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There's no guild rule about two posts, no. Howver, a quick read of the rules of this canon, posted on the first post of the OOC, and I found this;

"There will be no specific posting order. However, wait at least two turns before posting again to let others have fun as well."

Duncan stopped when the girl who had apparently been trying to keep up with him had to stop, and turned round to wait, though was tense and his legs were itching to run back to the school at a moment's notice. That's when another girl joined them, and Duncan turned round and start to trot to the school at a much more manageable pace, though he had to put effort into forcing himself not to bolt. As he walked, he listened to the conversation happening behind him. One thing in particular alarmed him; something he hadn't known until now. He heard the scream, and he'd seen the large hoofprints, but he didn't know about a body. This was alarming. That meant that...that somebody had been killed. Duncan felt a knot tighten in his stomach and began to feel queasy. The life of a teenager like him had been lost. Gone. Dead. This time the distress in his voice was a lot stronger.

"Guys, we can talk all we want in the school! Let's get back there as quickly as possible, okay?"

<Snipped quote by Inkarnate>

I loved The Saboteur. One of the most refreshingly fun games of its type despite everybody's accent being ridiculous.

Girl from another world/dimension/plane visits a house of a guy and starts living there. Other girls enter the world. They all fancy the guy and make a harem. He doesn't bang any of them.

I just covered about a hundred anime.
Guy joins a club with an alien, an Esper, a time traveller and god. They basically spend the whole anime fucking around.

Guy joins a club with an alien, an Esper, a time traveller and god. They basically spend the whole anime fucking around.

Guy joins a club with an alien, an Esper, a time traveller and god. They basically spend the whole anime fucking around.

Guy joins a club with an alien, an Esper, a time traveller and god. They basically spend the whole anime fucking around.

Guy joins a club with an alien, an Esper, a time traveller and god. They basically spend the whole anime fucking around.

Guy joins a club with an alien, an Esper, a time traveller and god. They basically spend the whole anime fucking around.

Guy joins a club with an alien, an Esper, a time traveller and god. They basically spend the whole anime fucking around.

Guy joins a club with an alien, an Esper, a time traveller and god. They basically spend the whole anime fucking around.
@Mariana Collie

I'm not talking about realistic childhood trauma or gritty topics in a canon of the correct tone. I'm talking straight up "I was routinely raped when I was seven and killed my first man when I was ten" in the middle of an anime high school setting.

Storm Bird

VS (Or so)

JoJo Ruby Mamoru Maeda Hitomi Roy Kusayanagi

Team C

Once said, Acion retracted all the holographic projection of the cameras, and began free falling. Meanwhile, he was keeping his binocular on, to continuously keep track of his targets. After a minute, he began taking his stances and initiated diving procedures. Their guards were down. Let fate let him exploit that to the maximum…

Hitomi, positioned in between Roy and Ruby, was keeping watch of their surroundings. Suddenly, a feeling in her gut flared up. She was in danger! Looking around frantically, she could see no sign of an assailant, but only then did she remember being told about a student from another team who could fly, and looked up to see, sure enough, a winged boy descending towards them. How did she forget such a crucial detail? She should have been watching the sky more often!

“Look out! Attack from above!” she called out to her teammates, before taking aim with her shotgun and firing a beanbag at Acion, though he was still too far away for it to even hit. ‘Maybe it’d make him flinch’ was her thought process.

Roy took the position of kaboose, being in the back he could effectively the backside of the group. When Hitomi started looking around frantically it threw the boy off before he looked up with her.

A bit of shock and relief was on the boys face as he smirked, shock that Acion was their first target yet relief that it was someone who he had a lot of time studying.

The boy held his right for arm out and his trademark riot shield appeared. “A bean bag won't work on him. His manoeuvrability in the air is on another level, only a widespread attack will get the job done. Careful of his feather attacks” Roy said as he took defensive position in front of hitomi.

