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Current Jojo Part 5 having Jodeci's "Freek'N You" as its ending theme gives me more life than anyone could imagine.
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Pope Francis dropping an album is the wildest shit I've learned all year.
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Its kinda fucked up that a goblet is just a cup, instead of being like a tiny goblin.
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Not sure if its a good, or a bad thing that I'm bawling my eyes out over a penguin dying, but fuck man. RIP Grape, he died loving well.
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God I love Etrian Odyssey. Nothing says "Quality RPG" like being able to eat random wild berries that make your party shit their brains out mid-dungeon.


Yep. Still an asshole.

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Magnus...didn't say anything. He couldn't say anything. Not because nothing came to mind, but rather that far too much was racing through his brain. Regrets, anxiety, sadness, millions of apologies and half as many excuses. There wasn't a single thing that he could say as he balled his fists tightly. Talia would leave, and the image of her saddened smile, that forced, apologetic smile, burned in his mind as he bit his lower lip in frustration. He sunk his head low, shoulders quivering as he actively pushed back tears as he ascended the stairs back up to his and Freyr's room, leaving his dinner half finished.

As soon as he was inside, Magnus broke. Childishly, he buried his face against a pillow as he let his emotions flow out, silently weeping into his pillow. The entire thing would soon be soaked, wet with his sorrows before he would slowly rise up and roll over, eyes puffy and red. Looking up at the ceiling, Magnus held his hand up slowly, making out its outline in the darkness as he simply breathed in, then out. In, then out. Forcing himself to try and remain calm, Magnus just focused on that outline, that shape, the memories of a similar hand that had at one point in time held his and rolled onto his side.

"...Father...what does it mean, to be strong? I-Is strength...never feeling sad like this?" he asked to the lifeless room around him, his large frame curling up as he remembered all that training, all that physical work that despite his efforts, still left him cowardly and emotionally unstable. His physical power didn't mean anything...every fight he'd been in with something smarter than a wild animal had ended in his defeat, and now he wasn't even strong enough to handle how he FELT.

Rising up to a sitting position, Magnus thought about his position, about the pitiful state he was in, and realized just how much he was dragging down anybody that would team up with him. His helmet, in the two halves that composed it, lied on the nightstand beside him, gleaming ever so softly in the light of the moon shining in the window. Taking it in his hands, Magnus resolved himself to something for the first time in a while. His hands clasped the two pieces of the helmet onto his head, and he would quickly head out without saying a word for anything. He needed to be alone right now...someplace less warm, less comforting. Right now he didn't need to cry softly into his pillow like a girl getting her heart broken. Right now he needed to temper himself; For his own benefit, and for others. At least, that's what he would tell himself as he left to camp out in the thick woods near the guild.

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Nephele was...really quite surprised by Morgan's answer, as well as Ozzy's abundant enthusiasm. It was then she realized that, as she suspected, normal people tended to steer clear of the guild. Her surprise was...well, very apparent given that she seemed to just stare at Morgan for a moment. "Oh, er...that is...quite a lot of time." she said, completely convinced that she wasn't a mothman at all, at this point. Neil however made a comment about Talia leaving, which had her watch. Something had clearly happened, but...she knew so little about Talia, save for her profession and future goals. She wasn't a friend in a realistic sense, just a workplace acquaintance. As such, Talia would need a true friend by her side...but it seemed the only one she had stormed upstairs to his room. It was a tough situation to be sure, but...there wasn't anything Nephele could do but remain positive.

Neil's jumbled questions and words forced a smile to Nephele's face as she gently tussled his hair, chuckling a bit. "Neil, there's no need to worry. You're as normal as anybody, and just as special. As for research, sadly I didn't have time to make any progress before dinner. But, going back into Mahigan to find more books for material would make sense. Ozzy seems incredibly resourceful for this type of work, so perhaps we should ask him." she said, keeping the last part to a hushed whisper, not wanting to push Neil to explaining his entire life story to the owl harpy. Seeing a new member, Nephele resolved herself to making an impression, standing up after she'd hear Neil's thoughts on the matter.

Nephele strode over to the towering figure, astonished by their height and weapon. She was wondering when she'd finally see someone bigger than Titania and Magnus, and well...guess that was now. Standing beside Bart, she gave a friendly wave to the armored visitor, a bit too close for comfort as she was literally an inch away from Annalise's elbow. "Hello there. If you'd like, I can give you a tour of our guild, Mister...?" she offered, sniffing slightly. Strange...this visitor seemed to lack a scent, save for the fine, immaculate armor they wore. Annalise would see that Nephele was completely lacking in metal bits to eat, and as such likely wouldn't prove to be very tasty at all.

