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Hero's district

Little happened that either of the captains cared to get involved in. So they remained silent while the back and forth continued. Once the two girls left, Mono turned to face Yuuki. ”That is correct.” He turned to look at Ashton and Flame. ”Though it seems like they're so needy they won't leave without the shirt off your back.”

Crunch stretched. ”Well, if we're done here, I'm going to continue enjoying that 'me' time before I get dragged into something else.” She rubbed her shoulder. ”You'd better remember this. I don't want to hear anything out of you when it's your turn to help.”

”Of course. I look forward to repaying you.”

When Crunch approached the door, she could hear what sounded like a wind spell being cast over and over, followed by some nondescript chatter. It caused her to hesitate, but she opened the door and looked at the three gathered by the railing.”What's going on out here?”

Peppin's house #1, Cham, Priestella

Fritzi immediately came down the stairs. ”What happened!?” There was a bucket on her foot, and somehow the head of her mop wound up on her head. ”All-star? We have to make sure Hero and airy are all right!” Fritzi yanked the mop off her head before rushing outside, her bucket foot clunking the entire way. Fritzi got outside just as Aerith started talking to hiro. With a grunt, she kicked the bucket off of her foot and dropped to her knees beside the boxer. She examined his torso, careful not to touch him. ”He's alive, but some of these burns have charred his skin black!” She put one of her hands in her mouth as she continued to observe Hiro. Fritzi's eyes were shaking all over the place. ”If only All-star knew healing magic...” She sighed before thrusting her hands into her lap. ”All-star, pour some water on him.” She sprinted to her feet and ran behind the house. ”Don't pick him up! his skin is too tender. You'll strip his flesh right off of his body if you try!” A few seconds later, she returned with a very small cart. It wasn't as big as the one the assassins had, but it was big enough to carry a person or two. She dropped it off while running back inside. ”I'm going to grab the bed sheet so that we can lift him, make sure Airy's okay too!”
@Ellri Write a story where a character does something for some one/people without receiving anything of monetary value in return. We get bonus points if it can warm his cold dead heart with an emotional roller coaster. ETC
You're already dead

Binky was screaming the entire time, totally unaware of any damage they had sustained or even that a shift had happened. It wasn't until the fear aura went away that they finally quieted down. This was when she became aware of everything that happened to her body while she was running scared. Namely the bruises from falling into a rose bush, and all of the scrapes and cuts the thorns gave her when she attempted to leave. Her legs felt like they were on fire, and she couldn't stop her hands from shaking. Her attention then shifted to her surroundings. They appeared to have been teleported into an old fairytale. The checkerboard floor and oddly colored sky were reminiscent of the sequel to Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass. But Binky was a researcher of magic. As soon as her thoughts cleared, it became obvious what had happened. This was the over city. Someone had transported all of the magical girls, the people inside the cathedral, and the cathedral itself to the overcity.

”But... Why?” There was no point to shifting a fight to the over city if you were going to take the battlefield with you. Most magical girls used it as a means of minimizing damage to real world structures. Who in their right mind would willingly do that? The only thing they managed to do was destroy a poor old cathedral that was no longer sitting on it's foundation. Of course Binky wasn't complaining. There were no more cats. That made her situation a lot better. But as a researcher, she did have to wonder what the real tactical advantage of this entire shift was. Someone might had done it to protect her. One of the girls had tried to pull her to safety. Even so, this all seemed a bit too convoluted to really involve her. Beacon was here, witches were here, other magical girls were here, the Vixen of Penrose was He- ”WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Knowing there was a magical mass murderer here sent Binky screaming out of her mind. She ran across the dreamscape, eyes shut and arms held high over her head. ”AAHHHHHHHH! At least I don't have to worry about the detective anymore AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” But she would trip over her own tired feet and fall on her stomach. Binky looked over her shoulder, only to see the detective walking up to her side.

“You're not going to out run anybody. I'll save you the explanation of the evidence and just hope you trust me.” Sammy spun on her heel and looked back towards the cathedral. ”A destructive lot these Beacon girls. I can't say I'm too surprised though, given my recent observations. No different than true monsters rallying under a symbol of hope.” She took a step towards the cathedral, or was it the Vixen? ”Regardless, it's always up to the detective to save the day, isn't it? Villains aren't captured by lawyers or judges. Nothing would happen in a courtroom without evidence provided by a detective.” Sammy was dwarfed by virtually everyone else in the area. The height of the cathedral didn't make her form any more imposing either. To anyone standing up there, she might have looked like a little black spec shouting into the wind.
@Crusader Lord@ryofu

Inn front of the cleaning house

With the blade deep in the Aeriths chest it was hard to believe there would be any resistance. It was rare for the little murderer to drop her guard but the sound of fighting behind her drew eyes, and her curiosity at the fate of this Hiro person was at its peak. As it just so happened the helpless victim was not so helpless, and the pain of teeth on flesh was an excruciating surprise. No stranger to pain, the assailant stifled their yelp of surprise and turned to glare at Aerith.
Eyes of the deepest crimson stared down with a cold fire of utmost hate as the knife lodged in their stomach twisted, eliciting a gasp that freed the hand from its painful imprisonment in Aeriths filthy mouth. The fight was on in full behind them but now it didn't matter.

