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Natalie Ellis

Natalie turned and watched when she heard the noises. It was just like the first day. Archie was transforming. Natalie grinned, and turned back to the gunman who was shooting at her. Rushing him and then throwing her bullet-ridden shield at him. By the time he had freed himself from his dead fellow's embrace, Natalie was upon him. With one hand, she grabbed his gun and wrenched it from his grasp. With her other, she grabbed his face. And squeezed.

Drenched head to toe in blood, none her own, Natalie was ready to kill more. She looked around the room for any gunmen still standing. She looked just in time to see the bomb go off in Archie's face. There were few, if any, gunmen still standing that she could see, so she wasn't directly in danger of being shot right at this moment. Her adrenaline was receding, and with it, her bloodlust. Now all she could think of was that Archie was hurt. She started to run to him.

She briefly slowed, and felt a wave of relief come over her, when the lizard got up, but that turned to panic when she saw him start to advance on Eli and Keaton. Natalie started sprinting as fast as she could. Worse than letting Archie die, she knew, was letting him succumb to the beast. They'd made promises to protect each other. He'd snapped her out of her frenzy the day of the jailbreak. It was time to return the favor.

Any other attempts to slow Archie down, Natalie didn't notice, but she eventually reached the giant lizard, and took a hold of it's leg, pulling it backwards and away from Eli. She gritted her teeth and resisted any attempt by Archie to continue in the direction it had been going.
Jamin Redman

Mentions: @Duoya

Jamin didn't seem fazed by Rich's long pauses. He was at a loss for any way to liven this trip up either. And he was a patient guy. He just stood there and looked around as Rich unfroze herself. Then she laughed it off with such an air of misplaced confidence that Jamin found it kind of endearing. Still, he felt like he was humoring her more than anything else. Not that he didn't want to hang out. She did have a point. Anything was better than looking at museum pieces all day.

The two suggestions she gave were either pranking people, which ain't cool in Jamin's book. He preferred to let people be. He'd make fun, talk smack sometimes. But that was different. The wrong prank at the wrong time could start a fight. The most making fun would do it make the target surly.

"I'd rather get something to eat, if that's all the same to you. Anyone else coming, or what?"
Natalie Ellis

The doors opened, and the gunfire immediately started. Natalie wasn't scared at first. At first this didn't seem real. Then though around her started to get hit and her body took over. She got to the floor and looked towards Archie. He'd be hit. He was bleeding. Natalie's eyes went wide, her hands formed tense fists and without realizing it, she was shaking. She looked back at the pod. Gunmen were streaming from it and the crowds were being mowed down. It was a massacre.

Natalie's biggest fear was always herself. She was a monster. There was a side to her that killed people and it terrified her. She wanted rid of it, to live a normal life. Even after what Project Lion did to her, she couldn't believe she'd killed them. She'd created this 'other Natalie' to scapegoat. But the truth was that when she was scared, she wasn't changing into a new person. Being perfectly honest, it was more like every other time, she was trying to become a new person. Trying to find fragments of a personality from her old life and assemble them into a new life. And she had some success in that. But after two years of being experimented on, enduring that kind of pain and suffering, insanity barely described it. She was a shell. Pain, fear and hatred were all she knew. But now she wasn't scared of herself. Archie had been hurt. People were dying. All of her, even the parts that wanted a normal life, wished death upon everyone was attacking her. No excuses. She wanted them to die, and she was going to kill them.

Almost immediately, she felt like a great tension had been lifted from her head, and her body stopped shaking. First, she had to not die, and they had very heavy duty guns. The type that might even go through her skull at close range. She had to be careful, and she had to find cover. She looked for the largest gunman she could find that didn't require running past all the others. She saw one, quite close by. He was much larger than her. Without taking the risk of waiting for any longer, she made a beeline for him, staying low and zig-zagging her movements to make herself harder to shoot. As soon as she reached him, she grabbed his gun, squeezed it so that it no longer fired, and with a single punch, caved in the man's head. she grabbed him and looked past his shoulder. Now she had a shield. She started slowly advancing towards the rest, taking care not to run lest she trip over a body.
Natalie Ellis

Natalie was glad that she'd finally got it all off her chest for a about a second, before the regret seeped in. She wasn't used to talking to people anymore. And even when she was somewhat used to it, she had been awful at it. She just said everything she felt. Everything she hoped. Tact, or the ability to dress something that you wanted to say up, where no longer skills Natalie possessed.

