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Current "He was infuriated to see Jinguuji-san eating with another man."
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"When you get to the point where you can laugh at your mistakes, you'll find new things to replace what you lost."
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"Damn stupid sun, making it morning whenever it wants even though I'm sleepy. Who does it think it is? Doesn't it know it has me to thank for its continued existence? "
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"I am Ferdinand von Aegir"
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"While masticating steadily away, I ponder a certain philosophical dilemma --- Do beans have emotions?"
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Hello, person looking at my profile! I hope you're having a wonderful day but considering where you are, the likelihood is that you are not. Sucks to suck, nerd.

My name is Dalton, but I go by many names. Famished, Pants, King, or Chad, to name a few. I'm a dude of 26 years of age who is fond of degeneracy in the form of anime, games, and visual novels. On the subject of games, I'm a big fan of Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, Disgaea, and Nier. Unfortunately, I've also gotten into a relationship with League of Legends that has been going on for about 7 years, so there's that. I've also come to adore FFXIV, too.

League of Legends: Chad Chadlainn, NA
FFXIV: Chad Chadlainn, Lamia
Steam: FamishedPants

As for anime, I mostly look for whatever seems like it'd be funny, even if the show isn't supposed to be a comedy. Thus, I have seen quite a lot of shitty isekai and battle harems, and all kinds of stuff. I enjoy Re:Zero, as well as Jojo and Highschool DxD. If it has big anime tiddy, then it's probably been seen by me.

For visual novels, I have an obsolete list here. There's a number of VNs I've read that aren't on that list but maybe I'll be bothered to update it finally? Anyways, obsolete or not the fact remains that I adore Muv Luv and think everyone should read it if given the chance. The Fate/Stay Night VN is many times better than any sort of anime that'll ever release, so fans should also try that. For people bigger on fun character interactions, give Grisaea no Kajitsu a try -- the anime was pretty garbage, but much like DEEN's Fate anime, that's because they tried to mix every route into one. And, naturally, look into Monster Girl Quest if you haven't already. Most people come for the sex, but all stay for the plot.

I tend to join RPs when I'm recommended them by someone I know, but occasionally I'll search for one myself. If for whatever reason you don't know me but intend on sending an invite anyway, I'm not too hot on things that focus around diplomacy or romance. Still, feel free to give it a shot.

Now, I'm aware that Broken is eagerly awaiting the point in my bio where I insult them. So fuck you. And fuck you too, Phonic. If Erode is reading this, fuck you but a bit softer, more gentle. Other people: Take me on a date first, then we'll see.

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There was an older-looking computer monitor that suddenly turned on, displaying lines of system checks and a notification that indicated the boot-up sequence. The whir of the cooling fan became more intense as it seems to struggle to turn on again, needing every last bit of effort it could pour into the process. Eventually, the screen hangs on pure black.


"I, like, think it's stuck."

"Are ya being serious? If it ain't one thing it's another with yer confounded machines, ain't it?" the computer was rapped on the top lightly as this Emily whined.

"This is unacceptable!"

Yet again, multiple contingencies had been activated within the confines of Emily's mind. Only this time, they'd been shut down without warning. With no information to go on, it made the recovery process even more difficult than it had been before.

"Like, we're not even getting, like, one of those error messages this time! Totes not okay at all!" One Emily checked her phone and complained at the same time.

The serious Emily glared at the screen. "If you two weren't slacking off, then you would've seen what happened. Our self-proclaimed protector took advantage of us!" she snapped. "The Squints to our Wendy Peffercorn!"

Another Emily growled. "That's some horse pucky! Ya'll tryin' tell me we got blindsided? Unsavory types are tha absolute worst!"

"There's, like, no excuse for being so gross. I just can't even with that sort of person."

"Oh! Um... well, maybe he, uh, didn't mean it...? We were just trying to help him...!" the timid Emily summoned the courage to speak out. The others almost seemed surprised at her statement.

The serious Emily pushed up the glasses she wore. "I suppose I could concede that very well may be a possibility. However, my counterargument is that he is a boy and therefore icky. Besides, you know how they are like."

"Yeah. Def. Next, he'll, like, try to, like, hold our hand or something," she made face twisted in disgust.

A gasp from everyone in the room.

"H-hold hands...? H-he would never..." Shy Emily seemed to be in disbelief.

"Yer screwin' with us, aren'tcha? Ain't no way!"

"Why are you guys surprised?" Serious Emily asked. "He has taken our precious first kiss! We shall not concede any more our of firsts!"

Gal Emily shrugged, pocketing her phone. "Seriously. Like, lets show this creep a thing or three and peace from this place."

"Y-yeah, that's right! We oughta hogtie him up and rough him up a bit!"

"G-guys you can't assume he meant it...." Shy Emily's attempts at calming everyone down had ended in failure, and the others roared a battle cry as they moved to get a better view of the bigger screen in the room that would normally display what the real Emily saw.

Conveniently, the computer restarted, yet again showing the same lines as before, but now with a purpose, Emily.exe moved past the screen where it used to hang.




Back in 'real life', Emily had been motionless for a dozen seconds even after Sakura asked her a question. There was a blank, unresponsive look on her face the whole time, but then as she came back to life, so did the red in her cheeks. It filled up in an instant, and then the light in her eyes returned.

"Give em' a big ol' slap!"

"Like, right across that, cute, girlish face of his!"

Emily's right hand moved in an upward motion for a second, only to pause mid-air.

Serious Emily, meanwhile, sighed in exasperation in response. "We are not operating at maximum capacity! It seems some of our systems are in reduced mode or shut off entirely," she told the rest of her party.

"In American, could ya?"

Serious Emily pressed some buttons, hoping to fix the issue. "Limbs only want to move one way and common sense and speak.exe are both corrupted and unreliable."

"Come again?"

Gal Emily groaned as she became fed up by all of this. "Like, let me explain it to you in, like, the easiest way possible. Emily. No. Work. Gosh, how hard does it gotta be with you?"

"I'm afraid Emily is right. The slap button is grey which means it doesn't work right now. Berate is also grey, but that's not uncommon. Anyway, we don't really have a lot of options here. Delaying only risks putting us into another forced shutdown."

As the 'southern' Emily went to speak, Gal Emily cut her off. "Emily. Faint. Soon. If. More. Stress."

Shy Emily stood up abruptly. "W-we gotta get out of here, then...! O-otherwise..."

It took clear restraint on Serious Emily's behalf, but she pushed the button sounding the retreat. "It seems we have been defeated. For now. But this was only the beginning. We will not fail another time!"

"Well, whatever ya'll say, I suppose. Gotta know when the fold em', after all."

"Like, whatever."




Following a shorter pause before once again resuming, the real Emily stood up, bright of the face. "Gladtoseeyou'reokayUmI'vegottogodosomethingseeya!" Emily quickly fled the scene, unable to process anything else happening in that area presently.
J u s t i n e

H e l e w i s a

B e t t y

Stien was a bit disappointed to see the majority of the competition flee after they had arrived not too long ago. Would they be considered anymore? Well, Stien was more interested in an entertaining time than she was in any sort of reward. Besides, stealing this spot from Betty because Dalton posted arriving first was good enough for her.

Justine shook her head in disapproval at the kneeling Betty. “You genuflect over such a trifling matter. It is unnecessary.” The blue-clad girl then grinned, offering a hand. “Rather, you have saved me the trouble of proposing the alliance myself. Perhaps I should show veneration instead?” she gave a hearty laugh, pulling Betty back onto her feet. Stien would then give it a firm shake. “You may address me as Justine. My beloved and I strive only to craft the finest and most awe-inspiring man of snow. If you would aid us in this endeavor, we would gladly have you.”

”B-beg pardon?” Betty was pretty sure she misheard this girl’s name. There was only one Justine after all, and she was the enemy. The chances of there being another one present wasn’t very likely. ”I mean, yes!” She clasped Stien’s hand between her own. ”A colossus of some sort would be good! I was even thinking of something, well, bigger still.” She looked back at the castle, and her grip on Stien’s hand got a little tighter. ”Um, anyway! My initial plan was to roll some snowballs down the hill to make them bigger. But it looks like you’ve already made a pretty big one. and Dan just provided me a pretty big pile sooooo...” Her eyes drifted to the massive snow boulder. No adjective she could ascribe to it would do the thing justice; when standing by Stien it was too big to fit inside her field of view. ”Where’s your um, your beloved?”

“Even greater than a colossus? Fwahaha! I like your attitude! Justine agreed with a pat on Betty’s shoulder, and then looked up at the huge snowball she had been standing next to. “Yes, I believe most would find this one suitable. But I won’t accept it! We can still yet go further beyond!'' She maneuvered behind her snowball and gave it a strong kick that managed not to get lodge in it, which sent it rolling down the hill into the pile of snow Dan had cultivated. “Until even our very competition stands in awe! Fwahaha!”

The snowball was already large, but it was only getting bigger as it rolled down the hill. Betty was quick to run up behind it and dig her finger’s into it’s surface. Because the snow ball was so big, it’s weight naturally meant that it compressed itself as it rolled. So the snow was dense and easy to get a hand hold in. As the snowball tumbled forward, Betty was pulled towards the top of it. Of course, it was just a matter of time before she descended down the other side and risked getting crushed under the snowball’s massive weight. The Cradle agent was quick to bounce to her feet and run. With the snowball rolling away from Stien, Betty just had to run towards her to maintain her balance. But as the snowball got bigger, she had to run faster to stay on top.

Helewisa hadn’t figured anything out about the whereabouts of her obnoxious lover from anybody there and they almost all left before she could question anyone aside from Lily’s group. She was a bit irritated that had to happen at the one moment she would need people there, and Dan had left before she could question him. Wisa mulled over calling Dan over before deciding that Stien was a capable young girl and didn’t need a babysitter. It isn’t like she would manage to hurt somebody here. But still, where did that girl go?

Suddenly, Helewisa heard the distinct and somewhat distant laughter of Justine that answered her question. “Thank goodness!” she sighed in relief. It seemed like she didn’t actually believe Justine could function without a babysitter. She had always been energetic for anyone’s good, after all.

“Wisa! Intercept!”

As Wisa turned around to see what it was Justine was doing, she thought to herself aloud, “Intercept? What does she mean by th---GRGHHHH” Unfortunately, her thought was cut short as a snowball the size of a small moon suddenly crashed into her and assimilated her into its body.

”Oh shoot! Did we hit something?” Betty was still running with her back pointed towards the direction they were rolling in. The only difference now was that she had to jump over a bump in the side of the snow moon once per rotation.

It kept rolling for a fair amount of distance afterward. Soon it lost its momentum and came to a slow stop. Helewisa was not visible, though.

Betty was holding her knees and panting. For all the things magic could do, it didn’t make breathing this dry winter air any easier. Every breath ripped the moisture out of her lungs and stung with a bitter freeze.

Justine wasn’t too far behind the snowball by the time it stopped. She clicked her tongue in disappointment. “You would think after a millennia that one would be more capable of playing ‘catch’. Bah! It is of no importance. I will need to check if she has sullied our ball of snow,” she told Betty, observing the mammoth snowball for a few seconds.

After about half a minute, one could faintly hear something coming from within it, followed by a hand bursting out of the snow near the bottom. Justine grabbed a hold of it and with one strong yank, pulled it out. Naturally, they had snagged one Helewisa, who struggled to get onto her feet while she caught her breath.

"Ha... what is... wrong with... you...!" she gasped. Things were quiet for a few seconds until Wisa could finally breathe normally, at which point she strode up to Stien and grabbed her by her costume. "You failed to tell me where you went, and you made this snowball without me?" Helewisa didn't seem the slightest bit upset about being bulldozed by a runaway snow boulder.

Justine moved Wisa's hands off her before responding in a confident tone. "You seemed so invested in your work that I thought it better to leave you be." Stien grinned, patting Helewisa on the shoulder much as she did to Betty earlier. "I did not mean to vex you so. That is why I began with a little one so that you would not miss out! And behold! I have gained for us an ally with an unyielding spirit!" she motioned towards Betty, who Wisa hadn't registered was there until this point.

Betty was starting to recover from her run when both girls looked in her direction. She smiled and waved to the two, who she could just barely make out given how high up she was. ”Um.” her voice echoed off the distant hills. She was really high up. ”Did you wanna help us make a few more?”

From perturbed to excited, Helewisa's mood switched in an instant. "Of course!" she had to shout so that Betty could hear, before turning and giving Stien a big hug. "But... you said this one was 'small', didn’t you?" Helewisa took some steps back to try to see the very top of it, barely managing. "We might need Dan to make some more snow..."

"Should it come to that, then we will ask for his aid. I would sooner fear the lack of space before I worry about that." Justine glanced up at Betty, smiling. "The view up there is a wonderful one, I assume?" she laughed. "I'm sure it shall be even more so once we complete our masterwork! When you finish admiring it, you should come down and... come to think of it, I don't believe you've graced me with your name?"

