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The Night of carnage is over. and the post is up. The rest of you can post after the morning announcement.

Despite Krista's protests, nobody except for Zachary had responded to her. It was what she expected: what other choice did they have? If they didn't do anything, they could risk Aleecia's health deteriorating to the point of no return, or worse... somebody deciding to take matters into their own hands... At least Zach was right about one thing. Those that are going through with this stupid plan are actively choosing their fate and... it was better than their choice being snatched away. Reluctantly, Krista conceded.

Ice nodded. “Well put Zachary.” He turned to the rest of the group. “I'm well aware that they are going to hear our plan, which is why all we can do is go at it expecting the worst moving forward. But do remember the Hospital rules of conduct. Number six says that they will stop looking at the camera feed during the night of carnage. If there's one thing our captors have displayed, it's their obsession with adhering to these rules. So perhaps that's the time to discuss the finer details of your individual plans is during the night itself.”

“I guess I'll need to explain things to Alexandria. I'll drop by later and see what needs making.” Calvin turned around and walked away.

As the group going after Alexandria's carnage chassis talked amongst themselves, Krista approached the two she felt were likely to join her for the hunt for the telephone. "Bliss? Jezebel?" She said their names as she approached, her arms awkwardly wrapped around herself. "Would you guys mind joining me tonight? To look for the phone?" She asked quietly, taking what Ice said seriously.

Jezabel was the first to answer. “Fer shur! We're totally going to find that phone for you. Isn't that right, Betty?”

“Who me?” Bliss pointed at herself. The clown gave a single nod of her head. “Ah, well.” She folded her hands together. “Of course I'll come. I didn't watch over you with Mondatta just to abandon you now. I'm not sure how much help I'll be, but I will if I can!”

That was a relief. She gave the two ladies a grateful smile. "How about we meet in front of the break room when the night of carnage begins?" She suggested. "We can collect something to defend ourselves with from Calvin just before we go looking... just in case we run into some treble." Krista did not make her signature goofy smile at the pun. It was as if she was trying to avoid implying that the would come across any danger.

“A-a weapon?” Bliss held the bottom of her chin. “I'm not sure any of us would last too long fighting a carnage sister or monokuma directly. They looked kind of scary.”

“Yo-low!” Jezabel giggled. “The mastermind made the mistake of leaving me with most of my gadgets. I've totally got offense covered. Though maybe I'll talk to baldwin number two about making some bitchin' upgrades.” She folded her arms with a grin. “Though I totally agree with Bliss, it would be best to avoid them. Well, maybe all but one. We gotta tear something up.”

The grateful smile on Krista's shifted into an awkward laugh at Jezabel's... 'enthusiasm'. At least somebody was going to enjoy themselves tonight. "It's... preferable that we avoid directly confronting the carnage sisters whenever possible... but it's good to be prepared. I'll go talk to Calvin about getting myself ready for tonight." She then took a step back, nodding at each of them. "I'll see you two tonight then." She said, leaving the group to go find Calvin.

The talk with Calvin had gone surprisingly well... Though that could be explained due to the lack of awful puns Krista had been sharing with the group lately. Krista promised the metalsmith to return the weapon she had decided to take: a surprisingly light sledgehammer. Even if Krista hoped that she would never have to use it, it still made her feel safe to have something to protect herself with.

For the rest of the day, Krista remained by herself in her room, looking through the map on her e-handbook with a hint of excitement. She could finally talk to her brother again! She almost felt like she did at the beginning of all this: chipper and optimistic. It was a good evening.

Soon enough, it was the beginning of the night of carnage. Finally emerging from her room, Krista collected her sledgehammer from Calvin before he sprinted off towards the crematorium. The cameras were off, so Krista felt there was no reason to hide the weapon. At least if there were going to be any surprise attacks from a raging carnage sister, Krista could maybe defend herself. Maybe.

Maybe if it was Nariko.

Krista wondered whether Nariko could even harm anybody. She was a crybaby, so Krista felt like she was no threat. Geina or Alexandria on the other hand... Krista shivered. With the weapon securely in her grasp and pressed tightly against her chest, as if to comfort herself from the troubling thoughts, she waited by the break room for her two partners in crime.

Bliss arrived with a weapon not too different than Krista's. It was just an umbrella with a pick smelted onto it. “I told him that I thought this was a waste of a perfectly good umbrella, but he assured me that it could still function. And I'm happy about that.”

