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This looks moderately interesting, but I do have a few questions and potentially some feedback if you're interested in that?

Have a couple Lancers I've been meaning to finish off, could throw one of them in. Might be able to do a Master too.
Fufufufu…” The Queen of the Threefold Beasts, Katerina Trisomatus, gazed upon her phone and gave an evil laugh. “It seems I have been selected for a secret mission. Truly, my genius has been recognised! I, the Sin-Devouring Serpent, will use this opportunity to prove my awesome and terrible power!

She held up the phone to punctuate her claims, raising it to the heavens as if it were some kind of trophy.

What on earth are you blabbering about now?” Her Servant said in an exasperated tone. This child’s strange mannerisms and over-dramatic mode of speech had started wearing on her. To be honest, they’d begun to irritate her on the very day the two had met. She’d spent a good deal of her time here away from the young Master, but one could only separate so much, considering the bond of the command seal.

Hmph. I’m not talking to you any more,” Katerina Tristomatus, Baphomet’s Seventh Seal, said, crossing her arms and huffing like a child. The phone was tucked away under her arm. “Not after you refused your Master’s orders to make use of your Magecraft for my brilliant prank idea…

I wouldn’t call your idea a prank. Really, it was more like a crime against taste and humanity,” Caster said, shuddering as she remembered what the girl had requested of her. “And besides, you shouldn’t be using Magecraft for such trivial things,” She said, her voice slipping into a disapproving, lecturing tone.

Katerina’s mouth pursed in a catlike grin. “Fufufufu… I take my Magecraft very seriously, you know? I wasn’t planning on using it at all, I just wanted you to use yours…” Her grin widened, and she brought her face closer to Caster’s. Their heights weren’t so different, strangely. A heroic spirit should be taller, really. “And since I know what kind of thing you used to use it for, from all those tales about you, what I asked for wasn’t so different, you know?

It was a dangerous game, really. Baiting a Heroic Spirit, a being of immense power from ages past, an era when human lives could be snuffed out like candles in the face of immense monsters… That was something both Katerina and Pasiphaë were painfully aware of.

Fortunately, all Caster did was blush a deep red and get flustered. “H-Hey! That’s not relevant at all to what we’re talking about here! How did we even get to talking about that anyway? Weren’t you talking about something on your phone?” It was a clear change of subject, but she still snatched at her master’s phone. “Hm. This is a little strange…” She said, the blush fading from her face as she examined a strange new mystery.

Katerina snickered into her sleeve. “It’s not strange at all! It’s as I said - we’ve been selected for a secret mission!” Her voice was a little loud to be talking about secret missions, and the way she dramatically gesticulated while starting to walk in the direction of the assembly halls wasn’t particularly conducive to stealth either. “Come, Servant! Be as the Virgil to my Dante! Guide me through the depths of hell, so that we may reach heaven itself!

You… Want me to give directions?” Caster said, deciphering Katerina’s odd way of speech.

She would go along with it, for now. Perhaps it would be better to convince her to attend class, but frankly, Pasiphaë didn’t put much trust in whatever they were teaching here. Simply spending time with her would be far more valuable for Katerina than anything a modern educator could offer. Truancy really wasn’t all that important, especially in the face of an interesting mystery.

Together, the pair began to look for the secret meeting hall.
Should be able to get something up in the next couple of days.
More than being greek, Amalthea and Pasiphae are even from the same island. And a goat and cow... Maybe I should have gone for something a little more different, but they should be pretty different in personality in any case.

Would Medusa and Amalthea/their masters have given out their true names? It'd be a fun interaction for Katerina (goat and snake) but that doesn't have to happen immediately.
Heat is killing me but I'll try to have something up soon.

@Enkryption Are Servant identities public knowledge? Pasiphae would likely have kept hers secret if possible, but if not that's fine
Here we are then,

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