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Current Not sure if its a good, or a bad thing that I'm bawling my eyes out over a penguin dying, but fuck man. RIP Grape, he died loving well.
1 mo ago
God I love Etrian Odyssey. Nothing says "Quality RPG" like being able to eat random wild berries that make your party shit their brains out mid-dungeon.
4 mos ago
Man, its a rough kind of morning waking up after having a nightmare about failing your English final because your professor says you RP like shit. Fuck dream prof though. Passed that shit.
7 mos ago
I split the atom with my high kick, baby. I'm a master because I practice daily.
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1 yr ago
Every single character I make secretly has a fetish involved with their creation. And you'll never know what character revolves around which fetish. From the very start this has been my Magical Realm.


Oh. Well, I'm an asshole on the internet with a foul mouth and a seemingly endless bag of shitpostable gifs and memes. Which I WILL use to shitpost in your threads. And there ain't anybody who can stop it.

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I'll see about getting a post up tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.
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My tree.

@The Irish Tree I see you lurking!

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It’s almost like one of them was made a decade after the other and animation techniques, production values, and whatnot changed in that time!

also hi, i lurk my friends rps and read 'em


I'm going to wait until friday for people to post, and if not then I'm just gonna advance all three events.

Sidenote: After next post, I'm going to start moving events along individually rather than all at once, as that kinda sucks to bog the pacing down.
My apologies for not only being late (At least in my timezone) and for not having much for Magnus to say. He can't really retort anything Marxello is saying, he just kinda clearly doesn't like it. Sorry if it feels inadequate, especially since Marxello and Freyr were so verbose.

@13org (FYR), @BCTheEntity

In a way, Magnus was now far more terrified of Marxello than before. And, Freyr's speech scared him all the better, for deep down he felt an ocean of sympathy for it. all really did seem to stem from humans when it came to such issues. While it was true that there were monsters that did things like Marxello said, he'd read how it had been before...monsters killed for sport, for glory and gold, some of which had never wronged man, simply been a hideous obstacle in the way of what they deemed theirs. Holding his head in his hands, Magnus did his best not to just...break down here. It was terrifying, honestly. Looking up at Marxello for a brief moment, Magnus hurriedly excused himself from the table, stumbling on the foot of his chair and nearly ramming his kneecap into the floorboard. Taking a quiet, deep breath, he tried to calm himself, doing his best not to show anger, or fear, or anything else that was swirling in the Hodge-Podge of emotions welling in his chest.

In his swaying to emotion and desperate attempt to escape from the situation and awkward silence surrounding the table, Magnus had scarcely realized that a new, or perhaps she'd been there and he was away at the time, guildmate. Giving the new (to him) centaur girl a light wave, Magnus quickly bade farewell to the awkward table before figuring that it'd ironically be less awkward trying to talk to the man who stormed out. hurriedly following after Freyr, Magnus was hesitant to say anything, but in his concern, as well as lack of anything else coming to mind, he asked: "A-Are you alright? Your hands are bleeding...a-and you seemed really mad back there."
I'll get a post up tomorrow...sorry about that. Been busy with midterms and assignments and all that.

"Please calm down. We'll help you so...j-just leave it to us!" Tafui said before taking a massive bite out of his pork. "Mafhuko, whe needf tho moohve kweck!" he managed before just about choking to death. Taking a solid minute to pound on his chest to keep himself from suffocating on delicious pork, Tafui would be lying on the ground on all fours panting and wheezing.

Once he uh...remembered how to breath, he was good to go, and hurriedly packed up his gear in Cu Culinary before packing that up into his inventory. Trying to maintain an air of competence after his utterly incompotent display, and cleared his throat. "W-We'll help you Ma'am. Do you happen to know where these Youkai are?" he asked as he tried to look confident, despite being absolutely terrified at the prospect of fighting. Pain was real here and...a druid especially could get hurt more than most. Mountain Swallow glowed with a soft amber light on his hip, the unusual weapon having sensed danger, not really knowing that the real danger to Tafui was his own incompetence. Regardless of how he or his blade felt, now was the time to move on the miko's directions. And of course, the assumption that Matsuko would follow. He couldn't do much without her, after all.
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