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Where there is light, there is always darkness. From a world of those who could strive and achieve, there were those failures that made up the lower levels of society. The world of man, of Magical Girls, was one of duality; the keepers of light and those nightmares in the dark they faced. Unpredictable was the way of life and with it came all sorts of unspoken factors and variables. No one could or should try to predict the dictation of life, of fate, and destiny.

That was perhaps why no one could foresee the attack on Ayaka before it struck. Although the night was clear, it was distracted by the sound of conflict and fighting atop the building. From the chaotic buzzing of the Pageless and their bouts with the Magical Girls, the sharpness of something ripping, almost whistling through the air was lost. But it was there. And it struck at Ayaka with all the force and velocity of a bullet. Whether she had enough senses to dodge the attack or even the strength to counter it remained to be seen.

Even in the night air, she could make out what had been thrown at her with the help of the clear moon light. A large, metallic rod that almost resembled a pinion was the culprit and soon enough it was joined by more of its kind. The air whistled once more with the rods fired off at Ayaka from an unknown direction. They rippled through the air, their intent to stab or embed but no doubt to crush the force of light that stood in its path. Beyond the corner of her sight, Ayaka could make out a flitting shadowy form darting about. Was this the culprit?

Mavis perked an eye up when she heard mention of herself; not specifically her name, but a quick look around confirmed there were no other human women the dwarf could have meant. Namedropping himself as Banard, his warmth and demeanor was, admittedly, more than a bit infectious. Finishing up in unpacking her items and essentials, Mavis rose herself up and wordlessly shuffled closer to the rather well-sized crowd gathered at the dwarf tent.

“Banard. Ramiel. It’s very nice to meet you both,” said Mavis, giving a nod to both dwarf and half-elf, returning Ramiel’s gesture. “If we’re on the topic of introductions, then allow me one as well. I am Mavis Meadowbane of whoever may pay me the most,” she said with just the shadow of a smirk. Despite the joking, the words rang true, especially in her business of monster slaying. She caught notice of Ramiel mentioning his origins from Amber Grove but kept quiet about them for now. Interesting, interesting all the same.

What she couldn’t ignore was the offering of drinks. “I mean no disrespect but….” Mavis said before her words trailed off. She almost considered saying how the alcohol was probably not the wisest idea if they were to move out the next day but thought better of it. The goal of these first interactions were to build relations, no? What better use of their time was there but to establish connections? In any case, it did no harm in having some drink.

Without further word, Mavis took the offered treat from Ramiel though took it in sips rather than bellows as some of the other occupants had. Instantly she decided this was the right decision with no regret, for the drink was actually quite filling. “What then, brings you all to retake a cursed city?” she asked, lazily resting on her spear embedded to the ground as she sipped along her tankard.

The world had gone to shit the last time Mavis bothered to check up on it. To the common adventurer and cynical mind, this was of no surprise. The world was full of darkness and cruelties, monsters who walked in the guise of man and took with them the souls of the living. It was a desolate experience to be born, but such was the sin of existence. In that short time of her own life, Mavis had come to learn news of the great fall. Gabaras, it seemed, had completely fallen to darkness or whatever forces ran amok inside it.

And so the call to arms was issued, people from all across the land of Somnius staking their claim and their lives to retake the kingdom. It was starking to Mavis in watching so many people band together for some common goal. Either the nature of humans had changed for the better and she never noticed or everyone was fueled by the same desire as most: a reward to be spoiled with and a tale to tell of adventure. Neither of that truly mattered to Mavis if it meant the chance to hunt greater sport.

Her journey to the Fourth Encampment was relatively uninteresting aside from a strange encounter with a glowing butterfly. However, that had been late at night, when wolves and monsters festered in shadows. It was probably just a dream, all things considered. These thoughts lingered in her head even as she enrolled herself to the little station soldiers had set up for verification purposes. Name, age, any affiliation, a swear to the cause; it was all very much routine to her, being no stranger to work of this manner as a mercenary and hunter.

In the end the process went smoother than some others, and she was sent on her way to choose a tent to stay for the night. With spear lazed against her shoulder, she took some time to observe what might be the best spot…tent C5 maybe? It looked unclaimed for now and, as far as she could tell, the only neighbors she’d have to deal with was a dwarf and what looked like an elf. Well, it could have been worse. So much worse, she supposed.

