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Sorry that took so long

"You deserve to be in jail," Eilidh muttered under her breath as she continued to listen to George's spiel. The plan wasn't one that Eilidh had an issues with, but she was wondering whether it would even come to fruition. Once he was gone, Eilidh turned to the others. "If I ever see him again and he doesn't have the 'acquaintance' with him, For his sake I hope there's somebody with me to hold me back. And don't worry, Vară. Innocent men don't hound a unarmed target accompanied by a gang of gladiators, with intent to kill on sight. My guess is that he angered a far-from-innocent party."

Eilidh's only other contribution to the conversation as they began to head back was to clear her throat and step on Bast's foot deliberately when he started to tell another woman she was 'cute' and 'adorable'. "Yes, we should take a walk through the Shrine of Eros and eat something," she muttered. She didn't put much weight on it. She didn't want to break his foot. Nevertheless he'd get the message.


Charity spent much of the day following her conversation with Jamie trying to think up ways to broach the topic to Trevor of Trent’s blackmail. How much she should reveal, and now much she should withhold until she was sure she could trust him. If word got to Trent early that Charity was trying to get him in trouble, then there was little Charity could do for her best friend. She’d probably suffer for it too, because she had told Charity. It was honestly less risky just to try and befriend Trent. They already went to church together every sunday, so that road would be a lot easier to start down. She would have to wait until Sunday, though, but that was fine. She could wait until Sunday.

But now was a different story. She filed all of this away in her mind, to use later, and for now, focused on getting through her school day. As she was heading down the corridor, from one class to the next, she spotted a poster. Immediately reminded of her sister from the image of that bear, and knowing that her sister also played music, she took a picture of the poster and sent it to Panda, along with a text.

”Saw this and thought of you, sister”

”U hav my interest, sis. Thx~❤”

Putting her phone away, and looking back at the picture, Charity thought about it. A new band forming would make a nice, innocent fluff piece, and from the look of things, what with what the paper will be printing regarding the parties, and Hailey, and what she herself might be printing about Trent in the future, a nice piece will be sorely needed. Charity decided to attend the auditions, perhaps conduct an interview.

A @Silver Carrot, @Lovely Complex, @Hey Im Jordan & @Fabricant451 collab
Featuring: Charity Spencer, Nero Frost Jr, Henry Green, Parker Ashford & Panda
Location: Band Room
Time: Wednesday, After school (Flashback Post)

There weren’t many teenage musicians, especially those that didn’t know Nero’s reputation, that felt confidant joining a band with someone that was disabled. But for those who did pay attention, Nero was the son of probably one of the most famous, scarily talented guitarist in metal history. His father, who co-founded East of Eden, with Evelyn Harding (now Green). The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree, Junior simply had to work around his inability to see. Ever since he could pick up sticks, which was at a young age, Junior found an innate ability to make beats. Without that reverberating sound that echoed in his soul, he was nothing. Drumming was his life. His sole purpose.

He wasn’t always blind, but over time, he did lose sight, and was given a challenge when it came to pursuing his passion. Last year, he set the bar for the marching band, wowing the crowd at the semi finals during the playoffs. He was only a freshman and he was able to intimidate the hell out of the opposing team. For the finals, he was given the chance to make the routine, so that was pretty cool. And was ten times better than his previous performance. His motto was and will always be: do better. If the crowd cheered, the next time he would aim to get them to scream. If his performance was a ten, he had to make sure his next one was a twenty.

Here he was in the band room, with his earphones resting on his shoulder, sitting by the iconic blood red drum set, actually donated by his father. This entire room had industry level instruments thanks to continuous donations of the great bands that came from this school, like East of Eden. Spinning one of his drumsticks in his left hand, he smiled at his company, which was that of Henry Green and Parker Ashford. Their audition was coming to a close. It was a no brainer that Parker would front their unnamed band. The moment she sang, his body was given chills; he even tested her to see if she overpowered the instruments, or complimented them. He had some of his marching bandmates helping with the auditions, though none of them wanted to actually join, using the same excuse that they were too busy or couldn’t afford to let their grades fall. They’re lost. They were mediocre at best, anyways.

Right now, Mercy was wagging her tail and prancing around Parker, running around her, in circles. His dog rarely got hyper, but when she did… it was full speed ahead. “Henry, you know where the talent is. I should’ve just went to you. Would’ve saved Miles the trouble of going around school with all those flyers.” Sure, Nero went the old fashioned route and held auditions, but it was only because he doesn’t really look at Henry, Hailey, or Cyndi, as kids carrying their parents’ name. He just sees them as people he grew up with. It ain’t his fault he didn’t think ‘hey, I’m just going to go to Henry and see if he knows musicians that are bored and want to be in a band’. Whatever, he needed to get in contact with this Aries’ kid, because his Youtube channel was sick. Meaning the soundtracks he heard off the channel, not the actual videos, were sick. Surely the video was cool too, if he could see it.

“I’m just a dude who likes to watch YouTube while eating his Oreo O’s in the morning. I watch less YouTube now that someone else sleeps in my bed, but hey, I’m not complaining. Morning show is way better now than it was before.” Henry shrugged and threw one of the Donettes he had into his mouth, munching on it. Normally, he’d throw a thumbs up in Nero’s direction, but that wasn’t exactly necessary when he couldn’t see anything. “Aries is cool, and all he’s ever wanted is to be a rockstar. He basically does… nothing but play music, so he’s a good choice. And Parker is the songbird of her generation, y’known.” He was speaking with his mouthful, but his job was pretty much done. He’d gotten Parker a job, that was the important one, and when Nero had mentioned he was looking for instrumentalists, Henry had to plug the dude with the YouTube channel.

“I appreciate it, man. I honestly hope we can rock this place to the ground. Just like your mom and my dad did. Goals. Yo, should I contact you or Parker when it comes to, well, practice and gigs?” Nero wasn’t necessarily sure how to go about treating Parker because it seemed like Henry helped her a lot with many things. Usually, he’d ask for each of his bandmates’ digits, but he didn’t want to overstep his boundaries with Parker.

“Just hit me up, it’s easier that way.” Parker was like, his responsibility. He wasn’t sure that she could find her way to and from practices without him, but if Nero just texted him it’d be easy enough. He reached into the bag of donuts again, and found that he was on the last one. Bummer. He threw it into his mouth and munched on it, thinking briefly about how his mother would probably reprimand him for eating Hostess, “That is a poor person food, Henry Green.” Oof. Alyssa sure could be a wicked bitch. “Besies, she doesn’t really have a phone anyway.”

“Gotcha, gotcha. One last thing before I let you guys go. Say we become real cool within the next month, maybe performing at the talent show, maybe even prom though that’s way later, could we play at your party? My dad’s been tellin’ me it’s gonna be a rager this year. It’s your big 18!” What? Nero had to seize this opportunity. He didn’t even know how much chemistry him and the band would be, but it was worth a shot! Him and Henry rarely hanged outside of school.

