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While not as impressive as its namesake, The Thousand Sunny was still a fine ship. With its eighteen cabins, fully stocked bar, large dining room, elevator, Dolby Atmos cinema, full spa, pool with a second bar, jacuzzi, various water toys, and gym… the Sunny sometimes feels almost empty. Of course, with the eccentric owner using it as his own personal day trip ship that was to be expected. A ship like the Sunny was not a ship meant to host one or two people, like it had been since Ty Locke had purchased it. It was a ship meant to host. A ship where memories could be made! Memories more exciting than those of Ty and his friends lounging about on the luxurious couches the ship offered.

That was the main reason Ty had agreed to this when his classmate had asked him about it. Now, Kole Reyes was far from just a ‘classmate.’ Ty might even be so brave as to call her a ‘friend,’ but if nothing else she was definitely a business partner. Someone had to figure out the details for charity events, and Ty didn’t have the mindset for it. Handing Kole one of his cards and just being a host was much more his style… which was part of why they’d ended up in this position. The Sunny was going to play host to a gathering of their peers and a celebration of surviving ten years after high school: a reunion.

At first, Ty had figured it would be a good time. See the homies, smoke some weed, drink some booze, sleep, and then proceed to continue never thinking about any of them for the rest of his life. As it turned out, that was a lie. It was actually really stressful! The first disagreement came over the wait staff. Kole wanted to hire catering while Ty was insistent his crew was good enough. A tentative agreement was eventually reached where the pair would use Ty’s crew but Kole’s menu. After securing his staff’s role, Ty tapped out and let Kole do everything. Drink menus and food menus were solidly her problem.

Where the fuck is she anyway? Ty thought to himself as he approached the bridge where he could find the captain. Shaking his head, Ty pulled his phone out to send a quick text.

To: Kole
dude its like 40 minutes till the game begins and like 15 until i’m high
what i’m saying is you’d better not be in a cabin getting ready youve had 3 weeks to get ready

“Everything ship-shape, captain?” With a lot of the party planning out of his hands, Ty was left to do more important things: checking in with the staff and staying out of the way of Kole’s party planning and letting her drive. He, and his boat, were merely passengers on her wild ride.

“Should be, assuming you and your party don’t sink the sumbitch.” The old, greying captain looked at Ty with tired eyes, not looking forward to playing host to the reunion Ty was pushing onto them. It would be fine for the wait and bar staff, who would make big tips, but the captain couldn’t help but assume they’d be rowdy.

Ty shrugged in response, “man, we old as hell. I’m almost 30. We’re just gonna chill and swim and get high and maybe someone will hook up or whatever. You’re gonna be fine!” Ty’s overwhelming positivity and infectious grin seemed to do the trick as the captain visibly relaxed. If nothing else, he knew that Ty would keep things relatively under control. Or, if not Ty, his close friends. “‘sides, I’m not gonna sleep anyway. No one’s gettin’ up to any ruckus on my watch!” As he spoke, Ty shook the open energy drink he held in his hand. Ty did have a vague plan to stay up for as long as possible, to make sure no one could get into any wildness on his boat. Of course, as he often did, Ty was simultaneously outplaying himself by having a blunt rolled and ready to go sitting in the breast pocket of the polo he wore, but the captain didn’t need to know that.

A half-assed salute, and Ty was on his way to the next stop: the bar. The Sunny’s bar was stocked to the gills with expensive liquor, and staffed by two bartenders Ty had snatched from some of the most popular night clubs in New York City. Money talked, or something like that. This discussion, Ty suspected, would go by even faster than the one with the captain because it was pretty straightforward. “Yo!” Ty greeted the bartenders, who turned to face him. With a wide smile still on his face, Ty kept rolling. “It’s gonna be a busy night. Weekend? I don’t even remember. You let me know if those cheap bastards I went to school with don’t tip, aight? I got you. Also, did you guys get that thing I asked you to grab?” Ty asked, leaning across the bar and looking inquisitively between the two.

“Yeah, man. I got you.” One of them replied, before holding out a hand that contained a small ziplock baggie. Ty took it and grinned as he straightened up.

