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Frizan already commented on the discourse above, and I don't think anything else really needs to be said about it. But I've had a front row seat to all sorts of "Critic VS writer" debates, and I've got a few words I'd like to share with any of our contestants or potential future contestants.

The people critiquing your work took time out of their day to read something you wrote, and even more time to write something about it. It is up to them if they liked it or not. While they should be respectful, they are not obligated to walk on eggshells. You are punching well above your weight class telling a potential voter how they should talk to you. You should only thank a voter for their time or ask voters for clarification if you don't understand something. Arguing with voters doesn't make you look good.

With the above in mind, you don't have to respond to every comment that gets posted about you, your work, etc. We all want to talk, but I've found that there are a lot of situations where silence is the best option. When I have the displeasure of dealing with something online, I try to fight to urge to respond as much as possible. Carrying on a hostile conversation with argumentative people just extends the argument. Which isn't a surprise, but it's something we tend to forget when we are feeling passionate. But it's important to keep a clear head. These people don't deserve your attention. While you shouldn't argue with a potential voter, you can ignore them and discard their suggestions.

Haven't had much time to sit down and read stuff that isn't RP related. But I hope to have my reviews and vote up over the weekend.

The Docks

"Hmmmm." Mistress Vertti turned a coin in her hand. "She certainly has charisma. Grisaia, let me know if you think I’m over rewarding her performance, haha!"

Flame would not notice any suspicious faces or movements in the crowd. Nor would he see anyone familiar to him, not Gris or Chiyo. Around the crowd however was another story. It looked like the city’s guards were starting to assemble for something. They were giving each other hand signals and moving about quickly. Something was afoot.

Golden quarter, Mie Pie’s Crib.

The giant’s grin only widened as Mie went on about how she despised love. He even let out a chuckle when she mocked his appearance. If Mie didn’t entirely lose her mind to her tantrum, she might have noticed that the coin she was playing with earlier was now being flicked back and forth between Talus’s hands. ”Well, you should take your employer seriously. They are the ones paying you, and the ones you have to answer to if you fail. You were contracted for Mistress Vertti, and you have failed to fulfill the contract. In your line of work, a contract is the most precious type of promise you can make.” He flicked the coin towards her. The man never frowned, but he wasn’t smiling right now. ”You’re inadequate, sloppy, and weak. You’ve failed to kill a noble who has no combat training and nothing in terms of bodyguards. I can understand the difficulty in tracking her down, which is why the reward on the contract was so high, but she has been in her mansion for an entire week now, breathing and whatever else living people do. And you’re still looking for some security breach in your system?” The smile returned to his face. ”We’re both professionals, so I’ll just skip to the interesting part. You’ve got one more chance, and you’re going to get one doozy of an opportunity along with it. A distraction of grand proportions! There’s going to be a siege from the cultists!” He pulled a set of cultist’s clothes and set it in front of Mie. ”If you wear these, they’ll hardly pay you any mind. But I’m sure the siege is going to send Vertti scurrying back to her home. You know the layout of the place, I’m sure it’ll be easy for you. If there’s one draw back to all this, it’s that you don’t have much time to prepare.” Mie could hear the sound of steel meeting steel just outside her wagon.

Thot Trot On the way to Vertti’s house.

"Alistairrrrrrrrrrr." Odessa had to walk backwards in front of the haughty young man in order to look into his eyes, as per the ridiculous rules of the contract they formed. "Your blue is getting cloudy just by hanging around her!" She had surprisingly good agility, as her dopey demeanor was more befitting of someone clumsy. "I’m sure she’s nice but you can’t walk so close to her! Uguu~"

Eiko would come flying down the road towards the group, filling out the rest of Chadster’s harem. But all of them would stop as soon as they noticed yet another girl, this one tall, muscular, and dressed like a soldier.

Captain crunch came running down the road towards Alistair. ”Thank goodness you’re all right.” She sighed, but the fact that she had her sword drawn didn’t make everyone else feel at ease. ”Alistair, I’m not sure who you’re travaling with right now. But all of you… teleported… people… we need to hide you all immediately. The guards saw some cultists outside the gates and they’re equipped with-”

A loud crash could be heard as cultists ran up and down every backstreet nearby. ”It’s getting worse with every passing second. We’re evacuating everyone to the noble district for a last stand. Get there as soon as you can! This is no place for civilians!”
Half way done writing reviews now, and the ones that are left are smaller. If the ol' RPs let up, maybe I can get em' up soon.


