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Current "When you get to the point where you can laugh at your mistakes, you'll find new things to replace what you lost."
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"Damn stupid sun, making it morning whenever it wants even though I'm sleepy. Who does it think it is? Doesn't it know it has me to thank for its continued existence? "
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"I am Ferdinand von Aegir"
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"While masticating steadily away, I ponder a certain philosophical dilemma --- Do beans have emotions?"
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"Bullpup is the ultimate form of assault rifle. Don't @ me"


Hello, person looking at my profile! I hope you're having a wonderful day but considering where you are, the likelihood is that you are not. Sucks to suck, nerd.

My name is Dalton, but I go by many names. Famished, Pants, King, or Chad, to name a few. I'm a dude of 26 years of age who is fond of degeneracy in the form of anime, games, and visual novels. On the subject of games, I'm a big fan of Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, Disgaea, and Nier. Unfortunately, I've also gotten into a relationship with League of Legends that has been going on for about 7 years, so there's that. I've also come to adore FFXIV, too.

League of Legends: Chad Chadlainn, NA
FFXIV: Chad Chadlainn, Leviathan
Steam: FamishedPants

As for anime, I mostly look for whatever seems like it'd be funny, even if the show isn't supposed to be a comedy. Thus, I have seen quite a lot of shitty isekai and battle harems, and all kinds of stuff. I enjoy Re:Zero, as well as Jojo and Highschool DxD. If it has big anime tiddy, then it's probably been seen by me.

For visual novels, I have an obsolete list here. There's a number of VNs I've read that aren't on that list but maybe I'll be bothered to update it finally? Anyways, obsolete or not the fact remains that I adore Muv Luv and think everyone should read it if given the chance. The Fate/Stay Night VN is many times better than any sort of anime that'll ever release, so fans should also try that. For people bigger on fun character interactions, give Grisaea no Kajitsu a try -- the anime was pretty garbage, but much like DEEN's Fate anime, that's because they tried to mix every route into one. And, naturally, look into Monster Girl Quest if you haven't already. Most people come for the sex, but all stay for the plot.

I tend to join RPs when I'm recommended them by someone I know, but occasionally I'll search for one myself. If for whatever reason you don't know me but intend on sending an invite anyway, I'm not too hot on things that focus around diplomacy or romance. Still, feel free to give it a shot.

Now, I'm aware that Broken is eagerly awaiting the point in my bio where I insult them. So fuck you. And fuck you too, Phonic. If Erode is reading this, fuck you but a bit softer, more gentle. Other people: Take me on a date first, then we'll see.

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S i l h o u e t t e

"Even I have standards."

"No room for disappointment here then. Let's make this seem routine."

Silhouette eagerly nodded in response to Trixy. As a lone wolf, she wasn't often made to cooperate directly with other people. Bar the fight with the Contender and their sparring, this would more or less be her first real experience seeing Trixy in action, and from so close. Given Sil herself thought she had potential as well as Veronica accepting her as an agent, Sam knew that things would probably go alright. But with her pessimistic nature and all of the carnage, she found it difficult not to expect the worst.

And speaking of carnage, even in her old life, she hadn't often seen this many people dead in one area. She gave merely a disinterested glance at a few of the ones she passed by or over and continued on her way. Samantha would never claim to be a good person, but even when murder was her occupation, she at least ensured she made the job as quick and painless as it could be.

To see these girls with twisted expressions, she could only imagine what sort of pain they were in during their last moments. She didn't want to, though. A slit throat or even a bomb would've been a much better way to go. Silhouette wasn't going to seek vengeance for these girls but if the opportunity presented itself to cleanse the world of the degenerates who orchestrated this... well, she wouldn't complain, either.

But, as was usual, her objectives took precedence over something like that. As the group bar Tetrad arrived at the scene their monstrous target was already engaged with another girl and also attempting to devour any corpse it could get its tentacles on. Trixy made a good call to try to deny it any more food, which inspired most of the others in their group as well as those who later arrived to focus on its appendages. Sil, however, would see what damage she could do to the beast itself.

Hectic. But most things are nowadays. Well... lets get dangerous, I suppose.

Deftly she traveled, effortlessly maneuvering around the debris and bodies that littered the floor, observing and planning a route of attack. There were numerous tentacles all apparently capable of acting somewhat independently of one another. This monster was no joke. Placing her hands together, she empowered herself with her own time magic to make her actions and reactions much faster. Once she was done, she threw an arm out to the side and a shadow of herself appeared parallel to her. Her Dusk was mentally instructed to seek out bodies that Hyun was looking to snatch and essentially play 'Keep Away' without retaliating.

Finally, Silhouette made her own move. Hers was to assist Rachel in actually attempting to kill the monster rather than starve it, so she would attempt to dash by it, slashing at Hyun and immediately retreating in a hit-and-run style offense.
E m i l y

"I return!"

— Emily

"I appreciate it!"

With the help of Sakura's Puchuu, Emily was able to think clearly once again! Her eyes sparkled but her chest tightened when she realized it was someone else's puchuu that helped her out of that mess and not her own. What was that missing idiot Jonald good for? Well, it was to be expected from him and it honestly didn't matter at the moment. Now that she was no longer inebriated, she could and would make up for any time lost by doing her absolute best to save who she could. And needless to say, she would follow her friend into the pink-colored chopper that had been made out of her bike.

