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Yeshua Sands - Terrorkeet

Yeshua neglected a great many things in the frantic escape from the MFF base. Her own morals chief among them, so easily misplaced when her sister was threatened, but second to that was the critical eye an avian would normally value above all else. In that regard, she had left herself blind to Kusanagi's actions, thinking the commander a paper tiger now de-fanged with no one to guard her.

The shock- Literal and figurative- struck Yeshua out of the blue and lost the bird her prize while only just sparing the bird her life. Stricken immobile in her ascent, it was by the grace of inertia and Setsuna's own protective drive that kept Terrorkeat from plummeting back down the hole, instead being dragged clear while an occasional spasm had her limbs jerking outwards and her diaphragm warbled, unable to draw a full breath.

Yet still she could think through the pain, helped in some part by the bite of distraught fangs trying to haul her further away, Yeshua knowing that her giant bulk would make that rather difficult. Useless as she was, the bird could only focus and shrink down to human size, hoping Setsuna would adjust her hold to better make her escape with a twitching, curled up human dangling from her maw.
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Returning to the inn was a relief for all of five seconds, where Kanbaru noticed the space was dominated by the sheer bulk of a grounded airship. It took even less time to connect the dots and figure out who was responsible for it and that said person would foist off any obligation to clean up for herself onto their second in command. Holding true to the ageless maxim that discretion was the better part of valor, the bluenette slipped away to the inn's rooms, quietly shutting the door of the farthest room behind her and propping a chair against it, just to err on the side of caution. Only then could she deflate, releasing a heavy exhalation of breath before falling face first into the nearest bed.

Dark was the room Kanbaru entered into, no attempt to switch the lights on as exhaustion no doubt creeped into her mind. Or maybe that was the presence of the other in the room, standing at attention in a posture of serenity. Walking out the darkness, the shadows washing off her form, the nun that followed her from the previous Floor leered closer and closer to the other girl. Despite their steps, the nun made no noise as if living air itself occupied Kanbaru's room. But there was presence all the same, if only one only Kanbaru could see as the bed indented with the nun sitting beside her prone form, silent and watching.

Kanbaru took it as a small victory that she won the war of tongues and the nun was pulled forward at her mercy...till everything else followed in its wake. The intrusion went beyond the physical, further past mental and spiritual. She breathed through tar and thought amidst molasses, the weight of an entity entering her amidst the height of her release was like the tide carrying back some great mass of driftwood. It crushed her in its embrace, closing her in a tight cocoon of an almost latex feel while the twin penii still worked inside her, churning nun and bluenette together into something more then either separate part.

Amidst the endless buzzing and darkness without depth, Kanbaru's fracturing mind was struck with a sudden and terrible idea. The idea that she knew who this nun was, knew what she was, and had known it all along. With the erasure of her composure, suddenly, Kanbaru remembered everything.

Realization of the truth would do nothing to stop it, and the Nun continued to infect the body before it like a virus, one that permeated Kanbaru's flesh and bone. It sunk in, grafting itself to her like a permanent fixture, taking the liberties of changing its new host into a more suitable role. Whatever clothing Kanbaru had left was gone, torn away, stockings ripped, greaved boots shattered and bust released into the dark void that gripped her. Slowly, tenderly, the black goo lowered itself off Kanbaru's head first, but only the crown of it, still keeping her face hidden under its layer. As the goo receded, a hunter's hat was left in its place. Soon the goo continued more vigorously, changing, sticking to Kanbaru's frame and forming into new clothes, solidifying the host into a new identity. It snaked down her legs, clinging tightly and becoming a new pair of leggings, boots forming at her feet and new tufts formed against her chest. The process was almost complete, bleached hair the next to be revealed from the dark mass.

A gloved hand sped the process along to its end, reaching under the goop marring her face and wrenching it away, the mass sinking into the hand like water through pores. Kanbaru blinked, adjusting to the dark and the sheer violation of her entire being with her typical aplumb. She raised both pointer fingers to her face, pushing first upwards at the corners of her lips, then downwards. Pantomiming each expression to see if they all still felt as stiff as usual. Seeing nothing different she trailed her hand upwards, finding with no small measure of approval a very impressive hat snugly secured to her head. "Well at least you have some fashion sense. It was bad enough using Grandma's birthright to violate me, but if you did it tastelessly I'd have had to end this partnership early, Program."

