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finally home and at my computer - ready to get replying and gm-ing again!
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congrats. i'm going to see astro this month :D
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Hi, I'm Olive and I'm back! (for how long, I don't know) Used to rp in various places, but said places were full of twelve-year-olds with no self-restraint. I'll go for anything--romance is my favorite (I'm also a fanfiction writer), but if you've got a solid plot and lots of character development, that's good too.

I still listen to kpop and I still read a lot of fanfiction. That's pretty much it.

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Hi all. Thanks for your continued interest and dedication to getting posts out, even if it feels a little dead right now. I'm currently in the last throes of the college semester and that means exams, papers, and tests! So I've been really busy, basically.

Now, what shall we do about this rp?

Honestly, every time I think of this rp ending it makes me want to cry, and even with my lack of time/inspiration, I can't bear to let it go! I just put so much time and effort into it... and everyone's characters are so lovely.... how could I ever end it!?

That being said, I am really swamped with schoolwork nowadays, and I foresee even more in the close future. But I still want to continue!!

Seeing as a lot of us have been busy / inactive lately, I wonder if it's alright to put this on hold? Or would that kill the interest? What do you guys think?
hey, no problem. I've been swamped with schoolwork and the like as well. I don't mind waiting, I can wait for as long as you like, and if you decide to drop this that's alright too. I'm always up to continue though, but it depends on what you are feeling :3 basically, anything is fine by me.
heyo, everybody. how's life? looks like my last post was a week ago, i'll put something up for Minkyu but y'all have to stick with me, too!
𝐘𝐨𝐨𝐧 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐲𝐞𝐨𝐥

Upper Dorm Hall, Saturday Evening
Interacting with all present

"N-now, let's all just calm down..."

Funny that Hangyeol would say something like that; after all, he's currently in a semi-panicked state, the earlier "I got this all under control" mindset completely forgotten due to the disasters that continue to pile up around him. First that girl, now somebody else? And why is that Korean girl yelling... Can't everyone just be quiet? This line of thinking continues on for about a minute before he catches sight of the blood on that man's hands, which only serves to heighten the amount of stress Hangyeol is feeling, until his instincts kick in and the let's be rational side of him is drowned out by a very loud, very panicky voice that says YOU'RE GOING TO DIE.

And so, assaulted by bad memories, bad circumstances, and his own messed-up brain, Hangyeol does the reasonable thing and goes into a panic attack.

The process is familiar, really. One minute, he's standing up and the next, he's backed into a corner, conveniently separated from the main hub of action and hidden by a nice layer of onlookers; wouldn't be good to draw any attention to himself, he thinks, his last coherent thought before his mind reminds him he's probably going to die and he can't breathe, can'tfeelanything—

The symptoms are hard to miss; his heartbeat is hammering away like a freight train, hands and legs shaking uncontrollably, his breathing suddenly too shallow, not enough air—it's happening again, why is it happening, why can't I keep it together—?

And then, as suddenly as it begun, it is over. Time elapsed: not even ten minutes. A short one, in other words. Hangyeol considers himself lucky; taking into account the circumstances, it's a miracle he's even alive, let alone functioning within society.

Taking a minute to collect himself, Hangyeol observes the crowded upper hall from his place in the corner, curious to see if anyone noticed him slipping away. It could go either way; he prides himself on being able to blend in with the crowd, but that Korean girl probably noticed, if not Lilly. Hangyeol would rather they didn't learn of this, but if the questions get too serious he'll probably have to tell them. Unless he could make something up; it's not good to let them know too much...

But, well, for now Hangyeol watches, letting the paramedics (which have finally arrived, thank goodness) do their job. Unfortunately, it looks like Seoyeon is bent on shouting in their faces, and they haven't been notified of the other apparent victim in the dorm, so he figures now is a good time to rejoin the party. Or, it would be if his brain wasn't still screaming at him, stuck in panic-mode when presented with an unchanging, uncomfortable situation, to put it lightly. But Hangyeol is good at ignoring his mind's warning signs, so he brushes them aside and reconvenes to where Seoyeon is currently arguing with the ambulance guys.

"Sorry to intrude, but I heard there was another guy hurt," he says, keeping his voice nice and quiet and calm despite the chaos around and inside him. "Can we get somebody looking at him?"
MARI IS A NATIONAL TREASURE BUT DAEHYUN IS WAY TOO CHAOTIC... somebody stop him he keeps exceeding my expectations
also, if amelia gets too meddling or mean to minkyu.... call her out on it! she means well but doesn't take others' feelings into account sometimes. it's a good thing we have a monty here now haha.
FINALLY I have ARISEN from the PIT OF HOMEWORK to bestow upon you another post!!! sorry it's long and possibly disjointed, but basically daehyun and mari are just gonna.... nyoom over to that grocery store and hopefully get some alone time together... how exciting :3

@ReveTheDreamer Would you mind wrapping up the Mina customer interaction however you see fit? Then Monty and Amelia can reminisce upon the good ol' days... and Minkyu can just kinda worry about mari because mari is smol!!! mari doesn't know Korean!!! daehyun could SCARE HER!!!!

and beks and march of course can continue to interact. hope this isn't too late. i'll have a Minkyu post up soon too, but first I have to do MORE HOMEWORK!!! D:
➳♥ Café Crème ♥ 7:30 AM ➳♥

Departing quickly from the kitchen as not to give March more things to worry about, Amelia glances around the shop, laughing quietly at Minkyu's befuddled expression when March hands him a handkerchief. March is almost as much of a mess as Minkyu, really, but he shows it differently. Mostly with sarcasm, and freezing up. It almost makes Amelia want to baby him, too, but she bets he would hate that. (Doesn't mean she won't try... later.)