Emily was an idealist, but she wasn't an idiot. With so many girls here, as much as it pained her to admit, she knew that things would escalate. They always seemed to here. But when they neared the park and she caught sight of a giant horror in the sky, she found it more than a little difficult to believe all of this started from some rave. But she wouldn't complain. She loathed to see her sisters in pain, but there was no point in being a magical girl if you didn't have bad things to prevent!

She eyed the surrounding area, only to find that despite everything happening in the rave, there was a lot of stuff going on here, too. Or it seemed like it, anyways. Evidence of conflict was quite apparent, as dead horror flies and even what appeared to be the remains of some girls littered the ground. She was almost beginning to grow accustomed to the sight of dead sisters which was probably the last thing in the world that Emily wanted. But even despite the additional threats now presenting themselves, she saw something that was much more imperative, in her opinion. Emily leaned out of the side of the chopper to get a better look.

"W-what's going on over the---"

Ackerson had been intently watching some enraged magical girl rushing a smaller group of what seemed to be Beacon, even throwing an arm at one of them. But before she could finish her sentence, their ride was struck by something and they were forced to make a crash landing. Being halfway out of the helicopter already, Emily was flung from it and sent spiraling towards the ground. Before she could make a magical girl-sized splat on the ground, she gained her bearings and righted herself using her flame specialization.

"Woah, that was close!" she gasped.

People often died when they collide with the ground from such a high fall, so she was very thankful she didn't do that. But she wasn't that important right now. Emily sighed in relief when she saw Sakura and the rest exit the chopper with little evidence they'd been in a crash. "Oh, I'm so happy you're alright!" Emily yelled from her position in the air. "But there are people in trouble over there! I'll go see if I can help!" she declared before she blasted off like a rocket on her own at a rather impressive speed.

H i l a r i a

"Gonna thunderclap them cheeks if you don't pay attention."

— Hilaria

Ishtar's begging did not appear to be doing any good. To an observant eye and, of course, the one Hilaria was attacking, something was pulling inside of her, attempting to break her out of her trance. When Ishtar spoke, her blows seemed just that bit slower or had less strength behind them but ultimately, it was not enough. What feelings she had for Ishtar were being drowned out by the rage that had claimed her sanity. She would likely continue attacking the girls before her until they were nothing but a bloody, gruesome stain on the ground.

But then the three horrors came and decided to brand the berserker.

Roaring yet again, Hilaria stumbled back in obvious pain and this gave the girls she'd engaged with some space. For a minute, it seemed as if something was tearing through her body, as it twitched and spasmed over a short period. And then, as sudden as it came, it went. Hilaria stood upright, but something was much different about her demeanor. Though she'd suddenly gained what appeared to be an even sturdier hide, a stronger physique, and empowered weapons, it was the air about her that changed the most. She almost seemed calm.

She corrected her posture and her weapon vanished into the air, but despite this, nobody would get the feeling she had calmed in the slightest. Rather, her anger seemed to swell even further, perhaps due to the cursed power bestowed upon her, to the point where it became palpable. Ishtar and the girls around her would likely surmise that she need only another trigger before she relentlessly set upon someone yet again.

Naturally, Emily happened to stumble upon the scene around this time from behind Hilaria.

She was not oblivious to the aura Hilaria was giving off but since the berserker wasn't currently attacking she wasn't going to throw the first attack either. "U-um..." with the ground being as it was Emily hovered not more than a couple of feet off of it. She worriedly looked over to the Cardinal and her posse, then back at Hilaria as if to wordlessly ask what was going on. "...hello?" she asked, floating closer to the girl.

This was the trigger. It was at this point that it seemed like there was no filter any longer. What was before her... that would be her target from now on. No 'protecting' Isabella, no seeking revenge. As long as she was like this, she would just attack. And the innocent Emily was, unfortunately, the closest one to her now.

When she was only a few feet out, the berserker slowly turned to Emily in a motion that was far tamer than it should have been. Glaring at the fire girl, Hilaria began growling lowly instead of the roaring she had done earlier. Her outward appearance, in general, seemed to be far less bestial than before. But as mentioned before: she was certainly not any less mad.

Hilaria drew her weapons. It was not the scutum nor the shotgun-axe this time but instead, a pair of gauntlets meant for beating her enemies into a bloody pulp. She began running towards Emily with a fist raised, ready to attack. Seeing this, Emily quickly came to understand that she wasn't going to be talking this one out, so she went to flee further up into the air, only to hear what sounded like a ridiculously loud clap behind her before felt like she'd just been shoved, which caused her to drop to the ground.

Falling only from a few feet into the air, she wasn't harmed in the least, but she found it difficult to move her feet and glancing down, she noticed the sand encasing them. "Oh, gosh darn it!" she looked back up to see Hilaria progressing through it essentially unhindered towards her, simply brute-forcing her way through it. Emily shuddered when she thought about how easy it would probably be for the berserker to rip her in half was she able to get a hold of her. She needed to escape and she needed to do so now.

Lucky for her she wasn't anchored to the floor. Emily applied some thrust and that was enough to get airborne again. Since she was no longer on the ground, she wouldn't be hindered by the sand. It was simply a matter of boosting out of the berserker's range, and then she'd work on what to do from the safety of the air. Except... she was going nowhere.

