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But the video continued to play. Walking out of the sunlight was a man in a stylish vest and dress shirt. However, it was all opened up to reveal copious amounts of chest hair.“Ahhh, nothing like a walk outside to calm the nerves.”

But as soon as Davis walked inside the room with Erin, his face turned beat red. "YOU CUNT! How dare you imply that my real wife is anything like that piece of crap rusting away in the vault. NOT LIKE SOMEONE WITH AS MANY MOMMY ISSUES AS YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND! NO WONDER YOU LOOK LIKE A LADY BOY! I CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU AND CAORA WITHOUT PASSING A SECOND GLANCE! ARE YOU SURE CYRUS IS THE INFINITE YOU’D MOST WANT TO MIMIC? COULD HAVE FOOLED ME!" And as soon as it had come, the anger faded. Neoslayer chuckled to himself while looking at Erin’s corpse. “There’s just something very poetic about Killing a counterfeit man with a counterfeit execution. I deceived a trickster, conquest is mine. ” He pulled off his tie and dropped it onto the floor. “Not that conquest was ever possible for an opponent like you. If your identity had been that closely guarded, how did I know about it? How did the carnage sisters know?” Davis put on a different tie. One that was half black and half white, with a no symbol towards the bottom.“It is a shame we didn’t get to talk one last time. But that’s just how it is. You don’t get to talk face to face with your god, your maker, until after you’re dead.” Davis looked up into the camera, and he appeared to be smiling at everyone inside the room. ”Some of you may remember Rika Roux, Quill Kennedy, and Mason Bradly. Would you like to see what they’ve been up to? ”

...A few seconds of static, and then...

The court that appeared on screen was very much like the one the infinites were currently in. If anything, the court footage showed a smaller court of carnage with a much smaller number of podiums. The two faces that most of the infinites instantly recognized was that of Davis, and Quill Kennedy.

“You CUNT!” Davis roared. The words flew from his mouth like a dragon might spew flames. “Of all the people you could have picked, you chose Mason Brady?!” The sound of the conqueror grinding his teeth were audible through the video. “He trusted you! He spent hours trying to cheer you up!” Davis scoffed. But Quill remained quiet. Not looking at anyone.

As the conqueror went about conveying his disgust with the blackened, the “Slayer of Mason Brandy”; a boy no older than a teen whose podium stood almost directly opposite that of Davis’s studied the scene unfurling before him. The podium reached all the way up to his shoulders, so that only the top of his torso upwards could be seen. He seemed blank and he was devoid of countenance. His mouth painted a straight line above his chin, lacking any variation that would expose what he’s thinking; his expression lacking even a hint of being mercurial. He stood with his hands crossed neatly on each other in some sort of bundle, his back unbending, and his head tilted slightly to his left side.

The only hint to what was going on in his head were his dull green eyes that scrutinized the scene in front of him. These eyes didn’t hold disgust, nor fear, nor anything you would expect eyes to hold when observing a murderer. They contained a gaze of engrossment, of looking upon this scene like a child might look upon a cartoon. This boy could not be any more of a contrast to the dissemination of the Infinite Conquest, who stood nearly opposite him.

The eyes which betrayed an expression shifted from Davis to Quill, and the boy’s mouth parted. “I was hoping it wouldn’t be you. I really did hope it wasn’t you.” Thomas said as his expressionless mouth shifted, and for a moment there was nearly a trace of a grin on his face. “Because for a specimen like you to die here... is truly a waste.”

Everything at this moment felt unbelievable, someone dying and pointing out the killer themselves, she couldn’t believe someone would do such a thing to someone so nice and caring, Ellie tried to put the thoughts of how Mason’s final moments must’ve felt in the back of her mind, she then found some words to tell the young model. “The only thing that surprises me here is, is just how someone as lazy as you could do such a terrible thing to another person.”

She looked away from Quill, feeling angry for what she had done to the boy, but also having some bizarre feeling of remorse, she then turned her attention to Thomas and what he called Quill. “ Thomas, you should not see people as specimens, there’s more to them than that.”

