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Tsuruga Deishuu

The Dark Girl flinched under the weight of Aegis' vitriolic stare while her words set Tsuruga's teeth on edge. She couldn't be certain what exactly this Light Girl was threatening as she doubted even the most zealous of these uptight murder hobos would threaten to massacre civilians, but it wasn't a secret the Club President was roughed up pretty bad as well. "I don't want to fight you, but you're as abrasiveness as- "

Only for Tsuruga to gape as two more Magical Girls joined the first. At a glance she could tell the first one, while unfamiliar, was at least within her range to go against without being totally crushed. No, Rose's cheek wasn't the problem but rather the one that rightfully decided to just walk past. "Oh damn it all are all of you enrolling in school now? What's next, did you stop living under bridges too!?"

"Look here!" Tsuruga shouted to mask the shakiness in her voice, wings spreading wide to give her greater presence before furling back behind her. "If you go in glaring daggers at every Dark Girl the schools going to look a lot like downtown, so just, I don't know, promise to pretend you aren't looking to murder us? Seriously we do not need all of you pissing in our cornflakes."
Kanbaru Otoko

The buxom bluenette stifled a yawn before returning to her reposed position, both hands cupping her cheeks as she struggled to rouse her usual enthusiasm for the coming day. It just wasn't natural to be back in class before New Years and that was inevitably going to be reflected in the lessons for the day, but both teacher and student had to suffer through the panicked declarations of their seniors.

Kanbaru's eyes flicked towards her ex-partner and a flash of empathy went across her features. She found it difficult at times to consider Touka her ex-partner given all she knew, but it was a necessity with Chie's birth. They functioned as pairs, not trios, and leaving Chie with a fresh faced riddled with aggression and a flippant disdain for social norms was asking for exposure that none of them cared to invite. There was only so much to be done that could curtail Black Shot's aggression, an outlet of Touka's own darker desires, and after that short Christmas massacre Kanbaru felt a little too haggard for the colliding fates to follow.

Case in point, a Light Girl walked into class mere minutes before the bell rang, condemning them to the presence of yet another murder hobo. Kanbaru could think this with near certainty because she knew at a glance this was the one who nearly drove Touka into an apocalyptic fury with her attempt on Touka's life.

A glance two seats to her left told her all she needed to know about how the Detention Club president thought about this development, and with that came a jolt of mental anguish upon Kanbaru's creased brows. The inevitable sniping and grating on one another's nerves was already clear in her mind's eye and it was all she could do not to excuse herself to the washroom before a dazzling peppy teacher walked in.

"Nice to see someone has energy in the morning." Kanbaru chirped, some of her tension bleeding away as she folded her arms across the desk and lowered herself onto the waiting nest while she was of the few who appreciated the older woman's attempts to be vivacious. Were she only so blessed to be the same at Ms. Tamashi.

Tsuruga Deishuu

Suffice it to say, she was playing hookie. Tsuruga refused to be corralled back into the schools so soon knowing full well what the talk of the day would be. Either everyone would be begrudging the cancellation of their break or they would be whispering about the disaster she partook in.

No thank you, she got enough of that trying and failing to sleep. A better use of her time, and one that had no risk of being caught playing truant, was to take to the city in her transformed state and fly low between the buildings. Passing well clear over semi trucks, but still capable of window shopping in passing.

The joys of casual flight were still strong for her, even with the dreary weather and niggling worm of doubt that screamed at her to rush to class. Perhaps that was why she flew near the school area, supporting the fleeting aspiration of attendance yet knowing she'd likely not follow through.

"Hmm?" It was when her meandering parabolas drew closest to the school that she detected an alarmingly malignant force to her kind, in the form of a determined youth marching towards the direction of the school. Even at a distance she could tell by the squaring of her shoulders and the nigh palpable determination radiating from her that this was magical and dangerous.

And marching towards a school dominated by Dark Magical Girls and the uninformed masses. A veritable powder keg. Seeing a threat for what it was and knowing her kind weren't in the best of states at the moment, the only course of action was painfully clear. Banking towards her target, Tsuruga glided in slow and smooth, alighting before Aegis after her arrival was well and truly telegraphed for anyone with a bit of magical mojo.

