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“Shade, come in.”

Veronica was sitting behind a desk at a police station. It was just one of her many fronts, and one of her more valuable ones. What type of shadow organization didn't benefit from having power over the law?

“Shade, talk to me.”

The woman took hold of her earning and tried to listen. Even if Silhouette wasn't talking to her, she could hear some of what was going on. Justine yelling 'heart breaker' was not especially reassuring.


That was when Veronica looked at a PDA on her desk and could see silhouette's location flashing on the screen. It would seem that she had made her way out of the over city and back onto this plane. But did that Justine had returned here as well? Veronica bit her lower lip and glanced around herself. It wasn't a good idea for her to be running around in the middle of the day. Shadows were her specialty, and the less sunlight there was the better. It was also likely that if Veronica was to leave right now, there would be little she could do for silhouette. The distance she had to travel was far, and magical girls could be killed in an instant. At best, she would arrive and find Sil was fine. At worst, she would be intercepted by a beacon girl. The pros of action were far outweighed by the cons. Some would say there were no pros, and yet...

“Your mission isn't over. You don't have permission to rest yet.”

Veronica flipped off the lights. The fastest route of travel available to her was shadow stepping over to her location. She could use the ventilation system to get outside, then use the sewer system to get to the dock. But from there, she'd have to ride a boat to Silhouette's location.

“I'm not paying you to sleep, get up!”

Sue wasn't sure what she expected. Of course Justine would attack after seeing something like that. Sue was just fortunate that she was able to avoid enough of the attack that only one of her wings were destroyed. By the looks of it, Justine wasn't fairing much better. They both seemed to have a single wing left. The fight was almost over for both of them. Yes, things were coming to a head.

It disturbed Sue when she saw Lilly practically offer herself before the gluttonous vampire. If she wasn't recovering from her thrashed wing, she might have thrown a gust of wind between the two to blow them away from each other. But it seemed that the spell failed for reasons no one but lily could fathom. Or at least, it wasn't a conversation Sue cared to dedicate her attention to. Until she brought up love, that is.

Love is an interesting emotion. When people think of love, it's easy to think of its happier side. The word love invokes images of childhood friends playing, young lovers kissing under a tree, or other forms of intimacy. That's the part of love everyone remembers. But there were other forms of love too. Like putting up with simple inconveniences like remembering to go to the store to get medicine, lending your umbrella on a rainy day, or choosing to go see a movie that your partner wants to see way more than you. Those were better examples of love. But not all love was sweet. Sometimes it could be bitter. There were hundreds of examples of this. But the best example to Sue was her very own story. She loved Amber. She remembered going to all the yard sales with her to decorate the sky bastion. She remembered all of their misadventures, especially the encounter with Mariette. She even remembered confessing her love to her, and how embarrassed she was when Amber stated she only dated men. And now she was gone. Were it not for love, Sue might have been a little disappointed with her death. But the power of love made her brave. She absorbed the black coin, knowing full well that it would bind her to the mint. She watched Amber work under them in misery, and chose to carry a burden greater than her for this one shot at revenge. That was Sue's power of love.

Without her wing, all Sue could do was use her mana to repair herself to stay aloft. But she wasn't going to do that. Sue allowed herself to fall while diverting all of her magic into her next attack. She could hear the wind rush past her as she plummeted towards her target. Sue didn't know exactly what Lily was planning, but she had no doubt those dark clouds were the start of something powerful. And speaking of powerful, Scout was unleashing some firepower of her own on the vampire. Sue would have to get out of the way, but she had one last payload of mystic might to deliver.

”Take all the love you can handle!”

Just as she was falling behind the vampire, Sue thrust an open palm towards Justine. Before she could blink, the mightiest shock wave she had fired yet detonated in the Vampire's proximity. Sue was not going to get away unscathed though. Sue attempted to block with her remaining wing, but the energy ripped it apart before throwing her backwards. With her immediate mana reserves drained and wings in tatters, she tumbled through the air. The ocean swallowed her as fell out of the sky.
we have confirmed he has burn heal, that won't work.
<Snipped quote by BrokenPromise>

Fun idea, and yet, I think the least hassle is a system where the roleplayers are 'modular'. In effect, they can be put into the game at relatively easy checkpoints, and they can be removed by simply encountering vague GM circumstances (fell sick, injured, sent on a subtask where they return SoonTM, etc). In effect, people can bring in their own characters through those checkpoints and make sense, and old characters by design can be phased out. I don't believe in roleplays where characters are so essential that the roleplay literally collapses in character without them (except for the GM, but if the GM is dead, you're buggered anyways).

