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Well, I've got no shortage of ideas. If we're still on Predetermined Providence I might switch to another class just to balance things out better.
Still considering my Servant options, but there's a very good chance it'll be someone from the Lancer class. I'll probably wait and see the general power level of the war before deciding.
Oh! These are always fun.

Room for one more, @Red Alice?
Nori Tohsaka

Faction: White | Servant: Archer

Pandarus, then. Even if his worldwide fame didn't quite match up to that of the invincible Achilles or the clever Odysseus, he was a mighty warrior, a fact which Nori could see reflected in the parameters of the spirit revealed through the summoning smoke. "Nice to meet you, Pandarus." He bowed, "I'm your Master, Nori Tohsaka. My pockets are deep as far as mana is concerned, so please don't hold back when it comes time to deal with the enemy faction. Also, try to let me know about any internal issues before they get out of hand, okay?"

His Servant. Even though he hadn't been trained properly, the high-grade circuits of his family meant this was a competition where he actually had something that might be called an edge. He suddenly wondered if he looked awkward, standing there dumbly before the legendary warrior, so he gave himself something to do by returning his catalyst to his bag and quickly making for the door that lead back into the hall. "If there's nothing else pressing, we should rejoin the group. This building is only a meeting place, and it feels as though two more Servants have just arrived."

With the pact formally made, Nori opened the door in time to catch the latest Masters, seemingly a soldier and a more traditional sort, introducing themselves to the group. His eyes widened for a moment as he almost missed Lancer revealing her identity. "Just remember," He turned back to his new Servant, "Once you pass through this door, you're only known as Archer."

Reentering the beer hall while leaving it up to Archer whether to follow in full view or spirit form, Nori quietly pointed out and named to his companion the two Masters and Servants he had met before taking a shot at the names of the new arrivals he had only just overheard through the doorway. Having traversed a sufficient distance across the expansive room, he spoke up to the woman at the head of the table, "Thank you for preparing that circle, Frau Emilia. I've now become the Master of our side's Archer." He could have delved into strategies with the other Masters, then, but it would have been a waste to do so without the entire faction present, since they would have to repeat everything to the absent pairs.

Nori was happy to see that the spot he had sat in before remained vacant, and returned to it quickly after hasty and quiet greetings to the new arrivals. Naturally, the size of the table allowed for a spot next to him to remain empty, which his Servant could fill. He took a moment to gaze around at the other Servants. The flamboyant Saber, the noble Lancer, the unsettling Rider, and one more who lingered on the air rather than materializing. Be careful around them, Archer. Nori took a moment to test out the mental connection granted by their familiar contract. They won't be our allies forever.
The Headless Horseman

Faction: White | Class: Rider | Master: Jäger Schrodinger

Rider followed a few steps behind as his Master engaged with the others. He could see the occupants of the room from any angle, but chose to meet their gazes with his stolen eyes simply because it was pleasurable for him, even after having the head for months, to exercise such a basic function. Jäger had supplied him with a uniform similar to his own, and together they had sought out a head providing both appearance and functionality. The hermit cooped up with his research had refused to support the regime, and so Rider had found another use for the mage, at which point Jäger had gone to the trouble of arranging a shave and haircut to free him from the appearance of an especially haggard librarian. He could reach through his "wound" and, seeing the mage's entire being laid bare before him, grab hold of those abilities which benefited him. The spells of that mage were far from exceptional even by modern standards, but such things did provide excellent utility.

The other Masters present were of little interest to Rider. As he understood it from his Master, there would be those in support of Germany and those simply here out of personal desire. Those who could not be trusted would have their Servants sacrificed in the early stages to weaken the enemy and reveal their abilities. Perhaps it was Jäger's intent in summoning Rider, then, that even if unruly teammates had to be cast aside their abilities might still be available to the faction through his Noble Phantasm. Of course, he was one of those here for personal desire, so beyond the success of Germany he had to ensure it was their own pair who reached the final goal and had their wishes granted.

He had little interest in the two other Masters present. They would support his allies, but never join him against a real threat. No, Rider only sought the source of the unmistakable aura of another Servant which pervaded the building, and as the old woman uttered the name of the supreme Servant class, his attention focused on the point where magical energy began to gather. He remembered himself and turned his physical eyes in that direction in time to see the man himself appear. One who was truly significant in this conflict, one he would fight beside. "Good evening. Even if I don't quite look the part, I'm the Rider for our side." He spoke up, as Saber's Master had seemingly done so on his part. He might have said something more formal, but the reclusive researcher's anti-social nature had rubbed off on him somewhat.

He gave a slight bow, clearly towards the Servant and not the Master, before joining Jäger at the table. As was often the case during the quiet moments in the last few months, Rider watched. He watched the doors, the tables, the old woman sitting with authority, the, oddly dressed Saber brimming with power, the timid boy without a Servant, and of course his own Master, putting on a show of enthusiasm for the coming death-match. His eyes, however, remained on the spread in front of him. His Master had usually been busy with preparations, and it seemed like such an unimpressive request, but he greatly enjoyed using his new tongue. He pulled a single grape from a bowl in front of him and brought it to his mouth.


