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Saki could feel the back of her foot hit Yukari right on the skull, Saki formed her mouth in a wry smile as she softened the blow somewhat. It would be awful if she broke something from the poor girl. She landed right besides Yukari and saw she was still or already standing again, did that not hit hard enough to knock her out at least?! Saki stood up with a warned look on her face and suddenly felt a devastating shock through her chest. The briefcase she was holding with her tail was silently picked out from her tail.

The hit felt somewhat like a baseball hitting you at the speed of a car. Metal clunked as Saki fell backwards onto her butt. Her skin felt somewhat cracked underneath her shirt, it hurted a lot. Saki bounced back onto her feet and took a boxer stance she had learned from tv to notice the briefcase was back in Yukari her possession. This girl was a serious problem, she had already bounced herself up onto the roof of the building. Saki gulped and looked back at Nadeko.

“Take the roofs Nadeko, I’ll try to cut her path”

This was more of an ordeal she would think it was. Nadeko would probably be faster with her magnets and could move around midair more freely then her. Saki's eyes flashed green as she used her speed to catch up to Yukari while using her enhanced intelligence to track her. The crane in the distance would definitely help her up.

Dashing over the rooftops, Yukari needed to think fast. Nadeko’s quirk would let her easily take the briefcase away from Yukari while Saki was simply fast enough to keep up with her, and together Yukari wasn’t sure if she could protect the briefcase. If this was a straight up fight Yukari wouldn’t have as many problems. ”Gotta think of something!” Soon Yukari ran out of roof. She could feel the subtle changes in the wind indicating that the area in front of her was very open, too far for her to stretch without building up some tension. She knelt down for just a moment, her ears perking up as she tried to listen carefully around her. She needed to sense everything she could to get an edge against these odds.

That’s when an idea struck her. On the rooftop was one of those ventilation chimneys. Saki was still a few buildings away and Nadeko was too far for Yukari’s senses to pick up, so she needed to act fast. Yukari would pry open the vent, tossing the briefcase inside as it fell down into the building. Yukari would then hastily put the vent back into place and keep running. As far as the other two would know, Yukari still had the briefcase. So now she needed to lead them as far away as she could, so she can keep the both of them away from the briefcase so Yukari can pick it up later. If anything, this would allow Yukari to start hunting down the other briefcases since she doubts any of the hero team would think that a briefcase was in a ventilation shaft.

”Now I just need to focus on taking them out!”

Saki suddenly dove up at the end of Yukari her roof. She had been making use of her agility to catch up to Yukari via pipes and smaller roofs. It might have not been so fast as her but at least she could compete.

"You won't be able to get away from me twice villain!~"

Saki softly let herself fall as her eyes glowed red she lunged herself at Yukari by kicking herself of the roof border and punched Yukari on impact.

Saki landed with her feet on the ground and noticed by her glance looking over Yukari that the suitcase had vanished. She could only hope her teammates didn't have it. She might be able to keep Yukari to stall for time. Quickly she swiped her foot at Yukari in attempt to let her fall and lock her down so she wouldn't escape.

"See how you like this~"

Nadeko, meanwhile, had been trying to solve the conundrum of catching up. There were buildings but they were too far away, so she ran. She ran until she was confident that at max power they wouldn’t be too much interference for her to pull herself to the building where Saki and Yukari were fighting. Once she zipped over, she saw that Yukari wasn’t holding the briefcase, and it wasn’t anywhere nearby. She had either dropped it or stashed it. If the former, they’d have to search. If the latter, they’d have to get Yukari to spill the beans. But they couldn’t arrest her. What did she need that they could take away?

Nadeko had an idea. They could find a way to trap Yukari. That way she’d be unable to look for more briefcases or help out her teammates. Then they would be in a position to bargain. But first, Nadeko needed to know what Yukari could do. After the several seconds Nadeko had been standing and staring while she figured this out, she sprung into action. While Saki was both stronger and faster in close quarters, Nadeko pulled a rusty shopping trolley towards her and fired it at Yukari.

It was a good thing Saki called out her attacks, because it made it easier for Yukari to know where she was coming and be ready. Despite her speed Yukari was able to raise her guard when Saki came to punch her, rolling with the hit so she could bounce back and throw a counter punch. When Saki tried to sweep her feet she only managed to knock one foot out from beneath Yukari, which wasn’t enough for Yukari to lower her guard. If anything this allowed her to suddenly start attacking Saki with both her hands and her foot as she used her extreme flexibility to start barraging Saki with a flurry of blows.