Nothing but this moment mattered as pride and hate swirled behind the piercing glare.

"You should have laid down, like the bitch you are."

The voice was even and dispassionate despite her soft tone, only adding to the intensity of her stare as the assailant reached beneath the cloak and bashed down hard into the foreigners face with the hilt of the dagger. Again and again the little killer smashed down until the rage fled her veins as the battle behind her concluded, much to her shock, in a tie.

Not bothering to speak to Aerith, their face was bruised around their right eye, the assailant spat upon Aeriths chest and yanked the dagger free before rushing to their partners side. With them out of the fight it was wisest to leave, before other pesky folks arrived to investigate the noise.

"Into the wagon!"

”Gkkk!” The woman was unable to stand, but with the girl's help, she was able to stumble over to the cart before collapsing inside it. They left her club, neither of them were concerned enough to take it. With their partner in the wooden cart, the smaller assassin grasped the front end and pulled with all their might. Given their diminutive size the task was a challenge but thankfully the cart rolled off in haste, moments later disappearing from sight behind a corner without even a glance at Hiro as they departed.


Mirt, arm entwined with the injured ‘hostess’ from the Darkened Honey establishment, offered an apologetic smile to the carefree and adorable fox girl and diligently ignored the ‘old married couple’ comment as a harmless jab. After all, Anyon was nearly half his age and still had the spring in their step of youth, whereas Mirt likely had the appearance of a skeleton with skin still on its bones.

“Aren’t you sweet.” His smile was genuine as his pace failed to slow, heading towards the hospital at the Hostesses instruction. “Anyon, play nice.” No doubt the volatile tempered young woman would have her words to say about being called old. Never one to let an insult pass it seemed obvious there would be conflict.
Business came before pleasure, sadly, as Mirt excused himself and aproched Donovan’s clinic.

“Hello?” he hailed as he approached Donovan and Aer. “”I seek a man by the name of Donovan, with a request from Mistress Beladona.”
Not wanting to be rude, Mirt merely held onto the hostesses arm as they awaited for a response.

Donovan looked Between Mirt and the woman he was holding onto. ”That'd be me.” The giant took a knee and examined the woman. ”This'll take some time to heal.” He turned to look at Mirt. ”Been a busy day. My help had other arrangements today. I can heal both of you, but it ain't gunna happen quickly.” He fret his brow. ”If ya don't mind me asking, how did it happen? Did the bandits do this to ya?”

The hostess looked away, embarrassed and ashamed. Mirt chimed in what he had been told by the Owner to spare the girls feelings on the subject. “For my own part, the injuries were sustained by a rather large dog. For the young lady it was a gentleman involved with, as I am told, a gambling den of some sort. Mistress Beladona tells me you have experience with this sort of trouble?”

”Is that who she is? Lotta girls who work for her show up here. None of them say anythin' though. Too scared to come forward. I'd just assumed it was the bandits.” The giant placed his hands together and sighed. ”But I see a connection now. Periodically I get some prizefighters braggin' about their found riches. They ain't tell me anythin' about the girls involved though.” He shook his massive head. ”Belrigger is the name of the guy who sends them here. I don't know where they're stationed, but you could probably talk to one of them if you'd like. They come here all the time.”

“I have my doubts that they would be open mouthed on the wherabouts of their establishment. Are you positive none have come through here and mentioned a location in passing?”

As if it was an afterthought, Mirt retrieved the small letter he had taken from the unfortunate guest at the Darkened Honey and passed it Donovan to inspect. The letter itself was nothing out of the ordinary, just documents for a delivery order of some kind, but there was a wax seal displaying a crest. One Mirt could not recognize.

”Larchmond ?” The giant picked up the tiny letter in his massive hand. ”Lad's got some warehouses in the golden quarter. There's lots of money there too. Wouldn't surprise me if that's where they're playin' this.”

Taking back the letter with a bow, Mirt deposited it back into his robes for safe keeping. If it was an order for a shipment of something then that meant they were expecting company and supplies. Everything in the letter seemed to be food and drink to be collected from a separate supplier. Why order large stocks of perishables to a warehouse..

“Tell me, sir. Have you the name of a Merchant who could lend me a hand?”

”A merchant?” The giant looked up at Mie. ”Only ones I know of are Fritzi and Mie over there. She seems like the adventurous sort. I'd try asking her before you talk to anyone else.”

“Thank you for your help on this matter. Please, take care of the young ladies injuries with all haste.”

Donovan gave Mirt a nod and walked Beladona into his Clinic. ”Afraid talkin’ about your mistress is gunna have to wait.”

"Then I’ll check back at a later time." Aer gave the monk a nod before departing.

Mirt bowed for a third time, bending so low the tip of his beard brushed against the ground and rose to his full height with a smile, turning to find the fox girl Mie.

“Excuse me, Miss? How would you like to earn some coin for a days work.”

Hero's district

The two captains listened to the foreigners talk, not speaking until they had all said their part.