Even Ruby did not see that attack coming. When Hitomi started shouting out that there was someone coming from above, Ruby’s ears immediately perked upwards and she focused her gaze upon the sky, immediately pulling her sword from her back to hold it tightly with both hands in front of her. Her eyes had troubles focusing on the target at hand but when she finally managed to see him clearly it hit her.

“Don’t stop moving! We need to keep heading for the center. Roy, keep the shield up!” She shouted to the others while putting a hand on the shield as she ran in front of them, in case they would run too. Of course, touching the shield for the longest time possible was just preparation incase something extreme would be necessary. However, if they were to stop moving now, their whole plan would be stopped as they surely wouldn’t reach the center as the first ones. While touching the shield with her left hand, Ruby held up her sword with her right one and never stopped looking at the fast approaching entity in the sky. She was just praying that Roy’s shield would be enough to stop whatever the guy was planning from hitting any of them.

JoJo was alerted to the position of Acion the winged one performing a divebomb on the group because he was making a b-line towards the group she made the connection that he must be focusing pretty hard on them. With her enhanced movement, she looked around trying to desperately to piece together a way to get out of this situation, all of them involved leaving someone behind unless all four of them wanted to waste energy fighting a bird off. “Roy, when I give you the signal, create a flashbang and blind him, you’re gonna have to solo him until I get back” She explained rearing back shooting her body off in a direction grabbing both Ruby and Hitomi’s collars and dragging them with her at lighting speed “NOW!!” she screamed as the three of them disappeared behind a cloud of dirt she had kicked up sprinting as fast as she could manage shooting her body forward using the goggle shutter lens to help her navigate herself over and under obstacles that the girls could fit through.

The plan was to blind Acion and Roy was the key player, only problem was he had yet to make a flashbang. Shouldn't be too hard now right? The boy held out his free hand a small ball of energy raw energy formed in the young heroes hand, when the word flashbang came to thought the small memory of Mina's blinding light came to mind. Focus your energy to a single point. Soon the light began burning hotter and shining brighter. I think it is ready. Roy launched the ball into the sky, once it was above the forest the ball of energy expanded. Like a firework it illuminated the forest with a engrossing experience. Roy's helmet had a sun shades built into the visor as well as night vision, perfect for moments like these.

“Sorry bud but your not laying your hands on em that easily”

”Damn it...”

They noticed him way before he managed to deliver his payload.

As he zoomed closer and closer, he could notice the sheep girl was shooting him using a gun. The sight scared him a little, but he was moving at a speed of over 300 kilometers per hour. The chances that he could bullets at that speed would be astronomical. So he had to ignore any projectiles that may hit him.

Acion was heading in their opposite direction as he prepared to execute his trademark feather attack. But then, the girl with short dark hair suddenly grabbed the collar of two others, before bolting away at an unbelievable speed.

”Oh no you-”

He rotated his body to launch his feathers. But as he was only mere seconds away from launching, his vision was obscured by a sudden bright light. By pure instinct, hardened by intensive training, he initiated the feather launch anyway. The wings flapped with might, with power as he slammed dozens of feathers down where he perceive his targets were. Before he managed to hit the ground, his body rotated again, his wings soared to propel him upward.

When his vision was clear again, the three of them were already gone. Leaving behind a big cloud of dust, and a bunch of feather marks on the ground.

Acion quickly looped to chase his preys, but after a few moments, he realized that there was no way he could catch up with them. That was pretty unexpected…

”Not so entertaining now...” He said as he landed on top of a tree.

But did they leave Roy alone on purpose?

Would it be wise to engage him one on one here? If he got knocked out at this early stage of the game, it would be a total disaster, and an embarrassment. But if he managed to knock out Roy instead, it would be a huge ups to the game’s situation.

”Worth it…”

He is his adversary now.

It was now just Roy and Acion in the forest, he didn't expect for him to come alone and attack them as well. Did he underestimate group C? The winged man surely wouldn't have attacked any other group alone so why them. Roy released his riot shield and slowed his movement as he posted up behind a tree. The boy wanted to hide his presence from his adversaries, with that huge flashbang there is no telling who he attracted over to this forest.

