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Seiko clapped and smiled when Tomoe finished, and approached her when she got off stage. "You were kawaii! I wouldn't even be too upset if I lost to you after that performance! Hey, you should join me and my friends at karaoke one day! Anyway, I'm heading to the field now. I need to root for my side! See you later!"

When Seiko left the room with the throng of students, Hitomi went over and hugged Tomoe, grinning. "That was amazing, Tomoe-chan! I didn't know you could sing like that!" she gleefully chimed, before turning to Asahi and taking her soda. "I'm sure you'll do just fine," Hitomi answered, nodding. "Please let us know how things go tomorrow. Sorry I can't stay and watch, but I have business of my own to take care of. Good luck!"

When Asahi left, Hitomi stopped smiling and turned to Tomoe. "Something my opponent in the first round said to me's been bothering me. They warned me about the rest of the pro-Collective, the 1B class. I hope my fears are entirely misguided, but...They are a bit of a clique, and they made that scene in the lunchroom on the first day. I don't know. I don't fully trust them."

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Mako Akane

The compliment about her smile got another smile out of her. But no blush. This time she was ready. She was, however, glad when he changed tacks. There was only so long she could play the flirting game before she either lost or it remained a draw for so long to become awkward. "I felt I had done everything that could be done. I stole from some of the most secure places in all Japan and got away with it. The second time would have just been a disappointing sequel to my first run. Besides, I wasn't so young anymore. As you get older, you gravitate towards resting on your laurels and choosing an easier path. Working at a Hero School wasn't what I had in mind at first. I did want to become a secretary, simply because I knew for sure I'd be able to grab some headlines by choosing the most mundane career path I could think of. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed the work. Well, it's managing money. I used to have to do that a lot. Once you've successfully hidden and laundered millions of yen in stolen money for six years, keeping the books for a trading firm is child's play

When I was offered the job at this academy, I thought the headmaster was out of his mind and I definitely wasn't the only one, but you know me. I can't resist a headline. And...I can't tell you how much I love this job. I'm not even sure I could ever go back to Villainy now if it meant leaving what I have behind.

What about you? To be honest, I know almost nothing about what you did back then and what you've done since. Let me hear some of your story."


Rags' arm and thigh muscles were aching from gripping the bird so tight for so long, but as it gave up on fight back and collapsed, the savage girl, covered from head to toe in blood, smiled, and looked over to Seig. "We eat bird! I get ed...ed-bull parts!" she declared cheerfully, before looking over to Kryss and the two other boys, one of whom she recognised as the boy who'd been helping her to fight, and frowned. Something was not right. She couldn't see the wings or the blood from where she was, but the distress on the face of both of them was worrying. She stood up, still standing on the neck of the bird, and yelled out to them. "Hey! You ok?"

Rags looked down the path along the wall, and reasoned that the platform down there was likely where she would pick the trail back up, but before Rags could go down there, she wanted her friends to be happy, healthy and well-fed. And that would mean cooking this bird. First she needed a fire. Luckily, there was a tree on the platform they had just come from, and the wood had been dry. Rags began to climb the platform rather fast but noticed, as she did so, she was starting to feel sick. Every fibre of her being was screaming at her to stop ascending, and Rags was then type to listen when her body told her something, so she descended again. Rags would have no problem eating the bird meat raw, but the other three, who lived in houses with adults, most likely would like the meat to be cooked. Rags would discuss the matter of food to them later.

I think I might retire Rebecca and just focus on Eilidh now Evil's gone, tbh.

The creature behind the desk was a very large, blue humanoid with fangs and some kind of thin shell or exoskeleton instead of ordinary skin. They would have looked intimidating but for the goofy-looking goggles they were wearing, covered with magnifying lenses, and their poor, shabby clothing that most of the stall owners here were wearing. One of their arms was robotic, but with no casing. The hydraulics and pipes were on full display.

Qoorb was currently soldering an FTL catalyst that looked in pretty bad shape. SAL and Koren would both see this component and the state it was in and realise that it was by all accounts a total write off. Something insalvageable that would need to be replaced. Junk. But here this alien was. Refusing to give up on it, trying to fix it, despite the obvious dents and damage. The creature looked up from their work, turned off the soldering tool, and lifted their goggles to reveal red eyes that only made them look more intimidating. However, when they spoke, they spoke with a timid, feminine-sounding voice, and answered with heavily accented broken English.

