unlike the others who had questions, or comments, Juliet stepped up in front of the President after she spoke, and held her hand out to shake and seal the deal. The only thing left for her was ‘when do we start?’
<Snipped quote by Hey Im Jordan>

Yes, I approve this message in a not-so-subtle way :)

And why the username change? I quite liked the last it was before, lol

because the Universorum gimmick is old and i like people knowing who i am, and my name on discord is jordan so the consistency is nice.

plus i was getting sick of people calling me uni.

Mentions: @Fabricant451 Pretty Sam centric! Plus, text message at the end. @Lovely Complex Trixie got woked up zzzz
Location: 365 Combat Club
Time Period: Early Thursday morning! That makes this a Flashback post.
Featuring: Owen “Literal Dude” Lyon and Zachary “Young Lyon” Webb

Zach didn’t think it was normal to be awake at this time. It was five thirty in the morning! Five forty five A.M.? It shouldn’t even have been time! But… Owen had told him to be here at this time, and Zach really wanted to learn how to fight. He had to, if he was going to date Sam. Plus, he had to train to become stronger, and he had to build muscle and stamina and all this other stuff he’d never thought about before. Why couldn’t he just keep reading comics in the comfort of his own bedroom, and make Sam love him without all this extra stuff?!

It was her call though, and if this was what she wanted, then he’d do it. He’d drag himself out of bed, every morning, at five o’clock sharp. He’d walk the two city blocks in the cold, and he’d meet Owen at the gym in the morning. He’d do everything he had to do, if that was what it took. He’d even do… this. “Wait, wait. Are you sure I need to do this?” He asked, looking down at the glass that Owen was trying to hand to him. Just because he was willing to do it, didn’t mean he’d roll over and bend.

“Drink the fucking eggs, young grasshopper.” Owen ordered, pushing the glass filled with four raw eggs against Zachary’s chest. “There’s more choline in raw eggs than there is in cooked eggs. Everybody knows that. Aren’t you a nerd or some shit? Choline is a micronutrient that helps increase muscle retention. You wanna beat Sam? Then you, young grasshopper, must drink the raw eggs to get choline so that the work we do isn’t fucking wasted.”

Zach found himself wondering if telling Owen he could call him ‘young grasshopper’ was a mistake. He reached out and looked at Owen, then back down at the glass, snatching it from his soon-to-be mentor. He sloshed the eggs around, and wondered what it was going to taste like. Feel like? Probably oily and greasy and gross. “...bottoms up.” He thought about pinching his nose, but had a feeling if he did that, then the end result would be Owen complaining that he didn’t do it right and that he had to do it again. Zach brought the glass to his lips, and tipped his head back, mouth open.

One after another, the four slimy egg yolks slid down his throat, and Zachary immediately found himself wondering if he’d ever get the taste or the feeling out of his mouth again. After he felt the last yolk get swallowed down, he pulled the glass away from his lips and wiped them before he went to hand the glass out to Owen. Owen, without a word, looked down at the remainder of… egg white goop left in the cup. “Coward. Drink it all.”

Oh Jesus. He probably was going to throw up. Straight up, projectile vomit all over his would-be trainer. Great Whatever. Do it for her.

Swallowing once, Zach took the lips up to his mouth again and tipped his head back again, this time drinking every drop that would slide out of the glass, and when it was done he held it back out to Owen, and this time the bigger boy accepted it. “Not bad. I’ll make a man out of you yet.” Owen accepted the glass from Zach and started to walk away. It was for the best, as he didn’t see the smile light up on Zach’s face, the nauseous feeling that he felt very suddenly falling away.

“Let’s get down to business, to defeat the huns!” Zach had to commend Owen on his taste, though when the taller young man stopped walking, and spun around to look at Zach with a questioning look on his face, Zach could only raise a quiet question. “Uh… Mulan, right? That’s what you were talking about?”

“What the fuck is a ’Moo-lan’? That sounds fucking homo. Leave that shit at the goddamn door.” Owen scoffed, and shook his head, spinning around on his heel and beginning to head over to the gym’s tiny kitchen again. This time, Zach was quick to hurry after him, not sure when their first lesson would actually begin.