By this point, Betty was sliding down the side of the snow ball so that she could meet her companions. ”Oh! I’m sorry! I was just super pumped and-” She took a deep breath. ”Betty.” She extended her hand towards the newest addition to their team.. ”And your name?”

Helewisa offered a smile as she accepted the handshake. “A pleasure. You can call me Hilaria.”

This prompted a weird look from Justine, who confronted her about it. “Why do you insist on doing that?” she asked, a disappointed expression making itself clear. Although Hilaria’s smile became a bit forced, she did not answer Justine, instead finishing the shake as if nothing happened. “Well,” Justine apparently decided to move on. “Now that the introductions are out of the way, what say we get started? We may go over the exact form of the man of snow as we are collecting.”

The collection was proceeding rather smoothly for the trio. Justine created a ball which she rolled around as it got bigger and bigger, Hilaria made use of her ‘boogie board’ by pushing it around almost like a snowplow, and Betty used her superior dexterity to roll up several small balls, which she would then mash into one with the assistance of her wind magic. Still, they had some ways to go before they had enough. At least, that’s what Justine said.

At some point, Justine and Hilaria somehow managed to collide during their task, mostly due to Hilaria not being able to see around the snow she was plowing. Justine looked down upon Hilaria with mild irritation, but more bewilderment. “Is that all you have to show, Wisa?” she asked, noticing the small amount of snow behind her plow. “At what point did you become so lackadaisical?”

Clearly offended at this affront to her hard work ethic, Hilaria stood up and pointed over towards a large pile of snow she had been pooling together. “You dare suggest I am slothful? How about you pay attention to what I’ve gathered? It's much more than you have!” she claimed strongly.

Justine walked over to the pile, then looked back at her ball. “You say this merely because the form it takes gives one a false impression. Naturally, I have obtained more snow!” she retorted.

Narrowing her eyes, Hilaria took the snow she had grabbed with her plow and added it to her pile, which she then began shaping into a ball much like Justine’s using a combination of manual effort and her gravity spec. Shortly after, a huge ball of snow stood where the pile had been. She crossed her arms and gave a triumphant smirk. “Hmph! As you can now see, I’ve got the most amount of snow!”

Justine silently walked back to her own ball of snow and rolled it over to Hilaria’s so as to compare the two. She had to crawl up to the top of it by this point. “Fwaha! I spoke only the truth, as you will undoubtedly see once you bear witness to the disparity in size between our balls of snow!”

Hilaria climbed up her own ball and when she reached the top, she inspected the difference between them. “How can you be so blind to think yours compares to mine in the least? It’s risible, is what it is!”

Justine’s response came after a moment or two of reflection. “Betty!” she called out, realizing that only a third party could decide this. “We require an arbiter to settle this matter, if you would allow us to use you in such a way.”

”Well.” Betty rolled over to the two on one of her many balls of snow. ”Okay, if it stops the fighting and refocuses your efforts on collecting snow, I’ll do it!” Betty immediately got to work examining the balls of snow. She compared them to one of her much smaller balls of snow. Moments later Betty looked at both balls from the top of the other, as if trying to get both of their perspectives. Finally she hovered in place between both balls and lined them up with the horizon.

While it was true that both balls were big, there was one absolute truth about them Betty would have no trouble spotting. It was, of course, the fact that both of them somehow managed to have snowballs that were…

”They’re the same size!” Betty looked between the two ‘lovers’ ”I think we have enough snow, anyway. everyone’s moved onto the next event. We can’t let our enemies pull too far ahead!” She balled her hands into fists. ”It doesn’t matter who’s plowed more snow or has the bigger balls! What matters is that we crush our opponent’s under our heels! Without that, the biggest pair of balls doesn’t mean anything!”

Justine rewarded Betty’s statement with a chuckle. “It is as you say! It would seem I allowed my competitive spirit to cloud my judgment and it has cost us precious moments. For that, I shall work harder to make up for it,” She hopped off the top of her snowball and landed with elegance. Hilaria followed suit but because she wasn’t as AgIle, her landing was far more plain.

“We should start thinking beyond balls.” Helewisa suggested.

Justine raised an eyebrow. “What do you propose?”

“Well,” Helewisa began. “We have had snowballs on the mind this entire time, but not once did we consider the things that go into making a snowman. You do not just put balls together and call it a day.”

“You are referring to wood, are you not?”

“Precisely!” Hilaria nodded. “We’ll need the biggest, hardest wood we can find. That is the bare-minimum necessary to make sure this guy really is a snowman.” Helewisa gave the snowball another slap. “This guy can fit so much wood, really.”

“Aye, I see that clear as day. But we still require snow. Who do you propose collects the wood?” Justine asked, prompting a smile from Helewisa.

“It is not as if I wish to gloat, but I am quite capable when it comes to handling wood. I’ve experience in small, medium, and big-sized wood,” Wisa claimed. “You wouldn’t believe how many people like building log cabins in remote places.”

Justine smiled. “To settle down in an isolated area with nary a worry in the world… The appeal most certainly doesn’t escape me,” she seemed to be fantasizing about something. “But I shall cease my prattling. I do not have specific experience with handling wood, but I doubt that sort of touch is required.”

”It should be one of you two for sure.” Betty did not like to admit her weaknesses, but if this group was to get closer, she’d have to. ”I was more of a nature watcher than a woodsman. I remember watching some beavers getting wood down by the river. I wanted to join them, but I was worried I’d scare them all off. ” With a sigh, she looked at Stien. ”Um, I would like to roll some snow with Hilaria, if you wouldn’t mind collecting the wood?”

“Oh? I see…” Hilaria almost seemed disappointed. Maybe she really was confident about her skills in wood-handling.

Justine’s smile was wide. “It is the natural choice,” she nodded to Betty. “In that case, I shall not linger any longer. Leave all of the wood to me!” Justine surveyed the area for a suitable tree and then darted off at blinding speed to it, leaving Helewisa and Betty to their task.

Helewisa, sure the giant balls of now weren’t going to roll away without some amount of outside influence, felt safe enough to run over to grab her shield (boogie board). “Stien didn’t make a very convincing case, you know,” she said. “I wonder why you’d choose her? Maybe I’ve caught your eye~?” Hilaria didn’t actually appear to be upset by Betty’s decision and it was pretty obvious she was just joking around. She appeared ready to start plowing again but waited for Betty’s response.

”Huh?” Betty’s eyebrows practically jumped off of her head. ”Oh! No! No, nothing like that!” She waved her hands with a chuckle. ”It’s just that you seem a little easier to talk to is all. Stien seems really um, ambitious. Among other things.” Betty started rolling up another snow ball. ”I didn’t have the heart to tell her why I’m so passionate about this.” She stopped and looked to Hilaria. ”How long can you hold a grudge?”

"That is a strange question, isn't it?" It prompted Hilaria to think on the subject a bit. "It's hard to say with my memory so fragmented," she shoved her 'shield' into the ground and began working, but spoke loud enough for Betty to hear while she did. "At least a few centuries, I would imagine."

”Just centuries?” Betty’s cuckled. She knew that magical girls could live a long time, but surely no one here had been around that long. Right? RIGHT?!?! ”Well, it might be selfish, but a grudge is why making the biggest snow sculpture is important to me.” She broke eye contact with Hilaria to focus on the lump of snow in front of her. They were being so through that there was only sand left behind in some spots. ”It’s Justine.” She confessed. ”I can’t forgive her for what she did to me. It’s just not possible. And when I see her gleefully playing around in the snow, making massive structures, I just-” Betty grunted. Her snow ball was at least twice her size now, and she was still rolling it bigger. ”A-anyway, I didn’t really think that was something to tell your beloved. But I wanted to tell one other soul; I’m really determined to beat Justine. ”

"Justine would certainly find the situation disappointing," Hilaria had already begun forming another pile. "I'm sure she would stubbornly attempt to get you to forgive and forget, too. She is the sort to give everyone a second chance if they'll take it," Helewisa spoke almost as if she were jealous of that. "Her heart is always in the right place, so it was for the better that you avoided letting her know," Hilaria stated. "Even after the dagger has been pulled free, the pain lingers. I know it is difficult to care for much else."

Her pile became difficult to distinguish from a hill before she spoke again. "A fire in the heart is a fire in the heart. If you have strong feelings, even if they're not exactly 'good', it'll still propel you forwards," Hilaria scratched her cheek. "I'm confident that our snowman will be great, is what this old lady is saying," she even chuckled.

”I see.” Betty would never consider Justine von Visceral a forgiving type, but maybe she was towards her closest allies. ”You know her well then? You wouldn’t, um, mind telling me a bit about her, would you?”

Helewisa perked up. "Of course I am! We've known each other since I was... two? Or maybe it was three? In any case, it has been a long time since then and she does not appear to have changed much since we last met," Wisa put a thumb to her chin as she recalled memories that came to her. "But she is very much one to stay true to the image she projects. I doubt I could tell you much you wouldn't already know," she admitted before continuing. "Justine really does not care for subtlety at all. She is extremely prideful and outspoken, and she almost always gets her way. She's beyond competitive. Naturally, the words "Lose" and "Justine" don't often go together and she goes out of her way to ensure that it remains that way. Hmm... was there anything, in particular, you would like to know?"

In truth, there was nothing the Cradle agent wanted to know about Justine. The more she learned about her, the more she hated her. ”Well, maybe one thing.” Betty took a moment to consider how to word this. It was clear that Hilaria sympathized with her, but she was friends with Justine too. ”I guess I’d like to know how to take her down a peg. You know, um, make it feel like we’re on even footing? Got any ideas?” She looked ahead. ”I just have one idea, but I don’t know if you’d wanna help me with it.”

Helewisa couldn't stop grinning, as if something Betty said had entertained her. Whatever it was, she didn't say anything about it. Instead, she shrugged. "All I can really say is that it depends on the plan and how entertaining it might be."

”Um, um!” She had difficulty getting her words out. She was worried she’d be judged for being petty, but Hilaria had been a kindred spirit so far. ”Justine had some people build a castle over there.” She pointed at it. ”We have quite a bit of snow, so I was thinking we could, um, build something over it? Like, make something that totally covers the castle. L-like an explosion!” Her voice was practically trembling with anticipation.

Hilaria couldn't help but tilt her head once Betty brought up a castle. She would sooner form actual, positive relationships with people and allow people who weren't Stien or Isabelle to call her by her real name before she would believe ANYONE could recognize that blight on the snow Stien made was a castle. But then it dawned on her -- Betty wasn't talking about Stien, she was referring to the vampire, Justine! And in that case, everything Helewisa had just said was not true of that Justine. That Justine was, as far as she was aware, not a pleasant person at all.

The correct thing to do in this situation would be to inform Betty that she was mistaken. But that would not be what Hilaria chose to do. Instead, she grinned mischievously. "Ah, yes! It's only natural she would respond to such an over-the-top, flamboyant gesture when her ego is so massive! An explosion would be nice... but it does seem out of place? There was not an abundance of those when castles were in fashion. Mmm, maybe instead we could forge maybe... a giant dragon that overshadows Justine's structure?"

”A dragon?” Betty scratched her head. ”Yea! And it can be breathing fire all over the castle!” She pounded her fist into her palm. ”I guess a mushroom shaped cloud would have been kinda hard to do. Well, we should probably start before Stien gets back. Otherwise I don’t think we’ll ever finish. I think she’d be content to build forever.” Betty rolled her snowball towards the castle before shaping it into a giant foot. A mix between the foot of a bird and a reptile, with three large toes that were taller than most men.

"O-oh, that's right. Betty, let's save the tail for last," Hilaria asked, inspecting Betty's work on the foot in detail. She would start working on the other foot a little later, but it would more or less be identical in size and appearance. After both feet had been made, Hilaria took a step back to appreciate their work so far and to see how they should better proceed. "Mmm... should the dragon be standing up straight or bending over the castle? Well, I think that's placing the cart before the horse," she looked at Betty. "Do you prefer western or eastern dragons?"

”I mean, I’m really into Japanese stuff. But I think it would be best if we took advantage of all this snow and made a western style dragon. Have you ever seen puff the magic dragon? Cute movie, that’s kind of what I’m going for with this.” She was rolling the rest of her snowball over to make the lower torso of the dragon. ”He’s got a huge belly and a long skinny neck. And cute little wings. And a biiiig chin!” She looked to Hilaria. ”Have you ever seen it? Pete’s Dragon? The 1977 version, not the remake, I never saw that.”

