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Current "When you get to the point where you can laugh at your mistakes, you'll find new things to replace what you lost."
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"Damn stupid sun, making it morning whenever it wants even though I'm sleepy. Who does it think it is? Doesn't it know it has me to thank for its continued existence? "
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"I am Ferdinand von Aegir"
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"While masticating steadily away, I ponder a certain philosophical dilemma --- Do beans have emotions?"
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"Bullpup is the ultimate form of assault rifle. Don't @ me"


Hello, person looking at my profile! I hope you're having a wonderful day but considering where you are, the likelihood is that you are not. Sucks to suck, nerd.

My name is Dalton, but I go by many names. Famished, Pants, King, or Chad, to name a few. I'm a dude of 26 years of age who is fond of degeneracy in the form of anime, games, and visual novels. On the subject of games, I'm a big fan of Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, Disgaea, and Nier. Unfortunately, I've also gotten into a relationship with League of Legends that has been going on for about 7 years, so there's that. I've also come to adore FFXIV, too.

League of Legends: Chad Chadlainn, NA
FFXIV: Chad Chadlainn, Leviathan
Steam: FamishedPants

As for anime, I mostly look for whatever seems like it'd be funny, even if the show isn't supposed to be a comedy. Thus, I have seen quite a lot of shitty isekai and battle harems, and all kinds of stuff. I enjoy Re:Zero, as well as Jojo and Highschool DxD. If it has big anime tiddy, then it's probably been seen by me.

For visual novels, I have an obsolete list here. There's a number of VNs I've read that aren't on that list but maybe I'll be bothered to update it finally? Anyways, obsolete or not the fact remains that I adore Muv Luv and think everyone should read it if given the chance. The Fate/Stay Night VN is many times better than any sort of anime that'll ever release, so fans should also try that. For people bigger on fun character interactions, give Grisaea no Kajitsu a try -- the anime was pretty garbage, but much like DEEN's Fate anime, that's because they tried to mix every route into one. And, naturally, look into Monster Girl Quest if you haven't already. Most people come for the sex, but all stay for the plot.

I tend to join RPs when I'm recommended them by someone I know, but occasionally I'll search for one myself. If for whatever reason you don't know me but intend on sending an invite anyway, I'm not too hot on things that focus around diplomacy or romance. Still, feel free to give it a shot.

Now, I'm aware that Broken is eagerly awaiting the point in my bio where I insult them. So fuck you. And fuck you too, Phonic. If Erode is reading this, fuck you but a bit softer, more gentle. Other people: Take me on a date first, then we'll see.

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I do no retract my statement. Also probably.

Shitty plot spoiled way before end LMAO
E m i l y

"And here's the 'Emily post' you've all been waiting for!"

— Emily


DR3 doesn't exist so she's still Smokin' Sexy Style.
And yet most of the time the Americans are the objectively best characters.

Also, Ponn posted a poll?
H i l a r i a

"War... war never changes."

— Hilaria

Unlike Dina, Hilaria had not shown any real distaste for being whisked away suddenly. The likely reason had been because she was already taking refuge in the Beach Dimension, chomping on some snacks which she had finished by the time they arrived at Mariette's abode.

She gave a content sigh as she basked in the aftertaste of the kebab she had just eaten. "Oh, parting is such a sweet sorrow~" she would wait for the day when she could enjoy kebabs again. But for now, there was some business she had to attend to.

The truth was, Hilaria was considering having a talk with Dan. She was doing her best to fulfill her end of their bargain, but the reality was that she struggled with it. Treating people to food was okay and all, but nobody quite appreciated it like her. The energy he received was unlikely to be worth much to him, at least not enough to justify her continued employment. She felt as though breaking things off before she wore out her welcome, so to speak, would be for the best. She had no particular reason to make an enemy of someone who had granted her delicious feasts on multiple occasions.

Though it was also possible he would not care for her departure. Actually, considering that entire beach event, he seemed like he was a clingy patron. Well, she could think about it later. At the very least, she promised her hand with this fiesta and she would not go back on that.

There was a lot of talking, and some sort of pseudo-phone provided to the group. Mariette's rather lengthy explanation at least made it clear she wasn't a fool. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. A tactician's mindset, if ever there were one.