“You’re tough, but I’m not going down that easily!” Yukari said with a grin as she could easily take Saki’s blows thanks to her rubber body and keep on punching. But Yukari was so caught up in the excitement of the fight that she realized a little too late that something was flying towards her. The shopping cart hit her dead on and knocked her against the wall. This actually did hurt though not enough that Yukari was knocked out. “Ow… I guess, oof… Maeda-chan caught up...”

Hitting Yukari with her first crept a smile on her face only lasting a few seconds however as she was quickly met with twice the speed of her punch back. Saki staggered back feeling light in her head from the punch. Saki raised a hand to her head barely able to blink she was met by another two blows staggering back even more. Ten fist, no hundred fists were launched in quick succession at Saki feeling herself being driven back.

At the edge of the roof she braced herself and took a defensive stance after realising what was happening. It stopped as a loud slam got Saki her attention in stead, her eyes trailed after the wind the shopping cart had produced with Yukari lying against a roof wall. Full of dents and broken skin Saki launched up her thumb at Nadeko.

"Nice job partner!~"

Saki smirked and strode up towards the downed Yukari. She tore the shopping cart apart into a makeshift jail for Yukari. She somewhat doubter it would keep her but maybe there were limits to how flexible she could get.

"A cozy home for you Yukari-chan~ Where did you leave the suitcase villain!"

Nadeko was doubtful that it would be that easy but nevertheless pushed against the makeshift jail and kept a very close eye on Yukari.

Yukari felt around the metal that was around her. After a few seconds she figured out it must’ve been a shopping cart. Yukari could easily escape though maybe that wasn’t a good idea right now. Instead Yukari looked in the direction of Nadeko’s voice and smirked. “Do you really think it’ll be that easy for me to spill my team's plans? No way! I already passed it along to them. Even now we’ve already found half of the briefcases, so it’s just a matter of keeping them away from you and your team!” Yukari shuffled a bit closer to the cage and tried to speak softly so only Nadeko can hear.

“And between you and me, I think we both know what’s more important right now. But you also know both of you can’t just stay here to watch me either. So how about you let me go and I promise I won’t steal any more briefcases, okay?” Yukari said with a charming smile. “Pinky promise.”

Nedeko glanced to Saki, then turned back to Yukari with a blank, unimpressed look on her face. She then held out one of her magnet arms and pulled Yukari to her shopping cart and all, before holding Yukiar tight with one of her arms. She turned back to Saki.

“Where should we go now, prisoner in tow? Shall we look for the briefcase manually? That could take us the entiiiiire exercise! Would sure save a lot of time if somebody knew where it was!” she spoke, with a sly grin on her face.

Saki annoyingly smiled at Yukari for telling such blatant lies to them and after that she even tried buying Nadeko over from what she could tell. Saki kicked with her leg onto the cage rattling the bars.

“Quiet! Prisoners shouldn’t speak without the guards' permission~!”

Nadeko held the cage now with Yukari, it honestly looked really weird. Saki laughed somewhat and queued up on Nadeko her remark.

“Maybe if dear sweet Yukari would tell us a thing or two about where she has hidden it would certainly help us~
Saki sadistically smiled towards her partner and Yukari as well before she proposed an idea towards Nadeko.

“I know! Maybe she will remember after flying through the stratosphere in that metal cage of hers or being launched away like a rubber band from the edge of the building fufu~ Which one do you like more Yu-ka-ri-chan~”

“Oh no, please, anything but that.” Yukari said sarcastically. She’s done stunts like this before so she wasn’t all that scared. “Please please, I’ll tell you where the briefcase is at! It’s over there, by the giant chicken!” Yukari pointed off in a random direction where there was no chicken. “And besides, I’m not lying. The rest of my team has already gotten the briefcases! Don’t believe me?” Yukari said as she turned towards Nadeko. She kept staring at Nadeko, letting her get a clear look at Yukari’s cloudy eyes. “Look into my eyes. Do you see what I see? Then you’ll know that there’s no way I could find a briefcase on my own. That’s why I passed it along already!”

