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20 Mar 2017 20:05
Current Discord dictionary definition: lack of concord or harmony between persons or things.
15 Mar 2017 0:08
TMW someone in the status bar complains about people looking at their profile page, and then you instinctively look at their profile page.
23 Feb 2017 2:50
I don't know what Raddum did, but I will jump on the band wagon and give them praise anyway! you go Raddum!
22 Dec 2016 0:24
...and then the slew of celebrity deaths.
9 Dec 2016 3:22
[@UnknownScarlet4] Gain some EXP as a GM. Turn that Despair into hope! ~Nagito Komaeda
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Under construction... AGAIN!

...But if you feel like joining a totally sweet Danganronpa RP, I've got you covered!

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Oh, far too many to name...

...but I'll name a few.

Common Courtesy

You are roll playing with real people, who are putting real time into a hobby they love. You might join an RP and decide it's not for you. AND... That's okay. I joined a magical girl RP on here that I very quickly realized wasn't for me. Instead of of going radio silent, I stuck around until I was done with the scene my character was involved in. Then I made my character leave the RP.

If you bail on an RP, you're a dick. If you think a character sheet should be treated as a blood contract, you're also a dick. It is possible to leave an RP in a way that your fellow players and GM will still respect you.

Some Things Aren't Worth Venting Publicly, if at All

It's a known fact that OOC drama kills RPs. If you have a problem with a user, it might be a better idea to PM the person you're having a problem with than call them out in OOC where they are more likely to defend their image. If it's nothing you want to address them directly about, the GM is a good person to contact directly. But making a mess in OOC doesn't help anyone. Remember this rhyme: "Don't gotsey the OOC, PM the GM."

And then there are those times when your problem with a user is nothing more than a pet peeve. Suck it up or leave.


It's actually amazing how many users will tell you about their vacation, self-imposed-hiatus, or temp job AFTER they get back from it. It's understandable that there will be emergencies and you won't be able to communicate with your RP buddies. But if it's a foreseeable road block, there's nothing stopping you from dropping by the OOC, Discord, or PMing those necessary that you will be absent in advance.

The Function of Collabs

Some people believe that collabs are nothing more but time sinks that add nothing to an RP. Some people actually encourage people to not collab unless they have to.

"And you would be...?"

"Y-you don't know?!" The school girl seem to have snapped out of her alternate personality, if it was even possible to say she had a main personality to start with. "Well, I don't get to introduce myself very often. Being the worlds's greatest fashionista and all. I'm even called 'ultimate' level by some. but I suppose you aren't exactly a devout follower of teen fashion magazines." With a chuckle, she struck a pose. It was more akin to something a power ranger would do than a glamorous fashion model. "I am Junko Enoshima. And I am very excited to meet you, Harbinger of Ferocity.

What would you say to becoming my bondsmen?"

Junko was practically jumping into the air with excitement.

"I would love to be your slave! Is there a dungeon? Forced labor camp? And what happens if we refuse?" Junko turned to face the Harbinger of Ferocity "What an exciting turn of events! We're already going on an adventure!"

The school girl's head twitch momentarily before she gradually turned to face the voice. But the only thing she could see that might have spoken was this saber tooth. Could it maybe have some sort of collar with a speaker on it? Was it magical? Or perhaps she really was going crazy? the answers to these questions didn't matter. Junko had found something that interested her. And no one even died yet!

"Oh hoh! Did I say something out loud? I have a movie deal going on, so I rehearse every chance I get. And you spotted me! Boy that was embarrassing!" She giggled and tipped her head. In an instant, her eyes expanded into saucers. "Anyway wittle kitty cat. Do you have a pwitty wittle name I can call you by?" In the next instant, she squint her eyes. "It ain't Aslan is it?" She appeared to be impersonating Clint Eastwood. Did a cowboy hat just appear on her head? "I reckon you'd disappoint a fair number of children if it was."
I thought you meant the game. D: I got excited.

Riiiiiight, I was going to get the ball rolling on this.

Here we go

I'm not sure how well it will do, or if it's too simple in it's current format. But at least now we can see if people are going to take to the idea or not.

"It's another lovely sunny day. The birds are singing, the streams are running, and the world feels like it's in perfect harmony with itself.

How totally boring!

Where's the chaos? The mayhem? The carnage? *sigh* If something interesting doesn't happen soon, I'll murder my classmates. No wait! I'll set up a game where they have to murder each other! Don't test my patients, humanity..."
In this thread, you are your avatar. Think of it as a forum hang out thread where your avatar is the one doing the talking. You can also go on adventures, flirt with waifus, catch bad guys, etc.

