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Lorelai De Windt

For all that Lorelai had tried to be productive in her Kyoto trip, the righteous fire still burning in her buxom, she still found herself easily sidetracked with a day of tourism and snacking alongside the affable tengu. True, Sakichi had exterior motives for being here, but she was so in-the-moment that Lorelai couldn't find a regretful bone in her body the entire day they had spent.

That being said, the blonde found her spine straightening with a rigid anticipation as the Tengu led her to a cordoned off castle. The fruits of her scouting told them both that whatever plot unfolding in the revered city would be raising from the shadows here, and after pointing out the concealed Otis, Lorelai had to agree. She waved Sakichi off to carry out her official duties further ahead, the Dutch-Japanese student certainly more a hinderance when it came to a quiet infiltration when compared to the youkai.

That left her to whistle from above the waiting classmate meaningfully before putting her legwork to use in quickly leaping down to his level. With her weapon wrapped and concealed behind her back, looking like little more then a particularly long poster tube, she was as ready as the revolver toting Otis.

"So, you here for a second round too?"

The scattering of feather's he'd rebounded to the hunter encroaching upon them were the worst sort of projectiles in Rufus' opinion. Discriminatory projectiles that just refused to harm their creator were truly unfair for anyone who relied on an ounce of misdirection to sort out their issues. That didn't even begin to describe his frustration over being denied really ironic methods of murder!

Beniha was charging an impressive attack amidst the haze of darkness, no doubt something indiscriminately firey to burn away the bugs, the rocks, and the most noble personages of the two demons directly before her. Rather rude of her, and he was contemplating how best to abort this attempted infanticide when a crash and a shimmer bloomed from the corner of his eyes.

Well, well, they brought a dragonkin. Really firebugs, this crew is. Rufus rolled his eyes, taking in how the air between them was occupied by thin yet layered membranes. Odd to realize those were meant to protect him and he felt his lips tug upwards unbidden at the idea Lumen was concerned for him. "Thanks Moon Man, but I think I need that punch unobstructed."

Still, an obstruction would only make the brute act with greater force, so it was a net positive he'd reap shamelessly. He turned his back on Beniha and faced the dragon, radiating demonic energy in open challenge Kaze as he hid a portal behind the first layer of barrier between them. His back beneath his cloak shimmered, a portal forming to let the cannon blast of force strike unseen and blow Beniha away regardless of the darkness.

"I've got these two for the moment, so I'll leave you the kids." He said without breaking contact with Kaze, knowing better then to give them any indication of Lumen's hiding place or needing to specify that Haruka was included.
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Kanbaru Otoko

"No one told me cards could backfireeeeeeeee-!"

It wasn't the most poignant of final words but they just had to be said when the Bastion card rejected Kanbaru, burning against her palm as her dive turned into a flailing pinwheel directly into the snakes maw. Then darkness enveloped her, wet flesh pressing against her from all sides backed by dense muscle. Blind within the lightless snake, she felt herself sliding down as the snake's throat contracted, shooting her along it's colossal length, only for the card that had betrayed Kanbaru to decide it preferred her to being digested.

Muscle paralysis was a beautiful thing on the scale of a kaiju, especially when it ended in the snake exploding around her without blasting her to bits.

She yelped gracelessly, a wet splat ringing out as her saliva coated ass hit the castle floor and left her feeling intensely grossed out by the heavy goop dripping off her hat and enmeshed with her hair. Catching sight of Ami standing over a cute ex-person, she thrust a shaky, indignant finger out and barked, "You're vore fetish sucks Ami! Next time you can get munched while I pummel a-"

Because the universe loved interrupting her, the princess she was about to mention chose then to spring back from the dead, scampering away to huddle against a pillar and shake off the reasonable trauma of being formally alive, dead, then alive once more. "Well, that's new. Speaking of new..."

She turned a glare down to her palm where she imagined the Serei card would have set her aflame if it could burn any harder. Tightening her hold on it she held the card threateningly over a puddle of snake slobber and hissed, "If you don't cut that out then I'll be dunking you before feeding you to my favorite nun. So settle down and I'll let you out when I've had a chance to take a much deserved bath."
Lorelai De Windt

The prospect of not immediately jumping into action put a pout on Lorelai's face, far too caught up in her own spirited words to be mollified by something like the constraints of other's schedules. At least it would give her time for her spear to be ready and to have some familiarity with its weight. Given they would be dealing with youkai terrorists, it's....unique properties, seemed well suited for the job. Till then, though...

