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Current just here for the fuck cry party
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You should watch Episode 329 of Naruto: Shippuden it's really good
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if i have a son im gonna name him Episode 329 of Naruto: Shippuden
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love live is my new thing
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mods you'd better not let the status bar spoil stuff for me again


Destiny, fate, dreams.
These unstoppable ideals are held deep in the heart of man. As long as there are people who seek freedom in this life... these things shall not vanish from this earth.

People tell me my head's in the clouds

I don't care what they say because I'm dreamin' of you

You are the treasure I've found

So bright, so bold yet so elusive

It's hard to look away even though it's blinding me

There are no words to describe how I feel inside

I'm really stuck on you

I have to follow my dreams however crazy they seem

And I won't stop 'til I get there, you will see

You're all I need to have the strength to believe

Believe in wonderland!

i got the idea for the icons from davi

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@Hey Im Jordan @KZOMBI3 @Fabricant451 Finally got this bitch finished!

Approve! She looks great to me. :)
Has it reached 200 gigs yet

One more.
im gonna play the fuck out of the moba
also in other news mixer is dead and my headset is absolutely fucked, give not horribly overpriced reccs

ninja and shroud got the bag and are headed home, doc is absolutely malding
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“You know, Masuyo, you didn’t have to address the children, that isn’t something we typically do. I thought you had proctors for just that reason?” Ikeda Junko, the Mizukage questioned with a glance toward the Hokage. The Five Kage were gathered together in an observatory room, alone and without their attendants. In a time of peace like this, the Five Kage were friends, more than they were peers. The Five Kage had all served in the last Ninja War and were united in their pursuit of a long, and decidedly uneventful time of peace.

“Maybe not, but… I couldn’t help myself. It’s not every day you get to see your child in the chūnin exams, Junko. Please forgive me.” Masuyo said, offering an apologetic smile to Junko. She knew it wasn’t the norm, but she hadn’t been trying to show the others up. Though the appearance was as official as any other she made as Hokage, she had been less ‘Lady Hokage,’ and more ‘proud mother.’

The others couldn’t deny it either, they’d seen her personally swell with pride when, somehow, Hikaru had fumbled his way through the initial exam, and found his way into the forest. Now watching the proceedings with her fellow Kage, Masuyo was in a good mood.

Junko looked at the other Kage, “are you three going to weigh in, or…?” There was no response. There rarely was — in situations like this, Masuyo and Junko were easily the most talkative, with only the Kazekage being as chatty as they were… when he wasn’t eating, which he was currently preoccupied with. Rolling her eyes as she turned her head back to Masuyo, Junko spoke again. “Oh very well. You’re forgiven.”

There was a quiet pause for a few moments, with the Four Kage watching the monitors — the Kazekage was still focused on the more important thing in the room: the catering table. Before long, the Tsuchikage spoke up, “do the children of the Leaf always act like this, Masuyo? There was one pair who was late… there was nearly a fight before the exams began… Perhaps it’s just this youngest generation. Are you sure they’re ready? Akiyama Shinsuke questioned in the Hokage’s direction.

Masuyo turned to look back at Shinsuke and shrugged her shoulders. “I wouldn’t say they’re always like this… but maybe… look at Team 7!” She protested, pointing at the screen where her older son’s team was, with Yosuke speaking. “You see? Listen to him. ‘Don’t let pride get in the way of what we worked for. Some battles aren’t worth fighting.” Masuyo quoted, making a mental note to ensure she thanked Kenshin later.

The Tsuchikage’s response was to raise a finger and point at the Hokage’s son’s team, who ha dall three split up on their own — with one of them already getting in a fight on her own. Masuyo sighed, and gave up. It was the Raikage, Haito Amano, who spoke up next, coming to the rescue of Kaminari Masuyo, one of his longtime best friends. “I like it. I think it keeps this interested. Let’s wait and see how the forest unfolds before judging the Konoha kids, alright, Shin? Besides, they’re kind of like the children of the Cloud…” The last part was added almost regretfully.

