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Current weird kink but okay.


Infiltration successful.

I should probably fill this out with something a bit more interesting now that I have access to reality. But that seems like something social nitwits who crave friends would do, so maybe not.

Though maybe I’ll leave one very important message here.

Fuck you Dalton.

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As per the norm, I'm gonna whip out my reviews in public.

The above voters want you to continue submitting entries. They want you to take no offense. You should. But I'm here to tell you that if you want to play ball in this corner of the internet, you're going to need thick skin, buddy. Maybe get some sharp claws so that you can defend yourself. You're in the jungle now, act like it. Let's hear that roar!

Hopefully no one took that seriously or got offended.

@Majoras End your characters are still in the game, they just can't act during events. So during the time skip, you could create a reason for Eliza to inherit the phone.

”Run forest run!”

— Nuncio

@PlatinumSkink + The others im collabing with lolololololz

”Gah!” The chain pierced Nuncio’s shoulder, tearing through ligaments and bone before coming out the other side. There was a spray of blood, but Sophia had missed any vital organs. The chain would hold strong. ”What?” In the next instant, Nuncio was slung towards Mariette. ”Amaryllis! You need to run!” Was all he got out before he, Sammy, Eli, and Mariette vanished inside a portal.

Rosa’s charge was intimidating, but Vermin Killer didn’t budge an inch. He remained stationary behind his wall of crows. Rosa would never get the chance to test its strength before the wolverines set upon her, tearing into the tiger’s rear quarters and front leg. It swiped and kicked, but the wolverines were relentless and without fear.

The wall of crows separated, with half of the birds flying up towards Sophia and the rest remaining before Verminkiller. Each one that flew by tried to take a piece of her flesh with each pass.

”Bring two, bring three, bring four magical girls. I will outnumber you every time.”

The pirate simply leveled her magical shotgun-axe and drew upon her Focused Assault once more. The wear and tear and drain from battle were one thing, but no matter how much she felt tired it wasn’t like she was going to relent either.


The girl unleashed an erupting shot from her gun at Vermin Killer, not caring if his birds got in the way or not. It was a more powerful shot than normal, which was to her favor, but even so she lightly winced at the light pain she got from her body as a result. Not like the birds trying to tear into her flesh with their wee little beaks wasn’t painful as well, but she’d just about had enough of today to use the pain to help her keep focus.

The bullet tore through a few birds, but moments before the bullet struck Vermin Killer, his body split apart into even more crows and scattered. With all the crows swarming the warehouse, it was hard to tell where they went, or if they were there fighting alongside their companions.

All the while, her patron floated overhead with worried creases forming in its worn wooden planks.

“Do ah’ look lak’ ah’ give ah’ fook about yer’ ‘cool guy talk’ at all, ya’ soddin’ bilge rat?

Ahm’ tired of yer’ kind ah’ trash prancin’ bout’, so get yeh’ ass movin’ outta’ ere’ if yeh’ don’t want yeh’ skull mounted on mah’ patron’s aft and yer’ beasties all fried golden brown!”

”It is my vultures that will pick your bones clean, corpse sailor.” Vermin Killer’s disembodied voice filled the warehouse.

The golden shields that had formed for Mariatte and company vanished, no longer needed, as they soon reappeared to form a bubble around Sophia with an opening in the front. That...and at least her clothing was incredibly tough and rather covering on her body.

Vestiges now. Vestiges and traces, seconds remaining. Amaryllis could feel her form begin to revert, the fatigue such that even though her own stamina seemed to sustain itself, her strength was beginning to flag. Her Sword grew heavier in her palm, the world around her seemed to be speeding up, and her magic no longer responded to her.

It would have been lovely to retort, to say that being outnumbered only made magical girls stronger, but the Knight of Rose knew that soon enough, she wouldn’t even be a knight anymore.

Nuncio was out. Sophia was still going strong. And Rosa…

“Pirate! Bring the whole warehouse down! We’re getting outta here!”

With that, Amaryllis charged into the forefront, her Silverlight ever-hungering as she used Sophia’s shotgun blast as cover fire. Reaching the mangled tiger swiftly, but not nearly so swift as she’d have liked, the midnight-haired swordswoman swung her weapon with wild abandon, disemboweling any wolverine that got its jaws on the bloodied tiger. Not to kill, nor to chase away, but simply to reduce the weight. She could lift a sedan with one hand, and a male tiger only weighed a quarter of that weight, but those records were on a good day. A flicking of a wrist reduced another wolverine to just a head, before Amaryllis reached out with her off-hand to grasp Rosa and toss her towards Sophia.

Her stump pressed against the white fur.


