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Current If anyone has interest in mechs, tabletop games, and some ungodly mixture of the two, go give Lancer by Miguel Lopez and Tom Parkinson Morgan a shot. Its shocking how fun it is to play it.
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Sun Tzu once said: "If you or your loved ones have contracted mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Call the toll-free number on your screen now to see if you qualify."
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Beating your meat is a waste of time, when you can beat evildoers instead.
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If they just have horns then no. But if they're horny, they best watch out.
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Horny people are not protected under the constitution, or the law.


No longer an asshole!

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None of those things! Charisma time!
I'll try and get something out before the deadline, but I'm kinda strapped trying to think of something interesting for Vani to do. Y'know, beyond yelling at Serafaye.

Where is everyone?
Steppe Archer was thankful for the help in preparing, and especially thankful for the birds that were now helping her keep watch. Her eyes could adjust to the dark, but animals accustomed to such low levels of light would see far better. Big Red was armed to the teeth with improvised weapons, likely so that his sword wasn't at risk of being damaged. After all, who cared about a sharpened stick? There were millions of good sticks and spears to be made.

"That's a great idea!" Steppe Archer said at the Druid Girl's suggestion of masking their scent. It was relatively unpleasant to use animal droppings, so she would instead use mud. She would return caked in mud along her face and arms, keeping her legs relatively clean so that she wouldn't be slowed. Grasses were being held in her pockets, giving her the look (and feel) of a shrubbery. She'd gathered plenty of mud for the others as well if they so chose to disguise their scent. The Archer would lie in wait, seemingly not blinking as she watched for any signs of ambushes, and occasionally looked to the birds that the Druid Girl had called to aid her. Nobody would get close without her knowing.
Short post before I catch some sleep. Sorry if it didn't really contribute anything.
Steppe Archer would get to investigating the best materials to use for their traps, but it by and large seemed to be limited to grasses and sticks. That was fine enough for simple snares to catch a few goblins, but she was dissapointed that there weren't any really good pieces of land to utilize something better. They didn't seem to have time to dig a pitfall, so the best that the nomad girl could think to do was to line the entrance with snares that would be masked beneath patches of moss that she'd gathered. The grasses and fibers woven together into rope would be hard to spot, but she imagined maybe only two or three goblins could fall for something this simple. At the druid girl's mention of them being attacked from behind, Steppe Archer said: "Then it'd probably be for the best if we have a lookout. I have good eyes, so I can watch our backs. ...Or, maybe one of your little animal friends could help. I imagine the stink these goblins make is troublesome for them too. If that doesn't work though, I can do it just fine. As for a location...I'd say sitting above the cave sounds like a smart move. We can catch them off guard and hopefully kill whatever we trap before it calls for help."

Stretching, Steppe Archer would jostle her quiver a bit to check its contents. A little over a dozen arrows, but that should be more than enough if goblin dens were as small as she'd heard. Proudly looking at the traps they'd set, she said: "I think we're pretty ready. If we wanted to, we could also make a noose and try and catch one by the neck as it comes out. Big Red could probably lift a goblin with one hand."
Hope I'm not making Vani's swordsmanship too much. I just...really, really wanted to End Someone Rightly.
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