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Do what I couldn't: Get the contest section trophies again.

Bring em back.

Bring em all back.

“Dancing?” Helga repeated the word to herself, and bit her lip as she held her hips, slowly shifting them from side to side in thought. “Never done it, but sure. Fighting is a kind of dance, right? I’m sure that would be fun to do as well.” The two walked outside the Arena. “But maybe I should get some practice moving around. I happened to hear some of the girls mention volleyball, and I kinda wanna check that out.”

”Oh! I’d also like to play Volleyball.” Su nodded and smiled. ”I didn’t realize you had such a competitive spirit. But I guess that’s why you’re so good at your Hotel responsibilities. You’re constantly challenging yourself.” She placed a hand on her chin. ”I should renovate the upper floors of the hotel. There are a lot of rooms made for those sorts of activities.”

“Upper floors? If anything, I think the ground floor could use a gym,” Helga commented, nudging Su playfully on her shoulder.

Su only had time to blush before a bottle of lotion flew into Helga and Su’s hands.

“Hi Helga, Hi su!” It was Mika, still loaded up with way too many lotion bottles.

Helga waved to Mika. “Yo, Mika! Thanks for the lotion: I think I’m burning up something fierce here, heh.” She opened up the bottle, and began coating her arm.

“And before I forget: Big news! You know how Penny was the terrible one’s champion, and we had to do everything in our power to stop her for Boteg?” She pranced over to the two of them. “She abandoned him! So she’s not his champion anymore! We can be friends and play together!”

When she heard Mika speak; she accidentally crushed the lotion bottle in her hand, spraying herself in the face. “Pfff-What?” She wiped her face with a towel Dan graciously happened to offer. “No way, really! Is she a Solo now? Or is it because of those White Coins?” She looked at Su. “I’m going to that game: I need to see for myself.” She then began running as fast as she can, leaving only dust behind her. “See you girls later!”

Su was still absorbing the information when Helga sped off. ”I hope she remembers to ask about Amber’s boat.” She turned to Mika. ”Where did you hear this?” 

“She told me herself!” Mika ran towards the beach. “Gotta get these to Lupa and Hilaria!”And just like that, Su was alone again.

”Curious.” No point worrying about it now. ”Guess I might as well find something to do too.”

But Su would not have to wait very long for that. With so many girls around, it was only a matter of time before someone else aproched her.

"Hi Su!" Regina ran up to Su "Did someone say Volleyball? I freaking love Volleyball!" She reached for Su’s arm, but she pulled away sharply.

”Weren’t you going to do a Keijo match or something?”

"They left without saying a word! Boo! No fun!" Regina reached for Su’s other arm, this time successfully grabbing onto it. "We should play some Volleyball! I can tell you’re feeling stressed out, and a physical sport like that would be good for you!"

Su fret her brow. ”Are you the one who dug up Amber’s body, dragged it to a graveyard, and used it in a ritual?”

Regina’s smile broadened. "I learned my lesson, and I’ll never do it again." Su groaned and was about to pull away when Regina kept talking. ”I would sincerely like to anthologize for the atrocities I’ve committed against you and everyone around me. I feel horrible about what I’ve done, and I would do anything to change the past. But I’ve taken something from you that can never be replaced. No amount of good deeds can ever erase what I’ve done, and I’m not going to try. So instead, I’d like to enrich the lives of those around me.” Regina hugged Su’s arm against her chest. "It won’t be just you and I, promise. More people will show up to play. We can play on opposing teams if that makes you feel more comfortable."

Su looked at Regina with scorn. It was evident the beacon girl was nervous. She was shifting her weight from foot to foot, avoiding making direct eye contact with Su. ”One game.” Su wanted to just throw Regina to the ground and be on her way, but she was making an effort to put her anger behind herself. Helga was a decent person and she had done things on par with what Regina had done. If Regina wanted a chance, she would give it to her. Just one though.

"You are an angel from heaven!" Regina held onto Su’s arm and walked towards the beach. "You won’t regret this at all Su! Not one bit!"
@Jorick Maybe don't have Petyr Baelish as your set and we'll trust you more. Because that was way too easy to read in his voice.

You have your work cut out for you, good luck.