“Huh? What party?” Henry had to rack his brain, thinking. There was the boat party… but that was already done. And the New Year’s party, but that was also already done, and had been a bit of a disaster. Oh, Nero meant the birthday party. “Uh, I guess? It’s more for Cyndi than me, always is. She’s the golden child. I’m… y’know, me? I need more donuts.”

“Is Cyndi even coming back from Korea? Wouldn’t this year just be a big bang for you?” Junior’s expression was perplexed. If he wasn’t mistaken, Min and Cyndi switched countries for the school year. “Unless she’s comin’ back solely for her birthday?”

“No, from what I understand, she’s just coming back, and Mother is working with the exchange student program to get them to let Min-seo stay for her allotted time. By which I mean ‘giving them a bunch of money in donations.’ So, nah. It’s back to being about Cyndi. Dude, if it was just me, there wouldn’t even be a cake, let alone a party. Especially not a rager.” Henry said, crumpling up the now empty food bag, and tossing it into a trashcan.

“Yeah, but if it was just for Cyndi, she probably would just have family attend. Aren’t you the main reason her parties aren’t so small? At least in terms of the ‘friend’ department. I’m not hating on your sister, she just never seemed close with any people. Too focused on being the golden child, you know what I mean.” Nero, for a moment, was forgetting he was holding auditions, enjoying his time with someone he basically considered a brother.

“Well, I didn’t even know there was a party — so I haven’t invited nobody. ‘sides, I’m just that dude that everybody likes because he’s funny. And I am funny, no matter what the Hailstorm says. Aight, Park and I are takin’ off. Parker! Let’s rock n’ roll. And don’t get excited, no matter what, I’m not buying you a puppy.” Henry was walking toward the door now; he needed donuts and his waifu more than he needed to stand there and bitch about a surprise birthday party.

The adults were talking. At least that’s what it seemed like to Parker; considering she barely listened to the adults when they spoke at school, why would she listen when outside of that institution, especially when there was a dog to occupy her thoughts and time with. While the others had been talking, presumably about something that so desperately needed Parker’s attendance, she was playing with a particularly peppy pup. If only she had a tennis ball or something, but she was enjoying spinning in a circle as the dog rotated and spun around happily around her. Sure she was getting dizzy, but she was getting dizzy with a puppy!

“WHY NOT? I WANT ONE! JASMINE NEEDS A FRIEND TOO!” Parker was brought out of her preoccupied mind after she had fallen onto her tush having spun one too many times. From her position on the floor was where she poutedly responded to Henry’s laying down of the law. “PLEASE?”

Henry sighed and bent down, scooping Parker up and slinging her over his shoulder like Santa’s toy bag. With his beloved daughter slung over his shoulder, Henry headed toward the door, and the last thing that Nero heard from them was Henry’s voice, No puppies!

“See ya later!” Junior shouted after them.

Fully satisfied with the past half hour, Nero grinned to himself. Did he have any more people coming, or was it time for him to pack up and go?

“Hey, Junior, we’re going to get goin’. It’s almost 4 and, like, we love music, but we don’t want to be at school anymore.” One of the band geeks said, placing the guitar down, taking initiative to speak for her and the other kid by the piano.

“You’re good, thanks for the help guys. I’m sure we’re just about finished anyways. See ya!” In time, he was alone. Instead of cleaning up, he’d wait just in case there were any stragglers. While he waited, he decided to kill the silence by throwing down some tasty beats, with the song that’s been stuck in his head all day. Hot for Teacher by Van Halen. Because why not? He had downtime.

In his head, he painted a faint image of being on stage, how he can only imagine a stage looking like from those distant memories when he could see. The grand stage he remembered when he was a child, as he watched his dad ruthlessly shred. Please, remember, Nero isn’t simply ‘blind’. There are different types of blindness. His so happens to be Retinitis Pigmentosa. Though he cannot see anything, his eyes are still light sensitive and based on his intuition and growing up with actual sight, he is still capable to form some type of person or image in his head even if it may not be completely accurate. It is, however, usually very accurate, due to practice and him taking therapy where he talks to strangers, describes how they look like, and then they describe themselves. He sees where the similarities and differences are. How accurate he is. Lots and lots of therapy, solely because he wanted to function like everyone else and not be seen as his disability.

Based on the voice of Parker and how she acted, he could see how she looked like in his head and based on how Aries’ sounded on Youtube, he tried to create a figure for that too. Hopefully when he met the dude, he could imagine something clearer. Parker he got a better mental image of. Tiny. Very tiny. Based on the glint from her head from the blaring ceiling light, blonde. Round, big round eyes, a long, but button nose, an oval shaped head, and a wide, child-like smile. His one-of-a-kind leading singer.

Charity had been there for a while, watching events unfold and waiting for a chance to talk to Nero. She was also waiting for her sister. Panda liked to be fashionably late and it was a trait of her sister’s that vexed Charity. Panda said she liked to stand out by doing it, but one day, it would backfire, and she’d miss something. And she’d deserve it. Sure enough, Panda arrived almost as soon as Charity overheard Nero say that the audition were ‘almost finished’. Her sister was once again cutting it fine, and the irritation was showing on Charity’s face as she looked over to her sister and raised her eyebrows.

Panda chuckled and shrugged at her sister in the most unapologetic manner, before approaching Nero. The blind drummer wouldn’t see her dyed hair, or ‘scene kid’ attire, or goth-like makeup, but nevertheless, the aura of ‘deliberate freak’ exuded from Panda like a miasma. She was unmistakably a rawr XD girl. Even a blind man, literally in this case, could see it.

”Hi, I’m Panda. I’m here to audition for the band. I saw the poster and this definitely looks like my kind of band. I can play bass. A little guitar, but mainly bass.”

Stopping his intense drumming, sweat trickling down his forehead, he looked towards the voice, staring at her face like any person would. Really, at times it was hard to tell that Nero was actually blind because of how much he trained himself to blend in with everyone else. Mercy sniffed Panda’s shoes, as the cute Labrador Retriever stood in between the dyed hair girl and her master. “Awesome! Being able to play more than one instrument is always a plus. I don’t want this band to be pigeon holed. There might be songs where we need a guitar rhythm and a guitar solo, or a low midrange and then you or whoever plays the same chord, but higher broadening the tonal spectrum. I like dynamic and if you got the skills, bring it to the table.”

