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Heidi Williams

Location: Nocturne.
Interacting With: Ayel @Dezuel,

So they agreed on something after all. Though the means were almost exact opposites, their goal was the same, and they both believed it was not just a dream but something tangible that could be achieved. This just renewed her desire to try to get him to enrol in the Ashford Institute. Despite his twisted morality and his god complex, he did genuinely care about mutantkind. There was potential for good in him. Heidi wordlessly took his arm and the two of them floated down to the ground. Despite the danger that she was about to face, Heidi was calm. Even the hardest and most professional of mercenaries would hesitate and shooting a small unarmed fifteen year old girl, and even a single second of hesitation would be all Heidi would need. The danger of death was unlikely, but it was possible. She would take due care at all times.

The first decision was already among the pair. Did they break open the front door of the club, or sneak around the back and get in another way? Well, the front was likely guarded, as was probably the back, and the loading docks. But all clubs needed to comply with fire safety legalisation, and that meant that this building almost definitely had a fire escape. Nobody thinks to guard stairwell windows the same way they'd guard formal entrances. Heidi contemplated clearing a path to the front door so that when the classmates arrived, they would face no resistance, but the priority was Uná. Besides, the classmates all had far more danger room training that she had. They were no less equipped to deal with any threat than she was, at all.

Heidi gestured for Ayel to follow, as she skirted around the building until she found the fire escape, then she turned to him. "First of all, I won't be able to hear anybody behind us, so keep an eye out behind me. Second, we'll enter the club through one of the windows on this fire escape. There most likely won't be anybody waiting for us inside on the stairwell. Once we're in, I'll search down, you search up. That way, if our classmates arrive, I'll be in a better position to brief them. How does that plan sound?"

Koizumi Seiko

Ground Floor Hallway
@Experiment 249@Lucius Cypher@pkken

Seiko continued to revel in this scene. Would it be rude to take a picture? Yeah, that would probably be going too far. If he was in Persia's position, and somebody took a photo, there would be no corner of the school safe for them until they deleted it. Still funny, though. Lysander's mention of something important did intrigue him, though. Would it be relevant to the prank, or Amane's revenge, or would it be a sparring challenge? Or would it be something else? Lysander's crush on Seiko was not subtle, and it hadn't stopped when he had learned Seiko's true nature, which was surprising to the idol, to say the least. Did Seiko even swing that way? Could he reciprocate those feelings? Seiko, despite his lifestyle, was firmly cisgender, but his sexuality was something hadn't given quite as much thought too.

He could think about this later, however. Persia had gotten to her feet and was addressing him. There was something about her manner that made him think she wanted something. "Persia-chan!" he chimed in response, right as Persia chewed out Lysander for being overly familiar. Seiko shook his head as a comically large bead of sweat appeared on his face. Lysander was hopeless.
I'm thinking of joining this with a beastman character. Gonna try and channel some of that classic campy Dragonball 'Tournament entree' vibe. Thinking up an inventive gimmicky technique for them (related to the beast they are) rather than just giving them five ki blasts/strikes. Something like Giran's merry-go-round gum, or General Blue's paralysis, but not those.
Chase Stein and a different version of the Runaways? Awesome! Now I'm genuinely debating whether to stick with Jessica or make an older Molly Hayes!
XIII is underrated and and X is a bit overrated, but I still prefer X to XIII because I'm a sucker for classic Final Fantasy gameplay.

XIII is better than X-2. If an open world to explore and lots to do is so important, you should love X-2. XIII is actually somewhat focused.

Post-game for all three games is bull, though.
I kinda want to play either Jessica Jones or Molly Hayes. Maybe both, in a mentor/pupil relationship.

Heidi Williams

Location: Outside Avalon.
Interacting With: Ayel @Dezuel

Heidi listened to Ayel continued to speak there was one thing he said that she agreed with. Only one. The most important law to follow is the law of your heart. And Heidi's heart was telling her that Ayel was dangerous, and wrong, and that no matter what somebody has done, killing will always be a less moral choice than incarceration and salvation, if the latter is possible. But he wasn't the one with a captive. Right now, they were allies with a common enemy. Heidi's severe misgivings about Ayel's philosophies were not the main concern, no matter how wrong she was finding them. They needed to save their classmate. Or rather, her classmate. Heidi didn't think Ayel went to the institute. His extreme and elitist views of non-mutants was disgusting to Heidi, and she doubted that this attitude would have lasted very long under the tutelage of the X-Men. After this was over, she should at least persuade him to enrol, or persuade the teachers to contact him.

"There are billions of people out there, who don't have the X-gene. Billions who are good, moral people. Innocent and as deserving of life as anybody. I'd appreciate it if you'd stop insulting them. That won't help change things. Billions of people minding their own business aren't the problem. They never have been. Change for the better won't come about if you destroy the system. That will just create more chaos. You need to change the system itself to your advantage. You need to...use it."

They landed on a roof overlooking the site where Aya had told them the car had driven. Heidi immeditaly stepped close to the edge and began taking everything in and formulating plans and strategies, while Ayel continued talking, and she turned to watch his lips. "Very well," she answered once he'd finished, after turning away and looking back over the scene. "We go in there together. And you're right. I can't stop you killing. All I can do repeat myself and ask you not too. I can't stop you and rescue Uná at the same time. They kidnapped her from the club, and they're armed. This is on them."

She looked back to Ayel. "I will try to keep an eye out for backup arriving, and if I notice something, I'll try and notify you. You can then use he power you used in the club to let them know where we are and what's going on. Speaking of, that's something we need to talk about later. I know you're the one who sent that message into all of our heads, calling for some kind of uprising. Careful. You sounded a little like Magneto." she finished with a hint of challenge in her voice, and eyes, before returning her attention to down below.

