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Kari's House.

“It’s just a dent,”

Of course, Sloane went out of her way to invalidate Britney's feelings. It was a tiny dent, but the issue was that Britney didn't want anyone to go and trash Kari's house. It was bad enough that they were breaking in, but the last thing she wanted was for the group to ruin this place. Nor was she going to allow it. She returned Sloane's cold stare... with a smile.

”... Then it's cool if I make the same exact dent in your wall, right?” Britney laughed. Linqian decided to jump in, mentioning Jinhai, and Britney shook her head as she said, ”Linqian, I go-”

"Alright, alright everyone. Dogpile Sloane Hour was a decade ago, remember? We can afford to talk about how we're executing this after we're done, this is gonna be a long day. We can make it shorter if we don't get caught up on every little thing,"

Of course, Amara had to come over and stick her nose where it didn't belong - it was prompted by Linqian jumping in, which is why Britney wanted her to stay out of it. Speaking of which, Sloane had slipped off, backing down when the heat was too intense, naturally, which meant that it was up to Britney to defend her actions. She stared down at Amara with a completely neutral expression on her face. She didn't like Amara, even before it came out what Britney had done.

”One, I wasn't picking Sloane out specifically, and if it seemed that way, I will apologize to Sloane later,” Britney began before she put a hand on her chest. ”And two, I am just stopping a precedent that we should just trash Kari's house just because she's dead. Respect the dead. Respect Kari. I would have and will get on anyone's case if they did something similar.”

She sighed, ”And three, I don't want to be here as much as the next guy, but-”

"... You could've knocked,"

Britney was interrupted and turned towards the... boy? ”... Huh?” Britney tilted her head as she looked at the kid. She immediately recognized him from the shitshow at the strip club; he was the kid that got shot. She narrowed her eyes at him, realizing she must have an abstraction. Even if he had survived getting shot like that, he should have been in the hospital for months. Not just that, his parents should have been informed (and arrested for gross negligence).

"At least your friend's kinda onto a point, but you really are a shitty bunch of friends, to Ashley and the rest, d'you know that? If you can remember not to fight like a bunch of high school kids, maybe you'll get something done this time."

”Okay, one, you're a kid, what do you know?” Britney began, ”Two, who are you? Three, didn't you get shot? Four, why are you here?

However, at this point, Kenshiro had an absolute meltdown.

"No! No, no, I won't stand for this now! Who... What... Why!? Can't we ever get fucking organized? It's just like making plans! Just like it, I make sure I come back for a certain date, I syncronize my cronometer between the two dimensions, I get home on time to texts telling me that things are canceled like Verizon exists in the Kingdom of Molaran?"

”... That's a good question,” Britney said, glancing at Auri for a second as she put a hand on her hip. On one hand, Auri hadn't even attempted to organize things. On the other hand, Britney wasn't sure if there was even a point in trying to.

"Sully!? Put the fucking cup away, my friend! Did you not have a dream the other night where a girl took it from a pedestal? And then, coincidentally, you got it stolen at the Festival? It's bad enough there's so many of us fucking here!"

”... The fucking Chalice got stolen? Britney asked.

"My Second Clan? Come on, everyone, gather who will for a shot in Kari's memory... And PLEASE stop ransacking her house, because you won't find what you're looking for in any drawer or couch. Kari kept her most private things in a place so safe I'd bet my own life on it. Because I trust locks! And keys that lock the locks! I'm dead serious, Sully, pour the Sake for everyone... Because this isn't just for Kari. This is for Lyss, and Ashley, and for Kali and Jade and Jinhai... No more lost... Please?"

Britney couldn't help but smile as Kenshiro gave a smile. Finally, it is important to get the group back to the point of respecting the fallen members of their Coven, which Britney had utterly forgotten about. Kenshiro was needed, so Britney was glad to have him back. She walked over to him and said,

”... I keep a bottle of wine in the back of my car,” Britney smiled, as she put a hand on her hip. ”I could run to my car real quick to take a bit of load off Sully.” She gave Sully a warm look as she said,

”Yes, a toast for everyone to lost to Father Wolf: Elsa, Lionel, Kura, Samantha, Simone, Finn,” Britney listed off some names. ”And Alizee, too. She was one of the best of us, all negatives aside.”

We're better off without her. She internally added. That was when Aislin had to ruin things by pulling out weed and offering it to the group. While Britney was no stranger to recreational drugs, there was a time and a place. And this was not it. Britney quickly turned towards Aislin as she said,

”Aislin, put that thing away,” Britney seethed, ”There's a kid here, and we got shit to do. You can get high lat-”

... That was when they were all pulled into a Recollection.

Interactions: Lila (@NoriWasHere), Clancy (@Zombiedude101), & Kenshiro (@AtomicEmperor).
Kari's House.

“Why were they alone,”

”... Beats me, she always wanted to lone wolf it when she knows the killer attacks people who are alone,” Adora shrugged, as she crossed her arms, staring at her feet as she told the uncomfortable truth. ”... It was her fault, I'm sorry.”

As more people showed up, something popped into Adora's head. Was this really Auri's plan she held off for about a week? About twenty motherfuckers ransack a dead girl's house? Talk about grasping at straws. Adora crossed her arms, waiting by Lynn's side as the group assembled before her. She wouldn't make a fuss about it, but Auri was desperate to justify her leadership as usual. What was she hoping would happen? Kari's just hiding in a secret room in the attic? That they would find her with a bloodied knife in one hand and a manifesto in the other? It's all because Lyss probably just made a mistake. Of course, they can not confirm it now that Lyss is go-


Adora's heart started fluttering as she thought the super police were back, ready to fuck up their shit again. Her head darted towards the door, and Sloane had either kicked it down or used some gay ass magic - Adora didn't know, Adora didn't care. She gently placed a hand on her chest, taking deep breaths most subtly and inconspicuously as she could (In other words, not very) without tipping off the rest of the group.

That Sloane. Adora didn't want to seem like she was hounding Sloane after the disastrous first meeting - or second, Adora couldn't even be bothered anymore - so she kept to herself and let Britney and Linqian handle it. She didn't see the big deal, and if they cared that much, they could fix it on the way out. However, she had to speak her mind, so she stepped forward.

”... Look, ya'll, I get where ya'll comin' from,” Adora shook her head as she addressed the group. ”But, there's like twenty motherfuckers charging into one house like a herd of buffalo; shit's going to get messed up regardless.”

She shrugged, shifting her weight to one hip as she touched it, ”We can just fix it on the way out if it's such a big deal. So, let's hurry the fuck up before the magic police come barking up our tree again. I dunno about ya'll but I would like to not get teargassed again. I had to toss out that hoodie, by the way.” She gave the group a sinister grin that she hoped the group would interpret as sarcastic.

"No! No, no, I won't stand for this now! Who... What... Why!? Can't we ever get fucking organized? It's just like making plans! Just like it, I make sure I come back for a certain date, I syncronize my cronometer between the two dimensions, I get home on time to texts telling me that things are canceled like Verizon exists in the Kingdom of Molaran? Sully!? Put the fucking cup away, my friend! Did you not have a dream the other night where a girl took it from a pedestal? And then, coincidentally, you got it stolen at the Festival? It's bad enough there's so many of us fucking here!"

However, an Asian guy—she wasn't sure if she had seen him before, but he looked familiar—had a meltdown, and Adora was taken aback. She took a few steps back as she put her hands up at the rant. However, he calmed down shortly after, and Adora was relieved. She was hoping this wouldn't devolve into everyone freaking the fuck out over every goddamn thing. She sighed.

"-Her... Her delicates drawer. She usually kept the important notebooks in there." he closed his eyes, shaking his head. "There's no way I'm looking through them."

”Oh, hell no!” Adora laughed, keeping her arms crossed as she knelt over for a moment. When she stood upright, she kept one arm in place as she raised a hand and spun her index finger around while barely containing laughter. ”Everyone! Wrap it up; we are not digging through someone's panties! I don't kno-”

"That was... A joke."

”Oh,” Adora shrugged. ”You got some people here excited.

She then stuck her tongue out at Kenshiro.

"You're Sloane. I think I recognise the 'Britney' and 'Adora', but I'm struggling to follow who you are. There's a lot of names carved in that tree, and Ashley didn't say much except how some people were assholes. She was family to me. I want Father Wolf. He wants you dead. Does that answer your questions?"

Adora turned her head when she heard her name and saw that kid in the church. It was no surprise he was already here and breaking into houses. Though, there was something odd about the little kid, the way he acted. He was a bit too mature for his good, but then again, Adora and many others in the Old Coven had to grow the fuck up fast. So maybe the little bastard had a shitty upbringing... which involved losing Ashley. She swore she had seen the bastard around as she ran errands, following her. She was wondering how the little shit knew her name in the first place! Thus, she lets Stormy and the others talk while she listens.

