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You showed up.

One way or another, you've arrived at my profile. You've taken a wrong turn in an alleyway because you didn't pay enough attention to your map. You've heard of something cool and new and thought maybe you'd see what all the fuss is about? Or maybe it is that you noticed like me updating my status or were lurking through an RP or something I am in and just kinda clicked my profile, that happens too. Regardless, you'll come to learn that your actions have consequences. Not this one since you can always just, like, leave.

I have a few names and I don't mind being called whatever you fancy at that given time. KingofTheSpectrum, FamishedPants, ChadChadlainn. Any derivative of these is fine as well. Most tend to use Pants, however. I'm nearing my thirties and enjoy games, anime, V-tubers, and visual novels. You can find my still-obsolete list here as it contains everything important on it.

As for games particularly, I am a huge fan of Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, Nier and its sequel, FFXIV, and recently, Project Wingman.I tend to lean towards shooters and action games, but I have also wasted 8+ years on League of Legends. I think the only games I tend to avoid are card games and sports games, but there can always be exceptions.

For anime, I tend to watch whatever looks entertaining. It doesn't have to be good. I've seen a lot of the generic, poor-quality isekai harems that are out there. It's difficult to remember what I actually genuinely like, but Chaika the Coffin Princess comes to mind, as well as FMA: Brotherhood. I'm currently enjoying Tokyo Revengers.

I've read my fair share of visual novels, as my list would tell you. I can't recommend going through Muv Luv Extra/Unlimited, then playing Alternative enough! Big fan of Rance, Grisaia no Kajitsu, and Demonbane as well. I could probably go on and on about them, but I'll stop here.

Also, fuck you, Broken.

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E m i l y

"Feeling down but not quite out."

— Emily

Penrose was a city that never slept and neither did the monsters that prowled in it, meaning that even when the big players were making their moves, a lot of monsters simply didn't care to wait their turn, or maybe even used it as an opportunity. But Emily was vigilant, especially now that most of Penrose had returned.

Besides that, she would find herself occasionally joining Jonald and his pomegranate-hating 'friend', Laughable-Laura, as they continued their investigation into the whereabouts of the monster that took the lives of the people they loved. But she was no detective and felt rather useless most of the time, with the two others doing their own thing more often than not.

Today was just like many others had been since the party, with her finishing a job against a forgettable monster or two and now heading home. Jonald had left by this point, and Hilaria had not mentioned stopping by her apartment today, so there was no need to rush home. So Emily didn't. She decided to walk, but maybe that wasn't for the best.

Jonald had been assuring her that it was only a matter of time before they could take revenge, but Emily's mind wasn't really on vengeance. It was this weight that sat on her chest that grew heavier each day, ever since that Christmas party.

She had lost two friends that day. Tragically, Samantha had seemingly passed away due to her injuries during the intense Keijo match with Penny. And while that was heartbreaking, while it did cause her grief, it sadly didn't compare to the pain she felt when thinking about Sakura, whom she felt responsible for.

Oh, Sakura... I am so sorry...

How many times had she apologized by now? She felt like a broken record by this point. Each time she thought of the girl, guilt ate at her and she couldn't help it. What else could she do, now?

Needless to say, Emily's flame had begun to dim lately. She could not justify bothering her other friends, like Connie, when she was so disgusted with how she treated Sakura. She wasn't sure she deserved friends if she was going to treat them so poorly over a misunderstanding.

She couldn't even apologize. Sakura was gone. And by the time she came back in about a decade, she would probably hate Emily for not even having the decency to be there as her guardian. For failing her. After all, that's what happened last time she waited for someone. It would be no different now. As long as she kept failing her friends when they needed her, it would always be like that.

But by chance, Emily was brought back to more tangible concerns when she noticed something falling from the sky out of the corner of her eye. "Is that a tombstone?" It was a lot bigger than necessary, but yeah that was. As it neared the ground, it disappeared from view behind buildings separating Emily from where it was going to land. Figuring this could be a fight between magical girls, and naturally wanting to break it up, Emily rushed to the scene.

What she was met with was confusion. No tombstone was anywhere to be seen and nobody was there. It was a vacant street on Penrose, as far as looks were concerned. No, something was off...

And as she thought that, she saw a blurred streak of crimson dart down a nearby alleyway. "Hey, wait up!" Emily cried out, boosting her way over as quickly as she could, reaching it a few seconds after losing track of the person.

