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Current sorry for all the late replies, coming up on finals week and trying not to fail
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*rises from the grave* haha school is cancelled so i can rp
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finally home and at my computer - ready to get replying and gm-ing again!
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congrats. i'm going to see astro this month :D
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currently trying to get an education but i also come back and rp sometimes. i like kpop.

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aaaa i look away for two seconds and two weeks pass! again i have to apologize for being so slow at everything. not giving up on my boi chunjiro but my inspiration for rpguild has slowed to a crawl, at least for now. trying to get back into it.

Dialogue Color: HotPink and #55009B.
As seen in: a 1x1 (doubling!)

Notes: Finally got my wish of dabbling more in kpop culture and the behind-the-scenes of the industry. I hope to explore a lot of my own personal interests so I'm glad someone was generous enough to go along with it ^^''

Would play again: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ & ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣
ehh i'm not super happy with this post but hopefully it gives you enough to work with! they're just going to be walking around and doing shopping, then they can meet the grannies~ sorry for the long wait!
"Yes, feel free," Chunjiro answers, enjoying the feeling of walking side-by-side with his new wife. He hopes this can continue, that Haru never feels like things must be rushed. Baby steps. They'll get to know each other like this, in a steady and laid-back fashion.

Walking down the dirt road to the market, Chunjiro makes sure to stand tall and watch his posture; even now, the curious gazes of the townspeople are upon them, although they are much less noticeable than the ones at the wedding. Rather than being the main attraction, this is mere curiosity, and Chunjiro can take comfort in knowing the novelty of being newly-married will pass with time. At most, Haru will have to deal with congratulations for a few days. And, with luck, no nosy questions.

"Chun-san! Nice to see you out and about!" calls Hiro, the shopkeeper of the vegetable stall, as they walk into the busy marketplace--here, the townspeople are too busy buying and selling to notice the new arrivals. Chunjiro bows respectfully, greeting him.

"Yeah! It's good to return to normal life," he says, accepting the baskets that Hiro prepares for him each week. Peeking inside, he confirms the contents: cabbage, daikon, and other fresh, green vegetables ready to be delivered to each of his clients. Despite having already eaten, he's already fantasizing about lunch, and what Haru might make for them; he's excited to see what she can do with ingredients other than rice, since she seemed so excited about cooking and buying vegetables.

"And this is your wife, eh?" Chunjiro looks up from the basket to see Hiro looking curiously at Haru. Chunjiro scrambles to introduce her.

"Y-yes! This is Haru. Haru-san, this is Hiro." It still feels weird to introduce her as his wife. He supposes it, too, will come with time. Perhaps they already know each other. Chunjiro wouldn't put it past Hiro; the shopkeeper is friendly, popular with the ladies, and good with his words. Chunjiro envies that freedom; his own words are getting jumbled quite often lately, whereas Hiro's never falter. They're been friends for a long time, despite Hiro being a few years older than him.

"Ah, well, it's nice to meet you, Oka-san," Hiro says, smiling. "I hope Chunjiro is treating you well, he's a bit of a simple guy, but I'm sure he's trying his best."

"H-Hiro!" Chunjiro blushes, hoping Haru doesn't take the words too seriously--well, he is a simple guy, but it's embarrassing to hear it said out loud! And besides, he knows she gets nervous when answering questions... Should he tell Hiro to stop? Will she be alright...? He's worrying too much, isn't he. She can take care of herself, probably.

"A-anyway, we should probably be going now," Chunjiro says cautiously, shifting the baskets around to give him a better view of his surroundings, and of Haru. "It was good talking to you, Hiro."

"You too. And Oka-san, don't forget to come back for your own groceries later~"

Dialogue Color: Coral
As seen in: a 1x1

Notes: Jesse is the Italian-Korean mob boss I've been wanting to play ever since this performance happened. Well, he's not a mob boss here, but he's at least a delinquent.

Would play again: ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠
and then when they have tiny drinks-- *clasps hand to heart* -- waaay cute. also i love how you can now buy bags from kicks, he was my fav in new leaf
i knoww. my favorite thing is giving them clothing, because their little hats are sooo cute
Rip :( I have this cute squirrel named Peanut who thinks she's a movie star, it's adorable XD
ANIMAL CROSSING. Only the best quarantine game ever... although I haven't been playing too much recently.
Heya, sorry to keep you waiting so long! Just got a large influx of interest and trying to balance everything out. Hopefully I can keep this one.
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