"Tell you what, if I can get that leg technique of yours down, I'll cover the cost of wherever you want to eat. If I can't, we split the bills like normal folks." Focusing on her great loves, training and feasting, Lorelai hopped to her feet with a fire in her eyes, determined to make the most of her newfound friendship!
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Kanbaru Otoko

Kanbaru, having extensive experience fighting giant monsters, was not one to be kept down merely because chainsaw like scales slapped her with the force of an oncoming truck in the pilot episode of isekai anime. The lack of gravity meant she flew back fast, but it was just as easy to redirect that momentum with the help of her spectral companion as she was spun by an outstretched hand, body whirling rapidly along an unseen axis as she braked to a stop in mid-air.

It took all of her will to swallow down the bile rising from her throat as the world still spun long after she stopped, leaving her disoriented and turning vaguely towards the throne as someone cried out for the strongest there to take something. That unknown object was a Serei card of all things, and it promptly smacked Kanbaru in the forehead.

The knowledge that came with the card left her in more of a daze then her trip through the invisible tumble drier, as it was a face the nun was intimately familiar with and keenly interested in. She pressed against Kanbaru's mind, nosily reaching over her shoulder only for hands to be brushed aside so Kanbaru could peel it from her brow and eye it with an alien sensation of avarice.

This was a card she knew she'd be using in the privacy of the inn extensively if her parasite had anything to say about it, but first Kanbaru was going to put it work against the snake targeting them...

"Waah, did I miss something?" Blinking, she looked down and noticed that adorable princess was rather deceased and, furthermore, that boy Thomas had come from the doorway, effectively pinning the snake between both sides. "Umm, less thinking, more stabbing!"

Springing off from her favorite nun, the card in Kanbaru's hand flashed, garbing her in a brown trench coat and giving her a dreadfully cliche katana. Honestly it made the ex-magical girl think of all the Light Girls she'd found swinging similar weapons and cringe, but it's properties were nothing to scoff it. Bracing her free hand on the pommel she dove down towards the snake one more in a vicious stab with all her body behind it, knowing she only needed to pierce it's hide for the weapon to work it's magic.
Lorelai De Windt

The blonde gave the tengu a deadpan look, conveying exactly how much weight she put in the idea a bird who had just stolen her food would now put in following the rules with any stringency. "Well, scouting is all about getting information for others to act on, right? You can't have clearer information then getting right in the thick of it with me! We'll take the initiative and you're bosses can be super impressed with how much of a hard worker you are getting where no other tengu dared to go!"

Disbelief had given way to the fires of passion that danced like a madman's candle before her eyes, an arm snaking out to grasp Youkai's shoulder. "Oh, you've never heard of Silver Gate Academy? You'd like it! I think we even have another youkai in our class, though he's real handsy. Can you believe a guy would just come over and braid my hair without saying a single word or asking permission?"

"But yeah, it's a great place, and they let me work in the fields tilling it whenever I want. Primary school never let me work there outside club hours and they had so little space to actually work with, but now I've got work for the whole semester!" The blonde with peculiar ideas of enjoying her free time beamed, then roused herself from her memory to poke the tengu in a conspiratorial fashion. "I bet we could get you in if you help me out on this. Come on, you can basically help save a princess and get bragging rights for years!"

"A real shame these youkai don't share our tastes. Begging for a meal when they should have asked the wizard for a brain!" Rufus sneered, contempt oozing from his every pore as mindless insects surged from the woods to consume all in their path. Locusts who would and could never aspire to be anything but pests, they were lower then the DHAs in his view. It was almost enough for him to release his moral restraints, but the presence of the humans stayed his hand from unleash wholesale carnage upon the swarm.

So the first of the bugs to try a claim only found itself flying into the scything claws of it's nearest kin, rather then being launched into the caldera of an active volcano. Like an irate conductor his hands whipped about, slivers of un-reality opening to swallow one bug and launch it into another in the moment of their attack, locking both into an instinctual death spiral as they struggled and tore at one another. That they had no other response only cemented their view as lesser beasts. "Pfft. At least you can teach a dog a few tricks. If the bugs aren't pollinating flowers, to the flyswatter with 'em!"