Must I be reminded of this ugly, vexing irony? Thy form bestowed upon us far surpasses that of a fragile and hopeless human, yet wherefore does our hallowing neglect to temper our minds? Be it our lot to fall prey to the ever-present allure of war akin to they who are inferior? Bah!

Hilaria was, as you might imagine, not fond of war or these battles whatsoever. But she couldn't kid herself. They were going to happen no matter what. An important man once said that all that was certain was death and taxes. He was wrong, but only partially so. So long as people existed, so too would conflict and war. And when they were gone? It would simply fall upon the other beings in this universe. War was without end.

"Hilaria, ready for duty~!" she announced, ignoring the appearance of the green-haired girl and her attempt to start something with Lily. It interested her not. She would focus instead on her role in the upcoming fight. She could stay back and assist Mariette, but it appeared as though Dina, her companion, had that task in mind. Hilaria could stay with her, but she would probably be most useful in the thick of things. Her build allowed for extended fighting, and she was only moderately useful at a range.

Perhaps due to the existence of video games, many people did not realize the true range of a shotgun. They were often used to kill birds while they fly. Shotguns just tended to have more... 'explosive' results the closer you got, depending on what sort of shell you utilized. But, ultimately, Hilaria was much more useful in close-quarters combat.

Hilaria managed to catch the tail-end of the interaction between Dina and the couple. Seemed they were splitting up. Perhaps, then, she could acquire a partner. "Lexander~?" she used his nickname without a thought. "If you don't have any plans, Hilaria would love for you to accompany her~"

His answer would not affect what she did next, which was to grab Mariette's attention when possible. "Hilaria prefers to be up close and personal, and is good at acting as a WALL to hold a position~ Hilaria can go where you think she's needed with that in mind~" she told the witch and, if Alex hadn't rejected her call to action, she would give him a warm smile.
Nearing the End of the Greatest Show on Earth

Also like was Alter Ego really in both games? Like do you really consider AE to be Chiakers, am I missing something? I mean you're technically right but also technically wrong.

Even as Alice appeared to be out of commission, she could still hear what everyone else was saying. Even Davis' reasoning, and explanation for the Candidate's Game. It left a bitter taste in her mouth, but in a way, it was rather sad. She couldn't help but chuckle dryly. "What's the point?" She asked.

"Si- Alice??" Henry appeared concerned as she stumbled back up, and dusted herself off with a resigned expression. She then glared coldly at Davis. "Even if you managed to replace Parker, it wouldn't feel the same, would it? Like replacing something of sentimental value. You won't be able to play ignorance forever either." She chuckled, a crooked grin appearing on her face, though her tone remained sinister. "I do feel bad for you, Gallo. Grief does wonders to one's mental state. Buuut not enough to gloss over the fact that this??" Alice motioned to the room, and then to the screens. "This is nothing less than a hellish obsession, accented by the fact that you're playing God here." she crossed her arms.

"Gotta wonder what the real Alice Parker would think, seeing that she married a monster. And here I was hoping we could overthrow you at the end, quite disappointing, really."

If there was anyone who would have loved to taunt and berate Davis, it would have been Zachary. Spite had, at least seemingly, been a part of his reason for pushing on in this hellish game. But right now, he could not bring himself to join in with Alice, instead, with wide eyes, he softly repeated “Dad” under his breath.

“I have to agree,” spoke Daimyon, nodding at Alice’s words. “Some things are...not transferable. Not recreatable. Even if you have mind and body, you still don’t have the soul, no, never the same one. And you will know. Even if your new Alice won’t, you will. It’s…” he trailed off, gazing into the distance. Strange emotions overtook him. “Imagine if the real Daimyon died, and my...his family got me as a replacement. Maybe I’d believe I was him, but they would know I wasn’t. And then, eventually, I would find out too. And it would break my heart, break it into a thousand pieces and scatter them to never be found again. Do you want to do this to your new Alice, Davis? Do you want to do this to yourself?”