She was applying enough oomph into her thrust that she should be flying, but instead it felt like she was being dragged back. Hearing the dark knight's growl becoming terrifyingly close, she looked back and spotted Hilaria mere seconds from grabbing her leg. Not only that but instead of the ground, it seemed she was being pulled towards Hilaria.

Is that?!

Emily noticed something strange about Hilaria that wasn't a part of her transformation or those buffs the horrors gave her. It was that a good amount of sand seemed to be clinging to her armor. No, it wasn't just clinging... it was being drawn there by some force.

Does she use gravity?

If this was true, then the closer she got the worse things would get. And Hilaria was already too close for comfort. Emily sighed, then looked up to where she wanted to be: the sky. Putting everything she could into it, she thrust as she'd never thrust before, and somehow she managed to break free, zipping into the air.


As Emily turned to keep Hilaria in her sights, she saw the DMG quite literally clapping her hands together with enough force to send a strong shockwave right at Emily, who evaded in time to not be forced downwards yet again. "Oh, that's troublesome!" Emily cried out in surprise, safely parked too high up for Hilaria to do much else, or so it initially seemed.

The knight planted her feet firmly into the ground, ankle-deep in the sand. Never once taking her eyes off Emily, she bent her knees and then launched into the sky so absurdly high that it startled Emily, who yet again took evasive action, Hilaria's attempted grab just barely failing.

That was too close---

Though Hilaria's attempt to grab Emily failed, that didn't mean she was finished. Behind Emily, of course, was the direction where she had come from. The group from the chopper would be her next targets. Whether they were just arriving or all back at the chopper, Hilaria would descend quickly like a human cannonball towards them, and her collision with the ground would likely cause insane damage in the immediate area and to anyone who didn't bother to move out of the way.
H i l a r i a


— Hilaria

Giving in to her anger, Hilaria moved with wild, exaggerated, and powerful movements. Her every action was laced with her volatile feelings that had not seen a release in near half a millennia. Each step left a strong imprint on the grass of the park as though it were snow, and the very act of swinging her shotgun-axe was enough to make a relatively loud sound as it tore through the air, and then later, an arm. If there was one thing she did not put behind her moves, it was mercy.

As she was far from in control of herself, she would enact a painful, brutal death upon anything in her way if given the chance. Thankfully for Celia, Jenna redirected Hilaria towards the icon of her hatred, which was also why she herself was spared Hilaria's aggression. With Viper before her, her already-narrowed sight was further restricted towards the girl who had robbed her of a purpose.

The moment the axe separated Viper's arm from her person, the berserk girl felt something: A strange pleasure engulfed her that trumped anything that had come before it, be it carnal or cuisine. Were she capable of rational thought at the moment, the combination of satisfaction and undying anger would confound her. Alas, as she was nothing more than a beast, her thoughts were of taking her vengeance and reaping the sensational benefits of doing so.


Using her free arm, Hilaria had snatched Viper's limb from the air before it could even think about landing but still fired her shotgun at Viper, who managed to avoid becoming a clump of meat from the close-ranged blast, while also retaliating. Because of her enraged state, even had Viper's bullets penetrated her skin, Hilaria was unlikely to be slowed by anything short of a fatal blow, and even then it'd have to kill her instantly. Still, the girl was slippery and since Hilaria's game plan was essentially to just hack and blast at whatever was in front of her, the illusions proved to be effective in distracting her long enough for Viper to retreat.

With her prey gone, Hilaria roared yet again, only this time her helmet disappeared, revealing the golden-eyed, horned beast beneath. She snorted like a bull, and then eyed the arm in her possession. Opening her jaw to reveal a set of rather sharp teeth, she dug into Viper's lost limb and ripped out a humungous chunk which she then promptly devoured. With a crimson liquid staining her teeth and around her mouth, she perked up at the sound of the Cardinal's weak voice, and turned to face her.

For the first time since she had begun to rage, Hilaria had remained still as she watched her dying sister call out her true name, as if it had some form of calming property to it. She took an uneasy step towards Ishtar. "...?" Tears seemed to begin forming in her eyes as she took a few more. Before her lay the last piece of humanity she had left, and it was on its last legs. Yet still... Isabella tried to call out to her sibling. Was Hilaria even worth her last breaths? Since their abrupt, unfriendly departure centuries ago, they'd barely spoke, and Hilaria had treated her almost as an enemy. But could this be the power of familial love? That silly idea that almost irritated Hilaria every time she heard someone mention it? It was not long ago she'd scoff at the very notion, but had she really been hoping for something like this the whole time? A person to drag her out of the depths?

That had to be it! It was painful their reunion was only going to last for what would feel like the blink of an eye to an ancient, but in this time they did have together, short as it is, perhaps they could---


The sudden, obnoxious appearance of three new girls to the scene sparked a couple different reactions from different people. One was that there would later be talks from many magical girls about the potential change to the magical girl dictionary definition of the word Ascendency to enable it to become an antonym of 'opportune'. And, of course, there was Hilaria's reaction, which Ishtar would probably not consider 'desireable'.

