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Current Oh also, for the record, Colorado drinking water is fine.
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California is the weed capital of the US, still. Canadian weed sucks.
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fab what's your twitter
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dell makes bad products
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Closing the gap on my KDA from back when I was a kid playing halo. Shit ain't easy



Everybody stand up

Everybody hands up

Hero's comeback


Three, two, one

Make some noise

i got the idea for the icons from davi

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So, with the Game Awards tomorrow and the year quickly coming to a close I figure now's a good a time as any for everyone's favorite topic.

Hey, guys, what is your Game of the Year for 2019? If it's too hard to pick one, feel free to make a list. Or make a list anyway. What games from 2019 are the ones you look back on the most fondly?

halo reach

sorry fab i'll be bored of it soon maybe possible idk i put like 70 hrs in already
<Snipped quote by Majoras End>

Honestly? I don't think so. RE4, for better or worse (in the fandom, anyway, I've heard many a fan who dislike RE4), was a monumentally influential game both for the RE series and games at the time, and its legacy is such that it is constantly ported to the point where RE4 is pretty much on any system out there and for relatively cheap. Unlike the PS1 games which were products of their time, RE4 is still fairly modern so what's there to remake in it, really? If anything I'd assume next on the list for remake is Code Veronica.

i suspect it will be remade for money
Okay but, anyone thinking we might get a RE4 Remake?

almost certainly
I'm interested.

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