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Current Screw that, get that negative penis, curses you to remove the best sex you ever had.
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Rich people blood sports is how the Oscar's should always have gone. As a hot blooded american man I cant sleep at night without witnessing violence of some kind.
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So true. Anyways, play Lancer!
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Final Fantasy: Stranger in Paradise is the funniest shit I've ever seen while also not being a bad game. Just crack open some cold ones with the boys, blare Limp Bizket, and Kill Chaos.
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There's a great sense of catharsis after finishing a story or fan work that just makes you absolutely cry and wail like a bitch. Like, uncomfortable amounts of crying. But now it feels great!


No longer an asshole!

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While Sofia wanted to continue being upset...she did have to admit that Alice was definitely getting the worst of it right now. If even a Revenant like her can practice good hygiene, there's no reason this man can't. Even if he wasn't physically deformed, that attitude was winning no friends over. And to make it all worse, when Alice returned with the new that he basically told them to do the job before being told anything, she wanted to just about scream and call it then and there.

With Brandy going off to investigate, Alice and Sofia would sus out their options between the bog and grasslands. Alice's fur would make the ticks problematic, but without warm blood for them to feast on, Sofia determined she could check it out herself. That and, with her stiff limbs she'd get stuck and sink in the bog, which would be where the werewolf would conduct her search. She wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Though, when time came for the group to come back together at Brandy's calling, only Sofia would answer. "The nearby grassland is completely fine..." she said, maintaining a healthy distance while brushing her hair free of the debris and potential insect stragglers that had been caught in it. "...Have you seen Alice, actually? I'd have thought she wouldn't be gone too long in that bog to see if it had anything in it..."

That would be because currently, Alice was eagerly picking various fungi, moss, and plant samples and storing them in her bag, surprised at how valuable some of the stuff located here was. "Beggar's foot, Pale Green Moss, and even a couple Dainty Finger Mushrooms!" Alice said excitedly, looking down at her haul.
@The Irish Tree@Enkryption

A Fairy Knight and a Mad Hatter with a cursed weapon. How fascinating.

Please don't bully the ronin...

Aaaand here we have the smol. I'm mulling over a second concept atm, but let me know if this character is acceptable. She small, she flies, and sometimes, summons cows. Tried to make the list of Wild Magic small enough that a simple d6 roll is enough to determine it.
Nope. I got a couple new ideas this time around.
Got room for another?
I mean, even if enemies start coming now, that doesn't mean that we're going to stay in the same spot the entire time. Assassin's presence concealment is only scary until he has intent to launch an attack, at which point unless its some super high EX-Rank skill, Celtchar is going to notice him.

Also, I'm just gonna assume that Amon-Ra Archer is King Tut due to the name, but as funny as it would be trying to outrun the sunrise, Celtchar and Scarlett aren't directly by the buildings being toppled like Dominos.

The core issue here is just the lack of...anything, really, in regards to the scene happening. Not even a single word devoted to the world having any sort of reaction, and frankly, being threatened with getting ganked and you saying you're doing us a favor with not writing anything for Scarlett and Celtchar borders on insulting.
was going to post today but burnt three of my fingers picking up a hot trey for a air frier on reflex (usually take it out) ill post when i can

Hope you feel better soon! Sounds painful.
Sofia would make a high-pitched scream as she was assaulted by Brandy's (admittedly very good) spooky voice, turning around and blindly shooting an arrow that just barely avoided doinking Brandy's bosom with one of her cursed arrows, instead taking a branch off a tree. And then she realized what just happened.

A pale grey blush overtook her face as she stamped her feet. "Brandy, don't you dare do that again! I-I thought an enemy was around...that's all," the Revenant said, huffing as she turned and walked away to go and investigate on her own, while Alice was left to deal with the gravekeeper.

"Hello sir," Alice said, bowing respectfully to the gravekeeper. "My associates and I have come on behalf of the G.O.R.E. We've heard there's been an issue with something strange going on in this graveyard. You're the gravekeeper, right?"

"What else'd I be!? I'm Vincent," the irritable man-ghoul said, adding: "Ain't nuthin' goin's'on here! 'Cepttin me diggin'. You all git! Ain't need no 'lil ladies prancin' on tha graves!" The man was clearly dismissive of them, and seemed to be in no mood to talk about anything strange.

"Oh, we don't intend to touch the graves, Vincent," Alice said. "But, we'd like to at least take a look around for a bit. At least until its a little later in the day. After all, if we come back with nothing to report, someone else might take the job and come to bug you."

Furling his upper lop in a way that made it seem completely independent from the rest of his mouth, Vincent would say: "Wuzzat? They'll come'an give me bugs!?"

