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2 yrs ago
Current It's my annual pilgrimage back to the Guild, maybe this time a game will catch my eye & I'll actually stay around. Here's hoping <3
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3 yrs ago
I AM BACK!!! I mean probably not really but I AM browsing interest checks. Cya all next year when I make another status about returning.
4 yrs ago
Been stuck inside and off work for a month thanks to the plague so thought I'd take a look around here again <3 ^_^
7 yrs ago
Stoked to dive back into some rps, can't wait to have my first IC post in something like 18 months ^_^
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9 yrs ago
Looks like it was temporary, I'm back guys. Sorry for disappearing was hard being here without Orch. Still is really.


I'm a 28 year old guy from Middle of Nowhere, USA. Nearest town of any size is nearly 30 minutes from where I live I now live in a slightly-larger-than-small-town I now live in an actually decent sized town. I spend most of my free time on a free to play Magic the Gathering client where I'm a mod and judge but I do still spend a little bit everyday on here. I now spend most of my free time working on my own creative endeavors which includes the media review podcast Copilots Review of which I am one half of. And basically spend no time on here. I have however not been overly active as of late on here. Anyways I've been roleplaying for about 15 years now, getting my start in tabletops and only recently joined the ranks of forum roleplay about 9 years ago. That said I love RPing, Magic the Gathering and music.

If anyone needs to reach me off the guild I'm very reachable on Kik at rawrespada4 and at my hotmail... which you guessed it is rawrespada4@hotmail.com. Honestly if you see a rawrespada4 somewhere it's probably me, this is my username for just about everything so feel free to say hey if you me somewhere. Best bet to reach me off guild now days though is on discord where my user is Rawrespada4 #0581.

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In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

-Wednesday May 15th, Just after 7pm, North Warehouse-

JT lay soaked in sweat and tangled in the sheets of his bed, the shirt that he had worn to bed that morning tossed to the floor as the heat and humidity had climbed throughout the day. Asleep and totally disconnected from the world around him it was the blaring of police sirens speeding through the streets outside that served as his alarm clock. Upon recognizing the sound that had driven him to consciousness Jason rolled out of bed, adrenaline pumping bringing him to full alertness in a matter of seconds, a feat that would have normally taken near an hour and at least one cup of coffee.

Sliding into his shirt and shoes with near zero hesitation Jason found himself taking the stairs out of his basement domicile two at a time before ever realizing that the sirens were now moving away from him. With the realization though his sudden burst of energy left him as quickly as it had arrived he collapsed down onto the stone stairs that served as his entrance and exit to the musty, decrepit basement he currently called home. It was his fourth such residence since he arrived in New Haven only a short two months ago. A combination of paranoia and fear had kept him on the move since he had arrived. Initially finding places to crash in the Shanty he had recently moved to this new hovel when he had spotted some goons rocking the blue & white that signified Clear Line affiliation.

Honestly he had no clue what he doing here in New Haven. Running had really been his only option but he quickly had found that it wasn’t just The Syndicate or Clear Line he had to run from. Someone, in one of the organizations, had leaked an honestly absurd amount of video evidence of him working enforcement for Clear Line that had taken him from being hunted by criminal elements to being wanted by both M.A.D. and the police too. All of this coursed through his head as he removed his shoes and jacket before collapsing back onto the mattress that served as his bed.

Moments after returning to the mattress the sound of new, distinctly non-police sirens echoed through the streets of Warehouse. The combination of sirens intrigued Newt so sitting up against the cool wall of the basement he slipped his Omni-Lens on and started pulling up local news for Midtown, New Haven. Initially there wasn’t much, an accidental fire at a chemical research lab, people were trapped inside but for the most part they’d be normies and at the end of the day they weren’t that much of a loss. But scrolling through social media coverage of the event a new narrative was quickly taking hold. People had seen variants fleeing the scene, Variants who through the ever vigilant eye of social media were quickly identified as belonging to the Variant network known as Pariah Underground. The same Variant group that JT had been hoping could help shelter him from the reach of The Syndicate and the law while he tried to figure out what to do going forward.