When she turned down the alley, she became aware of just how dark it was compared to the street, but even still, she could make out the silhouette of a dark figure in the back of it. She hurriedly entered the alleyway, attempting to grab its attention. "S-sorry if I startled you, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay! I saw this gia-" as Emily took a step, a chill ran down her spine as she noticed there was no heat coming from the figure and she realized that whatever that meant, it probably wasn't good.

Confirming her suspicions was the sudden pain in her back as she was grabbed and slammed against the wall, having been ambushed from behind, despite her not seeing anywhere to hide. But how they got behind Emily wasn't as important as what they were going to do. Emily assumed the worst as she felt something press against her neck, and attempted to bring her gauntlets up in defense, only to notice just how familiar the two red orbs she was now looking into were. "S-Sam, is that you?"

The figure who until now had been strongly pressing Emily into the wall of the alley, and an object into her neck, let up a little bit in response, and the intense shine of her eyes seemed to lessen within seconds. "Sam?" she... questioned. "Yes. You're right, that's right. And you're... Emily?" her eyes widen a smidge as she recognizes the girl. And then a second or two later, she realized she still had something pressed to Emily's throat and backed away, giving her a bit of space.

"Oh!..." Emily sniffled, before breaking out into tears. "I thought you were dead!" Wasting no time getting rid of that space Sam gave her, she gave the assassin a strong hug, which Sam reluctantly accepted. "What happened to you?" she asked between joyous sobs. Pulling away due to a discomfort in her side, Emily realized she just impaled herself on whatever Sam was holding... or would have, if it was sharp. "*sniffle* and what is that...?"

"Dead... no, not quite," she answered. "Closer than I'd like over a stupid game though..." she bit her lip in frustration as Emily brought up what was poking her. It wasn't her knife, obviously, but instead, it was the canister that Bonnie had left her. "Oh, this? It's..." Sam seemed to struggle to come up with an explanation. In fact, she seemed a lot less... 'sure' of anything at the moment, she sounded like she wasn't entirely there yet. "...a problem, I think. You don't need to worry about it."

When she could finally calm herself enough to let Samantha out of the hug, Emily took a step back and apologized for the outburst. "Um... sorry, it's just that after the party, and after what happened to Sakura, I'm just so glad to see you're okay!"

"Sakura?" she repeated, but the look on Emily's face seemingly told Sam all she needed to know. "She's...? I see... It seems I've missed more than a few things in my absence."

Emily tried to smile as best she could. "...a lot goes on in Penrose. Sometimes it feels like you can't blink without something big happening here. Were you... sleeping this whole time, then?"

"I think that's the best way to put it," she nodded. "And... I haven't been awake for too long." Sam rubbed her temples, then looked around the streets. Spotting nobody nearby, she sighed. "...Would you mind catching me up on anything important that's happened recently? Nobody is returning my calls right now."

"Um, I don't mind at all! But... well, I haven't been social recently so a lot of stuff I know is just what I've heard," she pushed her two index fingers together sheepishly.

"...I would take even gossip at this point over being left in the dark," Sam admitted, raising an eyebrow at Emily's words. "Guess I'm not an expert at it... but what is rushing into an alleyway after some stranger if not social?"

"O-oh, umm! See, there was this really big tombstone falling from the sky and I didn't get a good look at you, so I was wondering if you needed help!" she explained.

Sam shrugged. "Well, it's gone. That's all that matters. You do-"

"Sam?" Samantha seemed to suddenly pause mid-sentence, causing Emily to worry. "Hello?"

"Oh, my apologies... Just a bit of deja vu. Don't worry about it..." she glanced around the alley one final time before looking at Emily. "Mind if we move this somewhere more... pleasant?" she pinched her nose and looked at a nearby trashcan.

Emily nodded. "Yeah, we definitely can. Um, I was headed home, so do you want to stop by my place? I can make quite the mean lasagna if you're hungry."


It seemed Samantha's stomach was quicker than she was with its response. Emily could swear she saw a shade of pink cross Sam's features for a moment. "...if you're offering. I don't think I realized how terribly famished I am." she said, turn away from Emily and exiting the alleyway.

Emily stifled a happy giggle, wiping away the last remains of the happy tears she had cried earlier. "Anything I can do to help!"

