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The RPs on hiatus due to irreconcilable differences. Don't come on over.

The lack of any follow up upon the events of the slumber party left Kanbaru feeling unsettled. A sentiment that must have been shared as Touka didn't bother to bring them together for a meeting as per the norm. Not that the bluenette could fault such actions, especially when the hunting was so poor ever since.

A few days of minimal Nightmare activity, and the tension was still mounting amid seeming tranquility.

The setting sun was met with the roar of an engine, the bluenette enjoying a ride on her motorcycle through the city. She had no destination in mind, seeking only to burn the nervous energy roiling beneath the skin. A part of that was from the surge of magic they all absorbed from the slumber party, but the majority was simply uncertainty.

"I wish things would settle down. Strength is nice and all, but not at the expense of our beauty sleep." The bluenette sighed, slumping forward as she idled at a red light. "Murder. Strangers. Bigger Nightmares. Feels like things are just spinning out of control..."

Tsuruga Deishuu

Her life had become a waking nightmare with no end in sight. Surely Tsuruga would have fallen into a bottomless pit of despair at the cruelty of reality if not for the reassuring presence of Kuro, the adorably transformed Mascot whose health and well being hinged upon Tsuruga keeping it together. Kuro shared in her torment, unable to shield herself from the madness that was having Ami live with her.

"My home. Ruined. A pigsty unfit for human habitation!" Tsuruga cried from the stoop of her home, a sleepy looking Kuro leaning against her to passively sap her warmth. It was a small comfort that the mascot was so easy to handle when Tsuruga's partner now defiled her home in the wake of the slumber party, and not for the first time did the dramatic young girl wonder if she'd be better off moving into the wreck of Ami's home. Sure, it was still winter and it had only half of its walls still standing, but she could clean up the rubble and make it tidy if nothing else.

"And I still think she was the one chewing my hair as we slept. There's no way it could be you, Kuro..."

A sharp pain that the Nightmare couldn't ignore resonated from its jaw already stretched to the limits of its musculature to douse Ami's apartment in its miasmic breath. Yet it couldn't close its gaping maw to draw the Miasma back in, its head paralyzed in place from the swift strikes of Apia's stingers. The Behemoth didn't know panic or fear, but it knew confusion as its greatest weapon and shield was pumped out in one direction while every other was assailed by stings and bites.

It's indecision at being so effectively countered provided all the opening that Machiko needed, her lance obliterating the Nightmare's once fearsome head, and with it, the body gave out under its own weight and fell into a pile of steadily fading Nightmare matter. The corpse and the miasma converted into a palatable magical essense before surging towards the assembled girls with more vigor then before.

A veritable horde of power struck them, forcing those still untransformed into their Magical Attire and even repairing Ami's in full, suffused them all. An intoxicating rush that would have taken a good month of non-stop hunting, drunk in full in but the start of the night off for the Dark Girls.

Tsuruga's wings snapped outwards in full, tearing through the walls of Ami's kitchnes and exposing it to the street outside while she bounced with a manic energy, her face buried in the mop of Kuro's hair. Then she spun, and her wings ensured Ami would not have much of an apartment to return to.

"Well, that was not how I'd have liked to be introduced to this." The Code Keeper remarked, periodically ducking a metal wing while her shorter compatriots plus Seyrun went unharmed. That Nightmare was something else, but it was a shame they needed to trash the place to get a shot at killing it. Her gaze flickered from the two magical girls standing over the Nightmare's remains, tacitly sliding passed Ami and the meltdown she'd cause, to land on Seyrun. "Umm, welcome to the Club. Next party is at your place."

The night closed without further attack. In fact, there was not a Nightmare to be seen. An unnatural stillness, waiting to be broken by the first cast stone.

This Nightmare was not the easy prey Ayumu expected. The specters of Mascots did not cause an iota of deviation in its gaze, slow steps drawing in closer to the home without even acknowledging them. This didn't change when the illusions turned feral and the great cats leaped towards the Nightmare to try and rake across its flanks.

The reasoning for this was shockingly self evident, as the Shadow cats melted upon contact with the miasma of darkness surrounding the beast. Not a grunt was heard, their forms dissolved before even striking the creature's hide. What magic constituted Ayumu's illusions was so paltry it made no visibly difference in the Nightmare's aura, but that was soon to change with Ami bursting forward and burying her boot into the Behemoth's face.