Yeaaaaaa no.

In your first few paragraphs, you said yourself that you don't like playing other people's characters because there wasn't enough material to work with. If an RP is half over, you can't possibly expect anyone to care as much about the new guy as they do the character who's ceased activity a month ago into a year-running RP. Sure, the easy thing to do is to fade out characters with a generic death, generic get sick, generic dismemberment, what have you. But it's never that interesting. Because most of the time it's predictable.

That type of treatment can be done well, but I've found it's more interesting if I take control of the characters for a while. Sometimes they die right away, or sometimes they live until the end of the RP. the players don't roll their eyes every time an imminent ailment/death/quest splits up the party. And if I'm going to control them, why not let someone else do it?

Also, the really cool thing about characters is that they can change. Is the character too cheerful? The loss of a friend or a horrific accident can change them. Is a character too edgy for your liking? Try to reverse engineer that attitude by making them fall in love or otherwise replacing what was lost.

I don't run RPs to be hassle free, I run them to create memorable experiences.

While Emily felt like she was falling behind in her cooking, it didn't seem like the droves of people she was expected were showing up to eat. Perhaps it had something to do with that announcement. It probably would have been best to attend, but Emily decided to continue cooking. It was what she told Bliss she was going to do, and she wasn't about to go back on her word. The old Emily most likely would have started feeling sorry for herself. Here she was making enough food to serve a small army, and no one was showing up. But that was a selfish way to think. No one owed it to her to eat the food she was making. As is, Emily was continuing a tradition that Bliss had started, and was doing this because she respected the nanny. She wasn't making over twenty plates of food for the infinites, she was making them for Bliss. Miss Buckly could rest easy knowing that this task was being taken care of.

In this place, the world was just the twenty four of them. In the outside world, there were billions of people. On such a large scale, it was possible for a few thousand, or even a few million people to skate through life without really contributing anything. But in here, everyone had to put work in. Becoming an infinite made her feel entitled. Talking to TV personalities and having her photo taken took precedence over actual care giving. When put in a situation like this where people actually had to be useful in other ways, she fell flat on her face. Emily had become a character who's sole purpose was to entertain. But she was not the main character of everyone's story, which was something she should have noticed sooner. But it wasn't until recently she started taking interest in everyone else.

She briefly caught a glimpse of Noah and Juliette entering the dining room. This was a surprise. Emily wasn't really anticipating the new people to come first, if at all. It probably didn't matter, but she had made each plate with a certain person in mind. It wasn't a huge deal, as she could just re cook any plate that was taken. But for the moment, Emily had to work on calming down and not messing anything up. It was important that she didn't impose on anyone too much. Just get them their food, and let them eat in peace. The last thing they likely want is to be bothered by some old lady who'll talk their ear off about any and everything. If they'd like to talk to her, they certainly have the power to do that.

”Noah and Juliette? What a suprise!” After anouncing their presence, she quickly assessed their body shape. She decided that Mary and Caora's plate would work well for Noah and Juliette respectively. Emily picked up the two plates and walked towards the duo, who had already let themselves into the kitchen. ”We have a tradition around here. Bliss typically cooks breakfast for everyone, but today I'm taking over.” She handed Noah his plate and winked at him. ”I hope you enjoy it. Having breakfast made for me every morning is one of the few simple joys we get to have around here.” She stood up straight and handed the other plate to Juliette. ”there's plenty of salt and pepper at the table. So why don't you go have a seat?” She smiled and folded her hands together.

“La la la la...” Jezebel arrived at the study with time to spare. That was to say that she arrived well before everyone else. Of course, not a whole lot had been done to set up the study for a meeting. Seating was limited and poorly positioned. As it was, there was no way everyone was going to be able to see what was going on. It was very important that everyone could easily see everyone else. But Jezebel had already made her announcement, so the clock was ticking.

But she had an idea.

Jezebel skipped her way over to the vault door and rapped on it with her knuckles. “Rise and shine, robo Betty!” Jezebel folded her hands behind her back. “Like, I could use your help, and junk.”

