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Hi, I'm Olive and I'm back! (for how long, I don't know) Used to rp in various places, but said places were full of twelve-year-olds with no self-restraint. I'll go for anything--romance is my favorite (I'm also a fanfiction writer), but if you've got a solid plot and lots of character development, that's good too.

I still listen to kpop and I still read a lot of fanfiction. That's pretty much it.

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thinking about making a younger character.... in any case i'm here!
@Squirrel98@NiceSpice y'all still good? I know we lost a member but I still hope to continue!
@DestinyStar ah, yeah! sorry, things have been busy on my side :( i'll get something up quick!
𝐘𝐨𝐨𝐧 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐲𝐞𝐨𝐥

Dorm Hall, Saturday, 6:00 PM

Hangyeol is not the biggest fan of parties.

Perhaps it's because of the things involved: beer, something Hangyeol does not and will not touch on account of past reckless experiences; drugs, another thing he would much rather avoid; and people, who, unlike books and knitting, are unpredictable in the worst ways. Hangyeol's most common experiences include bar fights, arguments, over-friendliness, and occasionally flirting. Perhaps he's just stuffy, but given the choice he'll pass, thanks.

However, in this setting Hangyeol's not certain there is a choice. The entire dorm has pitched in to contribute the food, drinks, and illegal substances that are the hallmarks of a "good" party, and while Hangyeol is 90% sure he's not touching any of it, introductions are in order. He may be an antisocial roommate, but he'd like to at least be a polite one.

Which brings us to the present: the party.

To his credit, he picked up some chips at a local convenience store and took the long way back; Alaska is freezing, but the stars are so beautiful Hangyeol is staying out for as long as humanly possible. And because he knows the volume of the party is probably something ridiculously ear-splitting, and that once he steps inside he'll likely get no reprieve until the end of the night. Hangyeol does not look forward to that 4 AM headache.

He checks his watch. Well, no time like the present. Hangyeol tugs open the door and steps inside.

The party, while small, has several attractions present in the form of spiked drinks, spiked snacks, and a general vibe of "Saturday night fun" that pumps in through the speakers and fills the dorm, hallways and all. Hangyeol takes a moment to adjust to the bass-heavy music and collect his bearings before dumping his bags of chips on a random table. That should do for now; he's fairly sure nobody cares about where the food should go as long as they get to eat it.

Stopping by his dorm room to throw his coat on the floor, he takes a very quick look in the mirror and shrugs. It'll have to do. He's not picky about his appearance by any means; as long as there's nothing on his face, he's satisfied.

Passing by several people, but declining to strike up a conversation with them, Hangyeol begins to wander the premises, avoiding the crowded places but not dodging the party entirely. People, while hard to deal with, aren't his worst nightmare by any means, and the general atmosphere can be almost exciting at times. He just prefers to stay on the sidelines, to keep his wits about him. Just in case something bad happens.

Just in case.
@Amaralyn aww. I'm really sorry to hear that, it was really fun roleplaying with you too! hopefully things will start looking up for you soon :)
@Vulkan yeah... it seems pretty dead. i'll get up a post real soon I hope.
sooo... is this dead...?
@Strange Rodent btw, when do you think dorm rooms be assigned?

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