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Current Not sure if its a good, or a bad thing that I'm bawling my eyes out over a penguin dying, but fuck man. RIP Grape, he died loving well.
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God I love Etrian Odyssey. Nothing says "Quality RPG" like being able to eat random wild berries that make your party shit their brains out mid-dungeon.
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Man, its a rough kind of morning waking up after having a nightmare about failing your English final because your professor says you RP like shit. Fuck dream prof though. Passed that shit.
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I split the atom with my high kick, baby. I'm a master because I practice daily.
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Every single character I make secretly has a fetish involved with their creation. And you'll never know what character revolves around which fetish. From the very start this has been my Magical Realm.


Oh. Well, I'm an asshole on the internet with a foul mouth and a seemingly endless bag of shitpostable gifs and memes. Which I WILL use to shitpost in your threads. And there ain't anybody who can stop it.

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Popped in to say this before I went to bed, but you put Tina inside of Hiroji's hider.
Some characters have already been introduced that way, like my cave dragon.

@Restalaan,@Zaphander,@Silver Carrot(RBC),@PaulHaynek

It took maybe a second before Magnus realized what had just happened...he'd been completely beaten without his opponent even striking him. He felt a wetness in his eyes, though his tears found themselves hard pressed to leave his eyes at the heat of the fire before his feet. Warm air pushed at his front, and cold steel pressed against his neck. Dropping his neck, as well as his gaze, Magnus felt pathetic. He'd really expected a plan like that to if pushing with all his might was enough to solve anything. No, skill beat brawn almost all the time, so his loss felt more inevitable. Now however, his companions were in trouble.

Biting his lip, he hesitantly turned his head to see Rebecca drop her weapon. When his eyes met her's, he felt his spine straighten a bit, the gaze she offered offering a single word: Fight.

Grimacing, Magnus knew that she was right...and as if it were a sign that today was not his day to die, the mysterious stranger launched her prayer beads just as a bunch of metallic shards began raining from the sky, and, taking his chance, Magnus stooped low, right hand clenched into a fist. He didn't have time to go for his axe now; Rather than his axe, the Champion would soon find a fist imprinted on the side of his helmet as Magnus twisted his body, offering a powerful blow to the side of his head with every pound of his weight put behind it. Even if he didn't send the Champion flying, he'd have to contend with Magnus armed once more, this time clearly more in a fighting mood.

Saying nothing, the Minotaur slowly advanced, this time not foolishly rushing in. If he could just hold him off, then the others could take out the other warriors easy enough. Especially with the new arrival. "I-I can do this! I can!" he thought, reassuring himself that it was possible, remembering how his father taught him how to fight.


Maria would notice that Nephele had already climbed up on the wall, claws embedded into the stonework to hang on. "...T-That may work..." she said, apparently absolutely terrified of the cockroach. "I could paralyze it, might be affected." she added, shuddering each time it poked out of Maria's hair. "Why do you want to keep it though? I-I mean...Bart certainly wouldn't want it to breed...and your roommate may hate roaches."

...If one didn't know better, they may think that Nephele herself was afraid of the little black bug. Either way, she felt that getting anywhere near the roach was undesirable, and also couldn't use magic save for her breath weapon.

Magnus is so fuckin' infinispooked now.

@Silver Carrot(RBC),@PaulHaynek

Magnus gulped as he saw the opposition that faced them...That big one especially. He'd heard tale of legendary Varjan soldiers that stood a cut above the rest; Champions, they were called. That black armor spoke of trouble, but now with this new arrival they were-

Wait, big guy...that meant him. Big one...that meant...him. His jaw dropping for a moment as he realize the implications of having to fight a true veteran Varjan champion in single combat had Magnus feel a bit weak in the knees, but a moment's glance towards Emilio had his gut in knots. He was so long had he endured them? Taking a few deep breaths, Magnus clenched his axe in his hands and grit his teeth, before bolting forward, slamming his axe down on the Varjan champion before him. It was a blow that would even break through armor and yet...Magnus felt his axe clash against the flat of the champion's blade. Gritting his teeth, the Minotaur refused to lose this clash; Emilio was counting on them! Even if all he could do was by time while the others fought off the other soldiers, Magnus' axe wouldn't be resting anytime soon. He didn't want to kill him...but he didn't want Emilio to die either.

