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“I’m the villain so YOU can be the hero!” - The Ghost Note to the main protagonist.
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“The Ghost Note is.” - The Ghost Note.


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More ppl to be jumped by the Tree Hippies.

The Greenwood Coven.
Interactions: Alizée (@Estylwen) and Leon (@AtomicEmperor
Veni Vedi Veni - Parking Lot.

“We ain’t with nobody, ya’ weirdo!” Naomi tilted her head and stared at Leon as she caught the phone quickly. It was clear that these two were with one of the many magical factions operating out of St. Portwell. These two could be any one of the psychopaths that roam the streets at night. Naomi was not the one to jump the gun because Wolfboy just transformed; they didn’t seem like the Wolfpack. These two did not seem like drug-pushing white trash. However, they reminded her of 8th Street or the Nazi-wannabes.

Naomi glanced to her right and saw Pearl and Kashmira running down the fire escape. James and Ruby chose not to come, but Naomi saw them watching out of sight. Smart. Shango’s axe and Ruby’s branch would give them away. However, it’s not like the two can’t provide support from up there.

“… The real question is, why the fuck are you two doing this!?” Jess shouted as she struggled to break free. “I was doing nothing but sitting there, you crazy bitch!”

“Jess… calm down,” Naomi said to her friend… this bitch wanted to know what they had to do with the Wolfpack. Now, going around Wolfpack turf yelling that they’re going to try to kill one of the city’s top crimelords was top-tier stupid. Her eyes drifted towards Amelia, who was quiet, even though she could probably feel how this was going.

There was that part of Naomi that wanted to talk things down, but that smile after she squeezed Jess like a chew toy… she was fucking crazy. She was probably going to kill Jess even if they told this psycho the world’s most convincing lie!

She glanced to the right again, and the two had just made it down the fire escape and were running across the parking lot, which was great. She turned her head towards Amelia and did a hand gesture, a very subtle movement of the fingers that Greenwood did to send signals to each other discretely. It was simply tapping her fingers together, one that could be mistaken for a nervous tick. Amelia saw, and Naomi spoke to Alizee, very annoyed,

“… We’re just trying to get some blow so we can party…” Naomi started…

However, Amelia swung her hands in front of herself in a wide arc. With this swing of her hands, she created a powerful blast of air that should be strong enough to knock Alizee and Leon down - infused with some of those razor-sharp leaves.

Naomi hopped into the air, doing a flip with her hands fully extended. Out of her hands came a net of ethereal glowing white webs, with the sole purpose of binding the two. The webs are an Emotional-Field and would be difficult to destroy with magic. Naomi landed behind them with her webs in her hands.

Autumn focused on the ghostly hand, commanding her Apparition to use telekinesis to pry the hand’s fingers open to free Jess.

Pearl and Kashmira were almost there…

Interactions: Isabella (@Kamen Evie), Arianna (@KremeSupreme), and Florian (@Drag)
World Fighting Carnival - Tunnel Underneath.

"That stone's a fake, no time to explain. You guys going after Oh-One too?! Cmon! He's already at the vault, he's just up ahead!"

When Arianna fell from the sky, Jaden whipped out his two swords, ready to slice the weirdo up. However, she seemed like a "friend" and told them that Oh-One was ahead. It startled the old man enough to force him to transform, and Jaden couldn't help but chuckle. He tilted his head as she said, "Think we should belie-"

"She's not a robot," Oh-Seven noted as she transformed her own feet into the flight system. The bottom of her feet opened up, and thrusters lifted Oh-Seven off the ground, which made Jaden raise an eyebrow as she looked over her shoulder and said, "We haven't got time to waste." She quickly jetted away, and Jaden rolled his eyes and darted after Izzy and Oh-Seven...

... This is so a trap.

Interactions: Seshet (@Kamen Evie), and Dare (@KremeSupreme),
World Fighting Carnival - Tunnel Underneath.

Internal systems accessed. Bypassing firewall. Opening door in less than a minute- WARNING. SUBJECT: DAREN METZGER HAS ENTERED THE CHAMBER.

Oh-One did not so much as flinch as Daren walked up...

