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It's a beautiful day outside. The birds are singing. The flowers are blooming. On days like these, kids like you... S H O U L D B E B U R N I N G I N H E L L


Hello, random users who presumably find my profile through the online users list! I see you are curious. Allow me to educate you on the subject sometimes referred to as "Hungry Trousers".

I am a 23-year-old cis, white, heterosexual male known as Dalton. So if you ask Tumblr, I am what is wrong with the world. While that may be true, it's actually because I am a filthy weeaboo degenerate who can't help but perpetually meme and spam doujin quotes in any discord I am in, not because of those other things. I would consider myself a huge gamer who enjoys most types of games aside from sports and card games, and as for Chinese cartoons, I tend to watch whatever looks interesting during the current season, or whatever looks hilariously bad. I tend to stray away from romance-focused anime, but I am a big fan of Toradora and RE:Zero. Something about Subaru's love for being brutally maimed just clicks with me on an internal level. I feel it's the truest form of love there is.

I also enjoy Visual Novels and you can find my horrible list here. I don't think I've updated it in a while, but that should include any I really consider important. You can tell because Rance is in there.

For information related to roleplaying...

As long as the setting is interesting, then I usually don't mind joining a roleplay so long as I'm not too busy. I don't do MxM and I don't personally role play females, unless they're an NPC. I consider myself a casual roleplayer, but for some reason, my autism kicks in and I make 6k word posts on accident, so I can usually keep up with anybody who isn't writing a light novel. I often play characters who have some quirk about them, such as being a chuuni and the such but do not mind environments where things need to be serious.

Feel free to invite me to something if you wish to roleplay with me! C:

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Zachary Ackerson

"I'm open to alternatives"


Zachary had taken the bow and wasted no time personally inspecting every inch of the weapon. A bow was not a very complicated weapon, but that did not mean that mistakes were impossible during creation. Unsurprisingly and thankfully, Zachary found no reason to complain about this particular one the Infinite Metalworker had forged.

The Infinite Archer felt both anxious and calm now that he was equipped with a bow. Because of the situation they were in now, he couldn't get the nasty thought he might end up using this for something other than sport, but knowing you could potentially defend yourself was soothing in its own way given they were in a death game of sorts.

“That's why I was hoping Zachary could come with me. I'm not expecting the arrows to kill the traitor, but if they do show...”

The conversation had headed in an interesting direction when he actually returned to listening to it. The Infinite Metalworker desired Zach's presence as a possible deterrent for any actions made by their apparent traitor while they attempted to rid themselves of a Carnage Sister. Battling something like that was not a pleasant thought. It was unlikely his bow would help unless they had some weaker points to them that he could exploit, and he had not physically seen any of these "sisters" yet. Furthermore, being put into a situation where he might be forced to harm or kill someone with a bow...

Zachary rubbed the arrowhead necklace through his shirt, which it now hid behind.

"Do you really think it will be that easy?" The Violinist countered. "What makes you think that Monokuma and his robots aren't already aware of this plan of yours? There are cameras everywhere so Monokuma will be ready to react to anything! We need to help Aleecia but we cannot be reckless about this."

Nobody else seemed very eager to jump in, so Zachary decided now was the time he should offer his own input.

"Yes, it's a very dangerous plan indeed." he agreed initially, but continued with, "But it is unlikely there's going to be any plan we can make that is not just as dangerous. At least with this one, we're the ones initiating the fight on our own terms to some extent. And passing up an opportunity to remove one of these beasts I've heard about sounds is something I don't suggest unless it's guaranteed we'll get another chance." he ended, before asking, "Besides, what other plans have we got?"

Zachary looked around at others to see if they would provide one. He wasn't exactly excited about this plan, but he was unable to come up with one equally as good or better given what information he knew. Perhaps another would be able to?
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Tahp Gundo

"Slowly but surely, my desire will reign supreme!"

"The fuck is this goddamned nerd going on about?" is likely what Tahp would have said if he were in a position to have heard Stein. Regrettably, he simply was not. Instead, he had suddenly appeared in front of a familiar apartment, with all the odd things going on right now. The lack of people didn't exactly bother him, but this was not some episode of Jojo! The sky, in his unhealthily strong opinion on the subject, should remain blue. If it wasn't, then those old paintings he painted when he was a kid would not be accurate, and that was unacceptable!

"Welp, I ought to like kill somebody or something. This sky is pissing me off." he nonchalantly voiced aloud, deciding to head towards the town center from his own apartment in District 1.