“It’s a movie? A Disney movie. You really haven’t seen it?” Zach questioned, and Owen looked over his shoulder, with a look on his face that spoke more than words ever could. As he looked away, Zach meekly added. I guess you haven’t then…

“Do I strike you as the type of motherfucker that watches Disney movies? I don’t make no weak-ass pop culture references neither. Never!” Owen said, a they stepped into the kitchen and he rinsed the glass out, scrubbing it with a sponge as he spoke to the boy who was standing behind him and waiting (Owen had to give him credit) patiently for the next command. “Alright, kid. First step is: we prepare the gym for open. Now a lotta people think that we should be open 24 hours a day. These people are idiots. Those assholes should refer to the sign. Sign says 365 Combat Club. Sign don’t say 24 Hours, 365 Days a Year Combat club. That would be too big! It probably wouldn’t even fit on a sign, morons!” Owen seemed to have a personal vendetta against people who thought they should have been open 24 hours a day.

Wait, he really had to help open the gym? Zach thought Owen was kidding about that part! Note to self… Owen not really a kidder. Very literal person. Zach was going to have to remember to write this stuff down. Who knows how long it would take him to get good enough to beat Sam? That was the end goal here, after all. “Uhm, should I be working on climbing the rope? Sam said I can have a rematch when I can get halfway up the rope.” He asked, hoping to circumvent the act of opening the gym.

“Young grasshopper, even if you could climb all the way up the rope — which you can’t, by the way. No choline, no core strength — Sam would slap the gotdamn taste out ya mouth —”

“That’s Training Day.” Zach said, without thinking. Owen turned around to raise an eyebrow, while Zach carried on. “With Denzel Washington and Ethan hunt? Dude, come on. It’s like Denzel’s best movie! And I’m pretty sure it’s Ethan Hunt’s only movie...” He offered, and Owen shook his head. Did this guy not get it?

“I don’t make references, damn you. Stop accusing me of that, it’s something done by people who can’t carry conversations on their own. Now, where was I? Right. You have no base to stand on. You’re a scrawny little nerd, and Sam’s got like a goddamn foot on you, and probably like forty pounds — though I’ll admit it’s probably mostly in her ass, she ain’t exactly soft. Sam will run through you like a hot knife through butter, like a mack truck through a Honda civic. You will climb the rope when I find you ready, young grasshopper.”

Geeze. Okay, so apparently he was serious about the reference stuff. That might be a problem, Zach had a bit of a habit of… well, understanding references. And half the fun was someone understanding them with you! “Okay, okay. Well, what does opening the gym consist of?”

“You will be… stacking plates!”

That one took Zach about forty minutes… people didn’t rack weights properly, and he had to fix it across the gym as a whole. Some of them were heavy! And whoever was using the bench press last? Must have been a fucking titan! There was almost one hundred and fifty pounds on both sides… Owen mentioned that he’d probably see the guy who was hitting that one; and see Owen slapping him upside the head for leaving his plates on the bar like a jackass.

“...sweeping my floors!”

That was easier. Sweeping was pretty simple, it was something that Zach even did at home. Though… Owen did make him sweep in a certain stance. It wasn’t exactly the Karate Kid, so Zach was careful not to call him out on it. Owen also yelled at him for slouching too much, so by the end of task two, Zach was standing up straight almost naturally. For what it was worth, he was damn near 5’3” when he stood up straight. Who knew?

“Restocking the drink fridge!”

Now, while Zach wasn’t about to complain about the stuff Owen was having him do, he was pretty sure that the supplier they bought Gatorade from was supposed to do this. Zach got yelled at for his method for lifting the crates of Gatorade; apparently lifting with a twisting jerking motion wasn’t what you were supposed to do. That, Zach didn’t understand, because lifting with his legs? It wasn’t exactly easier. But, nonetheless, he did it. By the end of it, he found himself to be exhausted. Maybe it was carrying the crates of Gatorade from the back room, maybe it was a combination of that and stacking the plates from earlier… didn’t matter, the end result was the same:

Zach was allowed to break and drink a Gatorade, and for the not the first time that day, he found himself wiping sweat off of his brow.

“And, finally… checking the chalk powder at the different stations.”

This one was easy enough. Owen had Zach carry two heavy bags filled with the powder (one on each shoulder), and he went to each weightlifting station, and refilled the containers. When that was done, each bag was just about empty, and Owen explained they only did that about once a month. When he finished, Zach took a seat on the weightlifting bench, and Owen threw him another Gatorade, which Zach caught — though he damn near dropped it.