Samantha's head tilted downwards, and though Emily couldn't exactly what she was looking at, she felt like it might've been that canister she was holding. As her curiosity led her to wonder what was inside, she just barely caught the end of something Samantha said quietly.

"...-lp, huh."

It was so difficult to hear Emily wasn't sure if Sam even meant to speak at all. Emily was no mind reader, even if sometimes her power of friendship could look like such. Was there something Samantha wanted to say? Well, whatever the case was, Samantha didn't look like she wanted to wait in this alley any longer once she turned around to see why Emily had quieted down.

"Oh, sorry! Yeah, lets go!"
S o m e b o d y

"But who?"

— S?

At least here, there hadn't been any loud noises in the past few hours. But where was here? "Here" was likely somewhere secluded, somewhere far away from prying eyes, and somewhere quite quiet.

At least until now.

Suddenly and without warning, a cacophony erupted.

Was that the sound of glass shattering? And yet, no broken windows nearby.

"...ust need to do it long enough to be treate--!?"

What was supposed to be the corpse of a magical girl peacefully resting on a bed or table suddenly started speaking before cutting herself off prematurely, confused as she sat up to take in her surroundings. She couldn't immediately recognize them or the weird costume she was wearing. And come to think of it, she realized that she...

...didn't really know much?

Trying to piece together her thoughts was difficult, it felt like there was a fog in her head that would obscure anything she tried to bring to the forefront of her mind. For some reason, she felt like she should be at a beach right now, but as for why, she wasn't sure.

Well, nothing happening at a beach was that important, probably. For now, she figured she should focus on remembering what she could. Her name, for example, could be an easier starting point, so she concentrated on recalling it. No more time than a second passed before she found a name she felt a lot of positive emotion towards.


Positive emotions, but for some reason that didn't seem right. And neither did other names that popped up. She wasn't a Veronica or a Veridian, nor was she an Emily or a Penny.

She was a S-


She was something that started with an S, but she wasn't sure what. Two of those didn't really seem like names, but they were important to her in a way she didn't currently understand, so she found it impossible to settle on any of them.

Maybe someone else knows who I am?

The girl finally made a motion to stand up but found her legs doing their best impression of jelly. This, in turn, caused her to finally pay attention to how her body felt: so very weak, and she stifled a groan as a dulled pulse of pain shot through her body. It felt more like she was remembering pain than actually experiencing it, but that didn't mean it was pleasant.

Still, she managed to pull herself back to her feet and brace herself against a nearby wall as she regained her strength. Over the next couple of minutes, she not only regained enough strength to move relatively normally, but big chunks of her memory started to return to her, the fog in her head starting to lift.

At one point, she had been a contract killer whose superpowers only existed when people told exaggerated stories about him. Sure, he was efficient and clean, but he'd still die like anyone else. It wasn't until a local magical girl had unfortunately been a part of a hit of his that he ever learned about the existence of the supernatural. And even then, it was only because the Mint wasn't a fan of losing assets that still had value to them.

The Mint...

She had worked under them willingly, unwilling to make an enemy of them while she was still new to the idea that magic truly existed. Nowadays, it almost seems silly that someone could be so ignorant. But not only that, it's in the Mint where one of those other names comes up.


Her boss, and the person she trusts the most. In a way, it's laughable. There had never been a point in time where she trusted the Mint, but, perhaps since their first fight, she had always placed a high amount of trust in Veronica. A lot of respect, too.

She was very capable, a woman who knew exactly how to get what they wanted, when they wanted, without anyone ever knowing. And unlike her, Veronica was a natural leader. She could be charismatic when she desired, threatening when she needed, and with ambition one could have envied. Unlike herself, Veronica was constantly moving forward.

The girl put two fingers to her lips, the memory of the contract they made together surfacing.

Veronica was her... boss? friend? rival? more?

Well, whatever she was, she was not anymore. But that wasn't Veronica's fault, was it? Still, it was true that Veronica was important to her, and still was. She never really had to doubt her loyalty to Veronica, even if she felt her heart pull her towards someone else.

And of course, that someone else was Trixy.

She could almost laugh at herself for mistaking that name for her own. Could someone even be less like her if they had tried? As far as she was originally concerned, Trixy was just some lecherous idiot. Couldn't keep her lust hidden, and often screwed around. Her post count alone could attest to how well they shouldn't match.