Even though Sophia hadn’t started to bring down the warehouse, the ground was starting to shake. Vermin Killer may have departed, but his reinforcements had arrived. two hippopotamus bulldozed their way through the wall, stampeding towards the magical girls.

Almost all of the most dangerous animals in the world originate from Africa, and the hippo is no exception. While they have a reputation for being docile creatures, they are anything but. They are heavyweight fighters that are far faster than their size would lead one to believe. They can move through water swiftly since the water doesn’t impede them at all. They weigh so much they sink to the floor of any body of water they traverse, allowing them to run as if they were on land. Their hide is so thick that they seldom have to worry about other predators. A pack of lionesses are unable to dig through their two inch thick hide, while the hippo has more than enough strength to crush their skulls in a single bite. Hippos aren’t just a problem for the wildlife in Africa, they are a problem for humans too. They make short work of boats and cars. Out of the entire animal kingdom, it is hippos that claim the most human lives per year.

Their jaws swung open, revealing jaws filled with tusks and teeth. Nothing was going to stop the two-ton behemoths from charging.

“That’s arr’ cue, lass!”

The pirate shot out her chain arm to grab up Amaryllis and the injured tiger, whilst she smirked and reached her other arm up into the air. The golden shields faded away once more, and through the roof crashed in an-...anchor? An anchor attached to a chain to be specific, but called forth by Sophia’s magic to help her up onto her patron.

So as the two ton piles of man-killing animal flesh charged, Sophia would suddenly be yanked up as she grabbed onto the chain itself. Was a little spell she’d been granted by her patron to get on the ship if she ever couldn’t fly up to it. A spooky precaution that was hopefully going to come right in handy. If Amaryllis and the tiger were on the other end of the chain arm, however, it would pull them along as well as it attached itself to the anchor chain in turn for more support.

The Anchor was hoisted into the air, Pirate knight and tiger in tow. The hippos snapped their jaws shut, but bit nothing but air. Big and strong as they might have been, they weren’t jumpers by any stretch of the imagination.

The warehouse was still filled with crows however. They bit and tore, but between Amaryllis’s swordsmanship and Sophia’s gunplay, they were no match.

Once they left the top of the warehouse, the animals seemed to retreat. The crows simply flew away, while the hippos retreated behind a building, only to disappear from sight.

Yet even as the enemies disappeared...the pirate seemed to have one last thing for those she and her allies had just been fighting.

“Remember this as the day you almost caught...Captain. Sophia. Von Zeerover!!! Hahahaha!”


— Tetrad


Tetrad raised an eyebrow. This Puchuu seemed to care about Shion. Which was a good thing but it just went against everything Tetrad knew about Puchuus.

“Uh, yea! We can do something about that.” Tetrad snapped her fingers and tapped her foot. A few seconds later, and a door to a run down bar seemed to rise out of the ground and swing open. “It’s my interdimensional…bar…place. I don’t really ‘live’ in there so you’ll have to pardon the mess. I’ve been meaning to clean it up but I keep getting side tracked.” It also looked drab because it was a more fitting atmosphere to interrogate prisoners in. “There’s a few holes in the couch, but it’s still really comfortable. And you’re welcome to whatever is in the fridge.” Tetrad twiddled her thumbs. “So you can just relax in there. Or just her if you have other things to do. I’ll go back to the hotel I’m staying at, and then she can come back out in a place that isn’t surrounded by violent monsters. Sound good?”

“Registration successful.”

— Oros

@FamishedPants @AtomicNut @Ponn @PlatinumSkink @Majoras End @twave

Oros chose to watch the rest of the fight from a rooftop. She had given herself the skin of a chameleon to blend into her surroundings. Unlike octopus and squids, chameleons did not shift pigmented plates on their skin to change their colors. Instead, they had nano-crystal scales under their skin that reflected different colored light. Tighter clusters reflected blue and green light, and spacing the scales apart changed the color to yellow, and orange and red the further apart they got. The light reflected mixes with the color of the skin to produce their camo. It is the chameleon’s control over these scales that lets it change its color. Though chameleons typically use their colors to stand out more so that they can attract a mate or scare off another chameleon.

Her eyes had become that of an owl, which were the best the animal kingdom had to offer. At least when it came to night vision. Their tubular eyes had excellent depth perception and could catch more light than cat eyes. This gave Oros binocular vision, but she’d have to turn her head to look around. An owl’s eyes aren’t round, and thus can’t pivot in their eye sockets.

Between these two features, Oros was able to remain hidden and keep her distance. It was possible someone with deviation magic could pick up her presence, but that was hardly a concern. If someone wanted to get the jump on her, they would have to contend with her excellent hearing and sense of smell. She wouldn’t be here long anyway.