What to do:

-Behave the way you think your avatar would behave.

-If your character is a jerk, you can be a jerk. But don't take it too far. This is a social game after all.

-Start a message with OOC if you want to be taken seriously/respond "out of character." An example:

OOC: Who is your avatar, BrokenPromise?

-Have fun

What NOTto do:

-Be an irredeemable ass hat by trying to kill everyone.

-Write a reaction for another forum user's avatar (getting hit by your attack, laughing at your jokes, etc)

-Exclusively or excessively talk in OOC. There are other hangouts or Discord if you feel like being yourself.

-Think too hard

And with that out of the way, let's start!

NOTE: this "game" is very much a work in progress, and the rules and how it's run will likely change from time to time. But just try to have fun.
In In Nomine Domini 21 May 2017 11:13 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Gillia's Inquisitor academy was quiet. It was noon, and most of the battle mages in training were having lunch or running errands. There were only a few guards positioned outside. The structure was vacant otherwise. Save for the dojo which held a single member: Aer Pacifica.

Aer was doing drills with her staff. Her blood red ponytail followed her head with every bob and weave she made across the dojo floor. Aer wore a stern expression and stared down her invisible enemies with crimson eyes. Only the young woman knew how many of them she had taken out. If Aer's fret brow was anything to go by, there were a lot more to go. Or maybe the battle mage knew she had to fight that much harder because she was so small? After a few more swings, Aer stood at a ready position and bowed. It was standard to bow towards your instructors once you had ended a training session. She had done it through so much repetition that Aer would even bow when completely alone. Unbeknown to the battle mage, someone had had been watching her.

“Not bad for fighting air.” Aer's spectator was Heaton Eckenrode, Aer's former trainer. He was also a battle mage, one that was well respected by the Imperium. He had reached the rank of High Inquisitor long before Aer started training under him. Aer admittedly knew little else about her former teacher, except that he was an intense man who saw great potential in her. They were not always on friendly terms with each other, but Heaten had been nothing but supportive of her once she completed her training as a battle mage. Despite this, Aer was always a little intimidated by the bald man. His black and gold cloak added onto his intimidating presence.

“Heaton? I-I mean, Inquisitor!” Aer saluted her former teacher and stiffened up her posture. The man towered over her. Though it wasn't because he was especially tall. Aer was just small.

“Such formalities are fit for obedient pets. A lion is not ashamed of its roar. You need not assign me a title.” Heaton also worshiped lions, or any animal at the apex of its food chain. He was intense, but was easy to talk to once you understood his nature.

“Yessir!” Aer nodded. “I did not expect you to return so early today. Weren't you taking the trainees on a hike?”

“Hah!” The high inquisitor swung his hand, as if to deflect the comment. “They are no longer cubs, and can be trusted to walk their lands unsupervised.” He looked directly into Aer's eyes. “But young inquisitor, you have far more pressing responsibilities.” The High inquisitor pulled a scroll out of his cloak and handed it to Aer, who promptly opened it up. There was a picture of a young woman, followed by a brief description. “Sania is a prodigium magum. She is believed to have a good grasp on her water elemental magic. She is a heretic that allies herself with the rebels, but the Imperium feels her raw power could be molded into something we could use. So Sania is to be captured alive.”

Aer hesitated, but eventually found herself nodding along. “And who will I be working with?”

Heaten grinned. “Inquisitors do not always hunt as wolves. This one will be a solitary hunt.” His face became firm agin. “You will pursue your prey like a tiger would: Alone.”

“A-a solo operation!?” Aer had never gone on a mission by herself before. The battle mage would be kidding herself is she said wasn't a little scared by the idea of it.

“That brain between your pointy ears didn't fail you, I see.” Heaton folded his arms. “This will not be an easy task, but I have complete faith in your abilities. This particular mission was suppose to be given to all of the local inquisitors tommorow, but I'm giving it to you now.” Heaton turned around and glanced at Aer over his shoulder. “She was spotted recently, so you shouldn't have any difficulty tracking her if you act with earnest. The details are in the scroll. Should you complete this hunt, I will gladly spar with you till your heart is content.”

Aer had always wanted to spar with her instructor, but he insisted she would never be a match for him. Was this his way of saying he would recognize her skill if she was successful? It was hard to not be exited by the news. Aer wanted to thank him, but Heaton had told her on many occasions “Thanking is how the weak praise the strong, and you aren't weak.” The battle mage bowed to her instructor. “It would be my honor to take on this hunt.”