“Not bad kid. You need to work on how you pick things up. You tweak your back? You’re never gonna beat Sam. And work on keeping your head up and your back straight. It’s good for you. A strong posture means a strong person. Romantic partners — well, people in general really — like a strong person. Work on that. You’re dismissed, it’s almost school time, isn’t it?”

Wait… that was it?! They didn’t even do anything! “Wait! I don’t think we did anything. How am I supposed to learn to beat Sam if all I do is open the gym? You’re supposed to teach me how to fight. it really almost school!?” He looked down at his watch, and was shocked to see that it said 7:30. Goddamn… was he slow, or was that a lot of work!?

“Look, whether you realize it or not… that was a pretty solid workout. In time, you’ll get faster, and we can do more in the mornings. For now? Just show up after school, we can lift a little bit, and if you feel alright after that, I can show you a couple of moves.”

Zach had to admit, Owen kind of had a point. He was definitely exhausted after he’d finished the chalk powder exercise, and that was at least a sign he was putting some work out… “Okay, I can come by after school… Every day?”

Owen frowned, “Every day? What? No. Pace yourself, killer. Ain’t a sprint. This a marathon, if you wanna beat Sam, you gonna have to work hard. We do lifting on Thursdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays. We do cardio on Tuesdays and Fridays. Saturdays are variety; mostly leg days. Sunday is the lord’s day of rest. You ain’t me so you ain’t gotta do nothin’ on those days.” Oh, that reminded him. He was going to ask about the ‘Sam Lassiter, vs Sam Assister’ thing. He’d promised Same. “Hey, kid. Are you just tryna to get your hands on Sam Assister?” He folded his arms over his chest as he posed his question, adjusting his stance just the slightest bit. “Because… if you are, you should just quit now. You’ll never do it with that being the reason.”

“S-Sam Assiter? I thought her last name was Lassister...” Zach asked, pausing for the briefest of moments before it very suddenly dawned on him. “No! I don’t want her because of her butt! Have you ever listened to her sing? It’s wonderful, it’s fantastic, it’s amazing, it’s spectacular it’s… it’s magical. I just want to listen to her talk and sing while we like… I dunno, cuddle. Her butt’s just like a bonus, I guess…”

“Heh. Alright. Same can’t sing though.” Owen shook his head, but gestured toward the door, “I’ll see you after school, yeah?”

“...I kind of… need a ride… and I was hoping you could pick me up after school… If I have to come here, I mean. My mom and dad have work...”

“What?! UGH. Fine, let me let my girl know. TRIXIE! I GOTTA TAKE MY YOUNG GRASSHOPPER TO SCHOOL! BE RIGHT BACK!” What? Trixie was probably awake by now, and if she wasn’t… well, she was now. With that, Owen gestured toward the door, and led the way to his car. Once they were loaded in, he drove Zach to the front of the school, let him out, and then finally pulled out his phone to text Samantha.

To: Same

hey i talked 2 the kid. think he mite be gay. he said he wants 2 beat u in a fight because he loved listenin 2 u sing, and he just wants 2 cudle and listen to u tak. not sure about straitness, idk. ded serious he said ur singin is ‘wonderful, fantastic, amazing, spectaculur… magikal.’ its on the security tapes dude i’ll show u if u dont believe me. either way.

since he said all that bout ur singing

we know he a liar, but

he aint in it 4 ur booty so thats good rite???

God, Owen hated texting. He wasn’t good at it. It wasn’t his fault, he just wasn’t a very good speller and had big fingers, okay? Sam knew him well enough to decipher what he said.

Mentions: @Lovely Complex Joy and Melody in spirit
Location: Somewhere to watch the sunset, okay?
Time: Like… 6:30 or 7:30 PM on Wednesday night

“Damian? Where are you?”

Damian was kind of surprised that his father was calling him, but he was even more surprised that he opened with such a bold, questionable question. “I am at a parking garage. Why, what’s up?” It wasn’t a lie; Damian was indeed on top of a parking garage, where he was watching the sunset on the Beverly Hills area; the skyline wasn’t bad. Sure, it wasn’t a mountain, but… these fuckin’ things were basically the next best thing, as far as ‘stuff to be on top of to dramatically watch the sunset on your city’ went.

“Right… when are you coming home? Your mom is not happy.”