After the fight’s anti-climatic finish, her eyes tracked Faith. Or more specifically, Raven. Her actions had been rather questionable in all this. But after glimpsing at her blade, she could understand why. It was evident where Raven’s alliance laid with a simple glimpse into her past.

“Another Beacon hopeful.” She sheathed her sword. “Hope you don’t mind collabs, Raven. We’ll meet again real soon.”

There was no reason to stick around longer. Oros could track Faith with her sword at this point. She turned towards the shadows and faded from sight.
@FamishedPants@Mateotis@Majoras End

Just an update, it's been slow going but I've added all of the starting truth bullets to the Zeroth post.

It's been kind of hot, and the focus to organize the case itself hasn't really been there as a result.

I'll make some progress over the weekend. I'm keeping with the "slow and steady" philosophy even with the arrangement process. I know it can be annoying when there's nothing you can do and you don't see progress every day. Just know I'm doing my best.

“She can burn me to ash, but you gotta admit she’s kind of cute like this. Lolz!”

— Su Fang


Su also slowed to a hover. Given that she wasn’t very aerodynamic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) it was a simple thing to manage. Especially with Helga in tow.

There wasn’t much time to think. It was clear that Askefye had little patience for people at the moment. Fortunately Su had already decided what she wanted to say ahead of time. She just found it difficult to do so now that the fire girl was staring her in the face. That and she was a little concerned with how Helga would react, as this was something she thought up in the moment. She gave Helga a firm stare and nodded, which was the only thing she could do to prepare her before speaking. Then she turned to Askefye.

“I’m Su Fang.” She gestured towards Helga. “This is Helga, she once served as part of Justine’s elite four.” Su had noticed Askefye’s head pop up when they were talking about Justine earlier. Hopefully this detail would keep her interested in their conversation. “I’m trying to get Beacon off our back, and at present it looks like purification is our only option. Though with the Ascendancy present and Helga’s colorful history, they could try to kill us instead.” She placed a hand on her hip. “That girl you were with seemed more receptive than most Ascendancy girls. She was willing to talk, but a troll interrupted our conversation. I have my connections however and I know I can summon her again.” Su (begrudgingly) knew Lily, who knew Alicia. It shouldn’t be hard for the paladin to get in touch with Vivi. “Where you come into this is that I do not wish to invite the Ascendancy into my home. You seem to know the over city well and are fairly strong. I would feel safer if you could join us during our next meeting, in case things go south.” Su gestured towards Askefye. “If you’re interested, I’d like to know your name and a good place to eat.”

“Let me show you the true meaning of LOGIC!”

— Mika Sarraf


Christine was wrong. Mika could tell she was scarcely the brightest bulb, but this was something else. It was one thing to take the lid off your milk shake to make sure you got the flavor you wanted, and another thing entirely to think licking the outside of the straw was the correct way to eat a milk shake. Mika found the display amusing, but decided not to embarrass her. She simply consumed her milkshake the correct way and hoped Christine would catch on. It did not dawn on Mika that Christine was checking for poison. If Mika had poisoned a shake, she was playing a dangerous game in letting Christine decide which one to take. Besides, Mika had already poisoned her in the hallway with her stinger, and used her healing artifact to seal up the wound before getting her into a bikini. Though there is a certain amount of irony in waking from poison-induced sleep and then checking your drink for poison. Admit it, that’s hilarious.

“Beacon tried to stop Vi-chan in time, I'm sure.” Rina called from her seat. Still holding her bow on her lap. “I mean yea, Alicia’s disguise was pretty bad, but they couldn’t get to her in time. Vi-chan made her big appearance before they could perfectly wrap everything up. They didn’t ‘allow it to become violent,’ it would have been a slaughter even if they did nothing. You’re talking like this entire thing was their idea, or like you didn’t have the power to stop it yourself!”

Mika raised her hand to Rina. “Monster lives matter.”

“Fool of a cat girl.” She sipped her milkshake.

Mika’s smile only glowed brighter. “I’ve been thinking about my mistakes a lot recently.” She set aside her milkshake. She had downed it all, so it was just an empty cup anyway. “The first fight I got into by myself, I got some help from a wolf girl. We were fighting this spider girl, and she got on my nerves. I got really angry.” She looked away from Christine and folded her arms. “I bit her with my most potent venom. I think I killed her. She hurt Lupa for a while too, because I had been so reckless she had to take a shot for me.” She hugged her knees. “At the time I had been really upset because Lupa got hurt. But now that she’s feeling better, I spend a lot more time thinking about the spider girl. She was a bad girl, but I wonder if I had to kill her.” Mika set her chin on top of her arms. “Maybe if I hadn’t killed her, things would have turned out better. Everyone wanted to hurt Dan, but I became friends with him. I forgave him, and look!” She gestured at everything around herself. “I know Beacon ruined the party, but everyone is mean to Beacon. Maybe if people were nicer to them they wouldn’t be so mean. If Vi had invited them to the party they wouldn’t have felt left out.” She smiled. “I think killing is bad no matter who it is. What you were going to do to Alicia was bad, what she was going to do to you was bad. That’s why I stopped it.”

