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Heidi Williams

Location: Danger Room - 9am
Interacting with:@Almalthia@ViolentViolet@Brioko Jobe

Heidi noticed the door to the third stairwell as they made their way up to the second floor. If there was no access to the booster on this floor, or another threat, they may have to go up there, but that would further their chance for facing more threats. Inside the second room, Heidi did a quick scan of the room, then turned to Jasper and Matthew as her brain processed it. So, it was an Alice In Wonderland inspired game or test, with a tea set and an envelope on a table.

"Jasper, can you find that signal on this floor that was transmitting to to Robot? Tap me on the shoulder if you find it." Heidi stated, before going over to the table and picking up the letter, which she proceeded to open and read.

Go after the briefcases

Maeda Nadeko

Mentions: @liferusher@Ryonara

Nadeko looked troubled for a minute, and turned away from Saki to look towards the center of the area. After a few seconds and several 'hums', Nadeko turned back to Saki, just in time for Saki to embrace her and hold on tight. Nadeko cleared her throat and looked away before muttering "This is embarrasing..." but then put one of her arms besides Saki's midriff, acting as a bar to keep her in place. There was a gentle pulling feeling as Saki stuck to the arm. Nadeko was being very careful not to pill too hard.

"I don't think I'll mess with your head like this, though if there's any important electronics there, you might have a sore stomach. Anyway, hold on tight. I've actually never done this properly before as it would definitely break some laws in the real world, but I've thought about it a lot so we should be alright."

With that, Nadeko pointed her free arm at the nearest of the center buildings and pulled. She pulled very hard, and kept all the magnetic attraction forward, so none of it would affect Saki inn theory. She pulled as if her wish was to bring the building to them. Saki could feel her friend's body tense with the effort. Then, suddenly, they started to move, dragged along the floor like being pulled by an invisible rope. The pulling got faster and faster, and anything small made of metal flew towards Nadeko's outstretched arm and stuck to the front of it. Soon, they were going faster than their legs could carry them, and Nadeko leaned forward, forcing Saki's feet to leave the ground. Now, they were both flying towards the building. When they were close, Nadeko started to ease up and they slowed down enough for their feet to touch the floor again, before they came to a dead stop.

From here, Nadeko saw the tail-end of the first briefcase hitting the floor, and Yozakura-san picking it up and starting to run back to base. Nadeko pointed her out to Saki. "I'm too close to this building to do that again whilst carrying you, Saki. Can your quirk let you catch up to her?"
Natalie Ellis

The moment she saw the contents of the room, Natalie visibly changed. The clinical lab-like nature, the containment tubes, the lab couts and other personal equipment. Her eyes had gone wide, her pupils dilated, and she was almost snarling like a beast as her gaze darted to and from features of the room rapidly. She noticed Archie recoil at the piece of paper and frowned. She put a tentative calming hand on his shoulder, trying to be comforting and reassuring despite looking quite unhinged and terrifying.

She turned and read the paper that he had just read, and the more she read, the more she visibly started to shake. She glanced at the red residue at the bottom of the pod, then back at Archie, then gently put the paper down, slowly walked away, and then suddenly and violently punched the wall, her fist going straight through it.

"It's just like Project Lion," she trembled in a small voice, before removing her arm and staring at the rest of the group with wild, insane eyes. "No. No, this is worse. I....I'm gonna kill them. I'm gonna kill all of them."

Heidi Williams

Location: Danger Room - 9am
Interacting with:@ViolentViolet@Chev@Brioko Jobe@Fallenreaper

Once she reached the hallway, Heidi turned to see who was following her. Jasper and Matthew. She caught them both looking up, and grit her teeth. She saw their eyes moving toward the exit sign further down the hallway Heidi was about to enter. So there was something up there. She was afraid of that. Still, she didn't slow down for a second as she entered the corridor and looked for a stairwell. She talked as she walked. "I could tell from your eyes that there's something up there. But, we don't know anything about it. We do know about the Wolf, and that the best way to take it out is to take out the signal booster on the second floor. I say we take each problem as it comes. We need to beat the Wolf by going up there. We don't know how we'll beat the next threat but it could be easier."

Nadeko cocked her head at Donny's plan as she followed him. "Hmm, Mako-sensei did she she'll be grading us on acting heroic. We might get points docked for taking the briefcases ourselves or causing any structural damage unnecessarily. I don't think she'd fail us, though, so it would be a safe bet to get a passing grade on this exercise.

Alice gave a complex list of instructions and tactics to each of them, except for Nadeko, which slightly hurt, although instructions weren't necessary for her anyway. She already knew what she could do to help out. The buildings had metal in them. The briefcases were metal. All she had to do was find somebody with a briefcase.

"Leave getting the briefcases back to me, Nova-san. Just let me know if you spot someone carrying one away."

Junko slightly creeped Nadeko out, and she was secretly glad that the gloomy knife girl wasn't talking to her. As they were leaving, she heard Saki's voice, and stopped to wait for her as the others carried on.

"Glad you could make it just in the nick of time!" Nadeko greeted with a wave. "I'm going to head to the center of the arena now. Would you like a lift, or would you rather avoid magnets? I understand if you do."

Sorry about that. I was so anxious about posting so that people didn't have to keep waiting that I missed several details. I edited my post.

"Hmmm, if it wold get you in trouble during recess, probably shouldn't do it," Mako answered Kouji, "so no hurting other people, or trying to hurt them, or putting them in danger. I'm not trying to teach you to actually be villains, after all, and you still need to follow the school rules."

