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And again, the fighting had started. Sue pushed as hard as she could on the levers, but the earth bastion wouldn't budge another inch. The lake must have been frozen completely solid. Otherwise the earth bastion would have cruised straight through the ice on the surface. At least that was what she suspected. The familiar didn't have a lot of faith in Alicia's plan to free the bastion. Even if she was able to clear the ice away from the perimeter of the ship, there was likely a great deal of ice under the ship that still had to be removed before the ship could be expected to do something. Not that she didn't appreciate the attempt. It was certainly a step in getting the ship moving again. But Sue couldn't help anyone from the bridge. Something needed to happen.

The familiar tore a strip of cloth away from therim of her gown and pulled it around both levers. She then tied it around a monitor on the console, Even if she wasn't going to be here, the ship would continue to drive forward. She just needed to return here if she needed to do any course correcting. She kept telling herself it would be fine, and ran out the front door. As soon as it locked behind her, Sue transformed and flew for the main cannon's turret seat. With any luck, she would be able to reach the seat before the cat-girl spotted her. Normal cats terrifies sue, and magical cat girls were sure to be even more frighting.

Meanwhile, Amber put her plan into motion. At least her part of it. She spread her wings and jumped off the edge of the ship. Her destination was further away than usual, but the sudden updraft helped her shoot across the sky. She fired her cannon at the frozen lake to give herself some lift, and was also able to take evasive action in the event a projectile came her way. She was moving so fast that her hat blew off her head before reaching her destination. Amber didn't have time to slow her decent, and ended up rolling across the battlements. This type of entry wasn't what Amber preferred, but given the situation she'd take what she could get. The pirate girl had lost sight of Umeko after flying into the castle, but Amber doubted she'd be left alone. Amber crept to the edge of the battlements, arms and face covered in scuff marks from when she tumbled. If Umeko hadn't bothered to check her flank, she might be able to ambush her. Amber would like that.
@RedTheDrago if you're looking to do a 1x1 RP, you should probably post in 1x1 interest checks. Nobody really checks in general unless they can't find what they want anywhere else, or want to brainstorm a group RP
I'm not familiar with "Darling in the Franxx" at all, but I think the solution to your problem is the exact same one I used for my Danganronpa RP.

The first thing you want to do is talk to some fans of the show and see why people are watching it. You want to know why people are watching so that you can make changes and be confident they won't drive people away. When I talked to people about Danganronpa, it seemed like everyone was more interested in the exhilarating "solve the murderer or die" mechanic than the individual characters and story. This allowed me to confidently change the origin of the characters. Instead of all the characters being affiliated with hope's peak, they are affiliated with an original organisation. The mascot villain is a centerpiece for the franchise however, and I worked hard to replicate his behavior as best as I could. also, Danganronpa is traditionally split 50/50 even as far as character sexes go, and I just let people make who they wanted to make. If you're going to do crossover shenanigans, my advice is to make an original RP and just say it was inspired by "Darling in the Franxx" and "Evangelion." This gives you and your players the most freedom, and will lure in any fans of those shows who are brave enough to click on your thread.

As for how to make a plot or if you should share the work with a co-GM, there is no right answer, and I could spend all day talking about the topic. You sound like you want to combined ideas from a lot of different shows, which makes me thing you'd have an easier time with an original setting inspired by these other shows. I have never used a Co-GM, but I personally feel that making the big monsters. There's also no rule saying that you have to pick a particular method. You could have all the players fighting their own monsters, and then decide to have one big monster show up. Of course, you need to have good communication with your players so that the big monster can arrive at a time everyone's able to fight it.
Oh, I have an idea that doesn't use any programs, depending on how computer savy your player base is.

Simply have guidelines for each player where when they make a new post. They would add a hyperlink to the post on their character sheet, which would be named after their character and the post number (like in your example) Then as often as you'd like you'd just have to click view raw, and paste over that portion of the post index.

If you wish for a system where you have full control, or don't want to burden your players, there aren't a ton of options. Perhaps if you explained your problem with the programs a bit better, I might be of more help. "data" is a small word that can mean a lot of different things.

Conquest was more than just a right to victory. It was a right to a worthwhile victory. Something that was worth putting your heart and soul into. Finding the bear's designated location had a clear reward associated with it. Davis would know more about what was going on. Therefor, he knew he would get there. Getting there first however was not important to him, even if he did appear to be momentarily in front of everyone. When Lilly got up and skipped in front of everyone, himself included, he did not break into a run to catch up with the skipping girl. She could take the lead. There was nothing special to be gained from arriving first. Not that he was aware of, at least. But then she stopped in front of him. Directly, in, front, of, him. She had made herself an obstacle before the mighty conqueror. Did she know what she was doing? Could Lilly even begin to fathom the position she had put herself in? She was mouse standing before a lion, the wind blowing at a mountain, an asteroid hurdling towards the sun. This was not a favorable position for Lilly, and she would soon regret her actions.

If Davis desired it.

“A bit of a delayed response.” Davis stepped past Lilly. Perhaps she simply needed time to type up a response. But she had avoided shaking his hand, allowed all sorts of pleasantries to be exchanged right over her head, and it was now that she decided to approach him? He still planned on answering her question regardless. “We're ultimate students. I simply committed your name and face to memory because I felt you had an interesting talent.” Lilly would have no difficulty skipping after or even beside Davis, because he wasn't moving especially fast. “Same with the other two. Hacking, making deserts, and becoming other people are all talents I can respect.” Davis glanced over his shoulder with a grin. “I'm not sure if being 'suave' can really be considered a talent. But I suppose time will tell.” He looked to Lilly. “Why, do not many people know you?”


Yes, it's silly to have more than 2 1x1 interest checks. Even if you have a "niche interest" There's really nothing to be gained by splitting up your interests over a series of topics, especially since most of these interest checks are nothing more than a list of ships or a story you'd like to do.

Example of typical list:

Burger king X Wendy

Slime bunny girl X Brad Pitt

Gender-bend Voldermort X Kratos

Example of typical plot pitch:

My gym teacher/cafeteria chef sees your vampire hunter (read:chuunibyou) tearing their way through tokyo. Because my parents have recently passed down a pair of golden chopsticks, my family's cherished family heirloom, it's my job to keep Akihabara safe from annoying otaku like you. But there's an otaku convention coming up, and now your otaku isn't so annoying anymore. In fact, my chef finds you kinda cute...

And there's actually a pretty good reason to keep the RP end of things pretty light in your interest checks. Because chances are you're going to end up reworking a lot of that to suit your partners tastes. Like maybe someone wants to chase Brad Pitt as a slime koala girl, or maybe they'd prefer to be Mc Donald instead of the King. Maybe the example in the plot pitch only really works if the other player gets to be the gym chef, or maybe they'd rather the story take place in America.

People who make interest checks may have a craving* or idea in mind, but people who search them are more interested in picking a player they are going to click with. Things like your age, interests, desired writing level, posting speed, personality, those are the things people are more interested in. And while it may help to have a plot or pairing that grabs people's attention, those are the details that are going to make someone actually message you.

Not that I look at 1x1 interest checks. I'm more likely to hit up a friend if I have the desire to do something like that.

*Craving is the most cringetastic word in roleplaying ever, and I suggest everyone stops using it ASAP.

Everyone should have received their information via discord. (save melo, he cries when I do that this late at night) So yea, you guys should be ready 2 post now.

EDIT: Oh, and Faith, Felix, or Daimyon. Likely one of them dragged your character to the party, if it's relevant.

Welp, I was expecting a bit more of a turnout. unless everyone's waiting for the final day to submit?
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