Four eyes flashed with acknowledgement, howling at finally being struck even as the firey Magical Girl darted back with waves of fire following in her wake. Just as the illusions were, the flames too were swallowed up by the miasma, and now it would be obvious that the cloud was growing in proportion to the magic pumped into it. It rose outwards and upwards, like the burner on a stove that tappered to a flickering bulb of ravenous hunger fuelled by the immaterial attacks.

From where Ami landed, she'd feel a sudden weakness in her leg and looking upon it would reveal patchwork holes like the left over feasting of mothes upon her Magical Girl transformation, stripping it away to glimpse the pajamas she wore moments prior. She would feel a dip in her magical reserves, stolen away to feed their adversary whose form was lost entirely in the miasma.

Apia's efforts where to fair little better, the bees more substantial then illusions and flame yet so small that they were lost to the darkness before they could complete their second revolution of its leg. Apia's warieness would spare her Ami's ill effect if she broke off from her attack, but if she continued her stinger would only secure a single strike before melting along with the garments across her arm and chest, such was the depth of its rapidly increased aura.

Then came another beastly roar, this time one of pain, as a tightly woven spear of wire tore its defense and struck the beast's hide. It melted just the same, but lasted enough for the spearhead to punch through and give the Nightmare cause to tear its ravenous eyes from Kuro and acknowledge the Magical Girls threatening it.

It followed the bellow with a great inhalation, the force of its breath pulling at the wild hair of the assembled girls as it drew in debris, detritus, and its own miasma into painfully distended jaws. The Nightmare's visage was revealed once again, bright red crag's bristling with magical power just beneath its hide. So much more then the Detention Club would harvest in a month of non-stop hunting, now crammed into one beast whose aura was condensed into a ball of ravenous intent.

Kanbaru watched the initial exchange play out with a calculating gaze, widening marginally at the ineffectiveness of their attacks up till the Club President struck a blow worthy of reprisal. At least we can be certain this thing isn't a secret speedster.

However there was little else to celebrate when she connected the dots and realized what it was planning. A surge of panic forced her to fall to one knee and slam both her hands into the ground. The front of Ami's house where the rest of the Club stood paralyzed in shock was encased in a solid sheet of ice, plugging up the broken windows with feet upon feet of blackened ice just as the Nightmare's inhalation ended.

A moment later, and it released a breath that carried the miasma in a wave of darkness surging toward the residence. The street, sidewalk, and building itself were entirely unaffected by the murky tide, but on contact the ice sizzled and melted, inches disappearing in seconds. The barrier would last precious little, but for the magical girls it would have to be enough.

"Everyone, move it or lose it!" The Code Keeper barked out, sprinting into the kitchen after Seyrun, holding the door just long enough that Tsuruga came in right after her, still in her pajamas with Kuro pulled to her chest in a death grip. The Iron Winged Magical girl was cursing under her breath, her wings too much of a hassle to transform into in such a cramped space.

There were precious few moments left before the last of the ice gave way and filled the main room with the Nightmare's miasma. To those girls still outside and away from the directed attack, they'd find the Nightmare exposed without the protection of its aura.

It was a night of confrontation in Miso City. Seyrun confronted the tenuous hold she had upon her limited view of reality. Siblings bickered and tipped the cosmic scales with their squabbling. The light chased answers in the buxom of shadow.

And the camraderie of the Dark drew in a Nightmare fouler then pitch.

The warmth fled Ami's home as the windows blew inwards, pelting them with shards of glass as the earth trembled from a great and hulking mass which struck the pavement outside. Carried upon that very same wind was a roar that reverberated into the bones of every magical girl present, a deep, primal thing that spoke of an insatiable hunger.

It was followed by the sound of a CRT monitor shrieking under strain before yet more glass shattered and plastic gave way.

Outside was a beast the size of a one bedroom household, dwarfing all those present as it heaved it's hole body with every ragged breath from the crater it made of the street. Flickers of movement radiated away from it as the Mascots fled, but at a glance they could by the detritus littering this Behemoth Nightmare's teeth that at least one mascot had not been so fortunate. The girls could faintly see the passage of the little creature, the crimson rents in Nightmare's hide glowing as it was passed deeper and deeper into the core of the beast before stilling.

A second roar from the Behemoth would shatter the petrification which gripped the Magical Girls as it set its sights upon them, a baleful intent striking them like a wall of humid air that clung to their pores and refused to be shaken. A more physical miasma began to radiate from the beast, cloaking its features in an umpentrable umbra that extended a few feet around it.