Heidi Williams

Location: Outside Avalon.
Interacting With: Ayel @Dezuel

Getting eye contact with Heidi wasn't very hard, as she was already watching his face to make sure she didn't miss anything he said. She didn't reply to his reassurances, however. It wasn't just the embarrassment that was making her behave the way she was. Heidi was not a good flyer. Her mind would overthink and wonder and never fail to remind her of the dangers of falling. That said, it was also embarrassing to be held like this. She wasn't comfortable with it but it had to be done for the sake of rescuing Uná.

"I don't have any doubt or hesitation," Heidi answered. "Or rather, I have too much. That's just how my mind works. I can think about something, taking days of contemplation, in a split-second. I've already been thinking bout this matter a lot. If I had no other choice, and that is seldom the case when you can processes so many possibilities from one single action, then I would go through all seven stages of grief by the time I finish pulling the trigger. Having said that, taking the law into my own hands and killing somebody is wrong, and is absolutely the last resort when all attempts to incapacitate or restrain have failed. You talk as if you've already made up your mind to kill without mercy, and your justification seems to forget that the law exists. If we don't kill a single person today, they won't all be free to carry on hurting people, not if we can help it. The future I want is one where as few people need to mourn as possible."

Heidi's mood had grown stiffer and colder after hearing Ayel's speech, and replying with her own. Besides all but confirmation that he was the voice in everybody's heads earlier, he also had a very dangerous philosophy. The Brotherhood sympathiser whose act of terrorism had taken Heidi's family away from her probably had similar ideas, and that's what bothered her so much about this. She didn't want Ayel following the same path, with his 'us and them' mindset and how quickly he jumped to killing as his plan A. She had to try to change him before it was too late. If he didn't kill tonight, that would be a good start.

Even his plan made a lot of assumptions. Heidi didn't think Ayel was a mind reader, or he'd likely be showing some kind of coldness or disgust at her pro-mutant registration ideals. There was some sense to what he was saying, but the way he assumed the worst, and demonized them. It was if he was psyching himself up in order to justify violence. That was hopeful. There was the tiniest glimmer of hesitation and empathy in there that he was actively trying to suppress.

"Your plan is decent, yet inefficient. With your ability, you'd be better served giving anyone who arrives the intel. I will immediately set to rescuing Uná. Don't worry. I can handle myself on the field. Anyone who says 'you can't outthink a bullet' has never met me. And like you said, make sure this doesn't have a tragic end. Unless you have no other choice, please go non-lethal."

Heidi Williams

Location: Outside Avalon.
Interacting With: Ayel @Dezuel; Jason @Eric Horst

Ayel's metaphor concerned Heidi, as her mind over-analysed it. There were going to the enemy, hat was true. They'd probably be victorious unless there are a lot of men there, or they have their own mutants. But even so, choosing a hunter metaphor over any other possible scenario was concerning. Did he see himself as a predator and the kidnappers as his prey? Was he planning on killing? If he was, Heidi would have to stop him. There was a lot to worry about. They were heading towards a group of armed opponents who knew they were coming, probably have knowledge of mutants, might have a mutant in their ranks, and to add to all that, Heidi would have to keep an eye on Ayel's actions too.

Ayel started to provide his answer to the transportation problem, but then placed his had around Heidi's waist, and told her to hold on. This didn't take a genius to figure out, and Heidi braced herself for flight. When they started to lift off the ground, she grabbed handfuls of his shirt and clung on tight. Clearly both nervous from flying, and embarrassed from being held in such a manner, she couldn't look less comfortable. Se gave an apologetic glance to Jason. They didn't even get to have any time together to have Nothing had gone to plan tonight.

"Alright. From here, you'll want to head southeast, in the same direction as that factory in the distance. Also, I'll just get this out the way now. Don't kill anyone. We should be able to resolve this without taking lives. Therefore we must."

Natalie Ellis

Location: Industrial District
Time of Day: Night
Mentions: Archie Anderson @JunkMail

Archie shot past her, running on all fours. He must still be able to see or otherwise track Bianca! Natalie followed to the best of her ability, but her running speed couldn't mach Archie's. After so long of being scared of her own power, tonight she felt so utterly powerless and redundant that all her fears now seemed foolish. She wasn't too strong. She was weak and needed, if anything, to get stronger. She couldn't fight. She couldn't run fast. She wasn't even very fit. Bianca and Archie were both so much more dangerous than her. She'd lost something in this revelation. Her complete lack of fear on meeting Archie last night might not have been the case if she had fought Bianca first. She never knew she had such confidence in her strength until she lost it.

She finally caught up to the two of them, and she couldn't believe what she saw! Bianca, the woman who had stopped Natalie in her tracks and defeated her effortlessly with three punches, was lying in a crumpled heap, bleeding from various puncture wounds in her metal armor. Archie had beaten her, and was now moving in for the kill. Natalie couldn't let somebody get killed in front of her. Besides, if she was having an episode, and Archie had the power to stop her killing somebody, but didn't, she'd never speak to him again. She had to stop Archie from killing Bianca. It's what he'd hopefully do for her.

She used the muscles in her legs to jump high in the sky, and landed between Archie and his prey just as the reptile was about to strike. Natalie reached out and stopped his powerful limbs with her own by grabbing his arms. He may be more ferocious, but he couldn't escape Natalie's grip. In rems of pure strength, she had the upper hand.

"Archie, stop! I know you don't want to kill! Trust me, I know better than anyone it'll hurt to live with. I'd want you to stop me too, if I was in your shoes. Please, don't kill her!" Natalie pleaded, perhaps foolishly paying Bianca no mind, allowing the metal woman to try to escape, or attack, if she so wished.
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