Waiting for Subject: Daren Metzger to get close, then will decapitate and continue interfacing-


The third party that appeared chucked a bomb between Oh-One and Daren, and the machine scanned the bomb...


Engaging pulse shield...

Oh-One turned around and erected a red static-y barrier, a dome that trapped both Oh-One and the console and tanked the explosion... when the dust settled, the console was unharmed, and the barrier was still standing. It faded away as Oh-One's attention was divided between Seshet and Daren...

Engaging Exceed Orbit...

Two circular drones came out of Oh-One's shoulders... one fired a red-hot beam at Daren, and the other was aimed at Seshat.

The Greenwood Coven

Veni Vedi Veni.
Interactions: Alizée (@Estylwen)
Veni Vedi Veni.

"Hey, what the hell?!"

The red-haired woman shouted, dropping her phones as the phantom hands gripped her. She struggled and thrashed the best she could, but she could feel the strength leaving her. "Put me down, sister!" The girl shouted as she kept thrashing more and more. The bouncers relented out of fear as everyone stared on slack-jawed as she just casually strolled out. Even the two strippers...

... who were able to see the Phantom Hands.

"... The bitch got magic." Violet was the first to break the awkward silence, staring directly at her partner, Pink.

"Well, better her than us," Pink chuckled as she held onto the stripper pole, then turned her head to the DJ and snapped her fingers...

... The music cut back on, and the two girls went back to shaking ass like nothing happened.

However, the bartender made a phone call...

Interactions: Alizée (@Estylwen)
Rooftops Overlooking Veni Vedi Veni.

The strip club Veni Vedi Veni was a smallish establishment flanked by all sides by a massive parking lot - likely more extensive than the strip club itself! Beyond the parking lot, the strip club was flanked on three sides by buildings - simply stores and other offices that had the unfortunate luck of being placed next to one of the seediest places in St. Portwell, with the street being the only exit to this glorified parking lot with women that shook ass for cash.

A wind rushes throughout the parking lot, carrying leaves and other stray foliage. The wind traveled throughout the parking lot until it traveled to one of the rooftops overlooking the strip club... spinning all the leaves and sticks in a tantalizing dance until seven people appeared out of thin air. Each person dressed like an anarchist, wearing outfits that concealed their identities; each wore a hoodie, a mask, sunglasses, gloves, and boots... fortunately, the St. Portwell weather was more merciful to them around this time of year.

Some may recognize them as the Greenwood Coven.

The leader of the Greenwood Coven, The Spring Maiden, the bane of Emily G. Reed's existence, was a skinny woman of average height who wore a bright green hoodie and sweatpants. She had a bright green balaclava covering her mouth and nose but exposed her brown eyes to the world. She had on her hoodie over her hood. The most notable part of her was the long tree branch that was far taller than she was that she used as a walking stick. It had various charms and beads hanging off it, and the Spring Maiden walked to the rooftop's edge and knelt to look at the strip club before she stood straight up and faced the rest of the group.

"Judas isn't here yet." The Spring Maiden said before her gaze fell on one member of her Coven, a smallish girl wearing all black - black sweat pants, hoodie, timberland boots, and had on a more hip-hop-inspired balaclava mask. Unlike most of the Greenwood Coven, she had nothing covering what little of her face was showing, and hints of her dark skin shined. "Nao- Silk Knight, you said Judas would be here."

The Silk Knight shook her head as she said,

"No, no, no, I said he likes to come here," She started, "He's probably off doing redneck biker stuff."

One person stepped up, the sole male member of the Greenwood Coven, a towering man who wore almost the exact same outfit as the Silk Knight. With similar amounts of ebony skin showing - he had on black Air Forces (the high versions). Before he spoke, he slung his tribal-style African Axe over his shoulder and chuckled.

"C'mon, you know that man loves his strippers!" He laughed, "Besides, you got a hot date with your girlfriend Emily?" If he wasn't wearing a mask, The Spring Maiden would see that shit-eating grin he had on. Not that she needed to, she could feel it.

The Spring Maiden rolled her eyes. "Never in a million years, Knight Sky."