He had gone to help somebody with a dropped plate of food. She was thankful for this. She'd have a little time to try to calm down. All this time baming her inability to live a normal life on Arianna, or Project Lion. Maybe it was her. Maybe everything would have been fine if she had let Archie see the ugly sides of her, and relied upon him to carry her through this all by himself. Maybe it was her choices and decisions that were stopping her from living the life she wanted. Was it even the life she wanted? Yes. That's one thing she was sure of. But at the same time it scared her. She wasn't ready for it. And she definitely didn't think she deserved it.

She was resting her head in her hand, staring down at the table when she came back, and looked up at him. From this close, with this comparatively little makeup, and in this mood, it was actually properly noticeable for the first time how deep the bags under her eyes were, and how tired she looked. This wasn't fatigue. It was something deeper. You don't get those eyes from a few nights of poor sleep. Those eyes take years to get.

She listened to him silently. Looking away more often than not. Those weren't words she was surprised or shocked to hear., but neither were they what she was hoping for. But after he finished, she smiled, and her eyes brightened a little, which surprised even herself. The hard part of the reunion that she had literally made herself suck worrying about was over and it hadn't upset her enough that she'd cried in public though it had come close. Result.

"Thanks, Archie. I just had to get that out, and I'm glad it didn't mess things up too much....I'm not good at this. And I'm sick of being scared. After this assembly thing, I promise I'll tell you about myself. I owe it to you and maybe just telling somebody might help me. Yeah, we should be friends first. I'm not used to having them, either, so I should at least try and get that right first. Thanks for being patient with me."
Jamin Redman

Mentions: @Duoya

Jamin was going to put his music in, wonder round for a bit, and then hopefully pick up as much as he could in the last twenty minutes so he could hopefully answer one or two of the questions. That was the plan as she slid his headphones over his ears, pressed play, and turned away from the toy cart display with Wu-Tang blaring in his ears.

That's when he noticed one of the girls from his class. The short one with pigtails who shouted a lot and dressed like a soldier sometimes. Jamin didn't have the best memory for the names or nicknames for pupils who weren't his friends but when the rich girl's called 'Rich', that kinda sticks in your head. She gestured for him to remove his headphones, which he did, and then asked him if he'd help her find something cool to do. Jamic shrugged nonchalantly and turned his walkman off.

"Sure. Ain't like I got nothing better to do. What did you have in mind?"
Natalie Ellis

This is the place where Archie was, but the moment Nat walked in the door, it dawned on her that she had no idea what she'd say, and there were other people here, so it wasn't a place she could break down. She had to stay strong, and ironically that wasn't something she was good at. She started to walk over. Her body langue betrayed the fact that she was nervous. She kind of nervous an employee had knowing they were about to get yelled at by their boss. She decided she'd say something once she reached him, but the moment she started to say something, it all came out. Stuff she'd desperately wanted to share with someone all this time. Things she'd been wishing she could say to Archie. It all came out in a mess.

"Hay, Archie. I'm....I'm sorry. Taking a break was a mistake and I'm sorry if it hurt you. I don't think it even fixed anything or made anything better. I just didn't want to burden you. I didn't want you to see me as a total mess. A wreck of a person. I...I was scared. It's like every time I make a choice that makes me feel happy or normal, somebody gets hurt. It's like it was my fault. I know it's not, but just thinking about doing anything else after Homecoming just caused a wave of guilt and fear to wash over me....Can you accept my apology? And can we, like, I dunno. Carry on? Like, as boyfriend and girlfriend? I'd like that."

Lydia Creel

Lydia could immediately sense that there was something between Binx and Charlotte. Lydia wouldn't say she was jealous, but if either of the siblings were interested in her, she'd be blushing like a maiden and giggling like a schoolgirl. So she was glad they didn't, as if she was sharing a room with someone, she would prefer a more straightforward relationship. Binx was a little awkward but got the message across. But Charlotte. Charlotte was something else. It was almost intimidating how sexy she was when she tried to flirt. Of course. A city full of the children of superheroes. Lydia was no beauty queen but she'd never been bad looking. But here? She could very well be chopped liver.