This was surely an even matchup, with the forest on Roy's side he could surely make something happen if Acion decided to attack though his team's main form of defence will be gone. He waited to see what his friend now turned foe would do next.

Where is he now?

The winged man flew up in the air as he surveyed the area. Especially the area where he just attacked. It was packed with feathers, which was stuck firmly onto the dirt. The guy just disappeared...

Meanwhile, JoJo shot herself across the field from forest to actual concrete field, she carried the two women in a straight line kicking up all kinds of dirt and rocks creating what looked like a moving dust cloud. In all honestly, they must have attracted just about every team, but still, she didn’t slow down, if anything she only sped up until coming into full contact with the door leading inside the auditorium. Coming to a full stop and dropping her teammates just on the other side of the door allowing their stomachs to catch up with their bodies before beginning to explain what was happening to them and how they were going to play out into the rest of the plan.

“Look I’m sure both of you are pretty disoriented but I need you to get up and walk it off, this is the auditorium, I need both of you to barricade the entrances and form some kind of defences while I go and save Roy from being walked on,” JoJo explained walking around in a circle preparing her body for another run. “I’ll get to him faster than getting here which honestly wasn’t that bad but depending if I have to fight I might be a bit longer but keep this point defended” JoJo didn’t give them a real chance to talk back before bolting off again quite literally.

The moment, Hitomi was let go, she fell to the floor, all four limbs stiff and splayed like that of a fainting goat. Her face told that she was visibly shaken from that ordeal. This never happened in the Support Class. “I hope we never have to do that again!” She exclaimed, before looking up at Ruby from her comical position on the floor. “Ruby, Put any furniture you can find in front of the doors and then freeze them with your quirk. That should hold any invaders at least until I can get my limbs working again! Sometimes I think I’d be of more use if I was quirkless.”

Even Ruby, the one who would normally simply not care about what just happened, was quite shook by what just happened. She managed to land on her feet luckily, but her confused face now stared at the helpless girl in front of her. When JoJo explained her plan Ruby simply nodded to her to confirm and then stared down at Hitomi again. Admittedly, it did look kind of adorable and funny. Luckily for Ruby this was not the time to laugh and she didn’t even have to hold a laugh in, it was just too serious. “I’ll try.” With both of her hands she got some dust off of her cloak and then straightened her hair as good as it was possible with just her hands. “I wonder if the other teams know that we have just captured the point…” the girl said, mostly to herself. After all if a team were to arrive now it would surely become a dangerous situation, since two versus four did not sound pleasant at all for obvious reasons. “Why would I barricade the doors if I can just freeze the doors though?” she claimed as she continued by touching the closed entrance door with both of her hand for a few moments. “This is never gonna work… they can still burst through the walls. I do hope that JoJo hurries up…” Ruby just kept talking to herself, almost not realizing that Hitomi was still very much listening. “Let's just wait and see what happens…” While she was preparing everything, Ruby’s head was still kind of dazed by the transport to the center JoJo style. Truth be told, Ruby really did not like how the plan ended up. If they were to face another team now it would surely be over for them… right? Though Ruby knew, she still had some tricks up her sleeve that could buy them more than enough time. “Remember… for every second that we are in here alone, we gain valuable capture-time. As long as we have at least some we have a fair chance.”
@Dynamo Frokane

Theyr'e funny if they aren't about you. if they are about you, I often have to admit 'where is the lie? I'm mad, but where is the lie?'

As a kind of SJW, I can confirm that not even we disagree.
While we're bitching about IC details;

There's a time and a place for edginess. In a Dark Fantasy setting, it can work. But the amount of times there's an anime high school setting and somebody tries to bring in a character who carries swords or knives, grew up on the streets in a gang and/or was abused as a kid.

We get it, you think that's cool and you want to be a snowflake. We're all laughing at you.
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