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It's like, rpers didn't want to use the old cliche powers so they gravitated towards a new set of cliche powers. That's why you rarely see anybody with flight, but every superpower rp has at least one fucker with darkness manipulation.
This does admittedly look good and I have characters I'd like to try out. Some I haven't used in a long time. As much fun as it'd be to retool an older version/offspring of one of my BNHA characters to fit this setting, there's a character with super strength who I haven't used in a very long time who'd be a good fit.

Kasuke Mina

Training Area
@Aerandir@Norschtalen@Conscripts@Lucius Cypher

It had been several days since the attack. Mina was still not forgiving herself for being so caught up in feeling sorry for herself that she let Jett down, and then there was the attack itself. If Mina was there, she could have made a difference. She might not be anywhere near as powerful or experienced as the attackers were, but anybody can get blinded. She should have been there. People might not have gotten as hurt if she was there. She’d been so focused on her weaknesses, but even if she were perfect and powerful, she’d be a terrible hero if she never stepped up and actually acted like a hero!

Speaking of getting stronger, she was still driven to do so. Ruby had fought Amane, and even if it was a friendly spar instead of a competitive exercise, Ruby had come out almost unscathed. Mina couldn’t shake the nagging worry that she’d beaten him, and if she could, who else in their class was capable? Just how far away really was Mina from her goal? Was she even in the top five students in her class, let alone number 1? She had to work harder. There must be no doubt. No margin for error. Kasuke Mina will be the greatest hero to graduate from this school. That’s why, right now, she was heading to the training area.

Jett on the other hand, was already there working the punching bag, his headphones in, and his mind cleared. The events that happened spurred him to train harder. While he was sure he probably couldn’t have helped the situation too much, hearing and seeing what had happened to his friends. His quirk had gone back to totally inactive. Which in a sense was a repreve, yet at the same time seemed like two steps back at the same time. At least he wasn’t popping around randomly.

He had already tried training on his quirk for the past few days, and with no success. Going back to the basics with his Savete training was helping him let off some steam of his frustration of being back to square one. He punched as hard as he could, making the bag swing out farther, and with no one holding it it was starting to swing madly. He started to move side to side, planting a few quick punches before moving again. Working on his footwork as he did.

After a few of these he started adding in his kicks, powerful enough to counteract the swing and stop the bag wild swings. Only to restart it again once he was done. He was starting work up quite a sweat now his thoughts turned to just focusing on the bag on the bag in front of him. He then switched it up after a few minutes and caught the bag in his arms, taking the full force of the bag swinging back and lifted it as high as he could, the loop coming off the hook as he did. Then twisting he threw the full weight of it over his body, and slammed it down with just his right arm, similar to what he did to Ezra on the first day, using his hip to help. He paused for a moment with his hands on his knees taking a short breather.

It was now that Mina entered the training area, having changed into the Komei gym uniform. She saw Jett, training pretty hard, and for a moment was unsure how to proceed. She’d always tried to keep her friends and her goal separate, and when she fought, even during a spar, she fought to win. But with Jett This was just another weakness. Another hill to climb.If her emotions dictated her performance, what if a villain took a hostage in the future? She approached Jett, without smiling.

”Hi, Jett. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you fight this close up. I never noticed how good you are.”

Jett glanced over as he noticed movement to his right. Seeing it was Mina. He already knew Acion was punching a wood dummy behind him, but the new movement caught his eye. Not that it was weird to see her in the training room. She did a lot of that. But when she made her way towards him he raised an eyebrow wondering what she wanted. He sighed and stood up straight, pulling the headphones out of his ears and rolling it up.

“Hey.” He answered, clearly winded. He listened to her complement, a slight smirk. “Thanks.” He said as he reached over to his bag and pulled out a towel and his water bottle. Taking a drink before looking back to her. “With my quirk and how it… well is again, I knew I couldn’t rely on it. So I focused on training… that and I got into a lot of fights.”

Wiping his face with the towel. “ So what are you workin on today?” He said motioning to her outfit.

Something slightly melancholy reflected in Mina’s eyes as she listened to Jett. It sounded just like her own childhood. Learning to fight and training every day because her quirk was late to show itself, and when it did, it was such a weak, useless power, but still she carried on fighting for her dream. She nodded, and actually managed a smile.

”I was just going to get a little training done. I wasn’t a good enough fighter to stand toe to toe with Dulga, even. All I have that I can trump our classmates on is my skill, but if it’s not enough to even the field, I clearly need more of it. Hey, seeing as how we’ll be both training together, want to spar?”

Jett shrugged “Well, fighting Dulga is like fighting three people at once to be honest. So I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself.” At the mention of her wanting to spar he frowned in thought, mulling it over.

“Sure, we can spar if you like. If you really want to wrestle around with a sweaty guy.” He said clearly trying to hold back a cheeky grin. “I was actually hoping to spar with someone. Rather be it a beautiful lady instead of a guy.” He said with a wink.