Placing his drumsticks on the snare drum of the band room’s drum set, Nero stood up and strolled down the platform to formally introduce himself to Panda, “Nero, but you can call me Junior since when I think of my name I think of my dad.” He offered his hand, but continued to talk, instructing her of what he wanted her to do next, “We’re going to keep your audition simple, compared to everyone else, since I got to meet with a friend after this. You go up there.” He gestured at the platform with all the instruments. “And play me a song. If I like what I hear, I’ll give you a call probably by the end of tonight. But since I haven’t heard you play with other musicians, when we do have our first meet, I’ll be observing your synergy with the other bandmates. Ultimately, my final decision will be made when we’re all together. Anyone can learn to play an instrument, but it takes a real musician to be able to play with other musicians, no matter their music preference and background. Sound good?”

Nero had made an oversight and didn’t realize he had company this entire time. That of Charity Spencer. If he looked in her direction, he could probably see the light bounce off her hair, but he hadn’t this entire time.

”Can’t really audition for bass properly without a band anyway, but I’ll see what I can do for now.” Panda replied, before heading to the platform, picking up the bass, and lifting the strap over her shoulder. With her own pick in her hand, she started playing a simple set of rock chords, but every so often playing them with a new technique. From flourishing notes, to harmonics, to slap bass, and more. It was no technical marvel of dexterity. She betrayed that she’d be an okay guitar player, but she was a damn good bass player, with a good sense of rhythm and groove without any flashiness.

Originally, at the start of auditions, all those that came to show off were nothing but flashy and lacked skills, but those that appeared at the end. Parker and Panda. They were talented. He had yet meet with Aries in person, but that would happen in due time. To say he wasn’t impressed would be a downright lie, because even though he couldn’t visually see her, he could feel her musical talent, her strong presence. Once again, he went to that distant dream of him on stage but this time with him, Parker, Aries, and Panda. An eccentric group, but memorable. He digged it. When Panda came to a close, he nodded to himself and gave her a thumbs up, “Yeah, you’re good. Y’know, the bass is such an understated instrument, but if done right, it can really make a piece. I think you got potential, Panda.” Before she made her leave, to do whatever it is a ‘RAWR XD’ girl does, Nero waved at her, while kneeling over and petting his dog, “We’ll keep in touch.”

Now that the musician auditions were all done, Panda left, and things looked promising for her sister, Charity then cleared her throat and started walking forward. She had found it slightly odd that Nero had shown no sign of noticing her until now. “Hello. I’m sorry to interrupt, but my name’s Charity Spencer from the school newspaper, and it was also my sister who just auditioned. I apologize for her lateness on her behalf.”

“Oh snap!” Nero was actually startled. Standing up, slightly embarrassed, he scratched his head with an apologetic grin, “... have you been here this entire time?” He wasn’t perfect. Sure, for a blind boy, he was more aware of his surroundings than most, but sometimes, sometimes he missed things. Especially when he was distracted by music. “I should be the one sorry, I should’ve said hi or something when you walked in. When did you walk in?”

He bridged the distance between them and looked at where he assumed her face was. Another tiny blonde, but her hair was longer. How could he miss that reflective shine? “Music gets me carried away. A lot going up in here.” He tapped his noggin, before continuing, “So yeah, sorry, Charity...That’s interesting. Charity and Panda. Vastly different names. A virtue and an animal. Well, I shouldn’t be talking. I’m named after the last Roman emperor.”

”Well, unlike us, Panda isn’t her real name. She actually has a normal name, believe it or not. She chose to be called Panda. Anyway, I was just wondering if you would agree to an interview for the paper about this band. It wouldn’t need to be very long. The article would just be a nice little fluff piece. I just think it’d make a nice, small story. It doesn’t have to be today, either.”

“Yeah, sure. I’d have to have one practice first before this can become a story. We’re not a band until we play together. You’re more than welcome to come to that too. I’d like to think the more time you spend with your subject matter, the better the story comes out. But I’m no journalist.” Nero was pretty stoked that someone found his search for a band interesting. It wasn’t really a story yet, but hey maybe she would find one. They would definitely be a unique band. Most of them seemed to have distinct qualities and definitely gave off the vibe of misfits. “Should we exchange numbers?” He took out his phone and eagerly waited.

“By the way, I like your name. Reminds me of my dog’s. This is my girl. Her name's Mercy. She’s really a man's best friend.” Aside from Miles, Mercy was the closest thing to him. The foolhardy dog was laying on her back on the floor, with her tongue out, staring at the stranger with nothing but a playful demeanor on.

Charity wasn’t sure whether to take that as a compliment for a split second, but looking down at Mercy, how could you not? ”Thank you. I try to live up to it,” she replied, as she crouched down and began scratching the good dog’s belly, smiling at it. She looked up, and took her phone out, as she turned her attention back to Nero. She gave him her own number, as well as Panda’s number. Now, business was concluded.

”So,” she asked after she put her phone away, ”What made you want to start a band, exactly? Has it always been something you wanted to do?”

“Kinda." The drummer boy shrugged, as he listened to the light sounds of her touch against Mercy's belly. “Music is all I really know. Part of me wants to become a legend, just like my dad. I've dabbled in a variety of styles, from jazz to metal, to what I do here, at school, in the marching band. I can't tell if it's more of my father's dream, or my own, but while I'm still young might as well see, right?" Junior took a seat on the platform, staring at the area where his dog’s face was, listening to her breathing.

”That sounds a lot like Panda. Music’s been her life ever since she started calling herself Panda. Me? I like music but I’m more into the acoustic singer-songwriter style of pop. When I want to relax, I turn to the television. Or to reading. I’ve wanted to help people and educate or inform them for as long as I can remember. It’s partially why I’m in the newspaper team. I’d rather be a teacher or a missionary than a journalist, though.”

Glancing over to the direction of Charity’s voice, Nero carefully listened, raising an eyebrow as she talked. Her spirit was friendly and reminded him of someone, yet he couldn’t recall who. They had only just met and yet she trusted him enough to express her interests, or perhaps it was for the story? If she grew closer with him, the more her story would be relatable because she wasn’t writing about strangers. She would know him.

Junior didn’t know what was her intent, but it was refreshing. “Missionary? So, you believe in God?” Religion was a topic that led down a slippery slope, but Junior was never one to stray away from controversy topics. Was it weird that he felt like he could talk to this girl for hours? About random topics? She intrigued him and provoked the deep thoughts that resided in him to come out. Soul searching and constantly thinking about the world, wanting to know more. Always more. Never satisfied. The more he knew, the better his music and just overall life would be. Junior supposed he wanted to inspire, while she wanted to teach, but those two things went hand in hand. You can’t be seen as a good teacher without having an innate ability to inspire. He was no teacher but he could at least save lives in his own way. Through his music.

”Yes, I am religious,” Charity replied, smiling. ”Evangelical. I’d like to think I’d be a good person even without faith but I can’t pretend growing up with it hasn’t made me who I am. I know there’s a stigma surrounding devout christianity in this school, not helped by a select few individuals I know of...”

Before Charity could continue, Nero’s phone began ringing.