So it wasn’t Boteg after all. Not surprising, considering that the only reason why Boteg would get a bunch of magical girls together would be to remove them from Penrose. Thing is, he lacked the back bone to do something on this grand a scale. At least Su thought so. Regardless, it did seem like they weren’t in any real danger at the moment. There was the possibility that everyone had been removed from Penrose so that something sinister could be done back home. But if that were the case, killing them all made more sense. Su would play nice for now, but she was skeptical about this whole thing.

However, Su did not have a lot of opportunities to interact with the girls of Penrose. Boteg was afraid of magical entities, and Veronica had told her to keep a low profile with her powers to avoid attracting the Mint. As a result, she typically avoided or fought most magical girls she encountered. Though over the past few weeks, that was becoming harder and harder to do. Between Charlie’s angels, Lupa, and the ghost twins, Su was interacting with magical girls more and more. But such interactions were always strange with Boteg nearby. This was her chance to get to know her neighbors without worrying about what her Patron would think.

None of the “events” Dan mentioned really interested her. She did take notice of Helga’s interest in Keijo. The sport sounded ridiculous, which was another way of saying it sounded like most of the girls present would be interested in it. ”No cooperating with our own island group?” That was fine. Su had no interest in the sport, and knowing that she couldn’t ally with any of her friends gave her little reason to participate. She certainly wasn’t going to ally herself with Sophia or any of those Beacon girls. Simply participating in something so uncouth was below her, beyond the fact that she wasn’t very capable physically. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t play against her friends. Su wasn’t sure why that made playing more interesting to her.

”The stage show looks interesting.” Su aproched Helga while saying this. She didn’t look at her, but she spoke a little louder than one typically does. ”I haven’t danced in a really long time. That would be fun.” She placed her hands on her hips. ”But dancing by myself in front of so many strangers would be weird.” She turned to look at Helga. ”Would you like to sing and dance with me?” Su overheard Lily talking about a double date and her body tensed up. ”Actually, if you’d rather not, that’s fine. It’s your vacation too, and I’m sure Mika or Lupa would like to dance with me.”

“Yay! We all won!” Mika wasn’t sure how good the sun lotion tasted, but she was glad that she was getting an infinite supply of it. Her skin was already pretty tan, and she didn’t want to burn up much further than that. A shame Lupa and Hillaria hadn’t arrived yet, but that just meant she’d have to share with them. Maybe they could go to the beach and Mika could work the stuff into their skin. They deserved it for sacrificing their shot at the prize so that Mika could fly to victory.

Then Dan explained everything else. “We’re getting paid to have fun? It’s like Chunky Cheddar’s!” Needless to say, that sounded like a pretty good deal to Mika. She had to make sure to get a Keijo match in, and all those other sports sounded good too. But first she needed to find some opponents. But before that, she needed to get ready for Hilaria and Lupa’s arrival. “Gunna grab some lotion, I’ll be right back!” She got on all fours and ran towards the shop.


“Seems we were too late.” Without any animals on the island to pick from, Lupa had to catch a seagull and transform into a giant version of one. She then made two clones of herself which Hilaria and her were able to sail to shore. Birds are able to fly because their bones are porous, and thus very light. They wouldn’t be able to fly to the island, but they were more than capable of floating ashore. “Well, I think you made Mika happy anyway.” She stepped onto the beach. “Seems like there’s quite a gathering, maybe someone can fill us in.”

”Operation: Successful!”

— Tetrad

Tetrad was quite pleased that no one had uncovered her hiding place yet. Given the circumstances, she anticipated that she would have been discovered much earlier. In a way, she was almost disappointed no one had found her. But that was fine.

She was able to hear everything Dan said. It all sounded too good to be true, bordering on suspicious. But Tetrad wasn’t one to say no to free money. Even if the money was a lie, she hadn’t had an opportunity to meet most of Penrose’s most popular faces. So this was her chance to meet as many people as possible. The temptation was to make the first move, but she was in hiding. No point in doing anything until she was discovered. Or got bored.