Rina sighed. “Guess I’m the bad cop.”

So let’s talk about what stats do for a moment.

The point of having stats is to measure a character’s ability to do something. This is usually helpful in DnD campaigns or other structured forms of roleplaying where you want to quantify a characters stats. It also forces players to chose their strengths instead of just being a god at everything. A strong, durable barbarian is probably not smart as an example. Stats allow the player and GM see how a character is and decide on the likelihood of an action being successful or not.

Does this work? Well enough. If we look at Trixy’s stats, we know she’s average at everything but really excels at AGI. This makes her an accurate sniper and lets her move around swiftly. Amaryllis is a physical monster, but is a bit of a glass cannon. In this sense, the stats do their job of indicating what a character can do. And in PvE situations, the 30+ stat gap between Penny and Deni/Connie hasn’t really posed an issue.

But what makes stats a problem isn’t how they work when interfacing the GM, it’s how they function when interfacing other players. Even if there isn’t a lot of direct PvP in this RP, there are plenty of times when characters do something that contests another one. Does Trixy or Amaryllis get to the button first? Does Regina’s curse affect Penny? Stuff like that. This has a tendency to prevent players from engaging with those who are considerably stronger then them. An example of this is how Plat keeps insisting that Deni isn’t strong enough to do anything, and how a few players feel miffed that they will never be as strong as some of the old faces. And when you have a gap that’s 30+ points wide, it’s understandable.

Do stats actually give bonuses in RP though? It has always been Ari’s stance that stats are more indicators of a character’s power spread rather than something that relates to other girls. But Ari is also the one that said “The minion perk for horror girls scales with MAG” and “If your MAG is high enough, null field can be shaped the way you want it.” And that does not really agree with what Ari has stated earlier. Don’t quote me on this, but I thought Ari said that normal horror minions consisted of auto 1-hit monsters like goblins, and if you had 20 MAG you could control things like gorelions, which were a boss in season 1. I was also told that Amber’s magic had to fail against Janet because there was a 3 point difference in their MAG stat. It makes it sound like the only way to make the most out of certain character abilities is to have the right stats.

I’ve recently created Oros, who has a rather even 12/12/11 stat spread across her STR/AGI/VIT. I was PMed by several GMs asking if I inflated the numbers and even had a player accuse me of power gaming. But here’s the funny thing about Oros. On one hand, she is totally dwarfed but Penny’s 20/20/20 stat set up. On the other, she is considerably higher than characters on the lower end. Even though stats ”don’t mean anything,” I know that Oros will inevitably get auto parried by Amaryllis and Deni won’t be able to have a romanticized duel between with a fellow katana weilder. When either of those things happen, everyone will point their fingers at the almighty stat block. Which is a shame, because I think it would make for a better story if these characters could fight on even footing.

To fix stats the first thing that needs to happen is the GMs need to decide what the frick they even mean. They are either a hard representation of one’s power in the RP or are soft guidelines for an individual character’s power spread. Once that has been decided, steps can be taken to make sure that older players don’t have such an edge over newer players to the point where it feels insurmountable.

A few suggestions. you probably don’t want to use all of them, and some are more work than others:

~Newer CHARACTERS have higher starting coinage, with the understanding they can’t pool it all on their primary PC

~Stat advantages are added to normal and DMGs to make up for the stat gap caused by monster girls using the DMG module + mutations.

~Catch up mechanics so that newer players can EVENTUALLY join the ranks of the veteran players. I love flexing on noobs, but let’s give them an incentive to stick around.

~Make stats something that everyone can freely allocate and is the same for everyone. You get more as the seasons go on, etc.

~As an aside, I think the max stat cap is a good idea. But I was the one who suggested it so that shouldn't surprise anyone.

Also, people were talking about other uses for coins than boosting stats. Here are some ideas for that:

~Make coins required for organizations/groups: Might be fun to create a new sub system where players can get bonuses by creating a “guild.” Coins could then be used to make the organization stronger and gain additional benefits. If the Sakura gang gets enough coins together, everyone gets bikes. ETC.

~Make it so that you can buy plot stuff with coins: It might be interesting to let player buy their own “character arc” for the RP. This would give players a reason to try to earn the coins of other players so that they could enact a scheme or complete the final steps of their magical girl journey. It won’t be for everyone, but it creates a need and possibly an "economy."