“Oh, excuse me for a sec.” Getting up, Junior went off out the hall (muscle memory knowing what direction to go in). When the drummer disappeared from the room, Mercy rolled over and went to Charity’s feet, keeping a keen eye in that general direction. Charity once again bent down and began petting her, with the occasional ”Who’s a good girl?” cooed at her. After two minutes and forty six minutes, exactly, Nero came rushing in and apologetically addressed Charity, “Hey, I’m sorry I have to end things short, but my friend’s been waiting outside for ten minutes now.” Without his fingers, as he stood by the arc of the door, Nero whistled. As a result, his dog came rushing to his side.

Before he left, he said one last thing to say: “We should… talk some time. I enjoyed this.” After one last, welcoming and charming smile, Junior and his dog were gone. Charity thought about his parting words. She could confidently say she enjoyed talking with him too. Charity was a naturally open person, but rarely did she ever hear that panicked voice in her head telling her she might be oversharing, and to chill out. Not that it’s advice seemed very useful. Yes, they should talk some time. Not the interview, but a conversation.

Kasuke Mina

The group had become quite large when Fumika, Asuka and Ruby met up with Jett, Haruka and Kenichi. Mina followed, but hung around near the back. She didn't want to get roped into a conversation. Luckily the group were rather quiet and serious as they journeyed to the hospital by bus. Mina could appreciate why. Their classmates were hurt. All sense of friend, enemy, acquaintance and annoyance no longer existed. They were Komei Academy class 1-A. Everybody who had been hurt was one of them. Getting to the hospital, the group gathered in the lobby, and Jett asked who everybody wanted to see first. Mina thought this was a wierd question, as they would all likely be visiting everyone.

"I say we visit them all one by one, starting from one side and working our way down," Mina suggested to Jett.

Regardless of the decision finally made, Mina followed the rest of them up to the second floor, where the first thing she saw was Donny, in the corridor, clearly struggling when he was just as clearly supposed to be in bed. "Excuse me," she spoke to the rest of the group, before splitting off from them and approaching Donny.

When she reached him, she stood in front of him with her hands against her hips, and a ticked-off, icy stare. In short, classic Mina. "Donny, why aren't you in bed? You're supposed to be resting!"

@Aerandir@Feyblue@Melpaws@Zeroth@Lucius Cypher

Koizumi Seiko

"Is there any real need to get super creative?" Seiko asked, eyebrow raised. "Whipped cream on the palm, hand in warm water, even draw on his face! They're all better ideas than fighting Amane or making his pants fall down! Really, we want something that won't link to us, that we can watch unfold to our amusement and maybe even record, but we at least have the chance to get far away before he finds out it's us. I can't get real specific with planning until I find out everybody's quirks."

He gestured to Toru and Mamoru. "What are your quirks?"

@Experiment 249@FamishedPants@Lucius Cypher

Maeda Hitomi

Hitomi followed Acion back into the school, and to the empty classroom, and listened to Action go into a little more detail. When she heard their classmates had been hospitalized, she gasped, and the color drained from her face as she clenched her fists where she sat. "This is serious," she spoke quietly, getting increasingly more agitated as she carried on. "Who are they and how bad are they hurt? I never imagined Assassins would attack us. We're...we're kids! Who attacks kids?! What did they do this for? What's the reason?! I..."

She trailed off as she stood up, her breathing turned to panting, and a wild look in her eye that would concern Acion and possibly even scare Tomoe. The sheep girl began to pace back and forth anxiously. "Don't mind me," she assured the other two, "I get testy when I'm angry or distressed, and right now I'm both. It's the ram in me."

Asuka Ruby, Mina and Fumika



After a more than just weird conversation with the Class-B Bully Amane, the visibly confused nekomimi made her way to the entrance of the dorms just as she had initially intended. It’d be just a few more moments before she could finally lock herself into her room and have her mind wander freely through the lovingly and carefully crafted fantasy worlds within her beloved novels that were stored in Ruby’s room. All while listening to some of her favorite tunes with the help of her headphones which were unique since they were created to fit even her feline ears. Already lost in her own thoughts about the events that just occured, the stinging pain in her hands and about what was to come in a few moments, Ruby was very absent-minded. While being a rather uncommon occurrence for the cautious and careful catgirl, right now she basically couldn’t pay less attention to her surroundings.

It is because of this unique state of mind she was in that Ruby did not notice the other two people approaching the other side of the doors to their dorms who, just when Ruby was reaching for the door herself, pushed it open from the other side. The catgirl, who was still dressed in her somewhat tight and rather dirty gym clothes after her intense training session, her hands being bandaged fully due to the small injuries the sustained, was caught so off guard that the door just slammed into her face. A cute and quiet shriek of surprise came from within the neko as she stepped back and held her nose with both hands.


This small but literally impactful moment brought her back to reality as she saw the two figures standing in front of her, only one of whom she recognized. Ruby was incredibly embarrassed nonetheless, her cheeks blushing as she waited for them to step through the door.

Mina was the first to emerge, and seeing that the door she’d opened had hit the cat girl in the face, turned Lady-mode back on, and bowed to Ruby profusely. ”Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! Is there anything I can do to help?”

Asuka blinked as she felt the slight bump against the opening door. There hadn’t been anything outside next to it when she’d come in, had there? She didn’t need her sister’s perfect memory to be sure of that much. So then what, exactly, had she just hit? Or rather, who? She quickly pulled the door back mostly closed and slipped gingerly through the remaining gap, peering around from behind Kasuke and finding her suspicions confirmed. Someone had been standing right on the other side, and she hadn’t noticed since she’d been preoccupied watching the Yoshida kid with her stupid sister. As to who it was… well, of course Asuka didn’t know that. If Fumika had ever mentioned someone with cat ears to Haruka, then she certainly hadn’t been around at the time, and of course it was too much to hope that her idiot sister would introduce her to anyone - especially if she’d already been going around telling everyone about how mean and horrible she was.

Well, regardless, that was no reason to prove her right, so, even if Kasuke seemed to have the situation under control, she felt obligated by courtesy to follow suit. So, she flipped her mental switch one more time and made a tremendous effort to make a good impression, even if, thinking about it honestly, this girl probably wouldn’t even remember her face ten minutes from now, and would probably just think of her as “that ditzy bitch who hit me with the door” regardless of what she said to smooth things over.

How utterly exhausting.

Emerging from behind the door, Asuka covered her mouth in obvious surprise, her face coloring the expected shade of red. “Omigosh, omigosh… I’m soooo sorry! I spaced out and didn’t even see you there! Are you okay?” She folded her hands and bowed sheepishly once, then twice for good measure.

Both of the people stepping through the door were actually being very polite towards Ruby even if she only recognized one of them. SInce she usually had a fairly decent memory it was fair to assume that they had never met before.
While still covering her nose with her hands, the neko watched them as they bowed and apologized, rightfully so as Ruby thought. Nonetheless she was happy that they did apologize to her like that, even though obviously Ruby was partially to blame as well.