“Tight! Thanks, bro.” Ty turned to walk away. There wasn’t much else to be said, and as he headed toward the upper deck and the pool where he assumed Ama and Asher were waiting for him, Ty ripped the tiny bag open and poured out the four grams of psilocybin mushrooms and popped them into his mouth. He chewed thoughtfully, wondering how anyone ate these commonly. Maybe he should have gotten the chocolate bars… these kind of tasted like dirt raw.

Why did he know what dirt tasted like?

Ty quickly shook that thought from his head as he made his way to the pool and waved to the already waiting Amalee and Asher. Above him, the ship’s horn sounded. Thirty minutes until the anchor lifted and the games began.
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Interactions: @LovelyComplex (Kitty)
Location: The auction stage --> The music stage

Bradley watched as Kitty ran off, gone almost as quickly as she had been there to say hi to him. There had been a brief moment there where he’d thought she was going to straddle him, but luckily before he had to deal with that, she was off again. He watched her launch off of the stage and into Levi’s arms and found himself wondering why she had bought him if she was interested in Levi. Bradly was kind of used to girls being more interested in Levi than him, especially when they were in Sanctuary. With Kitty off and on an adventure though, Bradley could finally go about his business. He frowned as he observed the dispersing crowd from his chair on the stage. He’d lost Stella, and Stella had been the one who knew where the petting zoo was. This put a damper on his plans to play with the rabbits.

Slowly and with great effort, Bradley forced the weed haze out of his mind. He couldn’t find the petting zoo, largely because he was an idiot. What else is there to do at the festival? There was music coming, Bradley kind of recalled that the announcer lady had mentioned that… which meant what? Did he want to listen to the music they played? Would it be good? He wasn’t sure how he expected himself to answer any of those questions, and he found himself frustrated at how disconnected he really was from the people of his hometown. Maybe hanging out exclusively in the flower shop he owned and his house wasn’t the ideal move.

As quickly as that thought had entered his head, it was replaced by another. Where did Bee get the money to pay for her date? He asked himself, then reached back to touch his wallet pockets and found them empty. Oh. That’s where she got the money. When the fuck did she take that? He stood up, thankful he at least had some cash in his front pockets. He wasn’t as angry as he should have been, but what was he going to do? Besides, it was for charity — he could write off the total from his taxes, and that was kind of cool. Of course, capital gains taxes would kick his ass regardless.

He stepped off the stage as thoughts continued to fly through his head. Apparently, when he was this stoned, he was just as flighty as Kitty was. That was almost funny to him, but what wasn’t funny to him was the almost ravenous hunger he felt settling in the pit of his stomach. “Fuck. I got the munchies.” This observation, Bradley made aloud. He stepped down from the stage. Unlike Kitty’s dramatic exit, he did not leap from the stage. He met eyes with Levi as he briefly considered asking him to go get some food, then figured he was probably busy with the redhead in his arms, so he decided to go it alone. He sniffed the air. A one man wolf pack, his THC-enhanced nose picked out the scents and flavors of something he had loved since he was a baby: fair food.

If he was in a cartoon, he would have found himself floating toward the tantalizing smells wafting into his nostrils. Once he arrived at the makeshift food truck gathering, Bradley could feel his eyes welling up with tears. It was a joyous occasion! There was food everywhere. What was that? Quesadillas? No… no, tacos. No, wait. Fried chicken!? The sweet maple hint of waffles?

Was this the greatest day of his life? Maybe if Kitty had sat on him. Wait, that was just the weed — Kitty was his little sister’s best friend. Bee would hit him with a shovel if she knew he had such thoughts. Wait a second, was that churros he smelled? Okay, nevermind, the day was back in the running for the greatest in his life.

He found himself wishing he had someone to share this moment with. Stella, Levi, his sister, his grandparents… hell, even the sheriff would have been better than complete solitude. Bradley wasn’t unaccustomed to being alone, but he was similarly unaccustomed to situations where it would be nice to have someone else there. It was one thing to get the munchies while alone in your room in Los Angeles and playing Final Fantasy 14, but it was an entirely different thing to get it at a fair. Fair food was special.

By the time he was sitting on the ground in front of the music stage, Bradley had two churros in each hand as he alternated which he took bites out of. Steaming bags of food sat on either side of him, and Bradly was pretty confident he was situated for the evening. In fact he may have bought too much food, though Bradly wouldn’t have admitted that even if he was sober. He wanted to have good snacks for the music show! He’d managed to get at least one thing from each stand, including a caramel apple he’d bought from Stella’s family cart.

