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Mentions: Brooke

Margot looked at the spot Jaden was a few momments ago, and let out a sigh. "Merde" She looked over to Brooke and then the tower. "Sounds like he can get his own ride back to the mainland." She did have to give him credit for not leaving footprints she could see. Her best guess is that he had some sort of technique to avoid breaking the crust. That or he simply jumped from rocky outrcopping to outcropping.

Looking off in to the distance, she saw the lasers and explosions of the fight already happening. "If we're lucky he's going to get distracted showing off to someone else. But it looks like someone's already gotten there." She pulled her cape around herself, grateful for the extra bit of warmth it added. "Better see if we can go help them." Grinning, she pushed through the snow, rushing to catch up to the fight that had already started.


Jamie followed the explosions over the icy terrain, the tracks of the carrier letting the squad speed along. The scorch marks made it easy, but after a while the driver called out to Jamie. "Sir, over there, 1 o'clock on the ground." Jamie spotted the grisly note from yards away, the dark red stark against the icy blue snow. He ordered the driver to stop, and he got out to read it.


"Of fucking course," he thought. Dossier after dossier sprung to mind going back months. The MAVRICK Mangler, the Bunney Eared Butcher, among a dozen other names. He took a closer look at the message. The blood was unclotted, and a few feet away he found the severeted arm. Still unfrozen. "She's still nearby," he said to himself."Cranton here. We have two known murderers nearby. Parsnip, and The One."

Standing up, he easily spotted the blood flecked footprints heading in the general direction of the tower. He pulled his whip out from his jacket, and signalled for his men to dismount. Within minutes he led the group forward, creeping along with the carrier behind them. Soon enough he spotted the girl's distinct pink headgear ahead of them hiding in some rocky terrain. There was no thoughts of trying to take her alive, especially after the trail of bodies. With a simple wave his his hands, the squad, and the carrier's autocannons, opened up on the Nomad

Mentions: Jonas@Savo Askin@Oddsbod

Otsana's ears pinned back as she saw the hapless soldier plummet from the sky. "Ech that's pretty cold," she thought of Jonas' comment, though she was glad to see Clover checking on them. However she quickly drew her pistol as heard the sounds of incoming projectiles, but already relaxed when she saw him. Not exactly a great ninja if he was seen. Already she had let Jonas and Jaden do their pissing match while looking out over the horizon. She did smile at the Cult of Langer line though.

"Lets get going everyone, the clock is ticking and we need to beat Oh-One's shiny metal ass before he enacts his plan; Clover, again, leave the soldier alone, if they make it, they make it. And since ninja boy seems so keen on talking shit, if he tries anything, sabotage or all that jazz, put him down and return to the fight, though I doubt that'll take much effort to put him down,"

"Understood your holiness," she said, before making the sign of the cross.

She looked over to Askin as they pulled out the snowmobile. "While the big man's out on the battlefield, we should get a team beelining for the tower, no? How fast can you drive this thing, Otsana?"

Walking on over she ran her hand over the seat of the snowmobile. "With me driving and some passengers squeezing against each other, hella fast." She nods sagely. [color=color] "But seriously we can hit highway speeds on this thing. Fit two in the sidecar, and one behind me while I drive." [/color] Pulling out a pair of goggles from her pack, she called out to Jonas. "Boss, how'd you want to split up?"

"Moving on, you're correct in having a group gun for the tower, namely," Jonas nodded his head towards Askin, before wiggling an index finger and middle finger at both him and Otsana. "You, Otsy, and myself. We'll be using a combination of Otsy's favorites and the tools you've gathered from other Nomads to break through and retrieve the Power Stone from Oh-One's fortress. As for the other group."

Otsana nodded, and turned back to the snowmobile, starting the engine to let it warm up. "Gotit," she says, doing one last check before they headed out. Soon enough, with Askin's help, the trio were zipping along towards the tower. It loomed tall ahead of them, and despite the distance the sounds of Oh-One fending off the Nomads were easily heard. Head on a swivel, she scanned the base of the tower. Already several nomads were dealing with a giant robot, a perfect distraction for them to sneak in themselves.

