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Just to be forewarned since you're new the guild, we expect a 2-3 paragraph minimum for posts and this RP is about Giant Monster Girls. So you won't get accepted trying to apply a Giant Dragon if it isnt also a girl, or else the entire theme falls apart. And no Traps either, just to be forewarned.
@Crimson Raven
btw, incomplete color code in that first paragraph
In Tower of Fable 18 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Kanbaru Otoko

Another world and there were already police sirens. If she hadn't missed out on encountering the forces of the Imperium the last time around, she might have thought they were forming a trend in being confronted by law enforcement. Still clad in the power of the Corpse Collector card, the bluenette sent her coat trailing behind her with a flourish as she strode to the mouth of the alley. A motorcycle formed from her magic, one she inherently knew the workings of and could summon at will as easily as Corpse Collector's guns or her own Keyblade.

"Let's a' go!" Kanbaru cheered, straddling the beast of a machine before pointing behind it. A puddle spread out from the rear wheel, only to freeze and raise, taking the form of a sled of ice secured to her ride. "Walking is for suckers. We are blazing a trail in style!"
Works for me.
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My bad. You kept alluding they knew each other so I rolled with it. Give me a sec to edit that out.
Yeshua Sands - Terrorkeet

The avian menace to all human statuary scratched idly at her cheek, gaze sliding sidewards as the fox made her many grievances known without pulling her punches. She'd have liked to sweep it all under the rug as an accident but those MFF people were all over her, and really, they did more damage to the city then she would have.

Not that she planned to ruin the city or anything. Just maybe molt some features that can casually cleave through bridges by dead weight alone, maybe roost on a high building for a bit. Normal things that shouldn't be cause for alarm.

"Ah right, Kitsune Udon, right? Mmm, noodles~ I can get you there, but you should really know this wasn't my fault. Come on, we all know how scary it is to roll out of bed and fall off the mattress. I got startled and- Poof!" Yeshua said, hands closing together before bursting outwards dramatically, fluttering off on some unseen wind while she scaled the steps to stand over the unassuming fox. "Just, umm, don't move till you're all but atop her. Don't need any change in aero dynamics mussing this up..."

She picked Yurei up like one would a cat, one hand curled under the youkai kaiju's rump while the other tucked her head in, forming a ball with a fluttering tail exposed. Settling the weight in one palm, she reared it back as an invisible tunnel of wind pulled from Yurei to the heaven's above.

The bird squinted before, with an awkward hop backward, she pitched forward and hurled Yurei into the whirling tube of air that zoomed her up to where the Dragon Queen soared away. "Feels good to be helpful....Hmm, maybe I can throw more people to shorten commutes? Food for thought, I guess."
@Crimson Raven
You missed closing the italics code in your post. Needs the / at the end.
In Tower of Fable 30 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Kanbaru Otoko

Having already used his power for herself, it was no surprise that the being who came out was a black hearted demon with an ego a mile wide. She'd certainly felt that possessiveness when she'd used him to fight Solanne, and were the Crimson Hound any less of a bombshell then she was, Kanbaru would have probably had a harder time resisting the demon's influence in looting and killing her, in whichever order amused it the most.

Her brows arched upwards as Henry had the brass balls to order around his summoner, causing her lips to curl in the beginning of a vicious sneer as she felt something react with a faint disgust to his boasting. Were it not for Cait laying down the law of the land on his ear in a wince worthy pinch, she'd have desummoned him quicker then he emerged and seen how well the card stands up to being dunked in a tankard of beer. With the tension defused she swallowed the bitter feeling directed at the demon prince and hopped onto a bar stool beside him.

"You heard the bar lady. No fighting here or I sleep on the street and you get traded for a cat girl or something." Kanbaru said, eyes flickering to pair of articulate, fluffy triangles perched on Akiko's head. "So you can either sit down and talk shop about that awesome dagger of yours or you can go back to being a card and not giving me migraines."
Yeshua Sands - Terrorkeet

Zoomin' around at the speed of sound~ Yeshua thought as the wind wove around her, hurling her far away from the Dragon Queen and any danger the MFF posed and emerging on an evacuated subway platform. She took to a moment to pause and stretch, working out any kinks from her turbulent ride down the tube network. It was a bit disconcerting being in such a public place and finding it desolate, like walking through the halls of your school after hours and not recognizing it for the lack of students ambling about. The kaiju deflated somewhat, recognizing this was partly her fault, but it wasn't like kaiju specifically asked to come to this world.

She'd have been happy where ever the road took her, populated world or not.

Before she could make her way to the escalators upwards, her mind buzzed with a voice that sounded out of breath and perhaps a bit out of shape, panting hard from the exertion of a city spanning run. Yeshua didn't recall knowing any native priestesses, the bird being a bit too clumsy to spend time around shrines without causing an incident, but her gaze turned upwards and saw a fox waiting at the surface for her.

"Oh, umm, hi there. I hope you're not here to confess your love of feathers and size differences as well." Yeshua said, only half joking as she sat on the escalators rail, riding it up with her legs kicking back and forth. "You looking for quills? I get that they make real nice desk ornaments and you can write super fancy if you got an ink well, but you didn't need to chase me for that....well, I don't have a cell phone or a home, so I guess you did need to..."

@Crimson Raven
Kanbaru Otoko

Their expedious return to Cait's tavern brought with it a bevy of odd arrivals as well, seemingly an entire group of parallel adventurers whose disparity from the Black Pentacle must have only been in the matter of minutes in terms of departure time. In her taking in of this assortment of plucky youths, Emilia left Kanbaru's side and announced the opening of her new store, commiserating the occasion by granting everyone a card- or in some cases, several cards.

Kanbaru was not one of those who got two of them, she hadn't even gotten a card in the last world, but tasting the power of the Henry card had left her satisfied where she was. It was almost a question of whether or not using another card would even be an improvement when the first one had such a broad and complimentary skill set to her own-

Clutching her brow sharply, the bluenette was forcibly reminded about one drawback to the Henry card, as its strong personality demanded to be let loose into the now crowded tavern. Now, it being a demon and exceptionally avaricious was something she could totally get behind in combat, but with so many prizes she was leery. Leery and feeling her head starting to split as though an over ripe melon threatened with a mallet, so she settled for taking the card of the oddly named Corpse Collector and absorbing it first.

Just like that, Kanbaru found herself in a familiar attire. It didn't carry the same connection to ice as before, but she felt a great many guns just waiting at her fingertips to be drawn from the air. Her eyes widened and a manic, teeth baring smile pulled at her lips as she felt a vehicle that had her salivating to use in an open area just waiting for her.

Then the migraine hit again and she shelved those thoughts, tossing the Henry to the floor boards. "Alright, alright. Come on out, oh so helpful Prince of Greed."

Of course this also posed a perfect excuse to ignore Akiko's judgement, though oddly enough she was only directing it at Rose with any force. Well, all the better for the bluenette who settled on a barstool, coat splayed out behind her as she lowered the gas mask and took in the pleasently chaotic environment.

"Ah, ain't this nice."

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