Veronica nodded to Amaryllis’s suggestion that all the girls came from Penrose, so the two of them meeting was nothing special. “I have not confirmed the location of all the magical girls present, but they do appear to all come from Penrose. In regards to forming alliances, I find that most magical girls are quick to ally with those they consider attractive or powerful, if not both. I’m not trying to flatter you, I’ve made an observation based on current trends.” When she asked for Veronica’s name, she had turned to observed the dolphin. “I am Vermilion Veronica. ” She looked back at Amaryllis. “We should probably be listening to the dolphin, let us descend and resume our conversation momentarily. ” Veronica stood up and leaped out of her chair, Amaryllis following shortly afterwards.

Once Dan was done talking, Veronica turned back to face Amaryllis. “I had wanted to talk to you sooner, but you caught me at a bad time. I was hiding from the Mint using an alter ego while trying to monitor the city during the graveyard escapade. But to skip to why I approached you, I think it would benefit you to ally with my organization.” She grinned. “Given the unique properties of this place, where our patrons are nowhere to be scene, it might even be possible for you to switch employers.” She patted Amaryllis on the shoulder. “If you’re unhappy with your current arrangement that is. Cutting ties with a patron is fairly serious, and they won’t forgive you for it.” Veronica looked towards Chloe and frowned. “I have to catch one of my former arrangements before she runs off. ” Veronica started to walk away. “Enjoy your vacation. I hope we get a chance to talk more later.” Veronica walked up to Chloe. “So” She folded her hands behind her back. “Maybe when you’re done there, we can meet me by the elevated swimming pools. You and me, no spectators. There may be beverages involved.”


”Oh my!” Betty placed a finger on her lower lip. ”There’s a lot to do! I just, wow.” She folded her arms. ”There’s almost too much to choose from.” She thumped her foot. ”Uh…” Betty walked up to Shion again. ”Is there anything you wanted to do?”


Regina laughed at Jenna’s remark about thinking outside the box. "Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else used a very similar method to get to the island. But creative or not, it worked, right?" She nodded to Janet. "I saw the sign, I just didn’t want to do anything until the rest of you guys showed up. I’m so scared and all of this is really new." She looked at Alicia when she neared. "Yup! It’s me!" She approached Alicia and gave her a tight (yet brief) hug. Regina might have had a petite appearance, but she was surprisingly tall. "Let’s have lots of fun later!" Regina gave one of Kimble’s tails a tug as she attempted to scoot by "Gotcha!" She waved to Penny as she walked past. "Hey Penneh!" Next up was Aurelio. Regina was able to pick up on his true emotions, regardless of how he tried to act. But she didn’t remark on it, instead choosing to embrace him in a tight hug. "Aurelio! I’m so glad you’re here!" She let go of him to hug Sally. "And you too! Man, everything’s going to be great!" She gave Aurelio a quick peck on the cheek before walking past them to greet Sylvia. But by this point she looked exhausted. "Yea, it takes a lot out of me to be this positive." She cleared her throat and puffed out her chest. "But maybe if we all work together, we can beat this and have fun doing it!" She turned around to run back towards Aurelio and Sally. "Yea, ring that bell, I’m kinda scared to do it."

After Dan explained everything, Regina placed her hands on her hips. "Well, I just realized something really cool." She pointed at the arena. "Aurelio, you and I started on different islands, so we can play Keijo on the same team!" She hugged him and laid her head on his shoulder, looking directly at Sally. "You should grab someone and fight against us, it would be a lot of fun!"

Abigail was watching everyone from the treeline. She was able to hear everything Dan said, but didn’t want to get involved with Regina again too soon if she could help it. That, and it seemed like there were a lot of monster girls present.

"Hmmm…" she placed her hands on her hips. "If Aurelio and Regina are going to play Keijo, I need to get on Sally’s side." She pounded one fist into the other. "I’m sure if I beat him at Keijo, he’ll want to go on a date with me. I just have to convince Sally to attack Regina, which shouldn’t be too hard given Regina’s history." Abigail lifted a hand to her chin. ”Unless she likes Aurelio. Then she might want to fight him and leave Regina to me. That would backfire considerably.” She lowered her arms. ”I need to talk to Sally regardless. If there’s a Keijo fight involved with Aurelio, I need to be a part of it!” The trees under Abigail rustled around. ”Huh? Who’s the-” She was pulled behind the tree line.