"But hey, that's all water under the bridge. Sit back and enjoy while I put on a show for my favorite, backstabbing parasite....Heh, you did actually stab my backdoor this time around. Cheeky bastard."

The so forth Program couldn't much respond in traditional manner, but it knew. It knew Kanbaru knew, and thus they were two. And even in the silence of the their joint union, Kanbaru knew. The JSTR was grinning.

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Kanbaru Otoko

While a knightly Serei was enjoying her moment of peace beside her summoner, an arm curled around Akiko's shoulders while she merged herself with yet another card, Lorelai was more exuberantly embracing an old friend. They giggled and laughed, trading witty remarks and threats of bodily harm. "Aww, you think that's scary. Don't go changing on me, Ami!"

Kanbaru laughed aside any such concerns and broke the hug as it began to rain down gold coins and treasure chests, replying with a shrug and, "Oh, you know how it always is. Fall asleep one night and wake up in a fantastical new situation. If not for the whole Magical Girl stuff I'd have thought it strange, but really by now, this is more normal for me then life without magic. Ugh, having to pay for chinese food was such a pain. And hey, I even got a motorcycle here thanks to my latest Serei, though the bike kinda drives herself from time to time, so it gets real wild to ride. Maybe could....Huh, that's new."

The bluenette trailed off, pointing behind Ami to see a wave of shambling bodies rising from the devastated city streets and looting the coins on behalf of a cackling lolita carried on a palanquin. She couldn't fault the obvious Serei for her efficiency, but that mob looked liable to sweep the grounds of every last treasure quick. "You should get a move on if you want to steal any loot, Ami. I need to go tally my own so I don't lose track."

The Ice user shooed Ami off with a smile and a promise to chat more later even as she leaned back into the feeling of phantom hands, curiously pondering how to further interact with her phantom guardian.
Yeshua Sands - Terrorkeet

A lack of gratitude was just something McNair found herself expecting from the commander, the pinkette pushed off her scientifically inclined superior with a tongue lashing for her trouble. A less committed commander might have expressed regret over pushing Kusanagi away from her death by bifurcation, but McNair was not careless with the lives of her peers. Rising to her feet she un-holstered her sidearm and sighted down the now mangled railing to see what was going on, only to be stricken by the sight of Utena returning to the fray.

It was treason enough to show sympathy to the enemy, even worse to act upon it, but now she was openly firing on her former comrades before they had even escalated to lethal measures. Her blood went from cold to incandescent in the time it took for her pupils to dilate and lips to snarl a furious command into her communicator. "All forces in the containment area, capture Utena immediately. Your weapons are useless on those GMGs, so bring me that traitor. Bring her alive."

Then McNair was hurtling down the nearest stairwell, all but foaming at the mouth to wring the traitor's neck while cooler heads contended with the kaiju in their midst.

Terrorkeat's emotions were getting the better of her, or surely she wouldn't have missed the scientist tormenting their kind so zealously. Eyes narrowed on Kusanagi's form, the woman had the gall to attempt crossing the bridge right over Yeshua's own head? Sheer arrogance.

The destruction of Schrodinger's cage told the avian kaiju it was time leave and she chirped to her sister, "Grab the human and climb. We are leaving together, with a little something extra."

A flap of her arms sent her airborne while flattening those unsteady beneath her with a sharp downdraft. She rocketed upwards with claws trailing at her side, intent to not just take Kusanagi, but to take the entire section of bridge she was on up with her as claws shredded steel and carried the sundered platform along for the ride. Yeshua cast a baleful look towards her captive passenger before turning upwards, a drill of air forming before her and growing thicker as she rocketed towards the ceiling between them and freedom.
Lorelai De Windt

Golden Week had treated Lorelai well, beginning in a duel that re-affirmed her need for greater training and spurred her on with a passion burning hungrily in her chest. Oh to be just that little bit faster and turn a stunning draw into a clear victory, her heart would surely sing! Such was her elation and vigor that even the torpor of lectures couldn't bring her down and, dare Lorelai admit it to herself, she found the discourse on exorcism was actually sticking with her. To her it came across as a more martial skill then a magical, requiring precision movement of the wrist combined with forethought to prepare ahead of time. No different then what she already did invested hours to develop muscles and acclimate her body to firing on all cylinders.