”There seems to be a misunderstanding.” Crunch didn't look very amused with anyone's suggested actions. ” These documents do not make you legal citizens of Lugnica. What you've been given is some identification that proves that you aren't allied with the bandits. That's it. You're foreigners with just enough documentation to prevent the guards from throwing you in jail.”

Mono pointed at Ashton. ”If I wanted control over you fucking worms, I have ways of doing it that don't involve becoming your father.”

”Furthermore, you don't meet any of the required criteria to work under Mono. He is one of the finest captains, and you'd have to a knight to work under him at the very least.” Crunch leaned forward and placed a hand on the desk in front of her. ”In order to become a knight, you need to pass a grueling physical and mental exam, as well as demonstrate extreme competence. Before that, you'd need to become a soldier, which requires owning and maintaining your own equipment. You also need citizenship, which isn't something that's being offered in this city while these bandits run around.”

”And what's this shit about needing your trust? You earn one's admiration before you get what you want. I'm not going to give a bunch of fucking foreigners fucking swords that they can run through my fucking back!”

”Your reason for appearing here is still a mystery to us. Until we can figure that out, it would be best if you stayed as far away from anything that has to do with the country.” She eyed Chieko. ”Becoming an adventurer is certainly an option, but you'll need to buy your own equipment. Working for a reputable guild is recommended, but you might have difficulty joining one without any collateral to offer. If you are going to become traditional adventurers, just be careful. There are people out there who would be willing to lead an adventurer to a grim end just to loot their belongings.”

”As for you...” Mono turned to face Yuuki. ”Whatever sort of curse that's on you, we don't understand it, and neither do you.” Mono reached for a tea cup that was sitting on the desk. ”Even if Crunch says you check out, there's the possibility that you could just spontaneously transform into a devil beast, or your father could take control of your body directly and cause chaos. There's no fucking way you're going to work hand in hand with the city guard like you're any normal runt. There's something very wrong with you, and even a dungeon might not be a safe place to keep you.”

”It's actually a very complicated situation.” Crunch folded her arms. ”It's evident you can be trusted. But your father, we have no idea what he's done to you, or what his plans are. But the fact that you're here is undoubtedly his doing.”

Peppin's house #1, Cham, Priestella

The cloaked figure lowered her head. ”I see” She rolled her eyes up to look at Hiro. ”Then there's only one thing left to test...” The woman reached into her robe and pulled out a banded club. It was a crude weapon to be sure. The band going around the club was a spiral rather than multiple rows of bands. The steel was distorted and had an inconsistent shape. Scorch marks ran up and down the length of the weapon. It was quite evident that this wasn't the work of a trained smith. But such thoughts quickly fled from Hiro's mind when his opponent charged. The club was resting on her shoulder, but could be swung in a moment's notice.

Hiro was startled, to say the least. But really, what had he expected? Some sort of cryptic question session? Well. . . kinda. But that was clearly not going to be the case. It still bothered him that this hooded figure knew who he was. Who could have leaked that? Was it the people that he had split from just a short while earlier? Or was it Fritzi? Trying to do something to him. Test? Or maybe it was the people that brought him into this world. They couldn’t have just dumped him onto this world for no reason. Maybe something was waiting for him.

This all jumped through his mind in an instant. In that fleeting moment, Hiro lowered his stance and shifted his position to give him the widest range of responses. At that moment, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flit of movement. The tiny figure had charged inside. H-hayai They were fast! But he didn't loose sight of his opponent. When she swung her club down on him, Nobuhiro slightly lifted the chair, angling and diverting the blow away before sliding across the ground and into a position that gave him a better view of the whole situation.

The attack might have been deflected, but the stranger had no intention of waisting her attack's momentum. Having her arm pitched off to her right put her in position for another attack. The taller woman dropped to one knee and swung at Hiro. like a professional ball player hitting a low flying ball. This caused the club to fly under the chair Hiro was holding.

S-shit! Lucky for him, the smaller figure had decided to make a move elsewhere, leaving him in a one on one duel. This was his favorite place to be. In response to the club rushing at him, he threw the chair at his opponent, discarding it completely. He used the momentum to push himself back out of range of the club before dashing forward once more, hoping to catch his opponent with a gut shot while they were tangled up in the chair.

The chair caught Hiro's opponent at the right moment, and they staggered backwards while trying to stand up again. This increased the distance Hiro had to move before following through with his attack. Before he could close the distance, the chair erupted into flames. Hiro shielded his face from the heat on reflex. Moments later, the chair fell to the ground in several smoldering pieces. The woman's hood had fallen back, revealing her face. She didn't seem bothered that Hiro knew her identity. Perhapse she knew it would make little difference if she killed him. She flexed her fingers before coiling them around the club again. ”I was not expecting someone who could fight back. That makes this more interesting.” There was a small cut above her brow, negligible damage to a true fighter. ”How many lives have you ended, Hiro?” The woman circled the boxer, but made no attempt to attack.

