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All I'd be missing is economics with Duncan, and teaching Lumen and Trey some rituals. I actually vote to skip

...You've put more sections in the cs you sneaky little >:(

Her birthname is lost. As she was delivered to the orphanage in rags, she was called 'Rags'




Ordinary for her age and height, factoring in her lean muscle

Hair style
Long and messy

Hair Color

Eye Color

Skin Color

Red Whistle


Rags does not had a good grasp on the language, or talking as a concept. Despite this, she is very intelligent. She may have feral tendencies such as hissing and growling when feeling threatened (like bath time), and several habits from living in the wild, but behind all that, she's no different than any other girl her age. Sweet and caring, and likes to laugh.


Rags' parents were an impoverished couple living on the mainland. Her father was a farmer and her mother a cook, to a very cruel and rich baron. They fell in love and frequently met in secret. She got pregnant, but the Baron didn't discover until after the child was born, with the help of the other maids. The Baron was furious, and wished the child's death, so the mother fled with baby in her arms, into the mountains. After days of fleeing, the mother got herself lost. She tried to survive in this unfamiliar environment and her child, intelligent and eager to learn, watched her mother and took in every lesson.

One winter, when Rags was three, her mother couldn't find shelter, so sheltered Rags with her own body for the night. In the process, she caught hypothermia and never truly recovered. She died weeks later, leaving Rags all alone in the mountains. The toddler, however, had been taught enough to survive where other children would certainly have died in the same situation. And she had a new teacher in the form of the other animals she shared the mountain with. She grew feral, forgot how to speak over time, and thrives for many years, until one year ago. She was found, naked and aggressively guarding a semi-eaten eagle carcass, by Delvers who were taking a shortcut through a valley to get from the town they had been trading at, back to the port town that would ferry them to the island of the Abyss. About a week later, they presented the Orphanage with a girl dressed haphazardly in rags. The apprentice whistles playing in the garden stopped to examing their strange visitor, and she looked with equal fascination at her new home.

Rags' life has given her excellent survival instincts. She is a skilled and intelligent hunter, and is also adept at climbing with her bare hands and feet. She is as fearless as any animal when it comes to performing dangerous feats out of necessity.


"Baths! Kids laugh when talk"



Kasuke Mina

Mina knew that Dulga had the advantage on the ground. But Dulga had the advantage in any close combat situation. It was simple mathematics. At least on the ground, Mina could use her grappling knowledge against Dulga, who had no formal grappling training that Mina knew of. While Dulga was grabbing Mina in multiple places at once, Mina only had one free arm. But she only needed one. She pressed it against Dulga's neck in a way that didn't restrict her air flow, yet pressure was still being applied. If Dulga knew any MMA theory, she'd know that Mina was attempting a blood choke. However, Mina's eyes were tearing up and she was gritting her teeth. Dulga's hold on her weakened neck was putting strain on her too.

In her still not fully recovered state, Mina relented before Dulga passed out, removing the blood choke and reaching up to try to free Dulga's powerful hands from her neck. All the while, the pain in her face was becoming more pronounced.


Mako Akane

That comment actually game Mako pause, and her smile disappeared as she put her hand to her chin and her forehead wrinkled. "That's actually a good point. I didn't think about that. Guess you aren't coming after all." Then her smile gave a re-emergence and she shrugged. "Oh, well. Looks like your detentions will be serving a double purpose. Though I do wonder why you want to be a Hero so much. You're not the typical wannabe Hero type."

After a few seconds of silence. "Oh, well. I'm sure you'll open up eventually. For now, I'll get out of your hair and let you work." With one last sly grin, a cock of her head, and a quiet chuckle, she walked away and left him alone.


"Tired but otherwise buzzing," Duncan answered Trey. "I had Yurius' combat class this morning. After being babied yesterday, it felt good to do some combat, and feel like a trainee Dawnslayer instead of a child." Before Duncan could ask how Trey's morning had been, Lumen joined them, and he and Lumen talked about Tholl's class, answering his unasked question for him.

"Hey, Lumen," Duncan answered. "Good to see you too. Of course you can sit here. So, how was Tholl's class? I'm not sure what she even teaches." He directed that question to the both of them. After their answer, he answered Trey's question about Roland. "He's alright, I guess. A bit bummed out that we were being treated like kids when we could help. Even though I'm terrified of what was out there, I can sympathize with that."

Imagine the hotties we'd be able to see if we had a beach episode~

Mako laughed at his comment about being able to at least make saltwater salty. That was actually quite funny. She didn't even have to fake it! "That's a healthy attitude to have! Of course, all students should be trying for constant improvement and should never be complacent at the levels they are, even if they're good at the subject.

And if you insist you're fine, I won't press the issue,"
she started to speak quietly, leaning closer, and her grin starting to feel dangerous, "But you can't fool a Witch. There's a fire raging inside you, and I don't mean heartburn. I am serious when I suggest that you really should notify a member of staff about the Demon that's inside of you as soon as possible, for your own good."

She just came out and said. Strangely, nobody nearby has seemed to have heard or noticed. The truth was that to everybody else on their table, she hadn't said a word or opened her mouth once. It wasn't telepathy, for he had seen her mouth move. What manner of sorcery was this?

@Strange Rodent

Eilidh was shaken from the fireball, which was why it was thus so easy to attack her in her dazed state until she was kneeling and being choked. Luckily, her senses came back in time for her to grab the staff and push it away from her, giving her a tiny respite in the form of the ability to breathe. The mage was surprisingly strong, though! It took all of her strength, and both hands, to keep the staff away from her neck.

"Why?!" She yelled back, her voice straining with effort. "To prove you wrong? We are not bloodthirsty creatures! If you rally Varjans to attack an innocent and peaceful community that posed no threat to you, under false pretenses, it's clear who the real monster is!"

Using her powerful forelegs, she forced herself back upright, causing the mage to have to reach up to carry on the hold, and thus weakening his grip. She pushed the staff hard with a sudden surge of strength, lifing the mage off the ground in the process, before escaping his hold, dashing forward, facing away from him, then delivering a double-legged buck right at his armored chest Hopefully it shouldn't kill him with his armor, but it might break something.



On board the prison wagon, Rebecca felt they were finally given some respite, and started to chant verses about healing and cleansing, her hands adopting a preying position. Everyone around her would feel their pain begin to ease, and any injuries or burns they sustained begin to slowly heal.

Their break from combat was short lived, as a sword began to stab at them from the roof forcing them to keep low, and for Rebecca to cease her healing magic. As well as this threat, two other Varjans were trying to break into the cage. Sword ready, the priestess waited for another teammate to engage the armed one, and while they were doing that, she would stab the one with the key.

@PaulHaynek@The Irish Tree@Restalaan@Zaphander

Waiting for you, buddy
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