Nori Tohsaka

Faction: White | Servant: Unsummoned

Obviously the jab at his family was meant as one at him, but it was too early for a show of weakness even if he had little desire to defend those people. "Nice to meet you, Frau Weber. And please don't worry about affairs in my homeland. My father is guaranteed victory this year, so you can just think of me as an ally who would never personally make for this Grail." Even calling it a bold-faced lie would be too generous. Of course every Master had their own goals in mind, even among those straight from the heart of Germany, Nori suspected. Still, had he overcompensated with boldness? He sunk just a little deeper into his chair, even as it weakened his stand from a moment ago. He dreaded that Weber might instigate a drawn-out conversation, but was saved by the arrival of another Master and the Rider-Class Servant he had already summoned, both dressed as soldiers of the country. As the Master introduced himself, Frau Weber's own Servant appeared. Please don't let me be the only one unprepared.

Seemingly such a problem would never come to pass, as Frau Weber directed Nori to a location prepared for just such a purpose. He rose from his seat and slung his bag over one shoulder as he made his way to the other room. "Sorry to disappear just after meeting you, Leutnant Schrodinger, but I really should prepare myself for the incoming conflict."

Nori closed the door to the storeroom behind him, switched on the light, and immediately identified the summoning circle at the centre. There was no point in wasting time, but even as a mage there was a certain mystic air to what he was about to do. From his bag he produced a sizeable chunk of wood with a bit of iron stuck on one corner. Although dull-coloured and generally unimpressive, it was a piece of the gates of the great city Troy. There were a variety of Trojan defenders who might be summoned from this, and if the Greek heroes who fought and deceived in order to pass through could also be counted, then this unassuming chunk of wood was a veritable fountain of Heroic Spirits, if an unpredictable one.

If I spend too long thinking about it, I'll get myself worked up and make a mistake.

Nori placed the gate-shard at the edge of the summoning circle, spent a moment running energy through his circuits, as if to flex or stretch them, and began reciting the words he had carefully memorized.

"Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill."
"Do so five times, but when each is filled, annihilate it."

The sigil on the ground reacted, and the connection was formed through which mana could flow.

"The elements of silver and iron make up the essence."
"The foundation is stone and the archduke of pacts."
"White is the color I pay tribute to."

White embers burned among the circle, now.

"Raise a barrier against the wind and close the gates of four directions."
"Be drawn from the crown and follow the forked road that leads to the kingdom."

Those embers grew until the circle itself became composed of light.

"Heed my words, my heart forges your body, and your power creates my destiny."
"If you heed the Grail's call and obey my will and reason, then answer my summoning."

The light, having enveloped the circle began to pour forth, bringing with it a tangible force.

"Henceforth I pledge to embody all the good of this world."
"And to bring crumbling down all the evils of this world."

The intricate patters were gone, and now a bright white spot on the ground overwhelmed the entire room.

"Seventh heaven clad in the great words of power!"
"Come forth from the circle of binding,"
"Guardian of the sacred balance!"

There was nothing but white, for a moment.

And then, someone arrived.
Nori Tohsaka

Faction: White | Servant: Unsummoned

Even accounting for the feeling of wonderment at leaving the country for the first time, the lights of this city were definitely more beautiful than those from his home. Nori Tohsaka ached for his paints, or at least an hour alone with his sketchbook, but he was in a hurry, trying to make up for the fact that he had taken the scenic route through the city on foot by moving at a brisk pace. He had only just arrived in the city recently, with no time to prepare-

For a moment, he felt a burning sensation. His eyes darted down and registered the red marking on the back of his right hand, some sort of pattern involving one crescent inside another. Quickly, he shoved his hands into his pockets.

That's probably a good sign.

The appearance of his Command Seals gave a newfound reality to the task at hand. He was here for the Grail, for now he was backing the side of the local government, but only one could claim the final prize, so he had to be wary around them. Nori further quickened his pace, arriving at the arranged beer hall. The description might have sounded comical, to make one's way into a huge open building, only to be greeted by a single old woman surrounded by food. There was not a trace of humour in the actual situation, however, as the woman in question, while old, lacked any trace of weakness or warmth, not to mention he could feel a uniquely overwhelming mana signature that gave away the presence of a Servant. The woman's gaze made the journey to the table feel very long, and in the end, he settled on a spot only just close enough to the head that he wouldn't have to raise his voice. He didn't go the extra mile to shake her hand, and he wasn't sure she'd appreciate it if he did. Instead, he stood behind the chair he had chosen and held up his right hand, with the back to her. "Good evening. Nori of the Tohsaka family, at your service." He bowed, "Unaccompanied, for now." He added before taking a seat.

He tried to catch a glimpse of the woman's hand over the table, to ensure this wasn't all some mistake. Then again, how could it be? "Such a large space. Do you have arrangements for summoning around here somewhere? The floor he could see looked clear, but the many tables could easily obscure decently-sized ritual circles.
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