After she had quickly checked the bandages that were wrapped around her hands with which she had covered her nose, Ruby saw that there was no blood on it which meant that her nose wasn’t seriously injured and it made her sigh in relief. This sudden wake-up call however, had her feline ears perked up in attention again.

The catgirl lifted one hand up in order to calm the two of them down.
“Don’t worry, it was more my fault.”
She reassured them, being a bit overwhelmed by the profound apologizing. Upon a second inspection of the people in front of her, Ruby saw that the person she recognized initially was one of her classmates. Mina’s face did take Ruby back to just a few moments ago and her interaction with Amane.
Before the neko would be caught staring at the girl long enough to make it awkward she would quickly start talking. ”Are you... doing alright again?” She asked with genuine curiosity even though that was barely audible through her voice. Despite her edgy and quiet persona, Ruby still cared greatly for her peers even though she expected that Mina might be tired of hearing that question.

Mina’s facade dropped when it appeared she was getting pitied again. Even if part of her appreciated the fact that this usually quiet cat girl was showing concern, there was an instinctual freezing over at the showing of any kind of compassion by otherwise strangers, as also happened in this case. Despite the iciness, there was clearly no aggression or unfriendliness directed specifically at Ruby.

She nodded, and replied with a much more earnest and natural tone; ”Physically, I’m more or less back to normal. No lasting damage except to my pride.” She managed a wry smile before continuing. ”What about you? I doubt you got those bandages from doing homework. What’s the story there?”

Damage to her pride, huh? That was understandable. It was hard to imagine someone’s pride not having at least taken some hit after what had happened to Mina. Even though Ruby wasn’t exactly an expert when it came to how other people felt, this seemed somewhat obvious. Nonetheless, the fact that Mina had already healed her wounds just showed how amazing the medical staff at the school was. Before the neko had a chance to reply, she was asked about her bandages. While not exactly being surprised by the question, she was still somewhat caught off guard. Out of all people, Mina just had to ask her that! After just being told that the girl’s pride took a hit, Ruby could only imagine what she must feel like if she found out that Ruby had just beaten Amane in a spar. Yes it was a quirkless fight- but the fact would surely upset Mina. At least, that is what Ruby concluded after a few moments contemplating which left the other two girls standing in awkward silence.

“Oh you know… I just went a bit too far while training that is all.” She said.

It technically was not a lie since her going overboard was what caused the injuries in the first place. However, of course she did not tell the whole truth.

“Just some scratches.”

Before Mina had much of a chance to reply, Ruby turned her head to face the unknown girl, Asuka. Even though she would prefer to not talk to other people that much, given the fact that she had met plenty new people already with her classmates and Persia earlier, it seemed rude to not introduce herself. Besides, this was a way to change topic away from her bout with Amane.

“I don’t think we’ve met yet. My name is Ruby Mamoru, it is my pleasure to meet you.”

Rather than reaching out her arm to give Asuka her hand, it made more sense for the catgirl to bow given the fact that her hands were injured. So she bowed forward slightly and politely, since the unknown one made a good and polite first impression with her apology. Despite her polite tone, Ruby did not smile at all. It was not really her thing to smile a lot anyways since it would show her fangs which she feared would perhaps deter some people. Therefore the catgirl just looked Asuka into her eyes with her own golden-colored ones after having bowed.

Asuka returned the bow in kind, giving a chipper nod as she raised her head and making significantly more of an effort to show a welcoming smile than the impassive girl she was speaking to. “Yup, we haven’t met yet. My name’s Motome Asuka. I’m not actually a student here, although my big sis is. I’m here visiting her. Her name’s Fumika. You might know her already?” She kept her voice cheerful and friendly, and externally, she didn’t seem to jump to any assumptions that the catgirl was friends with her sister or anything like that, but her own inward thoughts were a very different story.

Despite dismissing her apology immediately, this Ruby girl had hardly even looked at her since then. No, rather, it was almost like she was being pointedly ignored in favor of Kasuke. She didn’t know what they’d been talking about just now, and it clearly hadn’t been any of her business, so she’d been polite enough not to interrupt, but this was a different story. Now that the cat-eared student was actually paying attention to her, her expression had seemed to harden into an ultra-serious stare. Even if her voice sounded disinterested and impassive, that blank, completely calm poker face she gave as she introduced herself didn’t exactly bespeak enthusiasm. It seemed obvious to Asuka that she wasn’t the only one putting on a front here - she was just putting significantly more effort into it. This girl probably had already heard about her from her sister, in which case, it only made sense she’d act that way. But the really annoying thing was just how much her unenthusiastic front reminded her of Fumika herself. She’d only just introduced herself, and she could already tell that she was probably in for a truly unpleasant conversation.

Mina sensed a hint of tension coming from Asuka. It was similar to what she felt when Asuka was with Fumika. She didn’t get involved then because it was sibling issues and that was none of her business, but this kind of tension with Ruby was puzzling. Maybe Asuka had taken offence at Ruby’s naturally impassive nature, which could be taken to be impolite. No, that didn’t make sense. Asuka had relaxed when Mina dropped the pretence of being ‘polite’ and allowed them both to be frank and natural. There was something else going on in Asuka’s head, and now wasn’t the place to look into it.

That wasn’t the only mystery. Ruby had been deliberately vague about where she’d gotten those injuries, which suggested that it was either somebody she was ashamed had given her them, or somebody she didn’t want to bring up with Mina, and there were only two candidates in the latter category. Seeing as how carefully she’d chosen her words, it was unlikely to be a case of Ruby’s own pride. Mina was very suspicious of the possibility that Ruby had sparred with Amane, given the pause. Ruby had no reason to know the full story between Mina and Kaida. There was a tiny voice in Mina’s head warning her that she was being overly paranoid but it was drowned in her constant and frantic thoughts, and suffocated by the threads and chains of ‘logic’.

Even someone as socially inept as Ruby noticed the slight tension in the air that was directed towards her. While pretty much all of that seemed to originate from Mina, it was kind of hard for Ruby to imagine that someone who was as cheerful and friendly as Asuka appeared to her would not be deterred at least somewhat by Ruby’s cold reply to the friendly advances. Feeling a little awkward in her position, Ruby rather replied to Asuka concerning her sibling for now since she wanted to show interest in the conversation, letting the rather polite stranger know that she was appreciated and that Ruby did care, contrary to what expression she might’ve given. Even though Ruby did remember the name Fumika since they were in in the same class now, she hardly ever had exchanged a word with her. The face that she had a sister was knew to her, how would she have known that?

“Yes I know Fumika. I didn’t know she had a sister though, I haven’t really talked to her all that much yet. I just got into this class a few days ago after all.”