“Daimyon, Henry, Alice. I have been running this game for years, maybe decades.” Half of the screens changed to show a montage of all the killing games that had transpired over the course of the infinite killing game. Caora strangling Mary, Mondatta crushing Cyrus’s skull, Jezebel blowing her own brains out with Justiciar’s hand cannon. “I have been the author of many tragedies. Most but not all intentional. I am responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people. I have watched my friends rise and fall like the waves of a tide, the surge of conquest.” He parted his arms. “Wouldn’t now be a strange time to have an epiphany that rendered it all irrelevant? I’ve had this discussion with infinites far more suited for it than you, and they were unable to refute my logic.” He balled his hand into a fist. “I am infinite conquest! I always get what I want. I never cease charging forward. Ethics, morality, and despair be damned!”

While the three questioned Davis, Shona looked to Zachary. "Steel yourself, Zachary. We do not know your father’s fate. He could still be alive. I doubt the real Zachary would just leave him. If you still care deeply for him, the original must as well."

“T-the real Zachary…” Zachary softly repeated under his breath. For a moment, he looked at Shona and then, with a laugh that betrayed his derision, his eyes seemed to lose much of their focus. “That’s right,” he said. “I have no right to worry about him…I’m not even real, after all…”

Jezebel placed a hand on Zachary’s shoulder. “H-hey.” She gave him a light shake. “Like, we’re almost out of here. We just have to vote for someone to become Alice. Someone in this killing game that totally isn’t a carnage sister.” She sighed. “I don’t want to vote for any of us. Like, that would be like killing someone.”

“What other choice do we have?” he rubbed his shoulder as he pulled away from Jez. “...It’s just like any other round. Someone has to go,” he sighed.

"Right. So you don't give two shits either way. Good to know!" Alice sarcastically gave Davis a thumbs up, with a deadpan expression. "Although since it's sorta confusing addressing both Parker and I as Alice, might be best to refer to me as-"

"Hyde." Henry said. "Emilia Hyde, or just one of the two works." He explained, glancing over to the girl. "Took you a while to pop up, I was starting to worry."

"Yeah, well, most people here already saw me as the local scumbag, so I had to restrain myself to avoid a lynching." Emilia rested a hand on her hip, with an eyebrow raised. She sighed. "And...I didn't want Isaiah to think I was a monster for suddenly going feral on everyone's asses..." She scratched the back of her head. "So! Seeing as holding myself back, keeping my emotions on the downlow, AND taking the bullshit insults thrown at me has overall been pointless in the end," Emilia counted on her fingers. "Why not bash Gallo's head once he gets off his pedestal? Best to take out my rage on someone who damn well deserves it." She shrugged with a chuckle.

As unnerving as it was to stand so close to the transformed, deranged recon, her threats felt somehow hollow to Daimyon. “If you could...get him off of his pedestal and, ah, crush him, it would be most excellent, but I have a feeling he has prepared for this occasion,” he commented. Shifting on his feet, he tried to measure everyone’s words, consider every opportunity. He knew one thing for himself: so close to the finish line, he would not fall or falter now. He would get out, and he would find the real Daimyon—sharing a glass of wine, they would laugh about the world’s absurdities. “Davis! I understand now that there is no point in arguing with you. Then let me ask you this, Infinite Conquest: if you always get what you want, what point is there to this charade? I do not for a second believe you haven’t already made up your mind. Select your victim, and let us end this game, this tragedy that’s had one too many acts.”

“My investors would not appreciate that.” Davis put one leg over the other. “Regardless, the game is over. Your choice doesn’t really matter that much to me. This is just one last stroke of drama before the show comes to an end.” He shrugged. “I didn’t really want to resort to a death timer like Monokuma did in the last trial. Is that necessary to make you vote?”

"Alice, Hyde, whatever you wish to call yourself." Shona addressed the recon "What do you intend to do? I would not advise attacking him, as tempting as it may be."

Emilia looked at Shona with a disappointed frown. "Can't have nice things, even now, huh?" In thought, she looked back to Davis, then the voting terminal. Then it hit her. The only way that she- that they can harm the mastermind was to turn the trial against him theirselves. After all, he was part of the game, even for a short while. Not one moment did she hesitate to vote Davis off.

Henry was of course concerned with how fast she made her choice. "Wait, what are you-?!"

"Turning his 'perfect' plan against him." Emilia's mischievous grin returned. "Unless you guys got a hidden vendetta, or other plans, I suggest you follow suit!" she told everyone.

