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Nadeko Tayama

The moment Damien moved away to start to pin the arms, Nadeko continued to climb the robot by launching herself up its frame until she reached the robot's head. She was banking on the robot's head being where the chips or whatever that controlled it were housed. She didn't see any reason that wouldn't be the case. These weren't designed to beat heroes. These were designed to be beaten by hero students. With that said, she placed both her arms flat against the top of the robot's head and pulled, as hard as she could. Magnets and electronics don't mix. Even if there were safeguards in place, the power she was putting into her magnets should put even this robot out of commission.

When it was finally shut down, Nadeko hopped off and slid down the robot, using magnets against the machine's prone body to slow her fall. When she reached the ground, everything seemed...quiet. But it couldn't be over yet. They'd barely started. She looked over to Damien once he also reached the ground safely.

"Thanks for your help!" She called over to him as she approached him. "I misjudged that. I'm not sure either of us could have beaten that alone. Not as easily as we did together anyway."

There wasn't much time to talk as less than a minute after the last wave stopped, the sounds of gunfire could be heard. She looked over to where the sounds were coming from, then back to Damien. "I think round two's just started." she commented.
Natalie Ellis

Natalie after turning her phone off, was silent as she listened to the group discuss things. There was undeniable proof that there were children on the promise, and they had serial numbers. Natalie had gone pale, and was staring at the table with a furious intensity. Her fists were clenched ad knuckles were white. She listened as Eli explained that she knew a way in. She finally looked up at the group.

"I for one don't want to leave. There's nothing for me on Earth. I want to find out if this is true. There could be other explanations. Maybe they're being raised as, like, soldiers or something. That's not better at all but at least they wouldn't be suffering. But....if they're testing and experimenting on children..."

There was something dark in her eyes as she trailed off. It wasn't just rage. It was something Archie and Lynn might have recognized in Salamandra's; The capability and desire to kill in cold blood.

Nat cleared her throat and snapped out of it. She looked around at the group, and then rolled up her sleeves, exposing her scars. "I, uh, was going to talk about this with Archie first, privately, but we're here now so here goes. I was experimented on, back on Earth. For two years of my life. Some Organised crime effort to develop a way to give non-paras superpowers, called Project Lion. These scars aren't from self-harm or anything. They'd literally cut me open so they could inject my muscles with something. Every muscle. Most of my waking life was spent painfully healing, or being tested. See, my natural para ability isn't strength. It's just having really strong bones. They gave me the strength, because my bones made me the perfect guinea pig.

So you'll all understand when I say that finding out if anything remotely similar is happening here, is very, very personal to me. And I'm not leaving before I do."
Kasuke Mina

Training Ground Alpha

The roar of a great Beast, followed by muffled bragging filled the air as Mina watched Acion's gestures. 'I', 'look', 'around'. Seemed pretty straightforward, but when Mina glanced to Ruby, she seemed a little lost. Mina sighed, and started to stretch her arms in preparation for whatever was about to happen. "He's telling us he's going to keep looking around. Probably to try and spot the others. That roar is either a diversion or bait. Either way, if this were real life, he'd be smashing buildings and possibly putting lives at risk. Taking him out is part of our job and I think we'll get penalized if we ignore him. We should be able to take him with our plan, even if it's only temporary." Mina then looked sidelong at Ruby and grinned the Queen of Queen Bitch grins. "Try to keep up."

Without another word, Mina started sprinting towards where Nestor's voice had been heard. She stopped in her tracks after seeing him bound to the roof of a building. She put all of her focus into watching him. The direction he was facing, and how poised he seemed. Very quickly, with almost as little time to think as she had to react, she pointed her finger at the rooftot he seemed to be jumping to next, and fired a laser at the space above the roof. If it didn't hit him, and her timing was late, she might have at least gotten his attention and he'd come to them. If she was early, he might flinch and miss the building. They'd all be win-wins if they happened but it was not as certain as she'd like.

Maeda Hitomi

Training Ground Alpha

Hitomi, perhaps even lighter than she looked, let herself get picked up and carried by the stronger, multiple-armed team leader. Once they reached the roof, she shook herself in an animal-like fashion and joined Dulga at the building's edge where she was watching the action from below.