How many. . . . lives had he taken? That was a. . . difficult question to answer. Hiro had never intentionally killed someone, but sometimes in the heat of a fight, you don’t hold back. There was indeed at least one person who had died from his fists. But now was not the time to think about this. He was grateful that this question had given him a moment to steady himself after the chair had combusted. Now, he had to think. He had to plan. He had to do more than just react. That cut could bleed into his opponents eye. That would give him an advantage. They would either have in unintentional flinch when the blood leaked into her eye, or in time it would obscure her vision. These are all advantages to be had.

”I don’t think it matters in the long run, now does it?”

He had to keep them distracted until he had his strategy planned out. He was, for obvious reasons, not the most practiced in facing an enemy with a weapon. It was just lucky that this club was not a bladed weapon, or he may very well have frozen up, remembering his previous ‘death’.

The woman shrugged. “I suppose not.“ She strode towards Hiro, pulling her robe off of her shoulders as she did so. She wasn't charging, nor was she moving slowly enough that he would be able to easily retreat while facing her. The distance between them was closing. She pulled her arms out of her cloak, one at a time, always keeping a hand on her club. “Who's going to die next, that's always a more interesting question.” Once her cloak was off, Hiro could see the rags she was wearing underneath. She looked no different than the vagrants who had killed him last time. The woman was still holding her cloak firmly in one hand, and her club in the other. “We should answer that as soon as possible.” The woman couldn't have been standing more than maybe ten feet away from Hiro when she hurled the robe into the air. It expanded and entirely concealed the woman from view, but only momentarily. “Goa!“ Next the woman lunged forward and swung her club through her robes. Only this time, there was a long blade around the end of it. The woman had heated up the metal band around the club, which made it soft enough to unravel from the club. It was essentially a molten whip, and it was hot enough to burn away her robe in seconds.

Of course it was obvious to Hiro that the robe in the air was a diversion. As such, the moment the robe left her hand, Hiro shot forward. It was obscuring her view just as much as him, and if he had guessed correctly, she would be on the offensive. He was right. Now, he was definitely not expecting the molten blade that extended from the edge of the club, but it was a moot point if he got close enough. And get close enough he did. Before he cut his momentum, he reached very near. His assailant’s outstretched hand was about on par with his body before he jerked his elbow onto her grip, hoping to dislodge the weapon. This was the game plan. A weapon was a non factor as long as he was inside its effective range. It was like fighting someone with a longer reach than him. He just had to be in the minute area where he was effective and she was not.

Whether he actually got her to drop the weapon or not as also irrelevant, because at this point he was on the rush. In one fluid move he fired off that elbow, and using the momentum rocketed off an uppercut, trying to knock her lights out in one move.

And in his home world, that might have been the end of it. Hiro was not just some random boxer. He had a title, he had a championship belt, he had all of the things that a master of an art should have. This was not the first person he had ever fought, and it likely wouldn't be the last. Hiro had done battle with people way above his weight class before, and won.

But none of them possessed magic.


He passed his opponent's outstretched sword hand, but held behind her was a hand coated in fire. In an instant, the boxer was bathed in flames. But Hiro was well trained, and had already committed to his actions. Despite the searing heat, he managed to deliver a blow to his opponent. But with the flames caressing his body, there was no way for him to see exactly where he was punching. But he hit something that caused the flames to stop. By this point, he had burns of varying degrees all over the upper half of his body, and burns on his chest that went almost deep enough to burn away his muscles.

”Gkkk!” It sounded like his opponent. By the sound of it she was still standing. It took Hiro some time to open his eyes again, but he could see she was standing in front of him. ”Gkkk!” She was still holding her club, with the band now hardened into some strange sculpture, and her other hand was on her throat. ”Gkkk!” She looked very angry, but was backing away from Hiro. She was having difficulty standing up straight.

His body was wracked with pain and his eyes were having a hard time focusing. Fuck. It hurt. It hurt so bad. He had never had an injury that hurt this much. His muscles were spasming and his breathing was ragged. He couldn’t stop. He charged without end. A flurry of blows flew at his attackers face and torso. An onslaught of punches. He didn’t know when his body would give out on him, so he had ensure that even after he had no more strength, his attacker wouldn’t be able or willing to continue this fight.


This one word was whispered during his charge, giving him just a bit more energy. A bit more power. It wouldn’t heal him of his injuries, but it just might give him the time to finish this fight.

Hiro's attacker had a pretty serious throat injury if her inability to speak was anything to go by, and was forced to drop her weapon and defend herself with just one hand. She turned her body sideways in an attempt to brush aside some of Hiro's attacks. But they still found their mark. The right side of her lower jaw, her left temple, her stomach, Before long her head and torso were covered in dark colored bruises. But there was only so much energy Hiro's spell could grant to his body. He eventually wore himself down to the point where she was able to take hold of his shirt and rock her head into his, butting Hiro's face with the top of her skull. The two seemed to bounce away from each other, with Hiro stumbling and falling onto his back. The assassin didn't fair much better, sinking onto her hand and knees. With one hand on her throat, she coughed and splattered blood over the lawn. Both fighters struggled to return to their feet, but were unable to stand up again. Was the fight over?

