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8 mos ago
Current @SaltSight Game was Astlibra: Revision. Found it on sale bundled with another game I've been wanting so I gave it a shot and got like, straight indie JRPG of the early 2000s injected into my veins.
8 mos ago
Hate that strange ennui that hits after 100%'ing a really, really good game. Good time was had, but man am I glad it can't mess my sleep schedule up anymore.
2 yrs ago
Rich people blood sports is how the Oscar's should always have gone. As a hot blooded american man I cant sleep at night without witnessing violence of some kind.
3 yrs ago
So true. Anyways, play Lancer!
3 yrs ago
Final Fantasy: Stranger in Paradise is the funniest shit I've ever seen while also not being a bad game. Just crack open some cold ones with the boys, blare Limp Bizket, and Kill Chaos.


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@AzureKnight(VRA), @Rezod92
Kazunosuke’s mild prank aside, he did have a valid question to ask the three. Why bother helping humans at all, when as soon as this was over, they’d likely be banished? Or even betrayed? This was a fool’s errand, start to finish, that could only end well if humans overcame their fear of monsters. But, given the island’s history, that was…less than likely. Still, Vivian would answer:

”Why do you practice with a sword, despite knowing one day it might cut you? Why fight and grow stronger when some day, you’ll be weak and old? Humans are far too foolish to think at lengths on something’s motives. I myself have no intention of sticking around, but your friend and lord leads a hopeless rebellion, backed by people his nation fears, and fighting an engine of cruelty that would cut down everyone to the man if it meant seizing Shizuyama,” Sitting with one foot spiked into the ground, Vivian demonstrated impressive balance as she crossed her free leg over the spiked one, spreading her arms a bit as she continued.

”I know how it feels to push yourself to breaking. Knew the risks of it far beforehand. And yet still, I chased victory. I don’t know if I’ll find what I seek here, or anywhere, but I know that I will find nothing by running forever. And besides…the spirit underdog humans show is amusing. I saw a man your age with a quarter the skill pilot a ship through rough waters, not surrendering even as Varjan cannonfire rained down on his vessel. …When I see determination such as that…I can’t simply ignore it.”

Vivian would then rise from her perch, leg turning back to its normal pointed, yet humanoid frozen state. ”I look forward to working with you, Dancing Blade.”


”Hmm…it makes more sense to keep you all held back for now, rather than just throwing you out into the wild and hoping one makes it,” Matsuri said before shrugging slightly. ”But, I’m not as smart as a lord for sure. Still, I’m really glad that there are still some shinobi around! I bet together, we can make those Varjans pack up before the end of the year,” the fox woman said, infinitely hopeful as she removed her festival mask, looking Kageho in the eyes just before she said to head to Takeshi, and that she’d follow from behind…before completely vanishing.

Pouting slightly, Matsuri would fold her arms. ”Lady Kyouko said they don’t trust yokai, but I didn’t think she’d be opposed to being seen walking back together…” the Inari grumbled, misunderstanding a little bit of why Kageho didn’t want to walk back directly next to her. Still, she didn’t have much left to do, and would resolve to return to the temple to report in.
<Snipped quote by Gisk>

The Hyper core mecha will have fought a handful of kaiju with mixed results since mecha technology would have been fairly new at the beginning. Sometimes Hyper Man would have had to swoop in to finish the job.

But the Talos core mecha is much newer and hasn't seen combat yet.

At least that's my idea for now, I'm flexible.

As for combat preference, my initial idea (again, flexible) is that the Hyper core is initially designed for space travel, and the Hyperian's are masters at manipulating energy fields. Their ships need to designate what is 'self' and what is 'other' in order to figure out what to transport long distance when folding space. Whatever is designated as 'self' is covered in a protective field to shield it from the rigors of hyperspace travel. So I was thinking that the Hyper core covers the entire mecha in a protective field, making it good at essentially punching and kicking. But the Hyper core is very stingy at relinquishing energy for other uses. So ranged weapons for the Hyper core mecha would need to use conventional weapons (ie. things launched using their own energy/fuel, so munitions and explosives).

The Talos core then would lack this ability to coat its mech in a protective field, but is designed purely for outputting massive amounts of power instead. This makes it physically less sturdy, but able to take advantage of the latest in human-developed energy weapons, so lasers, bean swords, etc.

You would have a bruiser and DPS build, essentially.

