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Prison Freighter, Designation: Knoxx
Holding Cell 4

Taleste listened to Grayson's plan. She kept quiet because it didn't matter either way, but there was no point in looping the security footage. They'd be fighting their way out and raising hell shortly anyway, and it won't even help keep the records clean because they'll all likely be captured on every other security camera between here and the Security Center. Even if they aren't, their cell will be empty. It won't take a detective to work out that this group were the culprits of the mayhem that they're about to cause. The rest of the plan was solid. Risky, but a lot better than getting the prospect of getting sent to the Kyln. There would be no getting out of there.

When Crusher began to hack, Taleste changed her mind, and still appearing to be restrained, wandered over to him. "There's no point in looping the camera, mate. The seconds it will buy us before we start making noise isn't worth the time it would take to set up a loop in the first place. Just saying," she spoke quietly, before moving back to Grayson's side.

Once they were all ready to go, Taleste slipped off her restraints and pulled Grayson to his feet, and putting his arm over her shoulder. The door finally gave way and exploded off it's hinges. Everyone burst out before her, and she and Grayson slowly ambled their way behind the rest, who fought a path for them. Taleste had never been a big fan of fighting, but her recent time with the SKaldrum hve given her an appreciation for the sheer visceral joy of combat. The moment she saw something she could use as a blade, Grayson was getting passed on to somewhun else!
Kasuke Mina

Girl's Common Room

Mina tried to ignore the nonsense for as long as she could but enough was enough. She stood up, and charged right up to Kenichi. She pointed to the exit behind him. "Get out," she commanded icily. "This is the girl's common room in the first place but when you're throwing people at upperclassmen, a line's been crossed. Or stay. I don't care, but if you're going to stay and listen to our senpai talk to us, sit down and shut up."

She left Roy where he was. He was probably fine. She returned to her seat and listened to Yamada. As such she was the first student to answer the question. "I wasn't there but the fact that it could have happened to me was shocking, and scary. I've noticed everything's been a lot more quiet, for the most part." She stole a glare at Kenichi. "I've been trying to pretend nothing ever happened. I know from the capture-the-flag incident that the last thing they need is heaps of attention, sympathy or pity."

Maeda Hitomi


Hitomi wasn't surprised, or shocked. Still she wasn't ready for Tomoe going there at that moment. She blushed in spite of herself and pinched her nose. "No, we haven't 'done it' yet, Tomoe," she replied slowly and in a low voice, before her expression switched almost as fast as her friend's did when she saw Tomoe look upset. What? Of course not! Why would this mean I have to change rooms? We're roomies forever! Well, not forever, but for this year at least. You know what I mean. And going out sounds like a lot of fun! We should all go out one day! Sure!

When Tomoe reconciled with Acion, and he tuened to her and asked 'Right?', Tomoe nodded and smiled in response, before joining in the hug.

A @Silver Carrot & @Bee collab
Featuring: Charity Spencer and Lawrence Townsend
Location: Empty Classroom

A lot was on Charity’s mind right now. The newspaper was in a mess right now and Charity had heard the Principal was thinking of shutting it down. And on top of that, her conversation with Trent at the church was bothering her. She hoped she could resolve this matter peacefully and simply but for Trent to say those things to her, in a church no less, was unforgivable. She was now convinced that he had no virtue, humility or respect. He was no Christian. He was a bigot who uses Chrisianity like an excuse and discards it when it’s not convenient. The worst kind of person in Charity’s eyes.

As she was walking down the corridor, she spotted Lawrence Townsend. For a brief moment her brain knew that she needed to talk to him about something important, but it took a second longer for her memory to kick in. Of course! When she had lunch with Lauren a few days ago, and spilled the beans, Lauren had advised her to talk to her brother about it! Maybe he could help her deal with Trent! Her pace picked up as she approached him.

”Uh, Lawrence? Hi. It’s Charity. I’m one of Lauren’s friends. I, uh, need a favour. Could I talk to you somewhere quiet?” she asked, choosing not to mention that she wrote for the paper. Given recent developments, that might be a minus instead of a plus.

Lawrence was minding his own business and making his way to his next class. It felt good to be back even if he wasn’t away for that long. It felt like he had been away for months on end, even though it’d actually been a week or two. Nobody actually noticed that he’d been gone for that long. Some would just assume he was sick, and the people he wanted to know knew what was going on.

He was caught off guard all of a sudden when someone approached him, getting in front of him. ”Oh? Uh, sure?” It was a weird request and a really unexpected one, but if Lauren had sent her his way then it probably was something dire and something he could be of use to. It was the unspoken code between the twins, so this must have been good.

Lawrence looked behind him, before gesturing for Charity to step into an empty classroom. ”C’mon.”