You see, Hilaria was currently a beast that considered anyone who was not Isabella to be a foe necessitating maiming and killing. She was enraged and incapable of much coherent thought. She was the enemy of everyone. This also included Jenna, but because Hilaria's focus was solely upon Ishtar, she hadn't even registered Jenna up until now. The same could not be said once Tsuki, Hudie, and Elora arrived with all the subtlety of a honey badger tearing a cobra apart.

Any notion of a tamed Hilaria evaporated in an instant.

"—_—— __—"

Her bestial roar was followed by Hilaria turning Viper's old, half-eaten arm into a projectile shot towards Hudie, while she aggressively charged at the people 'threatening' Ishtar.

E m i l y


— Emily

Emily could not name a single instance that had proven to be frustrating as this one had been. How many of her siblings had fallen? How many more would? Would their deaths be dragged out, or would death embrace them with movements as sweet as they were deft? Was wishing them a swift demise the best she could do? Could she protect any of them? She owned, in her own hands, the means with which to do so. And the will to do so was also within her heart. But she was... unwell, and wholly incapable of using either of those to achieve her goals.

Despite their successful 'escape' from the Rave, Lucifer was far from happy. She was an inebriated and sorrowful wreck who was breaking apart at the seams. Many monsters had fallen by her hand, and it was not as though she'd missed out on experiencing loss... but to say the Devil's water wasn't sweet would be quite the understatement. She could not, for the life of her, imagine how one would willingly put themselves into such a disoriented, pathetic state.

She felt as though there was a delay of about a whole second between what she went to do and what she did, and that she was struggling to remain inside her own body. She wondered if she'd, in a literal sense, 'give up the ghost' if she let her guard down. She felt so detached that she couldn't tell if she felt nauseous or not, or tired or awake. With Lily's intervention, however, it became readily apparent she quite nauseous. It took less than three spins before Emily's body told her it was going for an emergency ejection and had Lily kept ahold of Emily for even a second longer, well, she probably wouldn't be as happy as she had appeared. Stumbling into a fall onto her knees, she let loose a rainbow-colored (or so she wanted to believe) vomit off to the side where hopefully people wouldn't end up in it.


Pale as she had ever been but somehow still managing to retain enough awareness to retain what was being passed on by this injured newcomer, Emily sat on the ground. Standing up by herself at the moment was a great way to bring about another disgusting torrent, even if what she was catching was tearing her heart open anew. She had to be strong though. Mourning the loss of her now-deceased sisters should wait until after the ones who could still be saved had been helped.

As Rachel opted to charge headfirst into battle, Emily turned her attention onto the newest friend she had obtained, Connie. She was a shy girl, but even now she wanted to help a friend despite the danger. Oh, how her heart beat thrice as quickly at such a display! Making friends with such a courageous individual was a silver lining in all of this, Emily thought.

Emily pushed herself off the ground, wobbling as she struggled to maintain her balance. "I-if ish posshible..." it was still so very difficult to speak, but she did her best in response to Connie's pleading to Alexander, keeping her mouth turned away, as she imagined her breath was far from pleasant right now. If he could help her become sober, then maybe she could at least be useful in the slightest.
H i l a r i a


— Hilaria

How long had Hilaria been denied an honest emotional connection to another being? When she asked herself this, Hilaria figured it had to have been more than a couple of centuries. Hundreds of years aimlessly walking this Earth, existing merely because. A life where one's sole joy was in the delicacies that had yet to be experienced. There was no desire, no ambition. She longed not for a relationship nor any sort of wealth or material item beyond the currency required to consume yet more foods she had yet to try.

Meaningless, just like she imagined everything and everyone else to be. Purpose was, after all, merely a means with which to set oneself up for devastation. People were flawed, terrible things. They killed one another over the silliest of trifles. They abandoned over the most insignificant slight. Not to mention how many mistakes they made. And as she finally started recalling more and more memories of her life, particularly with her sibling, she came to understand something:

She was still very much a person, too.

Hilaria arrived at the scene in the park moments too late. A thunder followed her less-than-subtle entrance as if some form of applause, while dust and earth were kicked up from her landing. She waited not for it to dissipate, instead making a beeline for the Cardinal with everything she had. It, unfortunately, was not enough. Hilaria was too far away to prevent Ishtar's murder and any sense of purpose she once had drained out of her body in an instant, the failure of her objective becoming the impetus behind her cease in movements. She then fell to a single knee.

Wherefore did fate rejoin us, only to separate us anew? Be suffering amid solitude mine own portion?

Her hesitation to accept her own feelings on the matter directly resulted in a belated arrival, which led to this terrible outcome. Had she been but mere moments earlier, the assassin's blade would have never found its mark, and she would not be suffering as she was now. The happiness, that foreign, uncomfortable happiness that she had recently felt twisted and bent until it was nothing but a throbbing in her heart. She knew this to be sorrow, and what followed was always despair.

But... something else came.

As she silently lamented the loss of the last remaining connection she had, she glanced up. Up at the girl who had stolen that away from her, and to the others as well. The explosion of the device that Viper had detonated, as well as most of the screams and pleading of others had all but become white noise to her, as she suddenly began to feel warmer and warmer. No, not just warm... but hot. This burning feeling stretched all throughout her person until it was the only thing she felt.