"You don't want to go this way. My people aren't in the best of states this holiday season and would start some fires."

The hardest part about mercenary life wasn't the combat. It wasn't the constant trudging from one warzone to the other, or the lack of infrastructure and support that went to a formal military unit. No, it was quite clear to Cecilia that the most miserable aspect of her new career was the sheer volume of downtime she was left with. Sitting the on the gentle rise of a hill with her knees pulled in and a healing staff laid beside her, she glared holes into the side of the Captain's tent and had been doing so since the messengers had walked in.

"Come on, finish already so we can get moving." The dark skinned cleric grumbled, her chin resting against her knees with an air of childish impatience wafting from her. She was a working woman, and she had gotten used to long hours with ample entertainment between patching up gruesome injuries. Sure, Cecilia could appreciate vacation time but it wasn't like she could just train the day away like the other mercenaries here seeing as that necessitated a near constant stream of injured and dying to get any progress in. "And it's not like I can even go into town and start selling my services cause then we'd be fighting healthy people. Gah!"

Overcome with nervous tension she flopped onto her side and tumbled down the hill, the lingering grass stains in her pilfered maid uniform speaking well to the repetition of this course in just this day alone. Coming to a stop with her cheek in the grass she didn't bother to rouse herself from the ground, content to wallow in her lethargy, till at last a miracle happened.

The messengers departed, riding off on their horses without a second glance sent their way. "YEEEEEES!"

With the speed of a mounted cavalier she tore across the camp on all fours, nearly barreling through the parted tent flaps onto the pause with her outstretched hand brushing the fabric. "Whoops, that would have been embarrassing."

Rising up onto both legs like a civil human being, she maintained said ludicrous speed in going back for her staff, collecting it, and rushing back headlong through the tent only to collide with the broad chest of Protelo. With a complete lack of consideration for personal space she buried her chin into ribs and gave the man a look like a puppy begging for a treat. "Do we have our orders? Well, do we? Do we?!"

If I wanted a boring cleric I’d go back to Shadow Dragon. That and I’d question the sanity of a pious cleric joining a mercenary outfit for altruistic motives.

I'll just drop this here seeing as you seem to need a healer for the party.

Edited in a post ending the Nightmare battle on the end of my last post. Everyone GTFO unless you're looking to fight around a bunch of tense first respsonders.
Kanbaru Otoko

"Oi. Eyes right here. You gotta listen to me Touka or I'll- Damn it!" The Icy Magical Girl scowled, head whipping to the side to see her topiary of ice straining to contain the taut wires. She knew full well it wouldn't hold another minute and when they snapped free they'd cleave through this alley with force Touka couldn't manage alone. "Get a hold of yourself already!"

Kanbaru could at least take some small solace that Touka's rage was directed at the light girl, though whether that was in opposition of Yui's purity or recognition of her former partner was anyone's guess. What mattered to the bluenette was that she was up close and ignored, which made her course of action far simpler. With her arm still armored in an inch of brackish ice she clutched the Detention Club President's face, her thumb beneath the jaw as the tips of her fingers dug into the brow, sealing Touka's lips before the wires could spill forth.

"But if you aren't going to mellow, well, I'll just have to make you mellow myself." And then Kanbaru knelt there, one arm restraining Touka as she drew in the miasmic darkness radiating from her ex-partner. After all, if they can feed off the waste of Nightmare's there was nothing stopping her from drinking in this outpouring of Touka's wild energies. It was as wild as a beast and struggled against her will, but gradually she picked up in force and drew the ambient energy radiating from Touka into a shroud of umbran energy around herself.

It took all of her concentration to keep it steady and hold Touka in place, but it seemed the fastest way to neuter Touka without trying to bash her head in till she lost consciousness. A prospect that seemed rather pointless if the pain of a severed arm only drove the green haired girl more wild then anything else.