Thankfully she had little on hand for supplies in anticipation they’d be soon moving as a unit out and about. Locating tent C5, she fully unpacked her things in silence. Being so close to the other tents, she couldn’t help but hear in on the conversation between her neighbors. It seemed the elf of sorts was making introductions. Well, they both seemed friendly enough and she wondered if she should say something too. After all, were these not to be her new companions? Of course, that assumed any of them made it out of Gabaras alive. All this and more pondered in her head, though she was clearly visible to the other two.

The Imori was only slightly above the average intelligence of a Youkai and thus, its train of thought and focus flitted from one target to the other. It was plausible that it entirely forgot about Mai in its grip as it silently lumbered to the fake Envoy. Drawn by the black rocks, it continued its slow pursuit even as the girl fled with the prizes stuffed down her shirt like a common thief. Its eyes blinked just as slowly as one girl escaped while several other individuals rushed forward.

Shika’s puppets were as clear as day to see compared to the camouflaged Imori, making them easy targets for both the lizard Youkai and its reluctant passenger. Just as the Imori raised its spare arm to whack away the puppets, searing pain suddenly washed over its grip. It hissed and dropped Mai like a log. The Devil Hunter was quicker to respond and react than the creature, already getting to work disposing Shika’s puppets in either sliced bits or crumbled heaps. Another wave of puppets soon descended on Mai but this time she was better prepared.

The sound of steel ringing in the air was the last the puppets knew as one by one they were picked off by Mai. Just as the Imori was recovering, the ground exploded in a flurry of smoke and fire. While some missed their mark, there was enough of the bombarding charms to drive the Imori back in a hissing rage. Its attention gone from the fleeing fake Envoy, its invisibility flickered away as the great lizard stood rigid on all four legs, now visible to Mai.

Its eyes circled around in its sockets before shutting close as the smoke filled the area. Temporarily blinded, the Imori lashed out with its great heaping arms to smack away at puppet and Mai alike with no aim or sight to its trajectory. It even turned about to slam its tail into any unfortunate bodies in its path in some half-intelligent attempt at revenge for the girl who had caused it so much annoyance in the last minute or so.
The card in Kanbaru’s hand, now absorbed by her, instantly crackled with discharged power. The air heated up in the throne room as a new force, one that rivaled the dense pressure of the Snake’s gravity field, made itself known. Large bolts of electricity sparked and hissed off from Kanbaru’s form, adding a new obstacle to those in the room. Each one created jagged, scorch marks wherever they were left as energy continued to gather in the room.

All of it came from the focal point that was Kanbaru, whose transformation gave some identity of the card. However, just before she made to swing her newly summoned blade, a searing pain spread across her hand in rejection before the sword shattered into nothingness. Her attack proving meaningless, the Snake gladly turned its sights on her, the one who now held the Serei card in the room. With its open jaw, it lunged forward, completely engulfing Kanbaru in a wave of dark and spatial flesh. She was gone completely, eaten by the massive reptile.

For a time, the Snake remained content, as if finally claiming the card had turned off some primal instinct within its animalistic brain. But then its irises thinned, as impossible as it was for a reptile, and the heat and static continued to build up in the air. More and more lightning bolts streaked from out the Snake’s form as if it were a living conductor, its flesh and scales glowing with a powerful hum. Just before a stray bolt could incinerate Victoire in heading her way, a dark shadow emerged from just beside her throne, Garou swiftly taking Victoire away into darkness.

It was perhaps the smartest thing to do as soon the snake looked more like a light bulb than anything else. With a final discharge and hiss, the energy building inside it let loose, imploding the Snake from the inside out. Large portions of flesh turned into wispy shadow and immediately the gravity in the room was returned, dropping everyone who was floating. Among the slithering mass of Snake flesh, now fleeing as each formed into tinier, tinier shadow serpents, was Kanbaru. She was returned to normal with the Serei card still burning in her hand among her mess. It was this mess and sight that would end up greeting Caprice, an event Thomas witnessed.

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