He recalled two things he should probably do while he made the trip there. One was of course not speak aloud anymore so as to prevent people from getting his location down so quickly. Another was to actually bother with a cautious approach. There was this really shitty game he started playing that had a similar plot to this one (that being to kill everybody else and be the last one left). In it, often he would suffer a terrible fate due to not checking corners and blindly walking into places that could be covered by another competitor. Video games weren't real or anything, sure, but perhaps to his advantage, Tahp was unaware of this so-called "fact". So, he made his way there at a slower pace than normal, but he'll be damned if he would be killed without a fight!

What an odd dude.

Man, I hope nobody dies before I get set up. I wonder... do we return to where we were before Naraka, or do we return to the real world in the same spot when it ends? I can see that becoming a problem for me if I'm not careful. Oh well. At least I have you, Mr. Hat. Give me the strength to face any adversary, or at least make my head hard to distinguish in case somebody just really had the desire to snipe people.

And so the man and his new hat carried on.
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Tahp Gundo

"Isn't life just a drawn-out death game?"

Tahp Gundo stepped away from the young, big-balled girl from before and let his attention rest on the weird woman in the middle of all of this. She called herself Yama and explained that they would be involved in some sort of battle to the death that also happened to utilize some form of magic granted from their "desire" and that these strange words he (and presumably everyone else) had been hearing were part of that. Furthermore, they could not involve others, refuse to fight, nor could they attempt to harm other competitors outside of this Naraka thing she was implementing.

It almost seemed like she was reciting rules to a game she had played many times.

This was a lot to attempt to process for once for the normal individual, but Tahp felt this was merely humanity's nature finally revealing its true form after hiding for so long. Humans don't care about each other, they merely want to ascend past all others. Gundo was not in shock in the least. Besides, he had another question that was of more importance to him than anything one might usually ask right about now. Not to say that his strategy for this "game" or how it would work out would be affected by this, maybe, but really he was pretty interested in giving this question a shot. Hopefully, he would get the answer he wanted.

So, in a serious tone with a similar expression on the face, he looked at the being known as "Yama" and asked her this before anybody else could voice their queries:

"Can I have your hat?"
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Tahp Gundo

"And so, my journey begins!"

Before he awoke in the strange situation that the cast had found themselves in, Tahp had first awoken to a perfectly normal day like any other.

He awoke and freshened up for the day by taking a nice hot shower, followed by brushing his teeth and drinking a glass of milk to start the day off with strong bones. Strong bones were rumored to be helpful to people who had to deal with harassment on a daily basis.

Afterwards, he put on his favorite attire consisting of uh... whatever was readily available at the time. Today, it was a black trench coat with numerous zippers that closed pockets too small for anything important to fit inside, and some cargo pants with small belts on one leg so it was asymmetrical and probably a pain to look at, but that was just how he decided to live his life. The trench coat was, of course, custom-made using the money he obtained by beating up some kid who called him weird while his parents weren't looking. Some combat boots found their way onto his feet as well.

Grabbing his trusty shades and stepping out the door to his apartment, Tahp Gundo had believed that today would be nothing more than another dull day. He was on his way to work when things suddenly went dark.




"Where am I?"

The young man groaned as he pushed himself off the floor he had suddenly found himself in. His head pounded and something felt very, very wrong. Initially oblivious to everything else in the immediate vicinity, his hands shot into his pocket and he grabbed his wallet and opened it.

Nothing, as far as money goes.

"Ah, doesn't look like I was..." he caught the mistake he made. "Wait!? I did have money!!"

While normally he was struggling to stay afloat, today was an exception. He had money leftover from some thugs he beat up a couple days ago for their inability to respect his stylish decisions. He hadn't spent it all yet, so there should still be some left in his wallet. Where did it go? He hadn't seen them when he was walking through the area he had encountered them before, so would he even be able to get more money from them? Wait... didn't his memory cut out there, too?

Those bastards! Taking money that doesn't belong to them! I looted it fair and square!

It wouldn't be a huge setback though. He could use his fists to get more money, and there were plenty of thugs and kids around that would say the wrong words to him. It was only a matter of time...

Tahp heard a voice and looked up. He wasn't alone, but there was another issue. He wasn't in Kentucky anymore. Or was it Kansas? Alabama? Anyways, he wasn't home and that reference was botched in his mind. Oh well. Things looked pretty spooky, but like in an anime kind of spooky, so he figured it would be best to listen before acting like some sort of fool. Besides, there were words he didn't know floating through his head. Were they like German or Italian? They probably meant something cool.