Sounds good to me. What style visually are you thinking the mechs should sort of follow? I figured that the Hyper mecha should be bulky, but wasn't sure if that should go the route of "classic rounded" robots or something a bit more modern but with armor and big punchies.
@The Irish Tree

In light of these new details, I would prefer to take the Talos Core, for a variety of reasons. However, I can work with either, and if you have a strong preference either way we can talk it over. If we can't decide, worst case scenario we can ask the GM to flip us a coin.

I’m a-okay with taking the Hyper Core!
@The Irish Tree@Stern Algorithm

Are we trying to make a unified vision of how the mecha for Project Colossus work? I know we were talking about the reactor core having some kind of intelligence, but I wasn't certain if that's meant to be universal.

I imagine that maybe different organizations while unified under Colossus got the same tech, they'd build different kinds of machines. I'm not picky about it, since if we're starting off as semi-real robot pilots then the mechs will start as clunkers anyhow.
<Snipped quote by Stern Algorithm>

The cool thing about gundam as an example is that they've been all over the spectrum between real and super robo, so you can kind of point at different places in the franchise for inspiration.

Like, maybe starting with something like Alaya-Vinjana, or psycommu controls; it's mostly a real robot, the thing that makes it special is how it integrates with the pilot, either psychically or perhaps through neural implants. Or maybe spiritually, if we wanna go that direction.

Then develop a "psycho frame" version, that's more integrated and lets the user project some amount of psychic power(or spiritual, or whatever!) through the robot.

And eventually end up with stuff that may as well be magic, like the GN particles in 00. They don't even pretend to explain the technology, GN particles just do whatever it is they need to. They're propulsion, letting the gundam just kind of float around instead of needing thrusters. It produces a field that can absorb attacks, and it can be projected into beam attacks. But also it fundamentally alters the pilots, and makes them evolve at a crazy rate(but there's also a "bad" version of the particles, that will cause DNA damage, but that's okay because the "good" GN particles can heal the damage too).

And if you wanna do combiners, maybe they literally just fuse together at that point. Go full super robo and just have a scientist do some techno babble on the side about how their constituent molecules harmonized briefly to allow the fusion, or something.

Big fan of mysterious alien tech that bonds with the pilot and lets the machine evolve alongside them. BIG fan.
What kind of mechas were you thinking of for the third faction?

Just finished GaoGaiGar so I’m on a bit of a Super Robot track of mind but Real Robots are cool too!

Took me a while to have a concept I liked but hey, enjoy an insufferable lady!

@AzureKnight(VRA), @Rezod92
The fight raged on with the trio pushing Kazenosuke, skilled as he was, though it was growing clearer that the swordsman couldn’t match the combined strength of two martial mamono and a magical backup. Vivian had heard some mamono courted in this fashion, beating their would-be lover to a pulp beforehand to gauge their strengths. Vară had run dry on stamina, and Zeta seemed alright, and finally, Vivian was growing tired from regrowing her limbs after each clash with Kazenosuke, but in the end they’d finally gotten a slight advantage just as some disturbance surrounded them.

Vivian would narrow her eyes at the birds, then lower her posture. "Whatever is going on here, it has nothing to do with us. However..." Rather than striking directly at the crows, Vivian would approach Kazenosuke, standing at his side. "I have a sneaking suspicion they're trying to eliminate two birds with one stone. Kazenosuke, one of the most skilled fighters in the land, and three monsters that had just exhausted him. Strategically speaking, killing us all now while we're exhausted cleans things up nicely," Vivian surmised, looking to Kazenosuke. "Oh, and, if these are Varjans, I will have to remind you that you were indifferent to those who'd have a knife at your back at the earliest convenience."


Oblivious to the ninja almost assassinating Matsuri right as she opened her mouth, the Inari raised her bowed head and would get to explaining. "Okay! So, Lord Takeshi has gotten help from Lady Kyouko, who's sent monsters from Zipangu like me, and others from other places here to help you all out. I think its because nobody wants Varjo to have a big foothold out here," Matsuri said, then explaining the teleportation, how Ayu and Takeshi were doing, how they were searching out allies, and how Matsuri was SO glad she didn't spend all day in the woods without finding any shinobi.

"...So anyways, I'm just super glad that I found you! Takeshi said there was a whole other wave of Shinobi that might be with you, so...are they also hiding out here in the forest? Takeshi can use all the help you can provide!" Matsuri said, once more bowing, and offering the boxed lunch once again. "Oh and please, do at least try a little. Folks back home are insanely good cooks!"



