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finally home and at my computer - ready to get replying and gm-ing again!
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congrats. i'm going to see astro this month :D
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Hi, I'm Olive and I'm back! (for how long, I don't know) Used to rp in various places, but said places were full of twelve-year-olds with no self-restraint. I'll go for anything--romance is my favorite (I'm also a fanfiction writer), but if you've got a solid plot and lots of character development, that's good too.

I still listen to kpop and I still read a lot of fanfiction. That's pretty much it.

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2 notes: Chunjiro was scared of women as a kid so this is all new and confusing to him. I picked the Edo period as the setting, because it was a time of relative peace for samurai and the technology is like... kind of advanced? So some plumbing, stoves, etc. Though, since they're in a rural area, they have a well. :D
It kind of relieved him that she had the same thoughts about the wedding as him. It gave him all the more hope that she was just the shy type, rather than the repulsed by his very existence type. Like her, he had been surprised and embarrassed by the amount of attention; despite being betrothed since childhood, Chunjiro had always regarded his marriage as nothing more than a footnote, tucked away in the pages to come. Rather, as a young child, everything farther than 10 minutes in the future feels like a lifetime.

But, here they are, and Chunjiro mentally congratulates himself as Haru begins to loosen up. Hopefully, she takes his words to heart, and continues speaking her thoughts to him. It's refreshing to hear her chatter about the market--even if he is embarrassing the both of them, it's heartening to see her bounce back from it, and even ask him questions.

"Follow me, then," Chunjiro says, making a mental note to give her a full tour of the house later. Following a narrow hallway to the courtyard, he picks up a bucket from where it sits on the patio. The courtyard, half traditional Japanese garden, half functional for training and housekeeping, is modest, but well-kept. Not Chunjiro's doing, of course--his mother paid a "special visit" two weeks before the wedding to set the house in order. He can't say he's done a great job keeping it in order, though...

"That's good. I have some errands to run in the village, but we can meet up afterwards." For a moment, he's a little worried at the thought of Haru shopping alone--what if she gets lost? What if she hurts herself? What if somebody shady tries to...? No, no. She'll be fine, and besides, the errands won't take long... I'll do them as quickly as possible.

“I am. Your w-wife. I would like to do the same.”

“I would like it if you talk to me… tell me how your day is. S-Share it with me.”

Chunjiro stares at the hand on his shoulder in confusion and slight uncomfort, due to the odd angle of his neck. Okay. Cool. She's touching him. She has really small hands. And her nose, too. Wait, that's creepy. She's blushing, though. Cute.

"O-o-of course!!" Chunjiro yells loudly, suddenly aware that he's been staring at her. "I mean, um, I'd love to... talk to you. S-since we're married, it's..." No. Calm down. Chunjiro breathes in, desperately trying to center himself, because he feels like he's floating. Seriously. He shouldn't be feeling this happy because of such simple words, but Haru... "...something I want to do."

Chunjiro tries for a smile, and pulls her hand off his shoulder to hold it in his. This is fine, right? Can she hear how fast his heart is beating right now!?

...That's right. He never answered her question.

"Ah, and I have six siblings," he tells her, hoping the subject will distract her--and him--from their intertwined hands. He doesn't even know why he's doing this, other than the weak logic of "Haru touched my shoulder," which isn't so much logic as it is teenage hormones going wild. That, though, is a secret to even Chunjiro himself. "It was hard growing up, but I love them all very much."
in a normal situation i would say JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY!!... but they're already married.
"...I wouldn't say I like to as much as I need to," Chunjiro says, smiling a bit. He initially doubted this was even going to work, but with each passing minute, Haru seems less nervous and the atmosphere less heavy. It's a weight off his shoulders, and he hopes this is a good sign of things to come. The sooner he can hold a conversation with her, the better.

