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Current Feel no shame about shape, Weather changes their phrase, even mother will show you another way. So put your glasses on, nothing will be wrong. There's no blame, there's no fame. Its up to you.
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If you ever feel bad about yourself, just remember that there are people that bought NFTs like they were going to be worth something.
1 yr ago
If anyone has interest in mechs, tabletop games, and some ungodly mixture of the two, go give Lancer by Miguel Lopez and Tom Parkinson Morgan a shot. Its shocking how fun it is to play it.
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1 yr ago
Sun Tzu once said: "If you or your loved ones have contracted mesothelioma, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Call the toll-free number on your screen now to see if you qualify."
3 yrs ago
Beating your meat is a waste of time, when you can beat evildoers instead.
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@The Irish Tree
Looks good. The only question I have is how did she go about learning fishman karate? Did other fishmen just offer to teach it to her? Did she stay with some here and there and naturally picked it up?

It's not a big deal as your character is accepted. I'm just curious because a point was made she grew up being cut off from her fishmen heritage. So I figured spending time with fishmen would have been more noteworthy.

Admittedly, I just didnt want the backstory to drag on for too long. I can add in the mentor that taught her the basics though.

Wanted to vary things up and make a fish-man, because all-human crews are boring!

I'll throw some interest in this!
The night was nice and so was the sleep, and the archer would awaken just in time to hear her companion say good morning. Or, maybe she would say that at any time. Anyways, up-time!

With not much to do save for go down and get some grub, the archer would wipe the sleep from her eyes and get dressed. Sleepily making her way down the stairs after locking their door. Wouldn't do to have someone snooping around while they weren't home. All kinds of creeps in town, as she'd learned from their noble who couldn't keep his pen where it belonged.

Plopping down beside the druid girl, she would yawn while covering her mouth, before saying: "If you want, we could go pick some fruit outside town. Might save us some money."
Things were going well! At least, at first. Robin's timing couldn't have been better, and then Yuri came to help too...



...What was he doing?

Those black butterflies Really off. Menacing even, even to the inexperienced Boundless as she watched, the Pageless turned against one another like puppets on strings. Soon, the humans that were being drained would rise as well, shambling after their leader without concern for their well-being. It was...scary, honestly. Enough so that the rabbit-ears upon her head drooped, and she found herself unable to move. Was this what Yuri's powers were like all the time?

And things just kept getting worse and worse as a GARGANTUAN Pageless showed up, only visible for a moment in the pitch dark stormy night after a bolt of lightning light the area up.

"S-Scheherazade..." Kanata stammered, feeling her legs get weak. "I'm scared..." she confessed, clutching the little red pendant around her neck that housed her grimoire. Then, she saw Robin dash ahead of her to tackle a civilian out of the way.


A small voice inside of Kanata screamed out, her eyes going wide again.

"This isn't like..."

"This isn't like last time. I can do this. I can-"

Kanata let out a shrill whistle with her fingers pressed to her lips, the rabbit mochi that had been advancing on the Pageless instead pausing, before bouncing against one another and the Pageless quickly to get out of the way of the arm's strike.

"I can save everyone"!

In that realization, the rain seemed to stop falling from Kanata's perspective. In that realization, her legs would finally move to the fullest.

For the briefest of moments, Kanata seemingly vanished in the rain, a clear line of water falling in a delayed fashion, displaced by her going as fast as she possibly could. Her grimoire's enhancements on her physical speed were pushed to their absolute limits as she put herself between the Pageless and the civilians. Wordlessly, she would strike the civilians in the chest once each with her hammer, sending them flying back out of danger, and safely landing on the re-positioned mochi-rabbits, new smaller rabbits forming from the blow she dealt to their chests.

Save for the one that Robin saved, every single civilian would be saved, and the mochi rabbits on their back and chests would connect together, forming a large, sticky mochi net that kept everyone grounded. Even if they were mindless zombies now, at least they couldn't hurt themselves.

Kanata would run as fast as she could, but she had a feeling that she wouldn't make it in time to save herself. Aside from that, the Pageless behind her were no doubt going to start attacking her again, now that she was by herself. Running once more as fast as she could as she felt the air be displaced by the gargantuan Pageless titan, she would cry out one thing, in hopes of reaching their friend who was lost in himself.

Alice couldn't help but chuckle at the exchange at hand between Brandy and Karen. Even if Brandy wasn't really smart, she was really funny when she played to her strengths of being naive and eager. "Mr. Dooch can count on us, Karen. I promise I won't screw up on technicalities like last time. I'll handle the receipt," she said, before Brandy started mentioning that she needed to go change clothes. Alice was...surprised, honestly, that Brandy had the self-awareness to know her clothes would get ruined, but she HAD worked on a farm all her life.

When she returned, Alice smiled, almost feeling like this look suited Brandy a lot more than her other outfit. "My ouftit's made to handle chemicals, so it getting dirty is no big deal. You look really cute in that though Brandy," Alice praised sincerely, tail swishing before she pointed at the door.

"Anyways, off to a real quest! Let's go find us a rabbit!"
Whether it was raining or shining, justice never slept. At least, not until after 9 PM on a school night. Scheherazade's call would be quickly answered, with Kanata arriving on the scene as quickly as she could get there, hopefully being one of the first to arrive to make up for her tardiness last time.