Feeling that the tension wasn’t really going away, Ruby started to put the blame onto herself. She knew that the cold expression she gave other people wasn’t exactly the most inviting one and by now the neko somewhat felt bad about it. Especially regarding people like Asuka who were generally friendly to the neko were the ones where Ruby regretted being so seemingly rude towards. Maybe she should really start to train to become more friendly towards others…
Her head dropped down after a few seconds of awkward exchange and she stared at the floor for a little while before lifting her head again and awkwardly scratching the back of her head with her right hand awkwardly.

“Look, I am sorry if I come across as rude. I am not often around people so I… I tend to give of the wrong impression. Really, I don’t mean to be… unfriendly.”

Ruby tried to force a smile but the result looked more like someone who has never seen a smile in their life before and only heard about how it works in theory. It was incredibly awkward and very much cringy, but Ruby tried to show that she was not actually meaning to be rude towards the two girls, one of whom she only barely knows and the other one which she did not know at all beforehand. The smile did reveal her fangs though which is probably one of the few things that could be appreciated about it.

“No, it’s no problem at all!” Asuka replied with a bright smile of her own - a significantly better act, if she flattered herself, than that of the cat-eared girl who she addressed - waving her hand dismissively. “I get shy sometimes when meeting new people too, so I totally understand.” Of course, that was a lie, but it was a polite lie.

Speaking of polite lies, however, the way she’d backtracked quite suddenly came off as suspicious to Asuka. Sure, it was possible she was just awkward, as she had said. However, the way she was acting now was completely different… less defensive, rather. Had she been expecting a more rude welcome, then, once she realized who she’d been speaking to? Given her earlier theory, it was possible - no, likely, even, that this girl had, like the others, been predisposed to expect the least of her, and now that she’d broken those expectations, this Ruby was struggling to find the appropriate way to react.

Well, whatever. It didn’t matter if that was the case or not. Unconvincing though it might have been, she was at least making an effort to be civil, which was more than Asuka could say for the cloaked woman she had encountered earlier. In that case, she supposed she could be bothered to keep acting like an airhead a while longer just for the sake of conversation.

Besides, now that she got a read on her, she seemed like a better person that Asuka had originally given her credit for. Reviewing the facts in her mind, she ran through the case like a true detective. When they’d accidentally hit her with the door, she’d immediately apologized herself, claiming it was her own fault. She’d noticed something about Mina which even Asuka herself hadn’t caught onto, and had inquired after her well-being. And after her admittedly frosty self-introduction, she’d been so self-conscious that she felt the need to clarify and apologize again. If she was feigning the whole shy-girl act, then she was way better at this than Asuka thought, in which case she deserved some measure of respect. And if not, then, well, interacting would probably be super awkward, but at least she was making an effort to be polite about it, whether it was out of obligation or some naive kindness, unlike some people. Either way, she could have been a worse conversational partner, and so long as she was actually willing to be civil, Asuka decided that, act or not, she didn’t mind Ruby so much after all.

“I wouldn’t call it sh-”

”By the way,” Mina suddenly blurted out, choosing her timing badly, or possibly deliberately. ”It wasn’t Amane you sparred with, was it, Ruby?” Asuka turned, glancing at her with slight surprise, but made no comment.

Ruby was interrupted before she could finish her sentence by Mina’s questioning. Pretty much out of nowhere she decided to inquire about Ruby’s training-partner. Since Mina had asked specifically for Amane, it was clear why she was so energetic about it. However, it mostly only confirmed Ruby’s suspicion that the events during the exercise really affected Mina.

A small pause where Ruby gazed at Mina was all that seperated Mina’s blurted out words and the neko’s reply.

“Are you sure that you are okay Mina? Amane really seems to be getting into your head. You really shouldn’t become paranoid over it. Amane is just another student and you’ll be able to get your revenge in eventually, I am sure. Just don’t let it affect you this much, that is not very healthy”

For once, Ruby actually spoke with a kind voice showing that she was genuinely concerned about her classmate, it definitely was not a pretty sight after all. Obviously, Ruby hadn’t forgotten it either. For any aspiring hero that was hard to watch.

Mina’s gut reaction to that was anger, but thinking about it, Ruby had a point. Who was Mina’s anger really directed at? Not Ruby, possibly Amane, but probably herself. She lost. Badly. She thought she was over it but obviously not. Mina had never, in her life, lost before. Not in fights, not in grades.It was only natural she wouldn’t take it well.

”Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go...get some water, or something,” Mina responded, looking...let’s just say distracted, as she started to leave the group. Before she left, however, she turned back to Ruby, with a worryingly focused glint in her eye. ”We should spar sometime,” were her parting words.

Asuka glanced between the two students, as if weighing her options. She could follow Kasuke - that would be the logical thing to do - but something told her that the blonde very much didn’t want to be followed. Not with that look in her eye. Still, that was no reason to be impolite, so, giving a cheery wave to her new “friend,” she sent her off as innocently as if nothing strange had happened in that last exchange at all.

“Thanks for showing me to the dorms, Kasuke!” And then, all that was left was to get out of this conversation. “Ah, right. Speaking of which, I should probably head back now to see how my sister is doing.” She was just turning back to face the cat-eared girl and finish excusing herself when an unexpected voice from behind her decided that now was the perfect time to interrupt.

“You don’t need to do that. I’m fine.”

Asuka jumped slightly, whirling around to find herself being stared down by those blank blue eyes… Except the fact that they weren’t nearly so blank as they should have been. Her face seemed pale, and her brow was set very intently. If Asuka didn’t know better, she’d have said that her sister was afraid. But what would she possibly have to be afraid of?

“Oi, sis, I told you not to sneak up on me like that! Don’t tell me you forgot?”

“I don’t forget things,” the elder Motome replied seriously. “But I also didn’t sneak. I just walked here normally.”

“Ugh, nevermind, you big idiot… What’s the deal, anyway? I thought you were too busy flir- That is, catching up with that classmate of yours back there.” Asuka crossed her arms, angrily staring down her sister and trying really hard not to slip up. Fumika didn’t seem to notice, or if she did, she didn’t care - just like she didn’t seem to care about anything else her sister said or did either.

“...We have to go,” She declared gravely. Asuka did a double take, craning her head and raising an eyebrow.

“...Uh… Why?” She asked.

“A villain. A lot of my friends were hurt. They’re in the hospital now. I have to go make sure they’re alright. Haruka said it was dangerous to go alone.”

The words hung in the air, and suddenly, Asuka understood the look of fear that her sister had worn all too well. She forgot to be angry at her sister for interrupting, for being so insufferable - even for telling stories about her behind her back. Having seen and spoken to Harukaze Haruka, it was impossible not to, in that moment, understand what her sister was thinking completely.

“Alright. It’s late, but if we hurry, we should be able to catch a bus or a train downtown. Come on, don’t just stand there. Are the others coming too?” Fumika nodded, and motioned back to the dorm.

“They told me to get you…” She answered quietly.

