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@Mateotis you gunna post, or am I okay to write a thing over Sunday/Monday?
I'm actually offended, BrokenPromise. I'm not a shady assassin IRL? Did you ever wonder where your braincells started going? How they just kept disappearing? I removed them in a rather discreet manner, via shitposts. But I guess it's also a compliment to my ability to not blow my cover, so I'll let it slide.

Makes sense.

Also also, BrokenPromise if that last line of yours was a subtle jab at me, then how about this

Does that make any sense?

Nah fam, not to me. When I RP I usually make use of discord to talk with everyone. People are more than just their characters, at least when I RP with them. I mean, I know @FamishedPants isn't actually a shady assassin, but I can suspend my disbelief enough that I can enjoy his posts. I certainly don't hold anyone to the level of a product I've paid money for.

I rather think that the problem is people try to put too much character background into a post, rather than having a grip on the character and allowing small parts of it to inform the action.

Very possible. I find a lot of posts would be more interesting if a bit more was held back.
You're right, that's exactly part of my point! It just makes it a little easier to spot "guy RPing a girl" and can damage the feeling of immersion and authenticity sometimes.

Gotta say though, most stories (non-roleplays) have a tendency to be written by a single author. While it's hard to put my finger on, it is clear that woman and men write their characters a particular way. Do you find yourself being pulled out of immersion when reading books?

But I agree with GeekFactor that you don't need to have diverse characters to have fun. A lot of roleplaying isn't about you being someone you're not, but experiencing things you usually do not. If you feel like being something you're familiar with, more power to you. It depends on the players/user, honestly.

I think the problem with people treading old ground isn't that people dare to play themselves, but that they tend to go for the Mary Sue-esque rolls without much variation. Which is almost understandable. I mean, inexperienced writers usually don't have a lot of real world experiences, so they write from what they know. And they know themselves, so they usually just write a character that is more or less a self insert with powers. This can cause problems down the pipe when the character has to take a loss or is criticized for anything. Because it's no longer the character, but the person playing them that is being asked to lose/be criticized.

I also think if you're going to be a GM, you want a certain level of diversity. Wouldn't it be weird to play in a Tolkien-esque RP where you travel the entire world, but all of the key NPC/villainous characters are edgy swordsman with dark pasts? This probably goes outside the scope of your comment, but I thought it was interesting to bring up.
@GeekFactor You're fine. We're just exchanging views and having a discussion. There wouldn't be much point if we just came here to offload our opinions without discussing them a bit right?

Another part of the "men make for manly woman" thing that you noticed may be that men tend to like more aggressive scenarios. Since we have more testosterone and the like, aggression is more rewarding to watch.

Probs. Haven't really seen much confirmed hetro-ships as of my rps right now. :/

There are just a lot of different types of relationships other than romantic pairings. You have siblings, parents, mentors, co-workers, friends, brothers-in-arms, and likely more. I've personally never seen an RP with a father and son team, and to me that would be more rewarding to watch play out over another romance.
@GeekFactor Mmmmm, Good post, but by your example you'd think three woman I've met IRL were men based on how they choose to play their characters. Though you've mentioned something that seems to be absent from most female characters I've seen.

On the topic of relationship crazy lesbians, I do find it both interesting and disturbing that I've come across so many non-hetrosexual characters in my time on RPG guild. I mean I would expect a magical girl roleplay to contain a lot of gay woman, but they seem to crop up almost everywhere. Their sexuality seems to get brought up or hinted at during their first few posts and then they're off to hook up. I wonder if this is wish fulfillment or something else.

“Well this is gay.”

“Like you? Boom! Gottem!”

— Su Fang & Mika Sarraf

@Rune_Alchemist@Card Captor@FamishedPants

There was little Su could do in the moment. Her ability to feel emotions had not yet returned to her, but she understood the situation. “The Ascendancy?” In Su’s lulled state, she wasn’t capable of fast reactions or making decisive choices. In hindsight, she probably wouldn’t have used the staff’s full power if she knew she was going to be like this afterwards. Or at the very least she would have made the attack more impressive if she was going to use it in the future. “You must want to capture us because we’re-” That was when Alexander interjected with his accusation that they were pirates. “I don’t think so Alexander. I can’t speak for their interest in the other two girls, but I am a dark magical girl. I’m sure they want to kill us for what they are.”