Nadeko shrugged, and turned to Saki. “It was worth a try. Still, you were following her. If you’re a robot, do you have a memory you could play back? If if you didn’t see where she dropped the case, you could track her route and that would narrow down your search. You’re the only one who can find the case. As for me, I’ll head back to the buildings, and I’ll take Yukari with me.”

With that, Nadeko started jogging back to the towers, Yukari still trapped in the trolley-turned-cage, which was stuck to Nadeko’s arm. Nadeko wasn’t running, probably because she was having to lift Yukari off the ground.
Natalie Ellis

Ever scientist that passed Natalie caused her to have to close her eyes and try her best to convince herself they weren't there. She couldn't look at anybody they passed without remembering the contents of the room they had just left. Or Project Lion. And what those scientists did to her...

She felt Archie grab her arm and squeeze it, and relaxed a little. Passing scientists became much easier now she could focus on the fact that Archie was with her. She didn't want to think about their relationship. She wasn't sure she even wanted to look at him. Had she screwed it up? Had he rejected her? If she looked at him, she'd start thinking about those questions, and they hurt. She did get closer and pull slightly, though, as if to try to communicate the idea that she was glad he was here. Like he said, she needed to take it easy, as hard as it was. As much as it tortured her to walk past every single employee here at the Spire.

Once they made it to the elevator, he let go of her arm, and she made her way over to the opposite corner before breathing a sigh of relief. However, it was short lived as they were joined by more scientists, and Natalie quickly scanned the elevator for the buttons and stared at them. The mere seconds they all spent in that elevator dragged on for what felt like hours. Nat's fists were clenched and her knuckles were white, but as she was supposed to be a scientist, looking nervous and inwardly furious about something wasn't anything too unusual so the unwanted gusts knew better than to make any comment on it.

Once they were out of that situation, mere seconds afterwards, the alarms began to blare.


Nat's first thought was that they were in trouble. Her second thought was 'Shit! Archie!'. She immediate went to his side and now she returned the favor by grabbing his arm in order to ground and reassure him. When he seemed to realise, as she did, that they weren't the ones the alarm was addressing, he seemed to be stable enough, so she let go again and stepped back. When they started to run, she ran with them.

"Not the time," was Natalie's short response to Lynn's comment as they followed Keaton. The party then reached a door. Nat noted the keycard reader. Archie asked her if she could break it down. Nat's response was to suck air through her teeth.

"Easily. And then we'd definitely get noticed." Instead, she watched and listned as Nic and then Lynn used their own minds and talents to analyse the situation between them. By the time they'd finished, Nat found herself genuinely smiling slightly, in contrast to the situation. One thing she didn't know that this team was capable of was that kind of teamwork. Between the work the two of them have done, she would be able to open the door without triggering any alarms. Provided that Nic was right, and provided the door could be opened from the inside. Most keycard doors could.

Once Lynn had stood aside, Nat approached the door, placed her fist to the red-hot metal, inside the circle that Nic had drawn, and pushed. Being hotter, the metal didn't need to be repeatedly punched, which might have set off some kind of concussion alarm. She just pushed, and thanks to her strength and the door's slightly more molten state, she was able to push out a clean hole. She then put more of her arm in, and began to feel around for the handle, which she found, and pulled. The door was open.

Once Nat freed her arm of the hole, only then did she notice the minor burns to her fist and forearm. The pain kicked in several seconds after she saw them, and she sucked air through her teeth again, whilst shaking her arm off.

I'm sorry to hear that

Heidi Williams

Location: Danger Room - 9am
Interacting with:@Almalthia@ViolentViolet@Brioko Jobe

Heidi noticed the door to the third stairwell as they made their way up to the second floor. If there was no access to the booster on this floor, or another threat, they may have to go up there, but that would further their chance for facing more threats. Inside the second room, Heidi did a quick scan of the room, then turned to Jasper and Matthew as her brain processed it. So, it was an Alice In Wonderland inspired game or test, with a tea set and an envelope on a table.

"Jasper, can you find that signal on this floor that was transmitting to to Robot? Tap me on the shoulder if you find it." Heidi stated, before going over to the table and picking up the letter, which she proceeded to open and read.