Su did not answer any of the girl's questions. Not that she was giving Su a chance to speak. As Su took hasty steps down the hall, her anxiety started to turn into aggravation. Helga had warned her yesterday not to go running off by herself, and without even thinking she had done just that. The only upside to this situation was that the monster girl was not trying to hurt her. If only for the moment. Small victories.

Su could hear some commotion going on in the room overhead. Because the hole that she used to enter her current floor was nearby, Su did have some manner of “sight” into the room. Alone it wouldn't have told Su much, but between Jelena's voice and her movements, Su had a pretty good idea where she was. The former familiar did not enjoy destroying buildings, but the metal girl above had nearly wrecked everything anyway. Su threw a quick barrage of punches around the spot where she heard Jelena. This caused a flurry of vacuums to slice through the floor, cutting a rough hole around where she suspected her opponent was. With any luck, Jelena and the piece of floor would fall together. This would let Su get in a surprise attack with another barrage of spells. Even if her legs just extended like last time, Su was confident knocking her legs around would at least throw her off balance long enough for Helga to finish things up.

”Everyone calls me Su.” She turned towards the monster girl and threw one last gust of wind in Jelena's direction. ”There's nothing exciting about what I do, but the skeletons were still outside last time I checked.” Su remained serious in her delivery.


Mika cheered for Lupa as the werewolf decimated the skeletal horde. Though it seemed the Massacrer's sudden appearance had disrupted her flow a bit. Not that Mika felt the masked woman was at fault for anything. She probably charged in here to save the beast girl after all. But It seemed like some wheel skeletons were lining up to try to finish them off. Mika was about to intervene, but she had her own problems. Some spider webs had wrapped around Mika's feet. The spider woman stated that Mika would be devoured by her minions, who were crawling across the web towards her. All Mika could do was look over her shoulder and give her captor a nervous smile. Her inability to part her feet told her that this was some seriously strong web.

What Mika found most troubling about this entire engagement, something that went far beyond her own safety, was what Mr. Spider must have been going through. He couldn't have been in a very happy place right now. Mika found people calling her cute understandable. You'd be crazy to think otherwise. But once you're married, you should probably keep those sorts of comments to yourself. That was when Mika realized the smaller spiders were probably her children. Black widows were named because they were known for eating their mates, but what most didn't realize was that black widows also feed themselves to their children. Their young are often too small to eat even the smallest flies, so they spit up liquid nutrients for their children to eat. After several days of doing this, they become dehydrated and weak. That's when their children eat them. The way Mika understood it, this spider woman was trying to use her as a surrogate mother to be eaten in her stead. This striking realization caused the smile to run off of Mika's face. She wanted no part of this.

”Oh no you don't!” Mika's mana reserves weren't depleted, but she really couldn't risk doing more than a few more full body transformations. Her artifact wasn't the most ideal thing to heal herself with, and powered through a bit of her mana, Fortunately, she had a plan that wouldn't use a lot of her energy, and it would even make things easier on her new friends. She placed her hands together, and a giant snake popped out of the ground in front of one of the wheel skeletons. It bopped it with it's snoot and threw the spinning skeleton into the air. Another snake popped out of the ground and did the same thing. While saving her friends was part of her goal, the real benefit to her attack was that she was throwing those skeleton wheel directly into that spider woman's web. With any luck, the spinning wheels would wind themselves up in the web, causing the entire aray to fold up on itself. Spiders and all. And Mika too if she wasn't careful.”Wait, I'm still attached!” She laughed. It seemed that Mika's plan wasn't thought out quite as well as it could have been, but she wasn't out of options. Cutting through the silk wasn't going to work, but with her legs pressed together, it would be possible to turn the lower half of her body into that of a fish. Her fins would be much thinner and more flexible than her feet were. There was that possibility. But it wasn't very cute, so she didn't do it. Instead she reached for a nearby humerus to swing at any spiders that got too close. If she ended up getting yanked into the mess of web, she'd have something to beat up mommy spider and friends too.

“Drums?” Jessica looked to her sister.

Vanessa scratched her chin. ”Radio head uses duel drummers now, right?”

“Have they done anything relevant recently?” What followed Jessica's comment was an awkward silence. Such a quiet wasn't something normal mortals could make. It had to be the work of a powerful curse, either inflicted by a dark magical girl or some heinous patron. “Creep was good! I like that song!” Jessica nervously smiled.

”I guess we'll figure it out later.” Vanessa folded her arms.. ”So you've been in Penrose for a month? I was going to say something about that, but you mentioned joining a band and I guess I got a little carried away. If you wouldn't mind showing us around after school, that would be great.”

Jessica smiled. ”I feel like an isekai protagonist, only without all the cool perks, like a huge group of friends.”

”If I recall, friends are why we were headed to the Gym in the first place. Shall we?” Vanessa pushed open the doors to the Gym and stepped inside. Aside from the basket ball hoops, there wasn't any gear present that anyone could see. However, the sheer size of the gym was definitely what one would expect of a reputable school like this. If one looked at the floor, they might be able to spot the school's logo etched into the gym's surface. But there were so many students present it wasn't clearly visible.