"I can't see anyone but the Minotaur, and he's messing with my Sheep Sense. All I can sense is him too. I should think about adding binoculars to my arsenal next time." Hitomi looked to her roomie Tomoe, her face just pure business. "And how're you doing? Hanging in there? We might need you to sleep soon."
Natalie Ellis

"Keaton hasn't texted you back?" Nat replied to Eli, puzzled. "Do you have her number? I got a message from here just before I met you. I know where we've to meet. It's-"

Right then, Eli's phone pinged again, and Nat stopped talking while she checked it. And Cara confirmed it. Not that Natalie felt Eli would have needed confirmation after what happened at the picnic.

She looked over to Nic, and...was he crying? She listened to Eli indirectly send him on his way, and felt a little bit bad, but the truth was, she wasn't sure he should be there either. He still felt like a stranger to the group. The rest of them had been through some serious stuff together. Sure, Nice was there for the last two, but it wasn't the same. This is the first time she'd ever talked to him. Did he really belong in this group meetup? Nat got the impression that important things were going to be said, if Lynn of all people organised this.

Natalie then heard the sound of somebody approaching from behind them and turned on her heel very quickly. She didn't have her guard up or any hint of aggression but she clearly moved in order to face the approaching person as fast as possible. The moment she saw it was Archie, her last breath got stuck in her chest and her cheeks flushed slightly yet noticeably. She thought she had the rest of the journey to the meeting place to prepare mentally for this, but guess she was being thrown into the deep end. She still couldn't forget their last conversation, that had to get cut short doe to them both having to go to the Ceremony. So much more needed to be said there. The way it was left made her heart hurt every time she thought about it. The rejection. The knowledge that her actions had hurt Archie's feelings and hadn't even helped her out anyway. She had nothing to show for shutting herself out. She should have just leaned on her friends and even if she'd have been a gibbering wreck, that would have still been better than shutting them all out. But it was too late to change the past. She had to fix their relationship in the present.

She eventually caught her breath and smiled shyly. "He-hey, Archie."

Nat heard the pop shortly after Archie say Nic, and saw him grow considerably in height. He stopped, though. And his monitor hadn't gone off. So Natalie figured it was fine. The Beast had stirred, but wasn't awake yet. Even so, her smile had vanished and she was watching him very carefully now.

"Yeah, we're heading to the meet point. The picnic spot," she finished for Archie. She looked over at Eli out of curiosity, and saw she was very obviously petrified right now. Nat gave her a very brief reassuring smile, and a gesture of her hand as if to say 'it's okay. I got this'.

Lynn then arrived, and asked the group where Keaton was. Amelia was also there, but hadn't reached the group yet. Natalie was shocked at the state Lynn was in. What happened to her eye? Was it injured? Scarred? Or was it gone? Natalie had known that several of them had been injured, but that knowledge hadn't sunken in until seeing Lynn's bandages right now. She composed herself, and pointed in the direction they were walking. "You know, Keaton might be waiting for us at the meet point as we speak."
Natalie Ellis

Natalie picked up on Nic's nervous energy immediately. What he was saying didn't quite make sense. He clearly didn't know or recognize her but he'd told her how wonderful it was to see her. She had spent most of her time on this station being similarly as guarded and nervous, and had made these kinds of errors, so she knew that it was just the anxiety-driven desire to speak regardless of what words were being spoken.

"I'm not really sure what happened in the forest either. I've...repressed that memory and don't really want to bring it back right now, if that's okay."

She'd then watch him, and more specifically his face and eyes, over the next minute. Something was going on in his head. He was being bothered by it, and he was putting his finger to his ear. A tic? He was ignoring the both of them now. Whatever was happening in his head was taking up his attention. Nat met Eli's eyes, and looked concerned. The corner of Nat's mouth pulled taut and she wondered if they should really just wait for him to come back to them. But before she could make any moves on this, he snapped out of his stupor and made up an excuse, which Nat made no reply to but it was clear in her face she wasn't buying.

The moment he mentioned the loading bay, she saw his eyes dart to her a lot, and even settle on her once or twice. She was now convinced that he did in fact recognize her from the footage. He might even be scared of her, but he was so nervous anyway right now that she couldn't tell. What she could tell was there was a wariness with the way he looked at her, and even though the judgement of strangers no longer bothered Nat, this was somebody Eli knew. He wasn't a stranger. His fear did bother her a little bit.