Thomas’s trace of a grin quickly faded, and he turned his head towards the woman chiding him. For a moment his lips parted, and he looked like he was going to say something directly towards her, but instead he turned back to the blackened.
“Of course, my bad.” Thomas replied somewhat meekly, unfolding his arms to his side as he did so. Having apologized, he once again had his focus on the case at hand. It was oddly fitting for the indolent infinite Quill Kennedy to kill someone as tenacious as Mason Brandy.

Although, in all honesty, Thomas never thought that Quill Kennedy deserved to be an infinite at all, much less an infinite model. Even if she was often the star of fashions shows, she never once demonstrated even a strand of effort in anything except herself in front of Thomas. She built herself up for the world, and he imagined there was a trail of despair in her wake. With this case, Thomas confirmed his suspicions. The Infinite Model was a fraud, an extortionist, and now she was also a murderer.

So, having confirmed his theory, Thomas finally knew what to think of Quill. And when he knew what to think of someone, they can never be as interesting as they once were to him. Even that withstanding, he continued to watch the case with the same enthralled gaze. Maybe he was searching for something, perhaps a concrete conclusion to this case, or maybe he simply enjoyed watching the exaction of justice. Maybe he just liked the look on Quill’s face, that of a deer caught in headlights. There was one thing that a viewer could be certain of though, and that was that Thomas was far more captivated than he should be at a time like this.

Quill parted her hair with her hands. Her face was beat red, and her mascara was running. "This is what I expected, really." She sniffed before standing up. " None of you have real talents. You're all so specialized that there's no competition. There probably isn't anyone within miles of your home who even knows how to do what you do, but the modeling world is different." Quill was shaking out of nerves, but it was less evident now if it was out of fear or hatred. The model snarled, her fingers curled like feral claws. "None of you know what it takes to struggle against thousands and thousand of people to get your talent noticed. My neighbor was a model, there were models all up and down the city block. Everybody wanted my position and I beat them all!" She looked around herself. He shoulders were squared up, like she was ready for a fight. "And sometimes in order to reach for your dreams, you need to steal away someone else's. This motive offered me an opportunity to stop doing that. I wouldn't be at war with all the models of the world." She sniffled again. "You may think I'm a monster, but I killed Mason to protect all of those dreams I would have destroyed." She looked around the room again. "And if you can still look me in the eye and say you wouldn’t do the same... you're chickens.”

The mummy silently judged Quill with an unchanging gaze, she didn’t care for her pile of excuses she threw on top of each other, she didn’t care that she wanted to leave this place or hold some position in her modeling career; the mummy was more angry of what Quill did with her recorder. Rika reached into her bandages retrieving her recorder, it wasn’t in the best state, with tape holding it together and visible cracks traveling across it’s body. She placed the device on the podium pressing the play button with one of her wrapped up fingers.” You were never special to begin with, everything you did, it was to make yourself appear to be special while you had others claim you were.” A crystal clear woman’s voice emerged from the recorder.

A garbled sound of mixed audio played before the tape continued.” You talk of struggle, but you don’t know what it is to really struggle. To have everything taken from you in a single week, to have what makes you truly unique kicked out from under you, then have the people who fought so hard to help you not even look you in the eye.” The tape went silent.”You don’t know what struggle is!” The machine yelled.” Don’t tell us what struggle is when you have your looks, you can still speak, people don’t struggle to keep eye contact with you.” She grabbed her recorder growling as she hit the stop button then fast forward.”You’re disgusting.”

Her hands started shaking from just how angry Quill’s excuse of struggling to stay at the top, she began squeezing her recorder to the point where she was nearly crushing it in her bandaged hands, but before she could destroy it; Ellie put a hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

The older woman’s hand felt warm on Rika’s shoulder before she told the mummy.”Rika, it will be okay, just take a breath and calm down.”

“The ends doesn’t justify the means Quill, you should be ashamed of yourself for everything you’ve done, all the people you’ve hurt, not just Mason, but the others who had their dreams crushed by you.” Ellie put a hand on her chest, and locked eyes with Quill, her pearl green eyes peering into her.” I wouldn’t dare think about crushing another person’s dreams, I’d encourage them to follow it to the best of their abilities. You are a cowardly young lady who only wanted to be the center of attention, so the only chicken here is you.”

She put a lock of blue hair behind one of her ears before telling Quill.”Your parents should be disappointed in you, not just in the murder of another person, but for everything you’ve done.”