Charity entered the classroom, closing the door behind her, then took a breath. Here goes nothing. ”Okay, this is a long story. During the party on that boat, I ran into Trent and Miriam. Don’t know if you know they started dating, but I sure didn’t. I was only there to cover it for the newspaper, mind you!” she added at the last second. Charity Spencer going to a late night party wasn’t an everyday occurrence and did need explanation. She had a reputation to uphold.

”So I cornered Miriam, and asked her about this, and she confided in me that Trent is blackmailing her with something, and that’s why she’s agreed to date him. I don’t know what leverage is but I don’t want to make this situation public until I know. It must be something Miriam doesn’t want known under any circumstances.

Then, I caught up with Lauren for lunch yesterday, and confided in her what Miriam had confided in me. I know it was a secret but this situation won’t get solved if nothing is done about it. She recommended I ask you for help as you’re on the football team. I was still hesitant about involving more people so I decided to try and talk to Trent alone first. I couldn’t get anything out of him. In fact, he insulted me. In a Church, no less. That’s when I decided I needed your help after all.”

Listening to Charity intently, Lawrence nodded. Truth be told he didn’t hear much besides the fact that there was something about blackmail and this had to be kept lowkey. That was fine with Lawrence. He hated blackmail. Anyone who held things over people’s heads were the highest degree of pussy and he was willing to do whatever it took to take them down and drive the idea that sort of stuff was not acceptable. ”That’s fucking shitty… Lawrence shook his head, before looking back at Charity, ”I’ll help you out.”

”Great!” She replied, looking relieved, before stopping to think and frowning again. ”But I’m not sure how. I mean, I don’t know what the next move should be. Obviously the first step should be finding out what he has over Miriam, and then trying to take it or delete it, or at the very least, knowing what it is could help us. Do you have any ideas?”

”Nah, I don’t, actually. I’m not really good with stuff like that. I just... use my muscle, y’know?” Lawrence shrugged. ”Can’t you find a nerd or something to suss it out?”

”I don’t want to get more people involved than I have to. There’s one other person besides Trent who knows what he’s blackmailing Miriam with, and that’s Miriam. I’ll try and get it out of her again. Just keep an eye on Trent. Maybe he’ll let something slip. If I get any ideas, I’ll call Lauren and ask her to pass on a message. It means a lot that you’re willing to help.”

”That sounds like a plan to me.” Lawrence was wondering just how bad the information that Miriam was being blackmailed with was. If Charity was willing to involve so many people and go this far to make sure it didn’t reach, it was surely something that would wreck a lot of lives. ”Be careful, though. Sounds like some heavy stuff.”

Heidi Williams

Location: Nocturne.
Interacting With: Everyone

Heidi watched both Uná and Lex disappear, and Uná appear at a different place, and knowing what she already knew about Uná’s abilities, instantly clocked on what was happening. Illusions. That also meant that Lex hadn’t escaped or beaten the Ghost Rider, which also meant that he was probably dead right now. Heidi felt a little sick with that knowledge. So many were men were dead, and those that weren’t killed by Ayel...No, even those men. Their deaths. Their blood was on the hands of this group. Even when fighting illusions, their violent and chaotic approach made Heidi fundamentally uncomfortable. This is the kind of behaviour that schools for mutants should be preventing, and punishing! But a bunch of teenagers looking up to the X-men? A group of vigilante mutants who fight the bad guys? What else was going to happen?

Heidi wanted to walk past everyone and be done with them, but there were several people she had no issue with. Uná, while clearly demonstrating that she does not have enough control over her mutation, hadn’t acted with any deliberate malice or aggression. As far as Heidi was concerned, she was innocent. She just needed to be taught more control. Heidi approached Uná, And touched her on the shoulder. She then looked at the rest of the group. ”Uná’s right. We need to leave. Now.”

Katsumi Enoke

Katsumi was snapped out of her thoughts when she noticed that Izumi was looking right at her at waving at her! Kat cringed and blushed. Had she been staring? How could she have been so stupid? The idol was now approaching her, and greeted her, before asking what she was doing here, which was a weird question. As far as Katsumi knew, they were all here for the same reason. Then it clicked.

"I'm here for the same reason you are; to apply for this Hero Academy. If you're worried about my age, I'm fifteen. I know I look younger. I get it a lot. I'm used to it. But why are you here? An idol, with a successful career. Would being a Hero get in the way of that?"

Katsumi glanced at Jason, but didn't say anything to him. She wouldn't even know what to say. Luckily, before she had to think about that too long, Houdini announced that they were about to start the Practical Exam. Katsumi was visibly nervous, and was exhaling deep breaths, yet there was a steel in her eyes. She wasn't scared of the test, just scared of failure. She looked to Izumi and Jason, then back to Houdini. She already knew what her strategy was going to be, besides focusing strictly on rescue.

Nadeko Tayama

Nadeko couldn't help but notice the animal-eared boy in the corner having a mini-panic attack. She debated with herself about going over to make sure he was okay, what she should say, etc. She finally decided to bite the bullet and head over there. Making her way through the crowd with her big, awkward blocky arms was a challenge and she was muttering apologies with every step, but she finally made it to the fox boy....wolf boy? dog boy?