The infinite clown didn't appear to have any weapons on her, but she was dressed a lot differently. She was wearing jeans and a denim jacket over a black shirt. Her hair was also covered in a beanie, and what flowed out was tucked into her jacket. Jezabel still had her white makeup on. The only thing that might have been a weapon was a black fanny pack that was buckled up to Jezebel’s hip. “I've watched enough of those scarey movies, and I'm so not going to snag my skirt on something. Like that would be really uncool.”

Bliss looked between Krista and Jezebel. “You prepared well.”

Looking at how Jezabel had changed for the night made Krista feel under dressed for the mission. She was still in the dress she was wearing that morning, but her hair was tied up in a tight ponytail to prevent it getting in the way. "I thought I looked pretty sharp..." She barely had the time to giggle at herself before she was quickly hushed.

“Totally, but no more time to chat.” She pointed up at the roof. “The carnage sisters are leaving their rooms right now. We should totally check some places out before they come for us.”

Bliss tightened her grip on her pick. “We're following you, Krista.”

"Right!" Krista pulled out her handbook from her pocket to check the map. "I feel like it will be in the resort somewhere... Let's check the theater first." With a decision made, Krista gestured Jez and Bliss to follow her back through the patient's quarters up towards the resort.

The moment the fountain was in their sights, they saw the phone booth. A red, British telephone booth that looked out of place in a hospital-resort-hell-hybrid like this. She barely suppressed the urge to cheer loudly, but she gave Jezabel and Bliss an excited look, pointing at the booth as if to say "oh my god it's here!" as quietly as possible. Krista didn't think for a second about what she was going to do next. She dropped the sledgehammer as she bolted towards the telephone booth without thinking twice, her handbook in her grasp and ready to call her brother.

“Krista! Wait!” Bliss's words did little to stop the violinist from reaching her goal. But something was amiss. A metallic figure leaped over the telephone booth and started sprinting towards Krista. As soon as she realized who it was, Justiciar snatched the E-handbook out of Krista's hand and stopped half way between her and her companions.

"Sorry Krista. It's nothing personal. Justice has more need for this than you."

Not long after that, a depressed carnage sister rode into the room, katana at the ready. Her eyes were shining red like rubies. “W-what's going on? Why doesn't Krista have her E-handbook?” Nariko circled the traitor and violinist on her horse, making no move to strike yet.

There was barely any time to react to anything. One moment everything was going well, and the next came Krista's worst nightmare. She tried to speak out, but she was frozen in place. After the traitor came Nariko on her carnage chassis, circling around them like a predator does their prey. Krista had no way to defend herself, and she was stuck between the telephone booth and the traitor, with no way to scurry away without being noticed immediately by Nariko - and she was sure if she tried to run she'd meet the same fate as Shona.

Krista shivered, her eyes welling up from the stress. "That is my one chance to find out if dealing with all this is even worth it! I need to know if my brother is safe, please! Give it back to me!" It was pathetic, but Krista could do nothing else.

“W-well anyway..." Nariko's horse started to walk closer. “I guess this is the part where I chase you, huh?” The horse started to run faster as Nariko prepared her blade. The first swing went clear over Krista's head as she ducked out of the way. The violinist found herself on her back as she crawled away from Nariko. The carnage sister was yelling “I'm sorry!” over and over again as she attempted to stab Krista with her sword. Fortunately, the katana was short enough that the robot couldn't very easily stab Krista without leaning half way off of her horse. “I'm sorry Krista!” She said, stabbing just beside her thigh. “I'm sorry!” she called out again, this time stabbing just under her arm pit. “I'm sorry!” She said again, before soaking the violinist with hydraulic fluid. Bliss and Jezabel had come to Krista's side and helped her to her feet. Before the three girls was the upper half of Nariko, with the lower half of her body still on the horse. The infinite vigilante stood over the robot with a blade soaked in hydraulic fluid. “B-but why? We were suppose to be friends, weren't we?”

"I was never on your side, I'm on the side of justice." Justiciar drove its blade through the robot's neck and twisted it, severing Nariko's head from her body.

“NOOOooooooo...” The light in the robot's eyes went out.

At this time, Geina rode into the room. “Swords are for chumps who don't use firear-” Her head vanished with what sounded like a shotgun firing. But what parted the android's head from her shoulders with one round from Justiciar's odd pistol. The traitor turned away from Krista and started to walk towards the phone booth.

