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Hm, Hana’O has no surname. I guess the Reinhardts will be adopting another sister for our resident siscon…

You joke but....

Before Alberta could answer her question, Kiara found that their small group was becoming small no longer. Another girl, who she distinctly knew was in Class-C, approached. Sanhan, though, looked more dead than alive, and she was almost certain she had somehow gotten even less sleep than Sekhandur. But that was neither here nor there. What did matter was Alberta finally reveling in the finer elaborations of tea-making and the process of the drink. Whether she was goaded on by Sekhandur’s imploring or her own zeal for tea, Kiara wasn’t sure-no, nevermind. Because with the way Alberta was still going, it was clear there was passion there.

Kiara’s eyes widened slightly at the layers upon layers of explanations Alberta gave them. She almost wished she had a pen and paper to take note of each one because the more Alberta went on, the more fascinated Kiara became, drawn in by the other girl’s words. So enthralled was she that she ignored what was going on nearby with the other food stalls, though she could have sworn she heard Ty’s voice yelling out into the air about…something about cooking clubs. “Oh wow…that was…really amazing!” Kiara said.

For the first time that day, as far as anyone was concerned, the Class Rep had more than a bit of a smile on her features. “I knew tea brewing was a process, but I never imagined it’d take so much into it, especially to get the right flavors. It’s almost like alchemy in a way.” The fact the Blumenthals were famous tea brewers didn’t go unnoticed at all, and Kiara didn’t need any pen or paper to remember that fact. “I’m no stranger to tea parties myself, so if ever a need arises for one, I’d like you to be the first point of reference for the refreshments,” she followed up with a bit more glee than before.

“Oh, Sekhandur, tea parties must be common practice in your land, right?” Now she looked up at the Black Prince. “Surely you must host all sorts of tea parties and banquets in your court? I think I’d like you to help me set one up in the future. I can see it now; you can plan the gatherings and Alberta can plan the brews.” Now she turned her sight on Sanhan. “You’ll join us for a tea party too, right...Sanhan was it? It would do well in helping your sleep problems.” Kiara nodded, more to herself than anyone else, as if a tea party was already planned out in full step. Whether or not it was to be hosted in her dorm was another issue, more so for Sanhan and Sekhandur, but the possibilities were there-

“Hmm?” In the midst of her internal planning of the event, she felt a sharp and dangerous energy in the air. The source of it was incredibly close and spurned her to turn about and look in the direction of the other food stalls now. There she saw Ty yelling at one of the Miracle Seven. Both boys looked to be in the thralls of challenging one another to a competition, but what caught Kiara’s attention the most was Lanza of the Lightning’s presence. It felt very similar to her own, giving her pause in her thoughts for just a moment before she focused back on the others. Indeed, she didn’t need her Mystic Perception at all to know they were similar in magic; after all, it was in the Seventh Seat’s title. Curious indeed….

I'll make a post later.

Goomie's capture was indeed more of a whimper than a bang. With the remnants of the GMG either burned completely or frozen for further storage and study, it looked as if the day would become another victory for the MFF. Not only that, but reports were already filed in from one line to another about the capture of a second GMG on the beach. Soon enough, Goomie's victims were escorted en masse towards the cave's entrance, leaving behind the dark and dank rocks. As the newly promoted and of high rank now, it fell upon Akari to clear the way for stragglers and provide the last layer of clean up for the cave. And clearly the redhead was able to handle herself if need be, most of her troops leaving her to the last scanning and retrieval of whatever lingering specimens resided in the cavern system.

"Well, it seems that things don't change so easily whether or not you get a promotion, huh? A grunt will always be a grunt," Akari said to herself as she was left behind, tasked with "coordinating the retreat". In practice, it was a little more than a flowery way of saying that she was on cleanup duty. Just as expected. Good thing she was used to it. And that the job was mostly to check whether or not there was anyone left behind before torching the place clean, to make sure that none of Goomie's toxins would leave a permanent damage on the island. After all, it would do them no good to deal with one GMG only to have another pop up from the trash they left behind.

Cleanup or not, Akari must have been something right, because the cave was picked clean with nary anything of use or potential harm, at least so far. The job was simple enough, if not tedious in its nature but surely someone as studious as Akari wouldn't have minded. At least, that's what the second person in the cave thought. A low chirp of air brushed against one of Akari's ears, lingering just enough to sift through her hair. The MFF were long gone by now with Goomi's leftovers taken clean, leaving the redhead alone in the darkness. A moment of silence passed over before the air shifted once again, brushing over Akari's other ear now.

Akari was just about ready to do the final job she was left behind for, raising a flaming hand—ready to burn the place down—when a sudden chill ran up her spine, causing the redhead to recoil instinctively. "Wha—!? What the heck was that? Is there anyone else here? If you are hiding, please come out. The rescue ships are going to leave soon, it would be terrible if you got left behin—Ahh!" Akari tried to assure herself that she was alone once more, speaking with kind words in case anyone else was still hiding in the darkness, but her speech was interrupted by a sharp scream—coming from herself no less—when she felt a second breeze grazing her neck.

What in the world was happening there? This place couldn't be haunted, could it? "Monster girls are one thing, but ghosts can't be real... right?" Akari said in a voice that didn't sound so sure of her own words.