In hindsight, that didn’t work out so well.

It was a simple idea. Binky had made the world’s largest bowl of ramen soup. She then removed all of the noodles and emptied the broth into the sea, creating a giant boat. All Binky had to do was push it into the water, and use the oversized spoon as an ore to row to land. Binky had made a few oversights however. The bowl was perfectly round and flat on the bottom. When Binky tried to use the giant plastic spoon as an ore, it just caused the “boat” to spin instead of moving it in any particular direction. This put Binky at the mercy of the incoming waves, which appeared to be moving away from the central island. It was too late to do anything, as Binky’s mana reserves were quite low after making such a big bowl of ramen. She also had a hard time looking anywhere, as the sun’s rays were reflected off the white walls of the bowl directly into Binky’s eyes. She created a much smaller bowl of ramen to wear overhead to shield herself from the incoming rays.

”I’m okay.” She told herself. ”I’m okay.”


Penrose was a rather chaotic place. For the most part, that was because so many magical beings had taken interest in it. But just by removing the magical girls, things had calmed down considerably. Even to the point where a once timid dragon felt okay just taking a stroll by the interior swimming pools in his own establishment.

”This be a blessed day!”
It's a shame you decided to use an alt, because I could look at a few of your posts and tell you exactly how you could make your posts longer. But here's some general "tips and shit"

-Write in more detail. Write exactly what the character is doing instead of a one word summary of the action. Don't just "mix a potion," explain how the potion is being made. Where did the herbs come from? what do they smell like? Did you need to boil any water for this? Is making potions a mundane skill or is it actually really hard?

-Write what your character is thinking. You have to be careful with this one. Some people have a tendency to write every mundane thought they have, but it's certainly welcome to see how a character makes a choice or a decision that doesn't normally side with the way they operate.

-Write the history of something, or a character's history of something. If your character finds themselves in familiar territory, write a brief description of why they know this place or how they know how a particular device works.

-Educate your readers. I'm constantly reading articles about things my characters are into so that I can better explain what they are doing or why things work a certain way. Your average reader probably doesn't know how a mountain climber ties off their equipment, that an alligator has a transparent third eyelid for hunting underwater, or that a blow fish's liver is the most poisonous organ in its body.

And as @Ammokkx already pointed out, there needs to be a reason for it. Nobody wants to read an empty post that was long for the sake of being long.

Vertti’s Room

Vertti had been around Grisaia long enough to be able to pick up the subtle cues of his emotions. He was very good at pretending to be calm, but she could tell he was anything but right now. "Ahem." She she pretended to cough into her hand. "I’m not concerned about the seal right now. Mie’s hands is the last place anyone would expect to find it. Having said that…" Vertti stood up. "I’m not sure it is wise to have you to assist in a fight. Knowing who sent you, I can’t help but feel this was all staged somehow. Like he expected this to happen." Vertti held her chin. "I don’t want to see anyone in this room get hurt. Maybe it’s selfish, but I’d feel a lot better if we all remained together." She looked to Mie. "Not that you’re going to listen to me anyway. You’re going to do whatever you feel like." Her eyes swung over to Grisaia. "You’ve always had this household’s best interests at heart. If you feel Mie needs to be watched over, you may go with her." She closed her eyes. "I feel that I would be the most helpful hiding, as I’m sure the demihuman bandits will be looking for me. I shall remain here unless you think otherwise, Grisaia."

As Chieko spoke, Quill only lowered her head to look at a spot on the floor. The metal on her club was glowing red, and a shadow masked her eyes.

