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Kanbaru Otoko

Solanne's blatant frustration with this entire scenario, while also being so blaise as to be humorous, did hint at some familiarity between both parties. This also meant Emilia was playing coy just to get some twisted satisfaction from her foreplay, an effort Kanbaru could appreciate more if she weren't meant to be on the receiving end. Those kinds of shenanigans ended less with, 'and then we all collapsed in a pile of tangled limbs, exhausted but so very pleased with ourselves', and more, 'wailing for mercy as a stilleto heel grinds our clits into bloody pits of pain'.

"Ah yes, those would be ours." Kanbaru said as Emilia so helpfully told them she'd thought to purchase their sources of power and not let the slave trader pawn them off where they'd have no hope of finding them again. It would make recovering them a possibility, but if her hunch and that creepy look was anything to go by, the bluenette was less inclined to let Emilia dictate the terms if she had anything to say about it.

Which she didn't, being behind bars as she was with a power that wouldn't destroy the cage if she bothered to out herself as possessing magic beyond the system of tomes. That would end horribly if she didn't escape on the first try, and she'd seen enough hentai to know the mage had the most brutal and/or the most humiliating of bondage set ups to look forward to.

She wanted her Serei Card. She needed that Serei card, the unparalleled edge of the Cheater's Blade thrumming with intoxicating power as it slices through metal and stone without resistence. It was a feeble and petty desire that had her pulling against the chains to reach out for her purloined card-

There was no light. There was no sound. She felt no air in her lungs and no tactile brush against her skin. An instance of oblivion, of sheer and utter nothingness beyond comprehension that drove an ice pick into her skull and-


Kanbaru was outside the cell, her hand against Emilia's treasures and her body...outside the cell. There was a sense of falling, but she drew a blank as to how she got from one spot to the other, no matter how short the distance. As confused as she was she knew it was an opportunity she couldn't waste, and the Henry card flashed before her.

Hair fading to the white of spider's silk, her adventuring attire sprang into being and she grasped keyblade and Cheater's Blade before her. A gate opened before the doorway and a very selective hammer shot out, folding the slave trader over the head and smashing him into the wall with a crack of shattered red stone.

"Well, you highness, I think the only one being bought is you today. And the price is a steal." Kanbaru said, holding the only sword with an edge to Emilia's neck while the other began to pour water to the floor, spreading across the room and up the bars of the cage against all efforts of gravity. "If you make it easy I'm sure you'll still get what you're looking for, though right now, I could enjoy a tussle after being cramped for the carriage ride."
Yeshua Sands - Terrorkeet

The GMG was alighting downwards from her ascent, wings popping in that glorious way when once stretches out the kinks after a long nights sleep. Or morning's sleep in this case, as she very much enjoyed the night life. Funny though, as Yeshua didn't remember waking up. Just a strong gust of a wind and then the feeling of falling from height.

Ah, must have fallen out of the hammock and spooked myself. Her gaze flicked away from the MFF, to the top of a skyscraper where her avian eye easily saw a hammock stretched between two antenna, one of which had bent at an odd angle and sent her tumbling off with ease. She winced, hoping her stuff was okay up there, but a very high pitched broadcast was having her turn down to face the approaching the military force.

Testing? Ooh, is that like an eye exam, or is multiple choice? I'm good at both of them! Yeshua would have said as such, but in her present state what came out was a shrill shriek and chattering that had windows vibrating in their frames and soldiers wincing for hundreds of meters around. It was so inconvenient not being able to talk as she was naturally. Otherwise they wouldn't given her that silly name that made her sound like a bad GMG.

The kaiju alighted upon the ground before Utena, still dwarfing her and the building she stood upon as she slowly reached a single claw towards the downcast blob of moe in armor. Handshakes were a near universal sign of agreement and even if she was too big for a whole hand, no one could misconstrue this, certainly.

She put on a smile as she drew closer, but a lingering puff of smoke wafted up her nose and it construed into a horrible expression bearing too much teeth before the unthinkable happened.

Terrorkeet sneezed, and feathers the size of planes and stuff as razors shot randomly from her plumage while her finger lurched forward to stab through the roof besides Utena, naturally taking the footing out from beneath her as concrete was crushed with the ease of butter under a warm knife.

Bleh, the air in cities is icky. God bless me...

You may have skimmed over the introduction, but it is important to know this is a Giant Monster Girl focused RP, thus the GMG, so going for the scary giant bug isn't keeping in with the general premise of the RP.

Given that the MFF is supposed to outnumber the GMGs and have tons of cool gadgets and explosives to try and bridge the gap between man and monster, your focus on a Queen Bee-esqe archetype might also not work very well, especially with such a limited range given its size and that the human forces would really have no issue sweeping them aside when they've already come geared to fight bigger and hardier prey.

I'd suggest re-reading the RP intro and considering if the RP is what you initially came looking for before continueing to work on the CS.
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Kanbaru Otoko

Sleeping outdoors is rarely a good idea. Doing so in the buff, entangled in the limbs of two others while being within sight of the nearest road and on the border of a hostile country that was, by all account, a failed state in terms of its lawlessness, was anything but a good idea.