Tapping her foot and waiting for Monty to finish taking the still-annoyed-looking customer's order with a grace she could never pull off, Amelia checks the clock and searches around for something else to keep her busy. Which, in this case, seems to be Mari, who seems about ready to cry, despite her suuuper cuuuute maid uniform and adorable cat ears. She looks over at Minkyu, ready to elbow him into a stuttering mess, but the barista already seems flustered enough. He's probably still not even over Mari calling him "sir", that's how hopeless he is when it comes to girls. Amelia remembers a time when she tried to get him to confess to a girl he liked, way back in grade school, but it didn't go well in the end. For some reason, Minkyu seemed to not like the help. Wonder why?

Shrugging, Amelia walks over to Mari's once-again frozen figure. She really is tiny, isn't she? Doesn't she go to highschool? Are there cute boys in her class? Suddenly, Amelia is filled with a desire to meddle in Mari's personal affairs! (In a friendly way, of course!) But before she can become Mari's friend, she has to play the part of her boss, and so, avoiding Minkyu's suspicious stare, she cheerfully pats Mari on the shoulder.

"Hey, you okay?" She asks the girl, noting with happiness how well her uniform suits her. Minkyu, you might be right about this one after all. She really is a munchkin. "Do you like the uniform? Isn't it adooorable? Anyway, we still have a half hour until opening, why don't you stand outside and advertise? Orrrr...." Casting a look around the café, Amelia's eyes come to rest on Daehyun, who is leaning on Minkyu's shoulder like a total bro. Somehow, this annoys her. She doesn't know what to think of that guy; one minute he's complimenting your hair, the next he's intimidating your brother into being friends with him... Amelia makes a note to grill Minkyu about him later.

Oh, right!" Amelia claps her hands. Bingo! "Minkyu, I forgot to tell you, but I didn't buy any milk yesterday." At the reveal of this information, Minkyu looks horrified, sprinting into the kitchen and returning with a container of milk that he shakes in Amelia's face. The telepathic message is as follows: YOU DIDN'T BUY MILK WHY DIDN'T YOU BUY MILK I NEED THAT MILK!!!, to which Amelia replies with a shrug and a calm down, I got this.

"I thought you and Daehyun could go get some milk for us! It won't take that long, the grocery store is within walking distance, it's just around the block if you go right--do you guys need a map?" Without waiting for a response, as is the von Grado way, Amelia pulls out a notepad and sketches a route to the store with amazing speed. Minkyu looks on with an unreadable expression, most likely conflicted by the thought of Mari and Daehyun going shopping together. (Or, at least that's what Amelia thinks.)

"Here you go," Amelia says, ripping out the page and handing it to Mari after a moment of contemplation. "Don't take too long! And, Daehyun--" Moving closer to the waiter and whispering in his ear, Amelia delivers a short, concise message: "Take it easy with Mari, she's delicate." Aka, a threat. Minkyu looks even more conflicted, then suddenly races into the kitchen with a squeaky "I-I'll help March, then!" Amelia watches him go, then returns to the pair of new recruits.

"So, whatd'ya think? Go on, hurry, we haven't got all day!"
There's something for ya! Hope there aren't any mistakes, I didn't look over it super carefully. Anyway, sorry for the wait.
"Well... thanks, then," Ji says, shrugging, trying to play it off like it's no big deal. She's a real sweetheart, huh? In that case, he can't have her getting all worried about him; no, that's just not right! Ji hates any form of pity or worry directed towards himself and his... unorthodox living situation, so he would appreciate it if Fuyuko doesn't make a fuss. Luckily, it doesn't seem like she will, and soon the conversation moves past that slightly-thorny topic. Ji makes a mental note to not mention anything about money, food, or clothing in the future, as he is currently lacking all three.

As Fuyuko begins to talk about her job, though, Ji's ears perk up, and he frowns. What, are they not paying her well? That's rough. Ji's had to haggle a paycheck plenty of times over, but even then, there have been times when he's had to just give up and leave without getting paid; as a hybrid, he's usually on the losing side when push comes to shove. But over the years you get better at knowing who's good and who's not. Starting, of course, with the assumption that nobody can be trusted... and then being pleasantly surprised when you can.

But, seeing how Fuyuko reacts, it's probably better not to bring up anything like that. It's generally not a good idea to tell the stranger you are going to be spending a undetermined number of nights with that they can't trust anyone.

"Hey, hey, no worries," Ji replies, hands up, palms open in the universal "I mean no harm" gesture. "It's good to be confident in your work; I bet you're very, uh, capable." Ji can't really relate; he's not really good at anything, other than staying on the road and pinching pennies. But, Fuyuko got this job, so she probably is good at what she does, and that seems to be enough for her.

He's happy for her. But, he must admit, it would be nice to find some sort of passion.

"You got me there," Ji says lightly, brushing those thoughts away with relative ease. "I've never modelled before, what's it like? Do I just have to, like, stand there?" He laughs, a hand coming up to ruffle around in his curly mass of hair. "Sorry, sorry. I'm thinking of those high-fashion magazines... That's probably much different, isn't it? Have you ever taken pictures for one of those?"
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