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Kanbaru Otoko

It really said something about their journey so far that even the newest people didn't bat an eye when a giant crab came up from the waters to try and eat them. Kanbaru's suddenly red attire was a more noteworthy occurrence, though she'd understand some parties being distracted. Seeing Thomas smothered by falling ass was just that funny.

With Akiko holding the crab in place by its own blood, it seemed unfair to slaughter the animal that didn't know what monsters it had provoked, yet such was the life of cave dwelling creatures. It would be far crueler to the ecosystem to allow such a foolish creature to continue it's genealogy when it was so lacking in survival instincts.

Safe in the knowledge it wouldn't be moving overtly much, she didn't hesitate to spring forward and grasp the crab by the eye stalk, one hand squeezing it for balance while the other stabbed her sword down into the plating that slid over it's maw. Her boots followed swiftly after, both smashing down so she could put her full weight behind levering open the plates and exposing it's maw for a geyser of boiling to shoot forth from her sword into it.

"Keep him steady and we'll be having boiled crab in no time. Yahoo!"

Even with the inertia dampeners working optimally Claudia swore she could feel the wind even in the cockpit, the Dogma surging trough the minefield and slinging past the Skulldug with a shriek of pulse pounding excitement. If she'd known flying in-atmosphere was this exciting she'd have gone down a very different career path!

"Yahooo! See that Bob? No one even looked at our tail lights!" With a cackle she leaned forward in her seat, perched on the edge like a bird of prey eager to swoop down on its meal. With an ease of familiarity with the actions she armed a rear facing missile tube and fired it at the race's Dark Horse with a premature detonation timer. It shrieked beneath the backwash of Dogma's engines and went off with a plume of cosmetic black smoke that masked the low yield of the actual warhead. It would mask the boarding android fired out of the second rearward launch tube, it's fist reared back to come down in a classic three-point landing aboard the front of the bone-themed speedster.

"Come on, clobber his ass and I'll get you those upgraded combat chassis you girls always wanted!" The redhead hollered into the android's command net, as the desire to motivate possibly self aware automatons and her own want to smack talk drove her to rampant boasting. The heat of the moment with her hands on the throttle and the roar of an engine raging beneath her brought out a wild side that Claudia had no restraint in indulging.

"This race is as good as mine!"

The race began with a band and a belch, a thick plume of smoke trailing behind the black horse of the day's race. Right from the start racers were at each other's throats, a field of magnetic mines scattered by the lead racer before anyone had a chance to get ahead. Yet such tricks were child's play for an experienced navigator and breaker of intergalactic authority blockades.

A chirp from across the console opposite her brought a vicious sneer to Claudia's lips, her faithful drone recognize the problem and responding with a staggered trio of the Dogma's low yield missiles. They detonated over the minefield, triggering them ahead of the Dogma as it zipped by through the gap she'd created.

"Not thirty seconds in and we're already detonating bombs without anyone batting an eye. Damn are these some fun races!" With a cackle she poured on the speed, focus on the Skulldugger's ass with her hands tensed against a second round of booby traps tumbling out.
Lorelai De Windt

"Seshoukan Muramasa..." Lorelai intoned, working the syllables over her tongue with a small pout of concentration. Then it slowly morphed, the sun shining with a vengeance behind her eyes as she rounded upon the black smith and lunged. Her arms enveloped him, pulling him close with a cry of delight.

Of course, being mindful not to smack anyone with the Yari, she didn't pay mind to wear she pulled the young man's face, but her obliviousness returned in full force.

"You've worked miracles for me, and now you've christened your finest with a name that brings joy to my heart! Oh I have been blessed to meet the Muramasa family, each and everyone one of you!" The blonde's jubilation went beyond the bounds of propriety but that implied there was someone to chastise the girl currently smothering a blacksmith while carrying a point magic spear.

I can't wait to show this to Seirin!
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Kanbaru Otoko

Kanbaru's typical irreverence was markedly forced as she came down to the tavern floor to see what quest awaited them, arms crossed with her hands fiercely grasping her elbows while eyes rimmed with heavy circles drank in the information presented.

She turned away and caught a glimpse of a feline, murderous rage burning for a second before she turned away with her hat pulled downwards. The absence of her latest Serei card both burned and soothed her, it's hostile presence long gone yet the indignation of being robbed cut deep. Akiko may have gotten the drop on her, but that time Kanbaru had let her guard down, underestimating how ruthless the ki- the Cat could be. A deep sea exploration sounded like the perfect place to avenge herself with no one the wiser.

The thought of taking back what was lost burned like a torch in her breast, warm to the touch even as they fell into darkness and water. Kanbaru laughed gaily through the water, her powers making it trivial even before the floor itself adapted to their needs. Pulling upon her own powers she could draw the water towards her and expell it backwards, shooting along with the grace of a hunting orca.

"Fishy? We're in the deep. I fully expect crab people guarding treasure. Maybe a musical number or two, though I don't think we're lucky enough to get attractive mermaids down here." Kanbaru replied to Clair, rising up and standing on the water without issue, her sword resting idly on her shoulder. "We may as well stay together. I'd hate to see how we'd handle something as big as that snake from the last floor in tiny groups. And honestly, I expect even bigger to show up underwater."
Lorelai De Windt

Lorelai's night was one of restless slumber, tossing and turning with a lustrous pinion resting on her night stand. A token of friendship a reminder of the Tengu's help and something she would hope to call upon again in the future, but such things were distant uncertainties in the face of current events. Thus she wasted no time in returning to the black smith, greeting his little sister with a deluge of warmth as though she were compensating for an inability to do the same for Seirin.