Driving towards the base of the tower, the giant robot fly into the air after the jet that had strafed it. However between the combined assault of the flying nomad and jet, it was soon knocked back into the tower. She spotted a hatch opening at ground level to let out a squad of drones. As one they turned towards the approaching snowmobile, and ran to close the distance, streaming around chunks of the tower. "Damn, looks like we gotta deal with this. Askin, pull out Miggy. I'm going to need them soon." The lead drone raised it's arm, and though it had no weapon in it's hand, she knew better than to underestimate it. She swerved, just in time as the drone fired a laser disk, taking the pom-pom off the top of her hat. "Machine gun, now!". Gunning the engine, she had to keep dodging as they closed the distance.

Antarctica did not agree with Jamie. It was cold as hell even with the afternoon sun overhead and a thick MAVERICK labeled jacket over his shoulders. Less than an hour into the mission and things were already pear shaped. The MAVERICK assault vessel that was supposed to bring in the heavy equipment was well on its way to the bottom of the bay. Jamie himself was on a landing craft just launched with it's first load when the laser sliced through the water mere feet off the bow. With the heated bridge and cabin full of half frozen survivors they had dragged over the gunwales, he had climbed to the roof to get some breathing space.

From there he could survey the shoreline with his binoculars as they pulled ashore. Bodies were everywhere. Between the burning husks of planes turning men into kindling, pale bodies bobbing with the wake, and poor souls that had run afoul of gravity, he struggled to find signs of life. At least the life boats that made it to shore before them had signs of life. Scanning up and down the beach, he spotted a landing site covered in bodies. This wasn't unusual in itself but what happened next was. An explosion a few yards offshore caught his attention, as did the lifeboat flying through the air and landing with a crash. His radio crackled. "Cranton, did you see that? Do you see any survivors?"

"Let me see." His lips pressed together as he saw a well dressed figure flip out of the boat. "Yes Captain, we have a Nomad." He pressed his lips together as he zoomed in. He paused as The One walked up to one of the others on the beach, and lifted them up. "Looks like we got some casualties over there too." He could see the Nomad yelling at the soldier, though the reply didn't seem to please them. "What are you doing boy?" Jamie muttered to himself. This guy was familiar. Top hat, bald, and angry. This matched his knowledge of The One to a T. He got his answer soon enough as The One slammed the agent's head into the ground. Jamie's grip on his binoculars tightened as he let out a growl of disgust. "The Nomad's killing our men. Permission to engage when we land?"

There was a few moments of radio silence before he got his reply. "Granted. Take a few men as backup. Try to save as many as you can" Seething, Jamie had already assembled a small squad before the landing ramp dropped. It was miles down the beach to get to The One, but at least the ship had plenty of troop carriers. In minutes Jamie was barreling down the coast, eyes focused on getting his hands on his quarry ASAP.

Even as they approached, he saw even more explosions as The One left the scene. They were already gone by the time he skidded to a stop on the shore. The area was dead quiet as he climbed out of the rear hatch of the APC, the squad on edge for more attackers. Jamie, however, could sense no other ki-sources than themselves. "Damnit," he hissed. "No survivors over here," he radioed in. Walking around his detective nature kicked in. The number of bodies looked about right for the number or empty boats. However there was clearly a second Nomad around. Bodies laid in pieces everywhere. Limbs laid strewn about with clean cuts, riot shields and armor laid bisected with their owners, and others looked like a butcher had gotten to them. They didn't have the tell tale burns of a laser, either. "Captain, this is Cranton. We got another Nomad here attacking our forces. Looks like some sort of blade user. I'm going to try and pursue them and the other Nomad." Jamie sighed, and headed back to the troop carrier. "Alright, we got at least two Nomads running about killing us. We gotta go stop those bastards." He climbed into the commander's hatch. "Let's roll out!"

@The Ghost Note

Jeremaiah Ed Venture looked around the cockpit as the drone of dozens of other planes filled the air. "You sure chose a right fine time to fly out, Miss. Looks like something's brewing."

Looking out the window, Margot could clearly see the MAVERICK insignias on the arriving planes, a squadron of some of their best men. "Looks like MAVERICK. Could you fly lower?"

Jeremaih nodded. "Sure thing. Just glad to have a full cabin this time of year." Indeed, with Nomads already in there, it was a bit crowded as the group did their best to avoid jabbing themselves with their various elbows and blades. The helicopter decended, already a few hundred yards off the coast. "You know what they're here for?"

"Same thing as us. That." She pointed to the spire rising over the landscape.

"Oh? Looks serious if they're sending in so many planes. Are you sure you want to go on?"

"Yes, we can handle ourselves" she looked back at the assembled Nomads, "Can you land here?" She pointed to a clear spot on the ground.