“I expected nothing less from you.” Heaton turned his head folward and made his way out of the dojo. It was time for Aer to change out of her dojo uniform and into something more befitting of an operating battle mage.

The atmosphere was much more relaxed outside the academy. Gillia was a thriving port town. Its booming economy was partially thanks to the good fishing spots, but more so to the harbor's ability to export goods. That wasn't to say there wasn't a slum or two hiding in the back of the large city. But for most, there was no better place to live.

It always felt good to get out of the academy. She liked some of the people, but Aer never really felt like she could be herself in there. When etiquette was taken to that level, it was difficult to feel at ease. Sometimes you just want to see someone laugh at a poop joke. Sadly, that was something she was more likely to find at a tavern with strangers than with people she had been training with for years. Aer wasn't even really proud of being an inquisitor. She kept her uniform hidden under a brown cloak when walking around Gillia. Aer was on a first name basis with most of the local shops anyway. Still, flaunting her status as an inquisitor always seemed to put people on edge. They had a lot of power, and aer didn't want to make anyone feel the way she felt inside the academy.

Aer eventually found herself walking into the naughty nymph tavern. It was one of those places where regardless of the time of day, you could find at least one person drunken out of consciousness. The lighting was left dim so that the waitresses looked better to drunken patrons. The naughty nymph tavern had earned its reputation as a seedy little tavern. Despite that, Aer felt at home here. The atmosphere reminded the battle mage of her origins, and so there was a sense of nostalgia mixed in with all the unpleasantness. At the bar was an overwight, middle aged man with an especially bushy mustache. Aer knew Buford well. He was the owner and bartender of this fine establishment.

“Hello, goblin!” Typically calling a short, red eyed, pointy eared woman a goblin was a grave insult. That was especially the case if they were an inquisitor, as it was seen as mocking the Imperium itself. But Aer and Buford had that type of relationship where such comments were mere formalities. They could talk like this for hours without upsetting each other.

“And hello to you too, orc.” Aer curtsied before going on. “I see you've bulked up nicely for winter. You're even trying to grow a coat under your nose.”

“Oh?” Buford tugged at his mustache. “No, I think this layer of blubber will do nicely for winter. I'm just trying to grow out a pair of pants for my skinny goblin friend. She only wears skirts and stockings you see, like she actually has something to show off.”

“Dear me!” Aer flicked her wrist forward. “No wonder you're trying to grow underpants under your nose! I knew you were the unsavory type, but you know it doesn't do much good to sniff them until she's tried them on first?”

Buford chuckled, his gut bouncing with each puff of his tired lungs. “Are you getting anything today?”

“Sadly no. Today I'm watching my diet. I just came by for the atmosphere, and your company of course.” The battle mage winked at the bartender.

“Ha! You're too skinny to walk out of here without eating something.”

Aer chuckled before looking for a quiet part of the tavern to sit down and read the scroll. Her usual corner table was empty, which was far away from prying eyes. Aer promptly took a seat and unrolled the scroll. She made sure to sit with her back to a wall to prevent others from seeing what was written within. “So, I have to capture you, Sania?” Aer thought this to herself as she read through the information she had been provided. Why did Aer feel so uncomfortable with this request? Why was it getting harder to smile?
In y'all mind if i 20 May 2017 19:29 Forum: Spam Forum

Oh, I know it's a term that has found mainstream use, just as we have huntresses. But you specified it as a roll. A title like swordsman would be more appropriate in most situations, as it is gender neutral (honorary title).
In A New Contest? 20 May 2017 18:09 Forum: Writing Contests
Well, something that interested me about the pass/fail system used in the 12 labors was that while there was one "true" winner, it was possible for everyone who participated to pass a threshold and get some form of recognition for it. I don't think you need to write scathing reviews to do something like that.

The problem with a point system is that, for me, I don't really believe it's realalistic. I can tell you if I like a piece more than another, but telling the difference can be really hard. especially when asked to consider personal biases. (I like anime stories, and this is an anime story, but I do feel that it's written better. do I give it to the other guy, or do I go with my feelings?) If you did have a point system, you would need to really break it down so that there was some meaning.

I really think the best thing to do is get some judges and work with them on a system you agree on. Decide what you're looking for in writing and make sure the contestants know it. Are you looking for good grammar? Make sure everyone's good at finding mistakes. Is it for how clearly understood a prose is, or are you looking for more artistic approaches? There are a lot of ways to write good stories, but that doesn't mean all of them will win your contest.

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