Mika had just put out the fire on her ears when Su mentioned their possible death. “Wha?” She ran over to Kai and placed her hands together. “But each of them is a good person! Su’s taken care of me ever since I came to Penrose, Sil-how-eat chased off a dragon and a knight that would have hurt me, and Tent-rad hangs around street corners making people happy!”

”You were still just a puppy.”

— Tetrad

”Clearly they want me because of my rockin’ body.” She blinked. ”Wait, why do I sound like I swallowed a frog?” Anyone who knew Tetrad knew she was very proud of her body. Particularly her appearance. But there was little to be proud of now. Tetrad eyed her arms, which were skinny and wrinkled like the bark on a tree. Her expression only became more grave when she ran her hands over her face. Tetrad’s fingers fell into every new crease on her cheeks, and a glance at her chest revealed that her pride was sagging like a rapper’s pants. She still possessed some vitality, as she still had great posture and didn’t have any difficulty standing on her own feet. Being magically aged hadn’t left her totally powerless. Just as magical girls were stronger than their non-magical counterparts, magical elders were stronger than non-magical elders. That didn’t mean that this new form didn’t have an adverse effect on her abilities. That didn’t mean that Tetrad felt confident fighting her pursuers. Even if she had the wild version of the red buff going, ”Oh dear…”

More bothersome than this temporary(?) aging spell was the appearance of the Ascendancy. Not that them showing up was an inconvenience, but that they had the nerve to turn weapons on them so swiftly after bringing down the lich. Tetrad knew her luck was trying to tell her something, but she ignored it.

”I’m certainly not interested in fighting. I feel like the last battle aged me about sixty years. But do I really have to change back? I’m not sure I can survive without my magic to fight the curse.” Hopefully answering that would keep the Ascendancy busy long enough to send Sil a message over magicoms. ”I’m taking us and a few of them to the overcity. They may be able to shift as well, so make sure to dispatch any hostiles after the shift.” The violent approach wasn’t Tetrad’s style, but if there was something that scared her more than death, it was having her mind probed in a beacon HQ and being subsequently mind wiped. That, and Veronica would never forgive either of them for letting Su fall into Beacon’s hands.

Without making any sudden movements, Tetrad slowly moved her hands together to perform “Overcity-Shift-Jutsu.” She targeted all the non-ascendancy present, and the triplet that was pointing a halberd at Tetrad*. With any luck, Tetrad would survive her gambit before they attacked her.

*In the event Overcity Shift doesn’t work like that, she’ll try to pull in as few ascendancy girls as possible while still teleporting everyone else to the over city.
@Mateotis@Majoras End

Sorry for the switcharoo may jay.

Anyway, one more post before we move on to the next chapter.
The room had erupted into a cacophony of noise. Everyone was talking about what Daimyon just said. Everyone was discussing its credibility, from how someone could live like that for so long to how he kept it hidden. Finally Cyrus snapped his fingers.

“Let me see that!”

Without warning, Noel plucked Daimyon’s notebook out of his hands and passed it to Dennis, who then passed it on to Cyrus. He opened the book to the first page, stared at it for a few seconds, and then turned the page. He then did so again.

“Um.” Bliss turned to look at Monokuma. “Does Daimyon really have a condition like that? I think I’ve heard of it before, but never met someone who suffered from it.”

“Well…” Monokuma rocked side to side in his throne. “Typically we have a full confidentiality agreement with our infinite patients, but since Daimyon was the one to spill the beans… ” He stood up. “Yup!”

“Tch!” Ice froze. “You’re serious?”

“It would be beary nice if I lied at a time like this. That’s more something the lion they were going to replace me with would do!” The bear ran its paws down the front of his stomach. “I mean, he might have been exaggerating about his short term memory, but every day to him is the first time he’s seeing your faces.”

Cyrus passed the book back so that it could be returned to Daimyon. There were a few new cracks in his glasses. “The only possible explanation is that Daimyon has other notes elsewhere. Maybe a second book that would detail the events of the murder. We did a thorough investigation, but I feel as though we need to see Daimyon’s room.”

Monokuma groaned. “I need to keep everyone entertained, and giving you more time to investigate is boring, so guess what?” He threw his hands over his head. “Your benevolent GM has declared that there was nothing of the sort in Daimyon’s room!”

Ice leaned folward. “Maybe, Daimyon burned the notes-”

Cyrus growled. “Perhaps the reason they call you ice is because of how dense your skull is.”