But putting aside all of that, they did find the pirate adventure that Rose always wanted. It just so happened they were the pirate treasure and not the buccaneers themselves. Which Kanbaru thought was a shame, as the three of them made for a dashing pair of buxom buddies if they could find some corsets and billowing long coats like Solanne's.

The chains were tight, frustratingly so and not in the fun bdsm kind of way. She could appreciate the company but even the bluenette wasn't in the mood to rub against Solanne when they were doing more then enough of that being bounced in the cage. With only cloaks for modesty they weren't being broiled under direct sunlight for the entire trip, a consolation likely only afforded to them so a grevious case of sun burn didn't turn off buyers.

Between her stint as a Magical Girl and her brief time in the Tower, being captured like this wasn't a familiar position, yet she had an expectation they'd be winding up on some sort of auction block and sold off to some rich fat bastard or violent looking warlord, then it was a simple matter of waiting for the chains to come off and some privacy for her to reveal her powers were far too internally ingrained to be removed just by taking her clothes and Serei cards.

Though I'll need to remember to find these guys and take my stuff back later. At least the clothes are easily summoned back, but the cards aren't that easy. Kanbaru thought, whiling away the time in the cage till things could progress. It wasn't like it would take long to find a buyer when the three of them were more fit and well figured then the average slave in a medieval setting.

Kanbaru would admit that when a buyer did show up, she was far from the bluenette's expectations. A princess with a coldness that would have had her Magical Girl self feeling chills run down her spine and a covetous gaze that conveyed some very perverse intentions for them. Her words only reinforced it with what Kanbaru would hazard to guess was some measure of approval.

I'm suddenly feeling a lot less confident of our ability to escape....but this is our best chance to stay as a group. If nothing else, this is going to be hot. Kanbaru thought, shelving any concerns as she sidled up close to Solanne, her breasts pressing animatedly to the red heads to draw the Princess' attention from Rose.

"I think I can speak for all of us when I say we'd be delighted to be taken by your Majesty. You can understand given how we were found, we would dread to be parted in the chains of slavery. They look better in a set, a complete collection rather then scattered parts."


Lorelai had not been speaking falsely when she alluded to the openness of her relationship with Eleonor. They both had their foibles, and Eleonor did have a legion of maids who would renounce the prospect of ever claiming a spouse just for a single night in their Lady's chambers, so all parties were well sated. In short, it was not the walk of shame that Lorelai had made from Akiko's room after being brought up to speed on the events transpiring in her sleep.

Clad in her armor, she was pleasently surprised to find the bard had recovered the Relic in such a swift manner. For all her efforts the thief had elluded Lorelai, no doubt easily outmanuevering her and her armored entourage, but subtlty was never her area of expertise. It was shaping up to be a fine morning, one near certain to be marked by celebration with the cat eared bard being the recipient of much praise and ear rubs, only for word of a certain doll princess to douse her spirits and put steel to her spine.

Her gauntlet flung open the manor doors with a brutal clatter of wood striking walls, each succesive barrier met with a rising fury that nearly rose to the full use of her powers. Fortunately for her home, she ran out of entryways and emerged onto the front promenade before her fist could begin to leave splinters marring the halls.

The staff were preparing horses for a journey to the border but she waved them off, sending the steeds back to their stables as Durgan hunched upon the grass. Her attention turned to the group travelling to apprehend Emilia and she spoke with the hardened will of a knight rather then the soft spoken spouse or gushing fan of minstrel cats.

"We hunt a black hearted fiend of immense cunning and a casual disregard for the sanctity of the Imperium and its people. Emilia of Warovia has elluded justice for too long, and today we shall show her she is no noble. She is a worm, one I will see receive the full punishment she deserves for her monstrous ways."

Climbing atop the titanic beast, she settled into its custom saddle and offered back a hand for the rest to follow. "Time is of the essence, and while our horses are superb for navigating our Imperium's highways, there is no beast that can surpass Durgan and I riding as one. We shall shackle that fiend before she feels the breeze of our approach strike her false flesh."
Yeshua Sands - Terrorkeet

A maelstrom of missiles and rockets streaked the cityscape with claws of black smoke along their contrails, striking out against a towering giant of emerald and amethyst. Feathers bristled and grew outwards along her limbs as a bestial scream shook the tempered windows of Center City’s skyscrapers with the raw power of a GMG.

Terrorkeat raised her arms and thrust downwards, and despite all pretexts of gravity’s dominion over the universe, the Kaiju was whisked skyward contemptuous ease. The air in her passage bore a deceptive stillness till the first MFF missile came upon her former position, only to be swept skyward in a wild frenetic curl as a tunnel of hurricane force winds compressed itself into a Terrorkeet sized tunnel to rise above the clouds.

