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Its kinda fucked up that a goblet is just a cup, instead of being like a tiny goblin.
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Not sure if its a good, or a bad thing that I'm bawling my eyes out over a penguin dying, but fuck man. RIP Grape, he died loving well.
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God I love Etrian Odyssey. Nothing says "Quality RPG" like being able to eat random wild berries that make your party shit their brains out mid-dungeon.
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Man, its a rough kind of morning waking up after having a nightmare about failing your English final because your professor says you RP like shit. Fuck dream prof though. Passed that shit.
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I split the atom with my high kick, baby. I'm a master because I practice daily.
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Oh. Well, I'm an asshole on the internet with a foul mouth and a seemingly endless bag of shitpostable gifs and memes. Which I WILL use to shitpost in your threads. And there ain't anybody who can stop it.

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And I'm interested in slotting in a character for the last Water slot!

Might not be doable, as Hyyde and Burst have taken both the water slots. So, unless Hyyde drops, you kinda can't.

But, you could take the last Dark or Light slot. Really sorry about that, I forgot to update the first page of the OOC.
Okidokey. I think I'll head for the Earth element then, but I'm still brainstorming concepts. Definitely interested though! Do you have a projected deadline for when you'll start the rp?

Planning to start around Tuesday, since we still have three other people make character sheets. I dunno how long the intro escape segment is going to be, and I'd rather avoid someone just popping into the background of the escape. As such, after that, it gets a lot easier to intro new characters as just natives of some island, or whatever.

If you, or anybody else for that matter, need help with your character sheet, don't hesitate to ask me for help. I'm dumb, so a lot of setting details might not be super clear in my writing.

Henlo. 0/

I never played anything related to the franchise, but given that I'm a filthy weeb, jrpg sky-exploration with magic and primordial beasts is riiiiiiiiight up my alley.

Quick question though: Do you have to have an element, or could people be elementless, too?

Elements are not optional, mostly since so long as you were born in any area with ether saturating the air (Basically anywhere in the entire world) you've been exposed to it, and have consequently developed an elemental affinity. You don't necessarily HAVE to have any fancy schmancy elemental attacks or anything, but that's generally how it goes for Skyfarers. The only things that could potentially be element-less would be non-playable Primal Beasts, or something like a robot.

Allow me to join.


Name: Kagami

Gender: Male

Age: 23 (Real), 12 (Apparent)

Race: Human

Element: Water

Dream: Kagami dreams to be the first man to publish a complete map of Tyragrande. However, since he believes a map should include more than just a geographical guide for travelers, it would be more accurate to say that what he is working on is more akin to an expansive tour guide, including landmarks, native customs, figures of interest and famous legends of each place. As a result, it is written in book format and will most likely take at least a decade to finish in the best case scenario. As a secondary goal, he hopes to undo the curse that has been placed on him, which has transformed his body into that of an infant.

Home: Kagami comes from Egrea, an island known for being at a considerably lower altitude than the rest. There exists a widespread rumor that Egrea was once much higher up in the sky, but fell to its current position sometime during an ancient war. As a result, skyfarers prefer to avoid visiting it, and even their own inhabitants fear that the island may one day fall down to the Earthly Realm. Despite its favorable weather conditions and lack of extremely powerful or 'rare' monsters, about seventy percent of the current generation has already left the place behind and set out to explore the world or in search of another home, one with a more promising future.

Gimmicks: Kagami has never been someone suited for physical combat, even more now that his body is that of a child. That said, even though he wouldn't stand a chance to emerge victorious in an actual fist/arms fight, his small figure combined with professional experience as an escapee make him a nimble adversary to face. His most noteworthy trait is the knowledge he has accumulated during his twenty three years of life, some from his parent's library, some from his time as an adventurer. He is well versed in deciphering codes, can write in a good dozen languages and speak fluently in at least half of them, and has received teachings in the arcane arts as well. In combat, he unleashes a variety of spells through the use of magical tomes called grimoires [He is pretty much defenseless without them]. The element he is most attuned to is water, and his skill set sacrifices offensive power for a good number of support spells, defenses and healing. However, if a big enough mass of water is present nearby, his offensive potential gains a significant boost [although still tame in comparison to more offensive-oriented elements, like fire or darkness].