A night of feverish battle dripping with desperation drew to a close. For all the horror and malice the new Nightmare's wielded, they were as remarkably finite as Pallis' interest in continuing the slaughter. With no new monstrous variants made they fell to the paragons of Light and Dark in time. Time was the great equalizer. It bore the civilians away from danger and dwindled their foes against the rock of magical might that was the Miso City magical girls.

Zero hour passed, and the last man eater fell to the snow before breaking apart into wisps of magical energy. The opening of the Siblings battle had concluded with the rising sun, leaving the city's inhabitants to pick up the pieces. The Magical Girls stood unseen upon their battlefields even as the sounds of sirens drew closer with each breath. For all that their efforts kept Pallis' Nightmare's from drowning the city in blood, there was still a massacre in the streets. No doubt it would dominate the news for days to come, and an aura of fear would continue along with it.

But, what was done was done. Time was neither friend nor foe, bearing all onward towards success or failure with equal vigor. For now, it was time to make oneself scarce, lest they wish to linger among the first responders.
Tsuruga Deishuu

Tsuruga acknowledged there was no arguing with her partner without making a big deal of it. She could have dug in her feet and refused the cavalier request, but that would only invite concern and curiosity she didn't want to deal with. So she stopped struggling against Ami and nodded her head like one of those knick-knack birds that constantly dips their beak into a glass. "Fine, fine! We'll do it at your house. That way you can clean up the mess."

The timid girl exhaled gratefully upon being dropped, knowing her partner's battle lust, once stoked, would consume her thoughts and leave all else forgotten. How she envied her partner some days.

While Ami crashed and burned with her typical panache to great success, Tenshi flew overhead and saw Hell upon the city.

Towers opposing god being struck by a creature of terrible madness. Humans rendered into so much meat and bone, lifeless upon the once safe city streets in the broad daylight hours. Great explosions of energy beyond the ken of the Detention Club president.

Most pressing of all were the new Nightmares emanating from one of the darker forces to unveil itself within Miso city. There were those who were mockeries of knights whose focus lay solely upon the Magical Girls of both light and dark, going so far as to ignore easy civilians just to charge to their deaths. Inversely were the Grotesqueries with their hinged jaws and wild blood lust that struck out at anything they could reach. Even the hordes of typical Nightmare's had never posed such a threat, and it made the airborne magical girl anxious.

Anxious not for the lives lost or the danger below, but for the change that would come with the morning after, for the shift from what she had known into a frightening new world of frightened people in a city without safety.

Yet on witnessing a bright flare up of fire, the image of her brash, bold, bull headed partner came to mind, and the indecision melted away. That day isn't today. Right now, we're still Magical Girls, and this...this is our city, damn it.

A burst of repulsion sent her into a dive bomb to the ground below. Like the rest in the area she'd gather a hard of tag-along knights to deal with, waiting with open anticipation of striking her. A thunderous boom signaled her acceleration before striking back at the earth a foot from impact.

For once, she nailed the landing.

Magical Girls both light and dark descended upon the infested streets in force, if not in unity. A certain Dark red head's actions in engaging the Light girls would no doubt make matters of containment all but impossible if Bastion had not blocked an entire avenue with her fortifications and barriers. With the majority of civilians safely cut off from their pursuers they started to create distance and escape immediate danger, though stragglers would still persist on the Magical Girl's side of it.

A consequence of the Girls all congregating was the Knight Nightmare's could draw together in force to combat them. There would be a noticable change in tactic from them as their numbers consolidated together, with many focusing less upon outright killing their foes and more upon bogging them down so they could be brought down under weight of combined arms. Like a pack of wolves, they circled and harried, trying their hardest to bear an unfortunate Magical Girl to the ground and render her a pincushion, emblem and all.

But in consolation there was a small boon, as Phantasmagoria's mass illusion had confused the predatory Grotesqueries, losing themselves in savaging the wall of illusions and thus being caught just inside the lobby entrance. By now the people inside had realized some crisis was going on and had retreated into the wings to allow the responding Magical Girls a chance to act upon the Nightmares before they lose interest in illusory blood and drew the genuine article.
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