"My Second Clan? Come on, everyone, gather who will for a shot in Kari's memory... And PLEASE stop ransacking her house, because you won't find what you're looking for in any drawer or couch. Kari kept her most private things in a place so safe I'd bet my own life on it. Because I trust locks! And keys that lock the locks! I'm dead serious, Sully, pour the Sake for everyone... Because this isn't just for Kari. This is for Lyss, and Ashley, and for Kali and Jade and Jinhai... No more lost... Please? And quick, because the Old Bat across the street is a nosey hag, and if she saw us piling in here, she's gonna call the fucking cops! Do I know where she keeps her stuff... Up until a few years ago the panty drawer wasn't a joke. But I hooked her up. It took a few days and a lot of raw material, but I got it right eventually. Come on! Gather around and take a shot, then its off to the Basement we go!"

”Now you're speaking my language,” Adora said, sake wasn't her thing - she never tried it before - but she was willing to try it for the group. ”We're not going to lose anyone else, I'm going to make sure of that... homeboy.”

What's a nonawkward way to ask someone's name without making things awkward?

That was when Adora was pulled into the Recollection.

Interactions: Stormy (@Blizz), & Tayla (@silvermist1116).
Kari's House.

"What's with the flowers, Drake? Trying to win Sloane over after last week?"

Oh boy.

Everyone knew by now.

Drake's face went a little red from embarrassment as he looked over to Stormy, though he wasn't surprised now. Sloane probably hopped up and down about Drake, even though she was probably right to do so. ”Y-yeah,” Drake shook his head, ”Bro... I just fucked up. Big time. She was my wife's friend, bro.” She sighed.

He observed the group forming before him, almost entirely different from the first meeting. Drake had no clue that Simone, Kali, Lyss, Finn, Alizee, and Eska were dead because he missed the second meeting. So he was just a little taken aback by the sudden wave of new faces, which questioned why they decided to care now. Well, either way, hopefully, they are here to help, and Auri was not just wasting their time by being here. He was happy to see Aislin... even if he would have appreciated it if it was under better circumstances.

Like the news of Lyss's death.

God damn it. Drake shakes his head and grits his teeth nonetheless. That bastard can't keep getting away with this... ”... When I get my hands on him.” He said. Lyss was his friend in the Old Coven... and he didn't even know that she was back in town. Now, he felt a twinge of pain and regret; he should have been prowling the streets looking for Father Wolf instead of wasting time at the Halloween Festival. Though, could it have been Kari? Drake didn't interact with her often, but Victoria did, and Victoria kept in touch for years until they fell out of touch.

He shrugged.

Sully wanted to offer a moment of silence for Lyss, and Drake took off his sunglasses, hooked the hinges on his T-shirt, held the flower in both hands, and hung his head.


Sloane had decided to blow down the door with her magic - Drake knew it as the Hexmark. He knew she would because imagine someone like Sloane kicking down a door. Her leg would shatter in twenty different places, and the thought made him giggle like a girl. Some people got mad over it, and Drake just... shrugged. They're breaking off Auri's hunch, and respect is not being shown to Kari right now. The issue was that he was unsure if Sloane would be in a good mood... or if this would be a good time. Okay, probably not. Not. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Drake mentally seethed.

He kept the flowers in his hand as he walked in, bringing up the rear as there was... a kid? What the fuck? Stormy acted like he knew the little bastard, but if Drake were on duty right now, he would be hauling this young man to the station and making some calls until he could find his parents. Then give them hell for letting their kid break into someone's house. That's what they're doing right now, so Drake kept to himself. It was typical Coven chaos anyway, so Drake twiddled his thumbs until Kenshiro offered a toast. Not to just Lyss, but everyone... including Jade.

Suddenly, Drake's grief and loss resurfaced, and he needed a moment to compose himself. However, something caught his attention in the midst of it.

"... I'm almost positive we're being watched from those trees by someone. Just a feeling."

Drake turned his head to Tayla. While anyone else would have missed what Tayla said (or be dumb enough to press the matter), Drake was smart enough to pick up what Tayla meant. She was probably using some of her Pink-Lux bullshit to keep an eye out and picked up that someone was watching them - she pointed in their direction and everything. Drake knew Tayla didn't like him and looked like she didn't want to be here, but he was not stupid. That bastard was probably tailing them now, waiting for the perfect moment. He wasn't going to let it go without so much as looking for it. He tapped Tayla on the shoulder as he whispered,

”... I'll take a look,”

Then he stepped outside, surrounded by an aura of electricity as he took flight. In his right hand, he created a round, circular shield large enough to cover most of his body. He darted in the direction Tayla pointed, leaving a trail of crackling electricity. It would be dead evident to the stranger what he was doing when he stepped out, but he went full speed in said direction, hoping to catch them off guard before they got a chance to escape or react.

However, he was pulled into the same Recollection everyone else was....

Recollection: Elsa Connor.
Interactions: Yes.
Kari's House. A month before the murders began.


It was a beautiful day in July. The sun was shining, and this was long before Father Wolf's murder spree, so Elsa could rest easy. So could Kari. Or at least Elsa wished that she was enjoying herself. The girl wore a tank top, and some daisy dukes as she mowed the lawn with a push mower. The Airpods drowned out the sound of the motor in her ears as she blasted a song. Kari always wanted to hire a landscaper or pay some snot-nosed kid to mow Kari's gigantic lawn, but Elsa always shot that down because they have a lawnmower, two arms, and two legs; they could do it themselves!

She wiped the sweat off her forehead... though doing it themselves meant it got hot. It was time for a break. She cut the mower off and walked up the stairs to Kari's (also technically hers) house. She skipped through the house, walked over to the refrigerator, opened it, and grabbed a water bottle.

"... Lionel, Lionel, I get it,"

Elsa could hear from the other room - Kari's den. It was Kari's room where she kept her computer and just a place where she... relaxed. Kari has been acting slightly strange lately; people have been coming by, including the Old Coven's favorite, Emily, and some of her goons a few weeks ago. Elsa tried to drive them off... but that resulted in her needing to see Jade. The chattering in the room went on, and curiosity got the best of Elsa as she took off her heavy combat boots for yard work. She sneakily walked down the hall, hanging out directly out the doorway. She poked her head in to see Kari wearing a black dress and sitting at her computer desk. She was hunched over it, with a phone to her ear and her other hand against her face with her elbows holding her up.

"... I know you don't approve of them them."

The other person, who could only be Lionel Hunter, chattered momentarily before Kari answered.

"Yes, I know," Kari shook her head before she quickly snapped back. "Emily came by here three times already. You know Elsa can't handle her, Vashti, and George. Yes, I know you went to their mansion and played tough guy, but they came back. You know Emily doesn't know when to quit."

Kari rubbed her forehead and shook her head as Elsa could hear Lionel's chatter. "... Emily desperately wants me in 8th St. No one else is doing anything. I tried going to Sloane, but she was all 'that's great!'"

She sighed as Elsa could hear Lionel speak, and Kari then answered,

"I don't know about you, but I can't see a world with me in 8th St. I know it's been ten years, but I know the places she pushed Lisa to for fun. I know how she treated people like Ella. It's been ten years, but they were my friends, and it'd be disrespectful to their memory even to consider working with Emily in any capacity."

Lionel chattered some more before Kari said,

"At the end of the day, the only way to get Emily off my back was to join them," Kari began, sighing again as she continued, "I know they're shitty, but no one else is helping."

Lionel spoke some more before Kari cut him off.

"Look, Lionel, we're going in circles here," Kari began, "I'll talk to you later, bye. BYE."

She hung up the phone, and when Lionel called back, she immediately declined the call. Kari massaged her temples as Elsa slowly walked into the room smilingly. When she was in range, she pounced on Kari, wrapping her arms around her in a hug.

"Kari!" Elsa excitedly said, "Whassup?"

Kari jumped before she smiled back, "Nothing, nothing."

"I just heard some chattering and... are you okay?"

Kari paused for a moment as she strained the smile.

"... Everything is fine," She began. "Trust me."

The Recollection ended as they embraced each other.

That was crazy!

Ella was not doing the talking ever again!

Clementine and Vanessa dropped off the trio at their original home base at the Holiday Inn. Lisa, her heart pounding, dug into the pockets of her dress and pulled out the keycard! As Clementine and Vanessa’s car pulled off, a triumphant smile spread across her face. She looked at the three, her eyes gleaming with anticipation, as she said,

”... Hope they didn’t throw out all our stuff!” She said, gesturing for them to come along. ”Let’s go! We got a lot of catching up to do!”

Lisa led the three into the hotel room without further ado and eventually reached Kimberly and Jordan’s room. She raised her knuckle to the door—pausing to look over her shoulder—before she knocked on the door three times. After some chattering… the door was thrown open to reveal Kimberly—wearing a white tank top and gym shorts—and Jordan—wearing Adidas sweatpants and a black tank top.

