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Lorelai De Windt

That Seirin joined the students at their inn was a gift Lorelai wasn't going to question, simply writing it off as those in charge recognizing their achievement in saving Seirin in the first place when their forces could hardly slow down Shinzou before he'd taken their castle from them. And if let her fulfill an age old dream of snuggling a little sister to chest, the warmth of Seirin's form warm and solid against her to persistently affirm their victory that night.

And if Lorelai was between Seirin and the window ensuring any opportunistic assassin had to literally go through her, then all the better. Hopeful and victorious? Yes. Callously disregarding their enemies seemed to be multiplying and escaping? Not a chance.

That didn't keep Lorelai from enjoying a restful night's sleep, a golden bell clutched in hand radiating it's rejuvenating power over the cuddle pile through what remained of the night.

Being one who could hardly stand being cooped up inside for classes, Lorelai hadn't any overt attraction to video games. TVs where nice when she'd ground her legs to jelly and hadn't the energy to move nor the inclination to sleep, but spending hours at it? Not likely. Yet the mecha of lights and sounds and energy that was Namco had her wishing her home had such an arcade, her attention caught by a myriad of chimes and whistles as every machine clamored to try and claim her coins.

Otis provided a plan of attack. It lasted longer then five minutes before the clawed bandits had robbed the lot of them and they moved on to more engaging games. Dancing, somehow, had become a game. The reasoning behind that escaped Lorelai considering it seemed odd to dance beside a partner rather then facing them, but she couldn't deny that going head to head against Otis was rather fun.

For someone who looked ready to slip into a coma from a lack of sleep that was likely more then just a single missed night of sleep, he still managed to get ahead of her score with a familiarity and flair to his steps.

The warmth she'd clung to in the night returned ten fold as they had crammed themselves into a photobooth, a crush of elbows and knees and so much hair it was a wonder no wonder sneezed from all the follicle tickling. It was silly, an invigorating rush of simply basking in one another's presence and trying to create the most interesting memories for the strips of photo paper to emblaze on their surface.

And thanks to losing her balance, one of those pictures would be of her face planted in Lady's chest. Her ears burned incandesant for quite some time after that.

After that she'd pointed out an older light gun shooter cabinet, Time Crisis 3 emblazoned amidst bright colors, and nudged the Strigidea and Seirin towards it for some light hearted bonding while she dragged the big lug Aurelious towards some VR experience called Beat Saber. Swords weren't her preferred experience but the flailing amidst a catchy tune alongside the hulking warrior made for an experience she wouldn't soon forget.

Caught between implicit and explicit threats of violence, Claudia perked up as the familiarity of her situation put her at ease. Mavelo may not be law enforement, but they were the only authority that meant a damn when it came to their own races, which put the Pirate and the Gladiator in the role of barely tolerated outlaws.

"Really, Wave, do we need to spell it out for you? You need to award points for style because it'll make the races that much more dangerous. Look at what that bonehead did, blowing up the track, yet in doing so he forced everyone to react in shocking ways. If crossing the line was our only care, we'd be boringly practical, but the racer going for style will be a reckless hellion risking life and limb for glory."

"And I think Rema can tell you a gladiator's glory reflects upon the house of their sponsor and the arena they grace." Claudia flipped her hair back over her shoulder carelessly, her saucy smirk favoring the drone before a harsh handshake threatened to disarm the non-augmented pilot. "Hey there, don't go breaking anything before the race starts! We aren't gonna get a trophy from hobbling each other off the track!"

She laughed, forcing good humor into her voice as she ignored their corporate overlord and endured the wrenching pain of Rema trying to pry her arm free of her body. It passed with a few shakes and Claudia rested her hand on her holstered pistol to hide it's lingering pains. "Come on, we're gonna be taking home the crown regardless of Mavelo growing a brain, so let's unwind till they've gotten their track ready for our afterburners to smoke it."
Lorelai De Windt

Witnessing a miracle was one thing. Riding the creature obliterated by the miracle was another, leaving Lorelai breathless and stiff long after the energy beam and the fox it cored from snout to tail had evaporated into the ether. Her landing to the asphalt and concrete below was markedly less graceful then her normal footwork would have found acceptable, but with her heart thundering loud enough to defean her to the celebrations, she was willing to temporarily forgive a laxity in standards.

Death by laser was definately going to be something she put extra emphasis in avoiding in the future, of that she could be certain, though she wasn't going to attach that aversion to the two who had fired it. Already her eyes sparkled seeing Seirin, victorious and emancipated from her own inability to choose. Even if for but a moment alone and never again, she alone pulled the trigger, and the corona of golden energy pulled to her couldn't have looked more fitting.

