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Did you know that Dante's inferno is called a divine comedy because things work out for the protagonist? Back in the day, the only two genres were comedy and drama. The only difference was that in a comedy, the protagonist is better off at the end, and a drama is the opposite. So that's why a story about going through hell can still be considered a comedy, even if it's not funny.

Broken Promise, BP, Boss

Old enough to know better, too young to care. (that is to say 30's)

Preferred RPs:
I Prefer to make my own, but will occasionally join something if it looks interesting. I'll join just about anything so long as it isn’t overly edgy/sweet, bonus points if it has familiar RPers in it. I don't do 1x1s too often.

Preferred Roles:
I tend to play adorable characters everyone wants to befriend or proper assholes everyone wants to stay away from. I try not to play moral paragons or prime evils.

RP Conquests:
I've completed quite a few RP's off site, but most of them are on private forums or have simply been lost to the ravages of server crashes. As for stuff here, I'm sure everyone who sees me post in the off topic sections has seen me find an excuse to talk about Danganronpa: Tower of Carnage. It's a project that took over 4 years to complete and I feel pride not only for myself but all the wonderful people who helped make it enjoyable during its run. Re: Zero: The High Council Is technically my first, but it was just something I kind of took over and ended up ending the story after just six months. It finished, but eh...

There was also a magical girl one I was in for about 4 years before deciding to pull out.

RP's in progress:
Symphony of Espers is my baby that I've been slowly working on for about 9 months. We'll see how long it lives.

RP Graveyard:
I've been pretty fortunate on this forum. I think I joined one when I first came on the site that didn't really do anything, and there are a few 1x1 things that didn't go anywhere. It's disappointing when an RP ends before it can be finished, but I've come to look at them as learning experiences.

Other interests:
I watch a lot of educational videos on youtube. Usually as research for something I’m writing or purely because a topic interests me. I like channels like Tier Zoo and Daryl Talks Games, and I’ll also watch things like Critical Drinker or Literature Devil to deepen my understanding of story telling. Though I also like memes and jokes, to which I’ll find myself watching stuff like Sseth, but usually find myself surfing through meme videos. I gotta work on that.

I have a rather long history of playing virtually every platformer to come into existence during the indie boom, as well as quite a few other indie games. I’ve played Meatboy, Binding of Issac, Gunvolt, Cuphead, Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt, Classic Metroid, Warcraft 3, Final Fantasy 7,8, and 14, Left 4 Dead, Shantae, Celeste, Danganronpa, God Eater, the list goes on. What I’ve played is kind of all over the place. I don’t play many games these days, I tend to pick things that look interesting and go on a decent steam sale.

I draw. I haven’t done a lot of it recently and certainly don’t feel confident enough to show anything I make to the general public. Perhaps one day...

I listen to everything, save most country/rap songs. I have too many favorites to name.

Not one to take life or the internet too seriously. Is only serious about writing well and having a good time.

People to Insult:
Dalton is a Dingus.

Most Recent Posts

"I can be whoever I want.”

— Tonya “Mac” Murphy

Mac was walking down the street. She had gotten dressed, but the water from her shower still clung to her skin like morning dew. Her expression was hard and firm, as she wasn't feeling too playful today.

It wasn't every day you were told that your patron, your boss, had been dishonest with you and was pretending to be something they weren't. She supposed that didn't bother her too much, but "false fate" had decided to let her go without giving her much in the way of an explanation. She had no idea what they had been trying to bring about, and the only thing she had been granted was a replica Endless Eclipse. A fake sword from a fake fate that grants its user answers. She had been using it extensively in the weeks after the Christmas vacation. Her ability to remain hidden wasn't as strong as it had been in the past, but here she was, walking on the street while invisible to most magical girls.

Well, not totally invisible.

Mac had decided that she would act today, and overlaid her invisibility with an illusionary magical girl. It would be almost impossible to detect she was fake without special senses. Even if the illusionary girl had a radically different physique than Mac, her gravity magic could accurately simulate resistance while her illusion magic could add sensations, such as the feel of her jacket or skin. Her illusions might have been weaker, but there was still a lot of experience at work that made them convincing to most people.

She wasn't walking around aimlessly. Mac had located a cradle agent with the help of Endless Eclipse. Valerie seemed to be rummaging around a junkyard to get computer parts. Mac decided to wait near a pile of refrigerators as her illusionary disguise approached Valerie. who was still searching for something.

"Hello!” Came the high-energy voice of a magical girl that Oliver might remember. "I am the mighty IRON MOUSE, sharpest shot in Rochester! One of Oliver's clones was very mean to me and I've been trying to track him down ever since.” She pointed at herself with her thumb. "Don't get me wrong, he was very polite about things after the fact. He's not in any trouble. But now that I am without a patron, I believe he owes it to me to hook me up with a new one. But I understand he's leaving, which means that it falls to one of his acquaintances to hook a girl up.”


"That's right." Stripes confirmed. Indeed, her name was less pretentious than most other magical girls, but that just meant it was easier to remember and call out in a battle. Also short names like that are hella cute, not that Stripes would ever openly admit something like that. It was strictly because she was challenging social norms for magical girls by not having a name like "Magestic Tiger Striped Tabby Chan." Besides, you had girls like Ozma who more or less kept the details of their powers super secret, and she was a teacher, or something? The point was that there was clearly some value in not telling everyone and their brother what your power set was. It was odd, even Stripes could atest to that. The pageless likely weren't collecting data on them or anything, but the secrecy was still there.

But it didn't last for Eins.