Go after the briefcases

Maeda Nadeko

Mentions: @liferusher@Ryonara

Nadeko looked troubled for a minute, and turned away from Saki to look towards the center of the area. After a few seconds and several 'hums', Nadeko turned back to Saki, just in time for Saki to embrace her and hold on tight. Nadeko cleared her throat and looked away before muttering "This is embarrasing..." but then put one of her arms besides Saki's midriff, acting as a bar to keep her in place. There was a gentle pulling feeling as Saki stuck to the arm. Nadeko was being very careful not to pill too hard.

"I don't think I'll mess with your head like this, though if there's any important electronics there, you might have a sore stomach. Anyway, hold on tight. I've actually never done this properly before as it would definitely break some laws in the real world, but I've thought about it a lot so we should be alright."

With that, Nadeko pointed her free arm at the nearest of the center buildings and pulled. She pulled very hard, and kept all the magnetic attraction forward, so none of it would affect Saki inn theory. She pulled as if her wish was to bring the building to them. Saki could feel her friend's body tense with the effort. Then, suddenly, they started to move, dragged along the floor like being pulled by an invisible rope. The pulling got faster and faster, and anything small made of metal flew towards Nadeko's outstretched arm and stuck to the front of it. Soon, they were going faster than their legs could carry them, and Nadeko leaned forward, forcing Saki's feet to leave the ground. Now, they were both flying towards the building. When they were close, Nadeko started to ease up and they slowed down enough for their feet to touch the floor again, before they came to a dead stop.

From here, Nadeko saw the tail-end of the first briefcase hitting the floor, and Yozakura-san picking it up and starting to run back to base. Nadeko pointed her out to Saki. "I'm too close to this building to do that again whilst carrying you, Saki. Can your quirk let you catch up to her?"
Natalie Ellis

The moment she saw the contents of the room, Natalie visibly changed. The clinical lab-like nature, the containment tubes, the lab couts and other personal equipment. Her eyes had gone wide, her pupils dilated, and she was almost snarling like a beast as her gaze darted to and from features of the room rapidly. She noticed Archie recoil at the piece of paper and frowned. She put a tentative calming hand on his shoulder, trying to be comforting and reassuring despite looking quite unhinged and terrifying.

She turned and read the paper that he had just read, and the more she read, the more she visibly started to shake. She glanced at the red residue at the bottom of the pod, then back at Archie, then gently put the paper down, slowly walked away, and then suddenly and violently punched the wall, her fist going straight through it.

"It's just like Project Lion," she trembled in a small voice, before removing her arm and staring at the rest of the group with wild, insane eyes. "No. No, this is worse. I....I'm gonna kill them. I'm gonna kill all of them."

Heidi Williams

Location: Danger Room - 9am
Interacting with:@ViolentViolet@Chev@Brioko Jobe@Fallenreaper

Once she reached the hallway, Heidi turned to see who was following her. Jasper and Matthew. She caught them both looking up, and grit her teeth. She saw their eyes moving toward the exit sign further down the hallway Heidi was about to enter. So there was something up there. She was afraid of that. Still, she didn't slow down for a second as she entered the corridor and looked for a stairwell. She talked as she walked. "I could tell from your eyes that there's something up there. But, we don't know anything about it. We do know about the Wolf, and that the best way to take it out is to take out the signal booster on the second floor. I say we take each problem as it comes. We need to beat the Wolf by going up there. We don't know how we'll beat the next threat but it could be easier."

Nadeko cocked her head at Donny's plan as she followed him. "Hmm, Mako-sensei did she she'll be grading us on acting heroic. We might get points docked for taking the briefcases ourselves or causing any structural damage unnecessarily. I don't think she'd fail us, though, so it would be a safe bet to get a passing grade on this exercise.

Alice gave a complex list of instructions and tactics to each of them, except for Nadeko, which slightly hurt, although instructions weren't necessary for her anyway. She already knew what she could do to help out. The buildings had metal in them. The briefcases were metal. All she had to do was find somebody with a briefcase.

"Leave getting the briefcases back to me, Nova-san. Just let me know if you spot someone carrying one away."

Junko slightly creeped Nadeko out, and she was secretly glad that the gloomy knife girl wasn't talking to her. As they were leaving, she heard Saki's voice, and stopped to wait for her as the others carried on.

"Glad you could make it just in the nick of time!" Nadeko greeted with a wave. "I'm going to head to the center of the arena now. Would you like a lift, or would you rather avoid magnets? I understand if you do."

Sorry about that. I was so anxious about posting so that people didn't have to keep waiting that I missed several details. I edited my post.
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