Even better was the notion that all she would need is to slap a few talismans to her favored weapon and even ghosts couldn't harass her with impunity. Not that she'd seen one which could be struck even with the talents of eastern practitioners, but it never hurt to be prepared. Maybe it would prove useful in unraveling and piercing magic barriers she'd normally flounder against?

Filled by such joyous thoughts of opportunity to grow, she put extra care into making her notes neat and tidy as she dedicated the verbal and written nuances imparted by Mr. Kuuto. Lorelai could really appreciate a man so straight forward and intense in his teaching, even if it seemed to intimidate a majority of the class. It was like these people weren't used to tough love...

The class unfortunately had to end and Lorelai deposited a notebook far fuller with ink then it had been in any class prior, her bag held to her chest as she bounded towards her friends. At least, she considered them as such, though it was easy to see that Rodrick was harboring some open animosity towards Edward. The dual must not have gone well but she hadn't the opening to ask. Instead she settled her focus on Helena and Edward, using the noble woman as the interlocutor between them and her Arcadian peer.

"Hey, I was thinking we could get together and practice these talismans. More perspectives would keep us from forming any bad habits in our calligraphy, right? We can review each other and nail this the first time!"
Lorelai De Windt

Treacherous serei and rocky flights greeted Lorelai upon Akiko's departure, the knight's countenance stony as CC feigned interest in killing her before directing her bloodlust to the debris threatening to crush them. A task made all the harder by Rose's decision to go beneath the colossal summon that was pouring buildings from its skin like blood from a wound. As much as she burned with the repressed desire to crush her fellow Serei's skull, she tolerated her presence and hurled her spear with an explosive crack to reduce a falling dormitory into a rain of powdered concrete. Recalling and hurling the weapon set a brief rhythm matched by the report of gunshots that pierced rubble regardless of size or depth, till Rose's gambit saw them swinging upwards past the rain and clear of its threat.

This left her free to pry the Corpse Collector from her waste by a gauntlet to the throat, hauling her bodily over the airship's ledge before the gunman could get a chance to carry out her earlier threats. "I suggest you take your own advice and handle the summoner personally. Let it be the last blood you shed this day, and maybe you will reconsider any future hostility to my summoner. She is my Charge, and I will not fail to a worm like you. Now, fly."

CC would have no trouble recognizing the unrepentant joy dancing in the knight's eyes as she released her grip, sending CC plummeting straight down, conveniently falling above the an enraged beyond all rationale Head Mistress.

Kanbaru Otoko

Regret tugged at Kanbaru, her heart a leaden weight that thrummed weakly with each step taken. There was the echo of blood on the tip of her tongue, desires left unfulfilled draining her, hands curled with murderous impulses still aching to rend corpus from mortal shell. She twitched as a voice struck her, a shriek of metal dragging over stone coming from a heel dragged too heavily behind her. Ami was before her, so familiar yet starkly changed from their Magical Girl days in Miso.

Touka would be mad, but she'd be a hypocrite for criticizing Kanbaru if she just killed one Club-

The bluenette breathed, life flooding her to chase away the lethargy as the phantom sensation of hands rested upon her shoulders. Soft fingers rubbed into muscles tightly wound, slowly working out the knots and restoring some parody of humanity to her. The ground between herself and Ami gave way, a gouge carved through stone warning the former Magical Girl of impending doom.

Kanbaru's heart returned to a tranquil stillness, not a feather felt to fetter her, and she quirked her lips with feigned ease. There will always be next time.