Hilaria thought about it but soon shook her head. “I spent more time rollerblading than I did watching cinema during that period, if my memory isn’t failing me again,” she explained, beginning to help Betty with the lower half. When it was close to completion, she would effortlessly use some of her own snow to add to the top half, where she would focus on shaping the arms. “I suppose I will try to keep those traits in mind but let me know if I stray too far from what you were thinking. I was imagining a more imposing dragon at first, but I admit that the image of what I assume is a ‘cute’ dragon, incinerating a castle with its unyielding flame, sounds more entertaining. It might even make for more humiliation on Justine’s part.”

”Maybe.” Betty guided the winds towards their sculpture to smooth out its shape.. She ‘cut’ grooves into the dragon’s underbelly to mimic how a cartoon lizard’s stomach is typically drawn. ”I think that it’s important to humiliate justine, but it also has to be something that’s still us, you know?”

Hilaria was still smoothing out the snow that made up the arms, but paused to ask, “What is not ‘us’ about an incredibly big, yet cute dragon? I suppose we could make little slanted snow eyebrows so that he looks angry,” she said as what was hopefully a joke.

”Oh no! I think you’re right. That’s probably not nessisary!” Making the wind behave the way she wanted was not simple work for Betty. She was restricted to only doing a small area at a time, and one that was relatively close to herself. She had to make use of her extreme agility to cover the entire surface of the dragon. It was something she was up to the task of doing, but it took effort. She wasn’t like Sue, who could just summon a typhoon with a casual wave of her hand. ”But you rollerblade, for real?” Betty was about to run off to grab more of her snow boulders.

Hilaria had finished the shape of both arms, which were noticeably small in comparison to its body. Sort of like a tyrannosaurus rex. She shook her head at Betty’s assumption. “Did,” she answered. “Rollerblading hasn’t been especially popular in a decade or two, so I have not been invited in some time. Now it’s just the movies, video games, or the beach,” she sighed, perhaps thinking them as monotonous.

”Well, we should do something like that some time! I used to do it a lot during the summer before, well, becoming a magical girl. But I’d love to do it again! And then we could rent Pete’s dragon and see if it’s as good as I remember it being! I honestly don’t remember anything other than the dragon. We weren’t very rich so we only had a VCR with a few old movies-” Betty coughed, suddenly becoming self aware of how silly she probably looked due to her abundance of excitement. ”I mean, if you want to, that would be cool.”

Hilaria addressed Betty’s unsure invitation with a nod. “I suppose it may be nice to see if I can still move as I did before.” Betty pumped her fist, but tried to hide the gesture.

In the distance, the two would hear the occasional rumbling. It didn’t appear to be from any of the other guests at the party from what they could tell. “She comes,” Helewisa stated, not even bothering to look away from the dragon she was working on, but it appeared she was concentrating on something else entirely. This was made most evident by the fact she began thinking out loud.

“...was there not a plant-based girl attending the party? I hope nothing comes of that... “ Helewisa would sigh, before asking Betty an innocent question. “Do you know who Poison Ivy is, by chance? I believe she gets upset at the sight of hurt nature.”

It took Betty a bit longer to regain her composure, as she was a bit more concerned about the noise. ”You mean from Batman? Yea!” With the torso and arms finished, Betty had moved on to shaping “Puff’s” swan-like neck and head. The jaw was tricky due to it being much larger than the neck. ”Only because I watched the cartoons though, Mom and dad were pretty restrictive about what I could spend my money on.” She cleared her throat. ”But I think Harly Quinn was my favorite batman villain. Only because I found her kind of relatable. ”

“I only ask because there is little doubt in my mind Stien was particularly subtle about her search for suitable wood. Yet now that I have thought about it, her specialization doesn’t dictate her personality. It would be ignorant to assume that she is, as I believe people nowadays call them, a ‘tree hugger’,” she mused. “Not to mention this dimension is fabricated. I suppose I am stressing over a trifle,” she shrugged.

It soon became evident that the jaw wasn’t going to stay in place without some more support. ”We should make the flames, finish the head, then we can work on the tail.” Betty scratched her head. ”Hey! I haven’t done an ice sculpture yet! Maybe we could collect ice blocks and make the flames out of that? Just a rigid ice structure? I wonder if that would be frowned upon...”

“I do not see why it would be. If an argument is brought up we can simply bring up the fact that people use sticks to mimic arms in most cases. The majority of this dragon is still snow,” she said as she moved to inspect the huge jaw this dragon was going to have, and then nodded. “I noticed a lot of girls find a strong jaw on a man rather attractive. But I feel as though we’ve crossed the threshold for Puff here.”

”Heh! Yea, I guess!” The cradle agent rubbed the back of her head.

Hilaria looked at Betty. “About the tail... you don’t mind if we leave that to Stien, do you? It should serve as a pacifier.”

”That sounds reasonable! A wood tail would look kind of cool, maybe?” Betty wasn’t sure how that would work, but she was part of the team, so she had to do part of it. ”Okay then! Let’s get some ice blocks!”

Between the two burly girls and the might of wind and gravity, it wasn’t too hard to get the ice blocks they needed. ”Oh, I didn’t put much thought into how these were supposed to go together.”

Hilaria moved away from the ice they had just retrieved and inspected the dragon’s mouth. “Admittedly, I also did not put as much thought into the application. We could have built around a rough ice skeleton had I done so. Instead, my best guess is to have the spew of flames graze the ground and act as a support,” Hilaria fired off a quick suggestion. “Naturally, if it cannot stand on its own it is a failure, otherwise, I would simply use magic to remedy this.”

Although it was not as loud as earlier, the two would hear a crash in their proximity as a few large logs rolled into a mound of snow, managing to stop. Stien was nowhere to be found initially, but the two would find that she had soundlessly made it behind them. She glanced at the dragon-in-progress silently, before looking at the other two. “This is your work?” she orbited it, inspecting and then noticing something else, which she pointed out. “This as well?” she asked, looking at the castle.

”This, as well?” Betty followed her finger to the castle that was directly beneath the massive dragon. ”Oh! Um, no, It just felt right to have the dragon sieging the castle!.” She looked at Hilaria and then back at the newly arrived. ”Um, sorry for starting without you. I was just getting kind of anxious. B-but we did think that we’d leave the tail for you to finish. Right, Hilaria?”

Helewisa opened her mouth to agree with Betty but was silenced when Justine rose a hand. "Cease," she ordered, turning away from Hilaria. "I do not need to hear another word." Justine was now staring at Betty with a serious look on her face. She emitted a fierce, tense aura. Betty could do little more than cower before such intensity. "You," Stien addressed Betty. "You... were absolutely correct to begin!" Suddenly, Justine laughed. "Fwahaha! I became so enamored with gathering quality materials that I forgot to start building! I suppose I should get started and put my all into the tail, then!" she lept over to the pile of logs, grabbed one as though it required no effort, and then began comparing it to the dragon.

Placing a hand on Betty's shoulder, Hilaria gave a strained smile. "It's on us," is all she said before looking to work on the ice flames.

”R-right.” Betty wobbled a bit as she stood up. ”We should start on that.”

Betty did her best to stack the ice blocks up to the massive dragon. One by one, she rushed the blocks in place and stacked them up to meet “Puff’s” large head. The castle worked to her benefit since it gave her a head start in height, as the flames were going to cascade off the top of the castle anyway. Her superhuman agility also came in handy when she tried to fuse the blocks. She simply rubbed the top most block along it’s lower counterparts to build up enough friction to melt one side of the cube. Then when she stopped, the cold weather would freeze it together into one solid mass. It took several ice blocks to get the height she desired, but it was finally done.

”It’s a little uneven, but I think that works for us!” She used her wind magic to cut away anything that didn’t look like a dragon’s flame. ”How are you making out, Hilaria?”

Glancing over, Betty would notice Hilaria was comparatively behind her in progress. She had managed to stack blocks of ice and fuse them as well, but the act of carving them was less intuitive for her as her gravity spec was not suited for precise cutting. “In hindsight, grabbing an ice pick would have saved me quite a bit of trouble,” she lamented. “Without a tool, I might require help.”

Meanwhile, Justine was hard at work behind the two. She had finished comparing the size of the log she had to the dragon and found it to be lacking. It was decided she would need to somehow lengthen the log in order to prevent it from looking ‘stubby’. Using merely her own two hands, she carved out some of the top of one log and then part of another so that they would fit together.

Betty looked between the two girls before looking back at Hilaria. ”That’s not a problem! I’ll be back shortly with all the basic tools! Actually-” She handed Hilaria a duffle bag. ”I wasn’t sure what I’d need, so I grabbed one of everything. You can use these while I retrieve a second set of tools!” She sprinted off without waiting for as much as a confirmation.

Helewisa found herself, duffel bag in hand, with a lingering gaze in the direction Betty ran off to before the sound of Justine’s antics finally entered her mind. She turned to face her body toward the proud girl while also plunging a hand into the bag and searching for a pick. “How goes it, Stien?” Wisa moved her eyes up from the bag, noticing, finally, what Stien was doing. She frowned. “Is that going to hold alright?”


Shrugging, Wisa decided to make use of the tools Betty had given her and began working on carving out the details of the flames in the ice with a confident hand. It would be plain to see that she had more than a little experience with the task. However, it was not long before the sound of her picking away at the ice ceased. She glanced around the area, particularly for any sign of Betty, before speaking up. “...are you real, Stien?” she asked in a low, uncharacteristically insecure voice.

The noise Justine was making from moving giant logs suddenly stopped. “I admit that I do not have an answer prepared for that question, my dear Wisa.” Noticing the tone right away, Justine’s response was not as jovial as she had been up to this point. Helewisa didn’t break the short silence that came as Stien thought about it. “In this moment, I, Justine Rufina, am constructing a dragon made of snow, wood, and ice with my beloved. If there is some cloaked meaning behind your inquiry, then it has escaped me.”

“No,” Hilaria shook her head even though Justine couldn’t see it. “Forget I ever asked, it was naught more than a doltish thought.” Wisa gave a forced chuckle and then the sound of the pick against ice could be heard once more as she returned to work on the flames. It wasn’t long before Betty returned with her own tools.

The finishing touch was a pair of tiny wings made out of two halves of an ice block that Betty pushed into the dragon’s back. With the wings in place, the trio stepped away from their work to examine it. A multi-material snowdragon with a wooden tail and frigid breath stood before them. At the very least, they had made the largest “snowman” in the area.

”I think that’s mission accomplished!” Betty folded her fingers together and stretched her arms. ”You guys up for skating? It’s probably the closest thing they have to rollerblading around here..”

With a wide smile after seeing the fruits of their labor, Justine stood with a puffed-out chest. “I doubt the sincerity of any person who claims this dragon does not leave them in awe,” she then gave a hearty laugh. “Although this was an entertaining task itself, I would think we have earned ourselves a share of time doing something more relaxing. Skating it is!” she agreed, eying Hilaria. “Unless you have any complaints with the idea?”

“None at all, Stien. But I may be a bit rusty so I’m worried I’ll slip and fall,” Wisa added. “It has been a couple of decades since I’ve skated on ice, I think.”

“Fwahaha! You jest, do you?” Justine slapped a knee. “One or two scrapped knees are nothing new to you! Tell me. Are you still clad in bandages more often than not? A fortune we’ve spent on supplies to support you and your blunders!”

Helewisa could only sigh in response to Justine’s laughter as it filled the air. But she did not seem angry in the least that her girlfriend had brought up an embarrassing point about her. Instead, she gave a playful slug to Justine’s shoulder and encouraged her to concentrate on the new task at hand, and so the three of them would set off with the intention of skating.
S a m a n t h a

"No number 1 victory royale for this fort (to)night"

— Sam

The snowball fight had been progressing in a normal manner for far too long. As she and Tetrad approached the side of the fort, they were met with a few stationary Pennys. Expecting as much, Sam had instructed Tetrad to 'fire' off a few balls as soon as they had approached, leading to an advantageous situation.

Of course, Sam knew something was up. Nothing went to plan, not around here, anyway. "I sense... a disturbance," she eerily told Tetrad as they fought to enter the fort. But it wasn't enough, as only seconds later, the colossal Dan in the sky reenacted a scene from Independence Day and wiped the fort off the face of the Earth (or Dan's dimension, I suppose) in a blast of pressurized water.

Samantha found herself bracing for impact against the ensuing wave, but it proved to be unnecessary as the water ignored her and Tetrad. The fact the water from this satellite seemingly had some sort of I.F.F system didn't surprise her as much as it should have. Actually, Samantha found herself feeling quite blasé about the escalation and subsequent destruction. "Does that count as a successful mission, then?" she asked Tetrad, before noticing one other person.

With a sigh, she began walking over to a terrified Emily, who was certainly not taking Hammer of Dan as well as Sam was. The sound of Sam's trudging snapped Emily out of her clinched pose, and she looked around before speaking in a shaky tone. "A-are we dead?" she saw Sam shake her head in response, then became even more panicked. "W-where's Eliza?"