Katarina’s arrow flew true and struck the tiny tiger rider. The other imps had retreated soon after Elroy was killed, and Soth's separating of its selves had a noticeable effect on the black tiger. Tony was clearly afraid, and didn't even have the guts to raise its tendrils to Rina anymore. With a gleeful smile, *Rina put an arrow in each of its paws, and then finished it off with an arrow to the head. Because she is a merciless C A T S L A Y E R. Lupa’s clone remained nearby to keep any other attackers at bay.

*This action may or may not have actually been preformed by Rina

“Hey! You forgot to help Sil out!” Mika took a few steps towards the beacon girls before stopping. Penny? So those guys are Beacon? I guess that explains why they didn't wanna help me.” She sighed. “I'm sorry Sil. I messed up again.” She examined Sil's form. She was mostly healed up by now (she thought), but Mika couldn't do anything for her mana reserves. “I can still get you out of here though. It looks like all the goons are leaving.” Mika turned and ran for the smoke wall. “Let's go Lupa!”

"Party's over?" Lupa chuckled. "If anyone else is feeling weak, follow us! I know a place you can crash to recover your strength."

”Cowards!” Abigail pointed at Mika and Lupa as they ran. ”Actually, retreating might be a good idea if you're weak. But I've still got business with this creep, bwahwahwahwahwah!” She folded her arms. ”I've got just enough juice for one more good spell. Just give me an opening!” She joined the girls running towards Regina.

Not all of the magical girls were trying to move about or even participate in the fight. Aurelio made his way to Sammy's side to ask her what was wrong. The detective did not look at who was kneeling next to her. She had been aproched by Jenna before, but they just said something before running off. With Aurellio remaining nearby, she tried to speak. ”He's dead!” She managed to say between sobs. ”H-he died while-” But it was impossible for Sammy to finish. Some of the cats nuzzled up against her in an attempt to bring Sammy comfort, but about eight others wandered towards the crypt.

Regina's breath attack was cut short when Chloe's beast rammed into her. This new draconic form was much more durable than her previous form, but she lacked the strength and stability that her brother had. That didn't mean that she was helpless against the abomination however. Her tail was flexible enough to flail against her back where Chloe's minion was. To something this large, her tail wouldn't inflict much damage. But like Regina's bullets, it was the curses that made her attacks dangerous. Her first hit made the creature's body less resistant to physical attacks, and another smack caused its muscles to weaken. Before Regina could continue her assault, the creature had backed off. Its legs were shaking. Between getting blown nearly in half by the white monolith and the curses, it was a miracle the thing was still standing. Regina would have followed up with another attack, but Janet, Helga, and Abigail had arrived. Everyone briefly stopped when they noticed Alicia's attack activating overhead. Even Regina seemed to notice the sudden burst of light. But she did noting to avoid it, as someone as obstructed the attack with mirrors. That was when “Elroy” started talking.

As her “brother” spoke, Regina's attention seemed to be captivated. Janet knew that she wouldn't be distracted like this for long, so she used it as an opportunity to attack. She continued her charge, with Helga and Abigail following behind her. The gravity girl used the last of her magic to lock Regina in place so that Helga and Janet could go to town on her. Regina turned her head to see what had taken hold of her, but it was too late. Janet wasn't able to get to Regina's head, but she was able to drive her lance into one of her bony thighs, and Helga followed up with a sonic blast. Her bones were cracking, they had wounded it.

The dragon was not without her tricks, however.

The same black fog that surrounded everyone was now being blasted out of Regina's rib cage. It disorientated and blinded those caught in the smoke, who were unable to continue attacking Regina. They would be fine once they wandered out of the mist.

Everyone else would feel something was afoot, but only those with third eye, a wind specialization, or any ability that might help someone notice an invisible object would be able to see what it was. There were several bone drakes flying through the air, ready to do their queen's bidding. They had just come out of the smoke wall around the crypt and looked like they might attack soon.