Heroe's district

Crunch approached Aki, Wisp, and Aer just as the foreigners were being taken away. ”As you likely already know, I'm Captain Crunch. I oversee a fair portion of the king's naval fleet and am currently stationed here to make sure the waters remain bandit free.” She folded her arms. ”I’d like to know your names and what you you saw today.” Her eyes shifted to Mono. ”You can also put down Wisp now. I don't think there's any need to intimidate him further.”

”Against my better judgment, I will comply.” Mono lowered Wisp onto the ground, but not before handcuffing their arms together. ”Don't even think about squirming away.”

As quickly as Wisp was on the ground, and his handcuffs were firmly secured, he broke towards Aki, and wrapped his bound arms around her. ”Thankyouthankyouthankyou!” He exclaimed rapidly, barely breaking for breath as he continued, ”I dunno who you are or where you came from but Meanie Mono tried to make me go somewhere I didn’t want to, so thank you! Also, I’m Wisp. Nice to meet you~!”

Aki had managed to keep Wisp safe for the entirety of the journey to the hero district by walking in between Mono and Wisp hanging from Mono’s hand. This Mono person had not yet spoken to her, he only appeared visibly annoyed by the looks of it. She did not pay heed to it however, her one and only concern was getting the cat girl out of this situation. Aki turned her attention to this Crunch person. Aki did not understand the origin of her name very well, was she known for crunching much while eating? Or did it perhaps have other meaning, further investigation would be needed. Aki got somewhat less defensive as wisp was now down on the ground, she gave her a sweet smile knowing she was happy as well. Wisp was still somewhat stuck by the handcuffs but at least she did not seem as hurt as before. Wisp hugged Aki close with her bound arms leaving Aki somewhat puzzled at first but she soon followed up to her wrapping her arms around the girl as well. She answered back with a bright nod.

”Hmm! You are alright now! It is nice to meet you Wisp, my name is Aki!”

Aer glanced at the cat boy and street performer only momentarily before looking at Crunch. ”My name is Aer Pacifica, I'm a licensed adventurer. I was looking for a missing person near the docs when I stumbled across the forieners. They offered to help with my search, but I knew they would be of little assistance as they were not familiar with the area. I found their attire of interest, so I questioned them. Like you, I was concerned that they might be bandits or cultists. In hindsight though, I suppose I was letting the rumors about the bandits being controlled by a witch cult influence my reasoning. “ She looked at Wisp. ”He came along shortly afterwards. He spotted one of the boy's meteors. Ashton was it? I think he wanted it.” She looked back to Crunch. ”He offered to help them escape, but they chose to remain by my side, even if there was a chance you might execute them. I did not believe they could possibly be cultists or bandits after that.”

Mono yanked on the handcuffs, causing Wisp to fly backwards into his captor. ”Well? The entire reason you're with us is to tell us about the meteor. Did you notice anything interesting about it?”

Aki gasped in surprise as Wisp was janked backwards by the handcuffs. In astounding manner she looked up at mono. Her hand slowly rose up as she spoke up to the general mister.

”Stop! You are hurting her!”

Aki almost began crying after yelling so loudly and aggressively, she didn’t want people to get hurt. Aki aimed upwards at Mono his hand as she spoke out clearly. It might have not been powerful but maybe that would learn him to keep his hands off of little girls!


”Whatever you think you’re doing, stop it.” Wisp called out. He could accept being dragged around, especially when Mono was involved. But there was a limit to what he could and couldn’t accept - Aki (close to) crying, and raising her hand in an offensive manner, crossed that line. Before she even spoke, he pushed his way out of Mono’s reach, and placed himself between them both. The moment she started speaking, he called out, intent on disrupting whatever magical word she was prepared to speak. ”Eeheheh, no need for violence! Everything’s okay here!” While he spoke equally as cheerily as before, his eyes remained in contact with Aki’s, silently commanding her to hold her actions for the moment.

When Aki tried to hurt Mono with her magic the catgirl called out to her and held eye contact as she slowly held Aki off to attack the general. Aki softly drooped her hand down a tad as she concerningly gazed into Wisp her eyes.


”It’s nice to meet you, Cap’n! I’ve heard lots about you, and might I say it’s reassuring to have someone as capable as you commanding part of the navy! I was just looking around is all, but I saw some people being crowded around and thought I’d say hi. They even gave me their Meteor.” with the word Meteor, he looked back towards Mono, and cautiously took it out of his pouch, ”I didn’t get to test it but… I think it’s a Spatiotemporal Storage Meteor. From what I saw, it captures a point in the world, and replicates it to be displayed later. At least… I think. I was gonna, eheh, experiment with it a bit later~”

”Really now? They handed it to you?” Crunch raised an eyebrow. ”You don't think it's a trap or anything do you? I can't understand why anyone would part with something so valuable. I'd like to see a demonstration.”

Mono hadn't taken his eyes off of the young street performer since she spoke. Before Wisp could respond to Crunch's questions, Mono raised his hand. ”Do it.” He placed a hand over the hand cuffs on his arm, and it popped open. Mono then gently pulled Wisp off to the side and cuffed him to Crunch's arm. ”I want you to finish casting that spell.”