She listened to his story. She vaguely remembered being knocked down by an explosion whilst trying to keep Archie away from Eli. Hearing that he was responsible, that he had tried to kill Archie, made her whole body tense. She understood his reasoning, and she'd have done the same with his lack of knowledge, but the thought that he could have hurt Archie could not escape her mind. She clenched her fists and looked away as she listened to the rest of his recapping of events. At least he was sorry and had regret. She shouldn't be angry at him for making a mistake. She knew this. But the anger wasn't going away.

Luckily for all parties involved, Eli mentioning she wasn't doing great, out loud, disarmed Natalie, and she felt her anger leave as it was replaced with concern for Eli. She put her hand on Eli's shoulder and smiled encouragingly at her.

"Well, that's what you have your friends for, and this meeting will probably help with that. Trust me, I know from experience that right now you need your friends the most. I shut you all out and I still regret it."
Natalie Ellis

After helping the others get to the hospital, Natalie, as a key witness, spent the next several hours talking to Gennedy, filling him in on her version of events. After that, she went straight to her dorms and went to bed. For the first noght in a very, very long time, she got a good night-s sleep. She never once woke up screaming in a cold sweat, with her knuckles bleeding. She woke up at 10am, and she felt calm. Better than she had felt in a long time. And she knew why. She'd been pushed over the event horizon. So long of being scared of herself and paranoid and anxious until she could take anymore, and then...pop. It was all gone. Even when she thought about what she'd done. The people she killed. Not in self defense. She vividly remembered hunting down the gunmen, just like she hunted down the scientists of Project Lion. And now, in neither cases did she feel guilt, or shame, or fear of herself. She knew she was a monster, but now she'd let go of her fears and was....happy that she'd killed those people. This is what Project Lion made her when they broke her mind with two years of torture. She didn't need to be afraid of who she was. Didn't need to be afraid of losing control. Was she always in control now? Or never in control? It didn't matter. She now had mental consistency and didn't think she'd be flipping from one to the other extreme again.

Everything was going well until the broadcasts. They included footage of her callously hunting down and killing the gunmen in what clearly wasn't self-defense. It looked more like vengeance. And Natalie felt nothing watching it. And that worried her. She should watch this and feel sick. Just a little bit. But she didn't. And that wasn't normal.

And that's when she started to notice.

For the rest of the day, she was given a wide berth. Staff members watched her carefully. Other kids her age tried not to be within fifteen feet of her if they could help it. Everyone who saw the broadcast knew that there were people still in the Promise's prisons who weren't crazy or murderous enough to be able to do what Natalie did, the way she had done it. Natalie wondered if they all thought she should be in the prison too. Maybe she should be.

By the second day, the distance and the stares, and the mutterings were starting to grind on her. She started to get increasingly irritable and at several points snapped at people demanding that if they had something to say, say it. They would always flee. She sighed. Later that day her therapist had a guard standing behind her and explained that he was a nullified. Natalie didn't listen to another word, and walked out of the room.

The next days followed a similar pattern. By the fourth day Natalie was starting to get used to it. She still went out every day, went shopping, started putting more care into her appearance, dressing better. Screw trying to fit in. She was free of fear for the first time she could remember. She was determined to have fun to spite this atmosphere.

Then, Natalie got a text out of the blue one day;

Archie Anderson: Hey, Lynn and I need everyone to meet up. Where Keaton said they should spill flour on the floor. Ask Keaton if you don't know where that is and don't see any of us on the way.

She grinned. Finally, her friends were meeting up! She was looking forward to having a social life again. To take advantage of her newfound mental peace to truly enjoy other's company. And she did want to see Archie again, but she wouldn't know how to broach the subject of how badly she'd fucked up their relationship before it started. Meeting in a group was preferable to her right now. But what did this Keaton clue mean? Natalie then texted Keaton.

Natalie: Hey, so I just read Archie's text. Any idea where he's talking about?
Natalie Ellis

Natalie, as she was pulled along, and fell onto her back, realized she hadn't thought this through very well. She had just been trying to stop Archie from hurting anyone. Now, she was in danger. She felt the weight of the foot and the 9 foot lizard attached to it press against her chest and felt the wind escape her lungs. She gasped, and grabbed the foot just as she felt her ribcage almost creaking. Luckily, she was strong enough to push against the foot and not just relieve the pressure, but slowly raise the foot.That's when she felt it start to move away voluntarily, and she let go, before rolling away and getting back to her feet. She didn't know whether any of what just happened was deliberate or accidental, so she watched Archie cautiously from where she was standing. She looked over to Eli and Keaton. They both seemed to be unharmed. She looked back to Archie, slightly scared. In full control of her mind this time, she understood the threat he posed.