Meanwhile, Collector Delta was deep in concentration. She had a small window of opportunity to do this while almost everyone's attention was drawn away from her target. Delta focused her full attention to the instance of Soth as it staggered back with its stolen legs, unable to escape the Knight's whirling hell of nothing but steel. She waited for the right moment, then conjured another mirror. Unlike the three she just created, this one laid flat on the ground directly underneath (Soth's) feet, and was enchanted to drag it into the realm within the mirrors.

Regina phased out of the shadows right where Collector Delta stood. She took one of her talons and thrust it towards her. Between Regina's swift appearance and speed, Delta barely had a chance to react. Regina wasn’t aiming to kill though, only to mar her mind with a concoction of curses and metal effects. The small shards that surrounded Delta fell to the ground, revealing her position to all. "I do not care for your friend’s tricks, Anna, and I don’t care for you."The black smoke all around them started to surge towards Regina along with all of the bone drakes. (for those who could sense them). The smoke then started to rise into the air, obscuring the queen as she left the battlefield. The smoke cloud seemed to get smaller as it went off into the distance, until it plunged into the ground and vanished.

”Mmmmm?“ Lotus came running onto the scene. ”Over already? What a waste of time. I'm glad I didn't bring the rest of the vanguard with me.“ She fret her brow. ”Wait, looks like there’s one left.“ Lotus ran towards the crypt.

”I've never been better, at least not in a graveyard~!“ Faith followed after Lotus.

The Cradle agents were making a bee line for Sil and Mika. Although Sil had never personally met any of them, she knew who they were by the red halo only she could see. The eye patch maid was leading the way. ”Finally, I get to meet the top idol!“ she tripped over something and landed on the ground. Her companions proceeded to walk past her, seemingly ignoring the clumsy maid.

”Good grief, at least now she’ll shut up for a second.“ One of the cradle agents retracted a tentacle into their sleeve. A medic-looking girl was quick to approach Sil and Mika.

”Thank you for looking after her. We can take it from here.“ When the medic extended her hand, Mika pulled Sil away from her. ”Ma’am? I’m going to heal the wound in her chest. I need to be close for it to work.“

“I-I’ve got it!” Mika was squinting her eyes.

The medic blinked once, but kept her hand outstretched. ”Do you not trust me? This place looks like a war zone, and I can understand if you’re a little shaken up. But with all do respect, you’re going to run out of mana before you heal her.“

“I got it! I’ll-” Mika was cut short when a zombie-looking agent yanked Sil out of her arms and slung her friend over her shoulder. “Hey! Give her back.”

”Or what? You’ll talk me to death?“

“I scratch and I bite!”

”You’ll do neither if you pick a fight with me.“

Mika puffed up her cheeks, but before she could deliver that sick burn that was resting on the tip of her tongue, the medic retracted her hand from Sil. ”There you go soldier. All patched up. You should be able to stand on your own now.“

The zombie girl lowered Sil onto her feet. ”She could probably walk before.“

“No she couldn’t!” Mika stepped between Sil and the agents. “I saved her!”

The zombie girl scoffed. ”Did you save this girl’s life Sil? I can’t imagine you being anyone’s type.“

”I think I see what’s going on here.“ The medic looked at Mika. ”Ma’am, I’m part of a team. I’m not nearly as strong as any one of them. They can do a lot of stuff better than I-“

”Lets save the monologue for after we save the world.“ The zombie woman patted Sil on the back. ”No one’s going to carry you Sil, Get your ass out of here, we can clean up the rest. Let kitty here play escort if you’re scared.“

Divina had almost picked up a piece of scrap metal, when it was whisked off the ground. In fact, all of the scrap metal was being pulled into a small whirlwind. It didn’t just pick up the metal though, it also picked up stone and other loose debris that resulted from all the fighting. Everything that it touched was being thrown in the direction of the fragmented horror that Amaryllis was fighting.

Su was flying above Chloe. ”I had no idea that your friend was Penny. If you had said something sooner, I’d have been much more eager to come here and save her.” She folded her arms. ”Oh, I’m sorry about the scrap thing. The magical girl over there looked like she needed some help. Speaking of which, you owe the two of us a date don’t you?” Su grinned. ”Why don’t we go to my place? Just let me clean up here first.” Su flew towards the horror to continue the fight.
@Frizan How long will the voting period be?