"I don't think I look like a ghost, do I?" said a voice further in the darkness. Out of the shadows as if melted into thin air walked out a girl with a confident smile. She looked much too clean-cut to have been one of Goomie's weird pets, yet she wasn't wearing any uniform that indicated she was MFF as well. "Nah, no ghosts here. Just us two girls looking for the way out, heh. What's the matter? You look like you've seen a real ghost," the girl said, not stopping in her tracks; no, she continued to close the distance between them casually.

Akari sighed a sigh of relief when another person walked out of the darkness. She didn't even consider the weirdness in the other girl's appearance before saying, "We—Well, I didn't mean it like that," as she tried to clear up the misunderstanding. "I can show you the way out," Akari said in a friendly voice, trying to be as reassuring as she could. "I'm, Akari, one of the MFF members who came here to help. Would you mind telling me what you are doing this deep in this place? I'm pretty sure none of the other victims were kept so far away from the entrance. Or so clean as a matter of fact," she said as she aproached the other girl, offering a hand for her to hold.

The girl's expression lit up. "I wasn't sure if you were MFF just from the suit alone, but it's good to see you are. Actually, I've been looking for an MFF agent actually. You a high rank?" The girl tilted her head, coming closer. "Maybe, maybe not. What kind of organization makes a pretty girl like you do the clean up duty. Sounds like a crime!" The new girl chuckled, taking Akari's helpful hand. "Sure, sure, let's escape out of here together." All smiles, the girl suddenly pivoted on her heel, dragging Akari's arm with her until it was tightly pinned and held against her back. Before the redhead could move away, the new girl crossed her free arm around her throat, putting pressure from the inside of her elbow. "High rank or not. I think you'll do fine if you're worth anything to the humans."

"Oh, yeah. This is kind of a custom model. The red finish makes it at least three times more amazing than usual. It's quite cool, right?" Akari blushed lightly, scratching the back of her head as the began to walk towards the exit. "Actually, it just happens that I got a promotion recently. But this kind of job is important as well. If I wasn't here we wouldn't have found you would we—Ahh!" she tried to make the clean up job sound cooler than it was, but before she could finish her explanation she was interrupted once again, this time by an unexpectedly strong grip holding her.

"He—Hey, if this is meant to be a game, it isn't very fun," Akari said when she noticed that the one holding her was none other than the mysterious child. How could be strong enough to make it impossible for Akari to escape even when she was wearing her suit? Something wasn't right here.

"Woah, you're still talking and conscious? Now I know you're not one of those low level grunts. This is perfect, hahah!" The mystery girl tightened her hold just a little, eye drawn to Akari's uniform now that she was mentioning it. She pondered getting a closer look, knowing it might be risky; before shrugging and doing it anyway. Her arm holding Akari's arm released, only to dip down and brush against one of the shiny metallic bits of Akari's arm. She brushed a finger against her thigh armor, other arm still keeping Akari in her choke hold. "So you need technology to keep up. Humans really are so fragile. A human pretending to be a beast; imagine that," she said with a grin, fangs glimmering in the lowlight as they leered over Akari's face.

Now things were beginning to get just a little complicated. Akari wasn't able to get everything the other girl said, but she was sure of one thing. "You can't be—Argh!" Even if the girl's words didn't make it clear, the fanged grin shining against Akari's face would have done. How could she be tricked like this? Even though Akari knew the truth about the GMGs, how could she expect that there would be yet another one in this island. However, even though she was barely holding on to her consciousness, there were some things that Akari couldn't miss, like the touchy hand getting a feel of her. "Let go of me already, you pervert!" she said between gritted teeth.

"Pervert? Now that's just rude." If the girl was offended, she didn't look or sound the part. But her hand did move away from admiring the armor, settling behind Akari's head to complete her choke hold. "What, I can't admire the tech you humans came up with~? And like you said, it's a custom model. Must have took time for the paint job, eh?" Chuckling, she was sure her voice was the only thing Akari's mind was clinging to at this point, especially when she increased the pressure and lifted Akari slightly up off from her boots, dangling inches from the ground. "Go to sleep now little fire spitter. I'mma make sure your flame gets snuffed out."

Indeed, the sound of this girl's voice was the only thing keeping Akari from passing away. However, the increased pressure would soon make sure even than wouldn't matter. She had to wonder how the little psycho could even lift her from the ground, no matter how strong she was. Even that thought would be leaving her in a moment, though, when Akari's body finally went limp on the girl's grip, the only proof that she hadn't died being her slow breathing.

"There we go, up and away!" The mystery girl loosened her hold as soon as Akari was sent to sleep. Idly, she slung the redhead over her shoulder and turned the opposite way from the cave entrance. "Huh, you're lighter than expected. The MFF drafting kids or something?" Shrugging to herself, she whisked Akari off and away from her companions and soldiers. She wondered how long it would take the MFF to realize one of their higher ups were missing, but the longer they did, the further away they'd get to finding her.
Hmm. I think I'll be putting this RP to rest indefinitely. The motivation has been lacking on all fronts and I don't see much point in continuing. Hope everyone had fun though. Until next time.
It's decided. Class-C will have a grand tea party just for Alberta. This is a tea RP now indeed.
There's no question if there's no student bodies competition.
But it also sucks cause I really liked their character and was so close to proposing an adventure/rule-breaking squad with a few and Caelum.

Already making trouble for the Class Rep are we.
I see now. We're dealing with Class-C's Tsundere.
I like how the way to Alberta's heart is tea.
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