With a bounce in her step that animated her chest quite distractingly, Kanbaru bounded forward to wrap her arms around Ami's neck like an old friend. Her cheek rubbed excitedly against Ami's while her hand ruffled through flaxen hair. "Amiiiiiiiiiii!"

Yeshua Sands - Terrorkeet

Terrorkeat didn't dare to breath after giving her affirmation to the Utena, eyes boring holes into the human as she moved to the control panel. A part of her didn't want to believe it and expected to the human to lose her nerve, but the moment the power came down, she knew she wasn't being mislead.

The GMG exploded with plumage, feather's with a mono molecular edge bursting from her wings and limbs to shred the bars of her cage as she reared back and screamed. Going beyond the range of deafening, she harmonized her screech to a pitch meant to shatter glass. Not the hardened glass of holding cells, but that of monitors and control terminals, setting the open area and all its adjoining spaces a ringing with a cacophony of shattered glass. Screams came after as technicians sporting glasses now had silica lodged in their eyes, but such sounds of pain went unheeded by the GMG.

She swung her arm in a vicious uppercut and shredded the cage with derision, the pinions firing out to pierce everything from floor to the distant ceiling many floors up. Yeshua's eyes flashed with an alien malice that was felt by the pinkette Commander. McNair was struck by the recollection of Schrodinger's attempted assassination and found herself moving. The Commander crashed into Kusanagi's side and threw the both of them to the ground as a feather longer then a speedboat pierced the balcony like a knife through butter and rose through to the next level above them.

"We need to withdraw. You just marked yourself as the commanding officer and they can tell!"
Yeshua Sands - Terrorkeet

While Terrorkeat had been a model prisoner, internally her temperament had gone from resignation to anxiety, nerves twitchy to loud machinery that her flinched. Her gaze frequently turned to the being the MFF called Schrodinger, but who she doted upon as sisters often do. Talons flexed and her nostrils flared from the effort to constrain herself and not lash out. She was a lidded pot simmering over heat, knowing it would only take a few degrees more pressure to evoke a reaction that would not be contained.

Into this mess of nerves stepped Utena, drawing the GMG's eyes downwards to her minuscule figure. Strange that she hadn't sold out the GMG's ability to change their shape yet when they were already captured. Wasn't that the kind of thing that would get her promoted, loads of luxurious rewards and perks? Yeshua thought the human was strange before, but she shifted suddenly when Utena was outright conspiring with them.

McNair could now affirm to herself that Kusanagi was a prickly woman. Unsurprising given the fields they work in, but it was important to have made certain of this and the doctor's need to needle McNair like she thought the pinkette was some brainless neanderthal. If she was going to take time away from her desk and show the Commander the ropes, then she was going to be the last person who turned down an informative tour of their workplace.

And honestly, after being made to scrub toilets with tampons, this was downright inspirational behavior in comparison to past superior officers.

"Hmm? What I see is an officer ignoring standing orders to poke a dangerous GMG in its-" The Pink Tyrant choked, the words lost as she saw the typically implacable Terrorkeat lower it's head to the nearest point of the electrified cage and deliberately close it's eyes twice in rapid succession. It settled a minute, head taking a quizzical turn as it visibly mulled something over before blinking once.

Then it concluded with two more blinks before rearing back to it's resting position.

" think we'd have troops so sympathetic to the enemy. Has Utena made past attempts to report there was some greater intelligence to the GMGs? Perhaps this isn't outright treason. She's a decorated officer. She could be looking to make a breakthrough on her own and ride the accolades to further her career." McNair said, wringing her crop between her hands like the neck of a chicken. Outrage warred with worry, and she looked to Kusanagi as though the doctor would put her concerns to rest. Losing an officer to the enemy was bad, but having a decorated veteran turn traitor would stunt the momentum they'd worked so hard to build up. "We need to interrogate her."

Caprice's words served to ellicit a more violent reprisal from the enraged bluenette, her fist opening to wreath the ground in frost to better slide forward and close the distance. Weather or not the other girl truly intended to fight with a bag of popcorn did not dissuade her from lashing out with her blade, it's heavy head coming down towards her ribs as she swung it back handed.