What surprised her more was the one who had given her the choice, a student she hadn't considered to have such depths, yet as her eyes saw the new bulge in Seirin's garments he patted for emphasis, it appeared to her he was a more righteous soul then his clipped exterior would entail. Still riding the high of adrenaline her hand reacted without consideration and caught the bell thrown her way from the Strigidea, rolling the golden orb along her palm as it's chime carried a subtle sense of wellness to her ears.

"Caring, brave, understanding, and now generous even with hard fought spoils. I never took you to be so fitting a Samurai. Perhaps with your keen eyes you'll have a career as an art critique between adventures." Lorelai laughed airilly, holding the bell to her chest as she drew in the cooling air of night and relished in its embrace, feet drawing her forwards till she was close enough to clap her other hand to Otis' shoulder, her Yari resting upon her shoulder idly. That his head was turned excessively away didn't perturb her in the least. "We should practise more often together. You're bullets are potent, but I feel I can endure far more powerful effects if we find ourselves battling larger prey then a Kyuubi!"
Kanbaru Otoko

"So she's a weapon's master, huh? Damn that's so coooooool!" Her words turned into a shriek of joy as a glowing strike was directed towards her 'valiant' steed, yet without input of her own the front wheel locked, tipping the seat forward for her to intercept the strike against the barrels of her heavy pistols as they crossed to catch the haft.

There wasn't a deadlock to be had, however, as Castle streaked in and struck the wolf woman with all it's impressive might, setting it's user up to bounce the wolf between vaccuums of absent air and the Stand's own fist. Exactly the sort of cruel domination the whale had come to expect from the most nefarious among their number, but just once, she'd let it slide as the motorcycle lurched, zipping over the juggled Nephy with a flip that left Kanbaru aiming straight downwards.

A blistering barrage of frosty projectiles whizzed by, cleanly missing both Stand and enemy alike as they struck the water below. Ice surged not just outwards but downwards, feet of water solidifying to deprive an escape beneath the murky depths. A gout of flame shot from her motorcycle and sent her to the ice, hands discarding the spent guns to take the handle bars.

"Hey mutt, you should take a ride on the wild side. My treat!" Dismounting it entirely, Kanbaru swung the vehicle as a bludgeon to crush the undead wolf against the merciless ice. "MOTO RUNNER!"

Her rather pathetic attempt at entrapment ignored and a barbed reply all but whispered in her ear over the radio, Claudia's anger was left to simmer as she stomped out of the Dogma. Her footfalls heavy as she came down the loading ramp with Bob hovering along beside her, sensors idly targetting the camera drones and noting they all seemed to ignore their general direction out of pure spite.

"Hmph. That one has the right of it." The ginger snorted, changing direction to traipse towards the raving Roman who had already stomped a camera drone to scrap metal. It was a nostalgic feeling that washed over as she found herself drawn to yet another short haired psycho with a shorter temper, but knowing better wasn't going to stop her from coming alongside her and throwing an arm over the cyborg's shoulder.

"You've got the right idea of it, Remy! Just listen to the masses laughing with, all in on the joke. It's obvious a champion wouldn't win with a shut out in the first round. Ain't that boring for a gladiator? No one but wild animals would challenge you if you didn't dangle the chance of victory before 'em."

She waved to the crowd, a toothy smile on her lips far more amiable then the honeyed words she poured into the gladiator's ear. Her fingers came together, miming a gun cocked before bucking back with a mouthed 'Bang!' that sent Bob shooting upwards to knock out the repulsor of a passing camera. It rapidly lost altitude and fell to the ground before them, lens angled upward to take in the violent pair of racers.

"The next race is where we put on a show that will leave the competition in the dust, ain't that right Rema? No need to feed them a sword when they can choke on our dust instead."

The red head didn't know how, but somehow she'd crossed the line last. The engines were cooling and the ship's rumble had turned to a low purr before growing still in its parking berth, yet still she was pouting in the cockpit. Even the robot horses had beaten her out!

"Small mercy then that bonehead didn't win, though fuck, with everything hitting him I can hardly call it a loss for him." Claudia exhaled, head thumping back as she turned a bloodshot eye towards the muted screens showing the commentators clamoring over footage of the race. Naturally it was mainly about the upset win of the Spike, it's near perpetual acceleration proving effective because of the roadblocks put in its path. They'd spent the entire race feeding speed boosts to her and it came to bite everyone in the ass it seemed.

Naturally the last place racer was rather ignored in all the replays and quipping, except by a certain announcer who made Claudia reach for her empty hip holster whenever she heard Wave's voice now. The brass balls on her to be such a snark about it all, rubbing salt in the wound when she was so convinced she had that race. "That's it Bob, I'm calling the bitch and scheduling an private interview. Then when i've got her too myself we'll see who gets the punishment here."