As soon as Lotus and Faith arrived on the scene, they went to work immediately. The fairy woman played a melody to boost everyone’s morale, while Lotus threw herself at the mass of minions. When she landed, the impact was strong enough to cast her foes into the air. ”Give Beacon a wide berth? If they are wise, they will be the ones giving us room.“ Lotus continued to dive into the minions like this, seemingly with no concern for personal safety.

A small group of magical girls arrived at the scene just behind everyone else. It was evident that they all had to be part of some team. They did not wear matching outfits, but they were mostly black in color and all bore an insignia on their uniforms. It was difficult to tell who the leader was, as they all seemed to be jumbled together, running as fast as they could towards the fog wall.

”Mmmm?“ Faith noticed the girls, but wasn’t quite sure what to make of them. ”Yoohoo! I don’t know who you are, but you picked quite the event to show up to~“

A maid with an eyepatch and a sniper rifle saluted Faith. ”I’d love to stick around and chat ma’am, but the crew needs me elsewhere.“ The maid continued to run after the group as they circled around the outside of the mist wall. ”The Cradle sends its regards.“ She aimed into the mob and fired.

”Cradle huh?“ Faith’s fingers never stopped playing her harp. ”The more the merrier I suppose~!“


Su remained silent for the remainder of Chloe’s appearance. Once she was gone, she sighed in relief right beside Helga. She was content insisting to Helga voice her relief, up until she commented on how she would have taken up Chloe on her date if it weren’t for the dark crystal attack. ”Really?” There were a lot of things Su wanted to ask Helga in regards to that, but there was nothing to gain from making Helga feel awkward. But this served as a reminder of how little she really knew Helga. When Helga was getting ready to charge off, Su raised her hand. ”H-Helga, wait!” She stumbled over to Helga’s side. ”Um.” She momentarily averted her eyes. There was a lot she wanted to say, but there was also time constraints with the end of the world scenario on the horizon. Su had learned first hand how quickly a life can be swept away. ”You’re bleeding, don’t push yourself too hard.” That wasn’t really what she wanted to say, but Su had decided Helga didn’t need anything else weighing on her mind right now. ”Good find. We’ll follow the silver strand.”

@FamishedPants@Card Captor@PlatinumSkink@MadManMoon

It was difficult to tell how appreciative Tonya was for the assistance, or even if she noticed she was getting any. She just growled as the thorns on her bark like skin got thicker and thicker.

Mayra had just received a buff, which was more than enough to rise above Tonya’s metamorphic strength and speed. The only real obstacle in her way was that strange stein that was lobbed at her head. Mayra was not dumb, she knew that the harmless looking stein was likely anything but. The split second question she had to ask herself was not what the best way to deal with such an obstacle was, but what was the most interesting. And to Mayra, the most interesting method was the one that was the most chaotic. Tonya appeared to be circling away from her passively, and Mayra was now plenty strong enough to end the fight whenever she wanted. So it stood to reason that the most interesting thing to do would be to get the stein moving towards her “allies.” That would ensure Tonya wasn’t killed, after all. ‘Incoming!’
She risked melting the stein by using her flames, so she opted to give it a smack with her tail.

The result was not as amusing as she anticipated.

The metal mug violently erupted, throwing metal and slime in all directions. Tonya was able to anticipate her own trap, and opened her umbrella to shield herself from the blast. It wasn’t enough to take out Mayra, but Tonya’s invisibility gave her no opportunity to defend herself. She prepared for a counterattack from the clone, but that left her open to Tonya’s powerful swings. The beacon girl roared in fury, but it was only heard by Lee. To those who couldn’t see, it would seem as if an invisible bull had gored Mayra on one of its horns and ran several feet before bucking her into the air. Mayra was laughing the entire time, but her laugh was pained. Even with all the buffs she received she’d be moving slower for the rest of the fight. ‘Just let me get my second wind!’ she mannaged to utter before she rolled into one of the open graves. Tonya turned to Emily and began to charge. Alexander’s keen eye for observation would reveal her position. Tonya was invisible, but she was stomping down the grass as she ran towards Emily. He could see Tonya’s footprints and spot exactly where she was running. Could they end things before more people got hurt?