Between the life giving smiles and warmth of the younger sister, and the stiff, noble bearing of the brother, she could not help but think they required a wild eyed Susanoo to complete their family. Such musings gave way to wonder when she beheld her new and proper Yari, a weapon whose blade could be said to be one of a kind. Certainly no one had ever held a Muramasa forged from such material, yet Lorelai now cradled the shaft, tipping it hereto and forward to get a feel for the balance of it as well as the texture of the wood against her calloused palms.

Her smile burned as bright as the forge that brought such a weapon into creation and her fingers blurred as she gave it an experimental twirl away from the smithing siblings.

"I fail to find the words to express my gratitude for this. You can not fathom how necessary this is now. I feel as though...I can finally have my grasp exceed my reach." She giggled then, finding the words clumsy and oafsome even to her own ears, and turned her radiant eyes to the smith himself. "Does it have a name?"

It was just Claudia's rotten luck that the plucky commentator for the event and annual hype woman just had to bring attention to her first and foremost. She tucked her head inwards with a vibrant blush of embarrassment at being referred to as the cute dimwit. It was far easier to curse and grumble beneath her breath when her hair fell like a concealing curtain between herself and the cameras.

"We'll see whose a dimwit when I buy your ass with my prize winnings. My vengeance will be the stuff of legends!" She growled with a pout as her feet finally hit the deck, Bob's bloodlust mitigated for a time and two dashing off to join the wacky races at the track. A starting location dominating by the wildly varying ships and crafts of unusual design used by the racers.

Having been streamed by the camera drones and being adjacent to her starting position, it was easy for Claudia to see the chariot racer and her fire breathing horse. Granted, those would stand out anywhere, even the most backwards feudal world would balk at such a means of conveyance. Opposite her was a far more well known figure, a popular career racer known as Lydia Warpstar. The family name felt a bit too on the nose to be real, but Claudia's business was rather known for nom de guerre's getting out of hand already.

It wouldn't matter. Wrapping her knuckled along Bob's exterior, the dimwit felt her victory was assured as the trotted inside and readied themselves for the big day.
Lorelai De Windt

Thought the orchestrator of the night's events was driven off and the egg remained unhatched, there remained a bitter taste upon the blonde's tongue and it was no small feat to keep it stilled as they were marched back to the hotel. If this were some cheesy anime the teacher would rip into them for running off into danger and try to ground them to the hotel without a lick of consideration for the motives, so it was a relief she did not have to unleash her frustrations in a diatribe fueled rant that would haunt her the rest of the school year.

Should students have rushed off into that situation? Certainly not, even Lorelai could accept that, where the circumstances ideal. That is to say, that the castle's defenders weren't entirely inadequate and their delaying action seemingly all that kept the egg from hatching on time.

So it was that cooler- read, compartmentalized- minds such as Otis' spoke up, unleashing a deluge of clinical facts with no personal flair or passion. She watched with widening eyes before following it with a clipped nod. "You'd be surprised what you can hear people say in front of you when they think you a foreign yankee."

"If you'll excuse me professor, that...Shinzou person, wasn't exactly gentle and I'd like to rest my aching ribs. I'll be in my room." She made her excuses, affecting a sag to her posture as though the adrenaline was finally leaving her to feel the full weight of injuries she didn't truly have. She just wanted an excuse to fling the window of her room open and get the low down from her avian friend while texting a certain black smith's sister to except Lorelai first thing in the morning.

Into the rapidly emptying bar emerged a figure of such immense beauty and charisma, mortal eyes would melt in their sockets just from staring at her exposed abs. Or so Lola would say with a wiggle and a bark of laughter, both of which she did as she formed mid swing of her arm. It curled around Riku's neck, pulling her alongside the decidedly canine woman who led them towards the bar.

As the holder of her card, Riku would know that Lola's greatest strength wasn't in raw might or magical power, even if she possessed both in spaces. It was unfettered confidence that had her swagger up to the bar, commandeer a chair, and pull the princess across her lap to sit with an arm supporting her back.

"Hey barkeep, we'll have the sweetest drink we can chug down in a hurry, and keep them flowing. My summoner as finally figured out how to use me, and we are going to celebrate to her cherry being popped!" She crowed, one hand slapping the counter excitedly before coming up to brush aside the hair shielding the princess' dour face. "And you are going to drink with me for all the times we missed out on, and I won't accept any complaints or you'll be the one sleeping at the bar."

"You already know my name, and I know yours, so we're hardly strangers. That means let's drink, be merry, and make some regrettable decisions that we will have no recollection of come morning. Trust me, I've been where you've just come from and it's not all rollicking Hellhounds and angels bound in chains. Can be a real downer, so you gotta live it up afterwards or there isn't a point in coming back at all!"

"Bob, stop staring. You are sooooooo much better and I'm not thinking of replacing you!" A voice rose, high and panicked, as the floating red companion normally just over her shoulder had floated off to seemingly glare intently at one of the many drones. It was only natural there would be cameras on the racers, maybe even a few pre-flight interviews to drum up some interest, so the pirate swallowed her nerves at the idea of millions of eyes on her and tried to wear a wan smile as she gave the Dogma a last minute check.

Then Bob had to go feeling inadequate next to the bulkier drones, and Claudia screeched in alarm as the red ball charged up it's Kinetic Strike Module, or to anyone sane, it planned to ram it. Making a sudden lunge and leap, she flung herself upwards and enveloped her own drone against her chest, leaving her face to lens with a very public camera.

The captain is going to flay me.... She thought miserably, Bob straining to keep her aloft with an audible Brrr! of repulsors that saw her slowly creeping down to the ground with the camera following her.

"Umm, don't mind us, we're just so excited for the race. We're gonna, uh, take home the gold!" The redhead gave out a half hearted cheer, hoping the crowds would think she's eccentric. Eccentric was far better then being a crazy woman with an unstable robot operating her ship.
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