Suku has told me that she's scrapping her current character for a new one, so if you were waiting for her, go ahead and respond to Cayde and Perkeo. Sorry for the wait, had a midterm this week that needed my focus.
With what seemed to be the last arrival for the moment, Joachim relaxed as he pondered over the information they had available. He lacked any sort of combat experience, and was lacking even MORE in any combat-oriented magecraft, and as such he would likely have to rely on another member of the Black faction when it came to confronting masters. But, he doubted that the Mage's Association would bother having two magi specializing in healing fields. Jeanne-Marie's suggestion was contested, but it still served as a good backup plan in case a drawn out attack. The masked magus didn't bother introducing himself, and, the knowledge that the man had already summoned his servant ahead of time astonished Joachim. And got him thinking. Seven servants on two sides, and seven need to die in order to activate the grail. Did that mean...the red faction lacked all seven of their servants? There was too little to go on, but Joachim would make sure to hang onto that thread.

The masked magus' point was well made; They were at a huge disadvantage in terms of preparation. Nobody just stole one of the most important magical items the world contains with a day's planning. That much was obvious even to him. seemed that the masked man had chosen a servant perfect for bridging the gap in preparation. Rising to move for the summoning, Joachim tried to keep the anxiety welling within him from showing, keeping his head held high and following after Anderson and the director. The chance of victory, and the ever-tempting wish grantable by the grail were beyond the horizon, and this was just the first step.

The sound of a beautiful melody danced through his mind as they approached, and admittedly, he couldn't help but stare at its source. The young woman, introducing herself as Monica Truman, may have been the first actual crush that Joachim felt in his life. Admittedly...he didn't get out much, so it was just an ailment of his youth, but still. Girls were cute. So distracted was he that he was completely caught unawares of the other magus present in the room; His very smile made Joachim's skin crawl, and completely ruined the boy's one-sided fawning. This man, Austin...he creeped Joachim out more than even the masked magus, who he sincerely hoped to learn the name of without asking to keep from being rude. He'd likely already said it like, three times when others arrived after him.

Still, Joachim had come for a reason, and it sadly wasn't to be charmed by a girl older than him. Reaching within his jacket and into an inner pocket, Joachim produced a black box lined with small chains that, upon inserting a key into the attached lock, fell away from it and opening to reveal the barest tip of a bone inside. Barely an inch of skeletal matter, the catalyst seemed to radiate danger. He took great care in depositing his catalyst within the magic circle, clearing his throat. "I'll be using a piece of Heoroweard's skeleton. H-Here goes." he said, before he confidently spoke once the ritual circle was perfect.

"Let silver and steel be the essence.
Let stone, and the archduke of contracts be the foundation.
Let black be the color I hold the standard for.
Let rise a wall against the wind that shall fall.
Let the four cardinal gates close.
Let the three-forked road from the crown reaching unto the Kingdom of heaven itself rotate...
Let it be filled. Again. Again. Again. Again.
Let it be filled five-fold for every turn, simply breaking asunder with every filling.

I hereby declare.
Your body shall serve under me.
My fate shall be your sword.
Submit to the beckoning of the Holy Grail
If you will submit to this will and this reason…Then answer!

An oath shall be sworn here!
I shall attain all virtues of all of Heaven.
I shall have dominion over all evils of all of Hell!
From the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three greet words of power,
Come forth from the ring of restraints,
Protector of the Holy Balance!"

The boy spoke with every ounce of his being, as if standing up to the world itself as he saw the air react to his plea and order; His summons succeeded. The chant he had practiced mentally since arriving had succeeded. However, the additional Od swarming the air had knocked the boy to his knees, leading to him effectively kneeling as his servant entered the material realm. As if she had always been there, a woman with hair that seemed woven of gold shone amidst those gathered. An otherworldly existence, the woman with sharply pointed ears stood, her eyes blinking as she looked at the young boy kneeling before her. Her very being radiated serenity, her pale skin and dainty figure making it clear that this was most certainly not any sort of close combat oriented heroic spirit. A warm smile crossed her lips as she gave a small, polite curtsy.

"Servant Class: Caster. I see that I have been summoned, but formality dictates a question." she said, before leaning forward slightly, tucking a lock of hair behind an ear as she offered Joachim her hand to stand. "Are you my Master?" she questioned, eyes staring straight into his.