Katarina’s attention was squarely focused on the killing blow roshambo match and wherever Regina was. As a result, she was taken by surprise when tony pounced on her. She had just enough time to place her bow between herself and the black cat’s massive paws, but was still knocked onto her back. She then had to slide her head side to side as it attempted to impale her head on one of its tentacles.

"Whoa! Sorry about that!" Lupa’s clone came hopping over to the tiger and smashed into it the side of it. It was enough to roll the tiger off of Rina. "I can’t run very fast with these kangaroo legs." The tiger roared, and its form got bigger. The imp rider simly laughed in delight.

“Oh shucks!” Mika’s knees were quivering. “What are we going to do, Sil? Is there nothing I can do?”

”Relax pipsqueak! The cavalry is here!” Abigail lead the other magical girls who were fighting her into the area. ”I’m sure we can do something about you frie-” Her eyes narrowed. ”Wait, is she on our side?”

“She saved me from a knight, but she was wounded.” Mika flicked her ears. “Can you guys do anything to get her back into the fight?”

Sammy watched as the entire crypt raised into the air. ”It’s finished!?” She pointed at the crypt. ”Damn you Beacon! I’ll never show you mercy again, for as long as I live!” With a sigh she sunk to her knees. About ten or so cats marched out of the darkness and surrounded Sammy, who could do nothing by cry under all the stress.

”Are we too late?” Su and Helga had arrived just a few seconds after Chloe. ”There’s too much going on, I can barely take it all in.” Su scanned the warzone. ”Looks like Lily is here, and she’s surrounded by friends as usual. And Mika’s there too? I wanted to delay my next encounter with Lily.” She turned to Helga. ” But I might not have a choice. I’m going to get in the air, stay safe. We don’t know who half of these people are.” Su flew into the air and flew towards the group surrounding Mika, throwing the occasional wind gust at the imp mobs.

Once Elroy slammed into the ground, the train remained standing like a true “tower of carnage.” What many people might have found strange about the attack was the lack of any sort of explosion. It just slammed into the ground and stood there, without disturbing anyone else. As soon as Penny powered up her killing blow and closed in for the kill, she could hear a voice under the scrap of the train.


Penny’s rainbow colored sword collided with the furious explosion of the tower of carnage. The train was consumed in multicolor lights, while Penny was bombarded by onyx sculls. the tower was utterly destroyed by the impact, and an untransformed Penny tumbled away from the blast sight, too exhausted and wounded to do much more than crawl. Her left eye had swollen shut, and she was pretty sure something broke in her right arm.

All around her pieces of metal rained from the sky. Pieces of the tower of carnage, as well as her former shell. It took a few seconds for the debris to stop falling, and one of the last items to do so was one of Elroy’s arms.

Regina shadow stepped over to Penny’s side, but she wasn’t paying any attention to her. Her attention was focused squarely on the arm before her. With a trembling hand, she reached out for her brothers arm. She prodded it with her fingers, as if unable to accept the fact that it was real. Or maybe what was hard to comprehend was that it was no longer attached to a body. "Disgusting!"

She took a step back. Her teeth were chattering "What’s wrong with this world? It’s Disgusting! Nobody wants what they have, no one gets what they want, and, and-" Her eyes started to glow yellow, which made her long, black irises more visible. "Once they get what they want, their desires change again! It’s disgusting! It’s disgusting!" She looked over her shoulder at Penny.

Regina’s body was wrapped in a cocoon of darkness. The shape swiftly grew, soon becoming larger than a train, then a small house. At last the dark bindings started to tear as wings and tail started to poke through it. Then with a bestial roar, the pale queen tore free from the cocoon. "Suffer!" The dragon’s mouth swung open and she blew black flames towards Penny. Without any sort of protection, Penny would surely perish.
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The Docks

Grisaia was able to muscle the fish just high enough in the water to give Vertti a clear shot. "You’re doing good!" It took Verttia moment to steel herself. But once her confidence came, she fired a bolt at the fish. It struck her target without entirely passing through it. That was a desirable outcome, because it meant that the fish had to deal with not only a sizable wound, but the bolt acted as an anchor to slow down their prey. There a rope attached to it, which meant Vertti could help pull it in."I think it’s too big for the ice chest, so let’s just paddle back to the dock!" Mistress Vertti was so excited that she took one of the ores and paddled with Grisaia. This was hardly the work of two expert fisherman. While the fish was large for them (and the boat) there were probably bigger things in the water that better, stronger fisherman could get. But as an outing for two people who didn’t spend much time doing fun things together,

It was great.

