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Rags turned her head instinctively to protect her face from the incoming elbow, but this just meant it hit the side of her head and dazed her more than if it had hit her forehead like intended. Naturally, because if this, she didn't notice any of what he was doing with the rest of his body. Before she'd recovered from the blow, She found that her opponent was now behind her, and was trying to press his blade to her throat. Rags let out a snarl, and did something she realised she was going to have to do to win this; think. With both hands, she grabbed either side of Aighrit's skirt, ripping handfuls off, and, with something to protect her hands from what she was about to do, grabbed at the sword and started to push it away from her. As she was doing this, she struggled to raise her torso, bringing Aighrit with her, then bent her legs and placed her feet flat on the floor. Gritting her teeth, Rags push off the ground. With a tremendous effort and show of leg and core strength, she was now standing.

The savage girl then located her sword, escaped the sword, and dived for her own, picking it up and getting back to her feet quickly. She faced her opponent. Now it was her turn to smile as she rushed him this time, swinging her sword down diagonally left like a club. Though she had no form or skill with a blade, she was used to swinging heavier things, so her attack was very swift and had power behind it.

Those are some fancy moves! I'll have Rags fall victim to them because he's a hunter-gatherer as as such isn't really trained in MMA, though I don't want her to lose yet. Not before she shows potential.
Eilidh Chiron

Eilidh thanked Isabella and examined the weapons. She picked the smallest bow and the largest sword, and as many arrows as would fit in a quiver. Armed and in a jovial mood, she engaged in conversation as sang a few Centaur folk songs. The first hour was pleasant travelling, but Eilidh spotted the Hell Knights before the coach did and stopped smiling. Her eyes went narrow, her brow focused and both hands rested on her sword, one at the hilt and one at the pommel, as she trotted besides the coach, not hiding her prescence but letting it be known that this party was under her protection. She leaned in to answer Isabella's question.

"Nothing we can do to avoid them now. They've likely seen us. We will just have to let them approach and then play it by ear."

If Eilidh said she'd rather not fight them, she'd be lying. Centaurs lived for the thrill of hunting and combat, and even now, the adrenaline was pumping through her veins. Even if they let them past peacefully, Eilidh would have to try very hard to stop herself from picking a swordfight.

Luckily, she didn't have to worry about that as the moment they saw her, they readied their lances and charged. A man on horseback is a pale imitation of a Centaur, and she would be happy to show them what the real thing looked like. The humans in the coach looked on as the stoic, friendly Centaur who not long ago was singing to them, now had a bloodthirsty smile on her face, had drawn her sword, and holding it in both hands and pointing it like a lance, charged at the Hell Knight who was charging at her. With one powerful last-minute swing of her sword, she knocked the lance away from her, then twisted her arms to change the direction of the sword mid swing, and stab the blade right towards the Knight's neck, in between the helmet and the shoulder guard.


Kasuke Mina

"That's something you prove in your actions, no matter how aggressively you insist you're a Hero, or how much leverage you have in the form of recordings of somebody screaming, which by the way. If I ever see anybody else with that recording, I won't be angry, because I'll have been right about you. I'll have won. So really, you don't have any leverage. That said, when I see for myself that you are a Hero at heart, I'll be the first to call you one. Promise."

Mina followed with the other two as they reached the dorms, rolling her eyes at Roy's corny cheerfulness. That's when she saw Kaida hugging Jett and the pain flared up. Was it jealousy? Mina didn't know any more. She did know that Roy and Kaida were talking. Maybe there was something there. She nudged him, and beckoned at the two hugging, before Jett left to actually take Mina's advice and rest, hopefully. That just left Kaida, and Mina didn't even want to look at her right now. She split off from Roy and Takeshi, and as she passed the girl offering cookies, she shook her head and looked weary and downbeat. "Sorry, I'm...not really hungry."


I'm having a hard time deciphering what he's doing in that post, sorry, unless I draw a few diagrams
Their objective complete, now they just had to wait to be picked up. There were no threats from the rear, but Amy had spotted hostiles and engaged them, though during the fight, she got hit by a dart, though this just seemed to make her mad, and she massacred the remaining soldiers with greater prejudice. Taleste was only shock when she saw the woman's face and realised that she was aleep! The suit was moving on it's own! Now THAT was technology! Taleste whistled, impressed.

One of the soldiers had dropped his gun and was backing away, towards Taleste, who holstered her gun, pulled out her knife, and tapped the guard on the shoulder. The moment he turned, she slit his throat, and as he lay dying, went through his pockets. Nothing of value there. Darn. She got back up and followed Kira. "Ok, whut's next? Jes to wait?"

When Amy caught them up, Taleste waved. "That's sem very fancy tech ya got thur!"

Eilidh Chiron

Having gotten a good deal of exercise on the journey there, Eilidh's mood was greatly improved when she arrived at the Corazon farm. She wasn't surprised to see a poor crop seeing as how the farm was being evacuated, but it was a sad sight nonetheless. She trotted up to the family and waved as she did so.

She bowed and smiled at their comments about her being mighty. "I am honoured by your kind words but I fear not for my fate as a monster. After all, I am here to aid you in your own plight." She repeated the bow for Maria's parents. "Speak whichever tongue you find comfortable. I only regret that I cannot speak it with you. I'm happy to be of service to those who need it."

When Maria began her story, Eilidh listened, smile replaced with a stone mask of impassiveness. "Revolutions are nasty business. No matter the reason thay start, they always bring out the very worst of a human's soul, who might yesterday have been the most kind, gentle trader ever known, but today is stealing, hurting, destroying and screaming like everybody else. I will locate your sister, and she will travel under my protection to Boreal Port."

