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@Darkmoon Angel You going to post soon?
Kanbaru Otoko

For once in the life of a motorist, threatening her vehicle with violence failed due it's own stubborn resolve to kill them rather then for being an inanimate object. Not that Kanbaru could really appreciate this when she had to forsake her gun to cling to the bike for dear life. Her heart hammered as she saw her life flash with every near swipe of a vehicle or attempt to buck them off at speeds that would render a normal human into ruptured balloon of meat and pulverized bone.

A part of her roared in the face of Corpse Collector's treachery, singing with a maddening desire to push this even further and see just how much she can squeeze out of the rampaging motorcycle, but she crushed such desires with a callous ruthlessness, smothering it with the constant reminder of Clair and Rose clinging to her. Keeping them alive took priority over the dark part that wanted to cut loose.

Huh, I half expected more of the student council to show up. Kanbaru thought, catching sight of sirens flashing as police converged on their trail of destruction, no doubt wanting to put a stop to the recklessness before they start running people over.

Speaking of, they were just about to do that as Corpse Collector turned into an alley and barreled them towards a familiar group.

"Enough." Ice was her voice, cutting through the engine's rumble as water formed and froze before the motorcycle's path, a ramp that launched them straight upwards to kill off their momentum in a precipitous flight to the heaven's. Grasping Clair by the collar, Kanbaru rose to squat on the seat before kicking off, launching the trio downwards as Corpse Collector began to bleed inertia and reach the apex of it's climb.

Her ice ramp extended, catching the ex-magical girl's feet and sliding her neatly to the asphalt as the rest rose higher, moving to encapsulate the motorcycle and end its rampage before it's wheels every struck the ground again.
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Kanbaru Otoko

Kanbaru had known her fair share of murder hobos, completely delusional and up their own asses with their beliefs, but Iona was set to be crowned Queen of the Zealots with her actions here. Well, she'd just have to accept that and hope whoever Iona reported to was somewhat more sane so the bluenette could explain why grand theft auto was not an appropriate response to ignoring a schoolgirl.

That was a nice fantasy, and it died a grisly death that sounded uncannily like a motorcycle roaring out of her control. Most likely because it did.

"No no no!" Kanbaru screeched as they bounced off the asphalt, tearing up the pavement as it accelerated to speeds she reserved for delivering stolen take out back home and hunting the monsters that plagued Miso City. Hurtling down a road when the handlebars weren't responding to her control? That was just asking for karmic punishment for flagrant flipping the bird to Death, Morality, and Common Sense.

"This has to be the Corpse Collector acting out. Ugh, why do all my cards have egos the size of the pyramids?!" Kanbaru said, banging a fist against the speedometer. "Oi, you better have a good reason for this or I'm going to give your card to a pervert who masturbates with trading cards, you here?!"

"Rose. Clair. If this doesn't settle down, I'm going to have to decelerate us pretty fast. Not exactly a crash, but, you may want to think of a landing strategy just in case."
Yeshua Sands - Terrorkeet

A fourth stranger came up, young, sprightly, and looking incongrous with the recent disaster area. The sort she'd expect to be just getting out of the shelters and heading home or to the stores, not scoping out some people near the battle. Unless she was one of those thrill junkies who chased news stories, but she seemed so young for it-

She had her arm around Yeshua's shoulder and spoke softly, almost jovial in how close she acted till she dropped the flagrant allusions to her- their- identities. That would explain why the drowsy girl was more annoyed then anything else at a building falling on her, though she had no way to judge if the other was really a GMG.

"You know, I don't go to school, heck, I don't even have a home. So I'm real curious how you got my name there, Tomoko-chan, or why you'd assert we could be GMGs. They are, you know, giants, after all. The only ones who'd know otherwise would have to be the GMGs themselves, am I right?" The avian pressed, the wind brushed around the gathered huddle to muddle their words to outside eavesdroppers. It wasn't overt enough to really claim she controlled the wind, not a hair blown out of place on any of them, but it was a subtle nod for Tomoko to answer correctly here. "That kind of talk is real dangerous for people with plenty to lose."
Yeshua Sands - Terrorkeet

"Oh, sorry to hear about your snakey plush. Umm, maybe I can see about cleaning that for you? I know a few tricks to get dirt out. Lots 'ah camping experience to work with." Yeshua chirped, awash with relief as the building slid away behind them, leaving them standing before a ponderously deepening pit that would soon give way to a fresh building. A marvel of engineering, people had said, not to mention a boon to the construction work in the city. The constant GMG and MFF presence would ensure at least some people had employment even if they leveled most of the city.

The avian looked at the other girl, the one who'd been calling out to the eye patch wearing one, and perked up at the offer of shelter and a drink. Even as her insides knotted at the thought of sleeping underground without the sun, moon, and stars for company, she did have to admit that it would be harder to do whith the MFF so paranoid for aerial threats right now.

"Hey, that's awfully kind of you. Name's Yeshua, and I'd be real happy to accept that offer of yours." She flashed Seika a winning smile before offering a hand to Eris. "Come on it sounds like fun, and it'll be even easier to clean Tsuchi when we get there."
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Kanbaru Otoko

With the weight of Clair at her back she willed the ice of the cart to revert to water, leaving the street clear of the large obstruction least they cause an accident. For a reprobate, she was consious of road laws when she wasn't in called to a higher purpose. It wasn't like she'd just shot out of the alley and blitzed into traffic, even with the hentai tenshi looming over them.

Speaking of....

