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Current So true. Anyways, play Lancer!
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Final Fantasy: Stranger in Paradise is the funniest shit I've ever seen while also not being a bad game. Just crack open some cold ones with the boys, blare Limp Bizket, and Kill Chaos.
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There's a great sense of catharsis after finishing a story or fan work that just makes you absolutely cry and wail like a bitch. Like, uncomfortable amounts of crying. But now it feels great!
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Feel no shame about shape, Weather changes their phrase, even mother will show you another way. So put your glasses on, nothing will be wrong. There's no blame, there's no fame. Its up to you.
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If you ever feel bad about yourself, just remember that there are people that bought NFTs like they were going to be worth something.


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Levia would eventually have no choice but to give up the stealth gig, and slip into the kitchen to help out after literally crawling out and slinking back in without stealth. It was incredibly awkward to literally only her, and maybe Tungsten if he cared at all during the hustle and bustle of helping Mae set up for her massive feast. She would help set the table carefully, trying to not crush the forks by accidentally "equipping" them in her hands with prolonged contact.

Partaking in the feast was a delight, given that Mae's cooking was as stellar as ever. The texture, flavor, and aftertaste...everything was beyond description, and definitely not due in part to Levia's vocabulary lacking a word for it beyond: "Delicious!" The talk of the various kitchen helpers of Mae did make her feel a bit lonely though...her slimes were about as sentient as a potato's tubers when it came to complex orders, and certainly had no ambitions of their own. ...Maybe...if they started eating smarter things, they'd get smarter too? Iron and rocks were dumb, dumb enough to just sit there when you hit them, so it made sense that her slimes were as dumb as rocks. They needed smart things, like ants, fish...maybe even humans if any tried to attack Infactorium. ...Though, would Gammaton be offended at Levia feeding tiny ants to her slimes to make them smarter?

Levia's meal would be slightly ruined by her fear of interspecies appropriation, and would find herself absentmindedly chewing on her fork while she thought, accidentally holding it so long that her [Break] Class skill took effect, causing the fork to violently tear itself apart in her hand, sending bits fo itself flying at her face. After apologizing profusely for breaking the fork, Levia would depart just in time for the summons to happen. Levia, having pondered her purpose for the day, was excited to march into Faetalis' office as quickly as she could.

Her legs would become a blur as she pushed herself to get there first, wanting to prove herself...but then found an oddity that gave her pause. An elevator shaft that hadn't been there days prior was present. ...Was this to take them to the new meeting? Levia would enter it, pressing the down-button to begin her descent...a rather long one, at that, while she started wondering if this was something bad to do. And then, she'd arrive at the topmost scaffolding area of the would-be Infinifactorium.

It wasn't accurate to say that she felt small in the wake of this mega-dungeon in progress. It was more that she felt microscopic. Her tiny plans of niceties and breaking of materials...all of this, done by Faetalis while they were largely unaware. So much of the mountain carved out all at once, so much of the groundwork layered downwards. Did this reach all the way to the base of the mountain? Levia's thoughts were getting her lost, and the chimera would hurriedly hit the button to return to the surface floor of the factory...or rather, now, the attic.

Levia would press her back to the leftmost wall of the elevator, exhaling slowly as she just...thought. ...Was Lady Faetalis creating new workers to manage a new layer of the factory? Was this all her's? She was terrified, frankly, at the gap of power between herself and her ruler. Not because she feared Faetalis, but was continually worried that her role, and her home, would become entirely superfluous.


The door would open to reveal Levia, slouched on the floor with her head hanging, cap obscuring the worried look on her face. ...Would Faetalis kill her for knowing about this structure? She hadn't meant to disobey the immediate summons for the emergency meeting. Everyone was likely already present. Everyone important. Levia would bite down on the thumb of her left humanoid hand, focusing a bit as she channeled Pain to Power into her teeth, gaining a bit of perspective by inflicting miniscule damage on herself. "...Lady Faetalis would never. She isn't like he was. I...I need to go to the meeting," she thought, raising herself up shakily, a cold sweat having formed on her face. She would slowly walk towards the door, hesitant to even touch the handle to the office's door.

Then, she would open the door.

"Reporting for duty, Lady Faetalis," Levia said, saluting as she came in, her slightly bleeding thumb obscured behind her back, with the other human hand doing its duty.
The Revenant and Werewolf would be awaiting Brandy, each eager in different ways to start off this journey. For Alice, it was the first step taken into the wider world of adventuring. For Sofia, it was the very beginning of her unforgettable adventures with her companions, who she had already designed intricate, complicated costumes for.