Good. She was being a child. “Well… so am I! You weren’t there earlier today, Dad! She’s acting like a child, and I don’t wanna deal with it. It’s not cool. I’m almost an adult! When she wants to treat me like it, I’ll come home.” There, that made sense in his head, it was sure to make sense in his Dad’s. They usually saw eye to eye on this sort of thing…

“Right… I dunno, man. She’s being petty, for sure, but you’re not mu—”

Okay, now it was Damian’s turn to go on the offensive. If his Dad was gonna say he was being childish that was one thing, but he definitely wasn’t being as bad as his mom, who all but fucking ignored him. “Dad! I’m going through a lot right now, okay?! I got kicked off the team because I threw a party that got a little out of control! Mom came in and went ballistic on live closed circuit television! So I already knew that was gonna go poorly, and guess what happened next? I started hanging out with Joy more, so today, I had to tell Ender that I’m falling in love with his daug—”

“Wait, wait. Did you say love?! I thought you were just trying to have sex with her! This is a big deal! Did you tell your mother!?”

There, now Connor was back on his side. The fact that he had to even work so hard to get it this way was kind of annoying, nO! She was too busy embarrassing me by acting like a child and pretending like I’m a baby that’s gonna crawl to her and beg for forgiveness. I wanted to introduce her to my new girlfriend! But now that has to wait until Friday.” Damian made a noise somewhere between a grunt and a ‘hmph.’

“I mean, yes. I got the reservations and texted Ender. My part of the work is done, but… you should try to apologize to her before dinner. Just… say you’re sorry. Sometimes, it’s better with women to just admit you lost, rather than fight it.”

Connor was offering fatherly advice, and Damian accepted it with a bit of a sigh. “Yeah, okay. I’ll come to talk to her again — with Joy again. But you have to talk to her and tell her to act like an adult. I’m an adult. We can have an adult conversation — or she can at least scream at me a lot instead of what happened.”

“Alright, alright… I’ll talk to her. Do you have a place to stay tonight?”

“Sure. Trev’s, Brian’s… I’ll be fine. Thanks for looking out, though.” Damian shook his head. At least his dad was trying; he appreciated that.

“Okay, I just wanted to make sure. I love you, bud. I’ll see you Friday.”

“I love you too, Dad. I’ll see you then — maybe Thursday depending on how I’m feeling.” Damian was willing to try and talk to her earlier, maybe. It really depended on how his Thursday went, because he might not be in the mood…

“Alright. I’ll talk to her tonight. Bye. Good night.”

“Bye. Good night.” Damian took the phone from his ear and shook his head. Well, at least he’d watched the sunset…

Mentions: @Fabricant451 Min-seo and Hana both directly and indirectly by their lesser halves.
Location: The Stentorian Estate, various places
Featuring: Henry “Boom” Green and Hailey “Retired” Green

It wasn’t typical of Hailey Green to wander the halls of her castle this late at night, dressed in her pajamas of a loose fitting t-shirt and a pair of red and black plaid pants. Speaking typically, she sent Butler to fetch her things, but she was rarely awake at this time of night. She knew damn well that Butler wasn’t up, and she wasn’t about to rouse him from his sleep so that he could go and get her and Hana some water. Butler was her best friend, and he’d already been put on trial hard enough by Riley. She could get her own water.

It was almost eerie how quiet it was walking through the halls this late at night. At least it was warm. Despite how crisp and cool the air outside may have been, the heated floors of the Stentorian Estate ensured its occupants never felt anything other than pure warmth. As Hailey approached the kitchen, she realized that she was perhaps not alone. At first, she thought it may have been her mother listening to music; Alyssa rarely slept, and it wouldn’t have been strange for her to be up, even at late hours such as two thirty in the morning, but Hailey rounded the corner, and saw who it was... was pretty normal for Henry Green to wander the halls of his bitch mother’s house in the middle of the night, dress in his pajamas of a shirt one size too big and a pair of green and black plaid pants. Speaking typically, he liked to get his own things, and he was pretty often awake at this time of night. Usually? It was the drugs. But tonight… tonight it was something, or rather, someone else. In fact, Henry found it kind of hard to remember the last time he’d actually had drugs. Either way, Min-seo had requested a snack, so Henry was getting her a snack. Who else was gonna do it?

Going to the jeweler, bust the AP, yeah

He didn’t much care for how quiet it was in the halls, so once he arrived at his destination of the kitchen, Henry turned on some music. He was in his own world while he was putting something together for the girl who was waiting for him, so it more or less made sense that he didn’t turn his head to see who the newcomer was, until she cleared her throat.

