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Hi, I'm Olive. Used to rp in various places, but said places were full of twelve-year-olds with no self-restraint. I'll go for anything--romance is my favorite (I'm also a fanfiction writer), but if you've got a solid plot and lots of character development, that's good too.

I listen to kpop, lots of it. I ship... a lot of pairings, but right now I'm into BNHA (Izuocha, Kamijirou). I like my fluff.

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@pandapolio okay, that's fine.

Lalisa, in the middle of deciding on whether to break up Ashley and Mikale (or not), shifts her focus to the... student who has suddenly appeared, introducing himself so majestically it's hard to miss him.

First of all, his scarf is blowing in a building, which just looks strange, and he's got white hair, which is weirder. Lalisa has never seen anybody like him, but then again, she hasn't seen a lot of people. Furthermore, Lalisa has never heard of a Feine Rhiter, and the way he's talks sounds... condescending. Is he a prince? No, she probably would've heard of a Prince Feine, they get the press daily... He's got a seriously high opinion of himself, that's for sure. And all that talk about 'inspiration'...

Oh, he's a writer. That's alright. Lalisa wonders if he reads, like her. Shakespeare! She likes Shakespeare, so he must not be all bad.

"I've never heard of your books," Lalisa says innocently, eyes wide. "I love Shakespeare, though. My favorite of his is A Midsummer's Night Dream, what's yours?" She pauses. "You... don't look like him, though... I fail to see any resemblance... Oh!"

She offers him a cookie. "You were talking about how interesting my cookies were, so would you like to try one?"
@Canidae yessir. I think everything's winding down anyway. also, @Metamore hasn't joined yet, so I wanted to give them a chance to do so.

"I understand the feeling." Violetta clears the plates of those that have already finished, setting them by the sink for washing. Her fingers shake, letting one of the glasses slip through her fingers. She hisses, diving to catch it, but it's too late. The glass shatters on the floor, and Violetta blushes.

Her hands are acting up again, it seems.

"I'm sorry... watch out for the glass, Mrs. Claus, I'm going to get a broom."
Violetta sets the plate of pancakes out on the table, along with butter and syrup. Looking at the amount of people coming into the dining room, she's rather worried if she made enough, but Mrs. Claus is a better cook than her, anyway. She sits down in her chair, folding her hands gently in her lap. Counting the number of people, she recognizes most. Where is that new boy? Are Rei and Hel coming? They must have heard the bell...

The sight of so many people makes her feel full, in a way she never felt with the crowds of gypsies from her past. A family. That's what they are, right? Bound by the same thread of fate, all following different paths but led to the same end, this orphanage. What a wonderful thought. She only hopes the others feel the same.

"Alex, you really shouldn't smoke at all, you know it's bad for you," she says softly. She worries about everyone in the orphanage, of course, but Alex is always causing some sort of trouble... They all cause trouble, though, so what's the difference? Jasper, the loner. Jazzy, who always wants new playmates. Hel and Rei... enigmas. They've all had such horrible pasts, but now they are free to be different. She shouldn't be the one to discourage this freedom.

"Good morning, everyone," she greets. Good morning, family.
@Metamore hey, I saw that your start didn't really get anybody replying to it, would you like to jump in when the combat portion starts, or maybe start a pm thread for anybody who'd like to rp your saeren part?

i'm super sorry I didn't notice earlier... seems unfair that you'd get left out while we had all the fun ^^''
@pandapolio your hider looks like it messed up...
@pandapolio yes, you may put it in the character tab now.
@pandapolio capitalization on the sentence starts, and you're going to have to be VERY careful about not making him into a godlike figure with infinite power or something. it's good that he has a damper - it uses tons of energy - but be careful. otherwise, he seems alright. just be cautious around randomly jumping from time to time (since that would probably take the most of all; maybe too much would kill him?)

Violetta sets to making the batter as well as she can, turning on the griddle for cakes. Her hands shake moderately, but she's gotten better at controlling it since her preteen years. Pouring the batter, she lets it cook while she watches the new boy and Alex converse. He's cute when he gets excited, she decides. When Alex showed off his fire, though, he ran away again. Easily scared, indeed.

"Alex, you scared him again," she says, stifling a short laugh. "Would you please get him to wash his hands so we can sit down?"

Violetta sticks her head out of the kitchen area and calls "breakfast!" to whoever is up, then goes back to flip the pancakes.
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