Ah, of course... I'm a hypocrite after all.

The realization that she would soon succumb to another emotion she had abandoned long ago was only the last rational thought she had. Rationality was not the only thing to be evicted, as both sorrow and despair were vacated too, leaving nothing left but an unbridled rage.

The surge of hatred and anger was enough to spark a metamorphosis in Hilaria, as well as her armor. The blood on her suit was slowly absorbed, her dark-gray apparel becoming dyed a purple-black and an ominous haze beginning to seep out of it. Her own features began to mutate, the hair on her head then turning raven-black and her eyes an eery gold. As a full helmet began to appear, Hilaria went through one last physical change in the form of horns that grew from her head, her helmet forming around them as it encased her head in stained metal.

The beast's helmet faced forward.

There were many people in the area around her sister's corpse. They all had their motivations, their allegiances, and their excuses. It mattered not with whom any of them allied with, what any of them were doing there, or what they had tried to do. The fact of the matter was that they all, without exception, were foes to be slaughtered. The crimson tint to Hilaria's vision made her nearly indiscriminate, her befuddled mind only barely registering Viper as a prime target. And with that, there was little else to do, was there?


The bestial sound that erupted from behind her mask no longer resembled anything human, but anyone could tell what it meant. The cry was that of a foe to all. It betrayed the inability to compromise, the futility of diplomacy, and the inevitability of indiscriminate conflict.

Her initial target, naturally, was Viper. The ground where Hilaria stood cracked further as her body lunged forward, compelled by her harmful instincts. Her scutum was no longer in her hands, her intentions of disemboweling and flaying whatever she set upon making it rather useless to her.

Hilaria would not be satisfied with Viper's death. No, in her berserk state, Hilaria would rip her to pieces, tear out her teeth and nails, paint the streets with her blood, and drag out every last painful moment as long as she could. To that end, she would suffer no interference by others. She could only be satisfied if Viper's blood was on her hands. Her red-stained vision still benefited from her Third Eye, and so that meant Celia was far from hidden to her. So, she was an obstacle to be removed even if, to an extent, they shared the same goals.

The beast hesitated not. In her empowered and enraged state, she continued forward and forcefully swung her shotgun-axe down upon the occupied Celia with more than enough force to cleave her in half.

"And the others but lmao at making a new header for them"
Zachary Ackerson

Zachary didn’t seem too pleased by the discussion. “It doesn’t matter,” he told them. “The amount of effort it takes to kill even one of those sisters is ludicrous. We should avoid getting any funny ideas like trying to take them all on if it’s not absolutely necessary. Just keep moving.”

He gave a once-over to the members of their newly-established squad. An archer, a knight, a jester, and a nanny. It sounded like the setup to some weird sitcom, only they weren’t in a position to be laughing.

The archer then inspected his bow and the special arrows that had been made. Even though he hadn’t had it that long, this bow had some significant memories attached to it, and none of them were pleasant. His first trial and that failed Night of Carnage… was this thing cursed? And there was also the fact he wasn’t sure how well he could even use the thing anymore.

“It’s a good thing you’re so selfless. It makes the most sense for you to take point, I feel,” he spoke to Shona after she voiced her refusal to die in vain. “You should be our tank,” he suggested. Of course, looking at the other two, he really wasn’t sure what role would be best for them. Jezebel had… whatever she had -- Zach didn’t know what to call it -- and Emily was packing a powerful handgun. “And...uh, I guess as long as she’s leading, then it doesn’t matter, does it?” Zachary didn’t intend on being half-assed with his attempt at leadership, but things were how they were.

Shona stood in front with her sword drawn. "I think we should take the nearest case of stairs. The sisters will likely expect us to do so, but I feel I am the best equipped for a close encounter with them." She ascended the staircase. "All I ask is that no one shoots near me unless they’re familiar with firearms."

Jezebel had taken a moment to charge up her extendable fists. “Don’t worry, I’ve got great aim with these guys. I’ll just stand outside of your sword swings and we can work together.”

”You and I just have to make sure we don’t shoot them.” Emily giggled at Zachary. ”You’re pretty lucky, you know? All the other teams are mostly men.”

“Huh?” Zach cast a glance at the other two, apparently just now realizing this. “T-that doesn’t matter, does it? You’re being weird…” he cleared his throat and retrieved an arrow from his quiver so that he was as ready as he could be. “A-Anyway, even like this… I won’t accidentally hit someone a second time. Preventing that sort of thing is why I’m the Infinite Archer, after all.” he expertly changed the subject.

”Is it weird?” Emily giggled again. ”Maybe it is.”

Shona started moving forward. "It is natural to try and lighten the mood, especially for a caretaker. But let us continue the idle chatter when we get to the top." Shona lead the way, with Jezebel following closely behind her. Zachary and Emily hung back, but Emily was spending much more time checking the rear and flanks than the front.

The group didn’t get to the second floor before the carnage sisters arrived. With a single swing, Shona cleaved two of them in half, before kicking the third one down. A fourth and fifth had shown up with automatic weapons, but Jezebel was there to assist with her extendable fists, knocking them down together. But more were coming. "They’ve flooded the stairwell! Move!" Shona held her ground until everyone had fled the staircase, at which point she ran ahead of everyone to ensure the path was clear. The ground ahead was littered with broken carnage sister pieces, but it was a passing observation.