@Enkryption(CAR/ALI), @Rezod92
Eula was quiet throughout Dinah's explanation, silently compiling whatever information she possibly could. Their banishment, and memory loss...likely came from coming into contact with Wonderland's spell, enforcing the promise once more. But that did leave one major thought in her head:

...Why were they panicking so much?

Lilim, demons, and all contract based magic as far as she knew had to be incredibly specific in wording, there was no rule against returning early, just that they couldn't. Not that it would void the concept of the exile. As such, Eula would lean forward and delicately push an index finger against Carroll's forehead, before she then curled back her middle finger to flick her in the forehead. "...Both of you seem to be misunderstanding the exile. You just have to wait one year longer, correct? Win then, after a year. Train. Learn. Study the weakness of Lilim's. And this time, I will come as well. That should even the odds somewhat."


[@Breakthrough Crew]
With everyone now gathered, Liliana let out a sigh of relief and let loose a big grin to follow it up. Even still...something didn't sit right with her.

...Oh. Right. The prisoners...she'd had to bury her disgust at seeing how grievously the Varjans had wounded virtually every prisoner. It reminded her of the time her wing had been clipped on a thorn, and she was so scared to show the Queen that she cried alone for six days, until Rosebud dragged her out to get healed. She was just a little fairy back then, and Rosebud had bloomed a month before her. Even if they were born to be Bladeflowers, there was always a swathe of difference...especially since Liliana was born at the bottom of the pecking order. Liliana, the Thirteenth and most cowardly Bladeflower, who always had to be helped by the strongest Rosebud. It was comical, and Liliana knew she was slowing her sister down but...

She was still never abandoned. That hand was always outstretched to her, wanting her to do better. And, well, Lady Alice was a bit...odd, kooky even, but she was a lot like Rosebud. Maybe they'd even be friends. And right now, Liliana had to think to herself: "Is just...fighting the best I can do to help Shizuyama?"

Smiling, Liliana would hold Whimsy in her hands and turn to their Shizuka. "Shizuka, um, I might sort of be useless for a bit after this, so...please, carry me back," Liliana said before raising her sword skyward. "Pretty please with sugar and sprinkles on top, Whimsy! Greater Healing! Take as much as it takes to do it!" Liliana's plea would cause the sword's eyes to roll if it had any, the faint green glow of the splinter sword growing bright and brighter, until small motes of green light started to fall from the sky, drifting slowly towards the prisoners who'd been maimed by the Varjans. Not one, not a single one would be left to mend their wounds themselves. It wasn't regeneration or restoration, but...for today, at least, she wanted today to be a complete victory. Their scars wouldn't ache, there wouldn't be promises of miracles unanswered before they left, and their wouldn't be trouble walking home. Whimsy was just spiteful enough that not a single one would grace a Varjan soldier, letting them taste their Just Desserts for as long as possible.

Collapsing backwards into the mud with a slightly pained expression, the fool of a fairy would shrink down, unable to maintain her Size Trick with her expended energy. Sinking just a little into the mud, Liliana smiled for as long as she held consciousness.

"Maybe...I could even go for the Fifth seat now...Rosebud...Lady Alice..."

Whimsy's glow faded, the sword itself seeming rather exhausted from the effort as it lay beside its master, both in idle slumber...a snot bubble even forming as Liliana snored on in the mud.


With the taste of the cursed sword still on her lips, Eula was in an unusually good mood until she felt the familiar presence of that fused form of Carroll and Alice zoom by, her eyes immediately returning to their usual melancholic gaze. "...I did say I believed in her but...isn't that a bad thing to see so soon after!?"

Shaking her head, Eula would follow the newly christened Dinah into the woods, nowhere near as fast, but still able to utilize her stun guns to augment her speed with small bursts of demonic energy output. She'd fail to arrive to see Dinah separate once more into her two halves, but was just in time to surprise Carroll by appearing from behind a tree, looking down at her and Alice for a moment, before suddenly sweeping her new lover off of her feet, beginning the trek to the temple once more...and, also, carrying Alice over her shoulder while letting Carroll ride in the crux of one arm strong enough to lift her. "...Just so we're clear, if you lose control of that form again, I'll shoot to incapacitate. Then make you eat 100 shrimp onigiri if you forget me again."

A miniscule pout donned Eula's stoic face, giving the slightest indication that she was just the teensiest, wittlest bit mad about them rushing out in the middle of nowhere and winding up exhausted.
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