~Make it so that you can “bid” for change: We seem to enjoy debating shit. Might be interesting to involve coins with it somehow. If you want a change so bad you’re willing to part with coins for it, clearly you want it more than all the tight purses right?
From my understanding, corrupted specs are just edgier versions of their former selves. So corrupt wood would be dead trees, etc. Darkness is already pretty edgy so I'm not sure how you would make it edgier. Maybe your darkness would be an undead mass of some sort?

”Let’s go, in and out. 20 minute adventure.”

— Nuncio


Nuncio was walking back, when a commoner was walking down the street in the opposite direction. There were still commoners around, however rare, and this one looked like the commonest of commoners, hardly worth noting. In fact, her mere existence inspired one to not think her as anything worth noting, regardless of how clever one might be.

Except, then she turned to Nuncio.

‘Left next intersection, then the second street to the left, third window to the right, ground floor. She needs help. Hurry.’

With that, she turned and continued her walk in the direction she'd been walking. If he looked back at her, a measure of doubt would occur. Was it really her that had just spoken to him? Or had it been a trick of light from someone who'd used her appearance? Regardless, Nuncio would later have trouble recalling how she looked like. She just looked unremarkable.

Sammy’s eyes fluttered. ”According to my deductions, she’s directing you back towards the warehouses.”

With a groan, Nuncio hopped on Rosa’s back, still cradling Sammy in his arms. He didn’t want to put her in danger again, but there wasn’t a safe place around.

Vermin Killer reacted to Amaryllis’s appearance with a slow turn of his head. ”Oh, so you were the rapier swinging vermin that was spotted?” The crows ruffled their feathers. ”Mariette is just letting me borrow a book. No one has to get hurt.”

Then Nuncio came onto the scene, still holding Sammy. ”Mariette? Amaryllis? Waddaya doin’ here?” He turned to look at the mint agent..

”Nuncio, of course. What other vermin would assault a mint storehouse with an inbred tiger?” He shrugged his shoulders with a smile. ”I’m just interested in the book. Fetch it for me, Nuncio. I don’t feel like approaching that sword or slime vermin.” Vermin Killer extended their hand. The rain splashed in the center of his palm.

It might have seemed like an uneven matchup, a single magical boy against four magical children. But most of them were worn down and damaged, and even if they could overtake Vermin Killer, some of them could perish in the process. There was also a very real possibility that he had backup. If the broken mirrors were anything to go by, his smugness was more than just a bluff. He already had this entire situation figured out.

Nuncio hopped off of Rosa and approached Mariette. With a sigh, he lowered Sammy down beside the portal witch before taking the almanac. ”If somethin’ happens, get Sammy outa here.” Nuncio turned to look at Vermin Killer, and Rosa growled.

”Keep your cat at a distance. It would be a shame if the gluttons ate her.”

”Speakin’ of, wanna make ya crows step off?”

With a nod, the crows before Vermin Killer parted for Nuncio. He took his time walking forward, never taking his eyes off the other magical boy. The wolverines and crows all had their eyes on Nuncio, but they did little more than size him up. Once Nuncio was close enough, he placed the book in Vermin Killer’s hand.

Sammy shook. ”D-deductions.” She turned to look at Amaryllis. ”A missing hand.” She looked at Mariette. ”A burnt hand.” Then to Vermin Killer. ”An extended hand, receiving a book.” She blinked a few times. ”All of this evidence only points to a single outcome.” Sammy’s eyes shot open. She called out the name of her lover, but her weak voice couldn’t beat the sound of falling rain.

Vermin killer reached past the book and grabbed Nuncio’s wrist. Before the mafioso could react, he was pulled into the mint agent’s rising knee. It hit with enough force to send the rain flying off of his back. Vermin killer was swift enough to catch the almanac before Nuncio sunk to the ground. He stashed it in his coat without glancing at Nuncio, who was still holding his stomach.

”Mariette, Amaryllis, Eli, your debts are paid. You were simply accessories in all this, and Amaryllis was careful not to kill the agent she did engage with.” Heused his foot to push Nuncio onto their side. ”Unfortunately Nuncio has an extensive debt to the mint, and it only grows when his inbred cat kills our agents.” He chuckled. ”You missed her soul stone, but it’s still a depraved act.” Vermin Killer gave a small bow. ”The book will be returned to you in a few days time. After 48 hours, simply order a dreamy coffee from the pit stop. They will offer to deliver it, and you can give them further instructions from there. In regards to our prisoner, we will be taking them back. But that hardly needs to be said. You don’t want to be our enemy, right?”

