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*You try to say something, but rude baby Red just keeps on going.
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It's a beautiful day outside. The birds are singing. The flowers are blooming. On days like these, kids like you... S H O U L D B E B U R N I N G I N H E L L
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Killer Queen has already touched that Note 7.
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My Sheer Meme Attack has no weaknesses!
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Wondering about me? Well, I'll tell you anyway. I am a 22 year old person who enjoys recreational meming to a heavy degree. No matter what you may think, no matter how serious a post or character I app will seem, there will at least be 3 or so memes within said post or app. It is unavoidable. Like normal people survive by inhaling oxygen, I manage to sustain my physical body through applying memes to the environment I am in at any given time. Is this just an internet facade? Wondering this is foolish. There is little difference between the fagkin typing to you and the fagkin behind the screen. The biggest difference is that in the internet, nobody can hear you meme. Except on skype calls but that's different. Anyways, I really enjoy meming. I also enjoy video games and anime, as well. If you happen to be into visual novels, I am quite fond of those too. You can view my list here if you want to see how great my taste is. Or you can look further down to see a list that I should probably update, but probably wont.

Closing statement.

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Aleph Banton

"A small hiatus is nothing to me!"

As was tradition among heroes finishing a battle, Aleph sheathed his blade in a very exaggerated manner, spinning it a few times in the process. There was no longer any trace of vicious rabbits left, so at least for the moment the village was safe. That being said, he knew that killing a few bunnies was not the only thing that would be asked of them. Not that it mattered if there was more to do -- A hero should always help those in need!

"I assume you know what you're doing?" a familiar voice asked Malakus. "I believe an indepth explanation is in order."

Despite her best efforts, Vesta's inquiry did not go unnoticed by Aleph. It was likely because there was no "effort" put into hiding the question from Aleph's ears, but it sounded a lot cooler to the Hero if he pretended like he heard it when there was an attempt to keep it secret.

"Boy wants to be a hero. Instead of letting him pick fights with demons in his head, I brought him out here to fight actual demons in front of him. Don't worry Master Celestia, I still remember his actions. This way I can keep an eye on him in case he gets overzealous, and ideally make that fanaticism useful." Malakus answered.

How rude. Did these people believe being a hero was some sort of joke? It wasn't. Being a hero was... well, most certainly a delusion that Aleph became aware of after a certain morning just before he set off with this group, but still... he wasn't capable of coping with his uselessness without being Aleph the Hero! How dare they try to take that from him!

"Ahem!" Aleph cleared his throat loudly before inserting himself into the conversation, focusing on Vesta. "It is nothing out of the norm to take a hero of my caliber along when performing a noble deed such as saving a village from beasts." Aleph narrowed his eyes before continuing "If you're going to worry about something, then shouldn't you direct that worry towards your companions? The big guy is with you, is he not?"

Heinrich Ford

"I cannot allow my weakness to cause others difficulties... not anymore."

Heinrich had survived the battle, but only barely. If he were alone, then he would have died to some feral rabbits. A rather pathetic way to bite the dust. He couldn't help but feel upset at his powerlessness. Playing many games back on Earth, he had filled the shoes of countless JRPG protagonists whom could easily wipe away millions of those little shits without breaking a sweat. But the real him? Even with this stupid, sexy body of his he couldn't survive on his own. He felt like all those insults girls had thrown at him in high school were on the dot. This was one of the reasons he preferred to avoid interacting with people.

He wanted to sigh, but it never happened. Instead, he figured he would regroup with Vesta and company and see what would be asked of them next. Were there more beasts to be slain? He would find out soon, but he came upon the woman as she was speaking to the "party leader" and as the man who had saved him earlier began to get on her case. Heinrich's own incompetence was at fault here, not Vesta, so he felt he should speak up. The large, fabulous man quickly answered Aleph. "It is my own fault for being weak. I asked to tag along despite lacking any experience and do not expect to be looked after like a child, though I am still grateful for the assistance. I am wholly responsible for myself."

The man who saved him offered a kind smile. "Strength to admit your weakness is the key to becoming stronger as a person." he told Heinrich, patting him on the shoulder. Not knowing Aleph, he was unaware how silly this probably sounded coming from him.

Aleph presumably was no longer interested in interacting with Vesta or the group and thus took his leave.

Sorry, things started coming up. I'll do my best to get it up within the next couple of days but I've not been able to actually sit down and finish it. ;C
There is a post in the near future. Will be about 4k characters, so don't expect too much.
I'm here, just been busy with volunteer work. Will post tonight.
@Letter Bee

He hasn't replied to Vesta since she asked about Aleph. I could post before him if need be.

I am here. Meming, waiting for Lucius to respond but if bugged I guess I could. Depends on if you guys really want someone like me to post.

Now you've done it.

Julius caught an armored fist to the face, but it wasn't anything he hadn't already experienced before. Besides the armor. Not to say it felt particularly pleasant, but visibly it looked like all it did was irritate the thug. "Who are you supposed to be, my mother?" he massaged his nose for a second, taking notice of the girl's attempt at a stance. Was this place full of disgusting women who couldn't keep the heroics to themselves? And besides, he was kind enough to punch the man instead of the woman. Was chivalry dead here too?