“... Holy shit, guys!” Kimberly said as her eyes lit up, “We were worried sick! What happened?!”

“Yeah, we were looking everywhere for ya’ll!” Jordan said.

"Long story," Saskia chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of their neck. "Can we come in?"

"We got arrested!" Ella said a little too cheerfully, grinning at Kimberley and Jordan. "Then unarrested!"

”Yeah it was Ella!” Lisa laughed. ”She saw all those tiddies and couldn't control herself!”

“Come in, come in!” Kimberly said as she herded them in, she closed the door behind them. Lisa sat on the sofa, as Kimberly and Jordan grabbed chairs to sit across from them as they typically did.

“Okay so… Uh…" Kimberly shrugged. "... What happened?”"

“... And will we need alcohol?” Jordan raised an eyebrow.

"Definitely," Saskia intoned, sitting down on the sofa, with Ella sitting between them and Lisa. She then looked at Ella. "You start."

"Alright, so I was doing what you said! Seducing that bastard Stauber, but he went to try arrest a stripper- so we politely tied him up with spider webs and took him into an alley like you said. Butttt then two other PRA guys appeared and we tried to talk it out, but they wanted to arrest us, so then we tried to run, but they attacked us and that bastard put a gun to Lisa's head! So we had to go with them. Then this guy with a lame nickname was questioning us and all like 'oh you had this murderous drawing on you' and-"

"They didn't appreciate my art," Saskia interrupted with a sigh.

"Yeah… basically they were gonna lock us up for years, but then!" Ella paused dramatically. "We got saved by people from our old coven! Course they were convinced we were dead, but realised it was actually us."

"Thanks to the drawing."

"Then Stauber set all these white creatures on us, and we had to fight them before going back to our friends. Then-"

"Ella fucked up big time," Saskia snorted, glancing over at Lisa. "Right?"

”Yeah, Stauber is a real…” Lisa trailed off, getting ready to deliver one of the worst jokes of all times, ... White supremacist. Eh? Eh?

Jordan facepalmed.

Ella burst out laughing, slapping her thigh. Saskia rolled their eyes.

”But, um, it all buffed out, y’know!” Lisa began, awkwardly trying to summarize the end of what happened. ”We managed to talk things out, and get Neon on our side!”

“... Who the fuck is Neon?” Jordan asked with a raised eyebrow.

”Oh, I mean Guadalupe! Lisa answered.

"A stripper!" Ella added helpfully. "She attacked us cause she thought I was threatening her, but we sorted it all out!"

"She’s with the Society but not with the Society, if you catch my drift," Saskia said.

Kimberly and Jordan looked at each other, before they turned toward the three, and Kimberly asked,

“... Can we trust her?”

This was a good question, but Lisa thought that Lupe was trustworthy. She was pretty. Very pretty. She also got to see her boobs. ”I mean it wouldn’t hurt…”

“It could hurt,” Kimberly laughed.

“Like hurt a lot,” Jordan added.

"I think we can," Saskia shrugged. "Stauber, that bastard, had sent the PRA after her."

"Yeah! She totally could’ve called that white monster on us if she was with ‘em!" Ella shouted.

“Wait, let’s take a step back here,” Jordan said. "How do we know for sure that he called them?”

“It could be a possibility that they are tailing ya’ll,” Kimberly said.

”... oh that’s true," Ella frowned.

"That’d be way too coincidental," Saskia held up her hand. "They came into the exact questioning room the PRA had us in. Why would they wait until we were with other agents that could fight them? Plus, Stauber knew about us breaking into Morningstar’s bank… but the senior agent didn’t. You’re right that it doesn’t mean we can trust her, I guess."

”But we don’t have any other leads!"

“Okay, I’m not saying we can’t trust her…” Jordan trailed off.

A question popped up into Lisa’s head as she shrugged, ”... If they are tailing us, then wouldn’t they show up here?”

“That's true,” Kimberly said. “I’m just saying we shouldn’t blindly trust her until we have more than just her word.”

"That’s fair," Saskia inclined their head. "All we have is her number just now, anyway."

Saying that, Saskia dug around in her pocket and pulled out the piece of paper. There was a little doodle in the corner that looked like someone getting hung from a spiderweb, along with the number in the center.

"We don’t have phones, so…" she held it out to Kimberley and Jordan.

Jordan grabbed the paper, looked at it - then briefly paused to roll her eyes - before she stuck it in her pocket. “We’ll see about getting in contact with her later.” Jordan said.

”I mean it's not like we can!” Lisa laughed.

“You three had a…” Kimberly twiddled her fingers as she said, “... Wild two nights without us.”

”Nah,” Lisa waved her hand, ”That's Saturday for us!”

"Yeah, that was nothing!" Ella laughed.

“For a little bit let’s…” Kimberly began, but Lisa hissed under her breath.

Please don't say it, please don't say it, please don't say it…

“... Lay low,”

... Aw! Come on! Lisa shouted.

"Noooooo!" Ella wailed dramatically, covering her face. "I can't take being locked inside again!"

"I'm not suffering another few days of them fighting over a laptop," Saskia groaned. "At least buy us another one. Or a phone."

“I feel your pain…” Jordan rolled her eyes. “But, we’ll work it out in the morning.”

“Look,” Kimberly said, “This is for your safety, I’m not trying to keep you locked up in here for nothing.” She scoffed, followed by awkward laughter.

“Do ya’ll have a key?” Jordan asked.

Lisa didn't give it much thought as she reached into her tattered dress pockets to pull out the keycard.

“Alright, let’s go. I’ll walk you there,” Jordan gestured for them to come along, then got up. She led them out the door and then straight to their room. She pulled the keycard out of her pocket, placed it against the scanner, and opened the door. “Tonight, just chill. Kim and I are going to talk about getting you some more entertainment.” Jordan rolled her eyes.

Lisa grumbled as she entered. Once all three of them were in, the door was closed behind them. She crossed her arms, and spider legs erupted from her back as she climbed up the wall and hung upside down from the ceiling. She kept her arms crossed the whole time.

”... This is bullshit,” Lisa began, ”It's like we’re in the Coven all over again! It's been ten years!”

"Yeahhh, it’s not like we did anything wrong!" Ella complained, flopping down on the bed and staring up at Lisa with an angry huff. "We followed their plan! We got a lead! Why does everyone think we’re so incapable?"

"I do still have Lupe’s number," Saskia said, pulling another piece of paper out of their pocket with the number written on it… around a really messy doodle of three girls stabbing some nondescript person. "I knew this would happen… not that we have a phone."

A devious lightbulb went off in Lisa’s head.

”... Yet,” She grinned.

"Oh," Saskia tilted her head, smiling slightly. "Right, yet."

Ella sat up, eyes lighting up. "Are you suggesting what I think you are? Yes! Let’s break out of confinement, steal a phone, and solve everything ourselves!"

”Not all that my fat bootied friend,” Lisa began. ”Let’s just… Do that trick I did in that club, buy some phones, then come back!”

She laughed, before her expression went flat, ”Oh wait… We don't have a phone plan.”

"Surely we can just buy some prepaid SIMs," Saskia shrugged. "Bet they sell them wherever they sell phones."

"Oh yeah, and then we don’t have to share the laptop! I can totally watch anime on a phone!" Ella grinned.

”And I can watch pornography- wait!” Lisa cut herself off as she had another realization. ”We can hit up Lupe instead!”

"Yeah, and that’ll be much better!" Ella nodded.

Lisa fell from the ceiling, and the legs retracted into her back. She walked over to the balcony doors and threw them open. From the corners of her dress, a minuscule jumping spider came out and stood in the middle. A glowing cocoon surrounded it and grew in size until it was car-sized. It burst out of the cocoon as Lisa looked over her shoulder and said,

”... Hop on,”

"Gladly," Saskia said, shoving the piece of paper back in their pocket and climbing onto the spider. "... Can I buy a new knife too?"

"Sure!" Ella grinned, getting on right at the back. "Phones and a knife, here we come!"

Lisa climbed in front, then awkwardly looked over her shoulder,

”... I know you don’t like this, Ella,” Lisa began, ”I gotta wrap you down with spiders so you don't faaaaaaall…”

More spiders appeared out of nowhere, and began wrapping Ella and Saskia down…

Ella immediately closed her eyes, face screwing up in a mixture of fear and disdain. Her whole body was tense but she didn’t struggle. Saskia was completely unbothered, watching the spiders as they did it.

"Hey, at least it keeps her quiet too," Saskia sniggered.

”And who doesn't like some spider bondage!” Lisa shouted, then looked forward, ”... Aaaaaaaaaand away we go!”

The Spider lept to the next rooftop, and they were off.