Yet still, four malevolent eyes could be glimpsed through the haze, and they all centered in upon the transformed Mascot petrified upon Tsuruga's lap at the back of the room.
Danielle McNair | Show-Stopper!

It wasn't long before more Heroes in Training came to assist in rescuing the robots from their crashed cars. She didn't appreciate having to share the limelight such as this, but even she could tell there were more then enough civilians to go around. As she finished extricating one male-ish figure from the driver's side of a car and laid them out on their back a few feet away, a shout of alarm from one of her own male counter parts had her gaze directed to a precariously dangling water tower.

"Why is that even at an intersection?" Show-Stopper asked, head quirked as she took in the peculiar sight, eyes slowly trailing down to the overturned tanker below it and the fires drawing nearer. "Huh. Maybe this is more cleverly designed then I thought....Anyhow, I'll have it down in a flash, just...seriously, don't freeze it. We have people laid out on the ground and I'm pretty sure flash freezing ankle deep water around them is kinda harmful."

Now if they could have make some kind of frozen barrier to direct the water, that would be one thing, but with the loose plan they had in mind there wouldn't be time for it. If nothing else, her outfit was unintentionally designed to handle water rather well, given it would slide off her outfit like a duck's plumage.

She moved away from the trapped civilians and clambered onto the overturned tanker truck via a now horizontal ladder, finding there was enough clearence between her new position and the building the tower hung from that it...probably, wouldn't collide directly. And if it manages to fall without rupturing entirely there's a chance it'll light a spark grinding metal on metal...

"No second guessing!" She slapped both her cheeks, letting the sting bring her mind to focus while she aligned an index finger with the most beleugered of stantions supporting the tower. Curling it back into her palm, her arm remained locked in place, a tension rooting her in place as she tried to move a mass of metal and water well beyond her capacity if this was under normal circumstances. But metal fatigue and gravity being in her favor would ensure this was just the nudge needed to drag it down to earth and hopefully douse the flames that threatened the civilians safety.
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It's an MHA RP. IE, high school for heroes. Your character was a few years too young for the setting alongside a power that doesn't suit the setting as it was.
As long as you don't look at it on your phone. Then the Quirk Description gets cut off half way over the edge of the hider.
Danielle McNair | Show-Stopper!

The wait had been excruciating but at long last, Danielle was ready. USJ had access to some of the finest designers of support equipment and they earned cent of subsidized federal income when it came to bringing her costume to fruitition. A part of her expected it to be rejected for being too revealing like she knew some countries in the east would, but in the good old U.S. of A. there were few such concerns.

Both hands grasped her peaked cap and pulled it down snug atop her head, careful not to muss up her straightened hair and ruin the image. Pristine but foreboding. A bright beacon of red to draw the eye of damsel and villain alike.

"Look out world!" Danielle cheered with a flourish skywards of her deceptively hefty crop and a step forward that rang with the harsh clack of a heel driven sharply to the floor. Alas, the applause of the masses would only exist in her head as the bathroom stall she was afforded for changing was lacking in that area.

Washing up and joining her similarly suited classmates, Mr. Hayes had set forth a challenge of their skill in heroism with the rising of a titanic cityscape made all the grander for its indoor nature. She could feel the artifical wind buffet her liberally exposed skin and felt a shiver of anticipation to be let off the metaphorical leash and strike out into the training ground. The signal to began went off and, to her surprise, a few darted ahead like wild horses through a broken enclosure fence. An admirable enthusiasm that stoked a competitive flame in her breast.

"This is what I've been training for. There's no way I'm passing up on this stage!" Dan- No, Show-Stopper, cried out and took off into the city streets behind them, plunging forward where others dove into buildings and nooks least they all waste time stealing each others heroic spotlight.

This put her on course with an eight car pile up at an intersection, the robots inside the cars looking fittingly like crash test dummies given a more human skin tone and accesories, but still left limp and in need of rescue from the snarl of twisted metal and shattered glass. Her eyes flickered to one side of the intersection completely blocked off by an over turned tanker truck, and the oh so convenient flames just happened to be near said tanker.

"If nothing else, USJ knows how to build up a moment. Nevertheless, I'm not leaving anyone to meet the fire today!" Show Stopper said, running headlong into the thick of things to start bringing the civilians to safety.
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