Once they got back to the dock, a few workers from Vertti’s boat maintenance crew were there to help pull the fish out of the water. "Please take this to the mansion as fast as possible."

”Of course.”

"Oh! And send Aer out this way if she hasn’t leaft the mansion yet."

”The bodyguard, right? I can handle that.”

With a nod, the two parted ways. "I believe the magic show should be starting soon. If we’re quick, we may even be able to find a good spot to watch it."

Golden quarter

The giant turned the sword over in his hand. ”Oh come now Mie. I expect you to lie convincingly, but not something as blatant as that!” He ran his thumb across the flat of the sword. ”No weapon is indestructible, though I’m unsure if I should feel angry because you lied to me, or gushy because you did it out of respect for your sister’s craftsmanship.” The man set the sword aside with a chuckle. He then folded his legs together and sat down. Even when sitting on the floor, he towered over Mie. ”I’m leaning towards getting angry though~” His smile persisted. “You told me that you were capable of getting rid of Mistress Vertti, yet she is still drawing breath.” He placed his hands on his knees. ”You didn’t fall in love with them did you? Seeing that kind woman nurture her adopted son,understanding the struggles of being an aristocrat who helps the poor and broken. never receiving any praise regardless of how hard she works.” He wiped a mock tear away from his eye. ”That must be it, because the alternative is that you aren’t taking me seriously. Surely it’s not that.”

Thot circle Main Road

Most spirits had a way of hiding in plain sight. Some turned into animals or faded away, but Odessa’s method was less flashy but equally unorthodox. She had the ability to vanish entirely from sight just by walking behind Alistair. The second she vanished behind his back, she was gone. And she could appear just as suddenly, like she was standing just out of sight the whole time.

Shortly after stepping around Alistair, Odessa walked in front of him and looked up into his eyes. She was short enough that she didn’t obstruct Alistair’s view of the other two girls, barring her horns. "I know you don’t like being interrupted, but make sure you keep your distance from that girl." She pointed at Aerith without looking. "There’s something off about her color. It’s like your blue was a week ago, but much, much worse." She stuck her thumb in her mouth. A nervous tick, and one that proved nigh impossible to break.
Joining an RP for me is something like this. I usually don't get a "craving" (ew) for something. Normally I'll see something floating on the forum, or will see people discussing something on one of the many discords that I am on. If I see a title enough times, or see that an idea has enough interest. I will check it out. I typically don't join an RP during the interest check phase, less its something I got invited too or something along those lines. From there I just look at the OOc and see if the GM has put the require amount of effort in, who else is joining, if the RP is promising me something I'm interested in, etc. I do not consider myself picky, and will join whatever interests me. The biggest deal makers/breakers are the people participating. I can enjoy various writing levels, genres, and GM styles, but people are the more irreplaceable and less malleable part of an RP. I'd rather collaborate with someone who uses English as their second language and has a great personality than an insufferable person with an English major.

Though I enjoy control, so I usually appoint myself GM of a RP instead of joining one. There's usually very little difference between my interest check and my OOC. I believe that people are more likely to stick with an RP if you let them know exactly what's in store. It's hard to be disappointed if you know what to expect. So far that's worked very well for me. As for how I get players interested in my projects, it's a mix of luck and research. If I want to make a particular type of RP, I read up about the genre so that I can insert all the appropriate tropes and know where I can let my freedom run wild. This goes for anything from fandom RPs to original content. Original content you want to be more focused on the genre and the sort of things that make it work. While you also want to do that with fandoms, you have to be a bit more focused on that particular media and really understand why people like it. The luck comes in with the crowd you attract. The characters that get made and the players that join play a big role in your RP.

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