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Sophia Ward

The moment she stepped out the elevator, Sophia was awestruck with the change in decor. This didn't exactly used to be a dump, but it wasn't quite this swish when it was a strip club. The jeering and hollering of excited clients watching the stage had given way to ambient music and polite chatter. The dark walls and pink neon strips had given way to a well-lit upper-class restaurant with aquariums and everything. The uniforms of the staff help give them a certain mistique and build a very...exclusive atmosphere. When she was finished gazing around in wonder, Sophia slung her Anima's strap over her shoulder like a rucksack, smiled and approached the receptionist.

"We haven't, I'm afraid," she answered in a polite and respectful manner of speaking, yet keeping her voice's edge and accent. "My apologies. I haven't been here in a while. You've really worked magic on the place! Very nice! Anyway, do you have a table for five available, please?"

Sophia Ward

Sophia spent one second looking around, signed, took a drag from her ciggarette and started walking forward. She stopped besides Rokkit on the wa, and turned to look at him. "You stay here for now. We'll have more use for your busting of heads once the shit hits the fan. The first group needs to try and get the restaurant under control, so no pussyfooting either." She met Adalia's eyes as she said that, her own eyes showing a mix of pity and contempt.

She checked both her anima and her pistol, nodded to herself that all was satisfactory, and then stepped into the elevator. "I'd ask if anyone minds that I smoke, but the kid just threw up so I dount anyone really minds. Watch where you stand."
Sophia Ward

Sophia spent a good portion of the flight fiddling with her earpiece, getting accustomed to it. She was no stranger to earpieces, but in her day they were more straightforward, like radios, and channels had to be manually tuned. You certainly couldn't get a stranger talking in your head without warning like what had happened in the hangar. While transports hadn't drastically changed, she'd never been in one before uncuffed, making this too a new experience for the former gangster. When she was satisfied and familiar with her earpiece, she checked over her Anima, and pulled an old-fashioned chunky pistol from a side-holster under her jacket and checked it over too.

She watched the screens as they approached. She was vaguely familiar with this building, though it was a strip club instead of a restaurant back when she knew it. Still, it was no less a meeting place of criminals, even back then. The layout shouldn't have changed too much, at least in terms of where the exits and toilets were. That knowledge might help them should they need to run for shelter.

Sophia listened to the Orc's plan, and then to her comms, and rolled her eyes. So this is what the other side was like. The moment she saw Rokkit heading straight to the entrance, she let out a slight hiss through her teeth and ran to catch up with him, patting him on the back when she did so.

"Slow down. We're supposed to be a team here. Besides, we don't know whether she's got backup in there or if she's just waiting until the heat's off. Either way, go in there alone and start swinging weapons around and you'll be dead in a second with that Anima of hers." She looked back at the others. "I personally think we should all rush in at once, point guns at everyone we see, and take control of the room with the element of surprise. But we do not fire until we're sure we won't cause a gunfight."
I'm still here.
Sophia Ward

Sophia litened to the briefing. Their target was a terrorist, using a powerful anima. Those types are usually relying on their anima and are next to useless without it. Sophia's mind was already thinking of ways to separate the target from their anima, or possibly to break the anima itself. Though, it being a staff, might be easier said than done. Sophia's train of thought was interrupted.

"He never said alive or dead, do you think it matters?"

Sophia turned to see that beside her, was the crazy from the train. Well, they were going to be co-workers and teammates now. Better at least talk about this assignment with her.

"Alive's always better than dead. Alive can talk. But it's not worth risking our own necks if we get a clear shot and it's them or us." Sophia turned to the woman "You killed before?"

"Once or twice, I find I'm better at telling someone else to pull the trigger. I'm Lucasta Karamazov, and you are?"

"Sophia Ward. Good leader always needs to get their hands dirty once in a while, make an example. Just to be clear, I've killed Agents before. Thought I'd clear the air early. Did you apply, or...?"

Lucasta made an awkward sound, caught off guard by that question. "Erm... you could say that. Honestly I'm not so sure what happened, all I know is that I'm here now. Along for the ride. If you've killed agents... why are you here playing the hero?"

"Served twenty years. Come out to a whole new world. Don't really have anything else going on. This line of work suits me a lot more than a desk job would." she'd shrug "I'm too old to play gangster. Won't know how rusty I truly am until I get out there."

"Twenty years? You don't look that old? Did you get work done or something..."

Sophia took a moment to double check that Lucasta wasn't taking the piss. No, she seemed to believe it. Huh. All Sophia could see when she looked in the mirror was how much she'd changed since the last time she saw a mirror. Guess as women in their fifties went, she wasn't so bad in the grand scheme of things. "I'm going to go gear up. See you in the transport, Lucasta."