Fritzi lifted a finger to her lips. ”Ahhh, again with that condescending tone. It’s a wonder nobody broke your jaw yet.” Fritzi’s tail was wagging side to side. ”I’m not a fortune teller, so I can’t say when the war is going to end. I’d like it to be as easy as electing a demihuman, but I doubt it’s going to be as easy as taking Vertti’s seal.” Fritzi placed her foot on the first step. ”But I do have to ask, since you brought it up. This ‘something like this’ that you ‘won’t let continue to happen,’ what exactly are you talking about?” She took a second step. ”Because if you mean things like cultists taking to the street and killing poor, innocent, fat and wealthy humans? I can’t say for sure that will stop.” every word was delivered by Fritzi’s smiling lips, she took another step. ”But you know what will stop? The prejudice behavior. Donovan will be allowed to pursue a doctor’s licence and gain access to life saving medicine, Quill will rest easy knowing that humans won’t be permitted to take turns with an entire village of non-humans, and Chiyo won’t be ostracised just because she was adopted by demihumans. Once this war is over, Lugnicia will once again know what equality is. And you’re split up on this because of, what exactly? You want to save a few aristocrats held up in their mansions, drinking tea while their demihuman servants polish their boots?” Fritzi shook her head. ”Isn’t it a shame that heroes don’t exist? If only it were as easy as picking up a magical sword and slaying a demon. I get the feeling you’ve read a lot of stories like that.” The wolf girl scoffed and placed a hand on her hip. ”Sorry if that was a little long, but it was the best I could do under the circumstances. Now, tell me where the seal is or ready your sword.”

That was when Crusader Lord finally posted, and Aerith made her appearance behind them.

Quill held up her hand in front of her face. “Well, that’s not right.”

”Chiyo doesn’t like the look of this!”

Fritzi flashed over to Aerith’s position and shoved her into the other room with a debilitating gut punch. Fritzi then appeared to vanish altogether, leaving Aerith in a room filled with cowering servants.

“What’s going on?” Quill had stopped laughing, as did Chiyo. Though they appeared to still be blind. “I don’t know what kind of sorcery you’re pulling Chieko, but I’m not going to fall to such cowardly tactics. Elgoa!” The metal bands came off of her club and hovered behind her back. “You were only ever stronger than me because my horns were cut off. Fortunately, I have a replacement.” She tapped Chiyo’s shoulder, and the girl stepped in front of her. “Together, Chiyo and I are stronger than I ever could have been.” Quill took a step folward, and so did Chiyo. Or was Quill following Chiyo’s lead? It was impossible to tell. An amazing feat considering what they were both experiencing. “If you’re going to attack us, do it before this curse wears off!” Chiyo and Quill bolted up the stairs. The two remained close to each other, as if an invisible rope was tied to their limbs.

Gris jumped over the wall of fire. ”Want a peice of me? Fine, you’re going to get it!” Alistair and Gris’s spells collided in a fantastic display while odessa could only watch.

"Ahhhh." Odessa was also lobbing spells at Gris, but he was managing to avoid them. "This guy knows what he’s doing." She looked through the flame wall, "Ashton, do something! I’ll create an opening if I can get a clear shot."

”How many woman does that man have acess too?” Sandra fret her brow. ”He’s not even a very good dancer. Well whatever!” she pointed at Ashton. ”You’ve gone mad. You can’t even believe your own eyes. ” She picked up her banner with both hands. ”Only one thing to do with you now.” when she brought down her banner, a giant nova of fire blasted outward in all directions.

”You got my entire name down already? That’s amazing!” The golum’s shattered hand fell to the ground in pieces, but the stump soon grew more fingers. Vaux had to have mastered his magic if he could do all this without incantations. ”You can only be that focused when you’re angry.” The golem beneath him continued to grow, keeping Vaux above Eiko’s altitude. ”All the same, I will not take back a single word I’ve said. The words I’m speaking are gospel, you’re just a filthy nonbeliever worshiping a false god.” The archbishop dove off of the golum’s head and descended towards Eiko. Large diamond claws formed around his hands as he approached, clearly planning on swiping at her.

Veronica didn’t give Chloe any hints, or otherwise speak to her further. Not that she seemed interested in hanging around anyway. She had run off to play with Silhouette and her doppelganger. With no one else bothering her, Veronica looked ahead and continued to march across the water. As soon as she got to land, she dumped the PI agents she was carrying at the edge of the beach. Veronica had completed the challenge for them, and wasn’t going to move them an inch further.

“How aggravating.” Veronica wasn’t expecting to get to the island first, but between her companions need to socialize and Lily’s insistence on dragging the Pi agents along, it seemed that the island was already crawling with magical girls. She should have just fled as soon as she woke up. Then she would at least have had an idea what this place was before they started crawling all over it like some damn playground.