On the road, said costumes would be discussed in length with Brandy, with Sofia showing off a number of sketches she'd made in her time waiting for the two to be ready. "And so, this one would accentuate your lovely figure, while also giving off the impression of power..." Sofia would say, flipping through some of her rather well-drawn outfit concepts for Brandy.

Alice was glad she wasn't getting flogged with clothing ideas...she'd been dealing with that for a solid twenty minutes before Brandy showed up. As for the distractions of the road...while one wouldn't call Alice "focused", it wasn't as if she was picking every flower she came across for alchemical reason-

She was doing exactly that, zipping off to the side of the road every few minutes to gather some herbs, then return before the girls had time to slow their pace. "Your singing voice is quite lovely, Brandy," Sofia would say, adding: "Have you ever given thought to being a bard? I think you'd be good at it."

Alice would smile, turning around from the front of the party. "I'm gonna agree with Sofia here. You've got a real pretty voice."
@Lucius Cypher

Just wanted to relay Enkryption's thoughts/suggestions on your post since he's currently busy working.

1. Nobody at the Guild should currently be aware of the new state of power and land being provided. That's all stuff for after the meeting.

2. Infinifactorium goes up in a straight line from A-F, so it has to be built in a linear fashion. Its also going to have to be basically a straight line to the top with all the keys, since the Guild Hall still has to obey basic video game dungeon rules.

Your post is super neat though, but most of the actual floor construction detail will be happening later after the meeting.

At Mammonie's sarcastic question of whether she could trust Gram's strength, the dragoness offered not much more than a confident smile. A smile that would only be broken once the potion was offered, Gram's eyes looking it over cautiously. "As much as I appreciate the gesture, I'm mostly recovered now. Vani however may need someone to tend his aches," she said, tossing the potion to Vani, who'd catch it like a pro pitcher.

"We can leave as soon as Gram's able to summon her carriage," Vani said, uncorking the bottle and chugging it. "...Huh. Guess where you come from these are strawberry flavored. I'm used to lemon."

Gram would remove Vani's cloak and stand up, getting closer to the fire. "In another hour, the souls will return to me and I can summon them again. For now, we will just have to enjoy the pleasure of each other's company." Her words were accompanied by a soft smile, softer than any she'd shared before.

It'd be a somewhat informative conversation, mostly getting Mammonie up to speed on the general form of society in this world, before Gram's eyes suddenly went pale white, and her back arched violently, as if something had just slammed into her. Shaking her head, she would right herself.

"My entourage has arrived. Let us be off," Gram said, before snapping her fingers. The whinnying of horses would flood the cave, coming from the mouth. Just in time as the fire grew weak, puttering out.

Civilization, here they come!
Sofia would fill her paperwork out with style and grace, flourishing with some impressive handwriting on her signature. She had some nice handwriting, nice enough that it put Brandy's to shame. Well...not like Brandy wrote actual letters.

At the mention of going to Gnarlton, Sofia would strike a pose, one hand raised in the air behind her while she dramatically said: "Fame and fortune await!"

Alice would take care of the nitty gritty of the details of their job, mentioning the bandits on the road and how she and Brandy had managed to "escape" them, since she didn't want to explain the full-moon rage she entered, leading her to be a whispered legend among bandits as the "Ballistic Ball-Busting Bitch". She would then run off to get ready for the two-day trip, thanking the farmer for letting her stay the night in his barn.

Sofia would embark on a completely ordinary walk to go and get her small bags backed, carrying not much more than a change of clothes, some spare arrows, and her standard equipment. She didn't technically need to eat anything aside from the occasional sacrifice of meat, which was easy to get in the wild. And even then, the undead were pretty good at fasting. Its why her figure stayed so good, because every day you eat is cheat day if you eat once a month.

Alice and Sofia would be waiting, while Sofia would eagerly show off her rather...overly heroic outfit designs already sketched and prepared for Alice and Brandy. Somehow, Brandy's showed more and less skin, looking like a hide-armored barbarian's attire, while Alice was dressed in overly complicated robes. "I uh...I like my apron. Thanks."
Alice was glad that Karin seemed to come alive at the coffee, but was confused on why she got so flustered at Brandy's suggestion. ...Were her and the guildmaster in something together? It wasn't her place to judge after all. Love is free and all. ...Or was this just Brandy being Brandy as usual...?