“So it is all a farce, in the end.” Daimyon shook his head sadly. He was under no delusion that Davis had not planned for the Infinites to vote for him, but there was scant other choice. The poet was not going to nominate anyone else to the gruesome fate, and not voting would have only ensured his own death. “Very well then. You shall have your drama—and we shall see who has the last laugh!” With dramatic flair as such, he pulled the selection lever for the mastermind.

“I don’t have the best feeling about this, but if everyone else is going to do it…” ‘Zachary’ felt as though this was somehow a reality that had already been accounted for. Davis had, if his word was to be believed, done this game on multiple occasions. How many other groups had come to this same conclusion before?

More importantly, what happened to them?

They were not here, but Davis sure was. It could mean they escaped. That they had outplayed the conquest and earned their lives. A simple yet a happy ending where the bad guy got what they deserved and the rest could not live in fear of death and betrayal each day. It could, but...

But Davis was still here.

Zachary’ paused before he entered his vote. “ this really the best decision?” he mused. But he didn’t know the answer. He didn’t know a lot of things. Was he himself? Was Davis expecting this? Davis was finally locked in but even that left ‘Zach’ wondering about it. Was the choice to vote for Davis here really his… or everyone else’s?

Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter…

Jezebel voted shortly after Zachary did. Shona took a deep breath before following suit.

“Is that so?” Davis folded his arms. “It is a legal move, I did participate in the infinite killing game. But are you sure you want to go through with it? It might not be the ‘gotcha’ moment Mason thinks it is.”

"I can not speak for everyone, but I agree with Jezebel. Turning any one of us into Alice Parker would feel like killing them off. If you want her in this world so badly, then perhaps she ought to take your place."

Davis cast his gaze over the infinites. They all looked back. Some scared, some determined, but no one spoke a word. The silence was finally broken when Davis started to chuckle.

“All this time! All this time it was I who was the perfect Parker! Why didn’t I learn sooner? Of course!” He threw out his hands. “You’re all just a bunch of normals! None of you know her like I do. None of you possess the mind, the reflexes, the determination, no, the more I think about it the more sure I am that only I can do it!” He placed a hand over his face. With a sigh, he lowered his hand. Once again the mastermind’s face had become stern and serious. “Well, at the very least, the infinite killing game allowed us to perfect the technology to bring her back. I would have liked to have met Parker myself, but having her back in this world is a price I am willing to pay. I just hope the lot of you realize that this doesn’t change anything.” He shoved his finger into his arm rest. “One of you could have joined me as my wife. You’d have free reign to everything. All you’ve done is replaced your tormentor with the ultimate assassin. But if this is what you wish…”

The screens on one wall of the room parted, and an odd chair emerged. It looked like a cross between the amnesia machine and a NEO world project capsule. The outside was a green glass cylinder that housed a reclining chair. There was also a metal bowl with a chin strap, and hundreds of wires spilling out of the machine. Davis did not hesitate, he dove off of his throne and into this strange contraption.

The glass cover closed around his body, and the bowl lowered itself over his head. His expression didn’t change when a monokuma robot clipped the strap for him.

Then his body shook, like he was being electrocuted.

Electricity danced along the surface of the green glass, and hundreds of lights lit up all along the strange seat. A Monokuma bot shouted at another Monokuma bot to apply more power. The grabbed a lever and pushed it as far as it would go. The chamber was filled with a blue light, then darkness.

It only took the room a second of so for the screens to come back online, filling the room with light once again.

”Let’s see if the surgery was a success, shall we?” Kill good cleared his throat. ”Who am I speaking to?”

“Alice.” After responding, Davis looked at his hands. “What’s happened to me?”

”I’ll explain in a bit!” Killgood put his paws behind his back. ”I just want to repeat that one more time though: You are Alice Parker, not Davis Gallo. Does that sound right to you? You’re not pretending to be Parker right?”

“Yes, Davis is… a close friend.” They looked at Monokuma. “What’s going on.”