"Allow me to congratulate you. For being partially aware of your existence's core desire, and for having a core desire strong enough to be made manifest, you have been chosen as participants of Naraka. Once you are all on your feet, I will explain what this arrangement has been made for. Do not be panicked, you are in no danger at the moment."

Tahp looked around and his eyes settled on some kid who, like everybody else in this current generation, felt entitled to complain all the time. It made him sick. Kids made him sick. People made him sick. Words made him sick. Actually, he might just be sick. Still, he had to be somewhat impressed by this kid's courage to sleep in spite of all the strangers and strange things happening around her. "You've got balls, I'll give ya that. Most people would at least ask for a blanket or something to lay on, the ground here sucks."

The only thing he could think of that would grab his attention more would be if she was even capable of getting in the shower AND THEN turning it on. But you couldn't expect that kind of courage even from the most hardened war veteran, he was sure of this.

Zachary Ackerson

Jezebel Volcov

"Wow fuck coding in this website, amirite? Ah? Ah?"

After Cyrus explained the current situation, Jezebel let a groan slip past her teeth. Though just seconds later she chuckled to herself. It was still possible to hear how uneasy she was.

“Seriously?!” She stood beside Zachary and Mercy. “As if one of us are a traitor, we totally just got here. I doubt either of us could be some grody backstabber.” She giggled a bit more. “But I guess you can't be too sure.” The trickster looked between the people at either side of her before sighing. “Well whatever, I guess we should just get this over with.” She pointed at Zachary without looking at him. “Okay mister archer, let's look at your room.”

It was not as though Zachary didn't already assume that there was at least one person who would be among the group that actually was an insider of some sort. That thing was typical in movies, after all. Still, hearing such news did not make him feel much better, nor did his room suddenly being volunteered despite not even having much of a chance to check it out.

Well, it wasn't as though he had anything to hide in there.

"We'll be checking yours next, won't we?" he shot back at the clown.

“W-we? Oh my god...” Jezebel started to twiddle her thumbs. “Isn't it so inappropriate to check out a girl's room though? Like...” With a huff, she placed her hands on her hips. “Guys have no class. Whatever! Sure, we can do that.” She folded her arms. “Lead the way.”

Zachary narrowed his eyes at the jester. "I hope you're aware you nearly just pushed me into a weird group hug that I did not want to be a part of." he sighed. Were woman always so difficult? He wasn't exactly a playboy, so he really wouldn't know.

Wait, this would be the first time he invited a girl into his room. Not the most romantic scenario, but still...

...I shouldn't think about that, though. Besides, she's basically a clown. But then again, she's also maybe a bit older~....

Shaking his head to clear his mind of such thoughts, Zach continued. "Whatever, follow me, then." he waved his hand as a gesture to follow him and then left the break room.




Zachary used his handbook to open the door and then stepped inside, waiting for Jez to follow. He looked around and noticed a mostly plain patient's room, aside from a quiver stuffed with arrows he imagined to be fake resting on the wall and a target for practice sitting in the corner of the room. It certainly wasn't that special.

"Here it is." he announced. Getting a good glance at it now, he felt it was rather plain. "There's probably nothing of suspicious in here, but I didn't really bother to check last night so I could be wrong."

Jezebel smiled a bit too happily.“Oh, I'm sure there's plenty off with this room, fer shur. It's just a little bit too normal.” Jezebel didn't waste any time prodding around the room. She felt around walls, pulled at loose molding, anything that seemed the least bit suspicious instantly caught her eye. Of course, this made sense. Jezebel was the infinite trickster, and probably knew a thing or two about secret hiding places and trap doors. It hadn't even been ten seconds and she was already done checking half the walls. “I was expecting your room to be totally trippendicular, but it's actually pretty simple.” She continued to search. “Anyway, got something you want to tell me?” She spoke without looking at the archer. “For a guy with clown phobia, you came here pretty fast.”

Zachary wasn't sure whether to be impressed or nervous that Jezebel was as efficient as she was. It brought up a lot of questions, but perhaps it was best not to ask those. Besides, he did have something important on his mind he wanted to discuss with her anyway. Focusing on that was ideal to learning something weird.

"Y-you mean Coulrophobia?" he corrected, before realizing how knowing such a term probably didn't help his case one bit. "Err, ignore that..." the Infinite Archer rubbed the back of his neck. He really did not do his best around clowns, that was for sure, but he didn't like the idea that he was "scared" of them. Just wary.