“Thank you… I guess.

There was a loud belly laugh from the other side of the room, as the Kazekage finally joined the conversation. Bounding over, the massive man still had food in both hands — an onigiri in one hand, and an anpan in the other — Rikuto Watanabe was taking turns eating a bite of each of them. When he spoke, his loud and booming voice filled the room. Easily the most approachable of the Kage, if he wasn’t wearing the headpiece, people weren’t likely to guess he was a powerful shinobi, let alone a Kage level one.

“Come on, Shin! Let’s not argue while we’re all here for an event such as this! Konoha hasn’t hosted the chūnin exams since the end of the war. Have you tried the food? You should! The fruit sandos are fantastic!” The Kazekage even spoke with his mouthful, almost like he didn’t even care about his image, or the company he was keeping. “Don’t worry, the Children of the Stone will get their chance to show their stuff! All of them will. We’ve got the finals to go yet.” He laughed again, and beamed at the other Kage, as happy as ever.

“The Kazekage has a point. The finals are still up for grabs, any one of the villages could have the best showing here. That's still the point, right? To be the best? We may be in peacetimes, but... Kumogakure is still going to have the best performance. You can bet on that."
im out and about right now but i'll take a better look at this with i get home
Cool, happy to see a our bit of interest, I'll start work on the OOC bits here soon.

The Ambrosia Resort and Casino is located in the center of the Las Vegas strip, at the heart of Sin City.

Beautiful and luxurious, Ambrosia towers over Las Vegas with an intimidating presence — it isn’t like the Bellagio, or the hotels where the regular people stay; Ambrosia is for the people who truly want to feel like they belong on Mount Olympus… if they can afford it. Hosting VIPs in the ten penthouse suites, Ambrosia’s guests usually consist of people on the finer side of things.

With this year being the 75th anniversary of Ambrosia’s grand opening, Ambrosia’s staff is on high alert to make it one of the greatest celebrations of all time, with all the advertising promising a year long free-for-all party.

Ambrosia is an expensive drug, but if you can afford it, the high is strong and never ending. Those lucky enough to make it to the elusive ‘Olympian’ status — one of Ambrosia’s beloved VIPs, will find the hotel truly treats them like a god, and that Vegas can be their Mount Olympus.

Under new management, Ambrosia has opened its doors to the general populace in recent years, letting the normal folk get a taste of what it’s like on the other side, with low roller tables, and cheap slots tucked into a corner of the hotel, and plenty of cheaper ‘budget’ rooms being made available.

If you want a taste, you can surely find your way in.


Hi all! Thank you for your interest. This RP will focus on the guests (VIP and otherwise), and the employees of the hotel during its 75th anniversary. I'll be accepting up to 8 VIP characters to stay in the penthouse, as well as characters who perform at the hotel (a hotel singer, showgirls, etc, etc). If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to shoot them my way and I'll help out if I can!

Once I gauge some interest, I'll throw up the OOC with the character sheet, a few locations around the resort, and some additional information about the hotel itself!
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@Hey Im Jordan

What tabs would you want? I think Mahz threw the idea out there of user-selected tabs at one point.

I think the three tabs in a normal RP thread would be fine to have in PMs. For me, when I write a 1x1, I tend to like to talk with my partner about the RP, and have more than a few characters. It gets kind of messy when I need to have a PM for OOC talk, a PM for character references, and a PM for the actual IC. For organization, it'd be great to have those three things tucked into one PM. And 0th posts, even!

User-selected tabs, would that mean we could check a box for each of the tabs while making a new PM? Would it be possible to add/remove tabs once a PM is live? I think that would be cool.

I dunno, I really love the tabs system that threads have, and I wish PMs got the same treatment.
In Ask an Admin, v2. 27 days ago Forum: News
Is it possible to get tabs added to PMs? Tabs as in the IC/OOC/Char tab in the proper RP threads.
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