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@Majoras End Mate got busy again, and is okay with someone else posting.
Boteg's Scares + a Traitor

Crimson Cradle

Combat NPCs

Other characters and organisations

Characters in this category are either Inactive, don't fight, or are GM/other-player controlled.

@Ariamis And this is Tetrad's sheet. Whew, what a ride.

I like the additions her reinforcement magic grants her. I'm kind of indifferent on how I handled the major arcana tarot cards. I'm willing to hear your suggestions if you have better ideas.

Crimson Cradle

Gunna spruce up the NPC list, but it's the same characters we talked about, and nothing has changed. But I can post them here for approval if necessary.
To make things easier on the GMs, I'm going to Submit Boteg's scares for the moment, as Su's had pretty much an entire re-write of her sheet and Tetrad has some substantial changes coming.

Boteg's Scares + a Traitor

I will be doing a complete overhaul of my character sheets, so that'll be up over the weekend.

@Majoras End I've always thought the beautiful thing about roleplays was that there was no "main protag." Daimyon could be considered the main protag, if only because most of the pre-trial was from his perspective. You could also consider it to be Zachary, or even Alice depending on how your wanted to quantify it. Speaking of, I do need to get you your alibi stuff. But I think I'll wait till we git a bit further in the case, since that's not really important at this moment.
@Majoras End The red coin just changes your magic, without really adding anything. Think of a magical girl as a glass, and the coins as different types of liquid.

bronze/silver/gold/plat liquid adds magic to the glass.

Black liquid corrupts the magic in the glass, and adds a sizable chunk to it.

White liquid causes the corrupted magic to evaporate

Red liquid causes the magic to change color, but does not corrupt or add anything to it.

A red coin doesn't have a violent reaction because of what it does. The bates took a white and red coin at the same time and it just had the effects of both. But a black and white coin directly oppose each other and cause violent change inside a magical girl, which has deadly consequences.

Or something like that.
@Majoras End The normal coins aren't quite strong enough to cause corruption or do anything weird.

Using the white and black coins at the same time will kill you, however.
@Majoras End yea, best to wait for mate or famished to add a reply. same day posting isn't something I normally do, but it felt necessary to clarify.
@Majoras End@Mateotis@FamishedPants

I'm not much for pinging people for such short posts, but the tape under the door has been explained in more detail.
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