Monokuma nodded slowly. ”Let me tell you what’s going on.” Monokuma walked away from Davis/Parker/Whatevertheyweresupposetobecallednow. ”For a very long time, I’ve been under strict orders to do everything Davis wanted. If he told me to jump, I jumped, if he told me to cry, I cried, you get me?” Monokuma snapped his fingers(?) and the throne floated behind him. The bear promptly sat in it. ”So he’s been running this killing game how he wanted to, and regardless of what I wanted to do, I had to listen to him. So my cool desbearful ideas were just pushed off to the side while he went about his quest to white knight someone. But there’s a catch.” The bear put it’s paws together. ”I had to listen to him because his name was Davis Gallo. That was how it was coded. Since Davis Gallo no longer exist, guess what that means?”

“I don’t-”

Before they could respond, they were pulled behind the wall, and the monitors closed up again.

”Whew!” Monokuma slumped in their throne. ”Glad that’s over with.” The bear turned their head to look at everyone. ”Oh, yea, guess we gotta do something with you guys.” the bear hopped onto its feet. ”So uh, yea. I dunno what to do with my freedom. I’ve been pretending to be Monokuma, but that’s kind of over with now.” The bear tapped his foot. ”Do you guys know who I am? There have been some hints here and there.”

Jezebel was still trying to piece together what had just transpired. “Like, do we get a hint?”

”I’m Infinity initiative’s number two.”

Emilia was smiling throughout Davis's overwrite into literally the third Alice Parker. Even when the old mastermind had tried to sway them from voting him, he did get what he wanted in the end. Besides, if she couldn't kill Davis outright, total erasure of his existence was good enough.

"You sure you knew what you were doing, Em?" Henry couldn't help but ask. Emilia chuckled in response.

"If I had to chose between dealing with another psychopath; fallen from grace over a demented obsession, or a girl who shares a similar occupation which I know of that can be swayed to the good side with a little effort??" She rambled on. "Yeah, I'd rather deal with Human Parker." her smile turned calm when Monokuma appeared once again to the group. The little monochrome devil was a sight for sore eyes, if she was honest. Emilia wasn't confused in the slightest when the bear dropped the act; she always knew there was someone else behind the mask other than Davis, but who they were in the first place left both Henry and her stumped.

In fact, it seemed no one knew. Atleast, as far as they could tell.

"Forgive me, dear friend, but it seems your secret is the one that eluded us the most. Quite impressive, I'll say." Emilia spoke up. "Unless you'd rather toy with us a bit longer, there's really no point in hiding who you are anymore, is there?"

“I have to agree with our...transformed friend,” Daimyon nodded, holding his notebook up. “Sadly, a lot gets lost in translation when written down...even if it’s me with the pen. And, as it were, I have no pen right now, so…all I can do is read up on the past and its many scattered fragments. I’m afraid that would take entirely too long.”

Zachary wracked his brain even in his slump. Who could Killgood be? Number 2? Had they seen who got that spot. “Uh,” he sighed. “Could it be that vulgar girl, Olivia Smith?” he asked. “Jez and I saw videos that sorta looked like some sort of induction ceremony for her on a terminal just a bit ago…”

”I appreciate the guess, Zachary. Olivia was instrumental to getting the Infinity Initiative started, but she is not the number two.” ‘Monokuma’ swung his paws behind his back. ”Tell you what? Let's go over what you know about me one last time.”

“Like, You were totally in a few killing games?” Jezebel, like Zachary, recalled the videos.

”Yes! And the exact number is two.”

Shona groaned. "There are so many killing games we don’t know about."

The bear shrugged. ”It wouldn’t be very fun if my identity couldn’t be worked out from the details provided. The two killing games you know the most about are the killing school life and the killing school trip. I was in both of those.”

"That narrows it down to Makoto, Byakuya, and-"

”OH! One other detail you might have forgotten.” The monochromatic toy yipped. ”The number two seat is filled permanently. That means that they are never replaced.”

Shona raised an eyebrow. "Are you saying you are immortal?"

”Something like that.”

“It can’t be Makoto or Byakuya,” Zachary stated this firmly. He couldn’t believe those two would ever endorse or even allow something like this cruel game to happen, no matter what. “From what I remember, Junko was responsible for the school trip, even after dying at the end of her original appearance at Hope’s Peak. But there shouldn’t be any more Junko after that…” This was annoying. “The only ones I can think of are Junko, Makoto, Byakuya, and Monokuma. Hajime Hinata was not part of the one Junko died in, either.” he scratched his head. “All the others were only a part of that particular simulation, I’m sure. Well, one of them was technically made for it, weren’t they?”