"Archie, can you hear me? It's Natalie. I'm here. Because we made a promise to each other to never let each other go too far. Remember that?"
Kasuke Mina

Mina listened to Ruby's plan, and nodded. It made sense. Together, they'd be able to take out a single prefect at a time, or at least incapacitate them. She looked to hear teammates for this exercise. Besides Ruby there was also Roy, Acion, Yukari, and Mamoru. Besides Roy, Mina didn't know all too much about them. She knew the basics of their quirks and that was it. Acion had a Hero family. Mamoru had a little bit of a reputation as a kamikaze. Yukari had been part of the group that got attacked by villains.

Once Ruby's speech was finished, Mina stood beside her. "Listen," she said, "We should stick together. If I can blind them, that should give you a window to get close and freeze them."

Now all that was left was to wait for the Prefects to start.

Maeda Hitomi

Training Ground Alpha
@Norschtalen@pkken@Riegal@liferusher@Lucius Cypher

Hitomi listened to Dulga's plan. So, she'd be one of the few who'd be tasked with finishing the prefects off, and restraining them. This did seem well suited to the sheep girl's talents, and she now had complete confidence that she'd been cast in the right role. This would give her an opportunity to test out her wool bombs in a practical environment. She looked at the teammates who would be joining her, as three of them would be splitting off to block the exits and box the prefects in. So Hitomi would be fighting with Dulga and Tomoe. Of course she knew her roommate and best friend quite well, but Dulga, she'd never really spoken to before. She seemed intense and scary. Perhaps she'd get to know the tall six-armed girl better during, or after this exercise. No. Right now she had to focus. And steel herself for an exercise against mutants, when not even half a year ago she was a Support student.
Natalie Ellis

Natalie turned and watched when she heard the noises. It was just like the first day. Archie was transforming. Natalie grinned, and turned back to the gunman who was shooting at her. Rushing him and then throwing her bullet-ridden shield at him. By the time he had freed himself from his dead fellow's embrace, Natalie was upon him. With one hand, she grabbed his gun and wrenched it from his grasp. With her other, she grabbed his face. And squeezed.

Drenched head to toe in blood, none her own, Natalie was ready to kill more. She looked around the room for any gunmen still standing. She looked just in time to see the bomb go off in Archie's face. There were few, if any, gunmen still standing that she could see, so she wasn't directly in danger of being shot right at this moment. Her adrenaline was receding, and with it, her bloodlust. Now all she could think of was that Archie was hurt. She started to run to him.

She briefly slowed, and felt a wave of relief come over her, when the lizard got up, but that turned to panic when she saw him start to advance on Eli and Keaton. Natalie started sprinting as fast as she could. Worse than letting Archie die, she knew, was letting him succumb to the beast. They'd made promises to protect each other. He'd snapped her out of her frenzy the day of the jailbreak. It was time to return the favor.

Any other attempts to slow Archie down, Natalie didn't notice, but she eventually reached the giant lizard, and took a hold of it's leg, pulling it backwards and away from Eli. She gritted her teeth and resisted any attempt by Archie to continue in the direction it had been going.
Jamin Redman

Mentions: @Duoya

Jamin didn't seem fazed by Rich's long pauses. He was at a loss for any way to liven this trip up either. And he was a patient guy. He just stood there and looked around as Rich unfroze herself. Then she laughed it off with such an air of misplaced confidence that Jamin found it kind of endearing. Still, he felt like he was humoring her more than anything else. Not that he didn't want to hang out. She did have a point. Anything was better than looking at museum pieces all day.

The two suggestions she gave were either pranking people, which ain't cool in Jamin's book. He preferred to let people be. He'd make fun, talk smack sometimes. But that was different. The wrong prank at the wrong time could start a fight. The most making fun would do it make the target surly.

"I'd rather get something to eat, if that's all the same to you. Anyone else coming, or what?"
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