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Gatekeeper, Troilus, Edge of Shinto Town

Clockwork Fortress of Troy, Central Keep

As Baba got to work, Troilus clapped his hands together in enthusiasm, rushing over to watch his Master’s expert construction. He looked in fascination as the pieces started to come together into an intricate shape.

But then, there was something about constructed horses, wasn’t there? A wooden horse, that opened up to reveal a horde of soldiers, that spilled out into the city like a bloodstain. The image seemed far away, like a half-forgotten dream, but it was there. Suddenly, Troilus didn’t feel quite so enthusiastic, but he kept his smile up anyway.

He knew Troy had fallen; it was impossible not to know that. After all, his wish was to make sure that never happened. And because of that, there was no need to think about why it had fallen in the first place.

The whole war had been so unfair! What was so great about Helen, anyway? She was pretty, but that wasn’t a reason to kill people! Musing about this, Troilus puffed up his cheeks in anger.

At that point, there was a loud disruption, shocking the child out of his thoughts.

A… Bouncer?” Troilus muttered, placing a finger to his mouth in confusion.


Gatekeeper, Troilus, Edge of Shinto Town

Clockwork Fortress of Troy, Central Keep

“Mmm,” Troilus said, nodding enthusiastically as he walked over to the window. He stared through it as the bird flew away, watching its mechanical movements with curiosity. Soon enough, it was beyond the walls and out of view, and Troilus, stretching only a little, reached up and closed the window.

Even though those walls that the two of them had created were ‘Troy’, it didn’t feel that way to Troilus. Without the bustling activity of the city, without the bickering of his brothers or the smell of horses, even if it was a home, it wasn’t the city he had known in life. Even if this room was nice, the walls were dangerous.

And, well, was attacking people with traps really the sort of thing a hero should be doing?

Well, Baba was smart, so it was probably fine. Though it would be nice if he could ask his big brother. Thinking about the possibility, he thought aloud, “I wonder if big brother was also summoned?” He asked, his voice light and cheerful. “Ah, he would definitely win, he’s the strongest!

Although, all Troilus wanted to do after all the work making the fortress was spend some time relaxing. Sitting down on the floor, he picked up one of Baba’s clockwork toys and fiddled with it, watching its intricate movements. The simple pleasure on Troilus’ face at the thing’s movement was a truly adorable thing to see. Well, it would certainly keep him distracted for a some time.

Hey Baba,” he said, absentmindedly, still looking at the device. “Do you think we’ll see an amazing horse? If there’s Riders, there should be horses, right?


Yee send it in boy.

Does that mean I beat out the other Saber app?
Needs a range. Seeing as it is just a normal sword, it should be 1-2, unless it was like a claymore or something. Other than that, unless @Over Illusion isn't alright with something, I don't see any issues with the Servant~.

Yeah, just a normal sword. Edited in range, so I guess that's a finished sheet now.
Revised Ganelon. Now Sanson's in, I can tell who's going to kill him.

Justify Instinct.

Keep in mind the NP's a curse and will be fucked by anti-curse stuff of a sufficient grade.

Does that include Magic Resistance? I can never remember. As for Instinct, I was thinking along the lines of Ganelon knowing exactly what manipulations to do to kill Roland. Kind of a weak justification, I guess. Eye of the Mind might fit, and technically Planning probably would, but I hate Planning.

Has there been a second Saber yet? I saw Mordred was here, and thought 'how about that other big traitorous knight?' I've been thinking of playing him for a while now, and he's pretty easy to fit into the one NP, three skills mould.

(Apologies to Tite Kubo)

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