The pair were then interrupted, thankfully, by some new arrivals. One of whom had a voice that Lydia immediately recognised. So she was at this school after all. Lydia never knew she had powers. She assumed she didn't. Looks like she'd been wrong about that. Lydia approached both the new girls, and offered them both handshakes. She was especially interested in what Riley's power was, and this was her sneaky little way of finding out.

"This is 1-D. You're in it. Him, I'm Lydia. Actually a fan of yours, HulkStan. Followed your streams back when I was in New York. Nice to actually meet you in the flesh."

She turned to Jessica. "And you are?"

@Fabricant451@Hey Im Jordan@KZOMBI3@BrutalBx
Natalie Ellis

Natalie was in the park, sitting on a bench, staring vacantly at the pond. This had become a habit. Ever since Homecoming. Things were going so well. She felt normal. She'd kissed Archie and it was like the floodgates opened. She felt happy and excited and trult content. Then it was immediately taken away. Airanna was there. Upon seeing Radvi....Natalie had shut down. There was chaos around her, but she'd frozen. Sounds became just noise. Archie had picked Eli up, said something and walked away. People came and took her to her room. She must have been walking with them but she didn't remember moving her feet.

There was no point. There was no point even trying to be a person while Arianna was out there. The toll Homecoming had taken on Natalie's mental health was very noticeable to her therapist, who was helping. Natalie's nightmares were worse. Her temper had gotten worse, and she would cry a lot. With little warning. Sometimes in public. She had seen Archie exactly once since Homecoming, just over a week after, but she told him she needed to get well before they had a second date.

Natalie wasn't sure if she was better now. If the pain has lessened or if she'd just grown numb to it. Either way, she would be seeing her friends today, and she now considered them all friends, even Archie. It was December the 5th. There would be new recruits to The Promise. Maybe some new blood might help things...somehow.

There was a new text from Cara.

"New arrivals scheduled to board at 1PM! Be at the Loading Bay or be square!"

As her phone was already out, Natalie started writing a text to Archie. She ideally wanted to see him private first, and not in a big noisy group, in public. She deleted and rewrote her message several times, before just deleting the whole thing in frustration. She'd gotten rusty, and wanted this first text in a while to be good. Then she got an idea. She wasn't sure if it was a good one. But she was going to do it.

"Cara?" She asked into her phone. "Could you tell me the current location of Archie Anderson?"
Jamin Redman

The alarm clock was put on snooze. For the fourth time that morning. Benjamin decided to reluctantly open his eyes to read the time, and immediately shout out of bed fueled by panic and adrenaline. He was going to be late! How did it manage to get so late without his notice?!

Hastily throwing on a black Wu-tang clan t-shirt and the nearest pants he had to hand, which were sweat pants, Jamin descended the stairs, grabbed his schoolbag, shouted a quick "Ma! I'm late! I'll see you later!" in the direction of the kitchen, and grabbed his jacket. He was already out the door and running along the sidewalk by the time he finished putting it on. There was no way he'd be able to make it in time on foot. Maybe. Maybe just this once...

Jamin had arrived at the classroom only a few minutes late, which was notably early for him. However at present he was inside the natural history museum. The bus ride had been uneventful. This whole day was, as far as Jamin was concerned, a write-off. It was an excuse to not be at school. He rummaged through his bag, taking out his headphones and a Sony Walkman, and was about to use them when he overheard one of his classmates remind them that they'll probably be tested on this. He inwardly cursed to himself. She was right, of course. Now that she mentioned it, they definitely would. He watched the student who'd given him this food for thought as she left. Aela Avdol. Not somebody who Jamin thought had any leg to stand on when it came to putting the work in. Not that she had to. She seemed to be naturally talented, while Jamin's approach to scholarly success usually involved playing it cool until the last possible second and then pulling a panicked all-nighter in order to get a B or C.

So, Jamin decided to look around. Most of the things he read were forgotten the moment he took his eyes away from the signs. However, one of the attractions finally caught his attention. It was a little Terracotta toy cart, made in some country he'd never heard the name of, dating back to a number he wouldn't remember BC. Still, it raised a chuckle out of him. Guess even back then, kids played with Hot Wheels.
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