Hours later, they were back. The Jumping Spider climbed on the balcony, and the trio hopped off. The spider cracked and popped as it reverted to its usual size and disappeared. They all had bags of items, including new phones and a new dress and boots for Lisa. She smiled as she walked in and closed the balcony doors behind her.

”Make sure to get rid of all the evidence!” Lisa said, ”Boxes, bags, receipts, tags! All of it!”

"They’ll see the items, though," Saskia pointed out, checking the balance of their new knife. "We can hide the phones, but how will you hide your clothes?"

”In plain sight, of course!” Lisa grinned, pulling off the dress and throwing it in the corner. ”Long as we don't give them a reason to suspect anything, they won’t look!”

"I can burn all the receipts!" Ella said cheerfully, already setting up her new phone and munching some candy she’d bought. "It’ll be easy to get rid of!"

”Not necessary and will leave a smell,” Lisa began, ”I can just sneak out one night and toss it in a dumpster!”

Then something popped in her head, ”... Who wants to call Lupe?”

"Oh, let-"

"No way," Saskia cut Ella off near immediately. "After last time? No. If you don’t want to do it, Lisa, I will."

”... Of course I want to call her!” Lisa snorted, ”Why wouldn’t I!?”

"Cause you can’t see her through the call," Saskia muttered.

Without further ado, Lisa pulled out her phone and punched in the number Lupe provided from memory and hit call. It rung a few times before Lupe awkwardly answered, and Lisa immediately put it on speaker,

“... H-Hello?” Lupe

"Hi!" Ella shouted, leaning in close to the phone.

Saskia winced, leaning away from Ella. "No need to shout- It’s Lisa, Ella, and Saskia. The girls you met earlier. We’re calling to talk about… you know."

“Ooooooh, hiiii, Mami!” Lupe ecstatically said, “Didn't expect you three to hit me up so soon!”

”Yeah, um, we just wanted to touch bases!” Lisa said.

“... Didn't you say you didn't have a phone?” Lupe asked.

”We got some,” Lisa answered.

“We gotta link up, mami!” Lupe laughed.

”... We are supposed to be laying l-”

“Don’t worry about it! Ya’ll safe with me!” Lupe began, “What do you say!?”

Lisa looked up to the two for their answers.

Ella looked at Lisa, and then at Saskia. Saskia thought about it for a moment before nodding.

"Yeah! We're adults that can't be locked up anyway!" Ella shouted. "We'll leave a note so our friends don't worry."

Lisa grinned, before she quickly threw one another dress. Tags and everything.

”What did you have in mind, Guadalupe?” She asked.

“Y’know… maybe we can just chill, get to know each other, and tell each other stories…“ Lupe began. “There are a few questions I wanted to ask you all....”

”Like what?” Lisa asked.

“You know… imma drop my location, and ya’ll meet me there!” Lupe said.

Then Lisa remembered what Kimberly and Jordan said…

”... Can we trust you?” She asked.

“I meeeean…” Lupe shrugged. “In all fairness, we just met, Mami...”

Lupe paused.

“... But, it’s life, mami. The human experience is all about taking chances with people by letting them in. Risks. You can’t live your entire life being paranoid about getting betrayed because there was a point when you three were strangers. Every now and then, you gotta let people in and let your heart chance it, mami.”

"You're right, Lupe! We have to believe the best in everyone- and if we're betrayed we can handle it, right, girls?" Ella grinned. "When we first met you scared me with all the spider stuff, and Saskia looked like she wanted to kill me, but look at us now!"

"It's our second chance anyway, let's not waste it," Saskia murmured. "Let me write this note."

They grabbed the notepad they'd stolen from Clementine's car, quickly doodling. It was three stick figures climbing out a square - they roughly had the same hairstyle as the three of them. To make it more obvious Saskia drew a spider on Lisa's head, a knife in her hand, and a magic wand in Ella's. Then she drew another stick figure outside the window - with a massive chest. Underneath it they succinctly wrote the words: 'Went out to beat Morningstar.'.

"How's that?" she asked.

Lisa stared at it.

”... I love it!” Lisa shouted. She quickly ran over to the balcony doors, threw them open, and summoned a tiny jumping spider. Just like before, she wrapped it in a glowing cocoon, and it burst out once it was fully sized. She hopped on first and then said,

”Let’s go, girls: adventure - and Guadalupe’s fine ass - awaits!”
Drake's about to go spy hunting

Saskia was having an amazing nap in Clementine’s car. She’d barely slept the night before thanks to being crammed between Ella and Lisa, hair up her nose from one side and a bone crushing hug from the other. She was dreaming pleasantly - she was a bringer of justice, hunting down Stauber like it was a game. Causing him fear, ah, sweet fear... Sleeping Saskia smiled, mumbling something and curling into herself.

So many ways to hurt him when she caught him. Maybe she should start with a bone shard to the shoulder… No, no, burning. Ah, the sweet smell of burning flesh-


Saskia jolted awake, burning smell actually wafting around her nostrils - because someone had thrown a massive fucking fireball through the wall. Oh shit. Saskia scrambled to get out of the car, barely awake and nearly falling over.

"What the fuck happened?" Saskia shouted to Vanessa and Clementine. Desperate worry, the most emotion she’d shown in a long time, was sketched across her face. She didn’t even wait for an answer before running towards the hole in the wall. "Ella! Lisa!"

However, Saskia’s forearm got yanked by Clementine, who had her pistol drawn as she said, “Hold on! Let’s take it slow!” Vanessa was at her side with a gun similarly drawn. “We have no clue what’s going on in there! You could be running facefirst into something that has nothing to do with you.”

"There's no way it's not them," Saskia hissed, stopping running towards the building and just glaring at it. Ella and Lisa could handle themselves, but they were also often incredibly oblivious. Of course they'd get into a magical fight. She should've gone in with them. "What should we do then? Just stand here?"

“We assess the situation,” Clementine rolled her eyes as she quickly ran to the wall adjacent to the hole and slammed her back to it, facing it. She quickly looked at Saskia, then slapped the wall behind her and nodded as Vanessa got on the other side of the hole. Once all three of them were in position, they steadily moved forward before…

… Lisa climbed out of the hole in the wall using her spider legs. She quickly climbed above… and a burst of pink fire came out afterwards.

“Jesus!” Clementine said, covering her face with her arm.

"Fuck- Lisa! Where's Ella?" Saskia was relieved to find one of their friends, but unhappy that she'd been right. She shoved a hand into her pocket to grab her knife… only to realise that it'd been taken when they were arrested. Shit. She couldn't run in there when unable to use half her spells. "Either of you have a knife- before I do something drastic."

”... She’s still inside!” Lisa shouted,

Clementine dug into her pocket and pulled out a folding knife and practically threw it to Saskia before she looked up and shouted, “What the hell happened in there?!”

”We b-botched it!” Lisa stammered as she remained in place on the wall.

"No shit," Saskia said, catching the knife and pulling out the blade. She swiftly pulled it across the palm of her hand. Only a few drops of blood escaped before she was controlling it, running up her arm to coat her body in a protective layer. She shoved the knife in her pocket. "Ella! Shit, we should-"

"Saskiaaaaa," a wail came back, followed by Ella's head popping out the hole. She rolled out at the same side as Vanessa, probably flashing her thanks to the short magical girl skirt, and pulling up to a crouched position. "We messed up big time! It was going so welllll then she started shooting fireballs!"

”I should have did the talking!” Lisa shouted from above.

“Look, let’s ju-“

Another burst of pink fire came out of the hole as Neon stepped out… baring chest to the world as both hands burned with an intense pink fire. Both Clementine and Vanessa pointed their pistols at her as Clementine shouted,

“Get on your knees! Put the fire away! And gently place your channeler in front of you!”

“Fuck!” Neon said, “I should have known you bitches were working with the feds!”

“Get on your knees!” Clementine repeated, “Don’t make me repeat it again!”

“What?! Trying to make me imitate your mother last night!?” Neon laughed as she slowly got down, the fire fading. She put her hand on the ground, looked up at Vanessa, and grinned. Before she exploded into an orb of pink fire, light, and electricity, then darted down the street at incredibly high speeds.

"I swear we're not with the feds, it's complicated!" Ella shouted. She scrambled to chase after Neon - but even with slightly stronger legs she wasn't a runner. "We want to help you!"

"How much did you fuck up?!" Saskia rolled her eyes, giving chase after Neon. She lightened her bones as she ran, speeding up enough to not immediately lose her… but she was still just running, lightened bones or not.

”... A lot!” Lisa shouted as she hopped off the walls, onto ground level. Then hopped again onto an adjacent wall, she looked over her shoulder. ”I should have ma- I’ll catch her!” Lisa shouted, as she hopped to the rooftops, using her spider legs.

“Saskia!” Clementine shouted as she ran back to her car, then stuck a foot in, “You’re not catching her on foot! Get in!”