This was...wrong. He knew that he had bones, so why...there's no way that Heoroweard was a woman in life, and yet here before him stood a woman answering to his catalyst. He had expected a natural berserker class servant, one that would perfectly suit his own incapabilities, seemed that someone had chosen to answer in his stead. Too late to surpress the surprise on his face, Joachim took the strange, serene woman's hand and said: "I-I am. Joachim Heikkinen, and can just call me Kim for short. A pleasure to meet you, Caster." he said, rising with her help. Bashfully drawing his hand back once he stood, he noticed the curiosity with which Caster observed the servants as they were summoned, innocently placing her hands behind her back and leaning forward to get a good look at a few of them.

After she had gotten her fill of looking, Caster would fix the ruffles in her skirt's dress, the violet fabric appearing smooth to the touch as she waited by Joachim's side. "I must confess, it is rather exciting to meet heroes of other cultures in life. I wonder if my darling will be summoned here...or perhaps on the opposition." she commented offhandedly, which made Joachim wonder...just what kind of woman did he just summon?

He was glad though, that Caster wasn't blurting out her true name. After all, for all he knew, once the Greys were dealt with, he would have to contend with the other masters for the grail, if the rumors were to be believed.

So Neil gone, or in two places at the same time? Or is it monster shenanigans?
@Enkryption@The Irish Tree

Im sorry folks, But yeah, I'm in a process to leave the site for good so I'm stepping away from the majority of RPs I'm in.

Im moving into a house, and have to focus on getting a side business set up. It saps all of my time and motivation. My apologies for this.

Alright. Good luck with stuff man.

For now, Poxanne's student will have to take her place as "being in marshall's arms" when he jumps from the airship. That okay with you @Enkryption ?

People are out being big horny on main, and Magnus is stuck crying at home because consequences are hard.

Real talk Magnus would probably be terrifying on any of that shit, since he could pelvic thrust a building apart.

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The minotaur didn't respond much to the idea of learning Yang's Dou style, as...frankly, he hated going berserk, it didn't feel comfortable, and he was always scared of losing control and flying off the handle. Its why he hated fighting so much, and was always afraid that if something pushed him too far, he'd wind up killing someone close to him.

Magnus felt as if a frog had leapt into his throat, his hands shaking a bit as he nervously looked at Talia, not a single part of him WANTING to have to break her heart like was the only time. He couldn't just tell her later, now that fears were apparent in her eyes. Gulping down his cowardice like a thick sludge, Magnus' eyes looked down at the floor. He just...couldn't look her in the eyes to say this. He wasn't strong enough for that. "K-Kyle's launch...everything was going fine, then suddenly he...his machine broke down mid-air, and he crashed. By the time we got there he was already...already dead.

With his heart sinking further and further into his stomach, Magnus was willing to take the brunt of whatever blame Talia wanted to place. After all, he had promised so much to her with, he couldn't help but silently shed tears as his hair obscured his face from the angle. He was ready...or so he'd tell himself. Talia would have every right to be angry, every right to despise him. After all, he was the one that gave Kyle the materials he needed to launch his flight.

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Nephele was surprised by the sudden questioning by the new male harpy, her gaze quizzical as he asked whether she was a dragon or not. After her experiences with the armed, armless buffoon before, she was wondering if that was a joking question. But, seeing his honest desire to know, she relaxed and smiled, placing a hand over her chest. "I am a dragon. A cave dragon, specifically. Nephele Francine Megalos, pleased to make your acquaintance, she said before sitting down for dinner. Nephele shook her head at Neil's question of whether he'd missed anything, gesturing towards Ozzy. "I was just answering Ozmodius' question. Though, if he's surprised by me, he should see the other dragons. If I recall, just this morning two others joined, one an ice dragon, and one...well, we're not sure, but she possessed a breath weapon for sure." she said, feeling the owl harpy would be intrigued by even more dragons being available for talking to. Regardless, dinner would come, and they could talk after. He looked so happy talking to Yang, he didn't want to interrupt them.

Digging into her dinner with refined gusto, Nephele felt it was time for her to ask her own questions about Morgan, given that she had so far been a rather mysterious figure. She knew moth-women came in may shapes and colors, but the way in which she carried herself was different from how the ditsy Maria had done. Asking about her clan however seemed to be a touchy subject given the sad sigh, so she instead opted for another question. "So, Morgan, how long did you know Titanica for?"

Joachim relaxed as his tardiness was accepted by both the man dressed in a priest's garb, as well as one who appeared to be a fellow master candidate, introduced as Leon Winchester. In addition, the elegantly dressed red haired woman introduced herself as Jeanne-Marie Bernárd, a possessing a surname unmistakable to him. He was uneased by the obvious experience these two mages possessed...and then that third one, the one in the turban and mask...just looking at him made him want to leave the room. There was something off about him, but for the life of him Joachim couldn't figure it out...aside from the mask.

