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“Little brother…” Troilus echoed, feeling nostalgic. Yes, this was certainly a familiar feeling. As if his brother was nearby - which perhaps he was, in a way. Maybe that feeling was why, despite the danger of his surroundings, he felt safe enough to relax.

Stupid! Allowing himself to get hit by an attack like that… Even if it didn’t hurt, even if no damage was caused - this wasn’t the sort of thing a hero should allow to happen!

And yet… Looking at that arrow, it too had that golden glow of heroism. The glow of that helmet. The glow of that sword. How confusing. Troilus turned to look at the attacker, and-

“Oh! Big brother!” It was surprising to run into one of his brothers here, but then again, he had a lot of brothers, so perhaps it wasn’t that strange. Part of his lips quirked up in a smile, but then he paused. “Why’d you attack me!?” It wouldn’t be so bad if Pandarus knew he wouldn’t have hurt him - but if that was the case, how had he known?

Still, no harm had been done in the end, and this was his beloved brother. Not his most beloved brother, certainly. Maybe in the top five, at least. Definitely top ten. Troilus allowed himself to beam. “What’s going on here, anyway? It’s dangerous. Do you know anywhere safe?”

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The city was broken. The corpses that littered the streets spewed forth horrifying sludge from faceless bodies. The buildings themselves were collapsing, too. That destruction was reminiscent, in a way, of another collapse, one that Troilus had never witnessed, but was present somewhere, deep in his mind.

It was scary. But being a hero meant moving forward, no matter how scary things got.

He looked towards his companions. There was a strange familiarity to the other Servants, though he didn’t recognise either immediately.

There was something comforting about the woman that Troilus took a moment to realise. Yes, he recognised that armour, though it looked a little different on a different person. He had polished it at various points, after all. His big brother had been a great hero, so naturally his armour, his sword and spear had been passed down onto various other heroes. That much he knew, at least. But he didn't recognise her. Perhaps she was one of the paladins of France.

The other Servant gave the opposite impression. There was a vague hint of recollection in Troilus’ mind, but he couldn’t put a name to the man. Despite the man’s calm appearance, he gave Troilus an ominous feeling. As if he was taking something away from Troilus just by existing, something important - but something that he couldn’t remember.

Then, the Master spoke. He liked her plan; he certainly wouldn’t mind some distance from that ominous Assassin, even if he was an ally. He looked towards her, smiling sweetly, with a hand held out, not as a greeting, but ready to draw her to him in a protective grasp. “I’m Saber, friend. Don’t worry, I’m here to protect you. No matter what.”

That was the sort of thing a hero should say, right?

@Rune_Alchemist @Red Alice @Rondo of Blood
Not sure about the one I rolled either, sorry. I've got a few others in mind, though some of them might be a bit eccentric for team play. Is it an issue to play someone who's likely to be as much of a hindrance as a help?
Roll me on the gatcha then. I've got a couple ideas lined up if i don't like it.
What does the gatcha mean?
Saber: Sir Ywain
Knight of the Lion
False Camelot

“Just enjoy the meal... Truth is however I cooked it. I sneak it in and replace what he makes with something edible.”

Ywain looked at the fairy quizzically, but simply shrugged. He wasn’t the type to refuse food, even if the circumstances were a little strange. Perhaps it made sense that fairies would be the type to be picky when it came to this sort of thing. And if it meant he got a good meal out of it, he certainly wouldn’t complain.

“It’s good,” He said, nodding politely, unsure whether to thank Noon or his familiar. The food was certainly tasty, similar in ways to what his wife’s servants had produced in life. Was this the sort of thing that fairies like to eat?

And then, the dessert was served.

Ywain took a single bite of the ‘cake’, the slimy, chunky mess that could barely be considered a desert, the curse in the shape of food. A single tear came to his eye for a moment, before being blinked away. “Ahh… How nostalgic,” He said, before wolfing down the rest of the dish within moments.

That was the knight of the lion’s own eccentricity. If Noon was cursed, then perhaps he was blessed, in his own way. Even if the food in front of him could objectively be described as ‘inedible’, even if it was something that no other knight, or perhaps even no other person, could stomach, Ywain himself was the exception.

It wasn’t that Ywain was the type who could eat anything. No, he had his own tastes, likes and dislikes. He found sour things distasteful, and disliked powdery textures. Nor was it that he had simply grown used to the taste over time spent with his friend. It was a sensation that he had enjoyed from the very first bite.

Perhaps it was simply an alignment, a sign of fated friendship between the two knights of camelot.

“You must have worked hard on this, Noon,” Ywain said, with the sincere smile of a friend. “Ah,” He looked towards the other diners. “Are you going to finish that?”

False Camelot --> Core District

Ywain stood, his ring set with its stone outwards, unhidden from the world. He watched as the lights burst and faded in the sky. A signal to any of the enemy masters or servants watching that there was a challenge to be fought here. He wondered, briefly, if that man would show up yet again, and what his attitude would be this time if he did.

He said nothing, but simply looked down at the city beneath him. The building’s roof was a good enough arena for battle, and defensible, for the most part. Perhaps he would have some trouble with a Rider or Archer, but standing with Noon, he was confident.

A sword appeared in his right hand, and a spear in his left. He weighed each for a moment, before dissipating the sword and passing the spear to a dual-handed grip.

Tonight’s armour was that of his time serving in Camelot, no helmet interfering with his vision as he cast his gaze around the city. His hair flowed free, blowing in the night’s gentle wind. “I have a good feeling about tonight,” He said, quietly. It had started well, after all.

It seems like there's a lot of stuff you're disallowing. Is there a complete banlist or a list of banned categories/capabilities? That would probably make it easier on people.
Why's Lu Bu banned, out of curiosity? And would that ban be across all classes?
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