Letting forth a tremendous roar, Magnus started physically pushing the Champion back, keeping their weapons locked as he approached the fire. "YOU WON'T...HURT HIM ANYMORE!" he bellowed, his strength starting to become too much for the Champion to handle. Unless he changed tactics soon, he'd be roasting in his plate.


A content sigh escaped Nephele's lips as she basked in the warmth of the bath, the dragoness clearly pleased at the opportunity to soak in some warm water. She couldn't help but hide her contentment; Unlike a regular Dragon, Cave Dragons lacked an internal heat source to spit fire, which made being cold blooded kind of a nightmare in the winter. But it also made baths the absolute best. She was lucky that Maria had done her job when she did, otherwise Nephele would have been stuck waiting without a bath, as the natural spring within her cave had started to dry up.

Having hung her dress on a nearby hook, she delighted in getting the chance to wash her scales clean after a night of running through a dilapidated mansion. Humming softly as she washed her hair clean as well, her ears perked up as she felt the pitter patter of something small against the stone flooring...

Rising from the bathwater, Nephele stalked the bathroom silently, eyes glowing a bit as the room became filled with fog from her breath, congealing into two very convenient bust and waist level strips for her and Maria as she glowered at the bucket. "Maria. Stand back. she said, before crouching before the bucket, a slight purple haze starting to emanate from the corners of her mouth. "If you understand me, then I'll make this clear: You have until 10 to come out. I'll be merciful." she said, her eyes telling a far different story. She'd seen male monsters now, so if this was some pervert male fairy trying to sneak a peak, then they'd be in for it...or if it was a cockroach, then she'd simply paralyze it and kill it quickly. Preferably out of Maria's sight, since she didn't know if she'd freak out over a fellow insect being slain. "10..." She started, tiny gouts of purple fog puffing out with each syllable. Whatever it was, if it was sentient, it was either going to have to come out on its own, or be dragged out while paralyzed.



"Understood, Mistress Ixveria," the robotic girl replied, bowing her head, her Observers clinging to her arms like affectionate children, some turning to wave goodbye the members of the peerage, deceptively adorable given their explosive payload. She wasn't quite accustomed to working one on one with Dmitri, but felt that his skills would be exceptionally useful for recon. Especially his ability to wipe someone's memory of an event...or at least, that's how she came to understand it. Vampires were strange beings to Auriola, but then again she supposed that she herself was likely the strangest in the room. Once they left that room however, Auriola would temporarily withdraw her observers.

Once they were out and about, Auriola would get around to placing her Observers in hidden spots near the old library, the tiny drones seeming somewhat displeased at being stuffed in cramped corners and trash cans. But, they were as loyal as the main body was, even willing to stop pretending to be able to smell for a bit for Ixveria's sake. They pretended to be cutesy for the sake of appearances, but really they were just fragments of Humility's driver given sentience and subservience to the main body. Keeping there eyes peeled, the Little Observer Stake-Out had finally begun. Prelati wouldn't know what saw him...or perhaps even hit them, if Auriola figured she could go in for a surprise attack using all her mini-her's payloads.

Now without much else to do as the Observers were put into place, she was simply left with Dimitri. "Now then...was your pickup line really bad enough to get slapped for it?" she asked, propping her chin up on her elbow, offering a somewhat snide glance to go with her question. Even if he wasn't human, or formerly human, or even half human, he was still more than interesting enough to spark Humility's...interests, so to say.
Posted. Sorry if its lengthy or does too much, I can edit it to have Magnus do less.

@Silver Carrot(RBC),@PaulHaynek

Magnus held no particular objection to keeping The Guild's name as just...The Guild. It might get confusing when people try and recommend it to other people for jobs, but still, it cemented them as being...kind of a big deal. They weren't just A guild, they were THE Guild. To him, that was worth more than all the cool warband names his father had told him of, in battles long since past.

Ending the day on a happy note, Magnus was excited, tomorrow he'd be searching for the flowers that Kyle needed for his flying machine, and likely manage to make his dream come true. Snuggling into the bed that barely fit his massive frame with his feet poking over the footboard, he buried his cheek in a pillow and fell into the arms of sleep, wondering where the new guild member and the moth woman Maria had been all day...had their quest really taken that long?

The morning sun's awakening was met with Magnus' maw letting loose a titanic yawn, before her rubbed his eyes free of sleep, stumbling to his feet and nearly goring the wall as he walked, head hung a bit. He felt tired for no particular reason...he'd felt a bit of pain after the fight with the wolves, but other than that he was fine. Albeit, he'd never thrown an axe so hard as to almost split a carriage in two before...