Still, he didn't want to silently accept the greetings, and bowed his head once again. "I look forward to working with you all." he said, managing as well as he could in face of his own obvious lacking compared to the other masters. He felt a bit more relaxed when the man of the church laughed at his own joke, but then was reminded of the gravity of the situation with the gruesome pictures sprawled on the director's desk. Leaning over to get a good look, Joachim felt disgusted by the brutality of it all, but knew that, from the bite marks, some sort of animal was involved. "Excuse me Sir, but these you know the Grey family uses a lot of familiars? If not, that might be something from one of their servants. I'd judge they're from canines, but if its a Noble Phantasm, it might be something far more dangerous. Also, has any information about Ruler been found? he questioned, figuring that it was best to at least get some ideas floating around.
Noboru was fully prepared to fight to the death, before a tugging at his collar caught him completely off guard, and, in a swift motion, Kuremi tossed him out of the window and hurtling down towards the ground. Landing on his back, Noboru let out a groan of pain as his ass was surprisingly not broken. Wincing as he got up, Noboru was still holding tightly onto the broken leg of a chair, before Kuremi fell as well. Hurriedly scrambling to try and catch her, he was surprised that she managed that landing, and, seeing that she was alright, his full attention turned to Aoi...and her sister.

Silence overtook him as he watched, his balled fists trembling as he thought of why this could happen, or what could do something like this to people. "Its all HIS fault, you know." a voice rang out in his head for a moment. "Your mom, your friends' family...he's using them all like little slaves." it added, before Noburu clutched his head. "Shut up. Shut up. Shut up," he said, fighting back tears as a sharp pain welled up in his right arm. Wincing as he looked up at Aoi once more, he saw her holding a spear and...covered in armor? This had to be a dream. It all had to be just one really bad, really fucked up dream that he was having from staying up too late.

"Its not a dream. People will die if you don't act. But after all, its not your problem. Just run away and survive; They can manage themselves." the voice said, now perfectly clear, as if someone was speaking over his shoulder.

"SHUT UP!" Noboru suddenly bellowed, smashing the leg of the chair against the fence beside him, twisting the metal from the force before his eyes fixed on the school building. "She's still up there...she's still running. I can save her, I can save everyone. My body...our body..." his thoughts were taken away from him as a searing pain overtook his right arm, as flesh turned to bark, and bone turned into sturdy brambles interwoven beneath the verdant flesh. "AOI! REBECCA! KUREMI! RUN AND LEAVE THIS TO ME!" Noboru yelled forcefully, an almost bestial ferocity to his eyes as he suddenly bolted to the school building, smashing apart a window to draw attention to himself. As shards of glass harmlessly scattered off the wooden flesh of his arm, Noboru stared down the marching hordes of stone soldiers, and at the head of them was his mother, silent and expressionless as she pursued him. Arrows flew by his face, but...they seemed to be moving so slowly now.

"Mom...I'm here." Noboru said, walking towards her slowly as she approached, sword drawn.

"I'm sorry that I didn't thank you for breakfast today...I-It was delicious. My favorite, even." he said, as the first swing she made was caught by his altered right arm.

"...Mom. I'll save you, alright? So just...sit tight and wait." Noboru said, tears streaming down his face as he gently held his mother's calcified wrist.

"Say the words. You know them already. You who are my master, make my flesh your own. Install..."

"...Install." Noboru said before a green light erupted from his right arm just as a few more stone soldiers moved to pierce his still body.

In an instant, a chain wrapped around Noboru, intercepting their stone swords bound for his chest, furiously whipping away and knocking the soldiers aside, as Noboru emerged, twin antlers piercing his skull and jutting out of his hair as he looked at his mother, giving her a brief hug, her arm still forced still by his grasp, before he suddenly dashed past her. As if the chain had a mind of its own, it lashed out wildly against every attack bound for him, deflecting arrows and knocking the armored stone soldiers aside and into the walls as he ran forward. This speed, this power, this reaction time...right now, he didn't care for its source. Seeing that the stairwell was made impassable by the volume of soldiers ascending and descending, Noboru instead jumped out the window, his brown smock fluttered as he moved. Planting one foot firmly upon the side of the building, Noboru sprinted up the wall and crashed through the window on the second floor, and right into the thick of a horde of stone soldiers approaching Maggie.

"Sorry. It must have been scary." he said, looking back at her. "Find someplace safe." he requested, before starting to fight against the stone soldiers, furiously cracking his chain against them and knocking them aside, to the ground, and in some cases even out the window he'd come from.
@King Cosmosalright its all good.

Was waiting for Reflection, but I'll try and post something tomorrow because of what they said above.
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