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Rich people blood sports is how the Oscar's should always have gone. As a hot blooded american man I cant sleep at night without witnessing violence of some kind.
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So true. Anyways, play Lancer!
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Final Fantasy: Stranger in Paradise is the funniest shit I've ever seen while also not being a bad game. Just crack open some cold ones with the boys, blare Limp Bizket, and Kill Chaos.
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There's a great sense of catharsis after finishing a story or fan work that just makes you absolutely cry and wail like a bitch. Like, uncomfortable amounts of crying. But now it feels great!
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Feel no shame about shape, Weather changes their phrase, even mother will show you another way. So put your glasses on, nothing will be wrong. There's no blame, there's no fame. Its up to you.


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Sofia was baffled that somehow Brandy was under the impression that Alice was always a party girl, immediately changing her impression of Alice from "Accomplished alchemic genius" to "reckless party girl". Also, Sofia was more of a wine drinker but wouldn't object to the mead. "T-Thanks," she said before sipping it gingerly.

With Alice's binge drinking satiated and their entire tavern trip somehow paid by the coin of others thanks to her winnings, the trio was now free to go to the inn. And by "they were free to," what actually happened was Sofia having to walk them back since Alice was sloshed and Brandy was...Brandy. Sofia was only the slightest bit inebriated, having called it after a second glass of wine that had come after the mead. Alice however was very handsy, keeping an attempt going to try and hug Brandy that kept having a hand accidentally slip and grab her bosom. "Branddyyyyy...did I win...?" she slurred, tail lazily swishing to and fro before she hiccuped, doubled over by a drain, and promptly puked up a RAINBOW! After which she got back up straight and wiped her mouth with a handkerchief.

Sofia was...understandably rather disgusted, but was very happy to hear Brandy's words. "You've been a stalwart and invaluable companion Brandy. So, don't think that you're a burden. You're headstrong and somewhat misguided at times're very brave as well. Now then, let's get Alice into bed before she paints the street." With some map knowledge from Sofia after her heartfelt praise, the three would find the inn rather easily. Run by a rather kindly looking old dwarf and his wife, they were kind enough to give Alice some water and help her up the stairs, seeing as the werewolf was inches from tumbling down the stairs every step.

Once the two rooms were rented, Sofia would have to leave Alice in Brandy's care since the werewolf insisted: "Brandy said fondles and gropies later..." Which, to the werewolf, had somehow become: Pass out on Brandy's bosom because it made a fantastic pillow.

...It also saved 8 copper pieces, and that was a good cost to cut.
Throwing in some tentative interest.

Hunger was something that Eula understood all too well. Even if it was a semi-inefficient way for her to intake energy compared to charging via electricity, it was...pleasant to eat. She wasn't sure why, but the automaton just knew that she enjoyed eating, and had already greatly enjoyed some of the simple staple foods of Shizuyama already. She'd especially taken to a variety of rice balls called "Onigiri" which not only carry a substantial amount of nutritional value, their compact size and ease of eating without utensils-

Once Eula had run through an entire subroutine of "craving some riceballs" she would begin to formulate her plan of action against the food stealing bandits. She would prefer to do as Honoka requested and simply not harm them wasn't as if Eula had it in her to kill them or grievously harm them to begin with. With only one of her stun-guns operational at the moment, she was confident that she could, at least, manage to incapacitate a fair number of them before the effect would wear off. She could easily out-muscle five ordinary men, but if they had more of those glass swords, she was likely to receive critical damage once more. And their words...

If she left them alive and just carried all the food back, then there was a chance they'd attack other humans. Even a joke about resorting to stealing from children and the elderly was disconcerting. This would be her second encounter with bandits and yet...something was gnawing at the back of her mind. Why were there so many criminals? She imagined the Varjans must have supplied the other group given their firepower, but these were common starving thieves.

Thinking was getting her nowhere as her logic circuits looped over and over. Perhaps...the most direct route was to show overwhelming force from the get-go. If they were cowardly enough to steal from opponents that couldn't put up a fight, they likely would be cowed if Eula showed the gap in strength.

As such, the two bandits' conversation would suddenly be interrupted by an entire tree being uprooted, revealing Eula directly behind it. "Hello. I am here to reclaim the food that you've stolen. I suggest that you allow me to do so," she said, before holding the tree over her shoulder as if it weighed as much as a simple plank. "Failure to yield your ill-gotten goods will result in me needing to resort to violence," she said, before curling her bicep around the tree's trunk and fully crushing it into two halves that fell to the ground in front of, and behind her.
Gale's words made Fio a bit sad. ...Were times that sad, that people stole for money? Then again, she supposed that she'd felt that firsthand already. Someone had tried to steal and sell her, after all. Still, thankfully, it seemed that they'd be able to proceed quickly along the road since it was familiar to Gale.

The sun was slowly setting, and with it, Fio seemed to droop just a little bit. She was still peppy and upbeat, just significantly less talkative. She didn't really know what anything around here was like, but it sure seemed like they were growing a lot of berries that other Pokémon might like. Gale seemed to have conversation under control, with him talking to a nice looking Sceptile and telling him they were there to help.