“The fact of the matter is that each morning Daimyon wakes up, he needs to catch up on everything that’s happened. He needs to relearn about us, catch up on the situation, and constantly record more and more information as they days pile up. To try and prepare a murder on top of that is nigh impossible. This murder was prepared over a course of days, and Daimyon can’t do something like that without keeping notes for it.” Cyrus put on a fresh pair of glasses. “But we aren’t without options. Daimyon was just the most likely suspect. We still have one more. It’s a little irritating that he almost got me to condemn Daimyon, but we’re rectify that now.” He turned to face Dennis. “You saw Max working out. About what time did that happen?”

Dennis scratched his chin. “Maybe eight-thirty-ish.”

Cyrus grinned. “Well, there you have it. Max could have been doing anything before that time.” He pointed at the police officer. “It seems Max Visser is our killer.”

Max folded his arms. “And what makes you so sure? You’re underplaying Daimyon’s intelligence a great deal if you don’t think he’s capable of murder.”

“And you’re underplaying mine.”

“It’s clear that the death trap at the top of the stairs was rigged some time ago. Maybe a day, maybe longer, but all that really matters is that it was prepared before today. As was the poisoning of the coffee pot that Zachary and Jezebel used every morning. All you had to do was wake up and head in to see if your plan worked, which it did.” Cyrus pushed up his glasses. “With Jezebel and Zachary unconscious, you were free to manipulate the scene however you chose. You gave Jezebel a bottle of sleeping pills to make it look like she overdose, then borrowed her handbook to set up her room. You knew that the most likely suspects would be the ones who took her into her room. Then all you had to do was wait for them to be discovered while you trained in the dojo. Just like you planned, They were discovered. The two were carried into their respective rooms, and that was when you sprung the second part of your plan.” Cyrus’s grin widened as he continued, but it never looked manacle or intimidating. But it did drip with an unapologetic amount of smug.”That was when you set up the stairway trap, and shortly after recruited Dennis and Henry to help you investigate. You also had to get Daimyon out of Jezebel’s room. Having more than one person watch Jezebel was probably an oversight on your part, but that mattered little.” He slammed his palm into the podium. “The crash was close enough to Jezebel’s room that Emily heard it and came running, something that worked to your advantage. You had Dennis and Henry watch over the trap while you, Daimyon, and Emily split up to gather everyone. But you took a little detour, didn’t you?” Cyrus wasn’t smiling anymore. His face became stern and serious. “Before your arrival though, Faith understood what was going on. How isn’t clear, nor is the why, but she entered the room. She swapped outfits with Jezebel and used mono-snooze to knock herself out. You had no idea, largely because of how… unique her uniform is. You yanked the fishing line off of the door and strangled her to death. Then you left the room to help round up the others, where they would eventually discover that Jezebel’s room had been locked, and that you killed Faith.”

“You sound pretty sure of yourself.” Max sounded unconvinced.

"There are a few other hints aside from you being the most likely culprit at this point. Nothing concrete, but it seemed fishy. Aside from Daimyon and Emily, you had the most control over the events of the case. You were even the one to trigger the trap, right? Because you didn’t want to kill anyone with that. Your target was Jezebel. You were even the one to open up a discussion about why they would have traded outfits. Because as the killer, that was the one part of the case you didn’t understand." With a sigh, Cyrus lowered his arms to his sides. “I know you did it Max. And if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re still holding that fishing line somewhere on your person. It wasn’t at the crime scene, and I’m willing to bet that there weren’t any safe places to dispose of it.”

With a sigh, Max pulled the fishing string out of his pocket and dropped it on his podium. “Very well.”


What followed was everyone voting for Max, and him being confirmed as the killer. Most of the infinites weren’t taking it well, but Noel least of all. “Why?” was all she said.

“I had seen Jezebel carry a bunch of strange items into her room, and I thought she was going to murder someone. Though it seems in my haste to deliver justice, I hadn’t noticed it was all a joke from the infinite trickster.”

Noel shook her head. “And you were going to have us all die for it?”

There was a knob in Max’s throat. “It’s become increasingly clear to me that murders are going to keep happening. I don’t know what I was planning. My brother is dead, and I haven’t been in a very good place since then. But I’m glad you were able to catch me. In a strange way, I’m glad that Faith thwarted my attempt to kill Jezebel. If there are people willing to sacrifice themselves so that others may live, it proves that my choice to kill was wrong. I should have been more patient.” He looked at Noel. “Please continue to serve justice in ways that I couldn’t. I did not mean to create a tragedy. I just…” He trailed off.
Ultimately, it's bad story craft to have a perfect character with no real opposition.
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