Caprice simply tossed the bucket of popcorn at Kanbaru's face, like a fistful of thrown dirt. Kanbaru's blade would easily slice it asunder, but the popcorn would still go everywhere. Caprice continued her steps backwards on rising and falling candy canes, even as Kanbaru created a path of frost to approach on. Their battleground was between the buildings and above the streets, possible only by their powers.

Caprice sought to stay out of the reach of the powerful blade, rather than face it head on. When Kanbaru finally reached her, Caprice leaped off her candy canes to gain just the extra burst of speed she needed to evade the strike. Raising a hand to another building, a licorice whip met her so that she could swing away. Letting go at the apex of her movement, Caprice twirled once the air like a figure skater, and when she came back to facing Kanbaru, she was sending forth three tightly bound balls of pastry, each streaming a differently colored tail like a comet, before catching another licorice whip to continue traversing between the buildings in this aerial duel.

Popcorn being as large and puffy as it was made it a poor substitute for actual pocket sand, the buttery kernals spilling past her as she charged through only for her foe to leap away atop candy canes and ropes of foul smelling candy. Caprice seemed intent on staying out of her reach, and Kanbaru was just as driven to deny her such luxury. In the face of oncoming pastry barrage, she thickened the ice beneath her feet before raising a geyser from the asphalt. The ground ruptured, launching her platform over the attack and sending her sailing over the swinging Caprice.

Her boot slammed down, propelling the platform into a discus of heavy ice to strike the next anchor point of her licorice whip while Kanbaru fell with a roar of fury to bludgeon her up close.

The pastries landed harmlessly against pavement, sending their colorful contents exploding in every direction like chalk bombs. Caprice found herself falling as Kanbaru spun her way into the building that Caprice was currently swinging off of. This sent Caprice tumbling through the air, until she landed on some spongey food she summoned underneath herself that bounced her back up to a standing pose on the ground, no worse for wear but with a violent chunk of ice hurtling her way.

With a sigh, Caprice dusted herself off, before reading her weapon of choice for the melee to ensue. She appeared to have chosen a creme pie, favored weapon of clowns. All that was left was the clash.

Her enemy was no longer running, bringing a sneer to the bluenette's face that was so warped with malice. Then they pursed before she spat, the glob of saliva zipping forward as a splinter of ice. It aimed for Caprice's legs, a herald to offset her footing while Kanbaru twisted herself into an icy dervish, turning herself into a blur of edges to crash upon the charlatan.

The tiny splinter of ice passed beneath Caprice's notice and into her leg, a tiny splatter of red added to her garment as Caprice stumbled and fell. She launched her pie with what little effort she could muster while falling. While being down on the ground might have spared her from the path of Kanbaru's spinning blade, the spinning platform of thick ice would find Caprice's legs an easy target to splinter and break if it passed over them.

If the creme pie, Caprice's last gambit, had landed home, Kanbaru would find herself covered in.. ordinary creme.

The crash into the ground lacked a meaty splat, ice shattering against concrete and leaving Kanbaru on her hands and knees, both hands against her blade as she released ragged breathes. Her chest was sticky and slick with cream, the weapon little more then a gag that soiled her clothes. "Even can't take anything seriously."

She rose, conjuring a puff of steam to wash the mess from her as she shuffled towards Caprice. Her chest heaved, anger still swimming in her gaze yet tempered by palpable disappointment. "You know, there are things that will fucking chew us up and spit us out as shells of ourselves...and you laugh it off. You're either well adjusted, or a madwoman."

"I spit and you fall. God, I feel so silly to get worked up over this." Kanbaru groused, pausing beside Caprice and raising her blade. It fell, stabbing through the cobblestones beside her head at an angle that pressured the charlatan's throat. "Next time, I won't leave any loose ends."

Growling in disdain, Kanbaru began shuffling back up the road to the ruined academy, losing herself in the rising plumes of dust that came from falling buildings.

