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<Bandit Queen Chaos Sow>

“Scathat, Scatthat, Scathath - no, that’s too hard. I’ll just call her Scat.” Phaea said, muttering to herself, occasionally sniffling or snorting as if she had a cold as the others bickered.

“Hey miss Scat!” She said, sticking up her hand like a schoolchild. “I can’t swim, so if we’re going into the sea that’s gonna be a problem!” Well, someone could probably teach her, at least. Or maybe there would be a boat. There were definitely enough Servants for that to be possible. “Why’s there even a sea on the moon in the first place?” She asked. “I thought it was a chariot or something.” She itched at her head. This whole situation was really complicated. She didn’t really get it, but if there was stuff to fight, she could at least do that. Just as long as it didn’t involve swimming.

Well, her own question was answered by the strange hologram the servant produced. “Huh?” Phaea snorted. “I recognise that sea! It’s not on the moon!” Really, this just got more confusing by the second.

For the first time, she looked around the room properly, and-

Ah, why did he of all people have to be here?

“It’s OK! Just stand still and be quiet and maybe he won’t notice you!” Phaea said, thinking out loud in what couldn’t possibly be considered an indoor voice. Well, they were supposed to be working together this time anyway - come to think of it, that guy definitely had a ship.

She frowned. She paced. She thought. Then-

She threw herself down at Theseus’ feet, wailing. “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I’m gonna behave this time so please don’t throw me off your ship! I’m not gonna eat anyone, or toss them off cliffs, or tie them to trees, or eat people’s crops, or steal their gold, or throw them in a maze, or eat their gold, or steal their feet! I’m totally not gonna do any of that! So please don’t throw me off your shiiiiiiip!”

She sniffled more intensely than usual, tears and snot running down her face.

@Breo @Parallel Hearts

Decided to throw in an app. Theseus is such a bully.

Travelling towards ’DDD’ Hot Springs, Miyama Town

Leaving was difficult. Going from the safety of those walls to an outside where death lurked was terrifying. In Troilus’ short life, he had never really known fear, the kind of creeping terror that death could appear at any time. The absolute terror of warfare had been something he hadn’t understood up to this point, sheltered as he had been by the absolute defence of Troy’s walls.

To think that that terror had been experienced by his family as they went to fight the invaders each day was saddening. How much fear had they been hiding as they talked and played with him? Why hadn’t he seen it at the time?

That terror was suffocating now.

And yet, he felt safe. There was something about Gin - his words, his demeanor, his very aura - that made it seem that he could accomplish anything. And if Gin could accomplish anything, Troilus could too.

It was an inspiring feeling, one that reminded him of how his brothers had been.

Even though Hector was the best big brother, the strongest fighter, the greatest hero of Troy. Even though he was a shining man who stood out as an exceptional person, whether on the battlefield or rallying the citizens of Troy-

Well, he wasn’t all that ‘cool’. A hero who rarely acted like a hero, one who never cared about how much his weapons shone or how poorly he was perceived by others. Well, even if it was out of necessity…

Nobody could hope to take Hector’s place as the ‘best’ - but if it came down to who was ‘coolest’, then perhaps Gin could be that person.

Certainly, Troilus wasn’t worried that Gin could calm the riots going on. He didn’t exactly understand, but Gin had told him he didn’t need to get involved, and that was enough for him. These were Gin’s people, and it was his responsibility to defend them. Even though Troilus wanted to help, he probably didn’t need to. Of course, fighting to defend your own city was the most heroic thing there was. Yes, this was something Gin had to do, to become a hero.

Well, Troilus needed that too, but shouldn’t he go through training before that?

Without paying much attention, Troilus wandered into the room, running slightly to catch up with Gin. He looked around with the absent minded curiosity of a child, his attention plucking on various aspects of the room, and the people within it. There was no hostility or wariness in his eyes towards any of Gin’s friends - after all, if they were friends with Gin, they couldn’t be bad people, could they?