And while he would have done that in time, the humans had finally come face to hood with Rufus and his latest associate. An associate who zipped about in a fashion that was distinct from portals and teleportation. He laughed his approval as Beniha charged, a rain of feathers falling before him. Slashing both hands upwards, a tear rose before him from the ground to the crown of head, swallowing the burning flight before a second portal opened it, disgorging the attack back the way it came.

"What's this, attacking without introducing yourselves? No witty banter? Where's that famous human empathy and compassion you use to judge your lives above all others~? Let me have a taste of that delicious hypocrisy!"
Kanbaru Otoko

Annabel had a head for banter that Kanbaru could appreciate, the orca lamenting this wasn't a more private brawl so they could cut to the good part right then and there. Fortunately she wasn't to be satisfied in that regard, as having friends about made the sudden intrusion of a gravity nullifying serpent far easier to handle. Her pillar of water, now lacking any resistance, flew out of her control and slammed into the ceiling, only to scatter in sheets and droplets of loose water before hanging in place like ornaments amidst the rafters.

"Alright, I hate to say it, but near kaiju sized monsters warrant a cease fire. So, Princess and Witch, consider this a get out of jail free card if you don't run away before it's dead." Kanbaru barked from her place floating in mid air. A flick of her finger froze an errant sheet of water, micrometer thin yet ample space for her foot to make contact and launch a Dash upwards to orient herself against the rafters themselves.

It offered a great view of the gravity orb streaking by where Annabel had been, as Kanbaru found herself far too close for comfort and dashed away to rest over the snake's head. Movement revealed Akiko finally taking the stage, hurling herself by that funny looking Serei's of hers in a surprisingly bold move from the group's resident fence-sitter.

"Not a bad idea..." Kanbaru reached out her hand for her parasitic compatriot to give her a boosted throw, all the while tightening her grasp upon her recalled whale plushie, eager for a spinning overhead smash to snap the serpent's jaws shut.

Lorelai De Windt

A conspiracy. Not just a random act of despicable violence, but a full blown conspiracy was weaving itself amidst the ancient power structures of Kyoto and their class had unknowingly stepped in it. "No wonder our teacher wanted us to stay away, but..."

Her blood boiled just thinking that some deviant hanyou would shatter their peace for the sake of needless upheaval. Turning a determined eye to the tengu beside her, whose chatty nature was worming its way into Lorelai's good graces. "My legs? Ah, there nothing special, really. I just practise a lot of vaulting with my spears. Anyone could it with enough time, probably quicker then me if they tried for it."

Waving off the compliment with a flattered smile tugging at her stern lips she shifted closer. "Your, umm, your king doesn't want anything bad to happen, right? Maybe we can work together on this and provide some extra security. No trigger happy exorcist is gonna slap a talisman on you if they see you with a student. Probably mistake you for part of our field trip or a familiar."
Lorelai De Windt

The Tengu was an odd one, even by Lorelai's estimation, and though her thieving rankled the blonde's sense of propriety, her outrage was muffled by the yokai's assumption she'd murder her for it. "W-Why would I kill you? You may have stolen snacks, but it's not like your possessing an umbrella or strangling men with your hair. Aren't Tengu noble messengers anyway?"

Finding it a bit bothersome to crane her neck upwards just to keep talking to her, the blonde eyed the nearby surfaces before darting forward. Powerful kicks launched her upwards and side-wards, bouncing from signage to reach level with the avian brigand and plopping down with her legs over the edge. Closer now, two things occurred to her that made her view Sakichi with greater intent.

Otis was just as liberal with personal space and property as her, so maybe this was actually typical avian yokai behavior.

And she mentioned events going down in town, events Lorelai had a sneaking suspicion she was familiar with. In spite of their instructors demands, a spark of wrath was still nursed in her buxom for the assassin who humiliated her and nearly took an innocent's life so callously, prompting Lorelai to ask, "This business with your wouldn't happen to be about someone trying to kill an...important heiress, would it?"
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