"There." Sam pointed at the 'heroine' who used excessive force in a snowball fight, who seemed rather proud of herself. Emily only breathed in relief when she saw the still-living tree (or Eliza, if you're a square like Emily), whom she tried to wave down.

It was about this time that Magical Dream Princess decided to, hard to understand-ably, get upset over Oros' tryhard approach to the snow fort battle. Emily frowned since seeing conflict was always unpleasant for her. However, Samantha simply did not see the problem with what had transpired, so she crossed her arms and joined in on the 'conversation' being held by MDP and Oros after exiting the ruins of the fort.

"There would have to be a defined set of rules for it to be considered 'cheating', wouldn't there?" Samantha shook her head. "I saw no such thing. Besides, snow is just an altered form of water anyway, is it not? Should we really be bothering with technicalities like this?"

"Um, but Sam, that's doesn't me--" Emily was silenced by Sam raising a hand. She sighed in resignation.

Samantha took her raised hand and pointed at the potential drowning victim, which drew Emily's attention towards Sakura. Naturally, the kind girl rushed over to help Sakura up, leaving Sam to continue. She looked at Penny this time and it was only then Sam showed any bit of surprise on her features. "You're with this strange-speaking girl?" she asked bluntly. "Then perhaps you could let her know that kidnapping someone and tree-ting them like they're a plant is also not really 'nicey wicey'?"
J u s t i n e

"The technology behind missles is quite captivating!"

— Stien

How many castles had Helewisa seen in her long time on this planet? As she wondered this, she recalled more memories that had been buried deep within.

Her life had begun with her being little more than a starving, lost child who yet retained an idealist nature despite her circumstances along with her sister, Isabella. But she was always envious of the wealthy nobles who wore clean, expensive clothing and jewelry, ate the most delicious foods and lived in the gorgeous castles they did. Had they comfortable beds to rest their heads upon every night instead of the cold cobblestone of the streets? Was their every night filled with warmth? No, they did not. They were as safe and happy as could be. That's what castles, in all honestly, were to Helewisa: comfort and safety.

They were beautiful! They were lavish! They took armies to bring down!

Yet... the same could not be said of Helewisa's castle, made hastily from the surrounding snow.

Helewisa found herself struggling not to frown as she beheld what she and Justine had unleashed upon this undeserving dimension. It was far from pretty, looking about as well as you'd expect a 3-year-old to make, but they didn't have that sort of excuse. Honestly, it was impressive that they could even make a piled-up bunch of snow look bad, but it was just sitting there with random patches of snow that Justine claimed to serve as 'detail', though it was doubtful anyone would agree. They even supposedly had a retracted 'drawbridge' that was just two lines in the wall Justine drew with her finger.

But beauty was in the eye of the beholder, and as far as Justine was concerned, this was the single greatest thing ever conceived.

"Hark!" Justine ordered the battlefield. "Bear witness to the epitome of craftsmanship that is our sturdy castle, and despair! Formidable are our defenses, and unyielding be our spirit!" she roared with laughter before dipping behind its ugly walls and taking a handful of snow which she formed into a ball.

Helewisa was wonder how her simple request to make a cute snow castle turned into this abomination when suddenly she felt an instinctual, terrible feeling within the pit of her stomach. She hurriedly checked on Stien, noticing her building a stockpile of snowballs. The act itself did not seem suspicious in the least, yet the feeling lingered. "We shouldn't sit around too long. At the end of the day, we're using snow, not stone." Considering their entrance to the battlefield, it made sense that they had received fire from the other participants. Their walls held tight, for now.

Stien looked up, smiling at Helewisa's statement. "Verily!" she nodded, then stood up and peeked out of their castle at the people who would serve as their opponents. She and Helewisa witnessed Mayra's huge snowball be sucked out of thin air by a portal, and Stien in particular seemed disappointed at the result. But it there had been enough waiting. Now was the time for an offensive!

Stien readied her snowball to be flung at whomever was closest. That was when Hilaria suddenly remembered something. "Stien, how old were you again?" Helewisa asked, a sense of dread building.

The answer borrowed some of Stien's attention from the battlefield. "You do not recall that, either?" she asked. It seemed to cause her some amount of pain but she perked up rather quick. "I suppose that if you are having trouble recalling your name, then that only makes sense," she reasoned. "In any case, I haven't got two decades left before I reach my eighth century upon this beautiful world." Stien ducked behind their wall as a snowball from Penny zoomed over head. "Such dexterity! A moment later and I'd have lost my head!" she cheered over it, before again addressing Helewisa. "Are you going to attempt to bring age up when you're flustered like you did before? It was futile then and it will be now."

"Perish the thought!" Wisa seemed embarrassed, probably recalling childish attempts from long ago. ", you wouldn't have happened to been living a quiet life since the incident at Beacon, would you?"

Justine frowned. "Are you referring to my death?" Stien received a nod in response. She shook her head. "It served as inspiration to better myself if anything," she explained. "It taught me that without power, one cannot protect anything, let alone the ones they love. So I would not classify my life since that point as 'quiet'."

"So then it would be wise to assume you've been gaining power as you've aged?"

Stien raised an eyebrow. "What else would I have done, Wisa? Twiddle my thumbs? The monsters and wicked ones do not rest, and niether do I!" she let out a laugh. "But come! We've spoken so many words yet not once have we returned fire. The others must think we view them as beneath our notice! Cease your questions! I am sure we'll be able to sit down and have a nice chat later!"

Justine stood up and went to throw a snowball at one of the Pennys. That was when Helewisa's gut feeling peaked in intensity, and she scrambled to prevent what she knew was about to happen. Just before Stien could release the ball of snow, Wisa knocked her arm off course and thus the ball was flung much to high to hit anything or anyone.

Another loud crackle of thunder, even more audible than the one from earlier, erupted as the bundle of snow sped off into the distance and far from viewing distance. Helewisa had a panicked expression on her face. "Be thee daft!?" she yelled at Stien.

Stien seemed annoyed and oblivious to the dangers. "Of course not. Should anyone be accused of foolishness, Wisa, that would be you! For what purpose would you interrupt my throw? Surely they would derive more enjoyment from a foe that defends itself!"

"For what purp--" she grunted in frustration. By this point, Helewisa was too excited to remember it was Dan's dimension. "How do you claim 'self defense' when your retaliation to a snowball is launching an I.C.B.M!?"

Stien tilted her head. "I.C.B.M?"

"A nuke. I refer to a nuke!"

Justine looked offended. "What makes you suspect I have access to such weaponry, Wisa? It was nothing more than a snowba---"

A loud rumbling came from off in the distance in the direction the snowball had gone, similar to a distant bomb.

Justine adopted a strained, awkward smile. "As I said, snowb--"

Helewisa, fed up with the situation, grabbed Stien's costume by the back and pulled her off her feet and began dragging her away, giving the rest of the people fighting a sincere apology. Stien pumped her fist in the air as she was pulled across the snow, leaving their despicable fort behind. "I pray that thee fight twice as hard in my absence, and I wish a good time for all!" these words were the last thing she spoke before they'd left the field for good.




Helewisa calmed down after a short break and decided that it would be for the best if they avoided returning, even after she realized they couldn't exactly do any damage to other girls. But which event should they join? It had to be something that wouldn't spiral out of control, so Keijo was a no-go, even if people had seemed interested in it. If Stien had any artistic ability whatsoever, Helewisa might've suggested the ice sculpting since it seemed so popular.

"Wisa?" Justine called out. "I have chosen the next activity. Let us depart!"




Helewisa could be found rolling not too far away from where Lily, Alex, and the purified Justine were, working on a snowman all by herself despite not having arrived their by her lonesome.

She happily hummed away at the task but after a short while, looked around the area as if searching for some one and stopped what she was doing. When she couldn't find that someone, she approached the aforementioned group with a bit of worry on her face. "Have any of you spotted Justine recently?" she eyed the former antagonist before it dawned on her who that was. "I'm not referring to the same one standing here, of course." In contrast to how she normally spoke, Helewisa's speech now was rather plain. "I speak of a loud girl who wears blue. She's rather hard to miss."




On her trek to the hill, Betty Barton would hear a strange noise coming from the opposite end of it. It was snow crunching but it wasn't merely the result of footsteps. It almost sounded like... something rolling around?

As she got closer to the crest of the hill, Betty would soon see a gigantic ball of snow begin to peek over, though it would not roll down. A blue-clad girl walked around the side of it, spotting Betty shortly after. "Fwahaha! Now that is the visage of determination if ever I spotted one!" she laughed, spotting the snowball in Betty's hand. "Will you be directing it towards the snowman activity as well?"
E m i l y

"Don't eggnog it till ya try it."

— Emily

It would be a lie to say that Emily was all sunshine and roses considering the rather aggressive start Samantha had at the beginning of the party. It also weighed on her that she could not do anything for her friend, and trying while she was ignorant would likely only cause more problems. So, Emily could definitely be in a better mood. Thankfully, Oros knew exactly what could cheer Emily up, and so the eggnog they were now drinking took the edge off. She also appreciated the hug.

When her phone chimed, indicating she had a message, Emily read the text that read:

“Hey kiddo! How’s the party?”

Emily's expression lit up. After how suddenly Lupa had left, Emily was glad she was well enough off that she could message her. But the flame-spec did feel a tinge of sadness at the fact she couldn't speak to the girl personally.

"It's wonderful, thanks for asking! How have you been doing?"

When the Lord of Change sent a text revealing that her own text wouldn't reach Lupa, Emily deflated. She managed to listen to the Lord of Change's explanation of the game and how she could possibly get someone to this party who normally wouldn't be able to attend. Even those who were dead. Naturally, her thoughts dwelled on her deceased sibling, whom she wanted to see more than anyone else in the world. She would give almost anything to reunite with her sister... but at the end of the day, this was a promise made by a horror that was openly looking for despair.

Ignoring a once-in-a-lifetime chance was not an easy thing to do, but she decided it was for the best. Even if she won, it might no be her sister. There would be some catch, like The Monkey's Paw.

That was her justification, but she still needed a distraction. Emily immediately downed a couple of cups of eggnog. She would never hold a candle to Hilaria, but that was quite a bit for Emily to drink in such a short time. "O-oh, I should be a bit more careful..." she did not want to drink too much and get sick, like usual when eggnog was involved. And it was a good thing she slowed down, too, as Oros inquired about what they should do. "Um," Emily thought about keijo and her belly full of eggnog and no food and made the wise decision to avoid that combination. "Maybe we should stick to the harebingers?" she suggested.

Since she was intentionally avoiding the Lord of Change's game, Emily didn't immediately see who had come to the party as a result of it. Instead, as she waited to see what the others wanted to do, she spotted Connie approaching them, and then greeting her.

"Yes, it's me!" she confirmed with a welcoming smile. "And thank you, Connie! You're looking very pretty yourself! It's good to see you!" Elated to meet another friend, Emily's smile only widened. Despite their interactions being minimal, it somehow felt wrong to see just Connie. Curious, Emily tried to spot her other half, only to instead spot someone else instead. "Um, please excuse me!" she asked of the group, hurrying off towards the girl who left the first portal created by the Lord of Change.

"Tetrad? Tetrad!" Emily didn't seem interested in the other girls. "Hey, is it actually you?" If she wasn't stopped, Tetrad would find herself being hugged by the fire spec, as if she had completely forgotten the skepticism she had displayed for the Lord of Change's powers earlier.
J u s t i n e

"I descend! Fwahaha!"

— Stien

Through the third portal came an unfamiliar young woman wearing an elegant blue dress and a plain red Santa cap. Although she remained mostly expressionless as she quietly observed her nearby surroundings, the girls whom she glanced over would feel an overwhelming strength of will radiating from her as she did so. She would take a few steps forward before her eyes came to rest on the very girl that had wished for her return, Hilaria.

"Stien...?" Hilaria barely had a voice as she called out to the girl in pure disbelief. The moment was a rare one, as the emotion on Hilaria's face was genuine, rather than the whimsical, fabricated norm. Tears began to form in her eyes.

The blue-clad girl took a careful step forward, seemingly unmoved by the imminent mess Hilaria was presumably about to become. Hilaria would pitifully call her name twice more between sobs before Stien's expression snapped into a smirk in less than a second, and she disappeared from sight in even less time with a loud crack that was reminiscent of thunder to a degree, and more than enough to startle the skittish and rattle nearby items.


A loud, hearty roar of laughter erupted from beneath Hilaria, who was now partially suspended in the air thanks to an effortless bear hug Stien was giving her. The act had knocked any and all air out of the knight's lungs and so she gasped for air when she was finally released, earning a loud slap on the back from an amused Stien, who laughed yet again.

"Do you persist only to spite those who believe with time comes change, Wisa? Centuries its been! Yet your impression of a baby chick is as flawless as ever!"

Hilaria took a few more moments to gather back the air stolen from her lungs before shaking her head fervently. "H-Hilaria isn't a baby chick...!"