Standing on his tiptoes to pull a bowl down from a cabinet above the stovetop, Chunjiro glances at Haru, and is delighted to see her smiling. Does she likes to cook? I bet her and Makia would be great friends. In fact, they really haven't met each other's families; maybe one day, they can all share a meal together... The mental image makes his cheeks warm, but it's a pleasant feeling, imagining them at the table, sitting next to each other--aaand now it's embarrassing. Geez, if even a thought makes him nervous, how will he ever get used to the real deal? Even if he does want to cook with her, he isn't sure his heart can handle it...

"It was good," he agrees, thinking back to the stews, the dumplings, the long, juicy noodles... "I didn't like being stared at, but I thought the ramen was... delicious."

Like any teenage boy, Chunjiro is immediately enthralled by the concept of good food. So, Haru cooking only adds more points to his list of my wife's charming features, a new and rapidly-growing mental checklist that is kind of making Chunjiro question his sanity.

"Ah, no, i-it's fine!" He didn't think she was rambling at all, but Haru seems to be very self-critical. He wishes he could just... tell her not to worry. But would that be too presumptuous of him? "Believe me," he says quietly, as an idea occurs to him. "M-my brother, Takeru, he never stops talking. Besides, I like... learning about what you... like." After that extremely embarrassing admission, Chunjiro avoids her eyes and hopes he doesn't look as ridiculous as he thinks he sounds. Silence quickly descends. Scratch that, it didn't work. They're both awkward, again.

"A-anyway," Chunjiro says after a minute or two, no longer able to bear the awful quiet, blushing but determined to make it out alive, "the well is out in the courtyard... Would you like to come along? We can make the rice together, if you wish. And, I can escort you to the market, after breakfast. I-I know this is all new to you, but please, don't ever feel like you have to bear it alone... I am your h-h-husband now, so you can tell me if there's anything you need."
kαtσ chunjírσ

"If my only strength is my sword, even so, I'll surely protect the ones I love!"

Name: Kato Chunjiro (Surname first)
Nickname: "Chun" or "Chuu-kun"
Age: 17
Occupation: Samurai
Appearance: Trained by his father from his youngest days, Chunjiro is confident in his strength, yet doesn't look very imposing upon first glance. He's a little late to start growing, and his arms and legs are generally a bit thin. Other than that, his face is kind, with much boyishness still visible in his features.
Tidbits: His father runs a dojo and was very strict on him as a child. His mother is a beautiful and well-mannered women who is highly thought of in the village, but a truly frightening mother. Loves ramen with fried fish. Has more than a few younger siblings and is used to working hard for other people. Nervous around women.

"Um... Please take care of me from now on..."

Dialogue Color: DarkOrange
As seen in: Domestic Samurai, a 1x1.

𝒩𝑜𝓉𝑒𝓈: He's baby. That is all. I'm in the getting to know him phase right now, so we'll see where he goes.

Would play again:

Dialogue Color: Gold
As seen in: Luxor: Realm of Romance (1x1)

𝒩𝑜𝓉𝑒𝓈: He's a shiny prince. What else can I say? The most interesting thing about him right now is his relationship with his brother. But I'm excited to see where the rp goes, and I had fun making the CS look like a wiki page.

Would I play again: 👑👑
Simon Kamado

Name: Simon Kamado
Age: 25 -- first year of residency
Gender: Male
Occupation: Medical student, now graduated from medical school and moving onto residency training to become a emergency physician.
Background: Generally a quite bright and happy fellow, Simon nevertheless takes his job seriously--he's studying to be an emergency physician, and he's begun practice (under the watchful eyes of a more experienced doctor, of course) at the local hospital. Graduation from medical school means he needs to find a new place, and it's been a stressful few weeks of searching and getting all the paperwork done for both his job and his apartment, so he's about ready to collapse. In fact, that could be said of Simon all the time--he's amiable, friendly, cheerful, ready to collapse, and does so often. working 3 days in a row, often for long day or night shifts, really isn't the greatest way to live. But hey, he's here now, somehow.