Crunch looked at her arm and then at Mono. ”What are you doing?”

Mono took two big steps forward, so that he was standing directly between Aki and Wisp. He tipped his head down so that he was looking at the pint sized street performer. ”Do it. Now.

Aki sadly gazed towards the ground just before Mono spoke up to her. Do it… in shock she looked up into Mono his eyes. Was he serious? This was scary, why would he want that. Mono stepped in front of Aki startling her somewhat. She moved her hand backwards somewhat as he was really close now. He could easily outdo her probably. Aki her confidence grew weaker but her will to protect Wisp was still the same. If this man was gone they could get out of here right, no more hurting. Do it… Now.

Aer clenched her teeth together and groaned. ”Aki, right?“ She stepped around to the side of Mono. ”How about you just explain what your roll is in all of this?“ But regardless of what Aer said, Mono didn't move.

Aki just had to tell them what her involvement was in the group. Nervously she gazed to both Wisp and Aer. Did she have anything to do with them?

”I-I don't k-know. I just wanted t-to help Wisp.”

”Alright then.“ Aer stepped away from the group, letting out a small sigh. ”If that's all you need us for, I have a missing person to find. I'll take Aki with me.“ she extended her hand towards the performer.

As soon as Aer tried to take Aki her hand she moved it away from the elf girl while giving her a confused and scared look. She wouldn't just go with a stranger, her mother had learned her that at least!

”N-no, I d-don't know you! Wisp will still be here!”

Aki bit her lip impatiently and seeing how nothing did help in this situation she did as Mono told her to do.


Aki didn't step away from mono, or otherwise move into a defensive position. She simply thrust her palm folward, creating a slicing vacuum of air. The blade of wind struck mono's chest and created a small tear in his tunic. Other than that, he did not move. ”Again.” Aki hesitated, but managed to fire a second one off. This time it cut into his arm, but he didn't budge. He leaned in closer to Aki and growled. ”Again!” Sensing that her end was near, she put both of her hands in front of herself and fired as many wind blades as she could at Mono. Out of fear that he might attack her, she stepped backwards while firing, yelling “fura” over and over again. But every time mono got hit, he would simply move closer to her and shout at her, over and over. ”Again-again-again-again-again! Eventually Aki lost her footing and stumbled onto her back. But as soon as her shoulders hit the pavement behind her, Mono was standing over her. Despite how many attacks she hurled at him, nothing seemed to have truly damaged him. His tunic was in tatters, but the hardened armor under his clothing was unscathed. He knelled beside her and pointed his hand at Aki. ”Alhuma.”

Aer slid her hand onto her weapon, but it was clear she had no idea what was going on. She waited to make sure nothing serious was going to happen. ”What are you doing?”

”She's dead.” Mono said simply. ”Or at least, she could have been, if I was actually casting a spell.” Mono opened his hand and offered it to Aki. He was going to help her up. ”It is admirable that you would like to fight me to protect that demi-human, but you should work to understand a situation before you decide to take sides in it. Especially if you're going to bring violence into the mix.” Mono looked to Wisp. ”Isn't that right?”

For the entire duration of the engagement, Wisp was useless. Any attempts he made to get closer, to stop whatever Mono was inciting, was met with resistance from Crunch, forcing him to watch idly from the sidelines while he intimidated a friend into violence. No matter the situation, he couldn’t expect to attack an officer of Mono’s rank and avoid repercussions. There was nothing he had that could help. ”Of course.” was his simple reply, as he attempted to move forward to check on Aki, his lax attitude suitable enough for Crunch to let him advance. With Mono offering to help her up, he didn’t feel the need to say anything to her - simply being between them was enough.

Aki lied with her back on the ground, hair scattered over the floor around her as she blinked a few times in unbelieve. Was she still alive after firing that much with her magic at a person. Mono didn't look dead either. With her mouth agape tears rolled down her cheeks. She had nothing more to say. She softly took Mono his hand her body shaking as she stood upright again. She brushed her tears away and gave a quiet nod with her eyes to the ground. She felt dead beat.

”A-anyway, enough fighting!” he announced, raising the smartphone to show everyone, ”You wanted to see what this does, right~?”

Crunch looked between Mono and Aki with disapproval before looking at Wisp. ”Yes, I think that would be in everyone's best interest.”

Aer only groaned before releasing the hold on her weapon. She didn't say anything and just scuffed off without saying anything.

With the situation simmering down, Wisp began to smile again. He pressed the button on the device, and then swiped across on the screen, much like Ashton had done before. What came up on the screen appeared to be some kind of visual mimicry of whatever the back of the Meteor was faced to, being Mono’s visored face. But from there, he had no idea what to do. He tapped the screen a few more times, expecting something to happen, but nothing did. A few more tries later, he finally, and accidentally, hit the button to take a picture, which he watched slide off to the bottom left corner with childish excitement. With a press he brought it up, being greeted with a digital representation of the guard.

