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Pie woke slowly, dozing at first, before sitting bolt upright when she realised where she was, and what she remembered. She covered her face with both her hands and started gasping for breath. She wasn't sure how much more of this her nerves could take. If it wasn't corpses around them, or monsters attacking them, it was warring masked forces shooting each other for the privilege of capturing them. All Pia wanted, more than her memeries, more than answers, was a moment of safety where she could catch her breath, calm down and think.

"Why is this happening to us?" She whispered qietly. "What did we do to deserve any of this?"

She remembered the flashback that had been triggered. She didn't know who she was, why she was there and what happened exactly, but she could remember the guilt. The panic. The knowledge that she'd caused the death of that boy somehow. Was this her punishment? Their punishment?

Julia did not even crack a smile as Xiang's mood lifted. Julia had been a relitavely chilled, approachable, pretty fun person to be around at the bar and subsequantly the house. But Julia's experiences in both E-street and prison and hardwired into her breain that casual relationships with friends never got mixed with business, and that when you were standing on ceremony, not even a hair was out of place. In this state, smiling and laughter were tools that should be used only when required. She turned to Eno and gave her a nod of respect. Profrssionals were another league. E-Street were all just punk kids with money. You got better by doing, by practice. It's only luck that lets you stay alive long enough to learn how to be a criminal well. Nobody was ever trained in combat to a professional level. E-street were dangerous not because they were highly skilled, professional combatants, but because they had the manpower and numbers, access to big and expensive guns, were willing to kill, and did not fear death.

When they arrivedat the SDS lounge, Julia was taken aback. She had literally never been in a room this large or well-lit. It probably would be calming if you were used to it but the white walls were making everything so bright it was almost hurting her eyes. She follows Xiang and looked at the jobs list. One immediate caught Julia'sattention. Escorting the charity van. She knew that charity. She remembered that name from her childhood. They helped out at the orphanage she'd grown up in. Of course, she remembered them ending the contract when she was thirteen, due to them discovering the orphanage was an E-street feeder, but she was still grateful to all they'd done when she was a little girl.

"I'll take the escort job," She replied, looking back up from the screen, to Xiang and Eno.

Heidi Williams

"Reiterating: You assistance is required. It is the duty of the Champion of Light to protect people from the beings of Darkness. For every second they remain, the risk of civilian injury grows. The Void has just been exposed! Use your Bow of Light to target the weak point! That will destroy the monster."

Heidi folded her arms, and continued to silently watch the fight play out. It was fine. The other magical girls were ganging up on the monster and did not seem to have any trouble in taking it down between them. All she had to do was wait. That's when her eyes drifted from the battle itself and saw that there was a child cowering under a tree, close to the fight. Way to close to the fight! Why hadn't she cleared the area first! She was as at much risk of getting hit by all this collateral as she was getting hurt by the monster! Heidi immediately sprung to action. She didn't need to try too hard to recall her transformation words. They fell out of her mouth far too naturally.

"I am the Champion of Light! It is my mission to Illuminate the shadows of darkness and brighten the hearts of Mankind! Apollo!"

Heidi's whole body was enveloped by blinding light briefly, and when the light faded, Heidi was now wearing a skintight white and green bodysuit. Her glasses had become a visor, that then scanned the monster in front of her by itself, and opened a separate window showing additional information, though nothing she didn't already know from having watched the fight. In her hand was a bow made of light. She wasted no time. A child's life was at stake. She took aim that the void with her bow, which had materialised an arrow itself. The tension and adreneline of the momemt was causing her emotion to flare, and the arrow cracked with electricity that she knew was coming from her. Both the usage of her powers, and indeed how to use a bow in the first place, came instictively. They felt like things she had always known.

"Cyclops, protect the child. Eleven o'clock, under the tree. I'll take out the monster before it can hurt her." she spoke with a cold, decisive determination. There was a swiftness to Cyclops' movements as it sped a way that suggested it was pleased. Once it reached the child, it hovered in front of her and activated its shields. Heidi returned her focus to the void. She was still quite far away from the battle, and this would be a tricky target to hit at this distance.