Emily turned towards the horde and aimed her hand cannon at them. Being as inexperienced as she was, she did not have proper discipline when firing such a massive handgun. Her elbows weren’t locked, and the gun nearly flew into her face when she fired. The only thing that saved her was her massive breasts. It was enough to knock her down though. Before Shona could rush to her side, more carnage sisters came out of the patient’s rooms to attack them.

“They so need a chill pill!” Jezebel attempted to help Emily up, but the droves of carnage sisters were almost upon them, and she had to start fighting just to stop herself from getting overwhelmed.

Zachary instead came to Emily’s rescue after firing an arrow between the eyes of one of the closer sisters. “Brace for the recoil next time,” he told the nanny as he helped her to her feet, immediately returning to assisting Jez and Shona once he had done so.

As he notched another arrow, he considered their options. “Lets…” he fired, planting an arrow through the ‘brain’ of one of the many sisters setting upon them. “...head to the resort and continue up from there!” he instructed, walking backward in that direction so as to keep the ability to cover for his allies. “We just gotta keep moving!”

“Got it, Baldwin!”

The girls ran ahead, with Zachary following. The carnage sisters split up and ran down separate corridors, which made thinning out their numbers easier for the archer. After following the girls into the music plaza, he could hear Shona shout.

"Who’s that?"

When Zachary turned his head, he could see it. Shona wasn’t the only one who had been raised from the dead. Justiciar was here as well. It could have been a carnage sister in armor, but it was possible Noel was wearing it.

”I am justice.” Justiciar drew her katana. ”And I will punish all of you.”

"This is no ordinary foe." Shona raised her sword just in time to block the vigilante’s incoming swing. "Go! I will be right behind you!" Greatsword and electro katana collided over and over again.

Jezebel shook her head. “They’re moving too fast. Like, I’ll hit Shona if I’m not careful, or get stabbed.” Emily pointed her gun towards them, but Jezebel was quick to push it out of the way.

Zachary had his bow and arrow ready, but was much in the same position as the other two. Even if his eye was not gouged out by one of the sisters earlier, he would still find landing a shot without hitting Shona rather difficult to pull off, so he wasn’t able to take it. The smart move would be to listen to Shona here and fall back before the sisters got a chance to flank and overwhelm, but curiosity got the better of him.

“What the actual fuck is going on?” he lowered the bow, eyeing their new foe. “Didn’t we just watch her…?” he looked at the other two girls not engaged in a swordfight currently, before turning back. “Noel? Don’t tell me you’re coming back from the dead too?"

The swordfighters jumped away from each other, and Justiciar turned to look at Zachary. ”Excuse me?”

Shona didn’t lower her guard for a second. "You know who this is? Was she one of your friends?"

Justiciar reached for her helmet and pulled it off of her head. ”You shouldn’t know me.”

“Ohmygosh!” Jezebel blurted out. “Like, If she forgot everything too, she hates our guts!”

”Can you blame me?” Noel’s eyes trailed over Zachary. ”I’m being confronted by a murderer.” She looked to Jezebel. ”A slut.” Then to Shona. ”And a coward.” She put her helmet back on her head.

"Is there no reasoning with you then?" Shona was already preparing to swing, and so was Noel. There were sparks when their swords collided.

”Only with steel will justice be exposed!”

Zachary seemed unsure of what to do at this point, but went ahead and acted anyway. He did not have the luxury of time, so he was only capable of acting in the moment. "What justice is there in this?" he asked. "Davis is the one torturing and killing people as though it's a game! You'd let more people die by Davis' hands just so you can kill a bunch of jaywalkers? I'm sure the real Noel would be livid if she hadn't already given her life to give us the opportunity to escape." Zach shot a look behind them, seeing if they were being flanked just yet. He was ready to move at a moment's notice, but that depended entirely on how Noel responded. But a certain question arose in his mind:

Wait... where's Emily?

The sound of Emily’s desert eagle rang out from the third floor.

“Ohmygosh!” The jester blurted out again before charging upstairs. “Emily!”

Justiciar might not have believed Zachary, or maybe she didn’t care, but she hadn’t attempted to respond to him. The commotion on the third floor had forced Zachary to see what was going on. When he got there, he could see Jezebel helping Emily to her feet. There was a puncture wound just under her collar bone, with a splintered tip stemming the bleeding.

”Locking my arms helped a lot. ” Emily coughed. She was a big lady, and Jezebel was small even by the standards of most women. Emily could still stand on one leg, but she’d need someone to lean up against. ”I heard someone coming.”

Jezebel was struggling to hold her up, but this was probably for the best. She could still use her extendable fist on one arm. Zachary would struggle to fire a bow with one hand. “Like…”

The queenly laugh of Willow carried through the hallway. Unlike the other carnage sisters, she was on horseback. Her lance laid on the ground in ruins, and her steed had half of its head blown off. As she rode away from them, she drew her rapier. Her cannon rested under her opposing arm.

”Have I been blessed with a rematch?” she said looking back towards Zachary. ”It’s just not going to be the same without your second eye. You’ll only see half my majesty!” She leveled her cannon with the archer. There really wasn’t anywhere to go. To Zachary’s right was the stairs to the lower resort area, as well as the stairs up, but the path to Willow was sandwiched between the bathrooms and a wall of aquarium plants. ”But I feel like we really need this, even if you’re worse for wear.”

