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Current There are stupid questions, but if you pretend you were just joking you should be okay.
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The best business pitch is to throw the business ball past the business batter to the business catcher.
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I sometimes hear about someone having skeletons in their closet. Ok? How do you know they're still in there? You can't just assume a skeleton is gonna stay still. This is your house, not a graveyard.


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Hero of Patience

Foreign District, Near a Tree

Ogier held the apprehensive calmness of a lion tamer during his interaction with Roland. He allowed himself to be grabbed and thrown without resistance, all the while reading carefully for any sign of actual violent intent. He grabbed a lamppost as he flew through the air, denting it, but then holding onto it with one hand and foot like a sailor hanging off of a mast and watching for a coming storm.

Sadness touched him as he saw what his friend had been reduced to. Roland's mind held no thought of justice, of the Emperor, nor of the Lord. The hero was consumed by nothing but love for a woman. Had Angelica been summoned as well, then? Or was it Astolfo in a dress? Given Roland's state, there was just about no feminine person who Ogier would've been surprised to learn Roland had mistaken for his love.

Moreover, he hadn't bumped fists with him! Truly, his mind was beyond repair.

"I don't know of any Saracen around here, my friend. That man is a brave knight who joined me in battle just now. Let me introduce Sir Noon and his Servant: Saber. They're on a righteous quest to reclaim Sir Noon's scabbard from a coward who stole it."

Ogier dropped back to the ground. The tone he spoke with was a calming but sturdy one, born from experience with the maddened Roland during his lifetime.

"Of course I'll help you on your quest as well, brother-in-arms, but what would your love say if she knew you were treating a lady this way? It seems to me you'd be better off seeking and destroying some foul villain."

Ogier hid the tension in his body quite well. He really didn't have the best understanding of what would or wouldn't set Roland off, so as he spoke casually he was also prepared to spring into action.

Dude, Where's my Magical Energy?

Core District, Desperate

(Temporary Player Change)

Lancer lunged forwards as Rider prepared his attack. Even if he ended up in a bad way, it would be worth it to prevent Rider from saving his Master's life. He couldn't win against this man, but if his anchor to this world disappeared, he wouldn't have to.

Indeed, a Servant with no Master was lost, regardless of their fighting power. How dearly he now wished it weren't so.

Rider was no longer moving to attack, and Lancer saw Hemlock slump lifelessly out of the line of sight provided by the apartment window. Immediately, his supplies disappeared.

"...Well, damn. We got too greedy and screwed the pooch, eh, Master?" He said to no one in particular.

If he could only have a second chance, he would surely regain his honour. He would accept anything, no matter how tenuous.

The Prince of Troy disengaged one last time, vanishing into the night.
@Vulkan Nice! Apply a character and Stand sometime.

Meanwhile I take it @ProPro didn't like my style and headed out. Sorry to bother you if you had already put this game behind you, but proper confirmation would be great.
@knifeman@Aviaire@Lord Orgasmo Looks like we'll be starting off with a party of three. Hopefully more characters follow.

Get ready for a 1st little IC post to set the scene, and then you guys can get down to business!

@vancexentan Let me know!

Dude, Where's my Shining Helmet?

Core District, Outside his Master's Workshop

(Temporary Player Change)

"Yeah, I hear that. I'm no fan of fighting either, since it's a lot of work, y'know?"

Lancer retreated again when Rider came forward. He had leapt back to the building across the street, and now he did this again, landing on a rooftop another street over.

"But giving up against an impossibility... Are you really the kind of guy who'd expect someone to do that?"

I didn't give up back then, and this guy's a joke in comparison!

Rider lunged forward again, and so Lancer made a fighting retreat. He produced a bit of mud from his pocket and hurled it at the enemy before leaping to the side and trying to pierce him with his spear at the edge of its reach. This unbeatable foe would surely burst forth again and again, and without his Disengage ability Lancer would probably have been unable to match that rapid approach. Still, he attacked where he could. These opportunistic strikes at the charge of the bull would probably prove to be unwise, but when the 'flow' of the battle turned against him, he would simply reset that 'flow' to a neutral state and use what he had learned do to better the next time.

More retreats were made, with trash cans, cars, and street signs being used as cover and projectiles by Lancer, hopefully lowering the risk of the battle as it moved further from the workshop and Masters. Then, suddenly, Lancer moved closer as if to engage with Rider.

Victory being impossible was something that had already been established, but that was fine. He didn't need to win, only to arrange the situation correctly.


Hemlock's mind buzzed with flaws. Given a week or so, he was certain he could absolutely erase every problem in the likeness of the elderly Master he had created, but this art had an immediate purpose, and even Hemlock's judgemental mind couldn't deny that it was quite an accurate depiction. Now his brush dipped into the dollop of red paint that had so far been untouched. The painting was quite beautiful, but he would have to tarnish it.

The sounds of battle had grown softer outside. Lancer, it seemed, had done an admirable job of buying him time to make a quick portrait. He would repay that with the death of his enemy.

The red paint came down. A fabulous gushing of blood was added to the painting, falling from the old man's mouth to the ground, and splattering there like spilled milk. Not too violent or forceful, Hemlock had decided, but a low-pressure wave pouring forth like a small waterfall.

Magical energy was focused into the painting, and through Hemlock's gaze down to the street, where the model of the piece stood. Whether his suffering matched up to that which was depicted depended on his ability to resist, but given that the painting held no sample from his body, it was unlikely that it would be completely equal.

With that in mind, the window opened. At the very moment that Cerzelium began to feel a curse taking hold of him, an arc of yellow paint sprayed down towards him. Or rather, it began its journey through the air as paint, but moments before it reached him it changed form, becoming an attack of pure electricity that would finish him off while the curse troubled him.

Would Rider intervene? Lancer had gotten into position with that in mind.


I'd say it's best to get going soon. Join the party, you guys.
Yeah cool, I'm not planning to play Cu either. I just wanted a better idea of the kinds of characters you want, since you said you didn't like mine last time. Admittedly that Lancer I made was a weird one.
I'm not sure how much weaker Caster Gil is- he doesn't seem to have Enuma Elish. What really makes Gil broken in any form though is that he has basically any Noble Phantasm you can think of, so he could pull out magic wands that inflict wounds that never heal, or cause instant death or whatever.

And yeah I'd like to know how good we should be too. It says high stats are okay but broken abilities aren't, so are really high-class brute force guys like Arthur, Achilles, and Sigurd acceptable?
As far as I know, Caster Gil is more or less just as broken, still having all the NPs in his vault but just favouring the magic wands over the others. He also actually uses Gilgamesh's EX ranked future sight NP, which sounds really hard to run in an rp where we can't predict who's going to do what.
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