Personality: Kagami possesses a personality that is too mature for a child, mostly because he is an adult-who-has-been-turned-into-a-kid. He may be gentle and somewhat innocent, but his serious demeanor often makes him stand out immediately. He's the kind of person who thinks about something a lot instead of just letting emotions take the reigns of the situation. As a result, sometimes he can be hesitant or shy, especially in social encounters. Some jokes and idioms seemingly fly over his head. On the other hand, when he is familiar with a certain task, he can focus on it in a way only a few can, his actions well-executed and accurate, like those of a machine. Naturally, Kagami is also very curious and shows interest whenever he comes in contact with something new or rare. That said, he tries not to peek where he is not welcome, so he doesn't really insist when he doesn't get the answers he seeks. Personally, Kagami enjoys devoting most of his free time to his dream, meaning you can regularly spot him reading, writing or drawing. Although there are benefits from being confused with a kid, he doesn't like when people seemingly ignore his opinions because he looks like one. He also insists he is not a 'Harvin with undeveloped ears', but a lot of people seem to start thinking of him as one once they realize 'he's too smart to be a human kid'.

Background: Kagami's parents were indeed strange, for despite living in Egrea, they had no desire to leave the island. With the promise that one day the island would crash into the Earthly Realm, most of those who stayed in Egrea were people who simply lacked the means to leave. This was not the case with Kagami's parents, who had even spent a good amount of time and effort pouring all their knowledge into the island's library, which they owned. Some of the books were even written by them. After all, the two of them had been, at some point in the past, skyfarers. And so, Kagami grew surrounded by stories of adventures, all of which involved air travel and wondrous creatures. It was only natural for him to develop the desire to see these things for himself and live the life of a skyfarer. He urged his parents to help him build a ship and accompany him in his travels, but they only agreed to the former, arguing that Egrea was the place where they had fallen in love, and so they were not worried about its promised downfall. Seeing that, as things were, this meant that he might not see them again, Kagami promised to someday return with the fruits of his labor, to share stories with them the same way they had with him.

The years that followed saw Kagami traveling around Tyragrande alongside a group of friends, becoming the pilot of his own skyship. His life was not just that of an adventurer, but also that of a treasure hunter [Although rather than steal, he'd merely write what he found about them], and this often got him into trouble with local authorities, from which he had to escape from a good dozen times in the past. His luck began to run out when, one day during his expeditions to a certain island, he came across a temple and ended up -accidentally- waking a strong primal beast. The island was swallowed in its rage and entire villages were destroyed. More importantly, a mysterious curse caused Kagami's body to revert into that of a little child. His crew, eager to abandon the island, didn't recognize him and so he was left for dead. Believing the primal beast to be the source of his misfortune, Kagami set to undo his wrong-doings. Having investigated the creature's myth and origin, he developed a plan to calm it down. Sadly, he didn't have enough strength to pull it off and was promptly defeated. A certain female hero appeared at that time, when Kagami was about to lose consciousness, a mysterious figure whose strength defied reason: Someone who those familiar enough would call 'an Eternal'.

When Kagami woke up, he had been nursed back to health, but his position was no better. He had been captured by the Zweite army and accused of being the cause of the whole incident [which was actually true]. Moreover, even though the Primal Beast had returned to its slumber, his body had not returned to normal! You'd think Zweite would be kind enough not to throw a kid into prison, but what do you know? To them, he looked like a Harvin with undeveloped ears-!

And so, under the guise of a human kid -a harvin to some-, he waits for an opportunity to escape to arise.

- A good number of grimoires.
- A compilation of old Tyragrande maps and notes, mostly outdated.

I really like the detail you went into with the island that separates it from all the others I've seen so far. Islands falling is a rare thing in Granblue, but I can definitely see it if the island itself is at a significantly lower altitude. I also like that he is basically a mage, something that hasn't really been picked as a role by anybody in the crew. I also like that an eternal showed up in your backstory, without it being the most major event. Someone with helmsman experience is definitely useful, even if he can't really see above the wheel.