"N-no! No! Please!" In a desperate attempt to stop the infinite vigilante from taking away the only chance to really know if her brother was safe, Krista snatched the umbrella out of Bliss's hand and stumbled forward, closer to the traitor. Krista wanted to apologize, but there was no other choice. Maybe this way they can capture the traitor and figure out who it is once and for all! At least that's how Krista justified her next action.

"Stop right there or I WILL attack!" She called out to the Justiciar, noticeably trembling in her place. It was a risk, but there had to be a reason why the infinite vigilante did not just let Nariko kill Krista. Krista could only hope that the reason why was because the traitor did not want to be a traitor, and thus saved her from certain death.

The traitor stopped and looked over it's shoulder at Krista. It's metal helmet showed no emotion, and seemed to stand as still as a statue in the passing seconds. Was it scared? Angry? It was impossible to tell.

“The queen is here!” Willow called out before firing at the vigilante. Without missing a beat, it caught the cannon ball with it's free hand and spun with it, allowing the momentum to spin Justiciar around. It released the cannonball back at the carnage sister. Willow was too dumbfounded to evade the returning cannonball and was knocked off her horse, littering the ground with her pieces.

"Justice knows no queen." With the threat taken care of, the vigilante turned back towards Krista. "Krista, would you really get in the way of justice?" It didn't wait for a response, and made it's way for the telephone booth.

“That was three of them, and Alexandria should still be in her room.” Bliss looked to Jezebel.

“I'd rather not stick around for that grody bear.” The clown stood next to Krista and put her hand on her shoulder. “I can't possibly know how much that phone call means to you. But if he is alive, I think he'd be a lot happier thinking you are too."

Krista remained silent. The vigilante had single handedly destroyed three of the four carnage sisters with no problem at all. If they were no problem to the traitor, what threat could Krista pose to them? She wanted to cry at the unfairness of the situation, but Jezabel was right. If, if her brother was safe, she'd need her to stop acting so recklessly. Her shoulders slumped, and she returned the umbrella to Bliss, her eyes never leaving the floor. "I'm sorry for taking your umbrella. I... shouldn't be so reckless." She mumbled her apology shamefully.

Bliss placed her hand on her other shoulder. “It's okay sweetheart. We did our best. And while you may not get your phone call, we're all going to survive.” She took Krista's hand and started to jog back towards their rooms. “Let's get back inside in case more come.”

Jezabel picked up Krista's hammer before running after the rest of her squad. “Maybe the other team had better luck than us.”

When the night of carnage came around, Ice, Zachary, and Alice were approaching the crematorium door. Calvin had intentionally left the door open and let Ice steal Alexandria's E-handbook to close the door behind them.

“Alright, so the camera feed should be dead now.” Ice turned towards Alice. “If Calvin had any luck convincing Alexandria that we aren't going to ambush her tonight, then he should be installing horse shoes on her Carnage chassis fairly soon.” he looked between his two companions. “There should be a quiver filled with arrows made out of surgical steel just on the other side of the door, along with the weapon you requested, Alice.” The infinite blood donor sighed. “So according to that book Monokuma was talking about, the minotaur was originally killed when Theseus took hold of its horns and snapped its neck. So if I had to guess, that's the key to destroying it.” He took another deep breath. “One of us has to climb onto that thing and twist its head around. Man, I didn't realize how nuts this was until just now.”

"Hmm..." Zachary rubbed his chin at that bit of news. It seemed like he was deep in thought for a moment, but he soon snapped out of it. "So, is there perhaps a different way to go about this? Call me pessimistic but I feel like jumping on the back of a robot-minotaur and trying to break its neck is not the most ideal plan imaginable. Someone could maybe chip a nail or be maimed horribly."

“It's more of a robot-minotaur-centaur hybrid.” Ice corrected, mostly out of nerves. “I suppose alternatively, one of us could stand on the others shoulders and snap it from the front.” The blood donor waited in silence. “Well, maybe we can think of a way to bring it down first. I did decide on this segment of chain, seems like a good tool for that sort of thing right?”

"Well isnt that a flawless idea." Alice spoke up rather statistically. "What if one of us lose our balance? Or better yet, how are we gonna attack her in the front without being stabbed or stomped to death?" she asked before checking a pocket watch that had hidden in her jacket pocket since she arrived. "Anyways, Mercy should be arriving sometime soon as support. I doubt that she will fight though, she panics when she hurts someone on accident."