Meanwhile, Thomas’s response to Quill’s vindication, if you could even call it that, was almost delayed. It was as if he were in a completely different location. His eyes were still on her, but it seemed like he was completely motionless for a moment. He quickly regained his senses however afterwards there was a sense of angst betrayed by his posture. Although the audience couldn’t be sure what it was; Something Quill said seemed to have upset him.

Having heard the other two speak though, Thomas decided that he had nothing to contribute to Quill’s admonishment. He raised his head and looked expectantly towards his captors. This was his way of letting Monokuma and the Carnage Sisters know he was done here. All that was left was Quill’s penance— the execution.

When Thomas' eyes fell on Monokuma, the bear tipped his head. “Oh? Are you all done?”

Maybe they are. A carnage sister with a ponytail adjusted her glasses. But I am quite sure Davis has more to say.

"What?" Quill looked around sheepishly. "What do you mean? Why would you wait for Davis to do anything?"

Davis roared with laughter. It echoed through the court, further startling Quill. It was a large contrast to the anger he had shown earlier. “I'm so glad I wasn't the one who had to put you in your place.” He chuckled between his words. “The fact that you tried to break Rika's recorder alone shows your complete lack of empathy, hopefully you had enough to kill Mason before you incinerated him.” Davis leaned on his podium with both hands. “But that just goes to show you, we're all capable of sin. And some of the worst things we've done we aren't even on trial for.”

Quill hugged herself. "I-Is there a point to this or-"

“I'm just going to say it.” Davis threw out his arms. “The reason why you're all here is because of me.” Davis didn't smile when he spoke. In a flash, he had become entirely monotone. “I'm Neoslayer, Ultimate Mastermind, and the mastermind of the infinite killing game.”

Ellie gasped at the new information, grasping a set of invisible pearls a she repeated the name. “N-Neoslayer?!”

The boy who stood opposite Davis was once again a spectator of the conqueror. His arms, still crossed, contracted as the implication of what Davis said settled in. It wasn’t that it was surprising that Davis was the mastermind, in fact, out of everyone here was certainly the most suspicious. Nor was it that Thomas and Davis were particularly close, they weren’t. The implication was that in a split second the man who had never lost, Infinite Conquest, became Thomas’s opponent. A mere child pit against one of the most successful individuals to live.

His face went a little paler than it already was. Thomas took a deep breath and tried to assess the situation he was in. He looked to the four carnage sisters and Monokuma, and then to Davis. Something seemed to click in his head.

Thomas unfurled his arms, raised his hand in front of him in a fist, and shifted his gaze to it to conceal any trace of nervousness. “Is that so?” he remarked, his voice a little higher than it was before and almost mocking in tone “Then prove it. “

Davis shot Thomas a grin before turning to look at the carnage sister. “Kyra.”


“How about you take our three guests and give them a special view of the execution?”

“Affirmative, It shall be done.”

“Hey!” Monokuma scowled. “You smug es-oh-bee, are you going to let me run a game in peace without throwing your ego into it?!”

Davis shrugged. “I will keep myself out of the candidate’s Killing game, for now. I should add these three will be joining it shortly. Rika has been reformed, and I feel the other two are worthy as well.”

“Yea yea sure, but first...” Monokuma picked up a hammer. “It's punishment time!”

After hammering the button, The three other carnage sisters latched a shackle around Quill's neck and dragged her off. Kyra was left behind to make sure everyone was secured back inside the roller coaster. “We'll be taking a scenic detour. It will take approximately... Well, you'll figure it out.” With their harnesses secured, the roller coaster set off.

...A few seconds of static, and then...

When the roller coaster stopped moving, Thomas and Rika found themselves sitting on either side of Emily. They appeared to be in an auditorium that was currently hosting an award ceremony. They had a front row seat, and if they bothered to look behind themselves, they would have spotted Davis eating out of a bag of popcorn. Kyra was sitting beside him, writing in a note pad. They were all strapped in place, unable to move much more than their torsos. But they were not in danger, no. The only person in danger was Quill, who was standing on stage in a nice dress. As elegant as her attire was, she was clearly distressed. Her skin was pale, and her sweat was noticeably saturating her clothes. She just stood there, cameras flashing all around her.