He took another bite of the churro and felt himself melting into the grassy knoll upon which he sat. Hopefully the band didn’t suck, because if they did, he wasn’t sure he was going to have the energy to get up. At least not until he finished eating his feast. As he opened the container of chicken and waffles, he noticed an object fly from the sky and land in front of him: his wallet. That meant…

“Jesus, Bradley. What the fuck? You’re going to get fat again if you let the munchies win.” Abigail had returned from… well, wherever she had been.

Abigail couldn’t help but stare as Em wandered away. She wasn’t staring in a ‘hate to see her go, but love to watch her leave’ angle. Bee felt it was more of a look of concern as she gazed after Em. Was she really in a position where she should be performing in front of a crowd? Let alone singing… she could barely speak without slurring her words. Still, she couldn’t help but feel good about the conversation. She’d never really been called cute before, at least not by someone who wasn’t a creep.

After Em walked away, she pulled headphones up over her ears, with a pleased smile on her lips. She’d secured a date with literally the most attractive person in Sanctuary, using money that wasn’t hers, and that felt insanely good. It helped that it was her bastard brother’s money, and that the date she was going to go on was a candlelit dinner and she might get to kiss a cute girl. What did the announcer say about her date again? … Em has always wanted to be treated to a candlelit dinner... Wait. Treated!? Does that mean I have to do all the work!? Abigail frowned. She hadn’t realized that in the heat of the moment. It wasn’t really her fault, Em was cute and distracting. Could she even… cook a candlelit dinner? Probably not…

Whatever, that was a different day’s problem. She had to get her date’s number and then tell her when to meet at her place. Should I have done that before she walked off? I suck. She’d figure the details out later, it was a problem for another day. As she stepped away from the auction stage, Bee wondered how that was even legal. Was baiting for charity donations with eligible bachelors and bachelorettes normal? She knew just as well as anyone else that no one was going to a date auction for the charity. It was for kissing.

Method Man tear the roof off
Jump in the pit

As the music reached its crescendo in her headphones, Bee thought about how she was going to handle this. She was self-aware enough to know that she needed to earn a kiss if she was going to get one (she was well on her way though!). Even if she’d technically purchased the date off the market, that guaranteed nothing. She’d have to make sure Em had a good time if she was going to get any kisses at all, let alone one that was memorable. Did she know anything about Em? Only vaguely. She and Em hadn’t been that close in high school, but neither of them had finished. Was that something they could connect over? Abigail thought about how she felt about high school and how that had gone for her. She dismissed that idea, realizing it was stupid. No one wanted to talk about high school — especially if they fucking dropped out.

Wandering through the festival as she waited for the concert to start, Bee found a popcorn vendor and was happy to carry the bag around as she walked. Did she know anyone who knew anything about Em? Abigail thought about it as she tossed a handful of popcorn in her mouth. Chewing thoughtfully, she considered all the people she knew. There weren't many. It was mostly her brother and…


She didn’t even think about Kitty! How did she forget!? Kitty and Em were FUCKING FAMILY. Kitty probably had all the cheat codes! She almost fumbled it as she pulled her phone out and rapidly threw her fingers across the keyboard.

To: Kit-Kat
KAYLEIGH. I need you to give me the tech to make sure Bee has a good time
I didn’t spend thousands of my brother’s hard earned dollars to not kiss her

Satisfied with that, Abigail dropped her phone in her pocket. She knew Kitty well enough that she was almost expecting a burst of text messages that hardly acknowledged what she was asking for, so she decided to ignore the buzzing once it started. Instead, Abigail focused on finding her way back toward the performance stage. She did want to watch the show after all, and she needed to eventually find her brother and return his wallet to him.

Once she got there, she could see her brother sitting square in front of the center of the stage, as close as he could get without stepping on it. More importantly, she could see the bags of food he was surrounded by, and it made her scowl as she scarfed down popcorn. Stomping over to him, Abigail yeeted her brother’s wallet as hard as she could and it flew threw the air.

“Jesus, Bradley. What the fuck? You’re going to get fat again if you let the munchies win.”

Bradley turned to look at Abigail with wide, bloodshot eyes. “I thought Kitty was going to sit on my lap earlier. Sorry… I should have kept that to myself.”