"We can always get Judas' ass another time,"

"I..." Another member of the Greenwood spoke up, a small woman who was visually distinct from the rest of them. Instead of hoodies and boots, this woman wore a brown-orange robe made of satin and a floral pattern that brought to mind the Indian-sub continent. Her face was covered except for her eyes, and her hands were exposed, but she had henna drawn on her hands in reddish ink... and she also had on red and white Nike running shoes. "... I can't believe we're going to go through with this." The girl spoke in a thick Indian accent that brought the western regions of India to mind.

The Spring Maiden put a hand on her hip, shifting her weight onto it, and said, "Look, Green Shaman, we told you what you were getting into from the jump."

"And don't you remember how Judas tried to kill our asses?!" Knight Sky laughed. "If it wasn't for you and Pearl..." That cocky laughter turned into a more awkward chuckle as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"I just can't believe you all killed people before..."

"Nazis aren't people, Kash," The Silk Knight spoke in a deadly serious tone with a roll of her eyes.

"I understand where she is coming from," Another girl... a short woman that wore a similar get-up to the Spring Maiden, except she was in all blue and had knee-high black combat boots. She was known as the Winter Maiden in Greenwood. "However, our enemies are ruthless; we cannot afford them any quarter lest we become their next victim."

"Yeah, what she said," Knight Sky said.

"We're going to wait for Judas to show up; Jess will cause a distraction, and then..."

Knight Sky chuckled as his axe was covered in crackling electricity; he gave it a little twirl as he said, "I fry 'im like I did to the wannabe Grand Wizard."

"Spring," A girl wearing all orange... including orange combat boots with a pumpkin symbol on the side. She had her curly dark-brown hair that went to her shoulders on full display, but her face was covered entirely. "Have you heard from Jess yet?"

"No, lemme check..." The Spring Maiden squatted down as she pulled out her phone...

The Spring Maiden quickly stood up, and raised her cellphone in the air as if she was presenting it to the others.

"Guys, Jess has gone silent, Autu- Specter," The Spring Maiden turned her head towards the silent final member of the Greenwood Coven... a tall, skinny woman who wore a black facemask but grey sweat pants and hoodie and some black running shoes. Specter Knight stood at the rooftop's edge, looked over her shoulder, gestured for them to come look, then pointed...

Everyone gathered around to see that Jess was getting carried away by a floating hand by some weirdo.

"We have to help her, fuck Judas," The Spring Maiden said, looking over her shoulder. "Everyone has on clothes underneath this stuff, right?" She pinched her hoodie.

"Right!" Everyone spoke in unison.

"Fall, Specter, and Silk get down there; you three are the fastest," The Spring Maiden said as she quickly pulled the green hoodie off and threw it to the ground, revealing a Pink Floyd shirt.

"Heeeeeeeeeey, what about me?" Knight Sky asked, putting a thumb in his chest.

"You can't walk around with that," The Spring Maiden nodded her head at Knight Sky's axe.

"Oh yeah,"

"Stay up here and fry the bitch if we need it, but hurry up! We can't keep up with a fuckin' car!"

Everyone else quickly downgraded their outfits to more regular clothes and went to help their friend.
Veni Vedi Veni - Parking Lot.

Right on top of Alizée's car, a girl flipped and landed directly on top of it, perfectly on her two feet. This girl was an African-American girl who stood at five-three with dreads tied into a ponytail. She wore a black t-shirt with some black booty shorts... and still had on timbs.

"I don't know who you are, who you're with, or why you're doing this..." The girl said, "...But, please put our friend down before this gets ugly."

On Alizée's left side, a tall girl with curly brown hair and glasses,
wearing the same grey sweatpants and running shoes but had on a black shirt, floated down some distance from her... however, what was notable about her was the necklace she had around her neck. Behind her, she had an Apparition... a spectral echo of a woman covered in tattoos, wearing a robe and red dreads.

On Alizée's right side, A Spanish woman, wearing black leggings and a red t-shirt with ST. PORTWELL written across her chest soared through the sky and landed some distance away. She stood straight up, holding a combat knife in her hands... suddenly, leaves of various colors and species appeared in front of her... almost as if they were aimed toward Alizée in a threatening display.

