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1 mo ago
Current Sun Tzu once said: "If you or your loved ones have contracted mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Call the toll-free number on your screen now to see if you qualify."
1 yr ago
Beating your meat is a waste of time, when you can beat evildoers instead.
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1 yr ago
If they just have horns then no. But if they're horny, they best watch out.
1 yr ago
Horny people are not protected under the constitution, or the law.
1 yr ago
Jojo Part 5 having Jodeci's "Freek'N You" as its ending theme gives me more life than anyone could imagine.


No longer an asshole!

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Damn. I'm sorry man. Take all the time you need.
Sorry to hear that Xalt. Not much I can say about that, except for that I hope that things turn out okay for you on all fronts.
I have revised my part of the collab with Enkryption to better address Graft. Sorry about that everyone.
Cecilia has balanced assets; you can easily tell that Yinha's buttocks are sorely lacking in development. Also higher charisma. ;3

To be fair, we can't actually see Cecilia's buttocks in the pic you've provided... ^-^;
Besides, Serafaye's booty and hips are clearly superior to Cecilia's... Plus higher Charisma. ;3

Vani would be more than happy to compare on behalf of them both.

Honestly I should probably revise Vani's personality section to reflect more than "Horny" and "Stupid". Someday.
" would have to be pretty big," Steppe Archer would answer, dead serious in her estimation of the Lizard Fighter's endowment. And, frankly, the comment about a certain kind of "escort" went a bit over her head. Common likely wasn't her first language.

The archer felt bad for their lizard friend though for having to walk...but she imagined the horse wasn't moving fast. Even if it wasn't tied to a wagon, this horse had certainly seen far better days. Before she would take her seat with the cargo, the archer's hand would gently brush against the horse's neck. She whispered something in a low voice to it, feeling the horse could use some nice words to raise its spirits before she would take a seat in the back. Seeing as it was likely that bandits would attack, the archer would already have her quiver off her back, leaning against the dividing line between the driver's compartment and their cargo space. She'd be on the lookout, silently keeping watch. After all, if they got surrounded, they'd be easy pickings.

"Have you ever been attacked before on this road?" Steppe Archer would ask, curious as to how dangerous the road was if such a thing was common knowledge. Or, maybe it was just caution.
Posted a bit late. Sorry if there are any inconsistencies, lemme know if anyone has any questions on anything going on!


@Rockin Strings@Xaltwind

Sorry for the late post, but now, Vani can definitely save the person inside, that definitely is not a flesh-eating abomination.

Or a facehugger.
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