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Return to the rendezvous.

Schrade sent out her second message. In doing so, she inevitably read Evil Eye’s cryptic text right before hers. The Detention Club leader scanned it in silence with her one eye. She’d say nothing if she were around the others and even now, she reacted with little kind. Schrade didn’t reply to the group chat, only closing her phone and pocketing it away.

Despite their failure to bring in the new girl, they did successfully push back their opposites, those fools who aligned themselves in light. Still, it was moreso by sheer numbers and power and less through coordination. A frown slowly settled on Schrade’s face. For girls who worked in pairs of teams, there was a lack of actual teamwork tonight and that needed to be rectified. Thankfully their Code Keeper had a history of working youth into shape. Perhaps everyone needed a fresh training lesson….her stomach growled.

Schrade didn’t move but she was surprised by the noise and with it sprouted a small smirk to her lips once again. It felt surprisingly mundane, human almost. A little reminder that for all her removal from the people she once tried to protect, she still shared basic necessities of life with them. That thought was funny and Schrade let loose another cold sigh. She leapt from the rooftop.

The rendezvous point was of course the start of their night, deep in Hibusa’s heart. Towering buildings surrounded them and Schrade eventually made herself back to the lamppost she initially settled on like a cat lording over all. She took her time, walking through the city like the hooded specter she as. Schrade didn’t expect everyone to make it back immediately but she did expect those close by to linger around. That included her partners, the former and the current. And one was rubbing into the other.

“I hope you realize half of tonight’s meal is coming from you,” Schrade told Willow, nodding towards Mercurial. “Not that you mind, I would think. Only fair given you didn’t slay a single Miseria in sight. And you.” Schrade turned upwards to where she saw Nyxia and an untransformed Earthshaker. “Seems you’re quite the powerful addition to our happy family. Congratulations, you get to choose where we eat~” she told Unstoppable Doom.

Whether Willow secretly told her who the winner was during her trek back or she simply knew it made logical sense that the girl with the bazooka killed the most was hard to say. Regardless, Schrade transformed back into Rei and sent a quick message to the group chat detailing where they would eat tonight. Whatever establishment Nyxia picked, Rei followed along, quiet and with a level expression. She just hoped it wasn’t anything sporadic. The night was too young after all.


“Any time Acid Drop. That’s what club members do after all,” Schrade said as Nonsuch’s hammer rocketed away in sudden propulsion. No doubt back to its master.

Schrade’s empty smirk might have grown wider with amusement in seeing how the other girl reacted. Maybe she did; it was difficult to say so late at night, shadow hiding most of Schrade’s face under her hood. Acid Drop’s blush wasn’t unknown to the observant leader but she said nothing on the matter. Schrade felt a distant tug surrounding her body, pulled by an invisible force. That was no doubt Acid Drop’s magic at work, siphoning the emotions Schrade happily let swell like a great ocean all for the other Dark Magical Girl. Not that she needed it.

The two were separated when Acid Drop finally allowed herself out her grip, even more so when she was distracted by her phone. It was Oros no doubt, Schrade guessed, and judging by the expression Acid Drop wore and the bow she gave, her deductions were correct. Schrade only nodded as Acid Drop departed. “Happy hunting,” she called out to the other girl, followed with a, “Oh, by the way. If that newbie gets too close to the mountains, just forget about it. That’s Kaeru’s territory and I don’t feel like hearing another sappy monolog from her.”

The mountains belonged to the frog and her despicable little shrine. It was much too costly for resources and patience to try a breach there. The idea of a war of attrition with Kaeru simply for one Magical Girl sounded too boring and out of pocket to Schrade. Oh well, it only made the game more interesting, didn’t it? It was a game she always felt guilty playing.

Schrade blended into her dark coat, almost melding into the dark night with the sky’s dusky backdrop behind her. She idly leaned forward against what was left of the roof’s railway, one eye catching what looked like Earthshaker roughing up her new partner. Somehow that new green girl got the idea she was actually needed in this team. The thought was enough to crack Schrade’s smirk even wider, pitched down only as she noticed the residing negativity in the air.

The Miseria were drawing back, slain one by one in thinned numbers until really the only conflicts left were between light and dark. It was the natural result with so many Magical Girls hounding the town tonight. “I guess I’m buying dinner again,” Schrade mused to herself. Well, her and Willow of course. Perhaps she forgot to mention the important detail the contest was a team effort, kills added between team members. Whoops.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the tell-tale screech of Evil Eye’s Mogall. Rather, all of them, all throughout the Hibusa. They rang like the death tolls of a funeral, slowly drowning the town in invisible noise that only Magical Girls heard. Probably. It also meant Evil Eye was in actual danger. Probably. Schrade sighed and flipped out her phone, already typing a mass message in the Detention Club’s group chat.

The Miseria are pulling out so we should too. If no one caught the newbie that’s fine, we can always approach her in school. Let’s wrap things up because I know you’re all hungry.

Schrade looked over the message before clicking send. Whether some girls had phones or not hardly mattered when her intents usually spread like wildfire through word of mouth. “What a terrible night,” she sighed, standing straight under her cloak and directing her one eye up at the moonlight. “Well, maybe not so so bad.” Her gaze led her over to the mountains and she saw two flecks dart up high into the air overhead. That had to be Evil Eye and her pursuer.


I will post tomorrow and start to move us along now that the Miseria are waning down.
Isn't a tattoo just skin-deep? Would those sorts of Emblems not be destroyed if they received like, a cut over there?

Or can Emblems survive a certain amount of damage? Like, say, an earring Emblem can have a crack or two and be bent out of shape, but still not be considered broken?

A tattoo would probably be damaged by something more akin to a cut, yes, rather than washing over it. Since it's a magical tattoo and all. In any case, Emblems can survive damage. They have to be completely destroyed/shattered for them to be considered broken.

Anywho, I'll probably post tomorrow or Wednesday.
Depends on what they are. A pendant can be easily broken compared to Nyxia's big gun. Given alot of people here have tattoos as their Emblems, those would be a bit more difficult to get rid of.
The big question looms. Who’s actually killed the most Miseria.
I know what you are.
I'll wait for the other GM before posting. You know who you are.
No worries, no rush.
This offer is real and still up btw

Rei's probably bass.
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