This time, she'd get to show off to her upperclassmen, and prove that she's more than just the snack girl. From the entrance of the barrier the rabbit-eared heroine emerged, transformed and ready for a fight. Her hammer was slung over her shoulder, and a white umbrella shielded her from the rain pounding the construction site.

"Hup!" she would say after twirling her hammer and bopping it against the ground, leaving a tiny white circle that popped up and blew up to the vague shape of a ball with rabbit-like ears. With beady, bean-like pink eyes the bunlet made of pure magical mochi would stare up at its creator, before the hammer slammed into its side, launching it with great force at a Pageless that was occupied with gathering life force. The rabbit soared with a blank expression through the air, another white circle planted on it from the golf swing Kanata had delivered unto it. That white circle would shrink into the body of the mochi rabbit, the construct suddenly doubling in size, a bit more life in its eyes as it angrily stared down the Pageless before colliding with it. It didn't hurt the Pageless at all, but the sheer force of the mochi rabbit was enough to knock it away from the construction worker it had been praying upon.

"Okay, okay, you can do this Kanata, cool introduction time..." the girl said, slapping her cheeks before pointing at the most stand-out of the Pageless.

"The jig is up, Pageless! You're not going to hurt anyone anymore! Not if Magical Girl Boundless has anything to say about it!" Kanata said, chest swelling with pride before she resumed golf-swinging rabbit mochi at the Pageless.

...It was almost hilariously harmless, but any of the mochi rabbits that formed would jump at the Pageless, again and again.
Levia was a bit worried that Tungsten was approaching to get revenge on the accident that happened moments ago with his subordinate, but instead Tungsten Jazz's words, as inspirational as ever, stirred a fire in Levia's stomach as she clenched her draconic hands and grinned. "Her guidance, my strength, and your awesome bardic powers. Let's make sure nobody can ever harm our home, Tungsten!"

Levia's tail raised in alarm as Faetalis's arm transformed into a cannon, the chimeric dragoness dropping to all four's, ready to incinerate a plethora of wildlife to keep her mistress safe. Only for it to be a single deer. ...Were it not for the awkwardness of the moment, Levia would chase it down and beat it to a pulp for startling their guild leader.

Levia didn't have time to say anything before once again their leader had a minor freakout. ...Their guild leader seemed to be really high strung, for some reason. That awkwardness faded though once Levia saw the serious, monstrous eyes looking back and demanding that the humans not be harmed. Levia had to wonder why, but also didn't care enough about why to question it. As such, why would forever remain why, while who was all she knew. Then she started complimenting Levia!

"Ohhh my god she said I'm brilliant! AND NOW SHE'S TOUCHING ME!" Levia screamed internally, cheeks lighting up a pale green from her noxious blood flooding to her cheeks at her hand being in contact with Faetalis's. "Y-Yes! Anything for you Lady Faetalis!"

Levia would march at a merry pace, ecstatic at having been used more for her intended purpose in the last twenty four hours than she'd ever been used in...

...What was it?

...Seven Hundred Years? Yggdrasil time?

Either way, Tungsten would find he'd need to give Levia very specific instructions, lest her eager innocence cause her to level most of the area around the mountain. She loved feeling useful.
At Ayaka's insistence, Kanata handed over one of the bento boxes to her upper-classman since, given the eyes she was giving Kanata, if she didn't hand the box over fast enough she might just take Kanata's hands along with the box. Did Ayaka not eat at home or what?

"Here you go," Kanata said, handing over the lavender colored box to the famished wizard. The situation at hand with their returning-book-guest was well-handled, and that left Kanata with little to do save for to hand out everyone's afternoon snacks. Kanata felt extremely bad about last night, and as such had brought enough for everyone to sate their appetites with delicious confectionaries and general snackages.

Seeing as she knew that normal people couldn't see their feline benefactor, Kanata wouldn't give the cat his snack just yet, not until their civilian in the room was out of there. It'd be a bit strange to a lunch box and leave it on a windowsill after all.

"Oh, uh, Yuri-Senpai, Yuzu-Senpai, I can help with that stack too!"
Steppe Archer pouted, wondering if they really looked so harmless as to not warrant a little caution. She was a trained warrior! ...Being told nobody cared where they were stung a bit. But, oh well. Back to town.

The talk about break ups and divorces didn't interest her in particular. Back in her home, it was commonplace for women to be the only ones with the power to divorce from their husbands, and it wasn't uncommon for that to come with a large amount of public shaming for the man. Something about how men are ruled by their wives in all things...Steppe Archer didn't have much experience in it given that her grandmother and mother married once and stayed married.

The day languished on as the archer relaxed with her group, glad to have a moment of peace after the rather nightmarish last mission. Now, it was time to settle down and catch some dinner before bed. After their druid's comical hunger routine, the archer would smile at the innkeep, saying: "I'll have the vegetable soup with some bread.

After their meal, the archer would retire to the room she shared with the druid, settling down for bed, and hoping tomorrow would let them wake early and find some good jobs.
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