"Hard to believe when you're narrating your own dialogue and forgetting your name! Fwaha! Have you suffered a head injury, perhaps?" Stien seemed to be having the time of her life, and Hilaria began to redden in embarrassment. "Tell me! Why have you adopted a pseudonym, Helewisa? Noble that action is not!"

Hilaria sheepishly rubbed the back of her neck. "U-um, well... Hilaria did forget her na--"

"FWAHAHA! SO YOU TRULY DID!" Stien slapped her knee. "What a joy! Then allow me to solve the riddle of why you're speaking as you are! Is it because you think you'll do the same thing again?"



Stien took a few more moments before she calmed down enough to speak again. "I have been here not five minutes and already you've blessed me with a wonderful time! Are you trying to make up for time lost? Shall I reward you?" she asked, leaning closer to Helewisa, a coquettish grin forming before she planted a firm kiss on the knight's lips. "Were this a more private reunion I would grant you more, but we'll just have to make up for it through other means."

Helewisa was blushing profusely by this point but nodded. "Um, there's some things going on. We could try catching things, join the snowball fights, sled, or even have a competition to make a snowman." Wisa informed Stien, who thought for a moment.

"They all sound so delightful. But that's to be expected when you're with the one you love, so normally I would care not what we do. However..." Stien managed to catch a glimpse at the intense snow fort battle taking place. It clearly piqued her interest. "Shall we start with that? A test of physical prowess amongst other party-goers sounds like it would bring much joy!"

"...sure! I would love to." Helewisa agreed, a small yet warm smile finding its way onto her features.

Moments later, a loud, boisterous laugh preceded the sudden launching of snowballs at any and all other competitors. "FWAHAHAHA, WE DESCEND!" And so, Helewisa and "Justine" joined the snowball fight.
H i l a r i a

"I was canonically here first! I swear!"

— Hilaria

Hilaria was meandering about the party with little purpose or care in the world except for the hot chocolate she was sipping on. Much like the other guests, she too was wearing appropriately festive attire, although the way in which it fit her was maybe a little less than appropriate. But in a world where girls could do battle in a slightly modified birthday suit, this was far from appalling.

She greeted anyone who tried interacting with her with a smile and a wave, signing up for White Elephant, Sledding, and the Fortnight battle, and she naturally thanked Mariette with a head pat when the girl presented her with a cute little cheeseburger plushie (3). Aside from this, she idly watched people as they began joining the party, taking note of Justine, whom she was at least 20 percent certain was the reason for that big battle not long ago. But, much like most of the features promised in Cyberpunk 2077, her death was a lie. Hilaria didn't really care as much as others, though. She was enjoying the party. Others, however, were not.

With all her huffing, puffing, and stomping around, Hilaria couldn't miss Samantha's storming towards Maura had she tried. Being completely unaware of what exactly it was that was causing Sam distress, Hilaria wished the girl a successful argument under the baseless assumption that Maura had served her some bad-tasting food. She would also make a mental note to, when things settled, reprimand Maura for such laziness in the kitchen. Food could only taste bad if the chef was lacking in some area, be that preparation, acquisition, or talent.

Luckily for Maura, the Lord of Cringe Change that suddenly appeared had been a sufficient enough distraction to grab Hilaria's attention. Having worked with a horror on more than one occasion, Hilaria was well aware of what had just shown up. But that little santa cap was pretty cute, so the reality-warping potential end to all mankind was less threatening than normal. She made sure to get a closer look at it while listening to it speak, curiously eying the item it had summoned.

Seeing nothing whatsoever wrong with agreeing to partake in a game offered by a being of its nature, Hilaria became eager to see what was in store for them. She took a big swig of her hot chocolate as she thought about what the prize was. Did she even really want it? Her memory was so shoddy she didn't even remember the people she used to love or like. How could that even work? Of course, just as she was wondering this, she got a text from "Justine".

"Wisa! Are you aware of these cretins engaging in a foul whispering campaign? They're saying you've resorted to vandalism! As if you would ever lose your Noble Spark!"

Hilaria went through a few stages in a matter of seconds. She had paused at first because she didn't understand whom the text came from. Then, as she tried processing this information, she paused mid-sip as she attempted to figure it out. And finally, once she did understand who had just texted her, she rather violently ejected her hot chocolate onto the ground in a coughing fit.

"W-what?" she seemed uncharacteristically frantic, addressing the Lord with purpose. "What's your game?"

and her cool pals!

“Does anyone hate this as much as I do?”

— Betty Biohazard

“I do."

— Samantha Howard

“I don't."

— Emily Ackerson

”Oros! Aria! Binky!”

Betty called the names of her new friends as she wandered the halls of the hotel. Quietly, as Betty was aware there were people relaxing at all hours of the day, and who wanted to hear a teenager screaming the name of three other girls? Don’t answer that.

She had seen the portal open in her room, but she was hesitant to walk through it by herself. Because Betty knew that Justine would be there, and Eliza and Maura would likely be there with her. Needless to say, she wasn’t going to go to a party if she had to stand around someone who she despised. If that were the case, she’d just as soon stay home. She didn’t think Trixy was going to be there, as she and Tetrad had left with Veronica. That just left her new friends.

Oros was MIA, had been since this morning. Betty was a light sleeper, but Oros had left the hotel a 4 when she woke up. Aria had left to get something, and none of the Binky clones would say anything about Binky’s true location. They just went on about what a good-for-nothing weakling he was.

It looked like Betty was going to spend Christmas alone. She supposed she could always go down to the arcade and play around a bit, but it sucked that she couldn’t enjoy the party without rubbing elbows with Justine. If only there was someone else.

And there was!

Samantha Howard was likewise not eager to jump into the portal. Parties in Penrose were always a recipe for disaster, and she didn't exactly fancy Dan's place. The biggest obstacle to her rejection of the gathering entirely was Emily's request. Somehow, she couldn't back out of the promise she made last time they were on the beach, and the only people who generally had that sway on her were Veronica and Trixy.

Sam chalked it up to Emily appearing completely unthreatening, and honestly rather cute. It reminded her of Mika. Well, the one from this timeline. The difference was that Emily wasn't lewd in the least and her cheeks weren't as pinchable (or were they?).

"Ah, whatever!" she set off from her room to the entrance of the hotel in her costume. She had agreed to meet Emily before leaving for the party and the girl was due here any minute now. It was as she was walking that she saw a stray Betty, yelling (not really) out names.

"Hello," Sam greeted monotonously. "You're... Betty, right? I think I saw Oros leave, and some other girl left who might be Aria," she tried providing help.

Betty’s face lit up, like she had just locked eyes with the love of her life. ”And you’re Silhouette! Veronica’s number two!” Though as fast as that rush of joy came, it left her face. ”Maura, Maura’s number two. I think? Or did that go to Eliza?” With a sigh, Betty’s back fell against the wall, and she slid to a squatting position. ”So why are you still here? Not a fan of parties?”

Betty obviously struck a blow on Sam’s pride with the 'number 2' comment but she refrained from letting it completely sour her mood. "It doesn't really matter.” Sam lied, as it did, in fact, matter to her. As Betty took a squat on the wall, Samantha went down the hall momentarily. She turned back to answer Betty. "No, I can't say that I am. Never was, either, but they tend to get out of hand in Penrose." Sam rested an arm against a wall. "Should I assume the same can be said about you?"

She looked to Samantha. ”I don’t really have anyone to go with, and I don’t feel like being around someone who’s there.” She folded her arms. ”I like to spend time with friends if given the chance. But with her there I don’t think I’d enjoy myself too much.”

"I understand." Samantha nodded. "If it weren't for a friend of mine I wouldn't've even considered it. But she ended up convincing me to promise, so I can't stay behind," she again glanced down the hall, then turned to Betty with a raised eyebrow. "Someone upsets you that much?"

She scoffed before looking away. ”It’s Justine. I’m not ready to deal with her yet.”

Sam blinked. Repeatedly. "Did I mishear you? Because it sounded like you said 'Justine'."

”I did.” Betty turned her head back towards Samantha. ”Veronica had sealed that monster away forever. Not even a week after the fact, Maura released her on the behest of a Beacon agent of all things.” Betty looked back at the floor. ”’She’s been purified, I’ll keep a close eye on her,’ like that stopped Justine in the past.”

"You're... joking, right?" Samantha's tone became a lot less monotonous and a lot more irritated. "Maura can't be that stupid, right? To take Justine from a place she can't escape and just let her out, even after all we and a lot of other people went through to put her in?" It looked like Sam was either in doubt or about to have some sort of breakdown. "She knows that could only cause problems with more than half of Penrose. There's no way. It's another Justine, right?"

”It was disgusting to hear her talk about it with Beacon.” Betty stood up and turned to Samantha. She was visibly shaking. ”So this, this bimbo asked Maura what had happened to Justine, and she just casually mentions that she made a contract with her to keep her from falling back into Father’s hands. And then when I dared to say Justine had squandered the second chance she had been given, do you know what the sarraf of Beacon said? This is Alicia, mind you, not the ascendancy.” Betty Sniffed. It sounded wet. ”She said it was a matter of perspective!”

Samantha fell silent. Betty's emotions starkly contrasted Sam's. It didn't seem to make her sad, it just seemed to piss her off. "You know what? I won't stand for this! If you're telling the truth - and I have no reason to believe you're doing otherwise - then I'll just remove the problem myself. Those other ‘perspectives’ can fuck themselves.”

”I really wish I wasn’t.” Betty hugged herself. ”Mind if I tag along?”

After some time, Samantha looked down the hall once again. She exhaled a sigh. "...I just remembered that if it's at the party, I actually can't do anything physical there, so I’ll have to wait until later," she began to reign her anger in, slowly. "But I have choice words for Maura and Justine if she is arrogant enough to attend. I can't nor desire to stop you if you want to watch that."
Just then, a faint knock could be heard down the hall that Sam was constantly looking at. "It seems my friend is here..." Samantha almost seemed embarrassed by something. She looked at Betty. "I'll introduce you. She's the well-meaning, naive sort, so she'll definitely try to make friends. Uh..." she rubbed the back of her neck. "It's gonna be... weird."

”Weird?” Betty tipped her head like a confused dog. ”How so? A lot of magical girls seem pretty eccentric, I don’t mind.”

"She's going to be ecstatic about the party." Sam said, beginning her walk towards the door. "It's more that I doubt I'm going to be able to completely hide the fact that I'm about to tear someone's head from their neck. It's just going to be awkward, you know?"

It would only take a dozen seconds or less to reach the lobby entrance. Samantha opened the door and on the other side, of course, was an excited and costumed Emily. "You showed up."

"Oh, of course!" Emily beamed. "If something came up I would've told you! So are you ready?" she asked. It was at this point she noticed Betty behind Samantha. "Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t notice you had someone with you. Are you going to introduce me to your friend?"

”Oh, wow…” Betty’s eyes trailed up and down Emily in morbid fascination. After dealing with all that political intrigue, someone who could smile as brightly as this was a sight for sore eyes. The only other person she knew with such an infectious smile was Trixy. Betty found herself practically pushing past Samantha just to get a better look at her. ”Betty Barton!” She took Emily’s hand in her own and gave it a quick, firm handshake. ”We’re co-workers. She was just telling me about how excited you are for the party, but I didn’t get your name yet.”

“Oh, sorry about that, Betty! I’m Emily, a friend of Samantha’s!” Emily gave Sam an uncertain look as though she sought confirmation about that fact, prompting the black-haired girl to sigh.

“Yeah, sure.”

Emily returned her eyes to Betty. “Anyways, are you coming to the party with us? Dan does a good job of providing for his guests from what I’ve seen, so I can’t wait!”

The overwhelming positive energy radiating from Emily only seemed to make Sam feel more awkward, like she had predicted. “Yeah…” she halfheartedly agreed with Emily who, at least for now, was fooled by Sam’s indifferent facade.

”I wasn’t going to.” Betty’s tone became somber, if just for a moment. ”But that was because someone I don’t care for was there. But if both of you are coming, I want to go too!” She crossed her brow as that trademark Betty Barton determination took hold of her. ”Let me go get dressed, I’ll be right back!” Betty took off to get on her christmas clothes.

Once Betty left, Emily’s smile almost disappeared. “Is something the matter?” she worried. “You don’t look happy at all.”

Samantha motioned for Emily to come inside the hotel and closed the door behind her. “I always look like this, you know.” Sam leaned against a nearby wall, crossing her arms and looking off at nothing in particular. After a few seconds, she began fidgeting by tapping her feet against the wall.

Emily looked at her feet, then back up to her. “, um,” Emily put on a brave smile. “It is okay if you don’t want to talk about it. We can talk about something else! Like, um, what you’re looking forward to most at the party? Is it a game? Food, maybe?” She didn’t receive any answers from Samantha. “Uh, okay! What about people? Are you excited to see someone there? A friend, perhaps?”

