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Current These English facts are making me tear up, even if I want to tear them apart.
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Working on two collaborations at the same time... LIKE A BOSS!
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My mom's already on her fifth re-spawn, get on my level, lol.
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Am named after Malchivo's promises
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@ Cu Chulainn: Stalk her Facebook, my dude!
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Under construction... AGAIN!

...But if you feel like joining a totally sweet Danganronpa RP, I've got you covered!

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By the way, I am working on the end of the case. It's just taking some time because of IRL stuff, and I don't want to rush it.
Welp, the good girls all seem to be prepping to siege a castle. I'm curious what the Bacon-bits are up too even more now.

You spelled "plunder" wrong.
looks fine to me :P
So yea, finished two collabs at the same time, which is why there are two hiders. Props to my collab buddies.

And no, Evil girls won't get much insight reading under said hider. It's not even mostly scheming, haha.

Krita's hope penguins have nearly broken through the case! keep at it guys, you're almost there!

Davis's eyebrows raised in shock. “Alice? You can't be serious! Surely you can think of something?” Davis turned around again, this time it was Noel and Cyrus who refuted his idea. “No, not you too!” Davis spun around again to look at Caora. “No, not little conquest! This was our idea! How can you lose faith so easily?” Davis wandered around the “arena” like a depressed drunk, dragging his sword behind himself.

Calvin pointed at Lucas. “You look just as innocent as me right now. So I'd stop spouting crap if I were you.” Calvin turned to look at Davis. “Anyway, I'd hate to be the one to rain down on your little ego trip, but we all in agreement that there's no way the footprints were faked. Even your highly recommended 'expert' said they looked normal. Like Caora said, the scratches were probably made postmortem with the file. There's no reason to further embarrass ourselves with this stripping nonsense.” Calvin sighed. “It makes me angry to say this but... The killer set up a perfect crime. He got us, We lost.”

Davis fell onto his hands and knees. The wind that blew around the courtroom had subsided. “We lost?” He was speaking into the ground. “Did my conquest actually fail a second time?” His fingers curled into talons, but were unable to dig into the court's metal floor. “Alice, you didn't die just so that we could fail here, did you?” He closed his eyes and a single tear fell to the floor. “Is this as far as I can carry your memory?” But then he heard Bliss say something.

“AHHHHHH! Mary to!?”

Davis looked up at Mary. He could see her, well, the parts of her that weren't covered by Monokuma's censorship screen. “Mary?” Davis used one of his arms to dry his eyes. “Mary... you did it? You're... Embracing conquest?” Davis's smile broadened. “Seems our group isn't out of determination yet!” Davis used his sword to support himself as she stood back up. “I'm not out of the fight!”

“The hell are you talking about?” Calvin placed both of his hands on his podium. “Nobody wants to hear any more of your crack pot theories!”

“Least of all the killer!” Davis looked around himself. He hadn't been this energetic since he first drew that stupid sword of his. “I'm not going to let this one go, especially after the killer revealed himself in this court room!”

“What are you going on about?”

Davis ignored Calvin and instead turned to face Noel. “You are being foolish. A moment doesn't go by where you aren't flashing that camera in someone's face. It would not be difficult to assume you would take pictures of a murder scene. I know you want to think your pictures are going to be the next big scoop. But it's not ice cream this time sweet heart, it's shit!” When Davis turned to face Cyrus, he dragged his swords around himself. this sent golden spark across the floor before he pointed it at Cyrus. “Thirty minutes to an hour you say? To do what exactly? The mono shoppe is right on the way to krista's room. If the killer wanted to pick up a knife and plant it in her room, it wouldn't take him five minutes. I'm even accounting for the round trip back to her body to return the handbook.” Davis sheathed the sword. “As a bartender who's seen bouncers deal with rowdy folk, I can tell you that fights don't last nearly as long as the ones in those action flicks you watch. They are usually over with in just a few punches. I'm going to say the fight took even less time than planting the evidence did.”