Alice was slowly feeling her patience, goodwill, and braincells dying and as such would clarify with: "Oh, no, I just mean that they'll bother you a lot more than we will. After all, we're just here to see if anything strange really is going on. ...Come to think of it Vincent, did you post the job?"

Scratching his head before finding a tick, grabbing it, and eating it, Vincent would say: "Ohh, forgot! That's right, someone was makin' a ruckus all around at night! Yer dang guild took so long to send someone I dun' forgot!"

Oh. Of course. It was their fault now that nobody wanted to come to the creepy graveyard with the unhelpful man tending it. "Well, we're here now at least. What can you tell us abou-" Alice started to ask, before Vincent interrupted. "I ain't tellin' you's all nuthin' about nuthin' until that job's taken care of! Now git!" Vincent said, before walking off to go...Alice didn't know, stick his shovel in a skull somewhere, or something.

Brandy could see Alice's eye twitching as the werewolf turned around. "...Well, I guess...that at least means we can investigate as long as we aren't in the way..."

Sofia was hiding behind Brandy. "...I'm amazed she's hiding her bloodlust so well. I can tell she'd rather rip that man's throat out than help him," she said, exaggerating heavily as she watched Brandy straighten herself out. Alice would then divulge her plan to have the three patrol different areas while they stayed out of Vincent's way.

Well, at least Scarlett wasn't getting beheaded today!

Elise would nearly jump out of her skin as Mordred shoved an entire fucking car through a house, the car's automatic burglar alarm wee-wooing away now that it was firmly through someone's entryway. While Mordred was a bit too aggressive with her shoving, Elise had to silently agree that piping up about a True Magic without having the details about it is sort of like...a priest yelling this is God's Will without giving proof. If anything, now it made her even more worried that something on the scale of True Magic was overcome by...something. Or prevented by something.

Conner's statement was also confirming her worries. "...Yeah, this town's...dead. Unnaturally dead," Elise said just before Orson began further explaining Heaven's Feel.

"Oh. I think I have at least a little idea what's going on here," Elise said as she put her hands in her pockets, walking beside Leon. "Director, Archimedes, I've got a hypothesis here. I know we've got no evidence, but...what if this isn't because Heaven's Feel didn't activate? What if this is exactly what someone wanted?"

Without missing a step as she trailed along, Elise would stoop down low and grab a series of pebbles and one large rock. "Forgive me if I'm ignorant, but as I understand it, the grail is a vessel to summon Heroic Spirits from the Throne of Heroes to do the bidding of Mages in a Holy Grail War, yeah?" the magus asked as she closed her hands, opening them to reveal four pebbles between all five of the fingers on her right hand, and three held between the fingers of the left. "Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker, with one or more being switched out occasionally. All to get a wish, right?"

Elise would palm the pebbles all into her left hand, then hold up the larger rock. "Naturally though, summoning the dead from the Throne isn't something possible. The grail's the catalyst and goal, and supplies bodies to the Heroic Spirits, rather than the Counter Force. But that leaves us with more than a few questions." Elise would drop the seven pebbles, and continue holding the rock. "Seven Servants, Seven Masters, and one winner. Someone gets the grail, and their Servant or the Master themselves makes a wish upon it. Then, all the Heroic Spirits go back to the Throne, winner and all. But then, that's if the wish was granted at all."

Pointing at Bunbuku Chagama, Elise would say: "Chaldea's leyline reserves let us preserve our Servants through rayshifting, but an ordinary mage usually has to use up a ton of their own energy, or the energies of others to keep their Servant around. In theory it might be possible to keep one around if they consume huge quantities of mana but...even then, there's no need to consume an entire town. The Mage's Association would step in, I would think. Unless, of course, they were wiped out too in this Singularity."

Tossing the rock in her hands a few times into the air, Elise would then throw it into the nearby river, the "grail" plonking into the water and sinking. "So the grail either still has to be around...or someone made a wish so stupid and reckless that it claimed the lives of every single person in this city. Or maybe, the grail exchanged their lives for something else. Which, I think would mean that Heaven's Feel was triggered, but ultimately didn't 'end' the conflict here." Turning on her heel to face the others, Elise would beam once more. "Anyways, that's just my theory though. I'm mainly guessing some sort of magic was the cause of everything being erased here, since Mordred's Instincts are pretty reliable, I think. I'm not really so good with the complicated magical theories and all that...after all, that's more our Wizard of Balance's job. But..." the smile faded from Elise's face as she straightened her posture, looking in the direction they were heading.

"If we're fighting something that used the grail to kill an entire town, we can't let our guard down. So let's hurry and see if this thing's on our side or not."
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