And yet, Trixy was her first date.

Of course, she fully intended on breaking up after it, even had it not ended with her nearly joining the many who died that day.

They weren't supposed to go out seriously. She went into it expecting the relationship to fail because they were pointless. It was supposed to just be her concrete proof that forming actual relationships was pointless, seeing people as things beyond allies, neutrals, and foes, was pointless. Veronica was the sole exception, and everyone else had to be surface-level at deepest.

But that changed after she recovered from the incident at the rave. Why was it so hard to just do what she had set out to, and break up with the girl? It shouldn't have mattered how she would take it, and that second date she promised shouldn't have mattered, either. But they were causing her to pause, to avoid talking or speaking to Trixy, and to stall. To hesitate.

She wasn't one to hesitate. I mean read her fucking transformation incantation dude

Thankfully, she was able to understand herself a bit better after having a lengthy talk with another magical girl in the park. She realized she'd been too prideful to admit, even to herself, that she was terrified of forming actual relationships due to her inexperience with them.

Once she could do that, and once she could work up the courage to speak to Trixy again, she pursued that second date. From that point, she even found childishly mocking the Ascendency to be entertaining, not pointless.

But of course, her story hadn't ended there. She had only just started to open up, to understand herself better. But she still had a job as Cradle's top agent, and there was some unfinished business in Penrose that caused her to stay, even when the two people most important to her left the city.

Aside from a nosey little rat she had noticed and intended to deal with, the main reason she stayed behind was to attend the party that the girl from the park, Emily, had wanted her to go to. It was the least she could do after that, and so she attended.

...ah, that's why I felt like I needed to be at the beach.

She recalled the last moment before she fell unconscious.

Despite using her trump card, winning the match of Keijo was not in the stars for her. As upsetting as that was, more important, was the fact that "do or die" moves like hers did not actually care if you were able to "do" and would still make you "die" if you weren't careful.

She had developed a contingency for such things... but it was her first attempt at actually performing it.

She intended to place herself in Stasis as it's considerably easier and less taxing to do than normal, to buy some extra minutes for help to arrive and treat her.

But that's not what happened.

Instead, what happened was that she was far too injured and exhausted to execute this attempt perfectly, lost consciousness at the worst possible time, and accidentally kept herself frozen for a lot longer than she intended.

She kinda wished she didn't remember that part, but at least she could remember almost everything that happened.

It's frustrating, but I must've been off my mark. I sincerely doubt I was like that for years or anything but I'll have to be especially careful in the future. I suppose I should be looking for Maura, and figuring out what's gone on since I failed.

Strangely, however, she got a really bad feeling.

Why does it feel like I'm really late for something...?

I'll have a sheet and a waifu up tomorrow at the latest.
I suppose that's enough for a ramble. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Don't tell me what to do.
S a m u e l

"Still feeling that burn."

— Sam

We succeeded but... it doesn't really feel like it...

Samuel was exhausted by the time he ended up on the stunt bag. Slicing bugs out of the air was quite the workout for the arms, as it happened, and the rest of the events of the day hadn't helped, either. But in the end, it had been for something. The Holy Diver had been felled and Justin no longer could torment people.

His body protested as loud as it could with aches throughout his arms and legs, but the G.E.M.I.N.I agent grit through and took the impressive action of standing up. Or at least the effort he needed to do so made it feel impressive. Hopefully, it wasn't too apparent to everyone around him how ready he was to take a nice week-long nap.

”Kept you waiting, huh?” She folded her arms. ”Seems our enemy was able to predict the Diver’s arrival. But you were able to complete the objective regardless.” Veronica looked over everyone present. ”Where’s Breacher?”

By the time Samuel had realized it was Veronica who showed, Fable and Agent Leroux had already begun telling her of Breacher's fate, and while they did tell Veronica about Breacher, well, Samuel would have been a bit less vulgar in doing so. At the very least, Dr. Moller was generally not inclined to care about those things. Former Office Manager Howard, however? It might have cost the boy an ear.

But those days were behind him. And so, he cast a glance at the two holding the harp and retained a firm grip on his weapons. It was difficult to imagine Su's child suddenly turning on the lot of them, what with her being so integral to the Diver's defeat at the end, so he naturally was keeping an eye on the other, less familiar, girl.