In front of her were several monokumas in similar dresses. One of them was handing out trophies to each monokuma that approached him. It became apparent that all of the monokumas' ankles were chained together, as well as Quills. With each trophy that was handed out, they took a few steps, and Quill was forced to step a little closer. A little closer, a little closer, her distress becoming more apparent with every step she took.

Finally it came time for her to receive her trophy. The monokuma unit did no such thing however. Instead, it put a whistle in it's mouth and blew as hard as he could. A few second later, the sound of a truck backing up could be heard. Kyra must have been expecting something, because she reached behind her seat for an umbrella and opened it. Then the other infinites could see it, a large dump truck backed up onto stage, clearly driven by monokuma. On the back was a massive trophy of himself, and he seemed to have lost control of his vehicle. Monokuma slammed on the breaks, and managed to stop the vehicle well before it hit Quill. The model let a sigh escape her lips, relieved that she would be allowed to live. However, the top heavy statue was still tipping in Quills direction, and only tipped faster until it crushed the model under its weight. Kyra managed to lower her umbrella in time to protect Davis and herself from the splatter, but everyone else got soaked by Quill's blood. Kyra folded up her umbrella while a perfectly dry Davis continued to eat popcorn. He turned toward the young man while maintaining his smug grin.

“Well Thomas, was this enough proof for you?”

Once the execution was finished, Ellie wiped out her eyes and ignored the fact they were all covered in the blood of another human, she cleaned her hands on the back of her pants then tried to help Rika clean out her eyes, but the Mummy only pushed her away refusing the help all together, seeing Rika refuse the help she moved onto Thomas.

She didn’t speak to the boy, only acted, she cleaned his face as best she could with her slightly bloodied hands, making sure to clean his eyes so he could see.” Can you see Thomas?” She asked before using the clean part of her sweater to wipe the blood off his face.

Thomas’s focus was divided between both the execution and where Davis was sitting; his head was twisted slightly to the side so he could see both of them. The audience once again could not be certain what Thomas was thinking, but they could tell that he was more interested in what Davis was doing. In fact, he had paid such great attention to Davis that when he was drenched by Quill’s… body he was taken completely by surprise. It took a moment for him to regain his bearings, but that moment was enough for Ellie to have already wiped some of the blood off his face.

Rather uncharacteristically, Thomas only sat in his seat in the roller coaster and watched the spot where Quill met her untimely demise as Ellie cleaned his face. He stole a glance towards Ellie, and then back towards Davis. Davis’s derision didn't cause many outward signs of anger, but Thomas visibly clenched his jaw and balled his hands into fists. As Ellie cleaned Thomas's face, he muttered something under his breath, silent enough for the auditorium to carry his words into oblivion. That was all a boy like him could do against the Conqueror.

The screen went black before retracting back up into the ceiling. The three infinites were seated on a roller coaster that had been positioned behind the jumbotron. How long had they been there?

“Why my mail order bride and her children arrived! I should introduce you guys.” Monokuma cleared his throat.. “Emily Rishima is the infinite caretaker, as she needs to take care not flatten anyone. While it’s easy to get caught up on the big stuff, I like her for the little things. Like the muscle mass between her ears.” The bears paw moved over to the young boy.”Thomas Herringson is all about watching bodies move, which is probably why he was shipped alongside Emily. I also heard his father was pretty good at running. If Thomas has that ability, the next blackened might want to pick a slower target. “ The bear moved his paw over again. “And that’s Rika, Hi Rika!” Monokuma let his arms fall to his sides. “Man it’s quiet in here. Isn’t somebody going to say something?”

The vault in the study slid open a single inch more, and a red eye made itself present.

"Oh yes." Parker whispered. "Just three more. Three more and I can end everything."

Patients Left:
Death Count:

5(Trials) 5(Executions) 5(Inches) ~ FIN

And the end of yesterday brought forward a brand new day. Most of the infinites were just waking up to the sound of monokuma’s morning announcement. Bliss was already preparing breakfast for everyone in the kitchen. Nothing too fancy, just some waffles. She would prepare bacon as well. Maple syrup and bacon was one of her most favorite things in the world, so pancakes was a perfect excuse to meld the two together.