"Yes, I have. I have. Please. Look. Look."

SAL would have spotted several of the components he asked for hanging from the walls and ceiling of the store. In fact, they were the reason he stopped. Qoorb retrieved the Atom Flux and burn regulators, then dropped down out of view for a few seconds, returning with a rusty tin box full of various sizes of transmission and fuel piping. He would take one out, weigh it in his hand, then put it back. SAL would notice that despite the jumble of pipes, he never took the same one twice. Eventually he took one out, was satisfied, and placed it with the rest of the order. Finally he turned his back on them and disappeared into his stall. He returned with the ugliest 50-grade coolant tank they'd ever seen. It's surface betrayed that it had once been heavily dented and had been restored by hand, and it had traces of dark grey paint from when it was once new, but all but a few specs remained on its bare, metal exterior.

"How much you pay?" Qoorb asked in a tone that made it very clear that the stall owner was going to haggle.

When Eilidh saw that everything was taken care of, she began to relax, glad she she hadn't needed to get involved, and to therefore test the control of her bloodlust. She was almost immediately punished for her leniency when the leader took a Harpy hostage. Eilidh was too scared to even draw her bow in case the Brigand saw her and harmed his hostage. She just watched from afar with gritted teeth, and watched the situation unfold. It was touch and go but this new Monster Girl was good. The Minotaur secured the hostage and the new girl was now grabbing the leader by the throat, following a successful disarming with Ditzy's help. Eilidh decided that now was the time that she could actually make a difference, and cantered up behind Titanica.

"I know how much you want to kill him right now," she addressed the scaled woman. "But that's not how we do things here. He's our prisoner and he's unarmed. We have cells in the guildhouse for this kind of degenerate to rot in."

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Rebecca watched Lily start to leave, and turned to Yang and Maria. She trusted Yang to perform the funeral rites, and besides, she did not wish to reveal that she was also a priestess in front of these guards as that would really be tempting fate. "Yang, Maria. I would like to join you in laying this woman to rest, but I cannot leave Lily unsupervised. We shall meet you back at the guild building."

Rebecca quickly ran after Lily, and eventually caught up to her, making sure that her disguise was still intact when she stopped running. "It is your family's place and not mine to teach and enforce your morals, so I shall bite down the great many things I wish to say to you, and I will instead ask this; Are you not in the least bit curious as to how this whole business does not add up?"

This fight's getting a bit busy and confusing. Can somebody break it down?
I'll post tomorrow
It's ok now, as the arcs are over/getting interesting. But yeah, I was not having fun.

Eilidh wasn't out of breath at all, but her face had just as much red in it after Neil's question. "Mo! Absolutely not!...Most of the time. Centaurs can keep themselves under control, barring three circumstances. One, when we're on a post-battle adrenaline rush. Two, when we're drunk. And three, when we're ridden by a man. Most of the civilized monster races are either in control until provoked, or have tricks to keep themselves under control."

When Eilidh heard the roar in the distance, her ears pricked up and she drew her sword. That wasn't too far from the guildhouse! Eilidh ran with the others, not wanting to leave them behind in case there were enemies nearby. She reached the scene, and saw a massive scaled monster girl fighting a group of brigands. The girl wasn't a dragon. Eilidh knew a dragon when she saw one, and this was something else; something she'd never seen before. She had heard terrifying stories of creatures who resided in the island of Zipangu that fit this description, however, and that made her hope she was on their side.

Eilidh raised her sword, let out her war cry, and charged towards the bandits.


Rebecca eyed the body of the old woman. Well, that put paid to the idea that she was a ghost. Even so, this just raised more questions. That's when she spotted the Order guards. And worse; she recognized one of them. They'd definitely recognize her. She pushed the scarves higher up on her face, and hung back. Hopefully, none of the guards would look too closely. This did give her some time to think, however. Why had a living old woman wished to marry a dead man in a derelict church with no ceremony? Did she not know he was dead? And why had she been killed? Was it an assailant, or was it that the guards were not investigating, but in fact had been the ones to kill the woman in the first place? Rebecca doubted that, unless Varjan mindsets has taken hold of her home too, but she couldn't rule it out. If not, why had she been killed? Was the idea to have the ceremony in an abandoned and ignored ruin with no ceremony because she knew she was in danger and wished not to attract attention?

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