Sophia approached her locker, and sure enough, it opened to her hand alone. Technology really had come a long way in all this time. You used to need bulky hardware and a few seconds to perform a biometric scan, and only the Agents had tech like that. She took out her PDA, and the badge, and stuffed them both into her inside jacket pocket. She left the suit here. That anima could tear through this suit like it was nothing. Clothes that let her blend in would be far more effective armor. Last but not least, an anima. Sophia had never owned an anima before, but upon picking it up, she immediately knew what this one could do and how to use it. If things came to a shootout, this definitely sounded useful for this particular assignment. Without another word she headed straight for the transport, her mind drifting back to how they were going to capture or kill this target.

Molly Hayes

Molly took a sip of the drink, and had to double take. "I don't even taste alcohol!" she exclaimed as she took another sip, then chuckled. "This stuff is dangerous! Tasty though!" she took another sip as she listened to Aya and Gambit. She was still having trouble processing it. It's Gambit, and he's, behind a bar like tht's a natural place for him to be! Krakoa really was like a whole other world. As for stories...

"Got any stories from the West Coast?" Molly added to Aya's request. "I'm a little more familiar with the, you know, Superhero lasndscape over there."

I'm currently reeling between two very different ideas;

Something more OG DB/DBS-like. A jacked female anthro with some kind of gimmicky technique

Or a version of Vegeta from a timeline when Bulma made the wish at Pilaf's castle for her perfect boyfriend, and summoned a teenage Vegeta to Earth
Sophia Ward

Sofia couldn't sleep. Prison, after curfew and in a reinforced cell, was always silent. On the third floor of the shit-cheapest block of apartments this side of the 2nd Layer, the traffic and voices never truly stopped. Every twenty minutes the train went by. The track being several buildings over. It was too damn loud. All Sophia could so was just lay there and use the opportunity to relax and let her mind wander.

She'd gotten out to an almost unrecognisable world. All her old superiors were dead and her underlings were either arrested or higher ups in new gangs. Going back to the criminal world wasn't feasable and without her old connections, would probably just get her killed. It was a funny twist of fate that the same day that she'd resigned herself to the fact she was going to have to start begging and scraping for an ordinary job, she found the orb. She listened to the message and got the printed ticket. Yesterday was a day of making preparations, buying a whole new wardrobe, cleaering out her old accounts and setting up new, up-to-date ones. A quick trip to the seedier alleys she knew of, and she also managed to find the identical model of handgun that she used to own. She always felt safer and more secure with a hidden sidepiece. Old habits.

The moment the sun came up, she got out of bed with a sigh. The light coming through her thin, hole-filled curtains made dozing much harder now. She got dressed in her boots, black jeans, large, gaudy silver belt, and leather jacket. It was the same one she was wearing when she was arrested, and was restored along with her other affects. She had noticed that nobody she'd seen walking around wore leather anymore. She remembered a time when you couldn't move for the stuff, but even before she was incarcerated, it was starting to go the way of the grey trenchcoat. Oh well, leather was just all the more appropriate for being a garment out of time, like Sophia herself.

Once she was dressed, she made herself a coffee and smoked while she drank it, before placing the used mug in the sink and heading out. She first caught the train to Central, before having breakfast from a street vendor. Some unknown seafood in a wrap with some wilting salad. It was probably healthy. Maybe. Possibly.

She sat down and closed her eyes on the scheduled train from platform 15 to the tower. Sophia closed her eyes and tried to use this moment to get some additional rest before her 'work mode' was needed.

"Why would you wake me up!?! I was just about to get some answers!?! Who the hell even ARE YOUUUUU?! At least destiny has been kind to be so far. What would make today any different?"

Sophia opened her eyes, tutted, and looked a few seats over. Well, at least public transport being full of crazies hadn't changed. She reverted her eyed in front of her and closed them again, trying harder to shut everything out. Thankfully, it quietened down soon after and the rest of the trip was uneventful.

The moment the train pulled in, Sophia walked fast past the throng. She wanted to be punctual, if not early. It was drilled into her from an early age that gestures of respect to authority were things it was in your best interest to remember. That's how you get ahead in most lines of work. Sophia approached the reception, and merely uttered the words "IXth SU δ Division" in order to recieve instructions. Once she got out the elevator, she looked around. It started to dawn on her just how unfamiliar any of the technology in here looked, and for the first time, doubt was starting to set in.
In order of rough time range:

Agmundyr: 800-1000 (Roughly based on Erik the Red)
Theophania: 1350 - 1450 (Roughly based on the Hundred Years war)
Joanna Hawke: 1670-1720 (Golden Age of Piracy)
Kammu: 1810-1880 (Manifest Destiny)

Wonder if they ever compare notes lol

Kammu: "America invaded my lands"
Joanna: "Isn't America a British Colony?"
Agmundyr: "Britain has Colonies?
Theophania: "...What's America?"
I think I saw an affirmative to these before but I might be mistaken
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