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“Hmm….” It was rare for Ark Riders to actually talk sense and make equal more of it too. But on those rare such occasions they were known to sway the billing boards in their favor, and not all the time in fairness of sportsmanship. Wave nodded to herself in this rumination, though it was doubtful either Claudia or Rema saw the action; she forgot if her screen was on or not. The prospect of more entertaining stunts and displays in the race piqued her interest.

But it wasn’t until Claudia made her piece that truly got Wave to thinking. More danger inevitably created more convoluted situations for the Ark Riders to work through and that resulted in bigger booms for the crowd. Sure, this was a blatant attempt to gain more points in what Wave would usually find as unworthing of her time to negotiate, but the duo did make valuable points that saw her overlook this groveling. “Wait here,” she flatly told them both.

The sound of her mic cutting off echoed in the drone and for a minute or so the two were given radio silence. More than likely, Wave was negotiating with the Mevalo higher ups themselves and perhaps even the mysterious new sponsor for this year’s grand prix. Either way they wouldn’t have to wait long before Wave’s voice cut back in. “Alright, you two make some good points so we’re changing the templates of how races work from here on out,” said Wave. There was a clear sneer in her voice and a curl in her lips as if she was smirking.

“You’ll be given the same number of points as Aurora for displaying exceptional racing prowess, Rema, making you tied for first. As for you redhead, you’ll get a pity point for being this Roman’s wingman. Figure out where that places you in the ranking. We’ll be keeping an eye on the races more thoroughly from now on. Good luck you two~” Wave’s voice was ominous and the feed snapped away with that lasting remark. The drone circled one more time around the newfound “friends” before floating off to catch other footage. Unbeknownst to them, Wave was just informed of Gin’s happy interactions with the Mevalo media and found it no less amusing.

Oh, there would be more of that to come but for now she heeded off the drone hounds to leave Gin be. After all, the next race was about to begin. Murmurs and whispers of what the next track could be passed through the audience like an electric buzz. Some thought it’d be a frigid ice track meant to test the Ark Rider’s stability and handling of their machines while others insisted it’d be a dense, humid jungle of undergrowth filled with twists and turns. No shortage of the imagination was impossible under Mevalo’s banner and it wouldn’t be long before Wave’s voice announced, “Ark Riders, you have ten minutes to head back to the tracks and prepare for the next race!”

This wasn't how she expected things to go, but then again, she doubted anyone would have accounted for this. Still, no one ended up dying somehow and perhaps that was what really mattered. These thoughts were hidden and kept to Katie alone as she observed the Tower group. It was some time since they settled down in the strange Abyssal ruins that almost resembled as city long ago. She herself rested with her back to a jutted chunk of what used to be a wall, arms crossed and saying nothing as everyone went on with their business. Somehow she felt it was the start of a long night; did night even exist in the Abyss? She supposed they'd all find out in a darkness deeper than dreams.

Well, today reminded me why I'm not around as much. I don't think I'll be able to maintain a good pace with the RP with my schedule so it's best I back out now before putting things on my plate I won't have time for. That said, good luck with the new storylines and whatnot, @pugbutter.
Interesting. I suppose I can stick around a bit longer if only to see how this’ll go. As for Ikue, I imagine she would have eventually gotten more involved as the RP went so I’ll need to hear any specific ideas on that you had in mind. She already bothered to show herself personally when she bailed the others out for their club meeting.
@TheWendil@Zoey Boey Noblebandit, sassy1085, and I have already agreed that we're still in this thing, despite the circumstances. How about you two?

Do you have ideas for how to move forward.

Despite her cheery demeanor-something probably fabricated for the masses and crowds-Wave in fact, did not take too kindly to numerous bouts of property damage. Some minor inconvenience was to be expected prior the races of course, but racking up more even after the first one was no doubt a call for Mevalo to be involved. One camera drone hovered down on eye level to Rema and Claudia, both girls displaying their disdain for their sore losings in the first race.The crowd noticed Rema’s mad ramblings, her negative energy drawing down the mood as she called out Mevalo’s point system of fairness.

Typical. One of Wave’s drones cut the feed over to Gin who freshly arrived into the stadium. “And there’s our missing racer, Gin Silti!” The downtrodden mood vibrating through the audiences skyrocketed back to its usual ferocity as more drones circled on over to catch the lizard boy in different angles. While this distracted most of the spectators, some, quite a few bit really, chanted in agreement with Rema’s silly squabbles. The drone in front of the Roman and pirate zoomed in, ignoring the broken one at their feet.

“You know I’m not even surprised it’s you two causing troubles.” Wave’s voice emitted out of the drone, just loud enough over the crowd for both racers to hear her. Soon enough the drone’s lens flickered with the screen changing to reveal Wave herself sitting in whatever little abode she streamed from. “You’re making headlines on reputation alone. But sure, ok, say there’s a recount. Yeah sure, maybe you should get more points. Thing is….”