Mmm, yes, she was definitely a rambler. Though most of Stripes's teachers were that way, so it was hardly worth fixating on. Ultimately, it was a story that Stripes wasn't too familiar with. She had never been well read when it came to the classics, and since becoming a magical girls she tried to spend as much time reading about fables as possible. The important part was that Eins was a legend, which wasn't surprising and somehow still disappointed her teacher. It was breathtaking how the tuner would go from reprimanding students who sought power from her services to being disappointed because she was a "mere legend." Would she only be happy if her grimoire were a myth? Or was it that even with a legendary grimoire she was considered weak by hear peers? Hmm, this "Drossel" fellow was more complicated than Stripes originally thought. This might be one of the few faculty members she actually liked.

"Oh no, I'm still thinking about it." She'd probably end up getting it anyway, if just to keep up with the other students. "Thank you for your time." It was at this point she noticed that Rose had her attention snatched away by the puppy girl, which meant that she could approach Suzuya without being talked to death.


The last time Stripes saw "Burning Heart" was when they fought that pageless in the construction zone, though there were too many magical girls present for Stripes to really do much. They hadn't really spoken, but Stripes more remembered her just because she was one of the new arrivals that showed up before she left. Someone with a Fable, and a Japanese student no less. It was an odd combo and one that resonated deeply with Stripes. But she wasn't sure if she liked it or not. Regardless, there was a pretty easy way to tell if Stripes would like Suzuya or not.

She just had to ask them a deeply controversial question.

Stripes ran up beside Suzuya and looked at her out of the corner of her eye. "Hey." the witch said to get her attention. "Are pineapples good on pizza?"
First of all, I would like to state that if this character sheet would have been submitted without prior knowledge on my part about the character, it would have definitely been rejected for various reasons, even without the additions granted by claimed magical coins. However, you've done a lot of work to establish how this character would behave and utilize her skillset in the setting itself. A fate-correcting agent who so far has worked unseen so as to not alter the future is a novel concept, especially because it successfully utilizes the established story to give both direction and conflict to her, and tie her up with the current storyline without major inconsistencies.

For anyone interested in the full story, I've always found the prospect of an invisible magical girl tampering with things to be interesting. For the past few months, I've been going back to my old posts to work Mac in at appropriate moments. I think the first season was the most interesting because I legit left room open for a magical girl to be doing things, like setting up contact between the Bates and Veronica. She's also responsible for things like Alicia's sudden loss of mana during the Justine siege, etc. Some of her posts are just a few sentences long, and there are others that are far longer than that.

There are some changes I would like to see to her abilities. First off, while it is understandable that the Fates would have given her Illusion magic powerful enough to avoid attention even from Third Eye-users and other Patrons, it is no longer the case now that she has joined the Crimson Cradle, so the aforementioned methods should be added among other advanced methods to spotting her. Otherwise she can keep the long-duration non-interruptible Greater Invisibility magic to comply with her Gifted status.

I'm uh, I never really understood how magic worked in this RP, so I'm just gunna take your word for it. I kinda figured she'd be a lot easier to spot now that people can react to her shenanigans. Anyway, edited.

This probably goes without saying and you have implied as much, but for clarity's sake, replicating the appearance of attacks using Gifted Gravity magic should only be possible for attacks that don't derive from a unique or difficult-to-replicate source of damage. For example, she couldn't replicate the slash of a fire sword, or a blow that leaves shards of crystal in it's wake. Illusion magic can be used to temporarily fool in this aspect, but only for a short while.

I would argue that she could create friction burns to replicate a fire attack, but honestly, not really a meme I plan on playing with that much. As you said, it's mostly for stuff that is possible to do with gravity magic. Though the bit about illusion magic is noted.

While Coercion is allowed to be empowered in situations where Power of Friendship can be applied, and is capable of being resisted by higher MAG-users than the user, I would like it to also be capable of it being resisted with characters that possess higher LCK than the user to comply with the ruling. In the same vein, activating Parasite in combat should be changed to require the character to spend a turn on feeding, replacing the character's regular melee attacks to bite the target with a two-turn cooldown.

Can she still use an off-hand weapon attack with her minor-action and keep her full movement speed after a feed?

I'm just shittin' with you, edited.

The spool Mystic Artifact should be specified to be capable of only revealing characters' futures with visions as agreed with the GMs depending on where and how it is used.

That was a little woopsie on my part. She has a replica of endless eclipse liked we talked about in PMs. I forgot to edit out the spool. Regardless, without being able to read ahead in the RP, it's probably gunna be a lot harder to guess what's going on.

Edited, and noted about the Gm thing.

On a side note, Mac reminds me of Wolfwalkers, which is a cool movie.

I'm glad you told me it was a cool movie, because I never saw it.


Here's the new version.

@Ariamis Kept ya waiting, huh?

Stripes and Camelot will join forces and reform magic university forever.

Accepted. Uncle Erode thinks it should resist movement manipulation for more utility. How nice of him...

@The World

you're good boiiiiiiii!
@The World Oh cool! So it's just an anti-decapitation/headshot sort of delio? If someone tries to #slapthosecheeks the armor is sacrificed instead of the head? I'd probably reword it to something like this:

SPECIAL: The "armor" on her cheeks can stop physical critical attacks from hitting her head. This special can activate twice per operation.

Operation being the official term for each "encounter."

SPECIAL: The "armor" on her cheeks now provide an additional rank of physical resistance once per transformation per piece. (In other words they can take a physical hit and then they break until they recover.)

This description kind of confuses me.

So she has armor on her cheeks (two pieces) which gives her +1 physical defense total. Then when she gets hit anywhere(?) a peice of her armor breaks, and if she loses all of her armor pieces, her defense score is normal? Does that sound correct?

@Ponn So how do you envision this working? Is it like a permanent speedster note in that you can walk up walls and such, or more like knockdown immunity?
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