“No one forced you to come.” Ice said with a grumble. “And that's why there are four of us. We won't be attacking her from the front, that's a death sentence. If someone does attack her from the front, they'd better have decent cover.”

"Oi, just saying." The recon said, shrugging.

Ice sighed. “Alright, I understand why everyone feels a little uneasy about this. I know I do. You've likely heard stories about the last time Monokuma gave everyone an opportunity to be a hero. The fact that neither of you have actually seen a carnage sister powered up probably doesn't help either. So...” It took Ice a moment to summon the words. “Thanks, the two of you have a lot less to gain out of this than I do.” He pointed. “Well, let's assess the situation. We might be able to plan better once we know what things are like inside.” Once everyone was inside the crematorium, Ice shut the door behind them. After taking a few steps down a narrow corridor, they approached the mouth of Alexandria's room. There was a heavily decorated princess bed, an anvil, and one wall was lined with the ovens for cremating bodies. Calvin and Alexandria were also there, and Alexandria was using her carnage class chassis. Though the arrangements were not quite as they had been planned. The giant silver centaur was holding her spear against the side of Calvin's neck, while he held his arms up in the air like a hostage. It would seem something went wrong. Fortunately, he was still alive, and Alexandria was too occupied to pay much attention to the newly arrived. “Well, at least she's distracted.” Ice whispered. “I never cared much for Calvin, but I'm glad he's still alive.” He looked to his two companions. “Any ideas?”

"Hmm...maybe one of us could sneak in behind Alexandria and snap her neck from there." Alice suggested , picking up a cutlass from beside the door. "But we would have to be silent enough for it to work."

"Calvin appears to be in a bit of a pickle. It's a shame we aren't bathing in alternatives, because I can't say I'm a big fan of this approach." Zachary admitted, keeping his eye on the intimidating beast that was the Carnage Chassis. He kept a straight face but was most certainly terrified of the thing. That being said, such situations were "do or die" and fear was the enemy to him and everybody else right now. As were mistakes. "The Infinite Recon sounds like our best bet for this particular mission, but I can volunteer if need be."

“Alice does sound like our best shot. Though we should be prepared to assist should something go wrong. The traitor could be hiding.” Ice nodded for Alice to go ahead with her part of the plan.

The recon nodded back as she crouched down and snuck up behind the centaur as quiet as she could. One of her hands rested on her sword, in the case a fight would break out, as she signaled Calvin to stay silent.

Calvin was unable to do much from where he was standing, aside from pretend he didn't notice Alice. “What's the matter Alexandria? Why the hostility?” The robot didn't budge. “I'm not sure what you plan on accomplishing. You don't appear to be able to speak in that form.” Calvin didn't take his eyes off of Alexandria. “Do you know Morse code? Do you have anything to write on?” The robot slowly shook its head. Which was not really the most ideal thing for her to do. In turning her head, she spotted Ice preparing to follow after Alice. Alexandria's head snapped to the blood donor and didn't look away. He and the carnage sister just stared at each other, waiting for the other one to make the first move. “Fuck!” Calvin swore. The centaur pulled the spear away from Calvin's neck as as Ice pulled his chain taught. The room was so quiet one could hear a pin drop. The next person to move would surely provoke the machine. Alexandria did not appear to notice Alice, but how much longer would that keep up?

For once, Alice was stumped. With the centaur distracted, she had two choices. Wait and see what happens, or strike and risk death. She slowly got into position to jump on Alexadria, but hesitated to see if anyone will break the silence.

Things took an unfortunate turn, as they always seemed to do in this place. Ice's cover was blown and now Alexandria was in high alert, meaning that it was possible that Alice would be spotted before she could mount and terminate the beast. If that was the case, then that meant they were to engage the Carnage Chassis in combat, which was a very... unpreferable event. Something needed to be done. Their best bet was to win without actually fighting. If they couldn't do that then casualties would most certainly be suffered. What could they do?

Zachary took a deep breath in, loud enough for Alexandria to hear. In the heat of the moment, he could only think of two choices. One was to remain hidden and wait for his own opportunity to strike. That left Ice and Calvin alone to deal with this thing, while either Zachary himself or Alice could go for a takedown. But... he didn't like that idea. If he wanted to be the Infinite Assassin, then he would be. He was not, so it was probably best to help the others out instead of making a shoddy attempt to sneak around. His other option, of course, was to provide support and as even more reason not to look Alice's way. He would be placing his trust in a stranger to end this for them, but they all wanted out of this mess, so hopefully it wasn't a move he'd regret.