Regardless, the Minotaur began his journey downstairs, ate his breakfast, and did some quick looking at the jobs being posted. He'd little want to do much more than to search for Kyle's flowers, but if someone needed help, he'd be more than happy to-

"E-Emili...o?" Magnus questioned, looking at the job for "Must Saviors Die?" after Rebecca had already left...There was only one Emilio he knew. His mind raced with terrible thoughts of what could have happened to Emilio after he'd seen him, but then he remembered...he'd been traveling alone, and Varjan warhounds...they could track for miles. And one had lived.

Desperation in his eyes, Magnus felt wholly responsible. He hadn't escorted Emilio, and even if he asked him not to, if he had just...just...No. Now wasn't the time to mope around about this. Especially since from what he'd heard, Rebecca was on this quest alone until Bart's help arrived. Clenching his fist, Magnus took a deep breath before turning to Bart, pointing at the quest to save Emilio. "I'll do this one!" he said, before dashing upstairs to grab his axe, jumping from the second floor as he came back with it. Dashing after Rebecca, Magnus was far behind her, hoping that Emilio would be safe, and that Rebecca wouldn't do anything dangerous. For all he knew, the priest woman wasn't a skilled fighter. A woman of the cloth didn't seem the fighting fully armored soldiers type...but then, she had dealt with Varjans in her last quest.

None of that mattered however, as Magnus nearly vomited trudging through the swamp, fear in his eyes as he plowed his way through the decay and mud. Seeing corpses for the first time, he had to hold his hand over his mouth to not vomit violently. Death...death everywhere. In abundance, and indiscriminately...this was no swamp. It was a dumping ground. Finally having caught up with Rebecca, Magnus held in a yell as he saw the fire be ignited under, there was still time! Seeing Rebecca dash forward, Magnus felt a strange sense of bewilderment as she effortlessly danced forward to cut one down. Gritting his teeth, Magnus felt tears welling up inside, knowing what might have to be done here. Letting out a tremendous battle cry, half to intimidate, and half to pull his courage forth, the Minotaur's steps seemed to shake the earth in his own mind. Axe brandished in his right hand, and his left clenched so tightly into a fist that he was likely to tear skin from his palm he sprinted forward.

One Varjan was in the way, and as such would receive a backhanded shove from Magnus, that would send him flying into a nearby tree. With axe in hand, Magnus grit his teeth before lifting it over his shoulder, striking with a single, powerful blow at the base of the post, the fire itself following the wind of the blow, but still building and burning. Doing the best he could, Magnus would drag up the entire severed post with his free hand, yanking it with all the force he had, the veins in his neck clearly straining as he broke wood from wood, with Emilio still attached. huffing and panting, he held the post and Emilio under his arm, brandishing his axe, eyes straining to see from the heat of the smoke know billowing up. "" the massive man ordered...or rather, pleaded. Even if they were Varjans, these men had hearts too. Cold ones, maybe, but Magnus...didn't want to be what caused any intelligent thing's heart to stop, cold or not.


A dull pain throbbed in Nephele's head as they returned to the guild. That hand that she'd held, the life she'd protected...was it all merely ghosts from the past, or a cruel illusion played by a clever playwright? Nephele felt she might never know the truth, but felt a mixture of peace and resentment in her heart. The night had been far too long, and with her friend having fought off a dangerous armored ghost, she felt they deserved a rest at least as long.

Once they returned the guild, Nephele was quick to eat leftovers, before hearing the discussion Neil, Bart, and Maria had about resting. Now that she was certain that there was no obligation after all the work Maria and her had done just the day before, she couldn't help but smile, going over and giving Neil a hug, clearly happy to hear someone cared. "A bath sounds wonderful... she murmured, yawning before giving Neil a rather dangerous pat on the top of his head, her claws just a few inches from giving him either a bowlcut or a botched full lobotomy. Releasing him from the hug, the sleepy dragoness would head off to go draw herself a bath, feeling that she'd be out of commission for that day. Just before she would shut the door, she would call out: "I'll tell you all of what happened afterwards!" to Neil and Bart. She'd need some time to get her ghost story straight anyways, if she didn't just pass out in the tub.
Tossing in some tentative interest.
My apologies for being quiet for a while, college is being a leech on my time. Would it be okay for Magnus to follow after Rebecca after recognizing Emilio's name on the quest?
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