Nuncio was still recovering from the blow he took to the stomach. He couldn’t stand, but he was able to turn and look at his partners in crime. He looked like a wild animal, eyes filled with bloodlust. He barked a single order before it happened.


A surge of magic rushed into Rosa, transforming the inbred white tiger into a fearsome killing machine. It charged towards Vermin killer, who was already calling his crows to form a defensive barrier. His wolverines were springing to his aid as well, unable to wait out their appetites anymore. Tiger was back on the menu.

Sammy was frozen in fear. Too exhausted to do anything more than cling to Mariette’s leg.

“Puchuu, in MY vicinity? It’s more likely than you think.”

— Tetrad


Shion accepted? That was unexpected, but that goes to show you that it’s always worth pursuing a contact. “Thanks!”

She looked over her shoulder at Jimmy. “Right, right, Queenking34.” Tetrad supposed she’d better wright that down before she forgot. Well, that and any variants. He kept changing his user handle so he probably didn’t remember it.

“Hmm?” Tetrad looked at Ko. She wasn’t a fan of puchuu due to past dealings, and had come to believe that the few cheerful ones only behaved as such to play on the emotions of those around them. But turning down praise from anyone wasn’t Tetrad’s style. She placed her hands on her hips. “When you look this good you’re bound to get a few stares. But every once and a while I can charm them to my side. ” She laughed before whispering to herself. “Why couldn’t that have been a normal fight?”

Tetrad looked back at Shion, only to see she had passed out. “Eh, does she need help?” She started to shuffle her deck around so that she could find more blue cards. Her magic could be really annoying sometimes.

"Don’t worry Samantha! I’m coming!"

— Trixy

@FamishedPants@twave@Crusader Lord@Flamelord

As the pirate spoke, Trixy lowered her rifle. Her slurring was difficult to understand, but the message came across. The corpses had been moved into the ship, and Cereza and Cerise’s bodies were among them. Another reason why attacking Mariette was the right thing to do.

"That sounds good." Trixy sighed.

But Trixy couldn’t relax for long. She had given Samantha her “token bite” and was aware of Rachiel’s attack on Sam. She cringed as Samantha’s body was thrown into the next building.

Retreating like Veronica wanted would no longer be an option.

"Samantha! Are you okay?" Trixy hopped out of the shadow where the cradle was manifesting. "Veronica! Sam’s in trouble! I gotta save her!"

“What has she done?” It only took Veronica moment to gain an understanding of the situation. “See if you can get her out of there.” There was no emotion in her voice.

Trixy didn’t really need Veronica to tell her that. This was a pretty bad date, but it would be the worst if Samantha didn’t survive it.

Trixy had been able to glance at everyone fighting Hyun in the rave with her mystic scope, and thus could “see” them through solid surfaces. She knew exactly where all of the present beacon girls were, and they seemed to be coming down into the rave. That meant the way out the opening in the top should be clear.

”It’s about time to blow this popcorn stand!”

Trixy hurled an acorn at her feet, and the sudden growth of a tree was enough to pop her out of the ceiling hole. From there it was relatively easy to locate Samantha, and Trixy wouldn’t dally in her approach. Trixy was pretty swift, and she put her legs to work rushing to Sam’s side. When she found Sil, she kneeled down beside her. "Your arm’s broken. Can you use stasis to set it, or should I make you a cast?"

After taking care of Samantha’s arm, Trixy took her outside and used another acorn to propel the two of them into the air. Trixy’s gun was stashed on her back, and she was carrying Samantha bridal style. She landed on top of the pirate ship.

"Don’t suppose you mind a few hitchhikers, right?" Trixy set Samantha down and made sure she could still stand. Once that was taken care of, she looked off the side of the ship. "It’s not smart to fight people who are stronger than you." She went prone and aimed her rifle off the side of the pirate ship. "But backstabbers really annoy me." She continued to watch the fight through her scope. Her finger hovered over the trigger.

“Just Office of Certification things.”

— Oros

Oros was looking into her blade, examining the fight in the park. She wasn’t really invested in it beyond being called there, but watching magical girls duke it out was fun. This all gave her a burning desire to just rush back to Penrose as fast as possible, but the Office of Certification was taking their sweet time going through everything. It was fine though, she had made some revisions to her application so an extended wait time was to be expected. At least they had cold drinks, and the clerk was cute.

@FamishedPants @AtomicNut @Ponn @PlatinumSkink @Majoras End @twave

Ampodryl might be dead, but it’s blade continued to spin horizontal to the ground. It did not lose altitude nor did it slow as it cleaved through the air.