Parker made her presence known.”What do you need? You had better not be asking me for weapons.”

“Nah, that junk's for noids.” She stepped in front of the slot. “Like, I totally want to hold a meeting in here. So like, maybe you could help me? I Totally just need a few of these tables cleared out, and like, it would be tre cool if you could get us some more seats.”

”Ahh, the announcement. That was you.” The robot ajusted itself in the darkness. ”Time is of the essence, we should move quickly.”

As the infinites started to pile into the study. They would notice that things had been rearranged a bit. Various chairs were lined up in a circle, and not all of them originally came from the study. There were a fair number of lawn chairs with bright primary colors. They didn't go great with the decor, but at least there was ample seating. The infinites also more than likely noticed that there were no tables. However, there were scraps of wood thrown all over the place. But the bulk of such scraps were pushed up against the opening in the vault.

“Park your butts everyone, let's get this show on the road!” On Jezebel's command, everyone started to seat themselves. Or at least most of them did. “Alright, so now we're totally going to have a nice meeting where we talk about making everyone happy and junk.” She gestured towards the vault door. “And before we get started,
you should all know we so have a special guest with us today.”

Parker's red eye glowed brilliantly from inside the vault. ”I am not sure what is being discussed, but I am glad I am a part of it.” her voice still sounded like a whisper, even though everyone in the room could hear it. ”I do not wish to be used in a murder where the blackened walks free.”

The end of Justine's bullet volleys was not the end of the chaos. Shade was indeed an unwholesome projectile, able to rend Janet with just a single strike. But she was not the intended target, and Justine was able to capitalize on the opportunity. Sue was irritated by the turn of events, but nothing more. She didn't know Shade well enough to consider her a friend, and Janet being out of the fight just meant that Sue could now focus on the real target. She was tempted to call Helga away from them, but in truth, Sue didn't want Helga in this fight anymore. This was strictly a fight between Justine and herself as far as she was concerned.

Alexander appeared to be slowing down the marble floor so that he could hand Lily over to Justine. Surely he wouldn't do something as spineless as give into Justine now. Not after all that talk about kicking ass and love's true meaning. But it was infuriating to watch.

Fortunately there was still another magical girl in the fight who was also about action. Scout, much like Sue did moments before, used her black coin. Though this was a different type of transformation. Not just in that Scout had beautiful white wings, but what she had become. She had drawn out far more power than Sue did, and was transformed into a monster. The former familiar didn't care, it was refreshing to see someone just like her. Tired of being weak, and ready to stand up to any tyrant that would oppose them.

But now that Scout was firing on Justine, Sue couldn't go with her original plan of tackling Justine into the ocean. It was too dangerous with Scout firing on the vampire, and Justine had proven herself very capable in close quarters. But Sue would make sure Justine would rue the day she killed Amber.

Justine did not appear to need her wings to fly, but that did not change the fact that they were nonetheless huge sails attached to her back. With Sue directly over Justine, she started to create a twister. The winds swirled around sue, and descended below her around Justine, and then into the ocean. With the powerful waves in the water, it was starting to draw the water up into itself. The eye of the storm was calm, but if Justine extended her wings out too far, she would risk getting bombarded by severe winds. At one end of the cyclone, the water was rising, and above, Sue was descending. She had her fist raised over her head, ready to drive one last thunder attack into Justine's face if she looked the wrong way.

Scout's star shaped bullets coming from the side, Sue's pincer attack between the ocean and herself, and Lily and Alexander's attempt to confront Justine. Would it be enough to stop the vampire?

Jingle jingle.

There were a fair number of people walking about today, enough to drown out the sound of Aer's accessories. She wore several pieces of chained jewelry, and they bounced with every step she took. Most of them weren't visible under Aer's red cloak, but they could be heard if one tried to listen. Tucking them into her numerous pockets would have silenced them, but the sound was comforting to the petite woman.

Aer pulled the hood of her cloak tight around her head. Her crimson hair was still plainly visible, as if not wishing to be contained by her hood. Though as long as Aer's ears were hidden, she didn't care. The covered object strapped to her back weaved side to side with every step she took. She definitely looked like a mysterious person, but such strange characters were not uncommon here. The hero's district had all matters of weapons laying about. As a result, the area was well guarded and eyes were on everyone. But Aer was not here to purchase wares. She was specifically here to get work from the Gulendam adventure's guild.

