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4 mos ago
Current @SaltSight Game was Astlibra: Revision. Found it on sale bundled with another game I've been wanting so I gave it a shot and got like, straight indie JRPG of the early 2000s injected into my veins.
4 mos ago
Hate that strange ennui that hits after 100%'ing a really, really good game. Good time was had, but man am I glad it can't mess my sleep schedule up anymore.
2 yrs ago
Rich people blood sports is how the Oscar's should always have gone. As a hot blooded american man I cant sleep at night without witnessing violence of some kind.
2 yrs ago
So true. Anyways, play Lancer!
2 yrs ago
Final Fantasy: Stranger in Paradise is the funniest shit I've ever seen while also not being a bad game. Just crack open some cold ones with the boys, blare Limp Bizket, and Kill Chaos.


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[@Breakthrough Crew]
As expected, the Varjan fought dirty, with the intent to get Liliana dirty! Liliana would fly back in order to avoid the distraction, and...also because, ew, mud, and would instead fire back with a dirty trick of her own.

"Give it to 'im Whimsy! Please!" Liliana said, raising her sword and firing off a slash that would manifest her spell, forming into another tide of magma that quickly devoured the muddy water beneath as it surged towards the Elite foe, hopefully stopping him in his tracks. Liliana wouldn't drop her guard however, ready to begin her assault anew with Ayu backing her up.


"I will ask her when she returns, then," Eula said, ignoring the comments about her being incapable of hurting flies. Quite the opposite, really, a demonic energy stungun was lethal to beings that small. "Farewell, Lady Sorae," Eula said in parting, before she herself would start to return to the temple, taking a bit of a scenic route as she went along the way.

Parsing Query: Revenge's Purpose

Data Expunged. Re-parsing.

Access Denied. Please contact an administrator to access-

Eula would smack the side of her head to silence her internal voice, going from analytical to introspective, the buzz of digitized questions forming into more human thoughts. "Sorae's family...would revenge make them happy? Would it make her happy? ...Can...anything? Family...Carroll had a family, and she lost them too," Eula said, before raising the hand that Carroll had held hours ago, flexing the digits of it one by one. "Am I...somebody's family too?"

Eula didn't have an answer. The closest she'd felt to attachment to someone was the farmhand who'd taken her in, who grew old and died before her eyes. She'd smiled with such conviction when she said she loved humans, and yet...now, the Automaton wasn't sure what love was. It was something warm, brilliant...the one in Carroll's dreams radiated it. Eula knew she didn't. Like comparing the sun to a warped reflection of it and expecting the same warmth. Her directive was altered at some point, to find love and yet...

"I fight against foes I can't kill, answer questions I am unsure of, and grasp hands that I have no right to hold. Someday, I'll leave this land...and...will I fight the same fights? Still have no answers?" Eula thought before shaking her head and hurrying back to the temple. There was no time to defeat her fears or answer them. She simply had to keep on fighting to liberate Shizuyama, in her own pacifist, hypocritical way.


[@Breakthrough Crew]
With Ayu at her side, Liliana felt like she couldn't lose, and with her support spells firing off, even Ayu would feel equal to ten men. But even amongst mooks, there were those that stood out...and Mr. Bonehead was definitely one such mook. A varjan elite by any measure, and with eyes set to kill, Liliana knew it was time to lock in mentally and fight for her life. "Ayu, I'll take care of him!" the fairy boldly proclaimed before channeling Whimsy's Giant Strength spell and blocking the horizontal strike, then shrinking herself to skid along his blade before he could launch another attack. She was getting used to how the Varjans fought dirty, and anticipated some sort of punch or a kick coming. As such, she'd just get small and slash Whimsy across the elite's arm, starting to abuse her size to fight with a modicum of a brain cell at work.

Liliana had a feeling she shouldn't underestimate her opponent, and as such was leaving a bit of space between strikes to cast an emergency spell if needed. She just hoped that inside, her fellow task force members were doing alright without her.


Eula would keep her silence as Sorae smiled at her, then released Kana. Trusting her enough, the automaton released her grip and let Kana flee. Then came Sorae's questioning of whether Eula thought Ayu was capable of being a traitor...and the automaton had to wonder, what peace came to one who saw shadows everywhere she looked?

"In truth, I don't think anyone of the task force would, logically, or emotionally, be traitors to anyone in Shizuyama. If so, the Varjans could easily have torn the temple apart and lain waste to us all. As for why this map was in her possession...perhaps, there is another branch of resistance to be found somewhere. Or, her connections as a noble allowed her to procure it, Eula theorized, having a feeling that if the Varjans had a map of supplies, this war might as well be over. No army could march on an empty stomach after all, and complete seizure of supply routes would spell doom for everyone.
"How had it come to this?"

A simple question crossed the gnoll's mind as he stared not at the boy baring his miniature fangs, but at the deep cut the woman behind him had suffered. Suffering enough to drive a human child to attack a full-grown gnoll, with stumbling steps, shaking hands, and a knife he believed was a sword of legend. All the while the word "monster" was spat. A cursory glance of the scene to his side, of the crossroads, of his options, of his very future, Bren spied a gnoll footprint.

"Had one of his own brought this suffering?"