But while Samuel was doing that, Mika approached Moller and, sadly, was forced to confront the sad reality that she had lost her parent in this fight. The experience was sad, but it was also quite frustrating for Samuel.


When Samuel lost his parents, he felt very little.

It was a shock, sure, but they ultimately weren't people Samuel cared for beyond the money they provided, and it was the parents themselves who wanted to have such a cold relationship with their child. As long as he didn't start too much trouble at school and kept good grades, they would not even pretend to have much interest in anything else about him. How could he love people like that?

In stark contrast to his cold indifference was Mika's genuine pain at Su's death. It was the sort of reaction anyone with a normal, positive relationship with the parents should have. And so, they were nothing alike.

She lost a parent, I merely lost sponsors, after all...

Veronica held her chin. "When she calms down, she could make for a good agent.”

Temporarily, the sorrowful situation left his attention as Dr. Moller made an observation. "Assuming she had little to no experience before today, I would argue that she has shown absurd potential today, not unlike the newest agents," he agreed.

But would her mother want that for her?

As Veronica focused on answering Jacqueline, Samuel turned to the two younger agents, dismissing his demonic transformation. Noticing the reassuring hand on Finn's back, Samuel couldn't help but appreciate this was evidence they were becoming more cohesive as a team. "How reliable you two have proven to be," he glanced in the precinct's direction. "I think she could use friends like that if she were to decide to join G.E.M.I.N.I. And even if she doesn't."

He said this much and returned his attention to the conversation about the harp and the girl. Unfortunately, a person coming out of a behemoth was unprecedented, or at least Dr. Moller herself wasn't familiar with any such situation. That meant they knew laughably little about the girl, but rather conveniently, someone who knew spontaneously appeared.

O-Oros the Mad, here!?

Unfortunately, this individual was Depraved, dangerous, and known for her highly erratic behavior. And she was claiming to know Ashley.

Aside from the obvious surprise and concern, there was a small, unexplainable ire that cropped up in Samuel when he saw Oros, as well as an equally-random nostalgia. He vaguely recalled having a similar feeling about one of the Mavericks back at Justin's manor. Now if only he could figure out why he kept getting these strange flashes of nostalgia.

But it was more important to see what Ashley said, and to see where this interaction was leading. Surely, such a sizable threat and menace to society like Oros didn't show up a mere minute after such an important fight merely by coincidence and for the sole purpose of picking up a date, right?
S a m u e l

"Really feeling that burn right now"

— Sam

The initial ascent granted by the spectral giraffe, quite frankly, startled Samuel, who still had what happened to Breacher fresh in his mind. But it took merely a heartbeat before Samuel realized he wasn't about to be whisked into the air and crushed, and that Breacher's child had been the one to give them a lift.


--or at least that is what Samuel wanted to say. With the cacophony of locust and grunts, some of which were coming from himself, he didn't have the chance, instead spending that breath on yet another stroke of his sword.

As sinister as his grin seemed while fighting, he wasn't sure he could keep this up forever. There were, after all, quite a lot of locust buzzing around, and swords weren't the optimal thing to be using to deal with them. It was exhausting. He could feel his arms burning in disapproval of the sheer amount of swings he was asking of them. It was also difficult for him to tell exactly how helpful he was even being.

It can't be invulnerable, can it?

He chose to cut down more locust, straining himself even harder to keep them off of his allies, hoping this defense would prove beneficial while they desperately sought a way to avoid the coming plague. No time to wait for their cavalry, unfortunately, so things had to be done by the people right here right now. Ashley at least seemed to notice something of importance, though whether it'd lead them to victory remained to be seen.

He could only trust that what his allies noticed would help them succeed in defeating this abomination. The plague-bringing abomination was certainly awesome, durable, and strong. Not unlike how he imagined himself many years ago. Invincible, as if he were some sort of 'god' above his fellow students. A crime karma would not let go unpunished, and yet it was that very same day he had come to learn something: that even 'gods' can fall.

So what if this one was somewhat taller?
S a m u e l

"Fable chill the fuck out dude this is Monster Hunter not SotC. Horngang where u @?"

— Sam

Somehow avoiding the nasty hail that fell from above, Samuel managed to catch the apparent end of Justin, hoping that it was the last time they would ever have to see him in anything other than a report. It was far from easy but they had managed to avenge Agent Breacher, which wasn't their main objective but it was important to Samuel.

"Where’s mom?"