As soon as the first source identified the Variants fleeing the lab as Pariahs Newt had started putting his shoes and jacket back on. If these guys were truly Pariahs then helping them might prove to be his best chance in. Once again he found himself running up the cold, hard steps leading out of his so-called home but instead of being driven by fear there was a since of hope and even excitement. Flinging the cellar’s double doors open, and not worrying to lock it behind him JT focused on his own personal relative gravity, something that always caused a deep tightening feeling deep in the pit of his stomach, lowering it to just below zero as he flung himself off the ground and up into the evening sky of New Haven.

It was dangerous to be using his variance so openly like this, flying in near broad daylight, but it was the quickest way to speed through the city sans any form of motorized transport. As he he neared the apex of his leap he could visibly make out the flames of the lab raking the skyline. Slowly increasing his gravity he gently touched down on a roof before making the needed adjustment to the angle of his flight path and once again leaping into the sky.

Once near the scene JT landed on a nearby building deciding that building hopping would be at least a little less suspicious than flying over the heads of law enforcement down below. Atop what appeared to be a squat office building he observed the surroundings down below he could make out a pink haired woman and next to her what appeared to be a child dress up as a super hero. Of course Nobles would be here, he mused to himself, race traitors out to catch their own kind. At the end of the day it just meant he would need to be a tad more careful about being identified. As he took in the site of the Nobles, his mind was derailed by the sight of a large, really, really, large black bird taking off from a nearby alley carrying a pair of passengers. Figuring that at least one of the fleeing Variants was likely to be a Pariah JT quickly started after them, leaping from building to building towards the alley, and the direction that they had flown, his hopes raising with every bound.

Reaching one of the buildings that formed the alley below he peered down into the ever-darkening abyss, and quickly made out the signs of a struggle. A pair of crimson spears littered the ground, the dumpster had been bashed in and knocked out of alignment with the wall that it would, he assumed, normally set against. But the most obvious tell was a red haired woman who had been rendered unconscious and left against a wall. Not even two blocks down from where the obvious struggle had taken place he could see cops approaching. There wasn’t really time to weigh his options so without thinking JT dropped from the building into the alley controlling his decent by augmenting his gravity as he fell.

His landing was signaled by the crunch of detritus under his heavy boots and a shout from the police, quickly followed by an increase in the sound of their boots crunching down the alley towards him and the girl. Grabbing her under one of her shoulders Newt began immediately lowering the effect of gravity on both of them before kicking off the rough gravel that made up the ground and propelling them both into the sky.

Landing on a nearby building JT was at a loss as to what to do with the unconscious woman and additionally now had to contend with the cops giving chase, before the idea had even fully formed in his head he was back in the air on his way to the hole in the ground he was currently calling home.

In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
New character and organization for approval.

In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Wednesday May 15th, 7:00pm- south New Haven

Surge had managed to finish up at the gym a little earlier than usual, well to say finish up wouldn’t be quite right. He had however decided to push the paperwork that he had been working on off until tomorrow. So it was that the push notification from Privy flashed across the screen in his helmet as he sped through Ville Rogue along River Street. Before he could even open the notification the built in headset on his helmet began signaling that he had a phone call.

“Incoming Call from Barry” The notification both showed as text at the top of his visor and chimed in his ear in a vaguely robotic but yet still pleasant voice. Sighing inwardly Surge gave the necessary eye movements to answer the call.

As he expected before he had any chance to greet his former teammate and friend Barry launched into a near rambling cacophony “Man, ohmandidjasee, didya? They got maxndthkid. Fucking Syndicate. Fucking Nova. It just had to be oneuv‘em, yaknow? Ogawdman what if we’re next?…. Surge ya there? Surge?” It all came out in one breath and was for the most part completely unintelligible.