“Zachary.” Jezebel uttered.

Zachary directed a challenging glare at Willow as he answered Jezebel. " two should continue on up, I'll follow you after I'm done here," he instructed, a few his words laced with an anxious tone.

Jezebel hesitated. “Come up soon.” She said before taking Emily upstairs.

Allowing them to go, he snapped his right arm outwards as though to wake it up, and then prepared to draw the bow back. His eye didn't leave Willow for even a second. "You've got to be kidding," he said. "Even if I had both eyes, you'd still be down half a horse. And that's the only majestic thing about you." Zachary pulled his bow back and fired an arrow directed at the head of the horse, taking a few steps backward.

Willow leaped off of her steed before the arrow even collided with it. The arrow struck true, but what happened to the mechanical horse didn’t matter anymore. The queenly carnage sister fired a single cannonball at Zachary before casting the cannon aside. Without the cannon, she could run almost three times as fast as normal. Her rapier danced in front of her face as the distance between them swiftly closed.

”I can run almost as fast as your mouth can, haha! ”

Zachary was forced to abandon the next shot he was preparing to take, apparently not confident in his ability to get up after taking a cannonball to the chest. The roll itself was not the cleanest and he even seemed like he landed on his shoulder a little rougher than intended, but he still got up and into a firing stance rather quickly, flinging an arrow at the approaching Willow, but realizing that was probably the last chance he had before she closed the remaining distance between them. The rate at which he started retreating then increased dramatically.

That arrow would have found its mark, right between Willow’s stupid eyes. But arrows were slower than their bullet counterparts. With a tap, the arrow was knocked off course before it landed true.

”Why are you running, peasant?” Willow attempted to stab at Zachary, but he managed to get away with a small cut in his shirt sleeve. ”Were you not ready to lay down your life just a few hours ago?” Her second swing cut into Zachary’s shoulder. He managed to turn into the workshop before she ran him all the way through.

Hissing in pain, Zachary sprinted through the Workshop, keeping an eye out for one tool in particular as he did so. While there were a lot of things he could use to kill another human in this place, something that could do damage to a chassis was a bit harder to come by. This situation called for something a little more “heavy-duty” and, as he expected, he saw what he wanted propped up against the wall next to the door on the other side of the shop.

It pained him to do so, but he wasn’t going to be able to one-hand this, so he discarded his bow and picked up the sledgehammer without stopping, though doing so took a lot of effort, and he barely managed to avoid simply tipping over when he tried. Still, with this success, he charged through the opposing door (using the shoulder that had not just been stabbed) and ran around the corner.

”The archer abandons his bow? And instead grasps the shaft of a primitive hammer?” Willow stepped out of the room, but she wouldn’t even have time to turn her head before Zachary mercilessly swung the sledgehammer into her. She was able to deflect arrows with her sword, but the heft of the twenty-pound sledge overcame any force Willow was able to apply to it. Her sword bent as the hammer plowed into her chest, bending her chassis and rupturing the devices underneath. Blue hydraulic fluid sprayed out of the wound as Willow's eyes flickered. There were no corny last words, no death cry, just the sound of her chassis collapsing to the ground.

“I’m fine with… ha... being slower than you… haa... if it means that... haa...” Zachary panted heavily as his body cried out in pain and his lungs burned. He leaned against the wall of the workshop for a second to catch his breath. “ die first. *Wheeze*”

Zachary’s body demanded that he remain still for a while longer, but he had no such time. The best he could do was power walk back through the workshop, snagging his discarded bow. In the rush he was in just a moment ago, it wasn’t practical to try sling it across his back so he reluctantly parted with it, but that wasn’t a problem now. He didn’t have an actual sling for the bow, so he used the quiver in a ghetto attempt. It would probably fall from his back if he got too rough with it, but it was all he could do. Unless it proved to be a liability, he would try to use the hammer from now on.

With a new weapon and one less enemy to worry about, Zachary made his way up to where Jezebel and Emily were, hoping that Shona could at least make it out on top of their fight.
Err, ignore this
E m i l y


— Emily

"Sh-sh-shorry, I'm... shho sorrrry...!"

Emily's voice was inaudible, drowned out by the cacophony of fighting, singing, and destruction. She couldn't get her body to move the way she desired, so despite attempting to struggle and break free of the grasp on her, she had continued to be nothing more than a doll being dragged along. How terrible! How unforgivable! There were people in trouble and danger afoot, but here she was being nothing more than dead weight!

She could only really hear one thing. The warehouse might have been coming down in parts, Vi's music might've been blaring loudly, but all she could pick up was the sound of her failure. In response to being punched, a girl might grunt. Failure to avoid a slash would result in both missing flesh and a sharp squeal in pain. Even the sound of the last of a girl's air escaping her lungs had not been missed by her. Emily wasn't sure if it was the alcohol or not, but it killed her on the inside nonetheless.

"P-phlease...put me down. Can't yyyyou hearrr them...? They're 'n so mush painnn..." she pleaded.