The point of an adventure's guild like Gulendam was to let adventurers work for reputable clients. Adventuring is not an easy profession, and they don't always find work while drinking in a tavern. This forces them to put in work doing menial tasks. Not only that, but an unfamiliar adventurer is a prime target for unsavory individuals Tell an adventurer you have a rat problem in your sewer, and they'll happily walk into your trap. But an adventurer's guild doesn't just make things better for adventurers, it makes things better for their clients too. By going to an adventurer's guild, their request is going to be seen by a much larger pool of adventurers. And if it's a particular type of request, it'll end up in the hands of an adventurer who has the tools to complete it. The only downside is that the clients need to register with the guild, which ensures they can settle disputes between the client and the adventurer. Such guilds were funded by monthly payments from all it's members, and small fees from every task a client submits.

The front of the guild was nothing more than a desk made out of wooden crates. There were job postings all over the front of the building, and a guild clerk stood at the counter ready to serve people.

“Hello Aer!” The guild clerk waved.

This was not the first time they met, and Aer had been regularly coming to the guild for work. "Well met, Hanna." If anyone was unsure of Aer's age, her voice would reveal she wasn't a child. The petite woman tipped her head as a greeting before approaching the desk. It was a bit too tall for her to comfortably rest her arms on, so she kept her arms at her sides. ”Are there any requests that might be a good fit for me?" Aer slipped a scroll out of her cloak and presented it to the guild clerk.

“Let's have a look!” All registered adventurers had a scroll that detailed their skills and accomplishments. The guild used a system so that an adventurer's credentials could be quickly assessed and a fitting job could be given to them. Things like a keyword to determine their general set of skill, and their “level,” which was a number that recognized how accomplished a particular adventurer was. The scroll was nothing short of a resume, but it was sometimes referred to as a skill scroll. “Alright, I have two jobs that might interest you.”

Aer smiled. "So long as I can pay for my lodging, I will accept any task."

“That's the spirit!” The guild clerk reached under her desk and pulled out two scrolls. They were bound together with twine and had a number written on the corner of each one. Probably for organization. “The first one should be pretty simple for you. An aristocrat locked themselves out of their study, and they believe their keys were left inside. So you just have to open the lock.”

"I'm surprised they didn't get a lock smith to take care of it."

“Mister Bogart is ... a little strange. But he's made requests from us before. I personally believe he has an obsession with adventurers. Some of our clients are like that.”

"Hmm..." Aer tapped her chin with her gloved finger. "And the second request?"

“The second request will take you a bit more time, but it also comes from the noble district so the pay is good.” The guild clerk slid the twine off of the scroll and opened it on her desk. “It's a missing person request. Mistress Vertti has gone missing. You are to meet the client, Grisaia, at the household. He is one of the servants.”

Aer placed her arm on top of the counter. "This sounds fairly grave. Do we have someone else that can take care of the lock?"

The guild clerk turned away with a groan. “It's not as serious as it sounds. This sort of thing happens all the time with Mistress Vertti. She just disappears for days at a time without telling her servants, who then get worried and call on us.” She looked back at Aer. “Bogart's request is definitely more pressing at this point. There's a very real possibility Mistress Vertti will come back, and then the servants will cancel the request. That's not to say you'll walk away empty handed, but it is possible you won't be properly compensated for your time.”

"I suppose if she's not really missing, it's not that pressing..." Of course, Aer knew what the guild clerk was suggesting. Aer could waste a lot of time looking for someone who wasn't really missing if she wasn't careful. But if she just went through the motions, talked to the servant like it was something she was going to undertake, she could more or less get paid just for feigning interest in finding the lady of this house. She wasn't going to do that of course, but Aer suspected that was why she was downplaying the second request. "In that case, I will see to mister Bogart's lock immediately."

“Do check back later. I'm sure I'll have more work by then.”

Aer gave Hanna a polite nod before heading off.

After a fairly long walk, Aer had arrived at Bogart's home. But now that she was here, she was unsure if this was really his house. The entire thing looked more like a mage's tower than a comfy house. There was a possibility this wasn't his home, but Aer wasn't going to spend a lot of time thinking about it. She respected people's privacy, and wished everyone else would do the same.