”This thing’s super cool!” he exclaimed as he turned it to face Mono and Crunch, showing them a somewhat blurry, poorly taken, but still identifiable picture of Mono’s head, helmet, and a small portion of his torso,”What’d’ya think~? I dunno how it works yet, but… replication and storage device seems like a good bet?”

Crunch placed a hand on one of her his. ”I mostly wanted to confirm it was real. There does not seem to be anything wrong with it.” She pointed over her shoulder. ”Let me talk to the others real quick and we'll see how it goes.” And with that, Crunch popped the shackle off of her arm clipped wisp to a metal railing. She then walked off to the offices. There would be few words spoke in her absence.

It did not take long for Crunch to return. ”A moment, Mono.”

”Do not attempt to escape Wisp. I will not be as forgiving as your handler.” The two walked down an alleyway just out of earshot to begin a conversation. Shortly afterwards, the entered the offices. Chieko, Ashton, Flame, and Yuuki had been gathered in one room.

”Alright.” Crunch nodded. ”We have determined that your stories check out, and you are telling the truth. You will be given visitor passes, which will enable you to to freely move about the city.” She turned to face Yuuki. ”Unfortunately this does not extend to you. We believe that you may unknowingly be under the effects of cultist magic, if not some other witch related phenomenon. We will need to keep a close eye on you, and cannot have you moving around the city. For this reason, we will transport you to a yet to be decided location in the near future.” Crunch placed the visitor passes for Chieko, Ashton, and Flame on a nearby desk before folding her arms.

Golden Quarter

Donovan chuckled. ”You're a piece of work Mie. Between Fritzi and you, I ain't so sure if it's that everything is boring, or the two of ya are just that exciting in comparison.” Mie may have known about Fritzi, but Donovan had a tendency to just name drop whoever he was thinking about, regardless if there was a connection there or not. ”Bandit attacks are getting' worse. Of course the ain't attackin folks like you and me, but it's giving rise to even more hate.” He balled the rag up in his hand and moved it behind his back. There was a little bit of blood on it, but nothing most people hadn't seen before. ”Folks are distrusting demi-humans more and more each day. It's not just rich folks who are getting hurt. Lotta lower class ladies getting' cut up today. Watch yourself Mie. The Bandits may have started this, but there are other folks out there who are lookin' to end it.” After a brief serious look, he smiled a bit. ”I could always use supplies, but I think right now I could use a stiff drink. Something fruity that won't make me too drunk. I'll have to use these hands again before long.”

”Excuse me.“ A young girl with a mature voice approached the group. She held up a picture of Lady Vertti and pointed at it. ”Have either of you seen this woman?“

”Lady Vertti huh?” Donovan placed a hand on his chin. ”I wanna say I saw her a few days ago.”

The woman's eyes shot open beifly before relaxing. ”She's been missing for a while, where did you see her?“

”It was...” Donovan turned around just in time to see Mirt and Aayon approach. ”Hmmm, seems that drink is going to have to wait.”

Denis did not answer Alice, and simply held the hand made detonator in a threatening matter.

"I'm actually quite pleased we left the improvised communication system up. It makes holding a conversation with you much easier." Thomas's voice came over the systems again. "You will not convince Denis, the infinite spy, to release anyone. He believes in my plan, and the phoenix project. "

“The hell is that?” Jezebel blurted out upon arriving at the scene.

"I'm glad you asked trickster. If only the others were as eager to learn as you were." Everyone could tell Thomas was smiling on the other side of his mic. "The Phoenix Project is an initiative run project that aimed to revive those that were wrongfully incapacitated by government bodies. The technology is there, they just decided never to activate it to do certain ideological differences between those who run the organization. "

“Resurection? Iedolo... Like, WHAT!?”

"One could say that Denis stands to get the most out of Davis's removal from power, as he was the one who put an end to the Phoenix Project in the first place." Thomas inhaled. "You see Denis wasn't really the first choice for infinite spy. It was his brother. He was a hard worker who dedicated his entire youth to becoming the best spy he could. He would have been a truly exquisite agent. But he had been murdered. And Denis's poor father found himself framed for it and simply couldn't get a defense as good as the prosecution."

“Like, is it just me, or-”

"The Phoenix Project would be very good for Denis, the infinite spy. Being that I was one of the reaserchers for it, I can confirm that it is all very real. I even sketched up some of the machine's characteristics for him to see. That is how the spy knows he can trust me, and he also knows that anyone who opposes my plan is simply one of the mastermind's plants, situated to keep his game running smoothly. But that ends tonight."

“You, like, Totally lied to Denis about all of that, right? Ressurection can't possibly work!”

”Dad come back.” Denis muttered to himself.

"You are not required to believe me. Everyone downstairs in the patient's quarters is my hostage, that includes you trickster. But the mastermind will not stand down from his position unless most of you are at risk of dying. This game is important to him, as is the group's continued survival. But I can't negotiate with him yet. He needs to know you'd rather die than continue this." There was a brief pause. "Archer, I think Jezebel, the infinite trickster, would feel a lot more comfortable if you were with her. You don't plan to remain hiding in your room, do you? Not when she needs you."
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