"Hey, you ok?" she asked when she finally reached him. "You look a little freaked out." She was about to say more when Houdini announced the test was about to begin and the room began to move. Nadeko quickly reached back to her belt and attached her new right hand, which she then offered to Marius. "Name's Nadeko Tayama. Good luck out there. I'm sure you'll do fine. You're here for a reason, right?"

When the elevator stopped and the door opened, Nadeko moved away from Marius and towards the entrance, putting her hand back in her belt-pouch. If the 'enemies' were robots, she wouldn't be needing them. The moment she had freedom to do so, she charged forward to wards the nearest crashing sound she heard. It would no doubt be an enemy robot, and she was going to take it down!
Nocturne Part 6

Heidi was finally on her feet and felt able to move. The gun was pointed right at her, but she wasn’t scared. This was a bluff. ‘Kidnapping’, which Heidi was sure this situation was more complicated than, could be talked out of. Shooting a fifteen year old girl? That would be a little harder to justify. She looked Lex dead in the eyes with a raised eyebrow. Was he always this short-sighted or was he just a desperate man putting on a facade?

Uná sat up and pushed herself up from the ground. She helped Heidi to her feet as well. She looked around. “What happened? How did we get here?” Uná winced and covered her ears at the static. “Criminey... talk about a rude awakening.” Uná was shocked at the fact that Lex pointed the gun at Heidi and made his ultimatum. Uná shook her head. “Don’t do this. You prom-”
Lex shook his head. “Promised? I never promised you that I wouldn’t change the rules Red. Besides we need to finish having our conversation. You can end this. Right here. Right now.

Uná narrowed her eyes. “No.”

No? Really? Maybe I have the wrong target then?” Lex turns the gun to Nik and Uná’s eyes go wide. “Ah, there we are Demo. The one who you said was going to save you.

Uná planted her feet. “ENOUGH!!! I’m not going with you!!” Uná’s eyes flashed from full black to normal as a pulse went out from her. It was like thunder without sound. As if a rumble was felt deep in your chest but the sound that normally came with such a rumble was not present. “I’ve had enough of being an object to be fought over!! You others you’re all the same!!” The air became heavy and cold enough to be felt bone deep. It was as if more pressure suddenly coalesced and it became harder to breathe. It was as if Api had increased gravity and Khloe had super cooled the air.
Nocturne Part 1

Kaylee pulled up to the place and got out of the car. She put the keys in her jacket pocket. “You all better be sober enough to deal with this.” She turned and looked over at Elijah rolling her eyes as he opened the back driver side door swaying to his feet. “Last time you get shore leave.”

Elijah grinned and almost fell only to stand back up with a flourish. “Worth it.”

Nathan shook his head and helped Elijah back into the car. “Yeah you’re useless in this state. Just lay down across the backseat alky.”

Elijah turned drunkenly as Nathan attempted to stuff him back into the car. “Fine. Fine. Go save the damsel. But he most likely has the goons from the cars guarding him. Humans most likely. Looks like you might be needing what is in the trunk.”

Nathan turned to Kaylee with a questioning look. Kaylee popped the trunk remotely as Nathan walked around to the back of the car. “Son of a bitch had suits made for all of us.”

Momentarily checking her flesh wound on her right upper arm, she looked at the door. *You can do this* Cleo thought to herself as she tried to pluck up the courage to go into the club after her friends, to be honest she really didn’t know what she was doing. Nope, Nope… Totally can’t do it.* and just as quickly had she made it to the door, beat a guard up, she was running back towards the car.

“Miss! Miss! I totally didn’t just kick a guy in the family jewels.” Cleo made her way over to the trunk where the professor was just opening it. “I may be an incy bit drunk, but…” Glancing at the content of the trunk. “Wait ...What the hell are those?”.

Heidi had decided against leaving by means of the fire escape, barely having the strength to maneuver Uná through the open window. She carried on down the stairwell, onto the club’s dance floor, and towards the entrance. When she got to the front doors, she put Uná down at a place she’d remember, and opened the doors before taking another few seconds to rest. Her body was screaming, and adrenaline was the only thing keeping her upright.

Nik sighed as he pulled up, energy arcing off his body as he cut the engine and got off the bike. He kicked the bike to the side as he began walking up towards the others, shaking his head as his gaze turned towards the trunk, then to the open doorway where Heidi was waiting. He hesitated as his gaze rested on the suits. Damn it. Next time. More important things to focus on now. Nik brisked his pace as he made his way towards Heidi, making sure her eyes were trained on him as he spoke. ”Heidi, where’s Uná ? Is she ok?”

Heidi nodded, out of breath and panting. Se turned back to gesture to the spot where she had left Uná , but stopped before she could say anything once she saw who was behind her.
With the newspaper going in a more wholesome direction, Charity can really come into her own.
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