"Arc Shot!"

She fired the arrow, which soared through the air, leaving a trail of light and crackling electricity, as it flew straight towards the Void.
You can skip me this round. Just assume she's running with them. Have a bit of writer's block right now
I'll post after coffin fortress

"Sure, I'll take some," Julia replied as she mulled over the offer. Her eyes occasionaly flicked to the stoic figure just to keep a mutual eye on her. Julia had no qualms about protecting scumbags. She herself had been one of the biggest scumbags of her era, so it would be hypocritical of her to judge any potential clients or targets. She felt like that wasn't supoosed to be a reassurance for Julia's sake, as much as Xiang making an active effort to rehabilitate Julia and make her honest. Julia had to internally laugh at the naivety, but she still respected the thought. Julia would always be a gangster no matter the job she had. There is only one way to truly stop being E-street and that is death. The condition that there would be no conflict of interest from the SDS side was welcome, however.

"I have one condition," Julia replied after several seconds of thought. "My Benefactor likes to think of the new life they have set up for me as not just a reward for my prison time, but my retirement. However, if they were ever to request my services again, that takes absolute priority. That is my only condition. It will probably never happen. If that is okay with you, I look forward to working with you."

Heidi Williams

The Taxi dropped Heidi off on the road beside the park, and she hopped out as it drove off to flee the area. She'd had to tip double for the risk of danger, but at least she was here now. But what she saw when she entered central park took her aback. Five, possibly six, Magical Girls were already engaging the monster. And they seemed to be winning between them. Heidi had always been led to believe that New York had no Magical Girls. Maybe it was just the case that it didn't get many monster attacks, but secretly had this many all along.

And what a bizzarre mix of gimmicks it was! Firebird, knight, machanical, gothic, pretty pink pricess...There was one in the shy who was wearing white but Heidi couldn't quite make out. Heidi ddn't know what her own gimmick was. Her only clue was that Cyclops referred to her as Apollo. So, maybe her gimmickis vaguely Greek inspired?

Right on cue, Cyclops, the floating robot with a single large lens for an eye, approached Heidi and floated in front of her.

"You are here, Apollo, Champion of Light. You are required to assist in the defeating of this dark threat! Please recite this phrase to begin your transformation; 'I am the Champion of Light! It is my mission to Illuminate the shadows of darkness and brighten the hearts of Mankind! Apollo!'"

Heidi glared at the robot, unmoving, for a good few seconds, before pointing to the Monster engaged in combat.

"Excuse me, I thought you said I'd need to be here! Why are there already six magical girls here before me? I don't actually need to be here at all, do I?!" she retorted to her mascot, with annoyance.

Five days had gone by very fast. Julia had spent the Saturday leisurely inside Xiang's mansion, having a bath and exploring the facilities before they gagued the environment to now be stable enough for Julia to be driven home. There were some missed calls. As E-Street's contact inside the Spire, Elle and Blaydon wanted to know anything she could tell them about the quake and the GeoNet incident. Julia had not been much help, but the three of them agreed, using euphenisms and codewords, that it wasn't natural.

Julia wasn't used to so much activity, after thirty whole years of every day being inside a jail cell, and had remained in a semi-vegetetive state from sunday until tuesday. She'd always ignored them before but she had started using her bathtub and wall-monitor much more often. She could genuinely get used to living like this. But she had made an appointment for today and she was going to stick to it. She was finally getting back to work. As she was no longer 'officially' E-street, she'd only hear from her benefactor when something absolutely crucial needed her assistance. After all, this apartment in the Spire was essentially her retirement package. That meant she could take on other, actually legal jobs. Something she had never done before.

