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Leslie Sobero

Always a morning person, Leslie was bright eyed and bushy tailed as she arrived on site, though not the first. She had made sure to budget enough time to make sure that her uniform was impeccable and her gear was properly packed. Still there was enough time for her to become bored before the captain gave his spiel. She hoped there was a coffee maker somewhere on board and looking around she could tell she wouldn't be alone in the search. Still, her excitement at being assigned to a new unit was enough to keep her alert through her new commander's speech.

She fell in line at the back of the group. The reassignment order hadn't mentioned being put on a ship, but it made sense. Looking up, she recognized the crane that was being used to load the ship, a Sobero Heavy Industry model. Suddenly a little more self conscious of her name patch on her shoulder, she looked forward and waited to board the ship. It was easily the largest she had personally been on, though maybe not the most valuable given the number of yachts she had been on.

She took a moment to eye up the other members of her new unit. The otter had certainly stood out by their dramatic fumble in front of everyone. The others seemed fairly innocuous, though she couldn't help but notice that the group was full of soldiers either within a year or two of herself, or those a decade or so her senior. It wasn't hard to tell these were her new squad mates. The otter seemed like a tech type, while the bear's physique made it a natural choice for the heavy weapons carrier. The Ibex's medical patch was clearly visible as they stood to listen to the captain. The only one that threw her for a loop was the Lion and their Recon patch, and the name "Bastion". She recognized the name from one of the many parties she had to attend. She would have to ask him about it later. For now, it was time to focus on the task ahead, and the briefing that was sure to come in a few moments.
@Silverwind Blade sweet!

And yeah it was a coin flip for the gender. Even chose a unisex name for that reason.
OKay! Finally got this done:

@RamjammerBurn it with fire. Mainly for being a man-eater I am cool with most things that are harmless to humans.
Sorry for the slowness in making a character, I have most of it typed up. I'm just finalizing some of the details. The Combat Engineer position is still open, correct?

Also, what do Arvarans eat for meat? I want to make mention of my character eating a burger and I don't know if they would have cheese and beef and such. I know some series where furries are a thing, they mainly stick to birds and reptiles for meat.

Zed was no stranger to spending time aboard cramped spacecraft, but the cargo bay of the Evergreen was almmost standing room only! If they expected them to stay in here for the next 8 hours, and get any rest, they were delusional. She had found an air vent to stand next to and it still was getting unbearably stuffy. Not to mention she swore she could hear some critter or another running around in the vent.

It was a relief when the droid came in to show them to their proper quarters. It was odd that the droid had been given command over them, but it was clear that its authority was respected. She grabbed her bag and lined up to the back of the middle line when a Zabrak shoved her out of the way with a grunted "Move, Imp." His glare was enough to back down.

Zed sighed and moved to the next line over to the last line to be formed, on the far right. The lines had finally settled down when she finally could make NED's voice out again.

"Right. The two rows furthest from left are going to stay here in the cargo bay. A commanding officer will be assigned to you all shortly."

Zed glared daggers at the back of Zabrak's head as he followed the rest of the group. But she had to admit the cargo bay was now much more bearable. Some of the other troops had already started to move crates around for makeshift tables and chairs. Another group had taken the chance to lay out sleeping bags and blankets to rest on during the trip. The stink eyes she got when she tried to sit down with them were enough to make her look elsewhere to sit for now

Sighing, she went back to her spot near the vent, and took off her jacket. Spreading it out over the ground and pulled out her pistol and datapad. Secluded in the corner, she passed the time practicing field stripping the weapon, using the manual on the datapad as a reference as she waited for something to happen. Turning the blaster over in her hands, she thought back to the night she escaped, and smiled. Sure, she might be about to spend the next few hours wedged in between two boxes, on the cold ground, flying into battle, but felt as light as a feather.
Okay so quick question while I am writing up my CS. I see we have both Personal and GEARS equipment. It sounds like we are going to be pilots but also an infantry squad? Or are we mainly going ot be in our mechs?
@LordOfTheNight Well, maybe not skeet shooters in particular but any person who happened to be a good shot were tasked with it. How unusual would it be for there to be a Thae professional skeet shooter?
Good news! I got the one note document working. I think it was something to do with my proxy.
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