But maybe that was okay. Veronica noticed Amaryllis Evenings standing on top of a palm tree like some monkey. Perhaps not quite like a monkey, but Veronica liked the comparison anyway. @ERode

The shadow Veronica’s seat was resting on telescoped into the air, putting Veronica level with the rose knight.

“So it is you.” Veronica folded one leg over the other. “Small world I suppose. Regardless, we may have met at an opportune time.” She folded her hands together and sat up. “Have you formed many alliances since we last spoke?” Veronica’s eyes flicked down to Amaryllis’s breasts before shooting back up to her face. “I get the impression you’ll form a lot more in your time here.”

There was no curse word strong enough to describe the dismay on Su’s face. She was eager to get to the island before Helga and Mika landed, but it was evident that with everyone she was trying to move by wind, that wasn’t going to happen.

”What the hell were they thinking!?”

Of course, they were still under the impression this was all one big vacation. It might have been, but this didn’t really feel like Boteg’s style. He certainly wouldn’t have sent everyone else to the same resort. Su was pretty sure she never saw half of these people, and she was willing to wager nobody else had either. She’d have to talk to them when she got closer to land.

Su lowered everyone she was carrying at the edge of the beach. ”That worked out pretty well.” She looked at the ghost twins. ”You’re pretty handy to have around.” Su was about to enter the resort when she noticed the massive ship floating over it. ”Wha-” She ducked behind some foliage. ”Now I know Boteg didn’t set this up.” She looked at the others. ”I uh, don't think it's a good idea to venture ahead. Call it really good intuition.”

Mika did not get to fly very often. It wasn’t a viable combat option for her most of the time, and there wasn’t a lot she could do with just a few seconds a flight. The closest she got to flight was when she helped Lupa get a pair of wings and then they flew together. But it was always kind of slow due to the fact that Lupa wasn’t as aerodynamic when she was holding onto Mika. But this? This right here? Was the bee’s knees. Mika needed to give herself a pair of make shift goggles to prevent her eyes from drying out. This wasn’t all that hard for her. Aligators have a special third eyelid that is mostly transparent. This allows them to hunt in water without getting debris in their eyes. Mika theorized it would work just as well during a high speed dive. There was just one problem.

How were they going to stop?

The temptation was to crash into one of those small bodies of water. Water was softer than ground, she reasoned. But the problem there was that they would fail the challenge. They needed some way to reduce speed gradually. Mika’s eyes skimmed over the island, but didn’t see anything . She’d have to rely on her magic. But what animal to use? At this speed, she didn’t dare open her wings. She tried to break a fall doing that before and it didn’t end so well. But she wasn’t limited to just beast magic anymore.

“Alright Helga! Brace for it!” Fortunately, Helga was one of the most durable magical girls Mika knew, and was also big enough that she would probably take the brunt of what Mika was about to do. She extended her arms over her head and created a barrier. It was stationary, so Helga broke through it instantly, slowing up a bit in the process. But Mika didn’t stop making these barriers. She made another, and another, each one slowing them down a bit at a time. “We’re almost there!” Mika had managed to diminish their speed considerably, but it was only a matter of time before the two of them slammed into the top of the pirate ship and bounced away from each other. “Gah!” Mika eyes rolled around in her head. “I’m not sure if it’s stars or birds that I’m seeing!”
Vertti’s Room

"Love? Is that what you're calling me now?" It hadn’t even been a minute after Vertti slid that seal on Mie’s finger and she was already calling her pet names. She wanted to get more information about the purple giant Mie had been contracted by, but she was still taken back by everything that happened. Technically nothing was set in stone yet. There was all kinds of paperwork and a ceremony to go through. Vertti was just now starting to think about the changes that would have to come. Was she Mistress Yukima now, or was her spouse Mie Vertti? Did Lugnica recognize marriage between two woman? Vertti hadn’t ever been the romantic sort. She took a husband to expand her family’s influence, but otherwise hadn’t spent much time pursuing romance. Maybe Mie would be happier with a different arrangement, but she seemed to enjoy the idea that they were a couple now. There would be more time to worry about that once there wasn’t a siege going on. She'd need to think of a cute name for her though.

