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Okay, finally I came out with a Master. Hopefully what I did with his magecraft was okay, since not everything fits with the "x per day" format even if it's usually a pretty simple and clean way to do things.

I myself am still around and aiming to put out a Master either tonight or tomorrow. They'll probably head straight to Poland, maybe beat the gang there and help Mehmed with the base if I'm fast enough.

Flying Saucer


The two floating people zipping around above Blue Fields had begun to slow down, or rather, it was the invisible metal disk they were standing on that was slowing down. Andrei lowered the scarf from his mouth. Bundled up though he was, his Servant's body really did heat him quite nicely. "Looks like no Archers caught onto us this time. Or maybe they gave up when they saw you?"

The UFO, still invisible, had come to a near complete stop over the chosen location. From there, it began a slow and silent descent. Morgan's dexterity and eyesight were amazing, but Andrei could tell he wasn't a "skilled" pilot. He didn't know all that much about what he was flying.

"Well, this is the place. I guess we should be ready to talk our way in, if anybody's actually here this late." The tripod legs of the saucer touched down onto its newest temporary home.

City Hall

Andrei lowered himself through the top hatch and into the interior. "That was some fine flying, Agent. And Emperor, some lovely lookouting!" He pulled off his hat and gloves, his skin burning comfortably in the heated air. "Maaaaaaan..." He unbuttoned his coat and let it fall to the floor behind him. "This climate is gonna take a lot more getting used to than I thought."

Across the cabin, the ramp lowered with a hiss down to roof level. Andrei sighed and reluctantly began to pick up everything he had just dropped as he realized he would be heading right back into the biting cold. Hopefully there was a nearby entrance on top of the building.

"Just because we're outta the sky doesn't mean we're outta the woods, so let's get down to business."

Minivan, Back to Downtown

"These things happen." Saber spoke simple, smiled, and shrugged. "I would not expect you to join us against the wishes of your Master. In fact, I would beat you senseless if you did! If you want a friendly duel sometime, Lancer, I'd take you on, but if your attention lies elsewhere tonight I have no desire to wedge myself into your plans."

With that, he moved back into the minivan driver's seat, the specifically chosen model allowing even an impressive form like his own to sit comfortably. He had left the the car running, so with a wave to the newly-met Servant through the window, he made a u-turn and headed back up the street from which they had approached the group. "There's nothing but forest and plains if we continue that way, so let's retrace our steps a bit. I'm sure there's plenty we don't know about our own neighbourhood!"

Not letting a failed encounter slow them down in the slightest, the pair left Lancer behind and drove off into the night.

"Since we're approaching them, we just need to appear less threatening!" Saber dematerialized in front of the gate, leaving his Master outside the walls. A moment later, he appeared inside.

Cheerful imagery of cartoonish lions, elephants, and monkeys lined the walls. Signs gave directions to different animals, and a gift shop displayed numerous wildlife plushies. From his position there was not a creature in sight, but he was certain that this was a sort of park meant for civilians to look upon wild beasts. Saber turned to the inside of the gate and began searching for a way to open it from the inside."If that's all this place is, then what are they doing here?" He muttered to himself. The presence of a Servant and Master could be clearly identified deeper within.

After a few seconds, Saber threw the gates open wide for his Master's entry. "Welcome to the zoo!" He spoke entheusiastically, with only a small amount of regard for the fact that they were breaking and entering. "Though I don't believe we're here to look at captive animals."

They made their way further into the zoo, with hopes of a more successful meeting. "Perhaps a Rider has brought their mount here to socialize, or a wild sort of Berserker..?"

He stopped. Just ahead of them, slightly off the path, lay an unmoving figure. Their attire made it clear that they had been a figure of authority in this place, and given the situation it wasn't hard to figure out what had happened to them.

"..Maybe this will be a different kind of meeting."

Saber let loose his full presence, the unmistakable aura of a warrior filling the area. If this pair were anything more that snivelling villains, they would come to him.
@vancexentan I put this together as an idea of the skills one could get out of Genius, though obviously only one or two at a time.

@Ryougu Rider is King Cosmos last I checked. It's true that Archer would be a much more fitting class for Galileo, but would it really bother you that much to have him as a Lancer? I'll probably stick to it, it's interesting.

@vancexentan After some thinking I could scrap that element of the skill and leave the strong analytical mind as essentially flavour, then add something like Nobunaga's Innovation where against enemies who are especially mystical/divine he would be buffed up closer to a genuine melee Lancer.
If you feel that strongly, I'll think on it.

I like the "owner of a long object" Lancers though.
What if it worked only on magecraft and more specifically mystery-relient abilities? As an example, magecraft related to the human body has gotten weaker thanks to progress in the medical sciences. It would be like a localized version of that. Tesla relies on the fact that mankind thinks lightning is this gift from the gods so he could use it on things like that too.
I see what you mean. It's not like I would ask you how it actually works or have Lancer talk about it so much as it is a conceptual thing.

Alternatively I could spin it as more of a theory disproving thing based on the destruction of geocentrism. Like "What you're doing doesn't make any sense physically speaking!"

Either way it's important to remember the amount of effort that is required to pull it off. He has to get into a fight or watch one happen, then go home and think about what he saw, then later if the same enemy shows up he can put a few rank-downs on the ability in question.
It's true that it's a stretch, but he and Tesla both have justification in how mankind sees them. Since they're credited for big things (space and lightning) they have access to them.

That seems like a misunderstanding of Innovation, though. Sword skill would mostly be fine unless it was something like Kojiro's strike. Tearing down the mystery of magical things is the exact point of this ability. Presence Concealment would be hard to affect because you can't watch a person do it unless their PC rank is less than the telescope's.
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