Having grabbed the arrows made for him just before Alexandria noticed Ice, Zachary readied his bow as he eyed the machine, looking for any spot he felt an arrow could do some real damage. Also noticing the eyes had switched to him made him feel that perhaps he had made a mistake. This thing was absolutely terrifying! That being said, he wasn't able to back out now. Hopefully, with the added threat of his presence, Alice would have an easier time getting into position.

Or maybe they would die? Zachary didn't want to think about that.

Alexandria's attention was fully fixated on the archer. She leveled her spear with Zachary's chest, making her next target apparent. The infinites didn't have much time to react before the centaur turned her entire body towards the archer and bolted. It was a small space, and Alexandria was able to reach her max speed fairly quickly. Ice was only able to get his chain around one of her back legs. He was pulled off of his feet by her sudden charge, but did manage to get her to stumble, if only for a moment.

As Alexandria bared down on Zachary, he was momentarily dismayed to see that all of the plating on the carnage chassis was tight. The only gaps were around moving joints, and they all had skirting to prevent things from obstructing their movement. But the neon red eyes, that might have been a weak point. It was the only part of the entire beast that looked like it might break.

It looked like a change of plans for Alice, as she took evasive action and leaped onto Alexandria, keeping a grip as tight as she could, reaching for the centaur's neck.

The already-intimidating beast was made even more frightening by the sheer speed at which it took off. For a very brief moment, he wondered if matadors felt as small as he did right now. A helpless feeling nearly overcame him. What was it called? Despair?, he couldn't act like that. If he did, then perhaps the others might follow. If anybody gave up now, then they might all die. Zachary was no hero, but the courage he mustered up in this moment might have made him look like one. Because to the Infinite Archer, in this very moment, notching an arrow and readying his bow was much more difficult than the alternative, which was to make a mess of his pants.

Thankfully, he did not choose said alternative.


It was irritating that the design of this Carnage Chassis was actually not horrible. There wasn't much for Zachary to aim at that would prove to faze the beast, and what was there was obstructed. Of course they eyes did not go unnoticed. They were just really cliche. A glowing weak point would be the first thing he went for in a video game, but this was real life! Nobody would have such a flawed design, would they? There was probably some form of protective barrier there.

But it was not as though he had a choice. If he was going to fire, that's where it would have to be. And silently thanking Ice for the brief opening he provided, Zachary took that shot, hoping for the best.

The arrow flew true, and struck Alexandria in one of her eyes. Aside from her head jerking upward from the impact, the robot did not react very much. But it did throw off her trajectory enough that she completely missed the corridor and struck the wall beside Zachary. She was only a few inches away from the archer's heart. The robot used it's free hand to pull the arrow out of its eye moments before pulling the spear out of the wall. Both eyes appeared to be functioning. This did not appear to be a typical boss weak point. There was nowhere to run, and Alexandria would be ready to stab again shortly.

The sudden impact threw Alice against Alexandria's back. While the robot didn't react initially, she attempted to stab the recon with the arrow she pulled out of her own eye. But the head was close. Alice's hands were resting at the base of the robot's neck.

Even though her arm was stabbed, Alice didn’t waver and finally had her hands on Alexandria's head and neck. "Sorry, doctor's orders." She managed to say, before snapping the centaur's neck. Alexandria immediately stopped moving. Her entire metal chassis seemed to freeze in place, shooting sparks out of the bottom of her neck. Alice was able to jump off the carnage sister seconds before it collapsed to the ground. Ice hobbled over to the crematorium door and opened it for Mercy, who ran inside the room. She was here to heal the wounded, and promptly fixed up the recon's arm. "Where have you been?" Alice asked the doctor as she wrapped bandages around her arm.

"I had some difficulties to work around, and I was helping Krista look for that phone thing." Mercy said, strangely monotone, as she put the rest of the bandages back in her bag and stood up. "Anyways, looks like the nurse wasn't too much trouble, so ill be on my way." The doctor said with a smile returning to her face. But before she could leave...

“HEY!” Ice called out. He had been dragged a good distance before the carnage sister had been put out of commission. “With the night of carnage still going, it might be safer for everyone to stay in here. Besides, I have Polycythemia vera!” Even though he hadn't gotten scraped up very badly, he was bleeding from the scrapes on his arms. His shirt sleeves were turning white to red. “Please tell me you brought something for this...”