The pirate's spirits raised as she cackled over her console, typing away her plan for a poorly conceived and hastily executed revenge on a media personality during a heavily publicized race.
Kanbaru Otoko

The wolf woman was feral. Savage and direct, ruled by her hunger and fleeting emotions to see Kanbaru and the rest killed on a whim. A hunger pang. Her eyes widened and face split, a euphoria gripping her as boy and purple slash moved to intercept her.

"Wonderful-" A flash of emerging Serei power and Thomas flight changed in direction, snatching her by the arm and hurling her skywards with only a single shout of her name for warning. Her heart thundered and heat blossomed across her cheeks as age old experience saw her twisting herself to an inverted state, looking down upon the chaos erupting everywhere. "Wonderful! Simply wonderful!"

The Corpse Collector card shattered and saw her garbed in her flowing cloak, the heat of excitement buried under a heavy respirator mask now furiously expelling puffs of heated air. She was soon straddling a wicked, beefy motorcycle colored a midnight black, it's light fixated upon Nephy before the engine roared and she raced headless of the laser barrage just beside her towards the melee again. Twinned pistols in hand and the weight of the JSTR against her back, she raced forwards for a clash of vehicular Gunkata against the samurai wolf with even the blood thirsty vehicle out to see Nephy trampled beneath it's treads. "Oh I love this floor!"

There were three things Claudia could be certain of in this race.

She hated the Skulldugg with a steadily burning passion. That insane gladiator would fit right in on her crew and she'd see about poaching her after this. Lastly, that relying on jumps and pitfalls to slow a starship was laughable.

The gut busting chortles did more to slow her down then the actual threat before her, but Bob kept the Dogma steady. Lydia demonstrated why the loops weren't an issue for them, while the gladiator had powered through them without issue. Even the Spike was content to forsake any shortcut just for the chance to build momentum.

The redhead resolved herself to take the shortcut in her own fashion and shot up the loop, riding it close enough to feel the paint chip against the track before yanking back on the pitch. Without killing the engine she'd overturned the loop, blasting straight downwards at speeds she'd never dare take a turn. But a straight away? Now there she could put her oversized engines to work and blast over the valley with reckless abandon. Her body crashed into the seat, no longer perched but swaddled in the cushioning as the inertial forces struggled viciously with the ships countermeasures.

"This is race is all miiiiiiiiiine!"
Kanbaru Otoko

It was painful for Kanbaru to admit to herself, but as she clashed water with fire and saw death roll outwards and kill crabs with just a breath of super heated steam, she had no recourse but to admit she was jealous of Ami. She'd been a fine magical girl before, but she was well and truly a Demon by their standards. The highest aspiration of Dark Magical Girls and Ami had somehow clawed her way to it even after those powers were taken from them.

Sure, Kanbaru was plenty powerful now and was barely even scratching the surface for its uses, but it stung seeing that goal that she and Touka had strived for in the hands of another. Her sole consolation was that at least Ami knew how to use it; That being, indiscriminate wide scale destruction. It made heart swell to see the rapturous delight on her fire wreathed face as Ami scoured crabs from the mortal coil.

Together they were so good at it, the crabs decided to eat each other, but the Abyss was ready to offer new challenges right away, and Nephestos looked right up their alley. With the JSTR's hand turning her chin sharply away from Ami to take in the almost Lupine woman, it became apparent they had a serious threat on their hands.

So it was a surprise that Thomas was the one rushing in first to combat the unknown. Her opinion of the lad rose just as her own blade did, held at her side before she flickered forward in a dash of her own. Red eyes gleaming under the brim of her hat she swung the massive sword from Thomas' right, a heavy cleave to balance his precise strike to Nephy's sword arm. Maybe if the JSTR was feeling cooperative she'd drop an invisible chainsaw from above, but Kanbaru wasn't counting on the nun being helpful without more direct orders.

Kanbaru Otoko

"I don't need you to tell me that!" Kanbaru shouted bitterly towards the cat girl trying to backseat drive a fight against what were now multiple enemy crabs. That Akiko seemed to be pushing the crustaceans back by their blood alone ensured she wasn't dead weight, but it didn't make the JSTR touched any happier. Wrenching her sword free she considered how to best to handle the coming crabs when an old friend crashed the party.

"Oh, I didn't think you'd come to the obvious water level, Ame's." Kanbaru chuckled with a note of fondness, the sight of a rampaging Dark Magical Girl, former or not, bringing a touch of levity to her embittered features. And with that pillar of flame came an even more efficient means of eradicating the crabs. Pulling up her own geyser of water she crossed the streams, crashing water and fire to produce a lethal explosion of steam. This easily fell under her control and she hurled twisting streams of steam into the oncoming crabs, flash boiling them as it poured through open maws and the most minute of gaps.

"Steamed crab, anyone~? It's the best way to enjoy surf and turf!"
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