He stayed close to Gin, hovering close behind him. Since he was here to observe, he held back his questions. After all, it seemed like there was a serious discussion going on, so his curiosity about this strange building could wait. Instead, he simply smiled and waved at the only person in the room who seemed to be a similar age to him, offering no explanation for his presence, clearly that of a Servant.

@Cu Chulainn@Phonic@addamas

Gatekeeper, Troilus, Clockwork Fortress of Troy

Troilus sat huddled in the middle of the central keep, trying to distract himself with the scattered toys surrounding him. It was difficult to remain calm, knowing what was stalking Fuyuki, the darkness outside of those walls. But this place was somewhere the war didn’t exist, a place that repelled such things. The walls of Troy, that had repelled over a decade of assault from those forces, would surely hold against the dangers this war had to offer.

But still, he couldn’t shake the fear that gnawed at him. Even after Troilus’ own death, how many of his brothers had that man killed? How many of his friends, people he saw every day in the city streets, had met their ends at the point of his spear? There were names he knew, names he could put to faces and names he couldn’t. Too many to process. The masses of people that he’d killed, corpses enough to stain a river with blood-

“▂▂▃▃▅▅▅▅ — — ! !”

He was here.

Pleading with him was impossible. Death cannot be reasoned with.

Running from him was impossible. Death cannot be outrun.

Fighting him was impossible. Death cannot be outfought.

The only thing he could do was hide behind those walls that had repelled him before, and hope. Troilus curled into a ball, and whimpered.

Gatekeeper, Troilus, Shinto Town

Troilus trudged forwards, sniffling. It was impossible to derive any happiness from the tragic events of the day. For a child who’d lived his life sheltered by those who loved him, he had never seen such devastation, death and destruction on such a terrifying scale.

For him, warfare had been something that happened outside the city, out of view. Even when besieged by the enemy, they’d been out of view, hidden from him by Troy’s walls. He’d seen the results, now and then - brothers, cousins, uncles, dragged back into safety, wounded and dying. But even that had been uncommon, in Troilus’ world.

Something passed him. He felt the wind whip past him as something sped through the nearby city streets with dizzying rapidity.

Troilus froze.

That level of speed could only belong to a single person. That man. The fastest among Heroic Spirits, a man with unmatchable swiftness. One who was ‘the fastest’. One who couldn’t be outrun, under any circumstances.

No, that was impossible. It couldn’t be that man. If it was him, Troilus would already be dead. In Troilus’ world, that man meant nothing less than death itself. He remembered-

Hiding in the temple of Apollo, praying for a help that never arrived. A shadow, falling over him as he sobbed in pain and terror, and-

Troilus turned around. He saw that man’s world, descending on the fire. No matter how great the fire was, it didn’t matter.

A hero who could do nothing but destroy. A hero who had never truly saved anyone, who had only fought and slain others. A typhoon of slaughter, a comet prophesying absolute devastation. Of course, his method of ‘saving people’ would mean their annihilation. A man who had perverted a shield with the purpose of defending into a weapon causing utter ruin.

Yes, that man was truly death incarnate.

Running wouldn’t do any good, but Troilus ran anyway.

Returning to the Clockwork Fortress of Troy

Gatekeeper, Troilus, Miyama Town

The fire worsened. As the horn blasted, the flames leapt higher, and only continued to grow in strength, in pure power and terror.

Had they failed?

It wasn’t long until the fire grew once more, into something truly horrifying. A lake of black fire, one that reached out towards Troilus, one that’s fumes licked at the mind. The horrifying faces that stared into his eyes, radiating hatred.

Was this what the others had felt, as Troy burned?
He couldn’t stay here. He couldn’t die here, not under any circumstances. Even if they’d failed, that remained true.

Certainly, Troilus had failed. These weren’t the actions of a hero, but of a scared child. He turned around, and began to flee the fire, moving faster than before.

Back towards Troy, back towards ‘home’.

Leaving Miyama Town, entering Shinto town
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