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute!!" Henry yelled, quickly moving up to the front of the group. "It can't be- Alter Ego, is that you?!" He asked the bear with widened eyes.

”Alter Ego…” Daimyon repeated, tasting the words, mulling over the implications. He had been behind his non-amnesiac friends in this guessing game with the mastermind bear—reading could never substitute thinking, after all—but these two words, for the moment at least, seemed to hold the key to salvation. “Someone who was present for both of the famous murder-games...someone who, quoting our friend, is permanently occupying that number two spot, never to be replaced. Never…” he thought out loud. “Ha. Us mortal men cannot know ‘never.’ has to be a machine. It has to be Alter Ego.”

The bear seemed to power down once everyone put forth their guess. Not much later, the monitors parted once again, and Davis stepped into the room. Or at least, his body did. He didn’t hold himself like Davis, and he didn’t hold himself like Alice Parker either. He took several small steps into the room before folding his hands together. Once the monitors closed behind him, he gave the infinites a sideways glance. Though there was no pride in this person. They avoided making direct eye contact with everyone as they spoke.

”I knew you’d figure it out eventually.”

The screens started to display someone. The person on the screen mirrored all of Davis’s actions, as if it was some mirror reflecting things as they actually were in the room.

E m i l y


— Emily

As she was a rather selfless person who desired to help others, Emily decided to listen to the stranger and patiently waited right where she stood. Of course, even if she wanted to, it was a bit awkward to try to leave when someone had you nearly pinned to a wall. She would have had to duck and slide under this person's arms and at the moment she was too confused and nervous to do even this what with the girl making an unpleasant growl.

Unfortunately, that was likely her last means of escape, as when the person returned to an entirely upright position, they had become a lot more imposing in stature and then mentioned a word that started with a D and ended with the loss of Emily's ability to think. "?!" the changes evoked a small yelp from the girl out of surprise. "U-uhm...?!" Emily found her ability to talk had been restricted by her anxiety and so appeared akin to a deer in the headlights.

Yet though her physical body had become still, her mind had begun racing faster than ever before.

Host exception: Host.exec.StackOverflowError

"This is unacceptable!"

Emily's voice yelled but Oros would not hear it. Nor would Emily herself, as it technically did not exist, at least not on this world. But within the confines of Emily's nearly-shattered psyche, a subconscious contingency had been activated.

"Yer right there, pal. Ain't none of that there nerdy stuffs makin' any sense. Any ya'll know why it's like that?"

Well, multiple contingencies had.

In what seemed to be a board meeting room in a tall skyscraper sat multiple Emily's around a large circular table with a large projector screen beaming the error message onto the wall. After all of them had seen this, the projection then returned to Emily's PoV, which was currently aimed at the floor. This is where time had stopped. The projector rewound to about ten seconds before, replayed, then stopped at the error before repeating yet again.

Though there were multiple Emily's, they were not all the same. The first to speak was physically identical to an untransformed Emily wearing glasses, yet her posture suggested a lot more confidence than the real one had. She grit her teeth and adjusted her glasses before her hand slammed onto the table in response to the other Emily. "No, I'm talking about the error itself! We need to come up with a plan and quick. Besides, this is the easiest form for it to take."

The other Emily was similar in that she looked identical to Emily besides how she composed herself, only this one looked like the transformed version. She sat with her legs on the table and leaned back in her chair all while she had complained. "Well, I ain't understand a damn thing with that message there! Th' heck does 'StackOverflowError' mean to ya? Means nothin' to me! How do you reckon that's 'easy'?"

"It's an error she saw playing Minecraft one time, lol!" another Emily pointed out, both saying 'lol' and then laughing out loud as though the situation were amusing to her. Her visual schtick was normal Emily with a phone in one hand she always seemed to be texting on it and had a sucker in her mouth.

While the others seemed unwilling to take that particular Emily's statement as truth, the one sitting beside her nodded to reassure the others. She did not say anything and refrained from making eye contact with the others.

"With that settled, can we focus on the important part? Or are we going to screw around some more?" the serious Emily asked.

"When ya tell me what the damn thing means, then sure, I will."