The event at the court was still fresh in her mind. She still couldn't believe Shaun and Marianne were no longer with them. It was impossible for her to view Erin and Shaun as the same person. It bothered her that there could be more people like that hiding among them. But Ice was able to reveal his secret. He was like the opposite of Erin. Someone who was willing to show off their less savory side to save everyone.

Bliss lowered some bacon onto a plate. Hopefully someone would show up soon.

It was just a joke, was there any reason to get all bear-nt out of shape?

Even though you called me something nasty on the Discord, I'll let your character in anyway.


Well this is em-bear-asing! I didn't even notice when we talked via PM.

Those talents are very similar, but they have key differences!

While the twins can copy anything, Lucy is a very good learner. I wouldn't expect lucy to be able to perfectly reenact a play, song, or story, but she could probably learn how to become a great actor, singer, or story writer. While the twins can duplicate anything they see, Lucy can do something well. They are similer, but different. Like a nanny and a caretaker.

I also find Lucy's personality far removed from either of the twins.

I'm accepting it! Post it in the character tab!
And now I present, my new character!

♓︎ Infinite Matchmaker:


”Hmm...” Monokuma held his head in thought. “It would certainly be the first time I've ever had to execute someone during a live class trial. It is tempting, especially since I just made that rule and announced it to everyone.” He shrugged. ”Sadly though, I can't. I refuse to break one of my own rules! I'm a stickler for those things!” The bear forced himself to regurgitate his own handbook and started pointing at rule 12. ”If the blackened is exposed during the trial, they alone will be executed. Guess what happened before Calvin and Ice had a heart to heart?” The bear swallowed his E-handbook whole. ”The higher up on the list, the more important the rule is. If they were trying to attack one of my daughters or me, that would be a very different story.” The bear shrugged. ”Regardless, rule 20 is just there to prevent someone who is accused of being the blackened from being attacked. If I felt like disciplinary action was necessary, I'd never turn to death. Wouldn't it be more poetic if I cut off Calvin's arm so that he couldn't build things anymore?” The bear giggled. ”But if I'm going to be beary honest with you, there's actually a third thing that is preventing me from executing anyone other than you.” Monokuma threw his paws up into the air. ”I'M TIRED OF PEOPLE TELLING ME WHAT TO DO! I AM THE MASCOT OF DIS-BEAR DAMNIT, AND I REFUSE TO GET BULLIED BY MY DAUGHTERS OR SOME POSER IN A SCARF!” Monokuma reached behind his back and pulled out a hammer. “”It's punishment tiiiiime!”

As soon as the hammer fell, a shackle closed around Erin's neck with a chain running to the hands of each carnage sister. ”You're going to pay for making Krista sad. Heck, I'm getting sad just thinking about it.” Nariko sniffled before the four carnage sisters rode off into the darkness. The jumbotron screen changed from the motive notes to something else...

“N-no! How could you be ready to vote already!?“ Bliss's eyes were wet. She was hugging herself, quivering like she was out in the cold. “I-I don't know if I can vote for him. Not without 100% certainty. Shaun could never have done this...”