"... shit, yeah." Saskia had forgotten they had a car, quickly changing her direction to run to the car. She ignored the sharp pain in her ankles at the sudden change. She yanked open the door, jumping in the back.

Thankfully Ella managed to reach the car too, getting in the other side.

"Let's go, in case Lisa ends up catching her first."

Vanessa hopped in the passenger seat, and Clementine slammed the door shut. Without a word, Clementine floored on the gas and sped off after the speeding fireball. Neon bobbed and weaved her way through the cars as they hardly reacted to her. Lisa was still pursuing from the rooftops, hopping from building to building. While Clementine was swerving through traffic like a maniac.

“We should have grabbed an undercover cruiser!” Vanessa shouted.

“We should have!” Clementine shouted, “Should of. Could of. Would of!”

However, Neon quickly transformed into her human form at an intersection and narrowed her eyes at her pursuers. She swung both hands upwards, and with them came two waves of pink fire directly approaching the car.

“Oh shit!” Clementine quickly swerved to the right, skidding out of control.

Ella screamed, and Saskia’s hand shot out to grab Ella’s even though she was silent. At the same time she swiftly formed a blood tentacle on her back, smashing out a window and grabbing a traffic like pole with it in an attempt to slow the car down before they crashed and died. However, Clementine got control of the vehicle and came to a gentle stop. She sighed out of relief.

However, Neon turned to leave…

”... AAAAAAAAAH!” Lisa screamed like a maniac as she flung herself from the rooftop at Neon. Her spider legs retracted into her body. Before she could react, Lisa made an impact, knocking Neon to the ground.

Saskia kicked open the car door, using the blood tendril to pull herself out. She half swung around the pole, landing a short distance away from Lisa and Neon. She rolled, shooting back out the tendril to try and wrap around Neon’s waist. Lisa had wrapped herself around Neon’s chest, biting on her shoulder like a psychopath.

However, Neon sent out electricity, which caused Lisa to convulse as her hair stood up. It hit the blood tendril, electrocuting Saskia directly through it. It was fucking painful but she held on, pulling herself in closer to straddle Neon's legs. At first, she hadn't wanted to hurt her, but she was pissed that Lisa had been hurt. Two bone spears shot out of Saskia's legs where they met Neon's, shooting directly into her flesh.

“Ayyyyyyyyye!” Neon shouted as the spears shot into her thigh. She quickly raised a hand at Saskia and fired out a hot-pink beam of kinetic force. Saskia twisted so it hit her shoulder rather than her face, bone dislocating with a horrid snap. She didn't retract the bone spears, keeping her on top of Neon, and started to squeeze with the tendril.

"Saskia! Lisa!" Ella came running over, late, flourishing her magic wand and hitting Saskia with a beam of healing light, which quickly began to heal her. Clementine and Vanessa ran up, aiming their guns at Neon as Clementine shouted,

“Everyone relax!” She said, “Let’s put the magic away! Sit down! And talk about this!”

“Will you put your fuckin’ guns away?!” Neon shouted, aiming a glowing hand at Ella, and another at Saskia. Lisa finally shook her head as she took a few steps away.

“Saskia…” Clementine said, “Put it away.”

"... fine," Saskia frowned, retracting the bone spears and letting go of Neon with the tendril. It was sucked into the wound at her hand and she rolled off Neon. She then looked up at Ella. "I'm fine, Lisa was electrocuted."

"Oh," Ella said, swapping her healing beam to Lisa. She looked down at Neon with an apologetic smile. "I'm really sorry! We really just wanted to talk! Do you want healed?"

As agreed, Clementine and Vanessa holstered their weapons.

Now you wanna talk!?” Neon shouted, shaking her head. “You bitches threatened me!

"I always wanted to talk, you attacked us!" Ella said.

”You just took it the wrong way! I’m sorry for my smoothbrained friend!” Lisa said, shaking her hands as she awkwardly laughed. ”Let’s talk about this! Just give us another chance! We’re trying to help you!”

“Give me one good reason why I should!?” Neon shouted, as she threw an arm across her exposed chest.

"Here, a peace offering." Saskia pulled off her oversized sweater, revealing the baggy black t-shirt below, and held it out to Neon. "Look, I don't know what that idiot over there said, but we're not threatening you. We want to help you. A shady, society bought agent has given proof that you're with the society, so there's a warrant out for you. We know that bastard is with them, which means you're not… well. Not on their side."

"We'll know soon, anyway!" Ella declared, looking around vigilantly. "If that white bastard comes outta a portal again."

Neon hesitated, but she didn’t flinch before grabbing the sweater and putting it on. It was a little snug on her because she was just a little bit taller than Saskia, but Neon didn’t flinch. She shook her head, “Thanks, chica.” She stood up to her feet and shook her head. “Not surprised Stauber sold me out… bastard’s probably mad that I wouldn’t have sex with him.”

She briefly pulled the sweater down, only for it to snap back into place, and she rolled her eyes, “Now, just so you know, I’m with the Society… just not with the Society. You know what I’m saying, right girls?”

”Totally!” Lisa smiled widely.

"Like a double agent," Saskia nodded. That made sense… and made things easier for them. The corner of their lips tugged up into an almost smile. "That means you have information on the Society, right? Like how to get to Mo-"

"Don't say his name!" Ella interrupted, looking around again. "He might just appear!"

"That'd make our life easier," Saskia shrugged. "So, you worked with Stauber- even though that bastard was sicking feds on Society enemies?"
“Look, mami,” Neon tugged at the bottoms of the sweater again, before she shook her head and said, “I didn’t know about that. He tried making it sound like he would help me. If I knew how much of a piece of shit Stauber was, I wouldn’t have even bothered with him in the first place!” She could only awkwardly laugh.

“... Would have saved me a lot of irritation because all he wanted to do was shove his lil’ pecker in me!” She laughed, except for real this time, before she turned to Ella, “And I didn’t say he would appear, just that his little followers are everywhere and will do something if they hear you. Would you do good to keep your mouth shut.”

"His followers are after us anyway," Saskia shrugged. "We’ll just kill them."

Clementine and Vanessa crossed their arms as they listened.

“Why though? Why do ya’ll give a damn about me? What do you want with those bastards? ”

"Well you see, we’re-" Ella started, before Saskia cut her off by shoving their blood tendril over her mouth.

"No way are you talking again, Ella, you already fucked up once," Saskia rolled her eyes, retracting the blood again when she was sure Ella wouldn’t talk. "Namely, Stauber was our lead, no he’s disappeared. We figured you could help us since he outed you. As for those bastards, we want to kill the one we can’t name. I had a wonderful drawing to show exactly what I was going to do with him… but the PRA took it… and it was lost…"

Saskia trailed off, muttering under her breath. Ella cheerfully said, "Yeah we’re trying to get rid of the Society!"

Neon furrowed her brows, “... I told you, they’re watching, mami.” Then shook her head. “But, why, though? I mean the Society are assholes, but I want to know why you want the Society out?”

"Less the society, more their boss,” Saskia shrugged. She didn’t really care if they were watching. They already had targets on their heads. "Our… boss wants him dead, I guess."

"He isn’t our boss!" Ella argued. "He’s more like… dunno. But we need to kill him to stay alive."

"Yes, his life for ours. Also, he’s a bastard.”

"A very evil bastard…"

”The evilest!” Lisa shouted.

“Well, he calls himself the ‘Father of Lies’,” Neon laughed. “An ‘evil bastard’ doesn't begin to cut it, Mami.”

She grabbed her hair and began twirling it, “So, somebody is basically holding you three hostage unless you do a job for him…?”

Lisa looked between the three, ”... From a certain point of view, yes.”

“I would advise if you three want to pull this off to work on your people skills…” Neon laughed.

"Our people skills are perfectly fine?” Saskia tilted her head, looking slightly confused. "Well, mine are. Ella’s… not so much.”

"Hey, I don’t draw torture scenes!" Ella shouted, before looking at Neon. "You’re probably right. We don’t get much practice with that cause we di- don’t get out much. But do we really need them? That doesn’t help with killing."

"It would help us turn his own people against him, so we can dismantle his empire and destroy everything he loves…”

“... And maybe negotiate so I don't think ya’ll are threatening me?” Neon facepalmed.

"I wouldn’t have seemed like that if I was there,” Saskia intoned.

"It would’ve! You can’t stop talking about torture! I bet you were dreaming about it again," Ella huffed.

”Torture, or meeeeeeeee!” Lisa laughed.

Saskia didn’t deny it, waving Ella off. "We’re getting off topic. Basically, we hope you’ll be able to help us with information on the Society. In return, we’ll get them to remove the warrant they have on you.”

“I’ll see what I can do, but I already trusted the Feds one time,” Neon shook her head, glaring at Clementine and Vanessa another time. “I’ll help you three, but I’m not helping them.”

