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Hi, I'm Olive. Used to rp in various places, but said places were full of twelve-year-olds with no self-restraint. I'll go for anything--romance is my favorite (I'm also a fanfiction writer), but if you've got a solid plot and lots of character development, that's good too.

I listen to kpop, lots of it. I love a bit of fluff, hurt/comfort, love confessions... any sort of cute romance, really.

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@QueenNugget likewise. also, it would be great if you could post? ^^''
@BingTheWing PM me?
@Metamore i'll think about it!

@Canidae yup. Kludd most likely won't be a full healer due to the range of spells costing him strength in one specific area

@ReveTheDreamer lo, thy soul rises from the dead... hi! glad to hear you still exist in this material plane, would be horrible if you didn't!! hope to see that post soon woohoo

Kludd is very all-around-ish, but I can't wait to see where he goes! depends on if you want to focus on one kind of magic or keep a range of skills.
@Metamore most definitely... we need a central healer, sadly enough I didn't take that into account when making Lalisa. maybe we can implement a potion system?
@Cherrywitch@Metamore I think Lalisa will take a more background role in the future... though, we should definitely start trying to figure out how team strategies will work. Ashley and Mikale are frontal fighters, Seren and Lalisa as support? Kludd/Fillan I need to think about though.

But don't worry, the battle's almost over, I would like @Insert Alias and possibly @pandapolio to reply and maybe one of them can land a final hit?

@AGenericUser Feine continues to be wonderful, especially when he's mad
still open...
beatboxing noises hey! go! reply! and stuff!
As the students begin to attack in groups of twos and threes, the shadow beast roars again, sending a shockwave throughout the hall and knocking down the students unlucky enough to not withstand the blast. In the back, the spellmakers start to summon restraints, lashing out and pinning the bear to the ground, bit by bit. Anyone close to the bear would feel the negative energy radiating off in waves, as is usual for a Spirit, and the sharpest may feel the shadows beginning to probe at their minds, looking for a way in. Once it finds the weakest point, it attacks more thoroughly, but in the this moment, the bear is occupied with more pressing matters. For now, the darkness only saps away at the frontline's energy, though the spells cast impede this ability somewhat.

The pairs split off, attacking from the back and the sides, to trap the bear in the middle of the hall. The Spirit lashes out, hurting anyone unprepared for such an attack. A few students fall. Others take their places. Miss Headmaster calls out to the crowd--

"Do not engage alone! Defend, attack, remember your training! New arrivals, stay back!"

--and the bear roars. Although the Spirit is rapidly reaching "death", it fights hard, swinging its huge claws and summoning small shadows to aid it. The students, however, are well trained for this type of battle. The fight will be over in just a minute or two, at most, but right now, the great hall is in chaos. In the back of the hall, Lalisa stirs.

Now not fully asleep, she blinks once. Twice. Her head hurts immensely, but she's alive. A slug crawls up her leg, and she slaps it off. Where is she? Disoriented, but quickly gaining consciousness. Taking in the scene in front of her, she sighs.

"I messed up," she says, sleepily. "Sorry. Grandmama." Rubbing her eyes, Lalisa tries her best to summon up her magic, but her body protests and she doesn't feel like burning herself up, so she tries to breathe instead. The people around her--so many!--are fighting hard, and for a moment she wants to thank them, but something else catches her eye.

A tin. A tin of cookies... her cookies. On the ground, spilling out.

Now, Lalisa's not offended. Rather, she's simply hungry--so she reaches out, grasping for the edge of a cookie. It's a strange thing to do in the middle of a battle, yes, but what else can she do? Maybe eating and replenishing her strength is the best idea in the such a situation.

She sounds like Feine. Speaking of which, where is he...? Did he just leave her? How rude of him. Lalisa catches ahold of the cookie tin.

"Does anyone want a cookie?" she says, while five slug-spirits crawl towards her and a large and dangerous enemy rages in the background. It's never too late for a cup of tea, Grandmama would say. No time like the present...

@ReveTheDreamer@QueenNugget@AGenericUser@Insert Alias@Metamore (so, like... shockwaves area-of-effect, powerful single attack, high health/low speed? where is my video game generator)
@Metamore tbh, in ye old forumtm we sorta made it up as we went along, but I think I can make a verrrry rough starting class list. keep in mind that there will be normal classes as well as magical ones...
hey guys! I hope everyone's doing well, I've just gotten back from an extended holiday/field trip, so look out for another post soon (for the wrap-up of the boss fight). after that, the story slows down and everyone can just relax and mingle for the class part of the rp.

for those who haven't posted recently--it's not required, but remember that i'm going to be assigning partners, so I need to know that you're still alive :)
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