“Well, you’ve got me. Come on, let’s go see what their plan is.”

Ruby half expected Mina to actually become angry at what she had said, so seeing her react relatively calmly was surprising for the catgirl. She would be justified in becoming angry, though not becoming angry really did impress Ruby actually, showing her that she knows how to control herself and that earned respect with the black-haired one. Before Mina attempted to leave she asked Ruby to spar sometime, for whatever reason. Even though Ruby was not the biggest fan of sparring, she returned a confident nod to accept the challenge, even though the actual spar would probably still be far away in the future.

Before Ruby could say goodbye to Asuka and leave, a classmate decided to make an appearance. Fumika brought some interesting news to the table, enough for Ruby to make a quick change of plans. Usually, she’d really love to be alone right about now, but hearing that her classmates were injured due to villains sounds like a serious issue and immediately spoke to the heroic spirit inside of Ruby which caused her to become concerned. Even though, again, she didn’t properly display that emotion to the outside, the neko replied to the other two girls.

”I will join you guys if that is okay. That sounds worrying…”

She replied quickly and then would follow the others on their journey to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Mina had been close enough to hear Fumika’s news that many of their classmates had been hurt. As confused and emotional as Mina was right now, this news reached the Hero in her, and she vowed to make her way to the hospital herself, and assure herself that everybody was alive and stable. The fact that this was the morally right thing to do never crossed her mind. She was genuinely concerned for the safety and health of her classmates.

More students joined the group, and like her, nobody knew what was going on. There was little rhyme or reason to the group. Nothing that this particular group had in common that set them apart from other students. She ran through likely reasons this group had been assembled, and the possibilities diminished with every new face added to the group, and still nobody knew why. A field trip was unlikely, as that would likely be on a class or age basis, and would be announced a head of time. Field trips weren't drooped onto students without notice with a foster made up bu lottery, so Heidi dismissed that possibility. Heidi was massive Sherlock Holmes fan growing up, and line in particular had always stood out her. Of course nothing was impossible, and the illogical couldn't be entirely discounted, but she had modified the famous line into something a little more foolproof;

'When you have eliminated the illogical scenarios, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the most likely outcome.'

And it was increasingly becoming apparent that the most likely reason for their gathering was indeed X-men related. Heidi was beginning to get excited, and wore a slight smile. Thankfully she calculated that nobody would likely notice it. When Scott entered the room, Heidi was nervous, to find out whether or not she was right. Unfortunately, he wasn't standing still at the far end of the room, but in the middle of them, so Heidi had to move around the room as he talked, making sure she could always see his lips move. She felt very self-conscious about having to move around like this and many of the other kids must have wondered what she was doing. Her brain could make up for most deficiencies, and her grades had given her a reputation, but barely anybody knew she was deaf. She didn't keep it a secret, but word had spread directly proportional in volume to how much she ever talks about herself to others, I.E. nothing.

With Scott's glasses covering his eyes, and brow ridge, Heidi had to particularly pay attention to the rest of his face, and his body language, to discern his tone of voice. Despite this, she managed to understand fully everything Scott was saying. Anti-Mutant groups were having a surge in popularity, perhaps because it had been so peaceful and they sensed an opportunity. There was nothing Heidi could recall that would have set them off. What was worse, was that they had kidnapped children. Heidi had always been appalled by these extremists. In the same way that nobody despises Stalinism more than a Socialist, nobody despised Anti-Mutant groups more than the very Pro-Registration Heidi Williams.

Something that concerned her equally were that the Pro-Mutant protesters opposing these groups sounded as if they were invoking the name of the Brotherhood as if they were heroes. That was wrong. Terrorists bent on actual world domination were not heroes. This was exactly why Mutantkind needed the X-men. They needed Heroes who showed everyone a better way. The X-Men were the manifestation of the hope that mutants and humans could be truly equal one day. Heidi didn't find it puzzling that the Avengers weren't getting involved. They weren't bouncers or barrier security. Their purpose was to fight threats that nobody else could. Expecting them to help here instead of the X-men was like expecting the coastguard to help de-escalate a mid city hostage situation. It wasn't their job. It was ours.

Heidi knew what Scott was going to ask before he even asked it, and she was ready to say yes, but hearing it actually asked of her caused a well of emotion to come out of nowhere. This had been her childhood dream, and now it was becoming a reality. For her. Heidi Williams, aged 15. A super-genius who had no physical mutations to speak of. She had to hold back tears as she answered in the affirmative.

"I'm in, Mr. Summers. I'll try not to let you down."

Maeda Hitomi

The butt-pinch was met with a rather loud meep, as Hitomi seemed ready to turned on Tomoe in an annoyed manner, before hearing that she'd been staring too much, whereupon she turned red and firmly attached her gaze to her own feet. "Ah, thank you, Tomoe. I didn't realize..."

When Tomoe started showing pictures of the cat-herding competition to Acion, the facial expressions of both alarmed Hitomi, and she practically grabbed Tomoe's phone and turned it towards her so that she the picture. She was shocked. "Tomoe!" she exclaimed. "Delete that picture right now!"

When Acion slapped himself in the face, Tomoe turned back towards him. Wait...did he...? Was he? That thought was embarrassing not no more embarrassing than the past minute had been. However, she didn't hate it. She didn't hate thinking about the possibility that she could garner the same reaction from Acion that she has herself felt that time Acion landed on her balcony in a tight t-shirt. It made her wonder if perhaps she had a chance.

Acion then went into detail about what he'd been doing. Or at least was going to, but didn't. His tone was also noticeably more somber thinking about the past events. "If it's important, I want to hear it, but if we should be discreet, maybe we should all head back indoors. Are you and your sister okay, though?"


Mako Akane

"Tell Kaida I was here and wish her well," Mako replied, getting up, before slipping a diary from her jacket pocket and looking into it for a few seconds, before chuckling. "Look at me, pretending I ever have plans...I'm free this Friday. Just name the place and time and I'l be there! Here's a card for Komei Academy's reception line. Nobody will ever answer that phone but me."

She placed the card on the table as she turned and left the hospital. During the drive back, she couldn't help thinking about many things. Jean was only one of them. This attack on Komei pupils. Dulga's desire for revenge. Donny's lack of regard for his safety and of those around him. Amane. This year was quickly growing into the most chaotic year of school she'd ever faced, and it was almost enough for her to stop enjoying it. Almost.


George's admission that he didn't know who they were or how they found him sounded the alarm bells in Eilidh's head. She ignored George for now and approached Bast. "I'm starting to wonder if George was the one who gave the Guild this job," she said to him, discreetly. "He doesn't know who we are, why we're here, and wasn't prepared to pay us." As she listened to George's counter-offer, she tutted irritably. "I know how to get to the Shrine of Eros, but even so, we're taking George with us. If this endevour leaves us with more battle scars and still no money, we will have to sit down," She put her hand on our sword hilt for emphasis, "and have a long talk with him."