Mercy seemed to perk up when she heard that the blood donor had a health problem, she scrounged through her bag and pulled out two bottles of pills. "These should cut back your blood count, plus relief the symptoms temporarily." She explained, handing the pills to Ice. "One's asprin, and one is hydroxyurea, you can pick one though! As asprin can thin your blood than subtract it's regeneration." The doctor then used the rest of her bandages to patch Ice up.

"I see we're not all dead." Zachary exhaled in relief to the conclusion of the battle, if you could call it that. It was much shorter than he expected, but real life was much different than movies and games. They could have been wiped out just as fast, and it wasn't as though nobody was hurt. He felt his heart still beating rapidly due to all the excitement. Honestly, it did not feel quite bad after the fear of a giant robobull disappeared. But hopefully things didn't come to this again, or at least not until they got some rest. "So that went relatively well, all things considered. Not to jinx us or anything."

Calvin took a few steps. “Jesus fucking Christ!” He said all at once. “I was sure she was going to kill me, I have no idea why though.”

“Talking about the plan in public like that probably wasn't the smartest decision.” Ice growled while he walked towards the doctor. “But we're all alive, we did it. Aleecia will be safe.”

"So...what now?" Alice spoke up, eying the broken carnage chassis. "Wait out the night or what..?"

"Hopefully not die."

“I personally think waiting in here would be safest. We could get attacked on our way back to our rooms.” Ice was looking at one of the bottles of pills. “Hey, do you need to take this with water or?”

Alexandria's body made a metallic groaning sound, and everyone hopped backwards. The head seemed to straighten itself out as the carnage chassis stood completely upright, ready to continue fighting. Aside from the damaged eye, it was like it never even went down. Alexandria looked at each infinite in the room before raising her spear over her head. Instead of thrusting it at one of the infinites, Alexandria held the spear completely vertical and a flag unraveled, displaying the phrase “You won!” Confetti and sparklers shot out of her back as she paraded around the crematorium. There was even some audio playing, like a chip tune from an old video game. After making a full lap, the far wall was covered in a puff of pink smoke. Shortly after the carnage sister rode into the smoke, it disappeared. Once the smoke cleared out there was no sign Alexandria had ever been there. Aside from the confetti and exhausted sparklers that covered the floor.

Calvin shook his head. “Holy shit, I think we're all insane."



“Screw this, let's get back to our rooms.”

Shortly after the night of carnage ended, all of the carnage sisters returned to their normal, nonlethal selves. No one was around to see Nariko enter the Aleecia's room and roll her out on her hospital bed. We're going to the second floor. Nariko whispered. You won't be in as much pain there.

Meanwhile all of the monitors in the hospital, even the ones in the infinites' own rooms, turned on with static. Anyone who was trying to get some sleep would find themselves rudely awakened by a voice.

Hey kids! It was Monokuma who chose to appear at this hour. In the words of your favorite mastermind: Conquest is yours! You put the woopin' on Alexandria, and now the second floor facilities are open to you. Aleecia has been moved into the POD room, where she has been put in stasis. And POD is not an acronym for 'Palace of Death,' though that would have been cool. You can talk to one of the nurses if you want to know more. Killgood put his paws behind his back and lowered his head. But not everyone was able to seize this grand feeling of conquest. My angles were ambushed by that dirty good for nothing traitor! They stole Krista's E-handbook for their own personal gain. He sounds more like a super villain if you ask me! The bear's face lit up with fury as he punched the air. “You guys should have stuck around, we'da kicked the crap out of 'em if we worked together.” Killgood pressed his arms to his sides. “And nobody died!? You can't have a heroic sacrifice without death! This whole outing was pointless!” Just as quickly as he had fired himself up, monokuma started to calm down. “Anyway, just cluing in all the folks who decided to stay in bed. I guess you were the real winners. They did all the work, and you reaped the same rewards.” The bear shrugged. “But that's how it's always been hasn't it? When something needs to get done, it's always a very small number of people who ever get up off their tails to actually do anything. Kind of like every war, every rescue effort, or that time Davis decided to fight back against Neo Alexander.” The monochromatic bear stared into everyone's room for several seconds before continuing. “Anyway, I think that covers everything. I'll see you again when it's time for the morning announcement.” And then the monitors went silent.
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