Jeremaiah did as she asked, and touched down in a picture perfect landing. "Alright then, I can't stop you from going up there but I think it's a bad idea." He idled the engine as the passengers got out.

Margot nodded. "Thank you for the concern, but we've already come too far to back off."

"Alright then. I can't drag you back onboard, but I gotta head back to the airstrip to refuel if you're—" He was inturrupted by a powerful laser blast shooting into the clouds, followed by planes falling out of the sky. "What was that?" he shouted.

She turned to call back to the pilot. "You should go back. We'll call you when we're done." Jeremaiah didn't need to be told twice, and after a moment of delay the tour guide pilot was already heading back to the airfield. Pulling her cape closed around herself, she looked back to her compatriots. "Well, no time like the present. Allons y."

Interactions:: Jonas(@Savo), Clover (@Gentlemanvaultboy), Isko, Aline (@FernStone), Askin (@Oddsbod), Brown (@Crosswire)

Otsana, for probably the first time any of her teammates could remember, actually dressed up for the weather. A set of fatigues covered her from head to toe, the insignias ripped off long ago, and a toque with ear covers. Askin had most of her gear, though she insisted on at least wearing her pistols until they landed. She stepped into the cockpit, parachute on her back. A headset let them communicate over the roar of the engines. "Whelp, everyone's ready back there as far as I can tell. Hopefully they can keep their wits about themselves"

Planting an arm on his knee, he leaned down to rest his head on his fist, kneading at it as one particular thought came to mind. "Otsy, we should probably get't landing," he suggested, languidly frowning as he grasped the control wheel, constricting it as he tensed up. Whether or not she would take his advice, that belated warning was soon to be vindicated by Oh-One.

Jonas, for all intents and purposes was perturbed when he saw a sharp red light pierce the thick, nearly impenetrable ice sheets they called clouds.

"Oh crap... Otsana, nine o'clock, incoming," he bellowed as the light not only pierced the skies, but sliced through it. As much as Jonas was praying for a cushy flight, he honestly expected some sort of crisis to arise.

Otsana barely had time to look in the direction before the beam hit home, every warning light and siren going off at once. She jumped out of the
chair to let the clone take control of the plane, or what was left of it. "Well crap," she deadpanned, already scanning the
compartment for any sign of the others. "Looks like they got sucked out. Better get going before we get shot again or something."

"Oy', after we kick Oh-Ones ass, drinks on me, a'ight?"

"Oh of course, just make sure you're not in traction from the landing" she shot back. She took a moment to double check all her rigging was secured. Old jump school habits died hard. "Need me to check your rig one last time?" She looked up only to spot Jonas stepping towards the opening, flashing a peace sign as he was pulled out. "Wait you have a loose buckle," she shouted, though she already knew they were out of range. "Hope that doesn't bite him in the ass." Tucking the radio headset into one of her many pouches, she took a running jump into the airstream, leaving the smoking plane to it's fate.

She spun, buffeted by turbulence to the point she lost her hat. Otsana checked her watch and started the stopwatch. Going off how high they were when the plane was hit, she had about 30 seconds total to get herself oriented and pull the rip cord. It took 5 of those seconds to orient herself facedown, arms and legs spread out to slow herself down. Around her she could see the parachutes of other survivors drifting down. She scanned for a good landing place. Straight down was icy cold water. No good. Even if she didn't entangle herself in her chute in the water, the cold would take her out of the fight.

Keep looking. 7 seconds have passed. Angle the body to perform a tracking maneuver and convert downward velocity into forward velocity. The shore was nearby, though seeing some explosions from down there already told her it would be a hot LZ. Keep looking. 10 Seconds have passed.

Further inland looked good though. Flat, open, and most importantly reachable in the time she had left. She just had to get over it before it was too late. Angling her arms and legs she turned to correct her course. 25 seconds into her fall she was far enough over the icy shelf to feel comfortable pulling her pilot chute. With a jerk that went through her form, Otsana let out a sigh of relief as the main chute deployed. Now for the slow decent to the ground.

A couple of minutes later, and she performed a simple, textbook landing. Knees slightly bent, land on the balls of the feet, then let the legs absorb the impact as she rolled onto her side and back with her arms covering her head. Not the most elegant landing but it worked. Ditching the useless parachute, she walked over to the doctor. "Well this is convenient," she says. "Usually have to spend a good while getting everyone back together" She put her headset back on, followed by a red and white beanie with the Canadian leaf. "Ah, much better."
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