"Gah-geh-heh-hahaa!" Caprice's pained laughter certainly didn't cast any doubts on the 'madwoman' theory. "Well, it seems my gamble paid off." Caprice smiled as best she could through the pain, raising a glove covered in blood from holding her injured leg to examine the price paid for her gamble, even as a blade was against her neck. "If you're wondering why I wouldn't raise a weapon against you, it's quite simple. I don't have any reason to wish you harm other than my own preservation. And despite the fact that I find you a repugnant brute, that's no reason why I should value my life above yours."

She leaned back now, no longer rising to try and take stock of herself. "Ahaha.. Remember, a wise man once said, before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, you're a mile away and you have his shoes. The perfect crime! Ahahaha!" Laying on the asphalt, Caprice laughing at her own joke, this was what Kanbaru would hear as she walked away.
Lorelai De Windt

That 'Kanbaru' joined them without incident didn't lessen the Serei's concern, but she turned her focus to the airship about to pass them by and the scintillating light show that came from eldritch fire being deflected by the very stuff that stars were made of. "Bah. My cat can do better. Now then, we rise, Durgan."

Lorelai raised the Violet Relic to the sky and heralded a great vacuum, siphoning the space between them and airship till a funnel of pure void remained. Her other hand pressed to the beast they sat astride and poured explosive force behind it's leap, propelling them with startling ease. Hardly a hair shifted on their heads when there was no air to ruffle them, but it made the act of alighting upon the energetic deck simple as could.

The grace of which was swiftly lost as Durgan dispelled himself with a chuff, displeased to be away from solid ground. Lorelai had the good graces to cushion Akiko but 'Kanbaru' would serve as a cushion to their fall.

Meanwhile the Head Mistress was far less lackadaisical in her bearing, all but screaming her fury as forces beyond their realm interceded in battle. That such an airship could not only take such an attack, but emerge unscathed and outmaneuver further volleys was mind boggling. "Children with power beyond their ken. I may meddle with demons but these fools have damned themselves even further!"

The Demon heaved, knuckles bristling as it moved to meet attempted ramming of the vessel, yet it's side bristled with armaments no craft should bear in this city and exploded outwards with a storm of ice and flora. Brown and blue piercing a skein of nightmares, painting it in the colors of Chen's magic and having the beast real as what passed for eyes crusted with ice. It reeled back, more from the force of the concentrated blow then a sign it possessed the capacity to feel pain, and it was in this staggered state a mighty blow came impossible from the cloudy sky above to take to task its broad neck.

It was like a trench had been carved across a field of blasted earth, yet to such a being that amounted to but thin line from which emerald flames licked the air from a gaping seam. Yet while it was no decapitating strike, it staggered the Demon forward with a sudden jolt.

Jolt enough to topple the summoner from her perch, her coat marred with frost and a length of wood having skewered her shoulder socket to make one arm a limp noodle against the wind. A fall from that height wouldn't even leave a corpse to be scraped from the stones, more a smear befitting a hose, compelling her to raise her book and chant a spell of levitation to turn her fall into a gentle float. One from which she could create a platform of clouds to float upon. In saving herself, the Demon quickly lost cohesion as she could no longer concentrate upon maintaining it's form. It raged as buildings and debris dripped from its skin, raindrops of masonry falling through it, depriving it of mass with each piece lost.

The drive to avenge itself superseded all reasoning and commands from the Head Mistress, both arms snapping out wide before cleaving the air with open palms, clouds being pulled behind it as it tried to crush the passing airship like a gnat.

Kanbaru Otoko

The spectacle of cosmic powers occurring above Kanbaru went ignored. The sudden and, frankly, alarming reunion with a Detention Club member ellicited a mild, "Oh, hey."

One hand clenched tightly, open air displaced by her blade as Kanbaru stomped forward. Normally she responded to things with teasing warmth or an ice chill, but looking at Caprice only made her see red. Incandescent red, a rage that she let run wild till her body tilted and she had Quick Run directly in front of Caprice's chair, her empty hand cocked back before hurtling forward to take the magician by the cheek. It was a sloppy punch and her hand ached, but the visceral feeling of vindication was intoxicating.

"I tried being reasonable. But right now, the only one I want to beat till their heart gives out is you."

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