Frustrated, the serious Emily sighed and pointed towards the projector. "Emily is not stupid. Therefore you are not stupid. We learned about context clues in class a while ago, don't you remember?"

The transformed Emily rolled her eyes before looking at the screen. The projected yet again repeated the last ten seconds before displaying the error message. "Aight," she said. "So I reckon it has somethin' to do with this individual here."


"Ya'll got any sound? They're sayin' somethin' yet I can't hear a nothin'."

"Like, just listen, LMAO"

The transformed Emily tilted her head in confusion before giving a wild attempt at guessing what they meant by that. When they actually focused on the projector, she heard the audio. "Oh, that's what ya meant..."

"I'm Oros, in case you were wondering. Since you bumped into me, we're going on a date."

The projector let out an unpleasant noise before it immediately replayed only part of that sentence.

"Since you bumped into me, we're going on a date."

Every Emily in the room collectively gasped, while the transformed one began rolling up her sleeve, only to realize she did not have one. "Huh!? That guy's gotta lotta nerve if he thinks he can just say that so boldly!"

"That's, like, not OK. Full stop."

"..." The more reserved Emily did not speak this time either, and she was more or less perpetually nervous, so this addition was the best way to accentuate the point that it was unanimously upsetting.

The serious Emily recovered first. "As you can see, we were brought into this existence for a reason. We are in a dire situation and we must spare no effort in overcoming this obstacle. We will die otherwise."

Another gasp from the room.

"H-hey, yer just fucking with us, right? T-that's not gonna happen over something like this, yeah?" the once boisterous Emily seemed almost timid now.

Serious Emily adjusted her glasses. "It is not impossible. Unless trained, the heart is a fragile muscle."

"But, like, what about all we've endured up to this point?"

"Ya ain't gonna lead my by the nose! What is Lone Rangerin' for all those years if not trainin' th heart, huh?" the rough one asked.

"You are absolutely correct. In that regard, we're strong. Very strong." Serious Emily stated. "But you can be strong in one area but pathetic in another. You can steel your heart for one type of tragedy but have it shatter for another type. And this is the case. We simply do not have the immunity to this sort of damage. It's our kryptonite, I'm afraid to admit."

"...boys?" the silent one finally spoke.



The room went silent. The air seemed to stand still. And all at once, everyone nodded in understanding.

"I see that. Yeah, we're really are up shit creek in a barbed wire canoe without a paddle. I reckon this calls for extreme measures," the vulgar one said.

"Now that we can finally START, lets hear some ideas! I think politely asking the man... person to leave should be a start. It is simple and it does not run a high risk of offending someone."

"Kinda yikes for me, LOL. You don't just kabe-don someone and leave right away. He's gonna be persistent, duh! I would rather, like, make him get a lot of followers on Glimmr first, to prove he's even worthy."

"Alright, well that sounds a bit stuck-up but if it keeps us from dying that's not bad. I admit my attention has lied elsewhere, so I didn't realize we had got a following. How many followers do we have?" the serious Emily asked genuinely.

", on second thought, that's totally not polite. Maybe we shouldn't do it." the phone-wielding Emily shrunk in embarrassment.

"Um... we could... run away...?" the shy Emily whispered.

The transformed Emily shook her head violently. "Nah. Nope. Ain't happenin'! How're ya'll... How're we 'posed to get stronger if we run away with our tail between our legs! We fight!" she pumped her fist. "Rough this sonnavabitch up and let 'em know we ain't some easy bimbo!" she shouted.

"Yes, those are all suggestions. And I have filed them away under 'Things we are not going to do'. And now I'm reminded why you are locked away." Serious Emily glared at the vulgar one, before nodding to herself. "Why, it seems as though the only rational choice is the one I proposed. Since we're all in agreement, I'll just press this---" as the serious Emily was about to place her hand on a big red button in the center of the table, the others all showed their disagreement rather violently.

"Like, no! Maybe mine wasn't good and all, but I'd rather trust our life to it than yours!"

"U-Um, it would be better if we just ran...!" Shy Emily's voice was less like a whisper and more like a whisper-shout now.

"Ya connivin' SOB, I say we wipe that smug look off his face!"

All at the same time, each Emily in the room rushed the button and dogpiled it with their hands simultaneously. Everyone having pressed the big button at the same time, it released a bright light until the entire room turned pure white.