“OW!” Bradley complained, reaching up to rub the spot on his arm where Bee had socked him.

“What? You’re letting the intrusive thoughts win! Shut up! Kitty wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole. Can I have some food?”

“You have popcorn.” Bradley protested as he grabbed his wallet and slid it back into his pocket as he popped what was left of his churros into his mouth, shaking his head. His voice was somewhat bitter. Abigail was trying, once again, to ruin his day - only this time, Bradley was simply not having it.

And Bee knew her brother well enough to know when her presence wasn’t wanted. “Fine. Enjoy your snacks then. I guess I’ll go get my own!”She huffed, and then spun to stomp off to bother someone else instead.


Interacting with @Viciousmarrow (Emily)
Location: Near the auction stage

As Abigail was asked the dumbest series of questions she could remember being asked, she frowned. It seemed her future date was drunk. More accurately, she was trashed. Em was slurring her words to the point where Bee could barely understand her, but luckily that didn’t make her any less cute. Actually, Bee reasoned to herself. It kind of makes her cuter. The bright red blush on Em’s cheeks was almost as bright as the red hair on her head. She didn’t initially respond to the accusations that Em was spitting, instead taking in the situation.

It was almost like an anime with the finger jutting in her chest and Emily so close to her face that Bee could see the color of her lips. Was she gonna fall? She seemed a little shaky as she wobbled and waited for Bee to give her the answers she was demanding. Bee almost considered walking away and leaving Em to her own thoughts, just to be dramatic, but she had her wits about her well enough to justify those thoughts as the weed coursing through her bloodstream.

“Why would I put your name in the thing then spend a bunch of money that isn’t mine to win you? Isn’t that just like… asking you out with extra steps?” Abigail asked, tilting her head as she looked into Emily’s eyes. Please. If I had the balls to ask someone out, I wouldn’t have needed to steal my brother’s wallet. I should probably give that back to him… Bee thought to herself, her lips once again curling into a frown as she caught sight of Bradley walking away from the stage in the corner of her eye. Who had even signed up for him to go up there? It didn’t seem like the kind of thing that Brad would have done for himself.

“You didn't put yourself in the auction!? I didn’t bid on you because I hate you! Why would I hate you? You’re cute and funny.” Both were true, and both were the reasons she’d bid so high. Bee had waited patiently for someone worth her money to walk onto stage, and as soon as Em had she’d been quick to seize the opportunity. “You’re stressing too much. You should smoke some weed.” Bee suggested. If she had any extra on her, she would have handed it over then and there, but she only had her pen and the emergency joint tucked away in her purse.

“Shouldn’t you be getting ready to play music, anyway?” She asked Emily, finally taking a step away. “Uh… I need to go find my brother. You gonna be okay, killer? I don’t want you to die before we go out.”
i too am interested

Interactions: @The Muse (Levi) & @LovelyComplex (Stella)
Location: Abigail's Treehouse, then the Festival

From: Bradley
Gram and Gramps want me to make sure you go to the festival.
They say you’re spending too much time in your tree house lately… Which is kind of true? You’re probably there now. I have work to do, Bee. You gotta do your part.

Abigail looked at her phone, but didn’t bother replying. Instead, she brought her vape pen to her lips and drew in another hit. Her fourth? Fifth? Maybe seventh? Of the day. She’d stopped keeping track, but she knew the last thing she wanted to do was give her brother what he wanted. Do her part? Bradley hadn’t done his part since he’d left, and he definitely wasn’t doing it now that he’d moved back. All he’d done was make things worse. They had to live in a hotel for like two weeks while the foundation of their home was redone. It was stupid.

She blew the smoke out and navigated to the Spotify app on her phone, turning on a song and increasing the volume. She scoffed as she glanced at her messages one last time before tossing it to the side of the beanbag she was sitting in. I’m really so predictable, aren’t I? She said to herself as she slumped into the beanbag she was sitting in and reached to the right, where her trusty box of Nintendo Power magazines was. Of course she was in the treehouse. Where else was she supposed to be?

The treehouse was the only thing in her life that seemed safe anymore. Her brother had changed their house, changed the flower shop, changed the tea garden… he’d changed everything except for the treehouse. It was her last bastion, something her father had started and she’d finished with her grandfather. There had been additions throughout the years, especially as Abigail got older and grew an interest in building and engineering. There was a rope bridge attaching the treehouse to the window of her bedroom in the house. An idea she’d latched onto from her father before her parents' passing.