Jett Haven
Mako Akane

Jett had a sudden chill run down his spine at hearing Ms. Mako’s voice behind his head. For two reasons, he had not heard her come up behind him and it scared him a little. Also, it was a voice one did not get tired of hearing in his opinion, her calling him Jetty despite how much he hated that name, sounded nice coming from her lips.

He quickly jumped to his feet, his hand which held the necklace instinctively went behind his back. His face red as he was face to face with his childhood celebrity crush once more. M-Mss. Mako! Why would you say I’m mopey? He asked. He must admit, he did not really want to talk about one of the girls he had a crush on, with another woman who he also had a crush on. Despite him knowing there was no chance in hell he would ever be in that position with Ms. Mako. Still It was a little embarrassing.

”You’re sitting on a bench, looking miserable and contemplative with a faraway look in your eyes like you’re dwelling on something,” Mako responded, grinning. ”I believe the term for that is mopey. So, what’s got you down?”

Jett scratched the back of his head, she did have him there. The thoughts raced through his head, what if he did tell her? Would she tease him?

“Um… “he turned red again. “I Just met one of my best friends again after six months…” he continued to explain all what happened only a few minutes before in a shortened summary.

“I just can’t but help but think I’ve ruined our friendship.”

Mako straightened back up, and her tone became less ‘put-on’ and more genuine, as her eyes opened and she sighed. ”Friendships are a lot harder to break than that. She just needs some encouragement that her fears and insecurities are misguided. You’ll need to talk to her again, maybe a few more times, before she’ll really open up to you. I never guessed you’d be this popular with the ladies already, though!”

He nodded, “but I tried that! I told her that, but she is so stubborn. Why would she even think I wouldn’t like her if she lost a leg. It’s like she never knew me.” He whined a little.

When she mentioned she wouldn’t have guessed he would he popular with the ladies already. He didn’t get why she said that. “What do you mean?” He said while playing with the necklace.

”I’m not going to talk to you about ladies,” Mako replied, ”as that’s something you really have to figure out yourself. I will say that you’re now of the age where you should start asking yourself if any of the girls you flirt with now like you in that way. I will say something about Haruka, though. Well, more about myself. See, after I started stealing things, I got on badly with my parents as you can imagine. After I became a professional thief, we stopped talking entirely. But not long after I was sent to jail, they asked to visit me. I venomously refused. I refused a visit from them numerous times, for months solid. I didn’t know what they were going to say to me. Deep down I didn’t really believe they’d give me words of scorn, or ‘I told you so’ or disown me. But I was afraid of finding out.

But they didn’t give up, and finally I conceded and accepted a meeting. We reconciled on that day, and they told me they’d always love me and support me. It was actually their love that made me first consider going straight after I get out, though it wasn’t the main reason I finally decided that. But I love them because they didn’t give up. Did you get the moral of this story, Jett?”

When she brought up the flirting...he instantly thought of Mina, and Haruka. Jett listened intently to her personal story. He was surprised she gave him such a personal one...he only met her that day. At first he didn’t understand the reasoning of her telling that story, he looked down as his eyes moved back and forth, as if he was looking at the comparisons to Ms. Mako and Haruka’s story side by side.

Similarities slowly aligned together and he looked up, realizing he was supposed to be the one to never give up and continue to try and maintain their friendship despite Haruka’s stubbornness. He nodded his head and looked up to Ms. mako with a renewed look of confidence on his face. “Yes, though it might take time, don’t give up on her.” He smiled.
“Thank you.”

Mako nodded, then stretched and yawned. ”Gotta keep my number one fan happy. Is there anything else that’s on your mind? Because if not I’m gonna go get drunk now.”

Jett was surprised, he didn’t think of ms. Mako as a drinker. Made him instantly wonder what kind of Drunk she was, and kinda wanted to see it. But that was not for him to ask.Shaking his head, he managed a smile. The fact she mentioned him as her number one fan. No, thank you though. I should just head back and unpack my things. Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me.”


Posted. Not as big as the other posts but this one was just fighting, really.
When Aighrit first locked his legs around her, Rags ignored it as she brought her foe successfully to the floor and threw both her balled-together fists at his shoulder. She was puzzled why he was smiling now. Rags' own face was still a mask of grim concentration as it was only now starting to dawn on her that she'd fallen into a trap. His legs were around her, and she couldn't escape now. She had to fight where she was. It got worse. Committed to her attack, her opponent struck her right arm, weakening her blow, though when it landed on her shoulder, driven by her left, it still impacted quite hard. Rags was deceptively strong for so small a girl. Right after she made the blow, but before she could take her fists away, he grabbed her left wrist.

Luckily she managed to withdraw her right in time but it was still a little slow and dead from the earlier blow, but that didn't help her when he got his other arm under hers and then pulled her arm. The pain was immense and she did indeed start yelling and howling. Unfortunately for the boy, doing this made her desperate, and in her desperation she forgot what was happening, where she was and even who she was fighting. The only though in her head was to end the pain. So she began thrashing, and it proved harder than Aighrit would have thought to keep a grip on her. It was lucky for him that she gave up when she learned that struggling just makes the pain worse. So her thoughts turned to a new direction; getting Aighrit to let go. She grabbed at her foe's sword arm with her free right hand, pulled herself towards it and opened her mouth, moving with intent to bite his arm, and if there's one thing you didn't want to happen in a fight with a savage, it was get bitten. Some of them were even cannibals!
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