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Krista Reynolds

The flurry of activity quickly devestated the left flank of the Cruxi formation, most of the squad making quick work of the enemy. She couldnt help but feel some satisfaction at helping the Paladin double tap one of them. Still, the battle was moving quickly. She registered Katya's order to move up just as her rangefinder told her that there were no targets in optimal range. "Target down," she said, already moving towards the crater. "Taking cover in that crater" she said over the coms.

Scuttling along like a bug, she was glad that most of the Cruxi on this side of the battlefield had been taken care of in the opening salvos, letting her move in relative safety. She pushed the thought of being hit by the weapoin that made this hole aside. The crater provided a great place for her to take cover, a prospect that seemed almost silly with how big their machines were. With just her turret sticking over the edge, it reduced her already low profile even more, letting have a pick of targets. With a quick snap to the right, she took aim and fired off a shot towards the group at E5.

Combat Actions:
Moving to D8, taking cover, and firing on E5

@HellisFair enough, I guess that was kind of the idea. Have the mentor be mortally wounded on the battlefield. I do like the idea ofa weak but skilled character though. Ill think on it
So just a quick clarification, for the living weapons, smiths who can make it are found outside of Nanjin, albiet more rare, right? Additionally do the weapons have to incorporate part of the sacrificed person or anything? Like they dont need to have a human's body part in them. Finally, would it work as well if the person is already on their deathbed when they make the sacrifice? I was thinking of someone who's elderly mentor was struck down and their apprentice has to take up the reigns.
Krista Reynolds

A scar. Hou Yi had a scar. The technicians had repaired Krista's Framewerk in time for this new battle, but the lack of time to paint the newly replaced armor plates made them stand out. Krista herself had spent the time studying what she could of the last fight, quietly trying to figure out what she could've done differently. The answer frustrated her: Don't get shot, idiot.

She pushed the thought to the back of her head during the briefing, quietly absorbing the information on the situation as it was presented. At first she thought the Deep Strike would be doable, she had practiced the maneuver in the simulator dozens of time. However the heat generated during the real deal was suffocating, and she had to strain to focus on the proper landing in her specially designed drop pod. Her werk had to be specially folded up and placed into the pod after she had climbed into the cockpit to ensure that she would land upright. Immediately upon landing she felt the extra gravity, her body heavy in the seat, the climate control working quickly to bring the cockpit back to a more comfortable temperature. And that wasn't even accounting for how much heavier Hou Yi felt. For a moment she worried that she shell wouldn't open but with a series of concussive blasts, the panels fell away to let her stand up.

Immediately she saw several targets within range, all set against the backdrop of a ruined world. Just like her home. She took a deep breath to try and steady her voice and opened the comms channel. "This is the Hou Yi, I landed safely.". Stepping clear of the drop pod, she saw the fight had already started, with Paladin firing upon a pair of Cruxi targets. She decided to assist Paladin, adding her own fire into the mix to help ensure target destruction.

Combat Actions:
Firing upon target in C7
Oh neat I can dig this. I need to do some quick research since I'm not too familiar with the non-movie stuff outside of the Battlefront 2 game. I was thinking of making a rifleman. We don't need to strictly adhere to the roles you suggested though, do we? You do get final say in everything though.
@Vutava Yeah I am afraid it is dead, sorry.

Getting to Japan with all her gear had been difficult, but it was worth it for the payday involved. The well paying jobs in Rio had all but dried up anyway. Either way, it was nice to be part of a crew again. Otsana took her eyes off the road to look at her phone, the map showing exactly where they needed to go. "A few clicks down this road, about 15 Minutes until we reach the MAVERICK checkpoint," she shouted back. SHe briefly caught sight of a duo in heavy armor, one of them even touching down with what looked to be a jetpack."Sweet, looks like we've got some heavy competition around here."

They didn't slow down as they passed the two on foot, too busy pulling ahead of the Jonas. Following her phone's instructions, she led them down the unpopulated streets, swerving around the occasional robot left in the road. "Jeez, someone's head is going to roll once we track down the source of the bots." Soon enough they approached the first checkpoint, slowing down to a stop.

A masked soldier with MAVERICK's logo on his helmet took one look at them and simply asked, "You here for the job?"

Otsana flashed him a smile. "Of course. Got three of us here," she motioned back to the truck, "ready to do our bit."

To soldier shrugged and just waved them through, pointing them towards a mall parking lot. "You can park over there. Head to the hot springs for more information."

Otsana nodded and gave him a two finger salute. "Thanks." As they headed over to the lot, she felt a few drops of rain his her head, making her ears flick. "Ah damnit." She looked up, another drop hitting her goggles. "Guess I'll need the tarp."

Margot watched the unfortunate opponent in blue get up from their ring out. The winner's style was clearly self taught, which was pretty unusual for a weapons user. "What a ridiculous sword, but it works for him." Margot had watched the fight from under one of upper levels, a hot can of coffee from one of the numerous vending machines in hand. Scanning the crowd some more, she spotted a good mix of humans and mythics including Fafnir, her opponent from Rio. "Oh good, he got out alive." She smirked and sipped some more of the sweet coffee down.

Scanning the rest of the crowd, she of course spotted the many many MAVERICK agents, some of them even in plain clothes, ready to nip any trouble off at the bud. She didn't need her mask to be able to spot their hidden weaponry, not that they really needed to hide them in this crowd. Also noteworthy was the sheer number of mythics in the crowd. Beyond the aforementioned dragon knight, she spotted another more blatantly draconic creature, and what appeared to be a fairy. "I better go say hello to Fafnir. See how he's holding up." Moments before she turned towards the stairs, she heard the telltale 'drip drip' of water falling on her hat, clouds forming overhead. Her mask chimed in with a weather alert from the JMA. "Hrm, that's odd. They're usually better about this." Even so, she headed downstairs to wards the rest of the crowd as they roared with the announcement of the next match.
@wxps350@Spiral Powered@GamerXZ

Welcome aboard! You got the greenlight from me.

@Dead Cruiser

We do more than just banter, but yeah, we will be reposting relevant information here. Honestly it is more lively than the forum,however.


Thanks! That's good enough fo rme. You have the greenlight.
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