Vanessa shrugged.

“... Fair.”

“Look, we’ll keep Stauber off your back,” Clementine said, “Matter fact, we’ll stay out of your hair.”

She looked between the four, and said, “... Deal?”

”Sounds good to me!” Lisa said.

"Perfect, we work best without oversight,” Saskia nodded.

"Just make sure that sleazeball Stauber doesn’t come near us!" Ella declared. "I will kill him."

“You’d be doing us all a favor,” Clementine laughed. “It’s ‘bout time he falls out of a window anyway.”

”I’d vomit spiders on his dick anyway!” Lisa said, ”I’m glad we could work everything out! Even though I prefer you without the sweater, I can’t live in a world where people are mad at me over nothing!”

“Yes… it was just…” Neon waved her hand left and right. “... A big misunderstanding. Oh wait, before I forget…”

She reached for something, before she hissed, “... Shit, I left my phone in there.”

”We don’t have phones anyway,” Lisa said.

“No phones? Whaaaaaaaaaaat, mami?” Neon said, “What are you three? Teenagers? Well, I guess most teenagers these days got phones, but whaaaaaaaaaat?

"Well we kind of are- We just couldn’t afford ‘em!" Ella laughed. "Our friends bought us one laptop between us but no phones! Only walkie talkies!"

"You could watch all the anime you wanted on a phone…” Saskia mused. "It’s a long story why we don’t have anything like that. Real long.”

"We should get some! Lisa do that thing-" Ella started shouting, before pausing and looking at Clementine and Vanessa. She lowered her voice to a whisper. "Do the thing with your spiders again later."

Lisa menacingly grinned as she said, ”... Sure!”

Clementine narrowed her eyes, but was otherwise silent.

“Let’s get out of here, then, Mami,” Neon said. “My ass is getting cold anyway.”

“... Where are you three sleeping tonight?” Clementine asked, before she rolled her eyes. “Well, where do you want to go next is the better question?”

"We should probably go back to the motel,” Saskia said, looking at Lisa and then Ella. "Hopefully our friends are still there and there’s two beds.”

"Oh yeah, I bet they’re worried! Probably think we did something stupid again," Ella laughed. "Hopefully they won’t make us stay inside for days this time…"

“Maaaaaaaami!” Neon slapped a hand on her hip as she smiled. “You grown, don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do when you’re grown.”

”Y-yeah! Clementine’s bed is a little small,” Lisa shouted, thrusting a fist up into the air. Before she turned to Neon, ”Um, Neon, should we keep calling you Neon or…”

“No, no, no, mami, that’s my performer name,” Neon laughed. “Imagine somebody passes by and hears you call me that?”

”True, true,” Lisa then shrugged. ”What should we call you then?”

Neon smiled.

“... Lupe,” She began, “Technically my slave name is Guadalupe, but nobody can get that right.” She playfully laughed.

”It’s nice to meet you, Guadalupe!” Lisa said.

“I don’t think I ever got properly acquainted to you three, either,” Lupe said.

”I’m Lisa C. Turner!” Lisa introduced herself, throwing her hands in the air.

"Ella Rene Brooks!" Ella grinned, striking a pose with her hand on her hip.

Saskia rolled her eyes at them both as they just gave out their full names. Sure, they were technically dead… but really? "Saskia. The rest of my name will remain a mystery.”

“It’s so nice to meet you three!” Lupe said, smiling. “Sorry we got off on the wrong foot!”
”No, we’re sorry,” Lisa put both of her hands on her chest, warmly smiling at Lupe.

Clementine nodded her head.

“Alright, now that you’re done,” Clementine said as she walked back to her car, and opened the back door. “Everyone get in; we’re going to take you all back to the motel.”

“Oooooh, mami!” Lupe shouted, “Lemme give ya’ll my number.”

”We don’t got phon-” Lisa cut herself off as she put her hands together. She summoned spiders from the sleeves of her dress, and they crawled over to her hands. ”Give it to me… mami. She grinned.

Lupe gave out her number, and as she spoke, Lisa parted her hands, and the spiders weaved a web… writing out the number in webs. When they were done, she had a massive and complex web between her hands. ”Okay! I gotta… gotta not fall, or else this will fall apart.”

Clementine rolled her eyes.

“... You know I got a pen and paper in my car, right?” She chuckled.

"Already ahead of you,” Saskia said, pulling pen and paper out of her trouser pocket. She scrawled down the number written on the spider webs. "I took it before my nap, in case I needed help sleeping.”

Lisa turned towards Saskia as she said, ”... You’re saying I did this cool trick for NOTHING?!

“... Oh God, why?” Clementine put a hand on her forehead, shaking her head gently.

"It looked so cool I didn’t want to stop you,” Saskia shrugged, even though she’d actually just forgotten she’d taken the pen and paper before Clementine mentioned it.

"Yeah, it was super awesome, Lisa! Don’t be too upset!" Ella slapped a comforting hand on Lisa’s shoulder.

“Okay, let’s just go,” Clementine said, and as instructed, Lisa got into the car along with the others.

“Byyyyyyyyyyye, mami!” Lupe said, waving at them with a smile. “Keep in touch!”

Interactions: Sloane (@Atrophy).
Kari's House.

Today, it was announced that Lyss had even come back into town.

Today was news that Lyss is dead.

A hand had graced her forehead as Britney shook her head, sighing. She thought highly of Lyss and knew she was the most helpful member in this debacle. The only issue was that Lyss had a hard-on for playing mysterious - and look where that got her? She shook her head as she stood and looked at everyone here or the people who were showing up. It seemed like the lineup changed every time they had a meeting! Linqian was a given, but Ayrin was a surprise. However, Britney thought how they were joking around when they just received news someone had just died to insanely disrespectful. Layla was here, and Britney had to resist the urge to scrunch her nose at the sight of the gal. She was here to gather information for the House of Cards. Kenshiro showed up as well, and that was a welcome surprise! Britney was delighted to see that he was back in town, and it was great to see they had an actual reliable person among them (Besides her of course). Then Amara showed up, and Britney discretely rolled her eyes. Perfect. Hopefully, she won't be too annoying this time, but Britney would attempt to be cordial towards her.

As long as the energy was returned, that is.

Luca showed up, smiling at her, and that was a surprise. Stormy, Anya, Lila, Lynn, Sloane showed up, and... Sully! Britney smiled at him, and that smile got even wider as he tried to offer a moment of silence for Lyss, and Britney was about to offer her own words.

Then, a colossal boom reverberated through the area. Britney's head darted towards the house door to see Sloane had decided to be an asshole and show that she had no respect for anyone but herself. She blew the door open using her magic, even though Kenshiro, clear as day, knew where the spare key was. Even if the spare key wasn't there, there were mountains of better options than blowing the door open, pissing everyone off, and then making a ton of noise in a place they're not supposed to be.

”Oh, hell no,” Britney said as she bared teeth. Immediately, she stormed over to Sloane - going past Anya making weak ass excuses for her - and said to her, Sloane, what the hell?!” She turned a free palm upwards as she stared her down.

This was the first time Britney and Sloane had interacted; the former would have preferred to keep it that way because the second meeting — when she said Linqian should have been murdered — made it dead clear that Sloane had not changed one bit. Britney examined the dent in the wall and shook her head.

”I know because you think Kari is dead; it doesn't matter what we do to her house, but I'm not going to sit here and let you, or anyone else, trash her home,” Britney began her rant, raising her voice a bit. ”I don't want to be here, and I don't think we should be breaking into her house in the first place, but we need to show her - and her possessions - some respect.”

Britney shook her head, ”She was one of us - the most vital in fact - and you should leave your little world for a second and remember that.”

”... You couldn’t have bought us some new clothes?” Lisa asked as she tugged at the hems of her dress.

“Hey now, we got that federal paycheck,” Clementine smiled. “But we got bills, too!”

The next night, they all stood in Shadynasty’s parking lot, wearing the same clothes as before. Thankfully, Clementine put their clothes in the wash while they were cuddling. Clementine and Vanessa, both with their arms crossed, leaned up against their car. They were wearing jean shorts, sneakers, and white shirts, looking like clones of each other. Lisa sat in front of the two on the ground, her dress slightly wrinkled from the previous day. Saskia was leaning against the car, eyes closed. Ella squatted beside Lisa, bright pink clothes looking very out of place and greyscale bracelets looking just straight up odd.

”... So how do we get in? We have no IDs, remember?” Lisa asked before the thought popped in her head. ”Hey! Since we’re no longer missing, can you fix that so we can get IDs and drink and go into strip clubs on our own time?”

Vanessa shrugged

“I don’t see why not,” she began. “Later on, we can all sit down and sort this out… it’s a lot of paperwork.”

