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B-but you just asked!
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These English facts are making me tear up, even if I want to tear them apart.
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Working on two collaborations at the same time... LIKE A BOSS!
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My mom's already on her fifth re-spawn, get on my level, lol.


I'll fix this up some day

In the mean time, if you feel like joining a totally sweet Danganronpa RP, I've got you covered!

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Is the clown dirty though?
@Dynamo Frokane

Oh yea, the snowboard one was cool with all those secret modes. I also liked the G-bike, and the roller coaster was the best one that wasn't recycled from the main game. Outside the gold saucer you have the fort condor one, which was pretty meh. And then you have the thirty or so other minigames that aren't much more interesting than the one I posted above. Doing squats, helping Tifa escape from a chair, mouth to mouth resuscitation, saving aries via donky kong style barrel throwing, bitch slap contest, every tedious timing minigame...

Final Fantasy seven was definitely ahead of it's time in a lot of ways, especially when you look at the games that came out at the same time as it. "Grand Theft Auto" and "Castlevania: Symphony of the night" were the only other blockbuster games I can think of that came out that year. It was the first Playstation game to come out on multiple disks, the story was far more complex than your typical console game, and it was very pretty compared to most 3d games of it's vintage. It's definitely a contender for best game of 1997, and it's probably the best RPG of that year. But it has no right showing up on any "greatest game of all time" lists. It's a generic turn based RPG with a ton of minigames thrown in to distract you from this fact. There have also been better stories, with "Aries dies!" being the only plot twist this bloated, long winded tale has to defend itself with.
What made 7 great was the minigames.

Don't call yourself a monster. Society made you that way!
@DarkwolfX37 in human form, Regina can only sense minds and not read them. Just like it states in the CYOA. If Regina was to transform, it depends on how close they are to her. Up close, Regina can accurately read surface thoughts like the voice in your head, and can dig deeper with a bit of time. But at a long distance, she can only sense changes in thought and identify a mind's nature. Like if there's a lot of activity from an emotional disturbance. So I guess it all depends on your clone's proximity from Regina and their thoughts.

As Shannon had predicted, Elroy didn't mind her more outgoing attitude. “Alright scarf girl.” He said while starting to move. “Let's go for a walk.” Elroy had finished eating his apple and threw the core with all of his might. It landed beside Shion's clone, who was hiding in some tall grass. Elroy appeared to still be entirely unaware of her presence as he walked arm in arm with Shannon.

Regina hadn't been searching for very long. There were a lot of mental signatures around this time of day. The ones leaping along rooftops were of some interest. Regina didn't know where they were going, but she assumed they were headed towards some big monster fight. Her aura may have gone unnoticed because they thought it was in that direction. It didn't matter. None of them would be willing to ally with her in a state of such urgency. You didn't have to be a mind reader to figure that out.

She picked up on Elroy's mind and instantly looked to the streets. There he was, walking with Shannon. That outfit made it painfully obvious that she was a magical girl. Had Elroy found them a patron? She immediately used a shadow to get down to street level before reverting back into her human form. As soon as she stepped out of the ally she was hiding in, Elroy spotted her.

“I win!” The incubus said with a grin. “I found this scarf girl in my travels. She's all about making friends and protecting people. And don't let her cool exterior fool you, she's quite timid. Definitely your type.” He pulled his arm out from around Shannon's and lightly pushed her towards Regina.

Regina sighed, but didn't back away from their potential friend. She eyed her carefully, biting at her thumb nail as her eyes passed over the woman. Regina wasn't sure how reliable this girl would be in the long run, but it wasn't often they found someone who could tolerate Elroy's attitude. The temptation was to transform again so that she could look into Shannon's mind, but there was no reason to revert to such aggressive tactics yet. This was a potential ally after all.

“Hello, I'm Regina.” She looked away from Shannon. “I'm sure Elroy has already told you a little bit about me, as well as our situation.” She hugged herself gently and looked at the stone magical girl out of the corner of her eye. “I would like us to be friends, but our situation has made it difficult for us to work with just anyone. We have needs tended to, at least for the time being.” She closed her eyes with a sigh. “We have no patron, nothing material to offer. But we are capable fighters that can fight on you or your patron's behalf. While we cannot control our auras, we are very difficult to pinpoint and can move around the city very quickly.” She opened her eyes again. “But we really need a source of coins and protection. Just a place where we can sleep without worry. If you could provide either of those, or know where we could find such things...” She turned her body to face Shannon again. “I believe an alliance, and even friendship, could soon follow.”
So I'm in this alleyway, and there are fish swimming through the air. Either someone injected me with something, or I'm dreaming. Drowning is also a possibility I guess. Either way, I really need to get out of here!
@Card Captor

One of them is the dude from steins gate. I think the pictures are all of people who use time travel to try and solve a problem and fail... many times.


I can see @DarkwolfX37's confusion, as time girls can passively sense gravity distortions because they distort time in the CYOA. But it doesn't say they can sense time distortions.
@rebornfan320 It would be nice, but your garden variety roleplayer will often flake without saying a word. Maybe they're afraid they'll hurt your feelings, or maybe they're just indifferent, but that's how it goes. You're a GM now, so you just gotta deal with it.

Anyway, they've probably received your pings and seen any PMs you may have sent them. It doesn't take a long time just to write "I'm busy" or "I'm not interested." you'd be wise to start your RP already and give up on your friend. If they're logging in semi-daily, they have time to respond.
Silence can be hard to deal with, but it is the most common response you'll get from roleplayers. Most people don't have the back bone to tell you they aren't interested anymore. The problem is compounded because they could also be going through a family emergency or other crisis that prevents them from coming online.

First check their activity. From there I would do the following.

If they have been offline for two weeks, they may still be interested. Do start the RP, Do make sure they can join at a later date. They might become a valuable asset to you later on However...

If they have been online semi-daily or are ghosting, move on without them. Absolutely do not wait another day for them. The role players you currently have ready will start to lose interest the longer this drags on.
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