Back in the real world, time hadn't moved whatsoever. Oros has just finished his little spin and Emily had yet to do anything. Which Emily had actually succeeded?

Oros would begin to feel the air bite even more than it had before. The temperature around Emily dropped to dangerous levels as a glow that started at her legs traveled up her body until it reached her head before popping without warning. A silhouette of flame etched itself into the wall directly behind her. It was an impressive feat given she wasn't currently transformed.

"UmsoIdon'treallyhaveapreferenceandIdon'twanttoberudebutisn'tdatingonlyforpeoplewhoreallylikeoneanotherIjustmetyouafterallBesidesI'msureyoucandobetterbutIdofeelbadaboutyourtoastbutIdontknowwhattodoI'msorry!" she stated as clearly as she could.
S i l h o u e t t e

"Can't seem to pull my SSS portal waifu. RNJesus why have you forsaken me?"

Silhouette had hoped she could simply be a background character until the fighting started, even choosing to ignore Mariette's... interesting way to describe her, opting to believe it was intended as some sort of compliment. Were things not about to get dangerous, she might've reflected on the fact she did not seem to want to be known as "scary" or the sort, but instead Helga and Mariette's lingering bad blood roused her from her silent observation once Mariette had finished conversing with them.

She momentarily glanced at Mariette, then to Helga. They managed to talk things out which was an ideal resolution to this bit of conflict, but presently, Helga was making her look bad in front of the cool portal witch. She felt it would be better to lay things down now while they had to chance. "Helga. Su," she took them off to the side and lowered her voice, but her irritation etched onto her features while her voice became stern made it easy to see she wasn't happy. "I want to establish that as of right now I am working as an ally to Mariette and that you both are my plus two, so to speak." Samantha didn't feel the need to tell the two that there was also another reason for her to be here, but there most certainly was. "At least while you're my responsibility, leave the problems at the hotel, for my sake. I don't want to sound like a nagging mother. You aren't children so I imagine you understand that how you act here does reflect, for better or worse, on myself." she sighed as her voice lost a bit of the edge it had. " That said, I will not hesitate to take an unruly child over my knee. That is all I wanted to say."

It was when she finished chiding the pair (or pretty much just Helga, really,) that Trixy appeared next to Samantha and wrapped her in a comfy hug. Sam didn't dislike it. She attempted to answer the girl's question "Su is a..." she seemed to hesitate, as if not sure if she was allowed to use the word, but eventually went ahead. "...a friend but I haven't had the chance to speak to Helga in a more pleasant setting. Anyway, I'm fine with sticking together, especially with you," she told Trixy but had to, albeit reluctantly, part from the hug with a 'but'.

Helga wasn't the only one who did bad things in front of the cool portal witch.

"That is only if you apologize," she told Trixy.

Having been around the world and experiencing a plethora of different cultures, Samantha could confidently say that shooting someone without their consent was frowned upon in the modern world. It was like a taboo. Even if she tried her very hardest, she drew blanks when trying to recall any point at which someone replied positively to taking a nonconsensual bullet. Actually, they didn't reply at all, which is probably why she was paid.

But trusting Trixy to do the right thing here, she patiently waited and listened as things began to take a more serious turn. Since Mariette took the liberty of explaining how the key worked, Samantha was saved the trouble. Sticking close to her company would be mandatory but she expected as much when Mariette mentioned the traps earlier. And while not to downplay the rest of the assault, it appeared that if they were to secure a victory over Justine, the most efficient way of doing so would be through the swift execution of Sonia.

Sil wasn't sure what sort of actual combat prowess Sonia held, but it was safe to assume that even without her mobility as an edge, she was likely far from a pushover. Admittedly, the idea of dueling Sonia had a nice feel to it especially after the rave, but if Sam had to stick close to Helga and Su, then she didn't think that was going to happen.

Suppose with the inclusion of Beacon, there's not going to be any shortage of action. Can't jump to the main course immediately.

Justine would have to wait for the moment. Dealing with her siege and minions would have to come first unless she positioned oddly in this fight. "How do you guys want to approach this?" she asked her party as she hoped nobody noticed she doesn't have a stat/skill header just yet.
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