"Waah!" The bluenette cried out amidst the screeching of tires, the magical steed shrieking in protest as they stopped before a very sudden and very illegally parked truck that took up the entire intersection before them. Then, because of course she was, the pervert was standing atop it gloating about the glory of the student council and it's ability to punish troublemakers.

Feeling rather cross about this, Kanbaru grasped the throttle and eased it forward, a ramp of ice forming to the top of the truck where she promptly parked it atop the container serving as Iona's stage to look down upon them while the ramp melted in their wake. Except now Kanbaru was the one looking down and she did so with a scowl concealed by her mask but made appearent by a disapproving tone.

"You just blocked a four way intersection! That's far more against the rules of any society. Did you steal this car to do it? Are you even old enough to operate a vehicle? What the Hell, shouldn't you be in class yourself? Sheesh, point us to this Student Council. I've got a mind to report you for moral depravation and illicit behavior!" Kanbaru ranted, the determination of the Detention Club Lore Keeper burning bright before this girl who acted so very much like the dreaded Light Magical Girls of her home city.
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Kanbaru Otoko

"Student council? We're not even in your school, and here you are talking like it's a scholastic police state. Hah! As a proud member of the Detention Club, I can tell you that I'm fully authorized not to give a damn about your slightly bigger club, Ms. Hentai Tenshi." Kanbaru said between barks of laughter as she pulled onto the road, no worse for wear save a bump in the side walk costing them Elijah. Eh, she'd walk it off on her own, the bluenette was certain.

As she'd come to expect, Rose delighted in the chance to buck authority alongside her and took on the form of a fairy to nestle close where she could see the road ahead. It made driving a lot easier when she had a far lighter passanger, though casting a look into the rearview mirror had her seeing just Clair in an entire ice cart.

"You know, as crazy as I think that pervert is, if she chases us that cart won't last long. Clair, why don't you hop up and sit behind me at the next red light?" Kanbaru called back, hoping the more cautious member of their group would agree. It would really suck if the party split even further again if the bluenette had to seperate the construct of ice. That doing so would drop a sizeable chunk of ice into the street wasn't her problem.

"And Captain? You keep an eye out. It's a modern city with an angel. Who knows, they may have airships or something else cool. Heck, maybe more hot red heads. Now that would be worth crashing school, a good old panty raid!"
Yeshua Sands - Terrorkeet

A green haired kaiju in human stumbled out of a building soon to descend beneath the earth, falling to her hands and knees as a hiker's backpack that rose over her head rose and fell in time with her ragged breathes. The weight was a comfort, however, as Yeshua was happy to find she hadn't lost all her belongings when she fell from her hammock and transformed. Having to storm up the stairs after the quake her transformation caused locked down the elevators would have been fine on it's own, but doing it both ways after crossing the city on foot?

Even the homeless bird could find herself a bit winded.

Her throat burned, parched as the sahara and just as desperately in need of refreshment as she hobbled to her feet. The best thing to do with herself was to get lost and see if she could find a nice cafe. She had a bit of money, but if she got lucky people would leave partially unfinished drinks out, and that was a win/win in the kaiju's books.

Yeshua would have gone off to do just that if she hadn't come across a dust caked young girl being approached by another, the rumble of shifting plates seperating them with glacial slowness. Realization struck her like a viper's curled around her chest, it's teeth insidiously sliding something vile and heavy that hastened her breath before she swallowed that bitter sensation.

"I did that." Yeshua murmurred, voice too ragged to be heard over the shifting surroundings. It would be easy to blame it all on the MFF, but she still transformed and that building could have collapsed at any point. The need to fix her mess arose and she clung to it, jogging down the street and hoping down without a thought for the long ride down and the even harsher walk back up.

"Hey, are you okay? You're legs not sprained or anything? Ribs hurting? I can carry you to a doctor if you need it." Yeshua offered, unable to smell any blood but not willing to rely on her dampened senses while in human shape.
@Darkmoon Angel

Well as much as it themetically goes together I think Impenetrabe Black Scales isn't worth keeping on the list. The MFF aren't going to use conventional weapons and listing fire immunity might be a bit unfair to the people with lasers, plasma and rockets.

Bio looks good. The main thing that does need to be done, however, is replacing the pic for the Monster Form. It's a Monster Girl RP, so we need a Monster Girl form and not a Girl who turns into a pure Monster. Whether it's a Lamia or a giant lizard or just a woman with scales, eyes, and other accentuating features, it just can't be a giant snake alone.
Kanbaru Otoko

Kanbaru looked back to find what was the hold up in loading the cart, curiously giving a once over to the new additions to the party. Not that it wasn't already different in having twice the part members to what she had in the last world, but one was a hulking brute of a woman who looked to be made of muscles, and the other was a cat girl who wouldn't have been out place inserting 'Nya' into every sentence. Both of them and Rose were pre-occupied with the appearence of a fifth person, this one looming dramatically over them like an avenging angel, wings and all.

It would have been a more ominous sight if the wings weren't attached to a schoolgirl.

"Rose, what are you doing? This is a schoolgirl in a dark alley in the dead of night. She's either a magical girl or she's out here looking for compensated dating to fuel her cosplay addiction. Hey, pervy angel, we aren't looking to buy used underwear!" Kanbaru hollared at Iona, wary of her kind especially so with all the sounds of police sirens about. The last thing they wanted to be caught doing on just arriving at the world was be arrested for soliciting delinquent minors. She grasped the throttle of her magic motorcycle and coaxed the group out of the alley, carefully edging onto the street lest a sharp turn sheer the cart from her ride.

Safety first, then we can gun it and tear up the street.
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