Her question caught Samantha’s attention. After nearly a minute ruminating on something she looked down at the floor. “Everyone I am especially close to has left Penrose, so I don’t imagine they’ll be joining us today.” Sam then looked up at Emily. “Yeah, everyone’s… gone. All that remain are acquaintances. You’re the only friend I have left, so I’m here for you.”

“O-oh, well I’m very glad you agreed! I’ll make sure we have a great time!” Emily tried to keep the conversation from getting stuck in gloom. “Who knows, maybe you can find a new friend at the party! It’s certainly an opportunity!”

Samantha sighed. “I doubt people are going to want to be anywhere near me.”

“Huh?” Emily tilted her head. “Why is that?”

“You’ll see soon enough.”

It was not long before Betty returned while wearing a suitably Christmas-y outfit. It was just something you could buy almost anywhere this time of year. Just a red and white Santa suit. With black stockings.

”Sorry for the hold up! I wasn’t going to go before I met you two.” She stood between Emily and Samantha, eyeing them both individually. ”We should go before all the eggnog is gone.”

Betty found her hands being taken by Emily and squeezed tight with excitement. "You're absolutely right! Oh, I just love eggnog!" she looked around Betty to see Samantha. "Are you ready?" she asked, giving Betty her hands back.

"As I'll ever be.”




Eventually, the trio found themselves a part of the winter wonderland that Dan had created for the guests of the party. It was certainly worthy of praise, but that was probably the last thing on Samantha’s mind for now. Despite her clothing being rather unfit for the climate, having assumed they would just be at the beach, Samantha didn’t seem cold in the least. It could be the dolphin’s influence, the heat of the rage building within her, or perhaps the proximity to Emily, who was intentionally making the area around her warm.

In any case, now that they were here, Samantha didn’t seem like she was going to sit still very long. That was also the situation with Emily, although for completely different reasons. The fire-spec looked wide-eyed at everything around her and her mouth hung open in awe. “It looks so pretty!” she cheered, admiring the place.

While Betty was also surveying her surroundings, it was less out of wonder and awe. It didn’t take her long to spot Maura and the company she arrived with. ”Seriously?” Betty hugged herself. ”She personally arrives with Justine? ” Betty’s teeth were chattering, and not because of the cold.

Unfortunately, that was all the waiting Sam could do. Furious and looking for answers, she flounced in Maura’s direction, followed by Betty and a very worried Emily. She couldn’t care less about anything or anyone else at the moment. Mariette, when she approached and attempted to hand them a plushie, would not even register on Sam’s radar and was completely ignored by her.

Emily was lagging a few steps behind but still stopped for Mariette, offering an apologetic smile. “O-oh, sorry about that! I’m… not sure what’s going on, but I’m sure it’s just really important, so I don’t think Sam means anything by it!” Emily attempted to cover for them. Samantha didn’t slow down in the slightest, so Emily couldn’t wait around any longer. Though she wasn’t able to introduce herself, Emily did thank Mariette when the girl handed her a plushie and went ahead and took Sam’s too with the promise of telling the girl where it came from when she calmed down. She gave a very quick bow before letting Mariette continue with what she was doing and trying to catch up to the other two.

Her approach was anything but subtle. Anyone who bothered to stop and look at Sam could tell something wasn’t sitting right with her, and her direction only made it more clear what that was. Maura, of course, would eventually find it difficult not to notice the agent stomping towards her. It seemed she had more than her sisters to worry about.
E m i l y

"I've only been in collabs recently, haven't I?"

— Emily

It had only been a couple of days after Emily had made a new friend in the form of Ruby that she looked at the sorry state of her apartment. It suffered from the after-effects of Hilaria and Emily deciding last night to binge-watch a compromise between 'violent' and 'cute anime'. The result was a show based around magical girls who were trapped in a very unpleasant game that required them to kill one another. Hilaria enjoyed it far more than Emily did, but it was true that it captivated her enough to munch on snacks as much as Hi-- well, a lot of snacks. any case, the couch and the floor were riddled with crumbs, emptied bags, and a few empty bottles of soda. Emily went to work cleaning things off the couch before moving to the floor, and in no time at all did the place begin to look presentable. She felt proud of how the room looked now and admired her work for a few seconds before realizing that something was missing. "Ah, the remote!" Emily spent a couple of minutes moving the cushions on the couch, looking under the couch, and around the table. Still, the remote escaped her. "Where could it be?" Wracking her brain for some sort of answer, she found it hard to believe Hilaria could've accidentally taken it when she left. But where did that leave her to search? If only she could just fi--

"Oh, wait." Emily finally remembered she literally wished for something to help her find things. Grasping the locket around her neck and opening it, she found a compass-like arrow resting straight forward. Emily concentrated on finding the remote, and the direction it was facing changed. "Behind me?" It seemed to be pointing towards her TV, oddly enough. Searching the area around it, she finally saw it lodged behind the wall and the TV. "Oh, isn't that so helpful!"

This really was a convenient item. And to think that some people were lucky enough to just have this when they became a magical girl! Well, I should probably count my own blessings instead of someone else's... and maybe see exactly how this thing works, too!




In order to see just how good this device would be at tracking, she repeatedly tried to find things. She started from stuff she already knew the location of, to things she had been looking for, to things she had to remember she had lost. She found most of the items, but occasionally the pointer would tell her to go out of her home and she figured that this must've meant it had been thrown away by accident or something, so it was probably at a dump.

Eventually, she understood how it worked with items well enough. Well, it wasn't hard to, but she at least confirmed that as long as she understood what she was looking for, she would probably find it.

So then she decided to branch out from objects. How would it handle, say, concepts? She jokingly tried to concentrate on 'World Peace' only to find the pointer begin to cosplay as a helicopter's rotor blades. She found some success with thoughts like "something to peel this apple" but then she couldn't really find "an easier way to pay the bills".

After she had gotten more or less bored with that, she moved onto the subject of people. Similar to how she started with objects, she began with Sakura, whom she already knew the location of. It worked, as expected. Then, she tried Hilaria. She followed the locket until she eventually wound up in front of a restaurant. That was all she needed to confirm that it worked, and she quietly moved on before she could catch Hilaria's attention. She only experimented more and more until eventually there was only one thing she could think to try. It also happened to be the most important search she could make.

Emily, after moving around so much, looking for people and objects in her drive to see how well this worked, had decided to take a rest at Penrose Park, mostly because she happened to be nearby. She sat on a bench, clutching the locket tightly, and her breathing was heavier than it should've been. "Then, with this I..." Emily concentrated on what she wanted to find, but she didn't dare look at the direction it pointed in. There was a chance it could fail, but she should have enough information that it wouldn't. The question was if she should.

She had lied to Ruby and to Sakura. Maybe not technically, but she had acted in a way that may lead them to believe her wish that resulted in this locket was essentially an obligation. It was a poor thing to do and it felt just as bad as lying to her. But, in fact, Emily had desired something like this locket even more than the ability to befriend people. At least, at that time. Now, she wasn't sure. She had the power to find what she wanted, but now that she could, she finally wondered what she would do with this information.

What would she do when she confronted the person who murdered her sister?

She... couldn't know. Emily wanted to think that she would get an answer out of the individual, but then what? Wish them well and wave goodbye? No, that wasn't going to happen. Each time Emily thought about the kind of person who would take the life of a kind, caring person like her sister... she felt such intense hate and rage. One she couldn't decidedly say she would be able to control when she confronted the individual.

And there was of course Jonald, who was certain to try to take some violent action. Maybe not himself due to his status as a patron, but Emily could see him attacking indirectly, somehow.

Emily finally glanced down at the locket.

It pointed in a single direction instead of spinning aimlessly.

She felt her heart skip a beat and her palms began to sweat. There was no doubt about it: this would definitely find the person she was looking for. With this, she could finally learn the truth behind her sister's death! And yet...

...she closed it, exhaling sharply as she did. ", not yet..." Emily decided it was too much for her right now. She knew that if she looked at it now and found the person, that things would never be the same. That much she was sure of. It was absurdly selfish of her, but she wanted to at least enjoy the party with her friends before then. Even at Jonald and Selene's expense.

She hoped she could forgive herself.
H i l a r i a

R e a v e r

Club Lightstrand was alive again, oppressive beats thumping as a six fingered DJ spun hot tracks. As the premier destination for supernatural nightlife in Penrose, it was always packed with inhuman patrons. Elves slapped orc booty, mindflayers grinded fishmen, redcaps drank mermaid spit. Wild debauchery persisted all around, as vampiric thralls in black leather slipped around, silent as shadows, to attend to the customers. Lively and erotic, the frenzied excitement of the three-story establishment was enough to lure a line of eager customers (some underaged) that extended around the block. A thick-skinned asura bouncer stood at the door, checking IDs and examining the blacklist, while his partner, a rhino-headed snakeman, deflected flirtations from a couple of scantily-clothed pixies trying to skip the queue.

Having yet entered the establishment, a silver-haired girl and her partner waited in the middle of the line that formed, the girl seemingly having not a care in the world. Red eyes glossing over the crowd of people waiting to get in, she briefly turned to her strange acquaintance with dire news. “Hilaria doesn’t think there’ll be any tasty food here,”

Reaver tilted an eyebrow, as he gazed the crowd that was going to enter the club. Not many of them looked appetizing in his eyes either. His companion was...quirky to say the least, but who would pair with a practically unknown in this city for a dangerous hit? The bottom of the barrel and the weirdos. Well as long as her quirks did not get in the way. "Depends on the food you are seeking. This place is for… lets say, other kinds of tastes. I bet Hilaria might find a good match there."

Hilaria shrugged. The food she was seeking was food, naturally. Any other such service this club or any of its patrons would offer was completely dull and uninteresting. Pleasures of the flesh could never compare to a well-cooked steak, or a trip to a nacho mountain. That said, most things were certainly better than waiting in line. The currently unarmored girl retrieved a small bag of chips she had stashed in case of emergencies and began munching on them. Time then seemed to pass rather quickly, the line shortening significantly. As it neared their turn, Hilaria looked at Reaver. “Hilaria wonders if you’re aware of what we’ll be dealing with~” she looked him in the eyes, and then offered a chip.

Reaver was not one to refuse free food so he took the potato chip and ate it. He… resisted licking it out of the other magical girl's hand, though. "Nosferatu. Strigoi. Vampyr. Has many names, and each tale has different points. Several things are common though. The ability to bewitch, drink blood and regenerate. It's a tough target." Reaver raised an eyebrow at Hilaria. "Odin would not have it in another way."

“Tough target?” A third voice joined their conversation. Looming three feet above them, a muscular demigod folded his arms, his glowing eyes narrowed as he inspected the two magical girls. “Yer not here to cause no trouble, are ye?”

"We are here to vanquish the cuckolder's evil! Chicks love that! Mwahahahsha! Are you the ancient Rakhasha of the seventh wheel? " Reaver said, trying to ham it up as best as he could...obviously not very well. He looked downright silly and pathetic. "...I...uh, sorry? We are a couple with weird kinks, really… She loves to play the potato chip eater with the third person thing. Also to put me in an armlock." Reaver said. "I love people putting me in armlocks. I bet you could put me in an armlock too."

Cementing herself as the most willful girl in the cast, Hilaria managed to not respond to Reaper’s… cover? with disgust or confusion. Instead, she retained her smile as she replied to the demigod. “Hilaria thinks kink-shaming is rude!”

“Uh...huh.” The asura leaned back away from the two magical girls, muttering under his breath ‘fucking weirdos’. The line didn’t seem like it was shrinking at all, and his contract was that he was on the job until the line was done, so with a sigh, he decided to just...not give a shit about whatever the hell these children were doing in a 200+ nightclub.

“Alright, sure, whatever. Just gimme yer invites.”

“Oh, invites, yes right away!” Reaver said, before thinking hard. No one had mentioned this place was invite only, so his thoughts raced fast. “Okay, that’s one of the keywords, right? I’m supposed with… I can’t find them, can I pay for them with my body?” Reaver added as he began to undress.

Hilaria looked at Reaver, then back at the bouncer. “Oh, so you are into that stuff?”

The asura gave a deadpan glance. It was literally only 2 AM and already he felt like sticking someone headfirst into the concrete. But a job was a job, so…

He leaned in, grabbing and lifting Reaver’s face up by the chin, pulling apart his lips to inspect his gums, then move his other four hands all over the dark magical girl’s body, feeling for the distribution between muscle and fat.

“Hrm. Boss might be interested…” He turned to Hilaria. “Your invite?”