Zach decided to get back on track. "It sounds weird that I bothered coming with you, doesn't it? But I think it makes perfect sense. I had something I wanted to ask you, but more importantly, I felt that you were like the only one I could really trust... sort of." he admitted.

“We are so the newest people here. I get that.” She slid Zachary's “nightstand” and bed away from the wall to continue checking. “But what did you want to ask me?”

She probably could not see it while she was busy checking the room, but Zachary smiled. He found it pleasant someone could understand his reasoning, even if it should be very obvious anyway.

"Oh, that." Zachary felt a bit embarrassed to ask something like this, but unfortunately for him Google was not there to provide him a way out. He would have to do things the old-fashioned way.

"So what's a "Baldwin"? You keep saying that, but I'm not sure if it's some ironic insult or what." he asked. "I can't really react to it properly without knowing what it is."

“Seriously?!” Now that caused Jezebel to look in his direction. Though shortly after making eye contact with him she turned away. Was she blushing under that makeup? “Um.” She looked back at the archer. “A Baldwin is like the guy version of a Betty. Someone who's tre cute.” She nodded before moving to the front of the nightstand. “I can look in here, right?”

Zachary was a fairly arrogant person, so accepting praise was only natural to him. However, this mostly pertained to his skill with a bow. He was not very used to being called cute. Compliments like that were....

"Oh, err... um." Zachary laughed awkwardly, turning the other way in an attempt to hide the blush he was wearing. "T-thanks, I guess. Aha." Never once in his life did he imagine anything resembling a clown making him blush. He wasn't able to recover from being flustered very quickly, so he instinctively just said "yes" to her question, only seconds later realizing that she was asking the inspect the nightstand.

That wasn't good.

There was only one drawer on the nightstand, and by the time Jezebel had it opened, it was too late for him to tell her to look away.

“Oh?” She reached into the drawer and pulled out an old arrowhead. It was old and worn, both discolored and dull from use or age. “What is this thing?”


He did not want her to find what was in that nightstand, but he had let his embarrassment get the better of him. He couldn't help but be a bit irritated at himself for acting like that since he was supposed to keep himself calm most of the time. Damn clowns making his face beet-red!

Returning to the issue at hand... A complex emotion crossed Zach's face for a brief moment when Jez held up the arrowhead, but it soon went back to a typical straight expression. "Ah, that's... uh, well it's just an arrowhead that holds a bit of sentimental value to me, I must have forgotten to take it with me this morning since I was in a bit of a daze." Zachary explained.

"Huh? There's something else in here," Jezebel looked into the drawer again. As Zachary had expected, that wasn't all that was in there. “Gag me with a spoon!” With her other hand, she pulled out a sports magazine. It was a swimsuit special and seemed to feature a few of the more athletic infinites on the cover. Jezebel didn't say a word. The jovial clown's half mast eyes and straight lips were able to project her disapproval of her discovery through her thick makeup. She slowly rolled her eyes and turned to look at the archer, silently judging him.

And, of course, Jez had to hold up the magazine that was in there.

Zachary felt intense pressure under the look he was being shot. He couldn't allow her to think he was some pervert! "I was in the waiting room for a few hours and had nothing better to do than reading the magazines they had out!" he nearly shouted. "I just found that on me when I awoke, this must be some kind of prank by that dumb bear, I'm sure! Haha..."

Jezebel's face was frozen with that look of disappointment. “Grody to the max!” She placed the magazine and arrowhead back into the makeshift nightstand before walking out of the room. “Baldwin card revoked, by the way. I'm so going to hurt you if you try to sniff anything in my dresser.”

Zachary must have screwed up somewhere. He didn't even care if he made it out alive anymore. What was the point?


Except not really.


"But I'm not..."

On the way to Jezebel's room, Zachary was obviously hurt by the implication he was some sort of creep. He repeated the line "But I'm not like that" about a hundred times under his breath and had moved with all the vigor of a limp noodle.

Eventually, the two reached Jezebel's room.

Jezebel's room was quite a bit different than Zachary's. It was still a patient's room, but it had a lot more furnishings. Colored flags hung from the ceiling, and the floor was covered in straw. There was also a unicycle leaned up against one of the walls, as well as much smaller items spread about the room like decks of playing cards, cans of silly string, and colored juggling balls. This was definitely the room of the infinite trickster.

Jezebel stepped off to the side and leaned up against the doorway with her arms folded. She had cooled off shortly after leaving his room, but Jezebel looked a bit sheepish. She avoided looking directly at Zachary as he entered the room “So yea, get to it.”