Just as Samuel was thinking about Su, a strangely familiar voice asked for its mother. Samuel turned around the see what was obvious an Esper with cat-like features including ears and a tail, sporting attire remisicent of a belly dancer.


There was a strong tug at his heartstrings but it wasn't just because of the tragic situation the girl found herself in. It seemed reasonably safe to assume this was likely Su's daughter, which meant she was going to have to learn about her mother's demise sooner or later. A sad thought, but what was really getting at him was the weird sense of relief and familliarity -- similar to how he felt after physically visiting his grandmother after a few years separation.

He pinched his thumb to the side of his index finger and felt a strange sense of loss he couldn't explain, but it had something to do with the girl. This feeling subsided shortly after and, as usual, Samuel had more important things to worry about and so chose to move on.

It seemed Locusts were the current flavor of plague and that meant one less barrier between them and losing firstborns outright. Samuel also had no mana left to assist, meaning he probably wasn't going to be helpful beyond just whacking at the thing, much like it seemed Jacqueline and their newest had set out to do, wasting no time crossing the bridge.

Samuel was last across the feline-construct, swatting away locust where he could. Visibility somehow became worse with the addition of locusts, but he successfully managed to make out the form of Orion, who had begun charging a melody. Fable was ascending the beast in a flamboyant fashion and Jacqueline wasn't really letting herself fall behind, blinking onto the behemoth and going to town on it.

He could not afford the Transplace note necessary to scale the Diver and join Jacqueline and Fable, so he remained in proximity to Ashley. He wasn't sure how effective his attacks might be, but doing anything at all was better than nothing, and his exhaustion was mostly magical in nature, at least for the present.

"Give it everything you have! Lets stop the casualties with this!"

At least he could encourage his allies to do their best.
S a m u e l

"I just wanted to make super sure."

— Sam

Samuel got maybe two steps into his sprint before a sudden compulsion prevented him from moving another inch. He willed his body to struggle against it but his attempts were in vain, much to his consternation. Things really weren't looking great.

That really is a merciless ability...

Then, just as suddenly as it had came, it went. Justin's ability was no longer affecting him, providing the opportunity to escape. Samuel took the chance without a word, not even sparing a glance back to see what had caused Justin pause, barely managing to survive.

But he wasn't out of trouble just yet.

It wasn't until he suddenly felt a pull from behind and a sharp pain around his neck that he understood his scarf had been caught. Worse was that it wasn't just caught... it was being reeled in towards walls meant to crush him, while the newest plague caused painful boils to form all around his body.

With a shortage of time and scarf, Samuel cast a melody on himself at great cost. The blisters erupted in pain that made it hard to think, but it wasn't like Samuel hadn't literally been set on fire before, so he was able to grit through it and successfully cast his melody.

Now intangible, Samuel pulled away from the wall and made some distance between he and it, running behind the ventilation unit. Now, with a bit of breathing room, he was able to confirm that it was Jacqueline and Ashley who helped him, and that they were now being targeted by the vampire.

He moved around the ventilation unit to get a better view of the battle, as the sound hail falling became louder and louder. They really needed to get inside, but they also really needed to kill Justin before he killed Ashley -- something he Jacqueline clearly noticed as she was trailing right behind him as Justin attempted to run Ashley down.

"He doesn't know when to quit..."

Samuel pointed his sword at Justin, a pitch-black viper constricting the entirety of the hilt up to the tip of the blade. It opened its mouth as energy began to build at the tip of its tongue. Knowing the pain that was going to come with the melody, Samuel grit his teeth and used the last of his hamon mana to fire it.
S a m u e l

"If you had just waited one extra second for me to--... ah, no use expecting some dumb vampire to understand comedic timing!"

— Sam

The plan was a success, and Gunther hadn't even been able to voice his final thoughts, whatever they were, before being destroyed. I actually don't know what that strikethrough is referring to. Many souls fled his empty form to what Samuel hoped to be a peaceful afterlife, and yet he remained unsatisfied with this outcome. Gunther suffered too little and Su was a bit too dead for his liking. Maybe if he would stop forgetting there's a sizable cooldown after using melodies, things would turn out better.

This doesn't make things even, but it is a start.

Having removed one of the larger threats they were facing, it seemed somewhat plausible they could get the remaining G.E.M.I.N.I agents through this mess without another casualty. Of course, it wouldn't be easy and things could take a sharp turn for the worse at any moment, but it did seem possible, at least.