Slidin’ on the water like a jet-ski, yeah

At that point, Henry Green whipped around and assumed a karate stance, almost certain that his life was over. He looked perhaps even less threatening than one might expect Henry green to. Why? Because he was wearing huge oven mitts themed as Ninja Turtle hands. They belonged to his father. Once he saw who it was though, there was really only one thing Henry could find to say, as he dropped his over the top and perhaps too animated karate stance. “Hailey.”

I’m tryna fuck you and your bestie, yeah

“Henry.” Hailey couldn’t have been more disappointed in who it was that was in the kitchen if she wanted to be. She didn’t much care for her brother, and she had a feeling Henry felt the same, based on how terse their words for each other were. Even so, Hailey had resolved to be somewhat… friendlier, now that she was done ruling the school, so to speak. Ruling the world required a more, ahem, personable touch. Besides, she could hardly sentence Hana to a lifelong feud with her brother. Hailey would make nice. Starting… now.

Chopper with the scope so do not test me, yeah

Or, she would have, if the timer didn’t ding. After it went off, Henry spun back on his heel to face the oven, and pulled it open, before he took out the skillet that had the cheese covered soft pretzels he’d made himself and his lover. He sat it aside and turned his attention to Hailey, offering a bit of a grin. While Hailey may have intended to be nice, Henry had other plans.

“Ric Flair drip go…”

”Woooo! on a bitch.”

After they said the line together, Henry snapped his fingers and the music cut, and he grinned at his sister as he grabbed a pair of forks out of drawer and threw them onto a plate, before he transplanted the pretzel cheesy. “Brian said you beastmoded his little quest, and now he’s focused on Parker — she’s happy. I’m happy. We good, Hailey. We good.” He smiled and tore off the protective oven mitts he was wearing. Henry was good vibes all throughout; his life was really on the up, and… maybe it was the light of Min-seo being herself, but… feuding with his sister felt almost pointless now.

Hailey raised eyebrow. Helped Brian with his quest? She was confused for a moment, before she realized. “Oh, that bit with the ‘Weekend Warrior?’ It’s no trouble, one last flex of influence before I step away from my… position. I’m bored with my game around the school, I have more interesting things to do now.” She explained, watching as Henry got his plate ready to bring back to his room, before she commented. “You seem… happy, to say the least.”

”Yeah… I am. I think… I think I’m love?” Henry offered as an explanation. Hailey’s response was unexpected, and caused her brother to be the one to look surprised. “Hm. Me, too.”

“Well… how about that?” Henry had his plate in his hand now, balancing it on his palm. Before Hailey could respond, he spoke up again. “Hey, Hailey?” She nodded to indulge him, and Henry carried on with a sly smile peeling up on his lips. “You know who fucks real good?” Hailey was left at a point where she may regret her next move. She could continue to pursue the answer, and risk hearing something stupid fall from her brother’s lips… or she could silence him, and risk breaking their freshly and apparently amicable relationship.

She chose what was, in her mind, the lesser of two evils. “”

Henry took a step closer, and leaned in real close to his sister’s face, with that tiny smile still on his lips, nodding his head slowly. “Korean girls.” The small smile burst into a huge one and Henry held up his fist for Hailey to bump.

Well, that wasn’t too bad. Maybe her brother wasn’t the piece of shit Hailey had convinced herself he was. Even she had a smile on her face, as she lifted her hand up and balled it into a fist, “yes, they do.” She tapped her fist against Henry’s and Henry slowly pulled his hand away, adding one last word of finality.


With that, Henry headed back to his room with his pretzels in hand. It was a bit of a longer walk for him; given how their rooms were on opposite wings of the house, it took a similar amount of time for Hailey to get two glasses of water and return to her room as it did for Henry to get to his place, despite the lead he had. They were in sync as they opened the doors to their rooms, where their lovers were waiting.

Their sync carried on, as both the eldest and middle Green siblings has the same thing on their mind. Both sat what they brought back from the kitchen on the bedside table and quickly crawled into bed atop their lovers, Hana and Min-seo. Both then said the same thing…

“Now… where were we?”

And both sealed their question with a kiss.
I'm awaiting my opportunity to have Juliet throw explosive objects, and get damaged without flinching with bated breath.

and to continue having awkward conversations i suppose
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