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Hi, I'm Olive and I'm back! (for how long, I don't know) Used to rp in various places, but said places were full of twelve-year-olds with no self-restraint. I'll go for anything--romance is my favorite (I'm also a fanfiction writer), but if you've got a solid plot and lots of character development, that's good too.

I still listen to kpop and I still read a lot of fanfiction. That's pretty much it.

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Yeojung "Yunnie" Bae

Watching her new partner explain himself, Yunnie nods along attentively, curious eyes looking him up and down (but not in a creepy way; honestly, she's just interested in his fashion sense.) So far, this interaction is going good; she's yet to embarrass herself, the guy isn't intimidating, and they both seem equally nervous. It's introvert meets introvert, or something like that--a little awkward, but she isn't complaining, since she doesn't have to fight him. This conversation might have a hard time staying alive, though... Yunnie usually peters out after the first few minutes, running out of confidence and things to say when presented with somebody who couldn't care less about fashion and mysteries. She gets it; everyone has a type of person, but why does it have to be so hard to find hers?

In fact, what are they going to do? She's not particularly athletic, and Aaron--Ronnie, they're even nickname buddies!--seems just about ready to drop dead. Not literally, of course, but Yunnie can tell he's barely hanging on. Those eyes of his are certainly drooping, and he doesn't seem all the way "there"--just a little bit too tired to function, or way too exhausted. Whatever sort of night it was for him, it must've not been fun. Not that Yunnie is one to talk; she's the one sneaking out and spying on Academy officials, after all. But she slept pretty okay--slept like a rock, actually. No dreams or anything. Maybe her sleep schedule is finally getting back on track, after all those sleepless nights at a new dormitory?

Another thing--he's jumpy, too. (Like her.)

At any rate... Yunnie's mind drifts a bit, back to last night's rendezvous before snapping back to reality. She can't stop thinking about it; she's too curious for her own good; too curious, and too preoccupied with daydreams and mysteries. It's probably due to her restrictive childhood; Yunnie considers herself pretty lucky in most aspects, but her mother was kind of a control freak sometimes. (All the time.) What are rules, if all they do is make you dream?

"I'm not a fighter either. I'm a somnokinetic dreamwalker. I just make people go to sleep and change their dreams."

"O-oh!" Yunnie, snap out of it! she scolds herself, pulling on her pigtails and discreetly pinching herself (her cheek, which is apparently very pinchable. Thanks, grandma.) This is no time to worry about her past; to ignore somebody is just outright rude. And if there's anything Yunnie learned from her manners-obsessed mother, it was not to be rude. So she won't! "That's really cool--your power, I mean! I-I've never heard of something like that before, is it fun?" Wait! What if that's why Aar--Ronnie--looks so tired? Maybe he gets really sleepy when he does it, or something? Omigosh, that was such a weird thing to say, wasn't it!? Hastily, Yunnie tries to mend the "awkward" situation. "S-sorry! That was kind of a weird thing to ask, wasn't it? In fact, you don't need to show me--" She laughs, nervous and unable to stop herself from getting embarrassed. Her cheeks feel a little warm; curse her horrible habit of rambling! Stop it now, Yunnie, before it gets any worse!

"Ahem. Sorry. Like I said, you don't need... to show me, if, um, you're too tired? Not to offend, but if it's a power like mine, it probably takes a lot of energy, and you look pretty beat already." But then again... what was this whole exercise about? Sparring? Showing each other their powers? Yunnie doesn't know; she just wants to curl up in bed and read the next chapter of her favorite mystery novel and eat sugary snacks until she feels better. Making friends is too tiring. (She wants to go home... wait, no she doesn't.)

@murdoc jasper's up since cr & ys are not in the basement and will have a collab post later
hey y'all, lovely's dropped out, so sunmi won't be performing. consider her and bliss background characters. hopefully we can move things past the evals and onto more character interactions soon.
@Lovely Complex hey can't message you on discord so I was just gonna say i'm sorry to see you go and that I hope you can get back on your feet as soon as possible... bliss and sunmi had a lot of potential, they will be missed :(
@King Tai hmm theme song.... Yunnie's would be something super cute and peppy, like something moe shop or twice
@KatKook okay, i'll add her to the staff post~ she seems good.
Yeojung "Yunnie" Bae

After the events of Yunnie's late-night excursion, it must be said that she slept like a log. The illusions put on her clothes dissipated soon after she returned to her apartment and collapsed on her bed as Yunnie's powers wore off and it was no longer the priority--that being replaced by the heaviness in her eyelids as she hurriedly prepared for bed. The energy expended by Yunnie's powers enough to put her to the sleep the moment she snuggled under the covers, and upon waking up, she could only stare at the clothes scattered on the floor and think, "What, exactly, happened last night?"

Thankfully, nothing scandalous took place--unless you count spying and sneaking out as scandalous, which makes sense. Still, Yunnie is glad to attribute her light headache and rumpled clothes to the mysterious rendezvous in the courtyard and not to the party.

Getting ready, Yunnie thinks back to last night--was it really nothing? Or would something else pop up? It's a mystery, but she's definitely going to start keeping on eye out for suspicious masked man, or the headmaster. Hm, should she go with the hearts again or something easier and less... flashy? They are doing some sort of physical training today, so she shouldn't dress her best, or her clothes could get wrecked. Who knows how aggressive it could get?

Once Yunnie is finished with her extensive morning routine and following the other students to the forest, her mind is focused on the day at hand and a worrying rip in her white cat stockings, last night's worries temporarily forgotten. Brown hair flies as she scans the area, looking for the boy assigned to train with her. Hopefully he's not wanting to spar; Yunnie can dodge alright, but barely throw a punch. (She has noodle arms. But perfect fashion sense!)

Catching sight of a tired-looking boy out of the corner of her eye, Yunnie decides he's the one. The hologram says so. Probably. Brushing off the imaginary dust on her patchwork denim jacket as her nerves threaten to overtake her, Yunnie sucks in a deep breath and dedicates a minute of last minute do-I-really-look-okay time before going over to where he stands. Knees knocking (but only a little!) and hands in the pockets of her high-waisted shorts, Yunnie takes a good look at her partner--he's older than her, probably by a few years, and he has a nose piercing! Not that Yunnie can't appreciate street style, but her parents would bury her alive if she ever got as much as a second piercing--it took her literal years of begging to convince them to let her pierce her ears.

It looks cool on him, though. His hair could use a little work, but she's guessing he's the kind to not care.

"Um... Excuse me... you're Aaron, right? I'm your partner, I guess. I-I'm Yeojung, but you can call me Yunnie if you want!" Voice wobbling slightly when she finally attempts to start a conversation, Yunnie looks up at her partner--she tends to do that a lot, since she's... small. (Five feet two inches, to be exact!) He's not one of the kids she met last night, though she can see them milling around the forest, like her. Well, that means she doesn't have to worry about weird midnight occurrences. Kind of relief, actually.

"A-anyway...! I don't know what we're really supposed to be doing, since my power isn't very... weaponizable. It's just some sort of illusion thing." To demonstrate, Yunnie touches her hair bow, turning it from pink plaid to navy blue with stars. "Like that. Ta-da."

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