A light blush formed on Mina’s cheeks, and her face became a mask of icy irritation, even if there was pleased warmth behind the facade. ”Congratulations. If you’re making me want to hit you, you’re succeeding.” she quipped as she began to circle Jett, putting up her hands in a guarding position, ready to start sparring.

“Promises promises…” Jett added as he took a long drink of his water. Tossing it onto his bag, along with his towel. While she started to circle him, did a few stretches. He then wrapped his phone and earbuds up and tossed it to his bag while moving away from it.

Once enough away from the edge, Jett started bouncing on the balls of his feet. In a loose boxing stance. Seeing as Jett was letting Mina take the first offensive, she graciously accepted, and rushed Jett swiftly and dished out a few weak, probing jabs at Jett’s chest and core areas. It was never her style to start with a strong attack. After all, what if your opponent was fast?

Jett was expecting Mina to be a faster opponent, with her being as small as she was, she wouldn’t have the brute force of a guy. He sidestepped the first one and swiped his arm to block the next couple.

He quickly followed up with a combo of quick jabs towards her face and then suddenly a kick to her side. Just like her, he probed her back to see her reactions.

Mina was focused. As she blocked the quick jabs on after the other, it was as if all emotion had left her face and all that remained was a look of concentration. Even her eyes weren’t looking at Jett, but were darting from jab to jab with efficiency. For anyone who saw her at the Capture The Flag exercise, this is not how she fought Amane. Back then, she was fighting sloppy and emotional. Though Jett definitely didn’t see them, that was also how she fought Kaida, and how she ended up fighting Dulga. This time, and every time after this. Mina was determined to forget who she was sparring with and lose herself entirely in the rhythm of the fight.

When Jett launched a kick to her side, she caught it with her arms and her side, taking the hit but grabbing Jett’s leg in the process. She then swept his other leg and pushed forward, directing her force towards his now unstable core, aiming to get him to ground.

Jett did half expect his leg to be caught, so he wasn’t surprised. He also knew the next move as he would have done the same in her spot. Allowing his leg to be swept from under him, he hopped up at the last moment, bending his captured leg so he pulled himself closer to Mina, reaching out and wrapping his arms around her awkwardly with his knee still against her side. Using his sudden weight to throw her off balance and drag her down with him. Using the momentum of their fall to roll backwards to try and toss her off of him.

Mina wasn’t having it, and directed all of her momentum straight down. When he landed, she pinned him against the floor, pressing her forearm against his collarbones. She didn’t want to choke him out, but still wanted to keep him pinned. With her other arm, she let go of his leg, and grabbed his wrist, attempting the neutralise one of his arms. Before he could use his free arm to counterattack, she partially snapped out of her ‘fighting mode’, realised the position the two were in, and flushed. The brief window of hesitation provided an opening.

He was surprised that she held him in place despite his sudden weight. Thudding into the ground with a grunt. He knew she was gonna be quick. But she was instantly fast. Grabbing his hand and pinning him to the ground. With her on top of him he couldn’t help but redden slightly. When she hesitated, his free hand crossed his stomach and hers, gripping her opposite waist. Then with a sudden burst of movement to his left, he pushed with his free hand, as well as with his hand she held. Causing them to roll over to the point where he was on top now.

His free hand moved to hers that was still on his chest and pushed it up and over her head, along with her other hand, crossing them and pinning her elbows to the floor with his own forearms. ” Dang, Kasuke, I knew you were fast and smart, But I mean you’re like.. Foxy level right now.” He said with an idiotic grin. As he knew that would rile her up.

”Oh, shut up,” she huffed, pride hurt from the ease of getting pinned. No. Stop. Don’t give up again. Stop and think. You can get out of this. You have the skill and training. Gathering her resolve, she slid her knees up to her abdomen one at a time, and then pushed with all her might, hoping to at least unbalance him enough to let go, if not push him over her head and off her.

Jett pulled his head back. A mockedhurt face on. ” alright alright I’ll take the complement bbbbbAAAAAAACK” he said as she shoved her legs into his stomach, slowly lifting him up and putting immense pressure on his stomach. He resisted at first, deciding on what to do next.

He took his right arm and hooked it behind both of her knees and cinched them to his chest before planting his feet down and launching into a somersault, and landing on the flat of his back, his head landing just above Mina's. It wasn’t a great position and it was off the top of his head, but the plan was to pull her legs so it would keep her shoulders pinned down with her knees above her head.

Mina let Jett perform this maneuver, as though this would succeed in neutralising her legs, he now only had one hand to restrain her arms, and from his position, he couldn’t apply enough force to keep her restrained. Essentially, he’d traded her arms for her legs. Sure, she couldn’t move to a better position from here, but now she had her arms, she could get herself free. She forced her arms out of Jett’s weak grip, and then, in a dirty move expected of Mina, reached up and grabbed Jett’s ear, tugging at it. ”I’m not going to stop until you let go,” she jibed, in a tone that suggested she may be smiling.

Jett winced as she grabbed his ear, letting out a silent scream in his head. He wouldn’t give her that pleasure. But why the EAR. That’s something his mother would use against him. He gritted his teeth as she told him she won’t let go. As if she was enjoying it.

“ALLLLRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT.” He said in a little yelp. As she tugged a little more. “You want to play dirty!? I'LL PLAY DIRTY!” He said in a dramatic voice. Letting go of her other hand. But keeping his arm around her legs. He pulled his hand back and stuck his forefinger into his mouth getting it smeared with his spit and then quickly reached up to her own ear and gave her a sloppy Wet Willy.

Mina squealed, and squirmed, and the hand that was tugging his ear was now flashing with distractingly bright strobes of light. She was doing anything. Everything to get free. When she finally succeeded, she rolled clear of Jett before standing up. Her cheeks were practically growing red, and she looked...well, not pleased. She gasped two lungfuls of air, before shouting, as loud as she could; ”BAKAAAAA!!!”

Jett tried to hold her there as he wiggled his wet finger in her ear. But the strobing hand and her tugging his ear got too much and he released her legs. How ever he started to laugh, her squealing was just too cute. He rolled onto his side and held up a hand his shoulders shaking as he held in his laughter.

He looked up at her as she yelled, calling him a Baka. A big smile on his face as his hand was still up as if to calm her. “I’m sorry, you left me no choice. Actually I’m not sorry, that squeal was absolutely adorable.”

"Hmmph!", Mina answered in reply, before turning and heading towards the changing rooms with her hands on her hips, her eyes closed and an almost comical pout. "I don't even feel like sparring with you any more! But..." She stopped just before she got to the door leading to the ladies changing room, and turned round, giving a very slight smile to Jett. "Thank you for sparring with me. I feel better now."

I'm sorry. I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop out of this canon. It's just become harder and harder to enjoy for me, and not even the ship I really like is enough to keep me going anymore.

Really sorry that I have to do this mid-quest. I was really trying to muster the will to post, to at least finish this quest, but I can't.

Location: Main Hall
Interacting With: N/A

Heidi Williams woke early. She always woke early. Something about her mutation meant that she slept between three and five hours a night, but always woke up incredibly well-rested. She couldn't understand why. She had considered reading up on psychology, but then she knew she'd constantly be trying to read people, and social interactions were difficult enough with this power. All the considerations. All the different things she could say. The slightest word change, tone change, would affect how her sentences were perceived. Every time she tried to talk, all she could feel anymore was overwhelming self doubt as her own brain constantly tried to second-guess her. That's what many other students here had failed to grasp in the few days she had been here and attending regular classes. Heidi wasn't clever, or wise. She knew very little about the world, though finding out would be an easier task for her than most. But that was it. Heidi wasn't intelligent. She was an information sponge. She was a human calculator. This mutation was more a hindrance than a help.

But maybe studying here could change that. If she could be taught how to bring things into focus, she would have less of a problem. Her power was incredible, she had to admit. She was constantly observing her surroundings. Even if she wasn't listening to a sound, or looking at an item, if she saw or heard them for even a second, she will remember them forever. In a way, it greatly reduced the need for conversations. She could just listen to them talk to other people and learn as much. Besides, it was hard to strike the balance of holding back enough that nobody thought she was showing off, but nobody thought she was patronizing them. Thus, she had garnered a reputation for doing both these things. She hadn't been openly confronted or bullied, and everybody was very kind and accommodating. Some students even used sign language with her, a gesture that was incredibly welcome. But when they didn't think they were in danger of the little deaf girl hearing them, she'd read their lips, and she'd watch them complain about the genius show-off teacher's pet. It hurt.

She hadn't even been here a week, and as she made her way down to the Main Hall...wait. When had she gotten dressed? Showered? Dried her hair? Put her makeup on? Had she been thinking throughout all of that? Was she on autopilot during her entire morning routine? Yes. Thinking back, she could now remember doing all of that. She could even re-taste her breakfast. This mutation was too much. Would it get better as she became used to it? Possibly. At least, she hoped so. But could one ever get used to this? Sitting down on a bench in the main hall, she looked around, and decided to try a little flexing. A test of her powers. Could she guess the time to the minute without looking at any timekeeping devices?

Heidi looked out the widow, squinting at the sun, and imagined a giant protracor sitting on the earth between here and the sun. Okay, that was the angle between the sun and the ground, but that wasn't enough. What else? she then turned her attention to a vending machine nearby. She focused on the air bubble inside a single bottle of water contained withing the machine, using it as a spirit level, and adjusting the picture in her mind. Brute-forcing her way through all her calculations, she then arrived at a number. She checked her watch. Three minutes out. Huh. Maybe there was some kind of physics knowledge to do with orbit or rotation or something, that she didn't know. This experiment partly affirmed to her that her mutation alone didn't make her smart. But guessing the time three minutes out, from scratch. That was nevertheless impressive. She felt a bit better now.
I'm wondering whether I should just make a solo intro post and see who bites, or arrange somebody to bite, or just collaborate my intro post. I don't know what's the norm here.


So, shall I assume that Heidi is a brand new student who came to the institute in this timeskipped month? Or do you have other plans?
Isn't shipping fun?
I was just thinking about making two, but thanks!
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