S i l h o u e t t e


With a quick twist of her body, Silhouette turned her back towards the gunwoman as she shot, the blast bouncing off her durable coat at an angle and hitting some random girl in the leg. No longer than a moment had she turned away but by the time her vision settled back upon where Sonia she had been, Sil noticed the girl had taken advantage of the commotion and left. Frustration visible on her features, she turned back to face the nameless girl that had interrupted her.

As the girl leveled the gun to Sil once again and intended to fire, Silhouette momentarily disappeared only to reappear behind the girl. The girl spun around to face her only to receive a knife to the stomach, which was then twisted, evoking a cry from the girl. Sil pulled the now-bloodied knife out and gave the girl a strong kick, knocking her to the floor. It was a pointlessly cruel act she only registered that she had done after the fact. After all, a stab like that wasn't going to immediately kill a magical girl and could be dealt with if given medical treatment. But that didn't matter. The intentions of the girls who noticed her injured form on the ground were far from noble, and Sil had a feeling that girl wouldn't be a problem ever again if her screams were anything to go by.

Paying little mind to the girl that Ari had just gotten killed, Silhouette moved towards Veronica and arrived just after their targets had fled. Justine's confidence was irritating, but right now they could do little but give chase. That said, Veronica was anything but happy with this turnout and voiced this rather clearly.

"It won't happen a second time," she assured Veronica, ignoring the irritation that arose from Veronica's words. Silhouette was doing her best to suppress the music's effects.

Shade, you need to return to me now.


Somewhere in the middle of the commotion, a lone shadow hurriedly attempted to lift girls off the floor. Her lower half was covered in blood that wasn't hers, and she had had more than a few close calls already. The bar exploding had separated her and Dusty, but she had taken solace in the fact that she saw the girl they'd intended to cheer up had run off with her. At least that meant that Dusty was unlikely to be 'killed' and lose all of her memories, right?

They honestly hadn't gotten to do much before things went to shit, and it may be because she was selfish, but having someone she could confide in was a great feeling. Maybe to most the short moment they had where she revealed her feelings on her existence would be fleeting and forgettable, but for Shade that was a large part of her terribly short life so far. She didn't want it to go away, so she hoped Dusty would find her way back to Trixy eventually.

She hoped.

But for now, she needed to acknowledge her summons. Shade couldn't hear what Sil was saying, but her intention could be felt. IF Samantha wanted her back, then that was what she had to do. Hopefully what little she'd done would have some positive impact, but as she was a tool and nothing else, she resigned herself to being used once more. Shade sunk into the floor and the shadow darted along the ground until it eventually returned Silhouette's shadow to her.


By this point, Veronica had disappeared and Samantha was left in front of the newly-arrived Ascendancy agents. She shook her head and sighed at their outrageous demands. "Ya got me. I'll save you the trouble and get on the ground," she told them, doing very much the same as Veronica and slipping into the shadows. She took not the same route as her employer but arrived outside in mostly the same fashion nevertheless. Even for a squad like them, there was little chance the Ascendancy had the ability nor care to track her through the obnoxious scenery of the club.

Now beyond the reach of the barrier surrounding the warehouse, she remained hidden in the shadows as she traveled along the perimeter towards Veronica. When they had at last met up, Veronica was with Dolly, inquiring about the specifics of their deal. She opted to remain quiet, but couldn't help but notice Veronica's attire had changed.

A shame, really. Shade would be able to appreciate it more, but even Sam wouldn't deny Veronica could pull it off pretty well. Oh well, there were more important things to do than daydream about forming an idol group with her employer and her shadow clone.

Given my last post I suggest shona with Zach's crew. I'd say Cyrus or Emily would also be nice to group with.

"Knight waifus are destined to die."
Zachary Ackerson

An uncanny reproduction of the original Infinite Knight? Zachary could not confirm whether this truly was the case or not on account of having not personally met Shona before now, but that didn't mean he had to blindly trust what the others thought they were seeing. How could he be anything but skeptical about this entire thing? Not only was it a dead person apparently coming back to life, but it was apparently Killgood, or rather, Davis, who had made this so. When did that ever bode well?

Zach was confident that only two outcomes would arise from her appearance: Either, in some strange way, she had really been revived. He couldn't imagine how that would be the case if she really was dead before, but she would inevitably be killed off once again to incite despair amongst them or something to that effect. But if she was some imposter, someone else, then she was going to betray them at some point. This might seem too obvious, but maybe that's what they were going for? It didn't matter though. Even if she was actually the Infinite Actor, she would slip up somewhere. Zachary would be watching her every move. And in the case she did, he would make sure to exploit it before anyone else could be harmed because of it.

He would play a reactive role for now. She wasn't the only thing they needed to fear. "We don't have the time to be screwing around, do we?" Zachary urged the group to continue as he yet again placed himself between Jez and the knight. "Ignoring that Shona possibly came back to life, Davis is fond of hope spots. I'm sure he'll be overjoyed to watch her get run through again because we wasted time here. And with the rules no longer in play, that's incredibly likely"


The group of Infinites had been busy with the return of the Infinite Knight. Some of them were skeptical. Some were surprised. But regardless, all were distracted. With all the ease of drawing a breath, the red-headed figure quietly separated himself from the group with a cocky grin. Now that they had this chance, they were not going to let it go.

But what could they be doing?
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