Hilaria blinked. "We do everything together, of course~!" she declared. "From eating food, to going out, to invites, to, hopefully, finding a way to replace them~"

Another one, huh. With a bit of a grunt, the asura removed his hands from Reaver, before pulling out a couple of wet wipes to disinfect with. Could never know with dark magical girls, after all. Moving onto Hilaria, he did much the same to her, tracing paths up and down her body, checking complexion and dental health, before examining her eyeballs quickly as well. She was a good deal fatter than her companion, but there were patrons interested in extra meat too. After a couple more moments, he sighed and brought out an old, rectangular pager, dropping a line to whoever it connected to.

“Alright you two, step off to the side and try to make yourselves presentable and attractive. The Madame will check you out soon enough, and if she finds you decent, she’ll get you glammed up for the Boss.” With that, he shooed them off, and got back to going through the rest of the queued-up supernaturals.

Now standing off to the side, Hilaria gave herself a once-over and then, apparently satisfied with herself, smiled. "Hilaria is happy we're getting this chance," she said to Reaver. "Let's try our best to make an impression~"

“That went better… than I expected.” Reaver said, raising an eyebrow, as he rearranged his hair, loosened a few buttons in the shirt, and tucked some… extra cushioning in some place. “I suppose you don’t have...uh… black lipstick and mascara on you? Normal makeup could be good.”

Hilaria shook her head, retrieving something from her person. "Can you use this~?" she asked, presenting a blue push-pop.

Reaver squinted. “Oh what the hell, I need a little sugar, anyway, and I’m not concerned about my self image at this point. Thanks Hilaria.” He added, and then applied the children’s candy with… manly conviction to darken his lips.

After a couple minutes of last minute adjustments, the doors to Club Lightstrand opened, not to let someone in, but to let someone out. A snake-woman with alabaster scales and beautifully vicious eyes slithered out, three feathered boas wrapped around what one couldn’t really presume to be her neck, unless they were to imagine that she was all neck. She circled around the two magical girls momentarily, tongue flicking in and out, before saying, “Tommy, dearie, thesssse are the twooo?”

“Yes.” went the asura, intent on talking as little as possible to her.

“Theeeeey could do ssssome work, but...yesssss, I’m ssssertain the Bosss will be willing to take them in.” The snake-woman nodded her head a couple times. “Now, darlingssss, just follow me…”

With a flick of her glitzy boas, she slithered back into the nightclub, the magical girls following after. Circumventing the main area, where all the debauchery was happening, the snake-woman led the two of them through an ‘Employees Only’ door, before bringing both to a warm room filled with lightbulbs and mirrors. There was a rakshasa there, trimming his legs with a razor, while a leprechaun spritzed alcoholic perfume over her lush beard. A salamander chewed on dried peppers as she lounged on a steel plate, the object glowing warmly, and a hippopotamus was doing squats, each downward movement causing a slight tremor...or was that just the bass drop? Though varied in species, however, all the people in the room wore collars of sorts, black leather with a red pearl inserted upon the buckle.

The snake-woman flicked her tongue towards two swivel chairs.

“If you’d pleassssse?”

“Eh, what’s that bauble? Looks so cool! Can i have, like, half a dozen of them?” Reaver asked.

Hilaria spent this short amount of time Reaver had afforded her practically, making sure to wave to any of the beings who might’ve looked their way. None of them did though; magical girls were nothing special in Penrose.

“Tisss a sign of servitude to our employer, y’sssssee.” The snake-woman produced one of the collars from within her feathered boa, which must have been some sort of hammerspace inventory. “To keep our...rougher employees from being disssobedient.”

“So, is this an offer of employment or something? Or a play? Can I just, dunno, get a blue choker?” Reaver egged the snake woman, while looking at Hilaria. “But, you know, if I leave my neck guarded, you can’t give me hickeys! Ain’t that right, Hilaria? Snek hickeys are best hickeys.”

Hilaria gave Reaver a sharp, discreet elbow. "Hey~! That is rude~! Is that any way to speak to a potential superior~? Don't be so offensive~!" she chided. "Hilaria knows they tend to prefer the term "serpent."

“I rrrecall that you were the two who expressssed interessst in paying with your bodiesss.” The snake-woman continued. “And you may reffffer to me as the Madame durring your ssssojourn at our essstablissshment. You’ll find too, that guarding your necksss from intrussssive individualsss is important in thissss line of work.”

“...what, like Vampires? Those don’t exist!” Reaver said, before closing to Hilaria. “We do an awesome joint number...Always together.” He drew closing, caressing Hilaria’s body… and at the same time putting a reinforcement spell upon her. He leaned to kiss the girl, and whispered to her ear. “If I start doing strange shit, you know what to do.”

“Well, me first!” He said, as he sat on the chair… and concentrated on reinforcing against any kind of mental manipulation.

Hilaria took her seat at the other chair, ever smiling. “Oh, Hilaria is sure it’s going to fit you just fine~!” she laughed.

The snake-woman smiled as Reaver sat down, tracing one of her rhinestone-studded fingernails over his neck. “I ssssure hope you enjoy your firsssst experience with a nightwalker then…”

With a click, the item was set, the leather band tightening over Reaver’s throat until the red pearl bobbed alongside his Adam’s apple. Sliding sensuously over to Hilaria, the Madame equipped the ever-hungering girl with the same choker, gleaming in the incandescent lighting of the makeup room.

“Now, my darlingssss, do you prefer to work...publicly, or privately?”

“That’s a good question! I mean… we’re much better doing this on a two-people team, you know, exotic fare.” Reaver said, looking at Hilaria. “For private views?”. Reaver thought. Private meant less likely to be overrun.

“Hilaria would say she would prefer to work in a more private environment out of the two,” she answered for them. She, like Reaver, imagined this may be the better call, but there was no way to tell for certain. “Yes, that one~”

The Madam regarded them contemplatively, her reptilian eyes flicking like her forked tongue from one side to the other, before dipping her head in assent.

“Of courssssse. Right thisssss way.”

Ushering them out of the make up room, the snake lady slithered through winding corridors, her body twitching at every bass drop that rumbled through the walls of the employees-only area. The two magical girls passed beside a variety of doors with nameplates, no doubt meant as private rooms for high-selling courtesans, and would note too multiple sets of staircases, guarded by duos of muscular, humanoid monsters in sharp suits and sunglasses. The sound grew stronger the further in they got though, until they reached a particularly grand set of doors, embossed with fiendish, winged ladies of the night and well-endowed, horse-headed studs.

“Well then,” the Madame said, her mouth stretching out into a sadistic smile, “I do pray you two can self-promote.”

With that, she pushed open the doors and shoved them in.

It was a blinding experience. Strobe lights hammering, EDM blaring. A pink bear man DJ’d on top of a tower that looked like a top hat, while monsters danced, suspended up on cages that looked strangely familiar. The floor was teeming with all sorts of beasts as well. Weretigers drawing blood sensually, goblins breakdancing on their noses, a herd of stallions trying to get lucky with two well-endowed etin girls. Reaver and Hilaria would find themselves on a raised platform as well, and behind them, a neon display read ‘0 Gold, 0 Silver, 0 Bronze’. What was that supposed to mean?

Though their mere emergence drew a couple of glances, after a couple of seconds, no one paid them any attention at all.

“So that’s how it is going to be?” Reaver said to himself, while looking at Hilaria. Thank god he had the film Full Monty fresh on his mind, so he played along for a bit, doing his best twists and dances and discarding random amounts of clothes, even shedding his own blood at times.

Hilaria did not have the same ‘inspiration’ as Reaver had but she had experienced more than her a few gatherings similar in nature, albeit with less lights and music played by live performers. She found herself stealing a few glances at the other ‘performers’ and content with her superiority over the other female (or femalesque) beings when it came to the chest area, she began dancing in a provocative dance with moves that emphasized her bust, hips, and thighs.

Though Reaver and Hilaria undoubtedly had exceptional bodies, neither of them were all that interesting. There were seven billion humans on the planet, after all, and to the uncultured monstrous patrons of Club Lightstrand, they all looked sorta the same. A couple of giant slugs weren’t even really able to tell what sex either of the two magical strippers were.

Still, an offer was an offer, and if no one was going to make an offer, that just meant that some of the fellows who had no money on them could afford something nice. While the crowd’s apathy and inattentiveness continued, a scrawny orc in a suit that looked like he stole it from his father timidly raised his hand, clutching the three silver coins he received from his big brother on his birthday.

Behind them, the neon display changed to ‘3 Silver’, a ten-second countdown starting and ending without much hurrah. The orcish youth let out a sigh, before approaching the stage hesitantly. Swallowing twice, he tried to gather up his courage, then failed, and settled for downing the rest of his beer with a grimace that made it clear that the alcohol went down the wrong tube. He coughed a couple more times, green skin turning red in embarrassment, before saying in a soft tone, “’m Brahza and like...we should go, like, upstairs now, I think...if you want to?”

Reaver looked at the Orc, offering his best smile while grimacing internally, and shooting a complicity look at Hilaria, he took the initiative. “Sure, you big, bulky boy. Let’s have some fun.”

There was a point where someone would have thought he had gone too far. If that had once been for Reaver, the sunk cost fallacy was being too great. Then again, all he needed was an excuse to get into the Vip rooms. The stealthy approach had been overused to death.

He would play for a while. And then, Rip and tear...Until it is done.

Hilaria apparently saw nothing wrong with introducing a young lad to the joys of life. He was at the ripe age of *mumbles* and managed to steel himself for what was most likely spiking his risk for heart attack. What a trooper! After today, she was sure this orc would leave the club feeling much more mature, wise, and ready to take on the world! She would position herself behind the suited orc and softly massage his shoulders. “Oh, how wonderful it is you’ve chosen us~” she said. “Hilaria is sure you’ll have some fun~”

The young orc twitched, obviously unaccustomed to intimate contact with someone who wasn’t his mom, before bobbing his head up and down. “Yeah,” he croaked. “Let’s g-go.”

The etins guarding the staircases hardly gave them a glance as Brahza brought them up to the second floor. The stairs continued to a third floor, of course, but a velvet rope blocked off access to it, a sign reading ‘Employer Only’ hanging from it. The decor of the second floor was much more subdued, a russet red carpet and classical paintings giving the floor more the vibe of a fancy hotel than a brothel. A faint, pink mist pervaded the entire area, smelling sweet, and after some fumbling about with directions and such, Hilaria and Reaver followed the young orc into a private room that looked...remarkably normal. There was a large, heart-shaped bed, warm lighting, a patio with a magical view of Paris, a box that contained plenty of things one would need to enjoy adult entertainments safely, as well as a separate room that opened up into a large bathroom, complete with a light-up jacuzzi.

Brahza, of course, sorta just stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, nervously looking about. “So,, I think you girls should shower first...right?”

Reaver let his best charming smile as he guided Hilaria into the shower too. “Of course… be right back…” And as soon as the perp was out of earshot, Reaver addressed his partner. “Okay, let’s get this cruddy thing off. I’ll get yours. You’ll get mine.” Reaver said, not wanting to really risk the whole side effect of the thing. Assuming nothing prevented them from doing such, Hilaria would comply and assist Reaver in removing the devices, freeing them from potential mental manipulation.

“Hilaria feels all better now~!” she told him, eying the door to the shower. “Mmm, but she’ll feel a bit sad for him…”

It was easy enough to remove the chokers. The accessories fell off after some force was applied, the red gems dulling into black.

"Was planning to off his sorry life tho. Shower to make it realistic? Nothing ...uh, weird, even if you have your charms." Reaver almost stammered.

“Hilaria could go for a shower… but that other thing is a no-go~!” she denied. Considering what he had proposed, the nonchalant way she rejected the idea of harming the poor youth could’ve had a bit more firmity. She acted as though she was a mother scolding a child for putting their hand into the cookie jar rather, not like someone deciding the fate of a poor young soul.

Reaver twisted his mouth, his mouth curling up like a snarl. “He could be calling others…” He said, his muscles tensing. He really wanted to rip and tear. Probably take a bit off someone. “So, who first?” He winced, like a dog being forced to be restrained from eating his favourite food.

Hilaria shook her head. "The only thing he's calling upon is the courage deep within~" she replied, disrobing as she did so. When she was bare, she tilted her head. "First~? Do we have that sort of time with our company waiting~?" she wondered, before going ahead and entering the shower anyways.

“Think on the mission, think on the mission, think on the mission.” Reaver added, as he was baffled by the girl’s response. Well, no time for dilly dallying. He was no coward, the sight of the exuberance of a naked woman wasn’t going to stop him!

It was probably one of the more challenging moments in Reaver's life. Hilaria seemed wholly unconcerned with the fact she was in such a confined space with no clothing next to Reaver, and even helped washed his back as if it were the most normal thing in the world. In the end, the shower took maybe five minutes, but Reaver could not be blamed if he had thought it was longer.