Once everyone had arrived at the ground, Mako went to the groups one at a time and led them away in secret to their starting points. Once they were there, a voice started to speak from a series of speakers dotted around the site;

"Alright, here are the rules. Dotted around the big buildings in the center of the area are ten gold briefcases resting on pedestals. The task of the villains is to find them and bring them all back to the Villain's starting area. The goal of the heroes is to make sure as many, of not all of them, are still on their pedestals when the time's up. As I said before, I will be monitoring the exercise and the Heroes will be scored not just on what they do but how they do it. Acting heroic is key. While the Villains have more freedom, actually hurting your opponents or putting them in serious danger is a violation of school rules and will be harshly punished after the exercise is over.

So we appear to be waiting for two more Heroes, buuuuut real crimes won't wait for you and neither will I. Begin!"

Nadeko had arrived late, as she had to change into her gym attire, and being tired from a long day of school was making her more sluggish than usual, and she missed most of what little strategy talk there had been. Still, she managed to arrive right before Mako-sensei's explanation and the exercise's start, which was a relief, as 4 vs 6 would be an uphill battle, but 3 vs 6 would have been a nightmare.

"Sorry I'm late!" she profusely apologised to her team, as she carried on her flustered flurry of questions. "My arms got stuck in my gym uniform. Anyway, if we're sharing quirks, my arms are magnets. I can push and pull metal. Pretty simple. Is there a plan yet? What did I miss?"

Heidi Williams

Location: Danger Room - 9am
Interacting with:@ViolentViolet@Chev@Brioko Jobe@Fallenreaper

"I have a plan b," Heidi answered, a tiny bit of panic starting to show on her face. "I have so many plans, but they're all complicated and unformed and I need to pick one." She turned to look at the rest and saw Matt looking at her. He was telling the group that Heidi should be the one to coordinate them! Heidi was starting to sweat now. Her position right now was like one of somebody who never learned to drive being asked to taxi some people in a rocket car just because she happens to own a rocket car. And she'd better not crash. And she can't say no. And she can't take it slow and careful because they're in a hurry. She'd had these powers for just over a month now. She still wasn't entirely used to using them normally, let alone under pressure and with this much responsibility riding on her shoulders. If her plan went wrong, or didn't work, or worked but they lost anyway, she knew that they'd all lay the blame squarely on her shoulders. "You're supposed to be smart!" they'd say.

Heidi cleared her mind. A paranoid spiral was a million times more dangerous when processed at the speed she was processing it. She saw Jasper, now inside the room, tell her that the CPU was on the third floor, and there was 'something else' on the second. Heidi had wandered about this. She had assumed the beast was an entirely closed system with its own CPU but now it was confirmed that it was remote-operated. Which meant that the 'something' on the second floor was probably a signal booster. There were now three very simple ways to defeat it.

The quickest but hardest would be to destroy the signal receiver inside the beast. However, this could easily be located somewhere very hard to get to. Its casing was tough and earthed. The second way would be to take out the booster while the beast was kept on the first floor. This would be the easiest option if the Beast was programmed to behave like a wolf. If it was programmed to protect itself from threats, it would be harder. The final way was to reach the third floor and disable the CPU. But with every floor they went up, there was a greater chance that another threat would be set upon them.

The second plan was the one they should try first. This entire train of thought took less than a second after jasper had conveyed the information. Heidi immediately snapped to action to help Ronnie brace the door, taking the power cable from the back of the television and togging it hard at an angle until it snapped off. She used this cable to help tie the handles of both doors together.

"Quick," she commanded to the rest of the group in as few words as possible. "Jasper and me, second floor. The rest of you, keep the Wolf busy! Retreat upstairs if you can't!" And with that, she headed towards the corridor that Matthew hadn't blocked with a table, scanning rapidly for any sign of a stairwell.
Natalie Ellis

After the plan had immediately gone wrong and the map had proved false, Natalie was far from relaxed. Every time the backtracked, she visibly tensed. And what Lynn had said about people watching them was playing on her mind too. She felt too exposed here. If there were a threat, she wouldn't be able to see it clearly, and they could come from the mouth of any tunnel they passed. At least Archie and Packet seemed fine now. Finally, the found the door, and Natalie let her whole body relax briefly as the anxieties playing on her mind were temporarily put to rest.

Natalie resisted the urge to ask if Packet was okay after opening the foor had caused his nose to bleed. Instead she said "Thank you, Packet. I hope we do see each other again." Natalie watched as Lynn's collar was finally taken off, and Archie stepped through the door. It closed behind him as a second door opened, and he ventured out. Lynna followed shortly after. With a shrug, Natalie went next. May as well have the three most formidable team members on point as a vanguard in case anything happened.

She stepped through, and felt gravity get weaker as she quickly grabbed a railing, which helped her steady herself to the point where the change in gravity didn't affect her at all. As she walked along, she looked up and for a brief second, stopped. Right in front of them was Earth. It was slightly above them, putting into perspective that from Earth's POV, the Promise was upside down. Natalie didn't like that sensation, so she ignored it. What she couldn't ignore was just...the knowledge that this planet was Earth. All of Earth. Everywhere she'd ever known and everywhere she heard stories about or saw on the news. It was all up there. Natalie had spent a lot of the time on Earth that wasn't hazy now, in labs, basements or facilities. Most of her memories of shops, grass, trees and ordinary people walking about going to school or work, were now memories of The Promise. But up there...It really made her start to feel trapped down here. For the first time, she wanted to go back to Earth.

Making her way to the end of the tunnel, Nat pressed the activation pad, opening the door for the next person.
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