“I know how you must feel.” Jezebel said in a somber tone. “But I've been in too many of these killing games. It's... Hard to find people you can trust.” Jezebel shot Zachary and Braden a quick glance before looking into the middle of the court. She was thinking. Anyone who looked at the clown could tell the gears were turning. “We might not be able to prove what happened, but we can totally prove we know what happened!” Jezebel flashed everyone with a glowing smile, and started to reconstruct the case. “During the past four days, the killer so discovered what the Betty known as Marianne had in her motive letter. So like, she shared her letter with a murderer, unaware of the grody consequences to come.” The clown started to juggle some arrows, a buzzer, Shaun's wallet, a syringe, a knife, some rope, and a knotted patient's gown. “Penis breath totally knew how to prepare. He so identified items that he could use and smuggled them into his room. This included Baldwin #1's arrows, the kitchen knife, rope, and all that other junk. His shady ass jacket made it tre easy to smuggle everything in there. The buzzer so came from Marianne herself. I gave her one fer shur!” Jezebel stopped juggling everything and took hold of the wallet. The sound of everything hitting the floor wouldn't stop her from going on. “But like, he so had to ditch the wallet. Without access to the crematorium, he so needed to ditch it in a place no one would ever look. So like, he left it with Parker, believing it would never be discovered.” The clown folded her arms and looked away from everyone. “With everything set, he was totally ready to kill. The Noid lured the Betty into his room, likely prepared to talk about her note. He knocked her out, tied her up, stabbed her to death, and hoisted her up into the air. He was so trying to make this look like a hate crime. Who would have thought Shaun could do something so grody? And the body was raised to keep it from burning, totally avoiding the defacing rule.” She pointed down at the floor where the hospital gown was. “Like, the hospital gown was used to keep the blood splatter from the stabbing off of him and junk. But barf-bag still wanted to destroy as much evidence as possible. Like he totally trashed his room, and set it ablaze. He so made sure the trickster note stayed in tact so that he could blame the crime on Zachary. Like, I'd so wager his note describes Zachary. Something like 'they're the #1 Baldwin' and junk. The fire suppression system would later create the smoke we saw.” Jezebel sighed. The clown leaned on her podium and kept her head propped up with both hands. She was still smiling. “But a trashed room is totally useless if you don't look like you've been attacked. So he had a quick conversation with Ice to give himself a bogus alibi before preparing to knock himself out. Like he ditched his E-handbook in the trash room and injected himself by the stairs. When he woke up, he followed Krista round like a puppy. This strengthened his alibi.” Jezebel's grin widened as she continued. “But like, our killer so didn't count on Ice investigating so thoroughly. He totally found that vault, and eventually the metal Betty known as Alice Parker. She so passed him the wallet, and Ice was able to identify Erin from the Ids. During the trial, he would hide this from us, trying to guide us to the killer without revealing his secret. But when that became impossible, he totally exposed himself to reveal the killer.” Yet another dive light activated, this time on Jezebel. She swiftly circled around to Shaun's position, running full tilt. As she passed him, she pulled off his scarf, revealing his twisted smile and scars. “That sound about right; Erin Steele: Infinite Trickster?”


“It really is him... Alright.“ Bliss dried her eyes before looking over towards Mary. “Y-you're right. We'll just vote for the person who murdered Shaun and Marianne.”

"Who will you all vote for? Will you make the right choice or the dreadfully wrong one?" Monokuma turned his head towards the carnage sisters. "Girls! The machine!"

After everyone had voted (Nariko collected the votes from those on the court floor) an air lotto machine emerged from the center of the floor. There were balls with every infinites face on them, floating around inside the strange machine. But one at a time, each tube opened up to capture one ball. All of which showed Erin's head. The machine beamed with ligh, shot off confetti, and did everything in it's power to simulate a small scale celebration.

Then the room fell quiet, if only for a few seconds.

“Hah, I knew it!” While most of the infinites were pretty glum, both tricksters looked pleased with themselves. Jezebel had returned to her podium and the dive light on her had vanished. “Your shy kid ruse totally didn't fool me.” She gave Erin a sideways glance. “As soon as I heard that I might not be the original trickster though, that piqued my interest. I thought I had so become an impostor. ” she giggled cutely. “But it totally doesn't matter if you're the original or not. You're so an imposter, just a fake. Your persona, your talent, it's all fake, so totally fake. I'm not sure anything that happens to you can even be considered an execution, because you so never existed to begin with.” She continued to grin at him.

Nariko and Alexandria approached mercy while on horseback. “Calvie-poo! You got hurt, you could have gotten booped by that huge chain!” Alexandria was looking directly at him. “If you get booped, we'll never be able to have a future together!”

Geina and Willow were also on horseback, but they rode their horses up behind Erin instead. Bliss seemed to have regained her composure, if just barely. “Did you even have a worthwhile reason to do all of this?”
@barnowldaddy Perfect! post it in the character tab. I'll make an opening for you as soon as chapter 3 starts.
@Kitsune we're filling up fast, but yes, we are still open for business. The second trial is juuuust starting to end, so now is a good time to join.

EDIT: Got ninja's by Aime.

EDIT #2: Aime isn't entirely correct about getting your character in. Even after chapter 2 starts, you'll still be able to join. The only time I bar people from joining is during the night of carnage or once an investigation/trial starts.
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