As he stepped into Jezebel's room, Zachary managed to retrieve himself from the edge of despair. Or whatever he was at. "This is..." he found himself a bit put-off by the choice of flooring and...well, everything. It was an obnoxious room, in his opinion. "Wait, why does your room make mine look like someone just half-assed it?!" he suddenly became very angry at this dumb reason, but calmed down just as quickly.

"Whatever, I guess I'll get started then." he announced, not wanting to speak to the unhappy Jezebel anymore than he had to right now.

Zachary did his best to clean the room, but that's all he could really do. If you compared Zach's speed with Jez's in this particular matter, it was like comparing a cheetah with a sloth, in that there was no real comparison. Zachary was nowhere near as quick, and he did have much more to do than Jez on top of that, which was probably the only real benefit of having a simple room like his. But he would not give up! He checked behind the flags for any secret safes or stuff like that (not that he really expected anything of that sort) and had to pick up and inspect any sizable item laying around.

"I'm starting to think I wouldn't find anything even if there was something here." he complained, but continued away at searching every nook and cranny he could think of.

A heavy silence separated the two for some time, until the Infinite Trickster broke it.

Jezabel sighed. “I uh.” She rubbed the back of her head. “I'm like, a little sensitive around that sort of stuff. Men's desires and all that.” She looked away from Zach. “Like, I've so seen stuff a lot worse than that. And we need to trust each other so, like.” She shrugged her shoulders before making eye contact with him. “You can have your Baldwin card back. I didn't mean to get upset.”

The Infinite Archer was obviously still in the middle of his search when Jezebel began to speak, but as soon as it became clear she was saying something that sounded serious, he stood up and turned to face her with a serious face. He was a man who believed that one's full attention should be given to important matters, and this sounded like one.

Jezebel spoke in words that caused Zach a bit of pain. Not that she insulted him or something, but the wording gave him some ideas about what she really meant that made it very unpleasant to think about. He hoped he was wrong, but they certainly weren't close enough for him to confirm it. "...Is that so?" was the best response he could come up with to what she had said before she resumed eye contact with him.

As the jester continued and returned the "Baldwin card" she had taken from Zach earlier, he couldn't help but smile. It was a very simple and silly thing, but the fact she bothered to apologize for getting upset was respectable in his eyes. "Trust is a nice thing to have in a situation like this." he replied. "And I guess if you're willing to apologize for something silly like this, then you can't be too bad."

It was a bit hard for him to say, especially to her specifically, but Zach continued.

"We seem to be in a bit of a tough situation and I know it's hard, but... I would not be against learning to trust you if you'll do the same."

The clown only smiled in response, choosing to remain quiet while he finished inspecting her room.

As touching as the moment earlier may have been, Zach still had to investigate what appeared to be the remains of a clown fiesta, and it wasn't exactly easy. Still, he managed to chug along at a reasonable pace. The better part of a minute had passed by with neither of them saying anything until Jezebel spoke up again. Zachary was just about done at this point.

“You still owe me a hug, like, you know?” She stepped away from the wall. She wore a nervous smile, but it was the happiest she looked since entering her own room with him.

"That again?" he said, standing up and facing Jezebel from finishing up the last of the odd items on the floor. He took a moment to thank whatever higher being existed for that horrible experience finally being done before continuing. "I..."

Again, he really wasn't one for that whole touching thing, and they did not really know each other that well. Besides, physical contact with the opposite gender in their room was not something he was great at, and that's exactly how you would describe this situation. He certainly was hesitant at the idea. Hopefully, nobody randomly walked in. " aren't going to try to place a "kick me" sign on my back or anything, are you?" he questioned.

The clown's smile broadened. “In another life, maybe.” She spread out her arms. “We're totally building trust here, right, right?”

There was a second of silence before Zachary decided to finally answer."...I guess."

Hesitantly, Zachary gave in and completed the hug, probably bright red in the face as he did so.

Once the hug was completed, Jezebel moved her hand up to where she had patted Zachary on the back previously and removed the “Hug me” note she had taped between his shoulder blades. She quietly crinkled it up and dropped it on the floor before completing the hug. “Thanks Zachary. I feel better now.”
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@Paradox Witch

I apologize, I had forgotten that I was still on that tab when I posted it.
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Zachary Ackerson

"Why can't the day just consist of the afternoon and evening?"