The errant missile did not last long and would pose no concern to the city as it was joined swiftly by dozens other such explosive armaments, and it only took one collision for the twister to erupt in a flash of heat and force that seared the retina with its brilliance. Like the lance of an angry god, this too was borne to the heaven’s and pierced the nimbus layer, revealing the Kaiju hovering in wait upon spread wings. She looked every part the fierce kaiju, even as her singed tail shed it’s blackened coating to slowly grow a fresh layer of green hair anew.
Kanbaru Otoko

The pair plus a stange young man tossed over Kanbaru's shoulder had journeyed far. So far as to see the landscape change and lush fields give way to further barren lands, and a doubt in Rose's sense of direction to settle in the bluenette's mind. The would-be sky pirate was spared a mutiny when a figure leaped down from one of the few remaining trees, it's height an oddity in lands increasingly inhospitable to its kind.

Deja vu struck the former magical girl, finding this woman casually resting a sword upon her shoulder to be what she'd imagine an older, more sane Chie to look like. Right down to the part where she none-too-subtly threatened them for having her associate in hand.

"Rebels? Imperials? Sorry, we ain't from around here. Can't say we'd belong to either side, or even knew who this lug was with." Kanbaru said, hand shifting to give Chen a few hearty pats on the rear before lowering him down between them. If push came to shove she'd rather not be weighed down carrying a potential enemy. "We're just adventerous sorts, and this guy literally fell from the sky in front of us. Like, five more steps and one of would be a pancake on the road, so we'd just been carrying him around till we can hear his side of things. Or find an adventure. Either or, we aren't picky."


The maids waiting in the periphery briefly beamed with joy from their Lady's praise before a cool mask of decorum re-asserted itself. A state that was almost surreal as one promptly caught a cat as white as snow and exceptionally fluffy trying to slip out the patio doors, cradling it in her arms without cracking even a smidgen from her professional state. Not even as it rolled onto its back and demanded its belly be rubbed, which she did.

Seated at the table, Lorelai could allow herself to bask in the glow of Eleonor's words without restraint, her posture growing lax as a warmth filled her cheeks with color. A touch of reproach rose up as her Lady off handedly mentioned replacing the long table, but neither she nor the maids were very inclined to do so. They had plans to see those seats filled, and they would see it done one day.

Fortunately for Eleonor she moved on, prompting their guest to regail them with more tails of her journies across lands near and far. The Knight looked eagerly to the minstrel, only to catch sight of a drip of beer sauce working down the arch of Eleonor's chin.

Ignoring any propriety that some would hold onto before guests, she bent over the table and dabbed her napkin upon the lady's messy lips. Honestly, milady, must you be so comfortable you care not for your own appearence?

Her thoughts had her lingering for a few moments longer then neccesary, her fingers upon Eleonor's lips tracing the delicate arch beneath the cloth of her napkin before she drew back. Lorelai's own expression had grown a touch giddy and she feigned a cough into the same stained cloth before facing Akiko once more.

"Pardon my interruption. Please, do tell us more of your travels. Milady can so rarely find stories from beyond the borders of our Imperium."

The journey to the most noble and benevolent Lady Asgard's abode then prooved her accolades were well deserved as she met them on the path. Lorelai halted in her banter, the familiar warmth welling in her chest as she gazed down upon her lady, only to be curtailed by the twinge of regret that came upon seeing her smiling so angelically despite her knight's failings. She clutched at her chest, the scraping of metal clawing against her breastplate lasting a few moments before she grew terribly self conscious.

"You honor us with your presence, milday Eleonor." The knight said upon dismounting from Durgan's back, head bowed in gracious subservience before rising, a faint dusting of color across her cheeks upon hearing Akiko's words about her own status. "P-Please, I am not worthy of such titles. I am simply a soldier blessed to serve under her betters. Me, a lady? Truly your flattery is without end, poet."

Her great beast, lacking any such attachment to station and courtesy, trundled off ahead as the soldiers dispersed back to the village to resume their duties. Between the Judge and her dog, what were they needed for but an audience?

Acting on Eleonor's prompting the party made good time to their destination, the chateau was quickly reached and the procession was met by mirrored walls of maids. Solemn, stern, and some even sporting scars that wouldn't be found in the kitchen, yet still dressed fully as maids and bowed to them as they entered the abode. "This way everyone. The weather is too fine for meals in doors."

Lorelai led them on past stairwells and halls, emerging to the back of the chateau upon a broad patio of stone pavers that gave way to lush grass before everything the eye could see was swallowed by rolling waves of barley and the sky above. Furniture of wrought iron was laid out without a scuff mark to be seen, laden with fine table clothes and platters of fresh fruit and dainty sandwiches. The spread's color palatte was decidely red, with strawberries being in vast abundance.

Several maids flanked the patio doors, and to them Lorelai gestured while handing off her sword and standard. "Do not hesitate to ask for of the maids if you find yourself in need. Milady's generosity has been extended to you, so do not let propriety halt you here. Sit where you may."

Left unsaid but obviously implied by her taking the spot to the right of the head of the table was to not take Eleonor's spot. To any who so dared, they'd receive a glare fiercer then the beast Lorelai had ridden in upon could muster.
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