Regardless, Sofia would clear her throat, looking to Brandy. "I would be most happy to join hands with fine adventurers such as yourselves. Rejoice fair Karin," Sofia would say, with the last part being said after Sofia struck a pose that one can only assume looked cool in her head. "I have come to join this guild hall, and carve my name into history as a hero of legend! While Sofia made a fool of herself in the coolest way possible, Alice would go back over to the job board to look them over. "Let's see...pulling weeds, picking apples, finding mushrooms, picking medicinal herbs, ...finding a lost cat, and delivering a letter to Gnarlton..."

Alice would look to Brandy, saying: "No dungeons or judgin for eating contests here. But, the quest to deliver a letter to Gnarlton sounds easy, fun, and an easy way to see things along the road."
"I doubt they'd throw more bodies at you so soon after one of their lower ranks was dispatched so easily. When next they come, they'll bring far more. As such, we can only hope that creating more of them will take time and that, by then, you're still more than a match for Divine's forces." Gram would say, explaining her theory that Mammonie at least had a bit of breathing room. Still, without knowing exactly how their enemy worked, something like that was a haphazard guess at best.

"But, of course, for all I know they're waiting for us to leave the cave before teleporting an army on our heads. As for Vani's little boy scout task, there are indeed trees. Just...buried under the snow," Gram would say, while Mammonie's visual interface would show Vani's name and condition...and that his MP was rapidly drained in a single chunk while a thunderous boom echoed throughout the area. "Vani will likely prove useful to you, in your adventures. He's a fool and a lush, but I doubt there's a stronger paladin out there."

Vani would return soon enough, hauling an entire tree's trunk with a set of ropes tied over his shoulder. "I'm back. Took a bit of doing, but I managed to find one below the snow." Vani would enter, after the sounds of some very fast hacking of steel against wood became audible, the elven paladin entering with an armful of hacked up wood. "Good to see you're awake, Gram. Feeling any better?"

"Never better. Glad to see you used your brain for once without me around."

With a small spark and a bit of paper wrapping from some of Vani's rations, the fire was started and the cave grew warm, a far cozier abode than it had been.
@Lucius Cypher

If I misrepresented Danger Sense in any way, please let me know so I can fix my post. I just thought it'd be funny to have Tungsten see Levia be a gigantic idiot, even when she's sneaking.
This...was growing to be an awkward position to be in. Levia was currently perched in a corner of the room, head to the ceiling as she nervously watched Mae's kitchen at work. She was so commanding, clearly knowledgeable of her work, and also...t-the smell of the dishes in the kitchen were everything she wanted out of life, at the moment. She had to use every ounce of willpower to keep her stomach from grumbling and giving away her hiding spot. She had to keep watching...purely for research purposes, of course. She definitely now wasn't eagerly anticipating sinking her teeth into whatever dish Mae was making. She had to contort her own body into ways that many wouldn't think possible to avoid bumping into the countless chefs as she had made her way in, figuring that the ceiling, with its lack of foot traffic, was ideal for observing.

Mae's burning passion and dominating taskmastering was inspiring to Levia who, despite technically being significantly older by technicality, was a novice at managerial duties. It didn't help that most of her services were barely useful before...but here, Mae was back into the full swing of things and leading everyone! It was moving, seeing someone so devoted to their role, even if it wasn't something involving fighting. Mae was the very heart and stomach of the guild now, and she made sure everyone was fighting fit with a meal worth dying for in their gullets.

But then, another issue arrived...that of Tungsten Jazz, who's barbarian senses were fine-tuned to let him perceive any ambush. Even one not targeting him. Even one from an ally. ...Even one not targeting him, performed by an ally, who was also coincidentally right in his field of view upon entering the kitchen. Levia was vibrating, in fear that she'd be caught and have to explain. One could literally hear the veritable dice being rolled, the latent perception of Danger Sense challenged by the elusiveness of Stealth Sneak.

Natural 20s were a funny thing, but even funnier would be that Tungsten could clearly see Levia staring at him, looking like a cat perched upon a high place they have no way of getting down from. And, somehow, she knew that he knew. But he probably didn't know that she knew that he knew. And thus, she'd start slowly snaking her way along the ceiling, using one of her human hands to make a "shh" motion over her lips, hoping Tungsten wouldn't draw attention to her.

This is the worst... she thought to herself, trying to exit with at least a scrap of her dignity in place, cheeks burning red. least she'd gotten to see something that inspired her. And make her ridiculously hungry.
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