“You've come!” Aer didn't even have time to knock on the door before a man leaned out of the window. He was tall, perfectly balled, and had a long white mustache. “You must be the adventurer who's come to save me from this most troubling crisis! Why, you even sound like a pair of jingling keys!” The man was as animated as a rambunctious child, practically bouncing where he stood.

A little strange was an understatement Aer thought to herself. ”That is correct. I am here to help!” She forced an awkward smile.

“Well step inside!” the man gestured while backing away from the window. “I haven't locked anything, and I won't lock anything until I've found my keys!”

This was not the strangest person Aer had to deal with, but he was still strange enough that she was put on guard. When she entered through the front door, the elf quickly looked to either side of the entryway. Aer had to make sure no one else was waiting for her. The first floor was just an open room, but Aer scanned everything as she made her way through. Before she could reach the stairwell, mister Bogart came charging down the stairs and stopped in front of Aer. “Hello little girl! I'm Dax Bogart, pleased to meet you!” He extended his hand.

Aer looked between Dax and his hand before extending her own. ”Aer Pacifica.” She was not going to correct him about her age, as that hardly mattered. It was probably better if he thought she was a young lady anyway.

“Aer Pacifica? Sounds exotic! You must have come from a pretty far away land huh? Would you like something to drink? I have lots of different teas we can try!”

”O-oh, um...” Aer was starting to believe her fears were misplaced. The guild clerk did tell her this was a regular client. ”Actually I have a lot to do today. Once I'm done here I need to help find a missing person.”

“A busy body! I like that!” Dax took her had and walked up the stars. He was quick, but it wasn't hard for Aer to match his pace. “The lock is this way. It's entirely custom, and I paid extra to have it made by the finest locksmith in the kingdom.” He looked over his shoulder at Aer. “I'm sure only a brave adventurer could possibly get it open. I would prefer if we could save the lock, if you think it's possible.”

”The contract said as much. I will not open the door if it breaks the lock.” Before long, Aer was brought before a tall iron door. It looked durable and intimidating. But what Aer was most interested in was the key hole. It was in a black box just beside the door, and was smaller than your conventional key hole. Aer stepped closer to the lock and placed her eye next to the hole. ”You are correct, this is definitely a well made lock.” Aer reached for her waste band and pulled a flask off of it. ”I believe I can open it though, but I'm going to need to focus. It's very important that you stay as quiet as you can.”

“Alright! I think I can do that.”

Standard locks of this vintage mostly work the same. A key with a particularly shaped tab is inserted into the lock, and then it is twisted. If the key is the right shape, it will pass all of the plates, or “wards,” and either engage or disengage the door. As long as someone knows what the basic shape of the key is, it is possible to easily forge a “skeleton key” that can be used to open said door. Since Aer had no idea what the original key looked like, making a skeleton key would be impossible. She did know of another trick that would get the door open though.

Aer used her thumb to pop the cork off the top of the flask and proceeded to pour its contents out. The water seemed to defy gravity and flowed directly into the lock. With the small chamber filled with water, Aer had a much easier time visualizing the inside of the lock, as she could feel her mana coursing through the water. The elf closed her eyes, and some of the water inside the lock started to freeze. She had to be careful. While she was working with a very small amount of water, it took a lot of focus to freeze the water in just the shape she wanted. In her youth, she'd have created an ice cube around the wards, and she wouldn't have been able to continue without thawing it out first. But once the key-shaped ice cube was formed, she had it spin and engage the locking mechanism. Locks like this seldom required much pressure, so the ice cube didn't shatter. Even if it did, pushing the broken chunks against the locking mechanism usually worked.

Of course from where Dax was standing, it just looked like Aer had poured some water into his lock, meditated, and then the door opened with a click.

“You did it?” He stepped past Aer to push the door open. “You did it!”

If Aer wasn't so anxious, she might have laughed at the man's excitement. ”The door lock has a lump of ice in it, but it should melt relatively quickly.”

“Hah! My keys were in here!” After picking up his keys, he rushed out of the room and spread his arms. “Thank you so much! I could just kiss you!”

Aer's face turned pale. ”M-maybe you could pay me instead?”

“Oh, that too!” He quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out a fine looking purse. He pulled out Aer's hand and started shaking out coins into it. “I'm not sure how much it was, but it was at least this much right?”

