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16 days ago
Current I AM BACK!!! I mean probably not really but I AM browsing interest checks. Cya all next year when I make another status about returning.
1 yr ago
Been stuck inside and off work for a month thanks to the plague so thought I'd take a look around here again <3 ^_^
4 yrs ago
Stoked to dive back into some rps, can't wait to have my first IC post in something like 18 months ^_^
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6 yrs ago
Looks like it was temporary, I'm back guys. Sorry for disappearing was hard being here without Orch. Still is really.
6 yrs ago
Hey all, with the passing of my best friend, who happened to be the one to introduce me to the Guild, I will be taking a leave of absence from the Guild. Temporary or permanent I don't know. <3 all


I'm a 27 year old guy from Middle of Nowhere, USA. Nearest town of any size is nearly 30 minutes from where I live I now live in a slightly-larger-than-small-town I now live in an actually decent sized town. I spend most of my free time on a free to play Magic the Gathering client where I'm a mod and judge but I do still spend a little bit everyday on here. I now spend most of my free time working on my own creative endeavors and modding friends' Twitch channels. And basically spend no time on here. I have however not been overly active as of late on here. Anyways I've been roleplaying for about 15 years now, getting my start in tabletops and only recently joined the ranks of forum roleplay about 8 years ago. That said I love RPing, Magic the Gathering and music.

If anyone needs to reach me off the guild I'm very reachable on Kik at rawrespada4 and at my hotmail... which you guessed it is Honestly if you see a rawrespada4 somewhere it's probably me, this is my username for just about everything so feel free to say hey if you me somewhere. Best bet to reach me off guild now days though is on discord where my user is Rawrespada4 #0581.

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Go ahead and pull my interest, some stuff has taken over my irl currently and I'm not finding the time or creative juices to actually build more than a rough concept of a character. Sorry for wasting anyone's time.
Guess that's enough people to start helming questions then.

What nation do y'all wanna citizenship in?

Velonta would be my first pick and then it'd probably be Alderamin.

Been a minute since I've done something on here but this sounds legit and I have fond memories of playing with ERode in the past. Color me interested.
Sounds good Prince ^_^
Finally got a post up! yay me
Tommy Lomax

Location: Footsteps Sports Bar, Wednesday Late Morning-Noon

On this beautiful Wednesday afternoon Tommy found himself cooped up in his office above Footsteps working on getting through a multitude of paperwork that had built up in his absence. It was his fault really. First he had taken four days off for the race weekend which after winning turned into another week off from Footsteps to give himself time for the numerous interviews and press spots that he knew Joel would pass up on. Once the interviews and press started winding down and life started to settle back into a somewhat more normal rhythm Tommy had been struck by the urge to take his house out to sea, or ocean rather, and spend the better part of another week deep-sea fishing. So it was that this Wednesday was his first real day back at Footsteps since the Grand Prix and that meant that alongside reviewing payroll, and ensuring that everyone received proper overtime for the last couple weeks, he had numerous notices from different vendors and needed to place orders for the upcoming weeks, especially with Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner. The tedium of paperwork was his least favorite part of running the bar and so his mind kept drifting back to the week of fishing and even further back to the Grand Prix. Looking back down at one of the vendor order forms he smiled to himself. The order form was for seafood which it turned out was actually pretty low on the list of stock that Footsteps was in need of right now, having just filled the freezer himself with a mix of herring and cod that were native to the waters off the coast of Sol City.

Location: Footsteps Sports Bar, Wednesday Afternoon

A couple hours of work had put a sizable dent in the mountain of paper that sat in front of Tommy. Sighing to himself he stood up and stretched, deciding he was done with the paperwork for now he slid his suit jacket that had been resting on the back of his chair back on and proceeded out of the office and down the steps to the main room of the bar. The bar wasn't that busy, as was normal on Wednesday in the winter, and so it wasn't hard for Tommy to pick out a familiar face, Marlin's, from among the patrons. Seeing that she was currently occupied with some of the other customers Tommy waved and found himself a seat at the bar. Having skipped lunch he found himself particularly famished and thought that an early dinner may well be in his future.


Now I'm nervous. I hope you like what I wrote for him. I tried to make him the more mature, level-headed member of the racing group.

You did great, captured him well and I like the way the relationship between him and Joel functions. Also just finished reading everything (Chapter 1 and 2 thus far) need to go to bed so I can get some sleep before work but I'll have a post up sometime in the next 24 hours.

Hey if you guys don't mind I'll be stepping back into the shoes of Tommy ^_^ just have to finish reading chapter 1 (about 100 posts left) and then I'll get to work on a post for chapter 2.

Just out of curiosity, how many people have been reading the old thread?

I've been working on catching up, I scrubbed out early from chapter 1 and don't know if I'm wanting to come back for chapter 2 but I've still enjoyed the story you guys have been building.
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