Before she could get lost in the sauce, the trapdoor in the treehouse popped open and she frowned as she saw her brother’s head pop up, putting his arms on either side of the treehouse floor to pull his upper body into the room as he spoke. “Abigail. Come on, you have to do stuff. You can’t just rot in here.” His words were met by Abigail holding up a middle finger and ignoring him as she continued to read about Majora’s Mask. Bradley didn’t pull himself into the treehouse, respecting his sister’s boundaries in his own way.

Stuff? What kind of an idiot says ‘stuff?’ Be specific, Bradley! When she realized he wasn’t going to leave, Abigail finally spoke. “There’s a weed holiday this week.” She said, not looking up from her magazine as she licked her finger to turn the page. Her words hung in the air for an eternity, or at least it felt like one to her. Mercifully, her brother responded.

“What? 4/20 is the only weed holiday.”

“Ha!” Abigail snorted in a laugh as she shook her head. “You’re so naive, Bradley.” The words could have been speaking about her brother lacking the critical information of the so called ‘weed holiday,’ or she could have been unloading months of unspoken annoyance. “7/10 upside down looks like the word oil. So concentrates are on sale.” She pulled the magazine down, just far enough so that Bradley could see the brim of her hat and her eyes glaring daggers into him.

“What? That’s stupid, come on. They’re just making things up!”

“Everybody makes things up, Bradley! That’s what language is, stupid idiot.She hissed, snapping the magazine shut so Bradly could see her whole face, including the frustrated look and scowl on her lips as she kept talking. “If you really want me to go hang out at the festival and —” She shuddered. “ — be nice to people. Then… give me weed money.” She held out an open palm expectantly.

Bradley stared at her. “You can’t be serious. Why would I give you weed money?”

“Big fuckin’ Bradley! Has house money, doesn’t have money to buy his baby sister snacks! Got that software developer money, but don’t got buy his baby sister weed money. Why don’t you fucking go the festival? I don’t even have funnel cake money you asshole.” Finished with laying into her brother, Abigail let out a huff of frustration, close to throwing her hands into the air.

“...alright. Alright fine.” With one hand, Bradley reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, opening it up and peeling off a couple of bills, which he placed in Abigail’s open palm. When she continued to stare, Bradley grumbled but ultimately peeled off another one, handing it over. “There.” He finally said and for the first time, Abigail smiled. In a way, it made Bradley feel like his brotherly efforts were fulfilled. Maybe, he thought, maybe she’ll forgive me…

“Now shoo, fly. Don’t bother me. The festival probably doesn’t start for like, what? Another fifteen, twenty minutes?”



“It’s 8 P.M. That’s why gram sent me to come get you.” Bradley said, and he watched the gears turn in his sister’s head, her mind spinning behind glazed, bloodshot eyes. He wondered what she was thinking for a few moments, before he said. “Good luck, stoner.” It seemed she would need it. With that, Bradley began to head down the steps and back toward the ground.

Abigail frowned as the gears clicked, the words she’d heard clicked in her mind. It was eight!? At night?! Forget not having money for funnel cake, there wasn’t going to be any funnel cake by the time she showed up at the festival. For fuck’s sake, had she missed all of the fun activities? What about knocking the chief into the tank of water? That was what he deserved, for telling her that she couldn’t skate the quad at the high school. It was summer Tommy. Nobody gives a shit about the high school quad in summer. “Fuck.”

Abigail hopped off of her beanbag and grabbed her messenger bag. Her father had given it to her when she turned 6 years old, after they’d watched Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark together for the first time. Abigail had bravely decided she wanted to be an archaeologist like Dr. Jones when she grew up, and her father had been happy to give her the bag he’d carried his things in during college. These days, it didn’t carry books, pens, or even notepads. Instead, it carried Abigail’s ‘necessities,’ or at least what she considered necessities.