”Y-yes, that's more than enough!” Aer retracted her hand and dumped the coins into her pocket. A few of them spilled out onto the floor, but she still managed to pocket more than what the job called for. Being over paid for a job was typically something Aer didn't permit, but she just wanted to be on her way. ”Thank you for using the adventure's guild. I must be off, as there's a missing person that needs to be found.” Aer was usually far more polite with her clients, but she felt that if she didn't take the opportunity to disengage, she 'd be talking with Dax well into the evening.

“By the way Aer, I need to ask you something. Real quick before you leave.” Dax calmed down noticably before pitching his question. “Do you believe we have a limited number of chances to get our life right?”

The question was strange enough that it stopped Aer dead in her tracks. ”Excuse me?”

“What's the most dangerous quest you've ever undertaken?”

That was a hard one to answer. Aer was still in a rush to leave, so she recalled something at the front of her memory. ”There were some monsters in an abandoned castle. The castle was very old, the monsters were very strong, and we were entirely outnumbered.” the elf sighed. ”We didn't all make it out of there alive.”

“But you did.” Dax smiled. “And I'm sure you had to make a lot of decisions in order to get out of there alive. Take this path, attack this creature here, regroup on the steps-”

”I suppose I did make a lot of choices, but I made each of them once.”

“Well, that's what you remember.” Dax stroked his chin. “Maybe that wasn't the first time you had been in that position. Maybe you had many attempts to get it right, but you simply don't remember them.” He gestured with his hands. “Like every time you died, you were given another chance to get it right.”

Aer fret her brow. ”If I can't remember my old choices, I'm not sure they would really matter in the long run.” She threw her hand off to the side. ”What's the point of having multiple chances if I cant remember your actions? Why Wouldn't I just make the same choices again?”

“Oh, I didn't think of that.” Dax looked away from Aer. “Oh! I got it!” He shook his finger at her. “Maybe you don't remember, but someone else might have been able to! Maybe they were even guiding you so that you would survive!”

”Then I would ask why they didn't try to save everyone.”

“Hmm...” Dax rubbed his chin more. “It can be hard to figure people out. Maybe they felt they did the best they could, or maybe it was simply impossible to save everyone.” he looked back at Aer. “Did you feel like someone was looking out for you in that mess? Other than divine entities of course.”

Aer sighed and closed her eyes. ”Yea, one of the guys there. He was definitely looking out for everyone.” She shook her head. ”I can't even remember his name, I haven't seen him again since.” She looked up at Dax. ”But leaders are suppose to look out for everyone. That's hardly a reason to suspect a phenomenon like multiple chances at life. Why believe in something so strange?”

The old man chuckled and shook his head. “Aer Aer Aer, there are two types of people in this life: Those that ask why, and those that ask why not.” He started to walk into his study. “People who only ever ask 'why' are missing the boat completely. It is only when we ask ourselves 'why not' that we are welcomed to a world of possibilities. 'why not' is the language of researchers, discoveries, and most importantly, adventurers.” He let out a heart felt laugh. “You should embrace that side of yourself Aer, it's what makes you do incredible things.”

”Perhaps.” Aer was done here, and couldn't wait to leave the tower. She just hoped this Grisaia servant was more hospitable than her former client.

Bliss stumbled out of her room. She had told Emily that she didn't feel like making breakfast today, but she also knew that she had to get out of her room. She needed to distance herself from her head, and that wasn't going to happen in a room locked up with her thoughts. She needed to talk to someone. Bliss found herself walking towards the dining room on the second floor.

Jezebel was humming a tune to herself while she scuffed across the hospital floors. If the events of last night had any effect on her, it wasn't present in her smile. She was practically bounding down the hallways to get somewhere. A “La la la la...” escaped her lips as she kept on skipping, right into the small cubicle that held the reception desk. Once she was in front of the microphone, she pulled it closer to herself and made an announcement for all to hear. “Testing, testing, 1-2-3-testing! Like, I always wanted to do that.” A giggle escaped her lips. “Baldwins and Betties, I'm sure I totally have your attention. Like, we're going to have a coalition meeting and junk, so like, you should totally come for that. We'll be having it at the study pretty soon, and we totally won't be waiting for any noids. So be there, or be square.” Jezebel closed off the com link and started to skip back towards the study. “La la la la...”

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