”Figures…” Lisa shrugged. ”So how do we get in?!”

“How did you get in last time?” Clementine asked.

”Jo- a friend teleported us in,” lisa answered.

“Well, call that friend to teleport ya’ll in again!” Vanessa laughed.

How!? We don’t have phones!

“Smoke signals.”

"We had a walkie talkie but you guys confiscated it," Ella muttered, glaring at Shadynasty like it had personally wronged her. It felt like it had. "Even if we get in there- what if Stauber's in there?! Doesn't he love these places?!"

"Can't we just sneak in the back," Saskia muttered, massaging her forehead. "Nobody saw us kidnapping a full grown man yesterday."

"Orrrrr," Ella had a brilliant idea. An idea to find Kimberley and Jordan again who would buy them new clothes along with teleporting them in. "We rob a thrift store again to find our friends?!"

“... Wait, what you did y-” Lisa cut off Clementine.

”... Nothing, nothing, we did nothing! She awkwardly laughed. ”And who cares if Stauber is here. It's not like we can’t take care of him.”

"That's right, he's no match for us!" Ella flexed her arms. Considering he couldn't even get away from her when she boosted her strength a tiny amount… Pathetic, really.

"We can go round two of the spider web orgy," Saskia intoned, surveying the building. "I wonder if there's some way we can get in a staff entrance. It'll be easier to find and talk to Guadalupe then."

”We didn’t even get round one, Saskia!” Lisa pouted, crossing her arms. ”And did you forget we have a human spider on the team?! I can just go in there, find Guadalupe up, tie her up and we can clear her name!”

Vanessa and Clementine facepalmed.

”... What does she look like, by the way?” Lisa tilted her head.

“Spanish lady, well, Mexican,” Clementine said. “Curly black hair. Average height. Has a little bit of a gut. Fat, you know…“ She gestured around her own rear.

”You know…” Lisa climbed up off the ground, then tapped her chin. ”... That sounds a little familiar? Don’t it?”

"It does?" Ella peered up at Lisa, confused. Did they know someone like that?

"Because she was the one Stauber was after," Saskia said tiredly. "If you think you can human spider in there, Lisa, please do. I can nap in the car."

"No way!" Ella protested. She straightened up, shaking out her legs. "What if something happens to Lisa? Lisa can use her spidey powers to get us in, but we're all going in!"

”Well, if Saskia’s not up for it…” Lisa put a finger to her cheek as she said, ”I’m confident the two of us have enough rizz to pull this off, right Ella?!”

"Right!" Ella shouted, slamming her fists on her hips. "We've got plenty of rizz- let's go, Lisa! We'll show you what we can do!"

"Sure," Saskia yawned, eyes half closed. "I'll come save you when you need it."

Ella completely ignored what Saskia said, grabbing Lisa's hand and dragging her towards the building. Only, when they got there she realised they hadn't actually decided how to get in. The front door was off limits, so Ella circled towards the back. "Any idea where the back entrance is? Or that one we came out of- ooo, maybe we can go in through a window?"

”Alright, let me…” Lisa knelt forward, and grabbed the back of her dress, and lifted it a bit before she shook her head. ”... I’m wearing a dress today, silly….” She shook her head.

”I’ll find a way in!” Lisa said before she ran up to the side of the wall and scaled towards the back alleyway where they were. She quickly disappeared out of sight… however, minutes later she appeared on the rooftop and gestured for Ella to come over.

Ella immediately jogged over, craning her head up to grin at Lisa. "Be careful. I’ll keep watch!"

When Ella approached the back door, Lisa fell from the rooftop and hissed in pain as she shouted, ”... MY KNEES!

"LISA!" Ella yelled, immediately running over to Lisa. She knelt down beside her, looking over at her knees immediately to make sure there were no bones sticking out. Phew! Looked alright.

And no one had come out after they both shouted.

”... Wow, thanks homegirl!” Lisa climbed to her feet, then walked over to the door and threw it door open with one. ”They’re not a very secure establishment, that’s for sure!” She smiled at Ella., before she walked in.

"Well, we already knew that when we kidnapped a guy!" Ella grinned back, laughing. Sure did make it easier for them. She followed closely behind Lisa, easily peering over her head. "Sure makes our life easier. Alright, you think we should just wait for her to come on stage, or try get in the back? Oh, if we’re lucky Stauber will be here and we can beat him up!"

”I can vomit spiders on him!” Lisa laughed, sticking a finger up into the air as she led the way. ”But let’s wait for her to come on stage.”

Eventually the main stage came in view, as Lisa turned on her heel and put a fist in her palm as she spoke, ”Because that way, we can be inconspicuous. If she doesn’t come back then…”

Lisa turned back around and her eyes came to a blonde haired vixen dancing on stage. Her jaw dropped as she stammered, ”… Then… then… Oh, my…”

”Then what?” Ella had been looking at Lisa, slowly turning to follow her gaze- and froze. Her eyes widened and her jaw also dropped. She couldn’t… she’d never seen anything like it. Her mind just stopped working. ”That’s… oh wow… I see why people come here… let’s watch.”

Ella couldn’t tear her eyes away from the attractive woman on stage. Stauber could walk past right now and she wouldn’t even blink. She didn’t want to blink at all! Then she wouldn’t be able to see everything! "We gotta wait anyway."

Lisa grabbed onto Ella’s shoulders - she had to get on her tippy toes to do this - and shouted, ”We gotta focus! Resist the booty! Resist! The! Booty!

"No but Lisa, look," Ella gestured towards the booty. "It’s so perfect- you wouldn’t understand, because you get to see mine everyday… but I don’t! I need my fill!"

Lisa gasped, ”… Are you saying I’m flat?!”

Ella tore her eyes away from the dancer to glance down at Lisa. Then back to the dancer. "Well… compared to me and her. But you've got way more than Saskia!"

”So you’re saying I’m flat!” Lisa shouted.

"Yeah, I guess I am," Ella said, unphased as she stared at the non flat booty on stage. "I just didn't realise till now… don't worry! Ass isn't everything- you're perfect to cuddle!"

”Awwwwwwww!” Lisa said as she got closer to Ella, a warming smile on her face. She got on her tippy-toes to try to look Ella in the eye with those stupid puppy eyes, grabbing onto two handfuls of chest. ”You’re so sweet.”

Ella's brain stopped working. She was just loading for a moment, gaze slowly dragged away and towards Lisa. It somehow didn't upset her anywhere near as much as brushing hands with Stauber had. They'd been spooning every night - if Lisa wanted to touch Ella's pretty decent tiddies, she was welcome to! "Awwww, I am? You could've just said if you were jealous."

Probably unexpectedly, Ella grinned and patted Lisa on the head. She then looked around the establishment - it'd successfully drawn her attention away from the stripper at least. Lisa smiled and nuzzled.

The DJ announced, and Lisa let go of Ella and pivoted around.


The girl from last came on stage… this time wearing a black sparkly bra and panties. She walked to the pole with a wide smile as Lisa turned to Ella and said, ”It’s her!” She began. ”Wait! Um! Focus! Let’s…”

Lisa glanced in her direction and was hypnotized by “Neon” taking her top off. A bead of drool came from the corner of her mouth.

Ella was still looking at Lisa, and was hit by a wave of jealousy. She’d just been touching her tiddies now she was looking at another woman. Surely she wasn’t- oh. All was forgotten as she was completely enraptured by “Neon”.

"We should get closer," Ella said quietly, grabbing Lisa’s hand and dragging her right towards the front of the stage. At the same time she fumbled in her pocket, pulling out a crumpled twenty dollar bill that was just about still holding together after going through the wash. "How does this work? Can we get anything for this?"

Lisa shrugged.

”... Wait, I got an idea!” From the hidden corners and crevices of the room, several massive Huntsman spiders came out… and were promptly entrapped in a glowing cocoon of webs. When they burst out, they had ant-like mandibles. She grinned as they quickly grabbed the dollars they were being thrown at Neon and brought them over to her. She knelt as she held them in her hand, grinning like a fool.

”Maybe this could help us!”

"Great thinking," Ella grinned back, looking at the stack of cash Lisa had managed to grab so easily. She reached over and added her twenty to the pile. "Maybe we can buy a private dance or something- Oh, just wave the money up and see if that works. It’s a lot!"

Lisa shrugged, and the spiders that she summoned vanished into the same place they came from.

”Maybe showing it to her would be enough to start a conversation!”

"Oh I bet that'll work! Let's try," Ella physically shoved a man out of the way that was between them in the stage, shielding Lisa with her body so she could get right to the front… not that it was so busy she needed to, but just in case. "Wave the cash around!"

As commanded, Lisa just waved the money around over her head. Unfortunately, she wasn’t tall, so initially, Neon didn’t notice. However, she glanced in their direction, then turned her whole body on the pole. Neon grinned as she undid her bikini, but held it against her chest in one hand as she shouted.