Ignoring both the gunshot and the out-of-character posts in the wrong topic before this one, Stiles replied to the armored girl's rhetoric question. "Picking a fight with a victim of molestation makes you no better than a criminal, ya know? But if you really want me to bea---"

Wait wait wait wait, what am I doing?

Deep breaths.

Now that Julius had gotten rid of that burning sensation in his body, he could think clearly. And clearly, fighting this woman was one of those bad things he was supposed to stop doing. As was striking that man, but he was a dick so Julius forgave that slip-up. Anyways, he needed to stop this before it got out of hand. If things got serious, well...

It was very likely he might beat somebody to death.

That was bad. Very bad. Like a solid 9/10. Only thing worse would be insulting somebody's hair, but even someone like him had standards. Now, how to fix this situation?


He had an idea.

It was now up to Julius Stiles to execute his master plan. It was flawless, really. All he needed was to become a wordsmith great enough to diffuse the situation and give him ample time to tactically retreat before his short fuse went off again. "I've gotta wash my mouth out with some dirty water to get the taste off my lips, smell ya later!" And with all the subtlety of a honey badger tearing a cobra apart, he dashed for the exit and left the guild.

He wasn't joking about the water, though.
You are now aware that @TsundereStorm exists and had an accepted app.
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<Snipped quote by Spriggs27>

<Snipped quote by Zelosse>

Both of these statements are indeed true.
Julius Stiles

@Lady Athena@Hammerman@Spriggs27@Fonniku@Ryougu

"Such a sweet release..."

Julius dropped the man upon being forced to look at the badge this woman had thrust out towards him, for all to see. His eyes scanned the polished badge and then it became clear that all of his attention was focused from the man onto the badge and the woman presenting it. He studied it for a moment before looking up at the woman, a serious look on his face.

"The fuck are you s'posed to be? A mall cop?"

Julius clearly had no idea what it meant. After all, he was from another world. He was not given specifics about anything, just told there was some demon lord he needed to murderkill. He could glean this badge was supposed to mean something to somebody, but authorities never sat right with Julius. He was, after all, a thug of some renown. Your buttocks are my hunting ground.

But, even if he did not respect her authority whatsoever, she had managed to turn his attention, if only temporarily, to her rather than the NPC he was about to beat up. And as you would expect, compared to the woman, Julius was a big guy for you. He wasn't capable of backing down from a chest-puffing competition, especially not against somebody getting between him and some other asshole. They were asking for it! Glaring back at her, it seemed like neither was going to give up. Did she really want to get in a fight with him for that's man's sake? Did she want to be some form of hero? How disgusting. This woman was absolute disgust-----


There were no signs. It came without warning. Julius felt his lips connect with somebody else's. They were the lips of the woman he was glaring at mere seconds ago.

Contact probably did not last very long, but the sheer heart attack he nearly had at being pushed into her (he would expect somebody to hit him over the head, not push him) had made seconds feel like minutes. It was certainly not a romantic thing, at least to him. If anything, it was the exact opposite. He hated everything about this. Being kissed? This was the first time he had ever been kissed. To be acted upon was one of the things Julius tended to avoid. Kissing? That's what he did. He was the one to engage it, and being in control of the situation and himself was what he enjoyed most.

Yet... a feeling began to stir within him. His body felt a bit hot, and he wasn't used to this kind of thing.

I have to ignore it.

His conscience, somehow still existing deep within him, spoke to him and demanded that he ignore this feeling. It would do no good here, and he only had one outlet for it. And surely if he gave in here, people would attempt to cause him harm. He wasn't truly an idiot. He knew risks and where to take them. He was supposed to improve, damnit! How was he so bad at this? Was he doomed to be a bad person?

Julius took a deep breath in and turned around to face the crowd. If he looked back, he might give into that dark desire. He might do something he couldn't undo.

"Ha." he laughed in a blatantly fake way. "It's so funny I forgot to laugh."

He hoped by focusing on other things, he could forget about it. His eyes had then wandered to the woman whom he had entered the place with, and it dawned on him that he didn't even know her name. He wasn't sure if he should look at her right now, because he did not know if this fire inside him would stir. But it didn't. Well, not AS bad. He could contain it, he wouldn't lose control.

"Grimmwiess?" he repeated. "Fancy name for a bum." he teased. She never denied it earlier. Although he was in the same position. Since it was his own name he couldn't be sure, but Stiles could always sound grandeur for somebody who had not a single piece of currency to their name at the moment.



......I guess I can't hold it in.

He really tried. It seemed a lot of people here had some form of heroic intentions. Guess that made sense, given the trial they were signing up for. That being said...

Julius turned around, now facing the woman he had been forced to kiss. His desire ignited, a hot feeling burning through every part of his body, but particularly one part. Because she was smaller than him, this would be easy to do. He closed the distance between him and his target and made his move----

---Striking the man he had been holding up with a furious punch, assuming there was no reason for it not to hit.

Soon the fire in his body subsided. He began to feel better, more like himself. He had really needed to cause that man pain or he would have went nuts.

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