Overall, a really nice character. Go ahead and pop him over to the Character tab.
We still have open slots for Earth, Water, Dark, and Light!
...sneaking out the bushes with a character...

His home island needs a name, but overall I like the character. Would also like to know if he's found any of the 7 required hearts, as going 1900 years without even getting ONE is a bit odd. Maybe have him already have Lust, since, uh...this is a good christian website, and I ain't allowed to depict that one very well.

Also, would like a basic description of how he uses someone else's blood, and if there are any specifics about that. Like, can he steal blood through armor? Overall I like it though. Pending edits, he's good to go.
Running out of shitty commentary to put after these.

A very good example of how to intertwine a character with one of the 13 heads. Overall I like it.
Uncle Dorian is the kind of uncle to throw you a birthday party at his place and smoke crack in front of everyone.

Everything going alright with your guys' character sheets? Lemme know if you need any help at all.
@Bushman501, @Guess Who, @Enkryption, @Suku

A scowl crossed Xerxes' lips as another Servant arrived...and of all things, it had to be the most boisterous and annoying of all. Already having been knocked back by Odysseus' kick, before Xerxes felt a warm sting on the side of his cheek, hurriedly touching it as he felt the red liquid flow from his cheek. "...You..." he said, voice full of spite as he raised himself up once more, absolutely seething with hatred at Ajax. To think...a GREEK of all things would manage to strike him with a projectile, even if it was glancing. His strength had to be something else to push it so close to even scratch him...this fight wouldn't be so trivial anymore. Snapping his fingers, Xerxes' skeletons stopped, and half of them turned their attention to the rafters. "There won't even be a scrap of skin left when I'm done with you both. First you, then all your friends down below will be nothing but a footnote in my legend." he said, seeming intent to step forward, before a massive hole burst in the Southern wall of the gymnasium, the dust clearing quickly as a massive headache walked in. Groaning audibly, Xerxes yelled: "WHAT NOW? WHAT FOOL COPIES MY ENTRANCE!? ...Nevermind. I already know. I never asked for your assistance, peon."

An echoing laughter filled the gym as a hulking figure, easily over 11 feet tall lumbered in, his very steps shaking the remains of the floor beneath them. Fiery red hair slicked back, mixed with a scraggly beard of the same color, the main appeared to be a gigantic torch from how brightly he shone in the barely functioning fluorescent lights, his very being seeming to glow, before all at once the dust cleared from him stamping his foot, revealing his full visage. "XERXES!" he bellowed, pointing up at the rafter. "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO NOT COME? I SMELL A CHALLENGE! I SMELL STRENGTH! I SMELL..." he said, sniffing around, before looking around, stroking his beard. "...SEWAGE. YOUR SKELETONS ARE NOT DELICATE!" he noted, before carefully stepping over the many holes in the ground. Skeletons nervously stepped aside to let him pass, before he looked at the three Class Card Holders before him, stroking his chin. "...FIVE MINUTES." he said, lowering his stance a bit, before a single, wooden sword materialized in his right hand along with a small buckler shield on his opposite arm. "COME AT ME ALL AT ONCE, OR ONE AT A TIME. SURVIVE FIVE MINUTES, AND I WILL BE IMPRESSED!" he said, before a monstrous, excited grin overtook his face. "AND THE ONE BEHIND THE SEATS. YOU TOO." he said, casting a glance at where Tsukiya hid.

...An overwhelming aura of desolation overtook the gymnasium, as the hulking man stood before them. "ITS ONLY FAIR FOR WARRIORS TO EXCHANGE NAMES. I AM FLAMMA, HE WHO HAS WON FREEDOM FOUR TIMES, AND CAST IT AWAY FIVE TIMES." he said, seeming overly proud as he said so. "DO NOT KEEP ME WAITING." he said, seemingly waiting for the foursome to make a move, before a loud thud resounded from the wall, a rod of earth shooting forward and impaling him right in the center of his chest. Makoto, his hand on the pillar, looked nervously at the man, thinking he had just managed to kill him before the pillar quivered, Flamma walking forward, letting it pierce more through him until he raised a hand and broke it off halfway with a simple tap. The wound seemed to close immediately, and, in one swift motion, Flamma swiped his wooden sword at Makoto, before sending him flying out the wall. Grinning even wider, he seemed to be salivating, his muscles throbbing in a slight rhythm. He...was getting larger, ever so slightly. Looking down at Rebecca, he grinned. He seemed a far tougher opponent than Xerxes.