A knock at the door, Grisaia’s voice. Vertti power walked over to the door and threw it open without saying a word. Grisaia’s arm was still in knocking position when Vertti wrapped her arms around him. "Ah!" She started to laugh, both out of relief and the absurdity of the situation. "Alright Grisaia, something has changed." Vertti sat on the side of her bed. "I know I told you that Mie couldn’t be trusted, but that was over a little miscommunication we had earlier. We do have a bit more to discuss." She looked to Mie and nodded. "But it’s more or less been sorted out and everything’s going to be fine." She looked back to Grisaia. "She agreed to look after the seal for me." Vertti wasn’t being dishonest with Grisaia, but this would be a lot easier to explain to him later once they talked over the fine details. She just hoped he hadn’t listened in. That would have been embarrassing.

The barricade

Aer, Crunch, Mono, Irene, and Vasilis had gathered by the front gate to do battle with the incoming cultists. But I ain’t writing that shit lolz,

Vertti’s household

The vertti household was quiet on the outside. At least, there was no fighting yet. They could hear the sounds of steel clash and arrows fly from the top of the barricade. Everyone was dug in pretty deep and had no intention of letting a single cultist inside.

That was before a special gust arrived.

A strong gust of wind blew several archers down from the barricade. Those that didn’t fall ran from incoming projectiles. All manner of weapons from axes to spears rode on the incoming wind. This was a tactic the foreigners were all too familiar with. Before long, the attackers made an appearance on top of the barricade.

Fritzi wasn’t even trying to hide her real identity anymore. She was dressed like she was at the market, and didn’t seem to care who saw her. ”Wonder if Chieko located that seal for us.”

Quill walked by her side. Nobody was attacking them because they were too busy protecting themselves from other bandits. “I always had the impression she was going to turn on us one day. We’ll know once we approach her though.”

”Chiyo thinks the cultists are funny, allying with them made this too easy for Chiyo!”

Fritzi chuckled. ”Still, we need to remember our promise to Chieko. We can’t kill any of the foreigners. Of course, that changes if she’s betrayed us.”

“Not killing them and not hurting them are two different things though, right?” The metal on Quill’s club started to glow a cherry red.

Fritzi chuckled. ”Nothing wrong with a little lasting damage.” The trio suddenly bolted for the Vertti mansion, cloaked by the chaos spilling into the area. The servants inside weren’t armed. They clambered to the walls, hoping to be spared.

”Chiyo would like to play with them.”

”Focus, Chiyo. There will be plenty of people to fight once we get closer to Vertti. ” They were headed towards the stairs. They hadn’t spotted Flame yet, but Chiyo was eyeing the servants carefully. It wouldn’t be long before he was discovered.

Gris noticed the nondescript projectile and threw up his arm, causing a wind barrier to form in front of him. The wind was just strong enough to send the projectile over his shoulder. He stopped his charge so that he could locate the person who attacked him, and set his eyes on Alistair. ”What is the meaning of this?”he growled before looking at the haughty man.

Sandra turned from Belrigger to look at Alistair. Like Ashton, he felt something when he looked at her. But it wasn’t the same feeling at all. Her aura felt peaceful, if not alluring. Looking at her was like looking at a childhood friend or an old flame. It wasn’t so strong that it could dominate Alistai’s will, but he could notice this strange sensation. ”Alistair? What are you doing here?” She fret her brow. ”The cultists are going to attack any moment. You have better things to do than save this monster.” She raised her sword, and a wall of fire cut off Alistair from Ashton.

Odessa nodded to Alistair. "I can try to paralyse her or master Gris, Just give me an opening." She was shaking. "Also, her color is really dark. You need to stay away from her if you want me to do anything."
@Lord Wraith Yoooooo thanks for giving me a nod for the character creation contests. But Frizan is the real bees knees. I am glad the section is going to get more love though.

On the topic of GMing, I will second that Dervish's guide is amazing. I read it and I was like "wait, this is more or less how I do things!" I don't really have anything else to add, other than it's a lot of work but very rewarding if you can pull it off. You can't get everything from guides, don't be afraid to try something even if you don't 100% know what you're doing.

As for creating characters, I feel like I've had that discussion in the RP discussion part of the forum a few times now. There's quite a bit of good information there that just gets buried.
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