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That... could be an actually interesting take. He had a monument built that is literally too awesome for this world and ascended. Hah!

I like it.
Örökszikra - Unknown

@Dead Cruiser Fair enough. The key point is that he is not pleased at being away from the people he shaped with his own hands, especially as he worked very hard to reach where he is now and was looking forward to some peace.
<Snipped quote by Villamvihar>

Mostly, I'm assuming the fact that her tale is an Alter would come up in conversation in the rumor mill at some point, since Wilhelmina is fairly open and such. Do correct me if not, but I felt it was a safe bet that after a year, the fact that she's an Alter would have drifted around. There's also the fact that she stands out in her own way even more for how she has a better ending to her legend instead of a worse/twisted one. But again, I'm merely speculating. Do slap me with your own head-canon if you have a specific rep you want her to have cultivated, and I will adjust appropriately.

Yeah, that makes sense. As a lover of stories herself, Wilhelmina would have been the first one to point out that her Grimoire does not match the original story and she probably did some research on this herself. If nothing else, Camelot could have caught onto the fact that there is a girl interested in alters... Hmmm... This does give me an idea! Given Wilhelmina's disposition, I would not be surprised if she is actually friends with Chinami, knowing her decently well. They met in the library while Wilhelmina was looking things up about Alters, with things naturally developing from there. What say you?
<Snipped quote by Villamvihar>
So, with a year at Marrywell (and the fact that she's an Alter, and thus someone Camelot would actively approach at some point in base form) under her belt, I'd say Wilhelmina would have a fairly good grasp of Camelot's weirdly bipolar character, where she is normally fairly distant except with Alters and the people she protects.

Come to think of it, would it even be obvious to most that Wilhelmina is an Alter, given her cheery theme and overall positivity? Or is this something that Magical Girls can sense about each other?
I am interested in this. I am not final on my concept and I will need to do some research for it, but here is my idea:

A god-king with a kingdom styled after Ancient Egypt, with all the religious and other trappings that entails. Someone who has ascended to the eternal throne of a civilisation of monument builders, a true, peaceful and just king who has brought prosperity to his people. However, this has not always been this way. For long, long ago, he was worse than a beggar. A nameless nobody who begged on the streets for money. He knew only that his world was unjust, for he could barely eat and drink enough, along with many others. Indeed, the world was a terrible place before he started to act.

He then received a vision and started preaching religion. He fought against the existing state, he convinced people about his righteous ways, he carved it all out for himself. He made sacrifices for his goal and expected sacrifices to be made in turn. Over the course of many years, his entire world was overturned by his work. And now, having finished it all, having finally delivered the change he sought out in society... some asshole yanks him away and goes "nuh-uh."

He is a little pissed about the situation.
I shall ensure that hilarity ensures. By force. And record the resulting disaster in slow motion.

As the situation unfolded and she gave her blessing to her allies, it became evident that Lumiére was out of the fight. Though a veteran of a hundred years, not to mention in possession of a Grimoire with literally mythical strength, the hit she took must have been enough to almost overwhelm her reserves. That is probably why she held back, encouraging the new girl to take her power into her hands instead, however that did leave one of Wilhelmina's blessings worse than useless. She had to end it or find a new target with what precious little mental capacity she had left as she put her soul into maintainin-

The new girl!

Not questioning why she could give the blessing to her and also sensing she was about to do something big, Wilhelmina removed the blessing from Lumiére so it could assist Nessie instead, all the while apologising to her senior in her head. It felt cruel to withdraw this aid from her comrade, especially when she must have ran herself dry, but they did need to win this and if Wilhelmina also lost her power... Who would heal the injured after the battle? The decision weighed heavy on such small shoulders, necessity considered unjust by a mind used to odds far more fair and beneficial. But at least her acts have not been in vain.

A tidal wave, or at least a close enough equivalent, flooded the construction site. The torrent of water obliterated the massive Pageless with a titanic crash. It rent it apart, disintegrating the construct into dozens upon dozens of pieces before it erased all traces of its existence in a magnificent display of magic. Wilhelmina could feel the raw power behind it, akin to one of Lumiére's concentrated beams which could smash through buildings with little effort. Truly worthy of finishing a monster on this scale.

She let out a relieved sigh as she let go of her magic, sailors and blessings fading along with the Pageless' influence. Her form also returned to her original one as the familiar forces settled down.

"Haaa... I am so sorry about that, Rose!" she spoke up after she had a moment to catch her breath. Her shoulders sagged a little as tension left Wilhelmina's body as though it were a tightband freed of its load. She was still aware of the situation of course, knowing that Lumiére had Nessie in good hands and that she wanted to make her introductions.

"Thank you for respecting my wishes," the dutch girl continued, completely unaware of the situation previously. She had been too focused after all. "I'm Wilhelmina or Captain Goodhope. Sunny and nice to meet you! Do you want to get to know the others together?" With a genuine, radiant smile, Wilhelmina introduced herself. She truly had no idea what was in store for her...
It’s going to be adorable when Camelot discovers Roma’s love is cosplay as she’s stuffed into a Saber Alter dress and has to sit through hours of make up. Fufufu.

And now I am imagining Roma stuffing Wilhelmina into various cosplays.

It is adorably hilarious.

Thank ye.

Say, I'd think now seems like a good time for us to talk about what sort of downtime interactions we've got in mind. Cause I think we're supposed to have a brief break before the next group of Pageless.

Wilhelmina will want to get to know everyone! Currently, she is only aware of Lumiére, Lilac and possibly Camelot. So there are some introductions to go around definitely. And I am up for whatever extremely awkward shenanigans @Ponn has in mind for Olivia, because I genuinely want to see how that goes.
Mmmmm, I think I'm gunna peace out of this RP guys. It was fun while it lasted, and I'm sure you'll all have fun obliterating the pageless in my absence.

I am sorry to hear that, but best of luck with your other RPs!
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