If someone asked what she might carry in the bag when she was younger, she would have said she’d carry a whip, a gun, a Swiss army knife, a notepad and a set of colored pencils. Of course, the days of Abigail’s childhood had long since passed. No, she didn’t carry any whips or utility tools, instead the bag held her favorite My Melody plushie, a sketchbook complete with a set of colored pencils, forty dollars in cash, an unopened bag of spicy nacho Doritos, a half eaten bag of Cooler Ranch Doritos, what was left of a green apple Gatorade, a set of polaroids she’d taken in a photobooth with Kitty, and finally several mostly used flavored lip balms. Abigail claimed she liked the flavored ones so she could let whoever she was kissing decide which one she should wear, but the reality was simple: she licked her lips a lot and enjoyed the taste.

All in all, Abigail reckoned her entire life was in that bag, or at least all the parts that mattered.

She stepped out onto the balcony of her treehouse, then sat down with her bag on her chest as she situated herself on the red slide that spiraled down around the oak tree and to the grass surrounding it. Was it childish to take the slide? Absolutely. Did she do it every single time she was exiting her fortress? Of course she did! God willing, neither she nor her brother would have any children anytime soon, but their parents had paid for the slide and she was going to get a lifetime’s use out of the fucking thing. She jumped up to her feet and found herself face-to-face with her brother. “What?”

“You want a ride?” Bradley asked, dangling the key to his car on a single finger. Though she’d never regretted not having a license before then, she begrudgingly nodded and Bradley grinned. Abigail resisted responding, and Bradley knew he had to sweeten the deal. “You can run the aux.” Abigail thought about it, but finally nodded. Bradley watched as she threw her skateboard in the backseat.

“Can I hit your pen?” Bradley asked as he slid into the driver’s seat. He heard the car door next to him slam shut, and he waited for Abigail to respond. Abigail’s fingers were dancing on her phone screen, and with a click music began to fill the cab of the car. It was only then that she held out her dab pen to her brother.

“Bradley, when did you get so daring? Smoking weed? And driving?” She asked, raising a curious eyebrow as her brother took the pen and inhaled. Abigail kept talking, “wonder what gram and gramps would say. Geeze, killer calm down.” She said, reaching out to snatch the pen from her brother’s hand as he rolled the window down to let the smoke out. Abigail rolled her eyes. He didn’t even blow O’s! “Don’t fucking smoke it all, fucker. You technically haven’t bought me more yet!” She protested, and Bradley coughed as he started to drive away.

“I have to smoke enough weed to be sociable. Otherwise this is going to be… hellacious. It’s going to be bad enough.” Something gave him a bad feeling. Was it the lack of texts from Levi bragging about whatever nonsense he’d gotten up to that night? Honestly, it probably was. Either way, Bradley already knew where he was going. “I heard the Serrano family has a petting zoo here. I can think of nowhere I’d rather be. They just have animals there, for you to pet.”

“God. My brother is fucking autistic.” Abigail mumbled, before she grabbed the volume dial and cranked it up as the hook came on. She was done with the conversation, and wouldn’t be participating anymore. The message, it seemed, was received.

After they finally found a parking place for the festival, Bradley stopped the car. Before he could even give his sister a word, she was out of the car and off. Her bag was slung over her back and she held her skateboard in her hands. Bradley stepped out of the car and spoke at her back, “Bee! Make sure you’re back here before midnight, okay?”

“I’m not a kid, Bradley! I could be taking someone home tonight, you’ll never know.” She said, holding up a certain finger as she walked away. She knew where she was going: The date auction. With a bit of money in her pocket from her brother, she was going to buy whoever took her fancy. Honestly, the idea of buying someone at all vaguely interested her, that there was a chance she could kiss them only made it better.

Bradley, meanwhile, was content to wander. It was only a few minutes of wandering before he found himself holding a churro in one hand and his phone in the other. He was determined to find the petting zoo before the festival ended, but he was currently having trouble. Which was why he quickly texted the only person he thought might know: Levi.

To: Levi
do u know where the petting zoo is
i rly wanna pet a boat
goat. i mean goat. who would pet a boat?

He chuckled at himself as he looked at the typo before he dropped his phone into his pocket and took another bite of his churro. Then, he saw someone in the corner of his view. Someone pretty. Someone with pretty, long, dark hair. Someone… short, wow she was short. And she had… pretty eyes. Wait a second, Bradley knew that girl!

“OH MY GOD. Stella! Hi! Do you know where the petting zoo is!?” Confidently, he approached her. She might even know where Levi was!
I also like Pokemon. Are we out of slots?
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