Calvin growled. “Mondatta was a monk, a skilled fighter. He wouldn't go down easy.”

“What, you think it was a fight to the death? I actually think Mondatta won the fight!” Davis was starting to speak a bit louder. “I think he downed the killer in one punch, and snapped the file in half. Then just like with me, he offered to keep the entire thing a secret and insisted he confess what he did. And then when Mondatta was walking away, the little shit charged him and ran his head into the stalagmite!”

Calvin rolled his eyes. “His back was leaning up against the stalagmite. So he would have had enough time to turn and face the killer. You think Mondatta wouldn't have stopped him?”

“Maybe he was too slow. He was a fifty year old man with severe health conditions.” Davis growled. “Or maybe the infinite monk knew it was the only way he didn't have to take the killer's life. Mondatta knew Krista would be safe as long as he was dead. Mondatta sacrificed himself for Krista. As an agent of hope, he's now put his faith in us.” Davis threw out his arms. “That also could have happened in under five minutes, which give the killer plenty of time to make up fake footprints!”

“But how!” Calvin threw his hands up in the air. “Say he swept them away, then what?”

“That's something the rest of you have to figure out.”

“Why can't YOU just tell us? you act like you know how they did it!”

“Because that would defeat the point!” Davis swung his sword in the air. He was practically heaving when he looked between Caora and Alice. “I'm not saying that it happened that way. I'm not even saying it's the most likely scenario. But can any of you tell me with a hundred percent certainty that it didn't happen? Because if there's even a small chance, it would be really easy to find irrefutable proof to who the real killer is. But apparently you need some motivation.” Davis grabbed his belt. “If nobody can figure something out, the last thing everyone's going to see is what a REAL sword looks like!”

Monokuma pulled a radio phone out of his fur and held it against his head. “Girls, I'm going to need back up. Bring censorship screens.”

Bliss started to wonder out loud. “Well, if we entertain the possibility, there were two sets of footprints. If the killer wiped away everything, then the mystery pair couldn't have been Cyrus's.” Bliss was using her free hand to shield her eyes from the strippers. “Those must have been the killer's shoe prints then, but how did they get Krista's shoe prints everywhere? No girl keeps a matching pair of shoes, so they didn't get them from her room. And with such a small time frame, I doubt they could really make anything. They must have used something in the cave.” Bliss placed a finger on her chin and looked well above everyone's naughty bits. “And what did Davis mean when he said the killer revealed themselves? Did Calvin or Lucas speak a contradiction? They were the only people other than Krista and Mondatta that knew about the meeting.”
*nearly trips over someone reading in a dark alleyway because he is wearing sunglasses.*
Tell everyone about your first RP character. Bonus points if you can point out why they were horrible.

So my first character's name was Gail. He was a demon hunter who worked for an interdenominational demon hunting agency, the Silver Myths. Basically, evil creatures from other worlds would traverse dimensions and had to be stopped. He wasn't an edge lord. While he did have that tragic death in his past, it was never the defining point of his character. He could laugh, smile, get angry, and show a lot more emotion than the "angry man" and "shy girl" that he typically hung out with. Gail also wasn't a pretty boy. I think I described him looking something like Frankenstein's monster. Sounds okay so far right?

His backstory was pretty bland. He had been alive for a good four to six hundred years, and he had no notable accomplishments. Gail could have been twenty and his skill set would have been the same. He just kind of knew how to swing his scythes around. Yes, scythes, plural, he duel wielded them. No, you can't realistically fight like that. But when you just write "he slashed the beholder and it fell in half" You can get away with it. I was also really "good" at writing body horror, so my fellow teenagers were able to forgive my bland fight scenes. He was also half angel and half demon for some reason. It was never really explained. I mean, he had human parents, his soul just split like that after he died. Probably the worst part was that I made this guy for a devil may cry RP.
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