"Oh, I am so happy to see you all!" The redhead shouted with a smile on her face despite it all. "That means the others are comin' right!?"
@Skai She gave me turbo ebola, accepted.

WEAKNESSES ⫻ For Lyss to cast either of her spells, she requires time to concentrate, and that requires her to be stationary. During this time, Lyss can be vulnerable to attack, and her spellcasting can be interrupted. The undead minions are usually slow, shambling, weak against fire, or easily destroyed with magic. Lyss must always be mindful of her minions; otherwise, they will rampage out of control and attack friend and foe (and herself) alike. The Golems are, while durable, large targets and very slow. The Hellhounds are extra susceptible to magical attacks. Lyss has to be careful with using her spells, as over time, she will gradually erode her humanity psychologically. She will lose her ability to feel joy and other positive emotions and find it harder and harder to understand people. Eventually, she'll be a hollow shell that can only obey the Hound.

@Blizz This guy made my dick soft. Accepted.

WEAKNESSES ⫻ All of Stormy's spells restrict his movement somewhat and make him slower while also restricting him to one area. It will dissipate if Stormy leaves a five-meter radius of where he casts a barrier or aura. So, Stormy trades mobility for powerful defense. While resistant to Lux, the Chromatic Shield is far more vulnerable to the magic of the Aberrations and Apparitions. The aura of the Phantomsbane does not differentiate from friend or foe and can be destroyed by Adepts and Aberrations. The same goes for the Consecration which hurts friend and foe alike and can be destroyed by the magic of Adepts and Apparitions. While the Iron Fortress is nearly indestructible, it completely halts his movement.

Alright, that's it, no more fucking characters. I had enough. We're full.
@Estylwen No one should know about the church yet.
As stated in Discord, Leon is accepted:

WEAKNESSES ⫻ Being an Apparition created by the belief of Werewolves, Lady Lelou's abstraction makes Leon susceptible to all the standard werewolf weaknesses. The primary weakness of Leon is silver, as the mere touch of the substance (whether or not it's a silver blade or silver fork) will cause severe burns that will heal very slowly - not even healers will be able to help him. If he's exposed to Wolfsbane, it will also cause the same effect - but it's highly toxic if ingested. Fire-based attacks are also extra-effective against him, and Leon instinctively fears fire - even a candle will cause him to be unnerved. However, whoever is Leon's "Handler" will have full control of him.

Auri Auclair.
Interactions: No one in particular.
Flowers and Canvases.

Drake let Sully swing him around as he returned the same energy to his old friend, and he vociferously laughed. It was like old times! Sully set Drake down, and it was time to hear Kali's big old speech... while he was talking, Eve threw Drake a cigarette, and he caught it without even looking. He kept it between his fingers and hoped to avoid Simone's wraith again because he was confident the pack in his hoodie was crushed. To confirm, he dug in, and it was flattened, and a little tear escaped Drake's eyes as any other time he would have just lost his cool when people messed with his smokes. A lot of what Kali was saying was bullshit government shit, and he droned on and on and on about it - shit about spies, statues, and so forth. If Lady Auri wouldn't rip him a new one with these fancy butterflies, he would have lit one in the store.

A lot of what Kali was saying, Drake dismissed as bullshit, as he knew just a little bit better than to believe everything he's told just because it was phrased nicely. Nice option my dick. Drake thought to himself with a roll of his eyes. When Kali made that vague threat about the people who would come to replace him, Drake took a step forward to make his voice known and tell Kali to shove it...

... When Kali pulled out a gun, Eve just walked over and put it to his head.

In less than a minute, this whole thing went from one to a fucking hundred. Drake didn't particularly like or trust Kali, but he would never agree to spraying his brain matter all over this gay little flower shop! Drake stepped forward, hands together, preparing to cast the Electromagnetic Barrier... when Eve just tucked the pistol in her waistband and Drake sighed in relief.

Holy shit.