Dialogue Color: N/A
As seen in: Blood Work (1x1)

ɳσƭεร: Jani spends about 25% of the time thinking about how tired he is, whereas Simon spends 50%. This is because Jani has to fight werewolves, and Simon doesn't, giving him more time to think about it. Jani is disappointed in you, Simon. Do better. Still, I like Simon, because he's what I want to be--friendly, cool, and somewhat dorky. Also because Tanjiro is my favorite character in Demon Slayer.

Would I play again: 💉💉💉
"I wanna rob a bank!"
Riley Lee Palmer


➵ Full Name: Riley Lee Palmer

➵ Nickname: "Ri? I dunno, most people just call me "babe."

➵ Age: 22

➵ Gender: Male

➵ Relationship Status: "Single and looking… ladies."

➵ Occupation: Uber/Taxi driver.

➵ Appearance: Riley has been blessed with a lot of things--money, doting parents, a good education--but his most valued asset, in the opinion of his many girlfriends, is his face. The boy has the face of an angel, speckled with aesthetic-looking, and authentic, freckles, hair floppy, curly, and soft enough to make the best of models green with envy, and a lip ring on his bottom lip. In fact, the only thing not perfect about Riley is his teeth, which are finally beginning to straighten under the insistence of his parents--braces, apparently, are a good look for him too. Around town, you will see Riley mostly in comfy, yet trendy hoodies and jackets, a pair of yellow converse or vans (he owns several pairs of both), and, sometimes, a hairpin or two in his hair.

➵ Personality: At first, Riley seems like the typical flirt; never without a smooth word, always bragging about his possessions to anybody who will listen, but there's one crucial difference: he actually thinks he's the greatest. Born into immense wealth, Riley grew up with a sense of superiority that has stuck with him throughout high school and beyond: he's a snob, as much as a small-town millionaire can be, and he never quite understood the "money can't buy happiness" thing. A romantic at heart, but without any stops, he relentlessly flirts with everything alive, and on occasion, a few things that aren't. Riley has a silver tongue, but also a heart of gold--he wasn't voted student council president three years in a row for nothing--and he is generally a very talkative, even friendly individual who just happens to own fifty identical hoodies.

➵ Secrets: At his very center, Riley is dealing with the beginnings of a reckoning with his identity, and his greatest desire is to get out of his town and do something fun for once.

➵ Bio: As the only child of the most powerful family in town, Riley grew up good. Palmer Sr., a self-made millionaire due to his successful toothpaste production plant, suddenly had too much money and did not handle it well in respect to his son, pouring his fortune into every aspect of Riley's life. Therefore, the boy you see before you today: a spoiled brat, bored of everything and convinced that he's the best. Without a private school to send him too, Riley attended the local (and only) public school all his life, and therefore knows every student… especially the cheerleaders. Every inch of this miniscule town is his playground, and he lords over it like a kid in a candy store. Although, all he really does is flirt with girls and drive around town in his red MG convertible, looking for something to do.

___________________________ ➵ ➵ ➵ ___________________________

Dialogue Color: Goldenrod
As seen in: Originally planned for Motel Cadillac, but then I procrastinated too much.

𝒩𝑜𝓉𝑒𝓈: This guy is awful. 10/10 would rp again... oh wait, I didn't rp him at all. Sorry Riley.

Would I play again: ➸➸➸➸➸

Dialogue Color: #778899
As seen in: Have Cat, Will Travel 💫, a 1x1 that I ADORE. Seriously, @Otakuforreal is a great partner!

𝒩𝑜𝓉𝑒𝓈: Hey, it's another catboy! But this one's TIRED! Jani's great. The rp he's in is great. He's not a character I can easily transplant, though, because him and Elonwen work so well together. He's not himself without her.

Would I play again: Tbh, Jani is a one-rp character at this point. It would break his little heart to be separated from his mistress. Zero ☾s out of 5.
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