She didn't need to attach her arm before leaving, as she'd started wearing it all day, to truly get used to having an arm again. She locked her apartment door behind her and made her way through the main spire throughfare. It was bizarre. Both complex and jail hallways were dark and narrow. This hallway brightly lit, and was so wide that cars and bikes could, and did, drive through it as if it was a road. Julia made her way to the levator and descended to floor B6. The Spire was tall as it reached for the heavens, but that was only the half designed for windows that let in natural light. Much of the industry and administration of the Heirs took place either beside the Spire, or underneath it. Contrasted to the bright, sleek white walls adorned with the occasional potted plant or painting you could find above, the Spire basement levels were light grey, and sterile feeling. The lights were harsher and yet somehow dimmer than ahe lights above.

Julia eventually found the heavily armoured monolith that was the SDS Headquarters entrance, at the dead end of a particularly long corridor. She approached the gate, pressed her hand to the palmprint pad and stared into the retina scanner. After almost a minute of waiting the gates swung open by themselves and she walked into the reception area. She approached the desk attendant, who spoke before Julia could open her mouth.

"Ms. Purnama is expecting you, Ms. Kray. Please take the elevator to the tenth floor," The attendant greeted, glancing up from her magazine to look at Julia for barely a second before looking back down at her magazine. "And place leave your gun in the designated tray."

Julia clicked her tongue and unholstered her gun into the basket beside the front desk, before taking the elevator up to Xiang's office. She enters the door, a little stiffer than she was last night. Likely on account of the environment and atmosphere. Looks like her 'work mode' was significaly different from her casual attitude, even if she was still clearly not an Heiress or a businesswoman.

"So, you wanted to see me, Xiang," Julia stated.

Yeah, my post is going to be Heidi refusing to transform at first because despite being told 'she was needed', several other magical girls seem to have things under control.

(Heidi has never actually transformed before yet)

Julia was silent in thought for most of the car ride to Xiang's house. Julia hadn't spent long enough in her new apartment for it to feel like home. Nay, this whole world didn't yet feel like where she belonged, and likely never will. Still, two things she missed that were still currently in her apartment were her handgun, and her arm-stand. She could feasably do without an arm-stand, but she felt incresingly irratable and naked without a weapon. Today has been a day where she was reminded that there is a lot of unpredictability and danger that comes with freedom.

When the car stopped, her hand had reached out and had almost grasped the door handle before Xiang told her they still weren't at their destination. The car then ascened. She only needed to feel the motion of the car to know they were descending upwards. She knew the feeling well enough from the elevator up and down into the E-Street lair. Once they were parked, she followed Xiang. This house belonged to her family since the migrations? Was the Spire really that old? Or had they paid to move the entire estate into the middle of the Spire? How much would such an undertaking even cost?!! Certainly more than E-Street had ever managed to save up in her time. Perhaps that's why they'd always been so reliant on Benefactors.

Julia looked visibly uneasy at the mention of turrets. How could she be expected to 'unwind' with all of these security robots surrounding her? Perhaps Xiang felt secure because she'd always assuciated these things with her own protection. Julia was instead reminded of prison, where the turrets and security measures were all in place to protect others from you. As she watched Xiang take care of which stones she stepped on, her only though was 'even the ground here could kill me if I put a foot wrong'. She made sure to only step where Xiang had, as they finally made it inside. The house really was beautiful. She din't know much about the old world but she'd seen houses like this in books and pictures. It was undoubledly the house of an Heir, but had personality and character until the lavish yet sterile and soulless usual aesthetic of Spire houses. The more Xiang explained about the house, the more Julia was left wondering why she even needed a bodyguard. She took off her single full boot, and the half-boot strapped to her mechanical foot, and place them both in the shoe rack. She'd only been wearing the half-boot to complete the outfit tonight in particular. She didn't usually wear any footwear on her prosthetic.

"Alright, Xiang. Goodnight," Julia greeted yawning herself as the stress and fatigue of the day was catching up to her. She entered her room, took off her leather jacket, pants, removed her arm and her leg dumpted everything on top of the dresser in a pile. he collapsed on the bed in the clothes she was wearing, and was asleep almost immediately.

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