Featuring: Charity Spencer and Jamie Callaghan
Location: Newspaper Room
Time: Wednesday, After school

By the time Charity Spencer arrived at the newspaper room, she heard the printers whirring, and working hard. It was too early to print the whole paper, and Trixie would not have gotten Charity’s coverage of the party to the printers this fast. That meant somebody else was printing something, and by the time she entered the room, she knew it was Jamie before she saw him. She was glad to see him, and equally nervous about asking for his help.

”Hi, Jamie. Working hard as usual?” she greeted as she strolled over to the printers and read what he had printed, turning her back to him as she read because despite what Jamie might have thought about Charity’s reaction to such a gossip-bait piece, she was actually smiling as she read it. I mean, the content of the story was bad, but the only part Charity did not already either know or suspect was the good news; Owen didn’t cheat on Trixie, and they had a chance at getting back together. Charity didn’t really know Owen, and from his reputation, didn’t want to know, but Charity had seen firsthand the effect this drama has had on Trixie.

Charity was smiling for another reason, however. These skills, and this ability to stir the pot with a mere article could rival the Weekend Warrior’s, and those were exactly the skills she would need from Jamie. Here goes nothing...

”Hey, Jamie? Could I ask you a favour? Well, it’s more of a proposition for a story, but it’s for a friend of mine.”

Jamie grinned at Charity. He liked the girl, he did. Sure, she was a bit of a Bible thumper, but she was a good writer, and she was dedicated. As someone working under him, that’s the best thing she could be. Well, someone soon to be working under him, if all went well. “Ask away,” he said, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms, his blue eyes trained on the sophomore.

Charity took a deep breath to steel herself, and made sure the door was closed, before turning back to Jamie. ”Trent from the football team is blackmailing Miriam Archer into dating him. I don’t know what he’s blackmailing her with but I’d like to find out before anybody besides us hears about this. I also need help gathering any dirt on him that exists...Not what you were expecting me to ask, I know, but Miriam’s my best friend”

Jamie nodded, chewing his lip as he mulled over the request. Trent was an asshole, for sure. Trent was also an asshole who played football, so that meant he packed heat, though, that hadn’t stopped Jamie before. Miriam Archer was a nice girl, and while she might not be an obvious ally, Jamie knew there was a benefit to helping everyone. Sooner or later, he’d be grateful he came to her aid. Jamie leaned forward, his posture gone from casual and laid back, to all business.

“Alright, I’m in. Find out what Trent has on Miriam, and then find a way to get him to drop it. This isn’t gonna be easy. I’m sure he knows that you and Miriam are close, so it’ll be too difficult for you to earn his trust. Nobody tells me anything unless they want it in the paper, so I can’t go either. Our best bet is someone on the football team, someone who can talk to him without it seeming suspicious,” Jamie said, looking up at Charity, awaiting her response.

”I don’t want to risk getting a football team member involved unless I’m a hundred percent sure they won’t choose team loyalty over us,” Charity answered, shaking her head. ”I haven’t lost Trent’s trust yet. I think I could get him to at least divulge the information. I’m pretty sure it’s just information because if it was an object like a picture or something, Miriam would have told me he has a picture. I’ll look into who we could trust from the football team too, in case there is actually somebody.”

“If you say so. Just keep in mind, if he catches on to you, he’s gonna have his guard up. He might even take it out on Miriam.” Jamie paused for a moment, then a grin broke out across his face. “Trevor Wells. If you need someone from the team, it’s him. He’s well liked by just about everyone, and he can’t help but do the right thing. I wouldn’t tell him the whole story, but I’m confident you can figure something out. I’ll keep my ears open for anything that could help. I’m sure Trent has something we can use against him.”

”Thank you for helping. I mean it. I’m really out my comfort zone this, and I wouldn’t have known where to start.” Spoke Charity, bowing her head, before looking back at the printer. ”Nice story too, though it perhaps should have focused more on Owen and Trixie than on Ophelia and Hailey. This school could use more positive stories.”

Jamie nodded as Charity thanked him, and smirked as she shared her opinions on his piece. “You’re probably right,” he said, pausing for a moment before continuing. “The school could use more positive stories, except I don’t care what the school thinks of Owen and Trixie. Gossip is a weapon, not just here, but everywhere. The student body rooting for Owen and Trixie? Who cares. The student body seeing their HOT Girls tearing each other apart? Well, that’s useful.” Jamie said, shrugging.

Charity frowned as she looked into the middle distance, before looking back to Jamie and smiling. ”I suppose why Trixie needs the both of us, and I suppose it’s also why I asked you for help. But, what do you mean, it’s useful?”

“Hailey has power because the rest of this school gives it to her. They see her and her lieutenants fighting though, and maybe they reconsider who they want to give their power to,” Jamie said slyly. He wasn’t under any impression that he’d be next in line for the throne. If it was gonna be anyone who took Hailey’s place it would be Selena or Becca Helmsley, but either one was better than the Green Queen.

Charity nodded, and thought to herself for several seconds, contemplating Jamie’s words. While she didn’t really agree that any good would come out of the student body seeing HOT girl infighting, after all, Hailey didn’t have her position because people thought she was a wise and benevolent queen after all, she appreciated how much power the newspaper had, and why they played the ‘gossip girl’ angle so much. It was the same reason the Weekend Warrior had become such an important part of the BHHS infrastructure, possibly as much as the paper. Words can change the way people think. Charity would use this power to try to make people get along a little better, and to keep people happy, with her articles. But she could see that there was a game in progress, in which Trixie and Jamie were players but she was not. She wasn’t even a piece. And that filled her partly with pride, but for a brief moment, that revelation annoyed her.

”Alright, well,” she finally said. “I’ll find a way to chase up Trevor, but until then I’ll try to get close to Trent Thank you for your help, Jamie!”

“Any time.”

Koizumi Seiko

Seiko watched Lysander talk with two 1A students, and listened in on their conversation. He quickly gathered that they were going to play a prank of somebody. As he continued to listen, he discerned the name of their target, and it was...Amane? Were they out of their minds?! And their ideas were either dangerous, or laughable, or both! Even Seiko would never challenge Amane in a fight, and he honestly believed he could beat most anybody in the school in a spar if he cared about fighting enough to ever spar. That's not to say he couldn't be pranked. These bakas just needed a better plan. Seiko chose this moment to step forward. He was still wearing the dress and makeup he had been waiting for the karaoke match, so anyone who didn't know him would see quite a cute girl approaching.

"Wow. That idea's even worse than the idea to fight Amane! It's clear you three can't be trusted to pull of a prank by yourselves. I'm Seiko, by the way. Koizumi Seiko," he gave a sly, challenging glance at Lysander as she continued, "The best wire quirk user in the school."

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