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10 mos ago
finally home and at my computer - ready to get replying and gm-ing again!
11 mos ago
congrats. i'm going to see astro this month :D
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Hi, I'm Olive and I'm back! (for how long, I don't know) Used to rp in various places, but said places were full of twelve-year-olds with no self-restraint. I'll go for anything--romance is my favorite (I'm also a fanfiction writer), but if you've got a solid plot and lots of character development, that's good too.

I still listen to kpop and I still read a lot of fanfiction. That's pretty much it.

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Right now, I'm interested in some anime high school hi-jinks; you know those anime about clubs that do nothing but have lots of cute girls? Yeah.
hello all! i promise i am not dead, finals and a cold just got me for a day or two, plus i was bad and wanted to savor my first full day of nothing by sleeping in really late. although i now feel out of place because is coalfell a town for lesbians or? riley will still be showing up, in style, without caring about popular writers or actors because the most popular person in town is him!
don't worry, i gotchu -- finals are over in two weeks and then i'm home free, right now i'll work on it in bits and pieces and hopefully give u something by the end of this week!
strange girl begins yelling in diner: more news at nine
awesome! i hope riley can get along with everyone... :P
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i cannot tell u how much i've been wanting to use this fc... he's my flirty stuck up rich boy now and he's ready for some fun! let's get this party started~~
yay a terrorist... this will be fun

stuck between a police officer/vigilante wannabe or a, um... dancer???
o there's already an ooc.... also, @QueenNugget two year long time no see! gonna be interesting seeing where this goes~
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