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After hours of labour in the cramped room, Decival enjoyed the change of scenery to the open plains. He had donned his coat, and various lumps on it seemed to indicate he was equipped with a multitude of things. Beside him was his Servant, Lancer, a pale man with an etherial intensity who lacked any impression of being a "warrior". He had only joined the group as they were leaving, seemingly having been on watch for sneak attacks to the church, and investigating the features of a modern town.

At Aksha's suggestion, Lancer spoke up, "While that is my class, you should not consider me a knight. My resistance to magecraft is negligible until I have had time to observe its workings. I would say that Saber or Rider would make a fine point man, while I could follow shortly behind. Berserker will be a superb fighter once we have cleared out the worst of the spells."

Decival reached into one pocket and produced a metal canister, then passed it to his Servant. "The forces at work in that forest- I'd like you to take a sample of them. Oh, come to think of it..." He plunged both hands into his coat pockets, pulling out the same collection of stone, eyeless, joyful faces on his left, and on his right, a lattice cage of metal strips, forming vaguely into the shape and of a slightly miniature head, seemingly hollow inside. "This may be of no consequence, but I can slowly flood an area with an ever-expanding "curse" that will eat away at flesh. Nothing but a nuisance to all but the most modern of Servants, but it would gradually take more and more territory from the Greys unless they destroyed it at the source. Naturally, I can render us immune. This may aid in a counterattack once we resolve whatever so much energy was gathered for."

While his Master spoke, Lancer produced his telescope. He had not revealed to the faction that this was his weapon of choice, much less that it was a Noble Phantasm. Scanning the forest this way might have seemed like a basic and casual searching method before battle, but Antico Cannocchiale could transport Lancer's vision perhaps even further than Archer's. This tool, which had laid bare the secrets of the heavens, would root out hidden traps, magecraft, and possibly even a lacklustre Assassin.
Fair enough. I'll send out both my characters for this one.
It does feel weird sending out the entire faction at once to investigate one thing, though it makes sense so that all players get a chance to act. I think I'll have Decival stay back and watch via familiar since he's support and isn't ready to deploy any creations yet, but he'll send Lancer out with a containment canister.
I'm up for it.
Oh, I didn't know we were jumping forward like that. Should we have left anyone back at the base, for safety and to guard it? Not to mention it could lighten the NPC load since the enemy characters are probably going to show up soon.

If Saber did indeed begin investigating the faction's living quarters in spirit form, he would quickly have come across a room already heavily warded with magecraft. His ancient mystery and resistance to magecraft meant that he could surely force his way in, but there was unmistakably a "workshop" in one of the rooms.

Even if he resolved to break in, though, the presence of so many Servants in the church had already been noticed by the mage inside. A door near the back of the secret area quietly opened, and Decival slipped out into the hall. He had shed his jacket, down to a vest and button up shirt, and a keyring at his belt seemed to hold a cluster of... oblong stone tokens? It would be hard to tell without taking a closer look. None of the faction would be able to find any critical flaw in his appearance, but he gave off a distinctly alien feeling.

"Hello there. Nice to see you. I'm Decival." He made his way towards the group of mages outside the rooms. He didn't extend a hand, but gestured to himself to emphasize the point. Despite being a mage, he had not identified his family. "The good people of the Clock Tower hired me on to support their operatives- you and your colleagues. I also summoned the Lancer Servant, who is surely around here somewhere. This was also something I was hired to do."

He pulled the ring off of his belt, and held it up. The stone tokens, about the size of your palm, each had one flat side and one rounded side, the latter of which bore a fairly detailed human face with an open-mouthed grin signalling laughter, curly hair, and no eyes.

"You can take one, if you'd like. They don't do anything right now, but they'll protect you if I unleash "something" onto the battlefield. I'll create other items in attunement with them, you understand."
I dropped off the face of the earth for a while there. Sorry. Let's see if I can post soon.
Yeah, go ahead with it. We'll just be getting down to crafting soon enough.

Two men, Master and Servant, walked side by side towards the church that was to be their base. They had arrived in the area not thirty minutes ago by helicopter. There had been significant delays, as Lancer had demanded to study their transport, in addition to every other thing they came across. Had Decival not been so accommodating, it likely would have been a deal-breaker for their contract. Now, both men gave off a "cold" impression, as the Servant had been outfitted with high-class modern clothing.

"When I heard we were setting up shop in a church, this is not what I pictured, and I have seen pictures of churches before." Decival's gaze passed over the various odd features and extensions of the holy building. Lancer, though, mainly focused on one in particular.

"How odd. You haven't yet told anyone of my identity, have you, Master?" The high dome definitely seemed like it was designed to watch the stars. Ironic, as Lancer no longer had any reason to look that way. Perhaps it would make a good vantage point for scouting, anyway.

"I did not. Your secret is safe with me until someone on our side asks. I see what you mean, though. That is not a normal church thing. None of it is. I don't even think it's normal for this church." the barest hint of excitement touched Decival's voice. They both understood that this meant the first stage of war, battlefield preparation, was already underway.

"We're coming in." Decival warned those inside before opening the doors of the church. A look at the interior only further cemented the idea that major modifications were being done, as nearly all resemblance to a house of God had been lost in favour of new defences and facilities.

"Impressive. Exceedingly so." Approval shone in Lancer's voice as he surveyed the room. Perhaps he found some rightness in the idea that a holy place had been dismantled in favour of function and utility. "I wonder... This may be the work of a fellow Servant. If a hero of industry is here, we will have much to discuss."

"But if they had to take apart the pews..." Decival frowned, and began moving in search of the workshop where these things had been made. "All the materials will be gone soon. We will have to work something out with whoever has been doing the prep work, and it might involve someone stealing paper clips."

A brief silence fell over the pair.

"That was a joke, Lancer. You see? Because it would be inefficient to-"

"Moving along, Master."

Both of them, with heads full of plans, set to work in the allied complex.
Was pretty busy prepping for and executing on some events last weekend. Now I'm more free than before.

If I bring my character in now at Poland now and have him head to where Aksha and Archer are, is that fine?
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