A deep, low growl escaped Bren as he considered the possibility, before returning to the present situation. The boy and girl were scared to death, and their mother was fading fast. He had seen this sight many a time in his home, of families soon to be rent asunder. And this time, Bren had the power to deny this parting. Without missing a beat, Bren would pick up the boy's dagger and slash it across his own palm by grabbing it, the tough hide ensuring it was as shallow a cut as a knife could manage, but still show that blood had been drawn.

"Child is strong. Bested me. Bren bound by honor to save. Brave child, raise head," Bren said, before suddenly scooping the two up with a swift motion, holding them in one arm, while effortlessly picking the mother up in the other, keeping her head level as he started to run. Run, with all his bestial might, to reach Goldrun before the mother lost her life. He had sufficient coin for a healer, he thought, and wouldn't take no for an answer from the children. Pressed once more against the boy's hand was the dagger that Bren had harmed himself with, the gnoll's blood on the blade. Run and run, Bren would fly until dirt became cobbled road, and until he caught the scent of a healer's herbs ground into powder.


[@Breakthrough Crew]
This plan was going great! Until it wasn't!

Whimsy was snatched by one of the warriors that had gotten the least amount of rock in his briefs, who proceeded to show Liliana that Shizuyama's mud definitely tasted worse than the mud from her home. (No one must ever know.) But still, the little fairy was struggling to breathe, about to try and size trick to get out of this sticky situation when who else but Ayu arrived. Pulling Liliana from the mud and even brushing a bit off of her, Ayu would see that Liliana had looked genuinely scared for a moment, before she giddily hugged the human spymaster. "Ayuuuuuu! Thank you thank you thank you! I promise, you can come along on whatever adventure you wanna! No more worrying from me. That guy didn't know what hit 'im!" the fairy blubbered, happy to be saved.

Still, there were more heads to crack, and this time Liliana wouldn't be in a good enough mood to use Whimsy's flat side. "Alright busters, you've got no chance now! Let's mess them up, then go help Shizuka and everyone else," Liliana proclaimed, before once more taking flight to assault the Varjan soldiers.


Wordlessly, Eula watched the interrogation, a seemingly coldhearted onlooker to the swear, and the life that was to become forfeit.

That was, until Sorae found her naginata unable to budge those last few inches, the automaton's arm held at its full length over the warrior's shoulder to grip her weapon with monstrous strength, preventing it from finding purchase in Kana. Sorae could almost feel Eula's eyes staring a hole in the back of her head, her grip firm enough to snap the naginata in twain if she exerted a bit more force.

"Lady Sorae. I promised no undue harm would come to her. Just because she swore on her life doesn't make it forfeit. If anything, sparing her will prove an important point. You are not like the barbarians that have come to slaughter. You have come for justice. Not vengeance. Correct?" Eula pleaded, hoping that she could let Sorae's conscience decide Kana's fate. She had no idea what Sorae had gone through...and yet, she was sure, this senseless killing would only cause her further pain.

"We have the map. That will suffice."

And, my CS do be complete! I wasn't sure if the weapon was okay or not, so please let me know if anything needs changing.


[@Breakthrough Crew]
In spite of making her way through the rain as fast as she could, Liliana didn't get to the manor before there was already a huge crowd of Varjan soldiers at the entrance. Judging from the smoke, either someone was having a barbeque inside the building, or someone had just set it on fire...

But, either way, Liliana had a feeling she didn't want to go in just yet, nor should she. After all, in tight quarters, all these Varjans might overwhelm her friends, and make escaping impossible. It wasn't a glamorous, knightly kind of job, and the rain was cold and sucked, but Liliana had a feeling her fight was out here with these mooks. And, while normally she knew a proper knight fought his enemies head on, well...

She was getting bored of these dullard dummies and their tincan armor. And had no respect for people who were so cruel to prisoners. So, as such, she would just quietly whisper: "Whimsy, Blast 'em!" and pointed her sword at the crowd, more than willing to let Whimsy do as she pleased when it came to dishing out magical punishment. Which, the world tree splinter gladly used the opportunity to smolder at her tip, before a small tide of magma erupted, causing steam to billow around Liliana as it surged forward, slamming into the Varjan soldiers. While it didn't last long, the magical magma would not only not wound the Varjan shield line, but would even harden around them in the deluge of rain.

Now with the shield line thoroughly stuck from the waist down, Liliana would brandish her sword along the broad-side, and whacking Varjan soldiers across the back of their helmets as she dashed along them. "Wakey wakey, Varjans! Its time for you to get your ears cleaned out!" she taunted, sticking her tongue out and getting ready to face down the partially immobilized shield line with Whimsy at her side.

She just hoped that her friends were alright...though, judging from the krackaboom sound of lightning, she had to assume Io was just fine with the others.


Eula didn't know much of Sorae's reputation, but did at least have enough trust in her to not execute a hostage needlessly. "Please relax. I won't allow you to come to harm prematurely," Eula said, gently letting their freshly captured noblewoman on her feet, while standing by to allow Sorae to conduct her interrogation. "We are not barbarians like the Varjans are. We simply seek information."

Eula held a hand on the ropes, more as a measure against her running away than in a bid to keep her confined. "We are searching for the killers of Clan Tokinomiya. Do you have any information about such persons, or an idea as to where we could find information?"
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