...Flat on his ass outside, Makoto was getting really fucking sick of being knocked through things, clutching his stomach, thankfully having transmuted his skin into a far harder material to absorb the impact. Still, it was incredibly painful, as if his bones were all vibrating against his innards from the force. "Aaugh..." he wheezed, struggling to sit up.

"Makoto." Zosimos said.

"Yeah?" he asked, sitting up slightly.

"You really should have tried detonating the material while it was inside of him, as the damage dealt would have-"

"...Shut up, Zosimos." he said, coughing as he rolled over, crawling to his feet. He needed to get back in there, but...what could he do against that kind of monster? That strength was beyond what any normal person felt like getting hit by a freight train.

Flamma meanwhile just approached the two female class card holders. "A WORD OF WARNING; I'VE NEVER HELD BACK. THOUGH..." he eyed Maggie, and couldn't help but grin even wider, his lips tearing at his cheeks. "FOR YOU, I'LL GO ALL OUT."
Sorry for the holdup, no excuse this time.


Magnus froze as he moved to rise up, as the situation went from good to bad insanely fast. Only the boss remained, but...he had Haley. Gulping, Magnus slowly dropped his axe to his side and raised his hands over his head. Wondering over and over about what he should do, and how he could save Haley, before Titanica sprung into action, the kaiju woman's swift tail disarming him. It was only then that he noticed Ditzy, who then knocked the brigand to his knees. His eyes focused on Haley as he saw Titanica lunge forward, and, already kneeling, Magnus took a goose step with his right leg, before slamming his hands onto the ground and dashing forward. Rather than try and race the kaiju woman to the brigand, his focus was on making sure that Haley was safe. Using his long, muscular legs, Magnus explosively ran towards the two of them, and wrenched Haley from his grasp, before leaping back a bit to keep her out of harm's way.

Panting heavily, Magnus was more terrified than tired, nervously sweating as he gently set Haley on her feet behind him. "Y-You alright?" he asked, knees trembling as he put his hands atop them. Titanica and Ditzy has the bandit leader covered, thankfully, and disarmed he didn't seem to be a threat. Taking a deep breath, Magnus seemed liable to topple over from a slight breeze from how scared he was, a sight to behold given that he was covered in mud and pheasant blood from his hunting.


Nephele's breathing was still a bit ragged from the pain racking her body, and as her eyes saw the musketeer erupt from the dispersed fog, she couldn't do more than close her eyes, ears falling flat against her scalp as she heard the gunshot. Disoriented from the smoke, fire, gunshots, and pain, she took a moment to register Talia crying out, and heard the bandits fleeing. Seemed that simply having dragons was enough to strike fear in some.

However, all wasn't well, given that she was bleeding out, and Talia was in agonizing pain from the bandits' strange weaponry that seemed to launch lumps of steel at people at high speeds. She'd never seen anything like it...and was embarrassed that a guest of the Guild's was injured due to her own inability to interfere. Scrambling to her feet, she clutched a handkerchief over her wound, the pure white cloth quickly becoming bloody red. Going over to Talia, she heard Bast say that they needed to remove the "bullet", and would require a sharp object to do so. Gazing at her good arm, she wondered if she could do it herself, but shook her head. She had no medical experience, and would likely do far more damage than good. As such, she made herself useful and ran to grab a dagger from the Forge, the sharpest one she could before returning to Bast. "Take care of her first. I should be fine to wait, so long as I can staunch the blood." she said, handing the dagger to him. "...Thank goodness you know what you're doing." she said, taking a seat in an unoccupied dining chair. Keeping her handkerchief tightly pressed to the wound, she would soon have to replace it with a strip of tablecloth.
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