Something interesting to note about Zachary is that you could call him a great deal many things. "The Best Archer" is the most obvious, but he could also be called "a very good shot with a revolver", and "arrogant". Hell, you could even call him "hardworking" and "dedicated". "A lover of strawberries" and "calm under intense pressure", though many wouldn't know just to what extent that last one would be. Yes, you could call Zachary so many different things, but one thing you could not call him is "A morning person".

The Infinite Archer found it difficult to get himself going in the morning generally, but there was something else that made the process even more difficult.

He thought about it long and hard and came to the realization that the most likely cause for this increased difficulty in waking up was because he did not sleep very much last night. But why? Perhaps it was the strange situation he had found himself in? That could certainly be it. After all, he couldn't imagine anybody would blame him for finding it hard to sleep after learning that he was trapped in this hospital with presumably no way out because somebody wanted to watch others kill each other. Yeah, that seemed like as good a stressor as any in his opinion.


Fighting the urge to simply fall back asleep after the morning announcement, Zachary got up off his bed and got ready by taking a quick morning shower. When he was done, he put on his clothes, which consisted of a simple blue shirt, some trousers, shoes, and of course his shooting gloves.

Presumably, he would not be murdered the moment he left his room, but you never knew. And though the thought was tempting, he did not feel that locking himself in his room all day would really get much done. In this world, you needed to work for your goals. This was certainly no different. If he wanted out of this madman's game, then he would simply need to put in effort to accomplish such a mission. It might be a bit different and more difficult than anything else he'd worked towards so far, but a little challenge was probably good for him.

Or so he told himself. Besides, he REALLY needed to wake himself up and a walk might be just the thing to do that.

Stretching as he exited his room, Zachary kinda just made his way around the premises, looking at the nearby rooms that interested him. There was a room that seemed to have been once used to clean equipment the facility carried, only now it served as a laundromat. Aside from that, he happened upon the dump, but because there wasn't really much to investigate there, he easily got bored and moved on to the break room, where he finally saw other humans.

Zachary stumbled his way into the Break Room, just as a girl named Krista had introduced herself. Still half asleep, he only actually caught her name. "Hell...*yawn*." he paused, shook his head to clear his daze, and tried again. "...Hello... uh, fellow Infinites?" he tried greeting, but it was not as though he knew who everybody was yet. In fact, that Krista chick wasn't somebody he remembered seeing last night, unfortunately.

Using his detective-like deduction skills, he did manage to have a solid theory on just whom she might be. Utilizing his keen eye, he gathered that because of the violin case on her back, that it was very likely she was the Infinite Violinist or some kind of musician. Truly he could soon be called the Infinite Detective or something similar, what with how good he was at noticing the small things.... that just so happened to be big, and obvious.

But even his perceptive eyes could not tell him who the lady wearing dated clothing was. This was likely because it was not as though Zach ever had seen a Nanny before. Not even Mary Poppins. But, of course, he was such a good guesser than he managed to simply guess that she was the Infinite Nanny. Yes, he totally guessed it and it wasn't influenced by that bear referring to her as a nanny last night. Wow, Zach sure was a genius.

Finally, there was the person that Krista was attempting to introduce herself to, who looked very silly. Silly in a, "what kind of sane kid finds this entertaining, please go and stay go" kind of way. She was the person introduced by the bear right after Zachary himself had been introduced, so aside from Cyrus and that plague doctor, she was the only one Zach could confidently say he knew both name and talent. He heard her introduced as Jezebel Volcov. She was apparently a trickster, which gave Zach the idea that she might be into pulling pranks, not unlike Sir Francis of the Filth, a popular MeTuber he watched on occasion. That, combined with the getup she was wearing, made it kind of hard to want a hug from her. Plus, he recalled she mentioned him being a "Baldwin" or something. Admittedly, he knew not what that meant and the way she said it made it sound like a compliment, but still...

What if she called him bald?! That would make absolutely no sense, but how dare she?! His head was full of hair! She dare state something so obviously wrong to his face!?

Really, that certainly wasn't it. But he would keep his eye on her, she was not to be trusted.

Coincidentally, Zachary did not like clowns or anything that reminded him of them.




"...Anyways, I am Zachary, the Infinite Archer for those of you who did not happen to hear that bear's horrible, unsatisfactory introduction last night." his tone clearly indicated he was very unhappy about that, still. "It seems we'll all be sharing a potential tomb together. Let us all try not to die our hardest. Dying would... well, kinda blow."

It was at this point that Zachary noticed the expresso machine in the Break Room and, with speed too fast for the human eye, he instantly appeared before it and began to use it.

Good, now he could maybe wake up for real.

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