The blade was originally thrown in such a way that it would cleave through Hillaria’s entire body while she was prone on top of Faith. But now she was standing up with two other girls at her sides. This caused the blade to sever Hilaria, the berserker, and Celia’s legs just below their knees. This instantly destroyed the berserker while the two magical girls would tip over like a tree and fall to the ground, Celia’s wreath of flames burning on. In addition to this, their was a white flame left on their stumps caused by the soul sword. While the pale flame lingered, any attempts to heal their legs would have a diminished effect.

After making its mark, the sword dispersed into hundreds of souls, each one returning to a distant place no mortal could reach.
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“You know what really burns my ass? A flame 'this' high.”

— Su Fang


Unlike Askefye, Su and Helga were able to enjoy a windburn free ride. Su accomplished this by creating an air bubble around their heads. It wasn’t visible, but in that spot the air was moving with them. They could carry on a conversation without a problem.

“I did hear the PI’s announcement. Never followed their articles, but Mika read every one she could, probably because of her interest in magical girls, if not because she was included in a report about the Vixen. To think they'd do something like this.” There was too much stuff to react to at the rave. Lei Zi, the PI, Justine. All she could do is deal with it one issue at a time. And right now, Su was listening to Helga tell her story. It was one that she had heard before, but not in such detail.

“You’re not stupid, Helga.” A little gullible maybe. Very gullible, even. It was hard not to grin at the words she wasn’t saying. “I forget sometimes that you were alone once. I’ve always had someone in my life, and they’ve always been good people.” Her dread wings broke up and flaked away like ash in the wind. “Had we swapped possitions, I'd have likely done the same thing.”

It was true though. Su always had Boteg. He might have been a cowardly dragon, but he gave Su unconditional love. Even when she messed up, he found it in his heart to forgive her. Even the lives of all the people she was before becoming “Su” never knew of loneliness. They were wives, husbands, brothers and sisters.

Su supposed that what had her so upset was that her decision was wrong. She Let Justine live at the behest of the others. The angry, vengeful woman who could have so easily killed Justine then and there would have been right in doing so. Seeing her show up here was proof that her choice to try and lead a life with mercy instead of vengeance was wrong. That was what Su had thought initially, but maybe that was also wrong. Letting Justine live was a blunder, but taking on Helga wasn’t. Letting Sophia live wasn’t. To her knowledge neither of those people had turned to evil. Perhaps that was why Su flew after Askefye with such stubborn determination. Even if she was the one lighting fires at the rave, even if she almost guided Su into a troll, she deserved a second chance.

The fire girl probably didn’t want to be followed, but Su couldn’t back off now. She had escaped a rave, some dragons, and a troll with nothing to show for it. There had to be something she could do to soothe the fire girl before she did something she’d regret. The only clues Su had to work with was that she might be hungry. There wasn’t any other way to interpret her desire to have Vivi “Gib dinner.” Unless the dinner wasn’t what Askafye was after. She might have just wanted Vivi's company, but was it even possible that she fancied a girl from the ascendancy? That would be like hooking up with a lieutenant in Justine’s army when Justine killed the most precious person in the world to you.

Well, maybe this avenue of thought was worth considering. She had an idea for how to accomplish it too, but she’d need to get closer to hatch it.

”I think we can help her.”

Rings of fire. Could be exactly what they seem, could have a secondary function. Su was aware of how the fire at the rave reacted to her wind. While she could blow it around, it made it get a lot bigger and destructive as well. With such small rings, she’d have to be on top of things to make sure Helga didn't get burned. She could fly around them, but she took this as a challenge from Askefye. If they were going to be worthy of catching her, they had to fly exactly where she had flown.

”Lets see if I can shrink our profile a bit.” Su loosened her grip so that Helga could slid down her body. Helga sunk lower and lower until Su's sweater puppies were pressed against the side of Helga’s face. It was a lot easier to breath this way too. ”Just hold on, Helga!” Su amped up her speed as high as it would go and passed through the first hoop. The vortex of air propelling Su and Helga forward struck the ring afterwards, causing it to Swell and glow. The ring looked more like a donut after they had passed it. This made Su wonder if she could make other shapes.

Su spun on her way through the second ring, blowing the vortex outward. This turned the ring into a spiral. The third ring she flew through with a spiky vortex, which cause the ring to explode. It looked like a giant crown that Su was flying out of the top of.

”See if you can contact her, Helga. You’re my sound specialist.” Helga did have sound magic. While Su’s magic was strong, so was Askefye’s. Su also needed to be strong enough to carry a passenger and keep up with Askefye, and she couldn’t do that while also networking a communication spell.

”I’m not a combat character so PLLLLLLT!