Ting had the great idea that they should go ahead and split up to hunt for clues, with Fio eagerly nodding at the suggestion. "Okie-Dokie!" she would chirp before trotting off to find the broken fence section. Once she spotted it, Fio would skip right over to it before unceremoniously tripping, foot caught on an indent in the dirt. Face-planting and immediately getting back to her feet, Fio would grumble and wipe some dirt and grass from her face before looking where she had stepped. It...looked like a big footprint! A big, muddy, three-toed footprint that was heading away from the farm. Fio had only gotten a quick look at the Sceptile that Gale talked to, but this didn't seem like his footprint. The toes were a bit too wide.

Satisfied with her clue gotten, Fio would carefully avoid any further potholes, ready to reconvene with her teammates.
"I'd love to come back for a bath sometime!" Alice said, twice as floofy after her bath and drying off.

"Mm. Once we nail bigger quest contracts, why, we could construct a bath house of our own," Sofia said, her delusions of grandeur also translating to finances, it seemed.

When it came to the partying at hand, Brandy might be startled to find that Alice, the well-mannered intelligent alchemist, absolute fucking party animal. With a platter of meat to her right and seven full mugs of ale to her left, she was slamming back drinks and eating meat like a true carnivore. "Dish plache ish great!" Alice slurred, tail going ballistic. It wouldn't be long until she ditched her apron and was slinging it around in one hand, knocking back enough ale to kill a grown man while the tavern screamed: "CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!"

Sofia would, contrastingly, look like a well-mannered lady and sip on a glass of cheap wine while dining on a personal plate of pudding. She'd do her best to avoid eye contact with Alice, who at this point, had knocked five men out in drinking contests. "...Erm...Brandy...has Alice always been" she'd ask, while Alice was raking in copper and silver from her drinking contest. ...At least their tab would cover itself.

"Brandyyyy~!" Alice said, slumping back over to the table and laid down, jubblie bits smooshed on the table as she looked up at her satyr friend. "I gotta...hic...make you some of my special mead sometime! Its got hic honey, and...and good stuff!"

...Yeah, her friend was fucking wasted.
Hector Wyland

[@Croc Crush]
Likewise, I'll be relying on you a fair bit. Don't be afraid to retreat if it comes to that," Hector said to Shavis, not wanting to acknowledge that she and Lapis both somehow found his transparent familiar "cute". ...Like...what part of a ghostly snake was cute?

It definitely got to Herne's head too, as the little familiar very smugly wiggled atop his master's rifle barrel. He flicked his tongue out in appreciation, before coiling back around Hector's left shoulder and neck. He'd even plop his head atop Hector's head, giving a very funny image of the gravely serious marksman having a snake's snoot just sort of peeking out from under his hair. Slowly turning his eyes away, Hector would say: "Not that many battles together, no. He's just cheeky, and doesn't listen to me." Perhaps, Hector should mention at some point that he had a scant few months of magical training but...that didn't matter if they succeeded.

"Lapis' ability to sense the beasts's emotions will likely prove invaluable. As for the other two..." Hector started, before Shavis whistled for Scarlett's attention. "Welcome back," the marksman said, burying his disdain until he and Scarlett wouldn't have to put their lives in each other's hands. "Once Tilnak returns we can set out. Feel free to share any information you learned, if you think it helpful." Despite her mannerisms, he had to assume that Scarlett as a proper Magus was inquisitive enough to have gained useful information. Plus, she seemed to be bearing some sort of armament...a gauntlet of some kind over her left arm.
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Fio was a bit sad to hear that Ting really had traveled mostly alone. Sounded lonely...Fio remembered how miserable she was being alone and moved around. Even if her life was in a lot of danger back home when they left to sunbathe, she appreciated having others at her side for help. "That sounds horrible...but...a-at least life's better now, right? And, Gale's right! Travelings a lot more fun with people to do it with!" Fio half-asked, half-exclaimed feeling like her life was a lot better now that she was a prospective guildie.

"Yeah, I hope we get there before its dark...I bet the farmers would be really worried if their help didn't come within a day, with it being pretty close and all," Fio said, wishing they'd had the money to buy a map or something so that they could see exactly how far it was. Kick even seemed to have to adjust his measurements to account for the stumpiness of the trio's limbs before far was it to other places?

After a bit of silence, Fio would pipe up with a question. "Why would someone steal from farms? If they're hungry...can't they do things for money to get the food?" the grass-type asked, still a bit slow on society-based things. Famine, lack of job opportunities, or just downright "because they wanna" didn't cross her mind in the slightest.

Eula would take care to not be spotted by the distant Varjan patrols, not wanting to pick a fight with humans if she could afford to avoid it. With the route to Yabo not taking her long to travel across, Eula would come across the lone house that was held together only due to the strength of its initial construction.

Eula would nod her head at the woman she assumed was Honoka, affirming that she was a visitor before she knelt down. "I am an Automaton known as Eula 039, and I'm...something of a class of yokai," she explained, before further adding: "But, not the kind that attacks humans. I am part of a task force that is currently aiding the people of this land, and combating the Varjan incursion."

Eula hoped that Honoka wouldn't be wary of her, since she really did just come to check up on her. Though, judging from the state of her home, the woman in town was right to send someone. "I was told that you were in danger of starving."
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