To do that, Samuel intended to regroup with Jacqueline and subdue Pac-A-Fist before helping the rest of the agents with their respective foes. Wiping some blood out of his eyes, he started to make his way back toward Jacqueline.

Agent Leroux should be commended for her initiative and bravery. I hope she made it through that without any serious injur---


Suddenly, a fairly loud and familiar sound assaulted his eardrums. His ears began to ring a little bit, but he wasn't given much time to worry about that as an abrupt impact threw him off his feet. He managed to recover in a timely manner, but now he was face-to-face with danger.

Justin...! Damnit, I didn't want to interact with him directly until the rest of his allies were subdued!

The arrogant vampire stood some feet away from Samuel, though he seemed far more vexed than smug, for the moment. A barrier made of blood separated the two of them, and it became even more threatening later when Justin added spikes to it.

He's mad about... the statue? Not even a word about the 'ally' he just lost? What kind of idiot would willingly cooperate with someone like that?

Samuel struggled to keep his composure, and each second he had to spend in this situation only made it harder.

"...I'll pay? For that gaudy sculpture of yours?" Samuel scoffed in an attempt to rile the vampire up, keeping an eye out for the areas the frogs had made hazardous nearby. "The mere implication that that atrocity was sculpted willingly is, frankly, so absurd I could almost forget to be offended by the equally ridiculous belief I would fall for such a blatant lie."

With less than half a tank of magical fuel remaining, Silhouette was certainly playing with fire here. He realized this later than he would have liked, though.

Wait... what am I doing? I need to seriously calm down...

It was one thing to have passion. But it was another to blindly make rash decisions under the influence of a heated mind. As cathartic as it may be to grind Justin's gears, without a plan it ultimately achieved little more than possibly getting Samuel killed that much faster. And he would likely die rather quick if he did nothing while the spiked wall of blood surged forth.

He gripped his blade with all of his strength, and a dark haze started to coil around Justin's feet. Meanwhile, Samuel started a diagonal retreat towards the top side of the ventilation unit behind him, instead of running straight backward, for whatever it was worth. At the present, he was far too focused on Justin to register the recently arrived blur, Jacqueline, or Ashley, and thought himself to be the sole person currently engaged to Justin.
S a m u e l

"The situation has only been made worse with the addition of yet more bugs."

— Sam

Circumstances as they were, Silhouette found himself dreading the next second as much as he had been anticipating it. He was furious, but even still... with Su dead, how could he simply assume things would work out?

He couldn't.

In reality, his spell was probably airborne no longer than a couple of seconds or so. But to him, it had felt like hours since he had ducked back behind his cover. In it, he imagined his failure:

Jacquiline rushing headfirst into battle while under the impression she had someone to rely on, only to die in despair when his lack of talent shone through in the most critical moment, cursing him in her final moments. The only consolation he had was being lucky enough to die before he heard how his failure would eventually affect the others.

But fate(or was it luck?) had something else in store for them. At the very least, their ends wouldn't be so anti-climactic. His spell successful, Silhouette's surroundings shifted as he and the debris swapped places, and almost immediately after, Gunther tossed a few tons of metal towards where Silhouette had just been.

While he had hoped Gunther would mistake his bolt for a missed attack, he certainly couldn't have predicted his Transplace would save his life. Yeah, it had to be luck. Incredible luck, even. Some people consider such luck to even be a skill. Sil wasn't one of them, sadly...

Still, there's a saying about looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Though the flies were impossible to miss, none of the larger ones had landed close enough for Silhouette to worry about. At least yet. Besides, by this point in the fight, what were a few more bugs? He couldn't exactly avoid them anyway, and Jacquiline's situation was only getting worse by the millisecond, so he had something far more important to worry about at the moment.

Gunther wasn't looking at him.

I won't fail anyone else!

Silhouette left any and all doubt at the place he had been mere moments before as it would only hinder him. He held the grip of his sword as hard as his hand would allow him and exploded into action just as soon as he had been able to reorient. Silhouette looked like a rough stroke of crimson paint on a canvas as he moved in for the kill, his form completely drenched in blood, and with a melody-empowered stroke of his sword, he intended to separate Gunther's nebulous form into equal halves, then quarters, then eighths, then hundredths.
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