“Yeah, Bear, I’m here man,” Surge replied, sighing outwardly he continued. “But if you want me to get any of that I’m gonna need you to slow the fuck down.”

“Maximus and Kid, they’re gone. They’ve moved up. The disappearances, they were just grabbing nobodies but now they’ve taken Maximus and Kid.” Barry had actually managed to slow down well enough that his words were actually parse-able.

“What do you mean gone? Who’s ‘they’? Bear you’re making no sense.”

And that’s how the conversation progressed, honestly how most of Surge’s conversations with Barry progressed these days, Barry jumping to conclusions and expecting Surge to keep up and Surge having to back track and ask for clarity. This time it turned out that Maximus and Kid Kilowatt had been officially declared missing and Barry had reached the immediate conclusion that it was Nova or the Syndicate or both working together. On top of that Barry jumped from “Top Nobles Missing” to “Oh god what if they come for us, you know the retired former Nobles who were never involved with the Alliance”.

He continued to reassure Barry all through the rest of his commute home that nobody was going to be looking to abduct either of them. He was still on the call with Barry as he walked into his duplex near the western edge of Bywater, he tossed his motorcycle jacket and helmet onto the couch while seamlessly transferring the call to Bluetooth. By the time Barry had finally been assured that he was safe, at least for now, and the call had ended Surge had managed to change clothes and fix a quick dinner of stir-fry.

Flopping on to the worn gray sofa with a bowl of stir-fry. Surge finally found the time to check the Privy notification that had chimed in his helmet as a herald of Barry’s call. Clicking open the article from Privy Surge found the source material for Barry’s latest conspiracy-minded episode. Maximus, an acquaintance of everyone who once counted themselves among the Super Sentry Squad, and Kid Kilowatt, a newer Noble, had both indeed been declared missing. But Barry had conveniently left out the fact that it was in fact N.O.V.A that had made that announcement, which would at least in Surge’s mind be counter-intuitive if they had been involved in the disappearances. He would be the last to claim that N.O.V.A. had nothing suspect going on, he even had his conspiracies regarding the government organization, but there was just no logic in them disappearing Max and Kid Kilowatt and then publicly announcing their disappearances.

Finishing his bowl of stir-fry Surge opened the second story that Privy had pinged him with before Barry’s call. A lab explosion in Midtown, nothing he could do about that but it would mean less Nobles and potentially less vigilantes out keeping the streets safe, especially in southern New Haven. With that realization he cast a live news feed from his phone to the speakers throughout the duplex and hurriedly hopped into the shower. After the shower Surge put on a pair of shorts and a plain tank top, his normal attire for his after work run.

The after work run was in many ways a lie, an act, an alibi (even if a shitty one). The run had the same destination every evening even if the route he took was always a little different, it always ended outside a run down two-story building on the edge of Bywater and the Shanty. And as usual approaching the alley between the two-story building and it’s neighbor, a similarly run down apartment complex, Surge amped himself up increasing his speed and the potential output for the muscles in his legs. With the running lead up he jumped, kicked of the apartment building and just managed to get enough height to reach the busted out window of the second story home. Pulling himself up and over the ledge Surge tumbled into the unlit floor that served as Witchfire’s based of operations.

Moments later a figure clothed in black armored pants and a sleeveless hoodie fell from the window and landed in the alleyway. It was still early, the sun’s light still filtered through the horizon despite having mostly sank below it but with the Nobles and possibly other vigilantes distracted by the lab fire Witchfire felt the Shanty call to him seeking his protection.

Wednesday May 15th, 8:07pm- the Shanty

In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

In Pariah 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
CS finally and fully done, posted in a new comment.
In Pariah 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Working on a character right now if you still have room.
This has my attention. Been a minute since I rp'd on here but this feels like a good return.
Go ahead and pull my interest, some stuff has taken over my irl currently and I'm not finding the time or creative juices to actually build more than a rough concept of a character. Sorry for wasting anyone's time.
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