Wave leaned in with a smirk aimed at both girls. While it wasn’t outright malicious, it did hold contempt; rather, she was curious how they wanted to plead a case. “Why should I give more points to you? What was it you said blondie? Skill ad vigor? We already have a Mevalo approved point system in place of course, but this sounds like something merited off style from the racers. Hmm….now why would I consider something like that?”

Oh, she wasn’t saying outright no of course. Even as she spoke, she knew the Mevalo higher ups were debating to let this new rule change go forward or just automatically kick these two off the planet. Wave casually sent another drone over to follow Lydia, further distracting the audience from their little exchange. She was sure the cyan-girl’s diehard fans would love to know where it was she slipped off into between races. Of course, Wave had a pretty good idea already.

“If you say so.” Katie’s response mirrored Ciel’s as the Serei was called off and returned back to her card. She wasn’t quite so sure about the fish’s analysis of Runa but if the Stargazer said there was no issue she couldn’t handle, Katie wouldn’t summon her just to burn fuel. There was no need for it when it was best to conserve after all. It was the opposite philosophy of Katie’s peers, each of which unleashed their bouts and went all out in their own ways. Perhaps, she supposed, it was because for once they faced a worthy enemy in the Tower.

She was almost surprised Ami didn’t go around swinging berserker’s pride but figured the demon saw Nephy inferior anyway. With the wolf being battered back, she couldn’t help but agree. Katie’s gaze was inevitably drawn from the battle to one occupant of it, noting the invisible force around Akiko firing off at the wolf. What caused the cat to finally take action? That wasn’t like her…was Runa responsible? Katie of course couldn’t know what was spoken between the two but her sight kept track of the horned demon and the bard, silent thoughts kept to herself.

These thoughts would fizzle away as only Clair brushed past her group, interested in some distorted clams growing on the cavern walls. The scent of Jester on her made Katie recoil but she knew the thief couldn’t do much in retaliation if it came to that. “What exactly are you doing,” she asked deadpan. No really, first she was eating the crabs and now here she was treasure hoarding and-at that moment, Katie was reminded of the warm weight in her arms.

….oh right, she was still carrying Riku. Before she could deposit the princess on stable ground, something new entered the air that made her pause. It was distinct and subtle, small enough that none of the actual battle junkies would notice. It was doubtful Thomas would have noticed either had the soft sound of music not filled his head. A familiar piano rang a new melody with the air progressively getting thicker.

“Run,” were Marianne’s words among the piano keys to Thomas alone. “It’s coming.” It was a creeping sensation that tingled up Thomas’ spine in a similar manner to Marianne’s fingers crawling up his skin. A similar aura was slowly forming over Runa like hidden fog intent on choking her beat by beat.

The first race concluded with much fanfare and typical crowd reaction. The unexpected turnaround brought a new level of energy that electrified the crowd as they joined in with Aurora’s screams of victory to the air. Wave didn’t even bother to try and stop them and why would she? The crowd was half the fun and narrative of these types of things so wherever they flowed, she flowed, ready to report on it. Besides, she was much more interested in the sad little revenge plots Claudia had in mind for her, already brushing them off her social media.

If the redhead wanted to play the hard game, then that was fine by her. Mevalo City may as well have been her eyes and she saw all. Her cameras zoomed in on the raging Roman Rema, eliciting a wave of laughter and jeering from the crowd when they saw the newcomer lose her cool. The next shot focused in on Lydia’s righteous acknowledgment of the newbie winner. Wave made sure to linger her camera on that exchange with good instinct. The crowd went wild from the beaming smile to the solid comradery perceived between them. Always a sucker for those types of things, Wave mused.

“Clever girl though,” she said to herself. She knew for a fact that act alone just landed Lydia more deals and a firmer place in her fan’s hearts. “Please, wrench me why don’t you,” she barked in a laugh before something else on her feed sprang to mind. One of her camera drones caught sight of a lizard-like boy scooting into a taxi. Oh perfect, the rest of the Ark Riders were here. Tapping her intercom, Wave’s voice boomed all throughout Mevalo City.

“Congratulations to all of our first race Ark Riders! This 45th Cosmic Grand Prix will operate on a point-based system as proposed by this year’s sponsor. First place winners get three points, second and third place receive two points, and all other losers get one point. So don’t feel too bad losers, you’re still in the game~” One could hear the smirk dripping in Wave’s voice as if it was directed right into Claudia’s ear. “Oh look, our representative from Gaelok Industries has been spotted. Everyone, be sure to give a warm welcome to Gin Silti, newcomer Ark Rider!”

The camera drone floated beside Gin’s taxi, just outside the window. The lens twitched and zoomed in, getting a better look at his no doubt surprised face despite the glass. “Hope he brings good things to this year’s tourney. Everyone, you each have roughly an hour to prepare for the next race so enjoy yourselves to the fullest!” Perfectly enough time to deal with upstart naysayers too, Wave’s microphone cutting off and the feed flickering back to Rema and Claudia.

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