Drake was expecting this meeting to be a clusterfuck, but this was something else entirely. He looked to the left, and then the right as everyone cast their votes... and the majority of the vote seemed to be for keeping Kali here for their reasons (Though there was that urge to tell Simone to shove it). It was time for Drake to give his vote, and it may surprise people with the stance he took,

"... I vote that he stays," Drake started, "Look, I don't like the guy, and I don't buy that FBI bullshit, but there is something wrong with the guy. I mean, he just pulled out a gun and let Eve over here place a gun against his head! I don't think it'd be right for us to throw the guy out into the street!"

"I agree, and while I abstain from voting..." Auri said in her usual chipperly tone, unfazed by Kali's stunt. She tapped her staff against the floor and said, "... The majority has voted that he stays! He'll be safe in our care."

"... Does that mean we can finally get this meeting back on track?" Drake asked, turning towards Auri with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes! Sorry about that, everyone!"

"So you mentioned Emily earlier in the meeting like you had more to say about her?" Drake asked, crossing his arms and Auri's eyes briefly landed on the cigarette between his fingers to ensure it wasn't lit.

"Oh, yes... So, we aren't the only Coven group out there. From what our good friend Lynette tells me, there are two others..."

Drake raised an eyebrow. "... Surprised she didn't show up." Drake thought out loud. Then again, his opinion wasn't good of her because she excused Britney's actions every chance.

"One started by our lovely friend Emily G. Reed, the 8th Street Coven. Vashti is her number two, and her two little sisters are the third in command. From what I am told, they have been trying to gain control of St. Portwell's magical scene and have been bullying people for their Apparitions and artifacts. I am certain that they have absolutely nothing to do with Father Wolf, but..."

Auri awkwardly laughed.

"... We all know Emily. She's going to try us."

"Good grief, I thought one Emily was bad enough..." Drake rolled his eyes. "And the other."

"Oh! The Greenwood Coven, Lynette told me about that, too. From what I'm told, they're another Coven formed after we defeated the Stygian Snake that aims to protect the natural beauty of St. Portwell... They're the arch-Nemesis of the 8th Street Coven, but I doubt we have nothing to worry about from them."

"Good, let them deal with each other, I only want Father Wolf and that's it," Drake said as he threw a thumb towards the door, "Let's get a mo-"

The door opened again, and Drake turned around and looked over his shoulder curiously - and the person who was standing in the door made Drake grit his teeth.

Britney Williams.

Drake thought she looked uncomfortable, as she should, as she had zero place in the Coven. She took a few steps forward, fiddling with her fingers as she said,

"Hey guys," Britney started, closing her eyes and then sighing,

"It's been a while, hasn't it?"

Veni Vedi Veni.
Interactions: Alizée (@Estylwen)
Veni Vedi Veni.

The mysterious redhead awkwardly chuckled as she stared at the beer. Her phone dinged again with another incoming text, and she looked at Alizée and declined, "Sorry sister, I'm good." Then she laughed again, as she didn't so much as touch the bottle. Her eyes glanced over to the stage and watched the two girls begin her routine and then she briefly twisted her face up before her gaze landed on Alizée. As in, the mysterious woman did not so much as let Alizée out of her sight for obvious reasons.

She was probably glad she didn't take the drink after Alizée threatened to drag Violet off stage.

"Oh, well, in that case..." The bartender made unblinking eye contact with Alizée, made a U-shape with her thumb and middle finger, and stuck them in her mouth. She loudly whistled, then shouted, pointing at Alizée,


The DJ stopped, and the two girls on stage stopped dancing as all eyes landed on Alizée as a team of some burly bouncers made their way to Alizée. The two strippers were very vocal about how people stopped throwing money at them. Pink slapped a hand on her hip as she rolled her eyes, loudly saying,

"Oh God, it's always some crazy bitch,"

"Hey, whitey! We're trying to make some fucking money here! Go act crazy somewhere else!" Violet shouted at Alizée, shaking her fist dramatically.

"Yeah, kick rocks, hoe, you're killin' the vibe here!" Pink shouted. "Weirdo!"

The red-haired woman grabbed her beer and cell phone and walked away before she got caught in the crossfire. She typed another text away, only to get several dings in response.
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