“Make it rain, mami!” She laughed.

Lisa tilted her head as she put on a confused expression and faced Ella, ”... HOW DO I DO THAT!? DO I USE SPIDERS?! She had to shout over the music.

"NO IDEA!" Ella shouted back, thinking about it. Spiders would make most sense, surely it had to come from above. Oh! "I’VE GOT IT!"

Ella moved her feet to be a hip width apart and bent her knees. She wrapped her arms around Lisa’s hips and then lifted her up high into the air. "THROW THEM OVER HER! IT’LL BE LESS SUSPICIOUS!"

Lisa shrugged.

She just chucked the money at Neon as hard as she could, and the wad of money hit her in the cheek. She recoiled, “AYE, MAMI!” Neon shouted. “Take it easy! Is it your first time here?!” She shouted again, laughing.


"It is!" Ella shouted from behind Lisa, since she was still holding her up, half peering around her. "Is that not enough?!"

Neon was silent.

“... FOR WHAT?!” She asked, politely and with her inside voice.

"UH- YOUR ATTENTION AND A PRIVATE DANCE?" Ella shouted back, hiding her face behind Lisa because it was difficult to talk to an attractive half naked woman.

“Hahahahahahahaha!” Neon playfully laughed. “... You already got the first part, baby!”

She sauntered over to the stage, lying down on her stomach, coming face to face with Lisa as she gave her a flirtatious smile.

”... Hi,” Lisa said, waving her hand.

“... Come see me after my performance! Dances are eighty for fifteen minutes!”

"See you where?!" Ella asked, peering back around Lisa. Her mouth fell open again and she was fairly certain she was about to have a nosebleed. At least, if she was in an anime she would. "Wherever it is we’ll be there!"

“I’ll find you!” Neon laughed. “Now, I gotta make some money!”

”... Hey, put me down before someone looks up my dress!” Lisa said.

"I’d kick their ass before they looked,” Ella declared, but she did what Lisa asked and put her back down on the ground. "Now what? Should we find somewhere to sit… Can your spiders steal us eighty for that dance?"

”Maybe,” Lisa shrugged. ”She might get suspicious if we keep taking the money off the ground.”

She tapped her chin… before her eyes landed on an ATM. ”... Come here!” She grabbed Ella’s hand and dragged her toward the ATM. A wave of tiny spiders came out, quickly wrapped in a glowing cocoon, and they burst out with large ant mandibles. She commanded them to head inside, and after some grinding and banging… they came out with money. Lots of it. Twenty after twenty, they had to have emptied the entire ATM. Lisa grabbed it, and said,

”... Money, money, money! Lisa raised the money to her face and shuffled it. ”She won’t be able to resist us now!

"Lisa, you’re a genius!" Ella grinned. They were rich now! They could buy a change of clothes after this… No, stay focused on the mission. "We can buy hours with this. Oh, maybe we should get a dance first before… we talk to her. Our secret."
”Come on now! We have a mission to complete!” Lisa laughed, ”It’s not like anyone we get a dance with will have sex with us in there or something weird!

She glanced at the stage, and Neon was completely naked. Shaking her behind as Lisa couldn’t help but drool. She shook her head, as she noted, ”We threw a good amount of money at her, so we definitely got her attention!”

Lisa watched as Neon gathered her clothes and went into the back. When she came out, she went straight to the two. She smiled warmly invitingly as she shifted her weight to one hip and said, “Hi, sweetie.” She laughed in a thick Mexican accent, “Helluvathrow ya’ got there.”

”Oh!” Lisa said, before she tapped her fingertips together. ”Sorry!”

“No need to be sorry!” Neon said, “Just aim for my butt next time.”

She laughed, shaking her head, saying, “So, you two were drooling staring at me… this your first time here? First time leaving the house?!” She laughed.

"How did you know?!" Ella joked with a gasp. She looked at Lisa, then back at Neon. "I can't help it when I'm surrounded by flat asses- Anyway…"

She nudged Lisa. "How about that private dance?"

”Oh yeah! I got the money!” Lisa shouted, carefully shifting through it until she had enough.

“… You got enough for two- know what? It’s on me! C’mere!” Neon said as she counted the cash, before she gestured them to follow her all the way to the private rooms. “Have a seat, you two!”

Lisa plopped down, and Ella sat next to her.

Neon undid her bikini, “By the way, that was a nice trick you two pulled there…”

"What trick?" Ella tilted her head in confusion, eyes widening and jaw dropping slightly. Was it getting a little hot in here? Phew.

“Snatching all the money using your lil’ spiders and then acting like you were giving it to me,” Neon gave them a sultry smile as she said, “... You think you two are the only magic users in Mirage Springs?”

"Ohhhh you saw those," Ella nodded, incredibly relaxed by it. After all, when it was coming from such an attractive woman… well, anyway, it meant they didn't have to beat around the bush about magic. "Well, that makes things easier! We're not actually here to get a strip dance- nice as that would be! We're here to prove your innocence! Unless your not innocent, shit-"

Ella leaned over to Lisa, whispering, "What do we do if she really is a member if the society? Kill her?"

Lisa smiled, then whispered back, ”... We kidnap her for information!”

“... Okay, you two are acting fucking weird,” Neon tilted her head at them. “Do I need to call security on you?”

"No need!" Ella waved her hands in front of her, turning back towards Neon. Might as well jump right into it. "Like we said, we're here to prove your innocence- we just have a few questions for you! We'll pay you for your time! First, you know Morningstar?"

Neon ran over and put a finger to Ella’s lip.

“... Sssssssh, Mami!” Neon looked over her shoulder before she spoke in a hushed tone, “... Don’t fuckin’ say that name! Don’t you know he’s ‘He who shall not be named’?”

"Does he appear if you say his name?" Ella looked around - though it wasn't in fear but excitement. "That'd make things easier- but! If you can't even say his name you must not being in the S- uh, his evil group. Won't say the name just in case! Y'see, yesterday we saved you from getting arrested and now we're tryna clear your name! So if you give us proof you're not part of that we can get going and get that sorted!"

“Hoooooney, that bastard has eyes and ears in every corner of the city,” Neon began, “If someone so much as says his name out loud, they’re getting followed home at bare minimum. ”

She shook her head before she asked, narrowing her eyes, “... And who was trying to arrest me?”

"Oh, yeah, we know," Ella shrugged. They'd been painfully confined because of that… and Morningstar was already after them and knew exactly what they looked like, so they were already in danger. Didn't really matter if they said his name. "Uh… PRA. Cause of this corrupt agent called Stauber! Fucking bastard works for the society and said you worked for them! Wait, shit, if you really do I shouldn't have said that- if you do we will have to kill or kidnap you, and you really don't want to meet our friend waiting outside!"

“... Bitch, is that a threat?!” Neon shouted as she took a few steps back towards the exit.

”Wait, no! We were jus- Lisa hopped up, trying to plead.

Neon raised a hand, igniting a hot pink fire like a torch. She then aimed it at them and said, “No, fuck that, mami!” Before she cut loose, unleashing an inferno of pink fire directly at the two.

"Lisa!" Ella shouted, grabbed her Channeler and in a panic casting a glowing light over her legs without transforming into her magical girl form. She used her enhanced legs to jump, arms wrapping around Lisa and pushing them both to the floor underneath the inferno. She then let go of Lisa and rolled over, swinging out a leg to try and hit Neon's ankle.

”... AHHHHHHHHH! Lisa shouted as she was knocked to the ground.

The kick knocked Neon over, and her shoulder hit the ground. She hissed in pain, as she began glowing, transforming into a ball of pink electricity, light, and fire. She launched herself through the curtains, setting them aflame, and appeared on the opposite side… She slid across the ground on her knee, facing the two. She then aimed both hands at the two as a veil of electricity surrounded her hands. Two streams of pink electricity came directly at them.

"Ahhhh, light in the darkness, protect meeeee," Ella yelled as she rolled over again and pushed herself to a crouching position. The lightning hit her arm, burns searing down it. She gritted her teeth through the pain and pulled the colour from the seat they’d just been on. It formed a round, red ball that she shot towards Neon - it would be like being hit by a super fast basketball.

Lisa also convulsed out of pain from being electrocuted; however, she remained on the ground for a moment. Long and black Spider legs burst from her back and through the dress, and they raised her to her feet. Burns were on her chest and arms.

Neon was on the ground, knocked down by the ball. She screamed out of rage as she sat up and raised a hand at Ella… Creating a massive pink fireball that would explode on contact. Ella’s eyes widened, enhanced legs pushing her to the side to roll out of the way, her body slamming into the wall with a grunt of pain.

Lisa dove to the side as the fireball whirled past her… Before it hit the wall and created a massive explosion of fire.

Blowing a hole in the wall straight outside.
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