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Acceptances, Round 1. All of the following character sheets are considered accepted, and may be moved into the characters tab as they are currently written in-thread. Note that several other sheets are on the verge of acceptance and just need minor edits, or the edits to be moved in-thread.

@KatKookThere are plenty of slots and we'd be happy to have you
There are plenty of slots left, don't worry.

I have a few ideas I could use for this.

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Singularity F: City District

Don Juan grinned as the mysterious sniper appeared. Just what he’d been hoping for.

“Master’s safe right now,” He called up. “We were moving anyway!” He let loose a small whistle as she jumped from the window. It was an impressive move.

Saber caught her falling body, cradling her in a princess carry. He could have used the opportunity to cop a feel, but Don Juan was nothing if not a gentleman. Perhaps that was a lie, but in any case, now was not the time.

After that, it was simply a matter of making a tactical retreat - something Don Juan excelled at. Retreating from jealous lovers, from secure manors, from illicit duels - all this was second nature to the trickster of Seville. Leaving the city across the river was clearly a priority, but as for the specific direction, he’d let the lady take the lead.

“You got a safe spot we can head to?” He asked, ready to relay the information to Daniel at a second’s notice. He kept up a fast pace; not nearly as fast as he could go while shielding a woman. The buildings and fires of the city passed by him at a rapid pace.

Co-GM checking in!

Just gonna drop the discord link here and run, because it's pretty late where I am. We got it set up early, but joining isn't necessary at this point. All the major stuff should be covered in threads anyway.

Singularity F: City District

These Assassins were getting pretty creepy.

The way they moved and responded to attacks marked them as something inhuman. Even his dazzling swordplay barely seemed to phase them. Most likely they were mindless. Or perhaps they were living as if they were already dead. Saber didn’t understand that philosophy one bit. It was the opposite of his own, living each moment down to the last microsecond, before even considering death, or what comes after.

He cut his ineffective volley short, leaping again as the Assassins threw knives at him. A few slashed at his clothes, scratching at him. “Tch,” he scoffed. Hopefully, they weren’t poisoned.

Saber was already moving as the shot rang out. The Assassin’s mask slipped to the floor, revealing something deeply inhuman. It didn’t bother him as it would a normal human. Rather, he was simply looking towards the abomination, evaluating its physique, its abilities, and how they might be used.

“Heh. If they had more suckers and less spikes, I’d give it a try…” Don Juan muttered. “Better take this seriously.” He landed, several paces back from the unmasked Asssassin.

Saber! Support and protect the guy who was shooting at the Assassins - Signal to him that you are a friend, but keep watch for if he tries to turn against you!

On it. Don Juan curtly signalled back. Whoever had shot his foe… Well, enemy of my enemy and all that. And with that shot, his new mysterious ally had given away their position. He took a second to trace the path that the bullet had taken, but it was hard to be exact. To prevent any more daggers hitting, he gave another burst of movement, twirling his sword in protection as he ran towards the direction of the bullet.

“Oi, gunner!” Saber announced, voice booming. “Since I doubt these guys can understand us, why don’t you show yourself. You’ll be safer with me - we’ve got a plan.”

With that proposition made, he focussed on defence, keeping his sword ready and his enemies in view, as he waited for a response. The Assassins were a dud, so hopefully this sniper was hot.

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