#noncombatcharactersmatter #LEGION #Atomaskedmetodoit”

— Aria Rizzo


Aria had finished most of her chores and was reading a book on Chinese royalty when the door to her shop swung open. Multicolored luminescent butterflies flew all around the newly arrived, but Aria didn’t look up from her book.

”Daji is best known for her fantastical depiction as a fox spirit in legends, but she was a real person as well. She quickly became King Zhou’s favorite concubine and he did everything he could to please her.” She turned a page with a chuckle. ”History paints them as a sadistic and depraved lot. Once Daji saw a fisherman walking across some ice, and had his feet cut off so that she could examine them. She even had a pregnant woman cut open so that she could satisfy her curiosity yet again. This is without talking about the ‘forest of meat’ or the heated bronze cylinder they tortured people with.” She closed the book. ”But that’s all legend. Historians argue over what atrocities were actually committed, if any at all. The Zhou tribe hated Daji and may have demonized her to rally support against them. If that is true, then DaJi would have been the first victim of psychological warfare in history.”

Aria looked up and saw the Yamamotos. She lowered her gaze and smiled.

”I was expecting someone else. Sorry about that.” She pointed at the back. ”The portal in the next room will get you back to Penrose.”

“The power of peanut butter candies!”

— Mika Sarraf


Christine was a re-see-pee-see girl. Without doing anything more than selecting a milkshake, Mika had already uncovered so much critical information about her. As an example, most girls love strawberries. It’s hard to beat a fruit that is sweet, nutritious, and have a nice appearance. Strawberries are just appealing to girls on so many levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching your weight or want something that tastes good, Strawberries are the way to go. But Christine picked the “unhealthy” option. Now re-see-pee-see’s are amazing, in fact that would have been Mika’s choice if Christine couldn’t pick. But Mika also didn’t care what other people thought about her. If a stranger offered you an apple or a candy bar, you’d probably pick the apple to make yourself appear health conscious. Mika took Christine’s choice as meaning she fully trusted Mika, and didn’t feel like she needed to hide her shame. Which was pretty good, because if she started asking questions like “where did my clothes go? I don’t remember putting this bikini on!” She would have been in trouble. But Rina and Dan would have to share the blame in that particular instance.

Bottom line was, Christine trusted Mika a lot.

“This place? Glad you asked.” Mika said before smugly slurping her milk shake. “It doesn’t really have a name, but magical girls come here to relax. It’s not the overcity, but it’s not the real world either. Some place different.” She pointed at the platform in the center of the Colosseum with her head. “Keijo is what most people come here for. We’ll have to play some later. Burn off these milk shakes. Everyone here is safe, Dan the dolphin makes sure of that.” It might have been wise wait until Christine could digest her food and play a few rounds of Keijo before continuing the interrogation. But Mika had no impulse control and “went for the kill” right away. “I saw you and Alicia fighting in the hallway, what was that about? Someone also wanted to deal with Beacon and Mint. ” She set down her milk shake and folded her arms. She looked more concerned than anything else. “I thought the Indian pendant was cool with Beacon when they pardoned a monster girl. Are you with them? Did Beacon do something to hurt you?”

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Faith’s eyes were rolled up into her head, and she was panting hard. Mia’s mossy bandages were able to stop the bleeding but the fairy had already gone into shock. Hilaria had taken a bite out of the back of her neck. She missed Faith's carotid artery, which was probably the only reason she was still alive. But Hilaria’s bite had crushed her spine at the base of her neck. This paralyzed everything below her jaw. If she was going to leave Mayor park, it wouldn’t be without assistance.


— Veronica

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“It’s not over until all agents are accounted for.” Veronica prepared to step out of the vehicle before looking back at Myria. “That was not an especially exciting parking job.” Of course it had always been Veronica’s plan to downplay whatever attempt Myria made. Had she actually stuck an exciting landing, it would have been to flashy for Veronica’s tastes. “Regardless, I will keep my word.” Veronica produced a “skeleton key” and handed it to the magical girl. Typically a skeleton key was an artifact that open any door. But it seemed Veronica had taken the meaning literally and handed Myria a key that was made out of skeletal bones. It had been acquired from a necromancer’s lair and didn’t really serve any use to Veronica anymore. Not a horrible gift for someone with a corrupted spirit spec, but it paled in value to a true skeleton key. Though a real skeleton key was an absurd price for a taxi fair, even a magical one.

Veronica stepped away from the vehicle and looked across the park at Ronin. “Eliza, Maura, we are not going to remain here. Once we pick up Ronin, we’re leaving.” Veronica placed a hand beside her head. “Though I will be departing early. It seems as though something has come up. Make sure he returns safely, Eliza.” She shoved her hands into her pockets and walked away from the park, giving Fine a nod on her way past their vehicle.
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