In the end, the two stepped out of the room, freshened and ready to take on the world. Or rather, the young boy who was hopefully not dead from nervousness and excitement. "Oh, Hilaria is sorry to have made you wait~"

Brahza sprung up from the bed that he was sitting on, the young orc almost stumbling forwards when the bounciness of the mattress proved greater than he first expected. “Oh, uh, it’s not a problem,” he squeaked. “But, so...should I shower too, or? Like, I don’t know if you humans like smells or not, so…”

“Well, why not? I mean, It’s another life experience.” Reaver said, trying to strike a small pose. He still was trying to piece together what the hell had happened in that shower.

He craved for burgers too. For some reason.

Hilaria nodded to the boy. "It's best to look and smell your freshest for encounters like this~" she told him, approaching him with sway and giving him an encouraging pat on his back.

“G-got it. I’ll, uh, see you ladies soon then.” The orc tried to sound confident, but certainly gave the two magical girls a wide berth as he headed into the shower room. After a couple moments, they could both hear him absolutely decimate the toilet, the nerves of the situation giving the poor orc-boi the runs.

"Let's lock him in and run for our target." Reaver said, probably not realizing that Hilaria had already begun moving the heart-shaped bed into the front of the door as a barricade. When she was finished, she nodded.

“Hilaria is bored, so she wants to go finish this up~” she announced, leading the way out of the room and towards what seemed to be an area restricted to normal party-goers.

“Alright.” Reaver added. “Time to put the raving… into the rave.” He said. “Wait, that does sound odd. Nevermind.” He added, fully suiting up and heading towards the ‘Employer Only' floor. “Ladies first?”

Hilaria shrugged and, assuming nobody stopped her, pressed forward past the velvet rope in their path and took a peek inside.

No one stopped them. If the second floor had a lurid silence that promised raucous love-making if one could somehow get past the amazing sound-proofing of each individual suite, the third floor held a silence that was uncanny and heavy. None of the merriment down below reached this high up, no matter how rowdy the crowd. The wide staircase lead to a set of double doors, oaken and engraved with the motifs of devils and virgins. Stone gargoyles leered at the two magicals, but showed no sign of becoming animate.

As they regarded their surroundings, the double doors creaked open, revealing a pitch-black void. No light entered, and no light escaped. It was a darkness so thick that it felt tangible, and if they put any part of their body through it, they lost sensation of it.

“Well?” A voice, malevolent and ancient, filled with seductive intrigue, sounded through the void. “Enter.”

"Nice decoration." Reaver commented. "Although it would be nicer if we could actually see it. Please excuse us." He said, already steeling himself for the confrontation. It did not hurt being polite, though. If anything, vampires were suckers for cultivating an air of class to hide their ravenous appetites.

Hilaria had a blithe disregard for the situation, admiring the void as if she were a kid at a candy shop. “Oooh~!” she put a finger into the room and immediately noticed it became numb. “How cool~ But what if Hilaria trips~?” she frowned. “Is it dangerous here~?”

“Only if you want it to be~” The voice responded. The two heard the sound of a fingersnap, and various candles lit up, dimly illuminating the room. There, lying sideways on a queen-sized bed, one leg propped up in a bold manner, was the vampire, wearing a luxurious bathrobe seemingly made of shadowy silk. “My oh my...I did not expect to receive two for the price of one.” He leaned on one hand, and used the other to gesture them towards him.
“But you do look very lively...Mmm, yes. Now, come here, and let me give you a kiss~”

“Uh, thank you my lord… but I mean, It doesn’t look like proper…I mean, they put us this choker for a reason. I’m very confused about this place’s guidelines…” Reaver said, scratching his head apologetically.

After glancing around the room again, Hilaria gave the vampire a courteous bow, giving the man a peek at her chest. Unlike Reaver, she seemed confident, but submissive to the man, approaching with a lowered head. "Hilaria would love to satisfy your want for skinship, should you have her~" she had begun to enter the room, but wasn't quite yet at the vampire himself.

“Oh, you can forget such silliness,” the vampire replied, flashing his sharp fangs with a devilish smile. “You only need to listen to me~” He was seemingly pleased with Hilaria’s teasing. “Mm, how lovely. Don’t be shy now.” He then stared at Reaver with hunger. “Yes, how beautiful...Let me take a closer look at your neck...”

"Oh, okay. Well I guess a kiss should be fine… I mean, It's not everyday you meet a fine lord of the night." Reaver said… as he drew closer. His neck would therefore be closer to the vampire's fangs…

But the opposite was also true. Reaver was not always the submissive sort. Sometimes he wanted to lead the foreplay. Especially if this was the kind of person he had to get rid of. So, he struck first. And gave the vampire one hell of a kiss. Well more like it was a really savage bite, like an angry chimpanzee trying to disable an opponent's face.

Probably would not hurt much, but at least it would be a good distraction.

Noticing Reaver had taken the initiative, Hilaria discarded any attempt at camouflage and donned her armor and weapons. A strong vampire, in her opinion, was not an opponent to be taken lightly. She had zero qualms about making use of the element of surprise, so as Reaver bit their foe, she would call out for the man to move and then swing her axe down upon their target, assuming he listened or was able to.

“AAAHH!” The vampire howled from pain, his upper lip and right cheek having been torn off by Reaver’s savage chomp, as Hilaria came in for a lethal swing. The undead fiend was swift, however, and managed to avoid decapitation by slashing at Reaver with his sharpened fingernails and rolling backward. He stumbled off the bed, and scrambled up, shaken by the sudden attack. “Guards! I’m being attacked by assassins!” He called out, but it was useless; in the heat of the moment, he had forgotten that the room was sound-proofed.

"Don't be shy now~" Reaver parroted as he tried to avoid the worst of the attack and Hilaria's ax, but not being very concerned about the fingernails attack. Instead, he used the blood drawn to draw a light rune to daze the night denizen, while Hilaria would follow up with a shotgun blast if the vampire did not move.

The vampire was backed against the walls, clearly panicking. “Do you want money? Power? I can give it, just spare me-” The vampire was interrupted by Reaver’s blast of light which caused his sensitive skin to slightly burn. “F-Filthy cattle! I have friends here who’ll get you-Hrkkk!” He clutched at his chest, which was blasted by Hilaria’s shotgun, piercing his heart, and ending the monster once and for all. However, the shot also blasted open a hole in the wall behind him, causing the residents there to shriek. It wouldn’t be long before they called the guards.

"Filthy cattle~? But aren't you the one being culled~?"

“Thanks.” He said to Hilaria, as he used some other blood to trigger a Fire Rune this time… aimed at a specific place. The fire sensors. Every single club had one of these, and whenever it lit… It usually meant Pandemonium. Let the confused crowd be the shield beneath them and the guards. Reaver then began to make his way to the exit, transforming as he did so.

Hilaria looked disappointed with the outcome of their engagement. “Were we too dangerous, Hilaria wonders~?” Remaining transformed, she followed Reaver, but glanced around with her enhanced vision, looking for some of the familiar faces. “Mmm, weren’t we ssssuposed to deal with his thrallssss, too~?” she mimicked the serpent from earlier, ejecting a shell from her shotgun. This was an interesting feat given that it didn’t use physical ammo.

“Oh, right.” Reaver said, while summoning his sword. “But that’s not going to be hard… What happens when an alarm is triggered in a place so full of people?” He said, unsheathing his sword and started cutting up anyone who dared to be in his path. “Mass panic and trampling. Single out the ones that don’t run.”

Soon enough, an alarm did blare out, causing all kinds of customers and employees to scramble out, trampling over each other in a desperate struggle. Reaver and Hilaria easily passed through the mass of bodies with Reaver cutting through, leaving a bloody mess behind.
“Stop right there!” The guards had found them at an intersection, wielding weapons that glowed with a blue shimmer. There were two guards in their way, and two more were fast approaching from another corridor.

Hilaria pointed her shotgun-axe towards the two who had just appeared from the other corridor and fired a blast at them. "Hilaria would love it if you could handle those two~" she told Reaver in reference to the two that had stopped them, then broke off into a dash towards the ones she had shot at, intending on ramming one of them off their feet unless they did something about it.

Reaver smirked, as with a feint, he cut the choker skillfully with his own sword, and pointed his blade at the other two guards. He wanted to try something. He would lead them into thinking he was going to attack with the sword.

Only for him to then try and reinforce their bodies. Only one specific part of them. Their hearts. Making them try and pump harder and faster… without reinforcing the rest of the blood vessels of their bodies. Eventually causing rupture by excessive blood pressure.

If not he could always use his Odin-infused swordsmanship to chop them up, but that was what they would be expecting him to do.

The guards attempted blocking the shotgun blast with their swords, but failed to keep their composure, allowing Hilaria to easily smash them against the walls with her charge; in close quarters combat, the heavily armored dark magical girl reigned supreme.
The guards lost consciousness, allowing them to pass through. However, they were also pursued by two more guards, which Reaver confronted.
“It’s all over, criminal!” One of them taunted as Reaver’s spell failed to pass their magic-resistant armor, but their swordsmanship did not match up to Reaver’s sheer brutality as he painted the walls red.

However, they could hear more coming, and knew it was only a matter of time before they would be overwhelmed. They reached the entrance hall, and saw that it was pure chaos, with the entrance crowded with people attempting to exit.
“Out of my way, scum! I am a member of the house of Carstein!” They heard a pathetic high-pitched scream, recognized one of the escapees to be the vampire’s thrall, trying to pass through the crowd blocking the exit.

“Mmm, that one is being easy, but we need to find all of them~” Hilaria smiled at Reaver. “Hilaria will deal with this one since he’s being obvious. You should try to see if there are any others around here~” she suggested, before taking off.

Hilaria didn’t want to hurt people she didn’t need to but that did not mean she wouldn’t push them down if they were in her way to the thrall. Of course, considering she was fully armored and wielding an axe, most people had probably gone out of their way not to be near her to begin with. “Nowhere to run~” Because there was little time, would release her shield and use her free arm to pull the thrall to the ground, if unimpeded, and follow that up with a vertical swing of her axe.

Reaver for the time being, stood silent, and decided that he really needed to flush them out at all once. He focused his third eye, and stood up, shouting all from his lungs.

"Death to the cravens of Carstein!" He shouted out loud, while he scanned the crowd with his third eye to see who would react to that banther.

The thrall could only flail around as Hilaria floored the vampire spawn and removed his head from his shoulders. Then, as Reaver announced their now obvious plans for the rest, two figures shook, looked at each with a nod, and then transformed. They turned into bats and flew out of the exit, attempting to escape.

Reaver screamed “Bats!” to Hilaria, his eyes on the targets, attempting to get through the exit. Ranged combat was not his forte, but he would still try to shoot javelins made out of reinforced barriers to skewer those bats mid-flight, all the while using his third eye to keep track of them.

“Ok~!” To the contrary, Hilaria avoided firing her shotgun while there was still the chance of hitting one of the fleeing civilians. Moving as fast as she could in her bulky armor through the exit and knocking aside anyone who was still in her way, she would only begin to shoot once it seemed they were clear of collateral.

The javelin failed to hit either thrall, the bulky magical construct hindering its ability to move through the air. Hilaria barreled through the crowd like a juggernaut, scattering the crowd as she made for the exit. It seemed the guards on post attempted closing the doors on the two, but Reaver's javelin had lodged itself against them, forcing them open.

The two ran outside into the night, where the thralls were flying. With an accurate shot, Hilaria managed to hit one of the thralls, causing them to fall down from the sky, while one more fluttered as hard as it could, until it disappeared into the night.
The remaining thrall had transformed back, and clutched at his wounds, now near death.
"You...You murdered my master…" He groaned.

Hilaria watched the other one flying away, not looking at the downed thrall as she spoke. “These things happen to those who make a bad scene~” she shrugged. It didn’t seem like she had any sympathy for the vampire.

"Nothing personal… just business." Reaver said as he moved on to finish the thrall. He cursed under his breath that one had gotten away.

Hilaria frowned, looking back. “That leaves a bad taste in Hilaria’s mouth~ But Hilaria supposes it’s better than letting the big bad go~ As for us, it would probably be best to leave~!” she opted to flee the scene, having no more reason to stay.

"Yes." He began to walk away. "Best to get some food too. I have gotten hungry."

Hilaria paused briefly. “Mmm~ Something’s off, though~ Did Hilaria forget something~?” she wondered aloud. “Well, it probably wasn’t important if she did~” shrugging, she left it at that and the two left the club.

What went on unbeknownst to the two of them in the club was repeated banging upon a door inside of it. Drowned out by the music and the fact that most people had abandoned the place, the cries for help behind the door went unnoticed. “H-hello? Is anyone out there?” the young voice of Brahza called out.


In the end, while one thrall did escape out of the three that the vampire had, the bounty was paid in full; the primary goal for the poster of the hunt revealed that the removal of the Carstein family from the ruling class of the night had succeeded. And, thankfully, someone did eventually let the orc out, although the smell that permeated the room followed him, much to his rescuer’s dismay.
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